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Houslon Printing Company
70 Column i6 ta 334 Coll
eSMIWEEKLY POST 113 Colt per Week
Subscription by Mall Dally nl Sunday Post one
year 8001 lx months J400 three months
Iioo one month 100
Thb Sunday Post one je r lijo
TH8 SemiWbekiyPost IMondtys and Thursdays
one year Suooi > lx months so centa three
months 35 cents
Fortlzn Offices Eastern buslntss office l Tribune
bulldlnc New York The S C Ueckwlth Spe
cial Agency Western 46 The Rookery Chi
cago The S C Bcckwlth Special Ajency
Traveling Agents C S E Holland Traveling
Auditor b R Holland I C Throop and J k
Grist Traveling Agents
Telephone Numbers gSSSSSS ill
The City The Post Is delivered to any part of the
city by carriers per month 100 three months
Sjoo six months J600 one year 1300
AW Theodore Bering has charge of the city
circulation and collecting Messrs Theodore
Bering Chas Lott and A W Palmer are the au
thorised collectors of all city bills both advertis
ing and subscription and no money should be
paid to any one other than thoso named unless
special written authority signed by the business
manager Is shown All accounts of any site
should be paid by check In favor of Tho Hous
ton Printing Company
leibicrlbers falling to receive The Post regularly
will please notify the office promptly Ev ry
paper Is expected to be delivered not later than
6o oclock a m
Voder no circumstances will orders given by
employes on the office tie recognized and
paid or accepted In payment ol occounts
a DirrcuDXon is isxpansiu
Upon his arrival In Now York Wednes
day General Henrv until rccontly mili
tary governor of Porto Rico had this to
say among other things relating to that
Island and its ticonle
Porto Rico Is tho nlaco for a capitalist
rather than for tho poor man At presont
there aro thousands ot tbo poor class with
out employment Tho avcrago wage for
unskilled labor on plantations Is 3G cents
per day American monoy The fortuity
ot the land and tho warmth ot tho climate
mako the demand for labor very small
It theso remarks of General Honry had
related to Hawaii or the Pblllpplna Is
lands or even to Cuba they would have
applied with equal forco and appropriate
ness In all the territory wo havo taken
under the flag sluco January 1S9S there
Is no placo for tbo poor emigrant from tho
United States no onnortuultles for tho
jounc Americans without means These
new acquisitions not only croato no now
demand for labor but tho territory In
each case Is filled to overflowing so that
little chance exists tor Americans to tako
up land and become selfsustaining resi
dents of these islands oven If tho white
man could stand the climate There ate
opportunities possibly for American cap
ital The big syndicates especially may
bo ablo to utilize tho cheap native labor
in many directions but for the great mass
of Americans the now colonies olfer
only the outlook ot Increasod taxation at
homo for tbo support of the larger army
nnd navy reaulred to maintain order In
theso distant possessions
Herein lies the great difference between
these acquisitions of territory and that
fonner expansion of which the advo
cates ot tbo new policy Bpeak so glowingly
as a precedent AVhen tho territory was
annexed that now embracos many of tho
Western nnd some of the Southern States
It was a wilderness peopled only by roving
bands of Indians and comparatively tow
whites It lay contiguous to United States
territory was easv of access to tho Ameri
cans and offered millions ot acres ot laud
to tho home seekers from tho moro crowd
ed Eastern States It was a poor mans
Paradise and served at tho same tlmo to
round oft our possessions on this conti
nent Its acquisition was a political In
dustrial and commercial necessity and tho
great mass of the American peoplo profited
br lt3 annexation It was expansion for
the poor mans benefit
Tho lately annexed territories present
totally different conditions They will on
tall enormous government expenditures
while offering opportunities for profit only
to the capitalists The poor people of the
United States will not derlvo a single
benefit from the colonies If Indeed
they are not directly Injured by tho com
petition of the chean labor of tho annexed
Islands when American syndicates begin to
utilize Itl
In ono respect at least Andrew Carncgto
has set an examplo that should bo fol
lowed by rich men evorywhoro throughout
the world that Is in lctlrlug from busi
ness at a comparatively early nge as In
his case or In other cases when It Is pos
sible to do so with an Incomo sufficient to
Eupport ones family comfortably
Mr Cnrneglo eaya that his retirement
was In response to a determination formed
by hlra long ago not to spend old ago
In Business struKKling uftor moro dol
lars Ho bellovtB In a dignified and un
eulflBh life after CO > ears of age
It Is possibly true that those views will
recolve more attention nnd Indorsement
In every other country on tho globa than
ln the United States Thero aro certainly
moro old rich men In America still etrug
glihg nfter moro dollars than In any
other part of the globe In England and
onvho continent ot Europe the great hope
ot eVry man is to reach as early as poast
bio aXflnnncIal condition which will permit
Of retirement from business Here on tun
other hVud tho man burns tho candlo ot
life to the sreket In amassing moro and
more money Elsewhere case Is sought
ln old agorid freedom from thc worry of
nctlvo Ho hero care Is courted and thp
declining yeas aro often tho most bur
densome In uio older nations there ia
alwaia found a Ugnlfled retired class that
become the patrtws of literature and art
and the promoters of the moro esthetic
Uiteof orgnlzedsoclety Such a class
is rarely met with l America Tbero Is
a growing number ot j cb mens eons and
daught ers It Is truo wjio rather affect 10
look down upon labor otaiy kind but there
M tao enpb3 who no ot htl < use to any
X t > 4
body In tbolr Jay nnd generation A tow
great philanthropists como to the surfaco
now end then but these nro tho exceptions
to the rule
Aside ram the deslro of dignified com
fort nnd nse and tbo almost certainly of
prolonging life which should Inspire rich
men to quit work fit the earliest oppoitu
nlty and upon a competency rather than
a colossal fortune there Is a very prac
tical phase to this matter which ought lo
encourage the building up of a retired
class It 1b becoming annually now more
and more difficult for tho youngor men to
obtain tho more desirable positions and
mako money The strugslo to And a
place at natures tablo Is becoming con
stantly fiercer Tho men who havo boon
well fed should set out ot the way and
give tho hungry a chancel It would re
llovo tho situation greatly In America It
the successful men at BO yoars of age and
not later than CO would turn over busi
ness affairs to younger and needier men
Mr Carnegies example ought to prove
an Inspiration to other wealthy citizens
Only a few can become as rich as ho or
retire with such an extraordinary fortune
but such wealth Is not necessary lcs3
than a halt million dollars could well and
safely constitute tl ie limit of fortuno bunt
ing Hut to their discredit Intellectually
and otherwise our millionaires aro the
hardest greediest and most sordid workers
of all If wo could dethrono money as
tho American god tho Nation would bo
happier and better
Tho article on this page showing the
advisability ot establishing a lumber ex
change at Houston Is an admtrablo one
and touches upon n subject that Is of vital
Interest to this city Keillor Nownlng ot
tho Southern Industrial and Lumber Ro
vlow Is a gentloman who Is thoroughly
posted upon lumber mattors and his
trlbuto to Houston as tho lumber centor
of tho Southwest can bo taken as the state
ment of an actual fact rather than a flat
tering sentiment
As tho Review woll shows Houston has
bocomo tho centering point for tho trans
action of tbo lumber business ot tho ontlrc
Southwest This does not mean that lum
ber Is manufactured hero In any enormous
quttutltlcs but that tho mills ot Texas
Louisiana and other States are establish
ing their sales offices and their wholesale
and Jobbing departments at this point
The lumbermen have discovered that Hous
ton furnishes faclMlliu for buying and
selling lubat can bo obtained at no other
point nnd havo naturally nindo their
headquarters here
As a result of nil this tbero arc today
moro lumber Arms represented in Hous
ton than at any other point In tho South
west It Is Mr New nines plan to or
ganlzo nil thoso manufacturers and agents
Into a lumber exchnngo In order that tho
best Interests of tho trndo may bo ad
vanced and with a view of still further
concentrating the lumber business ot tho
Southwest at Houston What would be
the benefits ot such an exchange Is well
shown by tho article from tho nevlcw
Houston SB tho leading cotton market
ot the South recognizes Its Cotton Ex
change hb one ot tho grcatost aids to tho
successful transaction of this Immense
business A lumber exchange would bo
of tho Bamc assistance to tho lumber trado
ot tho State and should by nil means be
It appears that San Antonio will have Us
longtalked of fair In October The Express
promUM that it will bo an exhibition com
mensurate with the greatness of South and
Southwest Texas Thero are few moro de
llrhtful places anj where In this country to
virll In tho fall than San Antonio 11 nil the
International fair ought to be a success In
overy respect Tbo Post has always contended
that tbts State was large enough for two or
tjrco big fairs overy > ear
China Is looking for a friend to aid her in
resisting Russias demands Any nation
thirsting for trouble can Investigate this open
Tbo comment ot tbo American press East
West and South would Indlcato that fionaral
Miles 1c now moio popular than he ever was
because of the cuemcs he bos made Tho
American peoplo Ilka a man who fearlessly
dees what he conceives to be his duty and
they are very quick to resent petty persecu
tions ot n nun who has committed no crime
When tho Dreyfus affair Is Anally disposed
of France may become dangerous to Burope
Sbo ntwajs needs a safoty valve for her
superabundance of steam
It Is suspected that those cabled tales ot
the soldiers In tho Philippines pannluc gold
ln the Interior of Luzon have somo connection
with tho recruiting offices In this country
Whcrv bavo tho natives been for tho past
few centuries to say nothing ot tho fortuno
hunting Spaniards
General Joe Wheelers enthusiastic new pa
tnotlsm will lead him to Boston on Memorial
Day to address 11 O A It post Mr McKln
lcy appears to have thoroughly hypnotized tho
Uttlo general
The Galveston News and the Austin States
man aro dnlly urging tholr city authorities
to clean tho streets and place their respective
cities ln urstclns sanitary condition About
tbo only way to get the door locked In inot
of our cities Is to first get tho horse stolen
then the spasm ot energy Is painful to ob
After all according to report exGoreroor
Plower left a rortune of only 6000000 And
thoso trust kings and stock market czars In
Nw York had been blindly recognizing htm
m a leader
It Is creditable to General Otis that In his
official dispatches to Washington be docs sot
trj to deprive tho officers at the front ot tbelr
full share ot the glory ot tbo work accom
plished thero Is none of tho armyundcr
mycommand littleness la his communica
Tbo Doston Ok be Is Irreverent or treason
alio enough to remark that the report that
Mr McKlnley lost three pounds la bis first
bath at tho list Springs reminds on ot a
story ot Dusty Rhoades
The king ot Spain this week has bad an
otbei birthday This young scion ot royalty
Is gradually approaching the danger line A
kind of romantic sentiment toward him dur
ing bis tender years bas kept his people loyal
but when he puts on the crown he will have
to look out tor trouble
The Enrllsh authorities profess Ignorance
as to tbe Identity ot any ot the conspirators
> sfv > ivT < w viss yvivvvvvv v vv v 7jw
arrested In tho Transvaal The big flsh In
Oom Pauls bailiwick have become wary of
biting at a conspiracy hook
Londons opposition to tho Sunday news
paper Is about as wide of tho mark as similar
opposition among tho many good people on
this side to the Sunday prints its the Mon
day paper that the newspaper men would
slop If they could Thats the paper that
keeps them front their devotions
Tbo Cubans are said to be now talking lei
defiantly and belligerently about the Ameri
can plans for the Island than a few days ago
It Is well for them to think twice baroro
forcibly opposing the American authorities A
light would mtnn a Cuba Libre only In tho
dim future It at all
Uncle Tuxes
To the Editor ot Tho Post
Houston Texas May 18 I observo In
Judge Hamblens remarks In discussing
our proposed tax relief legislation printed
In your issuo ot tho 17th Instant that ho
has beon Informed that a number ot rich
corporations havo dofaulted In tho pay
ment of their taxes duo to tho city and
especially montlons ono ot tho compiess
companies Now as to tho Union Compress
and Warehouse company the ono roforrcd
to In his communication which has been
servod with a notlco of delinquency I tool
that It Is proper and right In tho same
public manner to state tho facts lest some
may be deceived ln bellovlnrr as the Judge
has been that tho company has been dodg
ing Us taxes Tho fact Is that tho com
pany Is about to bo sued as per published
notice for taxes for tho year 18S0 when
lying before mo at this moment Is a city
tax receipt dated March 16 1887 reading
as follows
Received ot tho Union Compress and
Warehouse company J2770 for city tax In
full for all years Including 1880 on Bayou
City Peoploa Houston and International
Now some ono has blundored and I do
not pretend to say whero or how It oc
curred Ot course City Attorney Stewart
docs not keep tho books but I submit that
this notlco has been slow in coming to
tho company for it has stood ovor ready lo
pay Its taxes promptly and In fact It has
paid them promptly to my personal kuowl
Ldgo for I myself havo paid thorn for years
past Ilut this Instance ono ot hundrods
only rerve3 to Illustrate and omjVhaslze
tho necessity for some legislation for tho
relief of our people evon If It has to bo In
tho shape of a retroactive bar
a gicat many musty bid vouchers but I
submit how few people Indeed have ever
deemed It necessary to keep for so many
ycarB such old receipts and papers whero
thoy might on u moments notice produce
them It should uot bo expected or re
quired and should not bo nocossary for
the protection of our property PIros often
occur nnd old oipern aud receipts are
burned or thev becorao scattered and mis
laid or probably the proporty has be < sn uer ot
Tuaoii Democrat Leased
San Marcos Texas May 17 Mr Palmer
of Buda Texas lias leased from Daniel
Watson the Texas Democrat Ho will con
tinue issuing It hero He has placed tha
editorial department ln the hands ot Judge
B G Neighbors who will ably conduct
same The mechanical part of the paper
will be ln charge ot Mr Palmer himself
Mr Watson Is undecided as to his future
Washington May 16 Staff Special
Tho peaco Jubilee business Is being worked
overtlmo In this country with no peace yet
In sight
Tbo latest candidate for peaco Jubilee
honors la the city of Washington It will
havo a peaco Jubtlco on a grand scalo on
May 23 24 and 23 Preparations aro now
going forward and tho people of this city
are showing much enterprise
The people hero admitted that tho peaco
Jubilee buslnoss was becoming a little
threadbare but it was decided to havo
somo sort ot entertainment going on about
that time so thoy stuck to tho peace Ju
bilee uanie The huslness men here have
contributed something llko 25000 to meet
tho necessary expenditures for throo days
Pennsylvania avenuo Is to be decorated
there Is to be a very elaborato court of
honor near tho White House thero Is to
bo an historical proncsslon to display somo
moving pictures representing Important
events In tho life of the ropubllc thero is
to to another procession of an industrial
character a display of fireworks and at
tho close thero Is to be an Indoor revel
ry In tho nature of a dress ball In the
largest ball in the city
It will probably not dotract from the en
joyment ot tho average visitor who comes
to view this pageant to know that It is
given with the sole sordid Idea In vlow of
raising tho wind It Is purely and on
Mroly commercial a move of tho shop
kcopors of the Capital City to lino tholr
Jeans with tho shekels ot tho curious and
tho sightseers Tho reasonable expectation
ot the business men ot this city Is that the
Jublleo will bring to town in three days
someHjIng more than Huftalo Dill or Bar
num carry away after a stay of tho same
length of time If tho hope of tho sub
scribers Is realized they will got their
money back frbm the salo ot scats along
tho streets from the salo of admission
tickets to tho revelries and from some
refreshment privileges to bo disposed of
ABldo from the free show In this great
est of all freo show towns In the world
tho visitors will get tholr monoya worth
I had to go back and hunt up this old I In seeing tho Capital City of the country
receipt thirteen years old from among j nt tho wcagon ot thc year thilt t loolc3
lovellost when the recolloctlon of tho trip
to Washingtons homo at Mount Vornou Is
something to bo carried away and never
+ + +
It Is probablo that tho Hon Thomis B
Rood will tender his resignation as a mem
tho Fiftysixth congress In tlmo
disposed of and tho fotmor owner re to pormlt tho election of his successor next
moved from tho city In which case no Im November but It there Is tho slimmest
would bo attached to tax receipts
ChaC ° ot 08rUn bonR °
a nan
upno property In which they no longer had T1
an Interest and vot It suit bo brought for fl that vacancy I bollevo that Reed will
taxes for such years tho only reliol Is to reconsider his determination to retire
a ° r t0 K0 back V ° r That man is tho Hon Joseph H Manley
rantors who
or not bo
may responal
bio This is oxpenslvo and disquieting at I vho s Rala lo hivn lh y CMl ln tno
leapt to such ns nro ablo to pay and ap1 direction of Reeds vacant seat
palling to thoso who aro not Ho will never get it Rped would see
Tax receipts aro at a premium
days somebody Is bulling the mr l D Pf ° f >
nominate 1
over and coven years later
York by the democrats
for governor ot Now
crats Ills opponent was J Sloat Fawctt
had served ln
ot Elmlra N Y
had been
with distinction
tho State senate
chairman of an Investigating
and nt
to probo Into Tammany methods
the office
nomination he held
tho time ot his
fice of collector of the port of Now York
Mr Fassett was regarded by bis friends
as the coming man In the republican party
and he really made a brilliant canvass
His speeches were eloquent and ablo and
apparently created a profound Impression
upon his hearers Flower on tho other
hand couldnt make a speech to save his
life I know that while ho was in con
his speeches were written
gress that many of
ten for him by the late Lagan Carlisle son
Ho read in a
of John O Carlisle
stumbling sort of way two or three type
written statements that had been pre
pared for blm during that campaign but
lils managers kept him ln tho background
as much as possible Fassett mado big
gains in New York City but Flowor cut
the normal republican majority in tho up
Stato section halt In two and was elected
Had Mr Flower lived ten years longer
ha would probably havo been one of the
richest men In this country Ho devoted
tho last two years ot his life to money
gottlng and ho got it by the bucketful
His estate will probably foot up la tho
neighborhood ot 10000000 Mr Flower
enjoyed the doubtful distinction ot being
tho only public man ln this country who
ever had tho temo rlty to openly advocato
and defend trusts per se Do mortuls nil
nisi bonum This the butt end ot the dic
tionary tells mo means that we should not
throw rocks at a dead man
+ + +
According to Insldo advices from Ohio
your Undo Marcus Alonzo Hanna Is en
gaged ln the light of his life up against
It good and hard The republican State
convention which will nominate a caudl
dato for governor will meet on the 1st
ot next month and the contest over tha
honor of heading tho ticket Is growing
very sultry Governor Dushnell exMayor
MeKlssoa of Cleveland and many of the
members ot tho old Forakcr guards are
doing everything In their power to pre
vent Mr Hanna from getting control of the
convention That body is likely to end in
a Donnybrook fair mixup and cause a
bifurcation In tho ranks of the republi
can party of that State
It such should bo tho result and tho
republicans should lose tho Stato there
aro a good many levelheaded politicians
who bellevo that It would prevent Mr Mc
Klnleys rcnomlnatlou next joar
I see that my good friend Robert Emmet
Kolley ot the Beaumont Journal has some
thing to say about tho elasticity or como
again proclivities of my political faith
anent Ohio matters I want to assure him
that what I have said about Ohio has not
been a case ot tho wish being tho parent
of tho thought but is based on very re
Uablo Information from well posted people
dont thlrt5 > oars teforo ho woultl aIow a y
think any responsible citizen now and I am powerfully hoped up over tho
would think of delivering his tax receipts I act ot his to advanco tho fortunes of Joe situation
to the purehasor of his property He must
lock them up like ho would his plate and
keen them forovcr
This Is not right Why should a munic
ipal corporation bo given so groat an ad
vantage over other corporations or tho
Individual for debts duo to thorn Why by
statute olaco a bar on the mi at two or
t < > Vrfir > v Ovv V V
It will bo remembered that Manley was
ono of Reeds chief lieutenants ln 1S16
Just before thc National republican con
vention At a critical moment Manloy
threw up tho spongo and announced that
ablest men on tbe democratic side ot tho
house Ho Is a young man aud looks
enough llko our own De Graffcnrcld to be
hl3 twin brother Ho Is personally very pap
ular with all tho members of his own po
Interstate and foreign commerce on tho
HannaPayno steamship subsidy bill and It
compelled tho republicans to tako to tho
tall timbers None of thorn ever success
fully answered his arguments
If Mr Quay Is seated the senate will bo
compellod to admit appointed senators
trom tho threo other States Delaware
Utah and California whero vacancies exist
Tho governor of Utah Is a republican al
though tho leglslaturo that tailed to choosa
a senator was democratic It Is said that
he may appoint Frank J Cannon the for
mer senator Ho Is a sllvor republican
Tho friends of Buck Grant aro now
to Ing to persuade tho governor of Cali
fornia to appoint hlra to tho senatorial
vacancy that exists In that State
+ + +
Tho death of Roswoll P Flower of Now
York removes an lntorostlng and rather
unlquo figure from tho political nnd finan
cial world It was a long tlmo before tho
four years and no bar at all on tho othnr McKlnley had a lend pipe clach on the oclotk this morning
riJ ° Acn f s alnl lme fr tt uy nomination Shaking his fist In The members visited Baylor university
officer charged with the duty of collecting
tho tuxes ot a cltv to enforce tho same
and let the collection bo foreer barred
after four venrs
And for relief from thoso noverondlng
tax suits which havo for months past bocu I
harassing our neoolo let tho proposed i
imtcrn of Muth Professional Inter
cut Wero ltcuil
Waco Texas May 18 Tho State Dental
association was called to order at 10
face Sam Fossenden tho Connecticut mem this morning and did not get to tho hall
ber of tho National republican committee until an hour after tho tlma fixed to open
said Joe God Uraighty hates a quit
Letters of regret were read from some
tor I think Mr Manloy has since had of thp members of the association who
oxrollent reason to bellovo that tho Hon
measure placo a bar forever against tno < Thomas Brackctt Roed fully agrees with
collection of all texes aftor four icurs
Such a measure may doubtless will bo
tho means of allowing some to escape who
aro luttlv Indebted for taxes and who
know it but let us hope thore aro few
who are ablo to pay and jet are moan
enough to nlcnd a statute ot limitation ln
bar of such a debt and for the rolfef ot
tbo much larcor pln < t 1 1 noJ
let us orav for tho enactment of tha ro
ticactlvo law and get a new start
If tho books Hi 1 tno city as
sessor and collector were reasonably cor
rect and tho mistakes wore tho exception
aud not tho rule then I would stand with
Judge Hamblen but those suits hao been
brought time without number to be
knocked out by tho production ot tho tax
receipts covorlng tho alleged delinquent
period and again and again thoy have been
brought and much Injustice done and sac
rifice of property mado becauso receipts
could not be produced readily when be
yond any reasonable doubt tho taxes bad
been paid
Tho only possible relief Is a retroactive
measure Thos C Dunn
TEHUACANA There Is ona caso ot
varioloid In tho town
CLCBUKNn Another flno rain has put
all crops In splendid condition
SHERMAN Tho Dallas district Meth
odist conferenco Is now In cession hero
ROSANKY Work will begin ln twenty
days on tbs telephono lino from Smlthvlllo
to this placo
RUSK The grand Jury has adjourned
nfter finding olghtyslx indictments thli
tyflvo of them for folonlca
DDNTON Work has begun on tho new
Methodist church which Is to cost 10000
It will bo completed by October 1
LA ORANQn Tho measles roseola or
whatever It Is has again becorfi epidemic
among tha children of our little city
TORT WORTH Workmen aro nuw put
ting the rcor en tho Masonic wlduwd ud
orphans home It will be ready tor oc
cupancy It Is stafo d positively Septem
ber 1
TERRELL Will Tierce aged 20 years
son of Hughes Tierce was found dead in
Ills field twelve miles north ot here ilt
was last seen allvo Monday evening thin
ning out corn
SALADO At aft early hour Wednesday
irorntng J A Scranton was fouud dead
lc bis bed at his place ot business Ho
had beer ailing for somo time but wbb
not thought to bo In any Immediate danger
PORT WORTH The twentieth annual
commencement and irraduatlng exercise
of tho business department of the Fort
Worth unlvoiMty aro In prdxress Tho
giaduatos number slxly Th4r will be
ten graduates In the law department
FesBendon ln his 03tImito of a quitter
When tho Delaware leglslaturo ad
journed after falling to elect a successor
vacancy It Is Bald now however that
In view ot Govornor Stones appointment
ot Mr Quay tho Delaware executive Is
thinking seriously of changing Ms mind
and that he will probably appoint Repro
sentatlvo Handy
Somo of Mr Handys colleagues ln tho
could not attend
Dr T P Williams of Houston read a
paper on Near Cuts and Short Roads In
Dr Fife commended Dr Williams pa
per and fcpoko ln terms of praise ot tha
to lion George Gray Governor lunnell practical suggestions It contained Other
who els a democrat said that he did not members spoke approvingly the paper
Intend to mako an appointment to fill thai eating exclusively of the methods of
making gold and
fillings the use ot the
various kinds of prepared gold
Dr Barton of Paris read a paper by Di
R D Orlffls ot Paris on the Fracturo
ot Maxilla and Its Treatment Tho main
priu In he paper was Its advocacy of
tho gold bridge as a splint to adjust frac
ture of the Jaw
Dr Goutag ot Waco testified to tho ef
house are unkind enough to say that he 10 SPUDt dd WUlama
and others
cnu talk longer and say less than anyl Dr Stapics In speaking to the subject
member of that body That Is a big mis In hand advocated tho use of modeling
tako however as Mr Handy is ono ot tho1 imposition and told of very successful
eperatioue The subject was discussed at
length and at Its closo tho assoclattan
went Into the election of officers
The following officers were olected
President J W Davis of Mexia vice
presidents O B Love ot San Antonio
anrt II I Pearson of Waco
secre ary
lltlcal faith and has tho rcspoct ot the treasurer J G Fife of Dallas member of
republicans He Is tho man who prepared the exoeutivo committee F D Duff ot
tho minority report of tho committee on 0renvUlo
general public took his meisuro and sired
him up bo to speak Mr Flowor had been
In congross for several years but his first
bid for National notoriety was in 1SS1
when ho was Induced by certaingentle
men who had designs on his pocketbook
to bocomo a candidate for tho presidency
It Is understood that this venture cost
Mr Flowor a pretty penny The hotel
lobbies out In Chicago during the demo
cratic National convention were plastered
with lithographs ot Flower and many
laudatory notices weroprinted In the lopl
nowspapers regarding his career but ho
never even achleed the distinction ot get
ting In tha class with those who also
ran He did not get a single vote
He took the matter philosophically how
Tha convention adjourned to meet ln
Dallas next year
r av rinto
Sblner Texas May IS Frederick W
Plato an old and highly respected citizen
of this part of tho State
died ot h art
5 ° Wiei by tho Masonlo
Tvnl L Saturday evening at Flatonia
the town named In his honor
KnlRlitN of rytlin KXCiirton
La Orange Texas May is The ampli
fied third ranlt team of Dawson lodgo K
of P of this city go to Smlthvllle this
evening to corfer that rank on two ean
las lodie 1 hT hSn Knight of Pyth
8 U boys
m 8m = an clPate a good
V10 b ° ya are sald to bo
roTai ene Jai3nirs
ltlelininml to llcnlc
Wchmond Texas May lSRlchmond
gives a picnic at Clear Lako tomorrow
Nearly everybody in tho town will at
tend and many visitors from adjoining
count es and towns are expected
wwAh 1aron returned today from
n ero hB hM becn aUeQdlns
ClKnt Factory Sola
Willi Texas May 18 < 3enoral L M
Openhelmer has sold hU cigar factory to
Levy Gaebert These gentlemen
aro old
yfste r e4 akera and took cl
yfstraav t
il1 tobacc to continue
1 the factory
n iatur
on as largo
a scale aB possible
A Negrro Killed
Cuero Texas May 18Henry Andersen
a f thot and k W this evening
dnS toete Frank Uauer aUey was baclc arrestel ot Rlc s
> i 1 V fP v
This City Is tlio Lumber Center of the Southwest Plans for the Em
Time Has Arrived for Organization
From tho Southorn Industrial and Lumber
Re vlow Austin
Tho growth of Houston has been unex
ampled In the history of tho cities ot tho
Stato of Texas It has forged so far to tha
front In tho way of railroads and manu
factures that It haa outdistanced every
competitor In theso lines
The Rot law docs not claim that the city
ot Houston outranks every other city of
tho Stato in every respect on tho con
trdr > dt recognizes that each and ovsry
city has Its own peculiar character and
each outshines the others ln some Import
ant way In tho building up ot this State
all petty Jealousies ns between cities
should bo dispensed with for In thl3 great
cmplro thero Is room for all and prospsrlty
lor all If each will follow out tho lines
marked hy surroundings and natural grav
itation and not attempt to manufacture
silk purses out of sows cars
It would bo out of placo horo to en
largo upon tho many advnntages ot San
Antonio with its magnificent climate
ability to entertain guests and its wide
open Western country of Austin as tho
seat ot education and government with its
great dam charming cllmato and sur
roundings of Waco thc center of tho cot
ton belt and with great advantages arising
therefrom ot Fort Worth tho home of tho
btockman and a railroad tenter ot Im
portance of Dallas with Its great railroad
manufacturing aud commercial Interests
ot Corslcana with Its oil Boaumpnt with
Its lumber and tho many growing cities ot
lessor population Nor will wo here refer
to Galveston with Its admitted prestige on
tho gulf and Its wonderful prospects as a
sea port All this ha3 nothing to do with
article has to deal Hbuston
Thls Journal Is In entire sympathy with
tho aspirations of each city It believes
that tho cities ot Tort Worth and Dallas
will lnovitably grow together and that
with tho wonderful growth In store for tho
two great Southern cities their Interests
will gradually Intermlnglo until they will
some day beconio ono city with two name3
Past experience has shown to Investors
ot eory portion ot this Stato the folly of
trying to lmposo Impossible conditions
upon their respective municipalities In
stead of following tho direction polnttd
ottt by natural surroundings and the tastea
and habits of the peoplo Involved efforts
havo been made to build up cities one
Just like the other to emulate successes
whero other conditions prevailed and
these sometimes honflraole but more often
entirely speculative ventures havo Invar
iably fallen to the ground and distress
and panic have followed In their wake
The people have profited t > y tbelr experi
ence tor ho time being ho > eer and
gtcat caution Is now evidenced In the
launching of any Important enterprise
Wo therefore tofcr to tho growth of
Houston as a railroad and moiifacturlng
center more particularly when wo assert
that Its growth has traen marvelous for a
long number of years and that every foot
forward bas been admirably sustained and
fenseof the number of trains which enter
and depart each day but by reason of the
largo number of great trunk lines enter
lngtbere great systems ot railroad which
penetrate to the utmost recesses ot this
North American continent twelve rail
roads with fifty dally trains general of
fices and stoops for the most ot them and
dispensing over COO000 per month In cash
They also fall to realize that the manu
facturing interests of Houston arelarger
both in number and variety of establish
ments capital Invested people employe 1
and fonsoauently ln money dUpensed
than any other cltv ln tho great South
west west of the Mississippi
With the establishment ot new manufac
tories on a grand scale the opening ol coal
mines with the now waterway to tha
gulf In plain sight with Its surrounding
agricultural country rich In fruit sugar
rice cotton corn and rather products thi
city of Houston can be likened unto a
strong nnd Mgorous jouth who has Just
emerged from tho growth of childhood and
now peaents a firm and securo front to
tbo problems of tho world ready and able
to take advantage of overy turn ot the tide
which leads on to permanent prosperity
+ + +
Whilo Houston Is not surrounded with
plno and cypress forests and whilo at tho
present time it3 port facilities havo not
been develdped tho city has nevertheless
become tho main center of tho trans
action ot tho lumber business of the South
west outside of tho mill towns themselves
The natural gravitation of this business
to Houston has been Blow and sure and
Influcnco ot the presence at ono center
ot firms ablo to fill any kind ot a bill at
short notice is beginning to eett Itself
all over tho State A groat lumber ex
change has been born and grown to vig
orous llfo without aid or stimulus of any
kind except the attraction of gravitation
On by one tho sales offices ot great mills
are being located in Houston Ono b > one
tho wholesaler or Jobbers aro Joining them
One by ono tho Individual agents of mlllt
are hanging up tholr shingles One by one
each of the above navo established their
offices side by side Today GO per cent
ot the resident lumbermen aro under one
iJnl ho Plnz bull1InK their are located
following lumber ooncerns
M T Tonos Lumber company
Dmporla Lumber company
Trinity River Lumber company
W H Norrls Lumber company
LB Menefee Co
Sohuroman fi Tall
Cameron Ulmer
It H Downey Brother
Tackaoerry Tackabcrry
C R Cummlngs C6
U vlld ° ° th ° maz bullalnS aro tho
U vl
J I Campbell
Sam Allen
Texas Louisiana Lumber company
It M Farrar Co Ltd
A E Hall
Rockwell Bros Co
F A Rice
S T Swlnford
l U Member company
The Baring Manufacturing company
Tho Ware Fence company
+ +
During the last five years a marked
change has como ovor tbo conduct ot the
lumber business in tho Southwest The
old methods of producing all you cannnd
solHng whero you may may be said to
have been practically abandoned Tha
great slump ln tbo pficVot lumber from
j j
whoso fortunoa
In 850 and who were haffsln
Phocnlxllko from tao >
magnificent and powerful organL
lumbormen realize that bv II
alone can they
maintain thern
protect their vast enterprises f
tlon This organization uPrSH 1
Dieted In so far as thor I
recognition of tho safety
without organization
the t S
llshed by universal consent fo
Largely tho business which w
transacted by tho dealers
mills has ceased Capital In it v N
Jobbers and wholesalers h i
subsidized tho small mill A5
Is handled entirely In tho larco MtH1
product of of
many these mm 1
abioibcd by tho largo mllCV
whoso capacity to supply the i fl
been noverely taxed Thus tnit
year or moro tho small mill JS1
ha l
taken care of and has censed to t T
In tho demoralization of mIm <
this In vlow and tho well know
of tho leaders to keep their oXi
in prlmo condition tho proSpM
future conduct ot tho business a tfi
lndeod We
+ + +
Ono marked result from the hta
ling of tho lumbermen Is the tendwwi
concentrato in cities where the it < u L
dltlon ot tho markets can b8 tS
This Is onoof the causes which wl
to the concentration at Houstoatou
wo havo referred
It is a well known fact that ordert
abroad and from tho Interior wto S
sent Into firms In tho Blnz buRdlni t
Instance which could not possibly u 5
by the firm receiving tho order anJ
the samo Is placed without difficulty wR
a few moments without
leaving toe ha
Ing A ccmmuulty of
interest haVjtra
up not only in the building but u
all tho lumbermon ot Houston vaeieb
tho motto You tickle mo and I UtU
you Is fully exemplified This caaJirti
which hs
the rise or fall of tho city with
Inability to fill orders and are left to fair I
own resources at a tlmo when Itiirtil
Tho Review Is so thoroughly lmpread
with tho thought that the tlmo ha mlvel
to organize tho resident lumbermen t
Houston Into an association or r
change for tho advancement of Its t
Interests of tho trade and with a > Ietd
still further concentrating tho mimifa
tmers handlers and leading dralerj at 1
common point that It has decldd lo rv
movo Its principal offlco to Houston u
endeavor to stimulate the evolution ullch
Is taking placo naturally day by day
+ + +
While It Is entirely within thebotinlio
good buslnoss foresight to erect ln Hon
ton a building for a lumber exchange
which shall ho the equal of any exefcun
building ln the State It Is fortunate tU
this movement is not imperatUe st tbi
present time Tho Blnz building Is p
cullarly adapted to the requirements tf
tho enterprise it has been stated tiitUt
building coald be practically turned our ti
tho lumbermen and thoso who are UO
elated with them ln business
Almost overy lumberman In the Statu It
familiar with the Blnz building It li
one of tbe most complete office oulldlagi
In tbo State having 123 offices of ataii
12x16 feet each which open Into eul
other If needed in suites of seven rtyrc or
less Tho building Is supplied with Itl o
+ + + electric light plant ant with steam heat
The people of this State realize perhaps tas ltr fast running elevators lo the tcj
less than Interested observers abroad that I rich Is the sixth ctory running ii
ln oach room and the services of Jul
the city of Houston Is ono of the largest tor3 a of wWcll 3 lncluded the realal
railroad centers ln tho world Not In tha 1 of offices Tho large rooms on the top n
occupied by tho Elks club and the Hous
ton Light Guard armory The grounl
floor Is occupledby magnificent ttorM
Thero Is no doubt but that a room
flclently largo could be obtained in the
building for uso as a general meet
room or exchange
+ + +
The idea most generally express tt
concentrato In this building or In r
other selected or built for the purpose J
the manufacturers at present In Houstoe
as well as all the wholesalers and Jobbers
the agents for lumber concerns sash dost
and blind manufacturers and tbelr agentt
rnlltoad commercial agents mercantilj
agencies telograph companies the ages
for all concerns having dealings tilth it
trade in fact homogeneous mass of
cupauts oaih of whom Is Interested In U
other in a business way and who KJ
likely to have dally transactions To tu
would eventually be added the reprMeW
tit es of tho great mills in pine and cypres
who would be forced to stay in so active
market tho buyers ot the leading rem
would avail themselves
concerns who
tho advantage of being on tho rpot to W
chase surplus Blocks at profitable
ganlzatlon when properly e
could employ a secretary to preside K W i
exchange to keep a complete list of
on hand complete tariffs cpujd
trate differences between buyer and
adjust overcharges and act
pollcoman to all who had troubles W
Thls Is in brief the gist of the prop
Who can doubt that if it l W
enthusiastically great B ° ° d Sal
by tbo trado and by tho city of f y
Who will assort that Houston
city of all cities for tho establishment
lumber exchange
As to tho cost Involved there y
at least at tbo present tlmo u
future will hold tho future will > uollr <
would seem to bo a grand opportuaj
the citizen lumbermen of JLj il
great thing for themselves the
their city
that after j
Tho Rovlow predicts thjs
ganlzatlon Is onco effected
ments particularized above will
line nnd that with each year the
tlon will receive accessions irem >
Ilcnmc Item j
Hearne Texas May j
Cohen left yesterday for Hemps <
spend a fov days with friends m
of tbe c
Tho older members
church horo gavo tho younger raw v
plcnlo yesterday For some days 1 M
rnngements wero being mado ana 1
wus looked forward to with a grw r
of pleasure and there was no iarf
disappointment for everything pj
to make the day a pleasant one
vldod and a general good time W01
A IllR Sunday School Pie1 tf
IT1 °
San Marcos Texas May
to r
Izens are making
tho union Sunday school P106 fill
Antonio on tho 20th The cxwr art
30 cents insures ttn i w
being only
b wIt
It Is estimated there1 wii gJ
tweon 1500 and 2000 visitors tn ° LJ y fjU
day school scholars however
have a rousing welcome neterm
Oue Convict Stubbed Jfi
17Ge ° rK < > R
Rusk Texas May
and John Teal Stato convicts
noMtentlary t tul f jv
h vt rr rac
omptf l ° f tbB ma M mills
As V bio was struck ypua v w
was the ouly
case with tho cattlemen lured Wewhaj but not

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