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The Houston daily post. [volume] (Houston, Tex.) 1886-1903, May 19, 1899, Mailable Edition, Image 9

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LT vcimso of i
I ilTla < o He Mntle
Mr IS When the
IBrtl d from N v ota at
ft committee of ct
s a
rZTl ibe vlslor8
Lot and tbey wero
H hotel
P3 llnts had Exchange been made tor
tM f teat l in the exer
Vi be old t ° wn oI WMh
K1to refresh the memoir
u Id he celebration
I ud V be 11 40 state that
IiKiTMoU are combining on
LKinnVelllnK of the monu
VX SiVrk the spot where
LlotViss independence was
while It was desired
A The Ilxtythlrd annl
rfA impossible
Ke S I menu and July
I instead The town of
ny miles distant
hm and U will be rather dlftl
tfttinnortatlon from here o
i Is within
Ri however
to the nlfelr
fc eute ho will go
Ea a better railroad point
KBrenham While llren
i to accommodate nil
fc rl 4
sfk there la no desire to
IwTf transportation Tho peo
Kthrough the public school
the monument and
l the affair and the coopera
Navasota Is udns
I wale of
if complete success
the affair a
IirtrarrlvlnR today from NavH
Neal n mem
iHon George D
l n n Anderson
State senate
Irirood R A Horlorlc S J
V Chlnskl
Baylor and 1
the parlors of the Ex
where they were Joined by
linreeard Harry Haynes
let George Wilson J H Hutch
0 YTIlMns and Prof K W Tar
litst nsmed being the one
tor the monu
iiarttd the plan
d Oa motion Mr George 1
of the meeting
lelfctfd chairman
ltd that the nbjert of tho meot
Krcnhnm and
Ifor the people of
to confer on the matter of
Hirnef Bryan and others ad
Joint committee on the mat
fcframnie It was suggested that
Tillngtan the arrangements could
U comfortable as at the Brazos
lie one mllo distant After some
It was decided that the actual
of the monument and the exer
i lis Brenham school children
III place at Old Washington at
h July 4 and adjournment would
111 to the bridge where tho ad
lie day by Hon A W Terrell nnd
rrclses would take place It was
jtelaed that there should bo no
fliposed cf but that the affair
fin the nature of a basket plcnlo
hose attending arc requested to
th them a basltef No liquor will
m on the grounds
tntgement of the programme Is
j the committee heretofore ap
of irMch Prof E W Tarrant is
Baylor Norwood and Ander
ippslnted a committee to ar
s rundi
L J Locked and George H
If Brenham and S J Walker and
Jrloclt of Navacota wero appointed
i committee
siewltnt Tarrant of the Bronham
Jiools vis appointed a committee
1 an Invitation to the tenth grade
Brenham nubile schools to attend
F the tenth grade being that part
IbooIj la which tho movement for
ji of the monument fund first
IrMstog tho Joint committee Mr
iwnes took ocaslon on tho part
teoole of Dunham to thank the
JJ citizens for the Interest thoy
on in this patriotic movement
lHiUtance uhlch thev have given
lie of Brenham in the matter
leeiln then adjourned and dinnei
lyel to tho members of the two
at the Exchange hotol The
citizens returned home on the
i train
Ifttt child of Mr and Mrs Krlta
Tflrl used 15 month died In this
moraine The
bereaved parents
I rcos anrt were hpre visiting
11 ° i M1udorf The remains
San Marcos
JJPM Jo for Interment
K Sa moihs of Mr and Mis
died at the family residence
III ork lbls morning The
I Jlae this afternoon
11 nrfln Andrews nged 13
I l ft flay mil Wednesday
It vL Whins of Oklahoma
bi iiJe KUP3ta ot Colonel
f father of Mrs Wllklns
lu stant cishler of tho
jwapo cd
ct eight enarhes on ac
ltt nf 3rEl0D t0 Austin
lwMiMle a nuniher aboard the
li Thi U3tlmin3 bPln ° tlocd In
farlei Ynt from Brenham
liLRrn kes P H n < iJ > Will
IC 1J ° two young
from th nled the com
TE W03in UD1T0HS
SI elntlon Ma
Wlally A till oil To
Phi ay 1S Tllfi Tetso W <
ifiR1 vhlch has hcifi
cd nim clUens interested la
1 to ill ta members have
Ualra h v ° me3 Tbo meellng
iw7 tings and It la
3k a pliasant
ri a meeting to
It lisi9Tery e ° rt as Put forth
i SmL0he TemPlo l = > les
awtln m ber and mother year
Io mI discussion A
SJ < d bv m bllnesi meetings
ke HarVVv J U Downs ln a
lt W ch a the Frel arvoy
l AtiViin ° Paestlne Ellen
llf II Mn t Prf1 D Boblnson of
lja of L klm or Waco Isa
t Ft Worth 8 Jd M °
i > r r Di3 WPie hu Kuess
wb Have Always Bought
jJf T TT VAt ttv >
rrlmary feecondary or Tmlurr Syrblln
permanently cured ln 15 to 33 dayo You can
b treated at home tor llio same prlct under
ame guaranty It you prater to come sere
Jui in i t0 par Uroad tare and hotel
bills and
no charge If we tail to cure It yo
have taken mercury Iodide pouab and till
S 1d PBn Muouout Patchos in
F Ml N Throt PlrJPlea Copper Colored
EpotJ Ulcsra on any rart ot thi tody Halt
Sfl R i ° lS0N that w guarantee to cur
We ollelt the moat ob > tln ta caees and cbal
lf E ord for a cue we can not cure
Thla disease hai always baffled the skill at
the moat eminent pbyarlan > JMOOO capital
behind our
unconditional guaranty Absolute
proofs sent sealed on application Addresi
SO Mnaanlu IlnlliUrtB ClilellKO
RATES Cash with Ad
ternord one Insertion jt
Per word four con ecutlve Insertions 3c
Per word eeven consecutive Insertions 4c
Per word each consecutive Insertion ten
limes or more
43These rates are for uniform Adj no dlsplav
Display Ads to at regular space rates but black typ
not allowed In Want Ads
MTHE Post Is a friend of the unemployed and
Inserts Situation Wanted Ads of > words orless
three times free of charge
MLetters directed to Initials only are not delivered
tlirouch the posioffice bit you can have your ansert
addressed to a number In care of Thb Post and
forwarded to you
Lodge No 15Ti will mr < t tonight at
I WANTEDEver on who s artl etfd ltb
letter cr ec m
sutfer longer with theo terrible leasa
< or Ab
women have never had a
lensest cases relieved In two to five days
ilf letterVtVuthfullv antwarel The Maas
fieldl Remedy Co 167 Dearborn tlreet ro m
611 Chicago Ill
WE BUY rent and store furniture e loan
mcper ondcVr n Interest on turnItuti
itored with us Barr t Kuller 114 Travis u
< > Y2
7 30 oclock
cleanI Jir h Tl15 be ttorougblj
SSCSrM wllh a Britelau Chinese
0 l MnBW0B Evcrjthna la
Ai rt in
will ha yDt alv t tJ 5 n
W ni llM5aurrl > x tnts awnings
KnA iti n for VTl Kittmann
Kneeland i
Hojtton Texea tr
sharp nnd officers aro WE OKFEK this week
rcqu stcd to ho prompt Itoutlne i
business All KnlRhts invited
Joh s Stewart C C
Geo E Dlssonct K of II nnd S
meet tonight Mason building regular bust
134 3137 6407 6136 54S1 W H Fosnen
711 2 K B 4 5412 3 1362 538 2
W 2 6337 It 5413 11 3414 Si 3361
3 330 5333 Moggie NoMe S633 5431 54
5041 S K A 2 5310 C Smith 3 5C9t
541t 51 5693 Will Rceso 54U 2 5417 17
5441 2 Phjsklan 5416 25 514b 5371
396 296 5J47 5422 540S 6493 4 5349 5119
5425 3 5350 2
WANTED Merchants and business men to
enjoy the merchants free lunch served rtally
at the Merchants Exchange No 216 Main
street between U30 a in and 1 30 p in 28
pended business until on rr about JUne l
when tbev will occupy rooms on the second
floor of the Klam building Dr uoodmau
manager Dr Goodman can bo found at
Dr McGrudcrs dental office over Lewyns
drug store 31
NOTICE Dont be deceived convince your
self > ou are Invited we dont go behind
the bush to clemi tarpct3 wo are uptodate
with New York or anj State All mat
tesses steamed before renovated furniture
upholstered repaired and packed or stored
by A Rlblrres Magnolia Steam Carpet
Cleaning Works 514 Dallas avenue phoufl
387 Reference II Waddell 2i
on last page 21
LADIES requiring a regulator toat Is a p e
ventatho address Lee Remedy Co 610
Lcnglev avenue Chicago Longest cases
relleird In tlvrt davs without pain safe aid
orfcctve under anv and all conditions In
dorsed bv leading nhvslclans all over the
rnuntrv Price JJ 00 a box 6 12
LADIES taken bttore and during connne
ment best medical service trained nurses
strictly private Address P O Box 392
Houston Texas 6H
VANTED You to have your piano tuncu
best tuner
In 1 clfy C Jankc Co 503 Main
fclteet tneet music at half price
EAT ADAMS ice cream it cults everybodys
taste guaranteed to suit vours Natlonjt
Drue Etorc opposite court house Specal
for Dlcnics 23
MADAM CLIFTON the greit spiritual mind
reader and business medium this ladvs
wonderful and marvelous spiritual power
enables her to read tbo mv terle3 of the
future and reveal the eecrets of the Daat
Her OEtonlvh nc revelations ronvtnes the
most 6kentlcal The nubile Is Invited to
call and test thn cowers of this glftet me
dium 503 San Jacinto
TtING UP nhone 1057 Ave rings Acme Clean
ing and Proline association suits eleana
and pressed 75c ladles skirts M > c to 75cj
members of club ner month 1 clotha
called for delivered J T Greea 602J
Main ttreet J
CELEBRATED Kranlch and Bach olanos up
rights and crands Sehaaf and Newnian
planes and oigans easv payments Writs
for catalogues and prices R II Read taf
tiry agent Houston Texas
MADAM VALREI5 spiritual medium nut
oliilns every Sunday night developing every
Wednesday night also private tanltirlum
ISK lannin street J
I KNTIFT Bevt ffti > > Hit old irwi
U M poll Oil c Jl CO palniiisextrne
lloi O cunrante d D Daniel 40
Main s ret
EYES TEST ED FREE See Dr Helsigs card
on lust page
HYNOTISM magnetic healing etc I teaen
Trot Loreu
you by mall or refund money
Richmond Texas
tells everything 2n aOc 0
noves troublS unites sjpotattd lack
tbnnns etc 70S Loultiani siren 13
PIANOSHuve them tuned bv nerencefl
tuners we guarantee to reflnifh the n u
Piano throughout U your catlsfactlon Oil
ver Music House
ir m i t h Unlon fy d ietmrr
HinSmiil ° ir Iapitol s t ami
bttiiVfl butr eieam cheese aerate
ESi m k xra < biK cream lui wi
r K llrttcla 1
> toals prompt dellvtft a
1 8A srac
ii 8t econd hand furniture it
net jpji wttx d JealfM nee > i
K ni iV < t0 mlf < Infants trouesciu Ap
rjlJHjjralrie nvcuui
rlIi9Tn 8 nulne CbkKrln U i
Ew h or lmu Address It il lttdu
f < nt
Huutm Texas
w piano at J1T5
njlit one line uprlgnt plsno
il J00k around Eft posted tnen call ana
er above harsilne 0 W silertt1j irava
AIi Th > D liquors ana hev
fis he jarket affords and r > ed bj
aiiliui ralxeloRlste are always on sale ui
rEnanU Kxcbante No 2U Mal
f li Vf re a merchants fine free luucfl Is
served dally from 11 3D a m to l3u i
lUMTURB ot ii tweivc ruoui house tor
talr a bartMlq If taken at oucei gcod tea
tens or eelllni Address S U U this
TWO D1CYCIES one ladys and one geutiu
McDade ei ° two kodaks J W Watsou
Texas j
U SA iallne an < 1 wagnolU puds
M V Wright florist Houslon Tevas tf
roil KALKT o frelitht cltvn ic good as
rey Apnlv room 7 Campbuildlnx 20
tort SALL tlno eet of bucales nlntnnt
Hre s IaA and harness Iar
endong Stables and Carrlaco Kepisltory
lrnnklln nnd Caroline streets 2i
HAY HAYNew lmv car lots rcr sperlnl
prices address V A Sumim mananxr Al
lay Co AUIn Texas >
n5 SALL Cape jessimlne buds 7Dc per
t fancj cultivated blackberrlos 2 per
ease 2t quarts f o b Alvln Tcxaa oil
orders filled promptly L B Carlton AI
ljn Texas jy
Sorghum seed S3c
mulct i > e Kaffir corn tide busheli sIook
peas ccuulne Mexlcau June corn oweot io
into plants all varieties 12 thousand berry
boxes nnd fruit baskets bone meal bone
dust fertilizer The
Hollowny Seed Grain
CALLbD meeting of Gray Lodge and Commission Co Dallas Texas tf
No 320 A P and A M tonight at POP SALnA blK
butchers Ice box Annlv
8 oclock Work In the K A degree Xaoutn ic Bailey 416 Travis tf
Journlng brethren are cordially In
vited K W Campbell W M J K Cade
POP SALE Good wacon canoov top alao
ccod centlo horse Address M M this of
EODA rOUNTAIN with outfit complete pool
table and peanut roaster each at a bar
call C G Parsons Pryan Texas 23
nees and Initiation of candidates nlso ruu < port sai v k
a leal entertainment and refreshments all JoOCO Manufactured and J sale MBS
Mystics aro Invited to be nresont at 8
oclock sharp Charles N Dlebury W R
Thos Muat recorder 19
To advertisements ln the offlco of The
Post for tho week ending Saturday May It
or ce
for by Poattl
Ounlock Vlrtorla Texas 28
SINGER machlno and Oxydonor cheap R C
Rutherford Urunnei 2u
CELEBRATED Kranlch nnd Bach uliuos up
right and grand Scbaaf and Ne mua
nloncs and organs easy payments Writs
for catalogues and prices R H Read fac
tory acent Houston Texns 20
5326 CI26 6331 2 B3U1 5401 Bugy 4 BICYCLES Secondhand Crescent with Dun
Baker 5377 2 5332 BI2S 2 537S 2 otiS I ° P tires JIB00 cood as n w 22Ineh frame
< C T U 5103 5101 Mt 54M 2 30
enamel black Its a bargain March Cul
more Houston Tlrea ot all kinds tf
Pasteur Vaccines For proofs and lull iu
formatlon address P W Hunt State aieit
Pasteur Vaccine Co Victoria hulldlug Fort
Worth 612
MOUNTAIN CEDAR fence posts barj po el
telegiaph poles piling bouse tiloks Write
for delivered Drltcs D Badg r Marble
Falls Texas 19
GENUINE Mulcan June corn 50 cents pet
peek 80 tents per half busbel Jl 0 per
bushel buy fiom hrae < u rlers and bj euro
of getting tlift geuuino article we are th3
tnirotlucers oi this corn m Texas Texaa
eed and rioial Co Dalit Texafc if
PHOTOGRAPHS of eld CapPtl build ng of
Texts at West Columbia momt d en 4x5
cards mailed to any addro for 5 aoi
Mr < L B Ostorn Columbia Tex a 25
CHINESE TEA 60c per pound bricabrac
umbrellas repaired and covered Yon Tal
Lay 1016 Preston if
YOU WILL find a comoleto llo of picture
picture frames mouldings etc at Konfe
1014 Prairie uvoiut tI 3j
WOOD Whole > Ie and retail at reasunabl
nrnralseory liotee executed by the Ualvts
Ton La Ports and Houston Railway corn
tany to the Rogers Locomotive company of
laterson New Jer ey the payment ot which
notes was issumed by tho receivers ot tho
Galveston La Porte snd Houston Rat wjy
eomnany aid notes aggregating prlnclpil
and intrest to the sum of niW OS and
whereas the said Rogers Locomotive com
ranv has designated S R Ferryman as a
pcrfcu to tell tald engines now
therefore proper I the said S K Ferryman In
riirVuanci of the provisions of said older
Hi oS Tuesday the 23d day of May 1W3
letwcen the hours of 10 oclock a m nnd 4
cloeK P of said date at the doar of the
court c house cf the county of Harris In the
iitv of Houston State of Texas Hell at pub
Be auction to the highest and best bidder
for cash the above described cnsluog and
lendeFs and make due conyeyante to Lie
purchaser thereof and apply the proceeds as
by said order made and Provlfjl Said tri
rlnes and their tenders are deicrlbed as fol
lows 2 8w eel engines cylinders 18x24 foar
M driving wheels four wheel trucks welaht
ibout 94 O00 pounds Swheel tenders with
MO gallon tanks capacity r
unless tiiev Defer to do so J i 1 11 AVE SOMETHING very chole In nrop
famous JcHe Olntmect is a rrtU va aid fa other Invesments It ycu are In
tpeedv cure All Itcblnt and burning JJJJ V eau j ea me K
stantlv relieved cure fo i i wthln VO d
DR MANSFIELDS raopthlv unproved farms aad
brought hspplness to bundreds single pf anxious ° JVhcd ialth cS J
F W Norrls Ktsm
toSlo fexs Ci on
tuMdioI Tsias U
ii ivTin hv vnung coupe ooaro anu mom
rrivals family close In Uoaae
comfort dilirt referent e given J J M
11 effiie
BARGAIN 4500 seres agricultural land with
In ttlteen miles of Houston and U to I miles
et three rsltroad stations about 3503 cf U
open prairie balanrr timbe two lunnlng
stresnis of water Ideal lorailou for smck
farm j 6l per acre II 11 Ma Nicoll
5 > u blnr buldingi W
Hi E AND A HALF LOTS In Third wara one
Hock from car and paved street at a bur
tain if sold In a tew days faces sautli
Addreis 6016 this office 21
OR < AIEOno block ctound 4 room cat
tigu at Morrnns Point also severil lots
blcrks nd neres In Fifth ward lleuiton
tsrt of it at 2U per cent less than aoornv d
eii cltv tiMeiaars books alto one blok
sdjolting cltv well iraorovfd md tlltel uo
fcr eulry Address J D Staples 6H Dal
las avenue 20
WE HAVE several ptetty homts for sale
cheap also some will paying rental prop
erty Scanlan t Kartell X12 Bin build
Irg 2
FARM2P0 acres on Keechl creek near Con
Jerville Leon county 100 acres cultivated
fiooi improvements hog cattle range will
sell or exchange rot Houston suburban or
country property title petteet T A Fowler
this office u
TOR SALE J10 per acre threi thousand five
hundred acres rich loam nralrle land le
Austin countv five miles notth et Wallls
4 mile west of Santa > rsilriad tine
ranch fine farm l nd I want to sell
John Bleener Wsco Texas 23
FOR SALE Modern twottorv house on
Main street seven rooms and all conveni
ences terms very reasonable Apolv to A
LNelms at Inman Reads office tf
IT 18 BETTER to be born lucky thsn riuti
provided you know n good thing when you
tee it ve are offerlnii an exceptionally dc
slrable and well Improved place sfiuH
dantly watered nesr Alvln Texns con
sisting of an orchard ot bearing trees and
n good truck farm get particulars at onto
or else you mlts this golden opportunlt
Apply to Alt II II Tolar ft Co Alvin
Texas f > ll
HOUSTON Heights has artesian water sanuj
soil good drainage flue shade excellent
rsr servlco and the lots at pieseni prices
rre the cheapest properly In vonn terms
from VI to 15 per lot In cash aud the saws
payment monthly For best prices call at
Houston Heights office 220 Main street
John A Milroj ageut if
RUBBERWe have lands tor salo In Mexico
especlallj adapted to growing rubber coffee
chocolate vanilla and all tropical fruits ln
be best localities In trcidral Mexlo good
titles healthy rllm t tail nnl water cnn >
rectlont will rell In large or small tracts
Write or call on us for Information Tlaco
talpnn Land Company local office 217 Main
tlteet Hmmton Texas >
BELOW are a few bargains wo have to oiler
Five beautiful lota on San Jacinto strct
well Improved a pretty homo on MrKmncy
avenue a bargalu handsome twostory
house on LaBrancU on car line seveu
rooms all modern conveniences only 2200
eevernl choice building sites on Crawford
street We have soveral customers for de
sirable lots In Third or Fourth warJ Im
proved or unimproved 50 acres of choice
land on gravel road mile and a half from
city well Improved only 150 per acre a
snap Norfleet Cooley room 201 Bins
building tf
WANTEDTo Invest J2003 In land must bs
bargain Seo II P Mansfild 220 Main St
ELEGANT looming apartments fourtc n
rooms near court bouse T J Collins 22
IOR KENT Four rooms furnished for llgat
housekeeping tool and pleasant chcii rent
to lartles without
Ml Juiksau
TWO FRONT ROOMS furnished complete tor
llcht housekeeping parties without chil
dren modern convenances 1012 San Jn
clnto 21
oil itLNT Sven room louee modem con
veniences thiec blocks from Capitol hotel
furniture for sale Addrets 601t this of
fice 24
FOUR LARGE ROOMS and hall for rent and
nil household furniture In It for sale cheap
Ready for bousokecoliig Annlv 7 30 p m
34 Chartres street j
FOR RENT Beautiful new modern resi
dence choice neighborhood 417 McKlnnev
avenue 2g
FURNISHED south rooms
lllj Cti pltol av
FURNISHED south rooms block from court l
house Apply 315 Caroline i > I
RENT houses that aro des rablo arc alvmyi
controlled bv us eet oar list of hJUej It
will suvu you many a step convcyaticfls fur
nished to show same Norfleet fc ciolci
Phone 673 room 201 Bins bulding 20
prices at Crarys Wood Yard Phone 300 22 HOUSES ere sarce no longer we have thuai
DO YOU USE Calcium Carbide to maks
Acetylene Gas Then write to F G Hoi
ten Co 611 Travis street Houston Texas
wholesale and retail dealers fci nrles
etc Large stok alwais on hand shp
meats made tho eame day ordra received
6 6
drugcLts Ons glvos re lf
SCREEN DOORS anf window scresns mvds
to order anv style ami site fine work ou
specialty estimates cheerfully fnrnlshd
nnd all orders promptly filled Houston
Furniture Ms Co offlco and factory
IKuton Heights Samplo room 1103 Con
gress avepue Phone No 376 four ilnzs tf
Dvnamcs Motors Elevators Eleci lc Sup
plies Contracilng Repairing E T hirdoa
Hcutton Tcxas
Most duiafclo speediest beat S andband
mjtchlnes all maKcs Wrlgnt Sod
General Agents No 231 Main Dallas tf
IN THE Circu l Court of the United States
Eastern Oittrict of Texas at Galveston
A J Tullock et al vs Oilveslon La
Porte an Houston Railway Company et al
N S 0
Iuo beaRiKc to an order of the Honorable
B Bryant mode on the Sth day ot May
1S39 dlrectlru tne s le by some perion to
he named by bo Rogera Locomotive com
of Paursou New Jersey at public
pany utcry In the city of Houston In Harris
county Texai after ten days notice of l <
published n some newspaper In the city o
Ifoustcn Io Harris county lexas the two
and their tenders known
lccomotlva engines
In service on
of all descriptions Soi our list tcforo
going elsewliere Scaulan Bartell 212 Bl iz
bulldlnc ij
FURNISHED rooms large and small modern
conveniences nhone teinir reatoaabl also
a large basement room 1014 McKlnney nv
nue 2ii
OLIVER S MUSIC HOUSE leads the SUte i FOR RENT CHEAP Finn connecting largo
for fine pianos reasonable Piccs easy i and cool rooms wllh bath roins attached
terms bargain Pianos oUais In strck Call at Richards First Wnid Drug Stor >
1017 Texas avenue tf 1 102 Hcuiton avenue Phone 720 20
POR SALE Ten RIPAN3 for 5 cet at FOR RENT Two very desirable live room
cottages overlcoklnc th bav near Svlvsn
hctel nnd railway station La Pcrte artesian
water In each F L Dlllaye La Porle
Te > ar 31
FOR RENT Fine double brick store rew
well arranged for drv coads or furniture
ceilrallv located on navel rtrft Writ
V Wlers lock box R n iininl T 6
per month In advance All typewriters re
paired J 1 Pattrlza Pie Lttro Co
State Agents Smith Premier Typewr ter
Houttcn Texts tf
FOR RENT Nwlv furrlshed rooms In new
yrlcrenco fcotel Tlftb wstd frcm 1 00 per
wee uo Y J Stuart Prop 10
SIXTEEN nfllces for rent new Levy bulldlm
pavmacts Nice twostory residence cor
ner Taylor and Kane Kin ii Co 114
Main street tf
FOR RENT A large store 1017 Preston ave
nue Inquire at 1019 Preston avenue at F
fihvelleardts tf
r Tin J and 4 and now FOR RESTStcrc 610 snd C2 Moin street
trie Galveston Houston and Northern rail Apply to E T JIclnr U
derived from
av nd apply the proceeds
tma e1 to the >
ADVERTISER deelres partner with J10 00 In
cash wall orOr buslnes no comnetltlon
gcod seller tig retur k Address G01V thn
office W
DO YOU WANT to buy sell or trade any
kind of business W > deal exclusively in
business chances We have lestauanl
hardware store dry goods store eineral
stoie boarding house ssloon insurance no
street and rental businiss patent rights
Other bargains 8 A Thompson Co
IO re Burnett bulliing Houstou Tu IG
FOR SALE A comoleu ouegin outfit goo J
location for ICC0 If told ic te 1 flaia carer
J1500 Insurance Addre s rt this office 22
LUMBER YARD fcr sale at hina Texas
only one olner vard her Ansly to ij
Tiaylor box 3 Edna T as Jl
FOR SALEThe finest nl I liner estsbllib
ment In a cltv of 30 000 oblct in Mllns
gome bmsd Address W this office 13
rOR SALEA good Invesment Ibe Wryti
Irlck cotton warchous Bryin Texas Ad
dress J T Hlces Bryan Teias IS
INVEST J200 securing large weekly Income
sife conservative oroooOtlor second tue
eetsful vcar statistics fr e II GriKla llfj
Broadway New York 3
REMEJIBEK If you spnretUte first class
werk rsasoncbU orice Fcroaudes O a
Parisian Steam Bvclng aad Cleaning II
Travis la the rlscejoro
DETECTIVE AGENCY Trained detect ves
furnished for civil and criminal ipvestlja
tions reasonable rates ca re t > ondence so
llelted James McCane box 1 0 Houston
Texas tr
DE ARMOND Basso Texas Quartette cpen
for solos ceneerts rnutPals jlsa the Texss
Qusrtetts open fcr ceneerts Aid ess Oliver
Musle House Houston
8 O COTTON BRO Firs Insurane
sent and Adjuster > ato strcst U
i A aSiTs iiy if s ffi
WANTED White woman
Itallroaet strutt
Apply Us
WANTED liood cook call con Travis struct
b w Mien <
WANTED A slrli must have experience lu
Uilormg Appl to 41s Travis stleeL lw
VvANTn colored glrT 12 to In lesrs old in
nutse UIU ContiAsi avenue u
WANTED All round blacksmith In Jab shop
lmmenlatcly Wultei S nxeen trankiiu
lexas U
WANTED At once a nrsteliss all ruuud
aiming man state salary expected aud tlive
leleience AOdrvts Ullvt Cauuing Cornpau
ohvei Texas a
WANTEDGuoJ wlnte sill tor Sutral bou4o
wuik In a small tmny Appiy 703 Itutni
tuu corner twrtol
WANTED An tnduttrlous colored bo > in at
WANTED AT ONCE Two practical coal min
ers who ro experienced In shaft fluking
one will bs required to act as woiklng foio
nun stale experience and rcfercmo as in
rellabilltj etc Address Coal this office ID
WANTEDFive or sit good mill carpenters
twelve or fifteen house carpenters and fif
teen rr twenty loadeia nud stackers In the
lumber jnrd Appy at oftKo t Sabine
Tinm company Beaumont T xtt 19
CLERKS bookkeepers others wanting
plojmcnt apply Southern Business Ex
change 401 Binr building 23
RELIABLE experienced salesman cati secuie
letmanent position with t > ld established
noUfc ealarv or commission The Mer
clnnts Oil Co Cleveland Ohio 22
MEN to learn barber trade 60 monthly paid
after only cieht weeks practice can place
fifty graaustes Immediately have contract
ed to furnish barbeis for through trains
running cast west and south last year we
placed 301 with hospitals J15 weeklj Illus
trated catalogue tree Mol r llaibcr Col
1cf St Louis Mo 21
WANTED Ccok fcr hoardlnc house nrofer
whtto man and wife Address J D Mil
lican Hvalt Texar 21
A lEW reliable agents wanted to write level
rremlum insurance tor tho Old Hartford
Life under oui unexcelled note tontrjet
Harris Patterson general managers Dal
las tt
WVN1ED To loan money on furniture wth
ctit removal vou use both ft nlture nnd
nioncv no publicity Address Confidential
this office 1
IMOK SALESMENTho llebble Publishing
company limited are opening Terns and
other Southern teirltoiy on their Art da
Luxo nud popular publications epeclul In
ducements to meu with dictionary or en
cyclopedia expoilcnce Address M C Mc
Gtecvy manager 406 Trust building Dal
las 25
TWO A 1 all round mnhlnlsts iiutt Imvo
teals six Intelligent agents to handle u no
cesslty five cooks lolored Beauuiout Em
ployment Bureau Beaumont Texas 21
TiE MAKERS wanted at once 50 < 1 tic makers
to hew 6x8x8 sip plus ties clthci pale or
epit 20000 acres of utuulled trihcr
1 caltby country Job will last Ho years
Inspect nril pay In cash onto each month
special Inducements to conductors Wm
Cameron Co Ucoumont Texas t > u
SPEND MONTl lit Paris Exposition free
Write Unoua Book Co Austin Texas 6
WANTED 150 tlcmakcrs to make squar >
edge nine ties iix t feet timber hix never
been culled will pav 10 coats to milslug
moUhlv Insoectlcn nnd nay oi the 1Mb of
earn month Anclv to L flllaskv t Co
Kt B aumont o Hllllster Texns tf
WANTEDTbe Prateroal Life AsclaMon
wants solicitors salary paid to good men
For particulars call on or sddicss B V
Bailey general seciviary Cutlon Exchaage
Houcton tt
cxpouios old firm experience unnecessary
inducements to customers C C Bishop tt
Co St Louis Mo tf
SOLICITORS to sdl our rew treat Ant Ex
pansion bock Uepuelle or E nidro The
Philippine Uue Mon written by Andrew i
arneclc Senator Ioai Exc < rctary Ciir
I de Smntor Toller Wm J B yan en
cal Weaver fnmuel Gomp i Curl Fotiurx
nd many ofif re llaol s lis o l gh
Elbe al eommlsln Fie gh rad Se d
fo outfit and ten orv nul k Ti InJo
penfo c Company franklin buidltg Ch
caco 111
AGENTS WANTED lo sell Sing Toy Chines
Cub ken Powder kills mites Ibe and fleas
nn chickens makes beus lay and prevents
cholera Address Sing Toy Co Temple
lexas 2il
GENERAL AGENT for Telephone Tablet ipe
ilalllcs Lawn Sorinklcrs etc I50W a vear
Indcso stamo Victory Mfg Co Cleveland
Ob > 51
WANTEDA rep etentitlve in every rtv
and ton n In lexas to nl c > bondr r f to
tlcnal KCucstlonal Sec etv Address A M
Lawson StHi Agent 601 Bins bu Idli J
HtusoD Terns °
AGENTS on salary or commission the Eral
est agents pellcr over produced overy user
date 1 fe lnturancit at lowest possible rates
eonelstcDt with enfelv nnd elves liberal
coitructs snd choice territjry to ortlve In
tolllgcnt and trustnorb see its None
other need aprb A J Brown eeio al
roaneger Da las Texas If
Cspltol and Main Apply Levys 404 Travj j jn
ttrt li Ttjos for the Covenant Mutual Ute lnsur
FOR RENT rr will sell on easy monthly
sue Company of St Louis also a fow re
nunstble agents cash artvaios made
against dividends tt time of taxing anpllcv
Von on cumulative p IP les cheap term
policies wiP in also top brpleragu Ad
elinr I O Roberueio Stats agent Dallas
Teias 1231ltl
cither for oale or oxrhauE for csltl or
lumber A S Hawkins Midland Tex 22
I OR SALE cheap teveral work mules aud
lortcs Bee Hive Furniture Co 512 Travis
lreet tf
FCR BALE One span of good work horsei
vagon and harness cheap Apply at 2UJ
Washington street phone 925 21
FOR SALEOno pair of eluea it thoroughbred
hctses one Jeitey and liohtem cow alto
I ishly trained registered H ttsr Room 7
Csran tnllcrinc M
FOR SALE 500 Louisiana caltl 1yearold
bulls steers and befer K 75 2yearold
era and heifers JIZ 75 3vearoId tteera
aad hellers SIS 00 Saunders Hot hkit 2ij
1 HORSES AT AUCTIONFoir work hrses
six nice city broko driver four city broko
biirey licrsss two saddlers ana emit mules
Above stock will bo sold without re erve
i Saturday May 20 at 10 a m at Lareudon 1
btables W T Smith Wm Ochiltree
auctioneer 20
FOR SALE Fltteon bead tur efourth bred
Devon and Hereford bulls also thirty s ntle
tiaddle horses will sell or rade for stock
cattle Address R F Dyer Richmond
Texas J
WE HAVE listed with us for sale 500 young
co s 116 100 2vearold belfert II 1Q > 1
jeorold eteers J10 75 100 2yearcld stfers
J15 Also 1500 heifer yearling wel br d
good colors one mark and brand 113 2j
Saunders ft Hotchkls Box 201 Housioa 13
10 HEAD of steer cattle for sale consisting
ct ycerlings 2yesroIds 3yearolds and
4yearclds very fins yearling and 150 head
o ftmala caltle For price apply to CD
Kemp Wharton Texas zj
per sitting B P Rock Sl50 a few Brahma
fowls for sale Arthur W Cooley Houston
Heights Texss 5O0
BOARD your horse at Wilsons Livery Stable
tie per month best ventilated stable In city
pboae 552
+ tffi 4U T
ffszy Y r w
UOOKKEEPEROredtato of Matsey Uu
nets colttse holds clnlpma wants petition
as btekketper nsslstant or clttK speaks
and mites Uennan nnd English reference
Addicts t < o28 this ntnee 21
A rillHTCLASS MAN cook would like a
Plate In a Private family Is well rtcoiu
pjeictd Address C02i this otflee Jt
WANTEDBy voung man 21 years of age a
position as clerk or ortlce map four 3ears
expcilturc and ran furnish Al references
Addiesa Urnett Ncwsoni 1110 Bell avenue
Houston t
A IOon noY11 vears old wants a lob io
wotk in oltlco or in lore otvarouna house
not afraid of work Adlnss 6024 this of
nee ji
SITUATION WANTEDln store cr office cr
as agent bv > ouqk man of Rood hnoits and
not airald of work references given please
tend horse 8id work atouud house M > i wtlte me J 8 D this office 21
Necco b tiisemau
wanted Jipv wood choppers
J M Matthews Ureena U uu
tMEUlKNCKU lady eiresltnaKer wanted
Mrs Colman 18U MtKinney jfl
WANTED HI or eight good puntug mill
hands feeders uid graders wages 1150 pei
day tor competent nen Address Wra Cam
eron A Co on It E and W T road uear
Lutklu Angelina county T 21
A GOOD HOUSE G1HL or a good cook
at 2301 Deeatur street
WANTi da firstclass horseshner
Milam street
i WANTED roilllon by xpcrleueM cake and
Apply in
Call 107
WANTED A white arl hcuse work Call
at No 5011 Carr street oruer L c Vlftli
ward 2J
hit nil baker will do work tor small wages
couutrv preferred Addrets Mi this pfnee
A SlltKTLY htlMKH houest moral riiui
Sctlc and thatougnly experienced grecurj
man wants position In grocery rraeounuie
salary Address John II Bullock s l south
yixth street Waco Texas a
GOOD PRINTUllmanta situation on coun
try weekly Address M J Bullock Waeo
Ttvaa 2v
A GOOD chef cook and his second uleo good
bakers want good position together Adarass
IHtI Congre ivriiue 20
WAN1LD situation by colored mau In pil
vate family nrstiiais with horses and
yarns ana can ao house work enn give good
lefctonce Address w > 5 mis otucc 0
POSITION WANTED by hoy VH years ot u e
would like to get work In stme oi nftae
I ve good references will Icavu UO Au
ttoiss MI97 tills ofllre Aj
WAMEli by elderly 6etikd man will
kutnvli In clt woik litowt norecx onil
tiotk well cm work if most ivctyluuiK
mound the huiisc Address C0 > 1 this ot
tlce 2u
vVANTEDA Job of cooking In private family
or boarding house Apply 012 Willow
stud J
POSITION wanted In private dining room as
waiter general house work carriage rtuv
Irg good rcfctcnce Addiess 2216 Oiay av
Iue 2u
I CATION WANTED nt wheelvvriRhl nd
g uernl workman Address P O Box No 6
tion five years experience In drug stor
will vvork reasonable Al referenda Ad
dress W T Ford Uvalde IflMin 20
WANTED By n bov 13 years work In sloru
or otnto not nfrald of work Addren
Jack thlB ofllic 1J
A YOUNG MANSO years old wants vvoiK In
testsuiant or hotel as waler call give
good lelorenccs Addrets iOOI this ofllce 10
WANTBDSltuatlon by it good stntlonury n
riaier ami innililnlst able to handle tiny
tied ot mucnlneiy gin umhlnory a ape lai
ty strbtiy sotor references cxchaiigid
Adress Engineer thin attlie 19
WANTED By a carpenter and wife beams
lies work jr a placo where wo can work
st niiylhlms Address 6000 this ndlto 10
UHNO MAN wants any kind of woik 1218
Polk and Page streets u
EXPERT dlslnvuinei mil nrlive dining room
servant wants position in hotel boarding
COLORED BOY ago 19 years wants woik
of any kind very nun li experienced In
hold or waiting on private families please
kIvb me a trial 1SW Bell 10
ENGINEER machinist and draughtsman
eleven years experience In nil kinds of ma
chinery strictly tober and attentive to duly
Address COfi this office 19 i
SIlUAflON WANTErAlly boy 20 years old
any kind of work delivery wagon preferred
know city well Apply or address M Nagel
left Bailey street or 1402 San Felipe alroit 19
SITUATION wanted bv a voung man with
some exnerlenco as assistant engineer cx
retiencn more valued than high wages Ad
drcs C L Ashton La Iorte Texas 2
THE Rev Dr Bowurs rector of Bryan cati
recommend a splendid man or coimuefui
ci position of trust Address Box 256 Bryan
Texas 20
WANTED By a lady a place in a hotel 10
take care of the pantry or < barge of the
linen room Addr ae Hutchlne corner Con
gress street
WANTED By 11 colored woman goiitlemcn t
washing will give satisfaction Apply 133
Congress aveqje 19
FIRSTCLASS chambermaid or dining room
git I wants work at once C037 this office 18
WANTED Place to nurse and do bouse work
Apply 3712 Lamar 13
MAYER LIPSH1T7 wholesale and reall
junk DAI Prwon avuue pays the highest
priies for brajj copper zinc rubber moss
Do cs ote 2
WANTKU TO BUY Material for twostory
building lWOOO feet lumber 1000ti0 host
thlnglts make price delivered write quick
ei S Ramsey Grand View Texas la
WANTED TO BUY One flooring ma
ehlne one small edger one twosaw trim
rier ill neennd hand Box 2JI Beaumont
Texas 21
WILL pay you eood priies for old clothing
shoes etc send postal 1 Wolf 110 Milan
FAMILY carrlace horse or vlll trade Al bil
liard tablo for same 000 this office 23
WE BUY and eel new and second hand fur
niture and pay highest tasb price for name
iiklng sloiage and repairing a specialty
Beehive Kurnlturo Company 612 Travis
street tf
a lood second hand light sidebar bose 101
rlage at a reasonable price for sale Pboe
uix Hose Co Richmond Texas 20
WOOL and alligator skins highest prues
paid It P atllesple COS Decatur street
New Orleans 30
WANTED Walnut oak and ash logs we are
In the market al nil Uots for us above
timber and ay Cash for same Writs ui
for specifications and prices C n Cum
mines Co tt
I BUY snd sell furniture and household goods
loan money end charge co Interest oa goods
I stcred only nrstcUti warehouse In city
tf j co rets w C Archer 211 Milam ti
NOTICE Is hereby given that bldt will b
received until Juno 13 IMS IS oclock m
on Plana and specifications lor a new court
bouse In the town of Brady Mcculloch
county Texss now on file In tounty clerks
office of said county tald bids will t >
testtlcltd to said plans and specifications >
And each bidder will be reiulred to rise
A certified cheek for one thousand dollars It
Commercial Bank of Btady nayabia to
county ludg of said coisUv as n guarantcn
that should llielr bid b accented they xvtll
enter Into a Rood and sufficient bond to
secuie said ronlrarf
The court reserves the tight to accept any
or refuse all bids
Doiip by order of court
Attest II P Jordan
Clerk Countv Court MeCulloth County Tex
BIDS WANTED Lavaca county xv rccelv
bids for the building of n brick abutment
Surmounted bv nn Iron fence cresting
surrounding court house grounds also for
four approaches centenl walks Plans and
xpeelflcntlena van be een at county clerks
nffles Haltrtsvillri Bids wilt be opened at
2 o dock p ro Tuesday May 23 1899 19
THE Gonialcs Cotton Oil and Manufacturing
ompany a k or plans specifications and
icst of a cotton seed oil will capacity 30
35 or 40 tons Bids etc will be reserved
up to 12 in Monday May 29 isao Tho
right to reject any and all bids Is reserved
bv tho company Address V II Snycrs
secretary flontales Texas to
May lo Sealed bids in triplicate for deep
ening channel from Galveston harbor to
Teans City Texas will be rcelved until 3
n m Juun IS 1893 and then publicly
nnensd For Information annlv to C S
Rlehe mntaln of Engineers
BOARD AND IIOQMH for teachers persona
deritnu to furnlsb board or rooms or both
Nnni nnd riotro to teachers ntteudllig the
simmer normal will send names and ad
dresses with prices and statement of accom
nuidatloiiB oft ttd to W I Smiley P O
Box > i4 22
BOARDNicely furnished cool rooms hath
lucdern conveniences 350 per week tran
Oicliti sellclted 200 Ia Branch to
BOOM AND BOARD 1214 rrnlrio
V VW 1
NICELY furnished rooms southern exposure
board If detjied In orlvnto family 710
TrnvlH street 20
12H TFXAS AVENUE Lirgn boarding house
IH blocks from Capitol hotel business ten
tor transient nnd regular boarders solicit
ed very reasonable rummer rales tclepone
700 20
SITUATIONBy n colored wonion t cook I SCCiallSt
and do hnuso work also huve three girls r
from u to 16 years old ihat have been I tllflt LllfCS
inlsed in tho bouto with white p ople as
WANTED A position to do clerical work In
onlic Iifst of references given Adlio b 1014
thlsofllte 21
A 12VEAROLD GIRL wants nlaie In nl e
family lo osslet lu house work Address
J M lhls office 1
SITUATION WANTED By a widow can do
most anything cxiept washing out of city
preferred Address Mrs Roslc Dlenks Au
gleton Texas 21
YOUNG LADY would like n position as com
panion am willing to assist In light house
woik references exchungd Address fo
this olllce 21
VOUNG LADY wishes 11 good home willing
lo assist In bouse work Addrcix 2611 this
nlftcc 21
ot pen and ink buys It ou sight 200 to 50 WAN TEDlo keep Tiiuso for elderly couple
per cent profit one agents sales amounted Rrfernccj exchanged Address Reliable
ti > 620 In l days another 12 In two hours thin office 21
Monroe Mfg Co X 136 La Croste WIS 20
rook nurse or do general house
work b > tolored girl Apply 512 Rico
St reel 20
UNENCUMBERED lady wants position as
maid nnd eomranlon for Invalid lake rare
0 baby or chllCren or assist In house woik
Adfrrsa MS2 tills office 20
A YOINO LADV wishes a position as stea
ogrnnher wl work for a small salary la
Letln Address K M B this office 19
WANTED A Place to nurse the sick or a
icinpanlon for an invalid lady Addreas
nrier Congress street No 2117 19
915 Congreis Ave Houston
nurses that I want eniplo nunl for ief IUVC Ufll
cremeis given Apply 107 Caroline Ht t 1 10
S aI
TUATION WANTEDBy 1 eolo re1 woman
to 100k or to do housework and u willing rmil I iMirr
lo do nnilhlng and will work now ulcaao > >
five me a trial this neck Addiess 6111 Trnilhllc
stiect Third ward >
Pits Glasses
and Artifi
cial Kycs
that DO FIT ffi
RcsMcnt of
Houston for 15
8SaSCM W Ce3 i v
NICELY furnished rroms with excellent table
board con be bad in a firstclass boarding
bouse at scry reasonable price Address W
Ibis offiie 20
STRAYEDDarlv brown cow with while tot
and bellv branded LH nn left hip Return
ft 412 Tunin avenue nnd reoelv rnwird 21
LOST On Saturdsy May ll out of Ml loon
Kntttire yard one billy goat with Its horns
vnd wool cut off SI reward will t < i given It
tclurned to 1006 Montgomery avenue 11
hTRAYED One light bny horse mule about
ii or 1 yoirs oldcollar marks about 16 hands
high one bay hone mule nbout I or
yearn old nbout IS1 hnndt high reward
lor any Information lending lo recovery of
> nmc J II Burnett 1013 Texas nvenin 21
riitnurnnt or private bouse have good prln j EXCHANGE Houston building lots or Har
ciii colored Address James Jenkins 315 us county lands for Texas Savings local
Washington street 1U tulldlns and loan or banks stock Lock
1 attiet 21
and wife white no ohll1 IK
Uiui a Job on farm ramh or dairy mau
a good hand dt cither cm give iclcrcuo It
desired Address Robert mte Post 10
EXCHANGEOne pnlr St Bernard dogs no
klu one Eimtlsh mastiff female all reg
istered write what you have to trade fruit
Ircca planted fall delivery Camden Poul
try Yard and Dog Kennel Camden Polk
county Texas 28
WANTED Inmudintoly llvo or six room cot
Inge tnnder i Address W6 this ofllce 23
WANTED A six or sevenroom house mod
orn Improvements by good party about
eight blocks from court house II L
this office 22
Will trove Ini Ihi Klam building on fliat
frct rovo KMiiik maniuioth store wbcre hi
will with the nrslatanee of Dr Vnetlne O
Luin open th best eeiulppid Sanitarium tot
tin nirc of honle ilirm3ses ln the bouth
Even thins that skill can sufgest aud money
Ptoeure for tne treatment of diseases will be
leivnfl ln this slabllshment In this Institu
tion will be found special facilities lor treat
lng chtarrh dlsccees of women rheumatism
poraUsls tumos and digestive troubles All
si gleal rlltesice such as plies fistulas varl
eoeele and defomllles A full and complete
stoil of purest drugs will be kept In stock
A ftmale attendant and separate waiting
rooms for men nnd women There will be a
stilrway from MUn jtreei and elevator from
Presien avenue
At llmiloii llelslit
We liavo recently purchased the Houston
HelKhta Hotel and have had Itroarrnnctd and
thoroughly equipped for a private Infirmary
it Is now ready for the reception of new pa
tieuts Being well out from th noise and
bustle of the fliy It laiafo to say that a
more deslrahle ool quiet Plato could rot
te fctnd for the sick or convalescent Our
ofiiei will hceaftcr be at Hie Inllrmary
where we Invlle every one In need of medical
attention to call snd see us Terms reasou
abie and satisfaction jjuarnnteed Cousulta
tlon free Tak Houston Heights car Re
Houston Heights
Opium and kindred habits A new guana
teed painless and safe home cure Wholly
dlflercnt from all others No publicity or ta
terferencs with work Dr business No matte
how often you baie failed we can cure you
Writ today lor booklet and free sample and
note its wonderful effect Correspendenc
confidential and solicited DR PURDY
Bins Building Houston Texas
tosUnt Belief Cure In IJ dsys Never returns I will
ltdly send to ny sufferer Is a pitta sealed envelop
rillE a prescription viia fall dlrvettone for a ulcV
1 t cure for Lo > Hsahood Night Ioticl K r om
Vrllltr Small We pstts varicocele ew Addrets
J Wrlfrit Mtsic tVjtler Box 1447 Maritall Mich
T W It 1
1 6

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