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They say I If
IXL Sarsoparilln
nTZ < mi8 rrovo r
S WiuS e II will
louslon Drug Co
Shndirflnqualitv Whole
ome fresh and reliable al
1s Manufactured and
sol3 by
ioward F Smith
Machinery Co
We are in the Aarkct for
i titlols and III make cash otters
jb tblpplng point Write or wire ur
e making fle
IVe ttt al c In the market for cab
it in carloals or less Will b
Itnti to nake offer
H Thompson Co
Talk Business
jyou ukltto ttos who mlEht become your
< ani > If you an we can put you In a way ol
il trameintof business than ever before
sultitj addressed to the Local Manager othe
ih tern lelesrapli and Telephone Com
IHtrinfyou full particulars
Ituls Fruit Dealer Houston Texas I
i repelvlnc lame ouantlttes of Messina
ems Ask tor orloes
caned In lie Annnnl Convention
of Reformed PrcthytrriuiiH
ev Tcri Mav i a somewhat hejtd
t orer Natloral expansion marked
Ktonl da < i session of tho annual
uton of Hie Reformed Presbyterian
rto lynod hed In this city Rev S
KUloush of Madrid N Y In his re
t of the romml e on signs of the
m referred In glowing terms to the
sutitarand of the greatissults It had
JjU to the country
llerTV JI P a < ne of Cincinnati op
si toe report saying Any msn Htio
Is approvingly of Doweys doings or
io his fleet should learn something
m the first orlnripio of Christianity
wormed m n ate a dlscraco to any
town countrv and It Is tlrao wo
m U > civilize men without killing
This is a religious body and w
pot set our approval on any war
IWlfljtlnri of which is in grave doubt
Jv fvo no war
except one
J f in strl t selfdefeme 1 movo
Mferences to tho war be ellmlnat
IB the prnreedlngs of this synod
report was Anally aceppted after
Twins vas stricken out that did not
smod affairs
In tic Sontliorn
rclytcrliin Axspmlily
Bond a May lTho first buol
> 01 the second day of the genenl as
3W of the Southern Presbyterian
was the
aopilntmcnt of standing
J following overture from the Pres
m Ab 51vas read an1 refirrod
There is a growing tendency
n 2er Itomton Texas
Double Dally
Train Service
Buffet Sleepers
i N 9 V
In mnny quarters of our communion to
recognise Christmas anil Easter as relig
ious davtf because of the fact v 1th which
thrv tire associated in the public mind
the Presbytery of Athens believing that I
Biich recognition
rlclcs of
Is contrary to t Njirln
the reformed faith a llv
of willworship hereby uiva
the general assembly to ma pro
nouncpd and explicit dclivc on lha
sublect g
cumiikuijAmi Pitn
Tli New Modornto llnlicll or
Ilntiaton T ird
Denver May IP Or James Mc
Eady Hakell of Hr >
elected moderator
Toxa who was
Cumb rland Tres
byterlan general nsvnbly festerday pre
sided over that body todav The report of
the educational society wai takpn up and
William I Darby secretary outlined hlfl
plan for raisins 51000000 desired for edu
cational purposes Ho proroar fc elec
tion of a commission which shall asslsn
committees for the work In the various
States These commttee < s In turn will ar
range for mass meetings etc It Is hoped
tho amount needed may be raisedby 1900
Dr Darby asked tnat 200000 bo raised
for Cumberland university ll OOOO each
for Lincoln university Trinltv university
and Arkansas Cumberland seminary and
100000 pich for theoloKlcal scniimry and
Queensbtiry unlversitv
PlillllHiltip Mlinlon
Minneapolis Mini May 1 Todavs
session of the Presbyterian general al
terably was devoted to the reports of com
The board of foreign mtslons In their
rorort said The transfer of the Philip
pine islands to the United States opened
new field for Chrfctlati missions The
board had prepared for this event by a
conference with Wher mieslonarv agen
rles that there might bo no wasteful com
been received for this purpose and two
missionaries sent to Manila Other mis
sionaries will soon he sent Tho special
fund so generously provided has enabled
the board to take up this woik without
Interfering with thp support of tho rld r
rtotiert tlllinm Denil
Kansas City May 10 Robert Gllham
manager of the Kansas City Plttnburg anl
Gulf roail died here tonieht nfter a brief
attack of tvphold malaria As chief engineer
tho construction
gineer Mr Gllham supcilntcndcd
struction of the Pittsburg and Gulf system
and when the work ot conrtructlon was
done he became general manager of tno
entire system Wlfcn the Southern llnej
of tho road ent into the handsof receiv
ers recently ho was named one of the
receivers by the SUti district four Latpi
when the federal court assumed Jurisdic
tion in the receivership proceedings ho
dismissed as a receiver hut the decreo
specified was that he should be retained as
general manager
Affnlrii in Mutinn
Vancouver B P May 19 The latest
the Mlo
brought by
news from Samoa
vvera Indicates that the situation Is prac
tically unchanged and that affairs aro remaining
definite arrangements
maining in statu quo pending
rangements between Great Britain Ger
many and the United States The natives
were still greatly excited but no fjrfaer
outbreak was anticipated
U and morning Connections at New Orleans with Lines to NEW
ncvOV BE N
Oenl Pass and Tkt Agent Houston Texas
I Q N makes it
To St Louisand East
l +
tlty Pasitnger Ateot
i V
MJ tj > WfJ
217 Main St
JCi > 4
when leaving for the SUMHER
by sen ill nc your household
goods etc to our large
commodious modern
Phone 270
1013 Franklin Avenue
and Lime Extractors
Will iave fuel and repair bills
Hartwell Iron Works
Houston Texas
Is Now On in Earnest with Cute Poli
ticians in the Fray
Has Determined that Pennsylvania
Shall Be Cared For
ExGovernor Oales Does Not Approve of
Johnstons Course
Jlntleri Arc to in on In thr Smuc
Wiij Story of n Kcusnllonnl
Cluiriiiter Denied
Washington May 10 representative
Hopkins of Illinois is expected In Wash
ington nct week to meet nllh pomo of
his nupporlcrs for the tipaorshii > in th >
now congress ami to organize an tiggreu
tlvo campaign for votes in tho various
State delegations
ncpro ntatIc Lorlmcr of Illinois who
will bo the pilnelptl mittiagcr of tho Hop
kins campaign will meet him here and
It Is understood that headquarters will bo
opened under tho direction of Mr Lorl
Uicr who is one of tho ablest political
organizers among the membership of tho
house of r picsentathos Supportero of
Mr Hopkins eicpcrt this campaign to show
substantial results In short time They
say that up to this time Mr Hopkins hi
devoted his attention to the delegations
iPcniiBylvanla delegatlin will not voie
vllh the delegation Mr Dalzpll Is very
friendIv to Itoprpsentatlve Payne of New
York and if that gentlemin remains In
the fight tie will doubtless have the support
of Mr Dalzpll Among the other membeis
of the delegation Mr Sherman hns ron
petition In tho new fields and by offering
fo receive any contributions which ml ht stoM friends but
It li claimed by tup
Ueprpsentatlve Henderson that
1 in0Di bad portets
hP marie pi a mlbslon nearly
hQ vn thJ rennsvlvanlo vote and at
tho meeting of the delegation which Is to
bo held foon It vltl decide to support hn
Iowa candidate
Representative Iajne of N w Yoik still
remains In the field and denies all Inti
mations that he Is to withdraw In favor of
Mr Sherman Ho Is conducting an nctlv
campaign bv corresponding with members
elect of the house and there Is every rep
ron to b llevo from appeirnecs r b3t New
York will enter the contest with two can
ExGovernor Oales of Alabama who U
In tho city takes a pessimistic view of tho
politlial situation In his Stair In a pjb
llshed lntcivlcw this evpnlng he Is mads
to say among other things
Everything Is all tight In Alabama pa
cept pulltlcs and politics Hro in a bad
incss Tho demociatle party U serlousiy
ppllt and thems trouble In the camp 1
am mighty sorry to eco It Every effort
was made to prevent It Our two senator
came dowu and tried to tlx things up Put
to no avail
It all grows out of tho efforts of the
democrats to purify tho billot The best
people In our Siato wero getting tired ot
the ballot box Btutftng and tho troubles
we have had at election times and cast
about for a remedy Last legislature
passed an act providing for a constitu
tional convention at which a change
should bo made In tbo election laws
We thought wb would weed out the Ig
norant and corrupt vote so that the In
telltgent people could control tho Stato
Pipe hittings
Well Casing
Boiler Tubes
Large stock for prompt shipment
FW Heitmann Co
nd repealed the aei providing for ths
convention So thero we are We Ma to
have do chan e In the billot laws and
things nro to go on In tho same old w y
Pome time ago a foolish story
printed here concerning the oMrelim of
the new Mexican ambassador Honor A
plroz by the representatives of European
powers on account of his connection wlh
theexecution of Mulmllllin Senor As
plroz was In the army at the Urao and
was tho Judge advocate of the court
martial Necessarily h acted In pur
suance of his duty In the prosecution
The nbeatfl ot tho diplomats from a dln
ner tt which he was present led t tbs
conclusion that th y did not with to an
soclato with the Mexican ambas ador
but this Inference has been upsot hy the
fart that at recent dinner given by
Bfuer Asplroi tho prlnrlpal diplomats tn
town were present
R M Johnston editor of The Houston
Post and daiiEhter Miss Hnllle arrived
here today They will spend several days
In tho cltv vlsltlne friends and relatives
Tesas postmasters appointed today
nine Grove Clay county Emery Copp
Edgar DeWItt county Sanders Dykei
Elwood Fannin county Wm T Peters
Fnlrllc Hunt county Clara S Kecloy
Qallashers Ranch Medina county Miss
Lulu 8 White Orady Fisher county
John llcrry Hcmrle Crockott couuty Jo
han T U Jorkman Knty Harris county
Wm P Morrison La Para Live Oak
county Walter M Davids Leary Uowlo
ccunty Wm J Cole Loyal Valley Ma
son countv Thorn is J Porch Mclroic
Nacogdoches county Zachary T Mast
Mobeetlc Wheeler county John C Jone
Hanger Eastland counlj Mrs Laura
lllshop Heno Parker county D S le
ileu IlullfT Newton county 11 L Mor
ilson Hablnetown Sabine county John
A Morris Shadv Rivlor rotinty Tlcrlhu
L Jones Tolbert Wllbirgcr county John
C Klne
postofllcc ha < been established Bt
Mingo Denton rountv Texas and llntstou
U Arohcr commissioned postmaster
Coiiimli linior llnv Iliinltv AKrepil
on IIipIi llrport
Now York Mav IS A dispatch to the
Tribune from Washington rnys TJhe
Nlcnngim canal commissioners Admiral
from States Immediately surrounding 1111 Walker Colonel Halns and Mr Haupt aro
rols hut that now his campaign Is to hi
carrbd Into all the States
Evidence of the pnlltlral management
of former Fenator M S Quav are seen In
the steps being taken b the Pennsyivanb
dclfgitlou Mr Quay and his pilltlral un
derstudies have determined thnt Pennsyl
vania Khali land on tho winning side in the
contest and secure a = s innj Important
committee places as possible Wit this
end In view Koprejontatvp Dlrcham nf
Pennsylvania lias entered as a rnndulito
and vvll Issue a formal announcement Id
that effect in a day m two Mr ninsharr
does not rxpet to be electel and his can
ddacv Is solely for the purpose of hold
ing the Pennsylvania delegation logoher
irtll the time comes to tbrow Ito votes
to the man who s to b elnctel sp aler
It Is probable that Tlppresentatlve Dalzoll
and poaslbly one or two nthcr men In the
understood at last to have settled tho
serious disagreements which have so long
delayed the report of thu commission and
whiih fot a time threatened to make necea
fary the appointments by tho president of
anoher commissioner under tho authority
conferred by the last session of congress
The compromise effected among tho com
missioners resulted lu their fixing tho cost
tf the proposed waterway whvh Is pro
nunced entirely feasible at 125000000
II is believed the repirl will be signed
and delivered tn the president Immediately
upen his return from Hot Springs to
Washington The members of the com
iii1sfIcii believe that the last objection to
ihs bglnnlng of the Inierocednlc waer
way has been vrpt aside and that cin
grees may be relied upon to authorize th
i iraln cnstrucllon A modified route Is
In Im preliminary report tho commis
sion d cnres lt pp ltlve belief that the
canal across Nicaragua was entirely feasi
ble hut the Mirltime company which h ld
the cjtifFSslon and exprted powerful In
luenctn prevented agreement to a modi
fied rtulp The majrltv of the commis
sion Admiral Walker and Colonel Haines
favored what Is known as Hie Tilll route
Thev adhered to dimensions constd rablv
greater than ever hpfore proposed both
In length of locks and In width depth and
radius of curvature of cana l In order that
large ocean steamers and n p elallv war
ships rculd securelv and quickly mak tho
trip Over the divide This they said
necessarily made a corresponding IncroTse
In the estimated cost In no way Incon
sistent with thP estimates mado front
former surveyr which contemplated a
much smaller and cheaper canal
It was the opinion of thp commission that
of the two routes estimated for the Tull
mute was the mnro dpslrahlo because It H
easier of construction presents liu
problems not well within good engineering
precedents and will bo a safer and moro
reliable canal when completed It also ex
pressed convictions that the dlmenslonn
and form of censtruelon preferred hy tho
cMnmisaion wero better than the cheap r
form with smaller dimensions which would
undoubtedly call for extenslvo Improve
ments within a short time
Washington May in admiral John
Walker thn president of the Nicaragua
canal commission called at the stato de
pirtmrnt today and had a long talk with
Secretary Hay Admiral W3lker was able
In anncunce the completion ot the wsrk
rf the present commlsilon and promised
to have the final rep rl ready for submls
slon to the preident bv npxt Mondai H
U was no desire to disfranchise tbe intimated that the eFtimae of the rost of
negro but to limit his power tn pjrtlc1 he rojertP cnal wa 125000000 ths
pate in the government ot the Stato to n > t mrsn between the estimates of the Indl
capacity foi selfgovernment Well < n i vdual members
preliminaries for tno convention wero Aj R00n as bp receives the report of tho
gone through dcgolaten wero being pa prpsnt rommlsslon the president will an
lected and all was proceeding favorably 1counrp 1 tje nam of tho new commission
when some of the democrats holding hlghera hl are t0 jp appointed Under the act
offiro in the State aad aspiring for greater0 tIjo a rpnBrpss to canvass all of tho
honors concluded that they did not like isthmian routes suitable for canals
the personnel of the delegations to tho Ag e ralnv season Is about to begin
onsMtuilonal convention on he BiDmus It is realized that the
Delegates wero being elected without commission can not do much In the way
t 7 rnA finltroclnnlrpgard to factional alignment Thero were ot aclv operations at present beyond
1NCYV UneanS unu uaiMaiun 4 pnjcjrats and silver democrats at l maklne a trio over the Panama route via
tw 01H fiilv > cfnn the people were choosiag the best men for th rnnr0ad and perhaps making some In
Sail AlltOniO alia Uaie5U > ll hn ork n bxuii without legard to tho vePtlgatlons Ito the comparative merits of
factions There seemed to be dangor that tho different norts that must form the
this convention might get too great atermini of the canal In tho early fall
swing and bring men to the front who however operations will be prosecuted
would be inimical to the personal ambljwlth the utmost vigor and an attempt
tlons of so 0 demorats In power mode to carry out the direction of con
At this Governor Johnston made som igrcsB io submit a report during the next
calculations and found that with his own session
adherents and tho aid of the populists
he coul head oft he convention He
called an extra sesion of the legislature
thu vvnicoMi or nuwuv
A lloom In thp Irlre of Hunting Al
New York May 18 The home comlns
ot Admiral Dewey has caused a boom
In tho dry goods trade The demand for
ordinary cloth prints for ccnverfcln into
bunting has nil but exhausted the supply
and converters have found It necessary to
take hlghrr grades of material Including
what is known as alxtyfour equareB In
the trado It Is estimated that at least
EC0O00 pieces or 25000000 jards of bunt
ing will be used to welcome tho toro of
Manila bay
Deitey Ipnvc Mnnlla Sulurilny
New York May ID A Journal and Ad
vertlter dispatch frem Hong Kong raye
Adrolrl Dewey will leave Manila on Sat
urday morning Arrangement have been
made here to put the Olympla tbr ad
wlrarp nagsblp In dry dock n ocn > s the
ru < >
Armistice Refused by Otis as Soon as
It Was Proposed by Filipinos
Seven Members Constitute the Ne
gotiators for Peace
If Agulnaldo floes Not Come to Terms He
Will Be Disowned
Union Titer Permit < 1m Jlnlny Srn
on to Set In llefnro XoRntln
tlnitn Arc Comnlrtnl
Mniiiln May M KMIO n in Two
nitlltHi v ntul tivo flvll IMlplmi rem
liiUalnnnft iiiiiolntfil to oooii Mittr
ivltli tlnii illlen of Vliilitlii In
iiHotlit < lni tcrmi of prnvi nrrlvctl
In rr nt Sit it III Illllllj
TIipj lnivr niiliinlttpil nn new iirop
onltlnn tint vviint in iirinWttip ppiiil
ing Ihp upsulon of tip 1111 lit no pon
mipkk Vlnjoi tipiiprnl t ll lini re
fiiapil to PiitPitniii I In pl0llllinl
N w York May 10 A dispatch to the
Herald from Manila says Definite peace
propositions from the Manila government
are Imminent The Americans positively
have entire control of the situation It the
rainy season decs not set In within ten
days and make further military operation
Impossible should the Insurgents still
prove Intractable Delegates from tho
Philippine aimy remained In San Isldrn
when the city was eurrcurtpred
In conversation with American officers
they stale that the Filipino forces havo
have been tor tho last four days willing
to secure peace on any terms that Gen
eral Otis might bpo fit to offer They
declare that General Lawton hy bis tapld
and energetic advanco from Hallnag has
not allowed their forces a moments cesna
tfon from fighting The delegation gave
the informitlen that Agulnnldo himself
will tno for peace through tho peace cim
mission within two dajs If hn does not
so tho Filipino government will
promptly repudiate htm as fourfifths of
th natives arc weary of the war ml dp
plre the early cymtlnn ot tioatilltleB Th
Fillrlno ccngrcss voted on May tl to namo
a p ace commission which as finally made
up consists of Scnor Bueneano Del Pilar
Argucllcs JTnnes Pampetnnos 1Hternni
and Hrrrora These delegates had Intend
ed to procped to General Lawton s head
quarters lo begin negotlatlms for a pi
clfic settlement but the American attack
rn San Isldro caused Ibem lo take flight
tn the northward The twu who rematied
hero and aurrrmlcrcd told the Americana
that the others will return to Htn Isldro
tomorrow to carry out the orlglnil deilgn
It Is stated that Agulnaldo fied from tho
town tho day bcrore jesterdiy Hn s now
reported to bn at Calanaluau eighteen
mlleo north of San Uldto
iuna tmowh nrsrrit ti
In IIIm KITorti to Ilpvpnt VtnUliiK < > t
Manila May 1 > 6n0 p m General Luna
Is said to bo making desperate efforts to
restrain the educated Filipinos within the
limits of his selfappointed Jurisdiction
from communicating with the Americans
even to arresting Bncamlnn and Hcrrera
two of the most Influential officials while
on their way to Malolos lo Join those who
aro coming via San Isldro today Thl3
and the removal of the seat ot government
to Tarlae thirty mlloa north of San Fer
nando may lead lo complications delaying
thn pacification But It is generally con
ceded that further opposition to American
sovereignty la useless and ridiculous
Neither General Hln Dal Pll r nor Gen
eral Luna has sufficient force to re3lst
or compel submission
General Wheaton has been relieved of
the command of the Second division for a
special assignment and General Kuniton
has been assigned to his brigade
A board conslstlag of Colonel French of
tho Twentysecond infantry and Major
Combell and Captain Randolph of tho Shlrd
artillery haB been appointed to proceed
to Batavia for the purpo3o of Investigat
ing the European methods of providing for
the health ot the troops there and to re
port on the subject for the benefit of Amer
icans here Tho transport Warren has ar
rived here from San Francisco
No CoiifPKiloiii to Aiijono I lie lro
ixranune nt vVninbliiKioii
Washington May 19 Voicing tbo sentl
mect of the administration and his de
partment Secretary Alger said that hith
erto1 Up had not been sanguine that the
peace overtures of tbe Filipinos were gen
uine but now ho Is convinced of their
genuineness and thnt the cornmUslon
which will arrive in Manila tomorrow
will arrUEo Unas of pence on the llnea
us 1 iSv
3B > mzc ZM
Liberty of Press
Rights of Public
Wherein both ire abridged
by the lack of a libel law
clearly shown
S e r ce 4
laid down by General Otis unconditional
surrender The secretary enld that the In
surgents had been driven froii their very
last ditch and appreciate the trultlessncss
of fniiher resistance
Fatlsfled thil favorable re Ulls will fol
low the meeting of the Klllplno rmhiarln
with tho American commlxslon the nil
thorTllrs nre upeculntlng upon the terms
Agulualdns enilssarlet will ask If H bi
for a cessnMnr of hoatllltlei It will li >
Immrdlately anavvered In th ttP3ttlv
end Genernl Ollit wilt reply further thnt
uifondltlounl tturrjnder must proceed any
ccnrosnlona mado by tho mtrlcin fnrirs
What Is rogtPMd ns more probatuo lu iliat
rn effort wiltbe made to obtain rpohl
lernn for AguHialdo onl his lnneillAta
They will not b > granlod s ld tn nf
fitlnl Agulnaldo and bin clilsti will bs
ttpilcil like other rillplnos They will
meet thr tama comlderatinn that will In
ghen an nulnary Klllplno and no more
1 AgulnaMo la dlsiatlslled he will b3
ovllcd and not allowed tn trturil the
Ihlntids until ho U willing to obey the
laws aR oilier natives will dn
Offlclalii of the war dnpirtmen have no
Idea that the dispatch of the new comnils
Iropppili hontli fiiim Hon iHlitro with
lll rollllllllllll
Npvv Ti orU Mio Jll illnpntpli from
llnlilln niijsi CiiIoiipI KolibP rpiiinlns
n < nnilii
tiriurnl Imi ton l mm Iliinn unuth
fi nm Sun l lilro
lipiieinl Mihi1Iiiip ipmiiln nt Hnn
Tlio Aplirnntiii ipulmtiit lull rp
nrnpil lo Vlnnllii riir n rpst
A Slob Tnrim Out tiwliiccl nn Ac
liilltpil Il Ihoiipi
Taris Mav la After the ncqulltal of
tho notorious Jew baiter Max llegls OP
a eharge of Inciting lo minder and In
pcndirlsm al lirenoble last evening a
hostile crowd followed him to the ttll
loid station compelling the atithorlllrn lo
protect him with Roldlers Tho mob
marched with the officers cheering for
Dieyfus and Plcuuatt imd tho Jeering
and hooting of the offtora who turned
the water hose on the crowd Thn latter
lajnondcd with a stumor of stones Sev
eral officers were Injured by tho niob
Thn Inters linallv dlsoersed after a num
bot of nollcemen bud been hurt On the
new nf the HnnUttal of Mav Hegls reach
ing Algler or which city he wib former
Iv niavor a mob foim d and marchud on
the Jewish unarters atid the police hail
to be summoned In order to prevent the
rioters from wrecking the Jewish bouses
Flfteon nrrcnls were made before the mob
IllH IIHIKVlO rtlitlttK
llotli hliliN tin 11 I piiipiI Kllorls nf n
IOllipl Ollllp
Buffalo N V May 10 Thn giiln shov
elera tonight ulontcd kmoIuiIoiib ropudUt
ng all iigreemeuts niiule with ihn Likp
Carriers association and demanding the
tincqtilvoral hroiklnc nf the contiuct with
llr Connors The striking freight handlers
at iholr meeting voted to ignore tho ul
vlc of lllshop Culgley In which ho urged
them to return to work under tho terms
gtanted bv the association at the confer
ence this afternoon Tho actions taken
Unlght Is thought vvlll end for some time
to rotne the negotiations vhlch have
been In ntocross for over two weeks in
brln about a settlement ot the dock
Tho grain shovolcrs will rcfuso to make
any further nrooosltlon to either tho lake
carriers or In the eontraclor and the lake
carrlors some days ago declilod to with
draw from tho conflict
lint lor DpfPiils On I r cri I tr
Austin Texas May M The Inlverslly
auditorium whi the srene of a lvn and
brilliant asrcmblagn tonight to hear the
annual debate between Baylor and the
State Inlerjlly Gove tn en heads oc
cupied prominent places fliv rnor Svysrs
ptoldlng Tho subjsrl vvaa nesolvad
That the United stites should permunjntlj
retain control of the Philippine Islacils
The Buylor debaters Charles G Thwaa
and Fred Hobarts spoke from an afflrma
tlve vlow while H D Goertuer itul C K
Poits rrprctentlng he State University
contended In the negutlve and Mr I horn
as closed for 111 lor
Rev John M Moire of San Antonio
rieiutot C K Torroll of Wl > e and Ur I
J Wllmnt of Austin wnc Julgn and
awarded tho prlzo to tbo flylor debaters
Town AVIpeil Out hy IIrp
Clnclnnntl Ohio May 20 1 a m Word
has Just been received that Lovcland Ohio
U being nipsd out by fire which started
in thu Hill bouse und soon got beyond
Liveland has a papulation of over a
thousand Is twentyfive miles from this
city Part of tbo firo dfepartment of this
city has been sent to Loveland by a spe
cial train
Pnnift an tiler Delivery
riori hhan mors etc
Itiiimlnn Trxnii
Troops May Resist the Disarmament
Programme with Force
Asked by a Havana Paper If a War Is
It HII Be Carried Our Unless Washington
To thp
tnerlcnii Ciinininiulprs llc
li tnltiil lo nixlinnil Dip
iiinn Vniij
Hill nun Vtnj 11 A Ciilmn ipnprnl
nnil Ii In ilnir Iiiivp t ft tlil < pit for
Mlitlllixn > It 1 riiinorpil Iipj Iiiivp
hIou to Manila by Agulnaldo It for the ittnip to oiiU lliilr liooiis toupilipr to
Ciurpoae of gaining time When COleiKl
l IM nriimnipiit
Aiguellns first mine to Manila to propcac
peico the Amerlciin forren ctihtlntleil llieli Uilili tin I ntlpil lutp Inilnti on
operations and while tlictp may hr no <
tlvp iidvnncp during the routing nngotlii
tlnnn tho scouting parties nnw out vvlll
reiounoiior the country In mlvancp of Mj
Arthur nnil Liiwion In onlcr that thty tuny
contlutto their advance
Mlitlnipiit Ih vpij nuiPli niitiiptl lo
I In ii 11 n olillliiiil l > > Ittoolp nnil the
Wiiolilnulon iiitmliilNtrnllon nnil the
outlook Is lerj fnvornlilp for scrlotii
liouhlr unit lint xoiui
Havana Msy 1 Havana Is In a fer
ment ignln over the Idea that the Waih
I tig ton admlnlttrntlou has determined to
tako the aims ot the Cuban troops and to
intstln them In military pssjesslon This
view ef the latest news tram Washington
has been telegraphed lo the vruleus cltlee
Governor General Brooke Is thui far
unaware ef nay dissatisfaction on the
pait of Secretary Alger with hit Unokot
plan tn tasvo tho arms deposited In the
Ciiro of the mayor of ths municipalities
nor has ho received any Inkling of a pur
pose to lay the matter before President
McKlnley Consequently unless Instruc
tions are terclVed from Washington to tha
enntrnry the governor generals order t
spertlng the distribution ot the J3000000
ns modified will bo limed tomorrow
Havanas midday papers publish tho
Washington news someof them com
menting editorially upon It as the point
where tlio arms are to be kept apnem to
he thought of vital Importance In Wash
ington The conviction aunounced there
that tho mayors can not be trusted with
them Is a cause nf frcoh discontent jui > t
at the moment when tho various complica
tion appeared to be unravelled
LaDlncusnloii tfavs Secretary Alger
appear tn wish to provoke a conflict hetr
He la more distinguished In tho Uil ci
Hinte ns a Inlslne man than a a politi
cian and his relations with certain n
Iloato are well known Hr opocsesrven
thine that Cuba wants and favors uvru
thlng that would raino feeling and pro
voke escitument Hla attitude prompts
the question What docs he want Uois
he drstro war hero similar to that In the
Philippines Wo arc forced tn believe thlt
bo only unproved that which Is unntls
factory to Cuba
Cuban of otomlpqnco sly that such an
order hs Is referred to In the press dis
patches from WaHhlngtnn would causo
much trouble and would still further
separate Cuba front tho United States
Tho manifesto ot General Gomez lsjueJ
last evening is unsatlntactory to the mili
tary administration hcrtuse ho failed to
disband tho arrow Ho hud been asked to
Include a paragraph directing tho varloi
command to dissolve and had said lis was
In doubt hh to whether ho was authorial
to disband the army promising to relic t
upon the mutter HI attitude at head
quarters yc terday was quite different
from hla pieviouu bearing and It 305a
became obvioub that he wished to discon
tinue giving apv advice even on tho sub
ject ol tho payment to the troops
MminTRi to rniJMnKvr
Mutter of Wlierp Arms Shull Hr Kent
WIiph CuhiuiK Nnrreinler Them
Hot Springs Va May 13 The spatlil
trains bearing the president and Mrs Mc
Klnley left hero at 1030 oclok tonight
en route for Washington The visit hcrj
has lasted eleven days during which llrao
tbo president has been srjtatly benen ci
in health
Adjutant General Gcirbln arrived hvro
today bearing some doeUraonts uptt
which he desired tho presidents astton It
is undentcod that they referred to the sit
uation in Cuba regarding the plan for tno
payment end disarmament ef the Cuban
ttoops A question baa been submJUcJ b
Genernl Brooke as to whether or not the
ermis should be turned over tq he mayura
of towns or to United State officer
Makes the food more delicious and whoteson
o m tiiuna powptii eo fct
yHjH V H flitew < h A flIR
El IHnt

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