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rjjlKATISftl 2Sfir
W > IXL Sarsaparilla
f w you Manufactured by
usfon Drug Co
yandard in quality Whole al
ame fr h and reliable
aid by
Jteam Pumps
toward F Smith
Machinery Co
We are in the Market for
tirloadJ anil will make cash offers
ib shipping point Write or wire us
eore miking sales
fft also In the market for cab
iit in carloads or less Will bo
eitcd to make offer
H Thompson Co
ALLEN Hon ° xaS n
Wholesale Produce
snd Commission flcrchant
ustmtats solicited Ask tor prices on
ifcwisn CH VHiTiCb
Itaal Organization Vlinut to Up
Perfected Plnns Proposed
tclnnitl Ohio May 21 A permanent
islzitloa cf tho Jewish charities was
t hero today by the representatives
i a dozen Slates and from most of the
when leaving for the SUAIHER
by sending your household
goo itc to our large
cdlous modern
g Phone 270
013 Franklin Avenue
and Lime Extractors
Will save fuel and repair bills
Hartwell Iron Works
Houston Texas
Business Telephone
per month
Residence Telephone
per month
Telephone to Manager
seumwesiern leiegrapti ond Telephone co
Who will call and explain details
of Now Orleans Pels of Baltimore Mark
of Chicago and Messing of St Louis
This committee will draft a constitution
and bylaws and fix tho time and place
for tho next annual meeting
Clcik It an Anionic mill Mint nt 15s crj
011c in Sl ht
Kansas City May 21 Levi Moore a
clcik In tho city market shot and perhaps
fatally wounded Mrs Jennlo Campbell and
Mrs Emma Landls and Mrs Anna Duracck
this morning In a jealous rage The Camp
bell woman had deserted Mooro for another
man This morning Mooie armed himself
and went to lier rooming house In Wyan
dotto stieet Mooro sent a bullet into her
back and tho woman ran screaming tbough
tho house In Mrs Lindls room sho ap
pealed for help This further enraged
Mooro and ho fired two shots at Mrs Lin
dls ono taking effect in tho abdomen
Into another room Mooro followed the
Campbell woman Mrs Humeck fright
oned by tho shooting ro3o fiooi her bed
Just as Mcoio entered her room Ho opened
ilro upon her one shot piercing her back
Mooio then ran from tho house and down
cities The discussion of I street7 nTc7olver
temporary prosld nt Isaac A Isaacs I crowd that followed Ho shot at a negro
e York on Transient Roliet was1 mit iscd 1s mark and was arrested
at session M Ed J iTSd
the hospital half an
a tansko described tho hospital for hour later Mrs Duracck was completely
scapthei at Denver and showed that paralyzed All aro considered mortally
7 sero sent there as transients with woumlc1 Jlooro feEns insanity Ho Is
J38 years old and has a wife and children
mens nf I
supper All v
would be cared Jn Anniston Ala Mrs Campbell who is
aw meant of support was necessary 32 years old is a divorced woman Mrs
committee made titrable reports on Humcck Is 30 and Mrs Landls is 31 years
recommendations of 01
Incident Isaacs
Mr Chrlsko but tho wholo matter of
anlatlng a sjstem ta tho rcllpf of
aw reerrcl to tho comralttco
iE A pLaa for th0 Provisional
fiH 0 ho Clonal confeienco
was opted As soon
Jtui bj tho
Unlt < < 1 Jewish
M1 J Ie tcn U1 ° over iOO
> federation will bo u
4 0nal orS2nUatlon to meet
ejtid iJ 1 wcro ten Buca cltlcs
SJi ° f 1h0 samo t00k Pics of
K Ia s lU
itHS I V them to 8tb
A iniucw TiiiotiopiiisTs
llrccltc orilcliil HeportH mill Hold
Opiii niNounHlon
Chicago May 21 Tho thirteenth con
ention of tho Association of Theosophlcal
societies began hero today Tho commit
tee on credentials leportcd that delegates
from slxtyEecn societies of tho Ameri
can section were entitled o vote About
fifty delegates from outsido of Chicago
aro n attendance The annual report of
secttrn i Jowls chnritics of their tho general secretary read by Mr Fuller
1 3 B00n nH tlleso ten ton showed that blnco May 1898 the mem
Ih tj1 rs nro announced then all bcishlp of tho American section had bon
rlia nn orKanl7atioa of Unitfl1 Increased from 1133 to 1218 The treasurer
5Krlivn beeamo oiiBibio to
W taP ivth ° Nulonnl oiganlzatlon
5BrothfiIVaner alToting tho iu
Woffftt 3 orK lntlons Tho
i Zffco o y ° cIcctod President
Vr NTcV Yor w
JiJctpm J Edwnrd Chrisleo Ian
A S treasurer Miss Hannah
vi YwJi o utho committee
Hcwrobcig Philadelphia Lucht
reportod 2000 In tho treasury
Tho afternoon was occupied by tho Lotus
club discussion conducted by Chalrma l
Waltcrb and Miss Marie A Walsh of San
rranclsco It was an open discission of
tho advanced study of theosophy and
esoterics the true meaning of tho Astral
spirit and tho yet unittalned truth In llfo
Tho comentlon will continue until Tuesday
Tho election of officer will take placo
On June 25 to July 8 Round Trip Tickets will be < old to
LOS ANGELES the rates
UOlSTov llntc nolurn ln Portlnnil nml ORdcn
EUMioxJ 5a Ot
chxus v
2 te lVtt t 1nl 1 utu Jul y on going trip Final limit for icturu September 4 nates
111 Paso
fturalnl arPy either going and returning a EI rato or going
s a
PSijp 0 p WBdeii
f t tharfj jEl Pa o will be allowed on the going trip Los Angela to be reached
r tht Uju 1r1 limn ° P oer will bo allowed weft of El Paso Trinidad Tueblo and Denver
of Tor n I on ticket agents
a er Howton
Ocni Pasi and Tkt Agent Houston Texai
28 Hours
iW t y Passenser Agent
217 Main St <
niipino Commissioners Arc Practically
Without Power
American Envoys Met the Representa
tives of Agulnaldo
That the Natives Not Agree to Uncon
ditional Surrender
Tho Ailmlrnl Is Orently Plcnseil that
lie Is to lime it Monument In
Ills rknllsc VIIIitKC
Manila May 22 11 a m Tho rillplno
commissioners who arrled here Saturday
to negotiate with the United Stales com
missioners held a conference this morn
ing with MoRsr Sohuiman Worcester and
Denby They say they are without power
to bind tho socalled Klllolno goernmeut
in any particular and can only refer any
results of tho present negotiations to
Members of the nrcsent commission deny
tho story that Duoncamle and Arguellos
of the first commission have been arrested
and tho commission dlssohod by General
Thev Insist that the iirst commission
was never recognized by Agulnaldo but
was elected by tho rillplno congress
which declared in favor of noaco on Mav
6 The Filipino military power contiols
the situation not the congress The com
missioners say they want peaco Tuoy
can not fight tho Americans who they
say are destroying their country but they
express great surprise at seeing the thou
sands of native noncombatants behind
our lines
Tho rillplno commissioners General
Greogrio Del Pilar Lieutenant Baroto
Major Zcallta and Senor Gonza with tholr
families spent tho day lsltlng friends In
Manila and confercd with Senor3 liorontlno
Toircs Pablo Ocano and Toodoro Tanco
tho members of tho local Filipino associa
tion who will participate In tho meetings
ith the American commissioners Senor
Torres was a member of Aguinaldos com
mission before tho war He opposes Inde
pendence and fanrs autonomy and ho has
been most Influential In persuading the
followers of Agulnaldo to make tho pres
ent advances Ho said that autonomy was
tho burden of tho talk of the Filipino and
thought that they would bo converted soon
Senor Paterno who has succeeded the
irreconcilable Mablnl as president of tho
socalled Filipino cabinet is a student and
a writer of abilitj He ouco drow up a
plan of autonomy under Spain which the
Spanish government promised to adopt
there then being a troublesome rebellion
on foot The American commissioners aro
studjlng tho question of Philippine gov
ernment and have found some good points
In this scheme Paterno is now tho strong
man In AguInaldoH party
All tho moneyed leaders of tho Insur
rection seo that It Is hopeless and nru
anxious for peue Those who want monoy
think tbey may profit by harassing the
Americana a while longer On the bugges
llon of Mr Schurman president of the
morIcan commission tho local Filipino
poaco party has started a newspaper
Major Dobbos expedition to open com
munication with General Liwton fyas oc
cupied Ayarat about sern miles beyond
Candida on tho Hlo Grande following the
courso of the stream No Insurgents were
found there and the Pampangas along tho
river aro friendly
Last Tiiday Major Kobbo look Santa
Ana about six miles northeast of Psu For
mndo on the roid to San Isidro A priest
met the expedition with a wjilto flag
Delegates from San JWcolas aud San
tiago small Tillages Jtiat south of Ayarat
came to him wlta the news that 200 lu
6urgents who had been holding both places
had withdrawn They Invited tho Ameri
cans to enter and as the members of tho
expedition marched in tho church bells
were rung and the timid natives who had
fled ftoked back
Washington Mav 21 Distinct disap
pointment Is felt In administration circles
at the limited cowers under which Agul
naldos neace commission Is dctinG In
conditlcnal surrender will be renulrcd and
General Otis understands this as well as
the officials at Washington
Just what Is tho object of tho meeting
Pipe Fittings
Well Casing
Boiler Tubes
Large stock for prompt shipment
FW Heitmann Co
1 f
rittOE 5 CENTS
Not Dead but in a Condition of Innocuous Desuetude
Washington May 21 Thero was a lack
of news in official circles from Gonoral
Otis at Mnnlla or General Brooko at Hav
ana Tho president and the war dopart
adlccs expected tomorrow from Genoral
Otis respecting tho outcome of tho meet
ing between tho commissions representing
tho United States and Agulnaldo though
tho belief oppressed by the American com
mander nt Manila that tho Insurgents want
an aimlstlco as a condition precedent to
Heating for poire leads to tho bellot that
no Itnmcdlato results may como from tho
pjiiiiipim piwr PimnucTx
Hire Is tin Most Iliipoilnnt nt llii
Washington May 21 A icport on tho
plant products of the Phlllpplno Islands
his just been issued by tho agricultural
department A profacory note explains
that tho note bad been issued
to meet a popular demand Of the area of
tbo Philippine Islands oneninth of the
area Is dosoted to sericulture Taking Into
account the pilural fertility of the soil
and the vast norilon of Lheso rich lands
not jet under cultivation the total agil
cultural productions could bo Increased to
ten or flften times its present amount
One of lhe most Important food products
of the island Is rice which forms the
staple focd of not onlv the native popula
tion but also of tho numerous Chlne In
habitants More thsn 100 varieties aro
grown and two crops a year ran bo se
cured The ordlnarv price of rice In tho
husk Is from RS to 5 eents per bushel
and when shelled brines from 50 to i >
cents oer bushel The animal production
of ihls commodity Is about 5000000 bush
els an amount far below tbo actual re
quirements of the nooulatlon even when
supplemented bv malie sweet potatoes ba
nanas and other native fruits and tubers
Maize next to rle Is the most Important
of grain products In several provinces
It Is the chief subsistence of the natives
Tuberous roots alto constitute a valuable
source of food Fruits crow In great
abundance bananas heidlng the list while
other varieties are the mango pineapple
tamarind orange lemon plums bread
fruit and pawnaw
Large quantities of sugar cane are
in quality and jtn rt
pines Is inferior conso
quently brlng3 a low price About B00
000000 pounds a year are exported ttcjou
Ing in importance all other exports oxcept
those of manlla hemo of which nearly the
entire eroD Is marketed abroad The aver
age yearly shipments of hemp amount to
nearly 100 000 lone tons Cotton has re
cently lost much of Its former Importance
partlv because of excessive taxation but
principally because of the successful com
netltlon of British fabrics Indigo was
once an Important product and there are
many kinds of dye plants grown CoKee
Is grown but the plantations aro not well
manaced and the article Is not of the
best aualltv
Tobacco grows to some extent In most of
fallowing linos
Tho redemption of all obligntt
of tho government In gold on
Greenbacks When ono redeemed
for gold to be relssuod only for
Permitting National hanks to Is
sue notes to tho par valuo of theli
government bonds deposited In the
ticasury Instead of 90 par cent as
at present
This plan Is much less compre
hensive than ardent aihocalos of
general currency revision hive
urged but was adopted because
harmonious agreement on It was
possible which was not the case
vhon moro radical measures were
c lL offi aIJ 0 a2l1 1 ntcJ2 tho Islands of tho archlnclago Over 100
000000 of cigars are oxporlod annually
from Manila und tho shipments of leaf to
bacco avorago about 20400000 pounds Of
spices thp Plilllotilnos furnish cinnamon
nutmegs popper ginger ami majornm
Medical plants nro abundant but moat of
them nro little crown
mwii iiiijiims um > Mi it
tAilmlrtirx lltiilfli Prpwntiil Him ll >
miilnliiK In VIUnn ll
Now York Ma > 21 The Hmaldfi speclal
cable from Manila says
Admiral Dewnvs Hagshlp tho Olympla
sailed from Manila Sho is bound for
Amtrica via tho Suuz canal with tbo ad
miral aboard
Just beiore tho Olympia sailed tbo Herald
reprosontatlvo went aboard her and Inter
viewed Admlnl Dewey on his depart
ure In response to iuqulrlfs bo said
I leavo Manila todaj I go with the less
tegiet because 1 believe taat this Insur
rection is breaking up The repeated ar
rivals In our lines of emissaries sent from
bellovo to build a bronie statute of me
to bo placod In the etachouse at Mont
i i i 1 I9 wij
Denver Poat
C09n999 eO99999gaa9a90O99999 909990099909999 eoooooooo ooo ooooffoooocoi > oooooo oo ooo r
which tho Flllolno commission had with
the American commission Is not known
by tho officials General Oils being nppu
enth unawnie of it though lie states thit
their nowers are limited and apparently
armistice Is a condition precedent to nego
It Is assumed that the emissaries of the
leadeis dcslro to consider with the com
mission tho details of tbo goeminent
which tho United Slates nronoscs to gle
them and which tho American commis
sioners picscntod to Colonel Arguollos tho
first Flllnlno representative to put lu an
nnnoaranco at Manila When this meeting
Is concluded It Is presumed the commis
sioners will return to tho now capital
which Aculnaldo lias established nml
communicate tho results of tho confer
In view nt tho annaicnt hopolessncss
of definite results fiom tho present con
ference It Is tho expectation of the au
thorities that Goncnl Otis will dlicct Gon
orals Lawlon and iMacArthm and Major
Kobbe to continue their oooratlons with a
vton to presenting the Insurgents from
obtaining lime In which to reorganize
their scattered armv The authoiltlos
have learned well tho lesson that delay
gles the Filipinos tho Idea that the
Americans nro beaten and It Is believed
that the quickest was to brlns them to
terms Is to tontlnue the campaign now ui
criitnmcv iiiromi
Mrnntiir PrnpoMil li Hoiiko
IttIHilillcitn CimriiN
Washington Mnj 21 It Is un
drrstcod that tho houso republican
caucus committee appointed to
frame a sthomo on currency rofoim
lias agreed on a measure along tho
ens J
do t
ports under mllltiry Jurisdiction nre dl
tected to perform tho duties of vonsuls or
consular officers In said tnriltnry as far
n ooncorns sentnon omc1h doarnncos
2 No ossel is to ho allowed to clear
from any port In Cuba oi Porto Wco for
sheadings arc only icqutrcd to pav n duty
of 12 cents per loo kilos Into Iorlo itlco
i Tho picsidenl dlrocU that hcieaftor
when tho lmpoitatlon ofboer Ink pltco
In hairols the loceptnolen shall ho dutiable
on per cent of giose weight Instead of IS
pet cent nB formerly When the Importa
tion Is offortcd In bottlos or Husks packed
In won Tin cases or barrels brewers and
shippers will bo lcilcvoil fiom the exaction
of tho casks bottles and
la compolleii to pay duty nnd reroptacles
pav only ncrordltig to the propc classifi
cation that thev ccunu tinder
B This order affects tho Philippine i > b
Itcsiilt < > r Troulilc on Icroiltit of n
Itluck Minis Wirftv
31 Louis May 21 A bpeenl to iho He
public from Joplln Mo say
Woods it negro bnibei was
1j J
poller opnoilto tho statute of Bthin AllenUnirt
cuinn > rni > niai
° sh nner returned tonl bt a vo
Many a time wbes a boy have I looked lMf
at that statute of Ethan Allen in wonder ulcl ol sullty and lite Imprisonment Tho
and admiration murder was particularly atrocious Mrs
J0 1 1scrPtl on ronl ° mb eji Skinner had been dlvorcod and she and
rightly Surrender In tho name of tho
grown but owinc to tho crude methods of i Great Jehovah and the Continental Con
manufacture the suear made In the Philip grese
way I feel is that no greater com
pliment could bo paid mo than the orot
tlor of my statute in such a place in my
own village you know
iJiiftKTivr iviciTivn onniiit
Col I re lorn nt Custom Will lluvo Con
nulnr DntlCA IIpkuIoMoiiii
Waehlnstcn May 21 President McKln
ley through Assistant Secretary of War
Melklejobn has made the followlnz Im
portant announcements relative to tho In
ernal affairs of the several Islands under
the military control of the United States
1 Collectors of customs at tho several
Get Ufi IniiiilNiniiiicnt
nioomlleld Jnd May 21 Tho Jury In
tho caso of Dr Ora > for rauiderlng Mrs
Prompt and Ljcr Delivery
cotton sunn miiis and mual
riiOun imAX chops trrc
Houston Tcxne
It Is Said that Cuba Is to Be Made a
Striving to Create a Sentiment Against
the Cubans
Will Establish a Press Bureau to Create a
Favorable Impression
Lnillrn nt Aluuiuun Will Present llor
ultli a MitKntllint Mler
IV till I it I n I
H0 accounted < for ° her rnrK0 lB nndcM may UD 7iair VU lilt IWUUJUUUl Ul
3 Coopeiime In ihoils also hoops ini
Uiit tho powerful Inlaiosts ongnged
the prosecution of this nchomo may c
killed in McKlnley nnd Genoral Gomez should bo
Main sueetnt noon today and throe white J
s nmb u lhe mMl
men were accidentally shot in the melee NVllllll W0Ulll reuiu tho Amorloan mrll
1 Hcwlti Leonard fireman of the Chh k > i ary uthorltkH from taking tho sur
C molldaleil mines and ono of his nn n imdeted arms out of tho poasesslon of the
weio walking along Main street Seeing uul cffiiors Hut InslMlug that tho sol
Woodo wife standing In u door Ujnunl n r6 of Cubll should surrender iholj anna
asked her Jestingly If ho was gilng to allaUy t0 t10 soldiers of America would
church whereupon she struck him a stun c inietpreteil by the Cubans as evldcuco
iilug blow with her list knocking him
out on the sidewalk Ho returned the
blow und went on his way with sewral
companions They wero overtaken lu tho
next block b > Andrews with a pistol In
lilw hand Ills wife told him that a mm
wearing rt whlto hat had stiuek hoi
Without asking for Information Woods
struck with his pistol tho first man he
met who worn a whlto hat Ho struck
another and finally hit Leonard knocking
him down Officer King appeared and
demanded Woods pistol Woods refused
to sunonder or glvo up his tevolver Some
one in tho unvvtl mid Kill the nlgget
when Leouaid snatched Kings plbtol Tho
promiscuous shooting then began Woods
was shct In tho shouldvr and leg Leonard
sent a third bullet Into the negros heirt
killing him Instantly Throe bystanders
all white jnon were hit by stray bullets
Lronatd lias a good rcputatldn
GrPBt excitement exists among he ne
groes and trouble If feared The pillm
are armed with Winchesters ready to re
sist an attack
1 in
3lriiiuin Killed llnurlinvr Injiirril
nml Pimstiijirrn 111 nldcil
Gray had sustained criminal relations The
Washington Miy 21 The Washington
Times publishes tho following
Cubans at Washington oxprcss fear
tint thero Is a pint Involving Americans
of moro or loss nolo to so provoke tho
Cuban army that the plnn for tho transfer
of arms may not bo carried out They be
llevo that thero Is nn clement in this coun
try which opposos tho independence of tho
Inland and which will not hesltato to do
that which would inako tho Cubans seem
to bo recalcitrant This plot Is to nuko it
appear that tho Cubans mo umuly thai
they nro unwilling to lay down tholr arms
that bey aro hostile to tho morlcan gov
ernment that they nio uugiutcful for the
service londercd them by tho American
pooplo and that therefore they aro un
worthy of further consideration
Cubnnn at Washington think that th >
minds of Americans aro being polbouei
ngalust tho Cuban people so that there
bo no publio clamor that tho Island
tiol all tlu > nuuiil oppottunltles of tho
Island when it shall have become nn Amei
lean possession When Mr Poiter wetu
o Cuba nn the personal ropreseticailve
cf Piocldent McKlntay aud hid a con
fcieuce with Qunurtil llnxlmo Gomcx
the ooncluslon was reached that the Bd
dlfin of Cuba should accept from tuu
Ameileaii government tho sum of 1000 000
and should turn over their arum to the
muilcpil authorities It determined
Masks Oily tho net weight on tlc liquid was
that the Cuban nldlem should not
luider their aims to the American mili
tary authorities This dotcrmlnatb n wai
reached cut of a considerate regard for
the foellliss and prldo of the Cubun sol
well as Cuba and Porto Hlco Full dcsorlp
Ilvc Involros must bo mado out horcaftor tlcrs who had earrbd their arms cm
match und had used them
u 4innny n vvenry
tn Jl was thought
MVim ten iifii Aviirrix wnivnii lmny
hjU t XSU1 J0 mQf0 ollCflte Uml theiQ
arms should be turned over ta the muni
cipal authorities It Is the bellof of Cu
bans with whom a reporter of the Times
spolo that this agreement made between
Andrew the personal representative of Piealdeut
cf laik of faith in them For tho honor
or all conternod and for tho sake of
avoiding friction the agreement mado be
tween President MelCinley and Geneial
Gomez should bo kept say tho Cubans
here The Cubans at Washington declaro
that tho suggestion which has been mtdo
that tho Islanders may turn their arms
against thy Americans is absurd They
hold that this Is just another bit of evi
dence of tho plot which has been laid Tho
Cubans declare that tho native will not
i assist American authorities Such re
sistance oven though It wer < content
plalod would bo futile and all tho leaders
In Cuba know this If this government
Insists that tho arms of the Cuban soldloi
shnll be turned over to tho military au
thorities thry will bo surrendered said
a promlnont Cuban today but then all
the people of Cubi will bellevo that tho
American government did not bland by Its
It Is reportod that tho German govern
ment will soon add n journalist to tho
nffuial corps of tbo embassy here This
innovation In diplomacy Is not meant to
ltcep tab on tho everchanging phases of
American politics but s Intended t > es
Ueeoto Mo May 21 The engine of > uui a n tt u
Iron Mountain and Rouihcrn express which auspices of tho embassy Surreundcd by a
Insurgent headquarters ui only mean one leJt S Ijmlit at 2 > rlok hs afternoon pcmlofflclal atmosphero and oporatlng nn
thlng They point to tho inevitable end rtru i 0V n iin Tin Mo on Hoeans dor tbo auspices of the embassy with a
hVi consulted m I rould J Bolto object tho official scribes efforts
mountain a few miles from hore at
remain hero till peace u finally etab
Hshod Hut there are other things In oclock this evpiilig and jumped tbo Irack
mans llfo basldu his prldo to be oousld completely overturning Fireman Fred
cred My health fir Instance has bee i pnrkcr nBa Uei and nnjDWJ u K
by the ling strain
gradually undermined
for o Zl Z none wcro aerloualy injured 2
aro all glad to get home
Oao of the thlnsts that touched rac the
most among all tho many exprnisloas of
warm feeling from th people at home
M to
iiVnnNs phopiihh
was tho raising of e subscription in my iinHuun WninitiiKHler Who
native Stato If was started at lloiton I
will bn directed tnward nfluonclng pubilo
oppression with respect to the ralatlon 3a
tweon Oerntanv and this government and t
to so effort public sentiment ns to ostab
lish a more friendly feeling among tho i
American people generally loward the Ger
man government aod W InBplre confidence
In tho good Intentions Of the German em rfh
pcror i
Tho ladles of Alabama have decided to h
present Miss Annie Wheeler daughter of
General Wheeler Avlth a handsomo silver
set as a testimonial of her work among the
scIdlers nt Santiago during the war with
Spain Mrs Mlnnlo Iteeea Richardson of
Montgomery who Is In Washington has
been asked whon Miss Wheeler will visit y
Alabama lo tecelve the testimonial Mlsi
Wheeler will go to Montgomery In June
unless sho is sent to the Philippines as n
nure She has asked the war department
vordlct is denounced as Insufficient and a t0 ni her to thoso Islands and is hope
lynching may result ful that her wishes will be gratified
Absovuteeit Ipube
J > V
Makes tho food more delicious and wholesome
< >

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