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Houston Printing Company
70 Columns i6Bto aa < Cols
EEMItt EEKLY POST > u Coif per Week
mmoArTHBroSTOFFiai at houstox texas
Subscription by Mill Dally anl Sunday Post on
yearISoo six months < oo three months
f aoo one month Sioo
TUB Summy POST one r J130
The SEMtWcrKlYPosr Mondays and Thursdays
one yi r Slooi six months so cents thru
months as cents
Foreign Offices Eastern business office 43 Tribune
bulMlnc New Voile The S C Bsckwlth See
till Azencyh Westora t < The Rookery Chi
cago The 5 C Beckwlth Special Agency
Traveling Agents C S E Holland Traveling
Auditor fc K Holland B B Thtoop end J K
Grist Traveling Agents
Telephone Numbers IK ft
The City The Post Is delivered to any part of the
city by cerrlers per month Sioo three months
300 six months J600 one year Siaoo
Mr Theodore Btrinj has charge ot the city
circulation and collecting Messrs Theodore
Bering Oils Lottand A V Palmer are the au
thored collectors of all city bills both advertis
ing and subscription and no money should be
paid to any on other than those named unless
special written authority signed by the business
trasager Is shown Ail aicouits of any site
should be paid by check In favor of The Hous
ton Printing Company
Subscribers falling to receive The Post regularly
ll please notify the omce promptly Lvtry
paper Is expetted to be delivered not later than
6 jo oclock a rn
Iifccr no circumstances will orders zlien by
employes on the office be recognized and
raid ur accepted In payment of accounts
This Birmingham AgoHerald points out
that during the last fiscal year noraothlng
like C < i per cent or an nggrcgato ot about
J3 > h OfiOO of this countrys exports
pa hfi through Southern ports Of this
amount tho value of tho farm produota
ompr ed about 120000000 of forestry
products 23000000 ot mineral products
S14O0O o o und of secondary products
from agri < ultttral sources about 29000000
Ii seems from this same showing that
Sin Dileans outranked all ports In the
I rinn in exports of rlne pig molassos raw
f ton and Ktaves Newport News excelled
all In shipments of spices taubark and
Unmng rxtraits and graphite Mobllo was
first In rjrbon and brown sugar Norfolk
px tiled In coke pig Iron and logs Su
vauriah in bauxite sea iBlnnd cotton Iron
rails rosin turpentine and spirits of tur
pentine Galveston in cottouseed caku and
meal Bruuswick in cottonseed and sawed
Umber Pensttcola In boards deals and
planks and Wilmington in tar
But the AgeHerald remarks that great
as the gain In shipments from Southern
potta has of Into liecu yet about one
quarter of tho cotton exports still goes out
from Northern ports and tho shipments
of cottonsood oil from New York uione
exceed the shipments from all Southern
ports combined Freight latea totthc sea
board havo an Important Influence over
tho course and outlet of shipments
Tho growth In oxports from Southern
ports however Is moro pronounced than
at Eastern or Western portn and each
your now marks a wonderful uhango In
figures compared with preceding years
Tho Sautbern export trado Is Increasing
so rapidly In fact that unless congress
allows itself to bo used to check this de
velopment of Southern commerce addl
tioual facilities for shipping la tho way of
Improved harbois and now harbors In the
South can bo demanded and obtained its a
right and as a necessary step In fostering
tho foreign trado ot tho nation
Southern ports havo passed tho stage
whoro their export trado was a matlor ot
doubtful speculation and whoro appropria
tions for deoponlngi their channels nnJ
removing obstacles to navigation wore re
garded as purely experimental Congress
und the country can now mo that the ex
ponditurcs asked in the premises 011 Soutu
em account are to protect an export busi
ness ot moro than a fourth ot that ot tho
wholo country and that by caro and ade
quate provision for Its enlargement way
in less than a decade reach SO per eout ut
that ot the nation or a sum In excess ot
The agreement by tbls government that
tho guns of tho Cuban army may bo turned
over to tho mayors of tho Cuban cities for
tho tuturo use ot tho Cuban natlvo
governmnnt If such a government is over
established ought to and probably will
have tho effect ot preventing any further
threatening friction between tho Ameri
can authorities and tho natlvo soldlors ot
tho Island
Wo havo too generally been disposed to
treat the Cubans as a conquered enemy
Tho American authorities havo Insisted
upon tibsoluto control for tho time being
ot the establishment of a freely choson na
tive government has created suspicion un
til a largo portion ot tho Cuban population
yet question tho integrity of our motlvos
or tha disinterestedness of our occupancy
ot the Island
It may bo truo that we aro dealing with
euch a people as to necessitate these ex
treme and repressive measures to pro
Vent disorder and secure the complete tran
quility of Cuba and yet it Is a question
whetherif wo had conceded more to them
and troftteHl them more as allies In tho
Brat place Wn would not have found thorn
pior trustful and the readier to conform
to our suggestions
It tbo Cubans wero an Intelligent poo
something else Taken ill around no
portion pt tbe United States offers to truck
tnd ytcsUbU farrotrs tha advantages to
be found In Wharton county
prlatlons or the improvement ot tbctr har
bors and escape many ot the heavy bur
dens which an existence as an Independent
republic would necessarily entail
It ought to ho our first effort to form
such a stato government tor them while
we are In general control ot the Island
Wo ought to throw the responsibility ot
local government wholly upon them at
once and practically educate them Into
tho beauties and desirability ot our system
while we are yet there to advise and to
correct mistakes Possibly such conces
sions would quiet the Impatience tor com
plete Independence and lead up to an early
popular demand tor annexation
The moment that disarmament Is ac
complished Is the moment to erect this
local government and demonstrate anew
our dlslntorestedness to the Inhabitants
Wo ought not to retain military satraps la
charge of the local administration alter
the Cuban military hns disappeared We
might Immediately begin to prove to Cuba
that sho could become ono ot the richest
most prosperous freest and happiest ot
the American States If wo would erect our
territorial form of government there at
tho present time as an objoet lesson
It Mr Carnegie proposes to devote hid
lurce torture to the good of the public
Mr Hanna will of course put In a bid for a
large sllco tor the republican campaign furd
rcxt year Mr Hsnnas campaign funds arc
ninnya collected as an set ot benevolent gust
dlanshlp of tho honor of the country and
the Interests of the laboring man But Mr
Carnegie doesnt need a republican tariff nuy
longet and may fool the selfconstituted ea
vior n the nation next time
Agulnnldos commissioners are grasping at
trans this trip
The report from Omnua of an address be
fore the Fopullst club of that city by Mr
Bryan In which he Is said to have contended
that the IS to 1 populists were tho ones
rroscn to sae tbls nation probnbly does
Mr Bryan rank Injustice Tho report evident
ly came from the Omaha Bee offlco a paper
particularly hitter toward tho great demo
cratic leader
The Tost acknowledges nlth thanks the re
ceipt of an invltntlcn to attend the com
mencement cierclses ot the class of ninety
nine ot Ulirabelh college Charlotte N C
ricnral Miles and the officers In the army
vbo are suspected of being friendly toward
him need not expect any quarter from the
war department henreforth This Is scan
dalously subvershe ot dlsclpllno and the
proper esprit ot tho army but It Is a fact
A marhlno that Is run through spite and
Jealousy ought to bo kept ns small and In
nnruous as osalblc
Thoso Boston womon who are taking au
much dish In antllynchlng mediums
ottKht to bo compelled to live for a time In
lonely nnd unprotected rurnl localities In tho
Bo lib
If a city that maintains a thoroughly ot
flrlent fire department also controlled Its
water works It would probably hsve an mU
quale supply of water on hand at nil times
with which to light fires Houston hns lost
ninny handsome nnd cqctly buildings because
nf tho want ot water at tho critical moment
At tho big fire In this city Saturday night
seme of tho firemen exliblted as conspicuous
nervo nnd endurance ns any heroes on any
other firing lino could display
The Texas coast country cities and towns
cannot afford to overlook any sanitary pre
cautions against the possibility of tbe spread
of disease so long ns reports ot fever opl
dernlr rnrao from tbo Mexican Gulf coast
Cleanliness la safer than quarantine
Tho Cuban guns about which such n hubbub
hns been raised nro about as outofdole and
harmless against an enemy equipped with
modern rifles as the guns with which oi >
own volunteers nro supplied
It Is reassuring to observo that General
Otla seems to fully nppreolato tho rillplnos
reputation for cuunlng and dcccttfulness 1bo
best authorities ugreo that you cant men
tiust tho Illlplno when you have him gagged
and bound and nro slttlnn on Mm
It must be admitted that Axulnnldo Is
strictly correct In asking tor an nrrulktlie
until the rillplno congress can meet a con
g esa constantly on tbe Jump through tho
Jungle cant transact much business In a de
liberative way
Secretary Alger will have to resign from
tho cnblnot and ally himself with the antl
ndmlnlstratlon forces In Michigan If ho ex
pects to dofcat Senator McMillan for tbe sen
ate Such a step would be pie for tbe ad
ministration crowd
It can already be seen that few cities will
possess a handsomer roadway than our Main
street when the asphalt paving is finished
borno day tho pavemefit will be carried on to
tbo auditorium and then th improvemcut
will bo complete
uciious or run tost
Wallisvllle Age Tho Austin Statesman
says tho Stnto university should get < 6
000 but will not complain If It gets 60
000 u ought to complain and vwiuld
have a right to complain lustily if it does
not get what It needs Houston Pist
Beaumont Enterprise The Houston
0Bt otcs that a paper called tho
Nonatlvo authority of any kind has been tery Is to bo published at Blanket Instead
recognized except such as was constituted i ° Brownwood Thats good Many mys
by the American governors The native tf ft XflASA
havo had no volco la a
slnglo particular
of tbo government ot tho Island except as
advlco was sought by tho American gen
erals The Inslstonco upon disarmament
while probably Justified yet looked as If
wo were rather afraid of tho comparative
handful of halt equipped Cuban soldlors
Tho falluro to indlcato a probablo dato
name to Pio there would be an eternal
fitness connected with that papor which
cveiybody could understand
Waco Times Herald The Houston
Past very pertinently temarks that it is
n matter for gratification nnd congratula
tion that the Stato has an executive who
can be Just to the people and vigilant In
guarding tho publics rights without seek
ing to bo antagonistic toward tho great
hiiUlness Interests of Texas or oppression
toward vested capital Jt is a Just cstl
mate Joo fnyeis Is alt right
Hempstead News Hon Guy M Bryan
writes In Thu Houston PoBt of the pjssl
blllty of opening tho Braios river to navi
gation and thinks It can be done at Iht
less expense than was required to open
up many of tho streams In the Middle and
Northern States The Braios can be made
navlgnblo for a long way up without tho
uso of locks and dams simply by clearing
out nnd straightening tho channel Are
the people of Waller county Interested in
this move Then wake up
Wharton Spectator Wednesdays Post
contained a statement that a commission
man of that city had received inquiries
for over a hundred cars of potatoes They
ramc not only from Kanras City fit Louis
and Chicago buyers but
rom tnos In
Cincinnati Pittsburg and other
Pis tiey yrowld Jump at the chonco to he rltlos Tho farmers of Wharton county
come a state In ho American unlpo Un cJ t < l have easily filled these ordors If
fsueh wmdlUons tyeY could enjoy the
scueon could have
V of local s f8overnmcntl their crop marketed nnd tholr land In
wfrjr fevln their foreign affairs looked
v femt ty ti A MWlfi > g vtr UB at Tnsy
mim im ju cr M sMded appro
they bad planted potatoes and with an
ordinarily favorable bad
The following Interview will bo pub
lished In Transparent Absurdities by
Lyman K George
During my three months trip through
tho country that transparent absurdity
standard of value greeted me everywhere
It had won more ednverts to the gold
standard than any other of their nonsen
sical catch phrases Made ridiculous In
every argument able men disputing with
mo retreated into this hollow square of
British origin and rested their case on Us
At such times I am reminded ot the
early English laws which restricted farm
ers to very narrow limits In the fertilizing
of their lands as otherwise the flavor of
measurement is simple and many think
thit in comprehending the idea of stand
ard they havo grasped and penotrated nil
that is meant by tho economic term
standard of value They think because
I hey seo clearly that a foot may be de
cided upon as the unit of length measure
hero to keep to tho lines of argument of
fered by my friend W K Miller of Bos
ton He said It Is in the fnllure Co
understand and appreciate the real mean
ing of mnrkot value that arises much of
1 tho false logic and claims of the gold
standard for this In Us Inst analysis and
real moaning is a ratio or relation It Is
a mental condition an ostimuto between
things Tho pliruso Intrinsic value In a
I selfcontradiction
Certainly 1 replied nothing has In
trlntlc qualities of a thing Gold for
example Is intrinsically yellow and ductile
and of high specific gravity It has In
trinsic chemical afllnltles does not oxy
dlze easily does unite with mercury But
Hie moment you speak of the value of
gold In an economic sene that moment
the mind Is forcod Instantly to go outside
of the gold itself seize upon other objoets
George If the dollar Is not the unit of
market value what is it It Is tho unit
of account It Is a vehicle for reckoning
market values It Is ho more the market
value Knelt than the bicycle is the man
whom it carries The blcyclo transfers a
person from place to place The dollar
transfers wealth It 1 have a horse 1 may
take him to tho market and by selling him
exchango one form of Mcalth for dollars
which presently I may exchange elsewhere
for somo other form ot wealth That In
Its final analysis Is the function ot dollars
In the common medium of exchange They
aro only tho common carriers or transfers
of wealth In a great or small degree nud
It Is clear from this conception that tbls
function does not depend upon the ma
terial out of which the arc made hut does
depend upon their capacity to circulate as
n legal tender medium which capacity s
obtained or lost In them by virtue ot flat
Exactly Mr Miller legal tender Is the
greatest of known powers or perhaps I
tho partridges might be Injured for these mlht i < li unknown for If the great suf
wlni masaOB knew that It would tin
men Wan in erv for imn t I
cry honest dollars and 1
Bnnck0 lhlm from tho m0nstrotis tyraul
atable currency Surely such strong capitalism with Its cruet system of Indus
reasoning bespeaks a cultivation resulting rlRl servitude and that this power lie
longs to them nnd lay simply In voting
from the repeal of this old blue raber B
fr a larger pei capita ireuiiitinn of legal
yellow law They want a dollar lntiln
slcally worth ono hundred cents But
these oue hundred cents are mado from
less than 10 cents worth of copper there
foro their statement Is fallacious The
tender 1 p iy If they knew It theyd de
mand It anil get It suro United States
gold coins do not transfer wealth in the
United States because they aro gold It
Is bpcauro our laws have Invested them
with legal tender I c wealth transferring
Price of copper has risen S5 per cent wth K lTo VcSl lro VhSMo
In the last few months and It can not
bo that they refer to tho ratio between
gold and copper consequently they sim
ply asBcrt that the whole Is equal to the
sum of all Its parts that a dollar Is In
trinsically worth four quarters provided
of coureo they arc not Canadian quor
Hut to return to our text tno vacuous
phrase standard of value It Is not
surprising that many good minds anchor
their faith to this yollow nugget since
perhaps no part of tho whole subject Is
moro BUbtle elttsivo in Its analysis and
difficult to clearly understand
+ + +
Tho Idea of a standard or unit of
shop notwithstanding they are pieces ot
gcnulno gold coin
4 + +
Trt Is so George The rag pulp en
dowed by flat law to transfer wealth does
o a million times a day but tt Is clc r
that this marvclously colored and en
graved though It be Is not tho wealth it
felf neither Is tho gold or silver or auy
thlng else that we call money This con
ception Is limdamenta a d leads us on
sure grounds to a scientific consideration
rf what msney should be and we tuus
reach tht correct conclusion that it should
ho a medium wtilclt will suit itself to tho
easy and efficient transference of wealth
and to do this work the cheapest com
modity obtainable when endowed with le
gal tender qualities will be best suited
The claim that by laboriously digging Ifto
the orth and finding here and there a few
tparks ot yellow metal Is th6 only way to
nipp > otieches with a ehlcle to perform
thiu mighty Infinite incalculable trans
ference ot wealth demanded by the lest
Icsj active uiisafalVl mud of man ever
Inventing ever achieving Is unscientific
to the last tlcgco To limit tho Issue of
a dollar may be and Is the unit of value
Measurement nnd therefore a standard
ot valuo measurement
Now it is right hero thnt the conception
becomes elusive and the conclusions er
roneous In n certain senna It may bo said
that tho dollar is tho unit of value meas
urement but misleading conceptions of
ish utterly burned out by tho focusing in
tellects of honest nnd fearless economists
rrof IVnnjlmolJpr Intil to IUst srlth
Us ci j I > rnifiii trnlliiii of Hisprct
what that proposition really maus will t Palestlno Vlsltoi
constantly follow unless tho mind hns I On Wednesday May 17 tho remains of
first completely mastered and keeps prot Tercey V Iennybackor were laid to
siaiitiy jn view tho truo meaning of the
nl cemetery umld every
re8t m m erj
word valuo But It will I
sHrvo my purpose
demonstration ot honor and respect
The order of the procession from tho
residence to the church was as follows
Public schools both teachers and pupils
first the fllrls walking two and two and
then tho hoys In tho samo ordor car
riages containing tho following school
trustees as honorary pallbearers A
Tenh C K Youug O It Cook C A
Gteine 1 13 Dllley C II Davenport K
of Ps hearts lamlly carriage pallbear
value T r m 1 u lti > of ho wor era in carriages and then a long lino ot
v SSl0 THh llo wor1 Intrln carriages and vehicles filled with friends
Lin nLTmP < a Iro perl > ot h0 H > and acquaintance many of them carry
lng offerings of llowers
Following wero the acting pallbearers
G A Wright N R Poyall A It How
ard Tin mas Hall George E Dllley D J
Price Dr Jameson I Ilufsmlth S A
McMeans A Teah T M Campbell
Airlving at the church while soft notos
of tho organ breathed forth and relatives
entered at tho cast door and occupied ro
served Beat In fiont of the chanoet Mem
IE1 1 gold and In this Idea
bors of the Knghts ot Pythias ordor In
Lnr P I wrapped up the oaneep eluding lvanbo lodge No 15 to which
n0t ° nly ° f the sol1 but tody lh deceused belonged also visiting
of the other things
ns well brethren of lto
H +
Clearly that proves George that
market valuo Is not fixed rigid arbitrary
and intrinsic but rather a lluctuatlng
ltothorwood lodge No 127
and others were seated at tho west sldo
ut thu chancel
The pulpit altar railing and contiguous
purls of the church woro draped with
llowers golden honoysucklo nnd white
relatlonnry thing Intangible Immaterial Privet blooms drooped ovor the altar rail
In short n mental estimate depending
upon muny varying considerations pertain
ing to tho things valued or moro truly
compared What is tho unit of meas
urement of tho abstract conceptions
honor virtue Intelligence heroism
ality How absurd It would bo to talk
about a standard ot any such thing In a
rigid limited definite measurable unit
How futito to try to say that a man is so
many units good or bail
Or so many units artistic or generous
I added Coming to tho principle in
volved wo find the units of measurement
must be definite limited entitles fixed un
varying parts of a tlnlto wholo What Is a
socond of tlmoT It Is definite fraction of
tho whole time consumed by tbe earth In
Its annual revolution about the sun
What is tho standard meter inter
rupted Mr Miller It Is a definite frac
tion of a whole great circle of tho eaith
A quart It is a definite space Inclosed by
compounding deflnito unit ot length A
fctandcnl unit of measurement muBt be tt
definite part of 11 finite whole an en
tity But what part of th whole coiuep
tlon of mnrkot value Is dollar The
mind gets no definite ccnroptlon of such
a thing What kind of n unit of longtn
would It bo If fixed upon ns the onemil
lionth putt at all the now railroads to ba
laid next year und go on for each > enr
What kind of a unit of tlmo measurement
would It be If fixed won as the onethou
Fftndlh part of tho tlmo required to run
a mile tho fastest automobile to be built
In the year 100ft and always thereafter to
fluctuate with the changing speed attain
able by Improved automobiles1 The fact
la thero can bo no unit of market value
In the truo senso as long ns tne whnt
mass of valuo ot which tho uult must be
dcllned as a fixed Iraotlon is a lluctuat
lng changing thing which It Is
f + v
It seems to me I added that no on
can fall to see that the whole tunas or vol
umo ot market values Is enormously dif
ferent today from whut It was 100 jears
ago nnd In short will bo different tomor
row from what it Is rodoy and so on to the
end of time The aggregate market value
of all things not merely depends upon the
varying relationship between the things
themselves 1ml also tho state of men s
minds enters largely Into It Tor instanci
varying fashions In discorded styles > oti
seo a purely arbitrary action of tbe human
mind but It iftVcts matket values
Is It not rlear then that v radst ejit
out of our minds o ahturd a elaim as 1
dollar Is the unit of valuo measuumenf
at least In any true scientific sense ineo
it Merai dear that tlieie can bo acmaiw
no such thing as a unit ot market vu > u
because market value itself Is iimatcrul
Intangible only mental estimate
1 lw vTaM r <
J >
f 4
pots of mammoth palms bouquet of rosea
nasturtiums and other flowers wore dis
tributed In various places and the hues
of lovely geraniums wero softened by In
termingling of overgresn On either sldo
of the hearse and around the coffin In
contrast to Its black druplngs wero purost
white lilies fragrant magnolias and pll
low of roses that seemed to havo bowed
their heads In sorrow mourning for tbe
Thf funeral coremonlcs wero opened by
singing of the hymn Rock of Ages
Cleft for Me by a quartette and fol
lowed by a lesson read by Uev Mr Ood
bey presiding older from St John where
occurred the verse Qur friend Lazareth
The pennon was prcnehed by Dr Alex
ander of whch hut a brief noto can be
made Ho said it was our sad duty to
speak of one who had lived with us but
Is now gone Death is always sad always
near near somo one
Aftor a prayer the hymn Asleep In
Jesus Blessed Sleep was sung the bene
diotlru pronounced and then all tint wib
left of mortality was taken to the ceme
At the grave tho Pythian Knights wore
gathered and performed their Hst sad ob
lations tho beautiful service being r ad
by Brv R s Stuart after which ovar
green mementoes were placed on tho coffin
and brethren assisted In covering the same
The final benediction ivnti pronounced as
he knights and congregation dispersed to
their hemes
An Uiirmy of Ilic South
Fort Worth MallTolcuram
Thero wib never a man lit public llfo
who was so bitter so unjust nnd so un
truthful In his attacks on tho Southern
people as was John J Ingalls of Kansas
He Includes In his lnakeun all that whs
mean In tha most rabid ot abolitionists
Since he was retired from nubllo life he
is occasionally heard from aa a con
tributor of yollow idurnals Recently ho
has been dernllnc himself to criticising
the lynchers of Georgia Not content with
saying all the mean things he can ot the
South ho advises the negroes to go with
torch lu band and says to them that If
they would be free they must fight for
thetr freedom ytherwlse they 1110 not
entitled to It It ll suoh talk as tbls
psJdld by tho republican papers ot the
North that incites the negroes to acts of
violence against the whites and brings
upon the heads ot the violators nt tho law
that punishment which Is as sure as the
faies Ingalls should bo suppressed un
he and all of his Ilk barred the ncwa
lilies AilverllslriK >
Alto News
Advertising may not pay but there an
sttll II ami none
peopjo who believe more
so th n the tiun who sold WOO worth ot
goods from a SI SI want ad In Tbe Hous
ton Tost Tha PMt offered a Drlte of
125 to the person showing tbe bed results
Irom a want ad pd was won a abovg
And now for the Interesting queUou jby c L Vickers
> A < W
Cntiltnl lliiilnliliieiit
To the Editor of Tbe Post
Houston Texas May 16 Great prob
lems like great buildings usually assume
changed outlines when viewed from dif
ferent standpoints Tbo question of capital
punishment Is ono of most tremendous
importance to tho Individual nnd serves
more than any other perhaps In measur
ing tho degree of civilization to which a
nation has risen hence with duo respect
toward tho opinions of others pleaso allow
Bpaco for the following axioms drawn uot
from occurrences but from phtlosapby
2 It can not bo shown that capital pun
ishment diminishes crlmo no opportunity
existing by which statistics are available
showing Its prevalence without it be
sides it Is fairly reasonable to believe that
tho person bringing tho doath panalty
upon himself fully expects to evade It
though apprehended or even convicted
and the numerous instances of defeated
Justice If capital punishment bo Justice
warrants the guilty one in his expecta
tions since It Is generally a mattir nf
winning his case ami establishing his own
record as a successful practitioner which
actuates the criminal lawyer in defense
of his client rather than the real desiro
to see Justice meted out to the violator of
the law
2 Capital punishment Is nothing more
nor less than murder though its form h
Judicial That a number of men acting
together under laws framed by meu
should proceed to tho execution ot certain
other men changes only tho form and
not the prlnclplo constituting murder
3 Thero can exist no law among human
rights permitting the power to punish be
yond tho ability to reward All humaulty
Is divided into two classes benefactors and
malefactors Every mnn woman and
child Is either one or the othor The ma
jority may not have reached a high degree
ofvlrtue or descended to a low measure
of vice but all nro to be found In one nf
the two classes Now no matter how great
a benefactor a man has become none of
he exact sciences enable the ino < i silh
Itrus of his friends to prolong his life by
to much as a single hour Obversely
whence the tight to cus off a human life by
an bcur I am not considering a Morale
law or any other manmade doctrine but
rather a rlghtcoui principle transcending
simple material phenomena and from
which our statutes should bo drawn
I am not to be understood however as
clelming tha crime should go unpunlshcl
or that punishment should not be propor
tionate to Its degree of viclousnes but
that It ought to bo administered in a form
which would reflect credit and not dishonor
upon a mtlons shield Such foim could
be adopted wero our statutes governing
the question so framed that instead of tt
death penalty tho murderer was sentenced
to a llfo penalty at hard labor tho pro
ceeds of which Instead of going to pritos
labor contractors thereby placing a
premium on conviction for their special
benefit should be paid to thoso bereft
possibly of husband or father with no
pardoning power plat In tho hands of
any man official or executive except In
nocence be proven or somo equally miti
gating circumstances be shown through
which the pardon is merited In which
case restitution should be mado the un
happy victim ot such legal error Instead
of simply turning free an Individual whoso
moans aro exhausted and years sacrificed
and name dishonored bj an unjust verdict
Such cutting off absolutely nil hope of
pardon where the verdict of guilty had
been found In a case of murder would I
believe bo far more effectual than capital
punishmont In tho prevention of such
cilme and would certainly freo thoso In
authority from tbo awful responslbllty of
usheilng into a dread unknown a soul all
blackened and scarred with sin and who
might have had and Improved oppor
tunities of rising to a better life here
Florence E B Shaffer
In the Sllser Ifliue Ilentlf
To tho Editor of The Post
Loyal Vale Texas May 17 Among the
pioposltlons educed In affirmation of the
above query thero can be no moro com
plete Inversion of truth and good reason
than the lolterated statemont that tho
worlds increased output of gold obviates
the need of silver coinage It only em
phasizes It Tho fact really brought for
ward is that tho need and right of toll
to transmuto itself into that universal
equivalent money by digging and coining
precious metals is so great that it will
exercised even if the rightful meaii3 of
doing eo be restrained or denied Thero
exists under present conditions an lmpo
rlous necessity that labor lu duo propor
tion bo employed in delving out of earth
tho raw material tor money tho equivalent
und measure of value ot all things as
being the only existing means whereby
tho price and truo value telatlvely of com
modities evidences of debt and of prop
erty and of the labor that produces thom
all is In somo degree automatically reg
In the process of employing labor direct
ly In tho production of the dollars that pay
It and theieby increasing relatively tho
number of those dollars and as a necessary
consequence the price of all things and
tha demand compensation for labor gen
erall > is a mighty defenso ot toll agatUBt
tbe perpetual attacks ot greed and a safe
guard against unondlng plots to tamper
with the bond by making tho units It
enumerates nnd specifies of over growing
labor cot and purchasing power Money
Is but tho Indispensable tool of exchange
It is best and Just that labor make
the money of final redemption and the
nation tor all make guarantee and profit
by all its token representations
No other means are proposed whereby
the relative valuo of things can bo so
equitably regulated Tho necessity that
has compellod us to dig moro gold re
quires us to dig moro silver The real
Ustio of the tlmo is now so definitely mado
nnd of record that dullness Itself must
comprehend it We aro asked to have the
government resign Its duty to coin money
ami regulate the value thoreot Into the
hands solely of loaners stock Jobbers and
appropriates of tho franchises of the
pot pie incurring thus besides an enormous
tramedlato loss in silver to be retired etc
a perpetual and annually recurring ono
on the amount ot Interest
that wise and
safe flntyiclerltig might save for a people
two blllkns
of dollars In debt by floating
a fair proportion of said debt as green
Worse than that we hand over for all
time tbe power to manipulate the volume
of money and consequently prices Wo
nV h t0
Sle BUata the kind
n LVhnt wI lueb o the basis
wo cJm nco f money arelylhat
LT l1 a UrEe amoun °
probable value and therefore danger Into
tarkl LV ° a ° ot JnelmtrlaU or trust
hy contronint 11 Vhe PPMIHM that
mount and cost
cf production of almost all commodities
Vn tuU 0t vromlr that docs not
Z fi ° > > than
ennrav i r i w morC an
ark will rPued certificate of
e 1 U niUne 0r tsVo attached for the
n r 0ry Pwiueel 1 werth far Z
with ruined 1
agriculture and labor hel
KUtry Snh ° Pe 0aM t0 l
b din iorBns wt her Justice shall
ntv Vlttf vo SMnted to
MTU by an < JSibM
carabines shall leave us even graves The
cradles and coffins aro claimed as trust
properties now
Among all the combines tho money one
is worst So long ns thero Is a question
among us It will bo tho silver question
with Its concomitants Wo aro attacked
pn many sides but ho demand that wo
surrender our rights to say what shall ho
money Is most dnngerous of all It Is
demanding that tho constitution forbids
us to grant BlU
Ilrtltcy nml Chilton
To the Editor of Tee Post
Palestine Texas Msy IS It Is two full
jears bofore the successor to Senator
Chilton takoi his seat It Is clghtcoa
months before the olectlon And yet tho
senatorial succession Is a subject ot moro
than passing Interest acd Is bolng talked
about with as much vim and with as many
premonitory symptoms of oxcitcment ns tho sub6Cfuont atru
the great HoggClark campaign of 1832 flnay brought a jN
Now as then the professional pclitlcinns Jnt0 a bond
are all at soa They have their ears to mmlB 7 J 1
the ground and their oyes on tho vvcatbor rcncr wl como °
vane listening for the first rumble of
carthqtiako or tho first rustle ot tho cy
The malignant criticism of Balloys San
Jacinto day speech nt Houston Is not
without Its purpose It may or may not
to significant that tho bitterest epithets
ecmo fiom a politicofarming paper at
Dallas which Is the personal and polltlnl
organ of James S Hogg And most of
tbe antlBnlley talk has como fiom the
men who nro known to stand close to the
former governor of Texas now a prac
ticing lawyer nt Austin
It Is probably a mero coincidence thnt
many of Chiltons most ar dent advocates
nt this stage of tho gamo are Identified 111
somo way or other with the corporatloni
for which tho former governor of Toas is
supposed to speak or with vvhlcn ho is
believed to have some Influence But tuts
Is outside tho question Tho attorney of
oftlto has the undoubted privilege of en
listing any manner of man and a cor
poration man tomes in line with tbe > c3t
at nil That Is the policy to bo pursued
by this government regarding tho terri
tory In this hemisphere which formerly
belcnged to Spain Chlltou favors tho
acquisition of Cuba and Porto Rico Bai
lor is unalterably opposed to tho annexa
tion of another foot ot territory to tho
soli of the United States They have not
changed a particle from the positions
Ukon by them at tho Galveston convention
a year ago
During the past sixty days I have been
through tho counties of Dallas Tarrant
Kaufman Van Zandt Gregg Chorokeo
Anderson Harris Grimes Limestone
Navarro Collin Grayson Fannin Hunt
Denton Cooke Bastrop Colorado Fay
ette Hill Ellis McLennan Upshur and
Panola Business has brought me lu con
tact with classes of people principally
farmers and those engaged In tho handling
1 of farm products I have talked to the
people and tho result of tho Investigation
convinces rao that if tho election wero to
occur tomorrow Chilton would be hope
letsly beaten Baileys hold upon the
popular mind Is something wonderful in
explicable Idolatrous Tho very faults of
tho man his liasclblllty his fads and fel
bles of Ires nnd manner his stubborn
hut to make Mm tbo stronger with tho
masses for they humanlzo what might
otherwise bo far too cold und far too re
served a man for successful political bat
tles It may bo truthfully said that Bali
leys weaknesses aro hit creatcst yourco
ot popular strength His intellectual at
mosphere la rather ley ai all purely in
tellectual ntmospheM must be No man
can bring passion and sentiment to tho
settlement ot a great economic or political
question If tho Issue is to bo EoUlcU
rightly Hence It I3 that whllo Ballsy tog
floquently differs from his party asso
elates ho bus never l03t his popularity
and nover will His breadth aud height
and reach of wisdom make him easily tho
first of Toxnns In public llfo At no great
dlstanco comes Senator Culberson The
othois are among tire also rans
Personally Chilton Ii a charming man
onct you know him but It takes quite n
wbllo to thaw him out Ho is reserved
dignified unobtrusive Ho has nono ot
Baileys graces of oratory being rathor
heavy and pedantic In his Btylc and do
llvcry Ho Is slow and dollbcrnto In his
mental processes avoids publicity ilkcs
tho quiet air of the study rather than tho
rolfo and excitement of the hustings In
nil thlnps the very antithesis of I1I3 bril
liant competitor Chilton dislikes a flgh
will go a long way to avoid oito but ones
being In ho fights to the death Bailey < >
tbft battlcsfx kind always at homo and
1 tippy In turmoil Chilton the diplomat
who prefers peace and peaceful methods
but who vhon pushed to tho wall gives
battle right royally Bailey Is Nona
Chilton Is more of tho Teutonic than any
thing eke
The fight Is going to be n warm one the
hotter tho bettor for Bailey It la going
to be so thorougrly prosecuted that n man
can not sit on the fence and watch tha
fun In certain contingencies not very
J emote it may be as peieonal as was tho
Klest contest cf IS For Instance a
Joint debate between Bailey nnd Hogg
tho battleav nnd the bludgeon of Texas
polities will be worth losing a nights
fleep to hear And It will require powerful
pressure to keep tho former governor out
of tho ring or to restrain his tonguo after
ho gets In
Ualley H going Into tho legislature witb
all the great North Texas counties bchiml
hint Ills cwn district composed of tho
cjuntles of Cooke Donton Grayson Jdl
1 u and Fannin is solid for him The
tier of outlying counties Dallas Hun <
Tarrant Lamar nn d Kaufman nro lea
stinabh star to Baileys friends say hud
1 huvo not heard tho statement disputed
In tho counties themselves Mlddl Toxns
South Texas and the portion oftho Stnto
west of tho Sinta Fo lailrnad will deeltlu
tho contest Chilton Is nlmost suro to
have Lest Toxas bocauso East ToxnH al
wavs Jiangs together for on East Texas
Bolleyi friends confidently predict a
walkover Thoy are everywhoro Jubilant
tS ntyu they aro everywhere
worknglilnht and day In crder so they
tay to mako hla majority In tho legist
turo greater than that of any man who
nntt opposition They nro prepared for
war and It can nnt come any too scon for
them The Bltuathin Is growing decldsclly
Interesting a f it
The fiiuan nMfniiHtoiiia Cioivlli
FUtunln Argus
The company has been formed and stock
subscribed for a lariro fuyilturn factory
In ouHtoti It this enterprising spirit
of the business men thnt Is causing Hous
ton this phenomenal growth
Ileal Nevtuimiirr In Tiiin
t airfield Recorder
Tjhe Houston Post la fully demonstrating
the fact that It Is the best newspaper In
iuue and should receive their support
History of the America
Prof A C MeUUttih
been published by D AptJJV
pany Is th6 first Tlf
tloth Century Series JJjL
this book Is to trace the Zi
National development to svj
American people catne fc > Y M
are Theso main
outline s
stiugglo of the nations of 2
ropo for possession ot th
tho foundation and growth of jS
onlcs tho development
of tvojC
tho difficulties and dloMeJT
federato period the adeptin J
stltutlon of tho United SutJ7
to maintain National
political surroundings m qt jjpj
dutlos that devolve upon tla
rcasoit especial
attention tav
to political facte to the ris Jj
to the Issues Involved In dettj
development ot governments
and In goncral to quesjlocs
ment nnd administration
feature and especially the mipft
eclvod tho most careful atteatlcX
accurate truthful and illujtrillfM
+ + + M
A work ot great value is jsffl
Central Asia bv John L
This book is tho result of t gfa
the sections namod during 11 fejL
autumn of last year It coasjsltf
of letters written by him wgjj
man for any office because ho had jotne
corporation support A man running for
Russia tho author undertoorjitS
for tho purposo of studying tails
at short range and owing to ej
privileges granted him the reSiSV
° Tho great issue ot the contest Is 2
On tho question of tho tariff Ualley and ceedingly valuable His letters 11
Chilton think alike On the question ofitrated by many views taken by fi
ellvor thero Is not the slightest divergence making hla tour Th ° vlewMA
of opinion On the paramount qucstioi V
one i clear idea of the great regions
the suppression ot trusts they nro as
nil 1 U iU do nvput Mr Boovvatcrs work lm published
Thero is ono polit whoro they not agroo
sclt at Springfield Ohio ItiJifj
on excellent paper and isjur
bound M
A very Interesting addition teApp
Library of Useful Stories1
Story ot tho British Race bj Jotfy
This little work throws a neviall
lng light on the real nature oltMf
people It gives the views ot a
nnthropologists upon tho rscei vi
habitato tho British Islands ut It
scmo errors regarding the origin ui
grco ot tbe nation which hat laltcit
and literature tor ages i3
+ + + J
Tho negro question which ll el
moro seriousness to this couDtrrt
generally appreciated will be hg
J L M Curry In the June leaHe
pletons Popular Science manlUj
Curry late minister to Spain Mil
rector of both tho Peabody inttte
ness his tenacity of conviction even when educational funds has bad except
opposed by 1 majority of his party 3tom portunltles for studying the aer
South and his conclusions arectti
valuo on this account
+ + + Vf
Besides tho usual department tt
articles In the May number oMlj
man aro Tho Opera Season of 11
by Esther Slngloton sonuvjW
Charles Lamb not previously
thcconcluslon of a paper on Efota
and poem by Percy AdamsHote
called Tho Bridgo Bttllder l
very good In tho Kipling manoer
bustlous asacrtlvcness >
In tho early fall a volunte rf
Romances by Albert White
be published Mr Vorse wiiy
ot Lieutenant Pearys espedltloy
which reached about the same J
thnt attained by tbo second Orinae
dltion under Ellsha Kane In im
Vorso assisted Prof Hellpran i >
tho changes now found oa tho
of Greenland
+ + + m
Modesty Courtship
Rights Is tho title of s JW
speaking brochure fiom the fttj
Brooup published by tbe H > F
It W
Book company of
painted truths and deprecates
prudlshness as to known evils
+ + +
Pursued y tho Law Is
quite an Interesting and rcown
by J Maclaren Cobban It J
plot with certain most uneipet
velopments Tbe plot hinge up
cldontal death of a drunken W
son accuses himself of tba
whom M
to save his mother
tor ner
indirectly responsible
death 1
A Valooblo hftS j
Denlson Herald J
With as fine corn V
looklnc llko a lourtlmo
derby wheat coming along f
up and tho reduced acreage
North Texas seems to have a
ot diversification of crops s
prosperity North J2
learning tho lesson mJJa30t
and pk
their wheat oats corn m
than tbey can buy them
frelBht on thom and tho > j
to bo a valuable one
Homo Coo1 3I0
Columbu > <
Colorado Cimen <
In Houston tho ladles are a v
mont for a public parK i j
havo the aid of The T fi
tho city council has M7 ft
lot In tho business
library Theso are w a 2i
that everybody B A
to show
glo thought Of tho pursuit JI
mlchtv dollar
St U
Jlil c n
Schulonbttrg Sticker
Tho Sticker Is not f rh aiit
hut Is willing to begin ft6 where
lots have a creamerytne
here IN
uHxd Tiling to P <
Ytfakum Times
tt Is hard to wbttti 0Ut SJW
K > s or
cr a out

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