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Delivered to a GoodSized Audience at the
Opera House
And Telia of tho Hnriliililiiit Entnllril
Upon tho Laboring Men hy the
Combination < i Cnpltnl
Tho opera house was well Oiled yester
day nttornoon to hear tho lecture of Eu
gene V Dobs tho great labor leader and
his utterances were cheered to tho echo
The houso was not In a very Inviting
condition for an audience It having been
badly drenched tho night before during
tho fire and It was conBeouontly damp nnd
disagreeable and tho falltug walls from
time to time across the alleyway where
tbey were feolnc nulled down as a matter
of safety caused two or thrco startling
olarms that Interrupted the lecture
In his address which lasted about nn
hour and thirty minutes Mr Debs com
menced with Tirlmltlvo time and quoted
Jotforson as saying that no government
should be either extremely rich or ex
tremely poor There should be social
equality but neither class nor casto In
thoso early days the working man io
colved adequate romneusatlon on exactly
what he produced AVork was then dono
with primitive tools Thoy cost but n tow
dollars and every laborer could easily
eocnre hU own tools Implements of occu
pation from the surplus from his labor
Tho American laborer was thon nn Inde
pendent man Then oamo tho Invention
ot labor saving mnrltlnory and began tho
great class struggle when the little shops
cxnuadod Into vast factories
In tho early history of the Republic
to which he referred there was not i sin
gle millionaire nor a single tramp Tho
millionaires had como later and tho word
tramp had been coined to ropresent hla
antithesis tho most deplorable and mal
nnoholy llguie in Ui ontlro horoscope of
human noeletv a rebuke to our much
vaunted Christian civilization As ocono
vnio machinery Increased so Die army of
unemployed labor Increased As the ma
chines sunorsodlin human labor became
more perfect competition Increased and
wages decrcniod
lie referred to tho difficulties of secur
ing employment under existing condition
No man could appreciate tbeso dlfllrultlea
unless he bad been a stranger In u strange
land looking for work going from door to
door begging for permission to earn
enough to keep his family from starvation
Under present conditions It was nlmost re
garded as a rrlme to ho poor and the
man poorlv dressed Is discriminated
ngalust and tabooed by society no matter
how respcetablo he may bu Ho Is a
social outcaRt because his olotbos nro
shabby If you nro not well dressed In
thoso days sorluty Is against you but
Many a man who Is poor in money is rich
In principle A poor girl sleuls a rich
girl Is slmiilv the victim of kleptomania
Tho sDoakor told how Christ was tho
frlcud ot the poor and roclted the story of
tho Magdalen
This country ho said was a vast bat
tlefield with tho rich nrrayad against the
poor tho strong acalnst thn weak nnd yet
they refer to tho present situation as the
eurvlvnl of tho fittest There Is ovnn a
struggle of the laboring classes among
themselves dcsulto the Ulbllcal Injunction
that wo should lovo our neighbor as wo
lovo ourselves Tho utesont day rule of
business Is might against right cunning
agalnt l connivance Laboring nwn are
continually seeking to deprive oach other
f employment
Ho referred to John D Rockefeller ni
a man who had It In his power to fix the
price of products and regulate the scale
of wages Ho keeps labor In subjugation
He absolutely controls ono of the chief
necessities ot life
Up to the tlmo machines made their
ndvent It n comparatively easy for
every man to earn a living Tho child of
the laboring man today feeds tho machtno
and tho machines starves tho child Tho
raachlno was tho first enemy to tho
working man by getting Into the hands
of capitalistic corporations who used them
to reduce tho wnces of laborers The ma
chine had even Invaded tho nrlntlng of
fices and were now doing work that It was
thought could only bo done by baud and
Edison says that within twenty years all
tho work ot tho world will he dono hy
There was a time when ono man by hand
tnado an ontlro pair shoes and ho knew
exactly what tho orollt ot his labor
would he Now shoes nro made In facto
rlcs nnd a pair of shoes before It Is com
pleted passes through seventytwo hands
nnd tho profit that formerly went to ne
man must be divided no Into seventvtwo
Under the present system our women
and children arc driven Into factories and
bomos are broken up because It requires
tho combined labor of an entire family to
support tho household Homes are now
but adluncts to fartorlci Men will Insist
that the agitation of the labor question
Is senseless That all men arc equal and
tho cquntrv Is a free one for men to do as
they Please This all sounds very pretty
but at the same time our children are be
coming mere coes in the wheels of In
dustry Our children get tho munificent
wage of 9 cents per dav In the cotton mills
of the South and 8 conta Dor day In furni
ture factories making cane bottoms for
chairs while men working in coal mines
Ket 60 cents ver dav
The jsneakcr referred fo Mm rapid
growth of trusts tbirtvnve having been
formed during the past month and you
cant break up those trusts by any statu
tory enactments Tbey arc tho natural
crowth of the present competition system
Dut these trusts will eventually be ab
sorbed hi the people and we will then pass
from capitalism to socialism The force
of present economic conditions will bring
about a condition of socialism Rockefel
ler Is dolns more to advance the cause
of toclallsm than all the socialists com
hlnod Competition Is bolng absolutely
destroyed In the concentration ot trusts
The middle classes onco referred to as the
great bulwark of this country are being
crushed and are pissing away Small
business concerns are being absorbed by
the trusts The recent formation of the
tobacco trust recently threw 2000 travel
ing men out of employment That trust
Hke all others fixes the nrleo they pay for
tho jaw material as well as the price at
which thov sell their finished product
Pursuing the subject ho pointed out how
tha nyotern was being gradually extended
Into new fields The operation of the
farra mortgage ln eliminating the small
farmer was doscrlbod Next ho showed
Itovthe department ntoro was absorbln
ihi business ot tho small shopkeeper He
tfcea described the dishonesty among busi
ness men superinduced by the syatem
iowlj how chpjrtlw had become oppar
tWly in jfsentlal oart of business He
Um > paw to the sublect ot cooperation
i red tbaL soolallsn was spreading
tWEfc world He nuoted figures to
S Wfi pt of K > cRm n liferent
J7rwiJv no plvuWton In the proper
JJtfM of tb wor hetfeoJsrf nt thU
J < ia
msmm M
f z fw
thecompetitive system upon tho lives otol Neumanu Krlodlnnder who died at
tho men who grow rich under Its opera Soguln Saturday and tho remains shipped
tlon I here for burial
Referring to Pullman he said no man Tho report of Adjutnnt Kali of his trip
no matter how great could transgress a to tho Union Confederate Veterans ro
moral law and avoid tho consequences lunl u at Charleston was read and adopted
Ho described tho death sceno of the I and Is as follows
great multimillionaire and the visions It j Comrades of Dick Dowling ramp
mlfihl have brought with evident ntYet 0iir
upon thu audience
Ho closed with another nppenl for tho
co operatlvo commonwealth and Industrial
freedom and was cheered heartily ns ho
loft tho stage
f TT
For twentytwo years Eugono V Debs
has been a worker and a leader In tho labor
movement but It Is since ho lod tho
worlds grentcst strike and went to prison
ralher than obey tho order of u court that
he has been well known to tho general
public Mr Dehs was born In Terro
Haute Ind In tho autumn of 1S55 nnd at
the ags of lb years began his work ns a
railway employe In tho Vandalla car shops
Suuu after he obtained a pasilloil As lire
man on tv freight engine In which capacity
he served same years and soon attracted
attention In tho councils of thn Ilrotber
hood of Locomotive Fireman ot which he
had become a member He was 32 years
old when that organisation made him
camp has reason to be proud of the
honor shown Its sponsor Miss Marcetto
Delgndo Conveyances were at n high pre
mium but Cotnrado lleavons and myself
secured one at tho last moment I pre
sume she wns tho only camp spousor who
had nn Invitation to ride In tho procession
with tho State sponsors General Gordon
from tho platform called out to her In the
great audience of thousands to como for
ward with her maids of honor and be In
trnduccd as was the State rponsors Un
fortunately she was not present Comrndo
Carey and his most estimable wife showed
her much attention taking her on ex
cursions with them If Miss Dolgado as
pinsor uf Dick Dowling camp didnt re
ceive much honor and wasnt tho re
elpicnt of much attention ns such then 1
fell to bo a Judgo of such matters The
camp has reason to bo proud of ihelr little
sponsor as she reflected great credit upon
the position
To Major and Mrs Jack Harby the
camps as well as States delegation have
much to bo grateful for They proved
editor of Its msgailne nnd from that day j emselvcs our friends entertaining us
forward ho hat been a Jhjjider He was I ro > lly Indeed Charleston has cause for
afterwards mado secretary nnd treasurer j fJlclng at the acquisition of such people
< the organisation and saw It grow to
National proportions
In IS92 Mi Debs founded the American
Jtnllwny union which was the first or
ganization In the railway world to admit
to membership every employe from the
section man and engine wiper to tho con
ductor and engineer Its central Idea
was complete nnd universal organization
Under bis guiding hand it speedily reachod
colossal proportions Its first great strike
was called on the Orent Northern railway
Tho rend was successfully tied up from
St Taul to the Paclllc ocean and tho
comnsny forced to restore tho wages of all
as Major and Mrs Harby as citizens nnd
Houstons loss Is Charlestons gain May
their shadows never grow less
All In all the reunion nt Charleston
was a glorious and complete succsss and
can never be excelled by any other city
They are evidently of a refined hospi
table chivalrous Southern stock
There was not much necessity for dele
gates at that reunion as the votes were
taken by States nnd not by camps
Our delegates were composed of solid
that was considered dabgcroUB vas pulled
down by tho fire boya with ropes
Thero has been no explanation as to
bow tho fire originated nor Just exactly
Where It started Of course thero are many
conjocturcs nnd some rumors that may
load to nn Investigation but nothing defl
nlto Is known and tho Incident may go
down tho annals ot time as a mystery
Why there was no water pressure Sat
urday night when there were thousands
of dollars worth of property being destroy
ed Is ntso another matter that will proba
bly bo Investigated
In glvlug a list of thoso who suffered
loss In tho lire tho names of Moulder
Gregg worn Included This however was
an error ns the firm had moved out of
tho building tho day beforo the tiro and
thus oscaped loss
Sweeney and Coombs opera houso was
slightly damaged by water The plastering
on tho Interior was so badly soaked that
some of It fell yestordny afternoon during
tho Debs lecture and Manager Bergman
says that all of It will havo to bo re
Owing to tho fact that none of tho in
surance offices wero open yesterday the
details of tho Insurance could not bo as
Capt O C Drew cashlor of tho Planters
and Mochanlcji bank says tho building
thinks the total lusurnncn on the build
lng was about 50000 placed with several
different agonts
There will be a meeting of the Houston
Ileal Estate association this afternoon at 3JO
oclock at tbc rooms of the Business League
The Injunction cases against tho Amtrlian
and Mngnolla breweries and ilrewers union
No Ill will be called In Judge Tods court
Among the many diversions that attracted
people out of the city yesterday was tho Joint
Jewish picnic between Houston and Galves
ton at Dickinson It was a very enjoyable
The city council will meet this afternoon
In regular session when the board of public
works will likely report upon the bids for
way case out of the way than the lullman P4 oar stnrs and bars upon the capital developing circle every Thursday night at
strike claimed attentlon the details nnd i < > PhilipH Hall Adjutant 1 8 oclock at Mrs Phefos ball cornerTra
results of which pre stilt fresh In the
memory of the people In the Pullman
matter Dobs offered to submit the ques
tion to arbitration and meeting with an
emphatic refusal ordered the members
ot the union to handle no Pullman cars
The battlo was on and within two days
scarcely car ot any description wns mov
ing between tho Mississippi valley nnd
lho Pacific coast Within a short time the
commerce of tho Nation was practically
paralyzed An appeal was finally taken
to the courts Debs refused to obey tho
courts decree preferring to so to Jail
for contempt
Mr Debs was the Orst leader In the
labor movement In America to offer his
liberty as a protest against the rule of
corporations His remarkable ability as
an orator has made hlra the natural cham
pion of the masses agslnit tho classes and
his unfaltering mbvement marks him as
the man destined to lead the struggling
> +
m > iSs > > lv > > f
Tho camp then adjourned
AlintlMI Tim 1UUNS SlXIlAY
Crondn of IVojile OiUljrretl < o View
the lcl > rl
Yesterday great crowds of people lined
the sidewalk opposite the ruins of the
buildings which wero destroyed by fire
Saturday night on Main street Some ot
them wore spectators through curiosity
others because they could find nothing
more entertaining than to stand for hours
viewing a mass of debris and n few be
cause they wore Interested In the prop
erty which was destroyed The fire de
partment had a stream ot water for sev
C 3fi v ir + >
vls and Rusk Next Sunday Mr John W
Ring will occupy tho rostrum
Every week will lenyc the TexasColorlo
Chautauqua grounds for points of Interest
In the mountains
At the TexasColorado Chautauqua will bo
organized and arrangements made so that
a sufficient number of thoeo patient sure
tooted animals will bo available at any
It Is proposed this year to enlarge the
scopo of the TexasColorado Chautauqua
Etp clal attention will be given to the de
fiii on the wall that were left pariruent ot Ulbllcal literature outdoor
MandlCB to soften them so that they could lectures on nature and tho womans de
be easily torn down That portion of them partment
point He said ho had no sympathy with
war Hh was cheered heortlly nt this
point ns he referral sarcastically to tho
conquest of foreign territory as a market
for the products of American Industry
Among other thlUKS he said that in a short
time Cuba would become n plutocratic
Plantation ami that Its peonlo would bo
rodiired to Industrial servitude and have
no llbertv Ho thou went further Into tht
sublect of sndallsm which ho represented
us the natural senuenrn of tho prtsent
course ot events Socialism ho said was
spreading In exaot proportion to the edu
railoii of tho people lroceodlng he pro
dieted n neacomhle revolution by which
the people would vote In tho cooperative
Replying to tho objection that socialism
wob not ailHptort to A rlciin soil in this
country where everybody has the chaico
to become president he gold there worn
too many men who would their
chanco for u good square meal After
other remarks ho desrrlbod tho condition
of tho coal minors as Hn Illustration of tho
results of tho present Industrial system
Hero he apostrophised labor nnd appealed
to worklngmeii to enlist in tho now cru
sade Organization nnd education wore
pointed out as the sure moans ot emanci
pation from lndustilal serfdom
Among other things ho said change
every labor assembly into a school a col
lege Mo dwelt upon the necessity for tho
unllkntlon of tho forces of labor Continu
ing ho said ho would unify tho woi king
men and appeal to all men to unite in tho
movement for eooperntivo organization
In conclusion he referred among other
things to government ownership of tho
telegraph Streets parks and pnbllo
schools woro refYrrod to ns Illustrations
of tho oporatlon of the principle ho was
Again he deelnrod while tho audience
cheered that tho cooperative system was
coming Bliliur this he sntd or tho
further resolution of all tho trusts In ono
groat trust Ho was ehoered again when
millions to tho final act In tho great social
drama In which the civilized world is the
a minor iim
Arijourn to Attend tin llurlnl ot n
Cnnirinlo AVIio Died lit
The attendance at tho meeting of Dick
Dow ling camp yesterday afternoon was
gcod Commanders Drew nml Adjutant
Knll were tho presiding officers
An application tor memhorahop by
M Sims was ballotted upon nnd tho appll
cant eloctod a member of tho camp
The following communication was read
and tho desired Information ordered to
1m given
Commamlcr Dick Dowllng Camp Houston
Dallas Texas May 1 IBM Dear Sir
I am writing for my comrades of Sterling
Price camp hero a monograph of the battlo
uf Sablna Pass I lack some Information
which you will greatly favor mo by fur
Did tho Confederate congress voto a
medal In fowling
Was ho ordered to retreat from tho fort
and did ho submit the order to a vote of
his men and thoy voted to fight
Did Houston and Galveston give Dawl
liigs daughter a diamond Jewel In com
meinurotlon ot her fathers victory
Is there any survivor of this tight In
or can I get tho address of one
in snjlng that ho might becoino u wngol llvnK anywhere
slave he declared It whs doubtful whether JC > 01r camp possess any special doc
any corporutlon in tho United States would
employ htm
Jlo then described the processes by
which the people were kept In subjection
to the present system
Ho rufeiied to the disastrous effects ot
umeuts upon tho subject
James I Simpson
Of Camp Storllng Price
A motion wns mado and seconded which
carried to adjourn and attend the funeral
It Is Practically a Failure as Shown by
Many Reports
The Cold Vmther In the SitrlnK Old
the DuniPKcSInny Orcliards Will
lroducc Vntlilnu
Bltton Bell County Texas May 20
Tho peach crop throughout the county Is
practically a failure while some trees arc
qulto full of fruit and others havo none
at nil There will bo nono for market
Pcndletonvlllo Ilell County Texas May
ID The peach crop Is a complete failure
dn this section
Holland Bell County Texas May 18
owned by thobank was fully Insured nnd I havo taken particular pains to mid out
the condition as it Is at present Thero
Is not an orchard In all this country that
has any poaches apricots or plums All
the peaches aro on what Is known as
seedlings or natives no grafted fruit at
Troy Doll County Texas May 18 The
most carefully and close inquiry obtainable
in regard to the peach crop Is that thero Is
only about a ouelourth crop Tho late
freeze in April did the damage Wo havo
young orchards that havo about all tho
crop tnero Is the old trees nro dying out
and thoso that aro living have none on
tJalndo Hell County Texas May 19 la
high localities around Salado peaches will
raving Montgomery nvenue nnd Congie l ° about thrcofourtha of a crop i on pral
avenue I rio and low lands less than half a crop
Members ot tho Sacngerbund and their Kno weather for cleaning crop3 which
friends and Invited guests had a most enjoyn nro very promising at this time Keaplug
bl time yesterday at their summorfest held i will commenco In some of tho nure for
at the beautiful suburban home of their presl1 ward wheat next week Farmers aro guess
dent Mr Oils Hauler
UR lao yMil a lho rora 01 hl w
The Young Woman s Christian Temperance I twenty bushels
Union will meet at the chapel of tho Chrisi ui
tlsu church this afternoon at 4 oclock The umlro lm8
membsrs are nil urgently requested to at
The Monday evening High Five club will be
entertained this week on Wednesday evening
Instead of Mondny by Mrs f A Mlstrot and
Mls Luln Ilrjan at the resldeuco of Mrs
MI ttot
Hev r K Smith colored who for seeral
weeks held forth In the old flute warehouse
mi Franklin aR The Prophet will return
fiore nalvcstoq today nnd again resume the
holding of services nt that plare
Quartermaster Sergeant Krauerunas U S
army stationed at Camp Ilawley Onlvps
ton passed through Houston last night en
route to Snn Antonio having In charge Frank
V Hehtniann who wns wanted foi desertion
from that placo This Is the second time
Hehtniann has deserted from the army
Miss nthel Tucker leading lady of tho
Auditorium stock compiny and Mr Eddie
Morton and Mr Cnro Miller have arrival la
tle city Tho rest of tho company will ar
rive todny nchoarsah will begin Tuesday
morDlng nt 1030 All of thoso people nro
metropolitan artists direct from the Hopkins
Dr Jnrrell will continue to preach every
Ulght this week at S oelock Thero was an
unusunlly large congregation present last
night and tho sermon was one of great
power showing that men ure saved purely
by Oods mercy not by deeds of law or good
work All pewms who etijo plain forceful
gospel preaching arc delighted with Dr Jar
iells preaching
riHM > Nu MKvno x
Mr T W Hobcrts of finlvcston Is quar
tered nt the llrlstol
I L Mendelssohn of Cincinnati has apart
ments nt tho llrlstol
Dr Dd L wotts connected with the state
medical collego nt Qnlveston was In Hous
ton yesterday
Messrs Charles Gould C P Dawson tlto
L Howell Chlrago conipoi < e u trio quar
tered nt the llrlstol
Mrs II Levy formerly pioprlctress of ttie
Levy hotel Jewett Joined Mr I svy l 6t
night at the Hrlatol
Mesdnmcs W L Fitzgerald and V J
Cheesborough returned to tho city last night
mid are quartered nt the Bristol
Mnrfc L Goodwin ono of tho clerks nf the
senate wns In tho rlty yesterday mingling
with some of hi Houston frleud
C G MeMlllen exmayor and n hotel pro
prietor of Dayton Ohio now n popular
iailght or the grip Is stopping nt tho Bris
lions John T Browne and Norman tl
Ktltrill Harris county representatives In lho
legislature were In the Ity jesterday spend
lug Sunday with their Minutes
There are undelivered telegrams at tlm
Wcitern Lnlou telegraph office 117 Mnin
cttict lor Otto Nnumanii L II Hoicnflclil
P II Brown J W Spears and J C Hen
John Moonoy aged 67 years dlod yes
terday mornlug at St Josephs Infirmary at
6 oclock Tho remains will be removed
this morning nt 0 oclock from Ross
Wrights undertaking establishment to
tho Sacred Heart Catholic church corner
of San Jacinto nnd Ilerco streots whore
tho funeral services will be held The In
terment will be In Kvergrcen cemetery
The funeral of the remains of Neumanu
Frledlander who died Saturday morning
at Seguln took place yesterday afternoon
at I oclock from tho residence of his
brother 1hlllp Frledlander 1707 Com
merce avenue this cltv
Tyler County Irnnhcii
The Iost received a dozen very large
peaches hy express yesterday the follow
ing uoto accompanying them
Warren Tyler County Texas May IP
Flease find herewith ono dozen peaches
to show how early fruit can be grown In
Tyler eaunty where land Is considered of
almost no value as we havo no outlet for
fruit and vegetables Thes ware grown
on plno lands where the saw timber had
been cut off Very respectfully
J D Danks
NpliltuiillMlli Mcctlne
The Houston Spiritual soolety held Its
regular Sundav afternoon meeting at
Ilryan hall yesterday Mrs F E U Sbif
Houstonlans and were a credit to their I fer gave a very entertaining discourse on
cltj It Is Loulsvlles turn next and the ne sublect Four Revelations ot Deity
mo Is coming when noston wl 1 crave Confucius ot of India
China Oautamo
employe amounting In the aggregate to he honor of entertaining the old Con1 Mohammed of Arabln and Jesus of Naia
many thousands of dollars a month federate veterans 1 hope eer long that reth It was announced that all who
Scarcely was the Great Northern Rail wo will rendezvous at Washington and felt so Inclined wero Invited to attend the
oats can bo put dona as
part of tho county
Now Barton Howlo County Texas Mny
20 Peach crop very near n failure light
crop in some sections others none Ap
ples nnd pears and plums about half crop
Alto Cherokeo County Texas May IS
Tho peach crop In this part of Cherokeo
county Is n total failure
Rusk Cherokeo County Texas May IS
Fruit cropIs a total failure here there
will not be any fruit to ship at all peach
orchards of twentyilvo to fifty acres will
not havo any moro fruit than owners can
consume There will bp a few plums but
tho peaches except a few of tho earliest
varieties aro failures Thero is no fruit
crop cultivated hero oxcopt peaches Thero
aro ahout 1000 acrps or moro iu peaehos
within n fow miles of this place
Jacksonville Cherokee County Texas
May 18 The poach crop is very light
probably onteighth of a crop principally
In oarly varieties and seedlings no elbcrtaa
at all Thero will bo no carload shipments
this reason as nil the shipments will bo
small and go by oxpross tho entire crop
here will uot exceed Boon bushels With
a full crop this placo can ship 200 cars
Elkhart Anderson County Tcxns May
20 Tho peach crop Is a failure In this
part of tho country
LoI lail > Houston County Texas May
Is considered to bo better this
years tho late freeze didnt lujuro tho
peach crop The orchards in this county
aro not many In number but the yield will
bo good
llonderson Rusk County Texas May 19
7nnJr u c r > fcw vnrles of peahes sot
an fruit
> this season and these began
ng two weeks ago and It seems now that
thero will bo very fow for shipment This
Is a magnificent peach
country and con
siderable quantities aro shipped annually
Troupe Smith County May IS The
peach crop will be short In this section 7r
hlTl Ther J0 n 5rMt ln orchards
that havo no fruit nt I
Jffferson h0 Marlon County Texas May IS
Ce > > i aa
Is In store for the man who sends his
work to tho MODEL LAUNDRY the
most completo plant In the Statoo
Steam Cleaning and Dyeing 1011 PralJ
rlo Avenue a
vooacoocao < e ajaueoseooeo
By n SKILLED CClLIST nnd glasses ordered
peelnlly to nt vrur eyes DR E S HElSlll
O ullnt WiJii Main street Houstou See his
card on last pngo
rvniiucllit G A Leak UcKin
l ul Service
The series of meetings which wero an
1 f of this section is ul i pounced to begin yesterday at tho Central
Zti fniro fCr ih e b 1n 1 b t Chrltln cl b llt D Lonk
f k iou i a cc 1o fnto t SEl rc > J
tinned cold weather
Plums havo com
monced ripening though thero are so few
their preseure will scarcely be noticed
Crapotand Houston County Texas May
yoro commenced under very favorablo clr
cumstances Tho subject of tho morning
bcrmon was Tho Mission of tho Church
It was n masterly discussion of tho sub
Iv Tho peach crop hero Is nlmost an ec1 aai showed that tho great mission
entire failure owing to the freeze In Feb
ruary last Thero will be comparatively
no shipmonts from this place this season
Tho cantalopo crop at present Is very fu
arable Mr Nat Wetzel of St Louis his
agreed to tako thlrtv cirsloads from the lcct c aml roaled tfl0 Infidel and skeptic
Orapeland Fruit and Vegetable assoc a f 1 klnilnMa Ho said thero wero no ills
tlon Thoy aro calculating on about SG01 belller8 us u disbeliever was ono who
acre had examined all tho evldeueo and then
per should thoy turn out ns nrosnocts
now promise
Rlohmond Fort Rend Count Texas May
10 The peach crop in Fort ilcmicounlv
of tho church wan to savo souls
A largo audlonco assembled at tho even
ing scrvlco to hear Mr Leak on Why I
Am Not An Infidel Ho hnndlod his sub
1 ejected tho proposition No man has over
examined nil tho evldenco and rejected
Cnrlst While thero aro many honest and
lntcllBelt 8kcPlts hey aro misguided
than Tho bible goea hand and hand with true
sclonco and nowhero contradicts It God
has given us two books tho ono of rovela
tlon tho other ot nature Doth are true
and truth can not be contradictory Skep
ticism destroys the Individual socloty tho
school tho church and oven tho govern
ment It takes away but gives nothing In
Thoro will bo services every night this
week beginning nt S oclock and tho theme
for tho entire week will bo Tho Founda
tions of Our Faith soma phazo of which
will bo taken up each night
Colored OrRiuiizntlou ot <
Tho colored citizens who aro Interested
In tho celebration of their emancipation
day will hold 1 mass mooting tonight nt
P rch crop wl bo vor iiil Wats chapel to receive
> no reports of
VOr on < Mhil11 nt wop
If that
be sure and use that old and well tried
remedy Mrs Wlnslows Soothing Vyrup
for children teething It fDOtnes tho cfcl a
aliens he gums nlUy all pain curc
wmd collo and
is tl best remedy for
For a nlRht cap or
an eye opener Red
Ciofs Compound has no equal
mSmr th e nMl urorocr resorts In
America are sltttaud on the Southern rail
2S 1 5 sen 53nsl resort Ff circulars
f We
° schedulcs etc
please ad
dress J c Andrews S W P Agent
Hutchlns House Houston Texas
For Indigestion nothing equals Itel
Cross Compound
Th e mreh t free lunch
h served by
n a No 216 Main
between U30
a m and 130 p m can
not bo excelled In giving full satisfaction
If you want the best for your money Si
Packards Troy Laundry will give it ton
9h l1 t0 P a e are pleased at SI
Packards T
Troy Laundry
i Hn yl 3r0Jr Sundry has the repu
and holds It with the best of work
nJIV1 1 d r lnU BUfh cocktails etc
arc perfect
without Red Cross Compound
hJS I1r an on hll deposited 1000 In the
J1 J Pnet Co tho well known
I0 MlerR of this city which
t t the Red
K Cross Compound can
lOTa dnpepUt 0C ° r cur9 or
mlttces nnd select tho goddess of liberty
for the occasion
A Joint meeting of preachers and teach
ers will bo held this p m nt 330 with the
Ministers union at Wesley chapel African
Methodist Episcopal church
Tho colored Baptist Ministers conference
of this city will meet tomorrow n m nt
10 oclock nt the Mount Zlon church Sec
ond ward and execute the following pro
gramme after completion of routine busi
Sermon Hev C H Smith
Discussion Is foot wabhlng an ordi
nance If not why
What Baptists believe and practice
opened by Rev J P Parker
Organization of Womans union In con
nection with tho Ministers conference
AH In Item
Alvln Texas May 21 W E Davis
secretary of the Horticultural association
returned Wednesday from an extended trip
through South Texas
J T Prldmoro of Houston was In Alvln
on business Wednesday
ExMayor H L Barker nnd family left
this week for an extended trip to Kansas
H J 5 ron05 of Anglcton was In
tho city c
Saturday on business
Sid William MortliK nt McKlnney
McKlpney Texas Mny MDeacon Dock
Pegues of Dallas general missionary of
Texas Baptist Sunday school and colport
hJ hi bMn conducting n
lnw be Dapll8t cbrcl >
ihi nw
iSr Sck HlR tings were
n evP vif i whIfJ3v an8ellM 8W Williams
tomorrow h eRn8 ln tho Eame clur
iunnln choir nt llryiin
Bryan Texas May 21The vested ehol
o bt Pauls
Episcopal church of Navasot
Book for Weak Mel
Sc1m F reei closel > s HvJ
Marks to
Any Aan Who S
Restless Nights
Lost Memory
of youth who set up In the rooming without ambition whoso eyeirFM
to leave them For
memory falling whose vitality has begun such men un
It teaches how this strength 61
Is worth hundreds of dollnrs can be regained ik
use ot Electricity 10000 men havo thus ocrn cured Call or write for it tojJ
dr m a m Mclaughlin
not soLn in rmun stohes
A Childs
Mnv be ruined through UtiJ
fects ln eyesight cHirra 2
often called dull and
teachers nnd nnrents throuTh
fault of their own PerhiMic
with a defect In sight thr
that which they sec throuchitttl
ivcocs Mark any pecullimiMM
children may havo a boklar If
oWect nt a distance or atit t
bnulntlnc frownlnc
locklnt ill
wise with oartlalU clctcl
aro irdlcatlons ot cy tioob It
Better bo overcautious In Mrim t
childs eves cxamliel than to ill
too much rcsrortlbllltv luto >
own hands ExaintnitiOB tttt l
I L Lechenger
TheJeweler nnd Optician Store
a andlrnctory 4o Malnitteet
TelIphnne Number 103
Phone 37
Lime Cement Brick
Hnnimnrlft Are ocheP this senoa tt
S03 Alalii Street Houston Teut
borough Mario Lockclt Gladys Horlci
Iska Horlock Maud Drandum Ellis M
WIlllo Rolo Madlin Rowland Int He
lock Ethel Bridges Clara Jack Boijb
Hcarne Addlo Rollo and Messrt KU
Ashe Alglor Leon Lockctt Virgil Tr1
horough Clifford Brandum anl Aril
Worlc FroKirislns on the Teleplmi
Line to Inlcstlne
Hcarno Toxns Mny 21 DeputyCosW
Clerk Marion S Moscly carce do ta
Franklin this morning to spend Its tt
with friends
Messrs E n and J J McVuttialU
Ward wero passengers on tho He ras ul
Brazos Valley this morning
Rov Dr Dorsott of iistln h W service
this morning at St Philips church
After a weeks visit to friends and rtV
Uvea In Hempstead Mrs D V Himto
returned yesterday
Invltutlons havo been received u e W
tho Calvert Dancing club address v
soveral of tho young people requesa
thorn to attend a hop nt the new dtfia
In Calvert on May 30
Junction City camp No 123 floM1
of tho World Is In receipt ot an lew
Hon from tho camp at Rosebud
their presenco at a celebration to M
on Juno 6 A crowd of the WoodmM
likely attend from Hcarne
Work on tho long distance telepsoMia
to connect Palestino and Hearne 11 w
gressing rapidly and will be completM
Juno 1 If nothing tTsurs to cause dew
a aw
Crockett Texas May MStrayri
stolen on or nbout 2Sth day of Mirtv
1SDD ono black marc mule 7 >
no brand has sign of blind tooth P
nnd chain nround neck Will rJ i
Information leading to Its recovery t
dress nil Information to II N iJii
or Springs Texas or E U Hall St11
Houston County
Also Simerlor Iron Water TM p
Mountain Resort will be open Jn tCti
nuro cool and drv Water urr ai jw W >
live ororerUes Table unexcelled t
pamphlets etc write to SZtot
Proprietor Canon Springs
Summor Tours Lake Hlchg
THEiTir3TiP bwamKHS
IrlpS for iliarlevolx Ilarlier bpri pen
lVukrT MneMiine Ulan4 cocnectlal
HutTuto anil all Uaiteni Tolntl nrfSI
Tiiei t n m Tliiir rtiiiMt
Lake Michigan and LakeSupetiorTrantJ
OFFICE nnrks Ruth and N Wall Stst
In the Ozark nountaln
Alt Ncbo Veil County jr
> v
Sea Lc I
Icct Above j
= ooo
Well OqulppeJ Hotel l
Mineral Waters Music SMiles
Miles of Bicycle Roads Rates fLf J
blr Correspondence sollelt a Zin rjottr
Ark i
Tremont Hotew
Now rtattid and re furnishes I
Fgmltur and Carre t
came up > Bryan pday and asjlsed In the Elegant StlltCS Cat Be
music tonight at St h RBASONABW >
Andrew church Pol RATns ARO RBASONAB
jowing are th members of the chalet o > < in sr > rfi W A Eaiton T w uf
Ui Maut Yarborouib J 0nla yifij J V iC iTAG E KORSTPr p
tiuk < < < frvjr
t i 4 <

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