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S Are Assembled in lanie
fg jitMadlsonvillc
fiT Congressman t h ball
oMhCi > or
Tu August 10Tbe
rt Id Madison county every
V aai tMs ycar pr no
rul Tho reunion haa
i >
rltf > terd y and today With
Sv from thu anJ Bd
L Walker Leon
jtf Including d others Hon T H
jStntU dellTerlne an address
ifiiott audience in part as fol
Veterans Ladles and Gen
had tbo honor
Xhi rears ago I
association of
nz other thoughts then ex
lSSw l a change In the
it uwbt In our public Schools
pensions by Texas to
ihw o
Sate soldiers Incapacitated
ftlSwk and without mebns of
d tho
tb school histories allow taught
r should we
Kiwi histories which do
y JX to the Southern cause to
Jffieri and to Southern states
KltSthM that Question has been
JirHSltlatlve action There has
of tho Bchool
S la the hands
T m aHistory ot Our Couu
Kuibf Joint product of a na
Jffljsouri a native of Virginia nud
IrTlau A history divested ot
but one which
iidkail bitterness
WtntnP Why tho South tough
Sf Se Wl A history which ac
S tool Wth the results ot the war
Bitl parting admonition of Gen
iS of his once
b tho survivors
rwar to teach your children that
< sj country now but a history
idea sot conceal the fact that In
nr between tho States the South
tattt In defense of rights guarnn
bj tit constitution of the United
i k llttory which tells of tho su
asj efforts of a brave people who
tit coalier the constitution a cov
fill death and an acreement with
b Korthern fanatics charged but
tepact between tho States tho
priof which dissolved tho Union
ailed secession
a the subject of pensions for Con
6 soldiers I made this statement
toe at Austin Is now full and Texas
lis co provision for our Southern
Every ConfcJerate soldier dls
ij nnd5 sicKness or Infirmities of
tan oiling a living and without
Hi support should receive a pen
ul if ho doc3 not care to pull up
iiad go to the Confederate home he
Jterlren the money tho Stato owes
ul be permitted to spend the re
t years of his life among his own
Biting his home where ho saw
i llu by popular vote Texas has
cd her purpose to pension Confed
loiters la deserving cases and the
tan has passed a law carrying out
rvrill Thus today my friends
uj tool these old veterans fairly ln
toe ui say Texas is using ln her
ti histories which teach this gen
la that those who fought for South
ricti from 61 to C3 wero patriots
IttMi and Is making provision to
I kud sustain tho old soldiers not
Is E of charity but as a sacred duty
Ita been ictly said that tho threo
JWwris In the English language
KatM Homo and Heaven If called
UtsBe three other words as the
lost In our laHRuage my lips might
Water these Duty Service Sacri
IBasked when how and ln whom
jmt bad found their highest mid
latressfoa I should unhesitatingly
posa soldiers ot tho Southern
P7 Hoes not afford a parallel for
p Jy aad nearly unanimous re
P taea duty to country bado them
PJ Times annals contain no record
rwe as gallant patient and horols
j 1 In all tho ages the superb
Im jnd unselfish sacrifices of our
Isifer alrouB Southern soldiers
Cfeofthe South twine our
Sp ltn unwavering loyalty
tttnnIvors of the Lost Cause
Kws not lhelrs ln tho final
Svvi v j nendous and unequal
Vrbe7 waRed detracts not
m i irfi i now and abatcs nnught
imSLS belr unequalled
jMjsjua splendid courage
fallen upon Brandywlne
Bmston ai1 Camden In
K0 unnucceeded hy
S5 > Cow
pens and Yorktown
ie Harr Leo wou
3 Texas history
Greene and
3ltamM 1V thu strn nblt
< JL c bem a and f > ncrl
measure fur the
r f the 0eiVn l V5havobeon8lnr °
Writ i wr t0 meU
WagaJl way but with our Jh
Vrt I r l0 ihe land Hint hnrn
But AtT
U ariiiIMHraPea 8tu ttlU
r asked
ony 0I1B
We common
f ought tort t hM s
1 tor tho rlsllt
totes it a6 God
tt > ne H jl8
r Knanii Kmltcn Scuth
AwJMw ml n8k
1 ay m
provont tho Inauguration of Richard Coke
as governor ot Texas Then Vn giving
up the lone struggle for life hilow
toned whisper Let us navu peace uU
tercd with dying breath went forth to bo
greeted with sympathetic response in nil
tho land
mJ S0 11 0 cW W South lone full
measured Justice to those once conclderotl
our morta enemies Could jmcT a gen
erous people bo unfalthrm to those of their
° J hu old wno aV6 > > luelr 6cr
vice Not so our onlldrcn and their de
scendents will bo taught to rcVnte tbo
name of Jefferson Davis as a patriot noble
and true who well dtsjha ged Ms duty
In nil tho activities of life aud talmly
suffered himself to be mado a vicarious
sacrifice for tho South whsji tho light of
a nation went out and her peoples hopes
wcro dead
Whilo we concede tho greatness of Lin
coln we nro not and never will be obli
vious to tho fact tint in tho sphoro of
human activity Davis was create No
inoro gallant soldier ever Jrcw s vord from
ranked with greatness the oilm drnltv
and pathos of his farfv ll rddress to tto
senate Is Justly considered rlabtlc Ills
first messago to the Confederate ennfreca
wns pronounced by tbo Londan Tli cs the
ablest contribution nt literature which Lad
ever emanated from the Vestrn Heinl
Bphorc As chief executive ot tne Con
federacy tho stainless record by him mado
slloncos critlpism as readily ns he stilled
the charge of treason by demanding n trial
nt tho hands of tho authorities of tho
United States As a hlstorlnn his Rise
and Fall ot the Confederate States of
America will bo tho unanswerable de
fense of tho South throughout all the years
yet to come As a private citizen ho wai
a cavalier without fear and beyond re
For all tlmo those who come after us
will perpetuate his memory of that nearly
perfe t man Christian soldier and great
captain Hobert D Lee
Stonewall Jackson tho avalanche ot bat
tle Stuart tho Prince Rupert ot Southern
cavalrymen Albert Sidney Johnston that
beau Ideal o a soldier tho gallant Hamp
ton A P Hill Jacksons right arm the
dauntless Hood invincible Forrest fear
less Tom Green and numberless others
carved high upon the roll of famo name
to bo remembered whle patriotism sur
vives Tho famo of their mighty deeds
rests securely upon tho base that made
their greatness possible That base wns
the private soldiers of the Confederacy
who with ragged roglmeuts and bright
muskets oftlmes barefooted weary hun
gry and footsore yet with tho light of a
dauntless courage lu their eyes were ever
ready to march and stand and die without
The twentytwo hundred battles of tho
civil war speak with silent tongues moro
effective than trumpet blasts of their lm
perlshnblo renown
But wonderful as was their record In
war more wonderful still Is tho history
of their achievements in peace Tho war
over tho brave upholders ot their coun
trys cause returned to desolated homes
to face a terrible ordeal With broken
fortunes and sacrificed property tho waste
places of tho South wero to be bullded up
Tho sword of battle was to be battered
Into tho plowshare ot peace Tho prob
lem of reconstruction was to be faced and
Bolved They were to deal with tho mil
lions of erstwhile bondmen who unpre
paied for citizenship had been given the
They wero to suffer the losses to their
own devastated land and bear the bur
dons of taxation to pay tne debt Incurred
in their own subjugation How those who
had staked their all and lost on tho field
of battle who had apparently exhausted
every energy of which humanity was pos
sessed in that fearful struggle could suc
cessfully grapple with such added burdens
is Just cause for wonder
9Icctln ti of the City Council and or
the School Hoard
Temple Texas August 10 Tho city
council met ln regular session Tuesday
ovening aud transacted considerable busi
ness ns thero had been several previous
meetings missed A resolution was passed
granting tho board permission to sell tho
old high school property in tho Second
ward This was necessary to complete tho
deal for tbo building site for the new
First ward building tbo old fVcond ward
property being given in ixchango for tho
First ward site
The reports ot tho otficors and of tho
tiro chief wero read and filed
Tho mayor was mado iiurjna3ing agent
for tho firo department and the city sec
retary was instructed to notify tho chfct
ot tho department that reroafwr all pur
chases must go through the nuyris hands
Tbo question of tho pjisiuo of the mar
ket and opera house oonds which bad been
proposed by Messrs Noel Young 4 to
reducing tho interest from 7 to r > per cent
was brought up and tho secretary was In
structed to corrofpond with these gentle
men In reference to the nutter
ments ln regard to tho papers and tcstl
mony taken at tho Inquest over the bodies
ot tho threo Humphries Theso nro the
samo papers over which the Stato nnd do
fenso have been having so much conten
tion tho question being whether or not
tho defento had a right to know tho con
tents ot this particular lot of papers in
tho former hearing under Justice Avor
ictt tho justico decided that tho papers
wcro prlvato papers and that ho had no
authority to produco them Jjidge Lips
comb decided that he sitting as a Judge
and not a court does not have jurisdiction
or authority to make the district clerk
with whom the papers have been filed
produco them stating that ln hls opinion
ln a habeas corpus hearing tho Judgo doea
not hold authority over tho district clerk
and has no right to nsk him to produce any
Early this morning Sheriff Richardson
was notified that J It Patterson better
known as Jim Patterson v as waiting live
miles from town to surrender to the of
ficers Sheriff Richardson went after him
and placed him ln the Athens Jail Pat
terson was wanted for the alleged killing
of Constable Rhodes In Transccunr It was
Patterson that tho lynchers asked for
when they were searchlug tho Humphries
homes and tho supposed cause ot tno
lynching Patterson says that ho has not
been near tho Humphries homes In over
ono nnd a half jears that immediately af
ter the shooting of Rhodes ho left for the
Indian Territory that after the lynching
he came back and was at Dallas during
the Alexander trial says that whllo ho
was in Dallas he met and talked with a
man who said he would arrest him on
sight The sheriff has wired to Kaufman
for tho 200 reward
Mr Ham a witness said thnt he wa
working for IMr Gaddls ono of the pris
oners that tho morning after the lynch
ing when ho enmo to work Mr Gaddls said
to him that it was a bad affair and he
would rather people would think that
those in the upper country hail dono tho
work nnd that ho would say that his pas
ture gate had been torn down and for wit
ness to say that he heard horses going by
going north
Mr Berry the next witness In giving his
testimony s > ald that of those he knew all
had shaved off their mustaches nnd that
he had never remembered seeing any of
the prisoners clean shaven beforo On re
examination Mr Berry was asked It it was
not a fact that ho said that If thirty of
tho best citizens of the county would swear
that thq prisoners wore innocent ad that
If John Grecnhaw wero to say they wore
guilty thnt ho would believe It answered
I did not say It
Tho hearing will probably take all day
tomorrow and perhaps longer
Volunteer Gunril Will lie Inlelclj
IteoiKunlrcil If I llcllcvetl
Austin Texas August 10 It Is thought
at present that all the State volunteer
troops that intend to come ln under tho
State Health Officer Blunt has returned
rnYAs nnrrmis ox a jaust
The rcrsnmtel of the Party Whlen
Him Gone to Culnrmlo
Fort Worth Texas August 10 Some
forty or fifty members of tho Texas Stato
Press association gathered hero for au
excursion to Colorado over tho Fort Worth
nnd Denver Messrs Frnnk Vernon and
C G Myers acted as chapcrones on be
half of tho association Messrs Shllton
nnd Hull represented the Denver road
which had provided a splendid sleeper
for their accommodation
Mrs S Isadora Miner of the Dallas
News and one or two local newspaper men
weiu present to greet their friends aud
give them a hearty God apoed on their
outing Those going on the excursion worn
as follonb
H W Manson aud wife Success Uoclc
wall H D Calwell nud wife Signal
Gainesville Ashley Evans nnd wife 2 < ews
Drcuhum C I Biynton aud wife Tllues
Llano M L Dlxler and wife Katorprlse
Beaumont V W Grubbs and wife HVad
llght Greonville A Hireeman Graphic
Graudvlow Mrs W Nf Feury and daugh
ter Advocate Paris E O Lewis and
wife Tribune Forney Gnylo Talbot and
wife Courlor Sleldcll C W Taylor and
wite News Rogeie O W Hideout Star
Piano T U Lusk and wife NewsHerald
Italy F M McCalcb Monitor Pleasan
tou W J Bule Enterprise Wnxuhnchlc
Jim Tom Story Jr and wife Mineral
Wells Henry Ruse Jr nnd sister Eu
qUIicr Gonzales D Goeth Schnlonburg
Sticker Schulenburg B Roy Haijghton
and sister Leader Memphis Frank Gas
ton nnd sou News Granbury Bon O
Taber nnd wife Southern Home Dallas
J W Johnson TlmcoClarion Longview
Mrs It W Martin Messenger Gntes
vlllo J V Jolly Church and Homo Italy
Tom W Perkins and wife Gazette Mc
Klnney J P Chambless Dally Nowo
Ennls J W Warren Herald KUleou
Way Mack Jr Rustler Wyllo A M
Kennedy Moxla Miss Loullo Harrison
Budgot Childress T H Napier and wife
Wideawake WInsboro E J Parker Ad
vocate Alien Perry Hawkins Journal
Taylor J M Kennedyy nud wife Demo
crat Mnrlln E G Myero Tribune Aus
Secretary Vernon could not accompany
tho party on nccount of tbo serious Ill
ness of his wife but ho went up tho Den
ver until he could meet a southbound train
ln order to seo thnt everything w4is stnrt
ed off right Several accosslonc to tho
party wero expected at Clarendon whero
tho Northwest Texas Press association is
lu session
day at Colorado Springs ono day at Don
ver two days at Boulder back to DonvorJ
trip to Georgetown around tho Loop Sev
eral side trips as a party have boon
planned and Individual members will take
such trips ao they deslro and linger longer
after the main party returns if they wish
Manltou and Plltos Peak will drnw many
of them for longer or shorter visits nlso
ItnllronA Proponltlon to Tamper
Jasper Texas August 10 J H Klrby
president and J F Wocd chief engineer
arrived yesterday and met tho citizens of
the town last night at which ho submitted
reorganization ot the Texas troops will n proposition to build the Gulf Beaumont
havo their muster rolls ln by tho mlddlo ami Northern Into town in a short time
of September It Is n case of first come A committee of citizens was appointed to I
first served In tho matter of equipping the tnl0 tho matter up and answer Mr Kirby
In a few days Wo now fool assured of
and the various that In
troops companies h th b ohristraM
tend reorganizing should bear this fact B KelIey pr0prelor 0f tho Dcnumont
in mind If the full quota of
companies joura3 pent a fow days here this week
Is Becurcd within a month or so moro looklnc nthe country
favorable legislation may bo possible forsherfffStoneT summoning the Juries
the guard in tho matter of appropriations I for dJstrIct court which will convene en
The has
etc adjutant general ovorythlng th flrBt iloaiay itl September
to equip tho
ready no fast as
they send in their muster rolls
A Fntnl Gin Accident
Caldwell Texas August 9 Yesterday
evening at tho Machat gin about three
from his visit to Galveston whither hoi and a half miles east ot town occurred a
examination m ° st lorriblo accident The gin saws had
went to bo present at tho of I
become clogged up in some way nnd Joe
tho new quarantine barge recently pur
chased by himself Pending an offlcla re p1 1 in ° dcrtnt0 T S
firo school board ulao held a meeting port to tho governor on the Investigation C 0n waTTorn
e 0 fl 0sh frorn the
uetday ovening and couriered among pr Blunt has nothing to say for publlca J0fl 0udciI and ho atoo ro
slder onme A fair assoclatlon was organized
Contractor J C Blojk will today break asl nght wth a vo to holding a county
dirt for tho uew First ward school building far t0 Bcgln on October 23 and last six
and will push It to as rapid completion as d
possible It will be ready occupancy Tbe
tax rolls of Eastland county received
before the cold weather seU in and H
comptroier today show total val
b a hamlsoma addition to tho onebuyi uatons o j3 > M3 > 2D6 tor isOD which Is an
well equipped public 1 ncreaso of n57926 overlast year
Holland is to havo a laigo
picnic tomorrow at whtra time Hon Joj
W Bnlloy will address fiose present Tho
Missouri Kansas and Texas Is arranging
to have oxtra coache3 attao aei to their lo
cal train south in tho morning to 4ccommo
date those wishing to go from Temple
1 wOCT
Two CltUen of IloKnue County Are
r2 Uncolii Hancock
W ana nam
msd c
picxic at aivx nosis
Wai a FlttliiK Clo Re < o n Suoceaafnl
Ciiautfiu it
Glen Rose Texas August S The sol
diers and citizens plcnlo today and tomor
row opened bright hot and dusty with
2000 or 3000 people In attendance The ex
ercises wero opened by tho Cleburne cornet
hn nthor two
u en Ro3j hjr poI opC bcr waterSi b0P
discoursing sweetmusic of welcomo
Waco Texas August 10Unlted States band
Hubbard who was Lid
ahii to
Deputy Marshal Black assisted by Sheriffa
a vayattb0 Campbell house Tho governor
Boyd of Bosque county mado two Import1 arose and jathed in the farfamed sulnhur
ant arrests today and as a result two water called for breakfast and did full
well known residents or Bo ue county to a bountiful then j a
are ln jail here cHargcd with counter ° g unnlng mpd water bad a
felting A preacher with a charge in cfrect on blm > nn hB exdalmeJi
Bosque county was first tested as a cotm 3 wn > t bMt < hU > nor can u fao
wrreuer placed lu jail from mm was ft d tne mp never been said of
WB S the lands u orchards r moro
tte f 3 11 going on for spmo time In BoBque churches
l kusp fi P1 1i tnt > > ls
Lrftrtk a hy Stanton ami
r toTxM when
r i
Davis to forcibly
ftj ffc > l sing t l and whlle such operations until
t ng
the Shadow of
tt 1 wu t te sub
til civil a horIty nnd re
I ti iL P overturn Stnto
brm n nbr is lb6ral
suspected no clew could be obtained
will doubtless
Other arrests
a few days ago
less follow
Cliiirjteil with Attempted nnpe
Athens Texas August 10 George Wot
ford colored ot the Woods school houso
section ten wiles north ot Athens was ar
rested tor attempting to rape Mrs Frank
lin on the 8th Instant It Is learnedl tha
the man had made his way luto her room
when she awoke and screamed He was
recognized and word sent to hs employer
but ho had fled before ho could bo nnested
the citizens
A posse was at once organized
zens of tbo Walton sectlou would have
dealt roughly with tho negro bad he not
fallen into tho hands ot tho officers first
He Is now in jail
The governor rested quite well and will
be ready tomorrow to address the normal
school on Texas History
Tbe chautauqua just closed was quite a
success and todays picnic all that could
bo asked tonights amusements are va
ried and fully attended and the govornor
fays where do thoy all come from
ncnviLiiD rmiEFs
The Oulon t a Wnter Supply Han
llciomc of Vital Importance
Beeville Texas August 10 The ques
tion of ia water supply for this place has
become a matter of such serious impor
tance that a mass meeting of tbe citizens
has been called to meet at the court house
tomorrow night and tako Immediate action
his side He
achlnery after
home but ho
that ho died late
Alvln Itemii
Alvln Texas August 10 The two cases
of scarlet fever reported a fow days ago
aro all that havo dovclpcd here so fnrj
both patients nre doing well
Prof J W Saxon ot Angleton has been
spending several days in Alvln this week
on business
Mr and Mrs T D Williams ot Bren
ham Texas aro visiting tbo family of
Judgo W R Kummlns of this city
Child Accidentally Poisoned
Marlln Texas August 10 Yesterday
Lala Powers tho lyearold daughter of
Mr J A Powers was laid away ln the
Marlln cometery The little girl died from
accidental poisoning It seems that she
found somo morphino capsules or tablets
and swallowed some of It from the effects
of which medical skill could not save
Cine of SiiiuIIiiox nt Ilc > iinon
Thoro Is a
Denlson Texas August 9
well defin ed case of smallpox here Tho fVB d fehiVVoK
patient Will Jones colored hM been gan Antonio B S Clements and wife
Isolated In Red river and a guard placed Yoakum C S Meredith Calvert Sam
vineyards and of over blm There Is no danger whatever
and alarm
ot tbo dtseaso spreading no pre
vails Some physicians doubt that it Is
a case of smallpox
Cnero Will Cclehrnte
Cuoro Texas August 10 A massneot
ing of the citizens of Cucro was held last
night and It was unanimously decided to
celebrate the twentyfifth anniversary of
Cuoro in October Committees were ap
pointed and It Is needless to say that what
Cuero does will be well done Details ot
tho celebration will bo arranged later
Victim of the Cool Oil Cnu
Bonbam Texas August 10 Tho 10ycar
old son of T J Tadlock who lives two
miles oast ot this city is dying from
the effects of burns received by tbe ex
plosion ot a coal oil can It is tbe old
story kindling a lire with oil
W i SV
be needed etc
2 Becnuso sbo says further that tho
city council can not legally legislate upon
tho right of retail liquor dealers to follow
such business in the city of Galveston
whero such doalers nnd tbelr business are
licensed and legislated upon by the State
laws and theroforo that tho recorders
court has no power or Jurisdiction in tho
5 Because the defendant says that the
recorders court has no power or Jurisdic
tion to euforco the penalty proscribed by
tho ordlnanco uudor which this cause Is
i Generally that tho complaint charged
no offense against the law said ordinance
being contrary to tho constitution nnd
laws of tho State ond theroforo Is null and
void Johnson Johnson
Attorneys for Defendant
Tho defendants motion to quash Is
sustolncd and tbo dofendant is dismissed
Is tho order written on tho back of tho
motion by Recorder Allan
Tho board of water commissioners met
today discussed water rates and tho elec
tion ot officers and talked about tho reso
lution pasocd by tho council last night
relatlvo to officials holding more than ooo
office As this Is supposed to refor partic
ularly to Engineer Peek who Is not only
Moycr St Louis R Rubensteln New
York W S Glbbs Huntsvllle W G
Pollard Now York Chas K Hammer
smith Belton Jule Wlmberly Beaumont
T II Kearney Houston Ed H Harrell
Houston D S Crooks Cincinnati M
F Parker Beaumont J J Martin Nav
aEota Bon Campbell Houston H A
Jacobs Navasota Wm H Nougle New
York W M Topscott Dallas W Hugh
Hunter Dallas E B Wlnny Dallas W
A Smith Houston J H Hoffman Now
York B E Ingllsh Gainesville O H
Leonard Gainesville Sam B Dolson
Waco II O Barber Chicago A P Bar
den Pierce J U Reed Dallas J Aho
hamson St Louis O I McManus Toxai
Miss BeuBon A J Moore N H Mooro
Bonbam Wm Reeves Caldwell II M
Bonnlng San Antonio
Wliitecaps In Henderson County
Athens Texas August 9 The follow
ing notice was received by the postmaster
Never Went Near the Home of Any of Ihe
Humphries He Says
Thc Attorneys for the Defense Airnln
Itnlscd the lolttt iiml Were
ARnln Overruled
Athens Texas August 10 In the ha
beas corpus hearing of tho men charged
ith tho Humphries lynching tho cntlro
morning was consumed In reading test
iswsmv ssss WisSni lzay r cor reconvenpi1 ln tho nf
Vista As secretary of war Ms artnilnlsi n JudKO Wood oi Kaufman and
trntlou wns an Ideal oau As an orator ho < JudBo Wood of Dallas mado long argu
on the subject Tho water works which
closed down ori account of nc e < lcd repairs
last week has boon offered to tho citizens
V 0CT0 b > the owner Banker Bronson
or Victoria for 4000 Tho meeting tomor
row nlcht will either decide to buy this
plant or immediately begin work on an
artesian well
Mr Tom Hart and Miss Margaret Martin
were married at tho rcstdonco of the
bride s parents Mr and Mrs Patrick Mar
tin seven miles west of this place last
evening nt S oclock nov Father Vila of
ficiating A big ilanco and supper fol
lowed tho Ceremony which was attended
bj a number of young pooplo from Bee
Cotton Is coming in qulto rapidly now
and Is bringing a very gooa price sclltng
on the streots hero yostcrday tor 575
which is said to have bees the highest
price paid ln tho Stato on that tiny A lit
tle ocr 300 bale have been marketed hero
up to date
The Red Men Have Wound Up the Business
of Ihe Session
Wn < er Work tlonru Held Another
Mecttnic The MlilnlRht Clo tntc
Orillnnncc Knocked Out
Galveston vTexft August 10 The Tted
Men have concluded the business of their
nnnual convention and tonight nnd to
morrow they will begin to steal silently
away for their dlotnnt homes Following
out another characteristic ot tho real red
mar of tho forest the braves who have
been hero know how to keep their own
counsel Thero Isnt much doing for
tho palefnccd reporters who have trailed
tho big sachems Into their camps In quest
ot news
Thero was a session of tho great council
at 980 this morning In which tho council
flro was quenched for tho great sun At B
oclock thl afternoon there was a ban
quet at Olyiuplu and nt8 oclock this
ovonlng degree work by Wcnonah couuttl
No 3 Daughters ot Pocahontas was ex
emplified at Red Mens hall
That concludes tho business of the con
vention Tho visitors express themselves
highly pleased with their entertainment
Tho midnight closing ordinance was
knocked out in tho recorders court this
morning nnd now tho saloons may keop
open It they wish
Tho test caso was that ot tho city
against Mario Dornbush who sells boer
down on tbo Strand about Sixteenth streot
it was tried yesterday nud today a mo
tion to quash and dismiss was sustained
by Recordor Allen Following Is tbo mo
tion submitted by tho attorneys for Mrs
Now comes Mario Dornbush tho de
fendant In tho above cause and moves the
court to quash tbo complaint lu this cause
nnd to dlamlss tho defendant herein on the
following giounds
1 Because sho says that tho liquor
dealers llceuso Issued to her by tho State
under and by vlrtuo of the Stato laws
grants to tho defendant tho licensed priv
ilege of selling such liquors nt retail for
tho period of twelve months Including nil
of tho 365 days In tho year excepting such
days aB are specified and excepted In tho
Stato laws towlt Sundays and election
days and therefore that tho ordlunuce un
der which this case Is prosecuted known
as tho midnight closing ordlnancq and
preventing tho salo of Buch liquors under
said State license during four hours of
each day of tho year towit from 12 oclock
at night to 4 oclock in tho moruing Is
vlolatlvo of tho privilege granted by tho
Stato by such statute and license aud
theroforo said ordinance Is Inconsistent
with and in contravention of tho State
laws and Is also contrary to title 1 ar
ticle 1 section 1 of tho charter of the city
of Galveston which confers upon tho city
Tho Itinerary of tho trip has not beon
ctmncll tho ower only t0 orjaln and os
fully arranged but the following Is an tabllsh flcU ncUi aw > reflations and
outline of what is oxpectcd Spend ono ordinances not inconsistent with the con
stltutlon nnd laws ot this Stuic as shall
and will bo handed by him to an lfjgjwetorj
To tho Colored People of Henderson
Wo will Inform you mil that there It ao
cotton to bo picked by niggers in Males
ValllD thare arc partys s talking about
coming over thero after you all It you all
dont want to got In trouble you had
better tay whore you sr Mr Post
master please tack this up so they all can
MKINNEY A retail clerks union1 with
twenty charter members has been organ
ized hero
HENNESSY A large number of msvers
ln all sorts of wagons are passing through
here dally 4
HENRIETTA The recent looal option
election resulted In a vlotory for the
whisky Interest
WAXAHACHIE Aotlvo work has b
gun tearing down tho old Baptist church
which Is to be replaced by a modern brick
LAREDO Jose Garcia a switchman
was crushed to death last night ln tho
yards of the Mexican National road while
coupling cars
RUSK There are now on file olghty
threo applications for Confederate pensions
under the new law and now ones are bolni
lllcd each day
GREENVILLE A third round bale
plant la said to bp of the near future
Work has begun on tho American Cotton
companys plant
PITTSBUlia Editor B A Raglnnd ot
tho Camp County Enterprise has sold his
uowspapor Interests In this city to Mr
C G Engledow of Tyler
8HERMAN Business men are discuss
lng the project of fanning a company to
build an elcctrlct plant hero to furnUh
power and light for the city
GEORGETOWN Tho grocery firm of
W Patrick Co has been changed to Pat
rick fe Moore tho senior mombnr Wood
son Patrick retiring from tho firm
WEATHERFORD Tho 2yeurold child
of M T Clark living In this county near
Agness died from the effects of coal oil
which It drank out of a can lrfst Saturday
QU1NTANA Two largo boxpa of dry
goods and clothing wore eont Inst week
from this plnco to some of tho white flood
sufferers living on tho Brazos river above
DENISON The fair will begin August
20 nnd Inst four dayB It is intended to
make it an annual event and great pains
havo been taken to mako tho first exhibit
a success
ROBY The cxConfcderntn soldiers of
Fisher county propose to havo their two
days annual reunion and barbecue nt this
place on August 10 nnd 17 A large crowd
Is anticipated
WAXAUAOHIE Anothor cnthustastlo
cotton mill meotlng wan hold hero Thurs
day afternoon Committees wore appoint
ed and each of tho city banks wlH carry
subscription blanks n
son of August Bebrcifs ft prosDumus
farmer of this county was accidentally
killed by being run ovor fly a four horso
wagon loaded with crtno
CUERO Cuoro city council met In
monthly session last night About 6000
worth ot bonds wcro reported paid nnd
were destroyed This Is a step ln the di
rection ot a market hourse
WACO Tho nppllcnnts for tho supcr
vlsorshlp of tho census district aro very
numerous and there Is a growing Impati
ence bcrauso no appointment Is made A
republican will be appointed
opened a holiness tont meeting ln tho city
park hero Tuesday Mr Hodges Is 11 na
tlvo Texan full of activity and confidence
nnd victory la already perched upon hlB
MKINNEY Much sloknoss In the way
of malarial and typhoid fover Is prevailing
here and ln tho surrounding country
which Is attributed 10 tho hot dry weath
er Special sanitary efforts are being put
forth by tho city authorities to keep tho
towu clear ot all r ubblsh and trash and
thus guard against disenec
LAREDO Dr Hamilton In charge of
tho United Statrs marina hospital service
nt Laredo undor Instructions from Wash
ington has prepared a detention camp
near tho Mexican National bridgo where
at the expense of tho government passen
gers from Mexico detained by sanitary
regulations will bo furnished comfortable
Ennls Kills County Texas August 10
Several farmors about hero report sorlous
damage to their cottoti crops by boll
worinB Specimens of tholr work havo
J been shown hero today and It appears that
halfgrown bolls and from that down to
squares nro being ruined
Rusk Cherokee County Texas August
9 The woathor is very dry nnd hot Cot
city engineer but superintendent of tho 0n g cut very short A great many people
water works the board considered this a aay it will take from eight to ton acres to
portlnent subject for them to use their mako a bale It has beon about six weeks
thinking caps on The mayor has live since wo had any rain Land that made
days ln which to voto the resolution and
tho board thought proper to take no ac
tion until after that time
President Lange announced the appoint
ment of tbe following standing commit
tees Supplies and repalrB Drowry and
from 1000 to 1000 pounds of seed cotton last
year will not make moro than 200 to 300
pounds this ycar
Honnessy Madison County Texae Au
gust 8 Tho weather has boon extremely
hot for two weeks hero Cotton Is Im
McMaster claims and accounts Cannon damaged more It Is thought by
and Wegnor tariff and revenue IcMatf various Insect doprodatlons than by want
and Cannon extension and right of way
of moleturC aR Uje Kround B more or ioss
Bornefeld aud Wegner tooht notwithstanding tho hot weather
aml abBonco of rain It Is generally con
HIGII PRICES FOR FRUIT cudcd tlmt tl0 crop s i un to fall far bo
Flatterlng reports are belng received jaw that of last year
from all the towns ln tbo cOaot country of gan Saba San Saba County Texaa Au
tho high prices being received for fruit gust 8 Tho threshing season Is over and
Buyers are Visiting the orchards and buy crop ffi
log all tho peaches and pears tbey can to cut ft lttlo ahort by tho eevtm drouth
get Tho buyers are from New Orleans now provaiing Cotton Is damaging bad
6t Louis Kansas City and other places 0 som ands nnd cspPClaiy oarly
This Is the llrat trae any buyers have been pianting the late crops and on overflowed
1n 1 n U m r a
Sc 1t frur Xi l UJ lu
t y o f frut U
imuhJS MFblMiZ Weimar Col orado County Texas August
M and other 0 plnces and aro actively bidding WThe cotton crop of this section has
for such fruit as tbey can obtain and are
paying cash upon delivery at the depots
At the Tremont James L Taylor city
It Cocko Houston Miss Dabney Miss
White Miss Sutton Bonbam W S Bar
Beaumont Ed
bee Lullng Jack DIt
now commenced to move ln earnest 350
bales having gono forward ot this reasons
crop from this point The weather Is
fair the sun la hot and tbe bolls are pop
ping open from the bottom to midway ot
tho stalks Very soon all will be picked
out If this dry hot w enther continues and
the largo yield that was awhile looked for
will not show up So far the dreaded boll
weevil has done little damage but tbo
regular caterpillar Js abroad In the land
and will soon weave his web preparatory
to Increasing his numbers Poisoning will
soon commence The oprn crop will bs
short The average price paid for cotton
here Is 5 34 cents par pound
KrTortn to noise MllUnry Coninanr
Hnve Not Ileen SuceeiHfnl
La Grango Texas August 10 Rev B
M Meyer of Mllllcan Texas Is hero as
sisting Rev Q W Collins tho local pas
tor In tho night services at tbe Methodist
church Quito an interest in the services
has been developed though the attendance
is yet short of expectations
Several efforts have been made here te
raise a local military company but sofar
tbe requisite number ot applicants have
not been reached
Miss Lottie Moor left yesterday
ii H
uMi V
1 irTfiin n
Don tht < miiAykk A > >
To kill him Dftnttw ro che artMts < Wpw > H
ol the oealicd exterautiitmit powder irM M >
dsnt orenmskethe feiasiMcki WkMj t IA
want to rid your horn of alMclnli of hean s Cm
hold vermin why not < o itjlBiUumastwt
cleSnMt and cbopfst warBy BSlag JS 11
StNirna Electric Rat sad noach Paste Its Wl i
atily applied in cracks and crevices or spread f a Jt
on a piece of cheese andno b 4odorscan > mi
arise rfotn Its use as It entlrtly eonsuaws v
all animal matter Rats tatylt and die eat
aide the house It tbey can not St on 1 tin
side ot two days tho paste consumes and
dries up alt of the rat but thiMkln and bones
so that there Is nothing left to smelt
One of the largest seed store In Sl Loms
used one box last year found Ss dead rats
next morning and never had any smells of
trouble with rats afterward
A Kansas City housekeeper writes u
Last summer I bought a box of your Paste
used It around the slhlc In the kitchen ono
night to kill tho cockroaches and next morn
ing wo swept 103 dead roaches Into a dust
pan on tho kitchen floor
Steams Electric Pnslo has been made ter
over twenty yfcars Thousands and thouaonds
ot housekeepers have Used It during that
lime and wo have never had one single com
plaint Inttead we have hundreds ot letters
Ike the above pratelnc tho Paste and call
ins It the best vermin killer known
for salo at all dealers 25c a box
If your dealer floes not keep It send stamps
nd we will send you a box
Stenrna lllee Pnete Co Chicago 111
Hlllsboro and other points ln Texas whero
She will visit for a month before resum
ing charge of her music class at Columbus
Charles Alexander and wife ot Hotieton
are spending a week with Mrs Alexandor
Sheriff Scott White of Tombstone Aria
arrived here Tuesday night and will re
main hero a short tlmo shaking hands
with relatives and friends His family
now ln Austin will join hlm hero in a
fow days
E Hans and wife of Hlllsboro who have
been hero visiting theft frlenda returned
homo Tuesday
R W Reynolds left Tuesday night lor
Memphis Texas and olher Western points
for his health
Miss Alma Wurzbacb who has been
tho guest of Mrs Henry Schuhmacher for
a month left yesterday morning for her
home at San Antonio
Mrs Charlcfl Wurzbach nnd children of
Snn Antonio nro here on n visit
The ProtrroHHlVo Party Hnn Won In
lie ChtoUnmnv Klcetlou
Special to The Post
Ardmoro I T August 10 Tho Chlcka
saw election for representative for the
leglslatuio was heldyesterday Thero aro
only four voting places in tho Chickasaw
Nation one In each county Returns from
threo counties bbow tho progressive party
elected bj good majorities
At Wynnewood today the grand officers
ot tho Masons tho Odd Follows the
Knlghis of Pythias and the Woodmen ot
the World participated In laying the
foundation stone of tho Fraternity build
ing Throe thousand visitors wcro prosent
Tho citizens gnvo a grand plcnlo and bar
Jim Alexander an Indian was arrested
and Imprisoned here today charged with
the murder ot Jim Pottlgrow another In
dian at Davis a fow days ago
The Masonic Grand Lodge of the Indian
Territory has Just closed Us nnnual ses
alon nt Wynnewood Officers elected for
tho ensuing year Peter B Arthur of
Loon grand master W F Parker ot
Davis deputy grand master H M Fur
man ot Ardmoro senior grand warden
James Sbcehan of Vtntts Junior grand
warden Leo Bennett of Muscogee grand
treasurer J S Murrnw of Atokn grand
sccrotary W A McBrldo of Atoka grand
lecturer Eugene Hamilton of Chlckasha
Brand orator T D Smith of Cameron
grand custodian for threo years
Strode on the Ilend liy a Ncjjro nt
Mnnltnu Colo
Special to The Post
Manltou Colo August 10 Otis McKen
nle manngor of tho compress owner of
tho Ice factory and a well known citizen
of aalneovllle Texas was killed at noon
by O R McCormlck a negro waiter
at tbo Barker hotel On ontorlng the din
ing 100m Mrs McKonnlo had words wltf
the head waiter George Groves a negro
Her husband approached Groves and do <
manded an apology which being retimed
McKeunlo stiuck Groves with his cane
cutting a gash ln bis Up whureupou Mc
Cormlck approached and bit McKonnlo
with a water bottle McKonnlo was ren
dered unconscious and died bait nn hour
later Tbe body accompanied by Mrs Mo
Kennlo wai ocut home on tho Rock Island
train tonight McCormlck Is In tho county
Jail nt Colorado Springs and denies tho
killing Thoro Is great excitement among
tho Texas colony of whom thero aro a
largo number at the Barker houso The
result of thn Inquest Is not announced
An examination of McCormlck will prob
ably be held tomorrow
Died from llcut it Dallas
Dallas Toxas August 10 A fatal case
ot sunstroke was reported to tho city
health authorities today William Reeves
driver for tbe WellsFargo Express com
pany wont homo last night about 7 oclock
complaining of feeling unwell A doctor
was sent for but Reeves died before ha
arrived his death was declared to bo due
to sunstroke
Tho thermometer bad registered as high
as 100 degrees in tho ehado In many parts
of tho city during tho day and Reeves had
been much exposed A widow nnd thrett
children survive Reeves and his family
moved from St Louis more than a ycar
Mnu Killed Wife JSrrlounIy Httrt
Paris Texas August 10 Herbert
Hogue a prominent young schpol teacher
ot thlo county jvas killed and bis wife
seriously Injured last night In an acci
dent at Caddo I T whero tbey were
mivc Beware
I Ark vtu > 4nl mother bad better I
A not take anything at all than those
1J positively dangerous mtetures so widely
I advertised to relieve her discomfort arid
I nausea She ought to know that outside
I external treatment it the only way that
f can possibly be of any benefit She ought
I to taWthat MorA FWi i > i
I the only remedy that wil help hu and
I it is an external liniment It takes hee
> through the entire ceried in comparative
comfort shorten labor and chUtHrirta k
no longer to be dreaded MoMthaathat
H preserves her gitUeh ha > calter the
ordeal and he iMfc wu wfflf mm fae
At world perfect fo farm and keahh
0tMethwfte < 4tSM ra < i
Men Mr a bet er mmi lb r
TIB KRA f IILb leAeviATOK tm
lit t

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