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Houston Printing Company
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Bering Chas Lou and A W Palmer are the au
thorized collectors ot all city bills bothalvcrtlj
Ingand subscription and no money should be
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should be paid by check In tat or of The nous
ton Printing Company
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paper Is expected to be delivered not later than
6jo oclock a m
Imler no circumstances will orders given by
cmplojesun the office be recognized onJ
paid or accepted In payment of accounts
Colonel W J Bryan telegraphs the Chi
cago Tribune that It depends on the demo
cratic National platform whether ho Is a
candldato for the democratic presidential
nomination nnd then remnrits that the
platform should fit the party and the can
didate fit the platform
Tho enemies of Mr Bryan have been
trying In every w ay to get from him an
expression ns to whether ho would give
way In the Interest of harmony to some
other man His reply to tho Chicago
paper Is clear nnd manly and comes netror
answering directly what his enemies want
ed to know hut were afraid to ask point
edly than any utterance he has made
Mr Brian Intimates unmistakably that
It tho platform docs not fit him ho would
not bocomo a candidate This means on
the other hand that he Ib a candidate It
tho platform fits the democratic party
The proposition that tho platform should
fit the party Is but another way ot saying
Francs and iw tie third trial at Rennes
In each of titu trUU there was pro
found public at e cot so much in the
first becausft tfces the fact that the con
viction was a bitter persecution In tho na
lure of a conspiracy by high officers ot
the French army against an innocent vic
tim was not so generally known Tho
rottenness of the general ataff of Francos
Pride her army was not suipected by tho
outside world But gradually facts began
to leak out nnd low murmurs of criticism
to be heard that started tho public tho
world over to questioning the dntcrmlno
tleos of the origins court martini Tho
excessive Inhuman treatment of the pris
oner was remombered and It was suspected
that hato and fear rather than Justice were
back of the proceedings against tho form
erly obscure Jew who was only a captuln
of artillery
After a whllp bold accusations of con
spiracy mallco and a deslro to cover up
and find a scapegoat for the crimes of
otborn were heard France began to rock J
with tho excitement and agitation One
of the two now clearly proven criminals
In the war office wbo had fixed their
own crimes upon Dreyfus committed etui
clde In prison and tho other fled to Bng
land Publlo sentiment not nlono In
France but la the cvlUed world couploi
with tjbo lingering sense ot Justlco amum
the French people caused n revision ot
tb case by the court of cassation and In
accordance with the findings ot the court
fan open court martial is now trying tho
prisoner On the decision of this court
must rest not only Dreyfus fate but the
hcnwjof the Frejvh Mfmy and ot Francp
iTho world generally feele thnt Dreyfus fu
tjiy yfctlnj of vconsplracy that epaulelted
rraWu hlghin authority b v been hound
cover their
W t ° up own corruption
If Frsc ittU periscutes this man ibe
must Inevitably drop In the esteem ot
civilized nations and confirm the sus
picion that she ts trying to euro danger
ous sores In tho army and tho body politics
simply by hiding them Instead ot cauter
izing them or cutting them out
Nations are taking the direct road to
decay by pursuing the smothering process
We have lately seen something ot tho kind
In this country Obcdlont and stocked
boards of Investigation with us have en
couraged crooked work In our departments
nnd Impositions upon tho public by con
tractors and rotten administration try
virtually Indorsing euch evil work and
tendencies as we have known to exist In
this country for a year or so past The
brave honorable virile public or nation
will not attempt concealment ot scoundrel
Ibid or corruption or Incompetency but
will mercilessly expose such things tor
tho purpose of correcting tho administra
tion of affairs and restoring tho nation
to good health
Dreyfus faces an unsympathetic Jury and
court but the publicity ot tho trial and
the fact that n larger jury Is also bearing
tho flimsy evidence agnlnst him may pob
slhly secure blm Justlco and redeem the
bosmlrched honor of Franco Even If ho
bo guilty ho has suffered bejond the de
mands of Justlco for tho offense cotrumlt
tcd so that mercy also callo tor bis ac
Tlio Washington dispatches comment on tho
fact that Secretary Gages gold certificates
nro chiefly called for by Eastern banks and
not bv the West The significant statement
is also made says tho Indianapolis Sentinel
that It was expected that the certificates
would bo used for reserve and thus release
the largo holdings of greenbacks and treasury
notes Precisely As tho Sentinel stated
It Is a scheme to rctlrn tho grcmbacka without
authority of law and substitute for them a
paper currency expressly payable in gold
What tho gold anarchists can not get a law
for they nro ready to do without law and
tho present administration is at their bidding
The Van Wyck boomers evidently lovo
nolltics for tho fun there Is in It
One ot the most nntnblo things of the day
Is tho annarent Intimacy between Mr 0 P
Huntingdon nnd the New York correspondent
of tbo Galveston News Railway officials In
Texas express gratification ovr tho fact that
tho Old Man has at last found some one
to whom ho can confide his Innermost
thoughts and ndvlio with as to his great
transportation plans
The war cloud continues to grow larger lu
South Africa and it looks as if It wcro sur
charged with Uiundcrholts
It Is reported thnt Congressman Havvlcv
desires to compliment tho tionutists of Texas
that parties are not mado tor platforms ttUh anpoInlnlcut
an of a census supervsor
but that tho latter should fearlessly nnd Th3 B commcndabIo In Mr Ilawley because
uuequlvocally declare the honest purposed in addition to tho Justice of tho recognition
nnd principles of those who protnttlgato
them A gold plank In a democratic plat
form for example would not fit the demo
cratic party nowany more than an anti
trust plank in the republican platform
would fit the republican parly
In a word Mr Bryans position Is that
honesty and the fitness ot things should
provall in the actions of party conventions
and ot candidates for nomination He
would not feel that he was true to himself
to accept a nomination upon a platform
of expediency or one that did not fully
represent democratic views Nor would
the party bo worthy of respect it it stulti
fied itself by abandoning Its principles
and announcing a creed that did not repre
sent the majority views of the men com
posing tie party
These utterances by Mr Bryan Just nt
this time when some socalled democratic
leaders or expediency democrats are
henfcssr to corer up democratic belief
fd policies aai put some man on tho
Ae arjtiacl other convictions than ate
of a nolltlcal party ho would only bo dls
charging a personal and nolltlcal obligation
The nopullsts elected him to congress last
If old Galllfet remain minister of war
much longer In Frnnco ho will have to im
nrovlse some new Jails In Paris
Tho negro raoo fiends have commenced to
assault tho little negro girls In various por
tions of the South Tho raco Is likely to bo
aroused In a mnnner not heretofore suspected
to tho necessity ot DUttlng down tho brutes
Instead ot harboring them as Is bo often
Tho chief troublo In Kentucky has arisen
from a departure from the good old safe Ken
tucky policy of always taking theirs stralKht
It Is reported that Senator Foraker will not
be invited to tako an active part lu tho Ohio
republican campaign It In on occasions such
as this that roraker rises to tho true signifi
cance of bis distinction ns a fire alarm
Ho 1 Ilablo to go oft voluntarily and create
a panic
Tho troubles nnd excitement continue to
prow In Kentucky now tho grand stand on
are extremely tlmoly and Uho Lotilsvllla baseball grounds has been dc
v U 0E r s rr ts deepen the conviction ot
the bmi s = Mr Bryans perfect sln
c rUr osr aad unselfishness Ho is
ahotier = as irko would rather bo right
this 6 jeMMes
No ctH Is Hit ceatnry has been able
to fix csfrenal jutcatloa and hold tbo
lnter ci jie yrotii lit so long a time
as tfc cm sow unicx nretgatlcn for
the thfcd Slse at Eean In France The
first trJ I < to US btiiJod clojed doors
It Is not becauso Alger doesnt know a lot
that ho Is talking so Utile Tho general prob
ably knows that theres a future with Its
golden opportunities
It Is refreshing to lesrn that one branch
of the perpetual CrnntlllHayden controversy
has been settled in Dallas In tho meantime
without zinzg tie prisoner a chance for j behold how good a thing it Is for brethren to
a defense Tts after five years came dwell together In oeaco and that broadChris
the rerislcw in tie opreme court of m charity
stroyed by fire
A trust Is to be organized to Include all
domestic and Cuban cigar factories making
tbo finer grades of rigors It could have been
confidently predicted that among Cubas first
fruits of American supremacy would bo tho
inroad of tho trusts
Hon William McKlnler will decline to bo
fellow gets a majority ot votes In the rcpub
Hen 11 National convention But not until
Tho Mexican generals seem to bavo profited
by tho series of Otis reports lately received
from Manila In two battles the Mexican
commander reports that he onlv lost thirteen
white of tho enemy 107 were killed
Mr Charles M Iteln editor ot the
Orango Texas Leader has collected a
number of his contributions to the local
ami editorial columns ot that papor and
published them under tho tltlo ot Ex
tracts from a Country Paper The llttlo
book was printed in his own offlco and Is
a very creditable speclnion of typography
Mr Rein has a buoyant fancy nnd soma
of his humorous sketches are well worth
reading Thero Is an Arizona Klckor stylo
to his humor though thero Is not tho
vituperation that has mado thoso articles
so wellknown Ho writes In a freo and
easy stylo that Is qulto refreshing nnd
discourse with equal humor nnd facility
of tho religious editors exporlencc3 In
Cuba the art of having a good time nnd
the troubles of nn Orango alderman
In describing a trip mado by himself
with a commlttco of congressmen nnd sen
ators from Orango to Sabine Lake Mr
Rein thus refers to a neighboring city
When wo got to Sablno Pass wo wore mot
b > Mr Osgood Ho treated us cry nicely
and showed us how thoy build lots It Is a
vi ry simple procedure T o pipes oro run
flora a dredgo boat which is supplied with
powerful pumps and muddy water is pumped
nn to tho lot until enough sediment has boon
deposited to raise tho lot up to tho street lev
el While wo were there they wcro construct
ing a beautiful corner lot under tho hotel
lhe advantage claimed in putting up the
building first nnd malting tho lot afterwards
Is that the lot can be mado to fit more snugly
under tho building Colonel Jim F runs the
1 otel Jim Is known fnr and wide ns a hotel
man of wonderful resources There was no
understanding thnt we wero to dlno at bis
hotel so we caught him rather unprepared
but ho was equnl to tho occasion and going
011 on the back porch of tho hotel ho fired
two loads from a shotgun Into the marsh
then sent n colored man out to gather up
dinks He brought back a tub full of nice
Under birds which were soon cooked and
cercd In splendid shape We nil nnjoyed
tho > io ducks likewise tho liquid which nc
cudlng tn the label on tho bottlo was manu
factured by Mr Mumm A number of spcik
ris entertained us they spoko sonic pretty
pi cci but I am unable at tills moment to re
call Just whnt thev wcro about although thoy
tnado n great impression on mo at tho time
A number of the extracts from Mr
Itelne paper rclato to the actions of the
Orange city council Tho monthly meet
ings of that distinguished body nro
chronicled in a very original manner At
one of tho meetings the principal dis
turbance was caused by tho efforts of the
water works committee to amputate tho
official licensed plumber from his job
Hero is how tho aldermen handled tho
complaint that the plumber was charging
too much for his work
Thev Bhowed their Ignorance of a plumber
and his was in libtcnlng to these charges es
pecially ns they wero erbal Thev will prob
ably not do it again for when tho chairman
of tho commlttco got through telling about
tho numerous charges preferred against our
fellow townsman nnd futuro nabob ho sprung
a petition signed bv every person for whom
ho lias plumbed stating In n beautiful type
written message that Jamslo was tho bestess
plumber ever seen in these parts nnd his bill
was so reasonable that one could hardly
recollect a week afterwards that the bill had
been paid Incidentally it might bo mentioned
that there are several of them that Jim ha3
no recollection of having received money
Tho commlttco wanted a city plumber who
would make all connections with tho mains
Thev did not bcllovo It wns necessary for him
to gIo bond at least thoy didnt think so for
about a minute Then Pannonlu Jumped up
and talked a fine lines on plumbers Ho
told of n plumber who was making n connec
tion with his cistern and unscrewed a valve
tlirourh which tho wattr began to run out
ofltho cistern Thin plumber snt on a nail
Keg four hours holding his thumb on tho hole
before tho Inspiration entered his mind to
screw back tho valve Tannewltz argued that
this kind of a plumber ought not to bo al
lowed to gp bond but should be placed
under bond to keep outside tho city limits
Tho following poem which will bo easily
recornlzed n from tho works of one of our
leading poets was found under tho choir of
one of tho committee As he no doubt In
tended to read it to work on tho feelings of
tho council It la reproduced here
The plumber ramo down liko a wolf on
the fold
His pockets wero lined with solder and gold
Threo hours nnd n half ho mado love to the
And slxtvfivo dollars wero charged on the
There wero enough motions made and
passed to clinngo the constitution of the
United States with tho final retult that Jim
was allowed to hold bis Job for at least an
other month
As religious editor Mr Rein detailed
himself to wrlto up Abo Mulkeys re
vival meeting Hero nro a fow things
that Abo said according to the Leaders
He gnvo a sound lecture to those pro
fessed Christians who defraud their neighbors
while they claim to bo walking In tho light
Abe Bald that their heart or rather gizzard
which was the snmo thing told them thnt
they were liars Hero comes up a question
ot anatomy If Abo Is right we have found n
vast dlffercneo between a man and a turkey
which we all know has both A warm shot
wns thrown at thn lawyers wlom he said
could hatch ur > disputes better than a high
pressure Incubator He stated that men In
Texas were isolng to hell for money which
he qualified by admitting that n few went
a candidate for reelection when somo other To Klondike riufh o never said a wordi about
thoso unfortunates In tbo North who nro go
Inn to Sabln < lass and Tort Ai > hur Trom
this I nm led to believe that ho onlv points
out the errors ot thn men In tho State in
which ho is working The little story ho told
about tho lady In a choir somen bore up In
Texas who was singing Come to Jesus with
n set of SCO tooth In her mouth that were not
paid for should bring considerable money In
Dentist niliards direction this week Iln
Implored tho pcoolo to pay their bills nnd
while ho didnt specify anv particular bill I
wish to Impress on tho brethren that the
subscription Is one ot ihem this
account and
his trial prowesses Ho in lust beginning to
D > Dr m invo 0Ut8 a mUa moMy n thfi
rcallro that ho Is no longer a cowed and caged pnturday night If all those who heard
prisoner on the He du Diablo Selfconfidence
la a powerful weapon
Brother Abners presence ud on Lako Cham
plain would look as It somo Question had
arisen as to tho contracts for supplies for
some of our armies across seas or tho equip
ment of the volunteer army
Neither tbo Crokers nor the Altgelds will
bo needed next year In making National nomt
nations or platforms for tho democracy Many
men have found tho rule or ruin policy fatal
to their Dolltlcal careers
Couvciitluii of the Krclecriiiiiitt unit
DeuUuher KrolKurscreln
riilcago AUgus 13 One hundred thousand
OilmanAmerican cltlssns participated today
lu tho celebration Incident to the opening of
the fourteenth annual convention ot tho
Kireecrbuud nnd the twentyfifth annual ro
unon ot tho D < utKher Krelgcrvcrcln Tho
former includes veterans of tbo German army
and the latter the votcrans ot the Krauco
Vrusrlan war
The day slgualiicd tho ctcnlns of tho ton
mtlouj and the paying at tributes by Qer
inaurAmerlcau to men Tho mado possible
tl > o present greatness ot tho German miplrc
The pageant wns large > nd Imposing The
coidlal relatione between tho GermanAmeri
cans and their fellow countrymen was made
manifest Jft the enthusiastic cheering that
Kicctcd oa cVrry hand tho two young wotuon
who represented Columbia and Oermany and
in tbo lnglng > by a utultltuda at Sharpshoot
ers park of Oefman and American anthems
Tomorrow the business session of the con
mentions begin
him will tako his ndvico Abe told his story
In a nlco oulto wnv until he got to talking
about some of tho good people who hod
buncoed him out ot a crocerv bill then ho
cot a llttlo excited but he was not to blauio
for this as everv one gets m d when they
think of those fit ws who Owe nn old account
Piucbascd under frdso prcteirlftwid paid In
promises In addition to being n good ox
hcrter Abo Is a highclass contortionist and
has wondertul facial expression
44 +
That tho author of tho Leaders hum
orous featuros Is well posted on ono sub
ject Is shown by tho numorous rhymes
ou kissing Ono pointer ho gives ns fol
Kiss a girl upon tho hand
be hardly
fbo knows your meaning
Kits liar on tho forehead
And directly she Is streaming
Kiss her on tbo cheek
And hep evfB will oen bo beaming
Kiss her on the lips
And ttrulghtnay she Is dreaming
Another entitled Sho Couldnt rto
Hist ns follows
Sweet llttlo creature
tie Mid soft and low
Wotlldst glvo mo a klssT
Out the maiden said no
Then n sweet llttlo cresturo
In his strong arms be caught
Ho kissed and he hugged
But the maiden said naught
And still another In which the summer
girl klssos and war talk are mixed
Fbe was a jolly summer ilrl
A chic vivacious little mlsij
I smacked her quick she naively said
I like a rapid fire klu
I hugged her with a bearish hug
Ot course I thought sho bo alarmed
She said I like you better now
Because 1 know youro heavy armed
Tell Why Mr Ilrynn In Strong with
tlio People
Now York Journal
James Crcclman who was a fellow pas
senger with Richard Crokor on tho St
Paul Interviewed tho Tammany cbleftatn
while en route Tho expressions with re
gard to I3ryan aro understood to mean
that Croker will support Bryan
For hours and hours I have walked the
deck ot tho St Paul with Richard Crokor
and listened to the volco of tho powerful
man whoso political Influence I bavo
fqught unceasingly for twenty years
It Is easy to attack him at a distance
but to arguo against bis simple almost
primitive IdcnB of popular government Is
like swimming ngalnst the ocean tide
Mr Bryans great strength said Mr
Crokor lies In his sympathy for and
knowledge of the plain people No other
American has over been so closo to the
masses Ho understands and feels for tho
toller and tho toller understands and
trusts him I consider htm to be one of
tho greatest mon America has produced
Within tho year tho democratic party
must ngrco upon Its National programme
nnd prepare for tho overthrow of trusts
and Imperialism I bcllovo that the party
will bo united and harmonious
Naturally I am principally Interested
In aecurlng a National platform that will
be a sourco of strength to tho party In my
own State Wo hope to carry Now York
for tho democratic candldato next year I
nm satisfied that nothing will bo dono by
tho noxt democratic National convention
that will drlvo any good domocrat away
from his party
Tho stiver question will bo regulated In
tlrrc nnd congress may safoly be trusted
to Betttlc tho ratio
There has never been a time In my ex
perience when tho republican party has so
clearly bhown its unfitness to bo In con
trol ot tho National government Mr
McKlnlcy has turned tho war In tho Phil
ippines Into a partisan schemo for his own
reelection Tho administration has pur
posely dragged out tho struggle and Is
spending tens of millions of tho peoples
money without making any serious effort
to bring tho war to a close this year
Tho presidential election takes place
next year and the republican managers
aro openly making pieparatlons to use
tho war as a means of working up another
outburst ot popular enthusiasm just In
time to sweep Mr McKlnlcy Into a second
But tho people who are paying tho war
and to shed the blood of tho unfortunato
Filipinos chiefly to kcop himself and his
friends In office but the facts aro plain
to bo seen by ovory right thinking man
The situation Is so shocking so inde
cent from tho ordinary American stand
point that thousands ot republicans are
turning away from McKlnleyism In dis
gust Tho strongest men In the party
bavo turned their backs on tho adminis
In New York city the party was never
stronger We will carry all beforo us this
fall The metropolis is thoroughly demo
cratic Tho cheap talk about machlno
politics has lost its force
Every great public Improvement ac
complished In Now York good streets
underground telegraph wires extensions
of tho docjt system the great Croton aque
duct tho now courts new parks low
taxes tho Harlem viaduct the Kings
bridge brldgo tho speedway the pleasure
docks for tho people aro the direct re
sult of machlno politics
Theme of n Sermon liy Ilcv
m i5v + b + ifr > Ej2j
interview minn
lltlier tit CliluiiKii
Chicago August 13 Lynching nnd
Lawlessness was tho subject which Rev
George Ileber pastor of tho First Baptist
church of Montgomery Ala preached
from today In Dr HenBona pulpit the
First Baptist church ot Chicago
Ho said I speak under the behest of
an oxlgency In view ot tho epidemic of
lawlessness that has prevallod In our
land alike alarming In tho lynching mania
of tbo South nnd tho mob violence of the
North Tho citizen or minister ot GoJ
who stands by In silence and lot these
things pass Is guilty ot nothing short of
disloyalty to tho state and Infidelity of
Capital and labor riches and poverty
employer and employe In all this favored
section what are they In tho thought of
many but enemies arrayed against each
other only waiting tho word ot some rash
leader to bring on a desperate clash 11 ml
tho bloodshed of lawlessness Scarcely a
day passes that we do not read of somo
new addition to tho long list of strikes and
lynchlngs that have mado our fair land
a hissing nnd a byword among the nations
of tho world I plead for a calm dls
pasalonate urtficotional consideration of
these portentous facts Tbo disgraceful
lyncbtugs occur chiefly In tho South the
lawless labor troubles almost exclusively
In tho North ItJs pleaded for both that
thoy have peculiar provocation But shall
provocation bo pleaded ns Justification for
cither form of lawlessness
Tako the strikes of this summer What
Justification enn be pleaded for them
Not Bnr llrjan Would He
INmnmil 1iiiik t
Louisville August 13 Congressman
A B Barry of Nowport telegraphed tho
Ciromorclal tonight denying tbo authen
ticity of a roccntly published Interview
tu which ho was quoted as saying that
William J Bryan would bo In danger ot
personal violence If ho carrlod out hla
announced purpose to come to Kontucki
In the Interest of tho candidacy of William
Congressman Harrys message follows
I never bald that Mr Bryan would bo lu
danger In Kentucky I did say ho could
only m ko enemies by taking part ln tho
present c nvM
rjtii9 m >
General Davis Makes a Report of Its Rav
ages in Portn Rico
Inlinlillmifn Arc Dcntltntc niul n
Fu in 1110 I Imminent Storm In
tctinlty Id Dccrcnslnu
Washington August 13 Two dispatches
from General Davis ot Porto Rico giving
additional details of the fearful havoo
wrought by tho hurricane of last week
wcro received at tho war department to
day They wero Immediately sqnt to Secre
tary Root who already has taken meas
ures for dispatching rollof to the people
of tho Island Tho secretary expects that
tho transport Mcpherson with a largo
quantity of rlco and beans will leavo New
York tomoirow and will bo followed by
other vessels as fast as arrangements can
bo mado for sending supplies Ho thinks
It Is the duty of the government to make
piovlslon for feeding of tho people until
tho aid voluntarily glon by the citizens
ot tho country roacho3 them and ha will
cKhnust eery means at his disposal to this
end Tho secretary contemplates supplement
ing the appeal mado last week to tbo
mayors to assist In raising subscriptions
and tomorrow will Issuo an appeal to tho
governors ot tho States with a lew to
arousing general Interest in tue relict
work Tho dispatches received from Gen
eral Davis wero sent to tho president at
Lake Chnmplaln tonight
Tho West Indian hurricane appears to bo
gradually decreasing in strength and the
chances aio that It will spend itself be
fore making much further irogrew This
Is tho welcome news given out by the of
ficials of tho weather bureau tonight It
Is based on the fact thai there has been no
decided fall In tho barometer In the local
ities ot Florida and the South Atlantic
Tho movement of the hurrlcauo Is ap
parently very slow and oven at Jackson
ville tho eloclty of tho wind this niurti
Ing was but twentytwo miles an hour
Tho opinion ot tbo officials is that by the
tlmo Charleston Is reached there will bo
no more than an ordluaiy blow Wilming
ton N C and Norfolk htivo taken down
their hurricane elgnals Tho storm npw
appears to bo on the east coast of Florida
and tho news from Jupiter at i oclock
cssel3 salllnK at a11 P ° lnts rom Wilmlng
plan It is almost Incredible that a pres
I ton N C northward 1
Troop Xot Able to Cope with
Capo Haytlen August 14 Monte
Crlsto Is now being besieged by
tho Insurgents and the town Is
without provisions General Cor
dcro minister ot public works
now at Monte Crlsto has been or
dered to return to the capital bo
caufo he Is not able to oppose the
should tho storm strike All shipping la
securely tied down It Is thought tho
storm will reach hero some time tonight
Ponce Porto Rlco August 13 Although
tho disasters which followed the hurricane
have been overestimated the people nro
peaceful and endeavoring to make the
best of tho situation Dead bodies aro
burled whoro thoy aro found Food sqp
pllot are being distributed and repairs to
bridges and roads arc being pushed fer
word under mllltnry supervision with dally
payments to tho workmen It Is gathered
from Interviews with merchants and
planters somo of whom own European
houses that thero will bo numorousfail
The steamer Australia with cargo was
wrecked during tho hurricane off Aroyo
off tho southeast coast and tho Jfasco off
Arlclbo oft tho northeast coast
Santo Domingo August 13 Tho storm
of tho 9th did comparatively llttlo dam
age in tbo city of Santo Domingo The
barometer at 5 oclock a m today regis
tered 2SC2 Tho wind which was accom
panied by a terrific rain lasted thlrtyslx
hours causing tho river to overflow nnd
canylng away halt of the brldgo at 03ama
At Mncorls thore was not much damage
done on tho shore but the rise ot the
river caused tho loss of many lighters No
rellablo uovvs has yet been received from
the Interior tho telegraph lines being In
terrupted It Is known however that
everywhere through the country the rivers
overflow cd their banks drowning many
Business continues dull but the political
situation is tranquil
The United States cruiser Now Orleans
and tho gunboat Machlas returned hero
this morning Tho steamer Carib from
Now York July 28 arrived today
CA1VEUT Cotton Is comlne In very rap
Idly ROSANKV TLis nlace h s received fifty
lnles of cotton to date
BRYAN The first bale of Madison county
this morning indicate a pretty severo blow cotton was received here Saturday
It is now south of Jacksonville Indicating DENTON Tho first bale of Denton county
a slow northward movement since last I cotton wns received at Lewlsvllle Jt brougnt
The bureau has had re 6 13c cf nt
night no more cir
ports south of TUiMviiio Fla somo dls rtnitlSTbe an balo Sjjgjj
10 tressea W b ° P
tance below Jacksonville since last night l
and nothing from Nassau Bahama Is
lands since rritiay
The following message has been sent
to the Philadelphia and New York mari
time exchanges and other uhlpplng points
EL 1ASO Mrs A R Mouis burned by
nn explosion of coal oil In her homo while
lighting tho kitchen fire expired In great
C1ER0 Two hundred and fifty bales ot
Stoim still central In Florida but de1 wagon cotton were marketed here yesterday
taxes aro beginning to soo through the creased in strength condition safe for about tho sme amount is expected every day
this week
DENTON A meeting was held at Krum
eight miles west of here for the purpose ot
Ident ot tho United States is willing to 1 Tho following are the dispatches re SrBnllrinBVrtoekVmpanT
desolate and destroy thousands of homes j colved by tho war department from Jen nJ mill at that place
some months unt the bananas grow un1 bv several confederate veterans who served
I ne cavalry under such commanders as
fiom tho cround fnr hiM five u
V iinV l0J roncst Whee er Stuart Morgan and Mosby
at least
aro required Food ot all kinds that a reunion of cavalry soldiers take Place
is needed especially rice beans and cod at Dallas during thefair and that arrange
fish which bavo boon tho main support tats bo mado wherebv tho grlzyly old troop
outsldo of fruit Cheap clothing Is also cr can nplcar ln DaraQo mounted
needed for thousands who rushed naked TEXARKANA Mrs Sophia W Crabtree
from their dwellings at night Medicine K i g ftBtreSr a word
mosY nros7lnirtT Vn lrcm aslnB > n D a that the
d most presslngly V
vre V5 esne iro e rnm en t had granted her claim
of food will bo roqulred weekly for several
yoeks I have constituted boaids all over
tho Island to regulate assistance nnd
agents to superintend tho relief work
While I have not yet full data I repeat
Such things nro Intelligible In times of suPPlcs cabling quantities and klnds sh nd
panic and distress but how about tlraca 1 poi on each uoat Colonel Hotter medical
like these o aro prosperous beyond eP rtmcnt In chargo of the relief wnrv
here n
precedent Who can toll whero the bur
rlcane ot discontent will strlko next
oral Davis today DENTON Jerome Chase well known hero
Sin Juan Porto Rlco via Hayti The and formerly asslbtant bugler of tho Second
truo stato of afnilrs throughout tho island Texas regiment is reported to have been
Ii not yet known because of the total klllc < 1 tn0 Philippines
destruction of all telegraphic connections SHERMAN Tho Young Mens Business
and great destruction on all roads Not club of Sherman havp another enterprise in
more than onefourth of the towns Jet n fi n ll srsbment oI anothor
tZ staZZ ° TJS Z t0Wf I VICTORA Two hundred and elghtysevea
rant the statement that onefifth of thoiales of cotton have been received at Vic
dwellings In tho island aro totally de torla up to date and about 1000 altogether at
stroyed and their owners aro without any different stations on tho line
shelter whatever or any food beyond what VICTORIA Brlce Vineyard who has been
has been saved from the debris Ivcrv low with typhoid fever for about two
The most ot the trees are mined and > D s ancl who was thought to be 00 tho
thui tho fruit rrnn l Mn nT f1 to teiovcry had a relapso yesterday and
nlo Riih i Li F S I it P It I red tha bo will bo In bed for another
subsist entirely on fruit and In am0nth
ifrilrrnf 0 ° n tUb3f Al tU ° f0rmer t CLMBYThe first balo of cotton ot this
13 iiestrojcil and much of tho latter are seeson was brought to town Friday by Bud
rotting in the ground Great many thous Graves a farmer north of town was ginned
ands of cattle aro drowned and tho debris by J L Llonberger weighed by Will Junell
carried owii tho rivers is strewn over tho 1a sold to K W Harris fpr CCOc It weighed
3 ° inls ad classed good middling
ocean with tho wreck of the storm ana o was
tho dead bodies ot animals MKINNEYO C relton of Dallas assist
ant superintendent of tho T rii Union
The deaths
from fiilim
drowning wfi 2 Eu iTdcpranh company sustained a broken arm
drowning will number more than a thous here Ho wa in the local office of tho
ant and tuny bo more than several limes company and stepped on n tablo to nrrango
this number Tho state of distress Is souethlne or tho wall when ho accidentally
gtcat and when green fruits saved from fe
the dobils aro consumed the suffering will WEATI1ERFORD Dr c L Crow late
bo great I am rellovlng the suffcrlnc nrcfersor of ancient and modern languages In
ZtTZ 15 wal XtV0 6 Wn Mffi E university 0 A
Mnc t 5 tlaces thore Virginia and Professor Edwin Rankin of
mousanas who can not bo reached for LexniKtan mo n craduate of Vandorbilt and
somo time Tho supplies ordered sent oy afterword of Yolo has been chosen to fill
the government will help much but will11 vacancy occasioned hero by Dr Crows
last only for a few days while destltu rcp cn
tlon must continue for many weeks or L ACO Tho suggestion has been made hero
estimate that at least 100000 people
me homeless and destitute Relief ration
proposed is ono pound of food per day
composed of seven ounces ot bians seven
oinces of rlco nnd two ounce of codfish
In addition to tho food ordered by tho Mc
riierson I ask that 230 tons of food of
the above proportions bo shipped next
wceit Beforo this Is consumed I will havo
full data lespeetlng future needs but I
fear extensdvo issuos of provisions will bo
necessary for several months 1 shall
push work ou the roods and give employ
mint but I fear extensive suffering Col
ocel Hoffcr chtof surgeon ot the depart
wont is chairman of the board of relief
and auxiliary boards nro organizing fi all
he towns Flvo
military posts not ye
heard from Davis
Cloncral Davis second dispatch
San Juan Porto Rlco via Hnjtl August
Further but still Incomplete reports
confirm previous cable reports ns conserva
lV Su pst an appointment of an officer
r >
Bent o be sent bananas rlco
cheap codfish Cotton
clothing and co so
colon goods In prlco needed nnd money
will bo applied to assist In rebuilding
houses and huts and hlro of help 1 recom
mend that bags for sugar and coffee nil
kinds of rough lumber for building and
fencing hooks staves and hoops for sugar
packing nnd galvanised iron and nails for
roofing purposes be placed on the first
list I have authorised employment of
labor for rebuilding tho barracks at Cayey
and Albonlto which wero wholly destroyed
AtJanln Go August 13 A Constitution
special from Brunswick gays the barometer
has been falling slowly since 1 oclock
At that hour dense clouds rolled up and
there wcro heavy winds which continued
for some time sending clouds of dust in
every direction Tho people hero are some
what alarmed Everything portablo has
been putwhere It will do the least d m c
are also needed Federal
daily tu niVi ° am other v mu imu Brnniva ner claim for 500yo
Mil simple medl nnd that tho voucher for thit amount would
cines 1 estlmato that at least 10000 tons Be Istucd In a abort tlmo jJrs Crabtreos
clnlni is based on a loss sustained by her
husband In tho destruction of his property by
Fcdiral bullets in Ohio
ITAY nverythlng is quiet so far as tho
smallpox scare is concerned and no uneasi
ness Is felt since tne county health officer
our local physicians and city authorities havo
taken such careful precautions All parties
who had come lu contact with Jho patient
wero carried to tho hospital from hero Thurs
day and are comfortably situated in tho deten
tion camo three miles out from town
CORSIOANA Tho cattle market here Is
oulte lively the demand for steer cattle and
yeaiilucs being stronger than it baa been for
jcarK Clmtllo West has Just closed a trado
with Tinkle for oo 2yearolds at 26 and
Pola Edens has bought from Johnson a bunch
of yearlings nt < 18 per head Tho ruling
price for yearlings Is from JIG to SIS More
b0 tei here lhl5 year tnan ln
ATLANTA Oa Governor Candler has
named Hon A D Freeman for tho vacancy
on tho board ot directors of tho Georgia lu
duttrlal college caused by the death of tho
lato Governor Atkinson
NASHVILLE Tcnn Much exrltomcnt pre
vails at Bello Buckle a small town neai
hero nigroeB nro much Btlrred over a recent
Ivnclilng and throatm revenge both racos
aro told to be arming heavily one negro
already been killed
BIRMINGHAM Ala The management of
tho Alabama Btsto fair has Invited Rear Ad
raral Wlnfleld s Schley and Colonel A K
ficCl rS 2or or Ul ° Philadelphia Times
to atlitid tbo fair which will hela
bo from
S5utw 7 0 a letter to Managing
Colonel ° r E1J PA Bmlln ot tn9 Birmingham News
McClure states that ho and
Atfmlrat Bcbloy contemplate touring the South
ell op his own account this winter
VluitJlvrv 4rkTA rathor novel means
n i I4 employed by Jo Davis u negro
boy aged 18 years of this city Davis was
l0rn fJ 51e bank of the Arksnias river
in1aflePJir Il < > ct tho party of friends
in whose
midst he was anilwalked Into tho
fi l ° u lVy rotcsted and urged blm not
u t but ho ovletly continued his way until
in the
tn JDwired depths of tbo river
ii t2J w recovered Ita thougbt tho
intense beat had affected DavlsTTaln
ICIUeil IIU wife ami Her Ilirninonr
Reading pa August USolomon Cjuln
tfr a former railroad this
eroployo morning
not and Instantly killed bis wife and nor
f liiisi iTiT tfj ieAtsilu
Jt >
Now Says This Cttinr vij
to R4laln pki
vAmcrlcnn CltUtBh AJI
Od It Horror
Now York Augult
morrow will say
Democratic club last 2
I was wrong i 1 H
n the i
before I L
went away I
IWJta Elands I ijjjj
not glvo up 4 o6t
dler won on lnfoftMU
complete I would not IT
been man who when h lft
wrong would notfJ
chance set himself tW
not he fit for
Publicly I fflade lh
aid not believe we sho J S
Philippines which taJZ J
am not aham
public that I was
wrong u
lug a poUtlca
game thws
view No
one man v
my change of
Europe I talked oaV
nformed men there or tmJ
tho subject of colonial conoJt7
Investigation >
for mv6e
conclusion that we have UT
to keep tho Philippines W
in tho first place to pay tho tirnbsi
dollars for them
In a question like this
no dividing lino between demomi
republicans Humanity not politic
nnd I am convinced that In
as represented by the votes of ig
citizens at the next presidtntlil
will record Its horror and tita
the men and
party who
ire tu >
gain putting bloody pages jh v
Believing these things now I tnM
to the public and
frankly si 1 tu <
I said that I believed TV J Brm
one of tho greatest men AmericatUi
produced I believe that Terrahti
but that does not mean that I bj j
for tho nomination ot Mr firm vi
I think he Is tho only man fitted be
nomination He Is as good t oil
leader as could be found Bat I fen
It Is for tho conventloa to ua
men and the convention will noteect
at least ten months It will bsatiw
on popular privilege to pick cuiii
beforo then and I shall baTi no tct
making such a selection I tlall not
try to Influence the New TorkStWs
gation for anybody
Will Tammany make i otk I
against free Bilver as It did tt till
I dont know Mr Croker sJH
Is lots of time and every Issue Bird
tho ones against trusts sndsjilittli
rlallsm and slaughter
Democracy Is Said to De Stanllil
u Voleuno Which Is LUrtlrb
Throw Much lavs
Special to The Post
Richmond Va August 13 The p
allty and bitterness In the Vl ltl
torlal campaign has reached a polt
sensational developments pre MfP
euro to follow This fight H11
determine tho length of the l w
all of h olJ
machine backed by
ers Including tho highest J
which sldi
matters not
promises to arouse such W
rend the party T0
threaten to
servant party leaders see jt
ginia democracy Is stand ig
eano which may soon il
eruption as that brought
bono In 1887
of WJ
Tho most slgnol feature J
total ° t
la the publication J
Governor Tyler In which h j
Senator Martins friends Vflgj
In the contest against bee bi >
influence nunw
proposition for Martin to In etan S St <
the senators friends PfVTp
would glvo
catorlol convent on we JCttji
clares that ho ln n iW j
proposition asserting v
own any members etb
not 01
ture and could t
them The letter
gives Is only the
Bpondcnco and controjeriy w t
to result lu thj publ cs tii
pleto lnsldo WtW U iJtlii
General FItrhugh
was accomillshed five jwn
Tbo Tyler people have
the opposition to Bj
tunity to reopen this J p
given by the with charge the thjt
allied himself jl
Jn that campaign JJ tt
and Tyler have 2wt
he did nm 1 i
latter because
proper for the trliyf
vnss Martin has mj
longed by Congrcwni tVi
him In Hnt
not manifested
tlon to accept wr wfll J
Monday OoTernor tf 1
first speech of thn fSutb S
bs at Wythcvllle lnJartrler 3
of the State Governor tW
utatlon ot MfSJlgL H
In Jo nt deDSd
not strong d oMM
that ho will P ifJojstil tM
Martins political w boae 3
Jy interesting facts
In which Mr ije
country lawyer coroP
the most P0PuIarh
nor Tylers VW Mrimoniew h S tg
ot tbo mo
campaigns known M tt
sides aro preparedM
Dallas Texas A
old child ot James W
the Gulf Colorad
wu burned to death tj
paramour Ed K kltiin uTcrT wbom he found P L aVso M J T
w t ° ln poeltlon Qulnter iurren and burned iM
dered to the tuthorlUe nortljr tten J i M

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