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I urten Settled Quarrel with
r 111 AnlnBonlt
nnil He
Ittii August 13Two Dallas
p Rawlins and Charles
1 met t I oclock tbls mornlnB
night spot In
L c the city Main and Poydras
grudge of long
Ud settled a
rtthUie largest caliber pistols
Kbln flvo mlnutcs from
LJI1 ttil
fa tbe flr t shot was nrcd and
w pronounced dead about an
frlcnilS bUt t0r
illOvMN ormCr5r
lf not ais
itrt8y w a coldues3
has botwccn
mia will
LUetii e shocked nt the torrlue
It la clear
EL ml direct causo of no
Ifrt Rjtfllns ° ad been a member of
Efs eollce force for tho last olevon
U Dttleis also had served o long
tat wu dismissed from the regular
ibout three rears ago He was
Iju He special police list howover
Tjurt serriee as night watchman fort
National bank Main and
t iEfricaa
has been known to
itis streets Ho
Lcttlr declare that his dismissal from
Kj duo lnllueuco cx
r force was to
L n l t him by Pollcmnn Rawlins
till Wends
licit tro years ago Officer nawllns
well known physician
Llf issiulted a
sttenptlng to wait on a man
t ui
Kb oa the sldowalk and died from
tortoise Rawlins was oft duty at tho
uJ la citizens clothes Tho pby
14U not know nawllns was an of
UudRjwllns did not know the phy
or his profession The lack of
tltJei ol Identity was the cause of
ntotaMte Incident Tho police board
Iteiadd and temporarily suspended
In On several occasions Daniels
Jdtlclsed tho conilact of Rawlins to
rjthe physician to persons who re
I the criticism to Kawllns This
l i tendeacy to Intensify th6 feelings
Iie Uo officers
itjat Rawlins was off duty and
i Qtltt freely In tho downtown sal
Akirat 4 oclock this morning con
ntJj tinder the Influence of liquor
rj itout to enter a hack at Main and
tfii ttreets Looking across Pcydras
Is i nsrrow thoroughfare not more
ttj feet wide he saw Officer Daniels
t m a chair on tho sidewalk talking
Utlcrk of an all night Crug store
lis the cowardly
kited Rawlins to the hack driver
pilaj toward Daniels and speaking so
I Hut th latter sould hsar him
Jtlj trose walked across the street
iRawlins and Inquired What was
Ijou laid Rawlins repeated his
P i
i men reached for their 45callber
Ml ltd the duel lftgan
men circled around a large em
itted pole sign for Knepfley Jewelry
FW located at tho street < rner and
Ptlje ltd fired shot after shot Ai
dless than ten feet of space separat
es faellsts only three shots struck
persons ao passed through Itaw
ftesrtandthe other through his body
He right side
e was hit In the upper part of the
a the ball coming out near the
a it the center of the back Finally
fell In tho streets and continued
wfldly until their pistols wcro
tenenso plate glass window in the
National bank on tho opposite
f the street from tho duelists was
J ° H od a like fate befell a similar
f la the Knepfley Jewelry house ln
Ch the men f ° ught Another
i WW ripped a large holo ln
rat door casing of Appersons drug
ereports from the pistols of tho
01 aal 9larmel tho occupants
s j
Dallas club near by
th hotelR ln the
he numerous all night
resorts of
Z ° the clty and ai > usual
B s general
ot Kawllns was removed to
nt Danlels was taken Into Ap
S Et ° re ensted I hat his
hmw Im an hour Bfter
V B th lllB hMd rtsllnB on
me camo frora excellent
m ere well known throughout
toiMMon8 duri ° eth0 r viewed
l the morgue
and at tho Dan
itay born and raised
t camo t0 Da as near
ears ago m
his father lives
nSon Danlols
i nL dasfarmr Dallas
V II Tny rcIatvcs ln North
leavcs a widow but no
lli M 33 year8 old Rawlins
4 years old
> tlALLA8
mLA 13At Bln 0U
Wm m th0 cty WHIUra
SiertJr1 anii the ifo of Wil
tanleht it two men
LIt iaVc k a negro Mr
> tlou aniur ln o Places
topa 0n r EmPo > rea of the
Mice oMflapted t0 jrncU
1 u Ja at poIIob
itSr ° wis
BilZ AuKM t IS MrJ J >
i >
rd hipped this vtek
V f v i
n head1 ° C0W8 Wllcb ntllcd hm 3
WhS lh ° nd 8al Institutions of
ril Vlet Victor has 500
stands of bees
and ships honoy to tho city
markets In largo quantities Mr Victor is
n delegate to the Hoo Keepers association
which meets at Beevlllo August 1017
NEonoEs shot most amhusii
One of Them nclnTnnil Tiro Others
Seriously Wounded
Orange Texas August IS This morn
Ing about 1 oclock a perfect fusllnde of
shots was heard in tho northeastern part
of the city many citizens being awakened
from their Blumbers by tho terrible din
that lasted for a few moments Soon
afterwards messengers notified tho of
ficers that a tragedy had been enacted tho
scene being a negro gambling houso Bltuat
ed on tho edge of tho river marsh The
house is in an isolated spot surrounded
by brush and trees and negroes have been
In tho habit of congregating there to
gamble There wcro about twenty In this
houso at the tlmo mentioned when sud
denly a shot rang out from tho brush
near tho building then another followed
a perfect fusllnde as tho negroes
stampeded for the door and wlndowB
As they tumbled out shots wero being
nrcd Into tho crowd tho result being that
Fred Holston Dee Geter and Moso Roe
were nil shot in tho back Holston fell
Just In front of tho door but tho others
continued their flight Iho igoos scatter
ing in every direction Sumo of them
returned when they heard Holston groan
ing and carried him to tho nearest houso
and summoned a physician to examine his
wounds A Winchester ball was fouud
to havo entered his back and lodged near
tho navel in front Ho suffered great pain
and at 8 oclock this morning died from
tho effects of tho wound
Deo Geter has flvo buckshot in his back
shoulder and neck and Is suffering great
ly this afternoon his wounds being very
Moso Roo was not so badly Injured
bolng shot In tho back with small shot
Who tho perpotrators of the deed wero
is not known though tho officers are do
ing their utmost to work up any clew
that might lead to their Idcntltlcatlon
About forty yards away from the door of
tho house was found a pile of empty Win
chester shells nnd it is supposed that tho
man who fired tho snot that kflled Holston
stood thoro and shot at tho negroes u
thoy camo pell mell out of the door as
two moro narrowly escaped being hit as
they camo out Fiom the signs around
the houso whero the bullets of all kinds
went In it would seem that various kinds
of weapons were used and that they were
loaded with different kinds of shot as in
addition to buckshot small shot and Win
chester balls and slugs < were found Im
bedded In the walls of tho building The
negroes thnt wcro shot wcro all well
known quiet and Inoffensive Holston the
ono who died has been keeping bar In
The Glna Arc Xow IlnnnlnR on One
third Time
Edna Texas August 12 Gins havs
been running on about onethird tlmo
since tho cotton season has opened About
100 bales of tho new cotton crop has boeu
Btlppcd up to date
Thero Is considerable speculation here
as to the yield ot the present cotton crop
and no one Is prepared to make an esti
mate of tho yield of tho present crop ln
this county Some farmers report that
they will make oncfovrrtli some one
third and some say that they will make
as much as threequarters of a bale per
cere Excepting some of the bottom
farmers who suffered from the flood tho
farmers generally are In good spirits and
none are ready to condomn the country
because of the destruction of a few of tho
bottom land crops by tho recent flood
Judges Jno O Rowlett and J M Moore
returned from Galveston whero they have
been representing Jackson county in a
suit against the county ln tho Federal
court at Galveston
Dr It D Allen ot Houston has secured
tho option of a threeyear lease on th
Edna high school building and It is ex
pected that ho will have charge ot the
school with exclusive control
is a teacher of forty years experience and
the high school board are to bo congratu
lated for securing tho services of so able
nn Instructor
Prof J N Corell who conducted the
high school last year has removed to
Caldwell where he has charge of one of
tho high schools
Dr h A Suggs left yesterday for polntB
In New Jersey whero he will tako a course
of lectures on specialties He will bo Ab
sent some weeks
1 iioil Intercut Muiilfrxtcil ami Inrjjo
Anillcnce Hiicctcil
Considerable Interest is being mani
fested in the free lecturo on tho subject
of Tho Prevention of Disease which
will be delivered at Turner Hall tonight
by Hon Albert E Hyde of Chattanooga
Tenn undor the auspices and by Invita
tion of the local sanitary committee Mr
Hyde who Is considered to be a very
high authority in matters of sanltatl n
will tell of the best methods of keeping
tho city clean and other means to bo
employed In tho prevention of disease
Tho matter Is one of vital Interest to tbe
citizens of Houston and a large audience
Is expected to be present to hear tbe lec
ture Tho ladleB of the city are espe
cially Invited to attend as tho sanitary
committee roallze that much good will
result from their aid and cooperation in
the work of cleaning up tho city All of
tho local physicians have been invited
to bo present and a formal Invitation will
be extended tho city authorities through
tho council this afternoon
Confederate Veteran ll > ln r of Wnnt
Texarkana Texas August 13 An old
man who gavo his namo ns Albert Low
condition from exposure
was found In a dying
posure and want on tho outskirts ot this
city last night From tbe pipers found In
bis pockets It was shown that he was a
Confederate veteran and served In the
Third Louisiana He was taken charge of
by A P Hill Camp of tbls city
AnlU rnirc Acuultted
Center Texas August 12 The Jury to
tho ArdJs Page case returned a vcrdct of
not guilty on yesterday This was a
hard fought ease on both sides No doubt
this will settle tbe matter In regard to the
killing of Joo Shields on January 28 1SD
Given Five Venr
Center Texas August 12 The Jury In
the cause of tbe State of Tpxas vs Richard
Love charged with an attempt to raps
Miss Maud Dlggar rendered verdlOof
guilty and U > ve was glren flr years
tn Us pealtentiary
Jt iait
a im l < 3
> y n
The Steamship SI Oswald Steamed Through
the Port Arthur Channel
Thn VckncI Viik ltirnlly Welcomed
l > r Oir Entire Poiitilntlnn of tho
Town StltwcII CotiKintulntcil
Port Arthur Texas August IS Port
Arthur Is no longer a seaport simply on
pnpor she Is a seaport In fact The peo
ple no longer need to refer to tho tlmo
when our ship comes lu Bho Is hore
Tho steamship St Oswald decorated
with flags and streamers entered tho port
of tho canal at 1 o clock today stoamod
through tho canal at a speed of eight
miles an hour and at ten minutes after 2
oclock was tied up to tho wharf In slip
No 5 where she waR royally welcomed
by almcat the entire population of the city
St Oswald Is a steclclad stcaraor 310 feet
long forty wldo and of 40000 tons ca
pacity and when fully loaded draws
twentytwo feet of water
For two years past assertions hnvo been
freely mado that the canal would novor
bo llnlshcd that It wns not practical and
was only a townslto schomo Todays
event ansewrs nil croakors in the only way
they could bo mado to understand or ac
knowledge tho feasibility of tho great en
Congratulations by telegraph were sent
to President Stllwoll whoso great mind
first conceived the Idea of tho ship canal
and to McDougal Cakes of New York who
represents the Germans and Hollanders
who furnished the money to build It
Tenth Aniiunl Mcctliipr In In SchhIoii
IrnKiiiiuiHc Ciirricil Out
Clarendon Texas August 12rThe tcntn
annual meeting of tho Northwest Texas
Press association met In Clarendon last
Tuesday and Wednesday There were
sonio thirty or forty ln attendance scat
tered from Fort Worth to Amarlllo and
rialnvlow A large number of citizens
with tho Clarendon bras3 band met thom
at tho train and conducted thcra to tho
Clarendonjiotcl whero an Informal recep
tion was held Monday night Tuesday
Frank Browns saloon since Mr Brown morning at 10 oclock the association met
purchased it and before that time hold
ln the publIc Pinni bull lns and wis
tho position for several years for Sam
Wilson tho former owner of the saloon
a part of the saloon being arranged for tho
accommodation of negroes Thero has
been considerable excitement all day over
tho shooting
called to order by the president
The welcome address ln behalf of tho
people was delivered by Judge O II White
and ln behalf of the local press by Uov
J It Honson Tho response by President
Proctor was appropriate and to tho point
Tuesday night the lsltors wero feasted
on lco cream at tho ice cream parlor after
which tho Clarendon band led the way to
tho court house whero a lawn Boclal and
reception was held Aftor music and
speaking upstairs tbe whole crowd waB
invited out on the courthouse lawn to
partake of the abundance ot watermelon
and lco water which had been provided
Wednesday morning Buntln Terry of
Clarendon livery stable placed overy car
riage and buggy ln their stable also sev
oral citizens to the local committee to
ttke tho visitors for a drlvo over the city
Through tho courtesy of Foreman Herd
tho visitors wero allowed to go through
the round houso and mnchlno shops Tho
visitors also went through the Clarendon
collego building Catholic convont and to
every part ot tho city and did not return
until noon
Wednesday night a banquet was given
in tho college building Thero was a mus
ical programme rendered nnd a comic
recitation by Miss Grace Anderson which
was highly appreciated by all The Star
devil also entertained tho crowd with an
address music etc which added largely
to tho entertainment
At 1030 the banquet began and did not
end until 12 p m Tho menu of tho ban
quet was large and contained everything
that would tempt the appetite During
the courses tho following toasts wero re
sponded to Clarendon tho Prldo of the
Dr Allen Panhandle Prof 13 R Rlanklnshlp
Tho Editors Wife Orion Proctor Tho
Northwest Tevas Press Association W
A Johnson Why He Quit tho Newspa
per Dusincss John W Dale Tho Chief
Factor In Developing a New Country A
M Bevllle Does a Prcariirr in tho
Newspaper Business Keep a Dovll Rov
J R llenson Tho visitors wero well
plcnEPd with Clarendon and the courte
sies extended them during their stay hero
The meeting for 1900 goes to Bridgeport
Tho press gang with moro than S00 othen
boaidcd a Bpeclal train Thursday morning
bound for the picnic at Goodnight
Confederate Pennlons Are
He Panned On Todiiy
Austin Texas August 13 Tbe county
commissioners courts throughout tho
Stato will meet tomorrow to pass upon
applications for pensions under tho Con
federate pension act of tho Twontyslxth
legislature Tho act goes Into effect on
Octobor 1 nnd Comptroller Flnloy who
has the applications > oxpocled to have
them disposed ot by that time but will
be unable owing to the large number of
applicants to havo them all ready for ac
tion on that dato
About 150 applications havo been filed lu
this county and from reports from other
counties it Is safe to say that tho total
for the State will easily exceed 5000
Governor Sayers received n telegram
frora Brownsville this morning Informing
blm that two rangers have loft that point
for Hidalgo according to his order of yes
terday Ho also recolved a telegram frpin
District Attorney Klolber of Brownsville
ln answer to his request to that gentle
man that ho also proceed to Hldalgoto
look Into tho matter that he had iu
tended to be there tomorrow
Ktnte Cowboy Ilcnnlon
Jacksboro Texas August 12 II T
Dougherty president of tbe Cowboys ro
unlcn of Texas leaves In the rooming for
Sejmour to attend the State reunion
which meets at that place on the 15th
16th and 17th of tbls month President
Dougherty said ho expected a fine reunion
this year The flue condition of the coun
try nnd good price of cattle fine crops
and good times generally in this country
point to a successful meeting Ho said he
thought there would be nt least 10000
pfcpte prssent It was estimated that
13000 nnd 15000
there were between peo
ple present at Haskell last year and
everything Is more favorable a large
attendance this > ear
Hearne Item
Bearns Texas August 13 T < Ut
tlwtU Jerryfirs tabu of UtU yssf cot
ton have been marketed here The prlct
so tar this season ha been several points
better than last year this tlmo A great
deal of cotton In tho fields Is open and
cotton pickers are In demand
Mr John Theopholls Welch went to
Navnsota this morning to spend thod y
with rolatlves
Mrs J Doremim returned to her homo
In llrynn yesterday after ft pleasant visit
to rolatlves ln tho city
Miss Ghent Brashear returned yesterday
from a visit to Calvert friends Sho was
nceoinpinlcrt homo by Miss Fannlo Gib
son Mr Frank Pool nnd family of Mum
ford are ln tho city today
S L Goldman of Houston Is in ihe city
tho guest of H B Easterwood
Another excursion from points on tho
Central from Calvert south was run this
morning to Houston and Galveston nt a
round trip ralo of 3 and J225 respective
ly About ono dozen tickets wero sold
from Hcnrne
Mr Lawrence Westhrook and family of
are visiting relatives In Hearno
T H Whatloy left yesterday for Marlln
Fluhlns In Very Gooil Jtint Xow
Work rroRrenattiK lUnplillj nil
the Itonuil llnle Vlnnt
Brenham Texas August 13 The ex
cursion to Houston and Galveston via tho
Central this morning started out as an
Illstarred affair two accidents ot a moro
or less serious ualuro occurring before tho
train had passed beyoud tbo limits of tho
yards at this place
Abncr Carrol was tho victim of thn first
accident Ho boarded tho train at tho
unlcm depot for the purpose of assisting
somo ono on tho cars Ho attempted to
loavo tho train nttcr It got under con
siderable headway and was thrown to
tho ground with great violence his head
btrlklng a rail uud producing n severe
contusion ot tho skull Tho extent of his
injuries can not as yet be determined
At tho Kerr street crossing tho becond
accident occurred This time tho train
ran Into a vehicle driven by Richard Haw
kins killing tho horse and demolishing
tho vehicle Tho driver escaped death by
an exceedingly narrow margin
Bohemian Benevolent Association of
On Frldny evening next the Second regi
ment band of this city will play a concert
nt Firemens park tho first since the
MalfC6t Tickets wero sold for this con
cert moro thnn two months ago but sluco
that dato first ono thing nnd thon the
other has provented tho rendition of it
The recent big rlso ln tho crooks and
lakes near Brenham has made fishing un
usually fine Every day fishermen go out
nnd return with flno strings of trout bass
drum and other game fish
Tho Santa Fe Railway company Is again
having trouble with tho dump north ot
the city whero tho long bridge wns tilled
In last year Another slldo occurred there
last night nnd traffic was suspended till
the break could bo cribbed up
A big test Is In progress at Greonvlno
today and mauy from this plnco aro In at
Tho roundlap balo plant bolng erected
here Is nearlng completion It Is located
ono block east of the old compress and
will bo managed by Mr J R Ralston a
former wholesale Implement dealer at ihls
Cotton Is coming In faster than has
been known In many years for the early
season and the wheels of trado and com
merce are whirring with an acceleration
never boforo known In tho first part ot
At tho meeting of the commissioners ot
the county ln regular quarterly session
they will be required to pass on the
claims of tho applicants for Confedorato
pensions There are not moro than n
score of theso applications frora this
Very JVcnrly Nine Huitilrid Men Have
Ilccn nullntcd
San Antonio Texas August 13 Sunday
was a busy day with tho enrolling officers
ot tho Thirtythird regiment at Camp Al
lyn K Capron whero 105 new recruits
arrived and wero assigned to companies
Tho now arrivals wore mostly assigned
to companies II and I though other com
panies received some of tho newcomers
Tho figures of today surpass records
since the organization of tho regiment
was begun and Colonel Hare will havo
his regiment fully organized boforo tbe ond
of tho wt > ftk
The totnl number ot enlisted men lu
camp tonight was S90 which figures will
bo Increased tomorrow morning by a batch
from Fort Sam Houston and later In tbo
day by arrivals from other recruiting sta
tions The total number of enlisted men
required to fill a regiment under tbo army
reorganlzatlon act Is 1303
Kntifmaii County Wliltcenii
Kaufman Texas August 12 Tbe at
tached white cap notices were found on
tho gates of some negroes who llvo on
Mr T J Shannons farm two miles west
of Kaufman The negroes are hard work
ing law abiding negroes and no reasons
aro given for ordering them to leave
Mr Negro Tako tho warning and
leave by the first ot September
Mr Negro I dont want to sea your
face shining hero after tho first of Sep
tember take warning
Witter Famine nl Inrl
Purls Toxns August 13 A big forco
of men worked hard today and will work
all night installing temporary pumping
machinory at the new city lake Thero is
almost a water famine Consumers bavo
been cut off since yesterday evening to
save enough for lire protection
V C V Oflloer Eleoted
Paris Texas August 13 At a meeting
of Albert Sidney Johnston Confederate
camp tbls afternoon the following officers
wero elected John T Webster com
mander J C Smith lieutenant J W
Webb adjutant Win Marchbanks quar
Klllcl by n Xe tro
Victoria Texas August 13 Leon Pela
a white man was killed last night about
930 by a negro with whom be had a
quarrel ln the afternoon
Killed by a Mom Ciirrliiice
Denlson Texas AugU6t 13 James D
Nolan a prominent young business nun
w s run over by s hose cirrU o at 11
oclock last tUcJit a d died ttl morning
t r ih
Alderman Wilson Has Concluded to Stand
with the Mayor and Minority
ircilcinl ItiMirctor Showed 3So Favor
lu Checklntr Ul > UpllnqaentM iui
cub cm for cvr York
Galveston Texas August 13 Alderman
Wilson has changod from tho majority to
tho minority faction ot tbo City council
light aurt Mayor Joucs now has five fol
lowers Gradually the tactions are dis
integrating and it is battered that tho
council will succeed ln electing officer
within the noxt two or three months
A largo number of Galveston liquor
dealers havo had a fine assessed against
them within tho last ten days tor failure
to renew their government llcenso within
the tlmo prescribed by law In some In
stances tbo flno amounts to as much as
100 depending an tho stock and tho
number of billiard tables run In connec
tion with tho place
About a week or so ago a bright yoting
man dropped Into Galveston and regis
tered from some plnco up in Iowa Ho
proved to be nn Inspector for tho govern
ment and it did not tako him long to as
rertnln that a largo number ot liquor
dcnlcrs had permitted their government
licenses to lapse Without partiality or
favor he began to mark up a fine ngalnst
every such dealer and n few days ago
ho finished his work and departed
Tho dealoro protested that tho act waa
not Intentional and that this detail of
their business had merely been over
looked Thoy asked lf there wa3 not
some way ln which tho flno could bo re
Tho Inspector said he was sorry but
that his duty required him to report the
matter to Washington
And thus tho mattor stands Govern
ment liquor licenses expire on July 1 of
each year If tho license Is renewed any
time during tho month ot July nn penalty
Sheriff Sam of Helton In tho attnclics but after thirty days of grace
Sparks was
city this morning having come down to X P S ° bam bK n8 ° lo c up
° nnd proceeds to flno thmn
servo a Bell county grand Jury Indictment JjBBards
on J h Matchett who killed Joe Halo at l ° foaera fei PI < Jue < J nnd a > < <
Hcldcnhclmcr some weeks ago Mr f 60 ° ico rom lho locftl demy
I of ntcrnal revenue na is cua
Matchett is a former Brcnharalte He is
70 years old I tonmry ln suon cases Nearly all tho
Joe Mlkcska ot Wosloy left last night I ° ilci0rrlanaf
Au ° 0t iTOm Ul ° fln ° u
for Detroit Mich whoro he goes as a
havo not yet received
Tho flno will probably stand
Tho Mallory lino steamship San Marcos
F E Young mastor sailed for New York
yesterday Saturday nt 3 oclock p m
with the following list of cabin passen
gers Mr W Sweeney general superin
tendent Missouri Knusns nnd Texan rail
roal Miss Sweeney Miss A Sweuney
Dr A W Wilcox Mr J E McDnvlit
Mrs M E Rousseau Mrs Mary ODano
hoe Katy ODonohoe Mr Wm Aubrey
wife and child Mr George Tyng Mr M
A Kieuger Mr T II Mlllor Mr Frank
Alvey Mrs Helen Jacobs Also a go d
list of steorage
Tho steamship Leona Is expeoted to ar
rive Sho brings about forty cabin pas
sengers for different points ln Texas Colo
rado and Kansas
At tbe Tremonf S M Keller Nava >
sota W G Hatcholl Montgomery C U
Ross city A A Hooker Brenham James
II JCord Forest City Ark A L Grady
Forest City Ark T C King Beaumont
II Van Glidor Nashville J S Coll
Hearno J Schwnrz Hompstead J G
Hamboigcr Austin James Moore city
J G Fitzhugh Dallas D B Stouollff
Atlanta H M Scovitt Kansas City H
E Fanell Tyler E B Iorktns Dallas
F H Britton Tyler N II Lasaiter and
wife Fort Worth Wm Bornlmrdt Now
York F P Mclntyro Boston W E
Perry New York O H Loonard Gaines
ville Mrs Mattio Ilakor Cleburne Mrs
T A Murphy Denlson V E Hoggin St
Louis Howard Booth Houston A Gaines
Texas G J Palmer Houston J I
Masters W F Burns John E Knight
T A McDowell G E Knight J J
Knight Louisiana Mo J M Slowart
Chicago E H Johnson Qulncy III
L T Blnko Now York Geo O Brnzel
ton San Antonio A 15 Malono Moniphls
II B Marchbank Dallas Howard W
Peak Fort Worth James E Ludlow San
The CIo lnr Session of the Annttn
Jliintlmt Aimncliitlon
Austin Texas August 13 The Austin
Baptist association met Jn Its last days
sosslon at tbo First Baptist church nt 0
n m yesterday with Moderator L M Mays
In tbo chRlr I Tho first hour was spent In
devotional services participated in by
quite n number of delegates
A commute on nominations was appoint
ed composed of P O Barnes J S Wood
ward and R H Smith
Dr J W Vermilion of Georgetown read
a ringing report on Sabbath observance
dealing thn railways tho liverymen Sun
day amusements and Sunday sellers gen
erally some decided blows distinguishing
botwoen things lawful and unlawful to bo
dono on tho Lords day
Dr J A French of Austin C L Clink
scales of Georgetown nnd Rev C A Tay
lor spoke briefly on this tbemo
Mr J S Woodward of Taylor offered
resolutions favoring two sermons dally
hereafter In this body also urging par
ents to bring their children to tho stated
Bcrvlccs of tbo sanctuary Mr Woodward
spoko on his resolutions urging their
adoption Moderator Maya objected to the
first resolution as Interfering with tho
business of the body and It was laid on
tho table tho second Item being adopted
Judgo John C Townes read an Interest
ing and Instructive paper on tbo religious
condition of tho colored people Tho data
showed marked progress among this peo
ple both religiously and educationally
Rev h L Campbell moderator of St
Johnscolored association was Invited to
speak on tbls question Ho said he was
under obligations to the white ministers
for much assistance and proceeded to glvo
tho history ot tho organization of his peo
ple In this section Ho said that the ne
groes aro not divided about organized
work but they are divided about tbe
domination of the homo mission society
of New York that be thought thoy should
bo allowed to help themselves lie grow
eloquent as be recited tho differences be
tween tho society and bis organization
and contended that tho government of
Texas colored churches Is democratic as
that of the white churches and repudiate
tbo Idea that his people ware Mgrates
because they objected to bolng controlled
by tha NortStrn bretbran Us ccretod
tho cooperation ot this organization In
what his pcoplo ftro seeking to nccomplish
Tor Christ Ho Insisted that tho best ele
ment ot his people are as fully set against
tho prevailing crlmos ot the day as tho
whlto people and ho desired this to bo
accepted ns tho truth
Dr I A Porter of Kyle spoke approt
Igly of tho colored collego at Seguln wheuo
work ho personally knows
Rev Dr W A Wilson of Baylor college
Tor young ladles at Bolton was Introduced
nnd spoko on Christian education ln Us
relation to denominational activities Ho
referred to tho Baptist association com
mission n doing a great work saying
that 3000 of the first 100000 tho com
mission seeks to raise has been pledged
and whon tho 200000 nag been raised It
would bo a grnud day for Texas Baptists
and thoy would tako ft now leaso on do
nomlnntlonat education work
At tho afternoon session devotional ex
orcises wero led by Rcv U P West ot
Waco who mndo rrv sultnblnand accept
able remarks on Tho Mind of Christ
Tho report on foreign missions was read
by Dr J A French ot Austin It showed
that missions are essentially one ond that
men nro responsible for unscrlptural dis
tinctions between home and foreign mis
sions Ho pointed out that moro has been
dono by Southern Baptists during tho past
year than ovor before In respect to foreign
mission and Hint there Is uoed of larger
views about It
Mrs J L Vrcdcnburgh read a most nd
mlrablo report ou womans work which
showed that fnr morn has been dono by
women In church work than Is commonly
supposed and that whon allowed to wmk
untrammelled sho la nt her best Mrs
Vrodenburghs report elicited timely e
marks from Rov C A Taylor nnd Judgo
J C Townes of AUstln who declared that
the churches are dependent lu a most
marked degree on tho women ln this and
that tho nien should bo ashumod ot It
Rov 11 F Stokes presented the teporl
of homo missions which declared that
Tetas is deeply Indebted to this board for
Its munificent benefactions to our States
evangelization Tho paper pointed out
thnt Cuba and Porto Rico nrtor especially
Inviting Holds Just now and allied for
generous gifts to this work
Tho report on foreign populations wns
presented by Rev J A MUsi who do
scrlbedscilbcd tho Italian organ grinder
and tho hot tnumln man ns belonging to n
better class at homo than wo think and
who haB been driven to his occupitlon far
a HUng Ho snld tho European Idea of the
Sabbath 1b being Introduced among us be
cause ivp are not willing to take hold nt
these pcoplo and bring them Into sympathy
with our inititutlnns nnd churches Ho
earnestly argued that we work with those
Incoming foreigners for their owu nnd our
Rov D A Porter and Rev It F Stokes
mndo Htiltnblii remarks on this report tho
latter recommending that Mr Musa bo
employed to give nil hla tlmo to work
among tho Mexicans
Rev O F Carlson pastor of tho Swed
ish Baptist chnroh said thoro aro 10000
Swedes nnd 20000 Norwegians and Danes
Fpcaking tho Game language nnd ho Is
tho only Baptist minister laboring among
thom Ho gavu his reasons for wishing
two additional coluborers in this Held of
lteferenco wns mndo to Rev W D Bev
erly Rev E M Daniel ond Rov W C
Baker who had been very prominent la
borers In this body recently ilocrascd
Prof J C Townes nnd Mr Hugh McCoy
were appointed u coimnltteo to diaft sult
nbln resolutions in relation to thoso de
parted ministers
At lho evening service Rev John Smith
of Austin read tho report on State Sunday
Hcbool and colportage work showing tho
importance ot It nnd that all Texas has
been blessed by lis board
Rev C A Taylor of Austin offered tho
report on Stnto missions presenting tho
Individual responsibility of each ono tbo
progressive steps In the Lords work and
dwelling principally upon tho importance
of tho work ln Its object ind extent Its
object ho declared to bo extending the
gospel In this State and holding thoso
points ulready gained Tho extent ho
said was as gient ns tho Stute cf Texas
nnd tho duration of time Last year 700
places were supplied with preaching that
would otherwlso hnvo been without It
0er 000 In tho last throo months were
ndded to Baptist churches There was a
good dcnl of Interest in this subject tha
last ono boforu tbo body and although
many had gone there was no lack of ap
preciation of its treatment
Tho association has been very surces
ful nnd nil tho delegates seem to have had
n pleasant time Today services will bo
conducted by visiting ministers ln the
various churches notlco of which will bo
found In todays issue By tomorrow noon
all tho messengers will bnVo returned
In connection with tho cssoclatlonal
meeting yesterday tho IndleH of tho Austin
association met in their Missionary union
nnd elected tho following officers Presi
dent Mrs R F Stokes ot Austin vice
presidents Mrs J M Black ot Round
Rock for Williamson county Mrs Ann
S Mitchell for Travis county treasurer
and corresponding secretary Mrs J A
French of Austin recording secretary
Mis J V Black of Taylor Members ot
tho local oxccutlvn commlttoo Miss Nar
dla Frazcr Miss Paltlo Mays and Mrs
Arthur Mays of Austin
Mrs J M Blackof Round Rock was
elected dclcgnto to the State Womans
Missionary convention nt Dalian noxt fall
No other business nppeurlng tbo union
adjourned slno die
Tervell IIiIIiichk aTtftlnw
Terrell Texas August 12 Tho Terrell
holiness campmectlng Is attracting mora
attention and tho results aro increasing
every day Tho preaching is of a high
order nnd such as to attract large crowds
Campers have been coming In since early
this morning Tho grounds belong to the
holiness pcoplo nnd If tho Improvements
desired can be inadu next year a much
larger attendance will bo seen It Is ex
pected to build a largo tabernacle during
the year and also a number of houses
People are coming from different pnrtB of
Texas and some from othor States
Irotrnelrd 3leetln > r > < Wharton
Wharton Texas August 13 Tho pro
tracted meeting under tho auspices of
Rev J It Murray ot tho McthodlBt
church ppenn today The introductory
sermon will bo from Ec vll 10 Say not
thou what Is the cause tbit the former
days were belter than tbesn For thou
dost not Inquire wisely concerning thlsjt
A number nf ministers from abroad will
assist Mr MuYrny In tho good work and
music will lend Its charm to aid In sow
ing tbo seed of religion
The llond Tux Carried
Columbus Texas August IS Sufficient
returns are In to Indicate that tbe election
held ln Colorado county yesterday to le
gallzo the levy by the county commis
sioners ot a tax of lf > cents on tho 100
and If nuceosnry Increase It G cents for
tbo Improvement of tho public roads sus
tains the commissioners At their fCYt
mooting on tho 26tU instant anotherelec
tion will be ordered by tho commissioners
to decide whether bonds will be Issued to
rebuild bridges The live conts Increase
allowed by tho election yesterday will be
sufficient for tbe rebuilding ot tho bridges
ncildenee Horned at Denlson
Denlson Texas August 13 The rest
denco of Dr Terry was destroyed by Are
last night estimated loss in bouse and
furniture 10000 with an insuranot of
> jA
Governor Sayera exGovernor Itotrs
nnd lion J IV Inlley on the
Proflrrnmmc for Speeches
McGregor Toxag August J3 Tho State
grongo mooting to bo hold hero on 15tn
to 18th instant Inclusive is looked forward
to with Increasing Interest as the tlmo
draws near by the pcoplo at this placo and
especially by members ot tho order
throughout Texas Aside from rcg lar
business ot tho meeting the arranged pro
gramme as already printed In Tho Post
promises to sWell the attendance largely
The citizens committee Is nssurod that
exGovernor J 3 Hogg Governor Sayers
nnd Hon Joe W Jlnlley Wilt be present
to fill their rcspectlvo appointments
Visitors from far and near arc expected
to hear these addresses and no pains will
bo spared to entertain all ln attendance
Captain W II Harris ot this place n
member of thn Stato Grango exccutlvo
comnilttcc Is very Jubilant over tho
prospective results ot tho meeting lb re
viving tho work and tho rooiganlzntlou
ot lucnl grauges hero nud at other places
lit tho State He thinks that Major A K
Roses nddrrss on tho grango will bo very
effective and cause offorts mndo for good
ot tho order to be crowned with duo
Tho agitation of the round and square
bnle Is drawing attention of many farm
ers who will bo glad to bear tho discus
sions to be made on this occasion by
representatives ot the two systems
Fnrmet W A Shaw ot Dallas Is expect
ed to arrive tonight
IViiiKht Under Davis In Mexico unit
In the South
Kllgorc Texas August 12 Died nt his
homo In this place Thursday evening nt
6 oclock J W Nicholson age 76 years
Deceased was n Mexican nnd Confedorato
veteran ho wns with the army of occu
pation under General Taylor assisted at
Fort Brown nnd was In the cavalry undor
May at tho battle ot Palo Alto in tho
advanco guard at Resaca Do la Palma
ami In thu chargu that captured the guns
nnd tho Mexican General Ln Vega He
hIbo participated In tho battle ot Monterey
and Uucnn Vista assisting In tho former
in tbo houso to house fight and at Buena
Vista at the V formed at the ravlno by
President Davis then nn officer on General
Taylors staff this movement and tho
grnpo from Braggs artillery saved tho
day fur tho Americans He was at tho
camp of Fort Nelson Ark nnd was a
member ot Ectors brigade was at tbo
battles of Nashville Ohlclumnuga Kerah
Ml and Altoona secured au honorablo
dlschnrgo from both armies Ho was a
Mnaon and was buried yesterday at
Mount Morlah this county by that fra
ternity und he leaves a widow and a
family of 8 children to mourn his death
Theso patriots and veterans aro passing
from among us to rest
On the Stuuil He Hn Ttilcon A ln t
Slob Iinv In Oeorirln
Albany N Y August 13 The local
branch of tbo American Protectlvo league
has transmitted to Governor Candler of
Georgia a congratulatory loiter on hla
manly stand ngalnst mob law
Tho letter after rehearing in a gen
eral way tho recent epidemic of lynching
and mob violence lu the South and par
ticularly ln GoorglB says The fre
quency nnd barbarity of tho crimes com
mitted nnd to which you call tho atten
tion of tho thoughtful and lawabiding
whlto men of your State and the whole
country menaces the stability of organ
ized government nullifies and tramples
under fool tho majesty of tllo law fos
ters anarchy and revolution In which tbo
innocent equally with tho guilty must
suiter and causes a blush of shame to
rush to tho cheeks of every loyal and pa
tilntlc American
IlceiirHlim to Port Tnvacn
Cuoro Texas August 13 A train of
two sections loaded with oxcuislonlst from
Schiilouburg Weimar Columbus Flato
ula Yoakum and othor points wtmt
through this morning to Port Lavaca
Superintendent D L Forbes of tbe Maca
roni was hero to sou that thoy got out on
his lino nil right Two conches were tilled
from here
Yoakum Texas August 13 The Ban
Antonio and Aransas Pass ran an excur
sion train to port Lavaca Sunday leaving
here about fi n in and returning tonight
One hundred and seven Yoakumltes tool
Bdvnntngo ot tho cheap rato 150 to
Spend tho day on tho coast
Mrs MorrisLetter to
I have taken eight bottles of Lydla
B Pinkhums Vegetable Compound
with gratifying results I had been
married four years and had two chil
dren I vyas all run down hnd falling
of womb witli all its distressing symp
toms I had doctored with a good
physician but I derived very little good
from his treatment After taking a
fow bottles of your medicine I waa
able to do my work and nurso my eoven
months old babe I recommend your
medicine tot every wife and mother
ITad I time I could write much more
in its praise I bid you Gods speed iu
your good worlt 1 Mns I At MobbW
Welaka Putnam Co FiA
Dear Mrs Pjnkmam WJiesIcorar
menced the use of your remedies I was
very bad oft Every two weeks Iwm
troubled with flowlngspelbj which m de
mo very weak Ihad two of the5 oeifc
doctors but they did not seem to help
me ittp fV
They said my trouble wm QMHHty
from weakness and was > > >
worrynbout IftltMredftUilMtiiMfte
no ambition I Wmg wutf if MU
Plnkh ams Vegetable Cowyeiu J Imb
now ableto help W t frwwav <
am au oh iiaoroT iayh MfcuSmM
i WAunwifi in mm a M T
v f
It Is to Be Held at McGr > r I A
and Wednesday
t if iv

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