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crceelsta CJ IVL
A cns itiurtd fcy
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Houston Texas
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3L0 < 0
romlse to smoke nothing but it high
o clsar looping this by slacking only
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rexflB WBtern Texas aid Jlow M x1fO
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ankfort Ky December 31 Tho antl
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estimate of their strength In tho two
housos tonU jt They now claim to have
eight democrats la the senate and thir
teen In the houso This would glvo the
coalition a majority on joint ballot or
would control cither house In separate ses
TrxmiH Will Ho Speaker In ChlcnKo
Chicago December 31 Arrangements
have been completed for the fourth annual
banquet of the Wllllrni J Hryan league
of Chicago It will be held at the Tro
inont Ifouse Saturday night and Colonel
Bryan who has attended every feast
given by the organization will be the
guest of jhonor and principal speaker
Plates will he laid for SOO persons only
tho experience of last year having con
vlnced tho managers of the affair that It
is unwUo to hold tho dinner in sections
or to attempt to accommodnto all com
ers The list of epenlsers will Include
tho following William Jennings riryan
of Nebraska Cato Sells of Iowa Carter
II Harrison of Chicago Governor Benton
McMJllln of Tennessee Senntor Charles
Culberson of Texas exGovernor Hogg of
Texas James A Mulligan of Kentucky
General Joieph II Doo of Wisconsin
Samuel D Bathwork of Michigan Dr
Howard S Taylor of Chicago
General 1 Vnt llnrillii Suyn IVIuit
Should Hi Done
Louisville Ky Decembor 31 General
P Wat Hardin who was democratic can
dldnto for governor In 189G and who
wens engaged headquarters today j g0Ught the nomination at tjio hands of
h will be opened tomorrow Scnato r
say was conspicuous In tho antl
iel councils
airman Long of tho republican State
lalgn committee has called a meeting
pe republican member of both houses
Joint conference tomorrow morning
expected that then a report will be
ved from the antlGoebelltoa regard
thelr attitude on the organization ot
jtwo houses and the general policy for
session will be talked over Tonights
s brought largo ndltlons to tho crowd
olltleal leaders already hero Among
i was General P Wat Hardin who
ed headquarters and launched hit sen
ial boom on an antlGpebel platform
i Jlardin came exSecretary of State
llfy nnd several senators and repre
ijlvea who nro pronounced antl
> el men
is antlGoebel leaders Increased the
tho last State convention has just re
turned from a trip In tho Northwest
Speaking ot tho Koritucky > pollticnl situ
ation General Hardin said today I find
groat apprehension In tho North concern
ing the electoral vote of this State in tha
presidential election next year It seems
to ire a matter ot flr3t Importance so to
organize the democratic party that Ken
tucky may be taken out of the list of
doubtful Stairs Two years ago tho dem
ocratic par y carried Kentucky by n ma
jority of 17000 Bccauso ot bad leader
ship because ot undemocratic measures
because of actions which the party can
not defend but for which It Is now pro
posed to make it responsible wo have lost
Kentucky If It Is to bo regained we must
act now act promptly and uct decisively
Wo must so act as to make It clear that
Goebellsm la not nomocracy
c r j3 Quickest Time Best Service
To Chicago Louisville Cin
cinnati Washington Balti
more and New York
For all Inl omution see IS53se >
t ltr Tkt Agt
te <
a p t a
City Ticket Agent
17 Main S fcet
y0BP V
Citizens of New York Meet to Declare
Their Sympathy
In Decorating the Academy of Music
And Congressman Sulzer
Address on Freedom and
In AVlint lie Tcrmcil It Smntor Mil
huh Spolcc ou tin StriiKKle
In South Afrlcn
New York December 31 The United
Irish societies ot New York and vicinity
filled tho Academy of Music tonight at a
mass meeting called to express sympathy
with tho Boers and opposition to England
In consequence of tho South African war
Senator Mason ot Illinois Congressman
Sulzer ConBressman Cummlngs of New
York and others addressed the meeting
Justice Fitzgerald of tho supremo court
presided The entire houso was filled
The proscenium boxes and balconies wcrfl
all decorated with a profusion of Ameri
can Hags tho Green Irish emblems and
occasionally tho flags of the two South
African republics
Justice Fitzgerald alter calling the
meeting to order said The great heart
of tho American people goes out to tha
people of tho Transvaal and the Orange
Freo State They are nghtlug for the
same principles they aro against the same
sovereign and red coated soldiers that
fought tis a century ago and would fight
us tomorrow It they dared and thought
It would benefit them
Congressman Sulzer spoke next He said
I am not ashamed to have It known
that my sympathy Is with tho heroic
Doers In their rosolute ondeuvpr and de
termined effort to maintain their homes
and their independence against the piracy
and tho tyranny of the British crown I
want to see them win la this contest be
cause they arc right anddeservoto win
Their catiso Is a just one No one can
honestly dispute that They aro defend
ing their homo and repelling a rcmorso
less Invader Englands attempt to steal
their country Is an otttrage an a < > t ot
criminal aggression and should be con
demned by tho Christian powers of tho
world In my Judgment ninetenths ot
the American people aro against England
In this matter und In sympathy with tho
South Afrlcun patriots
TIicbo lirnve Ilorm nro IlKhtiiisr
for rciuilillenulNin iiKiilnat mon
archy for ileiuocritry ii6nln t plii
foeraeyi for liomc rule iikmIiikI tin
nmyonct for ilie Moverel nty of lie
individual Kaln t lie Aiuictli ot
ilie erownt for < lie linllot nunlimt
the tlironej for tlie liive of home
HKiiInnt Hie love of boIiIj for Havon
freedom nRiiliiHt Hrltlsili tyranny
for < lie Integrity of their country
tnttnlimta rutliles Invader for the
Nchnol lioime nnd the church
nKiiliiHt the nriny Imrritclin and flic
military fortj for rullirintii freedom
limiihiNt foreign domination for the
lircrtlde or civilization nuiilnxl < hc
hlaxliur lurch of devnxtalloni for
free inxUlutlonu nunliiHt Imiierliil
Iniii and almve nit and beyond all
they are ilnlitliin a hnttlu for the
rluhlN of man
Thoro never would have been troublo
If gold had not been discovered In the
land Tho rich find ot gold thoro Is at
tho bottom of it all This conHlet
should be called Cecil Rhodes war for
gold InSouth Africa Ho la responsible
for all tho woe all tho sorrow all tho
despair and all tho misery this war has
caused I glory In the spunk ot grand
old Paul Kruger Ho is one of hp worlds
great heroes The ultimatum ho Issued
to England rang around tho globe and will
llvo In the worlds history Havo wo
forgotten that Thomas Jefferson issued a
similar ultimatum on tho 1th of July
1776 to King George I know the Dec
nj holi for Meher priest We will aJvance y > vi
lifctralyatalowrateof IntereitanJ give the welch
ing cutting add selllnfr of It our pergonal attention
Send Us Your Open Orders > >
they will
receive our
test at
tention on day of receipt
rvVlinlcanlo Qroeera mill Cotton lno
lorn Unuaton Tcul
Eye Ear Note and Throat
Itooma 301 and MS Klam balldinsm
Offlos Hours 0 a m to li n I to 5 p au
aVttJi 3t < > Mtfgi tjg a
eoeooooeoo o eo ettcooo e o oeoee oo eo o 9oeBe B o aeoo 93o ooo oeo oeoo eoe
American ambassador tp the gilded court o i e ii n
qt St JamcK makes nftbrdlnncr Upccchoa
to tipsy lords and ddkes about tin
beauties of ltnperlaUni > ai > ii the Ironelau
friendship of KnglBfld ajildjAnjerlca
There 4no ileubt1 nyiteer > t iiaarMaui
ing cxlsu todab6tweeath e Whlte Housu
and Downing Street I am opposed to
ivn AngVi4Anlorlcan allinnc a exjreaseti
or implied especially when lis tibjecl 1
tho advancement of linpcrlallsm the
march of arniies 4ho downfall ot npun
lits tho dcaruetfon of freeInstitutions
the enslavement of man nnd tho per
petulty of the of kings The prcsl
I think that wo as onlookers have the
cause because sne wa3 our friend In tho
For Detagoa Bay
Berlin Jnnunry i It is 2
is not patting it ft bit strong for three
years ago ho said the ano things that I
havo told you tonight
While he was telling how England had
gone to all ot her colonlea for help In this
war eomobojy veiled out In tho audience
And shell go to Ireland foriomo more
Sno had somo from Ireland and tho
Boorp disponed ot them replied Mr
Cummlngs and the Irish in tho hall cheer
CosgrecHman Cummlngs blames Am
bassador Choatc among others for the
existing situationof affalrrt ai far as the
position of tho United States Is concerned
The following resolutions wore passed
with a cheer
Whereas all good American citizens
must view with concern tho avjdontcon
piracy of English agents acting in thrt
interests of stock jobbers mining specu
lators and company promoters to load the
United Stat a Into an untangllnr alliance
open or concealed with Grc t Britain In
au effort to etiauglc tho liberties of the
republics of South Africa which are na
precious to them and secured by ns good
a title aa aro the liberties Of this republic
WhcrcaK tho war now waged by Eng
land on the Transvaal republic has for ita
oatcnslhlo object to enforce n demand that
the right to vote within the territory of
the republic be given to unnaturalized
foreign residents many of them British
right to way aald Senator Mason that nbjects to whom such privileges aro do
If la that matter OlaUswno had a grain aiei iw fn their own country and In
laratlon of Independence is todti > no more ot accretion the events of tht > last six contravention ot a solemn treaty by which
Public opinion l tho consolencu nt quest c < a free natfon In upy part of Jber
the pecply HeTols a way to make Itfelt world as a menace to tho peace nrt I P
all over theSvorld They made up their plnesj of hp American p oole
rolnd that tficy WMld insult the Dutch Rewlved That Wo appeal to Jhe heart
In Soufh Africa m > ve him brlug out hliland < ctnaelenee of tho liberty loving peo
munkct against them and then taVa hiaj pie Uecendants of thr founder ot this
republic and inherltcr < of Washingtons
fame and all lovers of liberty throughout
1 Dip world to caBt nslda nil jierAonnl and
scinch consideration unworthy of freo
1 mou to cftond tho band of fellowship to
iiatrlota horoea 6o bravely
ithp nnd now
announced t titituiq icrniau 5 iiKhting lo maintain their liberty nnd ti
protected cruisers Condor
and Schwalbc are now on
tliarway to Delajjoa bay
ooo o eo oooo oo o oai
dent should havo offwed the friendly of hrmo < jrom tm n the fight They went
llccs of this country to prevent thla cruel fl u d t wal tloy
Avar He should have responded iq tbiL Jf
great and mighty petition for pence pre i
Amo Cummlrtw toll
sonted to him at the beginning Ho should f fR a TJu Sh n
ronelusl ° f h ry 9 rfB
drlvn the invuder frum the soil of
republic and we hall the inrlea as the
happy aimviry of the celahllolimont of
the United > taten of South Africa
Anions tho vice predldentfl of the race
Ing worot N A Poynter governor of
Nebraska George h Wellington United
States senator from Mnryland John J
McDonotigh secretary of state of New
York and tho following congressmen H
K Polk and ltd Slcglcr of Pennsylvania
Daniel Johnston William F Itholn and
John lyimb of Virginia J S Salmon of
New JfTHcy John McDowell and It D
havo acted on the ilndlngs th6 p A rlca beginning w lb the whin ii cht f
Ions and the Judgment of Tho Hague poaco I Oor1on of ohl llcnry H Smttl nt M
conference Ho could havo done sn ca of lha l aV ° ° n0ny M K i JBnn Stmiynrd Wilson of South Carolina
took Holland and the retinal to
slstfntly pn > on Thomas Splghi of Mississippi and George
But the friends of free Institutions fiv it hackt the Dutch after Nupoloni a
should not loso hope we should jiut do i defeat Sho hatedNapoleon MJd ho
palr oven though tho White House eoemn nut was willing to pick up the a rapa
lo bo enveloped In tho atmosphere of m i thaf ho left He referred to fhniii
Kngliah fog If tho prealdent wilt not berlains recent rhango of front and ad
net congress enn and congress should ded CUamberlaln Is a liar and that
1 havo offered In the houso of represen
tatlvea a loint ie olutIon protcatlns
ngalnst tin war granting tho Boew bel
ligerent Tights and Instructing the presi
dent to bring about a cessation ot hos
tilities and an honorable pence Thla
ought to bo done nnd dono nt once 1
promise you t will do all In my power
to pass that resolution and Pass it
will j
Senator Mason received a heartywel
come Said he Wo want to look at
this thing fairly tonight nnd not let our
passions get the batter of ub If England
In really in tho right If Ho la really aeekt
lug the promotion of civilization over the
whole world If aho really wants to bring
enlightenment and education to tuo chil
dren ot all lands then we should be with
her In this war But If sho b selfishly
seeking the acquirement of rich territory
ir sho is seeking to forco hor Hag of em
pire over a free liberty Iqvlng people
then wo must speak out without fear or
Senator Mason reviewed the history of
thq Dutch people in South Africa and
her relations with England In tha course
of this ho referred to Wllputlan states
men who are trying to fill tho place nl
tho great Gladstone and who aio now
seeking to belittle hla memory by ln la
uatlng that fear ntado him direct tho re
tirement of tho British from tho Tfnna
vaal after MaJuba hill
A Pierce or Maryland
An overflow meeting attended by over
S000 persona was held In Irving Place
a <
vices show that tho Boer Dhclllug Is be
coming deadly while Hlqkncsi and eunul
must uloobe telling strongly upon the
garrUon Tho nows of tho spread of a
rebellion among tho Dutch colonists and
of tho attempts of Boers o cut tho rail
way nt widely different points la very
disquieting as bearing upon the oafety nt
the extended lines of communication
All the correspondents aro beginning
to hint nt it forward movement on tha
part of fJeneral Duller the danger of
which Is Indicated in n dispatch to the
Dally Telegraph from Krcrr recording tho
unfortunate failure of two reconnolsances
In ouo cane lh Beer lines at Colcnso
wore to have been bombarded by night
Mounted B0 Arc and it
Do You Kiiow
That yonClin hay TelaphWMia
General French Reports Jthatvtbc Enea
Has Returned to Colcsburg
men drow the r
was intended thnt the naval gunoshould Friday December 22 says u Wo hive
bombard This howover tho latter falleil food enough for thrco mopths Fresh
to do owing to somo misunderstanding1 rvlt and vegeUblea are obtainable dally
and the reconnolterlnR party wa com
popular with kings and queens than wetjt3 jn south AJrlea have abown that Great Britain fully recognised as guaran Polled to flounder back to camp through
It was written but I am American enough jt Was In accordance with sound state teed to tho South African Itepubllc tho
to believe that It Is Jut ns true today as manship It may be aald by spm that richt to control Us own Internal affairs
It was In 1770 when It sounded Hut death lu rca lutlons you pass hero tonight ro therefore bo It
knell of the divine rights of kings and the work of Irishmen I want to eay nesolvcd that wo cUUena of New
proclaimed to all the world a government that not a battle for liberty has been < YotK In maeamecting assembled eon
by concent of the governed It Is too fought in this continent that the Irishman jeni tbo acti0B 0j the British covern
bad the Declaration of Independence la not has not taken nan in lc I also want went and reeognlte the strenuous struggle
as popular as It used to tx It aeems to tell them that tb aentlments of carrIed on for generallt after generation
to bo In such disfavor In Washington that thoiq resolutions nro not only the eentl b t e ijurBhor 0 Boulh Africa to aecuro
the present proEnglish secretary ot state menu ot tho Irish In Atnevrlcn but they tia r n u rue th n eiycg jn er own
4 la
a n a 4 hI ll h > iia < ah ta Arvkft v fl 4 4M rf > anr 0faA d
illaiintctirii Ho Xot Ileur Out ntfictiil
I ndon January 1 In tho absence of
confirmation of tho reported sortie from
Ladysmlth that story Is discredited No
such hopeful view can bo taken as tho
Boer account of tbo Mafeklng eortlo
seems designed to convey No word re
garding any such movement has yet ar
rived from British eourcea and the feeling
ot suspense is deepenlug as It io fcarcJ
Colonel BadenPowells uilcnco Indicates
thnt his position Is becoming deapcrato
Tho dispatches from tbo front breaths
a coufldcnt spirit which Is by no means
echoed here Tho latest Iadystnlth ad
the wot and stormy night marching in
mud nnd water and with tho greatest dts
comfort According to the flame corre
spondent a similar fata awattcd another
reconnoleauco In the opposite direction
Two detachments pnya the dlepatch lost
their way In tho darknw They were
unable tii effect a junction for attack
Farmen Joining In nh InTeFi ttvfr
of ainfoktntr AVhllo 5eiietai
Croiijcd Men Went South
Iondoa January 1 The following
heliograph messago has be > en received by
way of Wccneu from Itdyam ttbi dated
Wednesday December 27
Tho Bocrn aro actively bombarding
tho town Ono ehell alruck the Devon
shire mesfi tent killing Captain Dalxell
ami woundlpg seven lieutenants D ent
Twlss Trlngham Caffyn Byrne Scale
and Kane
Irn Dculgiiittcd tllm Who la to
Jtome December 31 It Is as
serted that tho popo after the re
cent ceremony of opening the holy
door at St Peters cathedral ad
dressed hla Intimate entourago and
said I thank Divine Trovldenoe
for granting mo the graco of be
Ing able to celebrate this great
function nnd I wish for my suc
cessor a grander and longer reign
to the greater glory ot God My
auceessor will be younp as comj
pared with my own age and wilt
havo tlmo to see many glories of
tho papacy and the church 1
tntor I > clearly designated
Cardnal atrolamo Marin Gotti
prefect of tho Congregation of In
dulgences and Sacred llcllcs a8
his auceessor CnydmU ruui th
famoun flenocao monk la a man
p great piety and modesty > Jow
abbul 6t years of age rm has al
ways lived the Ufo of an aseetk
nd despite tho dignity of a prlnca
ot tho church ho always Bleeps In
u cell nnd on a hard mattress
A later dispatch rrom Ladismlth by way
of Wctncn dated Friday neOnatber 20
raya All well The Bqera havo been
firing plugged hol ontalnlng plum pud
ding tmd the compliments of the season
They aro otjll fortifying tholr positions
and oro evidently determined to raako
llrm litand
l indon January 1 The war of lee pub
llahes tho fcllowlng dated ye tprdrty from
the general officer commanding1 at Capo
Methuenn position Is unchangeil
Trench reports that the Bo era 1 i rltJS
tholr communications would bo Ut by jjrwtv
cavalry liavo rotJred to Colesb utgj Hear
unofflclally from StorkstToom thaflft Brli
lih xeconnolssance soven mllcJ north o
Dordrecht cngagod superior fprpea an4
was obliged y > retire on Dordrecht
London December 31 Tho Dally Mall
publishes tho following from Capetown f
Nlneteyllvo por cent of Bohuantland
farmers lu the Vryburg district Joined the
Doers helplnir them to loot tho stores
throughout tho country north of Orango
river They alio undertook lo Invest
Mafeklng while General Cronjea men went
outh to meet lord Methuen
The government of Bechuanaland Is be
ing idmlnlterul as If tho Dutch had been
In possession for agco
Ixindon December 31 A dispatch to
thoDoIly Moll from Klmberiny JTdate4
from Kenllworth and water is plentiful
nosunnnv sckxts DANnwrt
In the IJcclnratliHi ilint PooiuifuK la
< ontrul > ind
Special to The rest
New York De eraber > 3i The Worlds
rhnV stuinbfe d Vnto wat eVbole s and were London cablo says It we can onlyc p
out all night only to return drenched quer the Boer republics by making fooa
has locked It up In a safe and the Anglo arc the sentiments of almoiT all the pco txunn worny of tho i Bnd disappointed In the morning
stuffs contraband then I say as an lm
In country every battled farmers whose valor won Amerl roughly a8t U htUp we had never
ot 1lb ty cornea tho prayer that the rV Sn frwSSn n we recosnlre that th 25 ° W oera between Ladysmlth apdfjo
Shin Us Your f01 lva Tley lel u that cur J itcr reDUbllc whoso cit cn snldlera lfI0 om 0 on tho south sideentered upon this war
btiip Empathy with tho Beers may Interfere Arlrn pllShS the T ° Kla flver At n Polota ttla These are words attributed by taut
navt defeated IIn rt tat
with politics in England If there are any t1w tJe veteran legions of England have nemy shows ccaselcsa activity worthy report to Lord Rosebery wfrfca
bur J they ftJVJWtL way 1 thu wen a 9rtltle to Independence whcJ I to their r ° L m the nr iL Ld discus w qneattp with a wAnU
duty get thauUieeoeattea vali e finding way Into Trans
The sama rulowm apply tajthiijMumry0 ° the 17 J volunteer rcglrwnts belns ralsel tcr at theBrooka club on Thitr nv
euipiwwn > f pl W eutlneis a h M
when you eoatMattitt tenvtalane a
rum a ku liMi ha 9M aolnt
M 1
1 3
l y1
The Boers Have Been Actlvel loir r
banlfni Ladysmilh + sr F v >
Plum Pudding and Seasons Greetings
Have Been Sent
It Itar beCD said that wq must HOwu rro imerlin toad soDniresin tn in Cave Colony It la nBuerte < l that many The foodstuff QUMtoa5V > > hlehf U > S
aympathlw with England In this unholy Stw 0r tw World diapatehes7 UaWno < r bH ii v
wSrtr weS the evident purpose of whbh la t
r > Vfl nghUn to op
the murder oiwomen and children in accowplUl by the Urvatlon of oo
Cuba and for the fostering of a jitterUpmbatants a result which the Brltlgb
republic If England was klrel enough a 5 W e1 0 aeiteve
to keep her greedy hands off during that Iteaolved That we deprecate the action
atrufgle do It follow that we have aald of the Dominion at Canada In Bending
our birthright and that the eagle pmt troops to defeat tho Boern and prortit
r of thl3 conluent belus
raise Tils v
tbe Union
refus r Th hrnnXr udeuly Ignored tij
for tho government ii r Vl
IlrKlnionl from Ioivi
Chicago Dtceniber 31
TimesHerald from Ora
sayst An entire regiment of wlder
1 That letter wa rocelv W tfr Times
waK onlyiipu
on Thursd y iilght bat
> A sper tl to the gJlW loaa3f Tm int r bbYlousy had li
ngo City Jowa ea mploy d byllWiTI ito get i
U efilraliou m Uk jeaWnetl t BUM
olC9 except In honor of 1 agarust any part Thsrefor tMwT < Me > adltortal t Um ta i
lused as a bas0 of operations for the ton awWrt ho n ron fr0ln ihR < aH coionv Uwtnhe Brittf v > i9HUmt tB ir L
In this Slouicj county to Join I lie Boo establish j d tjpctle8 bftwaw
In the Transaal The prgun Ura of the fa ihi ooaj l rt tp
it h 1
it Ji vi
iff iTmi
7 3

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