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thj precedent of exempting foodstuffs
from contraband now such ft precedent
< 3s ubllkelr to lnfiuenco any country which
msy hereafter be at war with her This
opportunist reason Is taken to show how1
profound IS the dismay of tho cablnot
over the possibilities n tho South African
Tho psnlc which bus adzed tho govern
snent Is further evidenced by tho fact that
heavy position guns have been secretly
removed from tho forts around Ports
mouth to bo Sent lo South Africa The
Importance ot lard Itosoberys attitude
on the contraband question raises an ap
parently Insuperable obstacle to his com
bining with tho present government under
any cabinet reconstruction
nrttUh Were Form Hack by Hoer
London Jnnmirr 1 It In feared
that the ltrltlili rcconnnl niico
north of Dordrecht ilenerllicil In n
dlapnicli to ttie vtnr otllcc nmr tnrn
ont < o hnve licen n rather nerlotiii
nffnlr A cnrronponilent of Ihci A
nnclntcil Preim nt SlerUMrnnm teli
urraphlnirWecenibcr III nj Cnp
tnln Montmorency of the Tneiity
ltrit Lancer with n patrol i > r Itto
ivnH rcconnoUcrlns eistht union
of norilreelif lln met tU
There la One In IlcKnrit
to i o
Delncroii liny
Berlin December 31 Despite tho
scmlofllclal disavowals several of
tho leading German papers bellovo
In the cxtetenco of a secret treaty
concerning Delagoa Day but thoy
discredit tha statements of the
Lokal Anzelger regarding Its na
Tho Hamburger Corrcspondenzo
gays The treaty has no definite
form and It would only como Into
force In case Portugal should con
sent to sell a portion of her col
onies It Is confined solely to her
African possessions Itussla lms
seen the treaty and has offered no
The Vosslsche Zeltung nrfio nn
scrts that tho treaty does not men
tion Portugals Asiatic possessions
llncrn nt rnliKehiiKiic Nek Ilici
opened lire nnil the IlrKUh replied
The MRlitlnir voiitlniieit for nix lionri
vrli6n Iho lloerw received I rone re
diiforccinentx liielndtntf cmnlrj
Cmiinlii Moiitiiininy returned anil
loolv n ilefenMve ponlllon nt Doril
reeht The llour did not iiurNiic
111 in It 1m hcllcieit Unit they retlied
on their nniln hody Their Iohhim
nre nat luiuvrn
Inter Montmoreliey on Dceciiihor
III met a miperlor forec iinIiiiv nrtll
lery opcrnteil to the rrnp ot 1n
iTnn compelled io lithdiniv to lloril
r relit lu kiiimI orilir n Nlntid li >
Mlxly men Kent from Dordrecht lie
fore it hi eli e nre lu ponltlon for
defounc The follimlntf eiiniuilty l
reported One i > erlouily noiiiuleil
Knimnn Cltj IVoiile Hope lliicm WHI
Kansas City December 3 Kraqtiitlani
sympathUlng with the Boera In their light
with fireat Britain nnd commending Sen
ator William D Mn on ot Illlncli for
championing their cause havo born adopt
ed by tho CtrmanAmerloan citizens as
sociation of Kansas City Coploi ot the
resolutions which follow will bo forward
ed to Senator Mason Congressman Sulier
ot New York and Congressman Cowherd
of Missouri
ftesolvcd That believing tho cause
of the two republics In South Africa
one of justice and right as nsjainst
tbs encruichtncnt ot Ibo avaricious
British intruder we heartily rrjolfe
In tha splendid success thus far attain
ed by tho bravo defenders of thorn
two republics In their several en
counters with ht Brltlih hireling
arnpv sincerely hoping tbat completo
success may crowo the truly patriotic
efforts ot the Bqera nnd that the op
prosser may be deservedly humiliated
and driven from tho soil of South
Africa In disgrace
Resolved further That wa acknowl
edge irlth unboundd satisfaction and
delight tho course Senator Mason ot
Illinois b s pursued and his eloquent
pleading In a speech before the Benato
of th United States in favor ot tho
righteous cause of tbo Boera and we
urge hmto coatlouo the good work and
thus njlst In developing n h lllhy
and Intelligent sentiment In regard io
this iniportast < uestlon of public poli
cy and the attitude the United SUtot
government ought to puruo in tho
ThcVoria Snr otr Itecriiltlnir l5
Tlelntt Dune
New Tork December 3 The Worla
says Tlscrultlns tor South Africa Is
gofng on secretly but with great activity
snd ope Bret in this city thit pubtltlm
tfyMvroKvlatlaitsL bn Hed Urge orders
wttfcfii the Isntjeur d A pronjlnen
member o the canNsGcl estimated
f Jlr5nR h of tie I nt crs Id America
St 2M0
Vayor thr hohrs
Tfcpr Are A l ted b KnrcIKHcr io
< e Koart Shh Uu
lfk iu ry te A t to he
PWiiiH nmb Lourejua MiurrTi s a l l
BeetsiWai ssirsJtei
tt U report Jtvm ltfs H5isy > p y
f netorhi tut the BrtOs weat rtn
In tUlr Usry esaiMa JNrWr U iial
TU Tr VMl tcMts tw Sjbre U sW
up all bvUM xrilk iipWtiXlo
Pt w t mlJSMit
sent for shipment hero by French and
German steamers Trices havo advAnce1
BO per eUt in consequence and the slocks
aro very short Something Hko a famine
Is threatened as tho British government
is stopping nil goods consigned hero from
coast points
Several members of the volkarnnd meet
nvery steamer doubtless to glvo further
orders Portugal lp doing her best to
maintain neutrality but foreign opinion
In Lourrnzo Maroufrz Is generally In favor
of actively assisting tho Boers to receive
food supplies
Ilcrt 1ott tho Transvaal consut gen
einl here Is losing Lloyds agency and
tbo agencies for tho Csstlo and Union
and Bucknnll steamship llnea In conso
quenco of tho position ho holds
iKItinnolnl Hill IroRrnmmc IIn Not
Been Mniuieil Out Uiniy Content
Will lie Cnllcil Vv Soon
Washington December 31 With the re
sumption of Its sittings Wednesday tho
senato Will practically begin tbo real work
of tho nenslon After tho present week
longer dally sessions will bo tbo rule and
very few moro adjournments from Thurs
day to Monday aro to be expected as was
Characteristic of tho bcssIoob of tho past
two weeks
In tho nbaenco of Senator Aldrlch
uotsn rrmncAsT
trKOnt Dellcleney Illll liny Conic lu
ninliiR the Week
Washington December 31 The coming
week in the house does not give promlsa
of much buslncfo The committees havo
not yet begun active work nnd tnero has
fiot bei > n any legislation of prcsvug ns
portanco rcporteit The appropriations
committee has not yet considered
tho urgent deficiency bill although
tho rnuisuro has been prepared
This bill may bo brought In
during the week If there should bo a
reqilcat from the executive department
asking for its early parage Tho bill
will carry nearly jr0000000 for the aimr
moat of which la on account ot th > Phil
ippines It is < iulto likely thero will bs
considerable dlscusslop of the rhlllpplua
policy while tho meiStiro is bpforo tho
such as provlnlons for clerks and roitlno
man gement ot house affairs tbat aro lo
bo patted upon
Total Numlier ofrrmeli lliillt llnr
Intr the Yenr
AVashlngtpn December 31 Tho totsl
numb r ot vessels built and offlelallr
numbered by the bureau ot navigation
durjng tho calendar year Jutt ended was
P5t of 267612 gross tons compared with
S3 ot 137600 gross tons for the year SS
Zhv I JTC8 ° f lWs Bn lh0 8tt V U taUt IX xm tS
nerby cltle That several members ot 42l of l40 1M Rron l0Bi tomaTei wUh
the volunteers
which is a branch of tho rf0 ot 16ACM gross tons for 1898 Ball
ClanNadael are already la ihe Boer test els numbered C33 of 107610 gros tan
eountrypreparlug tor the reception of re j compared Vrlth 40S ot 67 aS gross Ions for
cr Us Is well understQol There has M98 Tho Increase was almoit wholly
bn Urge demand for drill regulations on the Atlantic and rjult coaals whero C58
pj the IFnItfrl SlutM from Irish Bo letles Vesits ot 163610 gross tons were built
compared with 63S vossels of 80UO5 gross
tons for Wi
IvlnntUUr nciilurern Cnn Xol liny tlir
Taeoma Wash December 31 A beet
famlna threatens tho Klondike Letters
from Dawson state that by tho end ot De
cember there would not be a pound ot
Jrssh meat left Beet was retailing at 1
p r poend parly In December Trlta little
lo b fc4 The situation Is more serious
trow the fact that herds of deer and carl
Wu havo bttn scarce with the settlement
k h Yur n < and even the Indian find
C illMsulj tq ccure them Freeh tat
WlKpeit qver the Ice cannot reach Dawsou
Ufvra March 1
Soon Be Hade by the American
They Cnnmmiu Strong lintrenrli
liirnt nnil lime Snfo Ponltlonn
In Jlountiiln FmtncAseii
Manila December 31 610 a m An
American ndvanco in CaVltO province
south of Manila Is expected shortly Ue
llablb reports from native epics show
that thcro aro upward of 2000 orgnuked
Insurgents under arms within ft mllo of
Imus Tboy are strengthening their en
trenchments and possess artillery At
Novalcta tho Filipino entrenchments havo
been much strengthened slnco Tcncral
Schwans ndvance A thousand ot tho
enemy arc In that vicinity And thore aro
COO at San Francisco do Mslabon From
twelve to a hundred garrison all the towns
In tho southern part of Cavlto province
nud tho samo may be said of the towns lu
llatnngns province The provinces of
North Camnrlncs and South Caraarlues
hold quantities of hemp which tho ped
plo can not murktt As a consequence tho
population lu that part of Luzon Is suf
rhnlrman of tho commltteo on finance ftTt itJir fo > iiick of iood Hicu now coats
who will havo charge of tho financial bill our tlmeB Its normal price It Is estl
no dcllnlto statement can be made as to mated that 10UO msurgents arc entrenched
how vigorously he will press thaimeasure uW S
at tho beginning of business but tberoi Arayatt haying strong positions which
la no doubt of his general determination command steep and narrow trails nud
to punh It alon as rapidly as possible that they are prepared to roll bouldprs
nttei the present wee o ima given down upon advancing troops
notlco that no will call tho mcasuru up Life along tho coast ot tbo provinces
Thursday nnd It Is genurally believed of Cagahan and North and South Uocos la
that be will then or oti tuu following day i resuming normal conditions Tbo Amcrl
inciko a statement In support of It Itciin troops oecuoy tho Important towns
U tho purpose ot tbo supporters of tiio j and patrol the country roads Tho natives
bill to mano very few speeches luaUng lmploro tho Americans to continue tho
tho opposition to do the greater share occupation to establish a settled govern
uf tho talking whllo It8 opponents on nicnt nnd to terminate tho uncertainly
tho other hand will use ovcry endeavor to abuses and confiscation that have char
draw tho friends of tbo bill into running notorized tho rulo ot tho Tagilog roiolu
debate There is no present purpose on tlonlsts during the last eighteen months
i the part of tho opposition to delay tlio Vast umouuta ot tobacco estimated to
SMiaiBOgo ot the bill until necessary Thoao bo worth 20000u0 aro ready for shipment
sennitira who nro antagonlsUc to thu to Manila Tho opening of tho porta of
bill as a rulo freely confess their Inability Dugupan San leniando Vlgan Laoagand
2 to defent It saying that It will gtt prao Apnrrl tomorrow will permit tho rwump
tically the republican vole Jf needoj and tlon of trade bringing relief to commu
probably uno or two democratic utrs nlties grcnIy In need of foodstulfs Many
21 With a session of unlimited duration be Vcsels havo alicady been cleared from
rore them tncy ran not hope to conduct Manila for these ports
a sucutoul filibuster Hence they will Incoming Spanish prisoners declare that
net seek to delay the mcaaure beyond Agulnaldo has oulcrod the release of all
tbo tlnio nocesBiiiy to iIIscmsh Its provls Spaniards now In possession of the In
Ions nnd gun the country tha bcnellt of surgents The mountain passes of Caga
their niialvsls of its prmlotons How long ynn and the two llocoa provinces ars still
It may take them to do thla will depend i guirded lrt tho hope of catching tho In
largely upon the length of tho dally aes surgctit General Tlno who la still u fugt
slons nnd tho freedom from Interruption tlve It Is nsserted that Lieutenant GlU
by other builness moro Is in Tlnos custody
At preertit ihure la but one matter
which tliientcns to Interfere with the
continuity of Ibo proceedings upou tha
llnanelnl bill That la tho right of Senator
tluay to a sent In the senate Senator
Chandler chairman ot the commltteo on
privileges and elections has stated that
a report will bo mado on tho Quay caso
soon nftcr the beginning of business It
now seems probable that there will bo
more debalo over tho iuay contest thau
Qtor ibo flnanciol measure tin to dale
not mmii than half a dozen nenntors hive
In the roume or the diiy heI announced a pUmbsc to malto i < el float
clhl itpeeches whllo the probabilities are
Hint the Quay case will call out much
animated iilsniSbion
U will be dlfflrult Io hold tho il eti >
alon ot foreign quosllnns cipoalally tha
Philippine subject In check durlni the
financial discussion Man of the Smith
cm senator arc anxious to bring tho
Philippine inicUloji to tbc front and It
may be safely predicted tint there will ba
more or loss lefcreneo to 11 from the
beginning rbcro will bo an early effort
to get up the Rimoan troatj and It may
urnlili a bosjs for ds usilon of lb
foreign policy if ocoj not found bofors
tho treaty is considered
During the week tbo foundations for the
discussion on the financial bill will bo
laid and It will dUulge tho pirns of lota
sides There will ba a strcnMOun cfTo I
to paia the hill without amendn cnt but
tho opposition will Insist on vo eu on in
numerable propositions and on tome oi
Ihose they may get the support ot soun
senators known to havo proslher lean
puoMNCn or cavitc
The Mntemenf tlint the tVnr lVOcr
In Mioitii to lie Ahiiird nnil
v Without 1oiiiiilntlou
Special Io Tho Po3t
New York December 31 Tim Worlds
Hong Kong cablo sajej It is well known
hero that General Otli li badly worrlol
nier tho situation in Cavlto province
Ihern are 1000 organised Insurgents Irl
Ciivlte nnd ns many peasants hnio rllloj
nnd are ready Io taltn n shot at an Auitjrp
can whenever npporlunltv IS offered d
Befoio Ocneral Uiwtont dcith It had
been planned lhat his mnvemont to suV
The 30 reward brings In few rlfies
Outotdo ot the northern provlnos no ojb
Is satO without a goolslzcd military
COLONISTS onnvxi7ixu
To lre > en < un ln iirrcMlon
i V
ties havo been Informed ot many centers
ot axltation which It Is considered Undo
Copenhagen bays Purchase of Danish West Indies
S Has Almost Been Completed
London January 1 Tho Copenhagen correspondent ot tho Dally Mall
says Tho sale ot tho Danish West Indies to the United States bids fair to
bo accomplished Danish Captain Christmas who has Influential friends
In tho United States nnd who has secured the support of President McKln
ley Admiral Dewey and a number of influential senators is acting as Intermediary
direct official communication being Impossible
mediary between the two governments
possible for Denmark after repeated failures In previous attempts For sev
eral days an attacho of one of tho United Stales embassies has been hero
having long conferences with tho minister of finance Dr Hocrrlng and this
° week Captain Christmas will go to Washington to assist the publication of
tho American official offer No op position Is expected from King Christian
S The prlco has been fixed at 1000000
Tho Boersj actively bombarded Lsdy
smlth killlngja certain and wounding sev
en lieutenants
Ocneral French reports thai tha Boers
have retiredon Colesburg
Ilccbuanaland fnrmers aro reported to bo
assisting the Doers
Foreigners In Lourcnzo Morquez are said
to bo assisting tho Boers with food sup
It is announced that two Oerman pro
tected cruisers are en routo to Delagoa
Hay Gprman newspapers condemn tho seizure
of the Bundcsralb In Lelogoa ISay
Ungllsh colonist aro being organized
In Africa In fear of a rising by disloyal
A young man was frozen to death la
An Immense mats meeting in New York
City passed resolutions sympathizing
with tbo Boers
ltcsotutlons of sympnthy for tho Boers
were patsoirin Kansas City
rsin riiuiiiiNis
Tho Americans arc preparing for nnl
ailvanco Into Cavlto province where the
Insurgents are under nrms
Kxpt6slo bbmbs wero found secretedla
houses in Manila
Otis li much worried ocr tho Situation
In the province of Cavlte where tbd lu
surgents arc numorouri
Tbo differences regarding Sbaughat
China haic been adjusted by the liuttcd
States Cnglnnd nnd France
The senate will commenco actual busi
ness tMs week
Urgent deficiency bill ratty bo reportea
la the bouse this week
denily small parties of Boers or Dutch
colonists havolifcn trying to Interrupt the
movement of tfajni but thus far they have
been btcfled by tho elaborate prltlsh pa
In ono caso n patrol of regulars llred
casualties occurred butvlji cotsc < lUtttCo ot
the Incident an order bnsTieM issued fc
quiring al classes ot troop to wcariho
i mots s i
ninluyHl Uuteli
Capetown Thunjdny December 23
Tho colonial authorities pre using every
there aro Bomp minor runUoT precaution tg prtjvont on insurrection on
the port of tho disloyal Dutch In Cope
Colony and lo suppress a rising it one
should occur K cry where the Urltish
colonists aro being organised Into homo
guards drilled armed nd ready to a < jt
In their re peelvo localities should armed
Dutch colonials gather Tho theory Is
that tbo British homestaying colonials
should bo fully prepared to copo with the
Dutch colonials without tho aid of regu
lars Tho alertness ot ths British makes
united action on tbo part ot tho proBoor
residents difficult Unable to act openly
they slip < vway singly or In small groups
to Join tho enemjs forces Tho authori
niMXiVintni a fiiOT i
9 I
Inij lirisriitn Iluil Ixil iJi c Ilnmm liv
iMnnllii December 31 610 p m > Tour
cxposl o borqbs a tow Jlvrarms and POO
pounds nf ammunition woip discovered
In a tipuso in tbo center1 of M nrilla this
morning whllo tbo pollco Wero seeking
Jugate CatIto should be pushed two wfbltjKjearte tho insurgent leader Svho was
or longer it necessary His deaths lmujsnW to havo come to Manila Intho hope
had a bad effect on tho troop3 < and thef6t effecting an outbreak yeSterddy by
flBhtlos alneo thrti with italic ot AmcfrU tttkn vantago of tho mobilization Of
u ° American troops at General Law
con casualties makes tbo o atement xtW
ton8 fUneral Tclny ll developed that
tho war Is over seem absurd
Included tho throwing of bombs
thp plot
Wmiiminn ii t i i
Negotiation said to bo In w
aro pros
anVon4 tho foreign consuls attending tho
for tho surrender of tho province Thero eeremon in order to bririg abmit Intcrna
has been talk ot > tbls ort before IjutUlonat complications Theso it scorns
to bo thrown from tbo
Ibo negotiations fell through It they fall wero Escoltas
hlRh buildings but the avoidance of thd
now General Otlp it la said Ml deppnd Etcolta by tho funeral procession spoiled
upon American successes In tho north thoplan Tho populace It is thought
< famine In the south to bring about a S ISly Wli
tho dispersal oftho southern Insurgents tivea yesterday that Agulnaldo was In
No Manila paper Is allowed to crlticlso Manila and would personally Jead tho
tho admnlsilatlon or to publish M lttl J1 A m JiiWi
i u having been advised of what was brewing
from tho United States tho preparcrt 0t u tantlnSoncles
Philippines policy of that govornraont
Captain Morrison who commands ths
troops In the most turbulent dlstilct ot
tho city says he does not believe an ac
tual uprising will ever occur as tho na
tives lack the resolution to tako tho Urst
step3 In a movement that would entail
righting at closo quertcra with tho Ameri
can troops
much GninvKD
General Tliuoio Dhl Not Want o lie
Manila December 31 610 p m The
transport JIaQro has arrived at Manila
bringing General Tlnano who Is much
grlcvod nt being supplanted by Colonel
Hood us military governor ot Cagayan
province He hesitates to land b > cause
ho looks upon Manila as ft nest ot insur
gents who may as asslnato him because
he surrendered Cagayan
CAitMSGin iookim south
VlciiiCMiiitntUtii or IIU lntercotn
AVorc In lllriiiliiKlinni
Birmingham Ala December 31 The
presence In this city ot rcpresontatlvos of
tho Carnegie Interests has given Impetus
to the rumor that the great Iron and
steel magnate has Tils oyo on the South
alrablo to particularise but thero Is oath and In the light of recent developments
Vnnti K uiatricts rUTh a 1 ° Tm 11 Mi uur hnu hM strengthened the belief that he Is pre
rlnf t0 eaUr ths flcla
solicitor to the Dobeora company who li 1 at ao vory dls
accused of treason acquires increased lm Rnt day perhaps within tho next few
parlance as he has been transferred from months Some tlmo ago Jo ph E
Interest In the Brazos navigation project
Is being worked up by means of mass
Prank Thompson wife and baby wero
hurt In a runaway nehr Bonham
A man was seriously hurt by footpads
at Fort Worth
A farmer fell through a bridge near
Waco and was killed
A business block and stocks were de
stroyed by lire at Wortham
The London markets aro awaiting the
unctrtalntlis of the war
German markets made the annual settle
ments Uthout trouble
There is to be an active campaign
acalnst tbo approval of tho FrancoAmeri
can commercial treaty
Pope Leo designated Cardinal Oottl as
his successor
From Copenhagen It Is announced that
the sale of tho Danish West Indies to tho
United States Is almost completed
A tar containing 58000 pounds of hay
arrlied hero from arecnvlllc
A hunting party passed through In a
cpcclai car
Brenes nnd Incidents of the passing ot
the old year
Tull text of the agreement between tho
builders and architects ot the city
Those who will keep open houee and re
ceive Callcis today
Somo excellent New Years dinners will
bo served at the hotels
A New Years sermon preached at tho
First Baptist church by Bey L D Lam
Bev L M Tenney called as pastor for
the Second Presbyterian church
A Young Mnn Died from tin Seicrc
Stlllmnn Ga December 31 A young i
Three Countrirs Seek Io Retain Their
Itut nn Ailjimtnlent Acceptable in
Frnnce Gfrcnt Drltnln nnil the
United Stnlcii V llencheil
Washington Docetnber 31 The nn
nounc mont that the extension qt tho
foreign concessions at Shanghai China
which has been finally approvcdi brings to
a closo a diplomatic controversy between
Great Britain tho United States nnd
France which has at times become rather
acute Franco taking the position at one
stage of tbe negotiations that tho Ameri
can cooperation with tbc British In op
posing tho French plan ot extension was
Unfriendly action toward France This
and tho other differences have been hap
pily adjusted according to announce
ments from China which are borne out
by tho Information ot officials here
Tho controversy assumed an interna
tional scope when the thrco colonics at
Shanghai British French and American
sought to extend tholr limits Tho con
cessions ure Just outside ot tho old native
city and He along the river Whang Poo
near tho point where it Joins tho Yang
Tao Klang They are chiefly Important
because Shanghai is the foremost port ot
entry for foreign trado In tho Chinese em
pire Tho French settlement is nearest
tho city and fronts on tho river Next
comes tho British settlement and then
the American The Trench desire vnr
to extend their settlement so as to take lu
a largo area back of tho old city Including
flvo American missionary Institutions
Ihe British government opposed this ex
tension quite vigorously The British
planot extension was for an Internation
al settlement running from the roar ot
the British concession up to tho native
city Fiance in turn protested against
tblB on tho ground that she vyould be en
a Justice court room near here last ysed night Hero the foreigners havo the right to
Morgan camo hero several days ago and
vsent to worn at a lumber mill He was
hurt by lumber falling on blm yester
da y and quit work for tho day Later
ho iWds found unconscious from tho In
tense cold which prevailed and shortly
Snow nml Sleef
Savannah Ga December 31 Snow and
sleet fell hero all day Trees and wires
aro ICeladen This Is d month earlier
than tho average snowfall here It s
not believed any damage has resulted
from ths cold so far
LOS ANQULES Two slight earthquake
shocks were felt here No damage was done
so far as known
CINCINNATI Tbe National Eisteddfod
with elaborate programs ot religious literary
and musical features began here with a very
large attendance
SAVANNAH Ga Mike E Burke white
ascd to a printer was arrested on tho charge
ot bavins cboked to death his mother Delia
Burke aged SG The man Is supposed to have
been drunk
BANQOn Maine A letter has been re
ceived from the physlclani who aro treating
Congressman Boutullo in tioston stating iliai
his symptoms already show improvement and
therefore there s strong hope ot bis recovery
In the near future
SAVANNAH Oa Admiral George Dency
has written to the Savannah reception com
mittee hlcb waltca on him In Washington
six weeks ago that lie will be pleased to visit
this city on or about March 20 He will be
accompanied by Mrs Dewey
NnV YORK Tho members of the various
Masonic lodges In this city commemorated the
one hundredth anuhersary ot the death ot
General George Washington by religious ser
vices m Ihe historic church ot the metropolis
most notably in St Pauls chapel of Trinity
r sriih
roitniox mtiurs
LONDON The queens list of New Year
hflnors shows fewer names than usual sir
John Lubbock and Sir Henry Stafford North
cote roirernor of Bombay are created peers
LONDON The public revenue for the nine
mouths ending with December reaches 82
iiLOH as against T8 I 4 8 for tha corre
sponding period of last year
LONDON The Hamburg and South Amerl
Wh ruHAV U lra T tS t t Wtttbu and Manager B V M
y h
his case keenly p Wood of the Homestead steel milt at stvrm was drawn ot avy
soUnlVenty 10m i r i S e VS nb 1X omcSMll > o P M y J Wldman
thucns position Boers appeared Christ 1Iurrlf > representing Matthew Addy t
raas day near ths railway about twenty Co of rittsburc arrived In the city and
S X > cp i5 11T a rroU8h
pared to engage them but tho enemy p l TU party was Bken ln
cbargo by tbo officials ot the Tennessee
i 0 1 PJ 0r d Into a British pstrollcoal Iron and Ilaliway
SSMuDS nft ti5 ffi uJautrti miw and
An attemot was made not far from that I raucn tlme sl Knslcy where the big steel
point to dsmsso tho railroad One manmill and other industrial concerns are
A SttttriSf Gra Ira
MulllersoJIe and Klapmues but the would I lreJ wtn wha thV sa but depy that
VI T8 c scP < d lJWo tiempts thelt visit hsd Wlat
sra any signlficincs
treporled from Several other points Fvl he party left tonlghtbr 1lttsburg
Snow In riiiirliktnii
Charleston a C December 31 The
si owfall todjv the heaviest here in De
cember for thlrtv years begin at 12
oclock and continued until I oclock when
It turned Into an lco storm Trees am
coated with lco twotenths t t nn Inch
thick Tho snow was dry and was hilt an
inch deep on the level
WT ETIEnm nanceDespite the ex
tensive shutting down of the Iron works nud
factories In this locality owing to the shorlago
of coal tho situation U Improved In lonse
qucnCe ot the Joint decision to arbitrate
nOMEKlng Humbert has proclaimed tm
nesty for all rrlsonera convicted of e charged
with crimes against tha public security and
rl tteSita Ubor w political
press offenses
PARISThe senate sitting as the hlih
court for the trial of the conspiracy charged
was lu seislon Sunday n order to hssten
tt conclusion of the proceedings A sensa
tlousl Incident ocourred at ths opening when
a spectator suddenly fell drsd In the public
LONDON Tha morning papers ar inclined
lo refrain from commenting upon the Bucdta
rath Incident pending further Information
carry on trade and control property and
also havo tholr own courts police and an
organized military establishment
invra Ann suvuni
Mutter I Iinportnnt n > > It Imolirn
lie niuh < of Xiiitrnln rimlniiirM
Attitude 1roioUc lroter > t
Berlin December 31 Regarding the
llcni lest rvcr Known Bclzuro by tho British cruiser Maglclenno
Macon Ga December 31 The heaviestof iue Bundcsrath of tho German East
snow ever known in this part of the South African line a high official of the German
fell here today It Is estimated that ths foreign office who was interviewed by
fall was fully 6 Inches on the level Much tho correspondent of tho Associated Press
wnctt has been planted In this section today saldi Silence
must be preserved
and farmers say the snow insures a big
crop at Present concerning tho actual status of
tho negotiations which have been begun
with Great Britain about tho matter
Appropriate steps hao been taken of
which Ocrraany must await tho receipt
Tho matter is regarded by Germany as
of the utmost importance becauso ser
iously Involving tho rights of neutrals
This afternoon the foreign secretary
Count Von Bulow conferred st tho ior
elgn offlco with his official advisers and
then reported to tho emperor A cabinet
meeting will consider tho seizure It Is
Slso reported In government circles that
tho British right of search Is questioned
and that in any event tho British rTght
to stop passengers whether they intend
to light for tho Beers or not is strenu
ously disputed as the vessels upon which
thoy were Is neutral and the territory
to which they wero proceeding namely
Delagoa Bay Is also neutral Kedrcss
It Is asserted will bo Insisted upon by
Tho Oerman press today unanimously
condemns British action In the Bupdes
rath seizure which Is characterised as
an Instance ot gross Insolence and a < i
calculated again to illustrate tho need
of a powerful German navy to render
such ombcarance on tho part of England
Impossible In tho futurt
Tho National Zeltung strongly argues
that England had no right to Interfere
with the Bundcsrath and expresses tno
hopo that she has not adopted a flexible
theory regarding contraband
Tha Lckal Anzeigor surmises that
there must havo been a ssrlus quarrel
between the commanders of tho Bundos
rath and tho Maglclenno bofore tho latter
btflcer aver asserted his preprogatlvo
In carrying off tho steamer and ex
presses hope that GTrmany will speedily
enforce tho release ot the vessel
Even tho moderate Vosslscbe iSellung
calls tho proceeding rharaeterlstJq Eng
lish Insolence and adds that the whole
nttlvudo of the English before Doiagoo
Bay provokes a general protest
It is significant that todav the Oerman
Flottervereln distributed In Bolln 200000
copies ot a strongly irorded pamphlet
rolntlng out tho need of a strong German
From a well lntarraol authority it Is
icnrned that preliminary posotlatlons
have been colog on for same time be
tween Oreat Britain and Germany In Lon
don for the purpose of extending tha
scope ot tho treaty regarding tho Portu
guese colonies
Stilt Cnmnnljrii h llrliiK OrxnuUril In
Paris December 31 a stiffcampaign
against ihe FrancoAmerican
cial treai Is about to b opened by the
the opposition to ths
Winter tfinefs Oat
exception on ground was an
i vi
tho market has bt
unfriendly act to France Tho ne3otln smoothly money
tlona while assuming no outward show cldedly easy Money Is now offered fti
ot warmth were carled on w Ith somo at lower rates London exchange
briskness Ambassador Cambon ot cllning Further exports of gold are
8 th ° KrCDCh d ° P t0 a
moSlhSTgo Probable Only three millions for
Tho adjustment finally reached is satis were taken directly from tho rclchst
factory to all parties concerned The Lnst week somo gold was Imported vi
French concession Is clended without financial papers point out that tWt
including tho American missions Th < > with which Berlin has passed the N
British and American settlements aro ok Of tho year demonstrates the aalldlfj
tended and to some extent merged in the he Oerman money market Tho exjli
International settlement but the British i Hon offered is that Germany toold
American extension does not envelop tho f meat correct view of tho war In
French colony so as to place It In a rrlca and Its effects muklng preparai
man who gave his name as Will Morgan h considerable
pocket for months against the yearly t > ettleu
Tho alue of these several eoncesjions Honce bpcculatlvo engagements vcrel
ns the population ot duccd to a minimum Neverthelcsi D
Slinri SL Cl ° iU JaiTW iand his homo as Warren county was Shanghai Is about COO000 pi which the
m fe i S MS found fro to deoUUn a house Lr part 1 In theforeign e ment
Summer Xayj
Be it spring sutni
autumn or winter son
in the family is
the weather from iri
originating in impure blot
irritated condition ofihes
All these of whntevor namej
by tho great blood w
Hoodaparsaparillaf Merer diian
Abscesses I am past m <
pood health Is due to Hoods 8sr
mid Hoods Pills which purified rayl
ml healed the
ugly abscesses that tin
tavc MnsnRrrTONCEsTELtSonlhaV
DyspepsiaMy husband dock
long time for dySpepsIa with only it
rary relief The first bottle of Hoodsl
tin rill a helped and tho second cured
It cured my sick headaches Mrs J
A Clark Wilmington Vt
3wCt S SwuapaJii
< > > < Illlf e reIWcr lllithenonlrrlUU
Tbo Little Store with a Big Ti
May you live long and prosper
Clothiers Hatters Furnishers Tailors
and 514 Main Under Capitol Hotel f
govornmont and by tbe agricultural
Despite tho favorable xeport ot the
tlrely surrounded without oxlt c cepJ byjtoma committee a hostile current
the liver the native city or over Urjtlsh become manifest among the deputies
territory Tho United States approved I represent the agricultural constltueni
the Plan ot an International settlement asas well as hoso who elt for certain1
tho Amorlcun Interests wero substantially dustrlal centers against several clai
similar to those of the British but tho of the treaty
American attitude did not Include an en V
dorsement of all tho contentions made by I Gcrmnnjs Kuny Settlement
the British It wan to this course ot the j Berlin December 31 Since the moa
American government that Franco took settlement Thursday which passed
the that it
said that the demands upon tbo rcla
bank last week were enormous
1roofM of Contrnlinnil TrnflliV
London January 1 The proof
contraband trafna Increase daly Ill
alleged that European officers antvjl
Deagoa Bay oycry week and proe
tbo Boer lines Tho Capi Argus aaff
that tho latest lmportaMons by wsfj
Lourcnjo Marquez aro six largo Aj
EtrfiaR guns and six tons ot amraunt
which have all arrived at Iretorin
Imprrlal autnoritics at ttic Capo
sclreil At Adelaldo an Immense conslj
rc nt of arms and ammunition marl
Biscuits sent by Boers to Dutch f r
In that neighborhood
Iloerx Are Cut Off 1
Prere Camp Natal Saturday Deceatl
30 Owing to tho flnodlng of the TujJ
river a largo party of Boers have tffl
cut off tho south aide They ate
ported to bo in the hills to the right
IliiHlnrsv Block nt Wortlinm
TTortbam Texas December 31 At
oclock this evening nro broke out
Burlesons grocery store and burned tt
T Longbothams hardware stok
building Dr T W Bounds drug sM
N Pragers dry goods and the cnt
block ot buildings The fire star
among match boxes supposed to W
heen set on nro by rats Los loj
insurance 5000
Resilience at > Vnxnhnchlc
Waxahachle Texas December SI J
residence of Alderman V H ShtH
burned yesterday most of contents 6RV
insurance 2100
to conn A colii is ore hit
Take Laxative Bromo Qulnlno TablJ
All druggists refund tbo monoy If It J
tu cure E W Groves signature t
each box 23 cents
Dr Hathaway Guarantees a Speel
Return to Vitality and Strength
Hathanays method ot treating
Vnrlcocele and Strlrtnre
Varicocele and Strl <
His treatment of
Is method exelutlvely his own ana
per cent of all cases results in a P
permanent cure No operation la refl
and no pain or Inconvenience are experin
by thepatient TU etpense of thisi Irs
Is much 1M than tbat of anj pSMtef
botplUI or Institute treatmeot nnd
safe and sure reslorlns the organs ts s
dltlon of prefect normal health
Consultation and advice free
UrAllntlmiinr Co
SOU B AUuiA riaso Snu A obI

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