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old Texas the mother of his braves
M >
t tHftMH Printing Company
4fiMI WKBRLVF05T Cols per Week
r 1101 UOil 1103 HOT 1100 Frnnkltn
iubrtrlptlon by Mali In Advance Dally And Sun
day Ion one > car 1000 six montlis 500
v three rnonths 350 one month 100
1 THE Sunday Post one year 150
< Thb SemiAVeekiV post Mondays and Thursdays
11 ore vear tlooi six months SO cent three
pontlis 23 cents
ForeIjrn Offices Eastern business office i Tribune
building NeW York The S C Iteckwlfi Spe
ilal Ae ncyj Western 46a fThe Rookery Oil
tajo IThe 5 C Bcclwtt Special A 3 y
traveling Agents C S fe Holland Traveling
Auditor U R Holland a B Throop and J l
Grist Traveling Agents
> Telephone Numbers > 1ft
1 be City The Post Is delivered to any part of the
< lry by carriers per month Jioo three months
300 six months J600 one year 1300
Mr Theodore Bering has charge of the City
circulation and collecting Messrs Theodore
Bering Chai Loll and Paul Hobby are the au
thorised collectors of all city bills both advertls
Injrand subscription and no money should be
paid to any one other than those named unless
special written authority signed by the business
manager Is shown All accounts of any site
should be paid by check In favor of The Hous
ton Printing Company
Subscribers falling to receive The Post regularly
vTl please notify the office promptly Every
paper it expected to be delivered not later than
6 30 oclock a m
Under no circumstances will orders given by
employes on the office bo rerognlzed and
paid or accepted in payment of accounts
When Theodore Roosevelt was In Texas
recruiting his famous regiment ot Hough
Itlilora ho smiled his way into the gool
graces ot Texans as commandlngly as a
cowboy with a reputation tor bolng bandy
with his true stalks Into a bordero camp
Mors tbsd this ho made n nivh and
Texas newspapers patted him on U10
i > aik nntl proudly called him our Teddy
VThey followed him and his regiment to
Cuba and when si El Caney ho dasb < sd
Uko an unleashed war do at tho blood
thirsty Ppantard they senl tho Asso
ciated Tress iseVeml bettor In tolling tho
country what an Incomparable hero our
Teddy was Later when ho wont up
against the Piatt machine for the republi
can nomination lor governet ot tho
State of Jfcw York as recklessly as ho
had Bono up against the yawning Jaws
of Uootly death democrattte Texas could
cot help wishing him well since they
didnt ocllove New York could elect a
democratic governor no bow Texas
wouldnt believe the our Teddy was
n tax dodger Ho was too brave to dodge
anything not even a cyclone When ho
tvhs elected and Inaugurated Texas smiled
and bared its molars Just as It had seen
Teddy do end Teddy smiled back at dear
o the declaration made for < luban Indepen
dence there would have been no serious dis
turbance In the Philippines and that we
would now be In the peaceful possession of
the archipelago as we are la contrpl ot
Cuba t believe It Is not too late even how
to make that broad declaration of our policy
adBurlng tlomestla control of Internal nffalrs
combined with the guaranteo of Independence
whenever In the opinion of this government
the Filipinos are able to administer a govern
ment which will protect life secure properly
maintain law and order and meet the de
mands of civilization
Has any democratic nntlexpnnslonlst
over contended for any other disposition
ot the Philippine problem than this And
yet the Newses by garbled extracts from
Mr Howells speech attempt to nrray
film and Incidentally his paper against
the leaders of tho democratic party whom
they denounco ta undeveloped young
politicians nnd narrowminded office
Tho American Federation of Labor can
hot be said to bo composed ot young
democratic politicians nor of harrow
minded old offlccsoekcrs Yet American
labor has sounded tho alarm and arrayed
Itself against a policy of territorial ex
pansion that no man not blind to rea
son can deny will expose It to tho hurt
ful competition of cheap labor and put
upon his brawn the burden In large part
of sustaining a iremendous standing army
Who but tbe American farmer Is to sus
tain tho rest ot this burden And when
tho American farmer comes to see as be
surely will that tho Philippine Islands
will give him a rival In tho production
of cotton nnd other staples that will
crowd his surplus out ot tbe markets of
tho world he too will stand up along
side of organlred labor and strike down
the military satrapy on American
thought that Is spurring this country Into
the snares ot Imperialism
Lot these expansionists who lay unto
their own tremendous vanity the pleasing
conceit that they nlono understand the
needs and progress of the Nation as those
thlnes touch the pockets and firesides
of the man In tho workshops and on the
fsrms get down to simple figures OIa
us something that ordinary minds not
used to tho Jingle of spurs and tbe flash
of swords can understand Put down on
ono side If they are able nnd honest
125000000 a year to maintain a standing
army of 100000 men Write down tho
end of Insurrections aad revolutions of
a people that the logic of history tells us
will last as long under the new master
as they did under the old who sold them
and tholr country like a chattel mortgage
to the United States Set down like
wise the lmmonso acreage that will be
opened up to tho production of 2 cent
cotton and last but not least give tho
whole population cltisonshlp In the United
States with tho privilege of pouring Into
tho Western hemisphere an avalanche ot
cheap labor Then go back and get
down again to honest accounting and set
down In the opposing column tho extent
and value of tbe commerce these new and
distant acquisitions will open up to the
South and the Western hemisphere Show
that trusts and combines and syndicates
iwlll be tho beneficiaries and that even
Time grew apace and Teddy t sgan to Southern cotton mills obeying the same
swagger about Borne Now 1 there Is law ot economics that mado them quit
anything on earth that a Texan wont the barren hills of Now England will
stand It la a swaggerer and when to abandon tho South to tske up their f Hure
swagger Is added roountcbanklsrn Texas
cuta the swashbuckler cold
Teddy Jangled spurred lunged and
abode In tbe Philippines from whence
to fling their manufacturer by cheap ltbor
Into tho open door of Onoutal and Ashtla
Cf5outh xeept young demoeratlo polllt lth modern uptodato paaseuger station
clang jvhosa minds are not developed and
Old deraoeraljo politicians whofce S lnds
are narrowed In tho efforts to get offices
Is Un aror ot Imperialism l
> i a Steadyiherel S uth n garrulous exhlbl
k s tyt traps ls aTre ln the Nevvses and
t ran tie aegQunted for on no hypothesis es
ss iS ybt N lMInBV9PUt on fighting
JRS od gone g unnlig for pvcrythlug
r t d every Individual that dare oppose
= t Pn a that eWnot pnduro without
5 ty1 auiJ nat > US u d endure
t Wb lhl lw nt of burden to tha
j U xnajfrJ t > e ew 4ihavc not been able
lo show w W the South Ut
issK y l l b d vel iid > iso platuresQue an
tt ctlc i thVexten ot one single Uol
l rVv WT v
= JsWla pfitslns T he st Vpuld like
to ofjlie XvHm wby In their ex
bjet t dMire to eeiivl t iHrClark KewelJ
4fi odooiwt tb 4 ofrt ns iui0ao
Jh Yqufot lmp I Wv Chef qvrooktd
> 1lwsnt s gte In W Bt ff l < i
df ° r
In the shape of tfall Ordered car abedt at the
Grana Central Meantime it the railroad peo
ple tfclnk well of tho preposition they might
turn In and beat old Santa to lu
i i i
Now lets get down to business and see
Vliat ne can do to advance Hovaton during
Heres a tip Put your money In Houston
real estate snd coast country plantlog lands
Neither will tver be any cheaper than pres
tit pi Ices
About the only objection that eaa be urged
aghlnst th proposed tax on the slejplng ear
eorcpanlcf ts that It la not euougb
A South Texas fair and coast ecuotry expo
sition tbe thing It will develop aad people
the eosst country
Too Himjr TvNii Ills Balloon
Chicago Chronicle
The latwlnewg from the vtcintty of
n tMr
Cecil J Rhodes Is not tlvlng any more
dinper partlw Just about this time
th ot the Same Sort of a anno
NW Yor World
v WuJ > n r Is not going te fieht
tUUireo of th desert this tlaxe
to 19 Such authorities us tho renowned
French astronomer Camltlo Flammarion
havo entered the arena ot the disputants
Tha Frenchman comes to the samo con
clusion as tho English lloynt Society of
paints will well bear translation at thin
time Flammarion save
It ne look back at the past we will
finJ documents of tho yoar 1799 1699 and
1109 In which this subject was tllseused
and a century henee In 1999 our descend
ants will bs discussing the samo old sub
ject A century ago tho discussions were
unusually lively and extended even to
tho theater In ISOO a play appeared
with tho title Dear God In What Cen
tury Are AVc Living This very quostlon
Wo ot today are again astlng
Tha discussions at tho end of tbe last
century did not conVcrt all people Victor
Hugo for instance was born February 28
lb02 On this day our centurj was thlr
ten months twentyflvo days and some
hours old I scarcely believe that oni
would accredit two years to a child of this
age Desplto this tho great poet re
ferring to his birth nt Bcsoncon wiitei
tbe wellknown llnest
Co sleele nvalt deux ans Rome rempia
calt Sparto
Dcja Napoleon percalt sous Bonaparte
Kt du premier consul deja par malnt en
Le front do lEmpcreur brlsalt lo maque
This century had Uo years Rome re
placed Sparta
Napoleon already became known as Bona
And the first consul already by many
Hid the face ot the emperor hehlnd a
broken maskA
Desplto all poetical license Victor
Hugo would not have written this phraso
hd ho nol believed that tho nlneto nth
rcntury began with 1900 Perhaps poets
calculate differently from astronomers
Francis Sarcoy the renowned critic
calls tho j ear 1900 the dawn of tho cen
No tho dawn of tbo Twentieth cen
tury will not shine In 1900 though wo hear
evcrv moment that tho exposition of 19C0
Is the dPdlcntlon ot tho Twentieth contury
struUed around a mighty bit Still Texas trade After you havo dono this strike Tbo exposition Is tho end the gloaming
neia pn to him But when last fall he your balanco rhrct and show If to 8a3r ot lhe Nineteenth eenttn and
whooped down
on the Ohio situation
lhat ovory mM who
do camp to Mark Hanna Teddys
reputation for courageous purity n pall
tlcs tool an awful tumble that shook tho
halt to the
< m v Tcrr Cu
I not the beginning of the Twnntletn
Tho year 1900 Is tho ovo of tho camlnx
policy of Imperialism is a moaaoaekand century Thn dawn begins to show after
° a a s 4 l midnight Upon my desk aro several
2 nrie < I works ivlilch appeared In 1099 They nror
earth as far west as Texas and Toxyrf lW lie week ho foundations for th Dissertation concerning the bogin
was disenchanted Teddy was suspcctjRn1 discussion on the flnnnclel bill will bnlnB pf nt > noxt century to see whether
sad gravely with being In with nil for ad u wl divulge tho phns of hot 17 ° or ol th ftrat year >
corrupt renubllean nush nmt st mil IMes Thwo wiu b a strenuous effp Thb orltlquo of this dissertation
zelih m hf l m ° t lo m s b hill wither annulment hv 3 dissertation concerning the
ai but cloaked his treachery to bfs Atho opposition will insist on voc on in fltt century In which It Is proved that
anything were lachlng to eonflrnlri
impression that Teddy after all
ii ier
n purist Jq politics but an officeJ oil er1
like all the rest of
tho machine made
the statement vouched for by the
Vork Herald that he Is spending
Christmas hpjldays In consultation s t
Boss Plstt In order to settle the detiV
of the legislative session would be
sufficient Discussing this telltnlo gt
meat thf Albany Argui ays
a moment Governor Wtlllreng
hurrying fronAIbaaj to New y
wfi e uiioa Ometlve if you calft
Jin E tvtri doing ucb a thing ll
SI Lwtr l bi memory f tha inlSid
i tf l SWmeuv and
Tllden by auch a
supposition Who ei
2I J Cl veland David
or lit
v S ° wM pvF0 f runnjng down to Ne >
M iTtM l be MWUtlr chamber lltf A
tno orders of fome party boss
We patt with you Teddy in confessed
reluctance Your company Is a trifle too
tough vcn for wild and woolly Texas
n The News combine In a recent editorial
of profounder length than argument seltes
oa tha speech of > Ir Qlark Howell editor
of tbo Atlantis Constitution delivered
before lhe Independent cJuu of Buffalo
New York toprove that everybody In tbe
lno i numerator proportion and ou tome i 17 ° laJ ne nr yar
these thoy may get the suppo t of som Dlsputrttlonfl of wrller3 eoncernlpg
senators known to havo prosilver lcm wnulnK ot tho next century
I SS o Deelsloh ot the nucstlon concerning
noisn roniioAyi
IrKPttt 1 < I rue > lull Mny Coiiip tit
Diiflniv Jim Weel
Washington December 31 The coming
week In the house does not give promise
of much buslncfs Tbo committees havo
not jet begun active work and there has
hot been any legislation of prtau Im
portance reported Tho appropriations
committee has net yet considered
the urgent deficiency bill although
tho measuro has bten propated
This bill may bo brcuscht in
during tbe week if there ehrtuU be a
renue from the executive departments
saklng for Its early parage Tic bill
will carry nearly JE9 000000 for the army
west of which is on necount ot lit Phll
mltiti It is qulto likely thero will bs
spells vf raldo discussion ot the Philippine
tirtpty years without Q8t ° JoSntuT debt
to t > wet The chances are that Mayor lira
shears successor who will go Into office next
April will find tbe same thine notwithstand
ing tbe enormous amount ot money collected
for hack taxea by tho present administration
lha legislature eoujepes on the 23d and
the Mu Is guaranteed t be faat and furious
Tbe Post Is very much la hopes that next
Cltrlatmaa Santa claus will present Houston
bo end of the century
These five little books wero printed In
10 In ParK they eViiVMn iliyTentftny
an taken from all possible sources for
tnnce from the Bibles tho old dogmas
t Roman hlerarchs the big Hood ett
becomes extraordinarily confusod by
js reading despite tho fact that toato
pbors for alleged cleameis uso gel
r > trlcai figures lo show how tho counting
T > theso many many numbors may bo
Wo also find In 1599 diverging views
Hccrnlng this point and oven the then
i o did not give a final decision but loft
problem to the astronomers who In
od always were hut of ono opinion Just
thfio is but arithmetic
This seemingly difficult problem Is
ally very wsy of solution A doien cen
ts of twelve nulls Tho nttmbe 12 is
Irtn ° 9 l0len 0no hundred consists
was o year 0 In Christian chronology The
first year ob No l or the first
+ + +
When Christ was horn nobody thousht
of tho importance of this event nor did
anybody think that the religion which Ho
founded would hayo a pjaco In tho history
of nations The year df His birth was
given nttentldn neither by Romans npr by
Jews and tho first century ot the Chrls
e b vcond third fourth and
rtftb that Is B00 years pasied by with
out being noticed in the Christian calen
rhM t not until the year 632 that a
cnrlstlou chronology was propated by a
much s he was of very small build ha
received the nickname Dlonvahm
Thus It wilt be seen that the Christian
e died
for tour years too young But it would
l °
log was In the same manner No Imagin
ary year 0 was ever thought of and tho
first was tho year 1
What perhaps has led many a one
astray has probably been tho change In
tho tlrsl two figures of tho year as wo
sec In tbo case of 179D1800 or 18931000
any ono gives mu 100 cents I have n dol
lar but the hundredth cent is Just as nec
essary to my first dollar as the nlnetlth
now when the 18 is about to bo changed jjy hundredth and first cent Is the begln
nlng ot my second dollar Tho hundredth
Is in fact a noctsBary portion of the dol
lar In like manner the hundredth year
bolongs to tho century which is dying
The date of the beginning of the year
Astronomers not long ago namely that has been ehanged several times Oncer It
tho twentieth century begins at midnight i W1S the first day of January then again
of December 31 1900 Ills essay upon this December 25 which would be more logl
subject recently published In the Paris j cal and again the year was to begin
question crosses our research Where
does tlit day chango Its name
If vvo go cast and count tho hours
we Hud that when It Is midnight In Paris
boj In tho nlgbt from Sunday to Mon
day It Is 1 a m Monday In Vienna In
Sebastopol 2 a m In Astraehan 3 a m
In Bokhara 4 a m In Saigon 7 a m
In Yokohama 9 a m and upon tho Chat
ham Island In the Pacific ocean 12 merid
If wo go west from Paris at midnight
Sundny It is 10 p m Sunday in tho
Azores S P m In Duenos Ayres 7 p nt
still dato July 3 Aye If there should bo
two Sundays ono on the cast and ono
on tho west side what Incomprehensible
confusion would result
Lot us stato first that nt all times each
country counted days and hours as It
Pleased and kept a calendar ot its own
The peoples hnd no opportunity to como
to ony agreement fpr they did not know
enon other Tho tribes of America di
vided the time according to Ihelr fashion
V mo tho Chinese thought nud acted quite dlf
yrtulsltlons the erently Dveu
arguments of which have tho Europeans considered
It unnecessary to eomo to any agreement
When the earth was first circumnavi
gated when tho Europeans brought tho
different continents into communication
tbo necessity first aroso to havo a Una of
demarcation for ilxlug tho date The Por
tugueso and Dutch made tbo voyage
around our plauet from west to east by
doubling tho Capo ot Good Hope Thu
Spaniards on the other hand sailed from
east to west by way of tho Straits ot
Inasmuch as each nation naturally
continued Its own measurements ot time
aboard ship the result was as follows
Thq Inhabitants of the Island ot Formosa
discovered by the Dutch received tho
Monday of Europoan clvlllxatlon at the
ssnio time as the Inhabitants of tho near
by Lidrones discovered by tho Spaniards
received tho Sunday
L t us now for a moment recapitulate
our former conclusions regarding tho
chango of century on December 31 1900
When tho clocks in Now York Indicate
that It Is midnight on December 31 1900
it Is already fj oclosk In tbe morning of
January 1 1901 m Paris 7 oclock at the
jSuex conal 8 oclock In Tananarive and
12 oclock noon of January 1 isoi on
tho Island of St Paul in the Indian
IC insload of going east we go with
lightning speed westward from New Ycnlc
wo stall find It 11 oclock In the evening
In Chicago 0 oclock In San Francisco 6
o clock in Honolulu 330 in the Philip
pine and noon of December 31 1900 on
the Island of St p ul This island as
Roman monk This monk came from ny Sw can Me bv oolclns at map Is
Scythla and was named Dlonyslus Inas mc y opJ Ue New York or in other
dlstnnco from tbo South pole Is
precisely tho
from the North pole Now If w6 Imagine
a straight line from New York directly
chronology < t nt until X T niT kJh Mrtn
oUnh I q U enl
SST oj c h U raU p ur SS
< i muv u t a aiiaea or
aotraclca Irom eJr voyage tbeir Waces
Herod died Now
cSon rhrl
8t0rtln5 0 Roman I > t has a rather meandering direction and
l t
So rid JornJn oes taking the meridian
not tn TO an je wa 36 years east from Kamchatka west of Greenwich
old and not 33
the Cam
llnr IsUnds and
again est from N
New Zealand to Chatham Island
i A r we bv atkti ourselves when
These who will have the honor ot ac
cording the first greeting to tho new cen
tury for tho reason that it will actually
begin there beforo It begins elsewhere ate
flflUU Russians In Knmchntka tho Jnpatlcsa
In Toldo and of Uits Island of Yeso thd
SCamille Flammarion Says January 11901 and ji X
Tells Who Will First Greet It 2 jaejonla cw anj c ho ef
tho Worlds history Ancient peoples
counted by dynasties generations or by
Ibe lhcs of noted men Their cycles
closing with the Jubilee jenr wero
lltorl is mens views nf hlstdrv In retro
spect were narrow Thus the nncleut
Greeks had their Olympiad of fodr years
tbo nomans their lustrum ot flvo years
and the Hebrews their Schemltta of forty
iilno years tbe end of each of theso cjclcs
was tho jubilee ear It Waa not till tho
general adaption of the Gregorian Calen
dar which was proelalmcd by papal bult
In 1681 that tho century became a period
of tmo by which great events In history
wero classified
Slnco that time tho chango lu the
numerals of the century from 15 to 10
from 16 to 17 and se forth has always
wltnesed discussions and dUputatloUJ
about tho end of a coniury and It Is so
Tho century question Is as old as tho proposed by Dlonyslug has beCn kept un
Philippines of Now
Solomon Islands and
tho French in Now
inhabitants of Nciw
Zoalaml and of tho little Island of Chatham
In tho Pacific ocean
The people ot this Island will be ablo
entury that Is since mankind began to changed All hat waa necessary was a to greet tho now century before
nhVVuo cyclo In lul Uttl ndorfondlnB > Wma the cntlro se but t u not protible that a
n period of 100 years as a
r Mg Upon BUtua agreeinent UrlviWo 1 Will ever again be thelts
nut whatever year It was that formed i n f
for the
tvatoit thut thcro nol llker to D6 a lv
the bealnnlng of the Christian era there
iDg 80Ui on ln6 8ianti a century hence
vl8t9ll tnB Island and ruthlessly began to
rr > Mm i i i ivi >
iholi fn ff llV t 1 n5 Su tr y ha Inanbltants In 1S70 there
0f a
In tbe mind ot the reader d3Ublnvero only 200 persons on tho Island and
nl t hM tn
+ + +
When the French revolution at
Let everyone however remember dls
timo decreed a now calendar tho proceed tlnctly that tho Twentieth century will be
Kin In every country at midnight ot Do
comber 31 1000 The Asiatics will begin
to onjoy It before Europeans and Eu
ropeans beforo Americans No one nut
even tho richest man In Now York can
obtain the privilege of being tho very flrtt
to greet It that Is unless ho is willing
to travel to tho distant Island nf Chatham
A similar change however Is made when > afr > > iP
BnSn n Paeftn of wcl6ome to tho new
0 becomes 10 or when 99 becomes 100 lt
Thus far and much moro In tho samo
Interesting strain enlarging upon asser
tions hero reproduced In translation Ca
inllle Flammarion
John Chlcrt
The Vital Question of Turo ToOd la
the subject of an artlclo by Mr Harry B
Mason in tho American Monthly Review
Rovuc ls so interesting that tho salient with Uastor On tho other hand the jear oJ Reviews for January Mr Mason shows
ifiS2 was flliortcned by ten days to brlDK nt rnanr ° tho food adulterations now
It In accord with tho astronomical common in country havo been prnc
dar Rut nil this does not gainsay tho Jlca ly abolished by legislation lu Eng
fact thnt tbo last day ot the year 1900 ls and nnd elsewhere
tho end ot the Nineteenth century nor
that tho Twentieth century begins with the erc aro Bcveral Good short stories lu
first day of January 1001 Therefore ex
nctly at roldrlght of December n 1900
does the hourglass of our Nineteenth cen
tury run down and the Twontloth century
sees the light ot tho world
+ + +
Exactly at midnight yes but upon
which meridian Will it begin at mid
night ia Paris London New York or
Jerusalem Exactly at midnight In every
country is tho answer Ye3 but when it
is midnight in Paris It Is 1 a m In Vien
na Will the Austrlans then begin the
rentury before tho French Certainly
tho American Jucen for January Includ
ing Two Old Friends by Sydney Orlop
PrlmXtla Obconlcn by Emma Brooke
nnd Jose by Mrs A L Ntoholson Mar
guerite Merlneton author of Captain
Lettarblalr Love Will Find a Way
und other successful plays Annie S
Swan Florcnco I Hatch and Emily
Crawford each contributes a seasonable
In musical language throughout which
tbo slight flavor of tho foreign tonrjuo will
perhaps bo detected ZltkalaSa writes
her Impressions of an Indian Chlld
Wliat country will bo tho first lo cieei ho od iu tbP Jatul ry Atlantic Wc are
taken Into tho weatherstained
tho n w century Hen nn Interesting
hear tho weird legends and learn tho
myRtcrlcs ot handwork and coffca making
and feel the Joys fea rs and sorrows of
nn Indian child It Is told with charm
ing directness and nalveto
A seasonable winter artlclo entitled
Tho Ice King In tho Groat Lakes is the
first of tho Illustrated papers In tho Jan
uary number of the Self Culture Maga
zine Views of icebound shlp3 bull nnd
dog sleds and lceynchts will mako tho
reader hug the firo a little closer as bo
In New York fl n m ln NQw fin ftina turna tho Pasei of this monthly Among
n l5 n m in Me co nearly T nm In th0 Crated papers are delightful artl
n Francisco I elock p m in tll J Lonlw the Southern
Aleuto Islands and 12 meridian Sunday I Jgor and Hs Songs and on Carls
upon Chatham island 00 koc8tlc v > h Psthetlo story of
How can this bo Can a man at tho I ast tmy B ° f Cnares 1 tho 2o0th an
same time upom one spt tof the earth rsaP t ° i wUo so d3ICCVtl on lla ou tho
Uvo toseo slraultsneously two different 30tnt o January a scholarly argument
days Sunday < vnd Monday i ° n the subject of tho dudpleshlp ot
Certainly not Demosthenes with n fJno fulllength por
llut U thoro a boundary line which Jnlt trom tha PttIntlng by Lecomto du
ono crosses from Sunday to Monday iN0U >
Monday to tho left and Sunday to tho
right Whero 1 this line and vho has Frank iLesllos Popular Monthly fop
designated It January starts the new year with n gen
tlf such a lino should cross New York crous literary and artistic menu Including
It might have dlro conscnUonoesM Sup
poso tho lino ot demarcation were Fifth thn taE Cattt th 1 Iflu ls
mM i
avenue then for Instance tho fourth ot K LhLKW art lcI c by
July celebration would be In full swing S f fi W c M0 r
on tbo cast side while tho west side would illustrated e rlor from tho ullC1 tat a thoroughly
tho official plans with
views portraits maps etc Englands
Free Hand on tho Nile by O W
Stevens tho vvoild famous correspondent
of the Loudon Dally Mall and author of
With ICltchenor to IChnriaum btll
llantly illustrated by Warren B Davis
nnd H c Edwards Waysldo Vlovvs of
Lifo in Persia by that keen and phllo
sophlc observer Robert E Speer who
brings from tho ancient htsjoric land
many uptodato pictures photographic
as well as mental
MiilnlKlit Uccemlier l ltlOO
Washington Post
Klght there the nineteenth century
ends It takes 100 years to make a cen
tnry Therefore It takos 1000 enw to
mako nineteen centuries You can uol
reach tho end ot a century till you reach
tha end ot tho hundredth year You can
not reach tho end ot nineteen centurUs
until you reach tho end ot 1900 years
That will bo at midnight of December 31
Still wo are receiving letters
Editor Post
Ashevlllo N C December 22
You say eorrectly that n century can
cod only with the completion ot a
hundred years and nineteen centurlis
can end only with tho completion ot
nlnotcon hundred years but > ou In
correctly conclude from this premise
that the nineteenth century therefore
onds with the last day of the year 1900
and tho twentieth oentury can not be
gin before that time to wit January
1 1901 Your concise statement
rnakca thaenl question evident when
we decide when 1900 > cars are com
pleted we know when the twentieth
century begins Time began ou Jan
uary 1 It was A D 1 until tho last
second of December 31 and then on
January 1 A D the second year
began and on January 1 At D 1900
the 1900th ywr began On January 1
A D 1S99 the ninetyninth year
began and on January 1 A D 100
the 100th year began and of course
It did ant end until tho last seond ot
December 31 A D 100 therefor be
101st jear began January 1 A D
ipi up to the last second ot Defpm
bcr 31 A D 100 time was still In the
first century the second century could
not begin until Immediately there
after January I A D 101 Tho
nineteenth century by ko reasoning
begins January 1 A D Iflol and final
ly the twentieth century will begin
January 1 A D 2001 All of which
proves that I am wrong acd the Post
r P ld Qlllls
p s J still o < the opinion that
Sh onit411 < ntT begins January
1 1900 Tha above reasoning ia clearly
I wrong
2 Story of a Bfg Iron Nugget that Fell from t
Skies to Texas Soil
O 1
Tho fall of a incteorito Is In any loial After Iwo and onehalt minutes a
Ity an ovant of rar0 ocdurronco Tho flight plosion was heard About that ta
ot shooting stariUs a common sight but htli vy arso J0 101 was
thp descent of ono of theso hcovenly ttnKen o
a t mo 4g
bodies to tho surface of tho oaith Is si The origin ot meteorites has been
very exceptional that tho finding of one i 1 ° Prolonged nnd lntciestlns atl
in our own 8UU will nrouse general In JJJMW SSS
tereot As Baylor university has long
reecn processions of Innumerable sii
secured ono of tho few meteorites which hcdlca traveling around tho sun In elo
havo been found In ieA ° rbl t mIcRl wllh thosB of
Texas a brief state
v comets vvhllo few or no ntet6ors of ti
mont regarding It Seems appropriate at star showers have been knovyn to ret
this time tho ground It is thought that the bol
Some tw0 or three years ago Mr Watts hlc n do rcacn tnc ground have also bf
Vnughan gZ JlWIK
while plowing on a farm ner fef
Mart Texas found of
a moss heavy mate comets or of the earth The velojlty
rial which ho supposed to be iron It ho earth In Its orbit exceeds elghti
weighed 15 9 Eftdrls elnpcr eCoadJ t > r nM lhat 0
f modern cannon ball When ono of thi
to break oft a pleco wore utuuecoaslul metoorlo bodiesis drawn to the arth
Last summer Mr Henry T VflJgfcan of strikes our ntmpsphero with a
Mart sent It to the Smithsonian Institute fe CVe7 ° xcced lh1 ot the al
at Washington for examination Sool which U passed ° resVan nMl
thereafter he transferred tho ownarhlJoI air condeusfd fUt Latsl
n of It
it to Baylor University after which tho that It burns ranldlv and tn Vh JLfM
Smithsonian Institute was aulhnlee 1 dut raVJowfifo yeVtwen
To mrvko n plaster cost of it 2To or more abovo tho ground Occasion m
Photograph it 3TO cut oft and keep a reaches rari
one the ground and quite
nV il ° a conmlon that thoy should 0no la secito strike thS grouno Sol
polish and etch the new cut surfaco of ten years ago In tho day time fl r w
thp principal mate 4To mako a cheml n tone meteorite ot about 200 pounds 3
cnl nnntys s of It eon by hundreds
ot pcoplo to fall
The cast tho principal mass with tho Washington Kansas It sank into tifl
newly tut surface etched and the photo etlff gumbo soil about six feet Reconffl
graph of tbo iron before artd after cutting one was seen to fal in Michigan
havp arrived and can now bo seen In U > 3 been secured by tho Smithsonian lnsfltut
museum at Baylor University In the fig Meteorites may weigh Imndrolso
uro given herewith tho size ot the Iron Is pounds or even several tons Yale Col
ndlcatert bv tho nlnainch T
ruier do It ipgo had and may now have one of 1C3
it shows well tho ourfaco
tno pitted sa con pounds which fell n Texas In 1S0S < One
mon in meteorites
This pitting U psssl Weighing soveral tons was brought trorf
due to burning out of spots more rend Greenland by the Peary relief eADoJltlon
combustible 0r lo the IncduaUlei In It Is fold ot one In Kentucky that a losi
> pressure of the hot condensed air rt blacksmith in VH 1
tho oi worked it lip o horiVsno ei
tho surface Tho newly cut and etched ami at least ono reputable gentleman
surface shows beautifully tho lines ot clarcs tho story to bo credible
crystallization known as Wldmanstatten Tbo selling value of meteorites vorlfl
Figures Theso figures nro s pn In noth from a tew dollars to several huadn
lng but meteorites and some volennfc Iroff dollars Tho Kansai meteorite mei
Their In tho ot
presence mass iron found tloijed was aold by Prof Cragin to Geo
remote from volcanic outflow U n gen Kunz ot New York for 1200 Sever
cral certain proof that It Is a meteorite meteorites found on a farm In Southwcs
I wish very much to learn whether this Kansas by Professors Snow and Crssj
metoorlto was seen during its fa I nnd netted the owners of the farm enoughfh
shall be glad to have any Information clear It ot debt and leave a handioiw
holplcg to fix the date of Its fall Dur surplus In various museums are severs
lug tho winter of 1S978 a meteor said to hundred motoorltes No year passes with
be as largo as a barrel
was seen by I cut the discovery of several new ones ffi
W Svortham nnd others about 9 p m to c C Charlton
pass over Patrick In tbo direction ot Mart Baylor University
> 5
large re < l cars wIth laurel and SSt
him like scent
tho sacrificial bull
StrmiKtli of Defpn lc IVnrfniav
Kansas City star
The battles Jn South Africa have proven
the lmmonso advantage which m63crn
implements of war glvo to tbo defending
Party Tho Brltllsh havo met all their
reverses In attacking Intrenched positions
hLV 13Cru KruE soldlera have
anvtLS116 th s Shtesfatcmp to light
fortlfled by themselves They havo been
gln Jaa > ralt > ° d Ktmbnley for
lSr Lh0UtmalJn5 a serious effort
a K
P lem b
a dlrcct attack though
L n wv p accB thcx have greatly oulnum
i iT oPPonSits No doubt B Boer
Hnt l8llLon a rlUaa trenched poil
Htprescnlatlve I ents of Ohio has Inl
dticed a sprvlco pension bill which wc
swell tho pension payments nearly 10
no doubt ho has hut ho doesnt take us
Into his confidence
and thereore wo
can not follow him
Meanwhile tbo Post Is open to convic
tion We are not bigoted or Intolerant
If anyone will show us how a Ceatury
van be completed with less than 100
years and how nineteen centuries
> w can
Boers who are fighting bshind earthwork
and In trenches and tha British aTe alj
IilliterVlt IeitRlon ttxiieitkia
Philadelphia Times
Congress seems to have gone peases
be completed with es3 than lMTyeara nad Tho pension drain Upon tho trsasor
J10Vhe twfntIeth century can be yi under listing laws amounts to J < 00003
shalUonullfpfaSTn Jr hft ant yT BU aread lnUoiuce < 1 8BtB l
0psnn6 ot tho presentVsslon of tonsl
hall him as n wlsard Our Hm 5
short on wonders We ororedieeduh11 lf > as3c1 al M WvWl
seeins to the teoMo expedient of torment a < < tbls 6um e4Vlns 6nilxtily P V
leg dogs in order TprmnttUmtrSm t 1j6accou the bill by Iteprcontal
it lll Curtls removnS all limitation upon ti
becoming delirious umeanT
rw nirfXPW1ent arrears of P sl ° a8 hl
PweBttou r I
ourselves to celebrate h lo SSa 1s n dmUted at the PTOon offlce to
his m and J 5p0000000 If the peoiltf
grabbers could have their way tbei
would soon bo no money1 in the treasj
to pay ordinary expenses of running
Spate would fall in which to enumera
all tho forms under which the penil
raid undertnkes to seek Justlllcatoi
0G0Q0O annually Senator Culjoin hai
troJuqed a bill by request which wpui
pension those who still survive of 0
more than 117000 mon who deiert <
from the union army rlurln tho
the rebellion The Iord only knew ht
much would bo required lo satisfy t
army of bountyJumping scnlawast
TJclnj In < lp I i vrli > i rp
Milwaukee Sentinel
Uve made tho attack wne s < they that there aro considerable difficulties
When the war began the general 5h IfJK vUn tn th ° develolm
It out ellmlnat
nine years to
roust be regarded
Our Ashevjllt
Proposition ayy rfl is tJH r ts r < iUth A fTlf ii l
hrs he has identified u F ti TX Z 1
net po blind but It rec
good thing In Secret

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