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Huston Drug Co
Wholesale Druggists
and Importers of
Druggists Sundries
r11 LfD f
Lard V Smith Alachinery Co
Muj > Wxury fir both old and young Ab
i tfttr dlnpcr Cit < r > or a stimulant when
irtlng bq n s i r Is no Clgnr made that
illgUe ypu the nsfactlon
Sole Diitrlbiiters
> eas and Beans
filUint Girdj and Field beeds Onion
Sets SeAl Pplato > etc
Write for Prices
oYou Know
an hjvj j leleahol It
jr pines f f btslne at a
t n > ilmoil Inslisniricant
uMnea and domestic pofl
iouthwejtcrn lelcgraoh an J
lelephone Company
EeLa Nose and Throat
Jj M ana 303 Klain bulldlnc
ran Houri 8 a m to 1J m 2 to 5 p m
rn >
LiVi 11 anuary lSKast Texas aud
crflrStily rld a > nd turday light
iu TCiNe y Jlelc ° Okluhonia and
olieViil loin
T akctl y lbe ted State
r P t all nation at 8 p in
irWUn time
Fe n eing
at and j8lticht high stays <
5lncliek4patand all cables 1
spring twist
Peden Co
The Best of Everything
Feathers and Down
Guaranteed pure and odorless In bulk
op made Into Beds up PllloWs Birch Par
Iur Stands Childrens Folding Beds and
Cribs Cradles Spring Beds Mattresses
Cots 3tc Etc Wholesale only
Lottman Bros
Factories and Offlce Second Ward
Thane 337
Houston Plumbing Mfg Co
Mason HUlldlpg Phone < 00
Jaulfsonvllle to
Kansas City 31
Memphis 4J
Montgomery CO
Nothvllle 62
New Orleans SB
North Platte 10
OHluhoma SO
Omaha i
Palestine 44
St Louis 36
St Paul X t 2K
Vieksburk 48
Mexican Telegraph company statlaus
Tamptco fS
Vera Crux 4
Uoatzacoalcos 75
miTiscrivis umo >
iKrHli nnil Vei < ilile iruwcri Hn e
V Orpunlxcil
Kanha s City January 18 Krult grow
ers and farm product shlppore havo
formed a pernlatjoat orsanttatlon to be
known as the Growers and Shippers Na
tional Protective Union with headquarters
n kanean City and brapch officos In oilier
iJlflcu The officers are J K Saunders
Plerco City ilo president S N BarrltH
Kansas City jsacpotary John P Logan
Siloum Sprjiigs Art trejurer AmonR
the vita presidents chosen ore H M
Pootc Sulphur Springs Texas and J S
Williams tayetteWlle Ark
i uit > cn LAW
To Urine to IvcntucKj Hie Uetcnur
K Horn
Frankfort Ky January 18 Senatop
Varies introduced an Important insurance
bill In ho senate today It provides that
Insurance policies on property In this
State In order to be valid must he ap
worth of whisky and other Kentucky prop
erty now Insuied in the East
Killed the ItcHoliitlim
Annapolis Md January 18 The Mary
land hoiifee of delegates which is over
whelmingly democratic today refused to
indorso William Jennings Bryan as the
recognized leader of the democracy In the
United States and practically killed a
resolution Introduced by a free silver
advocate to Invite Mr Bryan to address
tho body
unset i Central
Quickest Time Best Service
f Chicago Louisville Cincinnati
Washington Baltimore New York and Eastern Points
Jen Pass Tfct Agt P ss Traf AlKr
UQN Fast MailTrain
a Hi 8Bu 217 Wain St
The Advance lo Relieve Ladysmith Is
Fairly Commenced
Camped at a Position Formerly Held
by the Boers
Fc5r Sawdust Shavings etc
e e a ooeeeaefte
Hnrtwcll Iron Works Houston
Bullcr SaidfiltW re Will Be No
Turing kSk
British I2xpcct tu Hear of Srrloim
IlKltttiifi Ileforo White Is
proved hy a localagent aud the tax there The British scouts had minutely searched
on payable Into the State treasury This
a Bllsplclous country but there wa
Is designed to carnpel the payment of the <
largo taxes now paid in New York and no sPn of the enemy The column ad
other States on the millions of dollars vanced to Mount Alice facing the enemys
Londcn January IS The war office has
received the following dispatch from Gen
eral Roberts dated Capetown today I
havo received a telegram from General
Huller Elating that one brigade and how
Itzor battery havo crossed tho Tugela river
at Potgletcrs Drift Five miles further
nest at TrichardJs DriftGeneral Warren
has thrown u pontoon bridge over the
river By this move part of his forco
crossed yesterday Tbo remainder Is ex
pected by this morning to bo on the north
hank Warren hopes he will ho ablo to
turn tho enemys position which five
miles off to his right front is bcin
strongly entrenched
txindon January IS 037 p m Tbo wat t
offlce has Issued the following
From Duller Spearmans Camp Janu
ary IS One Held artillery brtwltzer bat
tery and lyttletons brigado are across the
Tugela at Potgleters Drift The enemys
ptsltion Is being bombarded by us Five
miles highpr up Wamn has crossed the
river by a pontoon eghtysix yards long
He hrpeB his force will by evening have1
advanced five miles from the rher to his
right front The enemy is entrenching
From Roberta Capotown January 18
Gatacre reports that 00 men of all rank3
hae been moved from Bushmans Iloeck
to Hope bridge and the Seventyfifth
Arid batteiy and one company of mounted
Infantry from Sterkstroem to BushmanH
Hccck Othcrwiso there Js no change
Mount Allco Near Potgleters Drift Na
tal Monday January IE The forward
movtment for the tellef of Ladysmith be
gan Wednesday January 10 from Frero
and Chlcvcly Ijord DuniSdnalds mounted
brigade with the Fifth brigado under Gin
eral iiart comprising the Dubllns the
Connaughts the Innlskllllngs and the Bor
dtr regiment proceeded northwesterly to
Springfield Tho poit had previously been
thoroughly reconnoltcccd A few miles
outside of Frere Lord Dundonald passed
targets erected by the Boers to represent
a forco advancing In skirmishing order
Kvldently tho Boers had been tiring at
these from the adjacent hills
Lore Dundonald puahqd on and as the
main column advanced It was noticed that
Sprjnglield was not occupied by Bosrs
and that tho Fifth brigade had taken pos
session The British transport extended
for several miles and comprised bomo 5000
vehicles The mounted brigade advanced
rapidly not meetlpg with any opposition
mountain fortress
The Boers had been at Potgletcrs Drift
the previous day but a body of tho South
African Horse swam the stream under
fire and brought over tbo pont from the
Boer side Tbo Boers were evidently sur
prised at tho appearance of tho British on
tbo scene A long camp could he seen ou
Tugela but tho enemy quickly struck
camp and cleared off into tho mountains
A buggy was seen leaving for the hlllu on
tho right presumably with sGenpral Jou
bert or tome other commandant Goneral
Buller took up his quarters In a pleasantly
situated farm houso belonging to Martlnus
Prectorus who had disappeared On Fri
day a loud explosion was heard Subse
quently It was found that tho Boers had
destroyed a bridge under construction
seven miles above Potgleters Drift
onrrnl Ilnller linn Ixntirtl n nplrll
ril iippenl mitt Instruction lo the
forcM l KlnnliiKi We nre Kolnt o
the relief of our comrade In Lnily
muttli There will he no turning
The order proceeds to advise the men
whey they charge regarding the condi
tions under which tbey should receive the
surrender of any of tbe enemy It also
warns them that tbe Boers are treacherous
In tbe use of tbe white flag This order
bas been received with enthusiasm In
every camp
The march as very trying but the
troops are now encamped amid verj
pleasant surroundings Their health Is ex
cellent and all are confident
London January 19 A special dis
patch from Durban dated Wednesday
says AdvIces from Potgleters Drlftr
dated yesterday Tueaday say lhat Sir
Charles Warren has arrived wlthn sev
enteen miles of Ladysmith and that British
wounded are arrlvlne t Mool river field
liospitsl by every train from the front
Indicating tlpt there hao already been
Severn fighting
been cosiraed
Neither report has > et
LTV JfcC j ii MMfc i T
vijm HI turn JAW1 VtVWWIi iVVm99lB799Q999
t ° R
The Trusty Following of William McKinley
JtfMCUS ATIR IN l12lll4 IllttNCIlii
JSnme Tncllc flint nof nlc < Mrtltnrn
Arr lielnsr Kmploycrt Jn the
Antul Cfiuntrj
London January 9 a m Military
circles in aftlllatlpn Vlio th war otflco
consider that the ejpeotid battle along
the wide arch sou b and Tjest of Lady
smith can hardly be delayed beyond to
day From Dtrbtn If ia reported that
fighting ha 4rea4y begun General
Bullera forces engageii JnjShe ftdnklng
operations ncrosa the Tugota aro somtv
13000 or 11000 bayonets 1200borses and
forty guns Tho disposition hi his other
15000 or 20000 men Is not kbown al
though the assumption Is that tho wbo
urmy will bo in action when tho hour for
combined movement arrives Thrco woeka
ago Genera Buller had 30O0O4nicn Con
siderable reinforcements havo slnco
reached him giving him probably 33000
men and eighty guns all told
Estimates of how many men and guus
tbe Boers havo to oppose him are mora
guess work In not replying to Gencial
Lyttletons shells they are using the tac
tics that proved eo successful in tho bat
tles of Magersfonteln and Colon3o lying
low In their trenches and thus hoping to
conceal their precise position untft tho
infantry advance Tho Dally Chrortlcloa
military expert sees a curious analogy be
tween General Bullcra situation now and
the eve of Magersfonteln Now as then
tho Boers are making a stand with their
hicks to Investing lines within a fow
miles As Lord Methuen after crossing
Modder River had to attack tho Spytfou
tcin and Magersfonteln bills so General
Buller after passing tho Tugela faces in
visible entrenchments n a rough country
Ono correspondent mentions General
Cullers wheoied transport of 5000 vehicles
which connect him with tho rail head
about thirty miles to the rear Among
these vehicles are the thirty traction en
gines which draw from ten to fifteen
wagons each
Oeneral Bullers warning as to the m1s <
use of the white flag by tbe Boers In his
morning papers as presaging cheerful an
nouueements The absorbing Interest frit
in tbo situation in Natal makes other
point in the theater of war setfm micro
ueoplc Lord Methuen lies behind bis
works Vodder river It is estimated
that his forces will have to be nearly or
quite douhcd before he can relieve Kim
British reinforcements aro moving
toward General French at Rensberg With
these ho l expected to advance Gen
eral Gatacres men occupy Lopezburg a
slight advance
Tbo war office announces that next week
will bo embarked seventytwo guns 3710
men and 2210 hones Tbls Is the largest
consignment of artillery ever sent abroad
says 1 bolleyo tbo sympathy of every
Dutchman In South Africans with tho two
republic and that u goneral rlslug Is fctlll
quite possible However there Ik nothing
to Implicate tho bond party hr a whol
In orgahlwd ronBplracy against the Im
ports government although tbo bond
le dcrs havo winked at or pandered to
smilUbn to preserve their popularity The
British failures nnd the appearance ot tho
Bo ers ou nrltlsh territory navo fomentoa
rebellion but ovon now u doclslvo British
victory wqttld prevent Its further spread
This correspondent testifies to tho viiluo
of the services rendered b > Mr Schrelnor
tho Cape premier In an embarrassing po
sition Ho speaks less highly of Mr Hat
melcr the real lender of the bond party
and soverelj condemns tho Dutch press of
the country ot which hn says It li do
IpE Us utmont while koeplng on tho windy
sldo of tbo law to promote rebellion and
to envenom racial antagonism
i Tbo British losses In killed wounded
and captured up to date aro 087 otdcers
and men
< + Vzit w
Mnrrum Him u Irtler
Naples January IS Charles A Maorutn
former United Slates consul at Pretoria
who left Lourenzo Mnrquez on December
IS hound for New York landed here today
H In reported that ho boats a letter from
President Kruger to Picaident McKluley
asking tho lutler to mediate between tho
Irausvaal nnd Great Britain
W i
WAiH ls l0 > M 11115
flnpuii mid IIimhIm re Irrpnrliiir
hii > ii > iinl HflleiT
Chicago January 18 War between
ItusBla and Japan Ih looked upon as Inev
itable by the nivat ofltclnlH k of thoso
countries who havo been nearest the prob
able scouo of the future operations said
Lieutenant Romanoff of the Imperial Huh
slan navy who arrived In Cblcago today
The lieutenant ias Just completed a three
years cruise in ABlfttlcwatcrs and la on
hla way to St Petersburg
He continued How Mion such a war
may begin It is difficult to say but ovcnU
little short of miraculous muut occur to
avoid It Tho Japaneso aro building war
ships as rapidly as possible In anticipation
ot tho outbreak of hostilities and Ilussla
Is strengthening bur navy aa fast as sho
can That Russia must havo a new navul
base between Port Arthur and Vladivo
stok Is conceded and that she will try to
get one in Koroa la certain In tbo event
of such war It Is considered probable lu
Russian naval circles that Russia will have
the aid of Germany and that England will
take tho other side European hostilities
will foll > tho outbreak of war between
Russia and Japan The mobilization of
Transcasplan troops at Baku nnd Herat
and other military maneuvering ou thu
part of Russia arc taken by official Rus
pionouncement to the troops Is considered sa to mean tho beginning of a movement
a rather broad hint to give no quarter to eliminate Ungllsh Influence In territory
Hlu phrase There will be no turning heretofore held by her beginning at Ka
back Is passed upon editorially by the bul It Is certnln that England will have
to fight to retain hor territory In the eisU
iiimitalmg ii itn
Km Contention yill He Ilelil With
Denver Colo January IS Tho execu
tive committee ot tbe Bimetallic Icaguo
has decided to hold a National convention
at tho same tlmo and if the same city
as tbe democratic silver republican and
pcpullst conventions The object of tbo
league Is to endeavor to wrlto the financial
plank ot tbe democratic National platform
Tho following executive committee of the
The wa7 offlce inWtes BM olunteerB ror eazue hao necn announced George W
a sharpshooters battalion of yeomanry I RIcKcr Judge Mojes Hallett Governor
SirWilliam McCormlck In the Lincot C S Thomas Charles L M Goddard T
says that of the 309 wounded In the hos j M Patterson Judge C I Thompson Sen
pitals visited by him only eight had tyjen i ator Oecar Router Thomas Tongue George
hit hy shells l M Merrick Mayor M V Johnson Gov
Mr Kipling has written tho following ernor William A Poyntcr exOovernor
characteristic letter to the British Guiana J S Hogg W C Hall Frank P pron
branch ot tha Navy league contribution to nan John C Stallcup and A W Rucker
the war fund Tbe officers are Judge Rucker president
Bravo British Guiana Please accept H V Johnson treasurer and J N SW
my greatest thanks first as vice president i phenc secretary
of tho league second as pcrpetuatar of j President Rucker Is In correipondonce
the Absented Beggar and third at a with friends of the cauec In this country
fellow contributor to the bis jackpot which and Kngland and be believes that on as
we are buoyjnjr up on Thomas behalf count of tho scarcity of circulating me
Havn you seen Brazil and Trlnfdnd come dlum Great Britain will tie obllgcVby tho
New York World
SifTfrn FlKht 1olUiTreil anil Some of
Iho yiemhern of he lntrol
Are Prisoner
Rensberg Capo Colony Wednesday Jan
uary IT A patrol composed of sixteen
men of tho New South Wales Lanccis and
South Australians was ambushed yester
day by tho Boors and overwhelmed after n
scvero fight Two of the dotachmenta en
caped and ba c arrived In camp Thla
SStaornlnB patrol vfsjt < idTKtugc ne of tHo
fight and found one dead Australian and
ono bounded man A number ot dead
Boer horjes also werr found nhr > wliig that
tho Australians mailo a galluut fight be
fore surrendering
It appeara that vbon tho Australians
encountered the tirnt body of Boers and
found tbolr rctioit cut off they galloped
for a nearby kopje hoping to beat off tho
Doerc but on arriving they found another
force ot burghers concealed there
Later Six moro of tho Australians re
turned Tho rest of thorn were captured
London January 131230 a m At mid
night tbo war office announced that it had
no fuither nows for publication When
questioned in regard to tho rumor ot tho
Victory ind relief of Lartysnilth tho offl
clals replied that they had received no in
formation to boar out cither rumor and
wcro Inclined to think that serious fight
ing was to procedc the rollof of the town
They Will Jnnllfr Their Conrae nt
Proper Time
London January 18 Sir Matthew White
Ridley tho homo secretary speaking at
Blackpool this evening said On behalf
of my collcaguos and myself I would say
that wo all share tho full responsibility
for tho cabinet like tho nation has been
united from tbo beginning There Is no
doubt tbnt when the proper time comes
for tho cabinet to Justify Its course the
Justification will be sufficiently ample
It Is not the business of tho press to
criticise tho action ot our giwjant gen
crals In tho field There la nono ot them
who does not possess the full confidence
of the country and the government
iminr avau itkjis
London January 18 The war office an >
nounce tho appointment of the Duke of
Marlborough as a staff captain In connec
tion with the Imperial yeomanry being or
ganised or service In South Africa
Sterkstroem January 18 Yesterday the
Boers blew up three culverts on tbe Dor
drecht line live miles beyond an outpost
of the police camp Tho commando at
Dordrecht numbers 1000
Craddock Cape Colony January IS On
Saturday January 13 tho Boers with a
commando of colonial natives occupied
Preska a villageon tha Orano river
about 107 miles northwest of Deaar
Washington January 18 Mr Choate is
prosecuting his efforts to learn Just where
tbo provisions are that were t > elcd off
Delagoa Bay on thn Mathpna tho Maria
and the Beatrice
Birmingham January IS Joseph Cham
berlain tjio secretary of state for the eolo
nlca presiding today at a meeting in the
Into the name overwhelming sentiment of public oplnloh Mason university here discussed a va
The Capetown correapondent of thn ti rerpen tlio minla o India lo the froerlety of snbjects but weJullyiro jew <
TtKts di ct fig Airtkaadcr dlsioyaltyicolssge oj sihtt
m f J mJ r la ii ALti
tbe war
WjM g iw
i t
Committee Meets Today loConside rHio
Advisability of PrescntlnffrfH
The Republicans Not Near So Ardent
for It as They Pretend f
The Battle of San Juan Alone lias Brought
Forth 6520 Applications
A n Colony They Have Lna t tli
feimiitnh Mnrket and Are Shut
Out of the United States
Special to Tbe Post
Washington January 18 There will bo
a meeting of tbo rivers and harbors com
mittee tomorrow mornlnj to consider the
advisability of a bill at this session Mr
Burton the chairman Is understood lu
bo opposed to reporting auoh a bill but
thu ptoosuro ot public opinion may causo
him to change bin mind ImnstaucU ai
many o the committee Including loooral
Calcblngt who was chairman during the
Fiftythird congress favor such action
It the people tu tho communities which
need such legislation are passive about
tho matter Chairman Burtoa may take It
that thoy aro indifferent as to whether or
not congress picparcs such a bill thla
winter but It la thought If tntwest lu
tbo subject In enlivened taomo action ot a
very beneficial naturo may bo taken
It may bo only a bluif after all Elena
aro multiplying that tbo republicans iu
this congress aio going to comraiL them
selves to gold With nil their bold talk
of tho sentiment of tbo Nation thoy urn
not confident enough to Uko up tho K Ul
measure puto nnd simple ami push II
to Immediate consummation There la a
gold opinion upon ivlilcb to build but it
is not absolute and controlling Whether
It Is bemuse some of the Western republi
can loaders have been hearing unpleasant
things from their constituents aa ha
been suggested or whatover may bo tho
Ircteon tho Inipreffclon Ik growing lu
Washington that tho republicans will put
lu their joxt platform tho same sort ot
ovmlvo and uoniommUtal provision toi
International blmotalllMn that tbey had
In tho platform of lSSi It Is poialble tha
tho Rastcrn element having ijol tho party
aion ih far at it has will IiisIhI upon
a plain straightforward single gold stand
tird docJaratlun without < ii > hUiiatilllaiu
frills but thero aro strong Indications that
even Kastctn politicians sco UJngcr tn
sdeh a course
Honator Alrtrlch In his 3peecn on too
senate curronoy bill wont so far as li
cay Jia1 the wnate hill does not nUinJ
In the way of thin government favorlns
international bimetallism This Is re
garded coming an It docn from tho Rhodo
Island Kcnntor as particularly hisnlUnvnt
and a tending to bear out tho IdoU tha
tho republicans are preparing to put lu
stfmo t > nrt of a bimetallism sop with
which to catch somo republicans as thuy
did in 1896
Democratic leaden do not oapect to see
any antitrust legislation put through thn
present congress According to tho llghtn
bofnro them the republican programmn
seems to b to quietly suppress all ef
forts toward substantial atiUtru t legis
lation or If anything at all Is put
through lo enact some meaningless bill
just boforo adjournment something thoy
know will not ttand the test of tho courts
and will therefore satisfy tho trust peo
ple but which can not bo passed upon by
the courts until after the presidential elec
tion It Is more probablp however that
they will do nothing In congrMis but will
fortify themselves for the campaign by
putting Into tholr platform tbe strongest
kind of an antimint declaration
Tho Puerto Rlcans aro heaping coal of
lire on McKlnloys head Thero Is a big
delegation hero from our colony who
want something definite done They say
that If they nre to bo a part of this coun
try tbey should nave facilities for making
a living that tbe American copque tthas
lobbed them o their market iu Spain unci
still tbey aro discriminated against by
ihe United States and can not compete In
this market A delegation composed of
bankers and merchants having consider
able capital Invested In the Island ac
companied by General Davis military
governor ot Puerto Rico called ttpoa Sec
retary of War Root today and besought
hU assistance In securing tho enactment
of a constitution which would rtpeu the
markcls of Puerto Rico y > Its com
mercial etatus Tvlth the United Stales and
the world generally Secretary RC o
pressed sympathy with tbe objects Of
tho delegation but tbe sugar trust and
tobacco trust have already jjlvop netlc
that the protective wall must not hs
broken for tho benefit of the Puertu
Ricana and this administration bat an
car especially for the wishes or the trustK
la consequence of which tho Puerto Rltam
are In a bad way r
The pension list Is with Ug fproyer There
aro no on the rolls pensioners of allihe
wars ever fought by theie United ftoU
Young women were lett widows by r vutu >
tlonary veterans the survivors of 1S13 o t
the French war ol thu Mexican wt of
the civil war ot the Indian yarj ihef
aro more veterans of tbo civil w r an
m m
tbo rolls tlraa Grant ever had underi hU i > j
command And now tbe Snanlih war Vnit r Vtyv 4 m
erans aro getting n their apnJMUi t
Tbey are sendlug tb ia n < W JfJS 1 J Zk >
jSen the pension bureau hi apfwliwf wfe
Tfcs battln of San Juan s > tifU i If
the following Usurps < iJ3SfJJE
Cv wl lllf cUMlfte H npj
1 Vrf
rt >
y p

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