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Pi 1
yt I
ft fa irs
Batifuet the City Council and Many Other
Tfcft Pe tlTltlc ConiJnnert Until
Lnle Moor He pon c to Tonrnln
Henrtlly APplnmleil
Hourton astoJattoa No 6 o the Na
HoBaj Association of Stationary Engineers
entertained tho city council and ra ny
other friends at a banquet given last rilgtit
Rt the Capitol hotel and the word enter
tained as here used Is meant to convey
Its fullest and moat complete sense
Some months ago aft related In the
speech of Mayor Braahcar the local a o
clatton of utntianary engineers petitioned
tho council to pass an ordinance requir
ing an Inspection of steam boilers and
further requiring that stationary engineers
must hold a license from an examining
board before they should bo allowed to
have chars ot steam boilers In the city
of Houston
The counqll saw the vl3doni ot this pctl
French Kisses Wafers
Ice Crvam a In Noapolltalnr
Bdam Cheese Toasted Crackers
Mr C C Gordon acted as toutttuiattci
Kollnnlng Is a list of the toastj
Oqr City Fathers fly tho Toastmaster
Heijpope Mayor S II Ilrashoar
manual laborbut It is also one of know
< idee Th man that can get the best re
sults out of a pound of fuel or tnanajo
ntstoataplantJJn tb most safe nnd econ
omical mapper tbo man that wll get tbo
niMt dollartt I s
SW i ttas May of J me Watt vho
jiortpwajpwave on tuls menu j od vvhu
ww 8JgL 4 rBie4 the father pf stesm
tvftuMrjfgpfbuxd bave been Improve
l Mtt
a constant application and a ta3t Jot of
Wt > havo n hall where no meet and e
chango ldeae and whero wo havo A library
such as uono of our Individual members
could iilord
The mptlvc a stated In our preamble
la to provent destruction to life and prop
erty However wo have another motive
which I will bo frank and say Is not alto
gether uhBCinth and which r wJUHry to
explain Business men rcalUe tho keen
oompctUlou they have and while thero la
an old proverb thatcompetition Is the lite
of trade they havo doubtless felt St tlmoi
that they had ft little lop much life This
is especially true when they have Illegiti
mate competition for we all havo two
kinds of competition legltlmalo and Ille
gitimate I havo noticed that there bus
besn organtied la this city What Is called
tho Hulldcrs Exchange which l com
posed of responsible persons engaged In
the building traded and whose object it
I um correctly Informed Is to do ajvar
with Illegitimate competition in tho way
of Irresponsible contractors In tho samo
way we hope to do a py with Illegitimate
competition on tho part of men who an
not what they claim to be and tbls can
only bo accomplished by the aid of the li
cense law
+ + +
Mr 1J KranH Bonner In responding to
tbo sentiment Kntcrprislng Houston
spoke as follows
Tho committee in charge of these cere
monies huvo proven themselves guilty of
tislhg bad English Enterprising Hous
ton They use a pbwp of two words
ono a synonym of the other and t am
therefore unablo to distinguish tho ad
Jootlvo from the noun
tlon passed the ordinance aud Us provl i h throughout this erapin
stons are bow In force Henco tho ban 10 nieniflc3uco of enterprise t dont
quet was in tho nature 0r a compliment W Sw wbothe It la tbo Mr wo breathe
the maypr and f ° f a o Idermcn why h h h u s m r wa ot
were present as tfie Invited guests of tha
J0 nuTal0 cUmBoX ot tho fl0wcrs of the
MH ihJSunny Souh they turn tbelr rosy chceXs
Uetor tne guests were Invited to tho t b k b tb morntnB sun but
bamiutt room m0y Wo entertained wtli hf uK0tlve of enterprise
m tc citations and spngs In the parlor Houatonii history her growth nnd
of the hotel the programme being of an
informal nattrc
the credit of Houston Association No u
1lmimi in rltv nho ha not a neer lu
of tho National Association of Stationary haKi
oMhe ca mtolboUUnd toW VllZA 1 cougutulato you upon this occasion
emC ceP n i ia iSjttio ilr t J WDKWtutatojrou upon thl Batb rlng and
excellent service the banquet was nil thai I < h royal gooI f el lowrtlp which per
il Lnnuat shnulrt he vndes this hour TIs well to thus attest
trU8 appreciation of our ety council
The menu follovs
Itaw Oysters on Halt Shell I h 1av
llora UOeuvres Varies befcalf 1
Gejery Sliced Tomatoes
Coosonimo Bnmoise En Tae
l0 that
I oldest site of vl7atun alpiost In Texas
Her stteots were trod by Fannin and
rtuk and Jones uml Lamar and Houston
and wero trod by tho feet of soldiers
marclilng In the field of war while tho
tiding of Texas victory over tho Mev
lenns nt Son Jacinto waa fitst pealed forth
fropi her church tower
After the civil war tho great railroads
began to build hue and these great nv
° ° commerce wuro
N A d B V l Uettia
EnterprtslnK Houston il V llonner f our Houston of today Only ten yeats
Education W W DaUs ilgo tawtl ot 100u0 80uls antl I01 ve I
ho 00
l > Khslativo Hon Norman G Klttrcll MrB > ark Hrjd live yearn
> iroTa rtrMM vmS bene itmooo wii not teglster us
Jn response to the toast to Our Cltv Potul llclioa the worlds cotton teeopl foi
Fathers Mayor BraehcaV a brief but nuo Ilnl > feeelvlpB 2500001 bales lust
t > prepared addr roidhoV Vr V > iM 7 P > ur four
expected meet Prof fl D Makers tha
principal at hl offle o orf Werfnv daf
morning between 0 and 1030 oclock
Tbo Womans Foreign MlMlon soslcty
of Sht > arn cburcli will hold a nUfflpoUiU
meeting Monday att rnoon t lM
Next Thursday nlghtfat 8 oclock the
HoUKfon Philosophical satiety will meet
at tile Lyteum hall ThS programme of
the evening will bo selection from cntlco
literature Tho publlft Is cordially In
vited to attend i
Mr and Mrs Joseph RIpka announce
tbo marriage of their daugbcr Mtss
Julia to Mr Henry BconipluaKo on Jan
uary 33 at St IatHckTi ehbrch at 730
oclock No cards
Tho Rectors Aid society of Cleraoaa
Memorial mission will meet at the Koran
of Mrs Helmke corner of Houston ave
nue and Webber street oo Tuesday Jan
uary 23 t 130 oclock A full attendance
In cspeolnlly requested
Tho A Ii uoclcty of the Second Uaptlst
church will give an orange to lal a cry
attractive and enjoyable entertainment at
the homo of Mrs O A MMdUtou Xlt2
Mory street on lrldny events
There will bo tho usual meeting at 1030
Ocfock rpom 203 Moepn building for
ttiblo study this morning
Tonight Itray IJajo u tluu and itlfte club
will give its annual masquerade ball at
their park on Main stmt roaJ Poir
handsome prizes will bo awarded to tho
most origlral costumes
The Fifth Ward Social club gave ft bard
times ball at Oak Ieaf Hall In tho Fl tb
Ward on Tuesday and bad a most eao
The name of abln time Thore was a large attend
lovclopmeuts all attett tllo fact of her cu
KSfto guests were Invited to
3t u ame There were prizes awarded to tho
neatest and tackiest young lady and gen
tleman on the floor Mr O H Wal or
nnd Miss LuU Huberts wco tho luplty
on03 in securing thflso prizes
ruiisovvij fUNTIOX
Colonel A J Anderson of Galveston was
In I ho city yesterday
Mrs Ilcttlo h Hathaway Is visiting tu
J Marlon I w of Iiryan was In tho city1
jestcirtjjy a guest ot tho Uawlor
3 W McCarthy of Hag Laktf Is ntot
plng at tho Lawlor
W M Hill ono of tbo ofllelala of Stnto
penitentiary Is registered at thp Oaplto
I5d Iago of Richmond Is an arrivalat
Tcpderloln of lleef 1ique aux Champignons powpr
Chateau Tllhot 1867 lio r a could turn and who play bo Im mJS t no iTiitehlns
Calf Drains Tattles aux Petlts Pow Vert PO uot P t In the mateilal and inentttl J King and wife
Cardinal Punch wol are of the cliy Tis also well to havo apajtments at tba Himuiy = f
nosst Mai ard Puek Ou avn Jelly i c wt w ima who belong to neither c Hancock of Tyler Is a guest at t > e
California Olaret u > lut tomfl t0 0a ln y ° ur Poasures Hutchlns
Chicken Salad i > > r partakltig of your fea s nnd drinking
Macaroons Cream Iuffs your wjnes and partlulpatlng In the spirit
Lady ringers of ° 0 > l fellowship
Pound Cake I Unterprlslng Houston Houston the
exercised their eftotts ln your thtJ oapltol
ollw by that s s u
whose hand controls the throttle J10
e engtmurs without whlcb no wheel of Thomasil Coo ey of Beaumont Is stop
of Houston came to have the ordinance the y r t tmton seed oil rnllls In thy Soulh lt tbo Luwlor
irquirlng boiler Inspection and licensing llI rr mll1 > 1 ° I asplMlt T Mrs it And
c 3 l ° le8t trtot b
of cur MrTM
stntlrmary vUglueers Ti muypr said I1 I tbo city
n ° atfl
thut u year he did unt
ago even Know that i
the stationary engineers had nn or ou L t r l61B wlll ° ° nf Hr < Jua
tlon n Houston but slnrj tint time tl o riob r fltl1 clty tutlje Stuto com
orjtanUatloi had brought before the eouT ntreMy miX otherw so Ip not this fact
oil the necessity of boiler Inspection nnd PPe < W progrfl s ya nppotlto but on
licensing of stationary cngineum m tcb lw y mw it stlmii ute us tmtl wa
a practical and onvlnclug Way II at thc I vo MigMved upon tho mind of every clt
touncll bad cen Ht to pats tl > 0 or1 nance IT ° IIo t1 1 I xveUlorl
whleb was In his opinion n whs ijtip Iff m y milul eyi3 0 ulJl ° 0l8
gave tbo credit to the local association of I > 1fJ h 1 > o mc mpdvrn hewerago
Matlondri enBlnceru n0 then told the ul u J of < sewera
fU > TY of the part play In bo fumo s H1 T far ml hfi ar
f bttln of Manila py tin enRlneor own IWf Vlh JploC Hh of hl1 r > rn J
under the water lln and bw the Kreat w S mn1 r nuftaIn lw > u
Admiral Dewey had rVcomnie ed tl > 0 1U a n le bo or ltot1
prpmollon pf an engineer to tin ink f K ni1 i0 11 al l sep largo
re r admiral Major Jlmfchwr i remarbi l of th world dlxphorg
werfl well received and heartily applauded i 1e 1l lrt l n 1 ur P 8troU
rt 1
strewn with float
44 and transfers 1 oeo n
TT niudwt elmtrio light plant which Is now
J nMt ffn t l1Bnt Tn National As Inourlv romidotnd nnd whoso lights will
sociatlwn of Htitlonarv Kngmcors wits re u shlni as to catch the eyo of all mart
nponded to bv Mr w J nettle ut fol fucturers from tho Canadas
to tho Oiilf
lnwJ I and from the Atlantic to the jiclc 1 boo
Uentlemon 1 mako no pretenslgps wh t
t r lo beluji an orator ther foro will not
attempt to eulogUo our itssoclatlon or any
individual To u e rt eopmion exprowlou
J wllj not throw nny bqpquels or Indulge
In any fllshta of loqurnce but wllieon
fln my remarks to very slinnio tat < i
ment of fact icgardlng thu Nation Asso
ration of Stationary Jnglnoar
Nowr there ure majiy different and erro
lieotis Ideas regarding our association so
I 11 tpdeavor to correct them
If you will ask ho avoragn business
town what kind of an order havo theso
rtatlopary enilnsers bo IU probably ap
iwer Wy t a ft labor union nhnut
like ali of them if you will aok tho
pama question of the average member ot
labor Unions bo will answer Why they
are a lot of fellow that do not believe lu
union labor and are opposed to labor or
ganUation 1 Now < e have here two views
whlcb f diametrically ppppfed and iou
probably think that one of them must b
iiV K 1yV TO to s arfsZlyZ
n seat maniifactttvina railroadbanking
commercial nnd educational center Her
vast population employed and happy ber
superiority unquestioned her affairs faith
fully administered with peaeo and plenty
everywhere and with her unbounded fu
ture assured
+ + +
Owing to tho lateness of the hour when
tho spfcohnialtlug began It was Impossi
ble to ubtalu a synopsis of the lator
Following nro the committees wboh bo
admirably managed tho atfalr Arrange
ments O W Fellows W C Oslo XI O
Stewart and J Shroder Invitation and le
reptlpn 11 F Ilonner S T Slkoa O M
Shlret J F Schilling and Q K Muuser
CITV nnyviTiisj
Threo colored children Jlvlns at the
corner of Poaso and Uelaud streets were
taken suddenly and violently lllyover
o We tlJ0 c u PP to io f om Vomu
educatjopaf order organized for mutual P0 801 C0iUn < 1 inethlng thy had
> r P C U
u8to our traderwwle7lm wero oul of ditCKer
lever In proverbs tb e Is Horn truth In
ho old proverb that Two heads n bet
rt onp oven though one Is a cabbage
Jp our prsamblo tha staternqpt
Hr Les ha be en mjKonstrued
lt0Jelf be proP ° r < ° n tructlpn
that should be placed n this u that as au
association we cab pot engage In a strike
but should any member of our order bo a
member of some labor uqlpn and a a
member of that union become Involved In
a strike his course would neither be cen
sured cor approved by our order lu fact
ttcfcould uot i ke ny official notice of It
There all Is one thing In opmnon with us
Tbo undertaking firm of Itoja Wrltth
Is now installed in their twv build ng n
the corner of Travis and ltttsk
Tho Kpworth Loaguo Of shearn Moth
Frcd Jones of Victoria Is registered at
tbo lawlor
James 11 Trice of Dolton was In tbo city
O W C o of Fort Worth la a guost at
tho Lawlor
S C Patton of Hallotsvlllo Is stopping
at the Capitol
T U McKay of Navasota Is jcgiHtcred
at tbo Capitol I
W V Plttmap and wlfo of Nacogdoches1
have npartments at tho Ctipltol
Ucorgo V Smyth of Beaumont wasv la
tho oty yesterday J
1 1 Allen of ha Porto Is among tho
gtuists at tho Capitol i
S Walloch of San Antonio Is In IhfJ
O A Icb and wlfo of Hallotsvlllo havo
apartments at tho Mwlar f
P A Mitriny u banker of I Wharton Is a
KUf t nt tpo l < awpr
J Osgood of Sublno is atopplng i at the
1 T IYanlilln ot Waco Is registered
Anderson of San Antonio Isjlln
J M loo nnd wlfo of Kdna aio auto
graphed at tho Uriitol >
G A Uenunmiit of Iluntavlllo wW
unions yehtetdays nnlVaM at the UrieJoiS
J C Hopkins and wlfo of Chicago wevo
guesttt at tio lirlstol yoiitercay
C K Sommerkarap of Tyler Is regis
tercil at tbo Wflstol
Itcv William T Turdy of QreenvlUoW
a guest at thp Dilstol
Jlos ig 11 W and llenjamlp 0aS
prospectors of fiulllvan lud nro at tbo
Jlrlstol 1
II K Henry ot Henlcou Is located au
tbo BrlBtol
C HotehKIsi of 0nlla Is stopplngat
thp Hilstol 5
W H Allen of Victoria has apartments
at the Iltivtul
Judge C W Nugent of Conroe 18 a late
inUal nt Him Hrtstol
Mlu Hlla Bejiil of Haglc Lake who
ban been letting tls3 Stephens has goue
to Hlicimin to attend sehoal
Miss Ivtm Leyepdecker of Jolumbus will
bo hero several wVtika visiting Miss Uwlo
Mr Louis Jj Slump has returned from a
business trip to Fort Worth Mr Slmoo
wlm wakes a business ot buying Iron
Junk haB only lately moved her from
Obb gb and now makes this city his
Mrs F Hacker left for St Louis ld l
Thursday week much to tbo regret fit
her niitny friends ns she is to tualto hoY
home th ro lu the future
Miss Utjy Collttrd of Milam la visiting
Mrs S F Carter lt jay ayenue t
Mr Louis Meyer lefrlaft night vlaUie
Santa F for Chicago New York and other
pplnts Hast
reinjilaro trmurdl sf cvlvcii
Kmlnont Coittmander T W Cronan of
lUrthven Commaudevy No 2 Knights Tem
plars ot tbU city with a delAsation of
fiouatoii sr Unlgnts vvitl leive tub morn
ing tor Crockett to bo pie tpt at a raa
ntoiil eciviee to be h > M there todiy a
memory of Our KnlSt > ty Utal j5l Jcbn
MeOonnell and Sir w V Mjrjh a 1 10
sswlce will bo conductad by Palos u
odst church will hold tbojr Uiorary ritotU Oommandory No 3 attd Trinity Coain ml
Jng next Friday Ao uccellent ery No Si Ot Huntavjlle
progrsmiup will bo rendered and all are
cordially invited to attend
CuwrM Ilaboulno and Mit Toolo vv
Klvo thulr blocdhounda chase this morn
baseball park
Mr Klncalde ot tho Texas quaitetto
will slcg the offertory at the r0 I as at
the Flret Uaptlst church this morn nj
tliiim fov Arolirn
Mi B A Osier Is preparing plans for
two handsome street arches to be pUcsd
lng which Is expected t0 wind up nt tha hffB urlnS hP weetlug of the Tnnstnla
about 10 oclock 1 l lPl cuugresa In April Tho dwgus
represent two wry handsome urehoa
Np ice lltint
A contraot has been let by the Crystal
The rk had
a great tipte Rt thorhal leo and Fuel company for a new seventy
8M nUR nVtw le win
and MK m > > plan to to VoaVwrtei
hen e i ot n M MpKm rtwet tbe FlflI
c ng hembe bue Z 2T1 >
Thero nre undelivered fc
mighty dollar telegrams a the
One of the fundamental laws of nature T uint5r M5LTSr JpcpmMBTJ
uin r for lvylU Inrry
and the most Infallible one Is that you Lts R Bn1
can npt get fometblog for nothing no1uan imu
u ftiru Jhl j W iP rv tba t to pblalu mora Tio Treble Clef rlub will HrC n < oi
wdoHars we must give more service cert next Tuesday evenlnc t Turo Kn 1
Centleiraen the que tou of Service In Th rocmberfhin of the club compsed
isloam engineering docs not only imply of the beat musical talent of tb cltv anl
fc j o witki
ijCUiCPtsUtillr sndtd k ep
aeteTmprovemenf s nc < cs ltat i
nn excellent entertainment will be glvtn
There will be a regular meeting f CJclt
DowIuk camp at a oclock thi a tarnaon
at Hudr Jiall In tho market holw
J C < MpSon pastor of thp C nr l Chrl
tlan ebutqlt Wll glv as a prelude to thW
mornings sermon a tep wlnutfit talk
pit the Irobortane of the vubUaipt osa
All pupils who are cot ppw n attend
ance at the Houston Jllgh Bbol but
who expect to be after J raiar > f
f 3 MAT
Houston Medical Electro Tlier
upctiticul and Massage
Our treatment for SUIn niopd Lun Ms
f tt NeuralgU Ittinitimlsm aad Kerroui
Ultfstes l now1 the rwognliod curt HIm I
Tumors nd Urethral grttuie r njuved
Avttbuut knife or rausllv Female WVakoeas
trresaUrttlts r tor d cntl ly by eur n < w
nteteod nf trettrntnU Esriil hlfraUhri r
movtd without injury ttt h kb > or J n
W always Leva on fcMd the nfll known
lalfovir Vltcb l Alaran Cr wa aoO MM
Mow and liurcttt
< i
Powd r
BulliUut CerntrVFsnaln
and Tex Av
TT57 <
411 and 413 MAIN STREET
t >
Lot 1 consists of Gowns Corset
Covers Drawers and Chemises all
nicely made and trimmed in em
broidenes and tucks good value
for 85c 4Qn
Lot 2 consists of Gowns Corset
Covers Drawers and Chemises
cambric and domestic lace and
embroidery trimmed and worth
125 on center counter 7
now for UO
Ladies Gowns best domestic yoke of lace insertion and tucks
lace trimmed sleeves
Ladies Cambric Gowns trimmed with lace or embroidery
and tucks
Ladies Cambric Gowns 6inch ruffle of Swiss embrojderp
and yoke of lace insertion
Muslin Underwear Embroideries Laces and White Goods of every
of this week s
description will < be the leading features business
Heaps and heaps of these beautiful white goods on display throughoiij
the entire store ail new bright and interesting New spring stuff
in every department
TJiousaiids of pieces of dainty Swiss Nainsook and Hamburg Embroid
eries match sets or separate edges and insertions are on our counters
brought out for your inspection patterns are prettier than ever
selected some six months ago before the great advance prices are one
of the prime factors thatll induce you to buy Allover Embroideries
75c 100 L25 to 350 Lace Embroidery and tucked all over yoking
l J 150 to 675 a yard Allover ace Yoking 75c and 95c a yard
A counter load of Hamburg Embroideries both edges and insertions
wide and narrow worth toe >
are now being sold for per yard v >
Another counter loaded with pretty Hamburg Embroidery both edges
and insertions valued at 15c nnd iSc per yard
Point de Pans Laces edges and insertions 2 to 6 inches wide
per yard
Torchon Luces 2 to 5 inches wide ES
per yard OL
Prepared tp jerve your every want in White Goods regardless of what
they iiight he youll find this department ready to meet your every
requiiement youll be needing white goods every day now in a mat
ter of prices your interests have been well taken care of by us
EnglislfLong Cloth 12yard pieces for t00
Check Nainsooks e 8ic 10c and 15c
India Lawns loc ISc 20c and 35c
Victoria Lawns 10c I2 c 20c tnd 25c
Persian Lawns 15c 20c 25V anil 35c
French andEnglish Nainsooks 15c life 25c and 35c
r hetk and Stripe Dimities loc 12K J5c 20c and 35c per yard
Batistes 25c 55c 50c and 60c
72iuch Orsuidies 25c 35c 40c to 125 per yard
Mulls 25c and 3 5c
Piques 10c ISc 25c to 65c per yard
Our new Gmghams Percales and Madras cloths are here we want yo u
see them early Styles and prices will interest you
New Spring Percales at per yard I2c 10c 8tc g
r >
and DC
Choice New Ginghams most desirable patterns and colors Ay
per yard C
Scotch Madras the best of its kind colors warranted and Ag
patterns beautiful per yard DC
New Skirting Cheviots best quality made g v
per yard J lU C
VVeaie the first to show the advanced styles hi what will prove to be
the most popular fabric the coming season we refer particularly to
Foulard Silks The deciee has been issued and Foulard Silks have
been selected as Fashions choice Beautiful colors and artistic designs
in Foulard Silks are now to be seen on our counters
Mercerized Cotton the new dress fabric that will win your admiration
is also ready for your consideration tis a very dainty fabric and the
very prettiest of colorings and pattern The nearest substitute for silk
and in many instances more desirable
Black Crepous and New Skirting materials are also here
Small blistered effects in Crepons are correct we show thenfai
per yard 150 1 ff
and A JO
The Biisie t Store on Houstons Busiest Street
< Prompt attentloruto rtittll orders and exprtss
t chargas prepaid on all orders of 500 or oVer
uslin Underwear
Lot 3 consists of Skirts Cmd
Chemises Corset Covers ml
Drawers cambric and nainsooi I
trimmed with rows of tucks lictjJ
and embroideries and nn i
worth 150 now for vOC > I
Lot 4 consists of Skirts Gowns
Chemises Corset Covers and i
Drawers all beautifully madd of
cambric and nainsook and de
gantly trimmed with lace em
broidery and tuck worth
225 and250 for
Ladies Gowns best domestic tucked yoke with ruffles of
Ladies Cambric and Nainsook Gowns beautifully trimmed n nc
with lace and embroidery 550 375 and
Ladies Cambric Corset Covers full front and back yoke of 7cM
val lace insertion Vgd
Ladies Nainsook Corset Covers full front and back yoke of OT0
val lace insertion M
Ladies Nainsook Corset Covers full front arid back Ofl
beautifully trimmed with embroidery and laces 350250198 M
Ladies Cambric and Nainsook Skirts flounce of 3 rows of CM
torchon lace insertion iJM
Ladies Cambric Skirt 20inch flounce of tucks
and torchon lace
Cambric and Nainsook Skirts magnificently trimmed with
embroidery and laces 1500 875 750 498 and
Ladies Drawers tucks and nifties of
Ladies Cambric Drawers 6inch ruffle of torchon lace
and embroidery
Cambijc and Nainsook Drawers best material and prettily
trimmed with laces and embroidery 450 J98 and
Winter Goods that will not be Moved into
Our New Building so out they go
Ladies Black China Silk Waists IM
Ladies Stripe Silk Waists value 475 for M
Childrens Gretchen Cloaks nicely trimmed formerly sold for Q Rfn
600 now ap
Plush Capes fur and braid trimmed 3M
Silk Lined Fur Capes value 375 for J
Childrens Reefers value 150 now Ji
Eiderdown Dressing Sacquss embroidered and cord trimmed
Eiderdown Fur Trimmed Childrens Cloaks Sj
Knit Fascinators value 75c reduced to 5i
36x36 Rep Fancy Table Covers
Outings that are worth I2jc now 5
Red Prints good colors and desirable patterns yard ft
Flannel Underskirts embioideredends were J25 now JS
All Wool Knit Underskirts soft and warm 1JL
A4 l 1J
S k hVkt
58 Bleached Damask Napkins value 75c per dozen now yi
34 Bleached
Damask Napkins all linen special value
Large Size All Linen Huck Towels per dozen Si
Heavy Large size All Linen Huck Towels per dozen
Heavy Size
Large All Linen Huck Towels per dozen fM
72inch Bleached All Linen Tjibfc Damask rfH
72inch Bleached AH Linen Table Damask fl4
70inch Bleached All uinen Table Damask
Blankets and Comforts
None to be packed away sales will be made If prices wllj
any Inducement
tO4 White Wool Blankets were 250 now fM
114 White Wool Blankets were 295 now 1 > U
it4 White Wool Blankets were 395 now 2M
lt4 and 124 White Wool Blankets were 500 now M4
1J4 White Wool Blankets were 600 now 4M
124 White M
Wopl Blankets were 750 now
124 White Wool Blankets were 850 now SM
124 White Wool Blankets were 1000 now > M
o4 Gray Blankets were 125 now > M
64 Coniforts were Jporeduced to iSl
E White Co0 Comforts value 150 now
> v

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