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8 v 4
It It Expected to Reach the Reichstad
Early This Week
l rtdar Speech of Connt Von Bnlow
1 D asaeil from Various llmid
poind A Unl Week
Copyrighted 1M0 by Associated Press
Berlin January 30 During the coming
week th aaval blli will be th main pollt
leal topic It Is surmised the measure will
reach the rilohstag early In the weak as
tha bundssrath has axpresied It readi
b m to pan It Us fat In the relcbstag
parliamentarians now say probably la by
no meani aiiured though It U predicted
that enough members of the central party
will support tho bill to enable Us passage
Tha fore a of recent ivsnts has been tell
injc altocetber In favor of the measuro
and an enormous amount of agitation on
the subject has been made by tho fleet
enthusiasts throughout the empire Judg
ing from the present pruned tha corre
spondent of tha Asiootated Press can fore
tell that tha naval bill on which the em
perors whole heart hangs will bo passed
after a number of assurances and explann
Moos about there being so need of new
taxes from the government though with
the smallest majority
The German press today comments lib
eral on yretcrdays Interpellation In tho
rclchstag on tha seizure of German stenm
er by British cruisers Tho Lokal AV
zclgrr says1 The whole session showed
that Hlnce tbo English answer was known
beforehand this peculiar parliamentary
action might havo been spared us
The rrelsslnnlgc Zeltung exprosses tho
opinion that the Interpellation took both
a dignified and an appropriate course
The VoMilrha Zcltung asserts that Count
Hulow showed In this whole affair as
much tact as energy and well doiorved
tb ovation which the relchstae ycsturday
arcorded him
The Deutsche Tagea Zoltung with the
wiol sgrarlsn party Is not satisfied with
be results The paper nsya In tht
slchatsg there was loud applause after
vin Bulows tpeech To England ivo can
> uro tho delegate th r was bitter dis
The Vntensl ZeltUngsays The efftrt
nf yesterdsvs proceedings of public oplti
n of England wan In tbe naluro of an
rror wn hope
The Vorwaorts calls the Interpellstlim
miscarried farre
Tlin Post enumerating what Orrat Brit
ln offers In reparation says Truly all
iheso sro successes over which wn mnv
rejoice heartily becauio they mean that
full satisfaction Is glvon to Jerman
Tho Tageblatt In Its comments re
marks England now knows fully that lit
the frerman empire she fares n eountrv i
which will not yield a hairs breadth from
nhut t conceives to be right
here The duration wan one minute ac
cording to the observatory No loss of
life nor Injury to Individuals was recorded
An English paving company has made
proposals to the city government to pava
lbO streets with the best modern paving
Deposits of coal and asphalt have been
discovered In the State of Ouerrorro and
also naw gold fields are reported
Abandoned French rtlirht
Farts January 0 Ths antigovernment
organ La Patrle charges the government
with abandoning French prior rights over
the Danish West Indies and say Den
mark only dispatched a representative to
negotiate the cession of the Islands to the
United States after negotiations wlth < th
French government which benevolently
renounced tbe IVench rights of preemp
He llopr He Will
Berlin January SO The relchetag today
passed tbe Imperial estimates after a de
bate during which Prince Bismarck ex
pressed the hopo that Count Von Ilulows
stntement that ho Intended to follow In
tho footstops of the first Prlncn Illsmnrck
would be fulfilled though ho added those
footsteps were obliterated and not easy
to find
John ltnsliln Drnit
London January 20 John Ruskln died
this afternoon of Influan7a aged Si years
crtoicnns coNKinrwriAii advih
3t < iiilill < nna AII K < a Ooii i > lrarr
lrllh Tsramnny Hall One of Hie
Inrllm Sump ICtldrtmn ll nr < l
1Vankfort Ky January 20 Governor
Taylor in defending the contest for tho
gubernatorial chair brought against him
by William loobol haa through bis at
lorneyw spr d a largo drag net la goth
eilng his flVldenre and It Is expected that
brfm the contr it Is ended some sensa
tional evidence lll be brought bifor
111 rontestlnjr boards The republleaa at
inrn ys have already summonM ss s
wltncjs on of th confidential advisor
of Ulchard Crokrr The objoet of bring
ing witnesses from New York will b < >
to prove ihal ftlchurd CroVer as the ex
cutlve li d of Tammany hall wa9 In
Iagiie wlih William OrmtH the oonten
ant In tiie prrent hearing to cany the
Slatn for the democratic Stnto nominee
The ftttempl will be made by tbo re
publicans to show that at least two of
tllft leading damoeratlr politicians of thH
Rtule Waited Mr Oioker In behalf of
lioebel and that they secured from him
iin the offtrlat head of Tammany hall
iibsiontlal aid In rareylng on th dnm
ocnitlc campaign
Jl has already been charged by Governor
Taylor In bis couiitor claim tiled with the
Dm Barth iilll in Ilia diet renporiinK boxrd of contests yeattirday that Mr 5o
iho Pruealun election districts iiioiKwith I bcl together with tho chairmen of the
Will Soon Come lo n Vote Nnrnl
Iroponnln Will lie a Teat of Got
ernmrnt Strrnntli
Copyrighted 1900 by Associated Press
Paris January 20 The ministry of 31
WqldeckRousseatf which Its national op
ponents declared was tottering to Its fall
and would receive Its death blow Imme
diately on the reopening of parliament lies
tsccurod a fresh lease of life In the very
first work of tbe parliamentary session by
the substsntlal majority It received on the
j vote of confidence In the chamber of dep
uties on tbe Interpellation regarding tho
attltudo of tbe government toward the
strikers at St Ktlenne Barly In the week
the nationalists were much rejoiced over
an Important check to tbe governmentii
protest In committee hut Thursdays f ov
ernment victory shattered their hopes of
This situation It Is believed will have
an Indirect bearing on tho prospects of tho
American reciprocity treaty which despltu
the sanguine predictions of officials hero
wai thought In some quarters to brf im
periled by tho Influential Industrial arid
agricultural opposition The fact that the
Kovermrmnt Is entitled to rount on n Htrong
backing a rovealcd by Thimflays ato
mi tho strlko Interpolation mn > Indue
It to eudeanr to force tho treaty thtouglt
Tho tiint of tho government strength
howevci will take plaro Mlmrly ln th
diambcr of deputies mm tho unxal pro
posnls which iauU an expenditure of
750000000 francs of which fOOnOOOOO
francs is to be dovoted to the reorsaulJ
tlon of tbii ficot
M do U Porte rapufilltanrudtcil depu
ly for Deux Sevres who reported the
scheme hss Jii6t iloclsred hlmtelf favors
ble to tho majority phn III report
makes some Interesting romarks regarding
tho proposed submarlno boats especially
In connection with recent experiments nt
Washington with the submarine torpedo
boat Holland He asserts that the new
Ope of submarine vessel of which th
government proposes to build two will
havo a spbero of nctlon on lb surfart > of
tho water of from twenty to twenty Ihc
> 4
and of tho Kansas City Omaba and East
ern rnllwsy another property of the Har
rlmatt syndicate This will give tho syn
tlicato two through lines of It own bo
tv ten Chicago and tha Oulf of Mexico and
Hat Been Given the Totter nf Ministry of through imo t0 the i cinc coast the
Utter being the Illinois Cen
formed by
tral and Union pacific and the Oregon
Short Line
ThlB with the Vaodcrbllts big North
ern syotem and tho Milwaukee and St
Paul nid Burlington and Rack Wiland as
ready nlllefl will give the bottling syndi
cate a good start In consolidating th
gato the ease of KeprcscnUtlvcnicct It
topics report
In the chamber of deputies practically for geneinl distribution
ulM ttioTvhole t u week n was devoted t to tho dlscim Mr Hoberta was In his seat during the w f
jear 1000 will give the queen sevoril new
great grandchildren
year two havo
nnce tbe Crow
Ela having been
tho spring the
again become a
unca more hoping
crown prlncpss
to Queen
admiralty Mud will probably receive u I mere presence
command But though be Intimated that iwllh < ho lftwle i
be was desirous of duty with the rann 1 ho lila opinion
of Greece and Prince not the better class of men In either the infLiL
of Iteuss vvil also probably add I Of tlo or republican parties who St iKi
Victorias long list of doscend ould v cated trouble but the vicious ZmZn v
0 mttt0
quadron bo WH not atUlu his dcA wo 1 > ve led that element i tno ui ItM TtMPi f
for the same reasons which pravented tho J Batrlclc of Magoffin county and
Duke of Connaught from going t nes Sowrds of PIko county gave evi
front No one w s more anxious to Eo J1 06 tlIon lUo tliu > ballots declaring
out than that tbo
tbo Duko of Cambridge Realising
i OWlolM 1hl5 l makn > > rnU
erab o for the high war officials H0 Is
cont nunlly nppearlng with some new sug
and Is generally being turned
over to General Sir Evelyn Wood adjutant
general of the forces who Is very deat
vfilrin A11 k0 ° Abridge con
lnced that his advice essential to Him
countrys existence that he will not tako
his usual winter trip to tho continent
llnls er Will ltclun t n ICnrlr
lllo da Janeiro January SO The mite
Isler of 1or < rlga affairs Pr Demagalhaej
will probably rwisn January o wth 8
or yiera the minister of Industty Tha
Mt Pf PQllcB Bcnar Vega will alKi lenJer
III r > > giiatnn
The minister of Bolivia had a epafer 1 Tcrr
or today with members of < he govern
mertt r elalpi the Btato or Auwzonrn
Is exeeed8sr Oalv >
atr cweilts and do
mints tbtBr ill send trpppsand ve3 e
ite suW g t lb Insurgent vavernmeot
ftty ofMexIco Hvief
now turns to the state
subject which Count Bonl la
of both parties who Vmild lave J ttrrlvaI > Vcw York
Th J < ot Tork by the way has Precipitated trouble and It was these men pii ula n t h r f M R nw F <
placed himself at the dlsposltion of lh0 My
eld In subjection by thlr Sift 2tt crciary or me American
rmba y ° Wll u wi
If there ad been twul MVVtW
element L declared It > r V0 yafL0 America by being thrown
that th poiico of thVcItvwn ln he r 8l1 rooJu tll tus nB
snt caafitiod
ballots wore to thin ho could see
rlRht through them
An ndjournmont was taken until 2 p m
VAiiiii nnKijvrijn
Irxlvnii Killed nnd mittired Sev
eriil Ifiinilred Intlliuia
San rrmicl co Jununry jo Au Kxanilner
special from Nogalea Mexico ys a Nttle
has been fought between the Mexicans and
ninnt CnnilitiiHtloii Vi llt Throw Vlnn >
Out of Uiiiiiloynient
Chicago January 20 The feeling of cer
tainty that many of them will lose their
positions ns a result of tho giant lorabino
plouned by tho various sjstems east of
tho Mississippi river was expressed by
ninny Chicago railroad men today
That thn territory ca t of tbo Mississippi
river has been bottled nnd sealed morn
YaqUls In which the Yftnuts wore defeated f 01 > lhRn v before
no ono can
SJ5 hfi 0 Th lr k1v numbered soo uoubt and thousand of smalt and large
hundred were tsken prMB
olttcll heads are to fall It la 0w only
Negales Arls January Xen r a WMlort of just how few men tho amal
clved here from lht 0uh thl morning thatT ttWlVJ
CUy flf Maxieq Jjauary M At on tuM
UnrrJsnn Matters
Gmuon Tina Jsmury is Mr 1 r
QCeunoi has eortie1 V searse of thle ta
rtlltrtsg J M M i > Ir M y ill go
r work eoes
Central and Alton roads It Is said that
tbete roads win b merged Into on svs
tern put under on management and 6p
ft LK on ot Sotral offlctrs
Until the contoHdatloa effected which
cb not be for some time after the new
wtoutA to mfcJolgbtlMt xilgbt aharp and KBlrn to Mr sad Vtr rT m Cord ll a en ewnrs tikeYoia oftte a uU tiacf a h
was prepared to Introduce other wUnesses
tho oommlttce after u bearing of less
than two hours adjourned until Monday
Ilteiutillennn Vote to Dust n Southern
Washington Janunry 20 The houso
connultteo on otectlonB No I divided on
party Hues today ami by a voto of fi to 2
decided to recommend tbo seating of WIN
Ham K Aldrlch republican who contests
the eat now luld by Gaston A Bobbins
democrat for tho Koufth congressional
district ot Alabama It Is the tlrst deci
sion In a contested olcetlon case nt the
present session of congress Tho contest
was based on nlleged Iptlmldutlon and
racial prejudices growing out of appeals
for white supremacy
A minority report will be mado n behalf
of Mr Robblns
T r > lmiiortnnt Iteiolntlnnx Veri
Amtcd Don ii
lodlanspolls ind January 0 The eonven
tlon of the United Mine Workers of America
today oltd down two Important resolutions
TbBftm one provided that hereafter all
National contentious be held In mtulng
towns th second was ou < j > mpathliltiK with
the Boers ot South Africa A free silver
titled amd > ll of embus
gatei m te not fc TOi > ne ry convenlton
wis ths ybout Kill it sad let us to ahead
voA resolution favoring weakly piyment was
At ths outbt seisloo tbo announcement of
tut vets on vlee prtsldlat wis made Tbera
VAJ 2Lmia toilet wi
ordered Ths candliata receiving the UrreJt
22 ber ° J S on ta flr biltct was L
Lewjs of Brldeetert Ohio who tot JTOJoSn
roads west of Chicago iuirterae
E II Harrlmnn was In Chicago today
but declined to dlscUsa the plans of the
financial combiners Conferences between
the presidents of the various systems In
tho Knstcrn combination and the financial
Powers havo been arranged for at stated
periods The next will be held In New
York March 7
At that meeting the president of each
road who hereafter will be little more
than a figurehead will be required to make
n full showing of every detail of bis road
to enable the owners of the properties to
put tho finishing touches to their plans
wiir iik rtrciORTnn
UN 13
IMnltrr la to He Definitely Dcelried nt
n Committee Mcetlnir to He 1
Held Jnnunrr M >
Special to The Post
Washington January 20 Mr Ball has
by no means given up hope of a rivers and
harbors bill at this session Another nest
ing Is to be hold January 30 when a vote
will bo taken on tho question It Is said
It s believed that considerable pressure
will be brought to bear lo hae bill re
ported rapecUlly from tho West and
South Mr Mall Ih working earnestly to
havo a Mil reported that the llouiiton ship
channel matter may be straightened out
and other Texas harbors properly provid
ed for It Is now believed that a majority
of the committee faors a bill but they
may not continue to do so unlesi they
bavn some popular support
MnJorUy and Hlnorlty ttoporta Were
ttndr oil the llnbert tn e
Washington January 20 Wion the
house met today Mr Ta > lor Ohio chali
ruan of tho special committee lo Invests
American Supplies Fell Into the Hands of
to n Colnmn Trnnsportlno
Itiillnux to the Soldiers In tho
Ililllliplnca Nlne Milling
Washington January 20 The first un
toward happening In the highly successful
campaign now going on In Luton Is an
nounced In tbe following cablegram
Manila January 20 Pack train twenty
ponies transporting rations between Santo
Tomas and San Pablo Laguna provlnco
escorted by fifty men under Lieutenant
Halstou Thirtieth Infantry ambushed yes
terday two men killed fUe wounded
nine missing Pack train lost lieutenant
and thirty men returned to Santo Tomas
with killed and wounded Affair being In
Doret fortyfifth Infantry found In
surgents In Batungas mountains prepared
In ambusb to meet hlro He killed eight
wounded three captured seventeen oun
Spaniard s rlflt his casualties two men
slightly wounded tltta
AmliURlied lij InmirKenl
Manllj January 21 10 a mOn Thurs
day a pack train escorted by llfty men of
company C Thirteenth infantry Lieuten
ant Halflton ommandlng was ambushed
by insurgents near Llpa proxlnce of La
guna and two Vmerlcans were killed four
were wounded and tilno are mltslng The
Insurgents fired three alleys ai closi
range and the escort was ohllgcd to re
treat after killing ilftfcn of the insurgents
Several animals of the pack train weie
killed and their packs wero looted
rinrit and Contents Horned
Lockhart Texas January 2 Mr War
ren Nix residing In the northwestern
quarter of the city near the Katy de
knots and a submarine sphere of fwiion of obertB presented tbo majority rcpoit pot sustained a serlout loss last night
from fotty to fortyllvo knots Thus be in favor of tho exclusion of Mr Itoberth ° y f I8 ftl Lontents together
Hays the vessels will be of offensive value lAUd a fine buggy and harness two fnt
AUd gavn oUco tnat hc would caU UD tho
InstetdSit a merely defensive type ThB ca Tuesday h0R3 nnd WB8 ° arl0BR weM burned Mr
press warmly nupporta their eonstructlon Nlx ssaiU > tMy burnrd In his effort tons
Mr Llttlellold Maine presented tbo ml
ns a protection avo flna hTfc whlch WH3 MZW
to tho
eonst from an at
norltv ronort In favor of seatlnc Mr Rob
tack by ho nrltlh navy In the Tcnt of JlruWh expelling him fIvo thousa i No
of tho wero ordered printed
Vnennt lore House IJiirniil
Mcxln Texas January 10 A tire this
stra x i srssiirbul na ° no errort to nlreM at s ° eik
features of Kreneh ralltoad workings with A resolution was passed authorizing tbe olrt fnrm storo hoUno wbl
inoAmorlcsn system M Vallanto noelal secretary of war to admit Almedo lfori rPlp < l for some time ns
wagon factory of It L Johnson Son
was destroyed by Are tonight Low J5000
Insurance J250O
Mod Sold
Kosse Teas January 10 J p Truelt
of Headsville rtobcrtson
county doing a
Bfleral mercantllo business sold out to
0 Little new I JI8sra nobertsou Williams of Kotsc
Wbo m < 1 l hpslook
the < Jv slook n KoRe and havo
ie opened It up In the L T nobertsou
i i
e v nr5 JoniU Klrni nt Denton
Denton Texas January IRJ o povv
ledgo R Co formerly of Aubrey have
opened up a dry goods store berc
muoinr isrmers or mis eountv
miu eS
It It thought to b a steamer ithern 5
ri SwsSftSK fh nilSia
va to ner a ut ne iirtVv BIBt
OicsstMr to alaet t Hi
P iii
about twenty mu rt cp n a
4 iv i J
V < vv
Botlle Free to Snfferera Ho They 3I r
Prove It
II 11 11 Cure the Stoat Obstlnnto
CnsesIosltlve Evidence
Vailas Sores Uono Inlns Kruptlon
Vnlllnir Hnlr Sore Throat nnd
Mouth Ulcers
Deepseated obstinate cases tbe kind
hot springs
that have resisted doctors
and patent medicine treatment quickly
yield to D B B Botanic Blood Balm
Medicine thoroughly tested for thirty
years and caBos cured twenty or twenty
well today
five years ago aro
Botanic Blood Balm has cured all such
In tho
Indications as mucous patches
mouth soro throat eruptions eating
horcs bone pains Itching skin swollen
glands stiff Joints copper colored spots
chancres ulcerations on the body and In
hundreds of cases whero the hair and eye
brows have fallen out and tho whole skin
was a mass of bolls plmplos aud ulccw
this wonderful specific has completely
changed the whole body Into a clean per
fect condition frco from eruptions and
skin smooth with the glow nf perfect
heallh n B V cures by draining thr
polion ou of tbo bones blood and en
tire system so the symptoms can not re
turn B 11 B Is tbe only known perfect
euro for blood polton
Hero is pioof John Stlnson S13 Travis
avenue Denlson Texas writes Novem
J have suffered with blood poison for
en months My mouth was a solid sore
and had great holes In my tongue and mj
hair was cbming out at rapid gait All the
while I was under doctors treitment aud
after trjlng two floctors and spending 1S0
with them I quit them and began the
patent medicines without any henoflt until
I began taking B B B When I bad taken
three bottles there was hardly a sign left
on me and I have up to date taken nine
bottles and glad to say that I am well
So sufferers may test B B B and know
for themselves that It cures a trial bottle
lly destroyed an Mitchell street Atlanta Ga aud medicine
The Obnrammergou passion play man
tutoment h
n immense
ind th
will be sent
csvn tnn alum > > >
Cnttle rirttiiiK IIuiiukIi Hie Winter
in Good Nlinpe
Janado Texas January 20 1 H
Bnmpass has purchased tho property now
I by J WlcUund known as tho Star
11 hotel
Kail sawn oats aro now looking fine
Loss estlmated crop u much arscr thnn last jcur
L M Todd with Hr Hartcra Mcdlrtn
eompany Ha > ton Ohio also In the dm
buslnts at Yoakum Texas spent Sunday
ln ianado
J W Henderson ot Victoria with th
New York Life
Is registered at the Ian i e
ado hotel a
11 M Hinzie of Palestine Teas Is rei
Islrred at the Ganado hotel
R W Elsbury with V Randolph Sons
wholesale paint dealeis of Houston is
registered at the Ganad0 hotel
rJH iW T WrKht and amlly of Dallas
n y e S tfriay and
Gan oay 0S e In or
near Gaoa 0
Mr Griffin and wife came In > estcrdjv
from California acd if sllcd expo ti
locate In Ganado
rmisii oiniutiiAic
Oermnny Is
llrltlsh toniineiitn
Berlin January 20 The tone nf
lll nnti
i liZtMtW nMW p o Rro i rM l0mmcnl8 n Count Von Bulows
Z itfUlr hC 0 S Vy rod of Peech In he relchstag ycterday gives
WCKIUKTClay I TrlT s CaUslns a Ni
the young aon of Mr eaK out
I A At wnlng wth mea ot > ling The government
UcT ifti 15MW r dan geroT
tick lth the same disease
PAltIS Theto nit a number of cases of
scarlet fever In Paris > et df plto the errortt
ot the health authorities The d iea e
prevalent throughout the county
1110 SPRINGS Burglars inttred McCam
worth of goods contlstlng of Icwrlrv and
knives No clow as to the gillty pVrtl
T LEU All the patients
who have hean
KeS 1 nV > h smalipot btttS
been dlicharxed
as ured save one Mr Lm
Utne Vixt we2k e WM h ° d
SW raufderlf tt ift
f > tiken un on Monday SonSng of
min tniJtM m e b adjourn
ment ot
court Thursday evening
hrenlJ nil ln > morning the jury
broeaht In a verdict for a life mitenre
< iuniit coin
It 1 Sulil Some r It Una Come to
Murfretiboro Tenu January MThe offi
cers ot Rutherford county hive unearthtd a
gang of tounterfellera here that baa been
in operation for at lean two years John
aud Andrew Kdnards brothers win t
d Will Wrlrti are under aTit and othc M
gang worked In a cave near here kno n
Murfreescamp and spurious dollarsT haiv
and quarters have been clreulatej over IK
One of the prl
enerseven avers that a
spread the coin In Texa The cXnttrfelM
pronauueed an unusually goad onrl a nt L
of It wit found on the prisoners
IX IHSTH1 > > <
Vessel Off Ilelnnnre Cortat I sn
In Up Ilccfcet
L ei Del January Th reawicii
liiind llf uving corps reported
threwlng rockets about tgBt
is expected to bo displeased
with tho re
ceptlon of tbe foreign ministers sp8ech 2
In England and tho rws that another
Oerman ship has
been seized adds fresh
fuel to the flame It is
asked how a seized
Lord Salisburys promises
Philadelphia Timu
far 11 rmerlir th w hna become so
mint when It
cacurslhe retirement of a
imrcbant L
a 0 TlM
hi nt
i u > us period of
K bB bU6lne b
on b carried
n Br > the mer
lr l
hen eonndered J b ur whal
of umiiimooest competence but ettlmnten
lertunc while iiite UP1 l0 m his
1os it th J a Vouiii enough to cn
t buioo Ve lbode t te Sufr 1 ° t 11
< larger denindS if n OWPrttlon
ms U i eorre
r a
sr i > 5u
0J nU
Uutto and w
iKthe iffiVe iJBrrjho n
thinks be has enough
re GMrK Olennlnu 2
erpetoH Tps Imii
> L J
S Hf
ff w r ot
wal bt lasKri o hold hif aien mnrner tountv normal n < > r
Mr H K
tAUoria List
o HinJ ftUJc Patent Calf Pitent FJ
will be sent free of charge Largo battles Jvict KU iJox CiTf Ligllt or
for sale by druggists at 11 per bottle or o Heavy Weight
six large bottles full treatment 5 Per
sonal medical advice free Tor trial bol
tlo addrest Blood Balm Cnmpanj 135
This strap Ktiarantees fo men VyL
SrEllLEril Aliller Shoej
o This name guarantees to Vomn Pai
J fed it Sstyle and Comfort Do nolo
eperim nt with freaky Shoes buf tryJrot
ness Miller Hygienic hoes They nil J
0 please von
Alannlsh Last 3S < >
Hand Made Patent calf Box afi
etta kk turned or welted ioi c
J extra quality
l3AA j
Jso 1
Jh > JWkA
no experiment We
Jenness Aliller and V
w t
lotied els li mu < oldfuh tfil
iw45S LT nVy rrrn r tl t you will feel that
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