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V r v
< WJt >
py m
liijlht Winner of the Go Between R
and Filzslmraons
McOnvorn Snyn the Cor
t Terry
Will Do < le Trick Will
Uouud Klts Arm
tt Ten
Mjuturltr about the fight between Ous
iVsd FlUthnmona scheduled or next
K t hi hB lntr ll ha
CTi rnonc other lighters as well as the
kite fcner lly This professional attention
freil6r thaI1 that KlVCn anv battl9
i b j t f
II ot the battlo Jim Corbett
lo tie reault
mo to ear but iti opinion can
Lacae kn ° w hls ° r cap < r in the rlnB
A WJ hook punch swing and Jab He
r Kltca with Uublln ud oonsequenUy
t t the Akron giant la capablo of
mu itudylne the abilities of both fighters
lj mibg necessary deductions he ua3
witl KuUHn as tho winner and claims
f be g iTt will gv FiUalmmons His
iiiii than tm rounds
In lees
iffopinioni snared by many fighters
KiaSaMc CoyI M of tb clcveicst of nil
iK greatly interested iU tno out
L It tie FitzsimnionsUunln bout ami
Sa tits nuiillu After summing
rith i1es of both men ie givo3 tho fol
Swton ot the battle and a predlc
as lo the result
Sriero beyond he fact that
5 no gctdnK
rusimnionsRulilIn fight will be one of
list of ihe > ear It brings together iwj
muih aliln tint at the
ata bo > eemjeiy
ao time aro vastl > tllltivnt Thy nro
win Ws ihong and ganio to tho core bui
Silr Hrlea of lyuilng ar > Interesting It for
wSilaVelM thsr tho sake f argument
Wfore I to fuitner 1 wish to my that I
ihtek Ruhlln will win and pet the money be
lri the bell has Unused out tleven times
I Uie reasoned tho mutter out and tan see
ia other result
Kutlots a better man than ho Is given
fKJlt fcr He beat Sharkey squarely iui1
airlj ana In doing so accomplished a trick
Hit Tn Jeffries couldnt pull oft Ho oiu
ooslit Ehorkey at all slages Any man that
cm to that Is f ntitU d lo consideration with
> fryboiy knons how stronc tho sailor
j Iuib he can punch and bow he ran tako
itjllop Its htstc y that Jeftrits roulant
rtiut him to a stati > nf uiiLoiisclousneas
rorbett couMnt nor ould I Kubilu comes
Ltog nod docs the tin k handily This per
ermtnee flone giv b him more than nil oven
iSaaic lth Fitzs mmoiis Besldrs that
kirley figit esve him a lot of conlldrnco In
t ablllly to do thmes and this Is eoliic to
tin tlii with Flif
I m not underrating Kluslmnions In tho
at but I f l that he is ROlar up asalust
Mil sarna tin mc Ho will meet lust a
ood a lighter as hlmsi If u man who Is clever
tl W I
jt4 knocks
unions ind
Al other
tllln because
tfj thcugb
titJtej over
JfcOoietn does not share orbett nnd lle
iijb > le s and sa > s ntiiinuioub shotildi
in Trry looked Lanky Job over thur
Itly anJ then drclorrd ihat Ittihlln would
j Wn by the bla > ksmlth inside of ton
cosdl MrOovor i ihlnKO Kin Is a marvel
esstdertne his a and ias he is a whole
rt btt than some of the fighters lliar
lice tbemselvcs in Hue ior the heavy weight
uaplccshp Hero Is T rrys story
Then I hear some oi th fly ones nay
slttilJ end when Ilast saw him looked
it is strotiR as ever Hr has trained hlm
J Intome shape urd loolit oik and sti our
I elever as any of them and Is as quick
alatk Hes tot thr sidestepping nnd
atitj game dawn fine and has th hard
iMsJ ot a pumh b hind It all He can
wateatliiK too to f t in that punch and
ia to facet ItuliUn Mnudens man will
1 loSelhlng brand new
csae my wi > I don t ihlnk FitzslmmDis
W H mkeup to defeat me
JI fie has a kno kout blow you caa
it t RUSl tln e the po
timn1 A04 and > e resulting
ft Trintd3e n Won ot the third
l tarty VlTCUlt port
1 a lr M lBn1 Iadsna sold at
free Bond
took the
w ha s m continued to sell
eV fUlenVS p0oU ot °
Jbf nB aroaed the
ey dtcia by
i < iBJtanf V 1 beU ° b
n81 heu Tnctna t0 a front
a25 third hi ° uea Improved time
M A to Ace In 210
r arlil A n nr thoroughly
or d tor the fourth
t ihJj ° tk Ur off F Bond ind
placed him by W B Mcnnnaiii Ac stlli I
J general b ttrJry bu 7
P clnr l
and fined Miller i nn j
racing J06 class 1WHW by Am b h
b Mircy McKwsn
Tlmo M p
WA sm rlA
rn slatted r
3ye fo 0 Ho
subscription purse
by Online Mcrdlthl ron Best timSl t
e 21C
Evelyn also etartea
Slip SUoivcd n Wmulrrfnl
nnrt of
Chlctgo August SNatuml Oas upjet the
talent In the rBt race at Harlem today She
e > o z rianiin io
Mile selling Cogmoosey 112 Papa Hnrrv
Ill StuttKart Violet Parsons W illsi Liza
oi Ovonsboro Parmcnlon 101 Irlsb Jewel OS
Sorrel lose
St Ionln Itesults
St Louis AUgutt S Favorite after fa
vorite rent down to defeat at the Fair
Grounds this nflernoon and In consequence
tho talent met their Waterloo The feature ot
tho card was the rirst Autumn special at a
with T A VrVi S I tc oonun
Six furlongs selling Necklace John McEI
roy Ostra Tlmo 115
Threequarters of a mile maidens Loka
Hazel II 107 Penchant 103 Merito 107 Kid
Mi Coy Mr Uose 112 Armand 103 Lacarliia
Ifii Judge J Hlley 11 Tigris Mnnoghau
Mandamus 107
Holland for the Stato champion
bVMb isianftiVli n ot > n association ws
rrealdeni iiii j < aoa was eloftcd
i ve
Won Lost
Hrooklyn M
noston jJ
Cincinnati 5
New York f 3
200 no 02 6
01 000 0 > jj 3
Kansas City 4 Cbloigo 0
Minerapolls 3 Milwaukee 2
lndlmapolls 11 Uuflalo a
Detroit J Cleveland 3
or iilt Zlti l Jh er y nd Tea
Plltsburg August 8noMon rould do noth
showid a hlIppK hut Mt 1 Ih
wonderful burn tt iptrt mt beat I M
r n
out Heine
after the latter had an
advantage of four lengths in tho stretch
Four and a he f fuilonijaNatunit Ons
nglii DeCella Tootsle Green Tm < M
gU05a Dlnh Emraa MlSrn
Time ll35i
Pl Short M l leUt T course lkJ Unknown BteeplechasrOlobe Tlmo Track Vecord t
IM4 Mitten Ieponan Time
tt Ji8T and JytnlY yardsHonsfnrd Mttlo
ando Time l 25
tonVlne f 1 0 BfDen CbaUCe Mory lkir
I 85 4
° n BellD
n5hm f mlf 2yearolds
iiJJrnte of Ienznce Germanlown
ShuMi I p Hnnswutst
108 S lurlon 107 Hum
Clnera 105
Parie lP ink e 00aL11 < n ° n5 I
100 r Chnmbcr 5 Miss Mao Day
h r terS f m Jnh
i1nn S A Morris
1C 5
Lift Sly 107 rohel U T
Bf Blue 07 lrCte SD Pa Tl0 Laa >
I0nDlP Lak 106
selling Klnjts Guard San
Vcnado 111
Hagmar Dad Steele 111 Tyrba Too T m
Galnoy nalrd
Vcrnett A
Nnnokee 00
Weather clear tmek fast
Xus tin p rJommLU I5r Penulck
ro Sn Antonio 0 II
Carlisle nr i
on two eirors and a slnKiB As usual
y J J1 M sensational play
th h Snf e tU r bclB nm < rlkeoJts In
succession for Beaumont
Phlllrri nnd OConnor W
illls and W niuk
Chicago AueubI ROrth started hi bidlv
today but recovered his form and was In
vincible after the third After an unaccepted
chance for retiring tha side in the seventh
Garvin weakened and was hit hard In that
< tcd tho clsbth Inning
S f 120 000 000 3
Philadelphia ooo ikm n i
and Chance Orth and Murphy
Kansas Olty
4 <
Lo t
6 fi
Memphis Tenn August Palcstne wns
again dcteatd bv tho Chickasaws today
making threo straights The game developed
Inlo a slUBgliig match In which the locil
team excelled Bailey as nut In to pitch
or ni3tM3 oxn or Tim mkx un
llln rniilHlimPii AVnn FItpiI nt hlte
I lmiirlnonmciit In h < rrnltrntliirr
Ancithor Cnno to He Tried
Talestlnc Texas August The Jury In
tho Hrooks ciio teturncil Us verdict at
430 this aftcfnopn Hrooks was found
giilltv and clvcn a life term In tho peni
Hrooks Is the first roan to be tried and
convloted aa ono of the Humphries lynch
ers at this term of the district court Cain
and Stevens having been tried and con
Vlctcd as accomplices at tho last term of
the court hehl hnre last November and
Klven n llfo torm
This In tho third mso disposed of and
preparations are being mado for the
trial of the next case which will begin
Austin Texas August 8 Stato Pur
chasing Agent DoJko wado tho followfuu
awards today
To AtpKeui nilrrs Co of Austn was
awarded tho hulk ot dry goads Mippltes tu
the cbirlt hlo anil elecmcfiynary lull
tutlons Thoy recelvod nearly iivcrythluR
In that lino All avrurilj ire for ttio in
stitutions named abovu yrstertlay
To U Wolfhon of Ssn Antonio while
47 wool blankets crflBn linen lauo curtalna
47j and ribbon
483 To < Cr ditork Oroucry comp > iuv of 1 r
toll white pearl dress buttons pants but
tins and wliito tlauuol
To Sauger Ilrothera Dallaa agate but
tons leather belts flc 3 lltitiijl otioi
flannel braid hearplns feathor stlcV
braid ladles black hose sorgo and trac
ing wheels
1 To Jaske ilrothsrs Saa Antonio drcta
The a it tit p AVns n siuuKiiiK linfli inl buttons buckles damask ind shiwls
Mtiniihln Cwclipci i To Pace I ovy Terrell cambric
uc advlco fMm lhc bulldr yes
oW 52
WfrrSS flt DBE S SiS IS S cfiSitaliS
nuby Uley
Wat0 rime VolJort WW Pirate Oba ceYtlo cnt tho of ba e t h Tilnlng w rktV
0VCr the tenco UUl cU
Carter and Ford rtallav Wright and Noyes
and Marklcy
A < llreiiliiun Ik t Ilcjrln Thl Morn
in p Ah 11 ut rifty niitrlen
Drenham Texas August sTltu titote shoot
Threequarters of a mile Alloo Scorpion 83 under the auspices of tho Hrcahain Gun club
jhemiFBtt V i S =
counterpanes cretonne pillow casing
denims red llanncl oil cloth safety plan
shooting dress stays and ticking
Work Is progresslng rapidly oti the Con
federate monument for tho J It Hood
camp here General II E jhclle re
tetsS saying what I ihlnk Htz may rntSn burn 07 Amelia stratbmore Do QUitc n number of vleltlna shootois came im comniAv fhh I ii
tome i o r u Snoaklne
t h as Pntaln of n t th of
m r ° rh tiet1
cU but hes not ha t as eld as othets iotnen Ja d V r Crest 10 1 rofit 97 JIosa In on the afternoon trains and others are 7 utfln LVpany J f
102 Frank Pearce 97 Sneced ihoit Alabama wvalrj aklng part ia ot lans of tho
nl years younger He takes good care oje expect tonight The secretary has about many
Orris SI Joo Doughty OS Lurdan 03 TtuCel
Mlla tavs t understand Fitzilmmons D3i an Dora iomi Turn 05
to put me out with his new whirl 7hlree < of a mla selllnsDorallce
Primus SS Powors
M punch Of turr nh hop to et I0 104 Eight Dells Ma
tjf chancp a the cuampiflnshlp by do dre n ° Plael Voulln Mls Loretta Oi Po
Jllsr me but 1 on nfrild bis niani w ll mftla 102 Insurgent 107 Bertha Nell Al
l > Ps when L n W2
we meet
Itldij I can take caro ot that leather clear track fast
Wl all r5ht or any jthfrs that happen
SnratoRii nosnltn
Saratoga August 8 ftaln fell at frequent
tassured jbt to will 1 intervals today and the track was heavy
never Ret an oppor
IJ iu Pnl > on favorite won
Pch C b a8
< > n thhl yl battic bo longsHing Leader Duoro Dsttle
they no into the rlnx If he didnt No < lme evn
3 1 co an n n himself a fighter Five furlongs Spash Lody of the Valley
I 8 be v y qulitv which 7iiakes Mary McCoy Time l03i
J roUl e am aue Ill beat HuhI Milo and threeblxteeiuhsrjueep of Song
oat there c su h a thine Maximo Gomez Corapcnsitlon Tlmo 204
as overcon
ff br wav of hol1 nK a good oipo Mile Waring Radtord Watcrcurc Time
t 09 thwply I kniw he i a goodfast 1 3 5
man 1
saw bira 1 ok Sharkey and Shoit course steeplechase Trillion Cousin
Sit zrcl respect tor him When Jess Baby Bill Time I1S
Ik o tb < rDR l wU1 ba as careful as
ill v111 Put hm away just ilm I TODAYS ENTRIES
hiBor 8ht n 111 call nB hm
A f l en
5 MfnVy nbler J1 iZnd VlC
aun mZl nln wl l oidlnarly tend
TbeBen vtie hiiL i e on i e
tivV i KnL Purcn yet 1
ihch hhu Vi
of half V b InnR acquiring
er Ircvlnu ItrrorI
Au6us 0
b > er a track from
L ° nill eow
7 V Tommy Britton
tictl ° S Mlllon drlvn by George
a7 Ranst nls own record
iff Unrer h0 wlrc ln m
1 I
tt 2 U pire finished In 2W
Wt v
previous time three
Mart iV01 Summarl
tKt BaceAlpha w took heat
t ar Vh i al0c1ln Bhoi b B by
1 k uidsi sMack Heart blk g
r > urB iVnoT 1 3attme 2llVi
Ubyl won B03t time 212U
lnCATEU A 1011
Plo lned J IhiTr IHcoTerert
1 for Aee to AVIn
Uo Atni
T fwrt Th udKCs l0CRlei1 whal
puUu pools in tho 206
Five nnd a half furlongs News t Cupid
ity WJ Unsightly 106 Carbuncle 115 Foiijo
It las vpiVnSeS V scr8 Ico 10 Ofrud OS Noborkllsh 103 Betsy Jano
rf ThornA 2 ih lts run MacHecknoe 107 FleuronMl Blcor
IlehtL MTdelmo 103 Allolro H Tourney job
aclence Threequarters of a mifeTom Embrv Bel
l rlo McAddle Luko Ward 107
1 1M aoii Heels 110 Drokheda 107 Scurry 111
K KaVonlv Parmel Bennett 114 107 Lu
Wtiry te Iff BK dini Pr KaVn Far Rockaway
titam 11 of zon wi
ltif were used but with
1 SmJ U11 maintains it angular nrr
Mile Mr Jersey 00 Charentus 100 Martl
jmas 107 Ethelbert 129 Bannockburn 111
itilMti stran iKockton 10S David Garrlck 103
hom the t B i F5J S noiu Fiveeighths of mllcBooberack 110 Kings
MasiW f ib rn h ls bl0 h Jf Favorite 104 Cherries 107 Goddess ot Nlhl
h WI Mrrantl 09 Miss Daniels 95 Tammany
8 Chief 107 Jumper 101 Tho Jada 104 Hlmtelf
T r with BohAmCi iu0XOS 1 3 Tho Brother Hls lorlsn 104 Ginger Wai
rf NM Dawson 7T Thr Infallible Billionaire Queen Carnival Salv
the California Ith
i4 taevknow It
IICKV ntipl I
107 Alra 101
s wor h as 1 hitler I MlleOsccola S6 Flamero 101 Orion 103
K1 In MMlnntshspeaVd
u In0 < 8 orwari
X1 r aa In no wy will
li with him In ha fight with
b ttos wwnnnn nnconn
R mp 101 Myth 111 Stamp 103 Koenig 101
Raining track slow
llrlBhtnii Ilenrh Itesults
New York August 8 The midsummer
meeting of the Brighton Beach association
came to nn end today On favorite at pro
hlbtve odds and five s cpnd rholces won
Mile Smoke Flaunt Big Gun Tlmo
110 25
About two and onebalf miles steeplechase
Mars Chan Gov Budd Oount Navarro
Tlmo 512
Six furlongs Operator Rock Hampton Bal
loon Timo 114 16
Seven furlongs the Jamaica stakes Voter
Fire Arm Time 125 45 Only two starterb
Six firlongs Heliobas Musette Belle o
Lexington Time 114
Mile and a sixteenth Alslke Golden Scep
tre Lccochee Time 147
Order lu Which Iho Mntchea Arc to
lie Iluycit
Brenbam Texas August 8 The first day
of the lawn tennis meet at this placo began
with a drenching rain which monopolized
the morning hours and put the courts at Fire
mens park in such condition as to preclude
tho possibility of a match in the forenoon
The diawlng for places ln doubles and singles
occurred at Hollands studio and an agree
ment was reached among the players that
tne meeting would adjourn from this place to
Austin Thursday morning unless tho rain
tboulc cease The players will be pitted in
doubles us follows
Hamilton und Gross vs Searcy and Ran
Gross and Walthal vs Hoes and Shelby
Perry and Becker vs Cunningham and Wal
thalPennlck and Key vs Clay and Cohn
Wright and Holland vs Key and Towaes
Mux and Lewu vs Holland and Low
The winners In these matches will play the
champions of the State Meters Cresson and
Ruts of San Antonio
In singles the order ot the players will be
as follows Perry against Hamilton Bruns
Holland aralnvt Jamtt Walthal 7 O Ortwa
2 S P lca or and
404 fty entries Is believed the bulk ot
rn n S ML rp olete 97Tno 5ut ch er < will be in attendance AmonK the not
i las Zara Seething 97 Quick able already m the city are Mr V O Dar
8r im e Fr eCm0n 2LC0 I0 Tan vbe won he San Antonio cup and the
T r infl q rir a Ie 4 5Dt J05 s le medal nt Dallas for the best average
W r in iih m n
lRgins Ulghor 100 St
Cuthbcrt 107 Trlnnd Mr E Dew ot Terrell who wou the
adltza 105 Veloco 103
Two miles fclltngSadlo McClelland
Worn Cut Oi Aunt Jane 0J Loaseman 99W
Stato medal for the best score In a fiftybird
W event at Dallas his record being fortyseven
defcrlbed bv round3 at tho Turf Ex
change Friday night wire opens 730
FORNEY Two new brick business
houseo on the square are nearly ready county
for occupancy
GOLDTHWAITE The 8yoarold daugh
ter of Jesse Brown whs fatally hurt by
a fall from a wagon
BARTLETT Clus Joue a prominent
farmer was ssriousb injured by a silo
of wood falling on him
CLBBURNE Work Is being pushed on
the new opera house which has beii
placed in tho Greenwall circuit
ROCKDALE Julian Funtz waB tun
over by a handcar and probably fatally
hurt ITo was carried to Austin
BNNIS Work is being rapidly pushed
on tho new Young Mens ChrlJtian Asso
ciation building It is expected to be rln
Ishcd thli fall
BUCKHOITS Thero Is a ciso of scar
let fever in the family of Joe Ruslca
one mile from town The child is ex
pected to die
BUCKHOLTS The Dacus Comedy com
pany had a full house here but the nu
dience was much drssatisfied and no ex
pressed themselves
CIARKSVILLE About half the square
bale sinners in Red River county have or
ganized an association for mutual bono
f lt and protection A uniform syatom
of baling Is advocated
DL PASO George Greyson a clerk
captured a burglar who was making way
with a large amount of booty Tho fel
low attacked Grayuon with a butcher
knife and was shot down
A MlnlnterH Good Work
I had a severe attack of bilious colic
got a bottle of Chamberlains Collo Chol
era and Dlarrhoaa Remedy took fvo doies
and was entirely cured 1 ays Rev A A
Power of Emporia Kan My neighbor
acrossthe street was sick for over a week
had two or three bottles ot m dlone from
the doctor Ho used them for three or
four days without relief then called In
another doctor who treated him for some
days and gave him no relief ro discharged
him I went oyer to jco blm the next
morning Ho said his bowels were In 11
terrible fix that Ufcy bad been running oft
so long that It was almost bloody flux
I asked hta If ho had tried Chamberlains
Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and
ha said No I went home and brought
blm my bottle and gave him ono dose told
him to take another dose in flfteon or
twenty minutes if ho aid not find relief
but he ook no more and wai entirely
ourcd I think It the best medicine I have
ever tried For gale by all druggists
Tho only cool
sccnlo route to
the North and
East Hurvey
rostaurant serv
ice Observation
though the beautiful Ozarka
wrlt us room 730 Century
Liuu f ooC new llu > t it d descrlp
Hv pamphlets entitled The Top of
something to
th Osarks and there Is
jM aJvos tho Frisco Lie
Colonel H M Elmores infantry rcgimeut
nnd served in it until the war closed in
j 1865 After his removal to Dallas he hi
camo a lendlnK and inlluential member
The Fltzslmmonsnuhlin flsbt will bo of Oano Sterling Price United Confed
erato Veterans having been commander
of tho camp
Colonel Line was well known through
out Texas In 1S74 ho was elected master
of tho Stato Erangc In which position ho
served until ISS0 In 137S ho located the
Texas psnitentiary near Ru3k in Chorokuu
having been appointed to that
duty bv Governor Rithird Coke In 1SJ4
he was elected to tho State legislature
In 1SS0 having retired from tho position
elected president ot tho Southvtentorn Im
mtgmtlon company and in 13 1 Went to
Flurone In the Interest of tout company
ronaainlne thero until 1SS1 In 1885 Presi
dent CloreUnl appointed him consul to
Hamburg In which position ho served un
til September 18S9
In 1S78 to go back a little ho was a
candldato for governor his opponents bo
lnc Hons J W Throckmorton some
years deceased and Richard B Hubbard
Neither of these contestants could ro
coive the nomination 13 shown by 136
ballots and Judge O Al Roberts was
Colonel Lane In all the walks of life
he pursued was eneigatlc and enterpris
ing and always was held In tho highest
rszaril and esteem by his fellowcitizens
He toss born Way IB 1829 and conse
quently had Just entered upon tho sev
entysecond year of his life The remains
will be shipped to iMarliu thin morning
for Interment
ICncniupnicnt Wim Enrlr Astir nn
Wero the Old Srttlirn
Sherman Texas August Rovejlle nnd
roll rail at 450 found Camp Tom Smith
astir betimes and a general activity no
ticeable everywhere Tho officers wero
especially complimentary on the manner
in which the exercises were conducted A
salute of eleven guns was ftrod In honor of
the arrival of Brigadier General Wozeii
craft about 11 a m
This evening tho sponsors and maids
of honor and commissioned officers at
tended a citizens ball given at Shermans
Social club rooms At the close of tho tall
a banquet was served In the dining room
of the Blnkley hotel
At 330 p m the regimental drill un
der command of Colonel Styron began
At 630 p m Brigadier General Wozen
oraft reviewed the troops Retreat
sounded at 715 p ro
The noncommissioned officers school
conducted by detached serzeants from Fort
Sam Houston wero punctually attendod
and the officers aro profiting greatly from
This morning the Old Settlers1 paik pre
sonted a much different appearanco to
what It did yesterday All tha booths
wero open and busy and the numerou
attractions wero running full blast To
day wus officially OKI Settlers and Deco
ration Day but the programme at the
pavilion was not carried out Tho crowd
continues to increase and at 7 p m the
number bed reached about 10000
Gnvcrumrnt Will Prevent Prumiitiirc
IJijIiiK Out of Town
Special to The Post
Ardmore I T August 8 District At
torney W 3 Johraon baa received la
ctruetlons from the department of the In
terior to cntor proieeutlous Against all
pontons coacernsd la laying oft cad plart
VN > <
lLenn J r r < nrtlfK r Mua R < ln
K PnSS ha nd ll J tt McDonald sen I Key ndrli55B Ba 1lh S > Balnrt furrV
ting now towns Blneo tho pajsaga of th
This Includes all boomera promoters
nnd speculators but not bona Odo tesl
dent who have been Induced to liurcbaso
lotR and build houses thoreon
Tho prosecutions iro now belpa Insti
tuted rnd several warrants bavc already
been lsMifJ
The proiccutlons itro based on aoetlon
211S ltevlsed Slatutos of tho United
States which Impose i penalty of 1000
It Is fully understood hero that those
Instruction aro ti cover tho ctj ct the
new town or Madill which Is bi > lit pro1
moted near tho old town of OUtand but
son has been captured nftor ten days re
AnJotnxBii to mkiit tv
Washlncton auriIsi 8 Eastern Texas
tt 7 jj
Test of tjio Itesolutlonn Which Wcjft
Ailiiiitrd nt the Xnenuitochra
Nacogdoches Tc ii August S The
Stato Farmers alliance adjourned thl
whllo doing so U embraces ail slmiiar evening to moet at same point In Hill
el V Uu > Soiucru < VMrct nn of eonnty to be named later by tho exocuttv
which have J
sprung up along tho ttu
oommlttre m
on tho first
the proposed Frlsro exterebn
rnAtts i a UPTtmis
The KlnniU IIItit flnrrlson IIionRht
to 1tnv > Hnrrpinlerpl
I indon Augtit n 130 n m lvord
Tuesday In Au
gust 1901
The following resolatlo in worn adrptol
and filvon out for publication
Tho greater Interest the faru r tos In
agriculture and tho wish for tho full it
0nt ot ll ° wf nuKo
fears that tho Klands river garrll
It tho
imperative duty of tho farmers i
llanco to fully sot forth the arott od
slstnnce Tho vfar otflee b s received vantages as has other portions o the 15
< romhim the following xllspatcb rlcultural world AVo fool that If our
Pretoria or8 30U o were known to tho dense
August Tnolney hearing
popukted districts east those proplo ul
Ian Hamiltons npproacb toward nuslou SOek homes In our midst thiw bulldlnj
burg and seeing that he had no chance ofup our waste places and developing our
rapturing BadenPowell hurried off to Ju 1atl > sr ° l dute
Therefore bo it resolved that
Wands river Hamilton reported that it ho made tho duty ot tho olll
llrlns In the Elands river direction ceased ° 1 ° f taU an and ispeolnl
ly the lecturers 1 vliui inev tuko litis mu
yesterday and that Lieutenant Hoars gar ter In hand and do wnatovcr ihj ejn to
has JZ
evidently been captured
ask the cu
Hamilton left lUtsteiiburg this mornlnp operation of the pruss iha reat lUUiw
lThe Houston Post < he jr > vll
ns and Cl
brlnglng UadenPowelts force with him j veston News a d all others that < can aid
Iewcts commaudo crossed tho Vnnl river n 9 sreat work To is ivl < s e in
ty Immigration soclctUs tno K i hut
Kltehencr Is now moving In Congrcas land agents an 1 railroad land
puiMilt Melhuon on tho right
with Uewcts guard as hUi
heard by Kitchener this morning
bank ot C11U wo a8kCl1 t CDi lbuio to lis ruch
data Intormatloaor myhlu that WU n
the Vaal has evidently como Into contact lst In this great work InfoimtLia oi
1 those lines will be effcclve ilda 1 eeenr
guns Were UB jeslMble Imnilgrti Mid ah nui g
the homeless citizens to secure homes
Whereas Uy thoKjrniers State illlanco
p 0 0
IV 1 0U1 ° nccrs nui1 wembcrs while in their
Mexico City August 81 Loading It l midst therefoio bo It
lans hero aro talking of the reported at Uesolvcd that wo extend our hourly
tempt to cross tho Toxs9 border Into the nn < earnest uupieolation of thulr nover
o ofSotteu ltlndnesa 111 behalf of
United Sim tmlln our
Mates nt hn Italian laborer
ordflr ana lhal we wlgh 8r llem UQW aml
brought here from Italy They jay that la the future nil the blessings that the
thero la a combination of circumstances G ° d of our fathers can bestow upon them
vorklns against the naturallratlou of Ital AV t s U ls a 2 st btah od uc
7 that In concert of nctlon tharo Is ntrength
lans in Mexico lu the llrn placo he AU cnlerprUM utul mju rlM which lend
average Italian has a great foar ot the to promolo the development of tho rrtal
yellow fever to which emigrants of that nd many rcsourc of our grand T xas
nationality seem to bo aubloct One of dcPen wholly upon asioolUiim iducntlod
llo l nHHcil Aivuy nt llli Home In Oak aM cooperaon Tlloro s strenRtt 10w
curt Tii niIii > MuriiiiiK chlof CUU80fl al3 ° la tUat tho It Uau = i cr and Influonco and a remedy for many of
Dallas Texas August 8 Colonel V nui tllat on omuK to Mexico they are llir ovllb now efteciiig tho farmera of our
V cm ort from a Lllu omort that they country thsreforo be It
Uui died ot hK home In Oak Cliff
were used to nt home so tha thoy nro Itosolved That we tnJorae the spirit that
josieniav inornluc at SiQ o clock forced to buy many Imported articles to ic now favoring homo factorits mil that
Colonel Lang moVed With his family tu which they are accustomed and whlon we urge our brothivi to lund their sup
Dallas buyiug a homo In Oak Clilf aovaro Bold at high llguros In Mtxlru This port to building up the same
oral years ago and ending in Duslness at onco f 8 the1 VJs vanUie as Mr Don Hlwer of Hill county by ro
wl7 L compared with native laborers whs wa quest is addressing a lurge audlense nt
being nreoident of tho Oak Cliff t
Paper Uvo ou mlUve pruduaBj Thus the Italian the opera house tonight
Mill company Ho however continued to I booii becomes discontented hero becauHe
conduot his Dlantation on tho Brjsjs river be knows from coming in contact with bis
in Falls coim j to which be devoted mucj fellow countrymen from the UultoJ States
of his attention that tho American dollar goes farther In
Colonel Lane was a soldier in behalf of tha United Sates so fur as Italian luour
m > ir n em tno South lu the civil war having Joined in Iartl iv cloudv Timrsdav und Frid v
Wta tCD old I M like Sma
opening up ou X 1 bcsln t0 orro fflnnK 0 Mexico
the that 1000 ltal
to fresh southeasterly winds
cl to I ma and Indian TerritoriesFair
tho battles in which that officers com cross over tho border Into the United Thursday and Friday southwesterly winds
maud was engaged until lSt > 3 when ho States where tfioy fool that they can j
resigned and omc back to Toxje bavins j llvo better on the wages thoy gut than Cotton Kntclun llnHotn
onCncd a nlanutlon on the Brazos In 1800 they could hero but rcpota of the num United States department of agriculture
After he returned to Texas bo Joined bor attempting to cross the bnrdor are rather bureau cottou region bulletin for
grently exaggerated for thero Is probably
tb0 twcntyfour hours endlnir at 8 a la
only in tho neighborhood of 4000 wth mrUan tirae
Ions ln tho Republic of Moxlco ot whom j
some 400 are In this city and many of tho statlons
siciiCTti liotno tiiis womc
Ilrnalllun Doctor CurhiK W fAt t imr
of Y ll iir Fever
Vera Cruz Moxlco August 8 Tho mom
sovare cases of yellow fover hero being
of master of tho State grange he was treated by Dr Dolllnzaghls serum seem to
Improve wonderfully and
Local phjvlclans hore are greatly Inter
advice from tils raedloat colleagues
Texni 31rrchnnt OI < > In St Ioiilx
Fort Worth Texo August 8 A tele
gram received here tonlaht from St Louis
states that R C Aloxtnder ot the ilriu
of Aloxander Thomas clothing mer
chants of Fort Worth waa found dsad In
hln room at the Planters home In that
olty today Ho ceino hero ten yoara ago
frem Nashville Tenn He was connected
with tho Alexander family of Tennessee
K C Alexander waa about 10 years of
ago Ho left hero n eouplo of months ago
to visit relattvos In Kentucky tho homo
of his wife
DjthIiikkr Jlrrtliijr nt Alvlti
Alvln Texas August 81A large and
enthusiastic dralnogo ineetins was held at
tho V D C hall this afternoon at 3
oclock Judge Harris Mastorgon of Hous
ton and Hon E A Masterson of Angle
ton were present and addressed the meet
ing Mr E A iMasterson author of toe
drainage law passed by Che last legisla
ture explained the measure ln detail and
said ho was very anxlous for the country
to try It before condemning tho measure
Judco IMasterson made quite a lengthy
talk which was well received
Johnston nieetnl Gorornor
Special to The Post
Ardmore I T August 8 Returns frorn
Oakland Tishomingo and Colbert thrao
of ho four voting preclnots ln the Chicka
saw Nation show the election of Gov
ernor D H Johnston over exGoverner
H M Harris beyond a doubt Stonewall
tho other voting placo Is distant from
telephone service but Johnston has suffi
cient majorities ln other counties to
Mr Ilrynns Statement
Indianapolis Ind August 8 When
asked for an expression of opinion today
uon the withdrawal of Towno from the
populist ticket Mr Bryan replied Mr
Townes letter Is manly and patriotic but
It la nothing less than waa expected by
those who knew htm 11
Torrltory Killing
Pauls Valley I T August S V p frerris
a ranchman living ntar Foster twimty Uve
ralle southeast of h reshot sad killed f S
Glbios a cattleman at Qhlpkasha last sight
Veteran MI lonury Dean
Portland Me August 8 Rev Dr Ham
11d tb veteran missionary of Turkey and
founder at Robert oolless at 11 cpool dita
htrs suddenly toalsjbt
Mux Min
4000 aro permanent cltrans rosldents of calvostcn 5
the republic thus this would reduce the Abilene 9J
number ot those attempting to cross tno llalllnaer 01
border to a comparatively aisiill number Kfaument ii
Uievllle 01
lliaiKo 83
Brcnham 37
Columbia Sl >
Cupus Ohrlatl SI
Corp cairn S4
Ciicro OS
Dallas 32
Dublin 01
Henrtie 03
Henrietta 7
patients aro Houston M
quickly relieved of bleak vomit and re K n It
vived from their lethnnay Lumpaias 92
LoirvIow 8S
LtilluK 96
ested ln the oases nnd deportment of tho Palestine
young Brazilian doctor who welcomes all a lB
jn Anon i 31
Kan Marcos SS
Mlierman 0
Temple 01
Waco S2
Weathortord 80
Means 9
Not Included In ueasvs
it <
0 >
1 25
720 20
Urnrrsl innervation
Observations tuken at all stations by the
United States wratber bureau at 8 p m
yesterday 73th meridian time
Salt Works nt Colorado Sold
Colorado TexaB August 7 The Fort
Worth Salt companys plant was sold for
the benefit ot the bondholders R D
Marshall ot Chlppowa Falls Wis was one
of tha largost landholder and wag pres
ent The works wero sold entirely to S
D Brand who has been manager for a
number ot years for the very email sun
of 11000 The works will be pir in ex
cellent shape at once and will bejrln oper
OU for Export
Corstcana Texas August 8 Twotrains
cf fortytwo cars pf oil loft here today
for axziort via SaMme Pa
It would take a big book to tell
you all about our clothes kinds
styles materials but rest assured
they are right in every respect
when they bear our label
J20 Mens Stills 15
515 iMcr s Suits fll
f 10 Mens Suits 925
750 Mens Suits 575
1 Shirts 75c
nine Madras Soft Plaited Bosom
Shirts separate cuffs perfectly made
tjooil patterns standard 1 values on
sale at 75c
Hum llurtiiil by IIkIitnliju
Dnnla Toxas August S Tho barn ot
Mr John May living two miles oast ot
Ennls was struck by llnhtnlng roiterday
afternoon and together with tho contents
was burned The losi amounts to over
J10A Mfh no insurance
ltcHlloniii nt Ardmore
Ardmore I T August 8 Firo de
stroyed the t ostory reldcnco of E F
Ovcrund last night He had Insurance
on bouse and household goods for JSOl
ItiKliIeiiiP ut llnulium
Donham Texas August 8 The resi
dence of W K Yarborough was burned
at Ector at an early hour thls morning
All the houeehold goods wero totally de
Men of Might
All sirpas rrun are full of oteotrtotty
W nk uioo lack It It > oii have Lams
Book Rheiumntism Klfluer or Stomach
wealwese Dralco mt the Vitality Lota of
Powar in KWrvas and Owns Poor Mem
ory ie you iwWI electricity
Dr MoLamrnUaa Erectrle Belt war
rcWrd tho fttmiKwitt on enrth gives a
stroijn of oleotrtolty into the vr nk bodv
whttu you sjwsiv oaa without the awful
burning af orthor belts It eurea formrar
BenO Cor fno tOpcco book about It
dr jvl n Mclaughlin
704 OllvoSt St Louis AIo
Main and Capitol Phones 596
w <
Owing to excessive and can
trnuous rains the early ap
pearance in devastating num
bers of the Army Worm is
practically a certainty and it
behooves cotton planters and
merchants interested in the
planters to see that they are
not caught wlthoutthe means
of protection when the
worms do eome Many of
the planters and merchants
have already laid in a stock
of Paris Green of London
Purple but there are many
others who are waiting until
the worms begin their work
of destruction before order
ing poison to destroy them
and then it may be too late
Remember the lesson of 1898
when neither Paris Green
nor London Purple could be
obtained at any price from
any source Place your or
der HOW arid secure tb
poison while it is hefe
Bottom Prices on
Open Ordtyv >
A ejtW

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