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J v i v v < e
iMr Chairman uud tMembers ot tho No
isnorehuman rights
In 18S9 Lincoln said that tho republican
proper relation whch should exist be
tween tho two Man tho handiwork ot
Ood comes first money the handiwork
of men is ot inferior Importance Man la
the master money the servant but upon
all Important questions today republican
legislation tends to make monoy tho mas
ter and man the servant
The maxim of Jefferson oqual rights
to all and special privileges to none and
tha doctrine ot Lincoln that this should
government are being used to advance tho
Interests of those who aro lu a position
to sepure favora from tho government
The demopratlo party Is not making
war upon tho honest acquisition ot wealth
It has no desire to discourage industry
economy and thrift On tbo contrary it
gives to every citizen the greatest po i
ble stimulus to honest toll whan it prom
ises him protection In the enjoyment ot
tho proceeds of his labor Property rights
aro most secure when human rights are
will ebaro according to his merits
No one has a right to expect from so
ciety moro than a fair compensation for
the service which ho renders to nociety
fl =
havo ended hostilities
Sir fflrvan arose Ho was mans to be seen at their own door3
880 by Chairman Jones and as it for For A Ume republican leaders were lu Those who would
If tho treaty had boon rejected consid
party believed In the man and the dollar orauio tlmo would have necesaully olapvsed
but that ln caso ofconUict It Jjclloyod In befor a now treaty could havo been
tho man beforo tho dollar This Is the
agreed upon and ratified and during that
tlmo tho quostloa would havo been agltat
Ing the public mind It the Bacon reso
lution had been adopted by the senate and
carried out by the president olthor at the
It v >
lulo tluI1 enter
tho occasion a light breeze sprung up clined t0 deny t0 opponents the right to upon a career o mllsl c0n8iacr 3o
wblch had tho effect r ot bringing some re crlllcl30 the Philippine policy of tne ad not ouJy tho effect of imperialism on the ovo ment resting Upon
much j
nieyraU8 calculate
of people At any rate after ono tomi bat j Lmcoia and Clay asserted its cnCct upon our v own Nation We can E ° wers frPm tho c ot8ent <
° l l and remained well behaved d 0JrcUed the right to criticise < pr not repudiate the prlnclpto of selfgov largest ° mcasuro WST
After a century and a half of Kngllfh
domination in India less than onetwontl
eth ot one por cent of the people of India
aro of English birth and lt requires an
army of 70000 British soldiers to take care
of the tax collectors Spain has assorted
tltlo to tbo Phlllpplno islands for three
centuries nnd jot when our floot entered
Manila bay there were less than 10000
Spaniards residing la the Philippines
means that we shall send to tho Phlltp
r treae ° t t wlurl a S
taken the question of Imperial Urn out ot
politics nnd left tho Amorlcan poopio tree
to doil wilh thoir doinastlo problems But
tho resolution was defeated by the vote of
and a tew offlcoholdors and an army
large enough to support the authority of a
Email fraction of tho peoplo while they
rule tho natives
If wo have an Imperial policy wo must
be a government of tho pwplei by the tho republican vice president and from havo a law awuulng army aa its naturai
people and for tho peoplo are being di that tlmo to this a republican congresa and jieceawry complement Tho spirit
tegarded and the Instrumentalities ot has reluaod to take any actloa whatover which will Justify tho forclblo annexation
in the maiter of tho Phlllpplno islands will Justify tho
When hostilities broko out at Manila oolzuro of Other islands and tho damina
republlcan spwkkcrs and republican ed tlon of other ponplo nd with wars ot
Jtors at once sought to lay the blame upon conquest wo can expect a certain if noi
those who had delayed tho ratlllcation of rapid growth of our military ostablihb
iho treaty and during tho progress of tho ment That a large permanent increase
war tho samo republicans have accused la our regular array Is Intended by the
tho opponents of imperially ot giving romtblteaa leaders is not a more nutter ot
encouragement to the Filipinos This Is conjecture but a matter of fact In his
o cowardly ovaalon ot responsibility message of Doccmber 6 189S the presi
If lt Is right for the United States to j doi t asked for authority to Increase the
respected Democracy drives for n clvll S XJSS
n e
tauon ln which every rnember of society ngovo l 7ePubUc a p dent Sj
v Kl
fend It but it must expect the flubjoet i J
U ho secures more It Is at the oxpenae o r U > tho oxtcnt of their ablUty vltu thQ UnUw 3tatC3 f guch
of somo one else It la no injustice to Tho Ullpinoa do not nocd any encourage domandcd when an Imperial policy is
him towevent hla dolnglnJUBtico to anlm fJ om Americans now living Our contemplated but not openly avowed
wnolo history has been encouragement
other To him who would either through en bat may bo expected If tho peoplo en
not only to the Filipinos but to all who
class legislation or ln the absence of nee
essary legislation tresspass upon the
rights ot another the democratic party
says Thou obalt not
courago tho republican party by indors
are denied a voice In thoir own govern tug Us policy at tho polls A largo stand
ment it tho republicans aro propared to Ins army is not only a pecuniary burden
censure all who havo usod languago cal to tho peoplo and It
accompanied by com
Auatast us are arrayed a comparatively culated to make Filipinos hato foreign pulory servlco a constant sourco of ir
email but politically and financially
poycerfu1 number who roaliy
fcut with hemare associated a largo aura
a t r is > avb t use t th ir attachment fa
ith fptrtirnarae r elvlng their support
domination let them jritatlon but it Is ever a menaco to a re
CONDEMN THP SPEECH OF PATRICK1 W iP rorm ot government Tho army
When ha uttered that passionate appeal
Give me liberty or Civ mo death ho
expressed a sentiment which still echoes 7h VeTflnpv wir
CXto trtoM anta8 < n Utic to the former in the helrt of men Let thorn censure j wfich wl for its detenw up government o n ou
t Qhiag af their ouro party Republic JcHoi qn ot all the siatesmon of history sens < s more likely to he Juat than ono
d to
en yhou dy oatebmeUUI m uotpono have used word eo offensive to thoaeJwhich has at call largo body of prcfes
la tho personification ot force and mill
tarlsm will Inevitably change tho Ideals
of the people and turn tho thoughts of
our young men from the arts ot poace to
r >
lot our rovcrnment tho republican leud ns well as to those wo wore struggling m Al y tno nBii u b vcui true ti
SrsWwTortdnce cf thlr autndoc for the right to govern themselves iu r 0 r Tl rj i lS
F1 sl a kin ever promised a
and oool Hlf clear voice waa farreach1 caniary considerations
Ing and that he was heard at a great dis j yut tncy sbal not j permitted to ovart
tanco was made evident by tbo fact that tno atunendous and farroachlng Issuo
I > eople far out in tho crowd listened ap j wbIch they b ve deliberately torought I
make treaties uaslcr than fviendfa can
io mo and more agreeable to you to speak the question when He asfced Can liens p0 > f l Tho democrat o
without notes bat I want to addreas T 1 Mm n w Pty oes not oppose jxpanslon whon
larger constituency
which we
tho Rfpub
roicnli iH n iful expansion enlarges the area ot
through the newspaper tor it is a SE con r ll w M
C ° n °
band Umca as numerous as any crowd tn t havo becn had the treaty been rojecce1 Dufa eSfx
° tUn o vhoar o w mm k to
could assemblo here and thereiore in yitu the treaty ratified a clancut issuo iu 1f pfnpi0 Ml
ocon ectlzen s and n ro a pab 0
order 4hat I may speak to all throughoutu unseated between a government by roaJ 0a
th d ° a 0h 0 ac
= 3 s n
tho land I havo commluecl to writing consent and a government by torce and g < glnKth tan cr to J F1n 0C
what I dealre to say and will a k for your imperialists must bear tho responsibility ° th tat c m RJ bm
lndulgcuce whllo I road ray spooch
die then read his addro < 3 as follows
for all that happens unil the question Lan l time to time enlarging thp
< u 0Mini if ih trnatv hid bean re1Soeured
jpciou iuo otijiuuuuo wi iii lsm would
i fl lorrhorv It Is now Bro
tillcatlon Committee I ehall at an early have been koW responsible for y Inter e XTy
which might have P0 < cd t0 Bolzo unon distant territory
day and ln a more formal manner ac
nit xvnstover dillorences of oolu
l rM LyX ae l xuer d dla trh ° ebest a governmentfor which there is no war
method of opposing tho colonial policy
ivtmnl nnmnlloatlona
cept the nomination which you tender and betor wt j ioon mopK
I own country and to force upon the poopio
1 shall at that time discuss tho various
aueBtlons cohered by tho democratic plat
form It may not too out of placo how
over ito submit a few observtUous at this
tlmo upon tho general character of the
ccntcst beforo us and upon the question
whichla declared to bo of paramount im
portance in this campaign
When I sav that the contest of 1000 is a
thoro never was any difference as to the
groat Importance of tho question and
thero is no difference now a3 to the course
to bo pursuod
The title of Spain being extinguished
wo were at liberty to deal with tao Fili
pinoa according to American principles
contest between democracy on tho ono r
introduced ° Jh ° d i
handand plutocracy on tho other I do The Bacon resolution a month f 1 other
ot mean to cay that all our opponents ibefore hostilities broke out at Manila tti ° l 8 SST iiniJ h vi
have deliberately chosen to give to promised Independence to tho Filipinos BVl ° f n JS i ° Bi vinSfroiiAd
latitude The lands hav ° = ° tr l > Al >
ganized wealth a predomlnaung InOuenco on tho same terms that It was Promised
in tho affairs of the government but I do to the Cubans I supported this resolu I Java fur OT yoars and yet today there
assert that on tho imporwnt issues of tlon and believe that its adoption prior lew thw bOOM P oplo ot Buropwu
the day the republican party is dominated to tho brealcing out of hotftllMes would Wrth ecaUered mong 000000 natives
by those lutluencea which constantly tend > have prevented bloodsbod and that Ita
to elevate pocun ary considerations and adoption at any subsequent lime would
rant ln our constitution or our laws Evon
tho argument that this oarth belongs to
those who dotlro to cultivate it and have
tho physical power to acqulro It can no
bo Invoked to Justify tho appropriation ot
tho Bhlllpplno islands h tho United
States If the island wore uninhabited
Amorlcan cltlzons wourt not bo willing to
tho only law In tho Phlllpplno
midst 01 battle
slonal soldiers A small standing army
and a well equipped and well disciplined
State nillltla arq sufficient in ordnary
times and in an emergency the nation
ehould In the future ns In tho past place
IU dependence upon tho volunteers who
Continued From First Vnisc ttry to ccmvlnco themselves that tho gold who would hold their fallows In politleil colao ro m alloccupations t their eoun
staudard 1b good republicans who were bohdngc Lot thorn censure Washington Jf aml return to productive labor
countrys rescue In this hour of our peril formerly attached t > > tho greenback are who declared tint tho colonics must acn tner s < > r oa are no longer required
men who light when the country needs
tndveneritrour constitution We appeal htnks conlroi ot tao nations paper it the statute of llmltafions has ruti and work when the country needs
to all who despise militarism and love money republicans who used to bvwt against the slna of Henry and Jefferson Th ronnMran t > m i
liberty We appeal to all who oppose high that the republican party was paying oft ftnd Washington let them censure Lincoln thp p U ll Till
slaml be Wined
r taxes and who favor u Jim system of the National debt are now looMng for rca whoso Gettysburg speech will bo quoted S5er aSb MnHtsnir ud w re MM
revenue collection aad all who In every pons to support a perpetual and tncrcasijn dofonse of popular government when a rjeht to demand of til ro nnhitwn lead
y oppose unequal taxation We appeal lnS debt republicans who formerly ab tho present advocate of force and con era a diieussion of thi P
to all who favor uur hitherto free laa horred a trust now beguile themselves qUCJt forgotten PUTURBI STATU ofTitf filipINO
tlons and equal opportunity or all unocr wlth the delusion that there ore good Some one has sjid that n truth onc u ho to be a cttlsenora subject Are
tho law We appeal to all who are opposed trusta and bail trustB while In thcJr ppoiten < n never bo rccallod It Is true we to bring into tho body oolitic eight
to the criminal aggression of forcible an minds the line between tho two is becom lt goca < and 0 an1 0 ouo can BOt n f un mWoji Asiatics o different from
aeration and who do not favor havng ing wore and more obscure republicans lnm t0 Ite evcrwldening influence Bu ns lu race and htslory tbat amalgamation
cur flag float with Its protecting accls who In times past congratulated the lt wore possible to obliterate every word U Impossible Are they to share with us
ver Bulu slaves and Oriental harems We country upon tho small expenso of our W2ittcn or jpokon In defense of tho prln In making the laws and shapng the dee
appeal In short to all patriot and livcrj standing aimy are now nuking light of clpiC3 et forln n the Dcciaiatlon of In tiny of thiB iNatlon No republican of
of liberty Tegardlcss of put party the objections which are urged against a dependence a war of conquest woiill nilll prominence has been bold enough to ad
flllations to enlist la our cause and help large increase In the permanent military Jeavo ts epacy ot pcrpotual hatred for vocato such a proposition Tho McEncry
triumphantly to bear our banner establishment republicans who gloried in Jt wfts Qou Himself who pticed In every resolution adopted by tho senate immo
In this unparalleled contest we pledga our Independence when the nation was human hoart the love of liberty Ho never dlaitely after the ratification of < ho treaty
tou the earnest sealous unbought tin lc5S powerful now lojk with favor upon maJe R raCj of lo so ow n Eal oxnresBly nccdtlve this Idea The doino
taltering enthusiastic support ot 7000000 a foreign alllanc republicans who turco of civilization or Intelligence that It would crat ° blatform descrlbos tho situation
Toters of the Republic as you go forth to years ago condemned forcible annex wcjcomo a forclKn master h6n u s s that tho Filipinos can not
battle and as the constitution of our be aUon as Immoral and oven criminal uncoln said that the safety of thli Na be clt ns withoutendangering our clvl
laved laud should follow lie fUrj so this aro 30w suro that It Is both Immoral and 41m Was not in lu neeta its armle lu Who will dispute it And what
undismayed and unconquerable bicd of criminal to oppose forcible annexation forts but In tho spirit which prUesiiberv or xho alternative It he Fllplno Is not
patriots wlU follow you as you bear their Tnat parti anshlp has already blinded ns t 0 0f all men In all lands to bo cM > womako him asub
flag tp victory in November many to preaont dangers i certain how everywhere and ho warned his country lect 0n lhat iue Hotf the democratic
Thcro was an Immediate change ot de iirg9 a portion of tho republican party jncn that lfa dctroy thla ult Tilatform spcuks with emphasis It de
partment on tho part of tho crowd when oia bg arawa ovor la the new policies re without planting the seeds of esnotlsm clar ° 3 thlt tbe Pno can not be a sub
Introduced at
to tho party la poescsslon Whethof any
American official gave tho Filipinos nural
assurance of independence is not material
There can bo no doubt that we accepted
and utilized the services ot the Fllip nos
and that whoa we did ao wo had full
knowledge that they wore fighting for
their own Independence and I aubralt that
history furnisher no example > 1 turpitude
baser than ours if wo now eubstltute our
yoke for the Span lab yoke
Let Us consider brlony the reasons
which have been given In support of aiv
Imperialistic policy Some say that It in
our dntv to hold tbo Philippine islands
But duty la not an argument it Is a con
clusion To ascertain what our duty
In anv emergency womust apply weli
sottled and generally accepted principles
It Is our duty to avoid stealing no matter
whethor tho thing to bo stolen Is of great
or little value It Is our duty to avoid
killing a human being no matter where
tho human being Uvea or to what race or
class ho belongs Everyone recognizes
the obligation Imposed upon Individuals to
observe both the human and moral law
but a3 soma deny the application of th ao
laws o nations It may not bo out of place
to quote the opinion ot others Jefferson
than whom there In no higher political au
thority said
1 know of but one codo of morality for
men whether acting singly or eollec
Frnklln whoso learning wisdom and
Virtue are a part of tho priceless legacy
bequeathed to tis from the revolutionary
days engrossed < tho samo Idea In even
stroger language when ho said Juettco
bo Indoprnlont Tho maneutly
to free rnd u ir
State and tho twilight of semlcltlzon 8ald that he based his opinion upon a
ship endured by the people of Puerto Rl knowledge of both races But I will not
co whllo tho thick darkness of perpetual rest tho caso upon the relative advanco
vatsalage covers tha Philippines Tho ment ot the Filipinos Henry Clay In
Puerto Rico tariff law asserts tho doo defending tho rights of the people of South
trine that tho operation ot tho consfltu America to selfgovernment said It
tlon is confined to tho fortyflvo States is tho
Tho democratic party disputes thla do DOCTRINB OF THRONES
trlno and denounces It aj repugnant to that man is too ignorant to govern hlm
both the letter and spirit of our organic self Their partisans assert his luca
law pacity ln reference to all nations if they
There 1 no plnce tit our system or cvn not command universal assent to the
Uovcrntno nt for nrhltrnrr nnd lrrc proposition It Is then remanded to par
ticular nations and our prldo and our
sponsible power That the leaders presumption too often make converts of
of n Rront party nhoiild claim for
form of goernmenw
us I contend that It is to arraiKn tbo
disposition of Providence hlrosolf to sup
uuy prrnlilcnt or eonriresn tho rlrvht poso that he has created beluga tncapa
ble ot Rovernlng themselves and to bo
to neat millions of people n > mere
trrtmpled on by kmgg soifgjvernment
iio si ioii ana Ueni with them la tho natural government of man
I Clay was right Thore tro degrees ot
uiircMtiiilned hy the eonhtltattou or proflccncy in the 8rt of selfgovernment
the mil at rights how how tar wc but it Is a reflection upon tho Creator
i to say that He denied to any peoplo tbo
have already departed from the capacity of selfgovernment Once ad
elent lamlmiir uul lmllcateH wiuitjmli that some peoplo are oapable ofself
iwvornment and that others are not and
inuy ho espeuteU if thl MUlou UcIthlt tno capable peoplo havo a right to
therntuly enters upon a career otib Ieo upon nd govern tho incapable and
Tho territorial
vou make force brute force tbo only
foundation of government and invite the
roisn of the despot I am not willing to
temporary and preparatory and the chief believe that an allwlso aad an allloving
security a citizen ot a territory has is a ° created the Flllnlnos and then Joft
found in tho tact that ho enjoys the name them thousands ol year helpless until tho
constitutional guarantees and U subject lands attracted the attention of Luro
to the samo general law3 aa a citizen of B0n nations
a State Take away this security and his yublleans ask Shall wo haul down
rigata will ho violated and his interest V th fl2fu ° v cr our lnMl
sacrificed at the demand o thoso who PbJlippKnes Tho same question might
have political influence Thla is tho evil
ot tho colonial system no matter by what
nailoa lt is applied
What la our tltlo to the Phlllpplno
Islands Do we hold them by treaty or by
conquest Did wo buy them or did wo
ak them Did we iiufci the po o
lt not how did wo securo title to tbam
Weto they thrown In with tho land Will
tho republicans ray that Inanimate earth
haa value end whan that earth s molded
by the Dlvtno band and stamped with tho
likeness of the creator It oocomoa a fix
ture and paesea with the Boll If govern
ments derlvo their just powers from the
consent of tho governed lt Is impossible
to secure tltlo to people elthar by force
or by purcbaae Wo could extinguish
Spains tltlo by treaty but If wo hold title
wo hold lt hy soma method Inconsmcst
with our ideas of government When wo
made allies of tho Flllplnoa and armed
them to light against fipaln we disputed
Spains title It wo buy Spains title we
aro not innocent purchasers But even If
wo had not disputed Spains title she
could transfer no groafor title than ehe
had and her ttla based on forco
But as Spain gave us a quit claim d4
we can honorably turn the prcpjrty oxer
hfvo been asked when the American flag
floated over Chapultopeo and wived over
the dead who fell there but tho tourist
who visits the City of iMrxico will find
lis own conduct The young P
reaching hU majority can do T A
pleases He can disregard the teaching all
o his parents ho can trample upon
bat he nas been taught to consider
tho laws ot tho
acred ho can dliobey
ot and the laws ot
Htavc ho l va society
failure upon his me
Ood He can stamp
eud make hl very existence a oumo to hi
fellow men tnd he can bring h s a 8r
aud mother In eorrow to the grave out
Tab wage
he can not
creed for tho violation of human rights
Would wo troad In tho pafcrf ot tyranny
Nor icr on the tyrants cost
Who taketh anothers liberty
His freedom 4s also loit
the strons have ever
Would wo win as
uMako ready to pay the debt
For tho Ood who reigned over Dabyion
la ihe God who Is relgulng yet
Some argue that American rule In trie
result In the dm
ly flushed but his eyo was clear uu u h rhriattin tp
end bis voice was never more completely f ° fhd earlier Ideals ot the party prolalm tho interest which our poonl rigUt of the Cubans to freedom was not That heiipnii oth ChrUJanire colonial
calm Je have tho date their lndc Mvcrnmunt to Peoolot Did not the bMed upoB lhoIr jroximlty to the Unted llglon will bo facilitated by a
tho other nations of the word riaUsrn receive froa taj
Becauee our Declaration ot In j X
to tttntoft
because the patiuto
promulgated g fc and
fought common tne ldDorlBE maa m it
because ourconstltutlonjas flrat t suffer 0rtenUI gubeetl U
some measure of eelfgovernment Is to Bpect 1ho rlgntg ot the American colon ad0pted othor constitutions have nrU I V n
be given to tho Filipinos by law but oven i6ts nights never contlict duties never adJled Tho o th of tho principle < siirier if An
this pledge U not fullllled Nearly sixteen clash Can It bo our duty to usurp rulltl cUg0Vernment planted on American I ano t0c
months olap3ed after tho ratification or which belong
cai rights
tho troaty boforo tho adjournment
congress last June and yet no law
passed dealing with the Phlllpplno sltua
necessary to prevent American trado from
passing into foreign channels Franklin
replied To me it eeems that neither
tho obtaining nor retaining of any trade
how valuable soever is an object for
which men may Justly spill each othor3
blood that tho true and sure means ot
oxtendlng and securing commerce are tho
goodness and cheapness of commodities
nnd peaceful means hut lt i not
willing to mnke meruhuuillae or
human Mood
But a war of conquest Is as unwise aa
than voluntary
uiimed and tho utter crushed by an im
perlallitlo policy disguised as benevolant
Can wo not govorn colonies we are
asked Tho TjuoatTon Is not what we can
do but
This Nation can do whatever it deitres
o lo but It must accept responsibility or
vhat 1 doetf lf the constitution a ands
n the way the people can amend the
nUuioB I repeat the Nation can dn
whatever jr desires to do hut it can aft
avoid tht narcural and legitimate results of
hv nn lne v expense is homo
vL 6 opIe wnlle th Profits aro
enjoyed by the few
Imperialism would ho profitable tt
the army contractors It would he
Proiitahle to tho hip owners > h <
voulrt carry Hve noldjer o the
Ihillpnines and hrlnsr dead Idler
o cki It
wnqid he profitable to twoxo
ho wonld upon tho trnn
M e and it would bo proUtohle to
vut fti
Two Letters from Weraeu HclntfM
tho Change of jAt by Xydl jT
lintns Vegetable Compound
r J
Dfau Mns Pikkium s When it
wrote to you I was in a very tad
dition I waa passing throwh < 2
change of life urul tho doctors Ji
trouble uil r y i
of sin Is death And so with this VaUon m bladder and liver
It is of age and It can do what It Pi89 i suffered for nine years Doctor 7
it todo mc BlnKl uJ
can employ force instead of reason
Philippine inlands will jieip mo so mueb aH Lydia Tw7
ctIveaKe t S3 anaTlon a r ha V Vegetable CompL
Policy ahaU W not And It to oar ad camo almost immediately I h
vantage to edutato fho people Tnu edu better health now than I overhil
revolt against
catcd Filipinos are now in feei me a now woman perfon
haTe this Nation ° rB a A rcpubllo can have no sub toTs s trictirdue b erwecn nolshbw natons etrong I givo Lydia E
A Bubjcct only In a the least resistance to mir domination n ikMjj
ag 1V
between neighbor citizens A highway
° s u ° to tnem DD1
lief to the overheated and crowded ton6lratloJlp but upon investigation tney mUplnot but aiso knwn n a Government deriving its Justn iman u Is gang as much as whcn a robber 8lngly when ana ho the plunders nation e and give them bo voice f doml f nt do timlf her mediclno i i for J asT V
ot tho governed Lh g fl which tney mu pay we I have t
t an unJust r is oniy a great > g taxes recommended il
that th educate thorn lest they learn to
says taeiEaag n
cuteted down wlns tho ptogrew of tho Mexican ernmeat In tho Philippines without wcalj government con u ca ma daro t0 ao ln crowds what
L ° J Ll ° i7 of louder ening that principle h erc 0 L 0 S ° 5fi Ji I ojr would not dan > to do as Individual
of explanation at the beginning ot hl3 ad
Tho democratic leader never appeared
to better advantage His face was sllgtu
and calm
la attempting t > press economic qutfl Western Hemisphere our sympathlc
tlons upon the country to the exclusion not been bounded by ithe oeas Wi
of thoee which involve the very structmo felt It duo to ourselves and to tho
will prove ns great a blessing tothvl
na it lias to mc JIns Geo U jZ
001 DeKalb Ave Brooklyn N Y
Relief Came Promptly 4
Dbau Mhs PtNitnAMt i had >
under treatment with tho
doctor < j
four yenrs and seemed to getnobeij
I thought I would
try your meMcii
My trouble was ohnngo of Hfe faff
say I never
Compound all tho credit aaj
dar not BOu of mv friends therein i
declaration ot Independence and
read the
Tconstitution i the Unl ed States and need of women sufferius eo mucila
There were occasional cries the Issue boldly and Even noV wTaro c rc d to them the Filipinos buh7 moral charactVof an act is not mock us for our inconsistency
when Mr Bryan first began to apeak but mCetinB e and ul 0 pUn or nflmnco of beginning Imperialism to see Hero tho b BS TnlSa Iwsj doctnao for a determined by the number of tboso who The principal Buments howo ver
these were offset by hurrahs for the aj th > Philippine question the 0foro this Nation has been prompt to Government whloh 0WC3 ls ve rjre s x lst ioln In it Forco can defend a right but J vauced by those who enter upon a d
ec ° ° min w Uo ff If Imperialism
speaker republican convention adopted a platform 0xprc83 Us sympathy with < hoso who werB hf ° c5ul1 Horee has never yet created a right of nrcjent op
parties as a Protest against government without That Miitapro
Mr Bnan read his speech J t f nlch w 8 devotuJ to righting for civil liberty While our Jt wa true w doclared ln the resolution 1 tJjpn and
not from his manuscript etcept In a word nn selfconaratulatlon enbere of activity has boon limited lo tho nson nd taxation without rtprcMnta 0 mtcncntlon that the Cubans aro uortunlty to become a wor d power
Mrs rinkhams remedies are
cure Mauala Uutxeb Brian
water 111
Another Woman Helped
Dkau Mh8Pixkiiaji ItookLvia
130 Coydou St Bradford Pa
at Ms command His manner was j slbservlency to to from of own
and tneir complete V nncllah covernment nroiulso that tho colo stateg thQ language which they Iollc I tbe ofllclnli whose salaries
< 10r upon f wetldVi
There as al30 cheering over tbo prom
lao to convene congress Immediately Jt
remedy the Philippine situation If elected
but no part of tho address received tno
earnest commendation that was bestowed
upon tho peroration This called out an
outburst that wa3 both tumultuous and
Mr Bryan spoke a few words extem
poraneously In Introducing his speech all
of which except the peroration was read
from manuscript The closing sentences
were repeated from memory
CtrlklriK PiwsnscK AVere Taimiltnoua
Tht extemporaneous Introduction to
treaty which recognized tho lndepondenco did our forefathors tho claims of mon
of Cuba 1 > ut provided for the cession of archy H this Nation surrenders its
the Philippine islands to tho United States lief in the unlvorsal application ot the
tho meiiace ot imperialism hcoatne so ap principles sot forth in the Declaration
parent that many preferred to reject tbo of Independence It will lose tho prostlca
treaty and risk tho Ills that might follow and Inlluonco which It has ono > cd among
rather than take tho chanco of correcting the nations aa an exponent of popular
tho errors ot the troaty by tho indepeud government
cnt action ot this country I Our opponents conscious of the weaK
I waa among tho number of those who no3s of thoir cause seek to confuse lin
bdllevcd It better to ratify the treaty and perlallsm with expansion and have evon
end tho war roleaso the volunteers re I dared to claim Jefferson as a supportor of
i spoko freely and
movo tho excuse for war expenditures their policy Jefferson so
and then glvo to tho Flllplnoa thu lnde
pondenco which might bo forced from
Spain by a new treaty
In view of the criticism which my ac
that time
Mr Bryans speech was as follows
iSirTcun pPOpla t0 tflvo
I feel that I owe en apology or j hp xuelNOB to THD FJUIPIN03
explanation to the people who aro to listen j t1an to trUBt tuo accomplishment ot that
for the fact that I must read what I am purpose to diplomacy with an unfriendly
usod buch languago with such precision
that no ono can bo Ignorant ot his vlows
On ouo occasion ho declared If there bo
ono principle moro deeply rooted than any
tlon aroused In somo quarters I take this Othor ln tho mind of overy American It Is
occasion to restate the reasons given at that wo should havo nothing to do with
safer to trust the conquest And again ho jald Conquest
i thought It
la not lu our principles It Is inconsistent
with our government
The forcible annexation of terrttory to
bo governed by arbitrary power differs as
< thoro Is no honorablo retreat
spoke nor yet upon tho race or races to 4 Tha
which tho Nation has ilscl bcrc n d imtd over there hi
which they belongol Congress by a from tno position J
practlealy unanimous vote Vclnrel that taken JA tn kn j to the farmer to the laboring nm
who least benefit
United Slates the drift
American capital leave a
employ Oriental labor in U
the trade ol CSW
suffer frm tii
tary spirit aroai
when the ceW
tlon The will of tho president hiai been Somo poet has 4e rtW uch a no other nation has over enjoyed ofTmFerlalismare applled oarcwp
islands which overcame > °
d g luv u n
wherever the American authority extends A yarj rchot thls Mca j aln not wjIUnB j u not atrange therefore till li
Why does the republican party hesitate to slain 4U brother I th that thl Nation shall cast wide tho labor organizations have teea da
legislate upon
of these dsngeri a
the Phlllpplno question arc brethren rTwhlcTwhen once omnipotent weapon of truth to seize again note the approach
8 w
both mUituis
Because a law would disclose the radical WK of tho wtoniZJrta u the weapon of physical warfare I would prompt to protest against
come annexation are to bo denied tho
I punish crime already for the glory of all the empires that hive
id imperialism J
lP r ° IVI y JZ1 50M credthft will never be taken except not exchange the glory of this ubiie and
contemplated by those who control tho The thougS a
ropublloan party
he storm ot protest which greeted
was anlndloition ot what may bo expected
when tho Amorlcan people aro brought
foco to faco wltn legislation upon this
subject If tho Puerto Ricans who wel
pecuniary argument
when necessary to a
crime aboutrlsen and fallen since time began effective with certain classes li w
coramittod or to urovent a
to bo committed The permanent chairman of tbe last re ly to be used so often or preseatMni
If It is said that wo haye assumed be publican National convention piescnted so much emphasis as reIf1 rgj
termea w i
foro the world obligations which make It the pecuniary argument In all Its bald ment If wbat has been
necessary for us to permanently maintain neM > nen ho said i r der gospel were urged J
a government in tho Philippine islands I We make no hypocritical pretenses ot Filipinos only it would1 be
first that the highest obligation Bwer to say that a major y ol eu
belng ntere3ted ln Philippines solely
of this Nation is to bo true to itself No on account of otaors whlla we rogard Plnos aro now niombwj 0 m tetf
guaranteea of our constitution what Is to obligation to any particular notion or to the wefara of those e as a p red the Chr stlan church uUu prttfig
bo the lot of the Filipinos whe resisted nil nations comb ned can require the o 2 Vertou eoniMeX
nd ehall
ornm t nges ser
of our
our authority It secret inOuonee could ubandonmen lcan 8 fl t > w d t t0
rdrurtr the ubs
dTSpeop ° i TviS e our totesSuonal llfe I
y people living near our m
t treatment will those same r iWtoinoS inhibUth i
to thoWlipino who J InheW tao J
provide for unfriendly people obligation which
If In this country where r l tr
who have
tQ forcgners a
havo right to vote re
thp rssldcncrf ln tho Philippines i
mpel a d rWard
ward friendly S 1 trade expansion By every legitimate E lell edTo Hllpaoi l to
shores what Islands means within tho province of government ands for their good and our glorjU
Influences wo and constitution wo mean to stimulate i osuUatton of ho minister who itUtW
7000 roilos torn ilho expansion of our trado and open new WQ owUi t0 Thrash the native R
the peoplo or de markets plnos until they understand who u
publican leaders daro not take tho sifo lre t0 trade there I This is the commercial argument It Is and that every bullot sent c rj ovJ
of tho poopio against tho groat monopolies lt Jg arRU8d hy Ecime that the Filipinos based upon tho theory that war can be shot and overy flag waved mea U
whloh hito grown up within the lnat few uro incapablo of selfgovernment and rightly waged for pecuniary advantage i eousness
ycar3 how can they bo trusted to protect taat thereforo wo owo it to the world to and that it is prontablo to purchase trado < I
tho Filipinos from the corporations which tan0 control of them Admiral Dewey In by forco and violence Franklin denied
Wo can not approve of this aortnJ
ono place unless wo are willing to
li everywhere If thero Is polsw P
are waiting to oxplolt the Islands to tho department jbotli of these propositions When Lord
Rn ofUclal report navy
Is tho sunlight ot ifull citizenship to be declared tho Filipinos more capablo of Howe asserted that tho acts of parliament i blood of tho hand lt will ultlmaWf t
enjoyed by tho people of tha United Boltgovornment than tho Cubans and which brought on tho revolution wore tho heart It Is equally true 1 WW fW wj
ble Christianity it planted
In the far away
and that the profits of no trade can ever prove V 7cui aWSMe J
bo equal to the expense of compelling it Th by 0VldenSe SlAS into U tl F l
nnd holding it by Heels and armies I J Jnr7
prcacU the B ° P
consider this Sn
war against us therefore as
bo h unjust and unwise naj
I plnee the philosophy of FriinUHn
When Jesus visited a 7
against the soiwin uoctrims and tho people refusod to rtee
of thoe who would put a price po l vVfimM
louia oe caiiuu uu
he life of nn American soldier and
JustUy a war of cnuqucat upon the
ground that lt lll pay
The democratic party Is ln favoi
Amorlcan flag
soonor or latter be twn pl W S
American soil It true CbrlstiaaiT
elsts ln carrying out in omjm
who irui
tho teachings of Christ
we are commanded to civilize wllfJM
mlto and proselyte with the sW B
who would doclaro the dlvlw w m
his authority either t W
the vtK
avenge tho Insult but
buked thorn and said
what manner of spirit 7 i
Son of Man la not come to de ro
thenv SL
lives but to save
had said Wo will 8S
of the cxputmlon of trnde It would1 they understand who wo 0fi
extend our trade hy every le Uma0 Snl ColS
tianltyl Compare j triSe
brutal n 5
goring bullying Bull Bli
perlallsm with the Ooldea
comraandmouv Thou
neighbor as thyself ata
was the jr i
Love not torce
Nazarene sacrifice for V > ° yt
It is unrighteous a harbor and coiling exploitation of them was u
station in the Philippines would answer reaching tho humaSf heart
every trado and miuary necessity ana recently told mo that eStariu is
such a concession could havo been secured once aaved his lite becaajs a
any time without difficulty I rocognlzod our flag a fa t
It U not necessary to own peoplo la blood upon It Let It be ww
order to trado with them We carry on missionaries are seeking
today with tho of sovereignty et It a ° Vl oi
every port ot world
and our commerce ha expanded mora > ead of being the advanc fBi
rapidly than the commcrco of any Euro quorlng armies they are k f Jij
an nplre and uplift bavins J
h re a National cemetery owned by the Wc do not own Japan or kelp eetJ
United Statos and cared for by an Amerl China but wo trade with their people We about with truth ana Jacmel ot j
can citlztn Our flan still floita over our J ° ave not absorbed the republics of Ccn
dead but when the troaty with Mexico fal and South Amorlai but we trade with
was signed American authority withdrew
to the Rio Grande < and I venture the
opinion that during tbe last titty years
tbr peoplo of Mexico have mad moro
pmsroM under tho stimulus of Indepcnd
them it has not been necessary to have
any political connections with Canada or
J Df ona of Europo In ordor to trade
1 Trale can be
not permanent
y prafltable unless lt is When
trade U
tho preparation of he fijt
wearing tho bresstplaip J jjjrf
and carrying tho sword W daji
It bo known that thoy 4a <
nation which res wc s m V2diH
citizens of other nations
protects the right ou Bi
welcome given to
and tho j than i
islands but that
nee nd solfgovernroont they would
secured by force th cost nf
hMe made under a carpebag government curing it andVotairin u si l wla b0 more cor1 Lyrics of >
e takea missionaries
held Tho United LmUSt extended to the
m place by ut of the n0flii
States and Mexico as friendly republics J SroflM ftro I uatlou
iro eanh strongo and hsppler than they never Su large 80Ver m lh8J pen e T e argument p dJh V tIoa i
would have been had tbe former been I l U M aever be loeD < 11 was unfortunate for pijJ
I but for ih > aet hat the had anything to do witm J
nlla made the por nfu1i
these Islands necessary
Tho victory at Santiago tAj
0 hold Cuba Tbo heUM 4
blood ln the r Upplw t 2 < >
mako Ik lm rotlve
possession forover A H
ihed at San Juan H1H nL t4
jet the prcJidcnt has ptos
bans ludependews TM
American flag J rJ
not compel us to n d ffif
Un <
erelsnty over the i
l yi

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