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New Haven Conn November 6 Con
necticut in tho election today decided
that her electoral vote of six nhould be
placod In the McKlnloy column Tho en
tire republican State ticket was hand
somely elected Tho four republican con
gressmen were reelected and u genernl
assembly overwhelmingly chosen Tho
plurality for McKlnloy Is probably 23000
Wilmington Del Novemlicr 6 Whllo
only scattered returns havo been re
ceived from tho country districts tho
democrats nre confident that tbey hao
carried a majority of the legislature
Atlanta Ga November 6 Bryans ma
jority in Ooorgin will i about 40000
which la 28000 less than that given Gov
ernor Candler one month ago The ma
jority for Bryan shows an apparent In
crease over that of four years ago ot about
30000 Mttlo Interest was manifested and
n llgvit vote w ib polled Coffey county
In South Georgia want for MoKlnley und
the town of Fitzgerald registered a heavy
repvJjlIcau majority
Brydns majorty in Atlanta showed a
large increase the republicans falling to
carry the Fourth ward which went for
McKlnloy In 1600
Atlantat Ga November 6 Tho general
assembly In joint session todny olccled
Hon A O Bacon United States senator
o succeed himself
Chicago November 6 Tho total voto
in this city was McKinley 18000
Uryan 176574 Woolley 3335 Debs 5122
Barker 180 Malouey 293 mils HO
Chicago Novombor 6 At 11 p m
Chalrmnn Rcwe of tho republican State
central committee gavo out tbo following
I see do rea Son at this hour to kango
the IgureB ot the State contral c < iinlt
teo Issued beforo tho olectiou McKinley
has carried the State by 80000 outsldo ot
Cook county In Cook county the indica
tions are that both McKinley and Yates
will havo a majority with McKinley In
the lead by about 15000 I estimate bis
plurality in Cook county nt 25000
Chairman Watson of the democratic
State central committee refused to con
cede tho Stato to McKinley and claimed
that AlBchulcr democratic candldato for
Second TSme an Earth
No Dolls Nor Carbunclos Now A
Good Blood Modlclno
I became convinced of tho merit
of Hoods Sarsnparilla when I took it
myself as a blood purifier So when
my husband had boils and carbuncles I
urged him to take Hoods und tho re
iiult was that when ho had used but
ouo bottle tho bolls had nearly all dis
appeared Ho continued tho uso of
tho medicine and after taking two
bottles he was completely cured and
Hoods as a 6prinjr medlclno and gladly
recommend it Mna A E Stayba
Yonkcrs N Y
Scrofula from Birth
until I began taking lloods Snrsa
parilla Today 1 Jiavo excellent hcalllt
and my eyes plvo mo very littlo
trouble I owo it all to lloods which
I recommend to all suffering from any
disease of tho blood 1 Miss Kbttiu
McOuike Silver Creek Ky
That Tired Feeling
Mrs L B Woodaud 285 llallou
Str < et vVopnsockotVK I
Hoodp ia Peculiar to IUelf
1 Q t ti
Frederick Jancks Upon leaving for tho polU governor hnd carried the Stato by a
bo remarked that ho was about to fast his small plurality
issl voto This ho did then purchase a
bottle of c rKllo acid and upon Ms return
Brainingtho con
homo committed sulclda by
tents ot the bottle
Five saloon keepers were arrcitcd fdr keep
log open during voting houts K
Montgomery Ala November C Its
turns from tho Stato ard too meager to
Klvo any figures on tho voto for presi
dent Uryan carried tho Stato by < i largo
majority on a light Yotvu
Congress Seventh district Jobii L
Durt Democrat elected
Little Hock November C At 1130
tcnlght tho rottirns show a slight tailloi
Cff in tho voto in largo counties whloli
may reduco bryans majority to 50000
Little Hock Ark November < S Tho
largest counties show gaina for liryau
Indicating ho will carry tho Stato by
75000 Negroes did not voto tholr full
strength Returns from remote coun
ties uro not Included Indications nret
that six democratic congressmen aro
elected by increased majorities
San Francisco November 6 Whllo tho
returns from tho Stato at largo and
this city aro very incomplete cnougU
are at hand to warrant tbu prediction
that McKluley haB carried California by
ft plurality of 10000 Tho legislature
will be republican
Denver Colo Novcmbor 6 Itoturns
received up to 930 Indicate that Bryans
plurality will be 30000 to 10000 Tho re
suit on the Stato tlckot In In doubt al < o
the legislature with probability In favor
tho fusiontsts
Denver November C Returns roculvert
up to 12 oclock Indicate that Colorado
has given Drynn nt least 30000 plurality
Tho fusion Stato ticket Is probably elect
ed by halt that plurality and It nppears
that tho fuslonlsts will have a majority
of tho legislature
Chicago November 6 Returns re
ceived from 272 of tho 3S6 congressional
districts shoV that tho republicans have
Carried HI tho democrat 128 the
publican by a very small majority
tho populist 1
Indlanapolli lnd November 6 At 10
oclock tonight returns woro coming In
very slowly and from tho meager reports
received up to this hour Indications point
to a republican majority In Indiana
vory heavy ballot was cast In the State
Aside from the clash In Clay county
whoro ono man fell dead with twenty bul
lets In his body the election passd cff
without incident
Colonel V T Dnrbln tho republican
gubernatorial candidate is running very
close to the National ticket Ten ptts
clncts in this county show o net gain ot
251 for McKlnloy over 1853 Tho aama
ratio If maintained will give McKItiley
tho county by 8000
Democratic congressmen havo beri
elected In the Second and Third whllo
republicans were successful In tho Eighth
Ninth Kloventh and Thirteenth districts
Indianapolis lnd November 6 At
midnight tho following stntcment was
Issued by tho Indianapolis Scntlnol dem
doubtful but if tho percentage of re
publican g aln Indicated by latest reports
Is maintained tbo Stato will give McKln
loy approximately tho same plurality as
in 1890
The Indianapolis Journal republican
at midnight claimed tho Stato for Mc
Klnloy by an Increased plurality over
Indianapolis November 7 A conserva
tive oBtlmato at 1230 a m places Mc
Klnleys plurnllty in Indiana nt 30000
Tho entire Stato republican ticket la
Kansas City November 6 Mack Love
chnlrman of tho Kansas democratic State
committee made the following statement
nt midnight I fear that Knnsns has
gono republican and that McKlnloy and
Stanley for governor will enrry tho
Stato by small majorities
Topoka Kan Novcmbor fl At mid
night Chairman Albaugh of tho republi
can Stato commltteo sold Roturns al
ready In indicate that the State will
glvo McKinley over 30000 plurality thit
ft solid congressional delegation will bo
elected that the legislature will bo
republican on Joint ballot and that tho
republican Stnto ticket will be elected bv
23000 plurality
LouUvllle Ky Novombor 6 At 10 p
m both democratic nnd republican com
mittees claim tho Stato though thoy fur
nish no llgurce In support ot their claims
Louisville nowspapem claim tint Bryan
nnd Heckhara or McKlnloy and Yerkts
have gained tho victory ln this State Juat
according to whether theao papers sup
ported tho democratic or republican
tickets in tho campaign Just closed
Loulflvlllc Ky Novembor 0 At mid
night tho result of tho election ln Ken
tucky was In doubt both claiming tho
State and presidential ticket The dum
oemts may bo considered to have tile
best ot tho argument
ExOovornor McCreary chairman of tho
democratic campaign committee tald
Tirynn nnd Heckham havo carried Ken
tucky by safe majorities Tho demo
crats have elected nine out of eleven con
gressmen Including Cllhort of the Klghth
Kehoe of tho Ninth and Rhoa of th Third
Chairman Leslie Combs of the repub
lican Stato campaign committee sid
Official returns from twentyeight coun
ties havo been received In these coun
ties Beckham forv governor has gained
1039 over Ocehcl last year while Yorlfps
has gained 1322 over Taylor in the same
counties last year Jefferson county
Louisville te not Included in this esti
mate This Indicates that Yerkes tas
been elected by a safe nnlorlty In ijio
presidential roce McKinley has prolably
run 1200 behind Yerkes in tho same coun
At midnight tho CourierJournal ay
returns from twothirds of the counties
In the State show Uryan nnd Reckbam
majorities Tho result will depend on thu
slie of tho majority ln the Klevonth con
grcsslonal district which Is heavily re
as ho expressed it felt as if ho was on off iu0t y Bryans majority In
earth for tho second time He has M1 i Jf
btnt0 30000 A lho democratic
nover had any boils since
Now Orleans Ln Novombor 6 Bryan
carried Louisiana today by a majority a p
parontly of 30000 Tho vote was com
paratively light Tho Stato returns x
solid democratic delegation to congress
Thete was republican opposition In all
six districts but tho democratic cundl
dated won easily
Bryan oarrled New Orleans by a ma
jority of 12000 Tho election was quiet
throughout tho Stat < The weathor was
A constitutional amendment Increasing
to 130000 tho amount to be paid In pul
sions to Confederate veterans was car
New Orleans Novombor C The polls
closed In this city at 7 p m Tho election
av 1 noml
no taKQnocs for congress in Louisiana aro re
I havo found Hoods to bo tlio Vv rrul 0 8 1 0U
V ° y M carried Maryland beyond the
i t itnni i t 1
greatest blood ptiriller I ever took shadow of a djubt His majority win be
and I havo tried many medicines I about 10000 chairman Van Dyor of
was a sufferer with scrofula from tl10 democratic State central committee
birth My eyes woro so badly affected Dat republicans a leh f ci elected four ceraln
Iwot Mi almost blind for a wcrV x congressmen whllo tho remaining out of
at a time My ncelc bejran to swoTI wo will probably be domocratic al
bo that I could not breathq ffoely though later roturns may change this
TiIediciucH failed to do mo good out00lti
Detroit Mich November 6 President
McKlnloy has carried Michigan without
doubt Conservative estimates place his
talned throughcut tho State his majority
I cannot say too much for Hood will be 69O00 The republican Stato ticket
Sarfcaparillans aremedy for that tiredjb alo been eectol but by a smnler
fldworn oui feeling ouo has in thn juniority At 10 oclock it is thought that
prhv As a etro th buihler S S S r1 M tMv m
ppntito creator it lias 110 equal
In presidential years Massachusetts went
republican today by a roduced majority
giving McKlnloy fifteen votes In tho
electoral college whllo W M Crano was
reelected governor nearly nil of the
republican Stato ticket and at least ton
out of thirteen republican congressmen
Tile democrats however derlvo groat
satisfaction from tho returns afl thoy
clearly Indicate that tho dlswffected vot
era of four years ago had again Joined
tho party ranks and that practically a
normal democratic voto hid been polled
St Paul Minn Novombor C On tho
jStnto ticket Chairman Rosing ot tho dom
ocratic Stato claims the
committee re
election of Governor Llnd by 25000 Tho
republicans givo no figures but do not
concede tho election ot Llnd
St Paul Minn November 6 The Mc
Jackson Miss November 6 Tho re
turns from tho interior counties aro slow
in uxlvlng but reports so far to tho ef
fect that tho election was quiet and or
derly throughout tho State In Jackson
demon a
has been
Amos J
tor showing than was expected by the i yoViCNaw and Connecticut show
had at midnight but the following dem tlckot It may slightly exceed that
ocratic congressmen were reelected amount Mr Odolls plurality will not
Champ Clark Ninth district James Coo be more than 25000 less than tho presi
ncy Seventh district Jamos T Lloyd dont
rirst district Charles F Cockran Both branches ot the legislature nro
Fourth district In Uutlor Nodawav republican by Increased majorities Thoro
Greeno and Lawrence counties the re havo been elected four additional repub
publlcans claim gains over 1698 of from gjenn congressmen
400 to 1000
77 New York November 6 Returns from
St Louis Mo
S l all but 522 districts out of 3121 In New
threo precincts out of 333 In St Louis
give Rryan II 750 McKinley 85ftS Dock
cry democrat for govonior 11392 Flory
republican for governor 8i 58
Helena Mont November t J S Mc
Neal vlco chairman of the democratic
central committee claims Uryan will
carry the State by 18000 that Toole
Omaha Nob November 6 At 1ft p
m less thnn 200 out of 111B precincts
York State outside of Greater Now York
givo McKhiTey a majority of 115297 Re
turns from all but 122 out of a total of
1522 districts in Greater Now York glvo
Bryan a mnjorlty of 17331
Ralolgli N C November 6 The elec
tion In North Carolina was very ouiet
Roturns Indicate that Bryans majority
bo less than 30000 Seven dem
will not
demoornt 1 elected governor by 1000
ocrntlc congressmen are elected two
and tho entire State democratic ticket by m doubt the Eighth nnd NJnth districts
safe majorities Ho also claims fr ends of u s nlmost certain that tho republicans
these counties cut riulto a figure ln tho Columbus Ohio Novembor 6 Republl
complwxlon of the legislature which next cn stlte Chairman Dick has given oat
year elects two United Slatos senators the tolloalnK statement RcturiH re
colved tip to 11 p m justify tho claim
NPVAHA ttl 0nl ° has given McKlnloy a plurality
niv rLJt of r m T500 to go000 nnd the election
of seventeen and posalbly eighteen out of
Carson Nov
nre Incomplete
November C Returns tD8 twentyone congressmen being a gain
Mr Mills republican ot two and probably three members ot
chairman concedes tho Stato to Uryan
The legislature 13 very close
Trenton N J Novembor 6 Incom
plete returns from different parts of tho
Stato indicate that Now Jersey has gone
for iloKlnloy nnd Roocovclt by more than
BOOQO The republicans elect six of the
eight congressmen tho same representa
tion as last year and will havo an over
whelming majority in bath houses of tho
legislature insuring the election of a re
publican to Buccoed William J Sewcll
republican as United States senator
Columbus Ohio Novcmbor 6 Demo
cratic Chairman Long at midnight gavo
out the following
Tho returns from Hnmiltoc and Cuy
nhoga csuntlos show substantia demo
cratic gains while a majority if tho
country precincts show republican rains
of live to a product with about 120
heard from This ratio of gain if k ept
up with corresponding democratic galnr
ln tho cities as n w Indicated will glw
McKinley tho State at about tho samo
sure AVo have no advices from Dayton
cr tbo Twentieth district where wo bo
llevo tho democratic candidates aro
elected This means a gain of one con
Finns and Polos
u 0 Bryan of about a
majority over
of certalnty of lsnl residences Thoy
compared with a republican majority lu wcre voted for the republican tlckot
tho last presidential election ot 283409
Tho total voto In the city of Now York
is approximately 00000 larger than it wag
ln 1896 and up tho Stato the increase Is
about 30000 ln tho city Bryan wiped out
Tho vote for B B Odell Jr republican j
running so clofo together that all eitl
mattis are vnlutletia
1 On Manhattan Ulaad ip the Wall
Philadelphia Pa November 6 Esti
mates from onohalf of tbo counties ia
Pennsylvania indicate a plurality
tho plurality of G0000 which iifi
McKinley had MoKlnley of ovor 200000
TV > < f < 1
ts admit that John Bprunt > Ln J ftta whllToC
William II Doug Knox 111b fl ° ViY
by democrats
m en
republication tho district now represented W the ten congre wMeh
by Captain William Astor Chandler i Davidson county t vryan by
Cummin and George 11 Mc f ZJZI democratic by an
dboth democrat c members of t > iawd m 1oVlt nd Hon 11 B Car
present house have undoubtedly been ru
Interest center to a Urge extent lu the
canvass of O II P Helmont In tho Thir
teenth district and at 11 oclock he was
tovoral hundred votes ahead ot his rival
William R Wilcox
In tho upState districts General J IL
Glbbs and Bliss held conforence at tho
Klnlcy presidential electors luwo cirr oJ
the Stato by over CO000 pluwllty Tho conclusion pf which tho
ment was given out On the returns ro
Inconiploto rotui ns indicate that Van
iiandt republican may have cabled tb vcd at pubIC Vav lnnnl rP
XUr Sv V riPi 04 B0 volt by a not electoral vote of
sloulst by over 25000 plurality
231 with tho possibility of twentyone
votes in addition making a total of 213
This vole consists of tho thirteen In Ken
tucky and eight in Nebraska The Stutus
wc surely cla m lor McKlnloy and Roose
velt aro California Connecticut Dolaware
Ililnolr Indiana Maryland Iowa Kan
sas Maine MusichusottB Michigan
iMInncaotn Now Hmpshlrc New Jersey
Now York North Dikota Ohio Oregon
Tho returns up to this hour aro very JJ P r et T ° lno registered voto was pcnnsyvan lnr Rh0i0 island South Dakota
° Ie 1 Inllca t tolal
meager and tho result In Indiana is P < 0IJB I0 bL °
vote will lo
polled about 70000
Jaclison Miss November 6 Toiays
election passed oft quietly L demo
cratic voto was comparatively
as n result tho republicans mad
Utah Vormcnt Washington West
Iglnla Wlscousln and Wyoming
New York Novombor fi ExGovernor
Stone at midnight made tho following
hTT hnr statement I give up The roturns tel
egrnphed to these headquarters from Now
United States sona
mack wilt bo elected
Providence n I November 6On an
Bryan has made consldor
increaeed o
Ketcham has been reelcctcd tho demo Ii in Itbodo Island McKlnleys
crals having made no new additions there Ittv will bo about 22000 It is be
ln all of the other districts up tbo Stale tovotl Providence which in 1SS6 gavo
with the possible exception of tho Troy ittKlnlcy 8211 Plurality whllo eluding
and Albany sections ot the Stato tho ro A democratic mayor has elected Granger
publican candidates are sure of an elec democrat by a plurality of less than
Now York November 7 At 1230 this
imonilng National Committeeman Manley
Salt Lake Utah November 6
hundred and nttyflvc precincts o bm
Lake City and county show a ropubllcau
gain of 2028 over Roberts of 1S0S Jl tno
already received
roturns continue as those
ceived the Stato ill go for McKlnloy by
5000 majority oloot tho Stato and con
gressional ticket and curry a republican
majority in tho legislature
Salt Lake City Utah November 1 At
midnight Mr Calllstcr republican chair
man said The State from present ap
pearances has gono republican
Democratic Chairman Burton Bald
Uryan wlll curry the Stato by a inajoilty
ot 11000
Richmond Va November 6 Virginia s
majority for Bryan is apparently b ut
20000 The Indications are that cerUnly
nine and probably all of the democratic V ii
democratic leurlers received it
h > oso sta les a v R0 n roniihlloan elected The
cnn3 dates for congress aro
mldnicbt Indicate that the iirjan elector V MaryMnd
Toturns from
are ncompleto ln d0Ubt with chances
have received a majority of WOO Tho ad West Virginia My information from nAh faur ot rVL ln0 dcm raw
democrats Also elect the entire congres tho MlddIo nnh I western states Is so
slonal dolegatlon detlnlte that I can not form an oplnlou ncnmom Va November G Actual
as to the results As I do not know the om cstlmat cd pluralities give tho Stuto
wfllwatt will what
MISSOURI act I beforo I say t0 Vya7 bTuVvards 0 000
think cf tho final result
Mr Stone then closed tho democratic
St Louis Novombor
C Twentyfive headnuartere n Now York for tho night
precincts ln St LouIh out ot 333 glvo
Bryan 5191 McKinley 2926 Uockory
democrat for governor 5127 Klory re
publican for governor 3081
i Now York Novombor 6 Senator
Thomas C Piatt gave out tho following
statement at 1030 oclock tonight At
this hour it is apparent New York city Is
Wheeling W Va November 6 Elec
tion day In Wheeling was notable for the
swearing out of warrants beforo Ube Unit
ed States commissioner for Illegal voters
St Louis mo November Nothing agfllnsl us ln the neighborhood of 30000 VthTwaVra eiorn oTby
ts wort
definite as t the result of tho voto on and therefore we nre confident of the A e wi
erats No West Mrtlnlans were in it
the Stato jtnd NatlonU tickets could bo state by nearly 150000 for the National °
Milwaukee Wis Novcmbor G Re
turns frni Wisconsin up to 10 oclock
comparatively few show on their fico
when compared with the vote of four
iro elected
Cheyenne Novembor C Additional re
turns from the Stato outslio of Cheyenne
lecolved bv tho republ cin Stato central
committee show great gains for the re
publican tlckot over the voto ot 1S9C Tno
republican majority for Wy mlng Is now
conservatively estimated at 3000
Senator Clark have a clear majority in have carried tho Ninth Congressman Van Ordael chairman of tho Stato ns
tho legislature ever the republicans and felmmons is elected senator to succeed publican central committee at 11 oclock
indopondent democrats
Butte Mont Novembor 8 Returrs
from Silver Bow county which casts about
a fourth of Montanas voto indicates that
Bryan hh carried tho State by something
llltn 20000 and that tho democratic Stato
fusion ticket is elected and that the tu
slonlsts will havo a majority jn the legis
lature which elects two United States
Cheyenne Wjo November 0 R A
Butler popuHs by 10000 over his op made the following statement SWty
I Fargo N D Novembor G Chairman
Klelnman ot tho democratic State com
mittee concedes tho election of the Mc
Kinley electoral and State tickets with
tho posslbh exception ot attorney gen
leral ln 37 out of 120 precincts McKln
were in Thcso Indicate a plurality of Marshall republican is elected congrcss
from 2000 to 4000 In the Stats tor McKin man over M Mlldreth Max Wlppermau
loy although the fuslonlsts say only tho democratic candldato for governor is
republicans Hre being hoard from running ahead of his ticket Republican
Tho city of Omaha Is showing some committee claims McKlnloys majority Is
gains for Uryan The legislature will In 10700
nil probability bo republican Sovcral
districts usually very close have given OHIO
a republican plurality on tho National
ticket In tho usual course of events
jWvomlng by 1000 majority
jut mtVAX cst a nnjiocn vi
ley 2960 iBrynn 1159 against McKtul6y I
2533 Bryan 1836 In 1896 I
This proportion of loss to democrats Is 1 ° < Crowd AhmmiiIiIciI lie Quoted
being sustained by late reports Thomas
MKiilllcniii Word rttrrtri liy
VIraham Lincoln
Lincoln Neb November 6 Mr Dryan
returned to Lincoln at 1030 today alt r
spending the night ln Omaha His first
act was to swear In and cost bis vote Ho
voted the t >
Thore was quite a procession from tko
gtvssman Tho northeast part of the lot tho dulMln
Now iorlt November c At
U oclock state will show republican galn In
largo was roped off
tbo Indications aire that President Mc counties near Pennsylvania where thero
Klnley has carried Now York Stato by h B bcon wholesale naturalization of
whero the voting corner
Ho was of course recog
nized by aimo t every cne present and a
general ha u h iking ensued Two free
holders uf his wnid ono ft republican and
one a dem > nt volunteered to stand for
him an th > nswelt aa Mr Bryan were
sworn at to the facts In the case Tho
presidential raudlduto was granted no ex
empli on bv the Judge of election Key Mr
LUdden a Lutheran minister ot repub
piocllvltles Mr Bryan was required
10 810 his place ot roillence to sta a
nfn ii
four years ago and took on a plurality fr ivnnaylvanfaa delegation In the ne < t h C > alW how ns ho hvl Uved ln
hlmelf of about 25000 Up the Slato Mc engross will not he less than twenty j Sw i hi 3 tb aAe Hov
0r roP ljllcan8 slx mccrau as J JW kf >
Klnley barely held the vote which ho had wnoer he
in 1S96 tho added voto going to Bry
against twenty republicans and ten dem I a witbed to givo the name of
ran ocrats in tho present congro3 W ° P y with which ho affiliated To
1 M S Quays frlendB aro claiming they VV J r ryan lesponded promptly The
noroinca for governor lV enn M M wl bav0 a najorlty on joint ballot fa Pirt > a d with a smile < m
considerably vorabv to hia roolectlon to tho United J With friendly feelings toward tw0
latvor thin that for McKinley in nrooi states senate and tho returns appear to i y 0r8 After this Mr Dryan took tho
lyn particularly tho democratic > bear out Hil claim 4B 1 Ot Whlfll wan handed him
nominee ylV entered r
for governor Mr Stanchheld appeir ta Tf ° < y nLrew ta e senate Is in Wh ° M the nd fro f 5lrt baloU Emerging
doubt with chances favorable to If booth he
havo beenscratched Quay ithrf droppod the ba lot in
noT6h the Mlurn8 tin b1ot b
compje mar K0 ox an votJ w
Tho election patsetl off quietly bath la the organisation of that body to tho op ionri tnt number 183 As he was votlnrr sovuni
majority ut 63000 The Evening Newa tllc chY ana sut0 Thero were no mare
nays that if McKlnloys ratio of majority than the UaHal ber ot arrets ot rcoi
of the 110 districts heard from Is main accused cf attempting Illegitimate voting
Hottirns fiom congressional dstrlcts
aro scattering and Incomplete
On Long Island McKinley and Dryan are
Nashville Tenn November 6 At mid
night the returns Indicate a falling oft for ti
ot 30 000 to 40000 votes In the State about not
equally divided among the two parties
SXX l VWl f
ntn > negroes especially in
en the Tolls
3 W home and made a brief
a nSla fnB on hB r0nt Porch h
trrX OMlcnien I want to thank you
toyal support you have
li lthU l u camP Bi but In tto
Jf1 li
and P
district which includes the bSrough c SitalrSTw fr SS yw Tttefe1 Jww m2
Richmond ani Stateri Island NlphOKi m Illy In the SUI w 11 tall I Zrt of woTf1 fF D < > J f over victory
Mullar dtmoemt I pr bab > elcctei J of Oovernor McMHHn by aoM or 0M iV InrtonhL JIL Ciraals M Ka nsa cltv
Uepitbllcans concede the election of Wil > 0te
Boston Mass November 6 As umal Ham SuUcr In tht Eleventh dhjrict and 12000 to ilftoli
being reelected by f rom I ence Mrn t tL raUon ° Ind Pend
J oy I noma Jefferson 1
want tp clos this 1
campaign by reHlag aa
11 f
tho president wjs kept busy raising h s
hat to the many greetings along tho way
Ho then proceeded to his home
Dryan cast his vote at 1110 Tho plac 1
at which ho votei was hoje house No 1 Princeton N J Novembor 6 ExPres
half a dozen blocks from his residence on acnt Cleveland when soen by a roportor
t ° nght and Interviewed relative to the
h trM tu
street Tho > r
ceremony was wtmxs d
eiccUon saId ho ha1 absolutciy aot B
by halt a hundred residents who were con word to say on tho olection Itself or as
gregated In the hose house and a dozen 1 ° tho way ho had voted
or so of newspaper men who wont with
Mr Bryan from tho station Dofoie goiug
to tho voting place Mr Uryan repaired to
Hnrrlnon Vote
Indianapolis lnd November G
the city hall where he iilcd out a certl Jamln Harrison walked to a Hverjstabo I
Iliinnu nt Cnnlon
Canton Ohio November 6 Senator
Hanna arrived hero at 3 oclock from
Cleveland accompanied by Leo Hanna
his brother and Myren T Herrlcx of
Cleveland and woro driven to tho Mc
Kinley residence
McKinley nceelvliiK Ileturnn
Canton Ohio November 6 President
ia ho waa orn Qnd aIs0 to lnf ° the LMcKinloy received tho olection returns
Weak and trembling unsteady of hand
of mind Frightened at trifles Tortus ir7
indefinable feeling of fear
extract from a speech mado by Abraham
Lincoln for ln this ciiuMlgn we havo
been quoting tho speeches ot Lincoln and
invoking his authority
Many free countries havo lost their
liberties nnd ours may lose hew but It
shu shall may It be my louden praise
not that 1 was the last to desert her but
I never deserte her
I will add that I think we shall suu
cecu iGiiuy put it we fall be it so We
shall have the proud conization of saying
to our consclonco and to the dopnrUU
shado of our countrys freedom that tho
He unit
jikiliy ciuiurn
adored by ou party ln disaster ln changi
in torture ln death we never faltoied
ln defending
Tho bilof address was received with
cheers and the party took their leao
giving Mr Bryan a few hours with his
family Ho repaired to his home and wai
aaleep fifteen minutes after he reached
tho house
luilm Dny Voted nt tlic
Siinir Time
Canton Ohio November 6 Prcslden
McKlnloy cast his ballot at 920 th s
morning Crowds had gathered In tnnt
of tho booth and tho president shook
hands with many and greeted them pleas
antly Down Market street he nnd Judgo
pooent General Julian S Carr one precincts out ot 300 show heavy io
Day walked at tne hem or tho pttrt ntll
publican gains On the ratio of those
already heard from McKinley will carry
by an
Excited by noise and oppressed by quiet never at
Irritable miserable
Forerunning symptoms of Nervous Prostration
brought on by a debilitated system and overtad
body or brain
THE CURE is Dr Williams Pink Pills fe
Pale People
They bring new life to wornout sufferers
send rich blood
tingling through
every vein
soothe and strengthen every nerve
They have restored to the Paralytic the use of
his limbs to the victims of Locomotor Ataxia and
St Vitus Dance the fullcontrolof the nerves have
raised up the sufferer from Nervous Prostration
freed thousands from the pangs of Neuralgia and
Rheumatism and saved the lives of many who were
threatened by Brights Disease and Consumption
At oUDrunglsts or direct from the Dr WtUlasu Mc < 1cn CoBchta
tady NY postpaid on receipt of price Mc per box elx bouslM
years ago that McKlnlej has carried thfl course approved by our Judgment
Stato by a largo plurality equaling It
not exceeding the figures of 1S93 which
were 102612 Robert M Lafollottc rr
> ubllcan candldato for governor and all
I o republican congressional candldatut
Aeencv Hawes CeUbrattf j
Election Hats
Send vour friend to as we till ft fc
lip latest Mylc Ha e or IMiou if
n suit or overcoat mentioned It u > n
we can show soaie sightly rarmectiilt
1500 and 0 0
Clothiers Hatters Furnishers TMct
and 5H Mala St under Rice BtA
Shingles Posts
f Sash Doors Bliif
Jackson St nnd Franklins
The windows ot oho of tho factories wore tcnlght at his home surronndeawi
WoiilI Not ConcTde Any
Do you mean
flcato stating that he had tailed to rojl ln Bl9t sixteenth street threo blocks York to the republicans
t i
Canton Ohio N ll
workmen who gave him a cheer as ho number of his old frleria and 4
f artsed At the voting place a crowd had rlrcct wireg connected the houst i
eclheted to tee the preeident enter He r publican National headqiH
shcok hands with somo of tho otneias Nnw Ynrk and with ChlMS0 M kSfl
vth and then stool while tbo questions le at the Union club a ClewW
QUlrel by lew were asked Hh regstra th tne borne of Governor Room
tion number was 302 and he ost tho 397ih Bay The president vut
ballot Tho questions answered tha usual good humor chowlng J3 JP
prwldent started Into the booth and re nnxlety ovor the result im
tM B
malned fully a minute scanning the with unruffled composure
ticket before casting into tho bailat bov
Judge Day then voted and the party
started back to tho house
Did ol Hunt Diiclcs
Princton N J November 6 Former
President Grover Cleveland arrived here
Senator Jones arose Wn
tralght ticket The trip from Ifrom New Yorc at noon today and wa3 i hlTr desk stretcM
Omaha was without special ncident Mr SK sTom his head and said
ing to follow the eranmle j
who toldmoafewmlnuleiip
rL Zlo fram hlB h0 at 0D < votC1 The Well gi > 2
o h o P P
him wuh the cerV eh o Vnw dPo Placo mado way for publicans f i
d hn
rcsldnt > was lnldo
all who would receive them yellow badge8l 1eV
booth but short time
bearing the Inscilption I am a repub
lican and he seemed quits ns much oc
cupied with ono as the other
Stevenson Vote
Bloomlngton 111 Novcmbor 6
as 1S96 Comparisons aro mado on tho NcUy hall to the voting place consisting cf e Stevenson
8 voted at the nails of Pin
vote of 1S96 LcnUs election to congreasCitizens and newspaper men In carriages 1
in tho Columbus district is reasonably and a number ot Mr Brycns cn c 1t ° ° l N ° rtn Mlltl a eot He
nolghbori en r
1 l f ° h h accompanlod by
tool who escorted him to the voting place 1Z r m °
his son Lewis G There few
He reached tho Arc company7 were very
on th st root an1 hls almost
abouj live minutes past 11 oclock and Presence was
Immediately prfxeeded to tho rear cud Having
voted he returned
long dlslance P lWl
bed and get a S 1
senator Witt Wf
aites later tho
1ressed for a stauraeat
ceding or claiming ttart nw
piled When I comedo
result inW
Ben Maryland California JU
O tcl1 y ° uJl cmc >
that yw
dents first < <
nusrters from J ff
were asfollows
M blessings ll > °
conceded by
election Is
K We
NoteaW 6
Canton Ohio
who is with the pre
carries awentyeeven
electoral votes
Stops thc 6C0 tl
0 6
nn1 AVork
Latve Bronao J
dar WB
eold In one
25 cents
When ne lw IttMl
results In w0 wf
and genital organism Mw
whole urinary
< i01
Theordluary methods resortodto rfM1 u
clatlnglypalnful but frequently
itlicture Itself Larded the zLi
dl cs
Dr Hathaway years ago cv chbere o
by w
methods and perfected a STStcrn
the thickened ff W4
Thero Is no operation ThewlV Sl
himself It Is painless tiWi
offoctod Is permanent and a i t w
This rne hod
ttoni are removed
is exclusively used i
nr nathaw y by rinUUj m jjoeUJ
operation All Sexual Ort ff mi W
nature arc fLrtrlsbleWW
of a chronic
which for 20 i PSSiS tf
Write to him or call at his ofllce for a free copy of hU
symptom blanks and for free consultation and adTlce
Dr Hathaway Co
209B Alamo PlaM

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