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by us to give tho pubtio perfect
Collar and Cuff work
ackards Laundry
2 Prairie Avo Phones 332
Proof Not Affected By
te for samples and price
210 Milam St Houston Tex
o can ship prompt
arid make low
iquire for prices
is i tt
ed We are making room for a very
fill stock Closing out sales on
fr Goods Send us your orders for
t shipments r
rI I
ne Corn
and all Seas
onable Seeds
L Macatee Sons
Will be pali for the arrest and con
vlction cf ny person or persons
tullty of cutting pulling or tesrlng
down or misplacing our telephone
wires posts or machinery or wilfully
ngor Interfering with the transmission of
si along our tlephone wires
ouU > western Telegraph and Telephone Co
Uy F M HEN SHAW Manager
ieo P Hall ana W L Rogers
Forrrerly of Galveston
Practice limited to Diseases of the
Ear Nose and Throat
Office Biriz Building
City P and T A G P T A
A large stock of li 58inch and
smaller sizes for
Harfwell Heaters and
Lime Extractors
Reduce fuel bills increase steaming
capacity lessen repairs
Telephone Pins and Brackets
Wire and Insulators
Electrical Machinery Co
h p ikummii a go
Small orders by mall or otherwise
iteclve oui prompt and cateful at
8io Willow St Houston Texas
Fresli Stock
all good end us your orders
Kirkland Morrow
I can hear as well as anyons nan
1 low I have iui rry catarrh
cur d by DR I3D LUNN
Sprclalst Eye Ear Noie and
Khun Bldg HOUSTON Ten
Senator Bacon and Several Congressmen
Left on the Transport McClelland
Now York July 10 The transport Mc
Clelland sailed this afternoon for Manila
IJJ I la place of the Ingnlis which was wrecked
at her dock On board were United States
Senator llacon of Georgia and Congress
men Ie Armonil of Missouri Mercer of Ne
braska Gnlnes of Tennessee Gieen of
Pennsylvania Weeks of Michigan Joy of
Missouri and Jack of Pennsylinnla
Texans in Nov York
Special to The Post
New York July 10 The following Tex
ans nre rpglsteied In New York
Houston Mrs Bcttlo It Dennis St
Dennis H Barusteln Marlborough h C
Itoos Normandle
Dallas A M Dent L Wbelcss Impc
rial H II Plnuock Sinclair I Sachs
BroHdttay Central J W Kate St Denis
Kl PasoMrs J F Ctosby Miss J U
Crosby nvcrett s
Greenville Mr and Mrs A ndwnrds
Port Worth George Meelkey nnd sob
Union Squire F A Kick Astor
Georgetown A S Fisher Mis W II
Dails Miss Kennedy Marlbprough
AustinJoseph Nalle wlfo and daughter
San Antonio W W Johnson Astor
Taylor M Kaliusky F it Swift and
wife Holland
Beaumont J Weiss Imperial
Waco Mr Hamilton Albermarle
Uonbnm J II Petlfiels ITitfon Square
Gahcston R F Smith nnd wife Im
ln Porte Mrs UrowncII Holland
ParisU Itoos Albert
Te a Mrs W II Davis A S Fisher
Jr J II Flslrr A H Kennedy IIol
Sunset Route
Choice of Routes Finest Service
For information as to Rates Etc see
Pass Traffic Mgr
The Ohio Democrats Made Nomination
for State Offices
It Denounces the Republican Party
and Republican Methods
That Does Not Carry AH the Privileges
r of the Constitution
f jS J
The Only SurprWfc y Was the
Nomination of Young Jor Clerk
of the Supreme Court
Governor James Kllbourne
IIoiitLiianl goiurnor Antjtnuy llflwclls
Judge supreme courtJoseph Hldv
Uork supicnic court Hurry It Young
Attorney geueral M 1J HeCaity
Treasurer of Stnte It P Alshlro
Member of public workJames II Holt
Columbus Ohio July 10 The democratic
Stite contention here today bad moro
prominent men as delegate than any con
vention of democrats th Ohio for ninny
jcais It was nlso otherwise distinguished
It had uo slate to break on the State ticket
or It would hare been smashed In the so
culled contest for principles rnthcr than
for men
Tho nomination of Colonel Kllboumewas
appropriately called one of spontaneous
Hon ells IHdy Alshlrc nnd Tloltmnu were
favorites nt great odds from the start
Young was sprung as a surprise and nom
inated over Smoot who bad been such a
fniorlto that others would not enter the
race for clerk of the supreme court
The represcntatlie of Mayor Tom L
Johnson was both temporary and perma
nent chairman of the convention and the
delegates quoted Senator Itanna by shout
lug He knows bis uuHluasti
It was reported that JntiiiaoiuUoslred the
nomination of Monnelt as attorney general
and tho McLean men wanted Monuett de
feated At any rate the defeat of M n
nctt was so dcrlslie as to be a feature of
the contention
Monuett as attorney general brought suits
against the Standard Oil company and oth
er corporations to cancel their charters
under the nntltiusl laws I1b had sought
a third term uoinlnatlon from the tepjb
ilcann on tho Issue that he should be re
tained In that Office tii continue these
prosecutions After his defeat for the third
uoininntlou lnipo ho supported Br an in
JiniO on tho auRtrust Issrc iindeanvii eil
Ohio and other Stales with UriTin JuJe
Smnllcj in pre ertttng Mouattfs name
tald In wus known fioui the Gulden Gate
I of hull Francisco to tho Hell Onto of New
lcik ui tIn enemy of tho trusts
In the alleged btampede for principles
t ithcr tlitui men the limsi stilklng turn
11 tb < 11 ui etition was en Iiryau Thu
most hiitf things weie said of his hud
iishlii In the committee on lesolntlons this
m iniis where It was Insisted that his
mute should not bo mentioned and theio
i should he no refeielne to either of the
National platforms After this plan bad
heetl igreed upon one of the lneinbers of
thai committee offefed a nilnoilty lepoit
leutlrmliig the Kausaa City plutform and
ej teasing cnntldence In Urjan nud he re
coil td onlv six lotes out of DjO delegttos
ou his substitute for tile platform pream
ble A few moments aft r the pluform
was adopted one of these six doles tte
called attention to the fact that plctuies
of other ileinocrnfs were displayed In the
hall and none of Urviib as heretofore lie
Matted to curry a small hiuner with Dry
an s picture on It to the platform The
aisles were oidered cleared and the pic
ture did not reach Its destination It uas
ttnmpled under foot and spoiled during the
wild demonstiatlons when Kllboiirno was
escorted Jtito the hall Wh4 It Is believed
that the matching club did not know they
were walking over Bryans picture jet
there was much comment after the con
lentlou that the picture was treated wttie
than had been the old standard bearer Imp
frcir by the committee ou resolution and
the contention
The members of the committee on reso
lution shld an hour was pent after mid
night Inn night In cQorts to strike out
tho word solrable out of the plank ol
ralhoad taiutlou and several lours lu cle
pouncing the Chicago and KaDsns City
platforms nnd the Itndot who stood on
them The platform caused much com
ment toulght oier what It does not say as
well as over what It does say
It Is said that none of the candidates for
chairman or secretary of the Stnte commit
tee can secure n majority of tho twenti one
totes and Colonel Ktlhourno will be com
pelled to co operate with olther the McLean
men or the Johnson men who are not talk
ing frlendy of each other to control the
State executltv committee In this conne
tlon there are nil sorts of rumors about
the senatorshlp for which the convention
Indorsed no one an the democratic candidate
to snerecd Senator Koraker The names ot
John It McLean and of Tom U Johnson
arc most prominently mentioned lu this
connection Thpy both have sudor friends
on the Stnte central committee which Is
said now not to stamt lust as It was
thought and which uay yet show a more
radical change than that of the past twon
ts four hours No one Is able to poll the
twentyone members of this committee to
tell how It will stand with the Cincinnati
and Cleveland delegations after the No vera
her i lection The meeting ten days hence
will be watched with more interest ny
thoi > e who are Interested in the party ma
chinery The Kllhourne men me mrvauy
working on the problem of satisfying tho
McLean men and the Johnson men and
nlso thoxe who are opposed to both of these
leaders In the party organization that Is
to be made July 20
Some say that the gold democrats got
back this > ear but that other Isms were
adrpted that will cause as much trouble as
free silver and populism
It Is conceded that this convention was
the author of a new departure In some
of Its declarations and some think that the
changes may affect the party organization
Tin platform Is as follows
The democrats In Ohio reaffirm their be
lief In the equity of taxation and other
public burdens their advocacy of equal
rights of all people with special privileges
to none their hostility to the organization
of Industry with tts tendency on the one
band to crush out Individual enterprises
and n the other to promote a socialistic
spirit among the people as the only refuge
ot constitutional government which brougut
brought the nation Into existence and
have preserved It to the present genera
tion For the promotion of those objects the
democratic party of Ohio makes the fol
lowing declaration of principles and poli
cies Municipal Governments The government
of municipalities of the State should be
radically reformed and laws ena cd tp
correct abuses and prerent their recurrence
The Inefficient expensive unbuslnetsUke
partisan and rorinpt system which has
prevailed has eheouraged the Intcrfi r < nee
of tho State with the Jeverntiieut and the
denial nf home rule baa fostered specbil
legislation and the inijwiltlnn of burden
some debts nud taxes without the sanction
of the peoplq and has bronght about the
cortupl employment otlpartv leaders t <
cure valuable franchisee without ailequtte
compeniatlon therefor nnd to protect the
owners of r uch franchise from Jmt public
For the existence and continuance of
those conditions the lepubllean party Is re
The democratic party therefore cans
upon the people to unite VJth It In plnilng
the conduct of municipal affairs upon a
business basis that they mnv be admlnts
tered by the peefil lt the Inteiest of all
the people on the principle of home rule
No franchise extension or renewal then
ctcr to bo granted bv any eitj or tHinge
without llrst MllmUtilng the same to n
i ote of the people
Taxation The acceptance ot passes or
favors from railroads by public oftleeri or
rmployes shall be made adequate grounds
for vacating the qflices held by them
AH public service corppiatlous shnI bs
required by law to make sworn public re
poits nnd the power nud duly of visitation
nud public report shnll bo conferred upon
the proper Stnte nnd local auditing oftbeis
to the end that true value of pr lieges held
by these corporations shall be made plain
to the people
Steam nnd electric railroads and other
corporations possessing public franchise
shnll be assessed lu the same proportion n >
their saleable value as nre farms and cl y
real estate
The proceedings of the republican nujir
Ity of the Stnto board of equalization was
n scandal Property values Instend of
being equalized were Increased or dimin
ished nt the will f political bosses and
Conduct of Statn Affairs Ktc The r < >
mhlleun tntijnrlty Of the general nssenbly
ileterves the condemnation if the peoph
for Its ictkless oMrnvagnnie and the ere
tlon of ukeliss offices while It enacted no
bglslatlon fr the benefit of the nwpl
The present republican pilmliilstratlon In
the conduct of affalri nn4 in lie minngi
L out of public Institutions has been in > t
costlv In tho history of the State Its
Icnevolent uild pMfol Institutions shoulj
be conducted fipob A noupaitlsan and
btsiiess busts
Peoples tights the reserved rights of
the States and the people to be upnud
Centralization which would desroy them
to be condemned
A stilct constuieiion of the constitution
The gieatot IndlvMuuIliberty eotntUtent
with public welfnrn
Tariff ltcforui Tarlff refi > rm wns never
more urgently demanded thau now when
the ptodtictlon of the tionntrv so far ex
ceeds its power ot consuinptbui that for
eign markets nre a rtrttflo eMimnle of lu
continued prosperity and when the ixlst
epee nnd abuses of trustsihns been brouitht
about by it policy ef prrtfeetlon of faiore
industries The abnlltiOTi of the socalhd
protective srsteui timl U > e miMltutb n In
Its place of the 4ratlltl < nal denwcrritlc
policy of a tariff forTPVOJiuc onl lerb d > n
as not to burden ono lnd > iitiy tor tho
benefit ofnnntber
Monopolies be ensrtlhent and vlgoi oils
enforcement of measure which vtull pre
vent all tccnopotlns ami combinations In
restraint of trade and otnmico the mat
tor of utmost Utportauce to prevent the
use of th go enoncot as tin Iiistuimentalltv
ior the wealth of the few ml presiding
Intact tbo right ot prlvat Ivperty and
the fullest measure < U Intlbldual llbeit > of
contract ond assuring ro even man ilia
lust lewnld of superior Industry and skill
e demsnd tbe suppression of all tinst
and n return o InduiUial freeileni As a
moans to that end allHruat inodnets should
be plaeeil on the fre list and fbe govern
ment should exerelse a moro rigid sunor
ilslon of tmnspiq tatlon lines nud abollsm
in fact all dlKCUinliatbin 1 rltcs
Merchant MarinC OuR meiebsni marine
to be ie K > red it > Its fertner greatness and
made the iilk nf tit pto ngnlnht monep
olj by the ren il fit atttlquated and re
stileteil natliratlpw Jawn Hut ne sub
sldiefi for f4Voretl ShjlKqiVncis
Intnorlallsin ttal pa
si stem by Jncr nslng the cfflvtrallMtlon of
power nt W < tshln ton ro the ultimate over
thioii of borne rule
Jihe deinctctolle paitv has never faioierl
and now opposes am extension of the Na
tional boundary not mennt to earrv kfvi
llv to all inbatdtants full canal rights
with mnssolves If these nre unfitted Uv
location race or ehinieter to be fanned
Into self govohtlug territories turn then In
corporated lntrt Hie Inlon of Slates In ac
cordance wltji the historic policy of the
Republic tliey should be permlttea to woik
out their own destiny
Onlv terrltbtlnl expansion demanded by
the Notional welfare and the National
safety t he anv time favored the objec
tion which should liaie prevented certain
of our recent accessions being that thev
Imperil the National safety without pro
motlng the National welfare that they dc
ioIvo upon us enormous responsibilities we
hne no call to assume that they are err
tain to be an Immense and untemunerntlve
drain upon our r < sources that they tend
to embroil us wllh Knropean powers thtt
thev weaken our claim to supremacy on
the American continent at the same time
Icfcsenlng our abllltv to make the claim
good and they fnrnlsh a dangerous oppor
tunity for the disregard of the selfevident
fact of universal nppllottlou that got em
ments do not derive their powers from the
consent of the eoierncd
Jlie Boers The obvious sympathy of the
nstlon with the IIIHUh against theSouth
African republics and the base of < Mipp1y
In this country wltnntu which the war
could not be carried on is condemned by
the democrats or OUI
Monroe Doctrine The maintenance of
the Monroe doctrine as heretofore Inter
preted by the Natlonnl government
Navy A navy commensurate with the
International Inipjrtance of the United
States and Its primacy In the Western
hemisphere nnd adequate to the protection
of Hies and propeity of American citi
zens the world nor
Civil Service The faithful observance
nnd wider application of civil scriiee prin
ciples especially regarding our diplomatic
nnd consular reprewnta tires
Election of SenatorA constitutional
nraendment requiring the election of
Tnlted States s < nators In direct vote of
the people Herenfter until ths Is passed
whenever a senator Is to be elected it
shall be the duty of the Stite commltto
to give notice In Its call that the nomina
tion of the senator will be made
Labor No question whether labor shall
combine to secure Its rights Th < hurdeH
of the unjust and discriminating laws for
which the republican party Is responsible
fait chiefly on those who labor at anr
form of production Although these cnnstl
tute a large majority of all our eltlren
thev have never sent lobbyists to the bulls
of Federal nor State leglHlatures nor
frrmed monopolies nor demanded special
privileges Thev have piilently endured
the operation of these laws which keep
fW m then and o to others n sharo
of the National wealth The democratic
flirty pledges Its efforts to relievo them
of these burden
Republican Responsibility The republi
can party has always held up class inter
ests nod Is Justly charged with hostlllt
to the principles In common knowledge
It ran not be trusted to d tl with evllt
of Its creation The arrogant assumption
b > that party of credit nnd threats of
these who speak for It nnd Its favorite
Interests already too powerful to riente ar
tlfKUl conditions of strlngencv and dls
ttcss unless the policies they advocate ire
supported at the polls deserie the con
demnation of a people who are Just ami
propose to remain trte
Boss liule nnd Politic Corruption In
spired by the examples of a long line of
Its statesmen who haye annlltd these prln
c p es from the days of Inan as Jefferson
to the present time the democratic plat
form pledges Itself anew to their support
and earnestly appeals to all patriotic men
without regard to party names or past
differences to nnlte with It on terms nf
perfectly equality Itf the struggle to rescue
our government from the grain of selfish
ness nnd corruption and restore It to Its
former fairness purity and simplicity One
great danger which now threatens our free
Institutions Is tho widespread corruption
vhich menaces the destruction of public
virtue Vast sums of money are eorrnptlr
employed in popular elections official defal
cations are so Jreanent as to scarcely ex
They Have Served Twenlyfive
Years for Murder and Robbery
St Paul Minn July HlThe State
pardon bottnl at noon today ap
proved the parole of Cole nnd James
Younger w jo have been In the Still
water penitentiary for the past twen
tyflve years for complicity In the
robbery nnd murder at the time of
the raid of the Notthflcld Minn
1 saifc j v
a a >
cite attention and political bosses rule and
rqb the people all of which is a direct
TcstUt of republican policies and legislation
Vie demand that all of the misconduct
jun corruption be vigorously punished
that public virtue be upheld and tho want
of It llcnounced
Hon C P Salftn a member of Mnvor
Johnsons csJJuet nt Cleveland presided
over the convention
Portion o Amount Was Held Back but
United States Government Is Wilting
to Call It Square
Washington July 10 Tho state do
partment has received the amount of
the American indemnity claim against
Turkey 95000 through the American
legation at Constantinople
The money was paid by the Turkish gov
ernment to Mr Flelshmnu our minister at
Constantinople was paid by him placed
In the Ottoman Imperial bank add drafts
remitted for the amount Those drafts
baio Just reached Washington As Is al
ways the case tho claims In the aggregate
considerably exceed tho amount ot the In
demnlty actually paid hut our government
has expressed Itself satisfied with tho pay
ment It assumes full responsibility for
the distribution the Turkish government
paying down a lump sum of t50O and
leaving It to tho stnto department to ills
trUiutc this among the claimants at Its dis
cretion and after Its own fashion It U
staled that es soon as the department of
ficials can prepare their list they will com
mutileate directly with the clulmauts
List of More or Less Important Offices
Filled by the Chief Executive
Washington July Jo Tho president has
made the following appointments
Colonel of Infautry John W Bubb
lieutenant colouel of Infantry John J
OConnell John AV llnntiuy
Major of Inrantry William A Mann Mil
Itrd V Waltz Kdwln V Glenn George
11 Cecil John II H Pershln
Captain of Infantry iBanc Newell George
II Shclton Hcrschel Tupcr Celwyn 13
Hampton Harry F Bothers William II
Cochran AIgn P Berry
Captain of cavalry ITerbcrt A While
Harryli T Cavannugh Nathan Averill
Varnuutar ranU of major Thomas U
Goodman James II Houston
Major engineer corps James G War
ten Captain engineer corps Grorge P How
Captain artillery corpB Samuel A Kcp
Second lieutenant artillery transfer from
caialt Itawson Warren
ChnplalnrJoscpb Clemend Timothy P
Suigeons volunteers rank of major
Bobeu Bums llalph S Porter
Assistant surgeon volunteets rank of
captnln George II Cntkltib
Assistant surgeon rank of first lleuten
nnts Charles t Goer Patrick II McAn
drew Gideon Mel Vanpnole Henry II
Rutherford UvneM I Ruftncr M 11
Itrooks Matheiv A Delancy Horace I
Bloonibern Cotnpton Wilson John A Mur
tngh Hugene It Whltmore Charles Y
Brow nice Irvlno W Patten William W
Reno Robert U Pattmi Carroll I Buck
imige II R Gnstnnn Conrad B Goer
per John II Allen Roderick P OCon
nor M Roberts George P Heard Robert
I Noble James W Vandusen Roger
Brooke Jr Wallace Dewltt Albert B
Hendeisnn Robert M Thornbnrg Arthur
M Line Paul S Halleran Herbert
Shaw Clement C Whltcorab Robert II
Ginbbs Fdmnnd D rlhortlldge Vergee
Swnzey John R Devereoux Kent Nelson
Peter C Field Lloyd Krcbs Robert Suinrt
Louis B Relrhmln Jr William P Wood
nil Charles N Barney Milton n Laudo
George M Hkwurzci
Thomas It Wallace Iowa United States
consul at Crefeld Germany
Pletro Cuneo Ohio United States consul
at Turin Italy
Reduction of the Acreage In Com with
a Slight Deterioration of the Crop
Washington July 10 Preliminary re
turns to the statistician of the agricultural
department on the acreage of corn planted
Indicate a reduction ot about 100000 acres
or fi per cent from the area planted last
Tbe overage condition of tho growing
crop Is fel3 as compared ulth bB In July
lCtt 805 nt tho conespondlng date In
ISfrn and tcnyenr averjge of 113 The
condition In Nebraska Is 88 In Kansas 1
In Missouri 70 anil In Texas til The av
erage condition of sptlng wheat also Im
proied during the month being U5 0 n
July Vos compared iiltSi U2 one month ago
Ma on July 1 Iboo 017 at the corre
sponding date In lfiPO and a tenyear av
erage of M 0
1 lie condition of spring and winter wheat
combined on July 1 was 011 against U08
on July 1 UXiO nnd 7fi2 at tho corre
sponding date In tsnn
The aierngo condition of the oat crop Is
Rl 7 as compared with 613 one month ago
fr5 fi on July 1 1000 W at rbe correspond
ing date In 1SO0 and a tenyear average of
War Office Can Hardly Mako Him Out
a Liar
New York July 10 Tho London corre
spondent of the Tribune declares that Edgar
Wallace tho correspondent In South Africa
of the Daily Mall whose artkIos touching
the conduct of the war are attracting at
tention Is known as i painstaking corre
spondent and the war office will not find
It easy to Invalidate bis testimony Th
colonies the Tribunes correspondent con
tinues are especially Interested In bis ex
posure of tho senseless vagaries of censor
ship since one of the principal efforts of
the mutilation ot his dispatches was an In
justice In withholding credit from the co
lonial troops
tnglish btock Brokers Endeavor to Offset
tho Recent ProBoer Demonstration
London July 0 < At Guild hall a meet
Ing was held In snpport of the govern
ments war rolfei Jt was a great success
from tb JlBgo point of view The Idea
l p lin Prrn > tl10 recent pro
oer i
nnniiff JirlnK at Queens hB 8 at
r i5r my rsonv did net sufllco to
contain the
crowd whlnh necessitated an
wVre hriB Wdtf rc tl pro
hRMB IUIU ° ft leiioustratlou of
n n iS > or nrert etiaraclei than
that of the stock brokers within The Ilrtt
w ientirns wrx eUeered and the names ot
0 LS Ti 1 1 0tlpr sJWpothlZcrs
were hissed nnd hooted The stock ex
change was practically deserted for the
meeting tho so < k bwkets mareiilns In
> Guild hall tiacj
T0 waving h and
singing Soldiers
of the icing
Tho loril mayor presided surrounded by
conservative members ot tho houso ot com
mons bankers nnd others
A resolution expressing complete con
fidence In the south African poller of the
el Irl mc ln Protesting against tho at
tack of me
opposition which were eliarats
l iin raH lllteil In Ihe
mti i ii
midst of wild Bcencs of enthusiasm
Is Now in the Hands of the Stato De
New York July lo The war department
has received an official copy of the cansI
tutlon ot tho Republic ot Cubi says a
Washington dispatch to the Tribune duly
authorized by General AVood nnd tho proper
authorities nud the document Is now bring
carefully translated Into Fugllsh by the
expert linguists of the lusulnr division
Chief Interest naturally centers In tho
manner lu which the Cuban convention has
Incorporated thu socntlcd Piatt amendment
to tho document
H appears from the official draft that
the contention has ftrmally conformed to
nil the requirements Inking care however
to do so with the least possible Itijuri to
rt condition
of Cuban selfrespect Tho
eight aitides of the Piatt resolution nhlei
worn enacted bv
congress us au amendment
to the last army appropriation blllmro unt
made a part ot the constitution In the
sense of interlng bodily Into Us compost
tlon but thei nipenr n an ordinance
ponded thereto following thu voluminous
of the fumlutneutnl
jrtlcles law of the
land without comment or explanation other
than the simple title appendix
As a further concession to the public
pride manifested by the Cubans the Inst
article ot tho Piatt resolution Is
somen hat
As congress adopted It this article road
MIL That by way of further assurance
the government of Cubu will embody tho
foiegcJng provisions In a permanent frosty
with the United Htates
Tho Cuban convention has stricken out
the words that by ta > of further nssur
anee and the article Is left to nsscrt wllh
simple directness
Tho government of Cuba will etc
They Are Keeping Up Their Ratio to tho
White Population
New York July 10 A special to the
Herald from Washington says Predictions
based on the census of ISM that the negro
population of the United States would grad
ually decrease in proportion to the total
population mo not borne out by the sta
tistics of the present ceuns
Tlip negro population In the United States
In 1SW was 1113 per cent of tho total a
decrease from I3lif per cent in lfeMt Tills
year the percentage will be somewhat less
than 11 though until tho compilation ot
statistics liuu boon more oeurl oompletod
It will bo Impossible to alio oxiut figures
In Home of the Southern Mutes tile ne
gro population Is InTensing tnster l l
portion than the white In the border
States Iheic seems to be a little falling
olf and In the Northern Stales tn
which the Huronean Immlgrntlou Hows
strougestrthp white population lsInrreas
lug moro rapidly though this does not
hold good lu nome special IpcalUletc svlicli
ns clues In which negin Hcrvnuts especially
lu hotels mo rapidly displacing wmto men
und ii omen
the National educators
Delegates to the Detrplt Convention
Were Kept Busy Yesterday
Detroit Mich July JO Two general
meetings nnd ten sepsrato department
meetings kept the delegates to the fortieth
National IM neat Iciiil Association busy to
day Tho nominating committee this after
neon selected the following officers who
will be voted upon luter President Will
iam Bradsheiir president of Iowa oollegu
trinsuier Charles II Krlcs of Ilnrtforrt
Eleven vice presidents were also placed
In nomination
At the general session of the assclatlon
tonlcht papers were read by Frederick M
Cruden of 81 Louis nnd Principal George
M Grant of Queens university Kingston
Klcnientnry Education was the general
topic discussed under various beads this
J W Boyd Presumably of San Antonio
Killed by a Fall
Chicago Juli 10J W Boyd a ranch
man whose home Is thought to be at San
Antonio Texas met with an accident last
night which later resulted In his death
Boyd was sitting on a railing when sud
denly he lost Ids balance am fell back
ward Into a small area way He was found
tn an unconscious ccmdltlen and placed In
rn ambulance When the hospital was
reached It was found that Boyd wns dead
and Investigation proved thut nls neck bad
been broken by the fall
In Bojds lockets papers were founl
nblrti Indicate hat be fought in the Span
ish American war with Roosevelts Hough
Riders and letters found In his possession
bear the address FJil Houston uvenue Sun
Antonio Texas
Entire Town Reported to Have Been
Washed Away
Helena Mont July 10 A deluge of rain
amounting to n cloudburst washed nwuy
nearly the entire town of Corbln twenty
mllcB south of Helena and the big Peck
concentrator there InRt night according to
messages received here So far ns known
there was srloss of life but the damage
to wires renders details unobtainable
H Clay Evans Denies tho Story
Ktoxvllle Tenn July 10 A Journal
snd Tribune special from Its Washington
coiresrendent tells of an Interview with
Horr II Clay Kvans commissioner of pen
sIcmi In which Mr Ivnns denied the story
that he wonld succeed Mr Dawes en comp
troller of the currency
Sixteen People Lost Tlieir Lives In a
Railroad Collision I
Accident Occurred on the Alton Road
Near Norton Alo 4
Tea Others Died Within a Few llouh
Afterward Jf
Stock Train Had Orders to Meet Second
Section of a Passenger but First
Section Was Overlooked
Kansas City July 10 Fourteen persons
no dead two probably fatallyatijured ond
a large number of others less seriously
hurt as a result of a beadend collision
between a passenger and n fast live stocit
ttaln on the Chicago and Alton railroad
neur Norton Mo at 7 oclock this mom
Inp Six were killed outright four died
ou a train conveying them to Kansas City
nud three died at hospital In this city
Tho dead aro 1
UAMKI < MVNNA hatv Mo conductor
of freight train
P J NliRSON Blur Mo engineer
freight train
PRANK BR1GOS islueer of pascugr
1 y noorns cui United States
express tnesenger
MRS G1LLMW of tVnlbind Tnd
1 > W HOOKFlt Suau e N Y died
oa trsin
MRS C W HWIirt Jasper N X
clld on train
O L ROY cs Mer t the Wllinlngtoo
I1 bauk Mod on tram
SYDNFY JONFS Ktmhs city died In
St Joseph bo pltiil
D DOSM I IY M o Mo Brorrftn
of tbAfrelght trnm din it the Unlveitry
RK It J Tims nuaee N V died
nt University hospital
Unidentified body of vfnng woman sup
posed to be daughter of Tt J Curtis
MRS DICKSON q7 yoftrs old Wlltnlnjt
ton III died ot University hospital
MISS LULU RMP li years old Kent
Sand Ind died at University botpltal
The Injured js
O D Sanborn Chenoa III head hands
end face ieolibil 4
K F Juirmeek Chicago back Injured
Mm Martha Umltluli pontiac ill
Ur A J Adlslr wife and bab Hoop
ston III hands aud fneW named
Mrs Libble niklns Uliwjnington III
h j lids snd face scalded
Tho following were badly scalded
Mnrquejlte Fluueane Troj Kan
Zola Harry Hoopstou ill
C 13 Null Mexico Mo
Gus Williams colored porter New Or
Miss Sndle K Taylor Wilmington ill
Mrs J A Miller nioftmlngtou ill
Mrs James Hasllp Nehenoa III
Mrs S A D Harry Hoontton III
Prof S A D Hnrry Itnopstiin III
Mrs Walker supposed to be from CM
ago Is unconscious
Mis Francis Walker Flatbush Brook
lyn face cnest and hands badly scalded j
Inhaled steam sti unconscious at t j
Josephs hospital V
Those named above are at iStiJcscpbafi
horpltal t
and return vl
< I G N
July 3132 Ex Limit Sept 3
GEO D HUNTER cft nt1 217 MAIN
i v e v t A > V > it yv tVy
i 1
At Uulverslty hospital are the followlnabir
wounded ts
Miss Brama Dickson Wllmlngton Illiv
face nnd arms burned 5ip ij
I3II Walker Louisville Ohio slightly
bruised 1 V
Mrs Kathcrine Wnlker Louisville Ohio
face cut
G P Dickson Fairbury III slightly
Utilised J
Miss Ora Tollman Valparaiso Ind face >
and arms burned J
Mrs Levi Archer Cromwell Ind left
arm fractured and burned aud face cut
Mrs Mary Majtr Louisville Ohio
bruised Slightly
Mrs Auua Morrison Valparaiso Ind
face and arms badly burned
11 C Bray Chicago nvclt sprained bead
cut and Internal Injuries
Miss Lottlo Still Borncltsvllle N T
face nrms and bunds badly burned
Miss Hilda Hasllp Chenot III back
shoulders heud and face seriously scalded
Mr 13 M Hasllp Chenoa 111 head cut
hands and wrists burned
Mrs C XV Snider Jasper III face and
arms burned
The passenger train was traveling In
three sections on account of heavy Ep
worth League business to San Francisco
The wrecked train was the first section and
contained no Leaguers Conductor > McAnaa
of the freight train castbound Jtad been A
ordered to meet the second section ot the
passenger at Slater the next station east
of Norton but apparently ororlookcd the
fact that the first section which was flf v
tecn minutes late bad not passed The
front brakeman on the freight who was
M v5 Mt >
i < r

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