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The Houston daily post. (Houston, Tex.) 1886-1903, July 12, 1901, MAILABLE EDITION, Image 2

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Abc Frank Lost His Rider and Went
It Alone
His Competitors Postponed Their Run
Until tiio Mad AnfrrW ty s Cap <
turcd Coit May Be Ruined
J W r
Chicago Jltly ll An accident that mtly
plvve Hio ruin o grept raroJiorsa marred
the spurt lit Wrishlligtn n park this after
noon In the Maywood stakes only tlircd
tolls went to the post AJic Frank Oliilvliu
WVMeycr nud JViiteeest The Jlrat nrtmod
tin ft strong favorite and much money was
tifct on lilm tta to 0 Meyer wm 2 to 1
llhJ Pentecost H to 1 Wlille the enlts
jwcro nt Jke pbst there was n falo tiioult
mid In attempting to rein up Abe Trunk
Homlntcfc In some way fell off The cult
could easily have beeu rmight hud niiy
one been pear enough lie netted down
the stretch and some stable hand mudit
1 hJ faa lort tn l ° l ho colt bur
nidj tightened Aim lie then stnrteil tn
urn nntl made the circuit or the I rack
twice nt almost ton sliced Then he Jumped
the fence ftnd nfler Wandering about it
hort time returned to the truck and mlt
< dx fnrlmim moiv before ho was itunlly
stopped Ho was Immediately taken to tlio
stable and Charles Meyer unci peuteenit
ran for the stake the former belug n a to
5 ehot In the Cliitngcd hotting Mcvcr
showed tlio wuy nt a terrlHe clip m tiio
stretch hilt Pentecost clung to Ii I tit and In
the run home ho overtook and defeated
the Schorr colt amid much excitement
The extent of Alio Krnnkii Injuries will
not he known for several days The coll
apparently oscnped any serious nils or
bruises III owner tins tvruMil SIMCCU
for hlra
IMnk Coat won the Midway stake handily
from tolling Jlorr
MileTammany Chief Andes Light Hull
Time i
Klee and a half f nrlongs Ilelles Cnni
tnoner Hum War Kddlo Bush Time 1UM
The Maywood make Mii added Mio
furlongs Pentecost Cbnrica V Meyer
Time 100 to
The Midway stakes 2000 added mllo
and furippgPink Coat ItoUUiR It cn
Kpeolfy Tlme 145 25
Slx4nflorV Sei < ii frlailirsa Ktnfc Del
Time foll
SlUerWlnter Chorus Hoy VluctuiiJ
Time 1J1 2
Water Color Wort Iroquais Stakes
New York Jnly 11 Witter Color mfinliin
In tho nnwo and under the colors of 1nmr
R IlngRln won the IroipwU stake of 3tJrn
nt one and onemiarter iiillet nt RrlKhfon
rieneh lodny trie did little inore tliiij
romp all the way and won ptittuping lijf
elsht teniihs Vltelllns took he place a
tCMMh lieforo Jt tai >
hlx furionss i > nWi Tom Kenny Twl
Time J iit 3
Mile and seventy ynrds scllliiKFittnllst
Animosity Mnrntlieh Tlluo > 44t
Bit fur ouesCameron tiiixton Our Hey
Time 114 K
Irorpiols stake mile mid a rpmrter Water
Cilnr VltelllugSlQrtnllo Ttnrn 2a07
Sllle and a furious Irlnee of Millmiirue
Vn Taper The Aniaxnn Time t B2
Mile nnd a slxteeptli Matjulnceut Tlngu
lime 111 3r
ir v iteehntupton fil
TOnAYH nvritius
Mile selllnir 1year olds Indy Chorister
in tllm lf 1IW Military 110 Holm IK
Inkhot 105 Ksinltiole no Senrry 10J
TUe < lalith of n mile maiden 2 venrolds
fella lOJ llnmrstend 1141 Joliu Hailey
Cern 10 Althert 110 remojue 1U > Cast
lion 110 MitBldora KIT Jlvrnn of Kn cr a
110 Woden 110 The KlllBht of llnrleni 110
Kontenlx 107 Cntanauo 117 NotHmah KIT
rmmii A St 107 Silver Twist 107 Hun
Wiower 107
Milt and Kteenth nvearnlds and up
Moiaika Oil ltlneti 10 Unffaello 1KI Jnnlu
m hsnllenp sli furlotnt Sndilucre HW
Miikfieer 10 Slav W 01 Itedeelt H7
up Park Hi Irolm P7 Timor of rmidliM
M Uin IIM I idi fee is o
Ilvo and a half fmlMntn hmieap 2
yearolds Allheit lilt Apill Hhower lit
loeket 101
Six fnrltmns selllnc tluinmoek lua Slav
o Ollror 101 Fonsolee P Tatar or led
fiey HO Oread 10d Sntrlvor 1oa jlod
KnlSht 1W Slmnnuth Ilov 100 Unphronk
lOOi rilffldeni tin Venloro Dr liinldiaco
111 Ifeilernllst KVi roelml 103
I i i i
> iFnvoritcs Suoco sful at Dclmar
St Ioitls July 11Three fnrorllea ami
two second choices won t Deiimir today
Plx furlencs Trunk Icnrec Charles C
First One Time lilnty
een furletiKCAullole M1 k Th r wi
Mis Wfinnati Tine lio
Six fiirlpiijpi koIIIiik Hlrttcr Kurah Jogie
VVainer Time 117
Sllle and a furloni fclllnsJurtse fltenrt
min Xanco ONoll Coral Wuie tWl
Sllle Iasso Aurra Indy of tho West
Tlmo 14291
Slx and if half furloncs selllns Uen
Tioit Vour Leaf Clover Tcuny Ilellc
Tlmu 122
FIvcelRhths of a mile maidens rhono
ilte 10S Lady Clarik Colonel mono JIM
Vhsinlan KW Crpxler Illllaii M Aiiiik
Klllott mVllnr Ie Duo 10S lunefraii W
Hunter Halno 108 Mlsn Itnda Jndy Urook
wn > inT i
Thlneenstxteenths of n mllo sMllnc
J J naker 1211 Inrce Iadv 111 nmrtln
Ipmella 121 Tobs IMIno 12 > Ilevoke 121
Clnj Iolnter 12H Wild Kntlc 122 Jorrv
Jliint1dvlnc Hazel 1211 Ahc Furst 120
llenhftm 12n
HlotenslxteenthB of a mile tolllnc Amll
phonf nonnleoosn iot ieu Nutter 112
103 Jiandrol KiO
Six fnrloliss Itnv Slennnald 107 Maxl
mtis lis A n filbsou U Rlnorleii Floy
Leaqh 10 Ducnssa 107 Sard toi Hail
Sl1l aelllnR Joe Douehtv 100 Ilansmu
ion ifansliorrtiith lot Milwaukee loo Ton
3owp n w CioMmollna Flitht Itnlls jnlm
SIorton404 Jnyit Filde 100
Itfllo Simpson
101 IMoSJIIIcy kV vidas A >
SIIo and a Hlxteenth Satln Cost M
fiadlf Levi 103 Hwordimpn U2 ljiicenla
6 n5pnwi IJoyKW Ia Hpara 107
Good Crowd at Newport
Cincinnati July 11 Tho weather wn
vi ry het gi Newport today but a kooJ
tlej turned put to see the spoft
Seven 1filrl6iies selling Assassin Polly
Several prominent Roiithern democrats
Indorsed the Ohio Htnte phitrprm
It was Staled In Chattanooga Ten
dint IostiuiiMer GeherrtlSinitli wo d
icsIrii and that tommlsslnner of Ien
sonrf Ilvans would succeed hlin
1110 rcil ed list showed nineteen fa
talltles air n result of the collision on
the Alton road
The hot wave moved southward Sev
ern Bmiflictn cities showing high tcm
A Railroad irldB collapsed n t Hprlng
Held Ia nnd nine men were killed
It was derided try tho supremo lodBC
K of 1 to raise the lilsuianco into In
the imislimiiii to inako up the JjO < JlXXJ
Street railway employes tied tip the
system In Sterldlnti Miss
The Newport News shipyard machin
ists voted to resume work ntthe old
Strike of the steel workers wns not
settled at the llttslitiri conference
A llsht look place between btrlklnc
llshcnnen mid Jnpanspe on tm IJianer
j cr n ud slxtccu of tha latter wein
captured by tho strikers
Mexican laborers enticed Into yucntan
wero treated ns slaves
The funcrnl of Irlhco Von Itohonloho
took place nt Hrldlllnssfiicwt Ilavurla
The trlnl of Llnlitenant Ilrown of the
Second Infantry for klllliiE a uattvo wait
Urttlth war ofilclnls charged that tho
Hours murdered wounded tnoti nt Vlail
r The eerenls Rnlned strength corn
lending In the advance
1rlee of llvo stock declined In bomo
of the markets
Several Iniluences tended to pioducii
n nervntisnass In the stock inaiket
There wns n bettor feeling In cotton
Jn New Orleans itud an erratic condi
tion In Now York
lallines for the month of June were
found to be lieutler than for some time
Was a Hard StrurjBle Between tho
Constitution and the Independence
or Second Honors
Newport It L July 11 Columbia won
today race In Hne shape with Constitu
tion seenml and Independence a romarknbly
good third Tlio lioston hif Mnii >
exciting race with the two lierreshoira and
led the Constitution nt the outer murk only
to be bontcri by n uttto over two
lbbnites In the rim to the finish before the
> Tho brecse today wns mueli stronger than
011 pro Ions days The result of ttoduy s
lace loaves the question of supremaei of
the three ninetyfooters uncertain the In
dependence being not so jdow after nil
whllft the Constitution hu Jut t rme
Itir tiuuiicstlnned superlorlly to thu other
two jnht In in > thing except rery Hghl
airs III Inpen of th lioston oon tlngeni
i lVllii IhtiexpeiiM are tij ug to tig
I l f iTonihw 111 di wl en ft
blovs n Itnle liaruei
Jliu luro Itfcclf uim exciting especlslly
yiV 1V 8W hour nr > ei tl
jtitlt the Independence by keeping near
IJif Siiirnsanseli shore fontxl the Ionsllii
uliuut and for a row minutes wm thti
leader In th nice Fioin that point to
the tuning buoy the llghl betwefn tlie two
JlirulH iihk one of tli Closest contest
een lieie for many years With the mutlc
about eight miles orr tlio flyers battled
for the lend Three limes dlu the Iterre
Pflt aeli nttempt to cross the bow of
the tlflvwitnehleld boat only to be beaten
back iiiid forced about
Captain Unit keiit tho Constitution right
timb t his lee nnd was nblo to maintain
that commanding position tlivougn tho
speed ami pointing ability of the lioston
boat evim ullh lestt sail the llcrrr horf
boat cmrjlugf 11s usual tier baby jib top
1 While they battled however Captain
Hnrr of the Columbia saw his chance and
topk advniitnge of this eontest between
the other two yachts to slipon to win I
wiird und he thus nsiched tho mark neailv
four minutet qlieml Astern of him uon
tbe Independence and Constitution eaWi
t1 living for the buoy the lioston be it glv
llig blow for blow and tuff for Ion In
t eiy else and tltulllj swlnglug iiriMind
Mlth the Constitutions bonspili right over
Ker tail rail Two seconds afterward thu
loiatltutton also turned
Last S11Imday the Constitution beit the
tlillepcliileiire lieflfly an hmir In tlio miter
nutU On Sloiiday the Ileiieshoff ymht
Was forty miniites attend to tin ten nitl
bent 1o wimlwutd tu the run home both
the tlerresbott boats pulled uuav from tile
litiUiiendence bui the gtln was compara
ttvttv small nd not nt all dlsenurnglng to
tjie fnlouevfnf ttie Ilosiou yoeht
Shipuitort In a dense fog the Columbia
swept ueiohi the finish line throe mluutmi
und fortytwo seconds ahund of the Con
stltutlon and rlgnt aslcru nlioitt a pilln
italled the Independence defeated but tmt
humiliated Tin clews cheered each other
the nulrpendence Mrs being particularly
Columbia op corrected timi beat Const
toilou four mimic thlrty een seconds
nnddnil9poildciiee tdx loltuilc9nftyl o suu
filiby raschal Time luJOlj lmjtt ho joy of vlclorv on board the lnn >
rt2lx Sft5 ARf 1 nB Vc Chemlseitc pfoOctiee tnqlEht The show ng of the
OwyntTtv tfine ljltl i fo ft lifts given till hands new hbV Cap
Jfjvp and n half rurjoiifr elllnBU
ttijfin Tho WJdow Dr Verth Time
1 104
Sis nnd n half furlongs bandlprtpjojin
Mel lrtiy Jcorgte Ma jle Veils Time
Sis furlongs ecllltie II J Cox 81 nil
Colon l > jt ilihe l11l
i ni W lIr J > lf Handy J
Mpy Imt J83
a s Jv sy ft sv sy s Byttr
tain Half sold twlay that after the tnde
peiideui > e lisd been Preporly tuned up she
taii bent either gt tlu two boats In ally
kind efn ltrye
Doth tho EnolishYaohts Wero Beoajrncd
off Cumberac
Jlothesny ITrlhof Cljde Ji ty UThe
two tilmniroeks had amither trial today
i going out to windward In u hi
MSM Jbree e The Shamrock I had the
Teils tho story WJien your head
u efcqB ftutj ypu feel Jijltou consti
Jjtsied atul out of tufte with your I
traucb sour and no epjietlte Just <
ir wctojse of
> s
in doseIrom tc pills
surprised et WW easily
wwK care your
win r p e be
you feel Jiappxagsln
4l wilcii ltrt
CpiiKtltutton bMt luilepoiiilenco over the
imille course two mlmttes fifteen seconds
torrectd time
Newlmrt H I July 11 There wns nl
our knot
best of
the start add the weather bertji the Slutmn
roilf II quickly closed the gup passed
the older boat end held a eten bail whei
liej worn Itolh becalmed Olf Ciimbciait
Wnteoii the denlguer of the 11 it bill
lenger wants the trblU cwitlnutd next
Lake Charles to PJayt the Firemen
TU tike Charles lji club and the Klro
mcu will play two cimc 0r bull at League
hark tomorrow and Sunday The Uekv
thnrlcu louiu tjVn a whole Is the
strongest Jesm tlmt has been here this
year and tjntsnme will no doubt be rbus
and Jntcresttng and well worth srelne
baUtt sre lavlted te Attend and win be
The slntVi ffiictpft from Chirter few
will again he v ry Iiir6 thlj mfintli
Thorn IS n clow to the Idcntl ty of the
miirtUiHl man who was found near
lirtrejilort will hnre n large delega
tion nt the TrabtnilMilNplppl eo imr
The Sixth district Is now being stirred
up o er tlio cleulltm
IlKiilte nnd sulphur hine been fOiint
near the Andersoncrmnty sntt mine
A thniikflutl men are now tiivotvod it
tho htilko n Fort Worth
The II Y V U held lie dual sun
sloii and ndjoiiriied
Joott rnlns ate reported from a num
ber uf point
The cllliteris of Ilcllvlllo will restore
n rliimnel to a eyck and pmtentover
A company lias been orgiinlsCTl to horo I
n well mi tbp Torreuco farm near Wijco
Tho drill of the Chicago Orange eum
pnny has gone through the rock mid Is
now Ip the siml
Additional doeknge facilities arc boln
prnUdfd nt lort Arthur for the ship
ment of oil 1 1
Twentynve wells are now bctng sunk
on the hill nt Heaumont
Tho tlfleunth gusher has como In at
AboFrank lest AU rider nt Washing
ton park nnd iijceil around tin1 track
probably seriously lnjinlng ldiiise4f
The Colimibla wt vletoiiouslu the
trlil raco of American ynchs
The tvin Hhaniroekfl weio again bo
The Santa IV forced other We tcrh
roads to stop rate ctitliug j
Tlio pnnlinl meeting of the stockhold
ers mill dliector of tho Houston nnd
Tesns Central was again postponwi
The Southern Pacific commenced tho
cnnstiiiction of live miles of rtiUlltlpiml
yard trackage nt Houston tiei < r
A doserlptlnn of tho proposed Carnoglo
library for Houslon
How the city bonds nre to be voted
for nt the election tn be held on July 21
S W Ogle tells mi Interesting idury
of his prison experience
t lt < OIIS9IOSOItISllt l He90IIOMIt < l
Lake Iharles Firemen
I tlek Pitcher toper
iVS Catcher Campbell
Collins First Hake well
JHce Second base Sc irlmroutrh
JJontern Thlnl base Chllders
llverhart Shortstop Pnnllg
olnV uJ nt mx Lodfllr
Ileynolds Lett Held oilro
hchevlug Contcr Held Illelley
ymplre Jroetur
Played Won ivtt ivt
Mllwaukeo CO
Little Hock
Now tlrlesiis
lcni0ils July 11
her wlnnlug stieek
11 no
J4 i
20 snt
10 fit
80 4d
3d 41u
MS bid
41 311
Milwaukee July llCIUcagn ptnile
three straight today trio home tea
tlbtiblo to hit Katoll at till right time
jiynio 11 n
Plnyeil yon List
Siors o 11
4W >
MemphlH continued
I rMbi by ilef filling
c jniramKigtC in nine fust sinme Inwuuri
Hltnsdrs rfutpllehed Clayton and MemtiU
bitters slugged the ball haiiler than their
hibouents The featurasoJTthe game o4
Whistlers hitting be ihstlmc t o triples
and n double to bis eutjlt and MctiruV
lliely work at eeo
ird for MrtiiihJs
Memphis s 101 gon m s 11
riuttinnoogo ki uu turn 4 p 1
lthondtB and Arnisltong Clayton and
I t
Ltltle ltoek
noutwiQoi ti <
aml Mws > AeniBllV and lint
ton s
Nashville July llTwo orrors on the
part M Xnbvltle In
he eighth Inning con
plfd wit a base oiiJialls wtvflit Shreynpoit
fiOm n hhntout today Nin vlt titpiayed
i lflume1 cJrm t M M u1 1
Hcorifr >
11 11 n
Ndshrllle 001 2SSnoi ii id
imr an1 UButr i 8amp > amj Jle
ItlrmlngUsm July llNaw Orleans woi
frnm IllrmliiBhiim todnyK by pmyiiig bei
tejcUwi of bnJI DnuiieJiktrer beiittJip Ip
Oils down to live blfs whIUJHIoit was Jn
rgitly when runs uv ueedwL
fjlrminxhain ona oki iijo t 1
lllen anjl CuUuy Daniiitjiodbraiiil At
rit IUIS
Netv York
Mil 1 aeo
Pbiypd V <
in pst
Mttsburg July U Tt was a pwetiou
game fer PHtsburs and several n w play
eiRweri worked Jnlostoa wre
SeirKjiliiesiiicy wtPjiUt out three times
fttisbii rg io > fttftoeixr5 10 i
litHtou jumOOiKj owl 0 n 1
ThUiieJliii xami rtitJilsrtx IMlncfr and
hlltVOlBl T
Clittltibntt JiitySlSriSree errors and
IWj IiIib nave 4h Ilri klyns thiee runs In
Tiay dne h u v
llnetiittntl t j > ittKO < oo 1 H 4
1irookly11 i mtotiooij 11 a
lyillllpHaiid IlerfiClu Kltson Uonovun tid
uitungq ml nJiVo errors n slnK < d
two dqiilitji Jn thu ninth Inning allowed
the vlsitora to Hostile Hcore In todiiy
game Atiietne tunby Fltck won the sails
foe ttw thllnllBlphhtris In the eleventh In
nlntf Attendance fK
Surei tt It H
fjhleego > 201 000 000 00 3 12 r >
Ihlladelphlit 000 nil IKO 01 1 7 2
Kssou 11ml Knttoe Hnstirtesby White nnd
DinlJflflUs s
Losses at Clarksvillc
Onrksvilib Tosas Jilly lo thd follow
ing Is noarty a complete list of the losses
from tll the henvStojidsy nlRlttS
HulldlrtgsSIra S H Crawford loss
0W Iinilrnnce > Ill Teutonbi nndIWU
lirJtHtlsli Amirlcdii
Holdings A Anderson loss 0000 Insured
In Aetna for S2CI0 hudNorthern for 8UK1
Abo and ffnils inldmnn loss So In
snilifree In lliuie Sir Xi SUM In Hartford
Uii4 rthntv loss Ik M Jnsuranee tltm In
Hertford ijiooo In Conuncrclal Inlon and
liooo m laneashlre
Mr LIIU Owathlner loss iM t Insur
ance I fit si In Nottlt Ainerlenii nnd KiX
li Uuteiii
Fwit Nntlojiai biiik lo 13000 litsnr
ittiic In Ilartfird V > lermsn of Fni
pnrf I7rm Hrl lsli American 37V and
l looil In Hcotthh Unbiii and National imi
Ill si Nntlonal Ifttrlt building occupied
for N I Trlblliit loss 12000 iimnrnnen
Ii Weiftern tWsV Hilllsli American 20tM
1 hltfldeliilibi IJnileiwriters SlIOO Lnnea
shjie 1l0o Western HI
I K King b is < li m Insurance In Lnn
cnrhire SI iKi Unmuieielnl Utrion Jtvut
Slcekif NjiC lliiirlc groeen loss d00d
llisnlfllice 10111 la HOitlfeh Pftlmi mil Na
tional and 1fs In Ianenhlie
I Silliurjiutg dry gtydN loss tfwv n
Hilfinee In nelitvnrjc fKujo Sii > ttiih Inlon
rtril National toJO Ml In llieniv of
Ialtford 100J ft CiiiltloeiWiil WU In
A ft L OoMlnffct utentniv brick lntt
2000 Insurancev70 bi Viignii
W P Illeek to boiHliig works dim
iiRb JlftHi liisuranee 1 1 b llelveila
A Jt Latimer tfroeerj lots UW Itisur
nice In Xorllufnasiooo Western SHXk
J JlcCoy saddlery stock bws SlOOOj In
sured >
L N Stetnleln rirt gnods litem 20n0
Hisiiance In PiUHwjlvniibi JlOfyi Aenn
° Orient W > Vlio Association
thllrddphla M > y
Miiwimkrc 000rtio mo 1 n
Iljiesgo 020 000 oa 4 7 1
Itebly find Connois Katoll and Siigden
Wethlnglon July n Haltlmore today
noied Its third consecutive victory over
Wpshlugioii by bunching hits In tilt first
t o Innings The umplies decUlnns wcr >
generally erv unpopular and nt the clone
the crowd Surged fiiminil ffherblnii nnd
two men who attempted to hi > him with
rtleks wera nnostdd Attemlnme jrUW
it u n
Washington 00 030 oisi < 7 0
ItHlllinore iaO ftflo OKI 0 0 a
Ontrlek Mercer and Clarke Unwell and
Jleveland Jnly 11Detroit hnd an ofr
day on lidding ami the homo team sup
ported Moore splcndldlj tlueo dnublo
IIi1vm of tins most sensational kind helping
to shut oft runs at critical times
heme It H K
Ce eland 010 210 r > rt 11 1
Hejiolt It 111 O00 mn > I 10 5
Moore end Yeager Cronln nnd Shaw
lioston July 11 Umpire Connelly kept
the game gqlng for thrpe Inning s In
hrnvv rain but finally called It In tho
Hret half of the Mtli Inning H0M011 wop
b batting Plank when hits meant runs
Attendance ItSOO
Score It II i
lioston It 01 4 7 0
lhllnilelphla 001 00iV 1 1
Wlutcis and Hchreck Plank and Smith
UK 1
N I Trlbllng dry g ils and Implo
netile loss SUjOQi Insurance In PhnonlV
of rttunklyn S10C > Aetna 0O0 neimnrt
Amerlinn l tCfK Continental Scooo
2rM I Aetttn Rlinn in Coutlneiiinl
SltXHl bt IjcriiHiliAmerlfitii
h r25 Ji xa t le Chill Tltae reujovts
Mexican s I 111 iced to Yucatan and
Treated as Slaves
Preparations Belno Made In Mexico for
the PanAmerican Confjress Other
News of tho Republic
Mexico City July JlSerloni charges nre
brought against certain labor contractor
engaged In seeming men tn work on the
hcncqiiln pbiutntloiis In Yucatan Ileceml
It Is alleged eighteen married men with
their fHiitlllenimd twentytwo slnge tn n
veto engaged to gpto Yucatan undr a
promise of reeoltrng 2 per day These
men mill women vforv embarked nt Tain
pbo und kept between decks duililg the
voyage being fed on hardtack nnd tic
tin reaehinlg Yucatan they wme taken ti
tfie plantation where they soon found
tlt their wages weie but 87 cents per day
Scleral men with their wIvoh nnd chlldiai
muling themseltes deceived ran uwny but
woie pursued and caught and brutally
whipped the men receiving ilfty hiidi s
eneli thu women twcnlylUe and ioys sx
1cllpe Juiitua one of theso iiufoitunatu
men got nwny and has letmned to this
diy null published his story und demands
that Justice bo done him thmugh the Itw
Ills fondly still icmiilns In Yucntiin The
tnalter will be Investigated luiuieillat dr
luttrcE Is 41 tears old anil loriiur y
earned his living miiMng pitBtebunril lots
These chiligen liKudliig the de olng 01
hmtiblO men to the hot comilry plnntut oils
In lemole parls of tin tetiiildie are itt
new There has been imdcioirrelit lilk
of these Miiiso for many yeais
Iteporls are enirenl tlutt ehmges of Im
pel tuneo tile soon to be made In the 111 in
ageineiit of the Mexican and ein I Ill
reilnai mid the story Is iretilit < d Iht e
u ad Is now piaetlenlly lonludled bv
Staililnril till Interests
Mexicos delegates to the Pan American
congress have mot innil ejected oinuillti ei
on tnteniniloriiil law 1iKric11Mur1l Industry
nnd eommeice Intel national niiicautlio
Ian patents and trade nwiUs me Min
ister of Foreign Ilnlfclnlis Slailscal pre
Victor Muartnn the newly ai rived eonsu
geleinl of Peru says In 1111 Interview Hint
ilhlttlitlon is the tilllmportniu pil > lph >
to Tie settled by the Piu merlenn e 11
press Jle adds As to the relation of
South American republics generally to tha
nfvttiliid Hiatus Iheio need be no fear of
1 hostilities It Is not true that Iluopenn In
tliieiues have been at work t < i prejnilbe
us sgnlnst the States of the North nnd
there Is no fear among us but 1iiele Sun
will evor be the conquering aggressor
We rtlher look 011the big Northern Heptih
lb us 11 sort of great big futliciM io
teetnr from whom te have nothing to fear
A r IJettls furniture 1000 In Phoe nhd of whom we expect much In the way
nU of Unqtford SlOl In iernianAmntl of noble eiimple
en 1 flepnris from Yitentsn show lutense ho < it
ix atnn dry grind loss by lemoral 1 pievalllng all over that peninsula It Is
Mono Insiirance Inlmpetlnl BKV the hen
Contl epeilenced for venis In
1 ncntal SDflOO that section of the
1 lepnhlle People go tl
Mnne Itros law lllnsry S1000 Insur 01k at 11 In the morning and quit 11
mice SJiftfl In Oerman They can not stand it any loirger
lleese saloon los S0nn Instiraneo not I The Mf Nin Nntlonnl cortteiitlOn of
i 11 ii Young Peoples Hrnngelicftl socletlt
1 l 98 w aw library loss STttt I opened lis session In Pnebla with a large
800 In Aetna I stteiib
l htsnu t Chnniber > law library lA s
nerv lose SIOOO Insmance
Uulon nuil Nntloml ifrtjii
In Scottish
Residence at Tdxarkana
TearKunn Teicu uly ll TJie iesl
ilence occupied by fairs Molllu Tyson
m being MrsClnddls Kerrell H d ri W MclCoe
iV < h Ar5 night ivtal Ibsa
Jf000 Insurnnce 2V < AH three of tlia
recldeucos belonged to Mis Tyson
CINCINNATI Judge Ituftis It Hmlth of
the supeilor eouif his granted an Injiinc
Hon against all the ticket scalpers
ii5 JnJ r r arrle has up
pointed A It
Mttreilge of Slou Kalis >
X to 111 the voaney caiised by the
iei > il 0 Senator Iwle
Miss W
1 e The contention liicliid > < Jt lie
Chrl bin Kndeavrrws the Haptlit Unions
fsfl Iifsuranee flOOit in PhoenU of nrn k the Vning Mens ChiistVnn As < oe
> the Hpnorth Iengueis etc
11 I MrNgrtnn < 1iv goods Jind mllll The high price of Indian corn which It
the basis of diet of t r it
igotort ment and It Is proluble that If the
1 WW ifiWVf not let go of the con
they Are holding for peeil itlon the gov
ernment will ttlie oft the duty 011 Amerlein
coin nnd otherwise aid In
loweilng Hie
TJiVr l I > eJnved tUi epoitgft
ec lionltBLVl ime for tvb vftes > iippSr
but lohnopftfrslfl who iin > ileh will not sell
He Will Wed the Widowed Duchess of
New York July 11 A London dispatch
to tho World relalivo to lbs repotted be
trolhnl of the duchess of Albany to the eul
of ttoaebery snys The nhnnutieement Ik
not unexpected The widowed duchess anil
I Nolan shot and i 1w vtl O11 wouht have been mar
BrttJl meu were lolK flP ° had not the queen declined
EW l uTZ 1lp weii > S strongly
known H I her niajesly Insist that In the seventeen
yenr that elapsed since the death of Pilnce
Loopold tiuho of Alhtny the duchess has
aioideil soilet and detoted her life to the
rtailng of iwr sop and daughter hsbe u
W Ieiulbiily shaped school seat for
Manila July u TUf tr nr
Ilrown of the Reeoiul Inrantry cbaig
with murdering near Itmangonan Inftinti
province 1 native who was suspect of
oiiluiocl to reBilfi
mio questioned th niitte and the lattir
wll p
ill rPe > niowii slo hi 1
laplflln KniMi II bremont also
of tlm
Secom Intanir is being 1 f st lk S5
Cniitiiln Wright 3rsted that
now in
Wasliliigton be
A an outgiowtb of the HI foiling oxlstliir
In seine iiuarters It devclotMSl i iiVil
that II Phelps
VMiitmaish he
go r r
of llenguel who bus been ordered here to
LiT1 v r i tfnin him iiucst
rated had a pluslcnl encounter with Kociv
tin Otto Renurer of that province who
l > t > sovernorv admlntHtm
tnlteil States officers believe Soberer l
tine jo the Interests of the native
Groves Tasteless Chill Tonic
Several German Dignitaries Represented
by Proxy at tho Obsequies
KeUllllagsuerst Ilnvarla July llThe
futrral services over the remains of Irlnee
nu Ilnheulohe topk place here to lay nnd
V V > n < v he Crown Prince i retlei
lek Wllllatii renKentliig JbuperoyAVlllltn
ml lepiecntatlvis of niliueronJ tJktman
pr ncis 11111 public bodies Oini Scliilncll r
delivered the funeral oration The eoflln
h ufterwnids home to n bourse nnd con
yeW amid the tolling of bells t the
ltohenlohv family vault
Aiming tb motirners were Count Voa
JwadowsklKbtinr Imperial seretary of
Stale for the Interior Jlerr Tblelen the
minister or public works Huron Von Mir
bitch ninrtev of the empress bousehnPI
repiemtitlng tbr emprens llaron Von Ulett
llmftn iiilnlsler of foreign affair dciiuri
lloas from numerous societies and a nuin
ber of school eblldrcii
HKKHIN5 clears the cnmplexiou gives
buoyancy tn the mind cures headache rea
tilatee the stomach and bowels stimulates
the liter and Is In feet n perfect guard
tan of the health Price J cents for site
t > > A C Klesllsz drcceltt Wl Main street
How will your cold be
tonight Worse probably
Its first a cold then a cough
then bronchitis Colds al
ways tend downward Stop
tliem quickly with Ayers
Cherry Pectoral
< 50c 100 J C AVER CO towtll Mm
Dr Carters IranSolvent Ilonglcs wilt dl U Je
dlio > t ana forsver remove Urethral Htcletur In in
flui UmigloOlisoWeInthtooboars Onre CDCP
Varlrocolound cnlnnteu lrojinte Treatlte tliul
Union S l n > en
Alk for Card
A Resolution rfavoripo It Was Adopted
at the Detroit Mcetlnq
Detroit MichJulyliHesplle strong
eppoHlllou on the paitpf jthose oKM d
to a Nntlonnl utilteisltf the Suionil jjd
caiu ajHOdatlon today adople n reiith
Hon reafllrmlnglU former declaration In
fa or of Mieii a nnlvarali
The report of th eojnnTltleo on notnlnfl
tlttis which uhmed fir William JtioiuUhear
0 Iowa college for pwsldcnt anib C M
Upyti of Hartford Cotui foe to
Hits ndopteil r i > f asur r >
The IntetiMi Interest among odiieiitos on
the stibjiet of leichlng eiojiiunles In the
public school svstentK pf tjie country wns
rejleeted In the iijlenilniue upon this
luornlngs session xvtilflh wus leiotel to It
Although the Light flimnt nrWinrv was verv
elrse when PrcBldml Oretm Mlllel the set
hlon to order thoue xv i IjOodijivltihers prs
ent Talking extemporaheotislf Prof fte r e
I Vtneonl of tbe > rnlverMt 1f Chlcngp
ttlnde 11 tplMiilhl ami eithusaatliiiy ap
plnudetl addrosit otu Sochi ficoiiro an 1
tho Cmrlcnlnrn
bis pnpw of IJrononiles n tlie Public
The afternoon was oeritplei tiy meetings
at twelve of the departments
irati j 11 in i
Ohio Bar Association
Put InItav Ohio JufjC uVurtn AY H m
it Day fi > rniii eoretary of SUtte was
tl e prlnrltiil 4pnaker ntlbe emililU meet
lac of the Ohio Its association hsro today
Hie etibjert wue fl ir4ui In the ttHar
tiatlnnal lanuly >
tter tqr tfio tilftod f ban Sarsopanlla
Fur lhost Uvk 111 the Malaria JJU
rlcts JroTcs T st l6js Chill Tonic
w 3T
Ono Death pnd a Dofen Downs
St Louis Jul
mTlltj imulmuoi erq
piTulure todaj vas lOi at 3p m it it
ll > e hbrhrsf rraeljed In twenty years with
one exception Upo leatli iiil a dojseMj
Pfittraclons > et >
s iprji j
tidihg In the negative By a coninrofriiUo
uglireniwit hnwnver It wis ordeicd tbit
their Hie old death losses wen paid off
as po slbl
The Toggeryj
Dont Ever Think
That Linen Suits at
Or Flannel Suits at
Or Serge Suits at
Are all the good IhinRS we hive Inn
you We have everything in A5
FtirnlsliliiKS at lust as good j0 Tl
Chase makes a friend We Kite ill I
please call
K H Cawthon
S12 and 514 Alain Street
T WISTAR HKOWN 1 Vlce resWents
G M HARCQURT Assistant C H
bio Vitnllzeritheprrserlptlvnofaftmons French physician will ontcLlxcarernti
tho such Lout IlnuSiooil
tienousur iJh m so meninillve orgsns
HuIiih In lie Hack Stiiliiul I ii > U loil Ncrtou Urtilllly fB
and restores small weak organ
Tlioriaioiisiillerero aru not cured by Doctors Is because 00 percentnro troubled with Protli
ODlJOrSll His only Ifiown remedy to euro witbout an oicrutlon 8000 testimonial a
piiiraiiteoelvon nnd mom y returned if r boxes lines not effect 11 permanent curs ILOOaMtJbi
liyinnll Simi 1 fnr KiiiiKclrculnrnnrt testimonials
Address KAVOI JILltlcIMK CO POBox 3776Ban FranciscoCat
For sale by I Lcwyn corner Main an d Preston avenue Houston Tent
Many Other Methods of Raisino Money
SuQQested Texan Elected
to Succeed Hinsey
Chicago July 11 The supreme lolge
Knights of Pthins which has been In ses
sion heie conMileiing the eutirgrs of mlu
manngcmciit by the lioard of tnutioi of th
that tlio
went rank today deodsil
the eommo Peo ple
this eoiititrj has attrieted noHee of the mfst expedient way of meeting the de
ttclenev of 500000 In tho treasury was to
raise the Insurnnce rale to the maximum
pieaeribod by the National Krntfiual con
gicss if lu this way money le not quickly
onnugh forthcoming it Is likely that il
speeljlf a setfthi fnt of T0 cente Will bef iin
on ever member of the otder for the Uepj >
tlt of the eiiilonmrnt rink This move
ment would speedily raise SiiOOoo Pie
board of coin 10 will Imestlgalo the af
fairs nt the endowment mnk pursuant with
the ipwdtitloiiB adopted testerdav The
Austin Tevas to whom Js dac Mm
iiyoituicnt made for the bankrupt It
11 liny of Austin It a creditor to ttl
teit of Stt000
Heavier Than For the Three Prw
iila Months
Noty York July 11 1 bstlfirl llH
turns as leportcd to It n DimJtCt
the month of June show Xailurn Itr
thnn In tho thiee preceding momlt
the same month In two preiedlns jM11
prior to IMiO last month llablllttNP
hatebeen considered extnmely Hjl
niiuf cturlng the total was 51S6lli
than last year hut a few uniisnalUh
dlitcis account for the rtlftercor
prctslpn In the cotton manuficttuv
te overproduction of gioiis Item
priced raw material nad alraout
away without bringing uily ssrloa
nre and the fact had been Tnfjitleitf
rijiuiikihle In connection with MtlK
port One large concern lurnr rerl
Iiilflble tobMr he strain afnl ItiHttj
count for practically all of the Jul
ure < which exceed the same nionla fli
Htent yeii
in other textile lines also the es
tocnril is not njeaslng but ln tt 1
bsi 1 year has ltrought definite eoutwr
In these branches of manufatturljl
Is evorv reahiui to expet no fnrtettl
only Immediate notion which will be taken nsSsnments Kew fnJiiVes oeetrttJB
will be the institution of foieclosure sulp liquor and cigar dcabrs but t ii
In an endeaior to rescue as miielt as poi
slble of the money said to lime been care
lessly lmcstcd by J A Hinsey fitlmor
president of the boaid of connol
llefore the new rates weie adopted there
was a tlolent and manysided tightas 0
whether tlio policy was poor or not Itie
old rates weie much more favorable to 11
men than to joung and conpeqiienlly tho
younger element lined up in fuior of the
1 linage against the older element
Tlieie was an even harder stiugglc nridy
by men who thought Jt wan not fair to
plant all the financial burden of making
up tho denclt caused by bud admlulsira
bi i n cries
J o000 Little alteration apnfipN
trading losses as compared tilth ui
pevloux good years bit deanlut
in efi lighter than In iny June frit
Pet Frorj Loaded With Dvnamiit
plodcd a Child Killed
Kansas City Mo Jnl 11 A
from Albany Mo to the Time MP
accident In which Hirer hlHren I
frog and mine dynamite rlgured I3el
day resulted In one death two r
seriously InJuieJ nnd a rait of a W
demolished The tbrco children 6t f
McCurry a prominent contisctor
some dynamite In the cellar of Wr
ami thinking It was putty feJU 0
petfrog The pieces of dynamite
ml the fiog ate t
chest fell on Hie frff W
dynamite which had I
iced the temple of fMRH
killed lilm vnrtbrr eoSr
lu tho kllrhcn aw1
LSnOnOTh tMrteenth
air a snrplus Ji gnn lo ac umnlnte tile Jng convention of II111 eennJi
oilrd of c nttol sGoulil liuve initloMLvlo eil af Irnlrle Valley beg nnbis
n regular mohthlv assessment as often II hefoie the Hist Sunday In MF <
three day
of the pj
The owners
iHM7lmT B Jiawed a resolution YKTOItlA
llh n1 iT record P Jmt Lnvaea will put a Wl ftJ
s re
spouslble for all debts of the endowment rk icpalrlng the whnf ami
vb r leadlness to take raic of the ejcim
Ti elected Iuhe of Shermnn Tox is j tram Houston Stindfi
member of the bo n of con
lYirisey 0 eMmnneat w k to succeed
trsutmlts Its blgatiu
In tho Failure of tha Wife of Sam
Ht Paul Mlun v
Jnly llMnrla A Cur
tis wife of
Samuel Cmrig nitor hmpe
krown as aimuetyf Pose nieil n petition
m r aSfi8 < < clothln valued
JOLlVDTho large gospel tOff
which Hie Christian Were
vh il will blown down No l
HIJftCLAIIt An agent btilw
tie army
lu over tho farms In tills il J
Hrynn Ilrnzos Couaty rctoJ
It lint been showering lnr > Kif
tains fellln the western P < bt JL
ty also lu tho eastern and nertn
Is ptlll Hirentenlng1and
ni thaf the ratn will be genrW
A General StrenotheninB Te
0 fores Tasteless Chill T
BSood Poisons BligW
nf IS f Sfta > of ti a hhleousness and It net thoroughly er
hi Vcfult t ° 8S 0r fp or fy raa St0i
effert upon miDorn Innocents Jt gradually eeMp
1l llty and reduces Its victim fo a completo wrff
Once Uie system ts tainted with It < be dl8Plj
m uifest itself In the fern of scrofula ecieou iw t
pains stiff or snollen Joints eruptions or WPP
spots on tho face orbody little ulcers In the V t
the 11U
on toqgne sore throat swollen tonsils jj
hair or eyebrows and finally a leprons like dew
flesh and hone If yqij bare any of these or lrJl
toms you are cordially invited to eonsult we lBlM8L
My perfect method of treating Blood vtUrly
l hfeks t pi ogress and removes every y iii
festatiftn of frtix stage I do not compmnd
disease by mere pntcb work Every trace f tj
the rVgplfely eradicated and all dopger of tr J
taint to 0 hers Is removed 1 Jsf
5TJ m 1n Honoiu and destructive mlneral > 34
u W 1
ViWMWi nSntattonlses destroy and expels every
sands of InstTncef L Tn trbtmrut has nccejsM
< iJsS proven
mest has failed t conlller no case Incurable no matter wb t ott
uccMful Plaa < ho treatment
J I Newton ti
Hathaway M Dr21017 Alamo Plaza San AntwM
Sfat fej SS
a i

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