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The Houston daily post. (Houston, Tex.) 1886-1903, July 13, 1901, MAILABLE EDITION, Image 2

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f T
flew Challenger Won the Trial at
Rothesay Yesterday
< i n2 i
She Held tha Lend Durino Four tneka
but enthe Kept Board the New
BobtAssumed Command
llolhtsay < Firth of Clyde July 12Trle
t yo Shamrocks sortrd nn n trial rncc nt
i l n id today Off iKrtjmiJ Point the
j lkrhta wereunder Jib headed topsails mid
ft fcoeul Hirttoulitiot breoxo was lilowln
Tut flhohirdpk I then liirt tUo lend by six
Icilgjliw OqUlite Hie channel the wlml
feteaillrd Ailil Rhhmrock 11 began toritor
haul thu oldsV bout
OK Cuiiibrnc the yachts luffed up ami
Stilt ted mi a 1o k thicsb kit ii Inward ucritm
Killirnmaii Koutiil Tin Shaluruok I still
> C < I otnut two length omt wtm well to
windward Under Jib headers oiil Jlli t < ip
Mils tbo linn if Knllt rt fast The siiji cliil
leiiger pointed belter ami camo up rnp uly
etf the former challengcls weather musi
tor There was not enough sm to troll lo
the JioalF bul tbo hteeze MiflUvd in list
them well oicr mid tout ull their Hiurs ami
During the four tucks tbo Khiumock 1
bi il tho lead hut on tho kept bnditl III
challenger assumed rnmiimiul nnd rounding
tho Krln nf tor llftccd mllcii livnt to win
nfd which orcnnlMt an liour nnil tofty
nve inlntitps tlip tfbnmropt ll M liy ft half
mlnott TIip siinnirofcks stnrtfil rvrti in
run to fiaroehe Head Htininmrk II opfiiiil
up a Itnd rapldlj flic iras two nttil n
linlf mlnutcB ahead jnff Mann Hlawiut
whtn Khhmrork I r p up thu rinu
Nrwport It I July 12 Columbia again
defeated the Constitution In todays raii >
b a nmwlt In coircctcd time of two
mjriutc n dTl nlnotron pconil Ilio Inilc
jtttdeoro lieltiR last nttiir lo lnjf lior top
tnnxtMt tlio r ry start The llonton yachl
henrtet snllod Hiuh a romar tily pluiKy
r c thflt It Ib Rcncrally liellewd ulie would
hittJ won todnjs t ciit liut for th an
lfor twenty mlnutrs after the Mart nh
fcc lfil with the wrerlc of Iipi rliib topunll
tifllllis nMfrn wlilli for Ix diWp ill
win mntlonlof lufTod In the wind while
thj crr cleared awny tho tituglo All thlj
Unit tbo other two Iman witi fpecdlng
nlfiaf tmiUJi all will yot the ludepuutleiue
wan only lieaten cvn hfluwte and fortx
t the UiiIhIi nmcK and nailed
Itof thetHanjile In Ipum tliilf
ftlle otlieV jtiehls although
thtv IurriiilrllililfiinllB
llie raee toilnr rlokoil tui crle rttid the
yaebtx wit not meet apiln for at least
teji aaj
ActionWss Taken on Aoeourlt of the
Venture Not Proving Profitnhle
Clnclqnnfl Ohio July 12 After elRlifv
nne day of rqrliiR at the Newport traelt
tbo mannem eit lortny deelded to olo e
doivn untlr Octnlier 1 Tho nnnnilneenient
ynx nnl made udtll lutt before thp after
iioon erentg weie heRiin nnil nlthoueh It
< reate n mirrvl e It wan not entliely nn
exi > ied i the meeting h heen a lnnlnc
en ire
ynnnirer Towler Informeii the hoi somen
Totf nil pmneii wnuli be paid In full niM
Seeretan Sullivan nettled with the owners
durlnc the annioi ii The board of direr
li 1f f t ek met Inthe morning and
11 t Mnacer 1 owlera Jitdmnoiit to
pjfi < down as soon a he nw m Mr
1 owlcr Mid that Hie dlfileult In Beemln
r 08 f fhlef cnuao of the meet
ortsinallr RctarduM for fmtyflve Oo h nnd
the iraek manacement think ther hntn
5 2 liin W Mt J lr ohllanMonto the
n A uperliil
lfwni train will leave for
St Ixwil rnnin nlivs over 100 horses Bev
ei l eUll > nil IV 1 nho loflp for Wlnrtanr
pmf Kori Brl 3ern of the large m 0i i
meetl nmai at N > r rt until the fall
Abe frank Dolus Well
Thlrn Julj JL At Washlnislnn pnik
today the firm winner cot home without
Kreat effort In the forfh wlii
hturll the Iwst Imt iih hadly handled hr
See Abe Trank the inunble JyeiroM
who ran away Thtirnday wan rrporieil t
bo rtfJnit well HIh owner 0 c llrunelt
thlnkii the roll miy not havo been rterlna
If Injured
1a 1l i lr lU awlT e third Kim
ttekv Muddle ran away nnd iWHed looker
Javlnon Into the fenee hurllim him o bnl
Ji iSt Mp1 u bl be KiiliHiltuted
G i5rorWruaon Via un
Vive fHrtoiigii julia jiinkln M b Wlrin
KrneH Inrbiini TIne 1 01V
Mile and renty ymdKlpi Xoneii im
pioniiHi omi lnim lime 1 i ib
Mile and a Rlxleenlli llrnwnlo Anderson
Laineate I i kA Time iH
Mve fur onitH Reil Tip Doroeli Jan
brrt Time 1001
fVuddy Track at Drlphton Boach
New Vork July 12 Wve fnTille
ipla sliird liome In the lulu and mud lit
nrltfiton lleacll to lay Tito text liandleap
was won by MunVotccr with Shnw up Ht >
was nwell plajed fiuodto and won by a
leneth i ildin out fwm Isla who bunt
3onrVof nnilleii n It ll
Mile and nerenty Mir 1h Heurry Inshol
ninj cjf rnie lilM 1
Klvo furlongmine or HoKrea Cant
Iron MtiMdorii llnus IOI S fi
Mile and a sixteenth ltoe Hampton Mo
larka itolTaello Time 1I8i5
Test handicap nix flirlonifs Tho Mnike
teer Ifla iiower of rnndlen Time Ml 1S
A Hva and a half furlongs Allbert lovKel
April Shower Time 1 on
KIt furlongs selling Hold Knight Ham
tnoek Oread Time 1 15 4 3
High wolfit handicap Mx furlongs I l
vThat Isjdyspepsla e
It makes life miserable
lts sufferers eat not because the
want tr > lbut simply because they
Tliey complain of a barf taste In tho
ttirtuth a tenderness at the pit of Ihe
sfomach a fueling of puffy fulness
headache heartburn dnd what not
Hocda Sartaparllla cured toieph P litlne
Flanagan Ky who writes I was troubled
With dyspepsia for a number of y ars and
took medic trio that did mo no good I was
Mylspd bv friends to try Hoods Soruaprlllu
which I did aud It put my bowels In perfect
ofulitlop re me strength and energy and
TMU feel Ike a how person
t Ss > Mpsnifffa
Promises to cure and keeps the prom
i eware ° f substitutes Buy
iHfflji wd only foods
i domestic >
The National IJfiiMJIottal ns oelnton
rolirllplvd ls aphtlal eopVentlpn In Do
two of a purty of four Jtnllarts < m
preteil of cittlo sloullng wlre a asill
Jintctt In Wnshlngtim county Mltetta
The National Negro Industrial conve
tldn opneil at Jackson Miss
floit Y J Itryatt niitniilnccd that ho
would continue to flghl for iho Chlcag
and Kansas City platforms
The Urolith continued unbroken Intho
Middle West
The second conference betneen the
metal workers and tbolr employes ac
complished nothing
Cincinnati mnehltilsta denied that their
sttlke had been declared olff
l was said thiriho Itotective Tnrirr
Ieagtid would gu nftef the scalp of
Speaker Henderson
rteports from the drouth emuod nrf
vaneos In grnlii wheiif gaining 2M
2ft ami corn SffJK
Another drastlo process of liquidation
manifested Itself in tho stock market
ltoth spot cotton atul fulurea Imploved
In New Orleans nl New York
There was a large deeieaso In rceolpts
of roinfc ojttie in thu mmueis
Hum und Urndslfcet icvlewed
trade sltuittlon as fairly good on
Tnjlor Kahoe
anil Kllng Nichols nnd
HI Louis July 12 Matihewson and Pow
ellJhod 1111 eleven Innlnj bnttle and for the
nY t lR s 5 > n Sl Loiili t lrler
Sol the beat or ihe NCVv Yorker llireo
errors by tlurbtw and one hv Slmnge
< lownfa1 ot Sw Yfk Atteua
am > tH i
Hcon u 11 n
< 00100101001 a n
Ne Vork 010 OOrt km
oriiuV nr Mnowon < in < l now
Pittsburg July i Zi
vni flcnt 0 > try
inch of the woy through the only fourteen
Inning game mer played on the Pittsburg
giounds Monlft Cro a won the game In
he foiiPtrenth by a long hit to center when
l e basin were full Atlendanca 2100
KiOie > T
Pit til lift OOOHOl USI0OiIO2 8
Ithlljulclphla 010 UN nn k 02 1 1
WW mid tinnier White und McVnr
J > itSftt
Plajetl Won
w Its
re 17
Detroit July
12 Hoil flcldlhg lost to
dii gatno for tie loenls
Heorr 11 II H
Helrolt 0011 000 1012 H J
Cliwliinil 010 via 1 H 1
rott and Wood Blovtr aud Iiuelov
thleugo 12The Ciilcfigos
July hit iu > h
jllnwiey and Hustlncji nt will and w
esltj Attendance 1200
Krort It H K
thleagO Illl 171 20 J4 1U 1
Mllwiiukcc r J IHO oikl 1 I a
IatlMron and Snllhan Hustings llav
loy and t onnor
j Piltlourc July 12Washingtoi won
from Iialtlmorq today Jn a slussln match
Train ltohllcr llTfl Taylor link made
liN esenpe from the jail at llruwn
w ooa i
Iic Uovcrnor It lliibbird Is dead
at his home at Tyler
The Offitdalilpo Is on a r c and
ilrowtied n lot of sh ep nnd Roots nt
Heavy colma have beon filed nt Ail
tin for tctmtca on intoriial revenuo
The attorney general tns ndvUed tho
lau d commissioner to at tnee put ier
tain lands on the market
Victoria lms adopted tho curfow law
A row of brink business houses at
Cooper weie destroyed liy lire
Counsel for a Waco saicon keeper ha
lolKd the point Hint a conviction will
hot lie because all Of the city U mil
Iho Ualvorton Light fiuord will ills
Imhd ItmteiJ of attei iIIiib the Austin
Th omrersloiinl cnnipalgn In the
Sixth district has been closed
The sixth well for tbo Ouffoy com
pany nt Iijimon Mound Lie been begun
Tin > lxeciith tell ha come In at
Ijcaumont It miy tic bated deeper to
the giuher Mrt < t
Tho Guffcy contri < ty Is sold to expect
3 per foet Illuminating oil from the
licnlimont rtlmletlm
Hhnmroek II defwted Rhftmrock l la
a hotly eouteotod rlnl race
The Nowrioit race track was closed
until Ootnhr 1
The Columbia won another trial raco
Miss Francis Ttmnnii dies as the re
Milt of h fall
A sorlou heailcud collision on the
Houston and Tons Cential noai Ilock
Cnplaln J M liurronghs roeclvos his
commission as lleu cunut In tho regular
nrjiy lit the ounlry arm of tho nervlci
Houslol dolegitod to Ihe Traiismli
ilsslppl Congress will lcac tonight for
Cripple Craek
0 OMotgu
I 110 Connie I0O Morla llnltnn 100
JlrJIInn 101 Hammock
Hun 1US Ktlilcs 1111 Ccrverjl
loinele i i
First MeUtennnt Solon Mnwtoy rc
ttrcd died In Manila
It Was stnteil hat the city of Cclm
Is ntlll fieimentJy tired upon by tho In
sui gents
Tho report that 100 Christians Inrt
been killed by InnurgentH on the Islriml
Of Qnelpait off Ihe Korean coast was
A soicro but brief caitliquttko shock
wnt ten In Mexico City
Senor lcdlro Urraxnilx picsldent of
Chill died
HO Wnir
HanOlcnp tho IlineliestniMi stccplctake <
t o and a half miles Magli
Bucket IX fieorge Ktone 1IU
Imp 1112 novphnitm 181
t Uuils
V Vm k
Chb iigii
IV mli anA iTlienfhllelKiade
101 Hi r
rloaiHi IVInee 01 Hamiiioek 100
Anna Darling m4 Mognlflcent nil Jtnunil
IP III Lnefcr Star 10S Snnlvnr 107
Jhe Hrlghton Junior Uteiu olds six fur
InnwAlniii ilnle DeeieMk riilng Line
107 Oolden l lnge nj rn ghl lol le
nln uy 107 Carroll D 111 Saturdnv Leo
nid Mnslnrmnn Hyphen 107
Three j ear olds and upwnid miteHer
bert 110 Ilnron Pepper 101 IsUlOr Wax
Taper mi Jnulee 00 nines 101
fuelling 2 J eai niclB flu rurlnngRAsren
slon 01 7lrl Lleseben Isd Mag Ol lc
elnta 107 Clienlem 102 clilpf 07 White
Owl UHi MnxlinoHi rnn uliiea nil Vlav
Like 07 Ilonton flrat 10 Olenkn 104
Sanrttlei 01 Ollison Light 101 Mo eeh IKi
Cat maid loi Montana Irlnce IO i He
of MIlfiTil 103 Ited Damsel 107 Lord of
llhc Manor 104
Dclmnr Results
St Louis Tu 12 Fhe furlongs Lady
llroekway Ihoiollte Hiiner Itnlne Time
1 WW
Six and n halt ftiilonet selllngTolie
l ilne Iteroke AllIueKt Time t23i
Ihe and a linlf furlungs sellingAertn
Lee Noiler llHiiVdeiol Time 1IOU
oIt furlongs n lllwnh MaMraii
7 r UlnK ni en Tllmt
tvMI Time l i8W 11 MltnnM J nRh
illle ami ii sixteenth sellingSwouUnuo
Kugcnla S La 8pnii Time lifit
All Riioes Deolared Off
exvptwt Kj ImIv 12 Ihe managers or
tiirfrJii f tnok > 1B dclileil to
decUto off tfll inrtJier lncesiintll Oetobsr 1
< 2
r > vj
Cincinnati July 12 Seven nt Brooklyns
debt rims weie made after t o men were
yiltu nI > n V8 U fiefly but wim ef
ecllvowllh men fen tho bases Attond
Score ii lr
llrtoklyn 112 010 201 S 15
VrtKm < t > > ouin and Mr
qileago July 12 After having reeehed
tlueuklniloiits at the hund < < tf Plilsbuig
Itmlnn look reenge heie by giving tho lo
pliLVlng them all around
Stmr 1 11 H
000 u
001 110 28 7
McDrsw dlslooaloil n knee np In tho sec
oiul Inning Altenilanco HKH
Sroie t u 15
Italllmnro ujl 022 12012 15
WilHlilnglon RIO MO > 1 14 17 r
Howell Nops nnd Uobliisonj I itten dear
und Cliirke
Iloslon July 12 floston baited Mellier
or out of the box in the foiitth but wn < i
iinbblo lo senro off Ilernbnrdi Attendiiii
41S2 1
Scorn H u u
HobIoii 022 1K K 5 10 1
Philadelphia 2Hi 000 001 3 7
Young nnd SOircrk llcrubniilt Mclhi
son and Power
Little Hook a
Nashville i73 j
Memphis fl
Selma h
nirmlngham r8
Clisttnnooga tm
Bhreeport 11
New Orleans 00
X K 4C I
Groves TasteWs
Nashville July 12 I > o e playing bv
Nashville In Iho first Inning enabled
Sbrflveport to pile up five runs Then tb
locals slondled thcmsrlvc and walked awaj
fiimi their oppouents winning by the do
elslve score Of U to S Mulkey vm an
easy mmk f r Plsherl men seeming eiali
teeu hits amontr which was n home nm
b Hill
tfcme P Ii
Nashviu 100 001 2ixH is r
Shrevepnrt rlo too 010 s s 11
foilielt mil Ilollimtynej fnlkey and Mo
Selma July 12 Utile Itock took the sec
< mil gsme fiom Sslnia wliu cim this nflqr
noon In a featureless nud slow game
Suite t u
> elnm Xl 102 20t 0 0 < l
Llltle Itock OiX 211 imj 11 I 4
llalley aud JlarJoiv McClfwkoy Illaakburn
and llnlton
Dlrmlngham July 120 ew Oiteanh oult
plajed WruSlnglnim at nil polnig of tho
game today and look the second gnmo of
Ihe series Preelnml ami Wllhclm weie
both effoeilve but the visitors lntncleit
hits on the nirmlngham twlilor In tfm
fourth Inning and lllls coupled with 011
error of Wllhclin uottcd them four runs
and the game
Hi ore It II u
niiiiilngham Oil ono I0f > 2 < 11 2
New Oiloons 000 UK 010 Z 12 1
Wllhclm nnd Cuher Picrland und Ab
Largest Ever Known Are Bcinn Made
from Philadelphia
Philadelphia July 11 lb shipping peo
ple of this port enu not reeill 11 time when
the shipments of refined petroleum to Luro
peim countilrs were so hea v and o fre
iil6nt as they mo now Ihe ilemind Is
something iinnrciisloiiUd From the tjr t
of tho yelr up to Inst Saturday I751508a
rations hitil been lilppel lroai Mgaliisf
iaoS2il7l8 gallons for the eonesponrtlng
perod of lust your Local shippers argue
that these nst shipments of oil are pioof
of Ihe snperloilty of the Ameilean nitlcle
nnd big exports of rotlneil petmienm ion
tlniio o bo tho cnll Theie i hardly a
day passes that some auk does not steam
nwaj jondsd to her capacity The men In
teicsted Ih theKhlpinenl of retlned petro
m TK tln nlt ln rteelinne that
HO will he the banner e r In the old x
poit woiM Hhlim hme left mil with fie
mrgoes befoie fun they life nothing
pomhJ with thoio wtilch have go ifrl ig
ill P t ten days It lookss though
i i n3 lfB Jo tlsh Hlenmer Snowllake
siiSr l on p fiwKl h Prlhcofor
Pi h
Jill ril fInnu > August KorfT
ii i 0 trl lt
> steamer Vi rdi Nor Is thl
all In the matter or oil txi < Jr There aro
8S1 11 ori ntB A IO onded a groa
J 0 iiMm f Htw craft with
pttclty of man mllllom of taiions
Chill Tonic
Decided to Use Oil
Knnsa City July litlhe Santn PcVoart
has decided to uso oil for fuel In tn o
fi1vHU Uai > wmuont Prophetyi bo
ou know the satisfaction It win giTe
Has stood the teat for s
Orovqa Taste ess Chill Tonic
Mrs Davis Illness Not Serious
Portland Me July 12The condition
Mrs Jefferson Pivl was reported today
RT LJ ov1 t or jesterday
Her Hhi is not considered It all 1
Groves Tasteless Chill Tojilc
TheSdcond Conference of Metal VVork
ero and Steol Manufacturers Ac
Pllttihurg Pn July 12The second day
rit the eourereneit lietween the Amalffamat
isl Association of Hxm Rleel and Tin
Workers ami tho steel n > nnfiietuter come
J Filipino Insurgents Take Shots at
the City of Cebu Quite Ofteni
J Manila July 12 Vim caplHl of
the Island of Ihat mime Is silll tn >
J iliiently tired upon liv the liwirtrenU
Oonernl Hughes In coiniuaiw of the
J Maiyit Island reports progress tn
the task of peneiriihifr the Island
J of Biiinar and icUfilng tho liisur
will he called out mil we havemony nielli
bcrs lb nfllls wheio lliey are not smpected
by lljp nmtiiifnvtuiers
A general strike If ordered would 111
cliile the union workeis In tho Federal
hteil company the Nstlonnl Steel tiuu
pany the American Tin Plate < miuny he
AliuTliin Sheet Sleel lompaiiy mid the
Anilnliail 8tcol Hoop eiuupaiij mid nil tne
mcnilier In the corporation mills niiinlnr
jng Ulilillt 80SX will no niTeled lint It
Is believed b eoiisonillM rtci1 men that
n coilipioiiilse ulll be reuhcd tnmuiiow
ilml 11 Mtrllto nvcrled
ijidgn 11 II Jraj ch1lnu111 of tho
Fulled States Hlcel cxcciiMc c mmltlee
was not far nwojf froi ihe meetlnic and
MH ruliy eoghljiiiiit t imaythlitK tint
Men Wore Allowed to Relume Work
Conditionally in Cincinnati
Cincinnati Jilb 12 A mooting of the
shop cbiimiltleoMen of the ifrlkliur madiln
Isis fiom tha tirlous oueeins aiTtirtcvd twu
hcd tonlglil nfUi x > Ijlfli a talciiient was
Bhen out emphatically ilen > lng the report
sent out today that Ihe stiike had been
called oT H was Icirned Hint while It
wja loft dlboretlotiarv with the men In n
number of shops t ictiiru without any
Of Medina County Cotton Was
Ginned at Devine
Dcilno Toxat July 12 Ihe list
bale of Ifoi lotlen inlKeil In Ibis
section was iliiuid here leNlridnr
thu 1ltlo wi biought to Iho gin
the 10th bul 1111 art utiiit of in n w is
not slimed until yenteidii The
OOtton i > ns raised hj Jlr N > nL
hliull Who weliet h nlie uroinlnn
fiom the merchants
uuoooooo eoo ei
jodlum helng Ininlied
a a a et o 90o e
us deserting lhi >
Srlke seven flrim dore picked mil at
wbli ii the fight l < to m preajTOted Should
nnv of tlie e simps Intleiiipt to transfer
their woik lo thou in which Ihe men k
turned the men hive agreed to iefu < n to
Jiniiille It
There wore nppiiiximnteli isoo uuclilnlRts
luvolunl In Ihe idlke here and of these
the stllUein siv nl out 10 pev ecui hnvo al
ii niy leturnel Tne ilmps aftrctel In the
decision ot the unlot to conllHiie the light
employ iibout 1100 meji
Tha Fort Worth Plumbers Havo Re
turned to Work
Frtl Woith TeHsrt Juli 12 The strike
situation heie took a Inrn fur the better
toilny and ihe pie ent dlflUtiltlPs nmv bo
iiiljiisled and the tl > iiiajiAil men return tn
W01U The palnteisltiiie been out a week
Tulai the mid niqrturiR to the nns
er pili tciM to coinptojnlse and leiinn 10
link fin The piolioslllnn la to be rmi
Mileicd h master pllntem Tnesd 1 licit
nie iiiiiniliets iciiiniisl to work lodav hav
ing itedded to at mid by the nctlnu uf the
arluti itinn ln d which llxcil the icilo for
Hie unskilled labor musing the strike
Work on all buildings li < at 11 standstill
Wages Raised BO Per Cent
Villi ennei Iml July1 12 Farm Inborerx
heie lmkid by the Feiiofxitlon of Libor
haie iiUed wage mfjbt tfJan W per lent
National Association Concluded Its An
nual Meeting in Detroit
Detroit Miih julj 12 This wan tha
last doj of the Natlqnnl Mdiicutlnnal ax
am lotion and ivhvh tho mmsrlns scaslvi
w is cilied loonier by lrosldent Oreen the
smsllest audience of tho week was pres
I morning papers being rood bv Presl lent
Cherliw F Thwtng of Western lleservo
uulierslty Cleielardi ItoUert II Fiiltim
piesblcnt of the University of Mississippi
IT011 W T Harris National eonimlssloner
of odtloqHnn
Piesldont Tbnlng who was the first
speuker discussed The Function of a
Vnlverslty In a Popular Democracy
President Pultous paper on Fedora and
State lot01 est In higher education was
Closely followed
The papers were dlscpwed by William t >
Smiley of Denier and Irimoa Russell Pir
sons Jr of Albanyi N V
Tho committee appointed to copsldor the
details and orgaultatton of nn rdiicatlnnol
exhlbtt at the St Louis exposition this
ntoinhiK decided to recommend to the board
of manages the construction of n hepamfc
biiUdhig for the exhibit This building
have 23 ni > r tent more Hour spieo
hmi the educalbuial building at the d
iimblan exiKwitlon thu committee will
It J lingers of Albaiiy N Y was In
doraed lu the romiillltec for dliector of
the exhibit nt the expirtltlou
The Inijt sessions of tho council of educa
tion mni the depnrtmtmls wt elementary
Miimtlou lilghei edueallon normal
schools business education science In
Mruetlnii library aud deaf dumb andfee
lntruet op were Uriel this
a ft nio
I1 hp department Of science In
strivetlon Joseph Carter of Champaign III
bap on Airrionlhirw us a Selonoe
for the Illomeutiry tJchoobj
JV Ta f Mllcn be Je < J to Lovo
llooksr toBlo
was tho of tho paper
by Slim Isalie UivrAOeo of 8t Cloud
ot the lllirarf ilepiirttnont
iciMA oo cuiiu no v
Your druKK9t will refund your money
If PAZO OINTMENT fnlUfto euro Ring
worm Totter Old tlrcots and Soros
Pimples and Blackheads on the laco and
all skin dlieatei COo
After Securing Letters Written by Aaui
naldo Americans Forged Others for
tho Purpose of Deceiving Him
Washlngtony Jhly 12Tho wor depart
went today nrtde pujille nrlgndler General
Iliiistons report of the capture of Agul
naldo It Is nude under date of May 0
l Funston low details co en <
nw got
to n close tonight without nt gr < mut p
Ceiclli SsgU
lieing reached Another session will lx >
hold touionon tjcttlcmeut or a general
strike will then llkelj be decided upon
Lute loulght President Hlisfl ir sajd that
If no agroeiiient In reach Hi tomorrow tho
gchSral strike which was set fof last Mon
day will proceed
When asked It n strike would inwlvo oil
tho plants of the United tftntea Htcel cor
liorntloir Mr Slmffer replied
Lery union muu In ercry plant In any
way connected with ihe steel coloration
Inc the ll e lie mads of
mnndo w < io had pri > rw < ted himself to Lbu
leiHint J D Taylor of the Twenty foiuth
Ufantry nlth letTer from Agu oaldn thn
he was to deliver to ABrloos Insurgent
c 111 of
drawll Fimston srtyS The Moceeihbce
rushed Into the town and no heiird a few
shots hied Wo hastily cro ed the rher
mid runiilng Up Mo the town found that
the Miiccabbecs were somewhat demoralised
ami lrlng wildly In oveiv direction They
Merc gotten under coMrol with seine dlfrt
iulv AgulnaldoM giinid nt nlnit nfiy
aimed and neatly uniformed men hud bieu
drawn up lo recoil 1 the relnfoiiemtuts
aid on being dred Into bioke and ran and
few of them tctiirnlug the lire as the re
trenled Agnltmblo with his ofneers I111
nwiilteil in his fjuirters Plaeldn and Scg
bi entered the home t < > iep rt their r
nil and nfler a short ronxcrsntloii S
gvli stepped outsldo the hou e and or
ilcied the iLicculilicos who linl tint come
up from the ihcr bank to Ci the ml
the Insurgents nho were siandtug In llili
111 11 distance < > f about hftv ynrds
Ihe Muciabluis welo 1 exit ted tUll
their tiro was Tetlvo Mill two of the
lusiugcnls weie killed tlie remi ndei in
their lllghl thmtiln nwnv their illlesiiml
11 tlioiisond imiiil < of aniniiiiiltloii
S soon us ScikuIj hint glien the onlei
lie 1 nu Imcl tn Hie house and opined Dr
on The ofllceis siwroiimltnt Aguln iblo
He Mounded Villi nm Alhambin Tne Lit
tcr Jumped oft Hie house Into llic llier
Hint was not eeli again Seiciul Insur
gents sum udcuil us did Agulnnldos
triNisnrcr The lie remaining ornieis rs
ripid Irnm Ihe houso nnd swam tte Over
PI111 dr seucd Agiilniililo mill told him
Ihat he was n pilsoncr of the Ameileiliii
At tills Juiiehiic the Ainrilcun nrrhel
on the scene and guo Iheli Mlietiiiuh tn
getting tlie MneiabbccK undei ionro und
pmleetlng the prlronejs fieni them One
Alneenlihuo uos ftllgbll > wounded
In eiuiclnsliui ieticral Pun iou deals out
praise genetoualt lo all who Iml a shire
In the expedition mentioning Captain II ix
mil nnd Lieutenant Mitchell while ispc
clnlli turdslttjr I leuleiiant Inilor for ihe
discretion he slond after obtulniiig tile
Agulnuldo letters IICTiJio < peilcs In high
limine of Coniniiimler Ilnrrv of the Uki
burg unci the assistance the nny ron
dcrcd hlni
Ram Reports Are Numerous from Wcat
Texas rnd Panhandle
The following mo Western Fuhw weather
repoits received up to ll p in of the 12lh
Choin lleivy inln Rt111 raining
Aiftii 1 irnr and worm
Iiurlaon Cloidy nud hot
1 iiliimhii fTlr and hot
Sail Mnis Hoiivv inln
IQU 11 I gin idiower
miriiles Mnrnllnff heavy rain
Luting 1 Ight ftilii
Hirlii 1 Ii udv unci hot no rnln
Nmitota CInuil > mil hot no lain
Icxiikiini Clear Mild hoi
1 Is l ilr atul lint
Sheimii Pnilli iudy snd hot
jninisilllcClear and hot
Diit ii Pmih ilouij ami hot
Wain cloud end I it
Coislinot Cbir nud hot
Itosebud Fall Comity Texas July 12
A light shower fell here yestcdny hut It
was ti > 7 > late lo be of bonefji to tho corn
nicbiiioiid Port Iteiul CuiUy Textw duly
12 Aiiothei shower rUn fell hw 1 6
eienlng HiPM saowViV aie not needcd
foi cor ton
Hlilut n Maitln County Tens Julv II
A hoflu lain fell heie todn clleclually
hionklug Hie diouth nud issuilng n good
fall fur
iiiijro sloel
llimtsVllie Wnlkei Connti lexis Jul
< od shonora of rati n hoe hut 1
i teuloy ami Hie ilu brfoi ht v > iLJ
Ik of gient liejllt lo June con inl rntto 1
lexlnutou Lee Comity lex J11I1 l
ori taliiH f In the cftinln ten nille
wvt nnd outti Imlnt A lilci shoie1 fdl
In town but not en lugh i do an ttl
llirre me ood piospects foi iioic
Hffiijtlo Ilefuglo Count > Tex is July 11
A good hisi ralu fell here wsteidn be
ginning about 1 o clock n m mid < untinutng
until nenh noon It wiih badlv ucedeJ
us grass was gelling ipilir shoit In miuiy
pn sillies
iiaitbuo Hood Coilnt Trxi Jii u
A flight rnln not enough to lay the dint
fell wsierdny evening Ftosptiix tor ruiii
bettei 1 odii Coin nop iciy shoit Cut
Ion Millirlug some now fjmss shoit Stuck
11 liter lu muliy places Out
lintbtieovK Iliue IOm1 Conntv reiix
Jul 12 The weather ron 11111 es hot ami
dry bowers have fallen at Knw nud
Ihorntim and in some lociilillcs south of
hue but no inln jet near Cioeabeevk Corn
Is dimneed a great dial ami on the nraTrei
Cotton Is
begliiidng lo si Her
Kweet Home Lainea Conutj
2 llinl vfi heavy taltif
ieas July
Inflill heie yos
leidny which will provide Mod water for
kvieial weeks Cotton was not suffering
putlouail mid omu ilulm tho iiln was
ii illsadiaiiiage Theu Is a lOiishninbUi
loss In foditci
hit mid sorghum that nm >
lllllsliuo Illll County Teitfls Julv 12
A hue showei fell nt Abbott lust eienlng
U nn nccomiuinkil b a dcniuctlxe wind
A new fame building 01 11 m vaiktfr H
ib inoIUtied A half a mile north of town
a Inige rron paleh of ieorge I cmiell was
dcstroicd li hall
Seieril iim > slb we
bbw 11 fiom their blocks
I Han Angeli Tom Hreen County
Julr 10 Light shoneiiK
wastho of
have begnii falling
In dllTeivnl localities l this section thus
foinuillj breaking the seien m > ek droiitu
Pjcrlptlatlon so for has been lusinTiclcit
Itrtlo mi considerable good though enough
lo mlse iliiiresseil hopes to some extent
mid prosper a for mine ine good
Helton Bell County Texas Julv It Lo
cal shciweis hove fnllcii In tho last day or
two but the drouth Is unbiokeu The corn
crop Is gieatly damaged mary wtand
n complete fnlluie which Is being cut for
feed The cotton Is sulTetlng lerv much
tu Ihe middle and eastern port of the
county their aie some boll weeill
Lockhart Caldwell Count Texas July
J Annc I1 ralu fl1 yesterday
throughout the lonnt soaking the earth
und niodeiiitlii
srentli the temperature
Which for severitl dajbliad been rxceMve
lop rondltlons are now mnro eueoitragliig
though the secoud geiiototldn of boll weeil
Is nt work on the Cotton find will do suine
Hnllelsillle Lnian Point Toxin July
P Iulletsilll was vlslUsri a lifi ralii
ulid thiindeistorn list oteulng LUhtnlnc
struck lu two place u town but < iu na
elnniige except burning out most of the
telephones 11 on In liumbers snatmcl fi im
the court house and It Is bcllcied lha thei
n nile u hcuiK there and were ilUturboi hi
Cameron Milam County TeXns July li
Yesterda alumt tioon the long cuutluued
diouth In this lmmedlnto vicinity wns
broken b n good rain To the north ceut
and Miutit of hero goml rains fell Thoy
hre too hit to help the Coin but will do
the cotton 4iml pastures n vast dual nt good
if It doesnt awaken tbo boll ivcoill from
his apparent lethargy
Temple Hell County Texas July 12
Temple was visited yesterday nfternoonby
a little rain Just enough to lay tho dust
nnd cool the atmosphere
some Hotter
rains are repotted from out west and It Is
hoped that more will follow here na the
clouds are still horerlug about A good
rain Is needed for tho corn crop wblle cot
ton In some sections beginning to need It
Applebj Shelby Countv July 11Pinj
rains have fallen throughout this section
and notwithstanding the damage done to
op by tho treat hailstorm of May 31
Lost Hair
My hair came out badly
and was fast thrning gray I
tried Ayers Hair Vigor It
stopped the hair from com
ing out and restored the
colon Mrs M D Gray
iVo Saicm Mass
th All drofllili
and June 2 pro peet for n full vll 1 0 j
ci rn are pioinlslng Itnleed I lie jotug
uttrn looks well ind with pleili oriili
luiir iv cmiiitcl 01
good tl P in
Is good nnd itoik In flist class < iiidllbii
Melons nnil fmlt n fiiluie a befor n
Tyler iSmlth Connti Tcxun Julv 11
On nrrounl of the uintlnued dioith Mr
nun eiop In this county Is ilitinll rum 1
mid unless It tains wllhin tho next f >
dn > the ileld will not be more thiii
pci cent oi last yfiiri Cotton I sulTeil g
< n much foi ralu aill ivlll b ur 1111
tifallv < l imaged union ll Is recoiled ulili
lit a week Credit merchant heue reins
tin 1 unlltlons Hud in funilihiUH thi i
iiistnmeis with nub what thei are com
polled lo ban
Itilng Caldwell Counti Toxis li > ti 11
Fine mills haie faileli Ii and around LuhiM
dtirilig the past twentj fom hours to thu
eteat dellglit of cvonliodj cotton It do
lug Hue but hid begun to need rnln mid
while the bull iviettl Is still 011 luihd dnr
lilrf the pa t djs of hot wertthu niiny
of theni iirtie dlsippeand The cnli nop
as a blessiug to the eltirrns of Wbutuli
as a irent many cisterns wne empt and
the Inst vorv dlxagreeil Vegitiblen
were also needing rnln escuilh lomatoes
the frnll ot whlih weie o < i firm div ml
a late crop 1u1v be ioalld Waiernieluni
aie In the market some of a tine tuallt >
tigs aro ripening end win iird u fair crop
11A iiUv shower fell bin inliv liylus
Cnilweli iiurleso coiiuii Texas 1m
the itimt and moling the umnspaftt iiiv
Heather bus killed nniul eis of i he tio ll
IeovH and put a slop tn t ion rivagei
vspeclally eu the prairie I11111I A fair lullf
11 op If not uioir of cotton nii bo ei
poet ri
Crosln Harris Connti Juh 11 nml
gol tain fell here vestet lui putt ii
imple molstme In the giound fu th tlm
Oswald S Wilson Completes His Re
port for Agricultural Department
Pott Worth Texas July 12Oswald H
Wilft n of Houston repiescntitlve In Tevis
of lh agricultural department who has
for seme months past boon engaged In uu >
wo I of preparing statistics
on crops and
iuti fm the nnlmnl Industry depnmieiit
Ium ohnut completed his work nnd has re
tinned to Houston His repoit will show
the inlunllon of farm animals to be rn
71 S8S with farm pioilucts as rollows
CcKon production lSnOHKK 2KlO KM
bales talue 02187111 lBCiQ PWl aHK0O0
bilic estimated laluo t30VIOXxi
d 1 oOOOPO tons estimated that lOOOIXX
° 3 ° 17 arT S80 M
in lie B
LIL470 11K S blrt value
HwYsV aSateTv712 tot > vtie fSfO
trlies 1 r BS LnlKSW
Worth his honrater AuR l imJko i r °
Wi feL 0 G
mberer Kw nK 8u
v j f
J C AVER CO Lowell Mss
Dr Cartels OranBolTrnt Boogies will dlslodie
Pllliston the nccount of the nd fotrrer Umhrsl Btrletnre In in
Jclioral glv atKfi wmoTj
forged letters which were t d to deceive VrWSe A rvearroXe ft
Agolnaldo and the actual capture j g ASS ao Vti
< 0 apoctacX hKTer
> l rluc
> r
came to
the rsiir d 1 1
boraebaek Bon klu on
Mllow awl follow if Hired Ih
Ho > Tas met he ir nrBP rtroccwlon
minister ti China rtf e eu lai
l eln a m ln Voi Sfl1
of honor and his iwv mn i lrr ° nd 1 oimrd
xSr Sln L ouis
tore tem wa trTtl ns est temperv
PeMUaUoBj were several
Union Salitnn
Ask for Card
Dont Ever Think
That Linen Suits at
Or Flannel Suits at
Or Serge Suits at
Are all the good things we hivimri
you We have everything A x
Furnishings at just i Kocxi vtln T
e eSafrend Wek y
K H Cawlhon hi
512 514 Alain Street
G M HARCOURT Asslsttnt Cub
O Stops Hi
P lalMIc stroke
pieientlng moitan
th III CubaatJrtJ
Hum side is 11
OMvLANI Cal The furnltiin
liMischold elTecIs of ex rrofrlent c
Ireti of Still idor h ic her > n tolllti
artloii lo satlsfi the claim
of 4
HHLrAST The eepbraMoa ofthet
of Home is being mirl I br thccMt
I j u 11K and while lujmed In vmi ei
by the droitli vet thoie will lie slifilticnt ol
made tor home consumption
Whnitnn Wharton Count j Texas Jiitv
12 fhe recent heavi ioius haie been of
h benefit to enne coin mil cotton being
MHXIf O C ITY Cn rloi De Vanaii
nr Hoiiiii Hank of JlS
filoitMi ill haling b n nMt
no sericus trouble It
WASHINCTON General Chatteli
bled the war deplltiuent the i >
Vm Lieutenant Solon Matstr It
lust enough to do gieni uml It also rami I M OUK The Journal of C01
till sins there has been some ilAtaw I iS
CHICAGO Sonant girl pni n
women generally haie taken thcftelis
steps for the formation of the into
Inn been wishing foi so long The
appi elablr The piospeit is Komi tor uiu 1 womens union of America sit tea
rinIi iitid the long diouth Is tiiokon 1 Ciop gunizeil
mpottfi ovci the county are better in in vtw viiutf Thn tonm i rt r rj
huped foi some tlm back Coin U flbtml 1 1 m nndJr
iiijido pmbiibly halt a nop 01 u avenue 1 s e no Tft 1nla
hlfh I oi intztllou of a lare brlcx m mi
i Will be sufllclent to tlte
aupplj conn
up the IMcltlc Const Snimnn Caxten
fsPOKANi Wash The hlggest ttJ
man icnts nmong the miners ot U6V
west Is ou at Holland and IJOOmljp
lug Cotton 1ms not been mfTjtut at IMVVrlt Colo Trrrst fires are t1
hl l l n n ztrLp i inD 0t8 S rSf
states that he would donate lOfttw
prbllc llliirti for thl citv prdvlW
clti would fntnlsh S2000 a year wt
tain It
etm or
p es r o
negio bankcis Ot tin t lilted fititd
been called to meet at Buffalo i > p
212f <
epimiiaiicc heie and om peopl liming 111
exp ilence In fighting It the amount of
ibniiag thnt It will do is pinhlemttlo One
thing is certain hnwuer The lusei t has
iliown gient business tnlent so far In s9
leedng the best cotton lamls In this see
linn to mmmonr operations on and Is
paying strict attention tn the black lauds
and Washington coriepomleat foti
01 k newspaper has beou la U0WJ1
the past week searching for ay
Jnue he noted plalnsworaan JMf
will take Calamity to her owa 1S
Conscriptts Called into Service
Lima Petti July 12 The reredai
crnment has called Into actho i rrf
Monsorlpts of lDfjO
A Germnn steamer expected t ttj1 >
Cnllao In n few dns will brlaK B
pliea of cannon lilies and noi
the goieuimcnt to fortify CallJUW
Island of San Lorenxu
No Guesswork
No Intelligent person wouM tM
going to n dmttit to have the cfts
til An oculist would be promplh
ed beeaua ho understands JUti
Mnnv p ople honeier do not F
thought to IM
fnmo Intelligent
incut of chronic el
tons was oil ctmsMute peln J
mamifBcturcd into anri lu
Pannum would make STCfKK ga lons of 1 discuses of the eve and the boe
fttairSiaT m tbcrpi oducu trios phslclan who Is ottM <
II jitndticed In lPOl stssTfi ton nil ins not 1urt ib experience
as dull
cure that so m J
beenme they 4 f < t
In m > extuisic
largor than that of an other ipw
tlo United StntS I h ic had tw
patients who had been trcatrt
doctors not ono ot whom under
care although thoy ero n
capable ptuBiclatis As 11 c < f
had been cxpcilmenteil
treatment In no way mltfi
The result weis years of suttw
could havo btcu molded
Tho oxrcilenco which I W
In deiotlng myself
treatment of chronic diseases
years has equlpptd mo < f
Is no guess work whm I jlte 7t
legordlng a case I gHe caeb
study and my treatment I
pared to meet ull tondltloiis
quite J
two cases may appear
chanqes aro that there
complication which needs a1 i
Uy treating each cose p °
its and hot relying upon
ready mado treatment uf
most successful specialist of 10e
I rely solely up ° m t W
science ond my patients
expert treqtmont
I Invito the afflicted to
wrlto for onl
out cosL or
blanks which will explain OT
treatment f
plan of homo a
Alamo rlaia Ban Antonio 1 J 1

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