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It May Be Bored Dceper by ls
V t t
of PetroleumCo
Not In the Lake
4 iJrnbla Drlt May Also Be
Sent Deeper
eomoat Tews 3nT KTho Manh
° announced to havo
II which was
afternoon may havo to bo
Vcpcr ns the flow of oil I said
of oil abovo
Sw come from a vein
Zher well Is near tho
strata This
irnc well and Is thought to havo
> cln that was cased oft
the Utter well
Hkrflhoot that the Co
m Is also
lrlllcrt lecpcr °
well b0 <
stronger How It was spouted
ch a
afternoon but the oildid not
t P of the derrick
he Manhattan well was hardly expected
today In > < lnc drlU wnB 6CTCrnl
wcls sualy
short of ne cvcl wllcre
in on the hill In consequence of
that the drillers were hardly pre
o for the susher It spouted about an
r before tt could bo shut off saturating
rround with oil for quite n apart
Tho oil was t cache I
the derrick
Si six Inch pipe It Is OTO feet deep
11 Vy fi L Klnsolvinsr ft
was drilled
hllcthc Manhattan well adds no proved
Itory to the field It makes the sixteenth
mr and unless the plans and hopes of
nty wven other oil companies ro astray
j but the forerunner of several other
liters It Is now entirely within tho
of probability that the number of
ier In this field will be doubled within
for there now
next thirty davs cue
fiftv pells under way on proved tor
rr and with the experiencetho
c Mined In this field the percentage of
will not be near so sreat as former v
ler these conditions It Is likely that the
In of
will witness the brliiffluK a well
1 dar on an Average for the next flf
I or twenty days
ie steamer Prince belonging to tho
II Transpoit and Trading company will
the fl t of that companys vessels tn
t Port Arthur to take on n cargo of
oleum for the J M Gultey retioleum
ipany for export The steamer has a on
Itjr of 60000 birrels and will make Teg
trips between lort Arthur mid foreign
ts for the distribution of the Guffev
ipany oil The Information Is clvcn
that this eonpanv expects to obtain
nt S5 per cent of Illuminating oil from
Beanraont petroleum In Its refinery at
t Arthur The process that this com
v uses will It Is said leave the res
im In good condition for fuel and It ex
ta to market the refined oil In En
an markets
se Beatty Oil companys well did not
e la todav ns was expected and Con
tor Sturm has given it out that tho
I will net likely be brought In betoro
day though It may come In sooner It
the dealre of the stockholders of tho
pany that the well be brought In or
dav If possible as most of the rigs
lnd It will not be running on that dav
there will not be so much danger from
ie well of the Cattlemens Consolidated
conrpiny had readied n depth of SUl
at 10 oclock this morning with 1
r Inch hole and tho drillers hope to
a ulnelneh casing on the cap roeki
1 well
ts s1tuit > > on Spindle Top aud
uld come In within two or three days
+ +
rrangements for the test well In the
ithltt survey have been completed and
contractors who are putt Ins down the
eral Crude well have been Instructs
continue borltig to a depth of rXH
If possible unless oil should be found
This well Is lf0 feet southwest
the field nnd the outcome of the trie
have a farrcachlug effect ono way
mother on development In that tiril
+ + +
> e well of the Columbia Oil company
ch came In yesterday afternoon Is
TW > feet deep the shallowest producer
he Held While tho oil lose only about
ntyfect above tho surface It was In
ered with by the drill and pipe which
alned In tho well
reral days ngo tho Columbia drillers
feeling their w down In advance
h e fitlnr hole vTth a fourInch pipe
and ° l a d ° Ith of about 7s0
Immediately withdrew the pipe
resumea opprntlons sixInch
Ith the
Fi5e P5llllD vlth thc larger plpa
satisfactorily and nt the stated
li i tfr2f tlle ol1 suddenly began
hoi tI k tlin rotary Pipe I
K strike was oltogetber unex
lli r hell l0s > because notwlth
> found some oil nt this
SuS ue f ° ur inch feeler It was
t Mltl pressure bv any means
h > Pr 1wcllB 1 on lll > I nave found
nam ° tlls 01 saui1 n nbojt
maac mu h out of It
af n h oU bcKan finding yestcr
rotZl on lbe nlcn set to work to get
ml Ml s d lffll lt working In tho
vf 1tb0 ilced waR accomplished
t 8 1
r the S1 ihe valTC s cl ed
well th r plpf s removed from
tWttTa nearlr
owing rB the c7ostng quotations or
Beaomont Oil Exchange
ted stocls
0 Oil and Fuel
lmont Oil Co
S nnd Gas
0 f
p lj11 New Orleans
Jl t4 Stockii
ffB Oil and Itehn
W Crude
22 fit
SO X >
15 00
05 00
a3 00
BO 00
27 6U
100 MJ
120 OU
120 IK
70 01
TO t
67 50
for the Teeth
T oliandytouse W
ifflSlS POWDER 7Sc
v vy vV V vS
ff akl 100 U
i Xio v WA vi
Korwnrd Reduction I >
esuvlus ij
Kollvnr anil Hlcn Island no
Nenumont and U Paso i
Trenton nock 75
industrial Lumber Co 200 00
P and M National bunk
or Houston 1U1 60
Uncle jr
Southern Oil Co 1214
Creole American 4u
United States Otl
Alamo 1000
iermnnAmorlcnn 102 M
Columbia Crudn 031A
SalesDrillers 2200 shares nt 6
An Advance Recorded on Both More
Activity Is Expected on the Ex
chanfje Hereafter
rtcatty nnd Ueaumont Confederated were
the favorites on the Houston Oil nnd Stock
Kxchange yesterday
lleatty was bid for quite actively on
the general call but the price offered
did not exceed 29 340 nnd no sales were
effected When called up a second time
however the stock was In demand nt SO
cents and 700 shares were bought It
then advanced to 31 with ouc silo at
that price At the close H0V4 was bid but
none could be had for less than 31
Iteaumont Confederated which sold In
small lots n few dajs ago at 15 to 18c
was In demand nt higher prices and Just
cis the call ended one lot sold for 2Sc
Tho tlnul bid was 22c and tho price asked
0c The ndvnneo Is attributed to a tip
that the suits against this company have
been compromised
ttuffalo Columbia Crude Drillers and
Grace were the most actie of the 10cent
stocks Grace which sold yesterday at
SISc was In demand at 3U but was not
offered nt less than 4V4c
The biinglng In of n new well and the
brcntlcnlng of the field Is expected t have
a bullish effect on the stocks of sovuru
companies An active sesslon lb expected
nt the 11 oclock call today
The prices bid nnd ahked yesterday nnd
thc sales made were as follown
tlllsted stocks Did Asked
Am Oil and ltef new 00 it
Alu Oil and ltef new 2S no
Atlantic and Pacific 07
Bcntty 30 31
Hunumont Geyser 04
Ueaumont Con tS A 22ti 30
Iteaumont and Iac Slope OS U
Ueaumont nnd Sarato
ga 4 no
Buffalo 05 01
llrynn Heard COO 11 00
Ileau and Los Angeles OS
Hnyou City 27 no 00 00
Columbia Crude 03 iKiA
Chicago Crude Oi4 22A
Coast Itldgc 5 50 10 00
millers 07tt 07
Drvnmers 23 35
llntcrprlsc ilji 10
Kmplip State 20 35
federal Crude 10 20
Toiward Iteductlon W 05
Giaco ni MVi
Gober 02 10
Ganlck 10 30
Galveston Oejser 25 75
tiaUeslon Klbic 100
Houston and Beaumont 05
Hammnn 5 75 0 00
Hlgglns GO 25 7125
lilaud 50
King no 00
Little Giant 25
Lucky Dime 05 07
Madeline 21 Oil
Manhattan 40 47
M K nnd T 35 BO
National Oil and Pipe f > S 02
New York and Texas 20
Neches 1 00
Oleander no
Ilttsbuig 10
Pear Orchard
Spindle Top new 70 00
Seaboud 07
Saratoga Oil and Pipe 15 4i
Star nnd Crescent 1 00
Spanglcr no
11 j ns Gulf toast and 0 42
lVxns Western 107 2 35
lienton Hook lfi
United States 05
Victor 30 45
VruIuh 02 IHI
lilil Asked
GiMsbeeek Ice Water and
Light 1000 00
Halls Sluice Canal nnd
Irrigation 100 00
Houston Cotton Uxehange 400 00
Itoiistnn Loan and Land 25 IX
Mot chants National U < tiik 100 00
Sour Lake Springs Co 75 00 120 00
Wharton Gin Mill nnd
rlovotor 100 00
young Mens Hid Asso COO 00
Ilurfnlo 1000 nt >
llentty 700 at 30
lleatty 100 at 31
Iteaumont Conf Sts nnd A COO nt2S
Columbia Crude nOO nt S
Drillers 1000 at 7
Manhattan M n 42
Sixth Derrick for the Guffey Company
Has Been Begun
Damon Texas July 11 Another derrick
for tho Guffey company will be begun to
morrow making No 0
Thc derrick of the Dninon Mound com
pany will be completed tomorrow
Among tho new enterprises for Damon
City Is a big lumber ynrd to bo put In
by B It Osgood nnd J S Booth
Iho llerndon well Is nenilng 200 feet
depth still In rock nnd a slight trace of
oil continues to come up with the water
from the bottom of tho well A gentleman
with an oil Indicator appealed on the
Mound yesterday with n fine span of muha
nnd hack fitted up for camping He ha
made some examinations with his Instru
ment nnd says there are plenty of gush
eis to be found on the Mound but would
not give tbclr exact location
Prospectus on tho Mound today are yny
numerous Among them are A B Slltup
Collin county J W Stlmn Alvln D 1
Cramer Beaumont B B Cain T > ler
J Knol Tyler J M Moore Ansfetou M
M Miller Salt Lake Cltv H T Mnleahy
ltosenberg Mr Todd Port Arthur Will
Nash Tidal Wave and It It Farmer of
Mr Landrum field manager of tn
Guffev Galley company cume In this
evening nnd reports that other wells will
be started on the Mound as fast ns machln
ery pan be gotten
Oil Reported to Have Been Found at
107 Feet at Granite
Guthrie O T July 12 The people of
Granite O T arc wild with excitement
oer tho discovery of oil near thattown
Thc oil was found at the depth of 107 feet
nnd spouted to the surface In gieit quan
A New Alvln Company
Atvln Texas July 12 The Beaumont
and Damon Mound OU company was or
ganized acre o few days ago capital stock
250000 with 4he follow Ing ofticers and
directors C B Cummlngs president B
It Osgood vice president O S Cummlngs
secretary and treasurer directors C S
Cummlngs Alvln B C Cummlngs Nata
woka Kan Dr E G Linn Mount Pleas
ant Iown C H House Mount Pleasant
Iowa D It Beally Beaumont O S Cum
mins tad B U Oasood AItUu TMs cum
r V rv vv v y v w
< <
Patiy has some very valuable holdings m
bplndlo Top Heights In Jefferson county
n d on Damon Mound In llrntwla couuty
nieo leases on sevcrat thousand acres In
S1 c Hlc In East Texas They have
ninehlner on thc ground at tlie mound and
expect to begin boring there Inside of ten
Two New Oil Companies
Austin Texas July 12 Two oil charter
were filed today with the secretary of
stato for the purpose of prospecting for
oil and other minerals In tho State
The Eureka Oil and Coal rompany of
JIvClt5 nccve8 county capital stock
510000 Directors V YV Johnson J B
n f nxf UNson T J Heffner nnd
it A S0 ° f ceves county and 13
Garner of Uvalde
r r Bi PJll < vl22nanv of Beaumont capl
S ° k L
rirr hk JWWO Directors Mrs J
narragh Albert and James Darrach O
an J Tlcn n ot 1tcs
More Prospectors at Corpus
Corpus Chrlstl Texas July 12Thc well
boring outfit for J O Hardwlek tho Mis
souri fapltallst who recently purchased 1
tract of land In the northwestern portion
Ilcltj h Jor tn c Purpose of boring for
iVi hns arried here and boring opert
Vii 11 W ence In about two weeks
fir lw lcli wm Ioave a ay or two
° ora ° ° cl et tali timbers with
hi h
which to erect his rig etc
Wis 1
Manager Eggleston Says It Is an Un
qualified Success
The following lettei tegardlng the Louis
latinTexas rice kitchen was addressed to
Prof S A Kuapp of Lake Charles and
owing to the general Interest In thc mat
ter has been ghen out to thc piets for
Prof h A Knapp
Buffalo X v juiy 3 1001 My Dear
Sir I know our Lake diaries friends are
eagerly watching and anxiously waiting
to hear how tho rice kitchen Is stnitlng
out nnd whether It will proo a suet ess
My answer to all Is that Its success Is an
assuied fact fiom thc stall Today wo
fccived rice to 400 peoplo who camo to us
duply to lc1rn how ilce could be cookol
nnd senod other than simply ns a dessert
After putting nwny a bowl of gumbo fllle
roast chicken with rice di < sslug jlco po
tnto salad and ileo loijuettes topped out
with rice lemon pie ancf frozen rice ciotm
they weie moio than sntUuctl that the
hud found out that rice was the cereal
that more nuulrlous dainty und nppetlz
lug dishes could be piepared fum than any
other eeieal piown Today we ted NO
people and many assuied me as they tie
> ai ted that they will come back nnd
briug their friends und tnun the nay
our patiouago incionses each dav I kiov
they keep their pioinlsc You can My to
the enteiprislng ilce growers of Louisiana
and Texan that they money they bao to
genorouslA contributed will not l > tpent In
vain but like bread cast upon the waters
will return an hundred told My mall
contains requests from almost cvciv Sta e
In the Union for iloe cook books The
kitchen nttincts the multitude equal to nuv
oiher exhibit It Is tho most Uniting nnd
delightful place to secure a llt t elnhh inn il
on the gioinds While satisfying tlte Inner
man the can nlso feast hell ces on the
beautiful curly pine and cypress with whit h
our dining 100m is so nrtlstlcallv finished
Tomorrow Is the Fourth ot Julv nud we
expect to be snowed under with the htingo
multitude but we are prepared to till
them full of rice with a big It
Todny the governor of MI souil gov
ernor of ArkanMiB Senator Jones Con
gressman Robertson of Louisiana mid ex
Ocvemor li mils ot Missouri simoundcd 1
table and when we got throitgb with them
the compliments woro profuse and all con
grntilatod us on the complete success of
the undettaking Many Louisiana friends
have been heie but owing to the eiowd
could not get Inside I would sav to all
cur friends that we want th into come
and take n meal with us If bfy win trv
and get here by 11 30 a m Just before we
open for dinner they will be sure ot to
ruling n seat and lecelvlng cooil service
Itespectfully J W IJoRlmton
Manager Ionlsaua and Texas Bice
Special to The Pest
Philadelphia Pa July 12 Two tank
barges of the Standard Oil company were
today ordered to Sabine Pass Texas to
bring cargoes of Beiumnnt crude oil to the
refinery of that company nt Philadelphia
Port Hadfc Arrhcd Wanderer Br
from Liverpool Loi Islana Am from New
York rl Vnso Am from Now oik
Mount ltoyal Br from Shield Crogos
wold Brl from St Vincent Cape De
Verde Ua Key West Salle Hrnttcn
Nor for Puerto Cortez Pulton Nor
for Port Antonio Jamaica ltamor De Lar
ranoga Sp for Bondon via Newport
News Sumnlvla Nor for Tort Burro
via Puntii Goida Ksther Am for Port
Limon Breakwater Am for Port Llmou
Curfew Law in Force at Victoria
Victoria Texas July 12 Tho city council
passed nt Its last meeting what Is known
ns the curfew ordinance under thc pro
visions of which any child under 11 jeiirH
found the streets after 830
of ago on
In ot
oclock at night unless company uu
adult will be nnested and upon convle
than 10 1 he ordi
tlon gned not more
nance takes elTcct Jul > 18 nnd Its workings
will bo watched with Interest not only
here but elsewhere
Fort Bend County Commissioners
Richmond Texas July 12 Thc coinmls
sloneis court adjourned this evening after
finishing its labors as a board of equalltsa
A petition was presented to the court
asking that the special deputy sheriff pro
vldcd bv the court bo discontinued A
counter retltlnn was also presented piny
ng that tlie deputy sheriff piovlded by
this court bo continued which wiu
granted There will be no change
Coal Found at Huntington
Huntington Texas July 12The Texas
and New Orleans Hallway company in dig
ging a well twelve feet sqrare near tho
depot nt Huntington tome twentyfive 01
thirty feet below the surface a bed of soft
coal twcht feet thick was struck Tes
In a mill furnace nearby prove t < J
The tow u
satisfactory as a heat producer
lied of coal ns
seems to be built over a
U Is found In wells wbcrccr dug
Summer Schools for Young Children
McKlnney Texas July ll Tbe number
of summer literary schools Is greater by
before In Collin
than ever
far this year
county Thcro seems to be a growing sen
tlment In favor of a short summer term
especially for the benefit of the pri
mary that are prevented much of
IVe winter term by eold and bad ruadj
attending regularly which is not
ine from case with Ihe larger children
Rice Threshers for Wharton County
Wharton Texas July 12 A carload of
Funeral of E C Phillips
Rosebud Texas July 12Th remain
of E C rhllllps of Conroo were Inteired
at 4 oclock
In the city of It YN
If m Deceased was 0 brother
PhinipTaud met Miidea h at Conroe
where he was recently snot
Colorado Is Boomlno
Austin Texas July 12The Colorado
river at this point Is on ft tremendous rise
and reports worn up the country say the
Commercial Agency Characterizes It
as Fairly Gooif on Ihe Whole
The Leadlno Industries Are Kept Well
Employed with Much Confidence Ex
pressed on Every Hand
New York July 12 It O Dim Cc s
vcekly review of trade tomorrow will siy
Ociernl litiilneos continues ts even coiiise
wllh nil the leading Industries well cm
pioycd and with eonfldcrco expressed on
etry luinl Bountiful crops of wheat seem
assured nnd the damage
to con while con
siderable In some directions does not prom
ise to be sufficiently general or serious to
Impede the progress of the country Lnbor
tumbles ar In process of settlement nnd
tho population Is responsible for most of
the unrest In the
maikets The sleel com
panics are nctlely employed nnd there Is
n distinct movement In the demands for
finished goods whllo quotations lre without
alteration Bars for tho rse of metal man
ufacturers nnd plates lire taken readily and
thore Is no sign of diminished purchasing
In structural material Ralls are ordered
flccly with notable pressure for the roller
and there nre no short weights Billets
ore moio quiet and few new transactions
nro recorded In pig Iron
lmpiovcment Is general In thc footwear
Irduslry although no higher prices can bo
obtained Leather Is In good demand nud
llim but without quotable change In prices
lVfli ° ir le rnanqfijptnreiit have bousht
jakcu fiecly of other upper eathers The
ff 18 ot drv l Ithliew fiom
the market owluc to the mloes demanded
b lmppiters nnd trading Wame dull
Textiles have settled In a steady poMllou
that promises moio lasting prosperity than
r prices Und been forced higher or sons
tlomil nctlMly had foMowed the altered
attitude of buvers In Jobbing circles t Is
thought that trade will not be pms cuted
lgoiotnlv until Augus but salesmen on
Ihe road send In goQdorders Heavvwelght
woolens ure securing ilupllclte orders nud
mills nre making extensive proUlon for
the lightweight season Manufacturers are
well employed niut exhibit increasing Inter
est In raw material Wool has not altered
In pilee but the tone is firmer nnd sales
Increased Growers nre said to be selllnc
inthcr than cunsljttilng while many inncli
nuai iufus > to do any business nt present
In the rotton goods division thore Is
nothlnc new vrccnt ndvanect in pi ices be
ing fully sustained nud mills keep work
Inc bb a rule The raw material has tie
cilneil lnrge parts of the obi crop nnd
many might dispatches from the South
having raoie effect than stories ot drouth
In Teas
Grain crops nre occasioning much uneasi
ness among speculators owing to extreme
ly compile n to 1 situations Vnnidliiit to
latest onlclal mil unofficial rrngiiostlra
tlmis theie Is reason to nniMpite the
hinvlest wheat yield eier sported mil
leaking the customary iJlowniies for do
iiirtdtc consumption even wit 11 the small
fiipplles on hand wheu the lenr openeil
tbiK appears available foi rxiiort about
5o per cent more than went abroad In the
year after tlie gicntest shipments Yot
prices aro far above the low ree
ord and ilgoroua rallies abroad 111 the
decline Extensive needs fibroid nnd th <
movement from Atlantic port amount to
H208G14 bushels Against 2WM44S n veur
ngo and Western receipt were 4070178
bushels against 2018 077 last year
Corn showed remnrknble ntrength owing
lo drouth and heat sine Tub 1 gHInc roi
scn to c < pect vi than the official report
which Indicated more than aXMKsiOIH
bushels This cereal Is now nl an pxcen
tlonallv high point and petlmntes of 200
OfpOotio bushels for export nre too high ns
foreigners wlllnot liny freely at the en
hanced value
Different Conditions Am Presented by
Every Section of the Country
New Yak July 12 Brndsticcts tomor
inw will sajs Vnrjlng comiueicial nud
Industrla conditions rrnkc II difficult to
stiIke In a sense the kejnoto of the gen
cral trade for tho week In the Hast busi
ness appears to be of n mllsiimmcr plar
lclcr whllo In the Southwest conditions
have been adversely affected by drouth nnd
hot weather reports which nupeiInduced n
tendency on ihe part of ninnj to enneel
cirdeis previously given In tlie Northweit
on the contrary business seems to bo
quite nctlvo as the result ot excellent crop
cuidltlons and ciedlt Is rcnoiled being
fieely gruntod but In the Mlddlo Weit
the tenor of trade Is apparently Btcatlv
while In tho South ordinary conditions uiu
But for the woek the Important devel
opments seem to have been thc rampant
peculation In corn and oats due to icports
of exceedingly honvy damage In the Mis
tourl valley belt the nervousness of tlin
stock market and n somewhat doubtful
late situation together with n inure fa
vorable feeling In labor circles
Ihe oru crop retiorts tn tho ngrlcultu
tal department point to a reduction of
40O01HI ncreH or 5 per cent fiom the nrou
planted last jear with a lowered condi
tion ns computed with July a year ngo an 1
ns n result thtt statisticians arc figuring on
a rrop of only 2008003000 bushels which
may lie regarded as somewhat nbovc tho
prolmble yield If account be taken of tho
decline in conditions ns coinpnred with the
uvernge for the eeason last year
For the wheat c ap as a whole a totnl of
701310000 bushels Is figured out nlso
seemingly an estimate which may have to
bo icvlscd In the direction of a reduction
The wheat remalnlue In farincis iinniU Is
cztlmntol at tl 000000 bushels which Is
less by 20000000 bushels than on July 1
It year ngo
The oat crop shows a decline In cnndl
lion for the mouth ot June und as com
parrd with July 1 las year while barley
tliors a slight gain for the months bnt
11 considerable advance ns compared with
Jnlv 1 last year
Tlere Is n firmer nnd better feeling In
the Iron end strel marker thoiuli the n w
business booked Is of small volume Tin
after going up In speculative manipulation
birke townid the end of the week on tho
rcrort ot n virtual coup bv the leading
bull Interests Labor troubles so far as
Hirfae Indications go nr approaching itu
amicable adjustment though one confer
croc has ended without much mult
In wool the situation buows Improvement
but no speculation appeared
Gross railroad earnings foi thc month of
June as reported to Bradstreets agcregate
fa3MP3in as compared with 150107021 for
June lust vear nn Increase nf 18 per cent
In favor of the month In tho current year
Leather Is active on domestic and ixport
demand and so aro hides nnd skins
In shoes o fnlr line of business for prompt
fshlpruonts Is reported but fonynrdlngs urs
below those ot last wefk owing to hell
diys amounting as they do to 821KI
rises against 101701 caw last week and
R4110 cases for the week In 1000 Ship
nifnts for the year to date amount to 2311
ifiTi cases against 2470450 cases In 10O0
Neither dry goods nor cotton goods nre
as active as las week the holidays affect
lug business but the undertone Is strong
nud the cost of production Is more ot a
factor In determining prices of finished
Corn and oats ns was tn bo expected
showed Ihe heaviest palnj for the week In
cereals though wheat which was steak nt
the outset was firm toward the close 011
heavy buying orders and In sympathy with
cotton market was Irregular and pro
fetslonitl the tendenev being to wait nn
til conditions became better or worse Texas
meteorological condition played an Impor
tant part In bringing about price changes
which were lower on the week
Hesters Statement Shows a Decrease
for the Week of 169493 Bales
New Orleans July 12 Secretary Hesters
statement of the worlds visible supply of
cotton cuds np IcoaAPtclal cable ad
f nV W f
telegraphic advices compared the figures of
this week with Inst week last year nnd
the ytiir beftiro It dho s n decrease for
tho week Jutft closed of 100403 hales
gainst n dcerease of 144371 last year nnd
fl decrease of 14431MI the vear before last
The total visible Is 2573430 ngaltlst 2
743477 last week 107801 last year and
3435843 year before Inst Of this the to
tal of American cotton is 1573081 ngnlnst
1008477 last week 1O0S501 last year nnd
2r > V > 8l3 year before last and of all other
Id mis Including Ugypt Braxll India etc
1000000 against loIOU0 lust year B70
000 last year nnd uoaOoo year before last
The total worlds lslhlo supply of cot
ton shows n decrease compared wltti last
week of 1CP493 bales nu Increase com
pared with last year of intSUS nud a de
crease compared with year before Inst of
iS > lS59
Of the worlds visible supply as above
there Is now afloat nnd held In Great
Britain nnd continental Kurope 1214000
ngnlnst 000000 last year nnd 2122000 year
bcfoio last In Keypt UOOOO ngalnsi 7L
000 last vear and 85000 year befme last
India r7O0O Against 2870H Inst ypnr nnd
raTTOIK jear before last and In the United
Stales itauOO against 238000 Inst year ami
CS2000 year before last
Falling Off However Seems to Bo the
Regular EndofWeek Reduction
Prices Generally Steady
Special to The Post Reported by tho St
Louis National Stock Yards
National Stock yards III July 12M1
pis 11 Fort Cobb Texas IM12 pound
Mcorr 350 M M Hingis W2 pound
Indian steers 3W L L Morrison liwJ
pound hirers 305 J L Blttle Myra
ItMS lilt pound steers 325 George N
Bull Myra Texas 1000 pound steers 1115
Flnlit Commercial Co Mlnco I P 1120
jiiumt stecis 370 lllcven liuudrcd Tcxaiin
Id steady
St Louis July 12 CattleReeelpts 3000
Including tKH Tcxnns Market steady na
tlve Shipping nnd expoit steers 4 85af30
dressed beet nnd bntcheis steers 4IXVU
5 Nl steers under 1CKX pounds 3 NviCl 8r >
stoekcrs and feedeis 27bt 425 cows and
licltors 2 tXW 75 bulls 2r 0iSJ375 Texas
and lndlnus 1 30fttf 70 cows and heifers
2 KKtt Hi Ilogsltecelpts 7ooo Market
Strong pigs nud lights fibnt < Vi packers
r > 02lMfi1ll butchers fi Will 40 Sheep
Receipts 2 < HK > Market steady natlo inut
tons 30033r > 0 lambs loOltStO cults
nnd bucks 200fi W stocken 175 < R2oo
Texnns 27S3 M
Special lo The Post
StoU Yards Kansas City July 12 The
fo lowing sales by Texaus nnd Territory
trckmcu Were made today
S J Garvin Pauls Valley I T HOI
bound steers 320 Burt Garvin Pauls
Vallp I T 707 pound steeis 205 15
Lewis DaIs I T 872 pound steers 3 < H >
Icirv Russell Dnvls 1 T 815 pound
Strcrs 3K 705 pound steers 275
Sclioltldt Fallow Vliiltn 1024 pound
Btteis 100
Kansas City July 12 CattleReceipts
WXK unlives 1000 Texnns 400 calics Mm
kct slow 10c lower Uxport and tlres eil
beef steers I7V4O r0 fnlr to good 1 KHji
SOO stoekers and feeders 340tl2ri Texas
and Indian steeis 3 80425 Texas grass
steers 3 OOfi1 75 cows 270 < S40O helferi
3tKMfl > S bulls arOttilOO calies 3WUJ
4 75 Hogs Receipts 23000 Maikut Amide
hlKlicr for best others steady Heavy
0101ifl20 mixed paclers 5lKKld10 light
50315 874 pigs 5 iv2570 Slieeii Re
000 > Inrkot 10c higher La
ewes 3
3 2VDBP0r
300 Texas grass sheep 3272380
111 Us
t ri5ffl40 0fKTi31l0 cutfs 30IKM
Chicago Julv 12 Cattle Receipt 2500
Including 850 Texaus market generally
Htciidj good lo prime steers fi lOirtO A
poor to medium 30 < > 7f510 stoekers nnd
feeders weak 20015410 cows 2 IO < j t 0
heifers 2 nKiltK ennners 1 7VLr2o bulls
2 254U40 caUes stiong 4COr7 00 Texas
leers 32VJ402Vj Tex is bulls 2 rKi340
HigiReceipts todav 12tl0 toinoirow
HKX mostlr 10c higher good to cliolc >
heavy 01Wt04i light > 0 < Vii2rj bulk of
Miles 01Xi02 Sheep ltecclpts 501X1
thecp nnd lnmhs active 10c higher cool
to chfilco wethers 4 0011175 f ilr to choice
mixed 3 50ft 1 25 Western sheep 370rt
110 ycnilliigt 435fr4 75 nntUe lambs
37vi fl 25 Western lanibt 3 75rr 573
Special to The Post
New Orleans July 12 Tho New Orleans
i stock exchange repoits
Receipts of nil classes of cattle heavy
neilve demnnd for choice grades full minply
ordlnarv on sale only good guides of hogs
nnd sheep wanted
The following nre me live stock quota
tlons for this market as furnished by T
11 Saunders Jr successor to UoxSauud
t iinitnlfMlon company 1
Choice beeves
Medium beeves
Choice cows
Medium cows nnd heifers
Bulls and slugs
Work oxen
Choice yearlings
Medium yearlings
Choice calves
Ciimmon calves
Choice muttons
Corn fed hogs tops
pounds up
Ccrnfcd lights and rough
Mast fed ho H
Reported for The Houston Post by tho A
P Norman Live Stock company of Galves
ton Quotations are for yesterday
Good to choice JJ
Ccramoii to fair
Good to choice >
Common to fair
Good to choice j
Common to fair 00
Jood to choice
Common to lair > w
3 25
fi2 75
Mfl 00
2 BO
r3 25
< fl2 75
4 00
cffil 25
Market keeps bare of cattle nnd calves
demand nctlve first arrivals will sell read
ily at quotations
The Situation In Cotton Considerably
Improved Yesterday
New York July 12Not only was yester
days decline wiped out In tho local cotton
today but prices were advanced to
nenrly the high level touched early In belief the
week on drouth news and general
that the staple was too low trading was
nctlvo much of the session and while main
ly ot a professional origin there was a
good Increase of Investment business
through commission houses The ppcnln
steady with prices unchanged to
nolnts hlclier It was plain to all that
The pit was short and that few looked for
any considerable advance yet New Orleans
nnd LUerpool turned strong after starting
fashion and com
In a rather disappointing
pletely changed ihe plans of the bear con
tingent here Covering gave place to short
elilng nnd Investment to expected I qu da
tlon Prices were quick to respond to this
order of things und by midday a sheer up
lift ot 1 to 11 polntB was npparcnt on too
moro active positions larly In the afternoon
this Improvement was Increased the
market wis Arm on drouth news for pretty
much nil over tho entire belt Increased de
mand for spot cotton Increased trength
of dry goods and print cloth markets and
Increasing speculative Interest of the pijblle
andI Wall street While the special weather
reports noted hard rains In some parts ot
Southern Texas practically no moisture
fel over the Southwestern cotton country
nor did the forecast fiom YJaihlngton Indi
cate any rain for thirtysix hours Port
receipts were smaller New Orleans was
strnnc nnd foreign houses picked up sev
era complete iWej of October Closed with
prices net 11 to 17 points higher
H B Beers Cotton Letter
Special to The Post
New Orleans July 12LWefpool showed
signs of xecovcrtne from Its decline when
oar msrket onened which It did In con
sequence t 7 to 8 points higher and as
reports ot no further rains In Texas put
ftli It W territory Tl U4 yesttrdAjr
a sharp advance occurred which was no
celeniUil by tho slslblc supply statement
snow mi rather bullish figures
Tie visible supply of all kluds decreased
luoooo against i4lt < X last year which was
coiiMrneu favorably although tho total sup
piv mill stands I > ii5000 moio than at saiurt
tiniM 11st year This supply will be more
than ample nud leac a fair surplus nt tho
en I of the season though we expect tho
weekly figures for the balance of the sea
sou to decrease proportionately more tit in
for sarrj period last year ns there exist
ed nt that time more concerted short tlmo
nr > cug the mills of the world on account
of extiemc high prices than Is to be ex
pected fiom now on The movement con
tinues on n largo scalu and tho nnuhciul
outlook lx unpromising both In this countrv
nnd abro ld hut these features 11c Ignored
at the woment
nirlilijtH nf hot and dry winds In the
gult ttntes Arkansas and North Texan
did much to hasten todays ujhnncc A
good sou king ruin Is needed In the western
linf ol tlie belt nud nutll Its occuireme
wo can not expect much decline
It B
The Rico Market
Dan Talraages Sons company New
lork say of the rice market
Between Independence Iity nnd tho usual
llidiffeicnco porMtnlng to a holiday period
the demand wns Interfered wllh but a
land otflco business on tho eleslng day
brought Iho volume nf the week neaily
up to tho preceding oie Ope ordei nn 1
jcquest for samples arc cnmlnc In freel
from every quarter for which this fs the
lutiirnt bflso of supply In tho mnlu mtl
Ings throughbat thc trade nre light nnd
while there Is n conservative temper the
ngsicgate movement for the season prom
l es lo bo exceptionally large Stinks at
tbU point nre beginning to ahov depletion
by broken nssortments and thc question
of icsupply Imminent The patronngc 1
IHtty eienly distributed ovci nil the le
Sfctue sorts In domestic and foreign
prices linn with fractional ndinices in
lair to good Japan
Athlces from J the South note stondv
lnoirirent restricted supply nnd fnl
iilies along the Atlantic coist In New
Oilcvins nnd nt Interior points In thc faonth
west there has been nn added cul from
the fai West which with that from tbu
pet eral distributive demand nnd Porln
Rico makes up a volume far In excess
of that which prevailed duilne similar
period for kpiotnl > eors past The ship
ments to Porto Rico alone last week ex
ceeded 30000 pockets and orders nro now
being tiled ngnlnst shipment for the next
steamer which satis from New Orlenn
latter part of present mouth
Reports concerning the new crop nro
more encouraging Inero hao been general
hhowers throughout Louisiana which have
preyed very beneficial The Mississippi
district Is full of promise and the out
turn Is likely lo be considerably 1n excess
of any recent yeais
Cables and couospondpnee from nhroid
note lucrenslug call and huidened values
It should howevei be icinurkcd that buy
ers evince 11 cautious disposition nnd con
line purchases to lmmodlato requirements
hoping if uot expecting soiiib reaction
fiom present quotations
Chronicles Weather Reports
Special to Tho Post
New York July 12 Tho Commercial and
Plnnnilal Chronicle says Telegraphic ad
vices < i us this evening from the South
denote that while rnln has fallen In some
sections during the week Including a few
districts Jn Texas the rainfall has In gen
ccnl boon light nnd over n birce nroa dry
weather has prevailed Our Gnlieston cor
respondent reports that cotton Is suftejIiiR
for moisture except In localities where
showcis havo affoulcd temporary relief It
pontons of Mississippi nnd Arkansas dam
age Is claimed to hae resulted from drnulh
nud fiom most points thorn aio complaints
thiu rain Is much needed
Comparative Cotton Statement
New York July 12 For tho week ending
Friday Jul 12
Net tecclpts nt all United States
poits during week 44232
Snmn week lust yeir 25531
Totnl lecelpts to ttls date 7310875
Biuno date last year 01070m
Kxpmls for the week 711117
Same week last jcar 1313JI
Total exports to this date 0131388
Same date last 5ear 5555038
Stock nt all United States ports 317137
Same tlmo Inst year 157327
Stock it nil Interior towns 215808
Same tlmo last jcar Olioisl
Stock at Liverpool V1ooii
Snino time last ear li58lX0
Stock of American afloat for Gicnt
Britain 1 45OOty
Samo time last year 2lXM
F O II mill Texas Interior points ac
cording to location Per gallon
Frluio crude oil loose 24V4Q 25
Prime summer yellow oil 28 < ffi 2
Llntcrs per pound 2 f 2Vi
Per ton
Hulls baled 5 00
Prime cotton seed meal 20 00 121 00
Prime cotton seed enko 1175 420 50
Quotations on prime rotitou seed meal
nnd prime cotton seed cake ure for deliv
ery nt Onlve8tmi
New York July 12 Cotton seed oil
New York July 12 Tin firmer 27P0
lake copper 17 00 lend dull nnd unchanged
tpelter dull 31033115 pig Iron warrants
dillk 05OTI0
Mtxny womonl
have Ilttlo fixlth
PEARLINE Could It hixvol
been advertised go extensively
for twenty years If oir clnlma
for It wore not true Wo say
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M > dt oolr br Tho Dt Iliner
Medicine Co Dartoa Ohio
Ettiblliacd lU
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lot Ztccrwbeie
Straw Hats
We have just enough Straw Hats
in the store to make it interesting
to all corners for a few days We
have fixed the prices so that you
can afford to throw away your dis
colored straw if you want to
Mens Straw Mats
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150 Yacht Shapes 100
well aB with
in If
We are now contracting for large sup
piles of Fuel Petroleum for delivery In
Houston throughout Texa3 and points
in other States Advise with us beforo
closinfl petroleum contracts
if you wIgIi to buy or sell
of any description communioato with
us Wo are on the floor of tho Houston
Oil and Stock Exchange during all calls
All transactions for ensh No oil stock
cairlcd on margin
All miscellaneous and unlisted oV
stocks will be designated ns such nnd trad
ed In
We lira icrclvlm Inquiries for oil nnd
rice lands also oil leases many such In
onirics nre by mall fiom other cities and
Rtutea We Invite correspondence with
those havlne such property for sale ns
those inteiested In purchas
Iho purchase nnd snle of Houston and
suburban propjrly Is vigorously worked by
usOrBiinbers of syndicates for tho pur
chase sale and development of oil nnd
mineral lands
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Handmndo Shade Cloth mounted on
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Sample colors and prices furnished
promptly on request
Ev ry Weak manor woman can be re
stored lo perfect hcalih and vitality tyf
proper application c Electricity Drs
llennett the great Electrical authority
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Electric belt and Electrical Suspen
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burn and blister and which can be re
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C L Tlico Bering lldw Store
Big suit a aonpoltonout
remedy for Ooooirhoce
01 t Spermnorrkcfe
Wild uBHttnrt1 die
charsei or an laSauma
tlon Irritation or situa
tion et noo e Bests
brasM Kosattrlnfeat
I KoM ky HFCt4a
or t In puis scMWf V
tijCD of 3 bsltlea
Circular mt en mw I
f >
> J i

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