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HOUSTON PRINTING COMPANY j over otio oftUoso RWnpplpnjr of soeuritlos occurs but
tho general pjibllc doos not profit by iho Incidental ro
ll M JOHNSTON President I duction in Uiq total of tho i > ay rolls
Vlcp President
Ncb 1101 1102 105 1107 and 1109 Franklin Avenue
Business Department 1S8 Editorial Department 451
finttred at tkt Postofficc at Houston Texas as StcondCliu
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New Orleans tst Charles Hotel news stand J T F Gcss
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nan street
v erotoforo tho mosquito has boon considered In no
worse light than In that of n miiBanco whoso presence
eecmed to be a necessary adjunct of cool sumnior ovon
Ings and whose sons nctcd as a sort of nn Irritant at
night to prgvertt oxhatisted humanity from yielding too
easily to the sedativo influence of tho south broezo
More or less cnulo dovicos have been called Into use
to interfere with his provorblal familiarity and to di
minish his opportunities for puncturing cuticles and
feasting upon tho blood of the public to Its intonso dis
comfort but no concerted movement has yot boon made
to orovent his propagation aud effect bis comploto ex
Of late though thero has been an awakening of tho
public mind with regard to this pestiferous Insect duo
in some measure to tho researches of medical scien
tists who hnvo demonstrated that ho is an nctlvo dis
seminator of disease Exhaustive oxporlmontfl made in
Cuba by United States army and marmo hospital sur
geons have proven beyond question that certain varie
ties ot the mosquito tiro potent agents for the spread
of yellow f aver nnd steps for tho wiping out of tho en
tire jiibpqullo family hnvo boon taken in consequence
Th < ponds around Havana havo been drained oil has
bfi n used for the destruction of tho larvae riu > tho
horpltals have been equipped with guards against the
Inserts entry nnd as a result health conditions havo
Improved to a gratifying extent
Havanas example has been followed with good re
sults by several Southern cities and tho BUDjoct Is be
ginning to attract serious nttontlon so Borlous in
fat that the declaration of a genornl war upon tho
tuneful scissorbllled bloodsucking fleetwinged post
ot this latitude is among tho probabilities of tho near
future Now Orleans which the TimosDomocrat as
sures us will bo without objection as a roBidoneo city
in summer it it can but got rid of Its mosquitoes hns
A about concluded that tho task Is by no moans ImpoR
J sihlo ot performance and is contemplating Its undor
taking In support of u concerted attack upon tho
pest tho TimesDemocrat says
The mosquito nuitauce has been somewhat reduced ny
theme of wire screens which shut out the insects but this
is a relief within the reach of the rich only partially effect
ive at the best and of no avail to those who do not care to
be hut up in their houses during summer The true course
to be pursued is to kill off the mosquitoes but this has been
regarded as impossible because of the great number of Ihc
insicts and the supposed immense breeding places in the
swamps around the city
ny thorough Jnestimation would have snown 11 to the
contrary lone ago but it was not made Recent investigations
have proved that the task is far less ilifticult than imagined
and practical experiments have demonstrated that the mos
quito nuisance can be lightened if not entirely destroyed
It js shown for instance that the mosquitoes arc not
blown in from the swamp as formerly supposed except in
extraordinary winds but that they arc bred 111 or near the
houses which they pester that they live only a few days and
would soon disappear if they v ere not replenished by new
swaruisj While troublesome and difficult to net rid of after
thebaic hatched the eggs and larvae arc easily destroyed by
oil orpfh or the draining of ponds
It s to bo hoped that tho TimesDemocrats crusado
ngalnst tho mosquito will succeed and sproad Hero in
Texas It ought to bo easy to uct upon tho suggestions
that paper offers Oil which Is a potont agent in tho
destruction of eggs nnd larvao Is plentiful nnd cheap
nnd Its moro general uso for sprinkling streets should
bo induced by tho fact of its value as a destroyer of
dlseaso BcaUorlng Insects Wet down with oil Btrcots
nllqyajind back yards would no longer flguro as mos
quito hatchorlos nnd unquestionably tho most feitllo
mosquito lipids about Texas cities and towns would nt
small cost bo effectually sterilized by tho moro froo
use jDj pptrolcura In their saturation for dust laying
Iff J 1
Tho communltyoMntcrost schomo for tho mnnago
meit of railroad properties is defended by somo of its
advocates on tbo ground that tho benefits derived from
the multiplication pf compoting transportation linos
werq sp evanescent and shortlived that combination
has naturally nnd necessarily followed competition
and that tho public has almost coasod to tnko uny In
tercast In tho enlargement of parallel roads
< A now spirit of conservatism it is clnlmod has
laken hold of railroad owners to check wasteful dupli
cation and promoto a deslro for harmony nnd dividends
rnther than tho oxcltoment nnd glory of rnto wars
Thp in connection with tho great cost of constructing
a modern railroad Is operating as a chock upon tho
inauguration ot now lines Capitalists no longer con
fine their Investments to ono railroad or system but
acquire largo blocks of stock in related and connecting
roads also in order to bo in a position to influence tholr
policies Overcome by tho sedativo influonco of com
munity of Interest managers no longefr invndo tho ter
ritory of a rival road with fecdors preferring rather to
lay out money In tho improvement of exrating mileage
It is noticeable however that speculation in tho
stock market continues to run riot In the samo old wny
wnenever some now plan of an exploitation of the
community of interest fad Is laid Much noiso is for
awhile beard in tho wake of each succotyling amalgam
ation of railroad properties but
the success of the syn
dicate engineering the deal is no moro Invariably fol
lowedby nn appreciable betterment of the linos af
fected than by a marked improvement In the facilities
affwded tho patrons thereof for tho transportation pf
tkelr freight or porbons between tho points reached
thereby Neither j3 tho cost of service perceptibly di
alshed In spito of tho economy In tbo cost of opera
Tr < M
Community of interest may bo it good thing for the
trunk linen In tho oftlor Statos already grldlronod with
rails inasmuch ns It checks construction in a territory
nlrendy well supplied with transportation facilities
and enables tho ownorB to husband tholr revenues but
Texns is not yet in a position o appreciate Its beauties
Loss than six months ago an Important railroad exten
sion upon which work Is now bolng rapidly pushed
enmo near falling a victim to tho comnuinityoftnter
est Idea All sorts of prossuro was brought to bear
upon Its owner a lending railroad magnnto to forego
its construction but he finally decided upon going
ahead with tho work The chnnco of his doing so was
at ono tlmo quite narrow though and had ho yielded
to the Importunities of follow capitalists nnd commun
ltyoMntcrost associates ono of tho best and richest
sections of tho Stnto would havo been doprlvod of a
needed nnd Avolcomo addition to Its rail facilities
Tho great optimist ot tho National administration
is Secretary of Agrlculturo Wilson Ho can bo trusted
to look for tho bright side and to talk os ho looks A
few days ago ho declarod in his enthusiasm that within
1 year tho United Statos would bo producing everything
it uses When that tlmo comes ho Joyfully says wo
can snap our flngors at tho rest ot tho world Having
onough and moro than enough for our own needs wo
can compel olhor countries to buy from us though wo
do not buy from thorn by tho process ot starvation As
ho puts it
There is no doubt that this country within 1 few months
will be in a position to ignore every other Nation on the globe
in the matter of food products We shall produce within our
own domain everything that troes upon our table and upon
our backs We shall then be commercially and industrially
almost independent of the other Nations of the world Hence
any trade combination which may be effected against us will
count for nothing Whenever we get ready we can come
pretty near starving any other Nation Therefore an effect
ive combination against us will bo an impossibility
Commenting upon this characteristic utterance ot
tho agricultural bond of tho government the Philadel
phia North American says that ovidontly tho secretary
of agriculture has forgotten all about tho principle of
exehnngo that underlies all commorco According to
his notion the ocean would still remain at n fixed level
If tho tldo always ran In ono dirortion In internation
al settlements imports and exports must ovontualiy
As 11 matter of fnct wo can nevor as aNatlon bo en
tirely independent of our world neighbors even If such
it state wore desirable It is 3000 nines from our At
lantic to our Pacific boundary and naif as fur from tho
lino of Canada to that of Mexico No tariff system
short of absoluto prohibition of imports can overcome
such geographical obstacles Tho thing has boon tried
In tho Interest of various special Industries but has
never wholly succeeded Thero aro cortain natural
laws of tnulo which legislation can not repeal though
It may temporarily lnterforo with their operation
Ah Arkansaw man who proposes to furnish Chicago
with gas at 35 cents per 1000 feet says that one ton of the
coal found in the coal lands ho controls contains 11836 cubic
feet of 22 caudle power gas forty gallons of lubricating oil
worth 130 per gallon and 700 pounds of carbon worth 10
cents per pound This deducting the cost of mining and the
freight about 350 per ton leaves the product worth
308550 Chicago seems to havo struck a coal gusher
Bkaumonts specialty is in smashing boundaries
Wm well welll F B Thtirbcr one of the lord high
executioners nnd apostles of the gold standard He who
promised the entire community prosperity all the way from
tiencsis to Revelations a bankrupt I Now by all the most
high god I Will he explain that it was just a chance blow
or will he claim that he was drugged
It ts a good prophet that knows his own weather
A dive keeper in Chicago was kept from committing sui
cide by the police Evidently the Windy Citys police force
knows whence its income is derived
> i
Marriaob cures all the bills the average duke is heir to
KAisra Wimielm thinks that the sword is a noble weapon
to swat the people with but if he wishes to be really effective
he should try a pension roll
Chaunckvs jokes should be intelligible to even an Eng
Now is a nice time to purchase your winter fuel We
make these suggestions in the hope that they will help you
to keep cool
Now its the cotton seed oil trust
catc you
Wouldnt that decorti
Jf it were not for the puzzle pictures which have the
press of the country by the throat life would be a glad
sweet song
Yks Constant Reader the governor of the Philippines is
an Ohio man
Thirb arc worse things than poverty We might he as
rich as a trust ana be compelled to pay taxtyoti all of our
Homtons school tcadhcrs generally have omcthlug com
ing to them
CoNTsniUTORS to the Y M C A seem to fear that if
tl ey come forward too soon they will get hurt in the rush
Tub result seems to show that weve got three yachts fit
to be world racers
AecoRMNO to dispatches a slight coolness has sprung up
between people who were reoently kicking about the heat
HonsoN iiutimutc that hed
every country 011 enrth
like to kiss freedom into
Quav should wear a shirt waist He seems to have
yanked that useful garment off from Miss Pennsylvania
Now it is rumored that the postruaiter general will re
sign iot the good of his country
J PisaKMJT M0ROANit was heralded with a blast of trum
pets would settle the strike We are still waiting
Spain has gone back on silver but her real decadence as
a nation began some months ago
Evans denies that he is to get a better job
possible however that Mr Evan doesnt know
nf m
Manv girls who missed being June brides are of the opin
ion that any old month would do
Dupajchbs from the North say that the hot wave is com
ing this way Well give it a chill If it does
The difference between Chaffee and a prize fighter is that
the former doesnt talk all the time
Pkruaps Teddy has got the constitution with him At
any rate it appears to be hopelessly Inst
Wiy K
tnPe Vil hl n1ton correspomlent of the GlobeDemocrat
t > i
c Mmtton as having leanings Inward David
i lil for the democratic nomination And this is ihe same
Riciui who two years eo was proclaiming Bryan the tribune
of the people Waco TTmcaHenild
It is not known where the correspondent got his Informa
tion for all that the gentleman referred to has said about
Senator Hill is that he is popular in the South which is the
simple truth
The Nashville American would like to see the populist
Parly cut loose fiom the democratic party and go it alone if
air iiryan would permit such action The American says
Wo confess we do not like to fight with such allies especial
ly when we are required to use their tactics If the demo
cratic party can not win on its on strength and merit it can
not win through fusion or alliance or combination with other
and weaker parties In this the American seems to voice
tlic prevalent democratic sentiment The democrats have
Had about all they want of fusion San Antonio Express
It was not thp act of fusion that defeated the democracy
it was the desertion of that clement of tne party that al
ways at all times nnd under all circiustancos places the dol
lar above the man and is ever ready to subordinate principles
to greed
The Colorado Clipper has discontinued its daily edition
and will devote its whole time to being an uptodate weekly
Whatever may be said about the German emperor it can
not be denied that he is progressive Ho lias ordered an
American yacht Yorktown News
A mere act of reciprocity Just consider the number of
German schooners annually ordered in America
Tell us not in idle jingle marriage is an empty dream
for the girl is dead thats single and things are not just what
they seem Life is real life is earnest single blessedness is
a lib man thou art to man returnest has been spoken of
the rib Not enjoyment and not sorrow is our destined end
or way but to act that each tomorrow finds us nearer mar
riage day Life is long and youth is fleeting and our hearts
though light and gay still like pleasant drums arc beating
wedding marches all the way In the worlds broad field of
battle in the bivouac of life be not like dumb driven cattle
be a heroine a wife Trust no future however pleasant
let the dead past bury its dead act in the leal and living
present heart within and hope ahead Lives of married
folks remind us wc can make our lives as well and departing
leave behind us such examples as shall tell such examples
that another wasting time in idle sport n forlorn and un
married brother seeing shall take heart and court Let us
then be up and doing with a heart on triumph set still con
triving still pursuing and each one 1 husband get El
Campo News
Tell us not in verses varied that a wedded lifes the
thing that the brother who is married still hath heart to rise
and sing Life is just an easy amble for the fellow still un
wed but a most exciting scramble when the marriage vows
arc said Not a little bit of sorrow is the benedicts sad way
he must beg and steal and borrow just to Keep the wolf
away Days are long and nights are longer and his tears of
grief shall scald and his wails shall eke be stronger when he
sees hes getting bald In the worlds broad field of battle
in the bivouac of life if youd hear a babys rattle be a mar
tyr take a wife Lives of benedicts remind tis we can be a
jay as well and leave single life behind and make life a
hairless sell Ltt us then be up and frying flying hence
ere we arc wed leave the maidens vainly sighing and our
hair upon our head
The bravest boy in Kansas lives in Atchison He never
rescued a cripple from a hunting building nor stopped a run
away horse but he washes and wipes the dishes for his
mother and doesnt care if all the boys in town know it
Atchison Globe
Rats Thores a boy in Houston who washes his own
face and combs his hair without heing told
n +
A pickpocket relieved the sheriff of Fayette county of so
at th e sheriffs convention at Houston the other day Now
thats the advantage of being a sheriff if the said sheriff had
been an editor the amount stolen would have been at least
three times as much Palestine Visitor
However if he had been a newspaper man he would
never have got so far from his roll
Mr W D Hornsdy the vefertan newspaper correspond
ent at this point for the San Antonio Express lett for the
wild and Woolly West going as far out as Marble Falls He
is taking his annual tenday vacation and being a great stu
dent of Nature which furnishe mm his chief theme in writ
ing he naturally seeks the most rugged country he can find
lie carried with him two boxes df matches and an improved
joint pipe Austin Statesman
Wonder if the real object of his layoff was not to form
some new plans for prosecuting his war over in Mexico
The railroad companies are making hcttcr roadbeds in
Tcsas and gcnrrally improving their property prcparatoiy
to handling with greater ease and facility the immensely in
creasing business of Texas With reasonable freight rates
in the State this business would increase so much that it
would requite much more improvement in rolling stock and
roadbed to handle it Dcnison Herald
The railways arc simply keeping up with the limes In
creased traffic forces added facilities in the matter of trans
The Texas School Journal has become the exclusive prop
erty of Mr J Stanley Ford The headquarters of the publi
cation will be in Austin hereafter The subscription price
of the Journal has been raised from 1 to 150 it havinj
been demonstrated that a high class educational journal can
not be issued at the former price
Iast year it took 107318 to maintain the churches in the
New York presbytery or s8S75 more than the previous
year In addition to this the gifts to home missions in
creased 150000 and to foreign missions 16000 so that the
total contributions of all kinds from the churches in the
New York presbytery amounted to 1109242 an increase of
W7170 over the previous year
Enterprising game dealers in the West are said to be ar
ranging a storage trust of quail Several Slates have adopted
laws forbidding the slaughter of Bob White for two years
and these men are preparing to accumulate big stocks of the
birds before the protective laws go into effect They expect
to control the prices of quail in the principal cities of the
country for a considerable period
Knglislfcjs the language of the Japanese office in its in
tercourse with foreign diplomats and even in Its telegraphic
correspondence with its own representatives abroad All tel
egrams from Tokio to the foreign agents of Japan arc writ
ten in English and rcp ed to in the same manner though
if the foreign minister has occasion to send n written dis
patch this a a rule is in Japanese which may be said to be
a cipher in itself
It is said that the United States imported in 1000 only
I5S8266 tons of sugar against 2219847 tons in 1809 al
though the consumption of sugnr in the United States rose
from 2078067 tons in 1899 to 2219847 tons in 1900 and
the whole stock at the end of last year amounted to only
69000 tons as against 208472 tons in the previous year
This shows that our production of sugar is increasing gradu
ally and indeed the syndicate who manipulated the market
in Europe believe that the time is not very far off when the
United States will produce all the sugar it needs
Hie Stock Dropped
It is just p > H V in Short Stories
Some years ago a well known Philadelphia broker found
himself with a large quantity of cotton on his hands and the
market rapidly going trr pieces Ruin was staring mm in the
face and he was not unnaturally feeling very much de
pressed After the closing of the exchange one afternoon he
was returning to his office in the company of a friend who
was doing his best to cheer him up when he was accosted
by ayoung acquaintance of his one of those cheerful idiots
who never under any circumstances happen to say the right
ihing This youth slapped our friend familiarly on the back
crying Well old chap how about cotton f The unfortun
ateb roker gazed at him for a moment with an expression of
It pofc NT seem pbstible that those gowns Queen it deep dUguit and then replied slowly t 1 Young nun I never
helmlna Is building will ever fit her did like you much even when cottan w high
Austin Texas July oThe following letter written Jr
of Au tIn w
of Mexico to a
citizen Monterey
throw much light on the manner In which they
the land of God and liberty and it will also prove of eape
cial interest to those Americans who are Investing t
inotioy in Mexican mining properties The letter
Monterey and is as follows
that tne1 ong
It became definitely known here today
de Bajan Mining
drawnout litigation between the Norias
city is about to
company aud Mr Wiliam II Mealy of this
assume a new phase
for 2ooo
The claim against ihc Mexican government
that the orderly processes
000 gold was based upon the claim
of the courts were interfered with by illegal means ana in
fluences Inducing the latter under duress to return vc c
against him by which he has been wronged and defraudea
the amount named
The litigation between Mr Mealy and the Nonas ue
Bajan company has been in progress for four jearsand was
brought about by the constant and Irregular opposition oi j
fered by the company in the administrative departments ot
titles to the issue o
the government which issues mining
a title to Mr Mealy The part played by this department
during these four years has been commented upon freely by
mining men in all sections of the republic and there has
been unsparing criticism of its palpable inefficiency not to
say dishonesty It is asserted that the scandals in the depart
ment were the cause of the recent appointment of a new
minister of Fomcnto who in turn gave his office force a
muchneeded cleaning out
This case has been productive of many sensational fea
tures Mr Mealy was at one time driven from his own property
mob by representatives of the
erty by an armed employed
mining company and later a plot to throw him into a Mexi
can dungeon was frustrated at the last moment
The suit originally grew out of the location by Mr Mealy
of some ground a portion of which had at an earlier date
been located by the Norias de Bajan company but subsequent
ly abandoned by them Mr Mealy conformed strictly to all
the requirements of Mexican mining laws and but for the
almost immediate discovery of valuable mineral bodies in the
property he would undoubtedly be now in undisturbed pos
session This discovery was followed by the return to the
company through intrigues and irregularities in the treasury
department of the identical portions of ground which the
company had abandoned and which the government had of
ficially published as abandoned and open to entry The de
cision of the treasury department in this instance has been
denounced by the ablest legal talent of Mexico and it left
Mr Mealy no recourse but an appeal to the courts which he
has thus far uneffectivcly made The case has gone through
the State courts and in spite of the most absolute proof of
the legality and justice of Mr Mealys claims the decisions
have invariably been averse tohim
These decisions so far as the lower State courts arc con
cerned it is alleged arc due to outright bribery and sub
ornation of perjury The action of the superior courts in up
holding these decisions has been due to influences said to
have emanated from sources high in the Federal govern
ment One further appeal is yet open to Mr Mealy but real
izing that the influences referred to have it in their power to
coerce the courts he confidently expects to encounter the
same malign influences in the higher courts of the Nation
as have defrauded him of his rights in the State courts and
hence is prcuaring to seek the interposition of his home gov
Early in the litigation Mr Mealy and his attorneys were
forced to recognize the fact that his opponents of the Norias
de Bajan company who were natives with political and
financial connections would be able to influence the courts in
such a manner as to compel a resort to other channels for
redress and they began at once to lay the foundation for an
appeal to the Mexican Federal government through the de
partment of state at Washington At each successive step in
the illegal processes and acts done against him the most
convincing written proofs of fraud and wrongdoing were
compiled and when the record is laid before the state de
partment at Washington an astounding story of rascality
bribery and official maladministration will be developed and
proved to the smallest detail During the last two years the
ground owned by Mr Mealy but wrongfully in the posses
sion of the Norias de Bajan company has been developed
into a bonanza
The company has shipped to the smelters in Monterey
more than one million dollars worth of ore and herc are
vast bodies of rich ore still in the mine
An idea of the great value of the property may be gath
ered from the fact that after a million dollars worth of ore
had been extrated the Gugenhcim Exploration company was
willing to pay 750000 gold for a clear title to the property
The mining company refused to sell for less than 1000000
The ease has been watched with the keenest interest by
the mining men and foreign investors generally in Northern
Mexico They arc anxious to know if extensive property
holdings in the republic will be protected by the courts or if
after having brought a property into a high state of produc
tiveness they are to be defrauded of their rewards through
the manipulation of the courts by or their subserviency to
the influences of State or other officials
Mr Mealy is oneof the best known Americans in Mex
ico and enjoys an enviable reputation among the leading
men where he is known He is also highly connected in the
United States and can command the influence of well known
public men who enjoy the closest relations with the adminis
tration at Washington These gentlemen will assist him in
the preparation and presentation of his case before the state
A preliminary statement of the controversy has been
laid officially before the state department which has indi
cated Its readiness to proceed when the farts have been pre
scntcd in detail
Clarence L Thurston who was recently appointed secre
tary of the United States legation of the Argentine Republic
is just 2i He is the joungest man in the diplomatic service
of the United Stales
Father Bernard Vaughan the Jesuit brother of the car
dinal was recently received in
private audience by King Fd
warl Father Vaughan who had met the king when he was
prince of WV and at a foreign watering place sent a mes
sage to tho king through a common friend to the effect that
he was probably to be
sent from Manchester abroad and
would ike to say goodby before going Then the priest
wrote to say that he was to be sent no further afield than
London and that he half
regretted to
escape an exile that
would have been sweetened by memories of a Marlborough
house farewell The response was that exile need not be
the price of an audience and as a result the Jesuit was re
ceiveil by the king
Dr William Stokes Wyman has been elected president of
the University of Alabama to succeed Dr James K Powers
resigned This is the position for which Alabama papers
were urging Hannis Taylor Dr Wyman has been professor
of Latin at the university since 1871 He is a native of Ala
bama and a graduate of its university On five previous
casions he has declined the presidency oe
The Posts Conservative Reports
To the Editor of The Post
Galveston Texas July 12 Having
secured a
copy of
your paper yesterday morning giving an account of the stor
conditions here wc beg to thankfully acknowledge the
servative manner In which your paper handled this incide co T
and to say that we appreciate your action in not givintr
sational color to events then transpiring here
We believe that every good citizen of Galveston
feels rt
we do with reference to this matter Very truly yours
Jokusch Davison Co
Expert Testimony
Halletsville Herald
Every dally now hat a funny fellow but The
easily we a the badge la Texas 8 P01 n
Maw has got a sorter sumpln
Sorter science at she says
LI drive all yer pains an grumpin
Forty Icvcn difrunt ways
If her false lerth gits tcr achin
An her feelins take a slump
Or her heart is simply breakin
She jest sends it all kerplump
With a wad o absent treatment
Sends her ills an mine skyhigh
But Id hato tcr try that treatment
When it conies tcr eatin pie
Then agin Id like ter try it
When Im kctchin of th gad
Like ter stretch a wad o absence
Twixt myself an my ol dad
If this faith is recly sumpin
Our ol hen should have some chicks
Shes been settin three weeks stiddy
On some ol doorknobs an bricks
An shes give th treatment regler
Never lows em ter git cold
If thcys ennything in science
Nows its time ter take ahold
Present treatment beats th absent
Fer ol fashloned brands o bliss
Absence makes th heart grow fonder
But it plum knocks out a kiss
When th colic comes agripin
Absence would be like a dream
But I dont want absent treatment
When Im wallerin in cream
An when I have toiled an hustled
Toiled from dawn till cvenins shade
Idont want no absent treatment
When it comes ter gittin paid
A Chicago scientist asserts that millions of deadljk
tcria lurk in the human hair That must be the reuajf
Bill Nye was so cheerful there were no microbes ca U
Eastern papers seems to have had the assertion uj <
nials that Princess tlatzfclt is to contest the will etc
P Huntington stereotyped and are running tiea 4
A Virginia girl named Waddle shot a burglar so
that he couldnt waddle and then guarded him until tin
lice arrived
A little boy recently fed a pet frog with dyataitu
then hit him with a tool chest That boy would fcireV
a genius if he had lived
if 4
C P Huntingtons niece is to marry a broker but 11 k
rich in his own right the possession of a broker 1
break cr
A man named Mundy recently went on a spree anj 1
he awoke found that he had married a woman of Uxt
age He is now what might very properly be called It
We would respectfully suggest to the scientist lot
to be able to turn a negro white that whatever colon
may make an onion the old sweet smell remains
The heaven of ye scribe is not
One golden shining waste
He finds where shears arc six feet long
His everlasting paste
J M Ltra
This dainty gown is pf lahrteu
with lines of tiny Pompadour I
ers embroidered upon it Tint
deep flounce of the phiift lii
the foot with a line of He I
flowers just above the hem
If you have a few spate t
and want a gown that will beea
he smartest in your summer n
robe sit yourself down nd d
triously embroider a linen frock
seaside wear These hand etif
ered seaside linens have aroosd
enthusiasm of those forts
enough to have authoritative ii
from Paris for those who sit in high places in reiieis
torial say that these handwrought piques pophnsanle
sailor linens arc to adorn the beaches of the moit t
French watering places There is in all seaside tkicp
mild rage for green this color graduating in tint all 111
from the faintest cau de Nile down to the deepest tt
green This hue permits of the loveliest color esmlfo
in the way of its embroidering so that a clever P s
evolve a most fetching summer frock if she be at all deft
her needle
Cover a fourth of a package of gelatine with a qui
a cup of cold water and soak until the gelatine nrcrl
from ten to twenty minutes Whip half a pint ol ft
cream to a stiff dry froth and turn it into a basin
basin in cracked ice sprinkle over the cream Mcrt
cup of powdered sugar a teaspoonful of vanilla
tablcspoonfuls of sherry if wine is usd Then foldu
fully aud lightly a half pint of sifted stale erte s
sponge lady fingers or macaroons add quarter of a f
cream to the gelatine and dissolve over hot water W
sufficiently and then strain the gelatine slowly
whipped cream mixture stirring carefully all the tin
the mixture begins to thicken sprinkle over it and
half a cup of finely chopped nuts Pour into a raoldi
at once in a cold place Serve with a garnish of mscr
and jelly or fruit
any compote
When gelatine puddings are to be kept for anylw
time before serving it is better to add a little 1 P
than called for in the formula or the dessert may k6
to be delicate and dainty
Wc never feel quite comfortable when we wf
dress the first time
How much worry the troubles that have never 1
have caused us
B f
Father and mother still and mom W
are pop
number of
American children
An oldfashioned flower garden seems to ba
its residence h3ts
on some of the summer
The who something be J f
woman never sees
have after she has paid for what she has Is a wc
A woman may have the most elegant n veV
of pearl letter openers scattered about her desK w w
ways opens an obstinate envelope with her index
Corn Chowder
Bean Croquettes Cream Sauce
Celery Salad
Stewed Fruit Cake Cereal tenet
Okra Soup
Rice Casserole Tomato Siuee j
Broiled Mushrooms on Toast Sardine
Cherry Pie Coffee
Cereal Crexa
Broiled Shad Roe B n
Creamed Cucumfcere
4 Corn Muffins Collet
rjjiQ fott

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