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< ive
11 t c n II
Grnl CnMl Depot
735 > m
in 00 m
500 im No 6 100 n
Hoai < o a
lid fusvr Orlrmi Train
lM N 5 SOP
820 P > > oT oi
645 No 1030 p m
l between the
list mall n < expre
fio ind will W h > h V
aH 11 a s a nr J B lv
CiranJ CetiiMl Derot
California Trains
1115 P Alv 400 m
Son Antonio Train
945 ra Arrive 800 p a
o ii n
Or nJ Central Depot
For Jalveaton nnd l > Iorte
No 8 80Oaro
045 m Arrive
v No 900 ra
uveNo7 800 i m Arrive >
6330 pra
6 00 m Arrive No 4 1015 pra
ve N ° W i ind r runs Suntfvonly
Not B and g tally except Sunday
K Y T a M It It
955 a m Arrive 335 put
8 A A I nr
Grand Central Depot
935 am Arrive625 pra
o d fc s if it it
Grand Central Depot
Jlnln Line
700am Arrive 855am
745 pm Arrive 920 pra
Cnlvcstoii Truln
700 am Arrive 330pm
745 r m Arrive 745 pra
Additional Sunday Specials
855 m Arrive 840 a m
150 p m Arrive 920 p ro
Senile Special arrlvs It30 p m
A fttse Iraliu leave Ih Santa l e Congress
DefOiio minutes later than the above
A > e
U U fc W TII 1U
I th Ward
< ve700 m Lxpress Train Arrive 1000 pm
Grand Central Depot
ie8t > 5pm Arrive 90 2 m
Sbreveport Kansas City and Cincinnati
M IC A T It It
II K T Denut Vltth Ward
mt90S m Arrive 930a m
nve 7 05 r ra Arrive 8 50 p m
ForGalveston Trains ee G II II
i a a s it it
Dep I o t of ConRress Avenue
at Mii I to lt Iuuls ami ClilftiRO
ne300pn Arrive 430 a m
nve 700 a m Arrive 715 pra
Colnmliln ml Velimco Trnlim
me 800 a n Arrive 445 p m
Lain uxucft Sunday
ive900 > m Sunday only Arrive 445 pm
Dej t d it fConjri ess Avenue
Calveatou Traiiin
ivs70O J m Sundays
iv600a i ek days Arrive 35C a m
> ve955 am Arrive 1025 a m
Arrive 255 p m
ive455 p m Arrive 645 p m
hOTE T Ini leavlnc Houston at445 p
m and arriving at Houston at v 45 a m and
1015 nt als rn ntu Cirand Central de
ten minutes later than time given above
Al trains arrive and im n from the Grand Cei >
I depot etrept th Missouri Kansas it Texas
Irii vlnch ha e a d jot In Jhe Tilth ward the In
naton l Grrat i rtlitrn and Columbia Tap
Ichtise the International and Great Northern de
on Contrtsuvniue and the Houston last and
Ht Texas moinlnj train which leaves from and
Ives at the He > t i Cast and West Texas depot
ie Missouri Kansas lexis jni Galveston
mston Herders m trains pass the International
i Uteat Ni rthtr decot
nerican Plan 2 and 250 Day
iropean Plan Room 100 Day
itctrlc LIthta Sleara Heat Passenger and
ume Elevator Call and Return Dells In
eras Newly and rinely Furnished
irythlre Modern
TV A MALIN Manager
nerly of Caaitol Hotel Houston Tela
ffely the lUwlor opposite Granfl Central
American Plan 250 Per Day
uropean Plan 100 and Up
feetrit lights paaseuger aui bassa ole
Bor Call ana return hells In all rooms
Rotly renovated FJrstnclass and every
pt modern
CAP1 rou
icp r HJ
lM rlAN RATES 250 to 4
T1e Lawlor
ai i
U u1J85n
Robert Mftdi
I Xabcrs Beau
t T L VK l
fafrrlS tn rhaugh Dallas G Car
mt r n s > n Texas Slsteis of
T Louis Thlbeaux
iJ K 1 ussell Dallas John
fiorli 8 1 Mnrks llty City W
titltr O 1 Potter lialtl
i Hi is Galveston S H Lewis
D Ieeper Nacogdoches
pnhiin r
Xfw lort Vt IJ < i
fc w
fw v h J rk 3 Anm > nenumont
IWPorln K 8 Bo
V w Orleans n U Sturm Beau
Pure Cows Milk
rrrrnf aP1 smriletj against contamt
he p rr l nlni n 1 > 11JS ottl
bii MmiAn V siTlistltutc feeding for
v has i s rSle Brand Condensed
mire than 0ll nrsl nong Infant foods
forty years
n fu i ns le flcturesonc fan
lammrVt 0 Kuffaln wlllwnn June
hut new modern uptodif
n v ftn f Chicago at U l
o run via Iletrolt Mount Ciemejis
o b I m < 1 Mngara fall reaching
lean he appreciated by Tan
i ffk
who like to Arrive
a Vrnsh
rites etc furnished on
itv Passenger
t a lt L > tJX nrid Ticket
rls Street Chicago
tw Chtlil91 T M K r Falls
rl0 next 745
eOmfA rt 1
knOfricert i 1r Adams v ° J hU
ttorfi f0 Street
I0tset via Niagara Falls
Railroads Want lo Bring Homeseekcrs
into Texas
About 8700t Oklahoma Bodtfiers Will
Be Lookino for Homes After Ihe Opon
Ino of the Indian Reservations
If Texan < 1oor not mnkp a Wd for ihp
overflow of tiotmierji nt the openlnR ot tUo
Kiowa Cojirnnrlie and Apiehe reicrvntlotts
up In Oklahoma
next month a great nianv
people conteuil she will make n Kcrlouu
mlMlnke tlirntiRh nvcilooklnK a bet that
Klves creat promise of profit And nlion
nn stops to consider whtit the possibilities
for linpiovlnfr the Stato really are from
that source Bbould ji well dlreeted eltnt
be made the contention Indlerttod numnex
appearance of being nlisoltitcly notintl
nntl excecillnsl well foiindetl
Theie are 1H00O home tracts to he drawn
for In the new country nntl the most con
xorvnllve estimates put the number of ap
plicants who will rejUtcr nt lOOtoO netes
Kltnllng the dltuippnintmcnt of at lean
87100 persons who in meat Instances are
heads of families Since only 13O0o cm
b accommodated on the rcwrvntlons to be
opened S7KX > will have to seek homes
elsewhere and Texas It the nearest State
In which that vast army of mm worn u
and children can bo readily accommodated
One does not Imve to do a jrcat deal of
thinking to ntrlve at the conclusion that
the Lone Stnv Htnte would be immense y
benefited If those people could be Induced
to settle within her borders It Is main
tained by those Interested that the only
way to Induce them Is to hold out the In
The railroads seem to bo disposed to do
their part In bringing these people Into
Texas nt a moderate cost which howcrer
U the buslnexs of the mads and It tv
mains for other parties fully as much In
terestrd as the loids to tnlje the mailer
up nnd do their part toward locatlns the
strancers when they arrive There Is aleo
lots of missionary work to be done on Ibf
ground In order to get tho boomers Inter
ested Jn Texas
Mr John Howard passencer and ltnini
gtatliD asent of the SunsetCentral lines
went up Into Oklahoma whetc the boom
ers nie congregated during the eatly put
of the ptesent week for the purpn e of
making a personal Investigation ef the
chat actor and class of soitlcrs who ate
seeking homes thcto and alo for the pur
pose ot getting an Idea of what would
have to be done In order to get the homo
seekers Into Texas Mr Howard retnttud
to Houston yesterday morning nnd In tt
general conversation with a represonta
tive of The Tost said
The people who arc assembled along the
borders of the Indian lands are mostly en
ergetic and piogrobMve men the ciast that
has brought about such hanged and com
mendable conditions In Oklahoma lthln
the past ten yea is nnd a class of men
that Texas needs very badly now
If the tight sort of Inducements can be
held out those people will come to Texas
nnd If thev can secuie lands at roastmjnle
figures theV will iocnte here nnd do ram u
towntd tho general development of the
Ii i 0
The Bisbee Road
El raso Texas July 12 Work on the
nisbee railroad Is expected to begin In ill
ln o tomorrow at neon when Iowers
OConnor Caplcs start thltty teams to
work grading In the eastern part of the
city i
Mr Ctook of the contracting tlrm of Or
man Crook of Pueblo was In HI Paso
lait night to sign a contract for bltljdiiis
ftom 11 Paso to Doming but rinding Mr
Wanmbaug and Mr Choate out of tovn
he went to Denting this morning where
he expected to sign the continct today Ills
firm has the contract for most or the wojk
Tbo Bisbee will use tho SontherivU4Slfle
tracks In from Doming N M uutn Its
own line Is complete
Galveston Notes
Galxpston Texas July 12 A G New
sum division pas engcr agent of the Sun
setCentral lines with headquarters at Dal
las is In tho city
Iv I Creton left last night for St Louis
J n Rartholomew assistant general
ficlght agent of the International and
flvent Northern with headquarters at Pal
estine was In the city today
3 11 Hnwley genetnl agent of the in
tcrnational nnd Orelt Northern Railway
company Is In New Orleans
Joe Rice has been appointed stenographer
In the office or the general agent of the in
ternational and Great Northern vke 1
Stinton teslgned
Tames Giraud contracting agent of the
Frisco at Houston was In the city today
Notes and Personals
Mr E H Hois contracting freight agent
for tho Santa lc went up to Ialestine
The SunsetCentral pay car was In Ijous
ton vesterday and caused the spirits of the
employes to rise
Division Tassenger Agent A 0 Xewsum
I Active Brains
> Must Have GOOD FOOD
< or Nervous Z
Prostration Surely Follows Z
It Is n lamentable fact tltat American
brain workers do not its a rule Wuovr
brw to feed themselves to rebuild the
dally loss octsloued by active nicntnl
effort This fuet coupled with the < lls
aKirtus effocts of the alkaloid contained
In tobacco coffee and whisky makes a
sure pathway towards nervou prostration
The remedy is simple enough Kntploy
the services of a food expert who Unnvys
the kind of food required to rebuild tue
dnilv losses In the human body This can
be done by making free use of orapeMtts
the famous breakfast food which con
tains exactly the elemental principles which
hnvo an affinity for alhumeu and go dl
cctly to rebuild the gray matter In the
brain solar plexus and nerve centers
throughout the body Follow your sMev
Hon of food up with a dismissal of corf ee
tobacco and whisky for fifteen days nnd
mark tho difference In yonr mental ability
which means everything to the average
hustling American who mnst have physical
and mental strength or he fall out In
the tace for dollars
of the fiunsetCcntntl lines with head
nnaitcrs nt Dallas was In Houston yester
Colonel U A Doffnti superintendent of
the Houston and Tcxns Central at Knnls
visited the geuernl offices of the line In
Houston yestenlay
Mr T J Anderson district passenger
agent of the SunoetCentral lines came
down from Waco yesterday and spent ft
portion of the day lu the city
Mr James A Giraud contracting freight
Jpeut of the Trlsrn line was absent from
nls Houston headquarters a portion of yes
lerday spending the forenoon In Galves
ton The UouBton nd Toan Central will bring
Its J > orth IVxik excursion into Houston
and Onlmtim tomorrow nornlng The
trnln leaves Dcnlson at 5 oclock this after
Mr J McMillan division passenger Agent
of Ihe Cohesion Hnrrlsliurg and Snti An
tonio of San Antonio was n visitor to
Houston yesterday meeting other tllvlt > h
and dlsttlct piipsengcr ngeuts In a vomer
fcnee oker minor nnd rtiutlne matter
In order to occommodate the crowd thnt
will go to Galveston tomorrow on the In
ternational and Great Northern special
over the Galveston Houston jutd Hender
son It has been annouured that the latter
rood will run n truln out of the Island City
noithward leaving Galveston at 10 oclock
tomorrow evening
It was staled at the SutibctCenttnl pas
senger department headqunttcrs yesterday
that considerable Inteiest In the excursion
in be run to Port Laaca oer the Maecu
ront tomorrow had ben manifested all
along the route and Ibat the Indications
were that the trult wcnlj oe well patron
lied both by the people ot Houston uud
those ef the Intermediate points
The Housioi nntl Toxa VinriS has it
ttounced that the through sleeper that was
lo be run tonight over Its line connecting
with the Hock Island route for Cripple
Creek Colo for tho accommodation of
tho delccates to the Trnnsmlfslsslppl Com
mercial Congress will not be put on In
stead two sltipers to Colorado tiprlngs
over the Ceutial and the Demur road will
be run
A new mid revised edition of No 8 of
the Kotir Truck seiles entitled Two to
Ilfteen Dajs Plensnte Tours has Just
been Issued by the passenger department of
the New Yoik Central and Hudson lttvcr
Italltoad company and will be mailed upon
application with 2 cent stamp Inclosed to
Ueoige II Daniels general passenger
ageiit Grand Central station New York
Cltv The publication Is Illustrated with
maps and halftones nnd contains nil the
particulars In reference to scores of vacn
tlen trips that may be enjoyed at com
parative small cost
To the Transmississippi Congress Will
Leave Houston Tonlfjht
The Houston delegates to ihe Transmit
slssippl Commercial Congress that will
commence at Cripple Creek Colo on July
10 will lcao tonight over the Houston
and Texas Central Instead of this morning
as was originally contemplated The loute
has also been changed In this that Instead
ot going over the Hock Island the Hous
tonlaus will go via the Koit Worth and
Deiner as the connecting line with the
Houston and Texas Central This Is n
shorter route than the one originally se
lected Several of the Houston delegates
left last night and some few will go ln
the Gulf Colorado nud Santa Kc
A Peanut Party
A very onjiyable party was given by
Mr and Mrs V V Damon < o their laugh
ter Sulcc on her thirteenth blrlhday shn
being assisted In reeeUlng by Val Lock
and Marlon rittle A novel feature of the
entertainment was the Imitations which
were sent out In peanut shells tied with
blue ribbon On the arrival of the little
guests tbey were presented with a peanut
tied with blue ribbon as a souvenir After
niuMc and games they icpalred to tint
lawn where peanuts had been hid In
abundance A prize was offered to the one
rinding the rao t MIrs Until Helm wou
Mist prlxc and Jim ItoekweJI the booby
Those ptesent wete Vena Wallace Val
Lock Matlon Tuttle Madeline Wlckes
Lottie rainier tuna Mathee Lcnoiu liri
ing Autilii Morrer Kate Grant Siaiy
An Interesting Damage Case on Trial in
the District Court
Beaumont Texas Jul 12 A Milt of
rilrio than ordlnaiy Importance I on trial
In tho district court today It Is the case
of the Texas nnd New Orlenis ItiUtoad
Ctmpany vs The Texiikonn nnd Fort
Smith Hallway Compjiic nnd the lleauinoit
Lumber Company The ease Is one In
which Is Involved the juration of whether
or not the I oautnont Whcif ami Tetmlnil
company can nppropilnte and use the
Mllch track of the Texas and Oilcan
Itiillioid company on Main tdreet The
cae has n local history of some Interest
Some months ago the Bocumont Lumber
ctmpany pieeented to the council a pe
tition asking that they be granted the right
to use a certain portion of the ralhoul
Hack on Main street The permission was
nkked In view of the fact that It would
moke n great reduction In freight rates
nnd give the Beaumont Wharf nnd Term
lua 1 company nnd other rulltnads access to
the plant if the Beaumont Lumber com
puny The council granted the p tltlon
but before the lumber company nnd rail
I Mil could long enjoy the ptlvlleg the
Texas and New Orleans Italltoad company i
seemed n tempotary Injunction restraining
Hie use of the track fcy any other than
the plaintiff unnany The ca < e Is noi m
trial on Its merits to determine whether
or not the injunction shall be perpotuitel
Ihe defendants In theli answer raised a
point of damage amounting to something
like 4000 being tho difference In the
freight charges which thev have pild oar
lover and above Ihe amount which they
would have had to pay had It not bcm f >
the Injunction
This morning tbe lororders court pre
sented nn unusual spectacle The mom i
wa crowded with a various collection o
disreputable characters which the poll
had gathered from different quartern r tne
cltv dining tho night Police Offle i T F
Cox alone arrested thirtyeight persons o i
the charge of vagranej Nogroes nud
tinnm have been coming Into the d v
for some time past nnd remaining h re
without emplovment sleeping on
platforms in freight cars nnd about the l
streets The city nuthorllles Jtuve deer
mined to be rid of this woillilctm clement
which Is continually committing
fenses leading lo tights unit brawls
Tvventv two were assessed in ojen n <
tine nnd costs for vagrancy Twenty were
necroes and two were white Ill entire
Sang was turned over to Street CnnimU
loner John Broad nnd put to work on
the streets
j < mi >
Hempstead Happenings
Hempstead Texas Julv 12Aliout 14 < i
cars uf watermelon have luen shlppi
firm here Prjlrlo View and Howth this
B J Htyles returner jebtcrJay frori
Brsoue county
Miss Sarah Clarke Is vUltlng relatives in
Misses Carrie Cochran nnd MaFgle Hecse
of Austin county Is visiting In the city
MwVlanoii Sam < hvvent B n Sehwars
Oalensky leave Monday for Man
and Col They will lie gone about three
W > k Oil <
A t Tiimpkltis went to Wprtham
m MIss U5essle Sloan of NavaiouTs visiting
inft Mcbadt leaves Thursdav night for
pJn ver CoIorVdA Sprlngs ond other point
of Interest In Colortdo
what you
Dyspepsia Ciipo
Pooplo used to tliink tltat tho only way to overcome indl
Bcstlon Was to stop catnip nnd many think so still But tho
only trotlbloJn that kind of treatment Is the fact that to stop
eating mcanstOBtonining nntl wecan hardly call that a cure
But since Kodol Dyspepsia Cure has become known tho whole
method of treating indigestion has been changed It digests
what you cat and permits you to eat nil tho good food you need
and gives the stomach perfect rest nnd its uso constitutes a
plain common sense method of curing dyspepsia and indigestion
if casi i ineSp hut do yota good
Prepared to E a DoWltt 0a Chicago Tho tl bottlo contains SH times the 50a slM
When you suffer from biliousness or constipation use tho famous little liver
pills known as DoWitts Llttlo EARLY RISERS They uever grlpo
Galvanized Iron Cistern Business Has
Been Knocked Out
Urcnbiui Tcraa July 12 A late ruling
of the railroad commission axing the min
imum freight rate on open ears of freight
at first class ruto awl that the mrnhnnm
amount to bo shipped must lie IAI000
pounds threatens one of ttrenhams Indus
tries Two firms In llrenhum have rail vau
lted Irou cistern factories uud both hsve
built up Mg trades In this line and this
ruling utmost precludes the shlpplrw of
their product They rarely want to
ship Attsxi pounds to the same place
nnd nothing less tlun mi open car will do
for the shipment nt ono cistern which
necessitates Ihelr pajliig freight on Mr
IHKI pounds It 18 the opinion < if Mr K
tnngc otic of tho gvnllonieii eug et lu
the manufacture ot gnhnnlKcd cisterns
that the business Is mined ind that both
factories will have to Mop ntnklng them
for shipment and only supph loeil orders
which would necessitate the coital linen t
of tlto foice now at wort nt ths bnslnens
Messrs Iletehardt it Soelhorst Is the other
inn engaged in the muiufietitie of galvan
ised iion cisterns and thej have a large
building running through he block from
Ant to North street dented entirely to
this branch of their limbics and a targe
turce of hands oncngvd in ihe work
The Tegular weekly nieeitng
f the Mer
after spending a couple of days In the city
Mrs iten Knov of Henrne Is the guest or
her parents In this city
Mrs AVIIHx lias icturned to Waco after
visiting her daughter Mrs A M Waldros
Judge W 0 Glbbs ot Mndlsonvlllo Is
lKlllug Ills sou W V Glbbs of this city
Captain J J Adams Judge A G Hoard
John M Lawrence George W MoMlehael
U M Will and XI Nagln attended tt n h
fry near Mllllean today
Judge W J Moore formerly of this
county but now of Mlddlctott leon county
Is lu tho city
Calvert News Note
Calvert Texas July 12 > Mlsses Maud Jifld
Nettle ltrown gave n highly cnJoyaie vc
ceptlon Wednraday cvonlng compllni i arv
to their friend Miss Alice llunke t of
Waco A pleasant feature of tie uveung
was < i song romance u wnlli eaeft eittst
wog gheti a caril upon which v is jilnie < l
twentytwo questions tlto auswe ti noh
nuostlon being the title of a famllli sun
Miss Iucy Adoue won the ptUe In tae rou
Mr M L Collatt is nttondlng the Hdf
falo expoxltloii
Miss lUnl Garrett Is visiting friends In
Mln os Claudle and Klenor llutus ot
Houston nte the guests of Mrs T W Gar
rett Mrs W S AUcn Is visiting In Austin
Mrs Tom Parker 1 find daughters tiro ut
chants Boll Weevil cougiess wjs held nt
1 > r n ° Mslt to Fnnls
Sehmld Bros ball Prlday mornlns lur Jtl1
chasing Agent Krng teported that he had Mr < harlrs s nellltig of Dallas la the
bought 5170 boll weevil
bad paid 11207 nml thai he had 171
nn hand ready lo bo turned hack Into the
treasury The tronsmers tepoit show that
there is lu the ticlgliuoi h nd of < 0 left
on hand ftom the fund rilwd for the pur
chase of boll weevil The opinion of n
large number of those pre en at the meet
ing was to the cflcct thai mere would no
a fairly good cotton crop mttle this year
Friday moriilug nbout daylight Mr
Charles Welde who had been up most of
the night with a sick orihi felt that ho
needed a stimulant and iiolug to the man
tie piece on which he renieinln led to tisvc
set a bottle ot whisky he on ked up what
he thought to be this buttle to take a
drink before letlrlng to gel a much needed
rest and made the serious mintage of uot
tlng bold of a bottle of eai nolle acid that
was setting bealdo the wbiskv In about the
same size bottle He tinned il up nnd dis
covered his inlstnko wheu no had n swal
low of tt In his ntoiitll lie spat It out
but suffered so much pain fnuu the burn
that for fear be might hue swallowed
some of It he sent for u plnslcian Ho
swallowed very llltle If am of tho acid
before he dlscoveied the ml i ike
There will be a meeting of Uio Brcrihain
Field Aitlllery tonight to determine
whet nor or not they will attend the en
campment Tho trouble seem i lie that
the State has bot made sultible piovlsloti
for horse hire for the artllkiv company
ptoposlng to pay only r > 0 cents per diy
for horses
There was a meeting of the directors of
the Brendan CoinpreM Oil and Mnnufne
turing company Thuri v aftnuoon The
company Is trovy uslfg Boauuiont oil auo
gether to rpn the ponderou muchlnen
of the Ite factory rtr mill eli > ctrtf light
and In consciuenee there will be
vices at tbe Episcopal church Sunday
Mr A W W ton of Stone shipped a
carload of fine melons to Dallks yeslerd iv
but still has plentj to feed the multitude
thnt promise to go out to tho watermelon
patty tonight
Mr W 11 Mmphy 1s reported qulto
Mr nenry llodde who Ik suffering wltlt
a carbuncle on the back of his head I
stir In n critical condition his affliction
not having leached a crisis vet
Itev AV S Red preached an able ser
mon to a htnall audience at the Presby
terian church Thoisday night
Bryan Briefs
Bryan Texn July 12 A merrj fishing
party composed of Mr and Mrs Hill Wil
son Mr and Mrs W A Withers Sir and
Mis C A Han Is Mr nnd Mrs W tt
Johnston Misses Maud Prewett Mallle
Pnvmlcy Dalsj Astln and Mesr Will It
Thomas and Joha Ettle hnve Just returned
from n llshlug excurflon on the Little
Braros They report n good time and
plenty of fish
Guy M Bryan Jr returned to Houston
Dr S J Emory of Navnsotn visited his
biother here vesterday
H C Shcrrod has retmned to Houston
guest of relative In Calvert
Itev J K Thompson nnd fmnily nud
Trof A Thompson and family left ic
cently for Chatlnlte S C to visit rel i
lives from tlwnee Hev Thunipson does to
Old Or hard Maine o spend a month at
the Moodv Theological sdinol
Mis j I Snumlers nnd Mls > ts Irene and
Hassle Snundefs of OaAvtstrm nro Ihe
guests of Mrs W 1 Ilnathes
Mr It D I Mnnlgemery relumed yes
teidny from Galveston where be spent ev
eMl ravu attending a meolluK of stnte ex
eeutlve lioard of A 0 0 W of which
board be Is rhnlimnn
Mr and Mis Dan Itoyles were iccent
vlsltoi to Marlln
Tlie second nines of Calvert nud Cnniemn
played an hilerestliiK gnme of bull here
yesterday Tosnlilng lu n neore of 10 In Jl
In favor ot Calvert
Mrs C V llotikley Is vlilllng In Del Itlo
Miss rmmn Stokes Is vIbIIIhk In Cameron
the guest of the family ot Kcv Jamo Kll
gotoMr A C Davison manager of tho tele
phone exchange or lVonklln spent lodny
in Calvert while en route to Waco
Navasota News Notec
Nnvasrda Texas July 12 The J M
Bbavv Itlfles were to bave met last night
and make n tliral decision ns to what tho
command would do icffimllng the Austin en
campment There vvas not n quorum prow
cut but this fact Is tnntnmnuiit to a vnfl
decision for It shows a lack of Interest In
tbo event
Tho Austin encampment lias absolutely
no uitractlon for litem In fnct the pros
pect Is so ilMtnstofnl to n majority tbut
dlfitinndmcnt loses Its dlsgrncej all brought
on bv tbo contldontblo dlssaHRfnctlon that
the McKlnley review and recepllnn occa
sioned Tite food und necnmniodnildn were
exceedingly poor roiulderallnn and courte
sies disagreeably scant
Aoeoidlng to the Houston nip Texas
entrnl passenger uitIITk Navnsotn Is now
a flrslClass station and rates are sup
plied lo and from all liupoiiHiit points ill
icitly Inst end of live iiRenl having to
tlgnro local rates bv other place
unstable Fonesler went to Courlney be
fore dnv this moinlng and inrented n ne
gro who has been sought for many months
by officials of Washington county on tho
charge of horse theft He wo turned ovar
to onstnblo Bmi Connor of Grnhsll
Hearne Itnms
Hoarne Teins July 12 Several Henrne
lies mnve lieen ummoned to uppmr In the
Craham boys trial which I se for next
Monday at Franklin These young men
are licensed of killing Allle Boswell n
young farmer nt I lllott last year Both
were sentenced to terms In the peniten
tiary at llielr first trlil
Mr W T Smith and Miss Bessie Knr
rlngtou were married last night al tho
residence of the bibles panents Hev C
U lnrrlngton father of the bride oftl
Mr J 1 Peel county tax as e or of
Franklin made a business trip to Henrne
Mr John Welch formerly ot this plarc
but now of DcnlMin Is vlpltlng relatives
here ibis week
Miss Iorena Westbrook nfter a pleasant
visit to Mls Flov Beckham left this even
ing f r her borne In Lorenn
Men why will you be weak Why do you go on from day to day real
izing that you are losing your nerve
force your manhood You know the
world has little use for a man who has
not the courage to take tip the burdens
of life Such courage comes from
a system greatly endowed with the vital
force of Electricity You cannot afford
to let weakness stifle your ambition or
mar your future If you are not the
man you should hi if you have wasted
your strength get the remedy that has
Sjj restored health and happiness to more
weak men than all other remedies com
bined and never fails
Act today do not delay a matter which
is the key to voer future happiness do
not nllow n disease to destroy all possi
bility of youi future pleasure for yon
Whatever your condltloa today you will
not Impiove as you grow oldei Ags calln
for greater vitil for nnd tho older you
yet the more pronouncd will be your
weakness so cure It now cure It
1 guurnmce a cure If I ay I can cure I
doul nsk any one to take rhsnr on ray
luentlon It doesnt co4l you anything If
1 fill
KPrCIAt NOTIon It you have an old
belt of another irrBke vlilcli h s burned
and blistered yon or one that did not no
sen electricity bring It It and I will afiow
you one half the price of mine for It
I give n free test to ull who call If yon
in cal I will send yon ray beautifully
Illustrated hnrk with full information free
Call or write now Dont delay
dr m a Mclaughlin zmz
> <
C P d T A
Phone 103
Theres Only One Road
All Tojos cji routo to the ItoeUcs so high
TteiOti only one rmulThe Denver
Yes cant
Uoe everjone this way you
tell wlul
Theres only one toadThe Denver
Travel this line tis bound to please thee
No apology jteedertl Im sure youll
The experienced tourists stoutly drcree
Thetes only ono roadThe Denver
Observation oar citso will plenso you 1
Thetes only ono road The Denver
fcltoporn with Inrga ladlen dressing room
Theres only one rnrd The Denver
Tho Cafe Cars too where with leisure
yon dine
Ohe Day Coaches now of the Inlost de
But once see thl train youll declare 1
Iheros only one road The Denver
The mlgbty tenwheeler will speed lis
Thems only ono mad Tho Denver
Among the grand mountains shout Ihe glad
Theres only one mail Tho Denver
Otuo dont stay In Toxns from sweltering
Join Cool Colorados Quarto Jubilee
Just study the nwp tho youro blind you
must see
Theres ouly ono road The Denver
For Kpworth I nguegocrs to Kan Fran
Theres only ono road The Denver
This way to tbe mountains directly yon go
Tliernn only flirt road The Denver
Di nt pay for ground covercdf but sight
grand lo see
Fine service equipment tho best scenery
With usqiiloU be Bocklcs then six
routes choice freo
Theres only one rpad The Denver
w v STunusy o a r d
A A GI1880N A 0 P A
Fort Worth Texas
P 8 rteniember on Friday July 12 we
add to our regular train Special Pullman
Tourist Equipment to he run through to
Frisco spending Saturday and Sunday in
Denver reaching Frisco July 17 nnd the
erst figures to but 67 cents per day Inelurl
Ing lodging during tup over you know
you Dont Have lo Apologize for Biding
Sight Dcpnrtuttc Now Orleans
Morning Arrival Buffalo
PanAmerican Special
Only 47 hours Houston to Buffalo Two
fast trains dally Dining Cars Through
Meepers Nsw Orleans to Buffalo
GEO II SMITH G P A New Orleans La
American und Foreign
Lime Sand Sewer Pipe Roofins
Etc Etc
Phones 37 and iC04 814 Commerce AAe
i 4
Tor All Information Geo
Let us have your orders
for Cook Stoves We have
them all sizes in both
Charter Oak St Glair
Write usforCuls and Prices
410 and 41a TRAVIS STREBT
pan aairican exposition
H T C i
Fastest Time to
Round Trap
On Sale July 1314
r mm i in w I nmi11 mil cg3CT PCTgJatcyc caxiMOB4s aB3uaas
< ft v > < vv a tt avv xvv < a
4 Jge
Houstosi East and West Texas If yB
Round Trip Tickets on Sale Daily Limit Oct H
l or particulars t > cc
City Tkt Agt
CI1K2K 3445
July ip nd 30
July 3i and J3
On Sale Dally
nit u
P6r particulars call on or write
Bruce R Morton City Tkt kg
211 Main
Latc Special Leaves Galveston
Sunday July It at 10 pm
Leave Houston 7 J ni 850 a ni
955 a m
1015 P > 01 ° SmLy
Sanfa re
1 Round Trip
7 a m 8Sis at m 130 p m
140 p trw 8OS p mf 748 pm and
ioi m
4 n
ii <
i 1
if w
> i K
> i I

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