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0lllcklJ > ld by trylny
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prairle Ave Phono 333
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Ilouton Texas February 17 1002
ls hereby given that Die firm ot
PLDUN CO compo cd of n D Pedcn
u A Fcden nnd n D Pedrn Jr doing
business under Mid firm name In the do
or Houston Harris county Texas have
Ci anted sold nnd transferred to
a corporation ot said name formed under
the general lntV8 < uf Teaks nil the nron rtv
good win assets nnd other liuslicfs of aU
Mm and the business heretofore conducts
by the Aim of Pedcn A Co will h he
nftei carried on by P13DEN IKON
orLLIi CO Snlil corpoiatlon has assumed
J > dwill pay all the liabilities of the firm
of Ieden Co and has acquired nnd It
outhorxed to co leit nnd receipt for all
note accounts nnd other Indebtedness due
the firm 01 Ieden A Co
The snldflrm of Fcden Si Co constitute 1
ns nfoicsnld hns becu this day dissolved
by mutual consent
n p prnrx
n a PKnnx
d n PKunx an
Tap hnslnosi will rontlnuo under the samj
mnngcment as heretofore We thank out
friends for numerous Kindnesses to our
pidecc sors nnd solicit their good rw lit nnl
friendship for our new compuiy Prem
ising In ndvanro onr best nnd most careful
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Before Placing Order
WARD VictoriaTex
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W L MACATKE Sons lexaf
rlumis Sanitarium
No 206 Kiam Bldg Houston Tex
Write for Circular
Time Is too valuable The
we the date for the holding of the tet State
ml Oil BurnerSe
contention naming the plnce at tthlch It
stall bo held nnd disposing of such other
matters as might come before It
Titontyilve of the thlrtyonc members
BJisweicd to their names at roll call after
which Statu Chairman Wills made n short
address In tthlch he explained that the
eimmltloc had been called together this
early lit the yenr In order that the ques
tions growing out of the ordering and hold
ing of early primaries bv n number of coun
ties might be settled at once to atold be
rlous misunderstandings He nlo announc
ed that he was dMncllued to disfranchise
any county Indicating thtt h would op
pofc Inteifcilng with such counties as bate
either held or ordeied prlmailes A uni
form date might he thought with propiletv
bo suggested to counties which hid ns yet
token no aitlon but ho denied the light or
the committee to undertake to punish miii
counties as had not awnltoil such iKtlon as
iiuntentlon and nnstter Call
Long Dlstiuco and save
needless delay
The list conjlenment of our Sprlnj and Summer Woolens Our selection now
fwipUU with the choicest design that he ForeiEn nd American market fori s
nthe selection can be found such weaves as the Binnockburns HuddersfieMI and the
famous Addinjton Trouserings AH In stripes indistinct plaids and broken checks
Our designing and cutting department will be conductedI underthe personal
supervision of Mr J F Enrfght late of 277 Fifth avenue New York City
OIPONS Importing Tailors
Washington Chicago
Cincinnati St Louis
Minneapolis and San Francisco
Berth Rate less lhan onehalt of standard
nd Class Colonist Rate to San Francisco On sale daily
g March and April Fiec Chair Cars on all trains
to Passenger Department Houston Texas for copy of Southern
Pacific Rice Cook look containing 200 recipes
ucief 202 Main St
end TioKot ki < <
tho committee uikht take In tV pwmlses I J
In conclusion he eulogized the demooiiicv
of Noith Tonss nnd ileclirtil thit h hid
brought the committee tocoMier In Dallas
In older to be In the midst of the demo
cratic hosts that could always be relied on
to roll up biutal majoiltles on election
Sir Wells next announced that he had re
ceived the resignation of W L Oean com
mitticman fnr the Plftrcuth dl trlct ns
well ns that of A I Norman of Seven
teenth dMilct and that he had nptolntet
A W Mollis of Ciilmes county to succeed
Mr Dern nnd H M Knight of Galveston
to succeed Mr Norman
He also announced that proxies fom G
A Stiphrns of the Two tv third district
and fioin Divton Moses of the Twentieth
dlslrbt lifd been tiled with him tnt that
the qucstlor of allowing pmxlis was one ft1
the cmmltee to settle un1 tint he hid
not itndiituisrn to rticle It F 11 Du Hlek
was the beneficiary of the Stephens und l
3 Woitham ofitlie Moses pinxy
The c preliminaries llspoed of Mayor
Ci Ik 11 and Committeeman Coeltrell weleon
cd the committee to DJllas an 1 Mr Wells
icpondcd after which the cotninllt ee too
a leciss to accept nan Invitation from the
Dalles Commercial club to pnrta o ot
luncheon prepared for Its refreshment and
that of tho visitors attracted by Its session
Ilrslncss was resumed at 3 oclock nnd
pioUes were promptly ruled out ot order
b > a unanimous tlvavoce vote nfter n mo
rtjM nri y i tlnn to tnble resolution providing for
K tl t5ivlwK ttC Iteeognltlon bad been tabled by a vote ot
20 to 7
The subject of taking nctlon In the mat
ter In uniform prlmailes tvnh next breached
The resolution adopted at the State con
tention held lu Waco In 1000 ordeilug lha
Slnte executive committee to require thu
observance of n uniform date In the hold
ing of prlmcites and conventions for Sfite
THERE are a few people in town
who we are not doing Laundrv
work for and as we have torgotten
tl eir names we use tins means of
letting them know thev will oblige
us by Telephoning No 22 and
well get and deliver their work
Excelsior Steam Laundry Co
910 and 912 Texas Ave
Astnts Wanted Zl > crylphere
We Offer
For Prompt Shipment
Car Fancy Oregon Onions
Car California Oranges
Navels and Seedlings all sizes
RBsTlfthMUl W JHsMfllMtl
Dallas Teias February S7 Thn
resolution of Committectnan A 3
ttell of KarncH county over which
the Slnte cxcputlve committee de
liberated long and earnently and
which was Anally adopted by a
mnjdlty of one
Whereas The last State demo
cratic contention declnred In favor
of primaries or contentions of uni
form date for the nomination of
State of fleers therefore bo It
Hesolvcd That the Stat demo
cratic executive committee hereby
recommends kucTi primaries or con
ventbns for Stste officers nnrti
oatreMly roiue t the various
cointv democratic riectitlte com
mittees of counties In which pri
maries have not already been held
or ordered to fix fitrh a lute for
prlmsry elections or conventions
The vote by whbh the Uell res
olution was adopted was as fob
lnw Arcs II K Tim der on A
P Doner Hs riy T Stewart W
C Morrow AV T Unrthelnraew
John M Moore H M Kntht C
P Lehman G M Nixon A J
rtell John K Onrner W T An
diews George W Armstrong ud
Sterling I Strong 1
Necs W Y Carver J B Cod
roll John S Splnks W K Boss
James U Younp John n lllckctt
W n Oqulnn A M Morris D C
Olddlngs Crank II Diublck Ku
gene Moore A Matthews John L
Stephcnsou 13
Absentees A C Ollter of At
lanta June C llanls of Nacogdo
ches Datton Moses of Unmet and
A E Stephens of Ilookport
primaries nnd requesting the tTecutlvo
committees ot such conntliM as have not
already held or ordered primaries to
adopt it
tided for therein tras luadonciL Tbn
w o done and the substitute became tho
original mollon
The question having thus been brought
souarelv before the committer Mr Old
dings of Washington county argued that
Mr Hell proposed to treat with disrespect
the convention 10 which tho committee
i owed Jts life There was no question In
and nothing the committee could do would
stiould be done with such delegations as
might be selected In contempt of the coin
ralttces recommendations as to that date
He tliereforo opposed excepting from the
operation of nny order that might be mado
with reguid to dates any county that bad
held or ordered primaries without waiting
for the State committee to net In con
clusion ho moved thnt the matter be re
ferred to n committee of three but bis mo
tion was tabled by a tote of 30 to S
Mr Cockrell of Dallas offered a substi
tute for the noil motion the adoption of
whob would have provided for tbe calling
of Slnte primaries on June 7 In accordance
with the terms of the resolution adopted
by tbo Waco convention
Mr Armstrong of Tarraut county op
posed tbe Cockrell substitute He was op
posed to uniform primaries any wsy and
By the State Executive Committee for Primaries in
Counties Where Other Dates Are Not Fixed
ion Is to Be Held at Galveston July 15 Next the Island
nning on the Second Ballot Wells Will Accept
Another Term as Chairman If Tendered Him
Dallns Texas February 27 The State
dernicratlc oxecutlto committee met In this
personal consideration of their Interests as plJ at today for the purpose of fixing
thrj may be committed to our hand
mtiulallons the right toparticipate In the
preliminary organization of the State con
vention In conclusion he snlil that tbi
democratic party was nbont to uomliinti
by default a candidate for governor front
whom not u slnglo word had been heard
on lending < iuestlons ot Sinlo poller That
candidate was a good nnd trustwolfay
mau ho bolleteil but the people were on
t tied to some expression from blm before
committing themselves to his candidacy
Mr Ross of Innoln saw no occasion for
the pending resolution when thuro was the
plain resolution ot the Wneti convention to
gude i he committee In this matter
Mr Onrner of Uvalde asked the commit
tee to approocli tho pending n
practical way It seemed to him that
there was a disposition to dictate to the
ueit State contention Keeouimendatlons
woro preferable to Instructions at this
Juncture he thought as tho cxeeiitlte
committee passes upon tho credentials sub
mitted by those who present themseltes
for the puipose of sitting at the temporary
organization of the Stato convenllou and
It might by adopting Mr Cockrells sub
stitute lay the predicate for rash action
Chairman Wells counseled conciliation
Mr OQnlnn of Angelina county denied
tho right of the committee to go back on
the Waco convention after which Mr
Wells called Mr Glddlng to the chair and
submitted a few conciliatory remarks Hu
besought the committee not to quibble over
technicalities or pursue a course that
i might destroy harmony lfn recognized
J the binding effect ot tho Waco resolution
but argued that It would be a nseiwi thing
to do to threaten counties with pennltios
which tbo committee had no authoilty to
enforce We did not believe that the reso
lution had been well weighed as It would
surely have been differently worded bad
its ctTect been carefully considered It was
his advice tbnt suggestions couched lu
courteous language hu offered to tho va
rious counties In this matter The uso ot
the word recommend was mere nothing
ho held as It was a synonym fnr order
of the
hliifelf In the place conn
Mr Henderson expressed o willingness to j
I ties he said ho could be persuaded to agree
accept this substituteIf the date pP >
but could not hi
falt < 1 C <
his mind but what the Wneo contention J f J
ih ° nrl l
had noted within Its rights In ordering the Tlct nrf
committee to flx n uniform date for tbo hail ordered f primaries
lioldlng of State primaries He tvas sure
however that It had exceeded Its Juris
diction In asking the comnllttec to proscribe
a penalty for the noitohservtincc of sllt > ft
dnte as the next conven Ion would beyond
question be the sole Judge of the qua llV
cations of those tvfoo sought seats therein
ties that alicndy
If the Cockrell Idcn was adopted about fifty
counties would find themseltes without rep
resentation In the next State convention
Mr Coeltrell of Dallas said there was
nothing In his resolution that conflicted
with the views of Chairman Wells as It
simply undertook to tlx a date leaving
officers was read This resolution provides j u uMi lg 0at jn tHB the State convention free to pass upon
that where the date set by the cxeeiitlte
committee Is disregarded the ib Icgnts
fioni the couu y dlsfgnrdlng It shall be de
nied admission to the Stnto convention
Ccmmltteeniau Henderson of Hopkins
county offered a resolution to the effect
that It was Inadvisable to Interfere with tbe
counties that had gone ahead und nild
midwinter primaries and recommending to
Telephone ghes instant com i the next State convenion that It fix a date
for the holding of pilmarlcs for State of
Mr Bell of Karnes county offered a sub
stitute flxlng May 10 ns the date of the
to anything reasonable
drlrcn tu any direction In cnuolurftnn hej
declared that an allegiance based on n
ukase was not an allegiance that would
Mr Rtewnrt of Cooke opposed the
Cockrell substitute Tersonaly he did not
like the midwinter primaries but they
had been held In his county the peo
ple Iiad freely participated In them and
the candidates hnd accepted the result tj
particular The committed tvas In duty the qualltlcatlons of Its members
bound bo thought compelled to obey the j Mr Hell pt Karnes objected to being
resolution In ho fur as fixing the dnto was driven ami Mr Morrow of Hill county de
concerned but It would be the duty of the dared himself against the Adoption of
next Stato convention to decide what any resolution creating a cloud upon the
delegates from counties that have held of
ordered primaries On motion of Mr Stew
ard of Cooke county the Cockrell substi
tute wus tabled by u vote ot 14 to 13 anl
the Uell resolution as given elsewhere
was adopted by n Tlvn voce Tote
Th qne tlnn ot fixing the date for the
8tnt primaries was next considered and
May 10 and May 24 tvero voted dottn and
June It decided upon after much fparrlhr
At Hits Juctnre the convention udjourned
until 8 oclock with theunderstanding that
the selection of tho city in which the next
State convention shall he held nnd the
fixing of the date for which It shall He
called would ho undertaken at that hour
there losing three cities Dallas Galveston
nnd San Antonio Ip the field for the con
differed with Mr Glddlngs as to the Juris entlon
diction of the State contention He saw GalveSTON THE PLACE
no uecesslty for the Cockrell juuy the DATE
or to nx any data at all for that matter p n vote o J5 0 0 tne state committee
unless It was Intended to deny Cooke and tonght jccided to bold the next Texas
other counties representation i democratic contention nt Galveston on July
Mr Bell of Karnes county said It was J5 nKt > Tnc flna rCault wus something
his purpose to carry out the recommenda Q a gurprisr Dallas San Antonio nnd
tlons of tbo Waco convention as far as Galveston were put In nomination Pallas
possible without attempting to dlsfranchlso WBB prcgcnted by Irank h Irvine J T
nnv of the democratic voters of Texas a TrMCTnnt and V H Patterson Judge M
proposed In effect br Mr Cockrell B Ki0tcrs spoke for Galveston and Frank
Mr Cockrell would discipline the coun jj jUBUic nominated San Antonio A J
tics Bell of Karucs City seconded the Alamo
Mr Cockrell of Dallas said he simply Ctyg nomination
proposed to respect the behests ot the jrank u tjushlck spoke glowingly of 8an
convention tbat had created this commit Antonio g charms us n convention city and
tee If tho contention or the committee
was without jurisdiction lo prescribe u
penalty for disregarding the dnte It might
is thtts ccsld 16 so dsaSfrr ai dL frin
diking any county
was to the committee undertaking to ones
tlon tho authority of Its parent So far as
he wag Individually concerned be would
treat the counties nbout which so miCh
concern won expressed Just ns they had
treated the committee The counties that
had called jublwinter prlinurlcs were en
titled to no mow respect from tho commit
tee In lils opinion than they had shown
the committee At the proper time if
the question ever came up be would sup
port proposition to denyjwl counties
U might iiSttStli ta waaBuUi Ksscy
sV aw
made a strong Impression on his hearers
But It w b Judge KlcbergH appeal that
carried tbo day
What Uo objected J auil onlveston won
till 10 oclock
The committee adjourned
tomorrow morning when matters of reor
ganUatlon touching vacancies will be con
sidered 5
The Names of Three Texana Sent to
the Senate for Postmasterships
Washington February 27 Tbe president
today sent the following nominations to the
osmaster TexaaM 0 Olcaoo Hlo
John Dsbney Grand lew j Bobvrt It 11J
Uuu EesolHock
The defense brought out the faet that
Jones did not mention until this trial tic
a maMlpe article nas tbe Inspiration for
tbe alleged use of chloroform in cffecCag
Hlccs demise nor tbnl Jones hud tnlkol
with Dr Curry nbout poleoolug by tills
Xloore dwelt upon tho points at some
length as be wished lo Impress upon the
Jury that Jones tale was a fabricationi
that 1t has grown from limn to time until
It now appeurs lu the form gtteu upou
tho stand In the present trial
Iteforo the adjournment lodny Jones was
handed back to Mr Osbouie Mttlo whs
added to what he had already told be
jond the startling asseitlon made by Mr
Osbonio In ijuestlonlug Jone that the wit
ness bud attempted Hiilcldo no Ie s than
ttttlte time since he bad been In cus
Yesterday afternoon Jones sjbl that he
promised to sign for Patrick for a let
ter bearing Ulccs mime and purporting
to be an acknowledgment or ltlce that ho
was a resident of lexus but that Patrick
never paid the money Today tbe ttitnens
said that be did not lose bin trust In Pat
rick bicaue ot the falluie to pay this
I trusted him so much that I lot him
leate mo out of tbe will said Jones It
was Ids manner of talking that made me
trust blm
Mr Moore who was conducting tbe
cross examination then asked Did not
Patrick sposk to you In Itleos prepuce
of the affidavit iwearlog oft hlv New York
taxes No replied Jones
Mr Moore then went bsck lo the differ
ent statements made by Jone nnd asked
If he did not make them wjtb the objoet
ot protecting himself lo his earlier state
Jones replied that at first be did not
think tbe truth would help blm but be
snlrt that fact bad been Impressed upon
blm very forcibly
A letter which was written by Ulce about
a week before his death concerning the
burned oil mills In Texas was read to the
Jury at the rcnucat of Mr Moore who said
that It would show that Mr ltlce had not
made up his mind to rebuild the oil works
Mr Mooie asked Jones to tell again bis
chlorofoini article lu a maga
story of the v v
Dr Booth
Sltutted In a town of Jooo pewlei
five steam gins within five miles
h suicide
Jones Has Tried Twelve Times to
End His Life
District Attorney Stated that the Defenstf Had
Placed Him on Trial and He Was Clearing
Himself of the Charges Made
Special to The 1osL
New York tobniarv 27 Uelilnd ths
Jury box dtrsy from the view of tho crowd
In rteconlwr Ooir conrt ltn cueb mornlin
now the most remarkable wltneM New
York over listened lo Inun bis ictlrcnie t
ho steps forth to the stand to go through
an ortleal that from aimtarnncM Is muea
worse lo him I ban to the one It naturally
affects iho mn l the defendant on trial
for bis life Albert T Vnlrlek The man
uer of hi appearance each tuornlug Isrery
characteristic of the mnn
The datense I ttytnc to show tbttt Jones
Is under groal obligations to the district
attorney and therefore Is Incompetent to
testify today the cross cxsiutnstlon of
Junes v continued nnd In ono Importiint
way till witness Is bettor thought of to
night th n he has over been before Mr
Moore l probably tho cletere t < rossexnm
Iner lu New York but Ills powers In this
Hue had little effect 6u the direct test
many of Nices talet
He went over evert possible Hue of tlm
testimony nlicndy git on but did not suc
ceed In shaking the witness In any Im
portiint detail Thu contradictions In tlie
various confessions of Jones nro very
stNfugly brought out by the erossexfiinlnn
tlon and this la About the nvat ilie defense
lias yet accomplished
Jones nomorr foiled blm nt linpnttnnt
times when he wns under Mr Moores
sraichliig examination especially as ro
gurds Mr Illcos Intentions to rebuild the
oil mill that tvas burned at Houston Tho
witness certainly floundered When tryiut
to give Mr Illces Ideas as to the advisa
bility of doing this
Osborne a alu enmo in for another of
the recorders raUnkes nbont tho most
severe it judge could glto n lawyer and
still lente him In good standing beforo
the court It was Muring tho time wuVu
Mr Moore was rending u letter written by
Mr lllec which tendeil to show that tie
hud not nlloguthcr decided to rebuild tho
had told In that court all thq detailsho
bad since told to Mr Osborne
Assistant District Attorney Osborne ob
jected to this Hue of crofscxnmluatlon
but the recorder overruled him
I desire to give the defendint said
the recorder every possible clinncc K
thuro l any doubt In my mind I shall
stretch the law as far as possible In favor
of the defendant
Mr Moore then questioned Jones about
Mr itlces tondltlou the day befoie his
death Mr ltlce tvas very weak Jones
snlil and was out of his head at inter
tols all the day
Mr Moore rend to tho Jury the com
plaint sworn to by Jones upon which
Iatrlek was irre ted It necusscd ratitck
of administering huge quantities ot mcr
< nry and other pc i ns to William M Hire
from the effris of tthlch he suld William
M ltlce did die
You not or saw Mr ltlce awake after hi
went to sleep on Sunday tit I oclock
Mr Moore asked
Not uwnke
You went out for a walk you hate told
Yes I was away about forty minutes
Mr Rice was lu the same position when
you returned as he was wheu you left tho
He was
Then ns fnr as you know Mr Ulco
may have been dead when you rcturncdV
Well I thought be was Asleep
Mr Moore read from Jonas tcxtlmonr
before Ji tlco Jeroine There Jiu rcplle < t
to a Hko question of counsel rJ just opened
the iloor nnd looked In Mr nice was
lying quietly Ho may haTC been dead
Joues twltl Dr Curry told him the day
ltlce died that the old man was In a critical
condition It was about threequarters ot
n Hour after ho took tho chloroform from
ltleca faeo that Dr Curry nrrlvrd The
doctor examined the body and put his face
close to nigos to see If he still breathed
Tho witness then told ot tho removalot
oil mill but was rather necking other In
the i0 fm un uut01ey and of Us rctlirn
Osborne In
formation befo0 doing so that
bis iieralsluiit objociluus was tpld by thu
jjp curtr eat
uowl ihat his hahlt of IdttTaiytlug fii tked ian uul
> Pf V l U M >
pr lios tven per
formed ou this body For sour own pro
tection tun had better call soma other doc
tor and hato another autopsy and did
Iatrlek reply Quite unnecessary there
Uaii been nothing wrong
I did not bear uuy ot that I hatn
no recollection of such a talk replied
The croM quest lontpg ended here and Mr
Osborne began a redirect examination
Jones mid the dtetrlet nttorney told blm
at one of their Intcrvlewb lmt he must tell
the whole truth because the truth was
always consistent ond ony of corrobora
tion Mr Osborne tried to recatl ccrtajn Inci
dents of tho Interview to the recollection
of the witness
Mr Moore objected to his question as
1 am on trial licre the assistant dis
trict attorney replied Tho accusation Is
made that I supplied Jones with a story I
could not corroborate I wish ti > show that
thu charge Is false
Jones was allowed to answer He de
clared tuut all that Mr Osborne bed asked
from liliu was tho truth
Now Jones asked Mr Osborne was It
not prior to January 10O1 thst you first
ald ttiat you were the man who commit
ted tho munleri
Ves I told Mr House
Mr JIousc Is Patricks senior counsel and
was conn el for Jones for a time
Mr Moore objected to this question and
Mr Osboruo was arguing the point when
court adlourned until tomorrow
Dr Joseph A Booth Survivor of Four
Brothers Is Now Dead
New York February 27In the death ot
Pr Joseph A Wooth at his residence In
this city tbe Ust of the four sons of Jun
ius llrutus Booth the elder passed away
Dr Booth was a younger brother ot
Bdwin Junius Brutus Jr and John
Wilkes Booth He lived a quiet llfo com
pared with tbat of his brothers and mem
Ws of the theatrical profession who knew
lidwln Booth well were unacquainted with
Slump Ashby and Cyclone Davis
Local Option Finhters
Comanche Texas February 87 The two
j most noted orators of the onetime populUt
xlno about which he had talked to Patrick party In Texas are now stumping Comanche
and which he had testified was that from county taking part In the oca option
which the Idea of killing Mr Itee was de fight Cyclone Davis I w
veloped Jones said he told about tbe ur ft nleSdlng for personal lib
tiele jt bis examination before Justice rty nj opon saloons The election Is to
Jerome but be could not remember if he be held March I
via I G N R R
n Hunter
nd Ticket fiz
217 M
a m < A

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