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Committee Reported Resolution Cen
suring Tillman and McLaurln
The Result Was That Three Reports
Were Submitted to Senate
It Was Signed by Three of the Investi
gating Senators
Who tyvr t an
Italian < > f
n i
Washington February 2S Senator McLau
rln and Senator Tillman today were severe
ly censured by the United States senate for
the sensational pcrsoual encounter between
the two senators on the floor of the senate
last Saturday The adoption of the resolu
tion of censure probably closes the Inci
dent so far as Mr McLaurln and the sen
ate Is concerned
Immediately after the senate convened to
day Mr Huitows chairman of the commit
tee on privileges and elections to wlilcli
the McLuuiluTUltnnn controversy hod been
referred reported the resolution of con
sure framed by a majority of the commit
tee Aceomnanvlnc the resolution was a
report setting out the conclusions of tho
A brief statement was presented by Sen
ators Ilalley Blackburn Pettus M J Fos
ter and Du Hols democratic members of
the committee dissenting from some of the
conclusions of the majority They agreed
however to the resolution offered
A minority Tcport was presented by Sen
ators McComns Beverldgp nnd Irlteiiard
republicans who maintained that the adop
tion of a resolution of censure was not suf
ficient punishment
lrictleallv theic wan no debate on the
resolution although Mr Oullingcr and Mr
llatt tCouu made It evldeut by brief
ptatoments that the resolution was not sat
isfactory to them Tlie resolution was
adopted by a vote of 1 to 12
When Mr Tillmans name was called lie
added a now sensailou by rising and Buying
with illcotieoaled emotion Among gentle
men an apology for an offense committed
under heat or blood Is usually eonsldeted
saf orient
The auditors caught their breath as Mr
Tillman thus entered hU protest against
the adoption of the icsolutlou
Mr Tillmans woids Induced Mr Kcan
N J to rise at ihc conclusion of the roll
call and suy Having heard the senator
lioui South Carolina again Insult the senate
I change my vote from nju to no
At the request f Mr Burrows tin state
ment of Mr Tillman was rend by the clerk
Instantly the South Carolina senator dis
claimed any Intention of being offensive to
the senate and said that If his remarks
vlre so considered ho would wlthdruw
The chair Mr Kryc said that by uunnl
mous consent they might be withdrawn
but Mr Dledrlch Neb objected Tho in
cident was closed without further comment
The senate adopted the conference report
on the permanent census bill and then be
gan consideration of tho Irrigation measure
Mr Clark Wyo delivered a speech lu
Its support Tor a time later the sonata
considered the omnlbuH claims bill but did
not dispose of It
When the senate was called to order m
j notably largo atteudnnce of senators was
cm the floor and the galleries were throng
ed Both Senators McLaurln and Tillman
of South Carolina were In their seats
Mr Burrows Mich chairman of thu
committee on privileges nnd elections pre
sented the following resolution upon the
controversy arising out of the personal al
tercation on the Uoorof the senate between
senators Til I mil n mid McLaurln
That In the Judgment of the senate the
senators from South Carolina Benjamin U
Tlllmun and John L McLaurln for disor
derly behavior and the flagrant violation
of tho rules of tho senate during the open
session of the senate on the l2d day tit
February Instant deserve the censure of
the senate and they are hereby so censured
for their breach of tho privileges and dig
nity Of this body and from and after the
adoption of this resolution the order ad
judging them lu contempt bhall no longer
be In force and effect
After reading of the resolution by the
clerk Mr Bui rows presented the report of
the majority of the committee The report
recited the history of the altercation In the
senato and quoted the language then used
by tho offenders Ail agreed to this state
incut Jhe npoit Is as follows
Xhat the londnct of the two senators
was an infringement of the privileges of
the sennto a violation of Its iue < and de
rogatory to its high charartei tending to
irmg the bodj luclf into public contempt
can not be questioned or deuled indeed
the senate by a unanimous vote has already
placed on record Jts condemnation of the
senators by doclarlug botli guilty of con
tempt The mnloiltj of the committee aro
of the opinion that the legal effect of Judg
ing tnote senators in contempt of tho sen
ate was to suspend their functions as sen
ators and that such n punishment for dis
orderly behavior was clearly wltilu tne
power of the sennte but the conclusion
they have reach d makes It unnecessary to
dscus this questlou The off n < ca eora
mltt d by the two senators were not In the
opinion of the majority of the committee
of equal gravity The elmnre made by Mr
IIIIinn < i had been once beore tle senato
spccltleally denied In parliamentary lan
guage by Mr McLaurln The offense
charged against Mr McLaurln was anions
tho most reprelipuslblo n semtor could
commit Mr McLaurln did net commence
the encounter but only stood l i hs place
at his desk where he was speaking anil
resisted the attack made upmi blui In
other words his offense vvns coaumd to
the use of unparliamentary language for
which ho had uuusual provocation Never
Guaranteed < jiy reJUbl5 o1
Paint made OAR
Iheleas his Offense was a violation of tin
rule of the senate of so serious a chnrae
tor that In the opinion of the committee
It should be condemned
In the case of Mr Tllluiau the record
show that the altercation was commenced
by the charge he made against Mr Mclau
rln Such a charge Is Inexcusabe except
in connection with a resolution to invcstl
gate Mr Tillman not only made the
charge without any avowal of u purpose
to Investigate but ulso disclaiming know
edge of evidence to establish the offense
and this bo xald after the charge hail been
specifically and unqualltledly denied by Mr
Such a charge under any circumstances
would be resented by any man wo thy to
lie n senator but made aa It was In this
Instance Its nffenslveness was greatly In
tensified and the result must have beuu
foreseen by Mr Tillman It he took any
thought This feature of his otfcue cou
pled with the fact Hit he also commenced
the encounter bv quitting his Seat some
distance away from Mr McLaurln and
rushing violently upoo him and striking
him In the fact makon the case one of
Mich exceptional misbehavior that a ma
jority of the committee are of the oplulou
that this offense was of much greater
gravity than that of Mr McLaurln
The penult of a censure by the senate
In the nature of tblugs must vary In actual
severity In proportion to the public sense
of the gravity of the offense of which the
offender had been adjudged guilty Thcro
foie notwithstanding the fact that lu
the opinion of the majority there It a dif
ference In the gravity of the offenses un
der consideration your committee Is of tho
opinion that public good and the dlgulty
of the senate will be alike best promoted
and protected no far ns this particular
ease Is concerned by Imposing upon each
senator by formal vote
and therefore recommend
tho resolution
lie censure of tho
senate for the offense by him committed
the adoption of
At tho conclusion of the reading of the
majority report Mr Bally Texas offered
the following statement as representing
the views of himself and four other sena
Wo dissent from so much of the report
of tho committee ns assorts the power of
the senate to suspoud a senator and to
deprive a State of Its vote and that por
tion which describes the offenses of the
senators ns of different grnUty but wo
approve the resolution reported
AV Balis
i v i
J C S Blackburn
Fred T Dubois
Murphy J Foster
Members of Committee on Privileges and
The report of the minority of the com
mittee was then read This was presented
by Mr McCoinas on behalf of himself and
Mr Bevcrldgc In which Mr Irlebard con
curred In part
The senators signing the statement say
they do not agree with the majority of
the committee as to tio punishment pro
posed by tho majority
Then they hay The Junior senator
fiom South Carolina I guilty of unpnrJa
nientnry language The ecnlor senator
from South Carolina Is guilty of physical
violence The lightest form of punish
ment Is a reprimand or couture It Is
the Intter which tho majority proposes to
Inflict for two offenses differing In charac
ter and gravity Tho minority of the com
mittee are of the opinion thai this punish
ment Is Inadequate and to Ignore the dif
ferences between the offenses Is unjust
The minority of the committee Is of the
opinlou that suspension of the two offend
ing senators from their senatorial prl < l
leges heretofore Inflicted should now be
formally adjudged and continued for dif
ferent periods of time
The minority report then enters upon au
extended argument lu support of this proiij
sltlon The report concludes by recom
netidlug that Senator MeLnurln be sus
pended from his functions a a senator for
live days and that Senator Tillman be sus
pended for twentylive days They add
Tho objection that no puulshnicut should
deprive it soveielgn Slate of Us vote lu fie
senate falls when we considered the rights
of all the States and above all the right
and duty nf the senate to adequately punish
a grnvn offense
Mr lrltchards addition to the abov >
statement Is In tho following language >
concur In all tho foregoing vpws except
as to the punishment of tho liiilor senator
from South Carolina It > iw pnlou that
the punishment ho 1tas nlrcndv suffered Is
udequate to his offeuse I make no roeom
uutnlatton ns to the punishment to be Im
posed on tho sculor senator from South
Mr Itacon Cla said the senior senator
from South Carolina Mr Tillman had ex
pressed his desire through tho sonfftor from
Kentiickv Mr Blackbuirl to make public
acknowledgment of bis error nnd to upolo
glze to the senate The Junior senator from
South CnroIirli Mr McLaurln hril e
picfsed the same desire thiough him Mr
Bacon He deemed It Important that these
facts should be made n patt of the record
Mr ullluger said that under the senati
rules If was not competent to move to
sibstltutP a irlnorlty for u maiotllv report
otherwise be would move to substitute the
minority report for that of the majority
ns he believed the minority report recom
mended the precise kind of punishment
that ought to be Inflicted on the senators
Involved When the mime of Mr McLuu >
iIn MUs was readied In tho roll call he
Sdd Bplng related bv kinship to oie of
the senilo Involved I ask to be excuift
from voting
The request was granted
Mr McLaurln SC one of the offending
senators wild in resnoine to his name
which had been restored to the roll I
refrain from voting for obvious reicmm
When Mr Tillmans namo was called h
rose deliberately Ilverv eye In the cham
ber was fixed upon hlur Ills face was
stern and he was as pile as a sheet I3vl
dcntly he was laboring under great emo
Among gentlemen ho said slowlv and
his words were heard distinctly In the ut
termost part of tho chamber an apology
for an offeiibe committed under the heat of
blood is usuallr considered sufficient
Then he resumed his sent amid gasps of
astonishment among senators and specta
tors Mr Burrows hm ened to the desks of
the stenographers and directed that Mr
Trimaiis words be written out at once At
the conclusion of the roll call but before
the announcement of tho vote Mr Kean
X J who had voted for the resolution
said Having heard the senator from
South Carolina Tillman rsaln Insult tho
Semite I change my vote from ayo to no
The resolution was adoptc W to 12 sen
ators voting nay being as follows
Bevorldge Clark Wyo
r > ci nicdrlcb
Foster Wah Kuan
KUtrcdge McComas
Millard Mtehord
Foctor Scott
Total 12
Sir Burrows demanded that the state
ment of Mr Tlllrann be read to the senate
After the reading Mr Tillman said The
woids uttered br me wer not Intended to
be offensive and If they were so considered
> rv rlniiy withdraw them
The chair Mr Fryc said The senator
has withdrawn the remarks Is ther objec
tion on the part of the scuate to their with
I object Mr President Insisted Mr
Dledrlch Hep Neb
The effect of the objection Is to Incor
porate Mr Tlllmaus utterance In the rec
ord of the proceedings
Mr Piatt Conn explained that ha had
voted reluctantly for the resolution Just
piKfed but lie could eo no other way ope n
to the senate to punish tho offendlmr sena
tors He favored suspension and differen
tiated punishment
The conference rrnort of the permanent
census bill was adopted
The senate agreed to the request of the
house for a conference on tin Philippine
tariff bills and Senators Lodge Allison
and Itawllns were named as conferees
A bill appropriating 51 i j0f00 for n pub
lic bulldlns at Ne > v Orleans was passed
Consideration of the bill providing for
the Irrigation of tho nrld lands begun Hr
Clark Wyo made an extended speech In
support of It
At the request of Mr Warren Wyo
chairman of the committee on claims com
slitcrntlon of the omnibus bill was btguu
At 0 oclock the senate went Into cxecu
the sesilou adjourulns at 630 p m
> v fc4vA > 1i > pSr iliv v t cfct
Valet Has Concluded His Testimony in
the Patrick Murder Case
Was Permitted to Tell of Send ng tlie
Chloroform to New York
Which Patrick Wrote in Regard to Set
tllrur the Contested ill Case
His Memory Failed Him When the
Recorder Told Him that Ho Must
Answer the Questions
Special to The Tost
New York February US In ft public
sense much of the interest lu tho Patrick
tilal was lost when Jones stcpjicd from
the stand but ou the other hand from a
legal standpoint the trial Is at Its height
The strange man who has told such a hor
rible tale of murder In which ttie crime Is
laid at his own door us well ns at all
others has slipped back iuto the darkness
fiom which lie was produced a week ago
and Is now as completely lost to public
view as ho bad been for tho last year
This la mneh more true Itian It would be If
bo had been taken back to the county pris
on for there from tlmo to time ho would
be seen by some peoplo who could tell of
tils condition and health
Today tho trial passed beyond him and
what Is iHdlovrd by tlio prosecutor to bo
corroborative evidence will bo presented
The first witness of tho day after Jones
had answered a few unimportant questions
was John M Coleman Patricks old class
mate In tho University of Texa The
testimony given by this witness was com
plicated nnd It carried out several Ideas ns
to Patricks motive and actions previous to
Mr Itlcos death
The corroboratives were If anything
rather vague Ho was careful to state
that be was not an lutlmnto friend of Pat
ricks but tiicy were rather drawn to
gether In New Yotk on acromil of their
hiving been together In Texas
Marx 13 Hovoy a lawyer proved in ono
way a very Interesting wlluesM Ho sim
ply would not talk at tirst putting his un
wllllugness to do so on the grounds of
being an attorney of PatTlek and therefore
In a cotifldeiitlnl position toward him Tho
recorder however believed that Hoey
should go on and then tho witness simply
forgot Not a single admission could Os
borne get from the man nnd finally he
was given tin bb n bad Job
The telephone witnesses who appeared < o
day were puolher new feature Tim hollo
glrla each had n brief but nervous lluio
upon the stand In whidi lliey were con
stantly reminded that their testimony was
valueless If not glvon In a lone loud enough
to be heard by tho Jury
They Identified the service slips which
nre supposed to show that Patrick mid
Jones talked to cadi other over tho tele
phones Hadt of them looked with special
fright at Mr Moore whom they seemed
to npprcbeud with great four
By far the most Important witness of the
day was the brother of Vnlct Jones whose
going upon the stnnd bus always been n
source of doubt Ho corroborated his broth
ers testimony regarding the sending of
poison Tho cross examination of this ns
well as tlie other witnesses of the day was
unexpectedly brlrf That a package was
delivered that might have been such a
one ub the previous witness alleges lie sent
was riiown by an employe of the Ameri
can Kxprcss computiy who alleged ho made
such a delivery
At todays session Jones Identified sev
eral of Hweuson Sons check books Ho
was not permitted to make a statement hu
had made to Attorney nouso concerning
the chloroforming of Hlce
James G Graham a clerk lu the bank of
America testified regarding a draft drawn
by the Merchants and Planters Ol com
pany upon Mr Hlce but this evidence was
ruled out
John M Coleman a lawyer of Houston
Texas who was called by tho State said
he had known Patrick since l8t whtlo
they were nt college together Since then
his relations with Patrick had been most
Coleman told of a tall between Tatrlck
himself nud Judgo Ford of Texas lu thin
city on August ai 1000 about u mouth
before Ulces death Patrick said ho was
still taking testimony lu tho Mrs Blco
will case
The question as to the probable dura
tion of Itlcos life was dlucussed said
Coleman and wo talked of the good care
be teok of himself After Judgo Ford left
us Patrick said to too that bo supposed
the people of Houston expected to get the
Institute when the old man died I said
suppose so and be then said something
about It belug a cold day when the Tox
ans got auy part of Mr Rices estate
Mr Coleman was excused temporarily
while M C Hovey also a lawyer of Hous
ton was called to testify as to certain
communications from Patrick on or cbout
September 17 1000
I decline to give any Information ho
said in reply to the first question on tho
grounds that I was at that time attorney
for Mr Patrick
llccord r Coff said ho must reply und tho
witness said he could not recollect whether
he had received such communications
Later he said Mr Holt Patrick find him
self turned them over to Moore fc Cautwcll
also attorneys for Patrick The letters
were dated September It nnd 15 or Sep
tember 15 and 10
Counsel for the defense objected to the
witness telling Ids recollections of the Con
tents of thn documents and the argument
on this point lasted until recess was an
At the sitcrnooo jjcs o MrnCufcnuu
was recalled lie said he had eefn letters
nddrcsscd by Patrick to Holt about toy
days before Ulces death One letter said
tltnt Patrick had arranged with another
party to obtain from Mr Blco a written
ugrocment to settle tho Mrs Klce will liti
gation Another spoke of Mr Itlcos health
and said that the flalvcstou storm had been
a greut blow to him
Wus that nil nsked Assistant District
Attorney Osborne
I think the letter said there muRt Iksno
delay If Mr Holt wished to coniplcto tho
settlement before the death of Mr Klce 1
remember the phrase the doctor says Mr
Ricos mind is falling The whole purport
of the letter vvns If there was to be any
settlement It must be done tit once
Henry T Oliver formerly manager of
tbcMerchauts oud Plautors Oil eompany
was recalled He said ho had never ru
cclved a letter Jones said he held back at
Patricks request
William L Jouw brother of Cbarlos V
Jones was recalled On his tlrst examina
tion ho wus not permitted to tell of the
purchase of chloroform for his brother
Today he said ho had bought n fourounc
bottle of chloroform n twoounce bottle
of chloroform and a twoonnco bottle of
laudanum nt his brothers request and had
forwarded them to New York
Two express company employes Identi
fied delivery sheets sbowlug tht picknges
from Galveston Toxns had boon delivered
to Joiich They could not tell what the
packages contained
Mrs Martha 13 Thompson who accord
ing to JouoV Ntntoraont mug the doorbell
while Jones was administering the chloro
form to Mr ltlco was the next witness
Sho said she called ut the Itluo apartments
on Sunday September 2U but went nwny
wlthout seeing Mr Itlco Mr Graham the
Buuk of America clerk recalled told of
Els vNlt to the Hire apartments with a
draft for U < X10 on Hlce sent by the Mer
chants nnd Planters Oil company
Edward 0 Allstuffe u lawyer connect
ed with tho Bunk of America Identified
un Indorsement of tho draft reading Mr
litce Is sick will attcud to this Monday
Six Hundred Killed or Captured and
Lnrfje Number of Horses nnd Cattle
Were Taken
London February 2S Following the
precedent of Lord Jtobarts wlo announced
General Cionjes surrender hi Pardceliurg
on tho auulvrsiiry of tho battle of Miijubu
Hill February a 18S1 Lord Kitchener ap
patently selected the msiiic anniversary to
achieve a big success by a combined move
ment lasting two days against the Boer
forces within the Ilnrrlsmlth and Van
Beeiieiidoff blockhouses lloer foicos ag
gregating OX men killed or captured W >
hoiMK and istKW head of tattle foil Into
the bauds of the British tiuops
This news was so welcome to tho British
that It was reud lu the house of commons
today by tho war secretary Mr Broderlck
from a dispatch of Lord Kitchener as fol
Harrlsmlth February < Yesturdur
the combined operations uf liu columns
terminated In driving tho Uo rn against
the Harrlsmlth and Von Koleu blo kji usu
line The river Wllge was hold jf the
Leicester regiment and Ulllotts mounted
Infantry from Uarrlsuillh while the col
umns formed ou the Fiankfoit mid Bothas
Pass bloekhouse lino and udvancod smith
holding tho entire country lift ween the
Wllge nnd tie Natal frontier < > u the first
night u seveio attempt to break through
was at h point between Itliiiluglons and
Byugs columns und tho Now Zeiilatidcrs
behuved wltii grout gallantry The llglitiini
was nt clo f quarters und the Itocrs as
usual drovo a large herd of cattle In front
of them Munle Botha the liour lender
was killed nnd tlilrtyilve dead Boers wcto
found In the ground Over W horsus wore
killed and Cncn head of cattle were left in
our hiiiids Other small attempts to break
out wore mado und lu two cases succeed
ed On the last day ISO Boers with titles
and horses were captuicd All llie col
umns litivu not jet reported mid the opera
tions have been very wide but over >
irivu been cither killed nr an prisoners
In our bands also wo horses 2SO0O head
of cattle li > wagons t 000 slioep K
titles and IJU < J0 rounds of iimmuti tlou
Tho prlsomrs Include General Dowels
son und his secretary Commandants Meyer
and Truthr ami several Held comets
These satisfactory results aro very appro
priate today on tho anulversury of Mu
The war secretary Mr Broderlek reply
lug to u iiiicstlou in tho houeo of commons
today said uo dutull with the exception
of tho list of casualties had been received
of tho recent capture of a British convoy
of empty wagons near Klerksdmp No men
had been reported Killed but there weru
about 100 wounded
Londou February S lu response to un
Inquiry made by the government ns to the
fate of an escort of empty wagons which
according to a dispatch from Ixird Kitchen
r made publlo February SO was attacked
and captured by tho Boers southwest of
KJerksdorp Transvaal colony February 21
Lord Kitchener bus cabled the following
A report has Just been received that
sixteen officers nud 151 men were taken
prisoners Of those one officer and IOj
men have been released Colonel Anderson
of the Imperial yeomanry who commandrd
Is still a prisoner MuJor Knderby who
commanded the Infantry was wounded
Hence the delsy lu obtaining deflnlto iufor
wlLjiv l V vyl
Books Lost and Roll of the Dead Can
Not Be Made Up for Many Hours
Men Have Perished Buried Under the
Snow Rocks and Logs
Second Slide Caught Those Who Were
Trying to Aid Their Fellows
A Third Slide Near the Same Plaoe
Accounted for Three More Victims <
Fsw Names Given
Tcllttrlde Colo Febrnery 28 The most
terrible snowslldo accident ever kuown In
Colovndo caused the dentil of from thirty
to seventyflvo men nt the Liberty Bnll
mine on Smuggler Motmtiin todaj Al
though the scone of the disaster Is carco >
two inlleB from this town Informatlou fa
difficult to obtain on account of the ire
clpltons character of theroods and ha
vast amount of snow
Nearly all tho buildings of tha Liberty
Bell mlno were carried doun by UicsJIdfl
all tho books which show tho number nud
mimes of tho men employed being lost >
that the doalh list can hardly bo known
for many hours possibly not untilthe re
cuortt have removed the Immcnsa quantity
of snow rocks und logs from the vanon
where the victims lla burled
it seems that two slides occurred
tlcally lu the same place the second bury
ing thoso who were trrlng to rctcuothe
victims of the first
Jin llrM slldo occurred t7r 0 oclock this
morning wlillo the uieu of the day shift
were preparing for tlidr days work About
20 men are cmplojcsl In tbi mines and
mills or the Liberty Bell company and less
than bull of these were at work at the
time of tho accident The others wcro In
tho boarding house or lu the buukhnusi
near by Both these buildings wcro carried
down tlie mountain side n distance of 200t
feet and rushed to kindling wood by tons
nf Miow
It was 10 oclock before news oftho dis
aster reached Trlluclde At once n number
of men started for the icenc Moantlmo
tho smvlvlng employes of tho Liberty Hell
ikgitn bo vVrlrof rescuing tho victims of
thesiuic Scleral w ro tafcfU out alive and
a doen or more bodies were removed from
the snow which lay piled tvmityllvc foot
deep In tho bottom of the canon
A llttlo after in n n second slldo start
ing u short dbjtniKe nboin the nr t and
practicallyfollowing Its track sncpl down
the mountain side burying mtuiy of thj
A third slide came down at S oclock
about one mile Inlow the Liberty BU
mines and Gus Von Fltilet Join Howell
und Paul Dalpra who wcro on their return
from the scone of the catastrophe this
morning wen swept uway
Henry Chase lost his Ufatit the Llbcity
Bull while assisting lu the rescue of tho
unfottunatcs of the first slide of this morn
Washington February 28 Kast Texas
Fulr Saturday and Sunday light to frcsU
Oklahoma nud Indian Territory Fair and
cooler Saturday Sunday fair variable
i i
General Observations
Obssrvutiocs takcri by theUnited Stated
weather bureau at h p in 75th meridian
time Tern
P6ratuve ltan
Abilene Texas WJ >
Auiarlllu Texas + j t
Atlanta On > 1 n
Corpus Chrlstl Texas fts
Davenport Jn wn H
Dodge City Kan v U
OahtSton Texas ill
Jacksonville Fla I 11
Kausas Cltv Mo < l5
Memphis Teuu M
Montgomery Ala 01
Nsslnllle Tcnn O
New Orleans La C
North Platte Neb >
Oklahoma O T
umaba Neb d
Palestine Texas m
ht Louis Mo i
St Paul Mlnu
vicksburg Miss 01
vu I G N R R
Geo D Hunter
City Pass find Tloket Act
oo oa oa
> ± IMM <
217 MAIN
DKS MOINFS Iowa The senate haj
passed a resolution for r constitutional
uuiendment providing for bjcnnlal elections
there being but five roles agalast It
a mM4t
= r
r >

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