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TP i
Tatars Weather
A passenger train on the Southern railway
yrent through a trcstlo near Zetolla Ga
and four of the train crew were killed
The details of tlio rainstorm over South
enttern Ctnlf State shown that great dam
ago was done nna wi Uvea were lost
A snow slido near Tillurldc Colo caused
Ihe death of from thirty to seventyJivo
tren at th6 Liberty Hell mine on Smugglsr
Fr lncc llenry has started on his Western
and Southern towr
ltalllug Is going on In the Jennings oil
well and a iwoil flow Is exacted today
Tho light far tho Galveston oner harbor
project Is to bo kept tin In tho senate
A New YorU clergymans brain was lifted
nnd the roots of neuralgic nerves wero ex
Tenuis Estrada Pnlma says he Trill be In
Havana In ample time to tnko the oath of
office May J
Vf J Bryan assoits In tho Commoner
that the popular estimation of Pchlcy will
not be changed by tho presidents decision
Sirs Stonewall Jackson linn been rescued
ftom her quarantine Imprisonment at Char
lotte N 0
The surplus of oil In tho California Held Is
effecting tho market udvcrwly
The house passed 1CI > private pension bills
In a little over three hours
Itcsolutlens of consulc against Senators
tllllman and McXaurlu wero passed by the
Senate conferees wero named on the Phil
ippine tariff
Conference report on tho permanent cen
sus bill was adopted by the senate
A bill appropriating 1250000 for a pub
lic building nt New Orleans was paused by
the senate
The Grecian minister of Justice resigned
In order to fight a duel
The news from Spain Indicates that the
fctrlko In Barcelona 1ms not been nettled
The French bhnreliolders of the iMnanu
ranal think It best to retain the conces
sion for France
Lord Kitchener reported 000 Boer killed
Pr captured and thousands of horses and
cattle taken Ho also reported a British
defeat In which sixteen officers and iST
men wero cupturcd
Trof J V Curlln of Lufkln was run
Uown by a switch engine and killed
Dr B V McCulstlon of Paris was shot
Rnd killed by A W McCotu j
The peoplo of Galveston believe they will
nerlvo benefit from the holding of the Stats
convention In their city
The Gaheston lmslness league propnin
to build an ampllhcater for the holding of
Three deaths from pneumonia oeenrred In
one family near Kaufman
It is probable Judgo Reagan will tie con
fined to his bed only a few diys
Carson Scwall Co of Houston have been
Incorporated with a capital of 300000
The Investigation committee Is still sec
tored and no sessions are being held
February has been notable la the Beau
mont oil field hecnusc of the widening el
the proved territory
There arc now 174 gushers In ths Bean
moot field
C L Batc < r a San Antonio attorney has
requested that the bill creating a new Ted
ernl Judicial district be held up for amend
The State committer Axed the representa
tion In the next convention at one delegate
for each 300 votes cast for Payers
State Chairman Wells has been Riven au
thority to straighten out thi tangles caused
hy the redisricting bills
Chairman Wells was Indorsed for another
term as chairman
Committeeman Cockrcll will carry his
Bight Into tho Stnto convention He wants
counties not recognizing the uniform date
primaries denied representation
Jlenilts at New Orleans Dr Stephens
ftfra Masterful Ilngo Dcponnn lofUi
Ttesults at San Francisco Kdlnborough
Thlt Archibald Foul riay Quia II llragg
FlUsimmoni Is now In training with
Bus Ruhln aa a sparring partuer
Grsln speculation was swayed bv the
STMther Corn was active and strong and
Jfd In an advance that marked all nit
The stock market prices tended dowji
Cotton markets made sharp advance en
account of small estimates and heavy ah
nocclpts of cattle wero about normal
ml the market steady and strong
Fort Worth has adopted an antlscslplnr
The board of directors of the Houston
Every Exertion a Task
Every Care a Burden
There Is allure of ihe strength to
< Jo and thi power to endure j there b
weakness all over that ts persistent
and constant
Tha vital functions are Impaired
food does not nourish and the whoU
system Is run down
A medicinethat strengthens the
tomach perfects digestion Invlgor
tes and tones Is needed
What Hood Sar p rll m f or Mr L H
wlasd Shady Tnn U ha Job Ux tW
KY n
< aosettU loilar fieb
uaiM to
fcr work It wtoNd hr apptiu LWUJ
TkU U hK ova sasollatted aUUaieat
Prerrtlses to cure and keeps the prom
be 4The earlier treatment is fcegua
WH fet
cheers bqned Ills nilutnllonn to the thioug
beers rose the voices d t i ih J
Dan Deutseher IJed fo I IheTa Jet
and Tojis Central elect W U Tleld scr
nior ond trca urcr
VUc 1iosldent Kruttschnltt goes to New
Orleans to meet President llarriman of the
Southern Paclflr
II Tarrant has been elecled treas
urer of the Sap lo succeed W II Field
Committee from tho local shop employes
will confer with the labor council Sunday
Frank Goulds party left Natchitoches
Iu yesterday for Dallas
Dlilslon Superintendent llartlgan of the
Pnnta Fc has resigned and will go with
thn Iron Mountain
Western roads have decided to refuse to
furnish tho interstate romtnlulon with data
concerning rebates
Colonel Holt given a rousing reception
In the Second ward Will speak tonight
lu the blxth
The observance of Texas Independence
day In the schools The banks will close
Election of the officials of Lodge of Per
fection No C Scottish Kite Masons
Tex Temple Dramatic Order Knights
of Khorasxan was organized
Iayln of the corner stone of uew
Stephen F Austin school building will be
conducted with appropriate exercises this
Tho grund jury returned thirteen addi
tional Indlctmenw and was discharged for
this term of tbo coiutl
Judge fllllasple4 first term of criminal
dlstrkt court lu this county expires by
limitation at midnight
it Will Not Chancje the Popular Estima
tion of Admiral Schley
Special to The Post
llnioln Neb February iSIn com
mentlng in the Commoner on the veidat
rendered In the Schley case by tho presi
dent W J llryau hije
Mr ltooscvelts derision in ihe Schley
env > will not operate to the disadvantage
the admiral In the estimation of Amerl
N C February ISMrs
Stonewall Jnckson and her granddaughter
who have been under quarantine because
Prince Henry Was the Guest of
Commandant Wainwriglit
Prince Henry Took a Horseback Rido
With President Roosevelt in
a Rainstorm
Washington February S Prince Hen
rys visit to the National capital had a at
ting culmination In au otllclal dinner given
at tho German embassy and later an ut
burst of popular enthusiasm from the Gor
man residents of Washington as the 1m
perlal Aleltor was About to start on his
Southern mid Western tour Those Invited
to meet Prlncu Henry at tho dinner were
representatives of tho highest official and
diplomatic socloty
Au enormous crowd gathered about the
enibamy while the dltiuer was In progress
lllllng M lssnehuaetts avenue for a block lu
each direction
At ySO oclock the long line of German
marcher who wero to serenade the prince
mndo their appearance bearing pitch pine
torches At their head moved tho Star
and Hlrlpes sliio by side with the Geinian
colors Following the torclibearers camn
hundreds of ijtrongvolcod Germans As the
singer gatheied Prince Henry stepped
upon tho balcony mid atntd a storm nt
whli h vou hare brought from the father
land Kndeuior to be u clui and good rltl
sens of thin great and glorlons < ouutry
At 11 oclock the prluce escorted by Am
bassnder Von Hollebcn and by a squad of
police left tbo embassy for the Pennsyl
vania railroad station whore he boarded
the special train which departed at 1280
for the Western and Southern trlu
lrlnco Henry this ntteruOon enjoyed nu
ecnt not Hi bl official Itinerary when he
and President Itooscvolt went In a rnltl
iJtorm on a horseback ride of nn liour nthl
a quarter through Itock Creek valley and
tbo suburlM lu the northwestern section
of I ho dty
A drlie In tbo rain did nut deter Prluce
Henry from going to Anuaixdls today to
visit the naval academy lie w accnu
nnnled by Adjutant Von Ulfeudecker but
us hi was purely a naval nip thi
man niittMitsftdol and the rlvillnn member
of the embassy toff did not accouipmy the
party Prince Henry wore tho niulres unl
form of an admiral of tho Oertudu vr
with a heavy naval capo thrown over his
Shoulders and the naval service cap
With him In the iarrlsge rode General
Urblu anil Captain Cowlcs na al nidi to
President IlooMvclt
lu tho following carriages were General
Sanger assistant necictary of war and Ad
jutant on ii ndccker Tho party was
at the dcimt bv
last song was being sung the rrprenenta
tlves of the Hermans of Washington were
escorted to the balcony where 1iinrc
llenry gato them n < ordlal wuicomc In
lichalf of his associates William Kltrlrn
spoke of the friendship between iermauy
and America now sealed anew
The prime expressed his appreciation
and naked whether thoeo v bo had rendered
Ihe xoiigH were now American cltlsens and
receding i reply in the afTlruistlve the
field the Hue of thel
persons were out
see distinguished victor
As the carriage of the prince reached the
croumis the first cannon of a lute of
twenty one guns sounded The prince w j
driven to a canvascouied stand on ihe
west end of the grounds and the cadets
married Ml In review There the prince
Then above the c tooJ at entlon as
the singers In
lowed by Ulo
by the Stur Spangled Buiiner As the
He Will Be in Havana in Time to Take
the Oath of Office May 1
as Arranged
Special to The Post
New York February iSToma Estrada
Fa lata vigorously denlc that he fears to
go to Cuba to uke np his duties as presi
dent of the new republic He feels that he
Is the ehol < e of the people having carried
every province except one by a good major
Ity Tho presidentelect will leave here
about the middle of April and will be In
Havana In ample time to take the oath of
office May 1 as planned
Finance Minister Limantou Made an Im
portant Speech
Mexico City February 2SHnsnce Min
ister Mmantour at banquet given to him
at San Ciontmo made an Important speech
stoning the policy of Mexico toward con
tinental transportation questions He said
that the soverumeat was detei mined to
spare no sacriOce or expenso fn comple
tion of the ruhuantepoo ratlroid and the
improvement of the terminal porta of Coat
tacoateoa and Sallna tYnz and ilso to use
every endemor to contribute as far as
Mexico was concerned to the omplctlou of
the PunAiUHrlcan rallnav Th e two un
dertaking he Maid would foim the great
jst Hrsteni of eominunlciilou thnt iho world
tMV ll ou1 nueo North America
with South America by meuus of the grand
trunk line now starting from Han Ueronlnlo
toward the tiuatemalan frontier and would
link the lastern world tlth the Western
through the liihmu of Tehtmntopco rall
wrv nd would place the command of the
DlgnwavM of the worlds commerce In tho
hdods of Mexico
en people The people navo beco mc quTg Snain Is Still Suffer 8 mm slnke d
accustomed to the systematic ctfort t d m
prlve Schley of the honors to hlch he Is tn ° iots nat Follow
eutltled Thn verdict of Admiral Ie ov
rendered after hearing the evidence and
consulting his own good judgment bus
considerable more weight with tho people
man Mr Itoosevelts decision mads after
eonsti ting tepublban leaders as to the
Piobible effect In spltn of that decision
m rn 1 HJ ur ct ontent In the
knowledge that he needs no vindication he
fore tho peonle and that eveu the verdict
or the president can not remote out of the
ropuhr vision the tigure on the hridga
of the nrookijn if Mr itooteielfs de
wi ln c Pon the testimony alrend
1re nf > ull < t Is e no lntluenee
conclnilon 1 11 10 who Jiavs drawn a dlftercnt
from the same testimony If
wil othfr llBn lle President bases his
on new evidence that
new e
deuce should be submitted to tin people
Mrs Stonewall Jackson Enabled to Leave
Charlotte for a Time
Special to The Post
Madrid February SSThe mining regions
are In a ferment of agitation At Albujou
and Mndrldejo rioters have ct Qro to the
octroi offices aud burued the documents
outL if T0 lms en nuolher
lSeX ± i J 1l r cr at arcelona Meet
Vet r r Md H ntly with the ob
rati meiJi il2iil i a otf general strike
lnlr lLworkfri1 flr constantly nssault
nr mrl1 < s w o haie returned to
work ni
ail the ilrke t ° mumn tbelr t til
workmen arc released
it Quantity I SeTiTusly Affecting the
Ban Francisco February 2SThe Cali
fornia oil market U being demorallred by
Immense quantity of oil In storage
IimLW ln tbo ° allJ it
will hold oil from the
blggefct tank to the
last available barrel U doing duty
of th nrV J8o ° iwnu a uionth niui
H Pffu Ut the market take oir or
Fight for the Galveston Inner Harbor
Project Is to Be Kejat Up in
the Senate
Special to The Pint
Washington February S3 It Is ascer
tained that the rivers ami uarbots bill
will be reported Monday or Tuesday The
committee practically finished Its uork to
day As these dispatches have already
thown the Galveston Inner harbor project
was omitted sad tho Trinity river project
recognised Assmulng that no swlous op
position to the tdll will appear In tho
ijimns the bill will pa s as It comes from
the committee uud will then go to tho sea
ate where It will be referred to tho senate
committee on commerce
In that committee the bill will be used
as a basis for a rivers and harbor bill
to he framed from the waste viewpoint
a number of naval
and military officers of theprinceVolte Grenhnui aid tonight that the
and of the German emlwwv tight for the Galrenton Inner harbor would
at ith Mon 9 inN fce tn Wnl 8Wl i P ° > 1 u0 fh Ue
As tho prime appeared the marine guard
presented arms Commander Walnwrlgbi
lomniander of the academy formally wel
come the prluce and stowed htm to a
nlfr conferences with members of the
Tesos delegation that there Is every toa
son why the tight should be made before
the senate committee on commerce lUsi
Local militiamen lined tho streets from wso efforts will be made have the
to up
fi y Miztm Ta for TriDtr rlur ncree1 xo
fag storm hundreds of I
UW ebt uIU ath lJ Vh
maun wan indl
thw < > hoUf
enled bv n score of rubber shoes held fast
in the mud The visitor were then taken
to the mechanical laboratory nd alan look
ed over the new buildings being erected
Ihe general Insnectlwi of the academy
buildings was brief on account of the storm
and tlic entire pajty found shelter In the
house of Superintendent Walnwrlght where
were gucsti at luncheon
The tirince exires ed pleasure at the on
mrtunlU to vUlt the American naval coi
n thanked Commander
prluce aald I wish vou would pile to 1 Jls offi tut the manner n which
tho United States all those good qualities he had been recelrtd
It Passed 159 Private Pension Bills in
a Little Over Three Hour
Washington February 28 The house to
day broke all IU records in the matter of
Ur R iib0 M or rrlsonra ck l kSFS MS l The mar
Tcxana In New York
Special to The Post
J ew lork
Tho followIne
Tcxana are In New York
uUasT It hM0r
< u < w
lleox Kr
tral Sl ier nroidway Cen
I Sn S 1Vln
I C White ft
nint 7 ° audlnS nd by summer
Se fhi h rrsal nt wl
1irrsal l1 P 0 draw
field nig their fuel supply from < hc Ios Angeles
A Unique Entertainment
Uiappell Hill Texas Tebruary 27Iml
tatlons are out fer n wek ocUl to bo
given tomorrow Friday night 1ebruary
S at the residence of MrS Klin s IVr
nVttcnd ft la Pctcd lB
odv trtii uv r
lis not f r you to wear
Ilraso multiply jou sUeli two
N oVe lT bfmat n8i r yoa w
bun e s vatf 11 kln < 1
sered MIX he
t h
0 t h
MunoM r yh
< > >
0 n e f t dr efyh
worm Totter Qa UJf Sur8 Blni
latlou ilearlug the cnl
ISO bills In s little over
conference n > port on the
census bill was adopted and the house ad
Jonrned until Monday
Special to The Post
Washington Kebnian 2SSenator Ral
ley Is confined hi hi bed with tonsllltis
Representative Sheppard continues to Im
prove and It Is hoped by the family that
he may bf moved soon probably to some
southern point
Itallroad Commissioner AHicn Majfield
and Hon Frsnte Andrews of Houston are
The comptroller of the currency today Is
sued a call for the eoudltlon of National
hank at tbu close of business Fucsduy
February 20
COUJMntS ria The hattnhoochl
river at this polut is still ragiug but the
rise Is uow very slow
ATHCNSM Topalln the minister of
justice has resigned In order to tight n duel
with Colonel Koumouudoiiro
Niw YOltK Prince Ilenrv of Irtthsla
will receive an lionornrv degree from Har
vard on March tj accordluc to the Irlbune
INDIANAPOLIS Ind The appllcnttoi
of i strict construction of the Indiana
statute regarding oecuritlc l imslng inline
withdrawals of Insurance companies from
the State
DKS MOINnS Iowa The womans > if
fruge amendment has met IN Br t defeat
lu the house committee on amendments
and suffrage which decided to recommend
indefinite postponement
NUW YOKIC At n ireetlnir of the direc
tors of the Tea association It was decided
to take no action on the question as to
when the repeal of the war revenue tax ci
tea shall take effect whether July I Of
January 1
and Ijawrence Dutilnp tno negroes were
hanged here for the murder of two negroes
George Jackson and Nat Smith Jesse Kltt
also colored was to have bcn hanged lint
he took nn appeal to tho supreme court
DPNVnn Colo The reuort thnt ODon
ovjn Ross the famous Irish patriot was
dylug at ColorsSo Hurluei of blood poison
lug neeras to t Incorreit according to n
person referred to Is not tho Irish patriot
but a son Uio hears his name
VICTOIIU B I K Sunlsto manaslns
editor of the Japanese Times of Toklo was
a passenscr on the steannr Shlnano Slam
In nn Intenlew be wild that the Anglo
Japanese treaty would Iertaluly uirkc
enemies for Japan us Great Urltaln was
none too popular In the Par Uast but she
could afford to do so with Ungllnd behind
Meyer of Louisiana Voted With Republi
can Members of the Committee
Special to The Post
Washlnutou Vhrunry 2S The Schley
resolution which was being ho vigorously
pushed l > v th Maryland members was to
night defeated In committee Meyer of
Louisiana nho hits h son lu the navy vot
ing with the republicans against a favora
ble report
Calvert Matters
Cnherl Texas Tebriiary ST lion Jf II
Tracy Milam countys candidate for con
gress was a recent ltdtor to Calvert
The nunual report of tho cly treasury
departnienr together with the mayors
budget show Calvert to be In nu extremely
healthy Hnauclal condition During the ad
ministration of Mayor S Meredith a
large outstanding Indebtedness against th
llttio place has been paid off
Mr 11 r ic candidate for sheriff U
lu Palvert today
Imtnty Attorney J W Woods Is here
today lu the Inteicst of his candidacy for
Wharton News Notes
Wharton Texas February 2SAt a meet
ing of the trustees of tho Wharton school
suspend the public
colored on account
on and the epidemic
commlsloner arc
e on the bent means
smallpox situation
Uroivn has called a
mp Confedcmte Vet
erann No iSt to meet nt his office to
transact Important business
Alvin Box Factory Busy
Alrln Texas Kobruary 2SJThe crate and
box factory here Is turning out ome ex
celleut ork In lho way of crsitca fur cab
Vw An ° iSSwV
i I 0 i nc a vent lated utraw
hf7 trUr tnr ue croww This carrier
fur f strawberries
ur and
u i
to ho
Isej a great suctcw as hlppc r
r ti S lll < ft of Kansas City one
Sii f iirMl in ll y ywm that p
Si 1 hl s 6t rrl nl here InLi
lturtnesK Other Jh fh
buyers from v Mh
are expects to arrive next week
His Parentaoe
Jotinuy Ilcnptc
i on an one
iRffrw carried aint
if yerr
llonpecro ni
whWonc are
l > e irere joar mother
Jtidie Faify Srazen
flhjMtf fcjpIaw r forward Mrs
Mr wfTa wh wayy
j ur
rather sna
The Ice Gorge Passed Without Doing
Damage but the Volume of Water
Behind It Is Feared
Pittsburg Pa February 2S IMttsburR
and vicinity Is tonight threatened with a
disastrous flood The great Ico gorge In
tbo Allegheny happily passed today with
out dolug nuy serious damage lint the
great volume of water behind It which Is
belug augmented every moment by swollen
creeks nnd mountain streams makes It np
parent that much damage must result W >
fore l ho water subsides
At 1030 p nt Government Forecaster
ltldgewny Issued a bulletlu stating that
the rivers had reached the danger point uTIi
were llslng fast He scut out wnruho
nil rlvur men railroad companies aud olh
cis Interested to prepare for nt least tivcti
tyflvc feet by morning aud predicted u
maximum of thirty feet This stage If
reached will completely submerge the loilcr
parts of Allegheny nnd this city nnd put
out the fires In innny wllh nnd factories
The 1esIduMs of tho downtown dlstrb ts
have been preparing for mouths for tins
Hood which theT thoiight Inevitable All
have moicd to second floors
The river coil eomblno ntteimitcd to mllo
a Hhlpineiit ftf coal South today taitlng
the lluaz down with eight IwatH of cou
four barges of Iron rails etc They had
lust passed Davis island fifteen initials
before the gotge overtook them uceessl
taring n tieup and causing appreheuslou of
the Beet An vet few coal Hats have been
sweiit uwav
leports from Johustown McKecsport
Ilcdsford Connellsvlllc Newcastle Oil City
nnd till other nearby poluts repott like con
ditions with Indications of a big tlood
At 2 a in the river marks wcic Monon
cobela vfflic rising eight Inches an hour
AllcKheny at fl rising very fast I
All headwater points tuport a thirtyfoot
stage as likely
Lebanon Pa February 2S This eltv to
day experienced tho worst tlood In Its his
tory aid tonight the town Is lu daikncis
The uiiilii streets aio flooded and truicl Is
suxpeuded Hundreds of families arc held
ipilsouers ln their own bouses
Johnstown Pn Fcbrunry 2 The high
water Is playing havoc heic Business Is
practically buspended
ConnellsiiUo Pa February J8 Hie
highest stage of ivoter known ln sciorai
j cars has made the Yoiigblogbeny a raging
tfriciit tonight All the lower polut of
Now Haven is submerged Onlv the top
of some of the houses can be seen
llarrlsliurg Pa February 2KA seilous
flood again threatens Uarrlsburg
Heading Pa February 2S Dispatches
from Tnmaqua Pa say that the worst
tlood since 18 J visited that place today
The bii lucss section of the town Is under
The Shareholders Think It Best to Hold
Concessions for France
Iarl February US At an extraordlnars
meeting of the shareholders of the new
Iannma Canal company today President IJo
load a mes ige from the consul gencri1 ol
Colombia at Iarls setting forth thjt the
company could not transfer its concession
to another nntlon without Urst obtatultig
the assent of Colombia modifying tho slip
ulatlons of articles 21 aud J2 of the con
cession After a discussion It was decided
that efforts should be made to keep tho
concession for France The meeting adopt
ed n resolution expressing approval of fhc
attltudo of the boaul of directors and de
ciding lu view of the message of tho Co
lonilda consul general to postpone entering
into any agreement
The dispatch of tho Colombian govern
ment was a complete surprlie to the share
holders of the 1aiiunu Canal company who
met this afternoon ln expectation of merely
ratifying the action of the board of dlree
tors ln oCTuilug the Panama Canal com
dispatch tirintci In the Sews toduv The > ty s propcity to the Fnitcd States for
5titXX W1l nhlch otter was to rcmiiln open
uutll Match 1 1sj3 and authorizing the
board to carry out all the xueusures for the
transfer of the property mid tlx and accept
ail modes and teims of payment If tnc
Vnlted States accepted the otter The con
sternation tlieiefoie won general when
Irenldeut Ho read Colombias telcgtum and
a heated discussion broke out
> eeral Hpeakeis cpc scil the conviction
thnt if proper uppeil were made the money
to complete the canal could lie obtained in
Trance One of the shareholders Informed
the meeting that he knew on undeniable
authority thnt President Umbet hud talien
steps to cndca > or to have the canal built
with Trenoh money M Marqulh the or
tldal lopretentatlve of the shareholders re
minded his heavers thnt the remarks made
tteiu utterly wide of the mark The boil
couiw > was to ndjourii until cxiilnnutlotn of
I olumhlah action were fortbeouilug The
meeting then adjouri ed
The secretary of the company said after
adjournment that it wes thought the Colum
bian and Vnlted States government were
In agreement regarding the cession of the
Washington rebrnary 8Admiral
Walker when shown the cablegram from
Iarls legardlng the action of the Panama
Cniuil ompany iiald lie thought the news
was not such as to Interfere serlouslv with
tho purchnse of the canal property ould
this got eminent deslro to aequlie It
Washington Pobruary 2S Senator Mor
gau chairman of the senate committee on
liitcroclanlc canals Is examining wltncssci
In connection with the Nicaram nnd Pan
ama canal routes Ho has heard all ol
tho members of the Isthmian commission
as well an n number of economists and
professional meu ue has arranged to ex
amine sis or eight other men so that hear
lngs nlll extend over the remainder of this
bill will bo ieuorted the latter part of the
tlrst week In March Seuutor Harris one
5 > 1 v lemHf rs r thls committee said
that he thought a bill would be reported by
tunc time
Senator Morgan made Chairman Walker
admit the other day that he had no lda
who the men wero who were lo receive
the monauup in payment of the proTT
0 lB tananiu Canal company Ad
miral Walker said that that matter wou I
be determined by the Trench consul
State Entomologist Smith Has Plans for
txterminatino Pests
Xevv llriinsvlck N j Dr John
hmlth State entomologist of tho New
Jersey agricultural experiment station here
ay that the Inlrodtictlou of bis bill In
the IcgLlaturc appropriating 10000 to be
xpended under bis direction In e
outing his Investigation of the habit of
tho New Jersey mosquito sounds
Vif probably
the ino n o t 0ll0U8
Jib nect p Suilth
rfith hi n JW < Hl vhnt Proposed t do
rhLSi flrst appropriation of W0lX >
aiil rr V U ° pV1t view llrii the
lLr seoll what may be called the
RwlfIOU8 n ° Bt0 w nr districts it
ffJ e rsey wUero malaria Is trouldcsoui
One pf my plans Is to send out a coninttei t
frtJS taM 0 nout ath 0 ffl dU
Jit 5 Uie ate To owing him I will
5 n m a o > vlll make V
mmm m
fitateht d lu fr Tal
the fitate report l0
Look for this Picture
Natures Vegetable Laxath
A pleasant substitute for salts oils or pills
Grandmas Te
Irciidcnt 4
olSin Antonio Tcui 4c
It will be to apply the same pilnclplcs that
have been applied bv the American oftlceiH
u Havana and the Prltish School of Tiop
leal Medicine in Africa Epidemic miluih
marshes but tn render thorn until
ui < iu
lig places for the ln < eot
bo given that may be carried i
on by u u
and local authorities
Costly Discipline
Cleveland Leader
A popular Cleveland
doctor tells this
story of a hrlght boy his onn who had
reached the mature age of 0 after an early
studied and treaved
not rqualed
Shoe Jtomen
300 per Pair
Winter Cfearan Any Over Coat Mackintosh in th
inter isaiaiicc house 33y3 pcr cent offi Any 5j
and Odd Pants 25 per cent off Just arrived by steamer the prct
S tiest line of Spring Shirts in the city See our south vindo
display at 100 150 and upwards
1 On Rntrc tnfp opens at 505 Main St between Marcl
v ur ooyb oiurc ist aiul 5th and evcry ady jn Hougt0l
o will be presented with a handsome little souvenir
K If CAWTHON CO 512511 Alain St Rice Hotel
iam 9 < i tiiissiistist < Dostosi9etet stsst9tso geti
Gourfesy Prompfness Liberality
of Philadelphia Pa >
Vice rreildcnti
G M HARCOURT Aiii Ciihier
4n > J t r aa v 3ec i > > ts < c
Whether it is a dainty dress shoe or a sturdy walking
g boot the item of ease is important It requires expert knowl
S edge of the foot to design a womans shoe that shall be
graceful and trimlooking yet easy The famous Queen
8 Quality Shoe for women is smooth snug fitting and mod
g cled so skilfully that every joint muscle and vein is free to
perform its work naturally The handsomest and the easiest
5 shoe made
All Styles for Every Use and Occasion
iTJia aWt fcSxissataEjijt xW
career minted by many wild and ralsch
oils prnuks
111k icbtlesb nature had made him no
be Mumped out entltoiyraud to make an 1 Jif S 1 P
plain how this enn be done Is one of the him after ihe t orhci not w e dlsm
recent Im estimations have
made It plain w
thnt uinlarin
depend for Its transmission
fiom oue individual to another entirely
upon mosquitoes of thu genus nnophelcb
l his ban been dciuoutratcd bv the
checking of jellow fever in IlaMiim ns u
conhcquencc of tlcslroyiug the hi ceding
places of that npeclcs of mosquito In
Africa the coast fever has been checked In
other loalltles ajr Individual 1 Orange nnd some
cominiiiiitles ha > i
pent hundreds of dollara In iittemptlng
to ubiti this nulsiince The success has
not been ns great as It should have been
because of the lack of the very knowledge
thisi Investigation Is Intended to Mipplv
The second diject Includes the ridding
of the shora of the salt marsh mosquitoes
i 0aJt M rate long distances
i and and miilce many district lu the
She tin
she I
i little afraid that her udinouitl
falling on stony ground Anyw
iilly unld
I ccitnlnly will have to ask votir fat
u foine and see me
nont j oil do It biUI the bor
U0K11 he hid made an
ithc rCP ° nte l muH cna
yo r r
ou better not paid tin boy
Why not inquired the
10 c dla es visit said
Thanks Uncomplimentary
Youths Companion
A man who was bicycling In Sonth
I ranee was pushing his machine up a sU
lull when he overtook a peasant with n d
Key cart The patient beast was milk
hilt little progress aUiough it was do
Its best
thn disease for twenf 1 7 ° ° a Pen who has
by any other > hosc knowledge of it I
physlcan In
h r
t ofUe or by na PhWri lSarJT Sntr l ° tatIou free
Comspondence connoent f xitct Wtem of home
KiMMXii fitfafcftAfajJtn
nil aitlc Mnt > s ha Adml
Dewey is n life long tea drinker
heM drln k UCa Wlat k1 ot tea d
lemTLrs tXTtsSE tosa
This disease demands
the skill nt
0 S XL 7 mpr < ly r d
Br my skU USS Zi T TCB
anent cvre Is aulol rt ° f tr a < ra ° it n P r
tm employ obloWe Painful iUay P IUon
Inr Stricturo methods of treat
> n1 rto
seem to
operation Is not necessarr t ir
2io Alamo Plata
5an Antonio Texas
not know hat nn
cessfu ir J 7ZZZ SlVT
S la 0 no So7ent and T d often r
rltatZ nnaru I barges allay Ir
ji 1 fl a

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