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The Houston daily post. (Houston, Tex.) 1886-1903, March 02, 1902, MAILABLE EDITION, Image 10

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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Mlaa Cpra Alnaley a prominent xcho
tejcher In one of our norm I acjuol
tl eiperlence nlth int rrh i
BBWH jBitgyiT7 tomaii
The Greatest Political Gathering Ever Held
There H ars Colonel Holt
A City Official Propounds Questions and Is Prompt
ly Answered Things Which Mr Stewart
Has Not Lxplained
HrohiMy the aarcett crowd thit rer cmnpr ait d one salt for fOCO collected
turned at to jmMMtiI peaklnc la the ei TB Vi 0
re pt for t debt of S V t < the l
Stta ward erretl t okw1 O T Hot tin m when he baa decided aot to rot
the corner of Waahltrjtoa aad Sliver for city attorue 1111 totuci ui < ru
itrta I t stsbt There were auay per1 l r P tare w In ii
I be o e rnlnr ut of ofttc i Mr e i w
< there who do 01 awoafly take the trt u u how >
turnb t attend caoipara ral lei an4 be hitd o t e nno li e l J iJ jI r
JnUiBs frotr the attoallati tad aprorai wa the only m o who eoiid trt < the ain
tlth vrbWb C < ni Holt rtaMrkt were
e f h t wa a dsty to a < J
teiclrcd mawb Intereat l to Mi rae
Id ihit port of the city Colonel lio t
exhewed prrllralnirle and enteral at osee
njn a < 1Imum b of Wue BcrfMdas
tit the quet1 > o cf nrmclpil owierthla
Br Mild b tiatl tmt wen it use who < ra
cot la favor of the cltr < r tiltvf the poMIe
tttlilta Bat If Mr Stewart M > twlb < U d
lljht ope the rolJert
Addietniiig k m > < to Mr Stewart re
fundin Iteod proposition Colonel Holt u
peated that II mould bare tieeu Jia a
e ay for aim in har decar I m b
jr < 4o > to refund the dtvs bonded Interval
at 1 per rent at 4 pet eeiiL J 10 Jf
wa lo Ifl Mrht Jt v eU < r of the oefiwl f
of MNtitin the < epl Bce of t > it p ij
tlMi liy the hoanlholder r rt en e If
Ut U j ppon He that had h refo h ug
la hli waj to help c oalrta oworrallo n i b rhr aa It thai the tVi > i i
ll nf h id ere done an > UIJc la that 41 laoue of atrrol laiiiroTrment bou i c Tlf
etic 1 W loauce PJJ Z SZFi IVkM laV
the wntmrt with the eaa mwnaoj iu ch J fvWrtW are l to th ta pa < r vf
relced > j tie m rnr bad txra dor op h > II ni > tM > > It hart Iweti male hii n
the rfo eoourt while Mr Se rt w i prrmlom of bad been obtained bj
laaoter 3 per rrot Imodi t r tf I i t
etj atlnrney tad Ue eoaarl Jrl er and hta oiaiD v f
t coatlantd wlthoat a wtrd of iwoert llfionn to the taipnrrm to cnnui for
from him And when tie eoaoetl had it Me Jiiatrarl waa a ereat Oniorter fl
eel Holt declared 1 > re l tn rrronln In
teapted to deUrer U e dty orr 10 tha
Hwto0 w hl huy od r
rtter coatplDj a weotid Utae It had b ea raplorment from the W tr t iornpo iM
atonppil frnm dnins o br the lodlfoatlwi of Ihe Eaut whlrb deal In MlHoj ltd
1 t ntlllona and are alwar l > x > k o i or
m ii ntrn 111
v in
ef ihe rilliea hip of Hontcn while Mr
v prt of fnaore to take r ire f
Btrwart bad aot raUed hl vofe aca B t their affair Mr Rewan waa In e d
t ptofoaed qalet aorrender of the rlir fiaanHer bat all Boaiiclerln w a 1 f < r
w B i in ih < Stewart He mi piit an1 par < ct 1 i
bc t lolereita SeeoicKlr the > ter mm
ttImnhlt1tloB that had noeit B 1 h r
fiKj bad more frlendo la the eifi o of ihe tne tmr ra at ererr tui and t
city thin inj ore olae or It eoul1 aol Uaeo otlhliif ewape It ret thr MnH > t ml
aneoeeded In aeraHae mlunio f tlul JjMeh fP > hd re erl U
Ki In the aaartwneu of lt p pertj la rtT wnoel had f rtalBlr nm d sonH o
1101 In the face of the patent ln < rea e id It wltbooi Mr Rtewarta dlr t If thit
taxable r oe althla the corporally nl < tTn T rp
i n oolred ur law li rniiid hare liern lm lfl
b re waa Ur Stewart Colonel Htflt K 0 rt i1 8II wmM hrf
uitd when tbla reduction waa aiaOe helped lo pay the rltra li1ilyHln 11
Wtat was be doinc while the water com Mr Stewan had airlt naninc for rlr
t 1 attOTuer wfc n hr dlroTi re < 1 lh t he coal 1
w gettlni Id Its work and the as
ptnr h
r n la Htr rap wirht
ie aeut of laboitnc people and mull t tnz elf ted Mr Rem hal lm elwiel
propenj owner were left to rtand it < T a n > rr hm Mr gtcwari war t I 1
ther on the apot aod iilsnrd hU name
1 n
the hlraejt markT we Sam ererjtlrH lie < ri la t
Continuing Colnnel Holt ld that hr d d rmflor of the rtfr and nn al rr 10 p t
pet propoi to rrtlcliw nojtbiui bui Mr of Ihe fart Ihht tbf rltr had no nittb r t
btewirta oMtlal cvnlurt This a uol make a ronftatt nf shit knd with h m
l qaftlon of men but one of aciurtax thr Mr Stewart had not thine t reivm
b t oihlr er le Mr K wart bad maU mend him but eitratncanre Vt > reard
f > effort to pursue the law a cttr t r Mr Ftewarfa prnpoM frlen lailp fr
B be dwlarel beu e It rert osiaii
t > appov that be wotill tall In tbla par
t < lar a naor abonh b I alette I J
city attorney he had brooirbt muw < > o
< l uu against driDyjiut uipaier t > u
bal taide 00 effort o rotlet tbe Jtidrm ot
> ine < l for the ctv thnaith be waa par
tlrnlir to collect hla feea la each ca e
And a to the olt hr chmlieiicd Mr
Stewart to tell bow manj of them he h > d
brnEbt and to tell what tbet sad reanlfd
In and lufotm the penpta what bad becoma
ef Ibe moiej due the rtljr
Mr Stewirt now talked ihoot rebnlld ns
he m rV < t houne wth the r Jndsmenti
Vhat tb p > Pl wantwl tn know wr that
the laboring cansen oone Holt aall th t
rrohahlr Mr Stewnrt a th onr fr e d
he lulwrtm men had be had lyei run
nine for rfflre a lonr lime Yet when he
lalmrlnc men rarae lo ftenre rnt tbat te
kind of mnnlHpal roTernment Mr St jri
atanda for waa titlns them ii to wb re
ltter aoemtiment wa mat ne thrr t lea
SI th r would dltrorer that lha i > 1 hanl
l politic la not often turned tn thrir la
teiekt In Oulre
TVmchlna npnn the obJert of the alder
Bianle ticket Toonel Holt wild that It nai
not worth eletlnft him mil as he o t >
t accompanied Into office hr 1 come 1 in
ae < ord with the lenttment b > h nd bin
had benrae of tbem and why Mr SteTirt A nf > l Idea be had In1r e 1 on
had not taken aa auvh lntere t In their
c Vctnu hr had mantfe4t d li tb d
lectlen of bli fee
No taan can lccallj comprom or remit
any amount due the citr fur taxe f > l 1
Holt declared yet Mr Htewart had d ae
tlket the canrtldaiei npm
hlth Hood npon a patforn whlcb tie I
peopM coiild read and tin lcr tand TIM
ha rnnalderMi proper aa the rote a m g t
to know what the men aeefcliic l at H
the council reprewnt ilr Strwnrt hud
thla In plain flotation of law He had jo aldcemaale ticket he didnt want anv
1 Aay old rnaorll woold do h tn becitii at
I In Ihe paM be did not propoao to mtnm
1 paah aaUMns All hr had e cr dene w
to help Mr Wnolfrd Jump on Dr
I Brumby nlja l > r Boyd and uhl e
I he latter to hert on to n of
o ito hl e to which had been dCurcil
Cause Gsncrally
Or9 Very Common j T IhA wlr nf rM
Ovetlooked I the n < l rtnimlir Indent wai n rm < ri
on ef h t titinca of n lib
iraonnna a I
nnl atlon of
Heidarhe la a irmptotn an mlnlatiatlnn
dtnicn cut or > U ea < In ir on n n I
the catire of be headache 1 drtlmt I
loente iKcmitr > mam il a < e > hac h id
acht a a prominent ijniptom derii >
ment of the itiiniich and liter heiirt
cren arrce upon a hc < bb crllrcr how en 11
ther ever irree upon a p n for re nl I j
weeiablp or he entrnaird with the acrom
p 1hment of klr Stewarfa tfsantlc On n
ciet Mneroc
If Ihee leople null 1 not
trnuhle kldnej ea f lunc Holt ten Hberalir nDt nt rf
Untie or 111 ftltlne kU 11 pr d t e throneboit hla perch and wa mate 1 < lr
read rLe nnl If we conld nlwnia I rate an ied In maklne tellnc bin br IrV
orjan Hrlifr wh
threat when the headache U bwatd In
In rk of head and necV It I often aiued
troui oitnrrb ef the ctomaih cr lvr
At coy rate catarrh 1 the mvioi commna
canrr of mih headache and th eurr of
the ratmrb can e9 n prompt duubpearaice
of the lieadarhea
Holt waa followed by
There la at pre eM no treatment fit The BaltlivlnMelville Company ln David
rntarrb > onvil nt and iffrl e a Garrlcl < and Sis Hopkins
Ftilrta Catartb TabltB a new 1 t rial tj iiiirin uuiii
lemedt In tnlih t frm comiH of nib cml Peented
eeptlni Ilk ltintptol cualncol and blood bl Oarrlck lam nlsht nlth Sl Hop
root whltb act npoi tbe blood aid ri i U a curtain raloer In the Utter Mi
the elimination of the catarrhal po on Ida Meltlllr i SU l0IV i
from tha extern tbroujb the natural cbnn w
Daeld Gartlrk war rery well PuTfi
ih company rtepi t mIll0f dt
tails lairins Hie performance of Mr Iienl
Iborne In the lllle r U nfnInrnr
nude an encrablr l ld iarrlck o erlln
the part lbriuib ut He w aarnej i0
the umer part and eiacjrratrd In tha
parta rtqulrlnif more ruler
aad ttlon to a
painful detrir
tearlug rWy pa alon to
tlte1 to rery raja The preteuJed diuok
Uceue of Dai Id Owrrlck ai rery III done
Mr Dcnllhorce In bla pla lnt In other
may haa i > b n that wltS uof8 aVudV hi
U apable of better work °
Wl Mr Insot wa
ery rooa
be bould not wear a mouatahe
tath arrr not tlmJT
worn at that
b w illely lth i Slir il Sirh Da
P H by Mr Crorbr waa nell plW
be ehould not peak with an libtortail
eocknej KucIWi acent whl h hnl n t b
l wK el lu l mMl of tba Brtt
Cvnturj Ueurce lie Mr i T
UavW orlef vat nke mTmii
Mlf Smith MIm luiut iB Ml a Araiulnta
Hiown cre all r < MKl
Thr nex ittractbi
bradnnca and eotnzlxct Htuarta Tatar a Show niit n
Tablita a a cure for tbem Hhe i y 5 onrMed with
I tuffeicd dallr from ae ere frmtnl he il he M ° nth Previous
ache and pain In and hark f it eyc at Te police made CM
arreata dnrm
durlnK > K
IIpicai eo Inleiijcly i to
iur li
of rel f ary aa asalBM
m dally duilea I had iiiti rl frrn v vn m Jana
CMiarrh more or iea frr reir > but ne er srJ Th f lwlne l the llt in detail
tboaahr II H the oium of m h a I Theft fir the li
aclica Inl finally liecame nnrlncl thit Intcrfertue 1 are rx H
mh t Ihe raar h eawe the heVla ho L w ir h nffrr drunk and
fiturrtV Calarrb Tablet are aoln h Im Si 5 tnUe
the nf tbt proprietor m
Btiaranlfj lbit tier marhal 1 laVriwia
eawfalc Msolnter no cocalue found la n Otld batterr 11 eiSi 1 U a nit
many catarrh ctirca no opium Tel mim rinfi rdTtoi1 i L0 nrau car
Ib couch ctirea kS irihleVhVslBe re ana l0
eseajB nor any etr limit
Pe conUD 3P 3r the irhrtriaL Sine wIiSmV UceS I 1 rpckI tD S P
ajrtUeptlea c
aerenarv to deatroy and drSe 3 tretnaMlne r drlrlnj
fgja H rr B MSg
iMaBtrwat1ctlUljhwVtobbt iVhafd
Jf rttiftr = T rA
Foulard Silks
Foulards tuill be more popu
lar than ever this season We
take special pleasure in call
ing your attention to them Our
assortment just now is im
mer e certainly the largest and
most select zue have ever shown
and the prices are very reason
able Elegant satin finish all
pure silk Foulards 24 inches
wide 135 95c and 75c
W > lte Linen Lawn special for la
flies shirt waists yard i
60c 45c 35c 25c and ZUC
Uhlto Imported Dotted Swiss full
for the ahrrlff department I mnrder a >
Ser3r nBr Ktil Wd rwof mU
Hne r
J fusltlie from Justice 2 obtalulns tlve Di
Cream press Qoods
Cream French Foule 44 Inches
wide puro wool light r
welght COC
Cream Cheviot 50 Inches wide Mo
hair steam shrunk n O
yam yog
Cream Novelty Silk and Wool Mix
tures neat and dainty de no
signs yard OC
Cream Mohair Sicilian 4S Inches
wide special for skirts ir
yard J JJ
Seasonable 10ash Qoods
j ttraclibtly Triced
Zephyr Gingham plaids stripes and
solid colors regular 10c r
value Monday J
Zephyr Glnf am large assortment
to select frorafli plaid and stripe
with solid colqr s to match
12 l2c value foY tu
32lnch Madras roal nice quality
for shirts and shirt waists
regular 26c value for
Silk Dotted Zephyrs solid colors
with woven dots a regular ji
26c value for SUC
32ncb Imported French Madras
real light weight for spring and
summer wear by far tbe largest as
sortment in the city regular
35c value for
Printed Nainsook nice bright
spring colors 38 inches wide n
regular 15o valuo for I UC
36Inch Percale light color stripe
and figures regular 12 l2c y
value for JC
25lnch Shirt Walet Linen nice neat
6tripe good fast colors o
worth 50c for 47C
Real Irish Shirting Linen yard
wide neat and pretty deslgrs and
tigures white ground with red
blue pink and black stripes and
dots 75c value j o
jard 40C
QlovesKid and Silk
Ladies 2clasp Kid Gloves In tan
brown black white mode and lilac
with black and selfcolor stitching
In all sizes from 6 34 to 7 12 regu
lar 100 quality v o
pair 40C
Ladles 2clasp Mary Real Kid
Gloves In brown gray black red
and maize with black or self
stitching regular 125 qual on
Ity pair OyC
3clasp Trcfoussa Real French
Glace Kid Olovos lr gray tan red
brown and white in broken sliee
regular 200 quality r j
Pair 1UU
Ladles 2clasp Lisle Thread Glovos
In tan brown black and nr
white pair ZDC
Ladles 2clasp Silk Kayser Gloves
1 mmiey under falae
patent finger tipped In pearl tan
jck and white with
embroidered back New
regular 50c quality
Ladles 2clasp
Kayser Gloves
s r Z VLT
The Sauter Place Out Main Street Might
Bo Used for that Purpose
There are few cltlea the die of Houiton
with aa few park facllltjca The new Sam
Ilomtcn park la tba only pablle park lu the
ity Tfc prlvita puki i AvtubtSa i
STf z ZY i
hand also bound with same material price
frjerM > > iWYr
William L Foley
214216 218 Travis St
Black Oil Finish Taffeta 20 Inches
wide pure silk and heavy n
rard 07C
Black Swiss Taffeta pure dye col
ored edge Youll find Guaran
teed woven on every yard
22 Inches wide at
Black Peau de Sole Faille Fran
calse and Loulslne all pure JC
silk special at DC
Black Moire Antique all pure silk
and Black Liberty Satin
24 Inches wide special
Colored Silks
Japanese Silk full lino of colors 21
Inches wide special o n
White and Cream Liberty Satin 24
Inches wide all pure silk
special at
White Habutal Wash Silk soft 24
27 and 36 Inches wide at
100 75c 65c and
neal Pongee warranted all
pure silk 125 100 and
Black Silk Ifoveltias
Black Embroidered Tissue Grena
dine all pure silk beautiful new
designs very sheer and showy 45
Inches wide yard 350
Black Novelty Etamlne wool and
silk stripes and mixtures 42 to 45
Inches wide no two pat o
terns alike yard OrUU
Plain Black Tissue Gienadlne plain
all silk Etamlne and Tissue Velour
45 Inches wide per yard
175 and
Black Panne Crepe elegant luster
and soft silk and wool 2
45 Inches wide yard < JUU
Black Crepe de Cnlne plain polka
dot and small neat figures all pure
silk 2i Inches wide per no
yard 150 125 and 7 QC
Black Lace Nets Chantilly Lace
Flouncing Spangled Lace Robes
the latest Paris fashion The de
signs of Lace Nets and Flouncing
are beauties Dont fail to come
and see them
Black ress Qoods
Black All Wool Albatross jf
yard wide special TtC
Black All Wool Chovlot rough fin
ish 42 Inches wide r q
special JC
Black All Wool Canvas Batiste
light weight 4G Inches wide
special OUC
Black All Pure Mohair Scree steam
shrunk 45 Inches wide n
special 07C
Black All Wool Tamjse special for
mourning wear 44 filches on
wide special 07C
Bla < Heavy Canvas Cloth double
frftid 50 Inches wide f nn
special I UU
Black Eumitio camels hair effect
44 I rubes wide r
special I y
iOhlte Qoods
Suitable fabrics lor Easter first
communion and confirmation dresses
White Sheer Organdy 86 Inches
wide yard 20c 15c 12 l2c
and lUC
White French Organdy 72 Inches
wide very fine and sheer yard
125 38c 75c 60c > r
and J DC
White Persian Lawn beautiful silk
finish 32 Inches wldo yard < r
65c 50c 40c 35c 2Ec and I DC
White Batiste Mull organdy finish
22 Inches wide yard
75c 65c 50c 45c 36c ZMZUC
White Egyptian Dimity neat and
fie f iTi 3 afftirli i
Bustle I Work J is the personified description of the workroom
Another popular Walking Hat made of white Panama straw trimmed in mirrored A C
velvet and wings in colors of navy red brown and black price tcUU
2 5c
Sprlng Btfu
Extra Heavy Silk
in all the above
verySrvLfrS 18 019 8hadea nnd things reV
very sheer yard 05c 50c tOC ular 100 quality yr
beaatlfnl place
lout on tbe Main meet eitenalon ai0ut
Ave block beyond the vIy llmlti whicU
TbiiJ mns t0 C0PT t Into a park pro
V e CBn crCDle lab to handle tt
It ° her b J lr
xlora < to make it a
Slnr m t6c reet way com
pany that If inch an irraorement can be
cojinmmited the railway compny wll
exited tu Sfsti esa Hm to iSf ynpezv
New Liberty Satin Ribbons single
and double faced In all the new and
soft spring shades of light blue
pink maize Nile cream yellow
red lilac turquoise castor gray
navy white and black 3 to 4 n r
Inches wide yard sZDC
Pure Silk Double Faced Satin Rib
bon in all the above shades suita
ble for neck and belt wear n r
4 12 Inches wide yard 3DC
Satin Taffeta Ribbon In all the new
rd leading spring shades suitable
for trimming and neckwear In all
widths from 1 to 5 12 Inches wide
yard 10c 12 l2c 15c 20c
25c 30c and DUC
Fancy Neck and Sash Ribbons In
Crepe de Chine and double faced
Liberty Satin In beautiful and rich
shades of maize pink light blue
yellow old rose green Nile white
and black In widths from 5 12 to
7 12 inches wide yard f Of
50c 60c 76c and I UU
A new and complete line of Wash
Ribbons and Double Faced Liberty
Satin and Single Faced Satin Baby
Ribbons In light blue pink lilac
maize red yellow navy white and
black in Nob 1 1 12 2 3 r
and 5 yard from 1c to IDC
Ladles White Lawn Ties with
turnover and ends trimmed In light
blue pink red lilac and blatk
polka dot and solid colored lawn
also lace trimming nr
20c and ZDC
Taffeta Silk Crepe do Chine and
Lawn Ties in white lilac pink
blue red and black with tucked
stock polka dot lace and linen col
ors turnover collar and ends also
trimmed in French knots r
price D UC
Corded Silk and Crepe de Chine
Ties with colored velvet turnover
collars and French knots also black
and colored velvet stock with white
liberty satin ends and turn n r
over collar 125 100 andDC
Beautiful White Embroidery and
Heavy Cream Lace Turn r
ovor Collars JUC
Linen Duck Turnover Collars some
thing entirely new In pink blue
and red white and black embroi
dered also white embroidered In
green blue pink and black n r
Price Joe
few Spring idash COaists
Ladles New Wash Waists of Ma
dras Pineapple Tissues Mercerized
Ginghams Linen Batiste Dimities
and Embroidered Swisses in plain
stripe and polka dot effects In
dainty blues tans greens grays
Pinks old rose black and white ef
Underskirts trimmed with accor
dion pleatlngs nichlngs tucks and
hemtichlng In all the new shades
Prices are 35Ou 2950 2500 2000
1650 1500 1250
1000 7
n the lUrrUburj roid are attrac thoi prondinj
ampSe faculties ror
cumes reach
popular enocjh but they ara to lap It
I ft thej nh caa be onraaUed to take
tnVf v P Pfrtr Mr Banter win
upon the erotmd
Observes Independence Day with an Ap
propriate Program
The chool at Bronner Jennie E Darla
teacher abierted IndependeBce dsr ea Frt
ixi with tta fillflwisj propiat
Ainen Department
72lnch Cream Damask n q
pretty patterns D 7C
72inch Cream Table Dam jq
ask yard 7C
72inch Bleached Table Dam n
ask yard 07C
72Inch Bleached Table Dam yn
ask yard 7C
34 size All Pure Linen Napkins
cream small checks 90c n
value special O 7C
Damask Towels super linen extra
large size 401 24 colored n r
and white border yard ADC
Huck Towels pure linen hemmed
white and red border size f
38x22 special I Z C
French Marseilles Bed Spreads
very handsome designs in pink
blue and yellow 500 o jo
value special D Tt
White Honeycomb Bed Spreads full
104 for double bed 9Sc s q
value special OC
40lnch White Curtain Swiss full
assortment of dots figures and
fancy stripes special y
12 l2c 8 l3c and jC
aYev Jailor Made Suits
New Tailor Made Suits of Basket
Cloth made with Eton Jackets with
fancy stitched collar effects silk
lined skirt made with deep circu
lar flounce in tans and light gray
2500 value r
price IDUU
New Tailor Made Suits of Etamlne
made with fancy blouse Jacket
with fancy sailor collar effects
trimmed with 6llk medallions and
taffeta silk skirt made with deep
circular flounce 2900 f n rn
value price IsDU
New Tailor Made Suits of Basket
Cloth mado with fancy blouse
trimmed fancy with taffeta bands
skirt trimmed with silk to match
bilk lined throughout nr nn
3250 value price zDUU
New Tailor Made Suits of Vene
tian blouse effect Jacket handsome
ly trimmed with braid made with
detachable vest Bkirt trimmed to
match silk
lined jn nn
Price 4000
Black Velvet and Stltchod Peau de
Soie Belts with
fancy and r
harness buckles ZDC
Black Tucked Satin Belts girdle
back gilt oxydlzed and r n
black buckle DuC
New Hand Carved Leather Belts
narrow and medium widths with
leather or nickel harness buckle
In tan only 125 100 75c rn
and 3Jc
New Hand Carved Chatelaine Bags
to match Belts In medium size
carved In beautiful designs in tan
only 150
Prices are 398 < nr f ir
SSu 250 200 160 andZJ and l4D
tfew Jiik Waists
Dainty China Silk Waists trimmed
with Valenciennes lace new Louls
lne Waists trimmed with fancy
stitching and tucks and Taffeta
Silk Waists trimmed with tucks
and hemstitching Prices 10 00
Sons Aiuorlia h
Firat Celebration of IndependeuW bay
Texan io Vou r Banner A manton
tnrin Do11 Donaldson
ilwiVioa n wn st1k
uceufion v iSf > jw
Our Texai
A Boylesi
cr aVe AucaJt
Corded Wash Silks
woven at 42c
The second import shipment
arrived last ivcek Our disl
play of these popular silks is
far the largest iH
by ever seen
Houston Hundred pieces to
choose from showing colort
combination never before seen
in such goods The best grade
We tell of stuffs most appropriately attached to the Eastertide
Things that are uppermost in your mind A visit to every depart
ment will be found pleasant and profitable to you
Black Silks
Bg ZOaist Reductions
AJ1 our 750 and 650 Handsome
Hustle I at the present SXsMfn d F ° CyBreCn dafi
r ai3UN in ulUB BreCn tcu UBUp
Taffeta warranted not to time preparing for spring season your attention will be called to the opening later on in blue pink black and n no
P r dye lDCb685c the meanwhile will show attractive Atchison Hats and h Ite
rtdeP yar 85c we styles of Fhipps popular
rtdeya rd twt rr J i rr r f All our 59S and 49S French Han
designs in Hats
nel Waists enbroldered with
Phipps Q Atchison Hats new Shepherdess styles of Jumbo straw llZ TiXuZt l
braid trimmed tn fancy wings breasts mirrored velvet C ff green old rose black and o jp
and scarfs prices are 750 and OUU white price 4 0
Popular Walking Hats of Jumbo straw braid of tan black navy nc waist s tailor made and fanciiy
and brown with new patent leather rimming guill and 9 AA trimmed in colors and < np
LJJ black price 70
All our 250 and lSS French Flan
nel Waists trimmed with tucks
and hemstitching in colors
and black price
Fi her James
Misses and Childrens Onyx andj
Hermsdorfs Fast Black Seamless
Ribbed Hose cotton or lisle full
regular made double knee high
spliced heel and toe rr
price jiDC
Misses and Childrens Onyx and
Hermsdorfs Fast Black Seamless
Ribbed Hoso lace or Richelieu rib
bed full fashion double 9C
heel and toe j DC
Misses and Childrens Onyx and
Hermsdorfs Fast Black Hose plain
lace or Richelieu Ribbed full fin
ished double heel and toe J n
50c and TTtC
Ladles Onyx Fast Black Cotton or
Lisle Hose plain lace or Richelieu
full finished double heel 9C
and toe ADC
Ladies Onyx or Hermsdorfs Fast J
Black Seamless Hose ctf < yuor j
lisle plain allover lace or Rlcheeu
ribbed full finished double rn
heel and toe DUC
Ladles Onyx or Hermsdorfs Fast
Black Hose extra fine lisle lace
boot and allover lace with silk em
broidery full fashioned double
heel and toe yr
per pair 100 and DC
Ladles Onyx or Hermsdorfs Fast
Black Extra Fine Quality Brilliant
Lisle Laco Hose full finished dou
ble heel and toe
per pair
aaaaaaaa 1 4tV w i
Special Shoe Sale x
296 pairs Ladles Button and Lace
Shoes were 300 and 400 no
As long as they last 7OC
139 pairs Ladles Tan and Black
Oxford Ties 200 and 250 no
kind Sale price 70C
237 pairs Misses and Childrens
High and Low Shoes were 150s
and 200 If your size Is yr
here they go at DC
We nro receiving our New Sprlnjj
Stylos in High and Low Cut Shoes
All of our 800 and 350 Heavy
Sole Ladies Shoes for o a
this week ji07
The best 200 Womens Shoe In
the City
Carpet Department
Mattin s
Our new Spring Mattings haveJ
arrived and from the lot we offer
the following special bargains
Fancy and White China Matting
per roll of 40 yards 800 J >
700 C00 500 and TtUU
Swiss Curtains
One lot Swiss Curtains worth 150
and 160 a pair n o
For this sale 70C
One lot Swiss Curtains nC
worth 175 a pair at lZD
One lot Bobbinet Curtains ruffled j
edges trimmed with lace Inserting
and lace edging o rn
a Pair JDU
Window Shades
Cloth Window Shades plain
and all colors each ZUC
Cloth Window Shades frlng r
ed all colors each ZDC
One lot Short Lengths Linoleum
suitable for small nana or bath
r rn S75 7 50 6 < o k og
and 550 ll t298 Ty T 45a
Blsnten Mtrien
CCilBCBLAND Wis A messape
Cousha abd Ilka troubles
PrlM 3 tad W ctstav
Congrestman Jenkins eonflrma Ihe rj
that John It Hose of thlt city w l
2g claw lfndemoS od T 21 The body has not yet been N
T0W r n 1
P iitomlaelliiou ton hVbaLine mei aic t thc ebra lootle the
ueoiiMiir btnta breast bnt c
Anna SImmooa Coorh Syrnp P
Artbu voodV ° b r e tLit W OlTctcd rlt
Steele 3TUUua

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