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The Houston daily post. (Houston, Tex.) 1886-1903, March 02, 1902, MAILABLE EDITION, Image 11

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nwrwrSi Swsw v
Curtain Swiss 30 Inches wide tho
usual 12 12c grade this < n
week only at yard lUu
Fancy Figured Curtain Swiss reg
ular 15c grado this 1 P
week at 1 Gm
Sllkollncs none reserved all 18o
and 20c goods I fif
nugs Moquctte 27x64 handsome
patterns wero 250 ono d > c
week only at I I < 3
27 x 54 Wilton Velvet nugs Orien
tal patterns heavy knotted frlngo
wero 350 ono week J Qff
only at i w
Mats extra heavy cocoa mats for
outside doors 7K >
Extra Heavy Wire Mats
tor outside doors at
Rubber Mats heavy qual
Ity were 200 this week
Matting fancy carpet patterns Jap
anese worth 40c a yard special on
Monday only OK
at yard J6
Extra Heavy China Matting full
rolls of 40 yards 30c
grade roll
I ah T > P
Bed Sets 72x00 Lace Ded Sets
Shams and Spread 198
regular pi Ice special at
Towels 42lnch Unbleached Turk
ish Bath Towels 4ain
at C
Linen Damask Towels fringed and
colored border 44 x 22 p
Low Southorn Buckle as cut flno l Crt
quality kid sizes 5 to 8 at pair 1 UU
Sizes S 1 2 to 11 at
Sizes 11 12 to 2 at
Ladles Black Drop Stitched Hose
full regular made usual g Art
35c grade at 3 pairs far LUU
Ladles Flno Laco Lisle Hoso
Hermsdorf black usual TEoPft
sellers at pair 9UU
Extra Value in 40gaugo Plain Black
Hoso usual 3313c kind pCf
Ladies Black Drop Stitched Hose
spliced heels and toes reg4 Oj
ular 15c grade at pair Ib2u
Ladles Lace Cotton Lisle Blacl
Hose usual 26c goods at
1xliq ivmt > VrR < V t imMr nf m0 9 f i ir vV
< itflc NOt i i tt t attiitio o i eotfltt f oooifiot i oto 4 no o a
House Furnishing Department
Linen Damask Towels fringed and
colored border 46 x 22 2 c Ojfi
each or dozon CmSLO
Damask 72Inch Bleached Loom
Damask flvo pattern assortment
our 125 quality ono wcekg Q
at yard Ow
68lnch Superllno Satin Damask
our 110 grado one week QCtft
only at OwVj
72lnch Fine Irish Damask blench
ed very heavy quality our 135
grade napkins to match 4 < t Tjj
one week at I I U
72Inch Superior Quality Very
Heavy Bleached Loom Damask
napkins to match 150
grade at yard
ders regular price 76c a
dozen special at
Roman Sandals same as
cut pateut leather sizes 2 to 5
at pair
As cut in red or bluo kid 2 to 5
at pair
The Misses Bells Hair Vigor reg
ular price 150
Tho Misses Bells Hair Tonic reg
ular price 100
The Misses Bells Complexion
Tonic regular price 100
Any of the three abova 7Rf
Items this week at OC
pomp li > mnl ill which the Pnnh
Ipr m Van i < tin ItPiolutlOH cive
< i of llajor ami Mr Ira U
> roai 4 to 10 was oui o
itKM p ar lutere t becau1 ot th
jttflSi r o thi ludlci tuHcttCB the clab
itglp fop < 1ecti itttont nml the talent
jjSn mun clan irliu coatrlbuteil to the
Sgf the occasion
mfc Evans as resent ot tho Thnntfnl
lird chapter stood at the head ot the
lnc line anil renrcsentetl lu ndmlrabe
MaithA Washlncton Her cown
was of rich wli te satin brocade
petticoat court train panniers and
st a dame ot high decree Is v
trmes considered th fashion liar
wti poffsd sovdued sd tisrssd
70 Inch Bleached Satin Damask tho
usual 00c grade at 7 Jf
yard s o
Napkins Linen book fold red bor
Counterpanes Extra Heavy 124
Crochet Bed Spreads J Kfto
198 values at iiOU
White Counterpanes rcadv hem
med 104 full weight on OMffc
9Sc grado at U JL
A few pairs left from last weeks
soiling only one and two pairs of a
kind Tine Brussols Net Irish
Point and Tambour Lace Curtalus
We offer the balance of lot this
week at just about
Roman Sandal like cut made ot
finest quality kld kid lined turn
bolee sizes 5 to 8 nt pair 160
sizes 8 12 to 11 at pair 200 sizes
1112 to 2 at pair
Roman Sandals 6strap patent
leather turn soles sizes 11 12 to 2
at pair
Sizes 8 12 to 11 In 5strap
Sizes 5 to 8 In 4strap at
4strap Kid Roman Sandals la blue
and rod sizes 5 to 8 at pair
3strap Roman Sandals finely turn flP
cd soles sizes 5 to at pair SiUJ
Special Offering In Moloney Shoes
tor Infants 2 to 5 75c goods pair
Patent Kid as cut sizes 5 to 8JJ ffi
price kiUu
Sizes 812 to 11
prlco <
Sizes 1112 to 2
fc <
Colonial French kid as cut turn < i Pfi
soles sizes 2 12 to 5 at pair ivU
Sizes 5 to 8 at
Sizes 8 12 to 11 at
Sizes 1112 to 2 at
Colonial Patent Kid as cut Blzcs
5 12 to 8 at pair
Sizes 8 12 to 11 at
Sizes 1112 to 2 at
Ladles Fast Black Plain and Drop
Stitched Hosiery regular
lOe goods at Ofb
Boys Heavy Bicycle Hose double
kueo and soles cheap at OAs
16c our price ibjO
Misses Fine Black Ribbed Hose
double knees sizes C to 10
value 20c a pair at I v G
Childrens Fast Black Seamless
1g rt Ribbed Hose heavy grado < l
91 full length at pair I
The Misses Bells
ular price 75c
this weck at
nlth an Immense tortoUe shell tncUns
couii p s ssel lix some of htr famllv Tor
51 uen Ion Her earrlucn mid inn were aWo
of ll > 1
Thy o her lmle enwned In liewlMe inslr
pietti and old style attlro were Stes Iwui t
J n 1 I irk 1 B Smth V U and W O
JM John Lcwu Chftou Arthur McTall
aud D iir Madison and Mrs John fl >
lirrrk on n elv rtrrd MUsos Edth
CUrk Euccn 1 Haldeman and Brute Don
ton were piloted aud powdered nnd patched
and pannlered In a way that was very
Tho parlor was jforseoua with Its flac
red white and bluo rlhhons flowers and
trloo ored candlos which IlliimliMd th
mantle where a laree encravlng of t ie
Father of bis Country smiled benlcniy
upon tha assemhlace of courtly ladles How
flF was the effect In the hallway wluro
the Can held away Hed and white
carnations and vloltta btu were taawc
is lTtajt juoiuiic ftj a g uUa bara
Tour Bar Kid Sandal3 as cut
French heel plain toe turn soles
regular 250 goods at
rive Bar Ideal Patent Kid Louis
IV heel a usual 350 slipper at
Ideal Kid Oxford Ties turned soles
I French heel as cut usual 250
grade special at low price of
goods at
50 goods at
Ladles Oxfords Colonial heel welt
soles usual 350 goods fb EZf
at only 3U
Skin Food reg
The Misses Bolls Lambs
Soap regular price 25c a
cake this week at
In the djnnu room nn old fashioned
feat board fairly groaned neath Its pl u
teous Mnden of da ntie How npnetlzlnz
were those bionned turkejn little pig
ban a liaked luns boni uy brown linail
beoteti biscuit mince and piinipkin p ti
iliinttbuatf poind and fruit enke and everv
thine eood No one seemed to regret tha
ubsouce of all modem decoration of rib
I ons lace and rare flowers Old tlrany
tillow dips hurnrd In the nntlqno brass
candelabra Pop corn was another orna
The musical program was > ery fine sbme
of the best talent In the city taking part
Mesdaiaes XT 11 IJell Morrlt Drnlcy anl
Col Ins Mlf e JaeLnon Bell and Ialra
srnvu the vocal nunbers aeconptnlej t > r
1rofs Collins and Ludwlg Messrs Hell
Coiidtt CbaKo and Westerinacs njjjle
wag well reeelred as were the Instrumen
tal numbers of Messrs UU worth Little
I Stld Morst and Nail
frits mmbu t suUtasu w o ft
f jjv wy ir rwi UfWwtiiij < p > w ti > s T y m i
250 values at
French Heel Oxford Ties turn solo
usual 300 grades at
Fine French Kid Combination Strap
Colonial as cut usual 300 value at
Ideal Patent Kid Colonial full
French kidcovered heol regular
360 value at
Patent Kid Colonials turn soles
Louis XV heels 6U0 n gn
Six Strap Roman Sandals Ideal kid
hand turned soles 500 tTfi
goods at OOU
Southorn Button Ideal kid turned
Ladles Mat Top Kid Ox A aa
fords 250 goods at fLn
Patent Kid Orfords Colonial heel
welt soles or hand turned J cjrt
regular 400 goods at pair JmQU
Infants Soft Soles red tan wlno
blue chocolate regular 35c Cft
goods special at pair btlC
Freeland Fox High Grade Soft
Soles for Infants blues reds choc
olates pinks blacks patent leath
ers etc button laco and Cftf
ankle buttons at a pair QUC
of livnfop tinrd and franklneense Orocco
set cinnamon gates to Its elyslnm aud sur
rounded It with a sctntrd river a tin ad red
cubits brosd which souls swam throurh
no tbersb psrcsd UnadTSi mt tuCrar
> iyi r i
> Arf AA1J v > yi
1 > rt infiiii < Bii < rti ff > ai
Specially Attractive Showing of
Timely arrivals suggestive of the fast approaching warm weather better prepare now
its sure to come then theres that flyspecked adage about the Early Bird First se
lections are always more satisfactory we are anxious that should have the
IDInch Black guaranteed
at yard
24Inch Black usual 160
grado at yard
24inch Black usual 175
grade at yard
Clack Taffetas
19inch Black Taffeta an un Pft
usually good grade at yard SUu
21lncb Black Taffeta every yard
guaranteed our usual 85c 7Krt
grade at yard I JU
24inch Guaranteed Taffeta a reg
ular 9Sc grade at nr
yard Ovu
27Inch Warranted Taffeta our us
ual 110 grade at
nn Seam Drawers
yoC bleached Jean usual 50c kind OQ
Taffeta fair nt < SjG
3Gnch Black a
quality at yard
3CInch Black Taffeta splon QQ
did quality at yard OU
36inch Guaranteed Black < a
Taffeta special at yard I Q
Quite a showing of Satin Fou
lards In this springs nowest col
orings Soo them
Silk Grenadines 13 Inches wide
new coloilngs ten pattern selec
tion regular price Is 75c a yard
Monday only wo placo tho lot on
sale at yard
Cross Strap Sandals French heels
fine grade kid turn soles as cut
Handkerchiefs Japanese Silk Ini
tial Handkerchiefs oneInch hem
10c values at e
only OC
Socks Gents High Grade Fancy
Half Hoso plain black and brown
exceptionally good values at C rt
1212c 15c 25c 35c and OUG
wwwww ww
Wholesale Draper
Gotrtottes Supetlorlty
Mens Suit Clothing Schloss Bros
High Grade Suits formerly selling
at 1600 up to 2200 e r f
pick of lines at IbiOU
Laces Embroideries
Cream Applique In bands from 13
to 3 Inches wide prices Qftft
range from 8 l3c yard up to 30U
White Galloon Laces 1 to 3 Inchos
wide prices range from 6CQC
yard up to 3C
Mechlin Lac > s In matched jr
sets l2i2c yard up to C < 2G
Laco Yoklngs special values largo
selection at yard 18o tj eyt
up to ICO
Applique German Allovers special
ly attractive patterns at < S e >
from 9Sc yard up to 1 mOj
Extra Values In 8evlllo Laces
matchod seta 10c yard OfiJ
up to OC
Machine made Torchon Laces many
match sets 12 to 3 Inches wide
worth double tho prlco g
yard OG
Fine Embroldorlea In match sets
Swiss cambric nainsook TETa
15c yard and up to E DC
Embroideries and Insertions 1 to
5 Inches wide worth up to r
10c yard at QC
Embroideries and Insertions 1 to
6 Inches wide worth up to i
12 l2c a yard at yC
Embroldorles and Insertions 1 to
Ladles Fancy Purses In black and
coiois SCc kind
Turkish Bath Soap a good
soap at cake wC
Tew Pairs of our 100 Rcstltchcd
Gloves left In blaok only q
small sizes at pair C
Good Bristle Hair Brushes
backs regular 35c kind at
Tooth and Nail Brushes quite an
assortment of 25c grades i > 1
at only liG
Tappans Viola Face Powder whlto
and pink regular price 25c
this week at
Tappans Cold Cream 16o
alzo boxes this week at IUG
Half ounce Bottles Quadruple Ex
tracts all odors regular < a
prlco 25c bottle ono week at I UC
Cuticle 8oap a pure soap good for
only at per cake n 1
the skin special this week L r C
j v
Pure violet esenee is Raid to be fpe
I cinlly suitable to nerToos peon e lint l
must be obtained from tbo dowers them
selves not tne chemical Itultnloii Ciienil
cally derived perfumes ar IrrKint potion
ous even to persons of cipeclally senslttrt
True J wer scroti are obtained 1n threo
wsyai First by sorssdlag Xrsib blossoms
tin ilus Uuctv mztimi wlli ntu
m gm
Specially Good Values In Wash Skirts
At 50c 75c 100 135 150
A Very Strong Line of
Walking Skirts
At 350 350 393 500
Black Net Skirt with crartcu
atlng flounce and ruchlnj
like cut special g r r r
value at I OU
Black Granite Skirt hlch cir
cular flounce Moiro Bilk trim
mings usual 1000 O ef
skirt at UU
Black Serge Skirt flare bot
tom button and taffeta trim
mings very neat A QQ
Black Brllllantlno Skirts with
circular flounce very late cut
usual 500 oklrt Q QQ
at only
b +
Ready Hade Department bw
Silk Vests Silk Vests
Vega Silk Ribbed Summer Vests in
you more <
choice jof these new arrivals take a look anyhow well not press you to buy just anxious fii sc grndof ° a z T
you should become acquainted with what this store has to elf r them at OC
Black flloire Vclour
19inch Moiro Vclour
20lnch Moiro Vclour
22Inch Moire Vclour
24inch Moiro Vclour
27lnch Moiro Vclour d oe
yard lttO
Moire Vclour high colors and black
pink gray cardinal blue jQft
cieam special at yard Q2w
Colored Taffetas
Tho usual 90c quality In castor old
rose cardinal gray lavender Ori
ental blue Nile srarlet ro C
scda etc special at yard i OG
Pcau tie Soic
Extra heavy quality every yard
guaranteed both as to quality and
20 inch Black Peau do Sole usual
150 grado at a tr
yard I L
23lnch Black Peau do Sole usual
jiSf rh 150
27lnch Black Peau de Sole usual
200 grade at a fn
yaid 189
lO nch Pcau do Sole tho usual 9Sc
72 76c
21Inch Black Peau de Sole tho
usual 123 grade at
Mens Goods
Night Shirts cambric full size well
finished 60o quality < 9Kf
Mens Cambric Night Shirts with
out collar fancy braid fln Kflrt
lshcd 75c grade at OUlr
Shirts unlaundered linen bosoms
and cuff bands 60c shirts P
Magnolia Neglige Shirts with or
without collars all lateat spring and
summer patterns specially good
values at 60c 75o < r rt
New Llna Silk Club Ties full
length now colorings 25c 4 Q
values at I OG
DrawerH Elastic
pink bluo and cream squaro neck
Silk Vesta low neck applique neck
and arm finish cream blue and
pink the usual 100 quality i
must bo seen to be appre
ciated usual 75c grade at
Shield Shaped Silk Ribbed Summer at
Vests cover armpit absorb per
spiration a sensible garment that
White Silk Ribbed Vests low neck
finely finished garments ln7C
white only each 8 OC
Pure Silk Jersey Bodies low neck
finely finished extra high class
goods In sky pink and < g f
cream at UU
Ribbed Silk Summer VestB low
neck silk embroidered and taped
C5c grade wo offor
The popular priced Summer Vests are here In abundance
offer exceptional values at 25c 15c 1212c 10c and
Puro Silk Jersey Bodies low neck
line applique finish a superior gar
ment in every respect 4 eg
price BDU
Ladles Bl ck Taffeta Skirt
high circular graduating
flounce of liberty satin like
cut a splendid 4 y Eft
20 valuo at only I 8 OU
Ladles Black Taffeta Skirts
trimmed all over with wide
folds of taffeta circular
e t fl o u
p 25oo
Black Peau de Sole Skirts
liberty satin ruffles and
niching latest i K ftf
cut prlco 10UU
Black Venetian Skirts elab
orately trimmed with moire
silkbias new 4 pa
cut price 1 3U
Ladies Muslin Underwear
UNDERSKIRTS Muslin deep flounce and cambrlo
ruffle laco edging regular price 75c
CHEMISE Cambric Chemise trimmed with laco
Insertion and lace edging regular prico 75c
DRAWERS Cambric deep flounce and embroi
dery Insortlon regular price 75c
CORSET COVERS Cambric full front square neck embrol
dery trimming regular prlco 75c
Ladies Muslin Underwear
GOWNS Cambric tucked and hemstitched yofce
collar and cuffs embroidery trimmed were 100
SKIRTS Muslin deep flounce tucked and embroi
dery edging regular valuo 100
CHEMISE Extra long ruffled pleated Valonolonnes
lace tilmmlng worth 100
DRAWERS MiiBlln two rows tucks each side em
broidery Insetting deep embroidery ruffles valuo 100
CORSET COVERS Cnmbrit Corset Covers lace and tucked yok
GOWNS Muslin low squaro neck handsome
ly trimmed with Insertion and embroidery 1
SKIRTS Cambric deep flounce tucks Inser
tion and lace edging easily worth 125
CHEMISE Cambric long Chemise embroi
dered yoko tucked and embroidery flounco
CORSET COVERS Fancy Corset Covers made of laco Inser
tion beading and edging woith 125 at
6 Inches wide worth up to < j elaborately finished usual 100 goods we are offering at onlyGenS
Ladles Muslin Underwear
Ready for inspection The most extensive line of ReadytoWear
Hats for Ladles and Children we havo evor shown This seasons newest
Ideals embodied In this showing Roll Brim Sailors Pompons and Drap
ery Trimmed Fashionably Draped Turbans New Creations Large Sailors
with Streamers for Little Folk Plain and Rough Straw Sailors Prices
as usual will bo much under tho regular millinery way of soiling
Theyre here Lawns Whlto Goods Percales Madras Mercerized
Stuffs etc etc etc Came too lato for this weekB ad Youll not bo
disappointed lu the showing As to prices well Just let our past record
vouch as to their correctness
MONDAY WE PLACE ON SALE 100 pieces New Scotch Lawns Theyre
the ULual 6c grade stripes and figures choice patterns and Sir
colorings at yard 32 m
L < f > wwvmv t i > niww w tf i Ti > iiJiyjwyv > m mw > i i > wnnu < ijiKi u nit < mi mm j j l uhu im mm i im 11
kjumtt > tmmmm minii i i f om inim m < nni nrmTiri inn > in < f > i rZ ilTl J J t V7J Z fLVA Af Jf S11 o o a o o o o
mi illl imiinnniln > > liiiii > l m
JLt < > iH trn ttHMti1i > r > i jn a
a I
I <
0i i
hI I
I l
0fi i >
i si s i
8 <
> el
> <
i <
J11 1
oceompanieil n < by Governor Sayers and T 33ftr from rLrtU 5l r n l > f I ttlnx them stand In the sua anl simultaneously attacWng their nervea 1
Bell oomtus over after his lecture at the
Ideas of the Ancients to Which Science
Is Turning Again
Science at present shows a tendency to
turn back to some of the btllcfs of the
ancients regarding scents centuries ago
iya the New York Sun Scents were
airounted wore than luxuries
Odoroui herbH notable vervain warded
rue fortyoiv whoso base ai they wilt leiilnclns them un II the single odor no ustter bow strong after
nas mint thirtytwo balms froai ross ereaso l ns fragrant as tbo tlowsrsj u c avble deadens tli olfactory nenes
twentyone froa lilies blub nnd bloom and v ond by repeatedly Inuslng frenb mtaU In whereas a combination keeps tbem act vt
seienteen medicaments j
atronz In the vfr
tue of lolete Thus it appears that the
riolet euro for cancer Is among tli Tory
now things that sorfate clene scorned
because they were so very oil
Now say various experts one xnudt
cnooso and use perfuraeg with an eye or
rather a nose to health So It W worth
1 while to set down the properties attributed
to various perfumes
on thn evil eye The Monalc ritual U fuil 1
oll d rt b jnnwlns them In ether 1 Hay rover which it Is believed by torao
which l then dlntl led to ji dry folld arises from the Irritant properties of enj
As this solid sells for 25ft nn mic It odorous pojen yielded by grass md weed
Is easy to understand why th ether pro flelds la in a nav a type of perfume ac
ces ihough far and away the bfwt K not tlon Scent particles In general u e are not
cpmmonly used But the acentul Lr < 110 aud strong enough or add enough to set by
tho o s nces made bv stcipng It in pure violent ills None the less they hare their
spirit aie never cheep After ii tin ut elTcct Witness tho refreshmrnt of lavea
roislble Las been extracted from the der water when one Is faint trim heat or
grease It Is still fragrant niongh to luiko crowding Lavender I peculiarly sultdla
tha very finest perfumed soip high Rtrung temperament It la sootalnj
All the eltrene seenta bvr nmot reioll ns well as refreshing wltnoct belag un
orougeUoner water are rofnalilug and In duly attmulstlng
a degree stimulating if oronelv ceined Jasmine should always he a a p9ia
To make a lasting rwrfmne animal Alono It tones and brakes the wswi W
bsse is essential musk civet or arabrgrls tem hut In almost all of Its coaa ofiM Is
If the base Is too strong It makes the
flowerscent curiously Irritant People who
fttl thtmselves falPt la a crowded zoom
xi tftta tilt TltUata of mtcxsJ sccaU
t v
singularly depressing Neroll U t e si
tlon Jasmine thd aeroll t g af l fails
essence make the tweat C
ii tar jsC leia
B ill
1 >
> ls IK
> < if
l > br
i t eftu
1 ifi
> 9
4 h

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