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The Houston daily post. (Houston, Tex.) 1886-1903, March 02, 1902, MAILABLE EDITION, Image 12

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Tin 3tsmtr tera o tfce rittySftb js
44rja dJttrlet aunt rsttnA y tts8taG ii
ei isw saMalgat March 1 TJ U ts
grotrs iMtttra bat tke eltrU 4Sa <
trl > eourt ae to inatinaaaii tesataa J j sc
A ijwb Sua M MMi at 1 wtwUrrr Ue
erm xpre at aMadcbt tare Ut day t
tie trai or wheJJWsr K expire with tbe
r lif cf tbe acxt term Judge Wilson
Kara itroagty to i ojswi that t Janf f
war of ir1 court onaae ucil to
i fiteir terSijg at J oiisiL ttba eoart
w > caled t Ji1i Wteon h
corked hard and xc ke troataet of Bw
Jsiiju lent i up a d wat re
for tie tilers term wa tber It
cause rt T9 4Kiii < rd y or win boM em
u i SSuwlay mora rjt
Tbe Fbr tfsi of the ertBaiael 41
trct roort ufliri vmstmrn fat nlattx >
at loiti lrt aud nepie bad life as
iex file s jr fur ta etoalnt
cf the rm was vtrtaully clae 4
c tar at Jvg i teplre nudacitf wat
fusee m a i rAujr w a aid a
eort < q a artel a tflrarr o 6 <
Jv t if ifl > er eaarfed wit aiw
a i w < ft mkii i
< 4 I 4 wonMI taa Mi rM
t i i p l Jisigr Perryotta not
r t < w snd > roi > iT > 9 tlie 4 t >
Kr j 1m tttvonoor toefor ti Frt
x Iu eSwtwJ io 3g < J aa
t j t9 jrr Ma H > MMiiiy aoritia ss4
la tia to < xiot tUi court for
c M r an ttit l j
TW er sa at in Ow To Bthtc aeHcr
tr ons 8fwr4 Jodre B B Perrraxa
i cb 2 dafrtrt t > art amsnamtA Vie
r ym At tile ewlMioa of
r tke Kwwmiott pessd tie r
f f wr Um State H w fol t
< a p eclt for Uw 4ef s e br
w f iluu of B sc ntd and W a
j we4 y niTOBsme hr alr
i i k i of Hnnp tM4 la befaalf of tb
i < Ti tw trritaeax esvmi
< jt tiiomxliK d HP sotiinir
t < 1 n y wtre bofi nrrcmg tb anl
Bseot fci the < ifa t Attar
M Girwwod > I > h4 h rtru si
< f Un Jir > rt tnt1 n Th JsWT wa
Jt ir JVrrj xtn o < I U > p >
I i r aht j r > < < as4 M M
rt i > I > uirTjeiS jtt wt k fCTiott
iis a rcadk < L
+ +
j < rr e B r tBr wttt mwm tfti >
c t 3it fw 1t Mtrck larai Hm4ar
i H Iwj > fnt ita ket and Jl
r St ls ies8 a atrs tr Jy aa < i x
at jjn Yi Ji4k VaaiBp kai
t jo t of bit Mirt w t p ami ft M
3 ii4 work to Ktt tt Its tu t ry
4 il 1 U rr i Uttlt H W of tt lit
> fa c > a to afftlo cf beklad
+ +
Tl tritt for 4smjjr brousit br Jtrj
1 L > il i a1 i dacst w Mlw Bn
t P DaairU aaatntt the Uanataa Baat
v t Texas Rallwsf company aanr
i m > 1 oat of eoart TV wiu i
r > daioaiwa hot dw aa r <
v i effected for MOOD f3009 to Mm
luaMt asd tOWS t Ml fkttlt 0
Aa acre i ItKirrtnt w a
t m tSe K t nut oltt < t f rt y
t iUf at will be aeea by tie ikmc < Ussj
Criminal CHitriot Court
Kprla Jad 8 K ferryman
J m heber mordcr ratatrial
SuiU F8d for OwtHct Cowls
Andrew Beareao r Joaeptia Banreaa
H C Hardy < t al < ra Ulcaar Allen t 1
Ln ndy Ietewon r J U Vtvttvoa dl
T r < e
Eleventh Diatnet Court
Wlxiji Ifanijah T P M Oraabrry
v < r > li bb1 JijJjanm In fator of ifti plaia
I T In t mm of SAM
i I Danleta rt al r Ilouttog Vntt ail
T i Txsa Hallway Company yti < lvn n >
r < r flnic on file la fayor of pUlatlB
Ilk r > aaflK In tbt taro of IflnOO ami for
It e plalutiff Utttie 0 Djd11 lu tU uia
of J5000
Probate Court
Statr nf Ttsan v f > ajx Dradabaw bia
Bf ycrtllct of sollty
vrrdi < t of KUlIty
l > ai of Mary Dnltoaa Srart deeoaaetl
b3 l of mjrrtroT Vf t Peart la tbe torn
of t 2WX > < iflnilrifl aiipioved ami ordered
reiordert Sonhw w < < Hears h vl i
quaUfled at by law reqnii < > < l be It author
ized to control manage and rilxpnae of aald
community property la accordance with
Real Estate Transfers
tlota B Hite et nl to Mr I H
Hlte lots 13 7 sooth bait of S
Ladies Cure
Tobacco Habit
Mrs Emma Wing Merdon Mich Telle
How Eaiy It Can Eo Done Se
cretly at Home
Trial Package Mailed Freo to All Who
Send Name and Address
The one box of TnlwceoBpeclSe 70a tent
me orer tbrco months ajro uired my b < u
band entirely of cbcnJns uid namHiuj and
No More Smoke or Dirty Spittoons tn
Our Home
be ba not aied tolucro ttnre Yon re
oiriubcr I had to flrK the medicine to him
on tlii air In hi > ff < II U th nleet
jclmrco core In the nnrM It aavtd mr
hiiMlifltiAa f Hon lUankful I am to on
tuV yo > r remeily Refr I B re blm the
JnliacroHpflilSr bla betrt wa to bad thit
ho could vt tleen t ulzbta and he wn
tr < nlileil with hit itotrlf uio t o the time
e ibnashi hit nrre were cone lint thoy
v e e not for Teiiarci 8p rtat Uroushi the a
l t lit inlet ehltni lit M en nw
in t > n loc SBd luoka fj eli th t ery one
Irak jiliotit It ttn Kmtua vvtns
> H vhf hire tucked aod eb to
S > uneej
f > itSt
Sultan Tisane Flemish Lace StripeSilk Zephyr
Clyde Madraj Wov b Silk Madras and Mercerized
Crystal tbe best vaiaes ever offered
at per yard
at 5c 10c 12 12e 15c 20c 25e 30c and
at 5c 10c 12 12c 15c 20c and
at 10c 15c 20c 25c and
t 15c 1Sc 20c 24c 30c and
at 26c a c 40c 60e and
at 25c 35c 40e 50c 65c 75c SSc 95c and
at 15c 20c 2ftc 35c 40c and
at t5e 20e 2Sc 35c and
at 10c 15c 25c and
at 15c 13c 20c 25c 35c and
10 yards Best Turkey tted Prints
10 yards Apron Checks worth 7 l2c
10 yards Dark Plaid Ginghams 12 l2c kind
wn t naif of 12 b Kl W lot 11
went bait of 4 a I > til SjX
feut of J b k U auuu ude
lltllfaio 11 < u
Bi iijauin U < 00k < > i S Hall
1UU aires ut iiuia knit of Samuel
0 PoweW army
fid C U ie w M 11 Drnmroo U
aerea uf aorta balf of Samael U
1owttl wrteor
M 11 Uamwa to X V llrCama 100
acres of the bamnel G Powtll sur
HUM of Tew v Clara HBghea lonacy X ouo uorthwtat ttCi loU
I and 10
ne y 4
blftck ML J trot Welto
tnrvay HtU 1 aid BuCalo ba yoa
Utate w
A < jrrln i H to J
Uutcbeaon 123 of 177 acre
William DoJile aurvey
T J ColHaa to J O fpurltn norlh
Ktt half of bloit 37 Walktr add
lion out of tho S M WUlUnut tur
7J 0
verP ItoMatoa to Htnajaaain P Kel
l y aurth one half of turvey Ga
block 3 irontton and Teiaa Cos
tral Hallway rumpany srant 8282
Satan W DeCBaninea et al to Geo
W Scbeultx all right and title to
any laud pen which sraator
hare any claim as heita of Michael
Uethauinft oth r TtlutUlu eon lil
bratioot ahd 1 °
C c Woikaiu and wife w Andert
Ur on H cn oqt of fl Tler
weer unri > y quit cUlm 1
Geoii W SrliuelU tc indert lir
sua Hi acre out of 11 Tkrwester
tarter emit cUtaa 1
E P 11111 to S M MeAthan lot 0
aad balf eaeh of lott 3 aad 4 alt
In block 3 of 11m lUlohtkOH addi
tion 20CO
I IlnllewaT to Ilarrt eoaaty
rlcbt of ay for Kh irhurd turn
road K
Ddirln It Vonnc and lfe to George
II Oymer lota 12 and 13 bloek 2
of the Williamson addition 3000
George U Giioer nnt wife to lUttie
A lleflln Iota 12 and 13 block 2
of the Wlllltmaao addition 5000
J H Itertnic to Coarad Rertof lota
1 and 2 block 384 wett aide Utif
talo bayou 100
Building Permlta
J Lehan oneatory ttore room Mont
comery avenne tVf
V Ma hi t o houia from Turner ball
to Mar h street 335
StaCotit lUchtrdton twoctory houto and
tervaatt roxwi Loelaod amiue Slft
1 It n ll addition Bell avenue JJ0
DuLe Crawford box boute II1I1 ttreet
Marriage Licenses
3 V Mtlev to Mre Clara C May
A Pre to Mlta B e Krakower
K I > Kiinln to Mrt Mary Jernd
Vranclt 0 Hone to llnL Minnie Done
C II Cornell to Mi i L Goldle Brant
Criminal DJtfr ei Ceart February Term
Expired at Mldnfafci a DM Alsa Jan
uary Term of Judjs Wfcefls Ccart
Ktct7 ivew and desirable iruh fabric It h cv and
tie creeds of buyers wbo rlrtt Ibis departmeat
day tborooghly appreciate tbe beautr and ov prtc
of aam by ih maay UtTontbk oonuMtita we hear oa
every side
Vi aa4 32tach Colored Bailtlft bMuattbU O 1
signs at lc 1212c 10c and 0 C
32nb FeDioiUes many pretty coloriap < r
dainty dealsaa at > DC
Colored Dotted 3 i et in black and vMte and all
tbe new rt cooria8 lace effect and lanq r
stripes worth Kc at DC
Barambar and i rttaa Madraa very fine
quality aewest deaUmB worth all of 2 < > c at
30Jach English Madras designed eipectally
or waisu and ibiru worth all of 15c at
Solid Colored Orgasdlea In all tbe staple aad
newest shade at 10c 13 1Jc 13c and
Linen Suiting In race blue taa and brown would
be sold elsewhere at J5c n r
our price DC
fnt MeCrorey charred with the tllllns of
Joteph Johnton and lndleted by the grand
Jury wat glren ball yeaterday by Judge
OUatple m ball bond wat fixed at 2500
which was srlreii 3de i rt I a Supw Jr
ieorite Bantt and C D Btwm Iwcomlnj
Miretle on tbe bund for hit appearance at
the seat term of tbe criminal dutrlct court
for Harris county
the eaae of Tom Sebe charged with raur
dr uad oa trial la the criminal dUtrlot
coart la tUU eotmty on chPK of yenne
imiiujlUM r rl 1 1
relee added t th refitilar cbdr Tlte tblt offiee
J 1
than th one The tMnnealum l by
far b < nt < r 1t d i the wwk of t para
Ical depniitint r n xt e > in lay aft rinoa
at 3 o cloik tin lufa aueui nl K iu ld
and 0 uieptlK f > r men lll be held at 1
oclock A lase attendant it deairod
eale for t llnj piopeitr to which Uie 1 GnBAT CHIITOV BFVIVAL SBItV
clty bold deeds under tax Judgments kft icbs The great Chilton revival aerTlcet
been Bxed for netday commenclns at at tbe McKe streetMehodlst EpUcopa
10 a m and from that time The
on h w > h < ihi rin
Soot bc8ln U morn n <
win Im rude hy the ftnaoee romaltte at Jnre Sootr
thp ety ofllcos and the property will uo Rev Claude L CUllton one of the greates
tod to the hlahett bidder i evanjelUts and mott nteea fol revHaUtt
In tbe feouth who la to iouduct the roect
Jlns will not arrlye Id thl city until Tuo
clay It wa expected that he would be
bete yeatvrday 1 ut a letter wa rtTeired
yettcrday afternoon at 530 oclock After bi other Inlaw comer Hickory and Summer
eontlderlBir il for idx and n balf hoort klr tg > eteolutf at 8 oclock Iter
the Jury eaae Into court Ji t before mid
K 1Iirlr imnMot nanior of the Tafoenmel
t b 901tf5l aRT
oa t SHrt ThJ r1nlin nS0Dree rrt < < > a an J Imp r
re Mi J
Meley wud Mian lira C
C t
wat dltebarxed from further ctfolderatlon
of the cate and the u ooatlnued until 1 J > < SJ
the next term of tbe court HJtHmt ri
comiuonlty Tb < re
well known roun iieipe
and ttnod blah In the
with thla choir for tbe llrtt time hut even
Ing He waa turprlted at the work that
btv tSirea iiMeaPI now for ri T WnB In lendluc to
i > liilurvi In atii fotn entlrel taiilthAl
in a few day ulUi thl e udrfui remedy
m Unit lotjncco U po4ltl > dltWtefu o
tbom Wilt Ivogers Drujc jtai rimifl
CO 20t Plflh onl Rnc St Olnclnttatl
O for b jrpe trial mckaga and iee b ff
ca y It l Mt J Mffl You can pat It
> n artr fpr j4j drink without danscr of dls
rmtrt cr ftja taswleaj aud barmfew but
it c r > Mi forever and afonco ill deatro tor
jK oyaen lM aqy form
be first took chirire at
Choir hat been practicing regularly for the obliging When
patt week or ten dtyt Prof Doyle met el rk Hiuler Krleh
taa Ifcore wsre praeileallr
no record kept in the police office except
the exurt docket and a blotter Since that
Out Store is rapidly filling up with this seasons choicest
productions Each day adds more new and well selected goods to
our already stocked store The appearance of our store today to
uhat it was ten days ago is simply surprising Our shelves are be
ing laden with everything new imaginable in tke way of Spring
Dn Goods There is no time like the present to make your selec
tions Lome in ana tec us snow you that we are juuy prepared to save you money and arm s 3cw wiim the newest ana best
We know whereof < we speak when we say that our Silk Top Skirts are the best
money s worth you have ever seen Our Skirts are made by expert lady tailors and the
fit is guaranteed qualities always the best
Stylish Taffeta Skirt with deep flounrp trnied with
1 rows of niching and worth alt of S ft or
for 07D
Pretty Taffeta Skirt large flare with fo ir rofi >
adged itn niching stylishly nude and f yr
worth all of 136ft IUD
Made of light weight woJen fabrics th
Ladle Walking Skirts in fetaea and grays
worth all of 450 sale prloe
Ladles Walking Sklrta in stripes of gray
and bine worth all of 560 sale price
neet mo t stylish and correct weaves for early spring wear
ilny Thoy ara
bad been done and the attained lime Sir l rr t baa supplied remrd books
OP LNTERHSr TO rvuiTlSII RUSIDrNTH by the choir and expreaUl hlmwlf at high ami cttaWUhed a tystew In the office that
AMJ tJlllltlH jj pMSMi ivjtb the condition of affairs ao permits nf It affalrt being conducted In a
Wfr learn that trt Swall and Rotler for the i > l glu i foi t < e airvlce It on yatewatlc and Uutloewnke waf Mr
haro eutcred Icto a partnctahlp and rill rned and jt that tbe people cart feel Porreat la alto theaeetetarytrea urerof the
coiduct a general practice together with worrd of good wntle and tlnetnir rt the fctyte attociatton of elty marthala and
be held win re ebleft of police
the eye ear note and tbroht apecUlty at mretlogt to
Wim Main ttreet mala dnrlag the entire meetlHg wblcb will
Dr Swall conducted for twenty yaar a Probably continue for three weeks
lerge gowral practice and field Important
mn Y M C VGrner l Sec
ItENT nARMONA wedding occurred
at the borne of Mr aod Mrs v E Htr
niedcal apfiolnmentu at Maroloaflold ABOlT TnR
° nruBner lott Vet H
tc ml Theae he wt obliged to Klncalde fully to have f cdneadar oven
glee np oc retary expected
entertain the which the daughter
of thc
Christian As bwt Bd B0t Mayme II11
n 1r bu
uote with honor of the Unive ratty of Ion night but delay
0la8ow bcotland
prevenud 1 he electric
NOTICE otlor w > ra completed
The finance comuilttco
hlrbett bidder all property
U d r taxes
begin Wedneaday the Ctb
on totnt of th work Be I ntx of Camden Ala
HgfeU are In tbo nVlulii0 1l JZ cautirully decorated
and the hatha Ul STt eC the 3
a drest o whit
carried a mac
carnatlooa After
day to day unUt alt property la aold
A Upper aty Socrettry
jaod nore aatWactory la athar partlcuiirsiwUbod 1 0 the brtdo and llla tLVSX
groom a long aad
Notice of Registration
Office of Pesrlttrar of City of Hoo toa
Priton snt Ue of oil market
The off e the rtglmtar for tfle riMrl
tiou of the itsallr qulded oter of lloni
on for the tlty election 10 be held on the
7l3 day of April lS ri wii be open ac
cording to law Toe lay March at 8 a
m and It vi ill continue to be open for the
leglvtration of th legally
qnallO d voters
for tfent eoosentivc day > idjir ea
ludid flora 8 oVUck t 01 UP 5 oclov
p m of emb day and no looser
To be entitled 10 remitter e erj male per
aoo mutt be 21 years of axe by the day of
tbe election to h neld mutt bo a cltlieo o
for h m to reah re > aJ < ih > tbn nd the la t ix mootis in the city
arilve le and will
lie will day morning
conduit the Tntsday e elutr iwrTlce Rj
John L Green the pastor of the McKce
Strict cbnrch will bejjin the revlral erv
ke lhl mornln tboilate axed and will
conduct them today afed tonwrrow Prof
1 M Doyle tbe elebr t d reyrnl ringer
who U 10 conlut the ulnjtlnx It here and
win bo prvaeut at every iwrrlce
MKIKYMAY NCPniirjaA weddln
from Waller eouuty Blvon the cw averred at the b W f the groom
of Hou ton He mutt furnlth the regit
trar with bit name color natloqalltj the
number Of the ward the name of the strot
on which he lltea and the number of the
booae in which he reside
Votera mut reeltr In peraon and not
by letter ur proxy Klou luaatlis
panperx supported hy the county all p r
aon confided of felony not restored to
the right of unffraye by the ro ernor an 1
ell aotdlera ruailnera and seamen In the
mmy or navy of the Tnlted Stat arr i > t
allowed to icgitter Xo prerlnu replstra
tiou certifetatea will be accepted at he
election for allien tills resltrMtI < m h hed
VndtT the law all pernono appMng t ie
In the clj of Hoti tnn tnut be isStertd
tiru anl ha e the rc Iftrar iittli te Is
aued before they can ote and every male
peraos of forelsn birth aut > j t to cone of
tbo dtviuitiaeadont aforeviM a ho at nn
a only a few frlendt time befoie an election hall hive declared
v M r7frn Me and Mr prewit at the ddnc but it wn ftlhwel hi tntentlon to Uewne a ltlrcp of th
KILMER WPllDINO JIr b WepUon t th bmae of tbe bride 1 nlted Staf In nwlrnuN with the Ked
T Clayton who ro ld at the corner Jort er KaVirili and Color do tr ett to cri tmturiUrii > i lih aui tn hT rH
ppy couple accomp > nld by
rorprlte ptrtr on Friday ete lC tie r H1
of Hon Powell Clayton mlnlater to MeU
of Jckao aad Walker tm were lveu which Jhe tappy oj lj nea preert
tin Forrett who baa been onnee d wtj
the police force for the paat ten esrs
Prof D M Doyle of La qranse who It to ttrrlns under Brtcha a Pr tt Helm An
hare charse of the tlnalu at the revlral a r on Ilaufrb ami lllackbam tendered
aerrleet at the McKee Slrfet Metbodltt b reaijctiailoii ytmerday jo take effect t
00 < fJHriBB tHOtt M the time Of Mr
Pnl Bl ntli Win
e which lo
bplteopal ebiuth South begun
Fnrrp vrvie upon tb fftce he hnt
day arrtred la tbla city Utt erenlug A occupied tbe poltlo t POJce eerk one
tpvelal choir hat been organlced for thete of tb moat raenotmlbie poiltlona on tne
tervteea aud a goodly number of trained force In the dU < arg of the dntlo of
he ifj always ouirteout and
the roiMU u 1 h flTui ic of
bhall aleo be deemed tiiIHmI rot r
> nmiian
Reirlsrar of rt r of Houston
Fuel Oii Fer Sale
Delivered to any common point in Tex
Ji 10 cents per barrel t o b Gladyi
City We ovsn cars and will contract
to place as many cars in your senice
as order will justify
Lusky Dime Oil Go
viF b ljrnev through life Mr and
1 V lrt nt lie ilounoi
ti 1
clr liini
Mi Kentx It engaged here In
th orTke of the
National Cotton Oil com
roodt rtmalnioK undelivered In the offtc
of Wella Fargo Ce i Bxprest Tor th1
week endiig March V J W Anderson
WUlwui lteete B A Arnold Mrs Hodeai
mal Charlet I r llove P K ltlley llei
lr uJur delimit Fred Dextor Mr
ui hW Bet Ttgi UallT e W Umlyk
r J
fr V Edinuadaon James 11 Wilton
Jrinpsan William Wright W U
PtaaeU uiH D A Weaver l M Iran
iTrrV HK Walker I a P ll liriy Mrt
ff i slrh rM u llruuner Texan < J A
Uutvklnk O W flrUwird Urunnar Texan
Mrs L i Hnrrlt Henry Singer It
Arauwdy O K Poulerton Korge
inn U Fv Wfbb V Urnper W L k
IIm Hoy Mtcliwgrtli Chester llnikei
fSi Wy William Ton M <
UBh V lira 15 Q Prel little Mckersoi
Ha Mr liuu1 l w Will IJu
Circular Skirt of Peu de Sole with rufflea of ac
cordion pleating and niching stylishly 1 n nr
iV >
made and worth all of 1500
ty a Skirts of Peau de Sole and Taffeta 4Q JT
Sltk at 12501350 1400 1600 and
Ladies Skirts made of good durable gray V JC
material deep stitched flounce worth 850 D
Ladies Skirts made of broadcloth In castor and
A 7C gray sttched and corded flounce the best O yr
T value ever offered at UZD
Also fuR line or Sicirts made of BrcuJloilu Venetians etc in light weight spring shades n
at 14 95 1250 1050 and SUU
Th new spring
are here for your inspection Ail the newest snipes and the best style for early spring wear are here in
preat array Prices are 05c 75c irn i o 2 00 250 and 300
The best and most charming styles are here Only this season s newest designs are
on display at this store Visit this department and you will at once be convinced that
much better values are offered here than elsewhere
Foulard Silks in ail the newest shade H 2r en blue Satin and Twilled Foulards in all the newest designs
and royal h ue lovely de gns Sim qui ity gn of do s and scioil effects the smi quality as g
as offered e se here at 75c Ourpcc DC offered elsewheri at Qx a yard Our pree 6 C
24inch Satin and Twilled Foulards in all the new shades of qrcen blue tan Q C
rose etc lovely desi ns will be sold elsewhere at 125 Our price C
New lot of White and Colored Shirt Waists
They will be on sale Monday morning
Lot 26Inch Umbrellas 75c kind
Odd Corseta aold up to 175
Lot of Dark Percale Wrappers sold for 125
Let of Dark Wrappers sold for 150
chotca <
Warners Crescent Straight Front Empire
Corsets special
Lot of Enghsh Madras the 15c kind
Lot of Indianmade Baskets that sold up to
SSc each choice
No 1 1i Black Velvet Ribbon worth 25c
a bolt choice
rnr imxitji ii
Let us All your Corset wants Every Eood kind of
Corset Is here Experienced and painstaking safes
ladles to serve you and who will advise you of the
V id of Corset best adapted to your figure
Warners Rust Proof straight front gored and bias
cut In cootil and Italian cloth 4 and 5 hook f
at 150 125 100 7c and UUC
W B Erect Form Corsets In coutll and batiste I
and 5hook at 200125100 75c rn
Girdle and Empire Corsets In Warners Rust
Proof and W B at 100 and
would be sold elsewhere at per dozen
175 our price
They do the work
of 20 men One man
can farm 20 acres cf
truck without
Thi great line is ready now
fly Haiy Johuston
Miss Johnstons new romance An
drey more than fulfils Hie eager
expectations which have awaiedf
fits publication It is a Virginia
story laid in the I8th Century
I Indeed this latest story reveals
everywhere maturity of observition
joined with a profoundly poetic in
itrpretation of nature and human
Price 120 Poshfe toe extra
Tillots Hook Store
409 Tiain Nail Orders promptly filled
Confidential Information
fnrnlahtd from personal observation
of competent expeit and rcorda ta
to hoWlnga present condition and
management of any Texaa oil rm
pany or cash iue of any otl ock
on receipt of one dollar
Robard Cr Co Beaumont Texas
I 50c
Taomsons Straight Front P D and J B t sa
Corsets at 250 200 150 125 and A
The Celebrated High Grade none better made made
of best grades coutll and Italian cloth straight front
daintily trlrmed They give the new figure effect
with ease and comfort Prices CuO 5 r
450 425 and ZD
Consisting of Ties Top Collars Tjnover Lace
Collars Point Lace Collars Chiffon Capes Chiffon
Ruffs Silk Tlfs Crepe de Chine Ties and many
other kinds of stylish Neckwear too numerous to
mention Call and see them We have Just what
you want
You need Table Linens all the time you never
will have too great a supply and even if you have a
sufficiency just now this Is an opportunity to provide
for the days of after while
uSinch Full Bleached Damask
worth all of 10c at
5Slnch Full Bleached Linen Damask
worth all of 50c at
60inch Full Bleached Linen Damask
worth fully 65c at
72lnch Full Bleached Linen Damask
worth fully 75c at
Linen Huck Towels size 33x17 good heavy Towels Too
+ lee
Linon Huck Towels size < Ux21 a good 250 7 r a
a dozen value at per dozen i D ht >
Linen Hu < k Towels size 45x22 a good o nn b30
value at 3 75 a dozenl at per dozen A7 Lr
Knotted Fringe Damask Towels colored
borders worth per dozen 225 at per doz
U4lnaJJJtliiri l Mi B airr irtiuimcj
ndot >
Garden Implements S
l r
Planet Jr Tools are wonderful
workers in the garden You aSS
do many different kinds tew
f t t <
work with one lmDJemeofa
Large shipment arrived here last Salurdi
Ask at stoe for 1902 book of Planet JrlmpienYents showinir7H
goods photographic pictures of Planet goods in use on farms in Mejrif
Belgium Germany and the United States
nd <
s 11111 see lhe of all Rijji
i ICe Men greatest Rice Machines The
mond Champion Disc Press Drill and the line of Hoos iop
Dulls at the Largest implement Hothe in the southwest 0
Corner Prairie and rAilam ir
A udrey
I The Leading Tailor anJl
Uptodate Haberdaslteri
J My Stock of Tailoring Ooodx also Mttjgf
Furnlshinfs lj tbt most complete in
f y
I Itt a pleasure to shob tosdu sm
a tm
Call and be conbincednwt
attttimmtt tttn
We Will Bond Yonjf
The US Fidelity Guaranty
Fidelity Court and Contract Bonk s
L HUNT Gen AgU HoustonV
rbpn 7lt fox Mllilnj
rpr laamedlata or future dellmy
We have ohr own car and can I
regular delivery oa coptratta
UtanmoBt Aotijianttd apiadlt X9
W A RADDOCKt Aaont Bitument1

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