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Us K G Welch has returned from New
k after a months absence
Icfsrs n aud dug Solomon haro re
lied from a trip to the Interior
iolonel V B Slosson will leave this
inlne or Kansas to bo obsdnt about ten
W Pbllp traveling representative of
llersnbcl Manufacturing company of
mcToll Is In the cltr
is many friends of Sites Lllla Bass ulll
ileasctl to learn that after a severe 111
from oncutnonta she Is couvalcsclng
tlsn Mamie Donahue has returned from
v York wheio she has been purchasing
Inc stock of millinery for Mr A Hampo
trs C D nttiunn and daughter Mies
Inc Greeorv hae returned from Pales
nrhcte thev have been visiting Mr
man Thev ln < nd to locate at Pales
In the near future
imes Sbelton nho has for the past
e or four rears been at Dallas has nc
ed ho a enev In this city for the
fllty and Di posit company of Maryland
if n111 fiom now on make Houston his
tEJ > regular monthly meeting of the Hous
toafSTurnvueln will be held today
IfcBpc Pastors astorlatlon will hold n spc
cMfrnoctlug In the pastors study at Shcain
chaficl tomorrow mornlug
iTMeie sru undelivered telegrams at the
Postal telegraph ofllee 118 Main street
for lnc lit It Larnle and V SI Savella
Ijfic Cnrl ruhe Howling club will hold a
ratetlng and 6ve n free ovstcr roast to
Unfriends at Dumlers garden till ufter
Monday night the offlcers of Washing
tonchapter No 2 Hoyal Arch Mnsoin
nlll confer tbe royal arch degree upio
Iqio regular eml mnnihly meeting of
OIK DovWIng camp will be held this nftei
lMfl at 1 oclock at their hall In the Light
GjWrd armory
Maere are undelivered teleciams at the
9lSfio of the Postal TelegraphCable com
p 8y 118 Main street for A C Snnw
CIde Slair and J H Iloran
HTftere are undelivered Iclcgiams at the
SfflCD of the Western Union Tileerapb
owpany for XV SI Fleuimlti V
wltzcr P J Slooncy and Charles K Ir
Tl e
E meeting of the directors of the Con
sortia tlub Is called to In held at the
Boston shoe store on Main street this
morning at 10 oclock Kvcry member Is
jtsked to bo present
I The mass meeting of the citizens of
Ilruoner to be hold for the purpose of
letermlnlng what steps shall be talon to
wards securing better school faclll lea has
bete postponed until tomorrow Slonday
Post Q Texas division of the Travelers
ProfectU Association ulll hold Its regular
inflonl meeting for election of offlccrv at
taprooms nt the Business League at 10
pClock this morning Ecry member U
irepd to be present
Ifcrhe Magnolia nowllac club will hold Its
regular mcnthly bowling tournmnent nt
Tories famttj resort on tbe llarrlsbnrg
oad thU nfternoou tit which the vontet
orjqtho Captain Hugh Hamilton gold
ncdal will take place
jtThe Brays Hayou Uun and Klfle club
nllfhold a luinluevi meeting nt the Clubs
inrlt thl < afternoon at I oclock Kverv
lerfbcr Is asked to Up present as It will
e business meeting and mattcra of ln
orUne will come before It
iTiJere will bo a called meeting of Texas
Jrlstnn No 231 G I A of the Hrothor
dod of Locomothe nndneers held In Its
alUPitnlan castle rifth wnrd Weilnes
afH Aliirch at 2 oclock In the nfler
oon for the purpose of exempllfilng the
oris of the order l cry member Is
r cd to be present
Afstill alarm nt 12 0 yesferdny after
opn called the department to u small the
tttbe re Idenee of Mr W D Cleteland
Io Wi2 Sun Jacinto Htreet Tbe tiro was
aused b > parks from a flue No damage
tuotlier still alarm from the Houston
frannfer company at 450 p m nan caused
prithe burning of a pot of tar No dam
BBaij Jacinto chapter Daughters of the
tepUblle of Texas will hold their tegular
joathly meeting JIarch 0 Tlmrdav at
fapjp m at the rcslJence of Sirs SI J
rlscoe The chapter Is leqiirsted to meet
jopiptly and to bring with them ever
riwps and flowers with which to decorate
lefbraves of the old Itepubllc of Texas
Tl e centennial of Presbyterian home
IIMlons nlll b6 celebrated at Wctmln
vertHfresbyteilau church nt both morning
Fd lev nln services Itov Kdwlu SIc
ntg the pastor will preach the centeu
lallKcrmon at the morning senlce and
heljastor Mr W F Bell and Judge L
ttffnwcett will deliver addicsscs at the
venlng service
lMt Tom Itlebardson the new secretary
Mirer of the Now Orleans Piogic slvo
> n gotten out circulars some of
VUk be has sent to Houston urging mon
S5Sflbf ° f th0 Ncr Orleans nnlou tS
BSemble Slondav evening Slanh 3 and
toinleM t lw lle > l by Hon
f2ft I1 Krhy ot onston the most suc
11 L ° nfi Sar Slnte
er o ced
3fr5 a conference yesterday after
nt he cltr haI1 betweeu an alder
S SJ iIr u MacGregor vice prosl
tbe Houston Llectiie Street Kail
SCc1mpify < the 0Jctt ot the conference
ZDA to Iwuss the claim of the city
F l2st the street railway
company for
tK du or the railway companys share
fithe expense for street paving
nTBiT < ntral jy ° man a Christian Temper
22S ° rh ve ln > I tniit bust
Rlira ne Mon ar afteiioon
in the
i ffiZL J Hle i cral Christian church at
go clock tbe
Friday meeting ha Inc been
tftpoied until that
SMaf2 brir om brlef ltem Slcmlers of news are or
85li the work from thc
BSiiL i t vnlns orsn Sf D8 WorlJg and
la ChrUtlan Tempcrauce
Revolution In
j w Gasoline Oil
i 5 several days past the Gulf Kcflnlng
l gPany of Port Arthur has had their
jrodjet known as Watts Gas Engine oil
ndergolng tests in different makes of gas
3gjnes Yesterday a test was made nt the
ronJton Sheet Iron and Boiler woiks by
jjijp W Jones who tepresents the com
ang There were roprescntathes present
J cog Howard Smith company V W Helt
jaan A tCo and the Foos Engine works
prlngfleld Ohio Thc test was made wltu
Jjjrelyehorse power Blakeslee engine and
> satisfactory Is putting Ituld
r Thii ° i
a Product
I of the Beaumont
goes far T to solve tbe fuel problem
Iw 1 U C0S ts 1 ° pcr ceu les U
I fer gascllqe and they claim more em
SS2i ln tue machines when ualug It
veMttaln Phil Itahm the rice
> ullder
of the Thompson rice mill se
contract for the new Houston
art tho
ptinlll also
Slto be ercot1
the Bayou City rite ml I
Houston The build
35rhi10 jrer way nnd Captiln Itahm
t t the
factory In Mollne testing three
JWJJiind Improved machines the Imet
3J In rice machinery and Informs Tie
all ar beyond bis expectation in
iJL0W crld r a oniler as
imiias a new K
huller Captain Rnljin nil
i Miout the 10th to Houston to be fnl
f allla veral cars ot machinery for
Ui2tSr t inF ot the Will A Witkln
if t0Jn l1e Steinwnv to Mr K n
LtTS oaAun filelnwnv and Pluioli
Urnr J 110P a Orange and Sin
lEiwi 1 Oplliiil Obtain prle i
itffl 1 A Watln Music Co Dallas
frtljjn Antonio
Jlf V1 locking hsndsome ant sweet
00la l
nalda ajtr slain FWher piano at
U Allison
h > and JII s SI Hubbard
returned from New VorV to resume
of K O W Icit trlmmlnc depart
Mail Orders
Receive careful and prompt
attention and best values
sent Samples of new spring
fabrics sent by mail upon
Wash Grenadines One of the seasonsfavorite fabrics linen grounds with baigain
rivw v v f y 4Vv
Levy Brothers
It is less than a month until Easter time you were choosing your Easter gowns This store
has anticipated your every want for that day and is fully prepared to give your fancy full
sway You can get here anything that fashion sanctions and your inclination leads you to want
Three Special Lots of
Very Handsome Skirts
At 398 Each
Beautiful Skirts that are worth from
550 to 650 each
At 498 Each
Elegantly trimmed Skirts that are worth
all of 750 to 8 50 each
At 595 Each
Magnificent Skirts that are dreams of
loveliness worth all of 900 to 1000
Childrens Well Made Tucked
Cambric Drawers
Size 1 to 3 vears 10c a pair
S > zes 4 to 7 years 12 c a pair
Sizes 8 to 14 years 15c a pair
One of the Chief Features of Interest this Week wilfbe
A Grand Special Selling of Muslin Underwear
We have just received something like 1000 garments high grade AUislin Un
derwear that were bought for 50c on the dollar They were manufacluiers
samples for this season Thev are exira well mid and finished of splendid
qualities of materials and trimmed with dainty laces and embroideries We
will place the entire lot
On Sale Tomorrow Monday Morning
along with a large number of slightly mussed garments that were out on th
counters during our White Fair Sale and we can assure you that
The Values Will be Immense
In fact they will be in most cases less than wholesale cost Only one carmen
of a style and kind in the lot so come early if you wish to avoid a lim am
get the best selection
It will be a glorious feast for your eyes for you to spend a little while in
specting our
Superb Showing of Wash Fabrics
Nowhere else will you see such a charming variety No other store offers
values A short list of that will interest
charming colorings worth all of 30c a yard
Seven Heavily Loaded Tables TJlLKm u T
At 25c a Garment At 98c a Garment At 198 a Garment
Gowns Drawers Chemise Skirts
land Corset Covers worth fully
50c each
Draweru 5c
Gowns Drawers ChemUe skirts nd
Corset Covers worth fully 200 each
At 49c a Garment
Gowns Drawers Chemise Skirts and
Corset Covers worth lully too each
At 149 a Garment
Gowns Drawers Chemise Skirts and
Corset Covers worth fully 275 each
At 298 a Garment
Elegant Gowns Drawers Chemise Skirts
and Corsel Covers that are worth tullv
150 to 475 each
At 75c a Garment
Gowns Drawers Chemise Skirts and
Corset Covers orth fully 150 each
DrnucrH 70c
Exquisite Foulards
The seasons favorite for veiy smart gowns
ing as extra good values at 75c a yard
Another week of rapid silk selling will be inaugurated at this store to
morrow Values that are phenomenal in
such incomparable new things you M fl yard > M fnm whfch o and Qne
Foulardines new designs and
New m and m color combinations The same that others are sdl
Basket Linens New all pure linen material for waists in navy Ofl At g5c a yard peau de Soie Foulards in very choice designs and new pat
and light blue bktck
white and tan very smart styles is in th fabric vui enS Te m 0heri aie abki UQQ a d for and caimjn a at
black figures and Persian designs and colorings also lovely as or At 9gc a yard cxra quality Satin Foulards a charming variety of new
sortment of colors and black and white and white and black artistlc patterns in all the choice colorings of the season The same quality
Wash Grenadines White grounds with colored embroidered QQn as others sell at t2Srand I35 a yaid
stripes very swell for waists 70 At 135 a yard the finest of the finest the daintiest of designs the most
Imported Organdies With true Persian figures and colorings an Q artistic color combinations exclusive patterns that cannot be duplicated
> vriiicif A fabric for full OTUlrK v Other stores would charge 175 for this quality
exquisite gowns
French Batiste All the newest and most desirable colors very OQn
dainty designs really worth 50c a yard Q3L
Mercerized Chambray Plain colors with embtoidered dots and n pr
New Shirt Atadras in a large assortment of beautiful patterns Qfn
and excellent colorings
Silk Chambray A very dainty material for smart waists light 7tn
blue tan and rose quality worth 98c a yard f UC
Grenadine Stripe Wash Silk A charming material in light blue
white and pmk
The Baby
Linen Color is exceptionally good this season and we are showing
all the newest things to be had in it
All Pure Linen Linen Colored Ground Grenadines with colored silk
embroidered dots and stripes at 39c 49c and j9c a yard
You can buy most anything in the way
of dresses etc for her or him at this store
for less than you can have them made up
and at the same time save yourself lots of
worry and trouble
Come in and Ask to See Our
Infants Line
Cambric Gowns 25c Infants Long Dresses 50c
Neatly made and trimmed with ruf Made of pretty quality of Nainsook
fles ages 6 months to 2 years trimrred with embroidery and hem
stitched ruffles
Infants Long Nainsook Gown50c
Trimmed with dainty embroidery and Infants Long Dresses 9Sc
hemstitched ruffles ages 3 months to Fancy Yoke trimmed with dainty
4 years lace and embroidery
Handsome Christening Robes
Made of sheer fine materials andtrimmed with dainty laces and f n nn
embroideries 500 to I UUU
The SHOE that gives
satisfaction always
Be a Sorosis wearer and you will know perfect foot comfort
Black Wool Skirtings
At this price we effer for tomorrow values that range from 75c to 100
a yard not more than one or two skirt lengths of a kind This lot is
the end of our winter stock of black goods that has been crowded out
of the shelves by summer stock and we wont pack them away rather
give you the extra values
New Light Weight Black Woolens
45lnch Canvas Cloth a weave that is particularly good this sea
son We offer for tomorrow a quality worth all of 125 a yaidat
50inch Extra Heavy Canvas Cloth a quality that would be
cheap elsewhere at 175 1 yard at
45inch Etnmine a weave that has few equals in making up the
piesent style of skirts a quality worth all of 90c a yard at
5oiiicli Homespun a most excellent weave for walking skirts
and suits a quality worth all of 150 a yard at
50inch Cheviot a most serviceable weave that cannot be excelled
for durability quality worth 125 a yard at
Very Special Values for Monday
104 Bleached Sheeting a good icliable kind worth 20C a
10 >
4 Unbleached Sheeting good heavy quality worth 17fc i n 1 n
yard 2C
New Covert Cloth Skirting extra good quality worth all
10c and 12 a yard
36Inch Cambric Muslin soft finished regular Sic kind 16
yards for
flounce with accordion pleated ruffle a good 175 value for
rTssfrt66ts it4ia6fr fc6tt 6titt86fftt6t < fttfcettftifitffett with narrow full ruffle a good 350 value for
fc Uto
75 c
1vr T tS t s
S8 Extra Heavy All Linen Satin Damask Napkins worth ail 1 1Q
of 150 a dozen
English Long Cloth Twelve yards in piece quality that always on
sebat 125 Monday OC7G
32inch Percales Light and dark colors new patterns regular Sic c
kind Monday per yard C
Amoskeag Apron Ginghams Blue checks only regular 6c kind c
Monday pei vard Q
36inch Soft Finished Domestic A good reliable quality that A fin
Sells regularly al 6 e Monday 10 yards for nrUC
New Shirting Aladras Sol d colors and stripes good durable Qjn
quality last colors reguar value 12 0 Monday a yard ° Sc
Solid Colored Chambray In pink and blue short lengths quality O
worth 12icayard Monday a yaid C
Black and Colored Petticoats
Cut full and well made
Wash Madras Black and white stripe 12inch accordion pleated fiQn
ruffle a good 85c value for UvJC
Good Quality Black Sateen with narrow white stripe wide i An
> 6 VrfW tT
etffttfuftefrfttfttitttfu tttttfrttfffenfffffffrKf
< n
s ReadytoWear Section i
This scrtion is fast casting aside its winter look and taking
on an air of springtime brightness extra good values await
you here tomorrow in new desirable things that arc eminently
Chiffon Capes
A light wrap right now is almost a necessity and we are showing a charming
selection of pretty Chiffon Capes and while we only quote two numbers our
stock embraces a very complete line of higher grades
At 650
Chiffon Cape with three ruffles and
double ruche around neck long tabs
with three ruffles and three ribbon
band and ends all black or black and
white Worth fully 800
At 498
Waists worth 750 to 1000
and all colors
i BVfcTJ l < H WrCTi Ifr Vfrt lU
At 795
Chiffon Capes with three ruffles
that are edged with liberty silk ribbon
long accordion pleated tabs with deep
ruffle all black only Worth all of
New Light Weight Raglans
Oxford Gray Cravenette Raglans Satin lined sleeves velvet Q Tf
collar new cut pointed yoke light weight An extra good value at U U
Black Taffeta Silk Raglans Made with double cape collars edged with
moire bands sleeves lined with white satin A garment worth in CH
fully 15C0 I ZOU
Black Taffeta Silk Raglans Made with bell sleeves trimmed with bands
of stitched satin military eollar sleeves lined with white satin iJ en
A garment worth all of 1900 lUOU
Black Atoire Silk Raglans Made with double cape collar bell sleevesi
trimmed handsomely with velvet dotted fancy braid A very nf en
swell garment worth 2500 I DU
New Fancy Silk Waists
We have just received a large lot of sample
Waists one and two of a kind They are new
uptodate styles and perfect garments that are
clean and crisp along with these we have
placed all of our very swell waists the ones
that were 1500 to 2000 from last season and
divided the whole lot into two prices
The Values Are Extraordinary 11
At 675
Waists worth 1000 to 1500
and all colors
ixfi tL r
Owing to the extra values given in these Waists we will not exchange
or take them back
Black Silk Top Skirts
Exceptionally good value for Monday in new correct cut and stylishly
trimmed skirts
At 695
Black Taffeta Silk Skirts five gored
corded graduated circular flounce
headed with silk ruching Really
woith 800
At J500
Black Moire Silk Skirt graduated
circular flounce trimmed with bands
of stitciied Peau de Soie Moire is
exceedingly good this season This
skirt is worth fully 1700
At 950
Black Taffeta Silk Skirt seven
gored flare bottom trimmed with two
scolloped corded bands edged top and
bottom with jube trimming value
At 1800
Black Taffeta Silk Skirt graduated
circulai flounce covered witn fourinch
full ruffles upper part ot skirt trim
med with thiee bands of Moire edged
with tube trimming A very dressy
skirt worth fully 2000
The New Cloth Skirts
Every day we receive something new in cloth skirts and you are surt
of finding here a skirt that will suit you as to price style and material
At 550
Nine gored flare bottom Gray
Cheviot Walking Skirt scolloped
corded band forming graduated
flounce effect six stitched bands put
on seams up to top of flounce This
skirt would be a good value at 700
At 795
Tan and gray homespun seven
gored graduated circulai flounce fancy
stitched yoke All the style and good
qualities of a 1000 skirt
At J 250
A very handsome Black Cheviot
Serpentine Skirt graduated circubr
flounce trimmed uhh stitching seven
rows wide heicules biaid equally
spaced from top of flounce to waist
new fan kick A very swell garment
At 850
Extra quality Black Cheviot unllned
Skirtgraduated circular floinicea very
handsome plain skirt worth fully
10 00 Sizes as large as 36inch waist
and 47inch length
The New Tailored Suits
We cant tell you about all of them only a few We would like to
have you come in and see them all
Black and tan light weight Venetian Cloih Suit Eton Jacket trimmed in
stitched taffeta binds stitched taffeta vest high pointed collar skirt graduated
circular flounce heided wuh stitched taffeta band A very natty 1 en
little suit and woith lully 1650 ItUU
Black and tan Granite Cloth Suits Russian Blouse trimmed with stitched
taffeta narrow silK braid aud buttons skirt graduated circular i O en
flounce trimmed same Very swell suns worth fully 2000 ° J u
Gray and black Etamine Suits Blouse Jacket with fancy whle vestrlrfm
med with stitching and oxidized buttons skirt seven gored jijr bottom habit
back trimmed down seams with stitched bands silk drop skirt with accordiomi
Black Nearsilk with 8inch accordion pleated silk ruffle edged t QO pleated flounce A very elegant suit that is made in on p of the jJOfiljfl j
1 jO best of this seasons styles ywvvtCv 4 4
f r
1 i
i i
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