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The Houston daily post. (Houston, Tex.) 1886-1903, March 02, 1902, MAILABLE EDITION, Image 14

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Houston pRiarnKQ cospANy
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THE SEsn VEEKXT POST nttmimyt sd TsBsnassya
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ftut this does pot stgatfy that the people wore ever
more alive to their Inters Is tke premises tbss tkey
ere now Tboy are simply fc M dy than they hare
been to lndolge la tke 3t uest of persona casa
palgna thats alL Lot twUe real Usus present Itself
end th Btoorsers wko ba e been overlooked and the
scbecaers bo are bBUs on apathy win realise that
they ha mlajtidged the sltsatlon
The pooplo of Tax are U right Tfcsy ra com
Infs out to tho primaries aa
they roll atooBd sad tk y
stre parUdpiUns therein with heir mshsT saraestasse
But they ftft not g UIng waited tnoatlw In adyaneo
over nothing tuithftr hav they eono to sleep and far
thai they havo an interett in State affairs
fr J esmed however that alsnalsU and apj
Ihlstirtare slfkeTMitii upoa Ioej porpose and that
Ob strait ay fast tke eooct
t Se 4e f ate I araa a prison aad ye came ssto e
I Tie ewrsoa kaa Iwsea few rtmrta to adJOBra oat of
my j
Feet th asorn i e
t aVPPtlskka piwc ot Praldlaat se ttai iaa J aat ry
1 er tk wtr B b a ioa tbs
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gjiag too f
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itrtafiut vol wboleaa mot h tT tb
iow take raslt wttk tL aaiT e rftV
s 1 and wlH share wttt tfcea tha antcM rotnaf te j
t b great Xortkwea
Idea r fkjajiaat tar sranttez r tie traffic ol cttr
Texas wwi want saas frigk ker < the
now beeoaaea saw o t m w + rjnt > vg aay
t ateat of trad f k a c iitr < to r
rcv rjpjneat at I fcare Kar au >
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To th i eu yf > zboT < i fctihf a
i goctiy la Uk f of k > j cv3 atsd a hiUrg
I ic ot ntoB tor Usls gre en < I Tt i1 Poat tor the
r alaess of Hansta nsders gnttefttl > lujowtadcsieat
I a not easy to same tkm ia oae breath without
rr ttias aoaM bran wortter wbo deaerres ntaJ credit
I there tan be no misttVp ta saying tket to Repre
fc tative Tbosna H Ball Hoostoa owes s debt of
prra iude tkat caa sot be expressed hi e nvenlct
t rma
Now tt bekoorea Howtotj to ley broader sad deeper
the foosdattoa of bar awored greatsesav ta btiltd for
a sptesdfd utsra is eolarge bar spirit tmA her awtk >
oda is all sMHeicissl sad cotaraercial uetirjXSm to tke
tad that there stay be no cagMrUoa sad so delay Is
f b < aetsal reetUstkm of tke great beaelts tkat are to
fioir frost talc iBouiautoas endertaking
ta s 1 r t 7
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ktensloral hoad otte or oaaxot tboe wk aav
seal tkar r rJvfcc besih w4e bectk
Ifswr Tat esty a awtssrtT l xa aAalraftfe jce
Krs ftaater fowad it at rtrkw ami first peat ker Tke
S C B t Hrectai AsseJ 0see of H C
Am hoing iso < u stosts
by sdjoatratos ts hmsoc of a r pit She wa V
ncmnal nr wsk tke kah a brfceja
of Jwa BCMttfal ta = Wt JJ4 r w
or nr aw tea eae4 c tes rx r te
sssttarae to tfcc sr 3o sre InwMtBrtiwi
Xrt Xetoeca Sataa Fos i Tteste mi tike Park
Atcbm botel Ire m Isairra w tie Took JokskL
Tk f n aeMias C tfcfe tw iBiwttBui wt r Vs a M
I arwS fry tk sret tkst vtcitoik tnm tke kettra
5 vt tk r a l a < f eotcaMrta m ah
Sum Votsatirtly vttMnwtes fcensett ill
j jcneot trf f si spoat < tteft ad kcr aotaUaee
aari ekes aoM ker artwae giwaeati tfeat
It it aaaf a sate aoble o
Aa Tie < sjj aade rt clear is e ten it
feu so persoaai ar to wa oMai Mr Stewart ar any other
j e = < I e jot cax aor atomd kp peraaoai ctmaldera
t HgaKaB readers t rar ir c jrjri Belt aad Ja a ci s Tse Pest ia
l f r eeaciaccacai aad dectct ny adianjtra
< Vvwri as tfee man jUrit j ral5 tae ntaa
e t rxperwirtsre an HotMtfla i w i terxa yeara
ti jJ aaed tke e Ar tt sdx u Tsjja ta i
w jc uiy tke praii ajty Thit x mjt t
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sues bnt pow aT ds f
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T Of MSt B55
trat est
it e < s TrafJ
i v ij c se to
= r HJ ar1
< a s et isd
tn4 B < it < e
creased sac
cjoa tfce re db d eoOesisw J k XsBters foMatoiw e
sari rv Tisg jmbiicns aari Own Gr MW a
pwr tj a ekxr akte an Kfwf1iM w steaaed
btfubk watt
desred atrsct Ji
endcsid mvr r > > <
or a oe Vttfr
ekj9 dsftejntri t
A raet oaeec
aadta mraUfy
awatkbe had
tke Priater sr
ta faset aref
Ckoaeflrv Ti
battag like vr
wst gesttte P a
u yai sold
It k < hiae
Bit it xxix
Le irt
Vacr Sibste
Long Oreriv
Yo kad it
Asd Lock i
Mim Staae the ntMcasrv >
the Tjrioak kastjns i re r
tr 5 > it ia canatteoiuh <
C6 atry a effectang fcer rriesir
rrsre caasmeadalile is Be <
they woild wise tke TtEfk6ft
l s Zm than of tiungs that are i erao bJS es y sWfcepJWra mit
s ring a trar eSff fcrr iW
Maker wbea both the Mtascn rura n ari
were after thrau
not to call in aa eotsider to
M fight
Trjas rangers j
is 10 ti i rre graa of spring
having bad
three fauJ r > wrds aUrat three ratal annates
The Fiarodora waala
< raracy wksck a recent raOawy
wreck is fortneate m having s own phreaoJogi iJons iki
they wiH
it their I
PrxsArs that Sritish victory would have looked dtAsrest
k3 resorted by Botha tsatead of lutchenet
Ctomwi IUvu and
Stosap Aahby are itampfair r
rsaoche eoanty one for aad the other agamst j ar Tkeae
two lose popobsta ahonid organire a get together dak
Havtso tried smcidt twelve tunes Jr > nes had better watch
est thoteco is eons dered
as anteky naoaber He salafct
if he tries it again
says he will J i Harana to ulce tke
Coatstaist Is betag made is tots quarter tkat Use l u < re oaths to be mdalgcd kt fce had
people of Texas are sot taking as stock Interest u j B ° hvans to afcosapaay hag
they ought to In politics this year Os the other haod
there are those who gravely contend that the alleged
prevailing lack of Interest is pabttc matters ts doe ts
the prosperity wtth which tke State is blessed sad
that it is bettor for Ks crUzeaa that tkey should be In
different to tke Btasjier of mea to wkosa tkey eatrast
their goverBtnest
Many of those who eompUts of what is tertaed
apathy upoa tke part of tke people ta Use awroseklBg
Btate caaapslgB are ladlTidoaJs or tke friends of
individuate aho conceive tkestselves to be satarsi
bom euardtass of tke public welfare bat who ess sot
manage to stir up enough interest is thesxserves to
justify them to rsa for office Tke otfaer kind tke
kind that raiaUkee approval of the existing order of
things for apathy Is made ap Is large part of hope
lessly discredited political aspirants who isiatfae the
opportunity has eotne tor them to slip up on the Mind
elde of the electorate
Wlthcot doubt store tiste ha been wasted on poli
tics In Texas is Use past tkaa is being done tkis year
BeTAH says that sVooarveit s dec sion in tke Schley
wtH not eher
pobles oprnioe of Schley Kejtker win k
alter tke jmhl opmwn of Roosevelt
GceearHJ Evening Banner r rrfsri by Deal k
Hodge ka iast celebrated its eighth birthday and tke cfaktk
year of its aaertsnes to its coaueaarty Tke Post ishu k
cootianed sooceas
wstheSTi iif 4 fUf0 tttm W rsdagtan
Kow however tke belUcoae
sentlcsnea ka e been per
aornd to rsasane tketr seats bat have btea eeatarod Betag
censored is equal to rsccMag a good hard slap on tke wnat
Bn iartSm JJSS
hre weeka JTk
Perhaps like tke bakes fa tke wood tfceyva done cot
U ted Froe Tmpson to luss sssport a long journey for
sock little folks
P tU > JeittuTMmt ek e had coatrol
v t no
he first of
the week was spent eat the eotsatyTasVsTmr
mT toB w > Fost cense out a little skv
m le a news hot h win be saask Spin sosneNettie Isewe
HmmtrzUlt Ittt
Jns out of tke eaoaty We knew
a ans s ce whose
KothermLaw chased hits out of the State
Tke specialty of Cfcieao nerve apecUluts is having the
serve to teH the wertti that which ft already knows
The DenTsoa Herald s edttlon of last Thursday cowiited
f tUteea pages just deuilt ks tarsal tramher Tks la
aaraBr kg v
t he
ttBa Jima ff Tie Her M awei Total htat imd
it difeceev
tkb ia aa
it Arrat leagtk
< r e 5i yoa
i t pasd
t tcs eat
iitiakfg laann aad u rrer iaJ ri ytrww wkat key
Ax sseaaaK wwaiJweiKiwt Ac naoibs f laHr c
tkat kaoe aciiirf m Wi llijiii ution ike paae frw aKtoAa
aay thewt aw now aawg a iaw < ir eat tie cmaiaal
tnct coort > cfcr of H n cxmhKjt aad there wwbM aawc ban
a aiuanaci of neber r t ftxrtvt b bori iioca < oc
or aatwt c < Sic9 e kas so tees extcrsusatedL LmfkiK
cs is joat Sice ifr
frrtv yeara we base
vte a Peeaa
Camipe Xratf
A yoaagster who hv d m Segtrsn
Ossee ate ot < applet < ue tcrtiin
Aad said
Jll he
Jd die
st J Oa cut
V aa > t on earth ia you tnoia
7 he Poh
A rfcywer wlrJtoot digtce
A twinhle of mirth in htt cmse
TV s wwtes in a tfcyjcae
Tis etfy j rtngt > Tae
A we btt of fan for tie auue
G 3deSt Gavrttt
t saltan of Turkey ts a erasicxaa aad a player of
ijpiimJiBTM of the Bra krr nni at l ncner atve Enapwerv j
of Uck aweting the Herald psaModisi a oomtdete sod de <
kae HootDai to reaOr proi f it ti e werden itMafc
aavc ftot ocmrrvs lately
Kave voa vvu kesrd aay aac aaM aavl caaac aa
wi a FuQasn ajwafe vtfl ei has 9 Marfam BaS
Kaa cmibt c haw bat kacaaae fe Wt Sfe At
eHvw aawi tike atnet abaJI we ponraaac kk kaaas Iraaa
snae utei4 patty ka 4oesnt warn it atai aat tae faaoif af
aaac tta asvw vka si
kaa hk aat date aVcy t a
sax tkat as reaaor ker anrm vaersUrt aad It Tke a faaaax at tn V o facl < a atart f Otim
tbata vttk tke aaotkiac MMapkattc tawek of ker > a
otaa a Oavaatkctie bawl jt jg Maaaaaaj s mat hem wm aeuke peaaie gst aitir
Tke aabte ka soac te kar vi TlBwual Mar < Jrfae4 fee ataec tv a y wase f ikeaa get
Us > r
a tke aaertiftA a St to rttt 8or Owy akaS eb te
ai otara Aad acaia Xcnr akMatk tkeaa tkxwe Petfcas tkat
Fa k cwoc aa > d caxritr kst tke fraaseat oC tkeae la itm tkaa
dkarttr Cssa Vt tonhatea ckovU be carmd tke
traros aa tk ac Cotne ye kluaiwil o < any rather
5l 1t Ot < r sstSota trvpared lor 7 t frats tke fottada j
Taau it at
of Tars
tisr atdc Oat
kaa elaarea tva < > in
brilliancy est the ptsaav The old piaster such as
Beethoven Mozart Handel e be doe not care ior aad
devote hi time ia accoaspah as the iatricaci < 9 < of sock
works as La Fill Vr Mats Aagot The Mkado sad
Maae Favan J
Edward ls y e head af tke Weatera Federation of
kfmers and leader of te recent strikes in Nottkera Idaho
has made a mining strie that kaa brooght haat aa offer of
Hon J T Gautt of Sootb Carolma ia at tke kcad of a
movement in that State ta have befit at tike St Loait ex
UKj li
At Ike iaot af Tky eroaa O ay Slater
I tbraTrvc ieaaairfnaiy V a
I tan iroadc deep tke cop af s tesattre
Tke naee ai aer aaaidrwr to 4r Tni
1 aa raJk 4 Kaa4 ia ksaal vriafc f r BaBy
My fife kaa bees fcavec xei Uhi
Aa neesiaK I aaakr aav > aBaj sne
OG 4attke eat f Thy craw
VTrah ey faB aac as xaat pity
Lack ateaatfaatiy aawn sradaas Lenl
Stretch lartk Tky a 3e kaad fat a aamr
Vaackaafe ate but one tender ic rL
I ke aetkaaj to offer before 7k =
Tke aabl trf mr Me it bat abaat
Fargrre aac I cry O Caciwe ait
Aa IV at tke ioet at Tky emas
EaStk Seaaaaaa Taaptr
Istcrigrant EducaASnal Test
The Iaaaajrratioc Retr < < w leaetK of
tke foU < nriag reascu fw cr adoptsoa of the
tot as a aseaoa of tartar re nctaif aad rertlatiac ka
Tie reaaeoa foe a trg tti teat are aracticai aad sat
academic Iti adocti a urged hecaaae Ac najoriry af
tfcaae who believe ta aaicof imaagraben aad wbe kar
atadtcd Jfce awBraJ3 s problenr carefaQy hare cnoae o
tke eeod aioa thai tfc j it the best tceans ready at hand ta
accermaduk tkerr purpose 7ste who belirre is the edaea
eVmai teat da act ca s u sdhnKaey af H tkat the act wke
em att read wit news TiaJre a Jew denrable eitiaea
Ibaa Ike aaaa who can red Tke reasoiu i adopting
6 > n teat are aa fcKewa
t freytr it a been frjcd aa aa aetaal fact tkat tke
cUtair wbon we w rb to rTcjde L tkoae who are i
aaraa l aay tcc tatiot > ar at tke whoSe tacapabte
of wjfwielaiif esr ixucr r re and ataadards of Tiring aad
aka ace ery diSos t cf at rr Saaoa eantaia i Ttry Urea
praportiaa i illiterates ard that by adeotisK the edoea
titwai teat tku class af aaangniion caa be erjr greatly re
a Prf t st i exact xsi defiaste at aaeratjaa aad eaaf r
aad chafer applied
j Beotaae a peeiieirrtaT teat weald be applied by tke
xteararhn cotrfacie at T place where tke tickets ace
bovj it aad i tail wsv tbe karjsbia cf tsrsing back tea
stiqprastt at aat oma t i wc Cd largely be avoided
Bevaose it doe rt srplf any reat change ta tatat
tag sadtiaery xtor in bereaae ta coosslar service and
5 Etcsmae tfee afciity ta read aad write j a cecestary
s en in tie beads ei part of tke e uspaess of the erdtaary Amencaa trtrrtt
rsswvn wii was i goj tiieztistt kub thocg ViTg paJ it iatsict11 vs
I dvritae fr a pewitse to recerre cair iBMSJgraati
d 4i iwne
V tj ef toe earrh if lw f rawl
r v 1 ot of eaiateace S ctae it wvl prcmite education assoog those
M saitwj tip aad feed > r e aattsf sow thfct I < iesrt ta tntnijgrate and i3 a that extent unpTore the
cjaa y dews is Johaos gTi < v m Tiumi sjcUI c5r1drtcn cf Earope
w a m r Eccajae ti edxaeilrrjd test has been istdorsed as a
Tihs n fed fcwelted besa Pendent S seTelt saw Ipracoci s t = cu 05 the eacsttoa by all the leadtag Undent
fit to wsthdraar bif tewttatp e
pritice Screly it was sbrm th <
dent a id dc ft w dd aawt
the foreigr dtgattary aoo
igtitert TiHaaan H aa a o
at t9sat tiae aad reaCj it er
rrerw ed to and en as e as
peojiie auaw X > t Jy Una
e r with ibe frerraia i tre irri iCra jnrMeja fcy 90 per cent of the preas of
r j crt thisa the srav tie Tj tri iut bj State legislstores by State aasoci
> ji taste tc ectertajs
SW P0 is an sans of the econtry
h h s I
aj wth i iet dicent
these becasse tbey look wet whh no real feeiiag to prompt
position a reproduetie of the eahSn in wkkh President Aa J tJS
oe nnaasai Die
drew Jackson v as bora j
Seetton t of the ti9 proposed by the Istsigrstiac Re
strictM leagse adds to the xx n4it classes the followmg
A persons over 13 years ei age and pfaysicaDy capable
of reading who caa ast read the English language or sense
ST2Lif at afVwrs etfcer W 2 terogr nt
The f T 5
The coronation pre 3st to he sent to King Edward by iJSJ l ZJ
saltan of Morccto are of oaique character Many off Honorab r
° w
hs MtVASOBatseaets aod i rK w i w r admitted to this country any hnag fat
pretty specssven t ocenpy or seed for his wife his chfldrea ander iS years of age
ia exalted a place TWatta red ail that he received at and his parents or graadparests over 50 years of age B
the hands of ks ecSeagae Seas or hlcLanrm last Satarday tkey ase otherwise admissiHe whether they are so able to
Wharton stasfe read or not
t For pehlicatiees of cd ntesttbersbfp
T 0t w Ko that we cast not have batar a de of eatromeed oB
ar < j itg mt wwsSd Bke to inquire if it wtr be a vwvatKsc cf the la
t4 pri i t ae t = kj M feed eottaejseed meal to ojl S9 it j aa jucse Enttr
ty n rstr i tajte = 4 c i r
iri r cut hate mco
Fjti wjII hard care to r into r > z rtr
JO Paao after his jijt rt the tr
Sestnctiea Seagae address Prcscott F Hsfl secretary astd
trearsrer FItke baTdsng Boston
The league a strtcty oofspartism and notriettarian
orsanxuUjicn whh siesabers frost all parts of the United
States It advxaxes a stricter regalatiao < rf tHvosyrratioe
brrt cot rce eaxitra n of any n3K raos whose eharacter
ar i stxncards fit them to become ehueas
at mnvi
What Constitutes s Gentleman
H < nefty is perhaps the fait < xslifxation of a gestle
raan rot ertly bcorsry in bufiaess dealings btrt in ail
sooa ard chkal relatioas
Ths the Terdlct of Mrs W To > i Helautk president
zi tae New York State Federaitos of Mcxnaoe nbs
them are fattkfni copies l > Moorish artists of tke nwsst I pore trw charitable and
extpasit works of art ta the Moorish ntaaeoet Amng there MOTf clhV > s ay be osed in describ
ptescau are tncl ded specinseaS of tke Moorish craHstsaai f08 ao tenma The last two desezwe a
tk of 1000 year ago whack never before kave been re1 ttt V re t3 pasts anenooa i It possible to be
produced char able ajjd >
Bear Admiral Oscar VS Faxenkolt U S X fco was
inspection ofbcatr at Charleston navy yard op t > aixmt a
year ago aad who ts soar oa tke retired list is the only
eftcer in tke service wko reached the grade < f rear ad
miral from the position of enlssacd aaaa Admiral Faren
holt is now living in Maldea Mass His ht t duty v as in
the Far East shcrt he loamninlid the double tarreted
monitor Moaadnock He entered tke navy fern as a rjjn
ret daring the civil war sad kaa a record of more than
sixteen years sea service
Tke Bareness Uilian voa Tilse a German wonus of
noble birth who ts known as tke only practical
i miser ia all of Alaska ia ssaw in Chicago after aa
of four years at Cape Mesne aad Dawson City
Did Kot Prove Alcohol a Food
There kaa been going tke roasds of the newspapers an
accoostt of experiments witk alcohol oa frogs legs in wksck
it is said tke experimenters found as did Prof Atwater of
Wcaleyaa narvcrsity that ia certain proportions alcohol is
essentially a ssosele teed Tks tke experimenters on the
frogs Ins thtauwlm deny bat tke reports are still circa
laMog toaetber witk Prof Atwsters attrmatiens of the food
vssssc af atotwef Coaorresag the procssigaton of soch
errsca Dr H S Anders lecturer and clavril instructor in
pkysteai diagnosis MedicoCkirurgical tcileje wi visiring
Pry eiaa as tke amaritm krspital Phiafleriu
I kave yet to see m recrnt cre iMe and reaoi physio
togstal amd cliaica rhtrm m any e lrrc that ta the
bmstwsskoss the por 1 those who advocate total ab
stMMstae kt kekilh pwi c i9o and sr < ioogiea better
SJ 5eV U ht0 1a y nd habrtaally used al
coholta a drug and rot a ditk a
p ea ani not a food a
atreotte and not a tcnc a depr < r > nt ssd not a stimolsnt
Ji t1 rih rJcfc erficial sod sensational
itnfl into print as fmi ta tie vjrk f some recent is
vestleators wbo u a themselves with saloon
keepers and > c > r l rccjerste drinkers of intoxicanu wko
T1 rtau of the laboratory
bswery m iuaa7 psod s of tieTfflSy
worker is nasally Wed witk Wadty feeling for tkeae
him Exterior polish aad rape can be acquired kindness
Limitations of Genius
Tke sua wko wrote nViakle twinkle Httte star had
tkil asTaeeT tZl 1SS 3
rt af r person who wrote Backward
t mm
f slwvsi It yeUr Bhtr TlmeX d i
siM Ssa sngsrV1 t > eCl = e ° f SUO h ° <
Wke tay that remaee U no raoic
Aad heart as towjrr tree f
list wwat we kaew aa lere af yore
Aad taid andat aaaoais tsd dev
Bath yielded ta Bcauac aew
accatse oat its Tery aeal
Asd witk ksarOky deak haw
haeff before a raUr
It hitfa bees s sayteJf hith teea
Tkis aktaa yaarsetf eaadeatas
This tkaag wkach walla ia atlkes theea
Aad erawas itself with geau
Far wealth hath bad its satellites
Skate wbea tke world was aew
Bat lave wiE txOl have stt delights
Tke while the does are bloc
I knew tkat lave still preens its wisgv
Tke witebaag weesoaae elf
And heart auto its sweetheart discs
Desptssag gauds aaA pell
Wky I recall a ca e xagkt new 1
Xs fact twas just last aiejat
X saw a contaminated tow
Where wealth had lost tke fight
A ywatfc a aobie aaaly yooth
Who laved a wrtrfcing mud
Scraog is belief 10 her hearts trati
Weot far eff and essayed
T fcmld for tbete a hazable oest
Wkere they migt dweil eostent
Wkeae tkeir twin acas is lor possessed
Is rascjrs aught be blest
Tke atassea left all by herself
Still steadfast was aad irne
Tbeogh wooed by men with stacks af pelf
Is ail tke ways they ksew
Tkey hang aronod ker portica
Aad gnashed their teeth and wept
Asd ta ker yard walked to asd fro
Tke while the tnttdr slept
3ot she was troe tc his who wooed
Aad wen her maiden fccirt
Tbocgb be was of a poor nic i broad
Aad wailred from wealth apart
So een ia tab prosaic age
Xove drjvcth richea hence
I saw this last eight ee the sta e
Aad all for tktrty cects
Another lovesick crash ia 11
Both parries were highhr cona tt ±
> hi
t ha shot tit tdjefcb
creased ts per cent Those who kasw urc sa urr ta
a acta le
= j un si
wosdd be taore aearij ytoper to ny tbey a 1 gij JJ
oected t j
Since tke iaoaacbtng took place on a v lijr
Roosevelt ntay be said to have cra led a Urze c tftj
the hatters honor j
New Jersey glass blower who have ee ert es tayj
aay they wiH not go back to wcrk i Z tr j jc <
prestdeot toasted the ka er but ti e v3fjo
well to remember that Roosevelt s ti < and ju v
ssost hand in band
The saaat wke wrote Gaogoo Eyes
1 norse once seta kohl of a fellow it sedct
reatstu susigtatioo by labor bodies chambers
of trade charitable societies and I
Vi acd ttTiinary frrt cf eo erce beards
A atajdea who had tsacv bessx
vVhen Old she had ciecics e zc nan
Bepised with a lacib
Yea cant catch me with ctiaeh
1 as net qtriic so green as vou s pe x
J U Lira
The Tribnaa of Kotae Italy tia fee
tke fasaugratJoo tke Asaertcaa cohsay there wiH present iU ts L f
c in
v v > 1
aa rtjde m the New York Kews What Makes the wm e lti
Oenliemaa V
The ntaa whose psinraes doe not spring front kind
ness is net S gearJesBaa says Mrs Hehsutk Bowing
and scraping rioog aad giving op his car seat ta a woman
doe sot entitle a nana So tke wane These tkines are
often uattcn of poiiey or assnasption Men sometimes do
Tbe atan wko is sessposed to hold hi wife and fasafly
first ia his heart and consideration hot wko is at tke
same tins professing the same attorbwient aad bestow
ing tke suae care open some other woman most cer
tainly net a gentlemen
He stay have more miltens than any other atan en
dead VasfcB
or aerlefth
feQew aad Hawtherae to tke city vl8
Rev B J S Kerby vfcae of Venn En Uad rjjr
Phxladelpkia ts receive escner jr tie cr 3lf
church of Pean which vas tea r i i wi ta ljcc
ufied with the family of V < iliian Fin J r
Frank Bsatroach snperiBterdent c < < in KevWh
Ctrs pcbUe schools says rhe a 1 r e s seJAri
to uake the children not araficia relie
music jS
Lynching of Foreigners boV
Minneapolis Tribune
The Houston Texas Post a
tr tz t o
the > s j
lynching of Italian scJieets a t
folly of the late James G Elare
state at the txxae the Italians wtre vc
for the arorder of the chief of p < r
the Italian gereronient that tl < Vv t
in the matter because tke lyncaers e
State law and the United States csurt
earth ke have rtellectnal t B f1 e tri tw t
may more power than the atost
lsllsstnslaisn to eser hved hat Wdjy posS J T a jT lUl 2 w
Ctd reasonaMenes and e f hue eea
nuaeen and exterior poUsh hta
serve a a model for oitator stiU he is not hone a thejjnoyance of re oest iror r n dtertntsg
amend the of the Lnici V
rfraan can not be applied Wkm v constitution a i
But the reasonableness of lavs > ic
enrment like the United States po
l re as Wia
tt net generous Many people are bread
nnred enojsii look at huaunity s foibies astd incoatts
ror even seffer a little personal incaavenience ia tfcchr
i ialf
K rd rj inborn and icbred should always be fat the
heart of a genJeman Alt vt ether traits are children of
t oae < raitr The mar who is akaohstely kind is net
Ukely to he dishonest uncharitable or geaeroes He is
not an idler sthile others iabor nor a z atksnan wke is
so only through arttacra polish
Tse aewspapers are responsible far mock of tae modern
otfetafcea ideas of wkat ctastitases a ajentknaao Too
mack of their infioeree has been directed toward the battd
iag np of a moneyed aristocracy instead of one of charac
ter sad intelligence By this tt ia not aseaat that wealth
and good character are lncnaiaoailble Soch an assertion
odd be untrue Only that the aewspapers most of them
are often seriously at fault in grvimr andne prominence to
ptrt a whose wealth klooe casttle them to considerstioti
m tae great whirl and dash af rwesstieth centiuy hfe
Many professianal meavVrXStcrs thkdaers etacers of
the array aad navy are riajktJip be estimated as typical
wdl be doobtcd A law or a cor t
it be repaired to ghe the Federal ccctj r 1
of the ssmrder or tynchiaa of subject ot f rr
menu asd of American cstuens < > it th
tbrongh the apectades of charity wko would not oflh V
open their e to a ZLZ Ll iZl e F
f give pemy to poverty or suffering becaase Mr Blame v
recognised the
uon that he called attention to it n 1 tf
hoosttg that ia the light of such p K c i > > r
ha weald ke wrought up ts the pitch 0 7
Ah >
Ke vt Sf
This was the actual fact but the i tern p er
that all that Mr Blaine was called or x do was >
tentsost to the provisions of tke treat lc e > t tdfiL1
United States in which the fereirrs g r ee J 5
tke sasae protection that is aceorci J i 1 c iea
an Amera n is lynched by a nici tiP
pnnahed only through the State cczr TJ aJhlSJ
Mr Lanbam Defended 2
To the Editor of The Pose ijj
Gilnser Texas February jt in list < PeStvt
J T Nicholson in a short article crit 0 < j th rirfeS
Hon S W T 1 anhsm ia reference to the nkSpS
been proposed ia congress for tae ruppress 1 ji ran
Tha gentleman charge Mr Lanhair r atjg
words which he says U not very encoui agi g t cati
republic The fact is Mr Larham is nt g v f l Bes
with word aad it should te very enc j g Ml 2
great republic to ksow that me have iren ke V L
who have die temerity and piotiT to > r e r > F
cies of class legislation in lhaJe tr it a > W
and to coV > combat any attempt made ji a r bad
mtncaa gentlessm Tkey are workers not sdlets and a the r is c i the States
Mr Nicholson says Cro goii did n1 Jf rV
McKmiey because his lift ujt any more ciei tsMj
o another Mr Lanham did not sav tht e IkL mJ
Latiham did sot discuss the etive vhich j r r tci jb kags
deed but the law which is pr osed as 2 n JSfc
Mr Ktcholson as th > cinw of Ct i wis f Q
tempt to murder law oraer a d goienietit s i 1 JSJ
aaoatcs tkat Mr Lanham does not re j thrt S
There is no evidence to sl < tht
recognize this fact for ke did not enter into a diJCCJi
aaureky in tke abstract but emphas ed the fact tlf
fatty recogaued the evils tkat msrht result from tift f
dent that would be established by the ftsav of t
ander censideratioc Mr Lanhasi with othrr patnoi
tens has no sympathy with the tendencx n w pa ny
t barricade oor high oShciaU with special laws af >
manner of European nations where It u counted
ssea iaagiac the death of tht kisg CTW11

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