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The Houston daily post. (Houston, Tex.) 1886-1903, March 02, 1902, MAILABLE EDITION, Image 18

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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LeigTW today at HI ft JO AH
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a vrytttJ cw rfJt wi
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ANSWER t WBSt 4l tCTUJstBr ic the
afloe of The Po < fee tfc week e4g
Sltiirway re UKfXZ
im A at M7 < 2T7 5138
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It e led Tbe Worldt
r t Co Arapakoa boitdlaa Da er
Ce o
LAl sS f rid CbaaAray Wiuti ia
eoJd or fioty at fte Big Boatoo Store
yr > TO jaw e enr moatb for a ta aad
Jcmen to et tbe ebesnfut accident
ilh aad death benefit abaoiate ptniee
> n do itutf ao aaeumecti laaar s
sreo and woaaes Addreaa 40J1 th i ot
tce 8
IIFNS 1Tk 8n h taa socka alt aiaea 10c
psir Big Boatoa Store 2
5HB ONtY KeT Instltnte to tbe f it
f the core of whliXf ornb1n avsl t
f < l trba o edd rtUm j II Ktl h
P tije Pltr DiUtt Tera Si
I tr 10LH fcead t a
B Bcftoa 8lrte
1 or wjts for 5c
IAlE wSo lad tickets for the eotcrteto
afrK glrea tba Ladles Aid last Tnurs
tjy night wfll plca report to Mlsa Uertie
Fox Fraakllo and L Hr u < b street 2
10 YARDS foil bleaeb yard wide domesU
for 4Nc Bte Bofcton Store
OV cant jet aay better cleaning ind dr < >
iS than we do matter cnt what joo
pay e Bate tb ony Mfim dye psct
So the Stste rtur ci < x < to tb < u
nork Intilt riuta i u 21i Sao Jacinto
B tb phones
lleaT ribbed how for bn s
and clrlt lj > e values Monday 1 pair lur
83e B c Boaton Stoic 3
0WL 8TEAM BT1 ftORKiDyelnr
cletnln and repalrlnf In all hraart > i >
I solicit one trial order satisfaction
Clren or do charge will be made New
phone 709 10J Mais strtet 11 S Jams
BOYS good aebool sboei 9Sc pair at BIb
Boston Store 2
NEW Colombia Graphophoo K > ceat rec
ords now 80 cent a
Will allow more for old m ehln a fh
exehanse for new Fay Sbo typewrltrrs
than say one alse wltL
Hpedal lsrjain secoadhsad typswtlt
ejs Ibis week
Three s co8dhand typewriter dssks this
Edison Projtetoscope 18 dims coatlnt
J3l tolas for JtO
Melcholr JrlLjlnt typewriter aUnd at
tached to yoer desk for Sf >
Only sotborlxed dseler In the city for
Columbia asd Victor talkia machines
Bagatelle tables for tbe bom see them
Bnrroochs combination pool and blltlard
tablet for tbe parlor
Tbe Cecillia Piano player attaches to
any piano
111S Cocrjeu avenue M
fc0 Pairs Mens Cotton Worsted Pnta
slUhtly soiled tomorrow tOe pair Bli
Boitos Stote 2
beedabe tip
to mail orders wbcltsale or retilL P O <
Pox 7117 city si
Bom am wool kbcc paau
We ylne for 25c Ille Ronton Store 2
itJCY BIIOVVS UlS < HICK calrvoyiBt
mrdltim mt Travis street pboae 03 x
Ifformatlon on aay nt ect 2
tIATItlJIONIAU ple ir Imalaeia and
other cnrrrsiKiniletice solicited palmist
readluc l will drlse yoo on alt amirs
of life l o clslfvoxtol retetsiloo br mail
pint and prewrit life Madsm Johnson
coloret ralRtlat 2312 Prairie rtjbt hand
side eolng out v
CLA t B VOY A XTMr Knox past prevent
and fntore revealed 4 6 W Charles
strrrt liettreen lrenon and lralrlo 2
LKA1IN IIYINOTISMAnrlnfcij can lero
free Inatructloo lo tho a porch nt
thrmigli me Prof Harradens New CotB
ptele Crnirs In llrpnntlsm and lta
neilr HraltiiL wblcli Inrlndcs a separate
bwk on Hypnotic ICxutltlttons y c
Hodgelts Hpecisl Heprotniatlie Uox 104
Houston Texas
DANlISll SKELBTCNFoa and mvterj
wbole show price 10c PadBc Norelty
Co Box 27a Sao I andra C L 2
i own people price JOc Twen
tietb Cetstory Kayelty Co Box KS SStto
betnllle O j
j ° fw saneelltd posts etataps
wHPlwy IX Rochester N Y t
P ° iA i Q HECltETK every
per word one Inserton ic Per word each wnsectitlve
Per word tour MtuecuUve Insertion ten times or
insertions 2A or i
Per word seven ccnsecuUve 1 These rates are net no azenfs
InaertJons 4fi commission allowed
For the benefit of Post advertisers and read
Lit gum Office era we have established a branch oHtce aj
faere wan
ju and subscriptions may b left at any time
HOW OMEN Mr er imT
64 ftii over J > war prte
1 < r ft Co yotfc Cou y T
siaiujZ toik Br T ladies
Kj i5M 1 s rae with Dr Cosjway
Boat tit wis lf < tlB Wl JlfO
cars w e a b < x 6o de e pd
12 years pV psmii WW
fact e stamp Cwtlj 3ie ta
Be Mm
IS T nr Plat ton
T Jt > TtD T
tette orrpanted aavl Co r
l evaim rt5 tl t tl
PE SOXal ji ksafasd a a ead
drister for o rear I csrt4 im vy
nsra4e fc o ti tB e i lad If ay
parar wSo reaIy wishes W dr ak
e Bf 13 Tf fi aw I X id t
tall ti m b f id it ta Us
taa C r t d it I bar amSsf f
J wi t so m y Mm Hirfaret Xn
drraon nr > ra X T
ASA T e Grea a r rcer aiy k olie
f r r t 4 id win f t rir wbo
H < fir SSe ma me tH iVjt mvM
ta atlrer ie of bUiS i d I wtl ad f
jo la tnsiera f l re trw io a1
wea < h M A a Detrott Meb i
ME M rd aad Omnica TibVs
prrTFT r < nd rr toeBfl mr
Ii Tn de t a ied 1
r n E < Fretv1 Pnarawdrt 170l
MMpnt Tca e Hcwoa i
WAXTETh a r nt I h D C r > ta
er mtin are I1t < n H J Addreat
B 11IA rtp te irenn dty 5
1KrH YOfR nOKsr Utfr addS and
dtrrni e it wsr f k te > bow lo
Ceatary Bs pT Co BxpeXer X T 3
tertainlBt Dnt < 5f dettktfnl inttra
TOr Xorbw t ra Norelty Co bet
JOS Fr t e Mtna i
attbma TSr Etceitlor Scpply Co
weapons Mian
tine for maklns all mdirt and toilet
preparstons S5c
V 1 Chicago
AfCORDTON rlatl a dor fftai 1
l ri st yM Cer > xrrn t
pr r r to flnUher
A Uaymaa < > > ox
KIWTUEL BtlOW ntntr vines Josr
onijrdrums He price ItV Rapid Mf
Co Lrios Oreen connty Ind 1
imolnt mysterions prlfa Wc Empire
Novelty Co Mnnnda f T S
Swindler < oack sid hnirbBe i ri d
prfre 2V John Ibrle Chatham and Keliv j
streets BochateT N f 2
WEALTH fcr old roiis snd stamps ret j
cor Mot 10c The Backere Supply Co
Gallon 0 2
to an
i tn rf > l the i
B b 1014 Tex
UMCMcMltriUr < litrewir tfP1 t
LAfJlKS frlt OI uwtkUl T > t it
it ft r lracililt m < i ttaaf Im sru
4 k
ler c
tAti U Lilt ST c < iir mmtU
tfc Wl rV ltllA
MRS C G1ESECKF the rlwte now
i c ted st rr2 llarrtntm street IV tl
mord at the reslfjnc of P K Gnbsin
Hi W piooe 1147
YOLR F RTt VE TOLD fro rratlle to
Cine hat tell yoo cotnei tme send
dime and birth dale
Prof J Myer
UK lliluMi o > s ttasy peanyrsysl and
cottnn root pHU a afc sod relable
treat meat far patnfnt aad isupprcicd
meoMroalloa Irrvjtilrltlea and obttroc
tloos trial U > i by mall M c nta Frank
Kdmondaon A Bro ilfc Chemitts 81
Broad sreet Atlaati fa
MARRT Send stamps for plala rested
bonafide deacrlptlrr list Box Mta DalUa
tansy aod cnttoeroot ronbtntd 12 pr
box for rellevlnj cases of lapptts
mens sealcl by mall with directions
Dr White Medlrlae Co P O boi t
Iloaston Trial i
W A XT EDLsdles to know that WBltr >
Mead Esae tbe War of iesdscbe cores
Is ftuarinud by all drocslstt 23 sad W >
rent go
LADES An oonce of
pfeveBtl Is
o > th a pound 0f care partlcatari
address Box rA Zwoll La 12
DANCING SCHOOL Prof Bea i and wife
will orasnlte new classes next week tt
Black tells every thins 2fe SOe 1 re
more troubles nnlts secsrsted 1820
Preston arenoe also bv mall S
SAYO DRUG CO pays proapt attenTl a I tYr OOLLArtR IN GOLD will bt awird
ed the
lady sendlnj os the largest lt t
of ladles In er oat cf tbe etty who mlcbt
becotne wearer of fXM Patrician Shoes
Tbe second largest list win eoutle tbe
sender lo a pslr of PATRICIAN shoes
IJ t mnit be received by March la
Award March IS
Mammoth Clothier
Fl WKUSDont sbwk ronr jrlefstriVen
frleods hv sendlntf them emblems of
dried Bower and dead doves Wrtsbfs
Garden 7
RHEUM ATISMMenleore better
moo mans specific Jt bottle at Lewyo
fc ABderaOBs Mai it corner Preann 7
F tiin Chocolate sal Bco bon
f tbpmenta weekly at Lewru
A Anderyins drov store 7
wapies rorrn ctrtF
ho r eoe neamttr ail
Wiptea Medictti Stort
BUY THE Creseot Fottotan fiyrlBt
Twoqtiart rapd Bow Soeclal price tt
bv mall tlirt Cresceat Drug Store Sin
ilaIB strret Hon11on 3 51
HOME FOR LADIES dnrlnt conflncmeat
co doctors tniI nurse Infants adopted
cooadenilaL P 0 box 274 Sic Antonio
Texas i
> > > je
Want Ads Do you
TOCR HORSE stays d w tr
Mil Stain
MM o t w it vat 4r wJB ml
ice Wk rt k tor
ir o tnMf > < Wj Tf
i > Whr r r J3 Joir f i r i e
A J31 rs till a I3i
eortr tke sfr f M < eris pffc > w
is4 t t treatJEret sp1 a rjrt i
amrctotbrnfWtrtiM auwR lt i eJ
r t mtir Uftl it pat w rr e
MM b4 l t l dttt irf tl M
twre urtu e tta
c w te M d tt < f I
tko ttifSac sarirrr e a st 4tK x s
la tfc tarf J n fwn I
rfl wi w prtil 3rs r la < 1
< < mf tt ta > t f d n a4 ciilMr
C i > t o4 fm 0
C < w f 3jr M r Etfaett bnlWI
tt < ai No 2 2J CSWJJ7
wirxidEvxrss rcREop r i wia
re4 ftmuli at 3 kaowa h t eip
r < tre t8B t tst nin po iU i com
tb tfqobr inUt 3 tiht pte rTia4V
rta h t n v r x Addiwa Box 41
H9S t 4 T S41 R4
PILES CT8EO by Erfip P
ml n c oi at L ra > Xswtrwa
< ft3 Mats rtntfi t
ton ta tsttntmeai mi iK t for
Hmim Jcfea Ttow at l r Amlr
i ai 4ra tare 32
ta U f OSTEOPATHTCtart A HCf mlc sr <
5 fcai luMla rttait tror H w
org h gwr pr rlM fn 4 aaan
en a cri fat t < w ba o w
trVA tstm XHtft T P ee bc
Ff B HjW r art c r tr y r
f ha4 rtt c B b t r
tT hthnt r a ftiVlfea astr
r eaa rsr t ttmtf k ow
a JU4reM f P B < b fc MaiM
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JUHBTTi t > t Carr petwiHw AW
vat Ai rl aB S < rfc ol Osetopathjj
o r fo > r I > nriiu ws off < > 821321
lUaoo block trtataM t r Mr oi
ls Wednr 4ir aad SatofliT ftft ao aa
Ill Laaaar ai > o aw rtbsae tf
OPitiL bm I w1 babita csr l
la t < f to 4fMo r o P tn o injnry
to pact t bo My ootll < ra4 < l T < wlt
r f BioB j ta luBk to year Tdlt pay
ca abra cur la n r f f iwre to eo
ar p t all TotT B bii bri
alae pay yenr mHroad far ta war
Htcae oo rjir itae < wt from Mner of rfty
bw iot pdtit will pat ran is rorre
tpowdre rtta tl at cured ip clil i
as Mr TirttoK OOR 538 t25 j c liaar t stjr7e T BrSB < la pa jj jr < n u jy patient hunt rf Br a i
C S2V M R P B 4l75j lf pt lor asaiei B I L < MjT t t > r Tb Mitttmrt Hoaje Orn JUit
< < l 2 ti w HnbNwt proprietors 3f > > Day
attiee W t End Sag Aol nfu Texas tf
U fwv 1tT y < Tired l > y tbe o e of l
fitreat JftIle Oil Urse i fLZX
CJi Sfr pottpild H B iine Son
I 5t T x tf
W XTrD To Pn t rente Apply t
Mra M le SIS MfK street tf
fcfFXAnr S Fri > < eb Croup Suet for croup
n r old br A E XlealtttC Drji
Irti va M ln Bt S
XJCHT Me aire Pn t TelesrinbCahla
Ce Srr > i e X T Pettriarr 7 IfC
Mr J J rir m 3fM ll a reef dona
tio Tex Vlrnni r pert rompielon of
ereatett tiwriwr t ever eonanm
Med An rlflC mlBoIrr nt la l <
fer e < wrr etlrlee tet rdred xelu lT
o e of Smith F nilr In tbt eoortj and
contract for lM i macbloea
It 42 i m tf
Uf > TO WAItK nnfO STORE x q esn
tiwan So1 It bre tf
for enldi n
ne > cvnt
011 Coarroaau
BATHS for ladle rapor dry beat and
SwHIsh ma biths it ojr hair dreat
Ire pr a itid h lr < ir onr new
t nret MtirrS roid Une of ln r oroswtit snd cmba Wit
toothsrbe ret e I on A Williams 1010 Texas Are tf
ANY OVE who d es not kn > w or phons
1 mitntwr Ve H
pl a mi < tirt is 4W
I n tftti rtnt lrt and vj g
J B firTCHIVt ViTXscfn
asttires s nari ths ii
ecx ai rr ofm or oil orr of ny
kinl prir p r x inr one l rlD5
one 1 > nx < t s tin nen > e l
money refaoded Wrte for tMtJm n
7 3302
WANTED r iy boazders at 1110 Capitol
trst rasa tosrd 7
LARGE FPoT twm < tit lioard r fir
> acc reggilrfd Appr W2 VS alker 5
NICE foralihed room nd bo d for two
mc > jseap rates 414 Capitol pboue
127tt CtltJn 2
OtR ulNO MSN or biib snd wife can
Ct K < xi Vrtird sod ec att frunt ri > om
with all Bi > dera coins ftes at JUS Main
SICE FUONT rta tent with board prt
rse family to cotple leferencea olo
IoiIana street If
HOBStSCMPPIXGTb IsTeTt mac n l rT n > TA n > K f rnlf lS i95 i
table lw > arl 1HM Calbuuo 2
tnsf serd os yoor bor s MoseuaTt Cw1 Appiy
TOR RENT One Bpstslra artOth roota
n < < r fniolabed wjll board couple if de
sired bith 42 Cgp a avenue 5
CLAIRVOYANCE Consult Dr Concirolon
If you wish to know what the future has
in store far yoo she tells you your name
and occnpaiton upoo enterloi her parlor
reduced rate for ten dy 1518 Prairie
avenne 3
DRESS MAKING Houston Dreis Maklne
2I iB ° P w room 201 Masoa
bolldlnir prices to ault all yonr patron
ata solldted 3 4
BZPl T0T h0e Bt wiitona Uvtry
Stabla g
SOtTll room vfb hoard opposite
rciool K Autin
Pi KV9AXT Kintb room rood board
table IwaHtrn 72fl ig Jacinto
b < srd and room lit
family en car line
ROOMS FOR BHNTOne or I no furnished
joBBectlnf at slrs renin In private la n
lly for entlean n with breakfast If de
sired on line rcfrrencen 141b
Peas svenoe 2
vr coople can Sad
Third ward private
Address 41 i this
1211 TEXtt AVFNfE Urce modern
b rdint rcn e two and a half bo < m
from Rie htvtel Main street bnslBjj
cecter rejyisr sod transient CB tom a
He ted rates ressonable phone 76n H
BUST ROOM with board for oonpte or sen
flemen r e eace required In Travis
street 3
GOOD BOARD and rooms four blocks from
Ms c > erP jog Rosk 0
r tb irvm for e npl < or two jen
Kl4 Mala Also table board
LARGL FRONT ROOM wltb board for
oae or two gentlemen m > dern coo
venieDcet lose in Phone 1237 1011
McKlcney ivcooe 5
CMiples or ststlemen close in modm
eooreniences references eichjnrrd U03
Texsa arenoe 4
VERY BEST table board 101S McKlnney
WANTEDA few qolet
McKlnney avenne
WIl SONS SUUle charges no more
sues better service
blv roofRs r > rtestan wster telephone bot
aod col l bslhs and rood board 3 per
k O II Carter tf
TUB TEXAS Collecting aod Employment
Ajency ji e prompt attention to collect i
lag < > ur aocoonie 603 Kid in uuUclliij
Malu lirit new phone bSS Hetdeuc
IHH Aonttu street now ptwue 512 3 < i
H O CorrOX BROS Fire Insurance
Agenu and Adjuster Main St tl
JOHN I KilF undertaker and embalmer
loll Prairie aveuoe pbonea 6a7 7 22
OUR PHONE XUMBRIt la 400 Houston
Plumbing and Manufacturing Co 713
Main street tf
CROtH OLDS Pnuemonla use Ue
fsmou Jo He Oil It ha sated tbt
liteM of thousands after all other known
remedies had failed II B Jones Boos
Proprietors Dallas Texas ti
Experlenced aad bonded detectives fo
civil er criminal Investigation bonded
watchmen fer day or sight service M
N Core general maasger iojtA u ia
atraat Q
0 rr 7r 3S jit > > ifBgisWgS
ARE CHEAP i what you want
VOR MCCT Aehtew w ta ettr t
H stM ea RurtaWt r < 3 cms timet
t fc se tt W wijk UO t
Mdat tTT rtx4 e r aMte Hob
ra tn nwt wtaT e IK > 1
Pfcr M BMMUr t aai a > te ex
pTStea y x ttes J twn et e9x tu to
r t A r te juZ Beo Brr a M7
Mala tif t
2t > 5 TXKXty 5TUEST
Mttrtbaterc at all taaO of aercai 4l e
lnrpimxBU ett B < 3 pboe i3
34ROOM botK we l l for K nMa =
f ernltor of elalxt c < as f r m1 Stod
dard 1OTSH Pr trn 3
FOR BENT Two room fnrBlibed
tijjSt boiisekeepiai ie r papered
psiDied 1306 Clay itb corner
Jac ato
FOR RENT Two roosc fr
keepla 1710 Preatoj l J
FU ttXIStrED room U tMfekeeplns alt
tilce bed room fOD Loa iJtna treet
SIX ROOM raaed oiem eotta St
Emanoel next to Fraaitln 17fA Ap
ply 21fB jfraakao
O0Ttl frOBt rr < K2 wits b ta to stsntlfr
tnaa 9U8 B < I1 a > i > 2
NEWLY fninlihed romf iotraly located
M6 Prairie a on H ward nata M
M Samoete 8
TWO or foor room fAr rent
1814 Pre
MOVING AND STORi Mi of ill Mads of
bou aoM good sk f < dote 9ae nw
tvls bath room hot aud uoid water ct i
± L 4 tern and ariealan att ra and >
Tev 4 maai lighta stable aad i M room Apply 1
1 rre t tfr j at 1417 Rusk acnoe S Z
FOR RENT CHBAPCme or two conaect i
lus oCicoa at 1U > Coujrtass areatje en
Uaace near Main
Foil SALE Ou o r OohmaB A Co
ante htlsbt CI in Hs width K lart
depth 27 itvoe ctt id B e4nre laxasxl
luade measme rt el lnade door rtr
cit condition Aduess N E Shand
Forney TexJ r
FOB SALE che o mirbla soda fountain
sas ootdt and fountain Lock Box
E linger fex 3
witi tha
PLACE yoor rents property
Texaa lirai Et i anJ Rental Agency
Kia KUm U = lldiuj 2
n0 LAKGE outb roojis tor Ilsht notu
ktcplns Ktlt Cocgrt nenoe J
FOB BENTA thraerootn eotuge on
block aoitaWe for trutk ardaa t > var
rUburs r < md AMten Jul ibas ffSc 2
FOB BENT Store house lo Coaroe Texts
good st ud Uichard Koljht 3
WEII FtRNISl hD south enraer room
upstairs Irath chs 1b RentJemcB icf
eteucea requled reaaouiUle i waiker
HOUSE TO BENT Five room two gal
icrion a pa if and brick cistern A
Krjntx 83 Spruce treet 2
FcBNISHEd BOOM fo r rent 713 Capital
HOUSESWe have them In all part of
tar city aod tl prieea Scaulaa At Bar
tell 208 FbbiIo atreet phone ltTO It
FOR RENT Store room 40x40 will dlrlle
If desired E C Lamb A Co 411 Illaa
tlally or wholly fnrnl hed ctose In K1S
Milam street cataer of Walker Appl
on premises
LARGE FIRMSHKtt s Bthea t room
vis and tmtb gaotlemaa preferred lilfj
cist aveniit
lull HNT
live rooms
rr TM1
Honse at 41 Lamar avenne
Apply Otto Taub 1117 Cou
FOR RENT A farm aad bouses for rent
we attend to and collect yonr rent Come
and os Bins and Settejtast j
FOR RFNT > Mrtely furnished larire sooth
room hot and md bath alt modern con
Teaiencea in prlvata family oli Main I
FOR RENT Two rooms tarntthed for lleht
housekeeping nve minutes walk from
Man street 14M Censrn I
FRONT ROOM wltb 5 rd tUM Rusk three r I HN1SHED ROOMSGentlemen
bo ks from Rce hotel S from court boose 315 Carolne
SS1 children 1 < Tuesday 4 V afumooo 1 Mo4 NICF ROOM with board hot and cold tHH WARDFonrroom cotjac Uhlw
both bitbs pboae 4 < M Crawfard 5 convericn to S P shops ft month Ap
AitLcK GARDEN Foor lots well coltl
vated ho3s sod stable near nrraded
road Applv 1511 Clay 2
SIXROOM COTTAGE with rsrret and at
house corner lot irood nelshborhood Call
or address 811S Uarrtsbnrt road 2
TWO iarje coanrctn rooras OBfnrrlahedt
dnwBKtairs 1104 Chartresu 2
FOR BENT Cno store room and eleven
Hrtns rooms Apply 2212 Odin avenue 2
FOB RENT Newly furnished south front
room with hot and cold bach 710 Mlam
ONE soiheast room for rent
Blr K16 Travis street
Kl RNSHED or nnforBlshcd rvoma for
lljbt bensekeeptne from i to fS per
n > ntb SMI Waahlniton street 2
FOR BENT Sew twostory even rwn
bons bot anil cold water ca and sewtr
connecilon Apply 1113 beao n street
HBNISHED BOOMS for genletnco joIv
referencea required lSTg Ruks 5
NCELY fnmlshed room for couple Iul2
Kkb Jacinto j
FOR BENT Four room nous
from staop
Inquire at
on block
let 1 etcur
AVE CONTBOI tha largest rental baalaei
la Houston tf j u with to real a hoaie
or b ve a home t rent tee ua Norfleet
A Broaks Bins Bnlldlng Phone TJ S
LADY desire lady to 4iare half of largo
Cricaj 01 Msj2t sOtaeu a
M HO WASTS 9r frtaw front r fc r
tioeka ef Rl lwi < n lb Aa tio m B
cTiurrwte o yratieian pref rriM J
FOR B JTFirBih il ar
rw > a > am CnniTP
Tt 0 > tp for rent 1013 Travis
Trmi a
FOR ItEXT Slf ST room k i
fnr lafc L f ta H is xowl ort 1 x
Taini w r4 h til modra roovealew
rtlvtvn dc tr4 Are > o
tbU ofle
FOR RBXTA larc stable aad r a
< door from Wa act i tr t > >
12 Towns enf 3
NEW A SO ELEOAVTLT ftir l b < l rw tB
awo weir Sll Mala
IX VICE aetfcAVtraixid P rtr
lxmm > tweatMT boose Apply 191
MKiBner ST we 4
> ICE fsrs bMl room f r g Bt emin or
maple modem coBTeal ac lt 18 Con
mere 4
FOR UEXTT o roomn for li it
keep nf 1J 5 MeKtnoey
FOR REXTCoUace foor room Wh > Mbs
tru xtreet Ira P Joo Ki 3 b uldiBF
tOR REXTAB rWtfrnwm h Jte r ie in
only jee s qalek O o t i A Wat
kl PhfUtu > r 3 1 Md lJ 4
WANTED Tenant trltb tean > fer blaek
land ptalrl furtn weil Improrei aty
aer In cnlttrttloa A < Mr sttio
irbat teams > oq bate ib4 what < draBe
f ay wlK bt reqalred C F Sureo
Ulwrty Texif
ONE Jiro tire or foor hor tomb
p rtr lontiiafd soluble for llcbt tosc
k plac nnti or ea alte s v tf
bath bo ebiidreBj refereae ffiioe l
1 17 Preatoa 3
FOR REXr My atxroeat t < v f ry
deace on Soatb End c r tn v rh front
B r Fine n school No 4134 tfc o
ct 3
PLEASAXT rooms farBiskrd or nnfir
nlbed o ar l > erery conTealeott r
raa e b i 7 5 RB k areoae 9
Sj FOR RENT Nice fttraUkel room oa e r
2 j Hoe nodern eeBTenJeare E at ajea
EreerTel reiereawes exeatBted 1417
caUUct 3
LABfiE NICELY farnisked front soataeast
rooai e tith c c e a oae or two
5i cta > > ri K > > MJlarn
LABOE well fnrnHied Mintb roes Iz pret
ty borne prtTtleg of bata parlor r rer
nc Addrsas 4131 this oaire i
> rBNISHED ro > m for
honee pta 1310 Lamar irenoe
areboas moner i < s i oo fornltare IfTWO < OTin rtD offce for rent
de lred SeanUo Rirtei 3k F n In Bolidlu Jliio aad Capitol arenne
treet pnoae 1 J lit ply 44 Tnrta stree
FURNISHED room tlree c > ane te4 wltb
bath ttt references good neighborhood
1312 Anstla 3
MtELT fnmishel
FOB RENTFonr aire rooms for family i om
witboat chlldteo K is iot > at once iof y ainf a ljfl Dallas
errBtea repaired and sirea Apply IsOJ FOB rt Modera 7roora b n e 161
Proton aTMDoe 2j u Branch Apply 17W La Branch
FOB UENTOne large sooth room suit WILSONS Stable has best Tentilatloa
aula for two geatetna Call at il the city
LonUlaaa oorner H ak
FOB RENT Dealrabie foralshed rooms
FOB BENT Elghrwm hoaee St man j modem conTealen s 101S XIcKlasey 8
NICELY fnrnished rooms rlnste and snlt
ble tor tiJt honsekeeplas 1112 Caroline
street 4
FURNlHED frost rooms and barn cheap j
2M1 raBDlB t2 >
FOR RENTStore 42xtiO with wrappli j
counter at 2jt > 2S2 Elm street Dj1
Texas Inquire f W A Nasoa or B
DreyfGV Co Dal ss Texas 32 I
FOR REVT Grc > rl floor of thre TT
brick lmldre 120 fett fOBt by S > t
deep epcciellv tltaWe for department
ttore sood location wl be cootn ed
si out Mtir 1 C T Heislg 4 Co Ben
moat Texas tf
FOR LE E The brick stores 12051207
Congress svn > t Po e slon March 1
Georja L PortT A Co tf
WANTED Pair good work mules se on 1
hand aacn and uirae Address E F
this office 2
WILL pay cah for home good neighbor
hood if cheap and Immediate poe ort
tauger Pojtoffice Box 543
rice straw ha ed erd samplee
ak El Csmrw > T x
F Zsa
WANTED Pine lor 12 to 24 feet
under 16 laches at the small e4 IV
Porte Saw ad Planing Mill C mpanr
La Porte Texts 4
WANTED From lOCO to f v acre riea
Ujd near stream available for irrgatlon
Address stating location and price v
li Levy building OalvestoB
n I OB EST PRICE paid for cast off cloth
l I0 a01 all kinds of merchandise
Write to D Sheoer 510 Milam street 3d
A ZUBEO 211 Milam street pars high
t price for old clothing shoes bits
Drop pn tal will call 3
peivVl 1 J Um ttr
Frsaklln pars highest prices for geatle
mn old clothing sod hoes send postal
card will call j
I AI blgbet rrle for copi > er hrasr xlnc
Ind scrap lr n sacks botics ind ropes
end poul snd we ulll aIl for yotir
lnnk countrv sblpmcnts solicited Lonls
Ksmlnslj poones sew 47B old 250 501
Prett n Houston JV4
W 3 Towniead Attorney at Law and
General Collection Agent President Ange
lina County National Bank Lutkln Texas
VlntUM touch typewriting en tba BUtk
No Br I3S s ikTh aat aan y aaa a T
Meul hoildgyprlca for cash W X
KcamU teatxtl mJ DalUa Cou a
h fny < mi iTHFwyw
numerous because they pay
WAVTEO vttxn KtVk S c b fool
UtlBC dn t B wer if < > UT
bwld aua dl teii AddrcM 40 l thM or
lr s
ixttiBC me f dail for years by pn l
Hla U U1 or a
Ivaiy t tr P JP
B t entUl A < SauUw L B l jiA
UlndJor UBt Out
OT TOCR OWN UOMB < top paylas
rent we will boy one for yoo yoo py
B5 back H9 > per mouth nitboot imet
vt write for fui psncnl r rMeTO
Born MotaaS f > Kau JUy Mr
1h > X1RS ANU HOB < t > BXS ET rw
terer oii i rit e pay < roa uil J < i
Jar ttwin > a t W l i < > P mtl
rat B aI IB
XX a we onienJi i
ttrettfl atud haie a e s a > b md
i ome be rr rn re < i e a < omtti loii
ou f > ur inTWrnita n > r tJ rv > n
to this nietbd of < nrin < > > r
f fi raly bort Uref rei a < > i In
atfht aad so trot of basne P
open op tater oadtr dC fit name
> bare ample etidene to mwiantlate
So mlarepreseotaOott la
tala etateBi ot
ar el im
aay rpe t Do ererytdloi
totereated abtres alike ur
B erylw > dy
bebkkt DoUara aad Horse Sena
will jell yy bow we do 1U and the ex
tcastre reference ttM aerompaaylng it
wUI yertfy obt rialm tbat yonr mone
earna an aerafe weeky profit of 6 per
cnt ad tie la vestment U aiwaya autf
Jert to yoor cottrol Twenty yeara of
expert w and two yeara uader tbe pr
eat eoopratje plan wltb a record oer
ond to rooe Is tbe erldenee e bare to
o r Lea tlmate nnanelal ageaetos re
port on lis and to tble we will add tiw
lr4or to Bt tf two Xltlocal bank acta
ms exteuJre ll t < < f ccstemers W W
oUara 113 > 1121 Union Fruit Lulkllag
finHnaat O j
eoon ixctME from ioj insetted aoT
tively oo loases oter Bvc r
tloc t refereBt In your own Stat
No ttock bood or jTslni It will pa
yotj to lBT t ite toll at oa AJ Ket
r A Co Himroiind Ind
K > TUTORS who hare 25 or opward
Jnveati ite tblt Zj to W p i fist vMiant
montily wltb tso cbance of lnslns tbe or
IjrtmU tsrestmetit lutereatlnij Itooklet and
itatement seat free bowlag bow to make
y or Idle capita earn a good lacoaie
diTtdend r < 5 w liy hlgaeat reference
Denver CooperatiT lnttstmeot asaocu
rlon Excbansa bonding Denrcr Cnlu a
WANT partner to 6ttrt steam Unadry Ad
l i 6 B Ibis oMee 2
iXY > alon
MAN cm make rna < y rtcbt
table Third ward good 3 jhv rhod j in Kcka on oar prate < 1ire pita S ttf
refer acea r joire < l Apply t71 > La tor Mob t in 8tr V and Uo > to Mait
Brsoca it anl > Urket Lettor MMorate wev < y
prefltJ a ortd Kerdall A C > 50 Sj
PfiBitb atreet PblUdtlpMa Pa 2
3 J FOB SALE Ioatid in a Texts
2 i
llsiit i Piriag private acbinv
TVVO CNFfUXI HED rf ma for rent J FCRNISKED ROOMS with priratti family
bloks Catral Sixth
cheap for llaht hfin > i poB cose la two dfi t 1213
1713 State atre t 2
J this of Ic 9 1
KV0 t A5H 1 U3S I70t antual IrKOae Call
on LaEJvc 1810 FTefriuan Uonstoa
lexas Jt
FOR SALE Emill alock of groceries and
txtuie In buta porton of city li
L Bush gyp Wacjlngum 4
TOB SALE Six teenroom hotel also dwell
inc good p txonasc sUnated on Min
street in g d black laud gi log to Jf
< or U J0 inhattitanta dde s J D
ban real estate Rogers Txas 2
FOB SALE Grocery store gnod location
reason for stUn Addreai VM this of
fice 2
AN INCOME of S100D per year can be
coted by any one who will tike the
trouble to Uivertlrsc oor plana vo s M
mine or gaiubing a < heme siuple
ettoihtft > r id ajiaes ptopvisitiou of
ocntoal merit The Jntnlapa Co 0144514
I Fulerton buiding bt Loul Mo
ganizers United Moderns want some rood
men to assist in securing member for the
Houston lodge the lodge has 90 mem
bers tbe pSan la all tight ani the work
Is eaay for those who know how Apply
at IttjSH Coagreaa avenne
A SMALL INVESTMENT made taiough us
i will pay yoi a cash weekly In onie great
er e cry week than a whole iearaloresi
in hxak will
on tbe sam amount com
mence to earn this at onte bIhI cootluue
to do so until you withdraw ymr monty
no gamUlng scheme or spcul > itioa iiut
by means of a legitimate Mcea cd bu > l
xteas Address E J Arnold A Co ttth
and Pine t M St Lewis Mo
AN ENERGETIC man Uh good hn n ss j
oi < iii iatioiis eaa weenre matsageilil tx <
tion with Ohio corporation capl allxed for j
WANTED To buy large tracts of walnut H T Mulcaby Rovnberg Texa 10
pine oak and cyprea
La Branch
M Ayre 2U0
GET OFFERS from other then come to
u and get big caib prices for your sec
ond band furniture Bart A Kuller ill
Tr 1 II
evpetts sttertion at same pric tt other
taopa Mosehart A Kci er Co V
FaXTED TO BUTCjose In lx to eight
room bone or vacant lot Adir 4oi3
TRANSFER LINE Oae of the oldeat and
j best equipped In the eltv good trade ea
> tabllsbed Soar vans natrons and teams
and harne in jewtd condition good res
nn for nclng C harlea R Mtitritcr A
Co lr sH Conirresis 3
JOUR HORSES FEET can now bv ofr COILEOTINt AGENCTHatlng many
v n pxperence In the above
years basinets
w Jl take v > hviloii rn ix > niml son or
otheris b t reference Xo 310 Main
street C C Beaveaa Sr 8
thl office 2 FOR SALE Leading corner drng stora
others want Why not J
SpitBdd aitlrle for tttoit iaart
Pa Asnerlrati 8np > > lr c < j tia lfM
flreet New York Utj 1
K pay f22 a we t aad expensATTw
witb rlpa to Introdn Poalfry cI K
lauraaUonal Mf < Co Par3eay
i off pcxAet lamp j site of letdiSJ
tarn prfeily rapid leijer J1M
beiietlBf od stemp FooatalBi
Lamp Co 127 Daane St Nt jA g
FCNNIEST newest thlaK oat tWol
arta li fun for whole towns 1 < I
ticiiarx and igeats > aUlora zt iA
Pierce 838 Wilnof Cbicaira a3
AttENTS 51300 yearly M UI
Board rod
FTvTvn Fnop 1 St Lonl Mo making moner ci e nm
Irtit rmii1 T Worlds Fair ok 12t i nil
forafc >
Jor cash M ageBUJOO 5
Vtlilowjtreet M it f1P > < amount slm as
WANTFD A good fecoal hand delivery
wagra mist b cheap j w Coltitt
torroe Texas < j
WANTEDThlry te forty thonsaad acres
virgin pine land Texas or Locistaa
etae price location 4ldress Sa Mli 1
thls office i
Address P O box 3 4 Daitas Tex s
lr t SALE The Lone S sr Dye Wo kc and
Talcrine Tarior Address Uenrf U
Miller Paleeine Teras 11
TOR SALE A psylaf sadderv and b r
n s hp Address Box 42 Eagle Pa
Texas 12
VJ l7JtJz n miT cars Mjod Jnpsa WANTED Partner in ical esrntc l n 1 i
wbo can fnrnh J30P one nreffrd > b
Is good offlc man and we 1 aem 1 l d
A NICE residence or let close In for cfb I with clfy Call or address J C W lo
owner preferred Addrees 4125 this of Texas avenue 4
3 X > STOCK general dry gooda nice
act clean and nptodate no Bit ore owner
la bad health and will exchange for ahottt
onefrorth cfb to px hi 11 lei > dnes4
and take well located property for hat
ance li gle a good deal stock will
have to be removed from Its present loos
lion Write A H Brown A Co 215 Blng
bnlldlng Uoostoa Texas far fall nartic
ulars S4
TO THE INSURABLE See the annnal
dividend policy nrlttea by Americas
foretrrst annual dividend rampiny More
snbptantUl benedts and greater security
than any other The P cl e Mutual Life
Insurance Co Blnr bnlldlng 8 3
llelahta woodworking plant twoxtory
brick hltldlnr t x4ia feet fnllv
equipped with machinery lie track city
water etc O M Carter 22o Main St
Houston tf
TOR SALEOn aeennat healto the
Sic Narthoa confectlcn rv and fruit
store 605 Main street best locatloa Use
hnslrej s abllshed for anv Informatloa
Inquire rf of the
any best nholcaale caaa
mlsslon bouses In cltv
0Lr IA ND 5 F0R SAIB Saratoga
SS14 u r dI C0ulr rm 18 cr
no irlt for nirtlcnlers to
Honstan Texas Oil Exchange offer great
bwnlBi u oil stocU tnJ tomtit order
easily cr < lo Jre tw
per cent jprot afflpe
Foraiiee Co Cloclncatl
Ohio m
S > DAT paaraateol salary aea
seirog oar watersoof ho pojlti 21
itaeif do arath reqnlred two tifc
tottltet free ooe blick aad one ttx
exiirea prepaid exctulre terrttor
parucnlars address Woadrjr Sioeivv
O Ufepartmect 2X Cturaso af
ixwde we will prore tils aaot vM
nombert elcna readable dtiVtet t3l
> asplea free Bght Sppy ci ia
aood Ill
WANTED Good lite airenta ermS
refeiencea reqaired Iloastoi tl
Bnliiiae CoopratiTe Co 408 ti
boilJiujt HoLEton Texa
2 Ti Ifj
and cbeapett ajrenta wanted
J J Paatorlxa P and L CaI1
in ic t
Etati Aj
AGENTS and others either tex i
sasa 1 profits a tbe faee c te tj
oor own g > ds and reap a 1 the kJ
end for oar Ist of pra < tcal
trade secret orrclas pocfMit
ample aad Instrstlons free Whua
Ca New Bedford Mass 4
WANTED Salesta o a cr3ailcea < y
Mr too paid for s inc White jtaM
< jeilvero ais otj r n4jtv > aeat tt
to dealer I > 3iar White Lead Cu i
St Lonis Mo TJ
WANTED Saba cents for tbe li
Wjte Flter For f 11 pticEliaf
dresa Lewis l Reynf mattifjcp
general agcet C ere Tex gj
WkNT V teune tpewrtcr ita
in every coontv Ic Texas Texu U
tng Machine compxey Waco Tem
tiwa of LEARV to make cnirors at hoae uji
Addresa bg mcaer e = 3 sjcn for ntrtlca
war ence Iita tJr DejarsJ
R5 Decttar Il V
WANTED By re lab we rated in
CSfcOTO moat com r i recommended
and I able to take stock In company NOTICE
during term ai enaraaremeut from 11aay
tn j0 nam to be taken up at explra
tlnii of agretment Thin company U com f
poerd of he represenwtlv bniness men
of Columbus alary SIHVi and liberal
mnL sioD Addre Howard D Kemp
wcretary Spbar building Colnmbtw
LAND LOTS AND CAMl to trade tor < ooa
ruerchandlse stocas tflve full particoars
nrst lettc Address 41S this offlc 10
WANTEIVTo correspond with firstclasa
J barber furnlAed ebop for sale or reo
emd jpecla f trive g al ir
the Sate of Texs c t hate i
record and glie tc d peTianettj
tic fer xcod sdle mn AdJress B0
W NTEDHtdr gents to fie uJ
hibt sample ir < m > idel bKyrls aslj
tribute if csac In paytatij
It write for cats gae and psrtw
T W Mead Cr > Co Ch ago
AGENTS Wrt cow fee ft siE c
work aad terms star harness nsn
bct 23 e er cit we mike ctb 4
selling nece ltts C 1a Ssj
M nufactartps Co S t Lr s M n
tiw weekly
nS inn iUt
niucn rs fo
mi n mail ofden
V any one Hsrsr
st n Central Ij
Co Kanscs Clfy Mo
Mcorc Burn t ha 1 Ing
SALESMEN U < eil Bank Cheek Pretti
aello to storet and offices retail
novelty barcple 5c Terry Jifli
Toledo Ohlft j
AGLNTS MAKE 2tX > per month r
cur Aotnmottfle K Mkc Tl e i
to aav rocStiDg cSar saapie jalri
7rf postptld Foote Mfg C < SI
crt tr et La ADCles Cal i
want a watch t give with everyf
appteatloB ae crbrs d IlatfeS
atfc free splcodsd time li
agena wanted evcrwbere W U
terscn manager Da < Texas Ti
BOOK AGENTS w bing to canvasss
1ljeril o Afnly rocat
of niWn on of Partno
lioijetcp rexj Via a 1 M02 S l
ltr bv til tbe erui of CJ
S II A C c i jA J I M lp
K A Sent W It Chtt
Fvniil V CjIliii rL I aslaew i
said firm na ii t t of Hsl
Harrlfc corntv lcji i b tv grantct
and > nf r < l to 1 > r T Swall i
a iorKrali1 < > f > jl I naae f imeli
the eneri t < f ltis a titf
oty WKtl will a > ets s 11 ether ter
of sttld firm ar < l t > t I e i hsr
coulutted rj tb nri oi VcsoBjti
A Co will t e hi tciftiT artled osb
M > n Swall < V Inorptrated Sxv
poruili > n his > uned aud will pirx
Uabliitles of the ftrtr of Carson SO
Co and has acquired and is nutbcrSI
coH t and rectlpt f r all note i d
nn f other lodMcliesi dtro thc tf
Carsrn te al A < The sild t >
Carwcri S wal C coa tltsM
afojesad ha l i thK ctav JltaohA
nimual oouxenr
Philip It CnrtMt
W S waH1
kV B
I anrt
W Call
NOTJCE of Firm In < orpctlnilM
Tevn Februsry 27 L > 2 Nnt
brc y given taat tbe 4rm of W
eu ri Co c rapes d cf Fhlilpilt
s n K W sw Tii w B cbtr
Farmle W Cilsoui i feme folKt
lnslff no Je > id tlrrn tme in ti
of r < f Harls wicf Texas
t > l htt id to ki Inccrrctte I wi1
hicoo < hr inj iTie pursuaatl
Trni i l nn of the rficrl ltwi of
1 tlicrotpo grtnt f 11 r 1 tn
< urh coriiortiou a tho rtTt
HI aosets nnrt othe btsinest > >
dim and to then diswOvc whereit
ctrtvnefitton wlj csiry 07 tie hnsttt
ild ore of Cjrson Sewal A Ca j
NOTICE I wis deliver a sotnmer A
lectures on Eqnltv Jutiprulen
Equity Practiie In the federal Cj
at the University of Texas b r
Jnne 12 and ending July 26 TS9J
siring to attend can commanlealli
me as to terms W S Slmklns W
partment Unhcrsity of Texas H
TWO LOTS In Dallas and cash for H
property or land P C Gtay S F
FOR SALE or exchange for lot nWu
orchard of ten aces I1VK1 Set
trees and nice Im Ming close tit
Call 510 trivia feet jj
AFTIXCultage nrrot nm thee
uiJveialty to cxibinc fo nou > jjj
proved or on l novfd vdl > >
oftlce n
ONE good mule for < ule or evcbtOti
a good horse M Stark 101 r
TO KXCHANGETbic ci d htiftfj
Utile money for heai lots or go
propertj AtHrets 4t < thl olcj
FOB SALE or will exchange fortl
mule or horw or
15 > l doxen brooms
calves md
W G Wood
TO EXCHANGE lroperty of all fj
klnda to trade for good Imslneu r
tloaa E C Lamb A Co 411 Bjgi
tarm lo Braxorta count H
cultivations rich atoll wtv Biturilj
ge good bouse barn and ores
csj term or good town property 1
1713 McKlnney atenoa
WANTED To buy or tr d for
tn peifect condition WtUaas

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