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fit I
teaster Tillman bad a long conference
with Senator PUtt and told him It would
t Btutfe for President tloosevelt to co
to 6outn Carolina at this time
tn a headend collision between a frcltnt
and passenjer on the Seaboard Air Line
near Elberton Ga four persons were i
ilonsly lnjortd and considerable dauiajo
Prince Henry special train took In pot
tlons o Msrylsnd Pennsylvania Oato
Kentucky and Tennessee
Tbe Atleshcny Coed Md fair to surpass
ell former nark Fifty thoniand nea are
cow Idle
A speclsl crind Jury ass been called at
Welsh La to Investlgats tie Border ot
the Earl family
Major N J Jenkins of Sonth Carolina hsi
declined to accept the aword wbleh Llea
tenact Governor TUlmaa asked tbe presi
dent not to present
A OoteU awrebat aad his clerk were
murdered their store robbed aad then Dart
Texas telegraphers earrled oC Use prUM
In the Atlanta tournament
The conference committee a the rhtlla
pice tirtC did sot hare much troable 1 >
coming to an agreement
The saUiorttle at Waaadactos < U nat aa
demand Dr Stirti teleffraa to the Pant
ci shareholders
Tbe osiRmu elaims bill ind the meaaar
rrevldlns tor the Irrigation of pablle land
nfrf passed by the senate
The senate agreed to tbe conference re
port of tie Phiilpptno tariff bill nd taa
shipping bill was made atnnlshed bonnes
Former Governor Host refused to wear
kce breefces and a sword to order to bo
r vnt d to ran Eflwarl
Tbe American minister to China evidently
r < rsrds the recent Chinas outbreak 11 my
S > ros
The Psainu sfcareBOidara an srltt rrfts
er explanation at Dr Hlvas teleftara
The Chinas jtorernmeot admits that tie
c rebellion la a serious matter
A ttrors nr of Fs yft struck at a
fierPi of 0 feet t CaesterHi
o baa been fooad aaa Brownwood
A ca Mwoat at HI HW ha riven rlis
to rumor aad the welt baa beta rapped
Mr Rovd ha completed tan Investigation
tf tV quarantine department
A etiarte has b en seared for an electric
Hoe between fteaurnont and Port Arthur
> ok f b Miie s heo e at Roaebnd
v ri > beraed at a loss of 119300 partially
large amount of cotton was bnratd at
r ne
Iflwte Chasaberlsla ar the reporti of
> N > w 1ork eommtttren on T < xas and
tm h old h wMelr dl miatcd > s
< can be made to do the State tnctb
r d
InclitMne promi th penpli of ffatTe < i
l h s nj rtnd far rnort than iLO
of the sea wall bead
> tblpaests from B < naraoat dnrln r b
rirr snowed aa IncreaM of IS per cent
> r Jasaarr
Koor derp welb ara bdn drilled oS Spin
die lop Hclcata
Fonr of the Tex eaojrreasmea hats no
ojrosiflon for roflpctlnn
IToaatoo conntt rommlrtee haa asked J
T Msrfden to ran for land commissioner
Polodexter bas defeated Odell for con
C s to Johnson county
It Is belt Ni Cortls has carrletl Tarrant
county for rallread oomralseloner
nsnlts at New Orleans Sir Christopher
Frank Itlce Intrude St Cnthhert Silver
Coin Aide 11 Carl Kshlor
San Francheo results Montoya Phil
Archibald Dorian Sombrero JUsalon
The tchednle mectluf of tho American
ltneue Is to be held at Detroit
Lockhsrt chickens won tto main foaiat
at Ssn Antcnlo
Balls controlled the market with Im
rcense bnylnjr
Aa excited osts market held the sttea
tloa of specnlators la craln
Tha stock market waa lifeless and ll
Lite stock market was reported stroater
end hlsher
Encllsh capital ts to batld a saw trans
continental route Novada bdnc on tbe
The Santa E > and tbe Erie have made
concessions to tralumea and conductors
The rljht of way for the Contral exten
aton between Burnet and Lampasas has
been secured
The Trinity Corrlsan and Northwestern
road bas been chartered to build a road
from Trinity to Corrlcan
Secretary and Treasurer Field of tho
That is ttyspepsta
It makes life miserable
Its sufferers eat not because they
want to but simply because they
They complain of a bad taste In tho
mouth a tenderness at the pit of the
stomach a feeling of puffy fulneu
headache heartburn and what not
Hoods S
riaparlllaeardJoepb r Ulns
r aaaffaa Ky who writes 1 was troubled
with dyspepsia for a number ot rw and
look mcditlM ta tu B0
adrUed by frlsnds to trr 11 S SarsaparUls
hi 1 did and It put mr b > AlYa pVrfee
wndltlon rar m entth Mrf
tnada m feel like a sow person
tioodlm 9mr9apaHSSo
Prms Sto cure and keep the pronv
iM Bewara fSubsHtutM Buy
H w jB mi H av
Honston and Texas Central assoxci the
duttca ot tbe office
The Soathera Pacific filed notice of
wlthdrarrol from the Boathwestcra Paasen
Cer bnreiu
J TT tlohlns Is sppolatei raperititendent
cf the cortbern dlTlslon of the Santa F
to sacceed J 0 Uartlgaa reslened
The Western ajenty of the Scalhera
Pacific Is dolz cood work In advertising
Texas and her resources
Ihe Soatbern Pacific will mcrje tbe
three lines west of Bl Pato
The flnaar committee will cammeaca
the ule of property held sder tax Jmlr
tnents on Wednesday
Tb Jnry la the Tom Scber marder case
reported at mldnlht that It coold not
agree on a Terdtct
The dataace salts at Mrs Kttle DanleU
and her daatrhter Kettle B Daniels
asaiaat the Houston East aad W t Texas
Railway company In tbe Eleventh district
eoart were compromised by the paymtnt
of V0 to the rlalnttZc
The eornw w oe of tbe new Stepho
F Austin school bnlldlnt was laid with
rery Imprasalre cercmoale
Centennial services ot Presbyterian horn
missions will be held at Westmtaster Pres
byterian church today
March term ff Harris county caort will
convene Monday mornlaK
Great ret h at sen Ires besta today at the
McKee Street Methodist Episcopal church
Tbe Texas items la ta rver sad bsc
bort bill as agreed on by toe committee
Telegraphic news
The tame af Ilarpoo
The prevention of tabefcalotas
Ilnrts recusal ta meet the kin
Stephen F Austin school cornerstone liy
Uallread news
Telegrapble nans
K Tessa Inventori stria yseht I
pomnc acKi
> xs aolltlei >
XI naws J
rrlmaof warnlBa to Presideat Rooaevelt
Galveston budget
Texas now
Aostia badfst
Balancea la tho State treasoxy
Texas newt
Railroad sews j
I cal poUtlcal sews
Local news
Local courts
Day la the dty
City brevities
Personal mention
Uter ry4r ce
Commercial news Cotton grain stocks
Commerdsl aewa Houston wholesale oil
stocks rice
Want ads
Want ads
Wsnt ads
A review of Texas history from the time
of La Salle to Statehood
The Texas Declaratloa of Independence
Incidents of tho Prodonlaa War
Tho fashions
Prank Carpoaters letter oa Boochew
lxK al society
Seclal news from Texas Towns
The musical department
Ceorgo Adtfa Modrrn Fables
Torecasts by Foster
Theatrical gossip
Happybammcr letters
WMMnstop March iEastcrn Texas
Generally far Sunday and Monday light
to fresh winds k
Oklahoma and Indian Territory Fair
Sunday northerly winds Monday fair
Yit 0rt h r ohcrna bse sWto t iS ° at
ca t lbat has not been paid for t0
th ° jj tir ct 1 rsia
labor HI thlaxs ea th
Kmployaeat brlnx enjoyment when it
brluB itau means to ujo
uelihor lf mm r li umHl from hit course
ante e aTly r Tu 0 >
t WTJU D tor hlm elf uud the devil
l u5eSeiln Wc
r t
forTh one e lho bfldmuaUa U bMl
ffttSff n S5 BMer ° f
A man who will not flee will nit ti
Maryland Pennsylvania Ohio Ke
tucfcy and Tennessee Visited
Enolneer Gave Him a Hard Run en a
D6vn Grade in an Effort lo
MaJ < e Up Lot Time
Cincinnati Ohio March 1 Prince Henry
traversed the States of Maryland Pennsyl
vania aad Ohttt today and tonlffht his tpet
lal mm la sp edtn throojra Kentucky lao
Tenneaaee wltb the bsttleflelds aromd
Chattanooga a 1U flnai Soothern coal lie
stopped for formal receptions at Altooni
Mtibttrs Colambos and Cincinnati bnt
the welcome extended to htm ws do
limited to those pUcea Kverywhpre aloaj
the line after dayliflit came aad until Ijuj
after darkness lb people tathrrpd a the
station io cheer him as be spwled ao s
The storm that swelled the rivers tie
dancer point had pasoed away and he <
a sone of three States la bright sua at
H saw a stretch of flfty mlW of tbi i
heny moanulns from the cab of sa engine
aad moot of it waa down grade at a pecj
that thrilled The ualu had wt os
at Portage by reason of a wreck to tue
westward of that point and when the
lal cot a clear track again an uttrmpt v <
UM f to win back tome of the Urn thai
tuo tx u lost
When not responding to the rertlns
the prince ws boy slnitxceluir ii in
Of a large map fte asked mni
tlous as to the ladustrloa of llinmii ii
and Ohio and made extended nnte en u < >
margin ef the map He was r i
lastic over the events of the day He Ji t d
at i oclink His oests at dinner weie
Admiia Evans Amliaiisiidor oi Hn > i
U tt General CorUln AsMstaut Kti rotary
< f State Hill Carl Po llPr Oermit onsnl
at < isHnuail Stiperlntculeut Kalph r < trrs
of the Iaaaamllp nnd Ltentrnam C > nnmin
der Von Fgldbly The prlnie left tho din
lug table o u < knowlcdfr < the rheers jif a
< rn i crowd that had eatiTi l dbont a
water tank outside ot Xeiun Tbey num
liervd Ie s thuo Bfty lint when thi > prince
heard that they wanted to see him he ob
llflitRlj l < ft tbe talili and win tn tbe rear
platform He bowed to the ilttle crowd
and th n waved hit napkin whicb he bad
cattPri at wltb him
Wnrh of the rime lost at Portnae Pa
WAD made up in Ohio and uni s there are
other nnforieen delays the trnln will regiln
Its position on the schedule dnrln the
nlxht a
Portaxe Pa March 1 The special train
which Is taking Prince Henry and his party
mlltees in a rsw words Tlie train arrival
ntei vfteV an < 1 dP r 15 i t ten mln
A rj t j irT ne enry left the englno
SLl MI17 dre fyl man said to be a
wHrf Til0fill clr < t attempted to ap
Him and bu wlce men stopped
turne Mm awjiv
w Vtl he nsrt T Intention
ether than to
see the nrlnce
iJw lJ mountains < r Uo summit of the Al
Columbus Ohio Starch lThe reception
to Prince nnry In this city
A Simple Hoi9 Tisafsnent Which Hever
Fails to Restore Full Strength and
Vigor of Youth
ThiT Is no lni v v 1 1 fr ri n to
suffer firm ioi tt < ti
cticele etc whvn it u nd ui t
HkO tnaaie In the p > > it v 1 < mi
Tiodio and fe tore smai < orzius tu tII
Htrength and vigor of rotn < a uev 1 <
covfry whlih any nmu e Sim
fend your name anl icMr < o fh
Knapp Medlcnl Co T T Hi rstl II j < >
trolt Mich and tbey s US s illi end jon
tbe Dnefora full lyrcOTi i freo nnd
evervthing necessary for a o il < k and la > t
In euro
The following taken from t r dilly
mall shows what men t 10 hive taken
ndviintfljte of tlili srand offi r
I e r Slr Please 3 < my sine e
thanks for yonri of recent il < I hn
t tbe Went and Booth wae well on Us 1 fiiVen roitr treatment a tho o h test nltd Write
journey through Pennsylvania when day
light came It had covered tho run op
from Washington to H rri bitrg oer the
Northern Central Una and had there swti
onto the mnln line of tlif Petio ylianla
railroad Tbe first halt of the ninniiiit
was made at Altoonn nherp a commtttae
of cltisens prexenteil nn address of wel
come Their meeting with the prince was
smutting He hml nrhen some time before
and for the first time slnco his arrival n
the country he was dressed as n civilian
ne wore a pray tweed finlt and a black
derby hat He wns standln on the pint
form of bis ear when the committee filed
up and the llr t mnn bumped Into him be
fore he saw him They aiked to be taken
to Iriuce Henry The prlnee smCed bow
ed and said 1 am Prllica Henry
The committee lookeil emliirimseil hot
reco erltiK their cumpo me went thrun n
the cei rtiiiiny of jroetlus Tbe prince
thauked lilm nml then went ontilde t ac
knowleilse the ehwr of a T Zk croad gath
ered lu tho depot grounds
Th e m > 1 rous ns etieer as ttie tr In
ainamid out of the depot After br akfast
the mlnep jot his promised rld tb onsh
the Alleclieny mount ilns In the rab of the
etialnc A stop was made r Mliv
poutpanietl by Lieutenant Cotnmnler ndlT
My and O W ltoyd of the Pennsylvania
rod ho walked forward and elliuixd t10
Ibe eiiKlne J W Otlehrlut mi at Mic
t rotle an engineer and tbe fireman was
II C Palmer The prince stKok birnle
vth them and tnkln the ongipeors syat
directed thai tbe irnln he Kent Jbid The
run was throirga s wild soctlou of tho Al
lOKbenles and rbe prlnee wa very enthn
slsstle over the rid aa I mn rj It was
oown trade for nenrlv nil the way Into
IMttshure Hnl whenevei > hre was n
stieich of good itinnig nnginoor Oil
chrUt let ft eiirlrif out Th highest
M ed attaliid wm aoa avt milug an
bew At n sneed rf or v hiV an hour
the trtln cleared loin on anl tha crowd
at the depot cor n ort li vr > f tt
At RrariensvIS the prlnee th cinder
marked face and 1errlmel hands rWnrnd
12 BL < vr ° rtr for h reception at
Pittsburg He laitehed Bt the port ot bii
ride throne the mountains and < ld that
ne had had a Plendl 1 time He donned bis
uniform a < an sdmiral 11 ttw tncrM > r
of hU suite sad the military and naval
member of the imerlean escort also n t
on their nnlforuw v0 0fh r stops wcra
made oa the wwv to Plttsitiig
H its ric Prtnee wns greeted by g
brass band and the Oermin n ing ixvle
fir t AIlesjbenT Cltr Fully JsV people
i Ti 1 c boulevard nd sUcets about tho
station Prince Henrv was prtweutei with
fcLV1 OI tokn n address was
bsnded to him The nrlnce spposred on
U resr nlstform
He Once More Has the Right of the
Floor of the Senate
The Shippins B at the Instance
Mr Frye Was sTaken Up and Is
Now Unfinished business
Washington ILir h J Cj Ql ertWe Im
portant bnalnoM War dNposcl of by the
senate trday Wtft tls l jvowunl the om
nibus clalmi bill affd tbe nfea un pro
vldinB for tho Irrigation of puh < lands
were passed the conference report of the
Philippine tariff bill was a re d to and
the shliTpln bill waa mad tbe unaoUbcd
buslue 8
The Irrtcatlon measures prort lei that all
moneys received from the sale of public
lands In Arizona California Col < ridd Ida
bo Kansas Moutann Nebraxka Nevada
New Moslio N < uth and Snutb Dakota
Oklahoma Orez n Utah Wa < hl on nud
Wyoming bcglnalnic July 1 la < t be devoted
to tho counsucilou oh fr Iqutton woikHfor
the reclamalluo of arid land the work
to be duue aud te money expttnUd under
the alreulou of the soeretrry of the Ju
terlor Ibe bll wan under dUcusslou for
scMial hours but oeoUUtrcd uu oppooltiun
ud Mai n ard wtrbont a roll cai
boon ator tu kvmtteCono ou Mr Tur
ner > Sa Ui aiiujuuced thlt after consid
eration he hud loncludid that bu rvxilu
tloa nJiuid elevin > ouifht ptopeuy tu be
referred to ta niinaittt e ou prvIeiv
and covUubs luo r > ulilloii declared ta
brief that the prcidln ofntitr of the seu
nto bad uo autuoiii to eliminate ftum tbe
roll tails of rue einitw aa > namo of uu >
member of the uodi Tno prt > cnt o cu
pant of the chulr Mr IV > ue said
bad made a ttatemeut oouc ruin4 roceiit
occurrences In tae stuiate In the cour e of
which bo did uie the high honor to apdo
else to me for nut ontoruluiuj uti appeal
whlih t bad taken from nls dteltlou Mr
Turner said he ilslietl now to make ac
knonltdccoieut ut the chulri courteous
act The resolution was then referred to the
committee ou privileges and eballuna
The piotent of fteuntor illlmiia pesented
Thutwduy was reforred to tho mumc com
Tho omnibus claims bill which yester
day wss made a continuing order for to
was rtry
cordial Thousand of people crowded the I otrCreaun P omvletloa
nilttee hoar > 2 iMfl A0 1 0 l B c 1
> r a ad we7reent h i
MlinteTlJ0 1 oIeM who In Vnoareialir
VJwl pi 1nf1 tnrM to the prlnee rjev inlttee said it vei
or tae people of Ohio
of i hfn Pot for lh < > hoard
trade and the cltlsen of Columbus
WW1r 1rePfna d brle3v Mlns
been Iffh1Ve hn ia nh0 f IHV0
treated la Ur e ° W < 1 f f le nd
with tho met conMderse klul
pa aeway leadlnj to the Onion station I The ieuste then consflsred bills o tbe
which overlooks the tracks and thousands rrhate pension calandar passlns fortysis
ZiL Ttm C rZ ZXZTmU w du s > Author
joe ieanylvanla rallfoad for soms dl lsln r the picsldeut to noinlnate II M O
isaee on either side of tho station I frown at present Hcuto aut cotamundor
Oovernor Nash Lieutenant finvernnr I of ta nv > > on thc retlrod lt < t to be
Nlnnert ivl J V Tno oominandev on the retired list appiopri
10A J r mnkle and committee of < aline 2V > for a flab culture stt om ut
ito butlneso men of the city were on Mammoth Spriars Ark a Joint rol tl a
hsnd to tecelre the prince The joveraor PI ° riluf Jor Prls llf XM KOplt
viUThaifrn Tt 0 3rh o i0Vhb5r ht0r isr jssg t u P
Smmt vjl el l
man of the Judiciary com
stemed to toe committee for
man obvious reason that any attempt to
kill tho i > raieni utht to be taken eon
nlsanre of bv the Podwal courts rather
than hr tbe State courts llelatiin to sec
tion 7 of the Mil dlrectlUK that the g cn
tary ot war should vrovlda a military cuar4
for the protection of tho preslJetn ho
rboneht all osrrfltil onaorvers must agrco
which li
coompllnh 1
linpo tdUt
dnv iii h Wiw snmvu 10 mo 101 occasions i > ao nurposo ot the provision
woiiili Iv llsv t stPB and I wlj von1 to make ou > offleer of the yovBi
he ot mont responsible
thronrh iCI n0n Obfp for tho protoelon of lbs
in manner In ew niner ruv cralltude foe Die ldent
which they have received > r Petals tAlsl malntataod that
A hn I m > T cuard ought to be provide
sentert i Ti 0 mblcm whs then pe evwesjed lits convleUon that If thero
hoard1 prl u ° ° bhaf of V f LHVr milltun enard uoi ot < of ae
imff1Ms Vlb 7h reir wi
reached of tho n d
A Friend In Disguise
8b wonld nevef
the It r elt has been extraorllnrrv It
liia eoniji telv liractd me up I am put a
ileorou a when a boy and you cannot
renllre how happy I am
Hear sir onr method worked b a
tlfully Henlts were cinstly what 1
needed Strength and vigor bac Ciinpe r
ly reiurred and enlargement Is entirdy
satUfneti rv
Dear Sirs Tonfu wa reeelrrd and 1
bad no trouble tn making uw of tlie re
celpt a dtrcctod and ran truthfuly i > av It
la i Ikioii to waak raeu
Pont stop and wonder how tVv cin J
afford to do all this
bnt snd tolav tb m
offer H cenuluv rml tbe prc rrlpl > n w li
i > sent mill
e by refru In a perfeitlv pn a 1
euvf pi nbsolutelr free just a Ktiled
oday aad soon you II be happy
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op 8t Juffly
pre fl > Port l the measure The bill wa J then
Af > dontial
would have
smomi ie r n eovernr nil aa slnrlons owur d r f without a roll call th satuiniint
os Th Sit 1r rrtJri he rnv < nt l 9tt w tlou wis Zl nJ Lof It beloj unanimous
2 KB form ale f bo ttvsi00 1 bWJS sareastleallr tot I J to that The bill known
ltiou 1 n trsln rUpnIlcd D ont
rini promptlv at nAi
rXiSS2T l n1 the plat
mcTe p me nrry l n U bt la UOt
Mp rr rl 1 Jlr Hoar
1 Massl Mr
tho S W7 0 > Hf Tolr < Colo Mr Oallln
He fe N Hi Mr Patterson Colo Jf
bad nd Mr Clav Ga
Sonfiurti R resumed of the Irrlaa
iIontl when ha tajked Uie rivers and bar
Lt0 dM In last SoweaT
I ia aftald aid Mr Tlllnun
K < H i < i JASrC
W slsSfo ng t r ajJurn
The Amertean Minister Evidently Re
0 rda It a Setloua
Pakla HixcU JvSta CWaeu rorstja cX
ounesy fromptnass
Loans and discounts 001340 SS
0pidruts secured anil mi
scenrtHl 17573 40
V S bonds to secure cir
culation S0000 10
Premiums on L S bonds 3373 XI
ibuikiui house furniture
and lixtnes 12070 7S
Due tiom National hanks
not reserve affens J2320 ia
Due frum State banks and
baukeis 22070 37
Due from approved reservo
agents 634012
fbekii and other cash
ltem 1G0 03
nx < hangcs for clearln
house 2275 74
Not g of other Natloual
hanki 13000 00
Practional paper currency
nickels and cents 72 20
Lawful moufcy reserve In
bank viz
Specie 30R81
Lesal tender notoi2ulOJO 237331 00
Itedomptlou fund with U S
treasurer 5 per cent cir
culation 2500 00
51342074 83
Loins and dl counts 615014 2S
Cash on hand and with oth
er banks 8210127
V S bonds and premium 033T5 00
Medemptlon fund 250O 00
Iurnltnra and llxturcs 12070 73
Total 15121171 33
Cee now admits that the rebellion In tho
vicinity of tbe city of Nan Zlug province
of Quarq See seventy miles north of tho
Gulf of Touquln Is very grave though this
was ileuled yesterday Over 1000 rormax
I scldlcrs are encaged in plllaslng An edct
j has lioeu Usued commanding the Chtneic
I authorities to afford protection to the rnrt
I slonarlcs and other foreigners Mr Ooaser
1 the United States minister ha notitled
Prince Chin head of the foreign office
that bo expects Clilun will speedily suppress
the rebellion and protect tbe foreigners In
that part of the country
Whirlwind Did Great Destruction in the
Jtoanokc a March 1 Tho train sfr
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I San Antonio Tcm t
INO i CANNON Cithler
VVkt rrtilJuu
at Houston In the Stale ot Texas at the close cf buMncis Tcbruary 23 UKJ
OipluU stock paid In
Undivided profits less ex
penses and taxes paid
National bank notes out
Due to other National hank
Due tn Stato banks and
Individual tltpn < dti Hubject
to check
Cashiers checks outitand
250000 00 Pel
151M Ofth
73000 OOtF
670715 tl
07170 Si
G30GO < 5 5i
Ins 10323 SI
Her Little Prayer
Now ork Times
Mie Is much Improved orar what It a was ilsitlnt her irrandmothor oh 1
In Southwest Vlnlnla L flvnK d > AToadV 30 child had
o pm u
fMiT thoujh W uoculftte on hat Santa Claus
trarnc Is i stlH seriously delayed 0 btlUB hur at Christmas time and
Total 1542074 aJ
State of Texas county of Harris m
I Jno J Gannon cashier of the above named bank do folemnlv swear thitlt
the above statement la true to the ost of my knowledge and belief 4t <
Subaerlbed and sworn to before ras this l t day of March 1002
Notary Public Harris County Texas
Correct Attest
Capital paid In J250000 CO
Undivided profits net 1ftIPS <
Clrcu ation 50KX W
Deposits 1220 S75S4
Total 154207131
d4 <
tricks Knlti fulling tonight In some t
four of the Sotth and all creeks HI
mi cams are badlv swollen Several rlrtf
luw passed all previous lih water inartf
Richmond Will Surfer
rilohmorid Va March 1 James rlr
is Mil rslag and by tomorrow tao Io i
Itrt of th city will be tltvodod ft
frthot U follontue another and the pn
peit 1 that the rbk nupplv will lie cut
and work stopped at tSo Trigs ship yat
Lit 5PlluSfi v special taji It v
cost J201A to repair the dauiaco cntised
tho Uoodi in tho Warm Springs valley
Comptroller elect ndward M Oroat H
i <
a pretty llttla Christmas story a few dU
lie said that n little slrl relative of t
1 5
ctunt of tho many washouts and Inundated artu eHjieHaiiy Kiris will do when ttf
tiaeks flre t no hone o a BaKcn r cait tfl
iSai1 t0 ru w KO through closets
iuo town nt Pulaski Vs presents a drawers
etene of destruetlou the damace esm i ln the course of her Investigation i
Jlicte by a whirlwind amountlue to manv Pon 5 brandnew white ntnff It wfl
if ° uln d < > < > ars The entire root of ba verf thLDS 8he und wnntcd and t
Hotel Pulaski was blown a war Scores of kew tht Santn CW chief purcha l
other buldlnss were nrir5 tfrandmabnd obtained It for herj
unroofed The
farm Isnds alonff ths Itoanoke river l Ta XCl Tiltu craudma ad mil ted
twecn Salem and ChrlstlanlmrV have beVn 1 U1
denuded of bouses and crops t he said you mUs
The Storm Has Paralyzed Business for
Thirtysix Hours
Allanta Ga March 1Hallway traffic
to the east atd southwest which has been
almost paralyied for the last fhlrtysli
Ji i torm thlt h covered tho
Ji 11 Al i 8jr A tw Ine however are
In J rii theeBetaof Iho storm
and several
accidents bare been WMrSa
molt oi tha wuhoau and iuh rca
tho tttle white muff Santa Claus U M
An Infallible Sinn
No Comics Wanted
H 1 m D nr lonUnet
Alice I wonder bow old Miss Serelw
Anne Well she Is certainty over fart
henetcr she speak of herself and frleni
she always says Wo jtlrls I
5T B 1ifO0b > t lhr x e 7fl
whom I coold send

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