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Ceremonies at the New School in the
Third Ward
fcddressea Were Made by President
Charlton and Others Singlno by
High School Students
An Ideal flay a > audience a well
arranged program and everything indicative
of magnificent success In the ererctses of
Ihe laying of the cornerstone of the new
Stephen I Austin school bollllng for the
Third ward were lenllsci yesterday School
children froul eveiy white school In the
tit putlclpnted ll tllC wellconducted S
trclum and accompanied 1 v their parents
ml friends until the numb f < reached welt
up Into the hundreds gatbi rct at the seene
comer Ht rufliini 1 stioct in < l McKlnney
avenue long before the bom appointed for
the exercises to brcln A plltform had
boon eiei ted on the St Knianwl atrept
front of the building and nroiind this were
gathered the hosts It was n grand sight
to look over the t erowd realizing that
It was drawn there tint onlv to witness tbo
Every lady who sends her mme and ad
dress will receive by uiull fri e a till pack
ago of n celebratd bfiiitv s rirtoUc for
beiutlfilne the complexh u I maigb of
the remedy U mailed to low ilenrl that
It Is n marvelous sici esj and Jn t what
tery ladv necdi to make hr complexion
pirfect It elfetnallv iraimM nil trace
of pkln diseases ncd inim ifiM tl m > mi h
SS tail freckles llitl i t he il mil s
baeklicad tl vrrm sn > i i i jw
and rotighnci8 Is puro and harmlcsi keeps
tho sUn healthy and clear and makes a
poor ccmplexlun soft smooth and beattt
ful It Is rot a far powder cream cos
metic oi bleach contains no oil greie
paste or chemicals nnd is absolutely the
only successful beauty maker known A
gi nerous treatment l mailed to every lady
who sends and address and toe re
sults from th free treatment will surprise
end delight Write today without fall and
ihc free treatment will bo mailed prepaid
with full directions and all particulars ab
ontely free Address MUE M III
PII r 40S0 Elsa Building Clnclnastl
1onnte n rtarston C23 Lexington Ave
Newport Ky writes I sent for a tiial
u ii
try theua maryelous besotl
tin and an act to define the boundaries
of the lUxnibllc of Texas hermetically
sealed In a tin roll and presented by Mist
Mildred A Kennedy Copies of the ninth
and tenth annual reports of the meeting
of the Daughter of the Republic of Texas
hy Mra J J McKcever president of Snn
Jaelnto chapter bndce of Son Jacinto chap
ter Daughter of the Itcpuhllc of Texas
by Mts U W Craig daughter of Oencral
Sidnev Sherman members badge Daugh
ters of tbo Itepubllc of Texas by Mrs II
Milby daughter of Commander John O
Tod Texas nary A copy of Aegis pub
Hshed by the lileb school and containing
pictures of the faculty of the Wen school
A copy of the Ixwgfellow school library
fiind souvenir and a cravon drawing of
Pets two rabbits hv llttlo Allee Ohsri
ton daughter of President Charlton
The addresses delivered by the pupils fol
Assumed Duties of Secretary and Treas
urer of the H snd T C Yesterday
The board of directors of tho San Anto
nio and Arsnsn Pass met Friday afternoon
In Sao Antonio nrd adopted the following
resolutions upon the retirement from that
companys service of Mr V It Kleld rr o
on tie same afternoon was elected sec
retary and treasurer of the Houston and
Texas Central road with headquarters In
thl city
1 resolved That the board of directors
of the Ran Antnnln and Aranss Pass Hall
war company accept with regret tle reslg
natlon of Mr W H Kleld who has been
so efficient and faithful In the service of
that he ba won for him i
the j °
Iarlg cmietortono n magnltleent I
erected to the eaue f ed M XXurt Tha beTnrrle with him In Mm Vulu
tloii nn 1 morals tint to twr tribute to th
mme dear to the heart of everv true Twcuu
Mophrli P pstlii for whom the nOt
building nnd the school to be held theivln
U miiiifd suitto be known
I In audience was colled to order by Pre
bli nt Juntos Clnirtton of the board f
tiu lcps after which the children aided bv
f mighty Voices from the crowd sang
n rka Thin watt followed by n prayer
f bi < i < artnn offered by Hev John B
< > pastor of the MeKoe Street Melbo
< i episcopal church South President
i ii i mi of thf rchrm Itonril then delivered
r > jmMiwi
vflirtht proIdems address which nut
e II Die H > Ki xhnl fmruil the
mI ii in nl si m tiim ifier
> im n u Imbip if I ii ftouc t > k
t II Ihc nt > i tt if I biMIIlftll Mpll
> i liljtiH imlblirl in i fie if WhUtl
in cIllMltfl
this cnmpHny
New Yorker Will Probably Be Buried In
Beaumont Texas March 1 The body
ot Oeorge Iown the New York man who
lies dead st tho city hospital will prob
ably be burled here as no word has been
reeolvcd from bis relatives
Under a scale of wages made with the
contractors In January sod becoming elec
tive today tho bilcklnyers of Beaumont get
71 cents sn hour or st the rate of 580
for ou eighthour day
Tho Young Mens Christian Association
lias purchased as a site for Its new build
ing the Dr Under property on Orleans
htreet Tho pmpertv Is In the heart of
the city and is diagonally across from the
Uptsoopal church The price paid ts 17
Pedrlo Ixipeg n Mexican girl who came
to Bcnuuiont from Houston four months
ago aud who took up her residence lu the
risei ration committed suicide last mid
night by taking morphine
Tae deed which r > cords the sale of the
Pott Arthur Channel nnd Hock companys
urepcrtv to the Port Arthnr Poet and
Channel compiny made hy United Staten
Commissioner II II Halev has been re
corded here The sale was made on Jan
uary 7 on the order of Judge Bryant of
the United States court
Norman Martin the voting man who was
found unconscious and bndtv Injured at
the Kellanee planer mill yesterday Ii Im
proving gradually although he has not yet
be n able to give anv connected description
of the aceldeut The physicians think that
he will roomer completely although they
admit that It will Ik quite a while beore
they can sa that ha Is really out of dan
DIscharoes In Bankruptcy AsVed
Austin Texas March 1Petitions for dis
charges In bankruptcy were filed today In
the Federal court by Henry P Kuetet of
Austin Willis tf Holman and Albert W
Cleveland of llutto David K I x of Men
dori Caldwell county and Otto I Quandt
of Austin
The Death Roll May Run as Hlrjh as
Tellnrlde Colo March lThe number of
Urea lost In the four avalanches that swept
down the sides of Smuggler mountain yes
terday Is now estimated st from twenty to
twentyfive Fourteen men are known to
nave bem killed and an unknown number
are burltd under the snow and twelve bad
iriniw e u the U0 Ptal while sev
tf h 6fi Sn are nt el homes
It Is believed
that few If any more bodies
can bo recovered nntll the snow melts
Georgia Merchant and His Clerk the Vic
tims of Thieves
fllTnDh ren LMchael Bch
Of your beautlners and nt the reock snd
end of a Jacob Carter a merchant and his
and k moth rt patches i I Ft J M < lerk murdered last St In BV
disappeared and thn
eqzema ana salt rheum were completely
cured I Improved so wonderfully that
py Wtnatala cot recognize me so quickly
Jtsd the change taken place Jly tkln la
rip perfectly lovely and there Is nOt a
Wenilsh or wrinkle nnrwbere I hope all
hd vrlll
rencks store sixteen miles In tho country
and the store burned over their bodies
8chrencks body was found la the embers
near tho safe which had been blown open
w Uh dynsntlte or gunpowder snd evidently
rifled Tie store wss situated In what Is
knows as the Blsck Aaklo dlstrtc tos
jgjg sjggf
Obfthoe river Bcarencks place was called
Whisky Hill
> iticn the lire was discovered nothing
could he done to save the light frame build
ing When the quick Ore had burned Itself
out Schrcncks charred body was discov
ered in n crouching position near the safe
t arters bodv was found lying prone near
his bed lie had evidently been shot
In bed and asleep There were several evi
dences of murder robbery and Incendiar
ism no clue to the perpetrators Heavy
rains have probably obliterated the trail so
doss can not trace It
A Modern Fable Teaching the Importanco
of Union
Once upon a Time In the Infancy of the
Twentieth Century an Atom of Disease
Matter Pirouetted rayly through Atmos
phere met another Atom and Stopped to
Havent I seen you before quoth the
flmt Likely replied the other Im a
Get in
Im a llncterlum Its Up to mej whats
Ho as you do Old Hoy replied the
lernii Im feeling Soso Oncer ami Out
nf Sorts I Jfidt Met one of thnie Particles
of Disinfectant mid as I Told him he lives
me a Pain
Well wlint do you Know How Is
Things anyhow Inquired the ierm
Thcro Looking lp replied the Uaete
rh m Tell ou what Deali Hoy It takes
the tiood old 1amlly of Itacterla to Work
tt liuis thnt About a Oood old FamilyV
liiqulred thn Oerm UUrcaiiectfully
Vou e got Mosi on your Heads Its True
but If It eomes to I ntnlly Kacterla aint
In It with fJermi
uro SuOerlng from Swelled Head
scf the nnlrer al approbation of nil those retorted 1 the llneterlnm Hotly
fJerm In
Im four Syllables to One betteru
sneered the flerm Vou think
his new empjormeat our most earnest and > nure the Whole Spelling Match dont
best wishes for his proupwltv and happl jc1 Ynu Think youre Doing It All
uess at > d wc cingrntiilat him upon his Youre not tho only Currant in the
advancement and hope for him from the i fruit tnke lemme Tell you retorted the
new friend wltnir he will surely rn the j Ba tcrluui Smarty
name affection cMcct und cimfidence < here cxditlmed the Genu Von
wnfeh hi < been extended to him while J Qui oure Thlckeru Mud you are Im
with ti u iin in In tla Lsngtiajce of Pathologlstt
R nUc < I further That these resolutions I in n Specllle Uvlng MlcroOrgiinlsm
be apreiid upon the rolnotes of the meet i > ou 1 Hotter not Hot too Cloy atit
In and a onpv thereof he furnished Mr
+ +
Mr rleid loft San Antonio Prldav night i tt f Jl w > invllV 1
T on i nose vour clf lollielv answered
and reachd Houston earlv yesterday to Genu You werent Offldnl Iletog
meriting reporting to Tlee Prerident Mark
hajn at oVInck Mr Field wns Intro
In ed to Major Cne the retiring secretary
ati1 tmsnrei t the Central nid the ofllce
Wio < formally turned over to the erntody
nmitiia susnmBiuWM ft stiff with f rj of the new of lb bil During fie day the
officials slid hi wis of department
out explanation of Dr Stlvas telegram
The Chlneso government admits that the
new rebellion It a serious matter
A strorg flow of pas was struck at a
flcrth of 400 feet nt Chestervllle
and paid their respect
The Date When Th y Go Into Effect Is
tcieii the Ilactcrlum The lust new I p
loUate KcvIrcU Improved ritiurlatlvc
and Infallible encyclopedia DeOied me as
iiIkciI until tho Klghteenth Century The
linn theory Was Propounded oer Twii
liiousnnd Years aco when the Kntlre Pop
Uiatlui ft the World whh kept Busy Ad
nlHng Clcere mid UodKlng Cjesnr Im u
lbman Keile
llSMboeit hissed the Itacteriuui Mai
Schlso Scblrowhlskeytoui hiccoughed
the Oertn
Yonre Talking through your Hat said
the llncterlum
You Talk like a lotnato an on a
Piiuip shouted the tlcrm
Hoth ba > lng a Partial Jug on they Called
frnfflc Manager Jones of thi n c olu e lln B I ° aiid ere About
I Pummel each other when the Uerm
i lines recched notice
vs nlsred ojn lltn uith st comer of the rWirWKCentrsl yeaj httld
Ilillillug while mi the mirth end of the j terdnv from the HouthweHern Tariff bu
llng nre plucd nine xinaUur st iie rPaiI tlln 1 nw rnt n tweeo Texas
fiont the emt
See here Old Man dont get Mad
Whos Mud asked the HactciUim who
ntlre nine making a points ind > Yoik nnd the ba < 1 orgottcn the Subject of UlscusNlon
ew sea
f the i mi to v ever Mind Miirumred the flerm
tiofl 1 viild mil en Into effect on Mnrch I
I a the I lug f hese stones which l J iH n rar S This Maminr PeisuusUely Just Think what a Hot
I L part of the exepclses Lull of thene r iniilltne tins not hnil Hmc in i nc 0Jtethei
Moni had clilselcl lu June Th neTrartrr i he Advance In dais It T Mh i > Vat e acterlum
of the iitv of lloi KiilluiftliiKtlcallr le
o the white hiM > u
4i aud when pot In nlttre fo ine 1 h beanlt
fid grODIi with tHe Hub Hcbool o the ecu
ir S folliOH
Hawthorn Itioltoti lonjfollow
I iiiiln High Ktbool Tavlor
I vslan Cajmni Imw I
nnil fourth ela < rates previously announced
as effecttic March S holds good
Rates for Live Stock Convention
The Santa Pe Honston and Texas Ccn
v reprencntathe pupil of aeh school and Katy have announced a rate ot
Md the atoue In which the name of the 0 to Port Worth and return on account
m hooj Wjs rblseled its follows
High wliuoSadlP O 0de Winder
Hnrailtoii Klrcct sellout flelie Lucas
longfelloH itcliool Herber Antrey
Tinntn school Prank Wllllford
TVI school Hinule Mi Moore
linw si inol Sadie Iuko
llanthonic school Cora ltleksrt
Inscnra mhool Allyun Clluo
Plyslsn Street woliool Joe Urpen
As their names were called eseh of
the e representatives stepppd forward nnd
In ii masterful effort for their vears do
ihered a short nddresn and plieed Ihe
Ktotia hefil by him or her in Its pbim ROW
isehnol first then ttiscftra Klfim street
High school Tavlor Pnnnln lOngfeloW
Hnmllton and Hum home In ih > order
miiied It i n most lwautlful and Itu
pr she cerenioni ami the p piiIk of yea
of the live stock convention tn be held
on March 11 The Hants Ke tickets are
good for three days be Houston and
Texas Central two days and the ICatv Ave
onvs Mr Ssm H pettns who secured the
rate U very wneh pleased at the action
of the roads
The Velasco Extension
Bteps have been taken providing for tht
early extenalou of the Velaaoo Ilraxos and
terdiiy Mill ever the green 111 the niemorji between Vein o and Anchor
< f those participating
After > hr address of the clillilreit Mr
11 f Cooke the architect of Hie new
I idling ntecnnd en ii of the ililUmi
ho had i stone to lay whb u biiuitlfnl
i ttli silver trowel Mr H B Tracv sec
rctiirv of the bonrd In u neat nnd well
worded nnech In behalf of Al < bKeet
< ouk ami Contractor Jloldelberg puseut
ci Treshlent Charlton with a neauttful
omcnlr In the shape of a solid ellver
iron el on which wbm the Inscription Pre
nutcd to Mr Jiiuhk Charlton on the ueca
on of his lailmr of the cornerstone of the
sieih n P XiiMtln sihooi bulltlliiir lloiis
imi Texas March 1 J1K Mr chat Ion
r > ponded In 1 Mirr bnnpv and p > easaut ef
The benediction was Droiounc d bv Her
Sam ft Hav pastor of the Hhtarn Memo
rial Methodist TJplsconnl cliinh HoiiiIi
Thn articles to be dcopltd In the cor
neistone before tt Is la t In cement are
oples of the Tcfliwranh nnd Texas Heels
ter otxblisbed at Coliiml In nrd dntet l > e
eemher HO lRfttl cont lining he hlitort of
tho death and funeral nf Stephen P Aim
lrh h do Other
Pellows up Vtead of Onlu each other Up
Thev Pell Into each others Anns and
Within Half on Hour bad CIen typhold
Preumonla to a Man who Would Other
nlse bae only Caught Typhoid or Pneu
monia Separately
Moral While Scrapping over Trifles Re
member that Inlon > Strength
Tlie Antiseptic Cvmna tlc Itathlng Depart
ment of the ltlr Hotel
Tho vast number of valuable Improve
ments completed and In progress of com
pletion at the Hire Hotel now under thu
management of Captain J inio Tuwlnr are
dally adding In every depoitment the lu
vltlug appearance of a im uopolltan bos
extension 1ms been completed that Is tho
Turkollusslan Antiseptic Ownoostle Bath
rooms replete In even detail for prompt
and supeili sen Ice from plain Inths tn tha
urkoltusslan Shampoo rubbing Massage
vapor steam shower and 1 eedle baths In
the latest lmproed stjle A visit to Pi
eulniged and handsomclv decorated and
cnnifnrtiiblv furnished empoilum of clenu
llness reminds one of the ancient baths
described lu history
The hypocausl 1 located In the culinary
wing of the main building and connected
bv sleam pipes with the bathing depart
ment the area of which Is 40x > feet and
lontalus the apodUerlum the disrobing di
vision furnished with ten dressing rooms
c osets mid racks for clothing mirrors
toilet artltlos brushes and brooms
The frlgldnrlmn for cold water baths Is
furnished with porcelain tubs and useful
The tepldarlum Is furnished with facili
ties for steam moisture from tepldltv to
the unheninhlo hotness with chairs where
on to rest and content thyself
The culadarlum or hot air or vapor room
furnished with marble seats and reclines
Is a Bcnulno sudntlo for opening the pores
preparatory to entering the shampoo scrnh
bing rooms of which there are two oiei
which the magnetic nctlvlty ot Jesse an 1
lteuben of old officiate
Passing the sudntlo Into the unetuailim
or massage department you flnd the fur
nishings reclining tallies cots frr coolt > g
repose surrounded with rich drsperv This
room Is In the center of tho spliacrlsterluiu
for gymnastic physical exercise furnlshe 1
with the boat machine swinging duns
diiuib bells etc Hereto are attache I
about ten private rooms for cooling pur
poses and undisturbed repose In prlne
The patroniic of bathrooms of the Tuiko
IltHSlan stvle has grown year by venr until
t aptaln Inwlor conceived the deiermlta
tlon to establish one In connection with
the hostelry that Is Incomparable In fie
State or entire South The department
will be under the personal supervision and
management of Professor James Graham
manager of tho tonsorlal department
The capacity of the pool has been In
creased more than double Its former sire
The shampoo scrubbing tables have bee
furnished with rubber rnnttrssses and hed
rests and the two rooms contain hot and
cold shower haths
The needle bath of the latest Improved
style Is locntul In the pool loom
A cold water shower bath Is located In
the vapor room All of these arc special
ties as to location
Coining from the final magnetic massage
fc bV rhom again At this time
tho coffee urn lunch and beverage facili
ties arc present and generally nulte ac
ilh < ifc 0 th0 bhr vh0 feels and
moves like a new man who could fir if bo
nau wings
She Knew Him
St Louis PostDispatch
There Is a certain voting nun In tho old
city hall who never nowadays allows his
temper to get ruffled while at the tele
A few dsya ago he could not get the num
ber be desired
hMe centr rl1 rp9rt 7 ° u he
sb outed
toSe 0t Wb ° m M W
d 0plirT
too rl U Ut nd that olanled < l1lck
kno I0U ah eaine In soft easy
the oid cKV ° Ur PCtUr V ° r °
y0UDB mu pluned neidleng Into the
ioa uo exclaimed delightedly
V5 rrf n th newspapers
W meriT rep r on IftD > t
S l
HOT 8PHINOS ArkIteturns from the
democratic primary election In this couu
U fnr u > dlcaV tbt Wlllism McOulgau
th well known
former turfman wss tuv
toste4 tn tks Udstatso
Vt rT3as
it is Difficult to Understand the Co
lombian Telegram
It Is Not Believed that Colombia Wilt Op
pose tho Salo to the United
States Government
Washington March 1 Dr SJlra the re
tiring minister from Colombia at Washing
ton today authorised the following state
The Panama Canal company through
M liampro Its secretary general and
others was Informed some time ago that
It could close no deal Involving the transfer
of Its rights to uy nation without first
obtaining the assent of the Colombian gov
ernment tho grantor of Its concession
This matter w s made ery clear The
CoInmblMi government gnvo the company
of iransfer to the
of the stipulation of articles 21 and 22
of the companys agreement with Colom
bia and a ciile message will be sent to
Colombia today asking for an elucidation
of the matter The hopo it expressed that
the difficulty ulll be arranged nnd mean
while the company will maintain Its offer
to sell Its property to the Cnlted States
and will continue tho negotiations on the
subject It U not consldsred probable how
ever that Coicnhla will oppose the sale
of the canal property to the United State
after giving its assent at the opening of
negotiations and confirmation of Its ap
proval of the negotiations have been re
Helved In a letter from Senor Sllva tho
ennlveriMiry of tbo birth of Texas Hide
pjidenee President William L Prathe
of Ihe university was the guest of honor
He delivered a scholarly and appropriate
address Other speeches were made
Smallpox at Lake Charles
Lake Charles Lb March 1 little
smallpox scare was created here by the
discovery today that Hobort McManns had
the disease He irss at his place ot busi
ness yesterday and came in contact with
many people Several cases of smallflx
havo occurred within a fow weeks anions
negroes but tho
whites until today
esoaped Infection
r i
ttAst r
Probable that a New High Water
Mark Will Be Made
Lack of Fatalities Is Due to the Timely
Warnings Given by the Govern
ment Weather Bureau
nttstmrg Pa Mnrch lAt 0 oclock to
night thQ Allegheny Tlver marks show 32B
ud still rlrtng The Hood mark of SI8H
will In all likelihood bo passed and thirty
Ave feet llio highest point ever resetted
by the waters hero In ISC may be
cnnalled it Is certain that the great dam
age done by tho 1S81 Hood will be exceeded
by many thousands of dollars and many
more Interests will lie affected Already
S000O men have been made temporarily
idle by the forced closing down of mills
factories and other Industries and the nmu
tho tight to Initiate negotiations looking to j ter Is likely to be considerably Incrensert
n transfer Of its rights to a nation but
never to anally close rucIi a deal
I can not comprehend why a situation
which has been made so clear to the com
pany should hsve had caused such
of excitement among Its shareholders
by Monday To the timely naming gtven
by the government weather bureau officials
to all Interested may be credited the lack
of fatalities Tonight Allegheii > In a mod
2 ymitt EvoWttjrjssrt > tr Jo lying
I 0l < trltUd6U rnr wm Herrs Wnd to
whtfftl tlO i Mtern penitentiary has niont or less
aud factories
government ot the I re submerged man
bine been
Unltotl gts
VS +
lt Is gathered from Inqurty here ad
dressed to persons familiar lth the tri
angular negotiations that hnve been In pro
gress between the 1 nlttd Ktnte govern
ment the government of < > ombla and rep
resentatives of the Piifii > Canal com
pany that the ginprninotit of Colombia
holds the key to the sltum1 > n und Is there
fore responsible for the < tici k to the nego
tiations Colombia Is nois Indicted lo have
determined to muke th effi rt to frecura
much niori favorable turns and vastly
greater pecuniary ion ratum In return
for what she Is ask 1 to die than the
protocol as prepared b Mb iter Kllvn
who Is now retiring i i t n veil If tbli
additional eouipeiignUon in not be seen red
from tho United State < the plan Is
to have leeottrse to the I mama Canal
company and In some m finer to obtain a
portion of the sum of 4 < > < mi < i0O which the
United Statesgovernun ufr is to pay for tho
works and franehlte If U do ides npon the
Panama route The I nlted States govern
ment hat refused or will absolutely refuse
to enter Into any agreement In the protocol
with Colombia which een ludlrectly sanc
tions the spoliation of the stockholders of
the company
M Inmpre the secretary general of the
new Panama Caual company referring to
yesterdays cablegram from Paris on the
action of the Colombian government to
day said to n representative nf the As
sociated Press There Is no cause for tho
Panama Canal company to he disturbed hy
the news you refer to I understand the
Colombian government only wishes to re
mind the company thit Its negotiations
with the United States should not be < loscd
until the two governments of the United
States nnd Colombia have finally agreed
The Western penitentiary is In particu
larly bad shape The water bus flooded
the underground portion of the Institution
ruining much tlno machliiorj
In Pittsburg proper from up to Mntn
street nnd ns far back ns Penn avenue
evirything Is Howled Pew Pittburgers
have ever before seen the water so dwp ou
these streets Tho hotel Lincoln has ten
feet of water In Its bnfomont while the Vic
toria anil lloyors hotels tire lu almost as
bad shape Water surrounds the uder
son but no pnrtlcultr dam i e has been
dotie The Duiiuesnc nnd the vivin theaters
were forced tn abandon their performances
tonight and business In nil the districts
mimed has been suspended since noon
ivery mill along the Allegheny river as
far as Thirtythird street Is closed down
Prom Tweutytlrst street to the Allegheny
Vallej rollroad ttaeks Is submeiged and
everv cellar In the district has water In It
Cm the South Side most of the mills have
Ehut down The Pittsburg and l > nke Krle
ttoelts are under water and the Panhandle
tracks are bclug used to get trains In and
out of the olt > The MouongubeU Water
company supplies this section of the city
and this evening the Monongahela river
took possession of the companys plant
putting ont the fires under the boilers and
forcing a shutdown
i w
McClinton Took Code Prize and Bruckner
Strairjht Morse
Dallas Texas March 1 Dispatches re
ceived late tonight state that P M Cc
Cllntoc of tho Associated Press foice at
Dallas won the worlds championship prise
for fast sending bv code nt tho Interna
tional telegraphers tournament promoted
by Audiew Cainejtlo and others which
took place at Atlanta Oa today The
second < ontst stialght Morse sinding
was cloe between Mr McClIntoc nnd Mr
12 E Biickuer of the Postal telegraph of
llce nt InlliiK but tho latter one
Thn Atlunta Journal gold medal for the
eUmnmt copy ou a tjpevvritev of code
sent news matter was won by v M Mc
The sublect matter used lu the Carnegie
on the lines of the treaty which U at the diamond medal contest was sent to the le
present time k eiilvlug operator by the Phillips auto
preparml matlc Ultgiaph at n speed which was
Our company has been acting nn the an giudually Increased until a maximum of
thorlty given If hyit Colnrriolau minister nve words per minute whs attained
tn tiii niiv i t The copr of the recehlnt matter was then
this almost
n eltj
s year ago and there 0il iy tlu iulltM nuil 1 lll > Kreo f
Is no reason to belteve that the Panama
company will not come to a satisfactory
understanding with the Colombian govern
ment As a matter of fact the board of
directors In Paris alreadv has taken steps
to that effci r throtish the companys rep
resentative In Bogota
M Lampic saii he has received a cable
grnin fiom his lonipimy In complete har
mony with his Tlews as expressed Above
Paris March i The officials of the Tan
oma Canal lompiuy are still without any
explanation f the dispatch from the gov
ernment of nliinbia announolng that the
perfection determined the eligibility of
Uue enteicd to rond In the tlitul bent for
the tiophv The man showing tho best av
erugo of both recelvlms and sending was de
clared the wiucer
Kntrles for all events wore numerous and
the tournament was not concluded until a
latu boui toukiht
Crushed Under Fallinfj Floors Which
Wore Overburdened
Cleveland Ohio March 1 Die fourth
tloor of the flcvelnnd Baking compnnys
plant on Central avenue fell beneath tho
weight of n large number of barrels oi
company would not be allowed to transfer i Hour todav crashing through the thiec nn
Us concession to another nation without dor floors into the bacment There are
the assent of Colombia to a modlllcatlon j Ave peiuiis missing four gtrbj and a man
Thev uic burled beneath the muss of debus
ii the basement ami are undoubtedly dead
lhelr names
MACllli limsrll
Desldes the mlsblng several were Injured
Funeral Directors Firemen and Dentists
Are to Meet There in May
Waco Texas March I The dale for
the State lnneral Directors andErubalmers
association which holds Its uext meeting
In this city has lieen fixed for May II 15
Colombian minister at Washington to Ad l 1 i wnJeh will be at tho same time of
mlrs Walker January 11 In view of this j rerrVlsT rr aTeij
letter It Is considered Colombia Is offerln
an affront to the Ualtod States by now op
posing the tianafer
Texans Are to Ride from Orange to
Lake Charles La
Orange Texas March 1 A uovel race
was arranged hero this afternoon by Abe
Sokolski and Tom Giles two well known
young men Kaeh of them placed 100 in
the hands ot u stakeholder the race to be
on horseback the course to be from Orange
to Lake Charles The distance between
the two places by tho road they will have
to traverse la nftylive tulles They left
here together this afternoon and the one
reaching Luke Charles first lj to receive
the Uioiuy rrom the stakeholder Kach of
the contestants has h line thoroughbred
tlll < 1XHCUlve qmmittoe which met
It the city yesteiday The State Dental
association will meet here on the same
dnte IJlaborate preparations are being
u udo for these conventions
Texans in New York
Special to Tho Post
New York March 1 The following
Texans sre In New York
Honston W I Ilsker and wife Nor
ma ndle
InhesionW P > Scalls Albert
DallssW II Mnrey UrontlvvnyCentral
rexes J P Sutton A It ilbsnn Mor
San Antonio M Calesburg Hverett
Stranger Is Well Cared For
Hearne Texas March 1 The stranger
who was found at the International and
aulmul and though thu roads are very I rent Northern tank one mile west ot
rough snd It will bo neces ry to ferry i Hearne recently with a bad case nf pneu
across the Sabine river they expected to
resib Lake Charles by inldulght tonight
The outtome nf the race I being awaited
with much interest
University Banquet at Dallas
Dallas Texas March 1 The Dallas i
County Association of exStudents of the
University of Texss gave their annual ban
qnet toulght in honor of the sixtysixth
jnonla Is very low at the Exchange nine
Is belug crcd for by the officers as
ids relatives have not come to his r cuo
lie had lain at the water tank two days
wthout food when found
jWMtlonal sugar conference u wn dc
° n rrly ncxt WMk the conven
heretofore agreed upou
I 0 i2X Lo r 1 K 1t eer reports that
tt ° r l 1 1
i oV cn during the recent op
fii amounted to SCO men killed or cap
IS l 0 < m I > ewets sou who Is among
the prisoners was bis fathers tertiary
rbIrt 9 > i 0BtU hBac i l ot hc ru
rWlii S1 ArlcH company deuy tho
report of the death of Cecil uodM
Sf n u the 5th Instant to tji
hfJ J port works SenUructod
hy sb w
cel man Iears
Jnicel u A distinguished
party will
accompany him
tockhart Won tha Main
l Bjw AaUoio Xtxsj VUrcA LIa the bl
If You Need He
Let Me Know It
Tell Mc of Some Sick One and Let Me
Send My Book
No Money Is Wanted
It you arc not well plonso tell mo tho trouble tell njft
which book you iieotl jfKi
That Is all I ask just a postal card with the name ofi
somo one who needs help j
I have spent a lifetimo tn learning how to cure theas
troubles Year after year I have porfected the treatiaentj
until It 1b almost sure I want you to know about It
You may take the treatment at my risk if you wily
You will not have a penny to pay if It falls
With the book I will send an order on your nearest
druggist for six bottles of Dr Snoops Restorative I wlllf
authorize your druggist to let you take It a month at myj
risk If it succeeds tho cost is 550 If It falls I will pay
druggist myself
I will leave tho decision to you 41
Dont think that this is Impossible for I do Just as I
say I havo done it in over half a million cases already
It Is truo that I can not nlvyays succeed Sometimes a
cause like cancer makes a cure impossible But those
cases are rare and I am willing to take tho risk
It is also true that not all people are honest But tho
cost is only 5 0 and experience has proved that very fewri
of the cured will avoid It 5
My records for fivo years show that 39 out of each <
who accept those six bottles pay and pay gladly I am ll
satisfied with that
Please note what that record means
They are till difficult cases where six bottles are taken
In simple casos the patient gets a bottlo or two from his
druggist Yet 39 In each 40 of those difficult conditions aroS
cured >
That is remarkable lecord which has
never anIj
proached In the history of medicine There Is no other
remedy which any physician Would dare to offer on such a
plan as mine
There are 39 chances in iO that I can cure you no mat
ter how severe your case no matter what else has fallod
Jly success comes from knowing how to strengthen the
inside nerves
Every vital organ In the body gets its power from these 1
nerves When some organ grows weak and fails in Its I
duty its nerve power is weak It is just like an engine that
neetlB more steam
My Restorative brings back that nerve power It re
moves tho cause of the trouble And most of the conditions
I treat can never be cured In any other way Somo of you
know this already
My book will make tho matter clear
If you arc sick or a friend Is sick please dont fail to
write me
You havo everything to gain and nothing to lose by it
Your future is at stake If I take tho risk wont you take
tho remedy
Wont you at Ibast write for my book
Simply state which book you want
and address Dr Shoop Box COO
Baclne Wis
Mild cases
cocking main between San Antonio and
lockhnrt which closed tonight Iockhirt
won bv a score ot seven tights In fnvor of
Iockluirt to four lights In favor ot Sin
Dccoaled With Spatter Work Becomes
Beautiful and Valuable
Kansas City Star
Spatter work Is rather v trick than an
nit Imt > tt U rrtl tlc enough to requite
exercise of and
the tiste Judgment
If you hive any old kitchen dresser > r
table Ionsldcied utteily worthless and only
lit for firewood a skillful band at spatter
work can make It an nitric the piece ot
furniture which will till It place for lifty
years longer and be ailmlied hi ill who
beholtl It An old round walnut table
KtaUhed defaced and uppirently ruined
wits thoiouglity leaned with sand paper
find then sputtered with o wrcttli of mnpln
leaves It had a branch In the center aud
the claws were spattered to match It is
now the most ornamental object lu a uind
some drawing room A Srallei table In i
still mou dilapidated condition wik mad
so btnullftil by spatter woik that it sold
for 1il iiml was thought cheap at the price
The following are some simple direc
tions for j beginner
Iltfct gather the loveliest ferus and leaves
jou get n plentiful supply If vou are i
going to ornament n large piece nf fund i
turo Take big book
a with heavy comis
ind pnss your specimens at once keeping
them perfect lu shape us possible prom
old magazine cut out with grout nrei Nlun
designs of blrd beasts and tlowers Ituv n
common kitchen null brush like a little
scrubbing brUkh two or three bard tooiu i
tirueues also i few good brushoi such as
painters use for putting on varnish get n
line timothy sieve such as Is used by fam
on for sifting tlmothv
grass mmhI If vo i
n ° t find this a piece of veij rtue vilre
cloth will do stretched on a frame let I
a fow nous coarse and flue both I
Iluy live cents worth of burnt
umber In
the powder and a rjunr of malt vlueiir
Secure some bits of new board for the tlrat
trial and do not attempt pleee of furnl
reMl vo uvc orne practice for
the hand being In bns much to do with sue
ees In this as In olhei handicrafts Iluv
Hiiito i no white vnrnlsh sometimes callud
Demnr nt least n quart
Have all your inntcilils at hand lay vour
picture design Hist of nil face down on
he wood then arrange your fern and
leaves und fasten thu under layer
Mrmly with pins the upper ones may very bo
thrown on more carelesslj Cover tho wood
well and thickly in the second laver
Now mix a large earthen
saucer full of
btlr till < ltlte smooth a thin liquid Select
your brush toke your sieve be careful to
put n verr little q i on brush inid
rub sway rapidly ou the si e Bove
Cn The color should
fu throuzh
° a
sieve like tine rain nL
When he f ri
quite wet carefully remove
sonic of the nn
Ir on s Spatter acaln
then gent n
out komeof the under ferns
just tot the i
ground design this
requires s light
Finally after spattering a little
more toko
off till but tbij ground desk fastened
with the pins which on
Is left till
quite dry
If you have never
before seen such work
J ou will be delighted
with the
twH fo It
mid tt of afe fern 5
Huppokc your picture design Is a field
mouse of It Is
course onlv In outllno D n
your pen In brown India Ink
an inatk
the eyes and whlskeis Si
In word
the skelch Your Ul
mouse nJw
as If peeping from ud ear
under thefwns ffij
whole rfectly work try The vnrnMi varnish with will gr t t i o arei tho
A nursery paneled with ktiatlnr work
would be charming for little chldreiihe
Wood cr Cock S
nobln ou the M I
smong the ferns and IcsVes
Hook No 1 on Dyspepsia
Bock No 2 on the Heart
1ook So on the Kidneys
Poik No 4 for Women
Book No 5 for Men scaled
Book No 0 on Ithcumatlsm
i i not cnrnic nr > 0tcu 0ml by one or two bottles
At CapitolPharmacy 517 Main street Abbott Cookrcll 00J Main
street A U Kleslliig WW Main street Special Agents
ulKVS Pear < al Texas Kebrtur
Dr John tithcr ItKen died at m
of lung trouble li jy mornlntJ
bls he nur hv one rj
vis Kate Kb s of Center died cfl
burledI at the
n w eiiHeij lt S0
his aftorm
Mrh ltfks Is the
to lie laid to lest in th uevr cemet
The III Bred Stare
Washington Times
there Is no such thing as a twS
tin re
Not mat It Isnf true that the wtj
stare but they are not well bred
they do ltlo indulge in a bit of fj
Nothing Is well bred that make
low ereatuie uncomfortable Tntt
tin woman nnd theie tflitSi
aie too
her In this impolite world that calUl
Iiolltethut vMih takes au lata
when she meets jou of every drfl
our appearance to jour own secra
conilmic emlreij forgets her n
ihe oideal at nil times llsagref
pnioiints to cruelu heu the sfftit
Is touselous of Miitorlal shorteomiujSS
wheu Is evn the bojt dressed am
confident of
cverj detHI Ate seani
peiulMblc in their strength or boob
us wuiranted to be true
Hut oh the when
iigonj your gtotj
riunkly shabbj and your tlt has yi
fote Justs slecMs cut down
She mlvances towud > ou with set
upon jour but Next your veil Is U
ed You
wouder inivouslv If your d
boring through a p > Hlle weak spot
middle of It hsnl
She extends her
it or
survey join jici k arrangciiieou
makes jou squirm In gulty comclji
of white pin you htuck Into t
ribbon in u place where II would
Ilefore the greeting Is achlevedtoi
eordlul ami guiclous she can bebtf
taking giue has meandered down U
tetlieimost extiemitles aud ff
a i jour little toilet subterfuges trf J
book to her Not that it is ko nece
Ihe staler often staves mechanlcitllp
out taklug uirinnl note Hut the st
cfl ct upon the victim Is Jut the
btnro not at all live vour rtclfi
frank sviupithetlc resard In the mil
his cje nnd m m nn furtlier lie j
to elothesor rather produce the ft
oblivion if jou hnve any tJCT
you must slxe up the outer m f
ate plenty of ways to see without M
to see j5
Sponsor for Second BrifjadeJ
Ssn Antonio Texas March 1 At
lug of Albert cMjl
Sidney Johnston
C V tonight MNs Mimle Wl > a
Antoulo was appointed sponsor for IV
nnd brigade Texos ilivlsim und JlliW
Ives also of Snn Antonio chief ng
Child Fatally Burned
Ssn Antonio Texas March l At8j
I > er old daughter of Mr I WJf
while playing with other ohlldrcrup
flic In the open ulr this morning so
burns bv her clothing catching nreit
feared will result fntnliy
Yeoman Has Sailed
Norfolk Yn March 1The nrltlsJffl
er Yeoman Coptnln Lang from OxlM
lo Liverpool with cotton whlcjj
sgrouml on Cape Henry Point forifj
WiiM jeslerday sailed today for UlfJ
the captain having ditided that tyX
was not Injured by her mishap ffl

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