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mjiioy of tbo Southern Parlflc Itnllwuy
QMany a gentleman of a very Inventive
il Ufl who has ROUS np several scccessful
orcntlons h vlrs ned tho channel of
ijjtboughts toward successful aerial riavl
Jtton after much serious careful study
njtlthought much hard wort and manr
xpwlmcnts has at last Invented a ma
hinc which ho terms an aerial yacht
ijh8i be claims can he directed at wll
yltlie pilot ns It nails through the n
nd In which he feels confident he b s
etved the problem of aerial navigation
tidI given to tho world an airship which
saljbo put to general use and which car
leJ no dead veight Hory pound of
eight In tho Harnett aerial yacht aids In
hot mo > cmcnt and control of the yacht
rhllc the air vessel Itself Is the rudder
> yvhlch the direction or course of tho
neht In midair Is controlled
m + + +
John B Barnett was born at McKlnney
Mfhs In 1S70 He Is a grandson of Colo
igljjjames A Ilourlatul a Mexican war
eteran colonel In the Confederate army
lildtono of tho earliest hettlors Ills father
f ibk A Barnett was a Confederate sol
lerjnnd one of tho early settlers of Hunt
oanty Texas When quite a child Mr
Iooju B Barnctts parents moved fron
McKlnney to Cooko county and when John
Iflwtts but 13 years of oge his parents
scin moicd going this time to Koit
Vorth where the elder Barnett dM In
SS4 John B Barnett was sent to school
tiGranuury under Prof Irltzor Whllo
ttetidlng school he worked on Saturdays
ala printing office and learned to Tj a
omposltor Ue then returned to fort
Corth and In the ofOce of the Dally Mall
cmpleted his apprenticeship The Intro
loctlon of the typesetting machines Into
euoral uso turned his thoughts of earning
iljlvellhood Into dltfcrent channels ami
lejldrlfted Into railroading In which ho
sJpow engaged as passenger brakeman on
ielSouthern Pacific railroad
Mr Barnett Is of an Inventive turn of
amd and quite a genius and since his boy
ood days havo pasted ho has conceived a
lumber of Inventions but like the major
tyipf men having little or no means he
iSbcen unable to push them and othoB
i T benefited by carrying his ldcas Into
sccullon His first Indention was a hotel
inminclntor He next Invented the com
dnatlon or telescope pipe stem lie then
nade a trip to Cugland anil at Sovthport
Sntland ho sold the Invention of the pipe
< tesi to a Mr Wood a large tobacconist
While he was In England the man who
ladlmade Mr Harnetts drawings for the
lotel annunciator took out a patent oiilt
nlnls own name He has made a number
blether Inventions but has never reaped
tnyS financial benefit from them bci iuso
became engaged to and married Miss Mat
UelKoblnson of Seymour Texas a former
schoolmate and with whom he had for
year kept up the warmest friendship and
lore wlfy Ahe determination to at some
future day make her his vilfc This union
aasjbecn blessed by the nppenianee at tho
Barnett homo of two children a boy nnd
olslrl of whom the parents nre Justly very
m + + +
It was about three years ago when Mr
Barjictt conceived the Idea of Inventing an
aeral yeacht or flying machine His main
Idee was to invent one which could be
resStly controlled In midair With this
ifliq he conceived the nlan of a train or
cjasiblnatlon of a series of balloons so form
ecjfas to give the entire train the shape of
atkuge cigar Bach of the balloons Is an
entirely separate compartment from tho
other and inflates or dWates Itself with
out reference to any other portion or sec
tion These balloons are also movable so
that the entire set can be twisted or turned
atlthe v III of the pilot
L Mr Barnett feels confident that he hns
solved the problem of aerial nuvlgatliii
and the control of the alrhlp Its mno
wents and Its actions while traveling
through space On a small scale he has
Droved the truth of his claims having al
ne Which Can Be Directed at Will
ififne lack of funds to nuali them Hfison of Dallas Mr J P Homan then nl
PAfter returning from England Mr Barnett derma n of nulla but now an attorney of
Colorado Clry Colo and Mr Jnim s Heart
sill a United States rUlway mull dork
he made sexual oxpeilments wlrh the indo
yacht nil of which were eminently suc
This experimental yacht built on the plans
nnd prluilples worked out by Mr Bavnett
was made of a bicycle frame and a swill
balloon In this ho has made fully fifty
trips nil of course very ihort but tuf
Helent to show that he could control the
movement of tho yacht as he desired
The frame Is made of aluminum pipe all
In ono prfece On top of the frame Is n
circular shaped fork Into which the train
of l > nUoons la fastened around the Rtaff
of the foik and on top Of the frame Is tne
pilot house In which the pilot of the ma
chine It sta loned and from which he has
complete control of every movement of
the vaiht
The trsln of balloons six In number are
connected by air cushions which euon e
the balloon at the Joining of each bwti m
sepunto fiom the other sj that liilo
securely connected to fonii one eontluniiiH
balloon jet If one section should briuk or
become disabled and the guts ehiape from
It nore of the others would bo In tie loiit
alfectcd The balloon It secured to the
ready built a small yacht in a rude manner i frame nnd held In posllon in the
lnjpvhlch In tho presence of Mr H H I cords wWch encircle the balloon at vv
ilous points and are Fecnrely attached to
thv frame The air cushions at ohe poinds
where tli < sections come together enniiln
tlhc stiiljons 10 be contiolled and guided
with lew friction and le s HabllJty to bienk
age of the section
The movment of tho ltmchlne Is con
tixrtlcd bv four cables which extend from
mssstootets oowaeeeeeeoGeoooesaeboo oeecoieeoeoeeeaeeeeaaoceveoeeeeoeeeeeooaeooo
KoNDON The death Is announced of
3eorge Drummond tho earl of Ierth He
lw born in 1807
SSnANGUAI The taotal was ready to
r the second monthly Installment of the
Indemnity but tha question of tho illvUIon
tithe Indemnity is still at a deadlock
ItONDON The Amsterdam correspondent
fofj the Dally Mall says that the two lm
Hrtant diamond firms of Symaa and
grnanboom are reported to have failed
BGHLINTho Dcutsch Ueberscclsche
> the
Pt > encd to open a bnnch In
Ctty of Mexico about the middle of April
tdcr the title of the German Transatlantic
JftllPSSBLS The bank of Blgwood t
Morgan has suspended payment here It
was an unimportant banking house nnd Its
fcabllltls amutint to XSO000 It did busl
with the British colony lu this city
riKtA A dispatch to the Morgcn
eltung from Lemberg Gullcln saya dut
al persons were killed or wounded In a
tent between peasants and the pollco at
Porilnlklc Russian Poland as a re ult of
tM attempt to arrest a priest in church
MMA Peru At a conference held be
cen President Itomana Senor Ward
nlster of finance and the president of
e IJma chamber of commerce the
onetlzatlon of half a million ot sols
s agreed upon
jONDOK Charles Bright the American
glneer who has been frequently remanded
the guild hall police court on the charge
concealing 100000 In connection with
LONDOJC It Is ruuior that Instead of
i d
J w
dredgulnea cup for the competition of the
principal yacht clubs or the kingdom King
Hdward Intends tn offer only one cup to the
royal yacht squadron
IIODCDNVlIrE Ky The birthplace or
Abraham Lincoln near Hodgenvllle U atV
rerUacU at sheriffs sale for taxes
NEW YOUIC Frederick D Tappea presi
dent of the Onllatlu National bank of this
city It dead after a brief Illness at Mke
wood N j
urriiAIBB Wis William II Watson
S SSBi t jrtsvs vs
CrKVmAXD OliloA consolidation
continuing the practice ot tba late Queen i been effected between the American hag lix
Alctorla of otrerliig annually three onehuu1 0innge National bank and tho Metropolitan
sj2 rTqy jc <
> atlona bank of this city Tho consoli
dated bank wjll be known as the American
ICxrttangc National bank with a capital of
NEW YOIIK Promoters of the new
touiulnatloii of potteries have according
to the World Trenton N J xperlul
1 ought tiecharter of the American Pottor
ie company Hbleh was Incorporated at
Trenton but fell through The charter an
tborlaes a capital Htock of Jlo < xx > 000
M W YOUICA J Baldwin counsel for
the plaintiff has presented his argument
before Vice Chancellor Pitney at Newark
iu the suit ot minority landholders of the
Inlted Suites Flour company to prevent the
president of the Pioneer Furniture eompany foreclosure of the S150000ftl mortgages on
i rI rtj 1 Its properties The case wttt lift continued
Is dead lie left au estate worth about
u00i0 but no will and no heirs
NEW YORK Lewis T Ijircll o ie ct
the leading manufacturer of iierfuwery
In America Is dead at his residence in
Brooklyn Itw was born In lHSMt
NEW YORK One of th most snecesirul
ot recent art antes has Just been concluded
In this city Tho last day sales reached
he total 1M8G7 while tho entire proceeds
were 208000
CHICAGO National banks In Chicago
hold largfr amounts In deposit at the pres
ent time than they ever tbowed before lu
their published statements The twelv
on Monday In Jersey uty
BOSTON Mass In recognition of the
gieat i mpathy shown for Mlso mien M
Stone the missionary to Bulgaria who has
Ju t been released from captivity her
mother and brothers have Issued i letter
of thanks to friends known and unknown
who have In any way proffered aid or sym
NKW YORK It Is stated that details are
practically complete forthe formation of
u combination of hominy manufacturers
Tbo American Hominy rompauy which it
Is understood will lie the title of the new
mpni lll b Incorporated under tne
principal National institutions lu the city law of N n Jersey with a capital of Ji
akrnptgjr Rrecsmllni tuts b u islesad showed total dsposiu at taa UMt ss UultO0
< 5iE
= air
Ijivention of a Brakeman Who Has Made Several
Successful Short Trips in a Rudely Con
structed Machine
John B Darnctt n brakeman In the
Frank Rice Ran a Great Race In Spile
of Bad Luck
Sweet Nell Threw Her Rider tn a False
Break and 6tepptng on Him Was
Excused by the Stewards
New Orleans March 1 The twoyearold
race furnished all of tha sensation ef to
days sport While the horses were at the
post Ed Corrlgan concluded his negotia
tions with Hiram J Seoggaa for Prank
Bice who ran n great race In plte of poor
racing luck The eolt Was a strong favor
ite In the betting Sweet Nell unseated
Blark before the start and Wilton ran out
half a mile to a false break In tht next
attempt Sweet Nell threw Robertson and
stepped on him The filly was then ex
cused by the stewards
Selling six furlongsSir rhrlstopher
KIM Quirk Weird Time 1 14H
Twoyearolris four furlongPrank nice
Tom Mnyhln The Don Time 0 s8
Handicap mile and a fur ong Intrusive
Mvnhcrr Jttilay Time 1 35
The Speed Handicap six furlongsfit
Cnthbert Magglo Dals Imp Albula
Time 11
Selling mile and a quarterSilver Coin
Beann Pl Ghor Time 2 Of
Selling mile Alglo M Balloon Choice
Time ls S
Selling bIx furlongsCarl Kahlor John
Grlsby Ben Hullum Tlmo 114
Oakland Results
San Francisco March 1 Weather cloudy
and track heavy
Six furlongs selling Montoyi Lemuel
Innocencln Tlmo 118
Puturlty course Helling roll Archibald
Illlaiy Loyal S Time 114
SK furious selling Dorian Ilastcnso
Cuban Girl Tlmo li Oi
Mllo uud i quarter California derhv
Sombrero lis OConnor 4 to 5 won Cor
rleuii 122 Ilullman 2 to 1 second Water
snatch 111 il Woods 3 to 1 third Time
2lfiU JIngler ran
Mile selling Mission Pormern iiunga
rlau Time 119 4
Seven furlongs sellingDuck Mec
hanic Impromptu Time 1 33
The Former Orphan Signs with His Old
New Yoik February 26 In a telegram
to the New Yqrk Ball club Jack Do > le in
day announced that he hul ac < ptcd the
teims offered him to play hue U iii Id i
management He will prul > iM t n id <
captain Doyles case la rvlier i
Uln is the thlid time that n liu ictium
Hko wayward sheep to the fold of uu
He was traded to Chicago jst jear for
Gurrln Strang nml Uauzi I ilic fii uii
never enme and pitched mixero > l > fn Mil
wauke Strafig bail gone to tin t liirtigo
American losgue club thK um ul lio > li
trangely enough U to play once more in
It has not been decided etacly what be
will do UU decidedly outspoken manner
lint Ud to a gr Rt deal of tmuiilr duitug
Ills career Ha may catch for New Vock
hcie he would be ivoie valuable than
In any other position If he would put his
heart into the game aud he uia > l > e Kim
polled to play n position on the Indent
posibly second or third
The Now Yuri chib Is aso nTotlntlns
for the services of John Dunn the finner
Brooklyn pitcher lj showed much skill
last year as an Inflefder an t mmit pat h
the bad gap that now eM it ulnl hasi
Too much experimenting at ill id msl Ni w
Yoik u great deal last yar and an effort
will he uiiuli tojlr reiil u nfunenif I
similar blunder Duwi Ik now In Unltiu > n
yacht Ib desired to move
The cargo or passenger boat Is a regu
larly built boat of aluminum and Is swung
fiom tho frame ou cable extending all
the waj around the frame anil below it on
the bottom Tthl cable Is also controlled
by the pilot and by t the cargo lwat U
mured s a shifting weijrht to usslht In
to line a J0
T Brufch
I mc he said that llreyfiiss recently
mode the assertion that Brush nnd Freed
man hud got to go DiejfuSH is an Inwttc
Had It uot been for John T Bru h I > i fn
neier would hBM got Into tin Ilti Ituix
club and I know that eVirre pondeme U < > n
tile to pime mv Htatemeiil It w is ar
matt of cnplttl
controlling the anil ranged
movement direction of
the machine turn In the ascent and descent clnFlnnnil mt Hp
1 i kV i i
It the atilftinc of the ear to one uesccill end Drevfuss L Into ne J1 in la u now
tho yacht ascend while the shift 1111 It uot been f rJ hi
ng to tiho other end would cause It to persuiided otier IW ° S
leRcend nlznnt of the tninsK lion that r J >
While Mr Barnctts Idea nas not to was acceptable ho would hnyo been left
said thil
baic anrtWng to suggoH to high and dry In roulMllle It Is manifestly
olv wMcl Ml tli JmriK pint to imke such statement
m owe yacht yet
In tho cut ho has provided It with two tur a lie made In the biKt week
tunc wheels one ou either cud of the < V s VS fCnilP X
In the factional Bgnt
fwme whbli will act ns propellers He Is
ery nnxlotts to have men of moans who
aio willing to venture capital to devebtn
this Invention properly thoroughly InvestU
gate Its mcails with n view to organizing
a company and building a full sized vessel
efeiCieStliiitssiooeisiegieitgiiteseateesseeseioteoestsosi tisciMeiessesisssgg
frota Holloway Jail nfter having furnished inerease of 23000000 oyer the amount held
ball < n tho sum of C2000 j by the same banks December 10
or tvo of the clubs
to continue the rmanel all the f l
tlons exoent New York and St Louis are
o go South to train Both the
New York and St Inuls terns have decided
to do their preliminary work at horn
It Is to Be Held at Detroit Mioh Next
Detroit Mich March lPlans for the
entertainment of the American league
delegations who will gather In this city
next Friday were begun today by Fred
Postal of the Washington club and James
McNamara of the Detroit club acting for
local syndicate
the m w
Tin schedule meeting Is set for Marth
0 and 7 Thursday and briday and mar
5 posVbly run over Into Saturday In addl
f tlou to discussing the now rues the meet
i lug will adopt a schedule and will attend
There will be dis
u to some minor matters
action the
cussion and there may be on
matter of expansion
I m
Argument Postponed
New York March i Argument of the
demurrer of tho Philadelphia club Injunc
tion suit brought by Andrew Freedman
against A G Spalding the Brooklyn Base
ball club aud other which was to have
court next Mbiii
come up In the bipreme
day has been postponed until next Thurs
day by mutual agreement
To Succeed J G Hartlgan on th <
Santa Fe
Galveston Texas March 1 The follow
ing circular Tias Issued from the otflce
of General Manager NUon of the Santa
e today J G ilsrtlgiiii having resigned
to accept sen Ice with another company
Mr J W Robins H appointed superin
tendent of the northern division with
headquarters nt Cleburne The appoint
ment beoonies effective March 1
Mr Hartlgan has aceepteil position as
Miperlntendeut < > f the Iron Mountnln will
ueiidquatter at Little Hock Ark J
Robins who was appointed to succeed
him was formerly train dlKpiUlier for
the Atchison Topeka and Santa he with
headquarters at Topeka Kan
Files Notlco of Withdrawal from tho
Southwestern Passenoer Bureau
Chicago March l Netler of withdrawal
from membership In the Soutuwentern Pas
senger bureau was filed today by the South
em Paclpc road The reakou given for
the action woj > that the expense of main
taining the bureau sluce the withdrawal
of the Missouri Kansas and Texas road a
Hhnrt time ago bud become a burden
Railway officials say the fate of the
bureau seems to be healed and Its early
dissolution Is predicted Koine of the rrtcm
firrs think the dissolution will be but the
prelude to a rotuoid iibn of till pissmger
SKkoilattous west of Cblcsgo Into on or
ZA 1
isa r > tf it
Loss Is Placed at Eighteen Thousand
Dollars with Only Partial Insurance
Losses at Other Places
Rosebud Texas Msrch 1 Tho town was
thrown Into wild excitement at 1 oclock
this morning by the dlscoxery that the
saloon of Louis Kaas was on Are The
Hie was confined to tho block all the
lMildlngs on which were totally destroyed
wept ivo brick buildings on the east end
lMtupHl losers Louis Kaas saloon loss
MfliKi alight lnsurnnce AnhueserBusch
liiewing MKSOtlntlon satoou building and
e huii e loss 8000 light Insurance S
V Ktulib barber 5R00 some Insurance
ileal V Ozler market J1000 paitly In
Mted G I Campbell Imtber fHK no In
Hiiranre M B Owen gtoccr loss J400
2100 liiMirdtico on stock on building not
known A 1 Wendt saloon building aud
fixtures S2 i0O fcOjne Insoranie D 1
Debennedltt restiuirait fi00 no Insur
nine huiles Vnoeck bakery building
mid good KIlOO 1600 Insurance on build
ing It W Phillips damaged 5110 fully
loiered b Insurance
At thlo print tile tiro was controlled as
It rescl rd the brick Wall Cause of lire
not kntnn No wutor protection and the
la k of vwiter threw the town at the mercy
ef tin llams Salt and flour vtere used to
smother I he fire which sencd ns well
Goods were i sulcd to the streets from nil
portions of the town and general excite
ment prevnlled No ono seriously hurt but
several hriilMl by f ll Fifty people are
losers by the lire
Losses at Dublin
Dublin Texas Mareh 1 Tho greatest
fire In the city since 1SS0 occurred late
last night Utterbaete Harris dry goodsj
and groiery departments burned Losi
on buildings and furniture 12000 Insur
ance RS0O in the fallowing companies
Firemans Fund Hartford Pennsylvania
Fire Orient Stock Inventory about 33
00i > loss about J2000 Insurance on all
jatfBOO In Home of New York Firemans
Fund GermanAmerican Roys Hurtford
New York 1nderwrlters National Orient
Phoenix Brookhn Helvetia Other btif
ferers G 8 Thompson photograph gal
lery Drs Winfrey k Thomas Dr B F
Archer Knights of Pythias Woodmen
Knights of Honor Ancient Order United
Wnrkmen Mrs Hurt dress making tot 1
loss about SW0O0 total Insuranceabout
31 0
Barns at Seguln
Rpguln Texas March 1 The shed room
to the rear of F Engloforths store was
burned today together with twenty tons
of hay Damage 500 No lnsnrance
The barn of C F Schultr located In the
heart of tho hnslness portion of the city
was burned today The Seldmau two
Ktory brick and tbo tichultx threestory
brick both caught from tho barn but were
saved The stock of goods of Eteln A
8eiph wtr damaged to the extent of sev
eral hundred dollars The work of th
firemen saved a largo portion of the bur
ners part of th city Total damage about
Residence at Rosenberg Damaged
Rosenberg Texas March 1 At 1230 this
evening the servants room sod smoke
bouse of Mr W C Baker of thin place
nas discovered to be on fire and bli real
dence In imminent danger owing to Its
proximity to the smoke house and but for
tho timely aid of the neighbors with buck
ets the house would certainly hare burned
The smoke house was a complete loss
amounting to about 100
Restaurantat Ennis
rnnls Texas Match 1 Fire destroyed a
caituti bibw sin id KMUurut U Uu
> M ir
> A
Mnlker building here this morning at 1
oclock The Mm < > polishing store of J
Blakvy r ii nUo gutted The build
ing v s bndh damaged jiud most of the
losses were total with no insurance
Cotton at Piano
Piano Texas March 1 Old compress
platform burned this afternoon with all
cotton on the same I > oss about 10000
Insurance about fUOOO
Residence Noar Elrjin
Elgin Toxos March 1 John Outlaws
dwellug with Its contents located two
miles south of thli place was burned Mr
Outlaw narrowly escaped creinntlou There
nas no Insurance
Restaurant at Colorado
Colorado Texas Marcli 1 Laskey Bros
restaurant was destroyed by fire Covered
by insurance
Barn at Hlco
Hleo Texas Februar 28C M Pntlllas
barn aud feedstuffs were burned last night
Its mine was about 200 Insurance 100
Residence at Madisonville
Madlfonvllle Texas March I Residence
of Mrs Roue Utterback with contents oc
cupied bv D P Dean nas burned this
morning at oclock House v as Insured
for tiuO value WX Furniture Insured
for 200 Tallied nt 350
Residence at Gainesville
Gainesville Texas February 28 The
residence ot Bobcrt Dick was destroyed by
tiro this morulng at 130 oclock Loss
Tenant House nt Wharton
Wharton Texas March 1 A tenanl
house belonging to Jobn Ford at the end
of Milam street caught fire this morning
and burned to the ground Loss about
D00 Insurance uot known
Gould Party at Marshall
Marshall Texas February 28 Prank
Uould and a party ot railway officials ar
rived In this city from New Orleans this
afternoon The party Is accompanied by
Vice President and General Mauager L b
Thorns ot tho Texas and Pacific and are
traveling by special train consisting of Mr
Goulds car the St Louis and Mr
Thomes car the 400 Tho party only re
mained here about an hour
They tspeut several days en route at
Duffys Pure Malt Whiskey Cures Grip Consumption Malaria Bronchitis
Asthma and Ail Diseases of the Throat and Ll > s
rrtp to n tafMrtttnM eiatta wWe e >
taeka weik tod slrear alike esv Utljr U
the Wooil ta slucgttn and fenertlly l r r
las the mueooa oisabrant f tb lr pioa >
ages from the oovtrlU dawn t and Includ
ing lunc Sirloui eemplleaUoa are
llibls to davebti In tfce eonrst ef the 41
n as grl settles ta the weakest part
f the Tittm tvmetlmei the kidneys the
brttn tio stomach er the heart resulting
fttn In heart failure but the most dreaded
of all Is when It settle In tb lanes Con
anmptton Is lore t fellow and etrttia
death If prompt action a net taken and
Duffys Pure Malt Whiskey administered
The fatalities rerulttng from tbl dtsae
within tie past few years bate sufficiently
aroused doctcts to the Importance of firing
the disease tb cloicst Investigation
DutCyA run Malt WhlsVsy W th only ab
solute euro for grip lonuema aatnma
bronchitis catarrh consumption and all dl
iiuo of the thrott and lungs It prevents
compllotlons and bad after effects that
grip o often Unrrs in the system Duf
fv ruro Malt Whiskey not only kills the
germs but It stimulates the blood aids di
lution and tones the action of the heart
Tha voluntary t tlmouy received from
Uionsnuda of our grairful patients la proof
positive that DuffVa Pure Malt Whiskey Is
the neatest known remedy for the grip and
al dloeasea of the tbtoat and lungs and alt
wasting diseases from whatever causes
Doctors ministers public speakers aud a
Uimbcr of the leading temnerinoe women
pralee Duffys Vure Malt Whiskey for the
great good It has accomplished In sarins
3lock of Business Houses al Rosebud
Were Destroyed
Dr WUIard H Morse the eminent prac
titioner and world renowned therapeutist
after careful studr of grip In all It iag
saya Dultjs Pure Malt Whiskey is tho
only absolute cure for the gilp it builds np
the sjstem end enables It to throw on the
genua and proirnts had after eftects
grip use it is chemically piue and contains
great medicinal propeirtles
Burlington Vt Jan 81 t Jl
Oentlemenl consider It no more than
yonr due to tell you that the use of vour
whiskey hns prevented me fiom having the
bead disease the grip ibis winter Every
f > 1y Iie en my street has bad It I am
not over and above healthv and was afrstd
1 might be takenflown with the gilp but 1
lonl a moderate amount of Duffra Malt
Walskey each day and never ctJoyed beaer
h alth tn nn life M Wife ha sla do
il d much benefit from Its use
Truly jour A A VOtINO
Mrr Youngs Information Agency
Sirs After being given np by several of
our btit physicians having thmat and lung
trouble and pronounced a ease of Incurable
consumption my sister started tbo use ot
vour lure Malt Whiskey She hns taken
three bottles nnd so inurn Impiorcd in
strength that we are all fvlng qulto hope
ful Mis BICUi bllALL
Kov 8 lJOl
Chaiiute Mich
Gentlemen I take pleasure In informing
you that I have been cured of a severe at
tack of grip by using your Duffys Pore
Malt Whiskey My age Is 70 years
Mrs KLIZA H lthAM 711 derry St
Beading la Dec 11 1901
Gentlemen Mr famllr bad La Grippe
I pulled three of them through with Duuya
lun Mult Whiskey and milk
ttlliUAll It YATBS
Itoebestri Mich Nov 3 1001
Dnffvs lcire Mat Whlkey has stood se
veie tess or rearlv BO years and his
always lien found absolutely pure and t
contain grt < t medicinal Qualities
rif r Vno game counters for whist
eeehre Mr eend cents In stamps ta
cover pojtige
lAimojr Dnffya lure Malt Whiskey
Is sold In sealed bottles only If oflereu
In bulk it It a fraud Be sure you get the
genuine It Is tb only whiskey recognized
by the government aa a medicine All
druggists and grocers or direct 100
battle Medleal booklet sent free Duff
Malt Whiskey C Itochester X I
MmKa 23 1 Crnwloru as
Crescents 25 Clcvelands 411
Sold on your own easy terms Come
and see them
Good Rent Wheel Repairing a
Specialty Gas Lamps J250 Oil
Lamps ft00 Bells 40c and 50c
Lake Hayes the private fishing and hunt
ing grounds of the Joas and Pailtie 11
the eaxritn pnrt of this county on tb
lomptnii right of yay
Old Needlework
The needlework picture seems to have
made Its first nppenrance In the first years
ot tho reign of Charles 1 for although
Bllzabetblnii and Jacobean tire said to ex
1st one with an absolutely unimpeachable
pedigree Is yet to be found and the cos
tumes In the oldest specimens the writer
hns yet ccn certainly indicate that they
can not be assigned to n date hefore IfcyO
Tho earliest Stuart pictures arc worked
Yilth silks on coarse Irregularly woven
brownlnh linen eanvns In the fine slanting
Hitch taken over a single thread which Is
technically known as tent stitch or petit
point This method of worklug produced
un effect much resembling tbnt of tapestry
by which Indeed the embroidered picture
was probably suggested As time weut en
the simple stltehery was elaborated nor
tlons of the deslgu being wrought In Mirer
passing a fine metallic thread passed
through the material Instead of being ap
piled hence Its name
Fosters Local Forecasts
Weather changes noted below wl occu
vilthln twentyfour hours of 8 p m ot
dates below
March 1 Warmer
March 2 Threatening
March 3 Cooler
SInrch 4 Cool
Marcli r Moderating
March tt Warmer
March 7 Threatening
tokroaeSiss Rats Mice
WATER BUGS CROTON BUGS ami til ot6 Vermis t
Stearins Electrio
Hat and Hoaeh Paste
and die leaving noodor as one ingredient dries op tlteir
bodies It lias been in general use in houses atorei
hotels factories offices public buildings etc for 5
Absolutely guaranteed
as cents a box at Druggist sod Grocers or sent tlirsat fey Kxpr f gyifssU
fj iM t tu 1
IWUftyjyW Wf W igss qss Hiw rfln
A > ibL
i < i
C l
1 ft
r 3

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