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Show a Decided Improvement Ore
the January Statement
Knur Doop WallaAra Doing Drilled OH
tho Hill Tha Drummers Plpo Une
Has Oeen Completed
naaurncnt TexasMorph lThe complete
record or February shows tho total oil
ablpmenta to ba 4t7 car Taking Into so
count the fait tUut February was a short
mouth tula shown n Bln of 18 per cut
January ililWeiHs The February
atpnicnta eoiiluinod n tunt of MTWit bar
tela weighing yiUaU71fit pounds nnd equal
In boating power to JMUO tons of utoiiu
The oil ablppcd stored and consumed
herd uu < o tho present tliuu Is In round
nmnbera HXXooO barrels and while ii a
Is ouly ft tithe of what eould havo boon
taken out It shows iMticluslvuIj that the
Bplmllo Top gusher Is uot a thing of a tiny
or rear
There aro four well within a mils of
Bplndlo Ton thatbate touched depths of
over 0 < A fcoi and the pioiuntom of each
or the wells will It In alild s < ml tho drill
a deep aa It will no or until oil in struck
Ihe Fcdcial Crude well which Is being
unit by aeiornl companlm rimehod n depth
ef 2310 feet several duy ego it Is located
bout Mo yards sunt Invest of tho lull
Tholienduwnv viii nliiuit tliieeiiuiirors
of a mile uoitii of tin lull pisoii tha i i
mi mark scvuinl dins iigu ami llin wmk
la teat 11J niOKicusInu
A llttlii fuither nwnv from Iho hill and
tn tln > west of Hit Troildiiwuy well Is ilm
Miuihtiu Musteinoti uttll which aso U in
till tt4iut class
A mile run thu est of thn tlild la a Hell
about which H ownii s will give out iioth
Ink but ili lil In relMiiKil It
tliuu saiti inn diep
Mnliv oil moil t youil itint Kiinhrr nlll
rn lir rmmil off Hlihidl liip amj mnftt In
ttrokt n cuntunil
In tin wmk jjnlutj ou at
thdri four wella
Hi miiuont I anil II
Ilunna lllnn
lligglna O end V
Braboard Oil
+ + +
Ihe Pino Una of tho nnimmi > r Oil com
pany and five other oil fomiMMles wbtrti
nie aasMatrd wth It In proflrtlpg wafket
Inc faillltleg hat beiai coupttted utid waa
to hnvt Iiikii ttHlil thN afteruopu mult r
tilKh nteaauiH or d f i < ta
41 +
Mr and Jim Dewey ljfywood atid Cap
tain V C Tyirell wi < nt to fonnliura In
thla n mini whore tliey oipeittiit to wit
ma lb brlnclm In of tun Southern on
company o 2
+ + +
At thin mornlntta fall on tb ltfaomoti
ell t rhaii i llttXft aharim rhaugad liamta
am < > ns tho iiumbor tnlua iiiic gum nUiJ
hlocka of the hlchar priced atoika 1nlea
tins Oil and Development Caacaile llecly
Hiorp and AnuloAmerkim ivcre th hnt
turn fiKllern In tlin otdif inontlonotl tlOfk
binrp nlinivuii irulun hkhIii h Ninnll l t
ticBlug v fontu Orouuil Ilour man hiUI
at HM nlin tlXiVt lid
Following are tho uloslnz quotatloaa on
the oil etetiangv
l r
Nnme Vjnmol llld
Iteaimiont O f lfJ5 0 > w
Am O and It nowI
Anglo An iIcbii
Ilerky aharii
Itruttj lohll
Jlfattv inowi
IllB Tour
IliMiitnoni Confoit
Ilrnuuiont and Haral 10 001
ItiilTiilo I
Iilruj ronsoldllXi o
Iiililera lot
Kqultaldo Oil
Tor Itcrtue oltM
1or Jtrtnp new
Tott Worth
A Famous DoelorChemlal Hb Discov
ered a Compound that Gtowa
Hair on a Dald Head In
o Slriolo NlQht
6 rtllno Antiounoement C llse Doctors
to Marval end Stand Dumfoundecl
at tho Wonderlul Curee
rrho Dlspovorer 6end Free Trlil Pack
aoos to All Who Write
Aftw half a eeutury apent In the labora
lory crowned with high honor or bin
wany world famous dimovert the vb >
fcrated phynlclan > > n t it the liet > d of tji
yilSa rnstor at New Zealand
and Her MarTelnna flrowh vi u ir
crrat AHenheJoi Medical Dlipentary has
iuat rnado tho atari line announmment tit it
hn h4a produefd a comiwiund hat crown
hair on any Iwld head Tho dactor malsoa
tlio ealm that after nperlm ntlt takln
joent tn eonipUto he h a at laat reieheil
the goal of hi ambit on To thn doctur all
cal a are alike Thrre aro nono which
can not bo citrctl by thla roraarkublo tonuv
dy The iccord of tho eirt > nlready waili
U truly niarrolmiM oiiJ wore It not for thn
high utandliiR nf tho great phvdelan an
the eonvliicltig tetttmouy of UioimumU of
ttttxina all orer thu enoiitry It would aeum
too mlrnrtiliina to be true
Thfra can be no dnnht of thn doctors cat >
jwtntJM in making hla clatnw titir can hli
tiiit a Xm disputed Ho dooa not a a I any
men woiruu or child to takn hla or airon >
ef a word tor It but ho ataiula n < aJr aud
wUUug t eint ln > > trial iiarkageii of thla
nwt hsttf e nratl t < u > auy on irho wrltni
to him far It IurUwIns u 3 cent utunin t < >
p et y jwftage In aluglit night It but
iart < 4 hair to tniwlng on heula bald X v
It has alnnpei fulllrw hair In cm
liour It wrrrr uJU w > wnlUr what th >
awtKESJoa w w nr Oil net J ixuMft
jwk HWPJH51I raj ein r < a V tw < wdt il
br thtitrce tt o of thla great now illaomry
M ro i ltt haiil t ronr hair la falling out
mr U jvm hair eyebrowa or oyelanliM arn
f tttjort write the Altenhctn Mclleal
jMnatawrr SSBt JJtitterteM ItnIOlar Ctn
OfcK < o5otlag a 3 e nt stamp to
jo Sw a m jxcVnco d In a
j wdtt ttocastr riwftwriS
< nni
tlludja of lair
llndyn of Ileal
< JoM Uaglo
Uojwir of OnlT
1 M luffey Iet Co
Jone Aoro
Ioimi fl and C com
Teim H nnd C prof
JneWy lllmo
Merch and Mich
Mjld of OrlraiiH
Nntlonal 0 mid I
lahadne nnd II
Olio IVimy Oil Co
San Jarlnto
fiplnille Top
Vletor new
Yellow Ilim
1 001
Wl 00
v iSo
i rVi
1 V
IfO 00
i 00M
1 W
100 00
> 0 X
70 O
Si I
IVfll <
fll 4
12 W
iso no
Tho following wilea wcro recorded at the
ell oieliange today
ISUnn Hlutr iW iiimroM at 53c
AnuloAinoilcnu rnoii nimri > a nt SHi
iiBlo Aniprlinn Jkk nhnrnii n 2p
pelroltllonnmorit KO nhntoa at 1
Hoeky Hhnrp KiiVm uliaren nt l Vt
Jleohv Stinrp 12y i ulnros nt t l1i
Iliokj ftlmrp loixrfi ilnin nt 4ijc
Vcckv Klutrri KK1 nhnre nt 5Vc
neya r of lutvculon 100 ahiirca at 20r
Ililllora lOni ulinroa nt ri jo
Pomentli I0t ulinin nt loo
Indi p iidfnic fltlOfl flinroa at 2c
Olidra nf llnlvc ton 2SO tUnrm nt tVSc
tiiielcr lllmc XiO hirc nt He
Iiiirlcr Tihn 1V > rhnr jt Pie
Iitokv nliio rO nhnica at 7o
I nokr Dim MO uliirpii nt 0e
Nxtlnnal Oil and Ilpn Une 000 nharea
at sir
National Oil and Pipe Mne I0O sharrs
nt Qlo
Oiw Icnnr 2 < i0o ulinroa nt le
tnnomio 21001 uhnre at Hie
HlgKltm 5 slinrea at 7S
Manhattan M10 nlmna nt Otitic
Inli tlii Oil and Dnvelopmeiif 40000
fliniea nt 24e
Oold Ungle 10R00 chares at 10c
A Week of Excitement nnd Rumorg Re
fjardlno It
Matagorda Texaa February 2S Tito pant
week hna linen a week of enltemeut and
tiimon legnrdliig be oil well at lllg 1111
On TlitirailiiY of t at week while withdraw
Ing Die fonitiiih plpo nnd drill from the
wotl n tnniiMidoiin gun riplosloo took
place tlmmlng mud wafer and anid imini
Mitin HO fei iibmi 1 be ip nf 1 < < rt > tc
V full procaine of nler waa Immedlilely
put on nd It falling to ke p
town tlm gaa the 7 < i fuel of fonrlneh plpp
rill romaliilng In ihe eil wn dropped to
he bottom ud Ibe e > Hppi > d On HtI
nrrtav nil Put two dntible toluia of four Inili
Pipe weie taken our and later It was given
0111 thil iirnhflbt ihe well would be ubin
ooeed nnd 11 new mie rli < > third wmit I he
drilled iiloiit lOtl yjirdi dMiint nnd further
up tn lilll
Hut It I nulte eommonljr bellwed hern
that ttirt well U nil rlgtii
StroiiQ Flow Wia fitrin k nt rt Dopth of
Four Hundred Foot
Mr John Utiderludm waa In tho rlty yea
terdar nnd hinught Information that a
good low of gn Hmd benn utrilik In the
welt he l Tinvlng drilled nt fueatervllK
II1I1 raa pocket wn < i ntrurU at n depth uf
t < > feet nnd In 111 effort to hold It down
with water pre ure leih thn iinnipH wimp
pill mil of hiiilurn Ililn him lieen t un
Jdleil and the drill In uioiln nt work II
atrniisly linprese wih Ihe liellof hilt
hein In n kiwiI prnapert for oil nt 1 proper
i ll wnl1I m M ln lielglllilirhnid
of lSO or llOd frni At 11 depih of m
eei fl reel of t entyeeven feel In thtek
won ntriik nnd aluee then Ihere hlvo
en alternate ntniln f rock Hud clnv
until the gnu pocket waa ntruek The lh h
Vll wtl T1 demloplng n iwaattru
nnnu vft ol tpeeted nt that
not t
The Well nt Vclaeoo
Vnlaaeo Tewa March t The CiutTey
lrlllcra hare bean buallj engaged thla week
drnntng out heir four Ineli enalng nnd act
lVu5 r nn ° 1C rools t a depth
nr 12 1 feel
iV1 rryn 1elehta dtleri nre now down
VV wl h h Ineh enaiu m > i on
aid Hue ilav The nre making giud
JWcm and nnd o enlhlnir aatlnfactory
i ihev eo down They nre watching for
he irn utraium whlrh wn dtrnev iiy the
iiffer people nt n deptli of 720 fe ntnl
itS rolop the oil vein a trnek
ILW < J flc below thn
hrouiih the frienlnn water
ien they only
found thlrtr feet thla fine while JiTv
found 13il fM th abandonad welh
Sales at Galveston
nalTeto Texaa Marei jThn aatea at
rnlVwVnn neo today wero aa
n OMveaton rand 0I and Oaa Mi harW
Vletor rVV1 nhnrei nt 2tie
tleior f OO nhm t v e
AnplnAmerlenn IWfl here nt 3c
r n
thnv e nDl < 0WP ny 0
15t llenuiiiont 100 hnrea at 13c
Hlllern IIV10 lisren nt flUc
Foit Wurih 1000 lnre < at 814a
Oeyaer nhare nt 23e
Told tho Now York Senator that It
Would Do Unwtso for President
to Go to South Carolina
New York March 1 Tha TImea will aay
tomorrow Senator Iten It Tillman of
Routh Carolina waa a caller cm Senator
Flntt at the Fifth Acenue tote yesterday
Haturday The talk laated over half an
hour One of ti principal toplca of eon
veraatlen waa tha proposed y lt ot Frcrl
dent UpojotcH to tha ChirleMon expeal
Senator Ttllwan la aald to hate been very
explicit In hta amrtton that It would net
he nolltle for President Hooiovelt to make
a vtalt tn Bonth Carolina owing to tha statu
of nubile feeling there ever the Mclaurln
Tillman Incident and the withdrawal of
Ircatdent ltooierelta Invitation to the aen
ntor to meet Frlnc Henry at dinner at the
White House which waa followed Iiy the
telegram from Ideutenant Governor Till
man of South Carolina canceling the Invi
tation to the president to preaent a aword
tu Mator Mlciih Jeiiklun
Senator Flatt wtien aaked about the con
veraatlun laid 1 have had a talk with
Heuiitor fllluwu The facta whlrh have
been brought to my fittcitttna will be laid
before lr aldetittpeierFlt 1 ahall advl c
the nrwldent ot to u to Cbarlentou
Senator Watt decllneil to dlscum the wat
ter further
NT3W YOUKSpeaklng on the Sunday
question before the Outlook club of Mont
yalr N J Wihep lottrr ef New York
Ned a pita for the nloca aud deuouoced
piehihltloo aa futU
Who Have So Far Announced for
Slate Offices and for Congress
Of TravU for Lnnd Commissioner and
Fivo of the Present Connteesmen
Are Given a Clear Field
While the lltvta are not conaldcred closed
the catnpalgn limy be sold to have been
formally opeutd by the State eieotttlve
coiinulttee meeting mid there In some curloa
Iiy aa to tho catiilldntua now In the Meld
for the different offices Tho Hat which
followa la not regarded an complete for tho
ronton that aevcrnl candidates huvc not
yet announced tinting delayed doing no
until after the meeting of tho Htntc com
mittee Uotvcrcr the Hat la up to date
fi V T Ianhum Wcatherford larker
V V tlriihlM Heenvllle Hunt county
Lleutviiiint governor
coign I Aeul Niivaaota Orlrocs county
1 It Allcii liilluB iiniiuH county
J nil I N r > i < l tiKy Ouutuu Vuit Ziudt
ti unty
Attorney geneinl
c Iv Hull Fort Worth Tarrant county
I A MeFnll Auatlu Travis comity
It love Meila Limestone rounty
1 lid Kuiitiiihii Austin Truvls county
J11I111 V Hobblns Vernon Wilbarger
John It lllekctt Comcion Mllum county
Land cimiinM loiui
J J Ten ell Aunt In Tratls county
Uiillioud 1uuiinlnaloiiFi
0 II Colquitt IVnell Kaufman county
lohti W itortisliy Aiinllu Tinvla county
i I Ciitlla Touiple Itell county
SupcrlnluuiliMit of public Inatritellon
Aithur l tovri vlctoila Vlttoilii conn
It It Cnmlns Meiln Limestone county
Siiiiuiiu iuiiit
I A Williams Crockett llouatnn coun
Court of cilmlnnl anpeula
W It Divldaon leoigetown Williamson
Otla a Caton Uiillnn Dnllaa county
Flrai district
John I Sheppar d Te nrUana
8 It Cooper Itenumout
It 1 IXtirtittrmold Lougrlew
ionlon Ituaaell Tyler
C II Huudoll Shorman
lindley 0 Wooten nallas
1 A leftll Wn ahnche
It H Prince Corslcana
Hour 18 Wild tlroeabeeck
Hroll Fluid Cnlvert
N 11 Tiucy lloekdnlr
ItufiiN lloyd Fiilribild
II A Xiinn Crockett
A A Aldrlch Crockett
A W iiigg Ialnutlne
W M Lacy Iuleullnn
T II Hull minUTlNe
leorge F Hurgc Oonzales
Iliidolf Kleberg Cuero
A S rtuilesnn Anatln
It L Henry Waco
Cullmi 1 Thnnioc War
I Odell Cleburne
Wllllniu Inlndctter Clehnrne
O W Olllenple Fort Wuilh
lohti II Htephena Vernon
C I lntter tlnlneavllln
J L Slnvden San Antonio
W 0 Yell Furnet
John Oarner Uvalde
J II Tlllirell fegiiu
W It Hmlth Colornrio Ctty
Albeit Stephenson Mineral Wells
T Mniwell CUco
D M InnoH lone Ionnty
John M Dean FI Fnan
John F Patterson Cisco
Tresent Incumbent
Curtis Has Probably Received Instruc
tions for Commissioner
Foit Worth Tonna March 1 Up to mid
night not wove than half the voting pre
rlnrta had heen heard from tnMruetlntui
will It U n iired he given for Lanrnm
for eoveipor Pell for attorney general Oil
letido or congiens nnd foi nil local candl
tlites Much tntrrcM wna tnlten In the In
doiaement of rnllrmd rnivml lonrr th < J
preelnetH heard final Indicate Instruction
or Curtis
Carried Johnaon County for Conrjresa
Over Qrtell
Cleburne Teias March 1 U la conceded
that Folndexter has carried Johnson county
over Odell or enngresn The nomination
of the following ticket la conceded 8tnto
eenator Dr A M nniiglans floater W
M Night rriiipnentnllve 1 V Ube
cuiiplr Judge J 1 loldimlth treasurer
It II Wilson a i > e or 1 T Jopln col
leelur W Sam Johnson toiiimls loncrii
Wutts Helaley Walking nnd Frlou lllg
vote polled
Gonzalct County Gonimittes
OoncilM Teias Mnrch I When the
democratic executive committee of lou
rales ceuntr tnet on Februury V It did not
fix a d to or the primaries aa the members
wanted to seo what day the State commit
tea would recommend Tho committee au
thorised Chairman J II Poothe to fix the
date and aa Hituvdar Juno It will he a
sultablo time Mr llontho sajR he will tlx
that date for the pilmatlet tn Gousabs
The action ef tha committee en February
18 in declaring or white primaries I belug
commended by the people and a large turn
out of white voters Is predicted A num
ber of good domornts and former popu
lists have expiessed themtielves as Indars
log the action of tho committee
About twenty candidates for county of
fices have announced In the county papers
all subject to the action of tho democratic
mlmarles and there will bo others yet In
tho held So nwiiv candidates will help to
tccrcase the prlnutlra greatly
MoFall and Grubbs at Rockdale
rtockdalc Texas March l AU of the
rountv and district cfludldntes are here
Judge McFalt candidate or attorney gen
einl spoke last night at tho city hall to
a good audience and although his apeech
lac Ltd much of the force and tire of his
circular whleh preceded him H was well
Judge Oruhh Is here todny nnd It being
Imiiosslbl to draw the crowd off the stnte a
to the city hall he spoke from a wagon
In tho street aud melvml giH c attention
Next Haturday will cliwo the first chapter
of the campaign In Mllaui county the url
nisrliw being calbd for thai day
Houston County Primaries
Crockett Texas March 1 The demo
cratic executive committee met today lx >
to of the eighteen members helpg ures
ent A resolution was pssscd ordering the
primary election for Juno U In aiwrnisnee
with tho recommendations of the State x
ecutlve committee Only whltn m n ltt
t j01ws4 to nuts Vatsra will bare to
u > mm
pledge themselves to support ihe uomllices
of the party for all State district county
and pteelnrt iiftleej
A resolution wni adopted recommending
a white lunus prlnuvr for city ofllees
A resolution was unanimously adopted In
dorsing Hon J W Madden for commis
sioner of tho general land nftlce and re
nuestlng biro to beeome a candidate purg
ing htm the support of the committee iud
recommending him to the democracy of
Hearn Texas March 1 The primary
election In this county wll tie held ou
June U and alrendi the candidates have
begun to git out among their friends This
election promises to be the hardest fought
ope held In this county In recent jears
Corpus nrlstl Texas March WMr
Taylor Thompson o prominent newspaper
mnn of Sou llligo niival county lus uu
nouneed his enndldacy for representative
from this the Ninetyfourth district This
makes two Omni county candidates In the
Austin Texas March t Chairman Wells
of tho Statu democratic oieeutlre com
nilttre today appointed T W Itcgov Of
Austin congressional chairman for tile now
I Tonth dlstilrt
I lllllsiioro Tevov March 1 Tho cmliuy
democrntlc randldates addressed the limn
i ilou voters tonight TUoy spoke jesteiduy
I at Mertens whcie the crowd tilled three
tooms nt the school house which tiprn Into
each other t luine Hi crowd was so
laigc Hit meeting had to be t > lit tn 1ie
streets as the house could not contain
the people similar crowds hive nitend
ed them eicrj where N t week they take
a rrst
Foit Worth Texas March lW It
Evans of Fannin county announced for
conifraroiier or the general land office
has wLhdriiTMi fiom the race The on
BOiineemeiit come from Mr Rvnii In it
personal inter to W M MeConnel
Nacogdoches Texas March 1 The
Nacogdoches county deraoeratle executive
commit tea met today and set Saturday
April 11 as the day to hold the county
and Slate primaries
Corslcana Teas February 03E 3
Slmpktns chairman of the cltlsftu commit
tee called a meeting or March 0 for tho
Eurpose of iHlug a time and plnce t
eld a white mans primary or the > eee
tlon of candidates to UU the office to
be tilled Apiu a
When Friends Tell tho Truth
Many people beeouie coffee topers be
fore thev leallie It uud would bo angry
If thus ileacitbcd even by a close friend
It will pay any oue to exaiulne care
fully Into whether or not coffee mis sained
the mustery over them A coffee tpcr
may suspect that his or her alls come from
cprtee diInking but they will InvarUby
charge tho disease to some other cause
for right down in the heart they realise
that ll would bo practically Impossible to I
give up coffee so they hope sgilu t hope
that It dues not hurt tbtiiii but It goes
on with Its work just the same and the
result Is cvmpleie collapse and nervous
prostistlon lustlug soutelluirs for yesis
jilile s the polsou that causes the dl eas
Is discontinued
There are hundreds of thousands of
Illustrations of ihe truth of HiU state
Any prrhan addicted to coffee can make
the chane from common coffee to Ptwium
J ooil effee without trouble provided the
ivatnm Is properly preparM so us to brlss
put the color flavor and food value if
5kt3 a rlih Uoek hiovui color and vtaugs
to the toLJen bto n when sood cream Is
The chame wjll w rk wonders In sny
poe wbiv s nervoes system or stowaeh has
been uab l4eed r dlituxhed by coffee
Relatives of the Murdered Family Havo
Come on from Iowa to Look
into the Details
Welsh hx Mureh 1 Since list report
Jiithlni has dorelunel in the Karl murder
case other than tho cbntige for tho better
In Miss Mauds condition Iter mind scorns
to tie morn composed yet she Is reluctant to
J talk of the recent misfortune
The brother of the unfortunate I K
Karl John Unrl nceompnnlorl by his wife
I who Is also the sister oftho murdtvod wife
nnlved tndny from Uaglo hove lown ac
companied hy Fred arl thn only surviving
son of the deeeased John Karl In com
pany with Mr N I Kelly drove out ut
once to tho scene of the tragedy Frd
I > rl did not euro to look at the till bourn
They do not cuurl nor fncuuage mno ilo
I Icmc but want tho law to tiki lt rnuru
IJihn Fsil Is uot coiilmuulciitlvo ns to tha
jtcsull of Ids partial liiinntlgtitlnu st tho
K rl boniestiiid
Judge Miller has called n sprelal sCHslon
of the griiuil Juri to rouveno Mai eh k
rlpwlsl di Tho Post
Knnsiis City Mo March 1Sheriff Per
kins of Cslcnsleu parish Irfiul lana will
leave Eplckird Mo miorrow fur Ijike
Chsrlcs with lid Itstsoii thi alleged nmr
drrer of thn Karl family In his custody
Special o The Post
riaton Uouge La March 1 Governor
Hiard reccivml a telegram toulght from
Sheilff PcrLius of Calostleu pulli dated
Pilneeton Mo making Inquiries about
icqulaltlon papers for the alleged murdero
rtatson The governor notlUed Perkins that
tha requisition papers were ferwiirded to
the governor of Missouri yesterday nnd
Governor Dockery was requested to for
wild them to splckird The papers should
reach the tdierlff tomorrow
Governor Heard Is determined to protect
Patson rem mob violence at auy cost nnd
bherlff Perkins was Instructed to us every
piccautlen Troops will bo called out f
Conference Committeo Has No Trouble
In Agreeing
Wsshlnrton March lTtie conforeiis
of the two houses on tho Philippine tm111
bill reached an agreement today after one
sitting the repiescntatlvrs of the house
iteeeptiug all but one of thu material nmoiid
ments utade hy tho senate The sinendiiielil
which was nut accepted Is that Imposing
the touusgo taxes of the Fnlted States
upon foielgu vmsoU engaged In lnt rlshuid
traffic In the Philippines Tho house eon
fertHis also refused to accept tho proviso
oouiiixted with the senate amendtnent limit
ing ths operation of the sedition aut of
the Philippines leaving that provision to
deelare simply that no person In the 1Ult
Ipplue tsumls shall under the Authority or
the United States be convicted of trmtson
by sny trlbunsl civil or military uufcss
an tha testimony at two witnesses to the
v A
famous Slfton murder trial not yet com
pleted He writes
Ieiunn has dono for mo what no doc
tor or luedletne has been able to do before
It niiide nm a well man IApostiro for a
number ot years haa told on my system
settled In ray back and kidneys and 1 ltd
not think that 1 would ever enjoy good
health again I was Induced to try Ie
runn mid It made u complete change In
my life In three months I was lik a
new man Life has taken on a now color
to me I can heartllv Indorsn reruns for
any sick man for afflictions resulting from
a cold
Chronic catarrh often mnkei Its approach
In disguise llefore a person knows It
he tuny become n victim nf chrnulo ci
tuxrh Its onset may be gradual Its de
velopment Instilinus and nt last thn ilc
tlm tlnds himself In the clutches of n tena
elniw disease A alight cold n tendency
1 1 1
of Their
As a Reliable Specific for the Ills Incident to the Vicissitudes Occupations 1
As a Safeguard against Coughs
Colds and Other Catarrhal
Derangements Policemen
Find Pcruna Indispensable
Whether It rains or whether It snows
whether It bo night or day whether tha
thermoinoter etnnd nt 100 In the shade
or ten degrees below sero the pollcemsn
must bo up nnd doing
Not only must he brave the elements
its ho finds them but he must wear his
uniform No shirtwnlsi for the police
man No fur nvorgoot for the man who
patrols our streets night and day
No wonder such men appreciate le
Fertinit strengthens the nnecm mem
branes that lines the respiratory organs
leruna hardens the system against enteii
Ing cold Thin Is nbsolutely essential to
good health especially where onex voca
tion exposes one to dampness of night air
aud the throbbing heat of midday
Policemen give Ierunn their nnnualltlcd
Indorsement It exnclly nuets their ie
qulrctnentt Uend their letters
Michael Ollalleran Lieutenant Sergeant
of the ftmnmcrdnle Station pniee Depart
mniit writes from 1003 W Slunroe street
Chicago III
Several of the officers of our sta
tlon have good reason to praise Pcruna
Several times when they spent hours
In the rain and came In drenched a
oevcre cold has followed which It
seemed Imposnlblo to throw off until
one of them tried Peruna and found
tho finest remedy for a cold that a
man would want
Since then yve hnve used It for
colda catarrh Influenxa nnd other com
plaints following In the woke of In
lolin E Placek Assistant Superintendent of Police of Chicago 111
I used Perunn for a very severe case of nasal catarrh and
am glad to Inform you that it lias accomirjtahcd a complete cure
I have no hesitancy in recommending It to others
clement weather find we all feci well
pleased with Peruna
Offlrer A Hwatianu wilte from W
Ilartlson street Council muffs la us fol
low >
As my duties compelled me to be
out In all kinds of weather I con
tracted severe cold from time to time
which settled In the kidneys causing
severe pains and trouble In tho pelvic
I am now tike a new man am In
splendid health and give all praise to
Mr Itobert Northgrnve Ml Richmond
street I omlon int was n Chief of In lo
of St Marys Out nlso Chief of IoIIim
In Ingersol Out chief Dotociive In tho
Policemen Every where Befit
in Pcruna They are Jj1
Men Who Really Hf
Tested Its Merits in f
venting Disease m
Many n policeman has been bl to S
his Job by nld of Tcriinn who ototip
must hnve sttrrumb to the exlgcoclef t
our changeable climate
Mr Charles Ilehm Weutenant ef pj ii
4Z precinct Chicago III writes 8j
Whero I hnve suffered any bad csjfi
auences from exposure and colds igjjj
found thut there Is nothing so qulctly i
stores tho systoin to healthful actlttj a
Feruna I use It often myself sad tj
that several of our patrolmen have Kctlni
great benefit from this tonic kj
Mr Peter 7 Itles Desk Sergeant ii
clnct Chicago III writes from 1820
port Aic Chicago W
I hnve for some years been a wSkL
with Kidney trouble and I felt that gjyt
do something to get cured rteitllstT
the cuies that leruna had perforiaeV
tried Hi seven bottles cured me W
to sneeze pufflness In thn nose and twf
fullness or crackling In tho ear atrial
mucous In the throat slight coujiii
wheezlness snoring during sleep Anr t
of these symptoms should be regards i
a warning i
What can be cured In the begtnnlajll
n week or two by using Peruna If allovt
to become rhronlc may requlro raontkt i
fnlthfut treatment You had better US
Peruna now for by and bv you majji
obliged to tnke It for n long tlnlo In or
to get well Fcrunn Is the remedy for t
tnrrh Almost everybody knows tb h
hearsay and thousands know It by exft
If you do not derlvo prompt and si
factory results from tho us of Port
wiito nt once to Dr llnrtmrn tvla
full statement of your ruse Jrifrae t
bo pleased to give you his vsfflhts sdr1
Address Dr Ilsrtmnn Pre tdent of f
ITartman Sanitarium Columbus Ohio
In one of the best Oil Companies now
forming to offer to our customers at ft
4 cents per share
Writouslorfull details Thoit wha luhicrtbe throuth ui wc Ivc i tmrtntts idlnrttsit ft
Beaumont Toxas
Members Desmnont Oil Lxch nc and Board of Tnde
nanoaeo aacaDaan o oaaoaDWaaoeasoos sasDOiiaDSDsa a tif
S The Grace Oil Co Independence Oil Co Federal Crude Oil Coj
Producers Shippers
g and Exporters of
In 32nd to Whole Acres
HENRY EXALL Beaumont Texas 5
Three Gushers Two ejhtlnch nd one sixInch Dally output estimated 3000005
J barrels We want your orders If one company can not ship one of the others wlM
11 L PAGIN General Sales Agent Beaumont Texas J
> a iioo a aaaeo sou o < ioa a s > faoa Baca ao Soeoe ocesriJ
Buys and Sells on Commission Guarantees Gushers and Mikes Drilllnc ContridJ
Refers to any Dank In Dsllai or llesumont Texas
jLTL asriT io Rip h mi lls oomp
Imported rlonduru and Japan Seed luce i
k TrJiM lMt tUii 11hS Uy panr lmve now In viarehouse and also to arrlrtK
the tlnest selected
handpicked Seed llees of both qualities direct Importatloaf
triVriv ehnV J RJ > nD P > raute l fteo Vroiu teii and nl foreign substance
o niitiFi huJ Jlmn 8 1 Vc uP ri lh0 I > dlicct In bond the rt f
plniitera thus getting them
direct from the foreign port of shipment Lots 5
suit purchasers also tlnest selected do 1 tie II iiiliirui end JuZn seed
horoughly fanned aud screened and fn io red Prle ol application lff
J vcrt ct or Pn confessions in open rcfcule shape It Is Ince trimmed
dravn P vltu rtbbsns It Is hntlg wttf
The strlelren
nart J out exempted members reach a 1T
e n easy of tho bed and contains
of a family f pin punishment for railing to kerchief a tny Jar of cold cream a Wi
gye information concealing the treason of imnin salts and L linencovered sarti
able nets bt one another
Ihe senate reduction of jjc rer cent on
the rate of duty Is retained
Flanarjan to Bo Reappointed
Washington March 1 Webster Klaungan
eolbvlor f Internal revenue ot the Tnlrd
Jexas district Is to lie rcimuted This
fact was made known today at the Wnlte
i nnw
Dried Leaves for Insomnia
Pittsburg Dispatch
The fair Insomnia sufferer will be glnd
to know that it sytnpithetlo genius has
been entering to her wants and has plated
on the market what ts termed a aloep
er > reticule mado of some bright col
ored tuuallu or silk Id the aldfasbloied
tilled with fragrant dried leaves froin
Oriental shrub The odor ftora this ssf
Is said to ennse nervous and excitable PJJ
sons who me Inclined to be wakeful toik
luto n sweet nnd refreshing sleep
NHW VOUKsteps have been tnken
the govermueur to rid the sea of dcrcl jl
thoso dangerous menaces to navlga
wlileh nre now so thickly strewn long
Atlatitle seaboard The crul > er ilnctn j
has been directed to proceed to wlfl
It I there to Hike on a supply of o 3
Rod theu to crulao along tho coast and
up erery derelict that can bo found
JWirrrA smallpox
new case of
appeared here Pieoantlons ugultistj
spread have beeu taken

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