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Subscriptions Including Prom
ises Njw Exceed a Million
Action Asked For in Patent Ceses
fas Retused Successful Committ
Iteemen Were Met with a Band
Sa < 5T ston Texas March l The amount
i McJ by the bftud committee today was
i53tk > wns hi In I the total amount to
Iltti fii up to tho puit time to 7S1400
TmSuuioit it Mil sullied during tile past
fjsilv us jiiyjuo There sic subscription
c < l wbLh make the nuiouut exceed
tuo Scuiij all those promised are
icd safe hot bonio of them are con
ii and tinie oie can not be positively
1 luo icuimtleoa lime now finished
giift e business dUUkt but they
liiiSyTBii Il > to woik thin dlstiUt again Inter
jfiJei s i luvasslug Is now bolus done
JLy e dlstitct Beery home lu
of iinv site will bo oiluvtiseed lie
jjttio bond committee censor work It
lime or tbit unless the corpotn
nnd raliroids entering the city take
eol siriptlous trout tali tluio rot
oui > lather slow With it mil
> IWi u < 0 liowMi It U Mifo to nsaeit
EiltttUv c lu jjiixmmO will be disposed of
jfttiuUon tiem now until Maren A will
fl v > > ud i i l > to earning the
Veatijjla rv ii of the prupood Issue As
kr Is huiill uny opposition to the mens
Iftllt wo tl Clin thit there ihoulil be lit
vKtflffi Ill u lining the necessary tuo
htMlf vote o thf t txinvliij property hold
wgjtfc wan ant the issuance ot the bona
IK Mortuary Report
iffifiveMon fias March t Following U
rpoit for tbo week envlng
> tebtuatj 8
feKiu o 21 line white 85 years
itlai < Jjous Uoik white 11 jenrs
tyeapi 11i M 8 K Kraueluuas white
iiSHrpial couvulslans Mrs M Hue white
friais 9 iie biopdiltu
jjFyUiuir 2Mrs bmlth white 42 years
Ifccbuuty EiMis A Ilait white tf >
ehra n fe iiiplnltli Peter Udger whlte
Omini pneumonia Ss
tKBOrii in 21 iunnda Bowman white
Ofyinrs fceurt disease bnby Kngbla
Jhlte lu llmlns hiwigltls
gfVtti iry Julius V instnfsnn wblte
Imotiti In ii I Ion Cirrle M Arto white
0fyiit tuheieniost idled In Houston
ifjvhni Cv tVnlitU MevJler white ID
Minttis < ift pi ate >
ritebrunn T Unby Oasby eolorcii still
mierl In J bn Peilt hocpltnl 3 illetl In St
> In irmai 3 JUM outMite elty
Patent Injunction Refused
C0slvcs in TVxa March 1 Proceedings
lsit2Va luci1 State court
or the American
SllritgijMork v Acme Sucker Itod company
° jajgr the fterlcan Well Works vs Acme
Wpjv coinpuny In eih ot which cum
ilafislnants sunlit a writ of lujiiuetlon to
rohlhit tno defendants from continuing
11 j < n < e of i ei iin vvell boring appllnnces
f JJhlch the i mpaln nits olalnied to have
Atfatel we o ouipleted today Tho do
> ° r5e Ipf the onrt vas for the defetultnti
Jrlanftcg th nut and tnxliuc the costs
0 x jtsinst compl i isiit The defendayts wero
Mtfte to see t Galvsstoo as the pbtco
gaioldlng the next Stato d tnoccrattc
fmffntlon returned this morning thay were
KSat the tnln vvlth a brass l nd and
jfjf number of prominent cltlrous and
Sadfci a loading reception The party
uait s Dvspepsls Tablets are otd by
y dicg st In be United States tud
Ida as well aa tu Great Britain at SO
for complete treatment
Mng further Is r < M lr d to cure any
h trouble or to make tatn nerrous
r nple strong ptntrip and well
one of the uiost tonvenlent and comfort
able as well as one of the hnnrtsomoH
churches In the eltv Since the ttonn the
service of this church have been conducted
at tbo Y M C A
fl nimon s n s would surges thst tf one In the city
aged considerably
ndr weight
Sot complete digest the diM n fA Mfl wUl spend a few dirjdih tt p
families before to Karnes
l uU cs ud tlmllar w ° l llua
Aiarhsre are tbopsands of sneh who are
iS Wy oonnrmed dy > peptlrs although they
Ssij have no particular pain or Invoo
iirnep fiom thtr stomachs
H such perons wot Id Uy tbelr prejn
iil e6 a ido and nake a rognlar prart c
SjrrtvklnK after each meal ono or twu of
JtiKrtsU pepsla Tablet the fooi would
going City
UeW the spring term ot cosrt
The Storm at Robert Lee
Kobert Lee Texas February W Miss
Mamie Graham daughter ot County Judgo
Uraiim was huraed to death this after
i noon This was one ot the results of the
Woodtee Brooks general taerthants
anstalued some toss their turge building
being completely wrecked
Tbe Burroughs building wa completely
w rekesl
The followlne residences were blown
down but no fatalltr U L > Henry J
Vestal Ml J V KI4d
Sererel Jtouses were damaged mare or
Smallpox at SmHhvttlc
SmlthTllle Texas Mareb L Two ease
of smallpox are among the oegro i lu the
colony Botb case are eonTaleselsg and
aU necessary precautions have b n taken
t kot i tt spxtadiai
to the credit of the various funds
Account Cash
General revenue fund i Jl60 lilfl 56
215oSI 03
Available school fund
Termsnent school fuud
County tax fuud
Available university fund
Permanent university fund
nilud asylum lend sales account
Deaf nnil dumb asylum land sales account
Austin lunatic asyltmj bud sales Account
Oiphsn asylum land sales account
Agilenltunil and Mechnnical college fund
Unorgnnlted county toi fund
Itedeuiptlon lands In unoruaulted counties
Available university fund tmedlcal branch
Available orphans asjlum fund i
Cost advertising lands In unorjanlted counties
Pro rata Indebtedness fund
Kscbented estntes fund
Available penitentiary fund
Settlement of estates fuud
Kluh and oynter fuml
Special onn tax fuud
Dallas city xnbsldj bond account
fhnman cltj sulis ldy bond aeconnt T and 1
Tjler elty subsidy bond neeouut
WftTahnrble city subsidy bend account
Kiiwn purehaso prlco paid on lauds
pared In their honor Considerable speech
muUni was Imlulged In and consratnln
tlons pxchanced As mentioned In The
Iost this niPinlbir It Is folt here that the
pouting of the convention will mean n great
Oenl for ClalvpUou lu addltton to the vis
itors which will be drawn here on this
necnunt tnlviMoti was tenresenten la
nnln bv M K Kleberg I 11 ICempner
leni Toler Mart ltnvstou t 3 Iolk
1ewU Ft her Alf Smith Wtlllim 11 Iron
rtpgs t T in rttrlek M O Meletnore 1
N Ttsrl 3 f > nocera nUl Moody II
M Kulght and W A Hudson t
Contract for Church Awarded
The building committee of the First ltap
tbt chmeh at n meeting held last night
awarded the contract for the hrlck nuu
enrpenter work of tho new church building
to Bovvdin v Worth of this city for M V
ir The eoitraets for the remainder or
the work vIll be let nt some future time
J lie new bulilng will replace the one
bv the storm and will
8S3828 OT
117T 01
M773 02
103S1 tA
8R30 00
18411 1S
7010 7J
22i3 to
137 02
2351 71
2tt OS
2210 18
COS 30
21S3 63
4701 23
2001X1 00
2121 0
210 77
1C3S2 M
2 Si
129 13
3d 13
Anitln Texas March lThe rollowlne Is a statement from tho treatury ds
partinent tot the quarter ending rebtusrj 25 1002i showing tho balances oa hand
27 S3
0661P21 00
670700 00 J
113500 l > 0
01000 00
111700 00
11200 00
203000 CO
1070 00
70400 50
80 J10S3023S 40
He Thtnks They Should Be Widely Dis
seminated as They Will Do tho
State Much Good
Austin Texas Mvcb lThe following Is
on address to the people of Texas prepared
bv Udwln Chamberlain of San Autoulo ivho
was chairman of tho reception committee
which eateitnlued the New Yorker during
their visit to Texas last tprlng Also a
IcHer ftom the governor ou the subject
To the IVoOlc f Texas
In Anrll of last year there came to Texas
which was desttoied
It built on the stum Ide TweutyseeouU upon luvltatluu of loveanor t > aers aim
and Avenue 1 When completed tt will e JUe Texas house of lenreseulatius a patty
The Death Roll
Oalvciton Texs March 1 Mrs Mary
It Jlntttlek died last evening afler a pro
tracted tllne s The deceased was the wife
of K M
Mr Annla Johnson need 41 years died
of dKttnculuhed cltlteun of Nevv Yoik
bolus lhe lommltne aprnduted by the
chnuibiir of commerco ot the State of New
Yoik and the Merchants association of Now
Y rk elt to InvostlgiUn the uatural re
sources and economic conditions of th
State Kor moro titan two weeks they
Journeyed within the State vialtlus all of
i tbo principal cltUis and inany of the towns
lUrtrbh of the Uul ed Slates
rgltieerlng department here Her funeral lu tha various sections Their vWt vvas a
ocurred tit 3 oclock this afternoon from memorable one < nd It Is not necessary to
St Marys cathoilr recount tlw welcome given tluju or
iho ovldenco whKh they gavo of tho
j Vand Twain
last evening at her residence ltll ayenm
tl Her will occur nt 3 oclock So that In
fnyeral wuo upou tmmau It to say
tomorrow dence afternoon from her laic rest the onjojtue u f mlod hispltaUiy
Lsmpasas Is Due
The Mallory steamship Lampasas Is das
to arrive tomorrow trotn Now York with
tho following list of cabin passengers Mrs
nacon Miss Hacon Pr A I Boyer It Ue
Koven Mr K I IUvniond P 0 tonld
nnd wife Mrs R 0 Hudson Ke > > Ut
t lu
with which they were met ttjey ki
view the object ot their mUslou aud to
its fulnllment every facility was f < 1
No body of men evet traveled over this
btute under more favorable auspices to
learu of Its lesources and develonmeut or to
bei > omo acquainted with Its people
Their reuoits havo txiou looktd forwnra
to with a great dial of Interest because ot
tbo hlhh standing of the geutleuua on
wide uud
Vonklln oslug the committee and the
rialve ton S s l
usm represented It to felt that
Tin snhinc RilIM for Vow York at noon act ther ba
thclr oflllct oonCornlug the State would
Wrecks to Be Removed
Gtilveston Texas March 1 Colonel C
accepted In comuuiiiul aud tlnanelal ttr
cles as authoritative and therefore would
exert a nivjt Dot cut Intluoncu unon th tu
turo of tho State lUvluc couudeuw In
< itlrhn bns received a riply from tho Texas those who met those sxntlemcn and
u imlleN od with their business Judg
relguint d the light to recover from tna i seeretarv of wsr granting bis vjttst Ur neut ailll ailnesa > were not appreheaislvo
t > mr > l3liaiUs an i > > u vyhieh they may on allottnent for the remo l of tie 0 tn > rtsults
PJtveflnioncd lu this easo The ease vvas vvreckod dredge boat near tho quarantine fmv weeks ago advanse proofs of the
viniteitnvovuv tbo l > ht to u certain well station and al o for threo wrecks In th teports of these committees duly approved
i J rtp > m which arc now being bayou which are recorded as menaces t > in their respective oigauliailons were re
lllds will adver
ansjui ti j
0t n n Texas tn boring navigation at once be edited and ot satno
> t wvue v > v r mien In Texas u synopk es v
ITSSll and O Water qontlMny
> hle t flt fpttettion for lulu
ater mentioned In The Post to lav J nil tMt tll t they constitute desirable cothpcndltims
v h
Mo m Of the
5ioo0rfi mv mor nlnK fflWei nt Information botb for Investors and homo
fWHV which Is required to biild thelioiiie
deslr il has beon promised voluntiirlly and
thf remainder will lie secured without great
County Refundina Bonds
Onlvcston Texas Marca 1 The county
bond tssuo of S273PV which Is to b
uod lu funding a portion of the out
standing debt of the county
K2LtwJi b reikfasV had Mr thal tbf wmimlftionM will dLpoia
jtwint wheie a breakfast bean pre
of thom uuU1 afor hc cemJng cecllo0
tftee tol yie di sb and ptamp It cut a S Con tns of Austin Is among the
lft r ft u the foi > d w oat aud visitors In the city
It Has Proven of Interest and Value
r 1 DrWohn Grant Dnlted States marshl
A other ord kSd Eastern district ef Texas Is Ir
tc Thousands
r > r fat mikes flesh are the fvods
Meb fo > m the greater patt of our dilly
v n Scott division snperlneident of
the Santa Fe with headquarters Tem
ple l In the city today He says there Is
nothing to the report that be Is to be
transferred to the Pecos Valley branch of
the system
The Slot Machines Have Been Put Out
of Business
Victoria Texas March 1 Yesterday
atiernoon Justice It L Daniel Issued an
order that the sot machines must be closed
and It did not take the news long to reaen
the Interested partlos this morning uot
a single one was In operation and It U
tha purpose of the authorities to put sa
eud to their operation In Victoria
hite drivlug yesterday Mr and Mrs
J II Fleming and Miss Dora Dunlnp were
t > f ° from their the
whle cat wn buggies latter sus
h tr hl is thit we
Kwh d eueran mi llhe W ftS a s
TgPttftttffift whWs f > tS WUM > District Attornsy
remalu tttl t J > urteuberge cstse in Thursday frora
rWMireaon so many people
organs I lt evtltj where dlstrlct has Jttst clos
ri the digestive courj
the matter embraced lu ihesc reports In
a rentfal wav however It may be said
seouiis iaiu ot ihe coiumltiies appoint
ed a uuiabor of subcommlttoes to Investl
gato along particular Hues and In addition
to tho general n porta there axe reports
from those subcommittees upon sucb sub
led nfc Tho Soils of Texas Water
Supplies Mineral Hi sources Agrlcul
tural Conditions Honlth and Climate
Manufactutlng tndustiles I ibor Condi
tions TransiHvrtatlon rtanklug Kd
has beon ucatlon Porests Laws etc Each of
g se reports Is quite comprehensive and
ho advantaces of Texas as a peaaut and
wasu and
reU5 Ulcv t e q
IgatiM < > i
p tatess and this U the re > on
> l kl > build up itrenxtben and
ttuu dj i > iHle men wooiiu
iiM sad chtHren even the ram
t use i ieui with marked benSt as
ren la no strong Irritating drags
atuit noi nr harmfal Ingredient
na ta Pvspepsla Tablets U the uvovt
t it at d m > t tvldelr known of J
dr fvi tomarb troubles because tt Is
cuos rru n bio and jeienttio ot mod
n > < Mk i ora
ttef and desire and are ach as to oacourago
tmrnlgratton and direct capital to this
Now the chief value of these reports
that they were not made by Texan nor
of any one having a direct In re t In
Tejcas The rrm of Texas which hat
T rslsteotl > and ffoMrflv told of tha
advantages ot the State will we feel o < n
sore agwe with us In saving that tVir
reports coming from nnbltsed and
Judiced sources wl I be veitlr more tav
presilve thin any matter ot a similar char
aeter that has ever been pnbllbed v
creat tide of Immgiatlon has almdv s t
l to the State some of the great raitroul
are actively at work endeavor ne
erate Its flow and the time eet
to add to the
tbe State to hten the develop
tts resources to Increase and
tere that the drenHtlon of BOO
Ctxv ip es of the New York wntnttees
reports would have a most desirable e
feet In attracting peoplo and capital ti
this State and wo woud therefore nwt
resreetfnlly urge the eorraerelal opcsnaa
tlen of the State and citizen generally
r arrange foe the purchase aud dlttrlbq
tlon ef a Urge number of them
The chamber of commerce aud the Mer
chants association bare had sereral then
sand cnples of th reports printed ant
distributed at tbelr expense U ther da
desire the people of Texas mi avail tbs > T >
selves of the use of these plates and se
cure tddltlonal e e Pt slmily oaring
for the paper and the press work The re
port of the chamber of cotatuerc covert
thirtynine p g a and that of the Mer
chants association ItS parts Including a
aufc ef ns sad dra l pv W an
h r
He Naoooai Mseas
If thoro Is any dtsease entitled to auch n
distinction t la oortttlnljr dyspepsia H is
safe to say that not one person in ten enjoya
the blcsslnus of perfect digestion stranifo
though it may seem Why is this
Digestion is a alow process by which
naturo transforms tho food into a stato
suitablo for nourishment for tho body Tho
tlruo required varies from one to six hours
or moro according to tho food In tho
hurry worry and hustle tho striving for tho
falls to glvo proper heed to natures de
mands upon his time Ho gets up In tho
morning bolts his breakfast without half
chewing It washes It down with hot coffee
or other liquid and rushesoutohls business
At noon its rush homo or to tho lunch
counter cat his lunch hastily while fttlgued
and out of breath i lien rush back to busi
ness One of tbo greatest essentials to pro
por digestion Is the mastication or chewing
of food to thoroughly mix tt with sillva If
this Is not done tho food parses Into the
stomach In a condition which clues not per
mit of Its being ncted upon by the guAtrlc
jujeetithoro evou though there bo suftlcient
Gentlemen T havo been troubled for
eeveral years with dypopsla and indluostlon
I have often sat down to eat aud had to glvo
It UR afrer eating two bites I used two
bottles of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and am all
righttrt day and I catevervthinc and dont
stop for anything I recommend Kodol
Dyspepsia Curo to all my friends as tho host
modloInQ for dyspepsaand stomach trouble
Wishlnn you success I am Respectfully
youra VV L Eastnh Audubon Iowa
caa Now Eat Afiijliiing
Dear Sirs For a good while 1 was In fee
ble health could not cat anything but a
small quantity of soup I tried several
doctdra and mineral waters Kothiocr seem
ed to do any good until 1 was induced to try
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure which cured me and I
can now eat anything I want and can certain
ly give yourprcparatloncredlCforit I writo
Informed mot 100000 coplrw of tho repnrN
Used for the removal of tbivjo obstrttc Jiayo bvn published lu the dally papers ma7 bo secured at the rat s of 15 eetus a
v Jobu HonR ihose who have road the reports feel that y ami a HrgiY BUmWioftbeurn at
unction to r the people of Tuxas havo reusou for s f a 0wer urt e tt rtfJ ifoVifi tliat th s t a
V4nt In I fetit of patent the writ
IhOincliu ivt d for vtas dented >
T P U tiii receiver Southern
rtititl > ml Loan association vs
Oirve et ut Judsment for plaintiff
ommittee Met with Brass Band
vested lexus Msivh 1 VU n the
lfee whl h vvas sent to Pul as to
4ir the Sate democratic executive com
Amphitheater Will Be Built
Galveston Texas March 1 Tbo com
cittBtatvtiutlou that Governor Sayers ex 1
tembul the Invitation nnd that tt was ac
ralttee appointed by tho Oalvo ton DusU n would Ik > Impossible within the limits
uess I gne to solicit subscriptions for of rhls article to glvo evou u outline of
fumls with which to oreot the amphithe
most fnvombto opportunity to aiUvt1
Texas ac a moderate cost
This address is Issued In jtwpoasf U th
directions of tho committee created bv tie
Texas boiiso of ropre ntatlvwi to ccou >
pauy the New York delegations en th Ir
tour through Texas The committee met
la DallM recntlr nf tha Ku ee tt < > B ot
Governor Sajers who deelsriel tviai the
reports were worthy of wide crenlnton
Bflwtu Chambfilalu
Chairman Texus Itecontloa C im Ittee
Louis J Worthsm
Secretary Texas Tteceptlqn Committee
Edwin Chamberlain Esq Chairman Recep
tion Commttee
Dear Sir 1 have read with sincere ap
proval your address To the People Of
brought back from Anstmrimtlt ts no t
protltablo nlace to live are set forth n a
most convincing manner The committees n ls a crailflcatlqn to me > to so thtt mi
Nevs Notes
Gatveeton Texas March 1
fun a prominent stennvhip in in
° CtX BttW ° > whole Pwm tbo oFout
terefts here han1 tb W should not turn
i side Investors botb committees take ° V > wo
tolonel and Mrs W B Denson fsrmerly ceptlon to the antl trust laws of Texas ard baek
of Galvpton but now of Gainesville aro to some features of our laws affeetln Whatever of aid or sneonrncement 1 stj
banking but with our laws In general the capable of sbnl be ctseerfiillv
expns sallsfaetlon pointing out some as Yours very truly Joseph D Pavers
worthv of emulation bv other states Ibth
committees stronclv commend the Stato
as a desirable olace for farmers or for
joung men with small capital to locate
Mipfc prominence U clveu to the tiluca
tienal advantares of the State and to Its
hich order of cltlienshln
it seems to us ibat these reports shond
bo clven a wld clreukjtlon both within
the Ute and berond IU borders They
tell os how others see us and there are
A Sketch of the Aged Lutheran Minister
Who Recently Passed Away
In toe Btble eon conviaced the well edo
of these Juices With tho body fatigued
and continually In action tho blood is drawn
away from tho digestive organs henen tho
dlnesMvo fluids cannot bo supplied Natur
ally this leave a lot of undigested food In
tho stomach that Is nnt only useless but
harmful Now what is to be done
It must bo digested A little stimulant
might help it temporarily but that makes
tho next meat stilt more difficult to digest
as it draws on tho digestive Juices unnatur
ally and soon exhausts them Tho only cor
rect common sonso way of treating these
cases Is to furnish a substitute which ninst
In order to be effectual contain exactly tho
nlmighty dollar thoSQili century American eamo elements In exactly tho samo propor
nons as tho natural digestive fluids
Tho oue prcparatlou which can bo abso
lutely proven to meet those requirements Is
Kodol Uvspepsla Cure It Is not an cxporl
tnont at your exponso but tho result of ex
periments at our expense It Is not a mero
stimulant to uid digestion but is Itself a
combination of all tho dlgeslants and actu
ally digests tho food by itsi own individual
power of action without any aid whatever
from tho digestive organs It will digont
food even tu a bottle under proper condi
tions temperature etc so It certainly
cant help havlug the eamo action in tho
this that some sufferers who arosuffering as
1 was nuv be lod to try Kodol Dyspepsia
Curo for I think they will bo restored to
health if they will Very respectfully W
H MeCrary Beono Laurens Co S O
I W E Dell a Notary Publle of S 0 do
certify that tho above Is tho testimony aa
glveu by ilcCrary W E Ball N P of 30
SlcH Headache
Gentlemen My wife was troubled for
yeatA with dyspepsia Her symptoms were
slok headache and vomiting overy oiher duy
nnd sho could scarcely eat anything I
bought Kodol PyspcnMa Cure and sho com
menced taking It ana has none of tho abovo
symptoms and eats everything without
caution but continues tho uso of Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure at intervals
W II Caulklns So Edmoston N Y
mentioned Protestant pro feasors advised
< the tnd < ut to attend tke well known
Carmine Texas rebrnary 23Kev lMhft yoiiug inoglcal seminary at Crlshona
Adam Nenthard was born ta Lauterhach Switzerland Here he ni hM N theologt
t < Jl ir
what you
tos yoaa wa
By digesting tho food without aid and
preparing It perfectly for natures uses In
nourishing tho body it gives the digestive
organs a rest By relieving them of all
work naturo has an opportunity to rcstoro
them to healthy condition
Furthermore you should eat all tha good
food your appotlte calls for whllo UKlng
Kodol Dyspopsia Cure because your body
must have nourishment and In no way can
it get It except through the food
Whllo the army of people Is largo who stif
fcr continually from dyspepsia there is a
still greater army of those who are troubled
only occasionally caused by overeating eat
ing when fatigued eating when too warm or
cold drinking ico water especially Just be
fore with or Just after a meal or eating
Fomo article of food that does not agree
with them
Kodol Dyspepsia Curo not only Instantly
relieves all distress of tho stomach that
feeling of fullness flatulence wind on tbo
Btomtch belching rising of asour watery
liquid In tho mouth and all other results of
a disordered stomach but It is an absolute
positive and permanent curo for all forms of
indigestion dyspepsia and stomach troublos
Kodol Dyspepsia Cur Is a remedy ot un
usual merit and will bear out overy clalra
made for It
Dear Sirs I used to suffer from Indiges
tion so that oven eating a soda cracker or
drinking ti glass of water woud cause agony
1 commenced using Kodol Dvspepsla Curo
nnd It soon cured me H L Wharton Now
Berne N 0
Suffered 40 Years
Gentlemen 1 wl ib to Inform tho pobllo
that I havo been a constant sufferer from
tho pangs of dyspepsia and Indigestion for
forty years during which time I nave given
almost every medicine a trial in different
forms such as tho dyspepsia tablets especi
ally but nothing has done mo the good that
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure has I havo used
only two bottles as yet and feel sure tha
third bottle will cure me of tho dtsea e X
have suffered from for forty years Alexan
der Kerr Blco Landing Greeno Co Fenn
t prepircdpyECD VlttCoCblc ao Tboioobotttocont ln 2J4timest muchCyactualmoasur msnt tt triil8tioMbcti Uor80e nt
A E Kiesling 503 Main Street Corner Prairie Avenue
i B
< H
Maidenhood and Womanhood
At the threshold of wedded life with Its cares and responsibilities
what more appropriate could a bride consider than a bo of the med
icine that will keep tho sew family in perfect health
t t < HkOsekr U Dir ir aod tbeyre Cao
I nl I hf n eivtcgth m to myctlatea
wlti tM t rMliM
Mn l vit IWE Ctplt < jtSt VTmhlncvoa
I ucsrtY r tbe best tndlalo 1 T r
tried 1 ti n l b tun tritemi for thwn
Mrt EU San4tr F > ito
I ws far 1 b IIa r ib1 with on
itifst a tm kv rrh < tt vn ttir t An
cov u ne < sff ret wtth rf > ° d rftilt d
tn laisucd I nl b tntUelycored Mrt
U P Yeomaot imChuspUlnAvv Chlcsno
I K tp t < 1 Csiesrets suit rnn t they
ur A rta 1 rvcomsu ad b ca to su
niy U r frUn4i
Mrs 1 II Mtrei Chtiitea Ik
rtaden Germany September U 182S of cawd vvub
some suggestions to which Itoman Catholic who carefully edu
we might well parents y < mo mivsijuarlen was ot
6 J hJtV le ceV he J 08 to he i MtPd him for the prlesthoftl Having av ocean to Texas In UtU State
aeroe the
be began
UU mlsJonarv labors at Round Top In St
tir pRfyfotllSSSXn olrrt W scademlea stndes In Baden ho
empbsUeJ Then these flnanclers from came in contact with prominent Protectant jp pread VtU f me
mntuSSn the absence of wln wnkTta profMSOrs apd whoM throughout the whole r conn of Fayette
tbla State and from their experience show
how such banks If establshed wnnld
gather tocether capital now scattered and
Idle in amounts sufficient to be a great
coel to the htate
r PfP 0 Tm1 re nractleallT nslted
Jp the belief tint vbat we need In Texa
Is people to sett o upon and deveop tbi
now uninhabited lands and we woull
tathar haw people com here to Invst
tlelr capital than to ha e rsptai cwnM
unattended Th reports of the Xew lor J
committees are In consonance with this be
the spture thoroughly This se rcbln
1 hat a tumor watch all las > tMi rt
toM me coil t b ccttAn rl < l or la no tb r
ir than with tht tculfa tint I tblak c
Cstorcu sra ttitarHtor It tatlnlj
Mr UUonZlvlnors CL
C > ie > r tt htd ttrtnt Sects Id mr fni
T took tt > m for wgrmt nd co rl
Fir tbpel r r I h < l also iTLCer
ko xcond dots of
wall and hai hotn toll >
owoan IU Jents Bu
Ctr 4 ti
JTW Mrtnt > tl
aj rlrhl rjo cnolltioallr
tnok Csietrtu In r
Y rtle itt
a so frinclno
Abont T r af < i I w o thronth T rr
dlfltcalt operation and since then aa er4
fromtesarehaadaehet 1 tried Cat carets and
the reiolt waa wnnerrol OodJbleia y w
Mr Motea Leece tillaj > Colo
There are ruany physical disturbances of the bodily functions con
nected with the change from maidenhood to womanhood and tha
health nnd wholesome life not only of the br de the new wife and
prospective mother but that of the new generation that is to be depend
upon keeping nil operations of the digestive canal regnlar and natural
wtth Cascarets Candy Cathartic the only medicine that will do It
gently yet surely without grip or gripe
7rvrtr nsVrv Best for the Bowels All druggists toe tse soc Neser
jLWtX lAJtvtJ od in butk The genuine tablet stamped C C C Quar
Vtt asrsYWsys
Veg nt d to euro or back Sample nd booklet
your money
free Address Sterling Remedy Co Chicago or N Y I
eves the mttltitnde then left the spot where the following facts The well Is now down
toHr beloved pastor and sntittuttl advisor 10O1 feet at vhbb depth the drill pena
ls testing til the Mi ttr cats agiln it that trated a rock from which comes some oIL
la1 > Ailse tb u g > u l ami fnlthfnl I Alter going Into this rock some fonr or
M > rvjit and reveive tu ctowe of life ter
nulIter Adaat Neuthard labor faithfully
to Inert the niraber blp at the grand
old Lutheran ehurili which now nnuibers
mnr > than 7000 preaebera and professors
auf ever two millions of members lu the
UolUd Suteii TUrougbout the whole
lectures and sermons he was led to study and the people gathered lu targe numhsrs world Ihe mewnewulp of this chorcb Is
W n > illoB
to lUtea to s rraou Tate resulted In wtJr5vt
Nfothnnl attained the of 73
hi or anllw Ijothetan wmjrregatJou at age
five laches the drill waa stopped and oo
balling the well this afternoon fonr ml
one half barrels of oil were taken ont The
ol is of good aual tr and It Is thoueJ
the How will Increase as the drill tittek
deeper Into tho rock Indicating for
good rind of oil are very favorable Tha
Texas Central OU company began work
July 3
The stock Is owned by New Orleans anil
llrewnwood parties The work baa bs a
Konnd Ton whicheonstautly iner > viea In rears 5 months and 13 The e n e ander the management of Carl M Getrlne
numbers and aloh he served Htf death f bis deatb was < aneer of the stomach who Is mwt enthosUutle over tan prospecfi
cle4 bunT W his heavenly rtward HI wWrb slowly onitennlnded hie remarkable
SfrTrm lekaesw watch lasted
i from the i la vtwUty Dnrlng hu
tffint vttflSi ff K m HypnotsmEleotrlctv
I fer twentyseven years and heeldew preach
lag regularly every Sunday
Tie was married to Miss Kant Rnmmet
Deeemlier 5 ISvQ In Harris eoBBtr Tesav
This marriage was blessed with elrtt chll
dren three sbas and Sre d ugbwr two
of uhopi preceded tsn la deatk In 151
atd prosneettTe prit where fVe ident PalkMbenr preaihil s
ovan ftnd rvst for l eon cTenc trnrhin serwen en the S IWHr word
and rvaTlo n for b wul only by reaonnts The Master t herrnad csttetu thee He
rTnr hUlsor te of tblrtreeven vear OIL FOUND
c nK 7 PtX > r X 1 Ouantity Has Not Yet Been Deter
preached about 1000 fnrierel sermon Re mtrvea
side this he tanght etvogregattenal seboal t Brewnwoesl Texas Maieb t nrovm
wood U worked np to a high pitch today i his name
over tV ell qneitlon Rnmor of
strke are
T tudon leader
ViennaA retnar tble cure by eleetftclty
and hypnotism U reported from Irague
wber a certain Adolf Itewh met with aa
acedent which resulted In a serlon nerre
tm k aud loss of the power et speeclw be
Wf partial Idiocy r Jacksob of Tragus
hcnltal lud blm electrielred by a powerfnl
enrrent and then hywrttied VVblle hyp
rnvtlirrt be tta told to speak and then
He answered correctly thouga
rich 1ne 1 appesred to speak with dyncottr Sto nnd
and nronerty In the nun tier questions were answered
the w11 bis dvaneed TW rtstJ with Increasing ease and
at roe wii o tyvaocru wint1 y the 7 had ret in mm
l slice yeslerdav The Tost eorresnondent orought to
ealf d on one of the directors of th con power of speech tyjd the rail We or m to
aa beleved wife entered Into her eternal paay dggiug the well and froo > him learned teliect
reward ad be remlard a s tdowex ever
Inee I
He was a benevolent man helping the
poor and needy roasoiitig the widow and
orphan doing good wherever there was an
opportunity Indeed there are thousand
who will bless bis sensory far the good
they received krourh him
Ill funeral was VW Febrvwry 57 at
whirl toe worthy preldai of the Texas
Lntneraa iro l Rev Kalkenberg of Bbe
boiT Texas preached the sermon At the
bonse Rev Harder of Greenrlne Texas
nfflibtel speaking word of eorofoit to
the bereaved family From the h n the
fenera proresslon started to the rbireh
> bl Catbouc fflrlrt hS s the paln Stftrlbitei to tbe jtrtues I
teaehtass of tne Vod of God a taegkt exeellent t rlstlan > <
Then the remain were
by the rang llcat Lutheran ehnrch On pan brothr
iecount of tb5 step he waTbltterly bsted earrted by the officers of the wngregatloB
i w Jl ta narten disowned In tse msitrr wh e Iter Prof IS U r
ffiaw Vwi lffiriR fen ot t TL ther a college t Ttreuham
owt 1te w fk TlShlJ religious eon Texas exborteil tb vast attendance to
iletlonsJndlendnred all hrdtf lp4 rce keep sacred tb atemnrv Of W
berlng the Scripture statement that for the earthly reaulnswere now laid n
a k of ChrUt mast adur per t Ioaa whose putt wak now wJ lt S tke
4 wh 4itt IX nei b laa aboy btustnj f btT o AVlUt tesrs In tbtlr i
in In iit in mi iff M
Ouarantoad Ouro an Money ftefummem
maan eurejla U eas a i ud r r jV alt
Pou r atttitr Frtmary s rJir7 erTeiUarT aod
wiliuir to tbat eSret Certatety t ear SJ Sat f i
U dajt and irodtce e U
a t y tra y ttl
r rawita Ut It day
car T ra M
loHN TlLLOISO U D StecuryPolat toIed mte toyar attj J 5 J
it aoCae 4 i wittns et ebytleUa U were t h i S
TkaUa t S iil
W15 cil tt tna tkoougts <
i i ulB Bls < oadarr ymP < >
siFMitib doe eootata iiMm edkt s leaves ta m
DUolithed 182a
K utatmeot
Ub tM teua < aU4aM fMS U6UU es
w N >
Toe blood lb flwh tb J U s l eyewiit ttaw tMrt4 4 >
aai tt rt est r pa 4 for U douoa and <
SYIHlLlf v u w 4 fiirBrBe oeyU sr l J iZ Z 2 ii i2Z3i
ir Ti4eBtiaBW
ai u
dsttuu Wnw o Timroa3tti riU 4T rs >
ckari d n
JorUUooot yo r > r > ef 1
J J01WTlLLOTSONtfDi TlehekK J 4tj M s s j s jijj
sa h wi wwmmmmmmmammm
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