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Grisl Ctntul Dipst
February 25 1002
Gr nl Cntrl Dtpt
ft t700 ra ArrlvtNen
No 1103a Airlr N 4
rtjNo11100 r > n Arrlv No
G n A 11 IU It
0 N Depot
viiM K T DtoI
ive to N Depot
ivHGrand Central Depot
iveil G N Depot
T 1 O R
Grant CtntnU Dip l
H lt 425 m ArrlvN jlO00 M
750 p a Arrive N t 9is M
40 i 630 a Arrlv Nfr 11030 p n
h jt Rr
005 Arrlvi N 1730
1115 p > ArrlvtNoKv400 a
Grinl Ctntril Dtpot
10OS a eg Arrlv No 900 ca
150 p n Art v No 410 00 p
800 m Arnv No 4700 pra
hot 6 ni t Sondijri Only
Or na Central Depot
ritfo ij 1015 a ra Arrive No ia333 n
j a a a P ny
JM Grand Central Depot
nfto 1P5S a ra Arrive No flJS
o Jt ar a
Grand Central Depet
700l Arrlv BSSaa
> r i 745 p n Arrive 920 p
P Galveston Tralai
if 7 700 a m m
Ai < > 745 p n Arrive730 pra
M Additional Sunday Speclala
v B55 am Arrive 640 a a
> 150 pm Arrive 920 r a
ApOine trains leave the Santa F < Concrete
Depot to minutes liter than the above
E ft wT T H n
Fifth Ward Depot
jj 700 am EiprMJTrain Arrive 1000 pa
IU CiranJ Central Depot
iVttOSpn Arrive 902 aa
tm bi k a t n n
Ip M K T Depot Filth Ward
mP30 a m Arrive 930 an
ktkjli5 p m Arrives 50 p a
For Galveston Trains see G 11 IL
i a dm n n
Depot foot of Congress Avenue
ersS35 p to Arrive 430 an
v B00 m Arrive 830 pa
0 Columbia and VUico Trains
v 000 a m Arrive 443 p a
WSp Dallv Except Sunday
v P00 an Sunday only Arrive 44 pei
500 a a
945 a a
955 a a
445 p ra
rave Grand Central Depot 900 p m
iavtuI G N Deput 910 p a
Pa undavs only
fMMnltkt special arrives n Sunday
In the Heart of
20 Rooms
60 rooms with pri
vate baths 40 light
sample rooms
American Plan
flrf ripVlST0N TEXAS
JBrlcarf Plan S2 and 2 50 Day
jwijpean Plan Room 100 Day
liTctrlc Lights Steam Heat Passenger
UBpggagc Ulcvator Call and Hetuin
li Jii all rooms Newlv and Finely Fur
e4l Everything Modern
tiM W A MALIN Manager
raferly of Capitol Hotel Houston Texas
ranerly the Lawlor opposite Grand Cen
tral Depot
Jiopcan Plan 100 and Up
tcctric lights passenger and baggage
jvator Call and return bells in all
jl rrttt recently renovated Firstclass
djoverythino modern
I J Collins of Crockett was ft visitor
j city on business yesterday and was
gtiejt at the nice hotel
Jndge T H Snooner of Gonznles was a
riltor to this city yesterday on business
dfrtriis a guest at tho Rice hotel
M fRr It Westmoreland ot nagle Lake
teTlsltlug his friends In this city yester
ymad was registered at tho Ulce hotel
Mr5W O Thomas of McICInney a proml
ntjcillzen of Collin county Is here ou
sfness and Is registered at tho Rleu
er B Clint of Ollphlnt man
erof the mills nt that placo a pomlnent
> oinoo and ono of the most popular lum
rJmcn in Hast Texas was here mixing
ttj hls friends yesterday
UlfsJ C P Wcndcl one of the leading
llesiof Hnlletsvtlle accompanied Vy t > cr
iter Miss Ida Orr n popular society belle
jtW same city arrived In this city last
ot Mrs Jcs
fcnlng They are tho guests
pjjio Chcnevcrt street
Printer Greatly Surprised
ever was so much surprised In my
is I was with the results of uMng
55ibcrlaln8 Pain Balm says Henry T
> 2 Passman of tho Ashovllle N C
fcjjtttJe I contracted a severe case of
VtWtlsm getting
early last by
tft wet I tried several things for
jtliout heneflt Ono day while lonkla
tjie Gatctte I noticed thnt Pain Balm
sltlvely guaranteed to cure rheuma
jtfSio bought a bottle of It and before
Jaepwothlrds of It my rheumatism had
M < tllts flight and I have not had a rheu
mitipaln since Gold by all drngglsts
J memory of Mrs C
M Arto who
hatched her breathing through ths
Jewbreathlnt soft and low
Uslher breast the ware of llf U
heaving to and frc J3j
we seemed
to speak
lJ8lowlv moved almut
< had lent her half our powers
ffjljke her living out
WTcry hopes belled onr fears
Mrt fears our hopes belled
fiMioiiclit her dvlng when she slept
T > t sleeping when iha died
ilnpn tho morn came dim and std
WSi chill with early showers
iSJUitet eye Ids closed she had
her morn than ours
Atyi Tfegnrf
eston Texts
ready always reliable ar Chest
Laxative Tablets They cure Cold
rr thai any known remedy Easy to
I pleasant to tske Gnsjanttttl Prie
He Will Probably Arrive in Houston
on Tuesday Next
New Corporation Provided For to Re
fund Sixtynine Millions of Southern
Pacific Securities
Vice President Krattsehnltt of the South
ern rnolflc passed through yesterday ou
train No 10 from tho West lie met Man
The construction contract has btcn let to
Ornko Strntton nnd the work will be
I gin this summer 2oO < ki000 will be ex
pended Mr Proctor has been In confer
euc oil winter In New York wl li J J
Hill and V II Harrlnian Kuiekn has tho
terminal possession of the ono harbor be
tween San Francisco and tho Columbia 4
stretch of 750 mlle With a population
of 10000 and no rnllwny Its exports ana
Imports amount to S0000000 annually Tho
Special Cable from London
London Saturday London and In fact
pianv parts of England aro agalu in the grin
Of Influenza Medical obsorvers fcay this
InOuenzi epidemic like the first one orig
inated In Southern Russia traveling across
Europe and leaving a terrlblo record of
death or disablement In Its train
All serious epidemics ot Grip have trar
eled rapidly westward and this epidemic
can be expected here before the first ot
March Prepare yourself by carrying In
your pocket n bottle of 77 Dr Hum
phreys Celebrated Grip snd Cold Cure
Taken early cuts It short promptly 77
breaks up stubborn Colds that bang on nnd
prevents Pueuinoult At IHuggists 22c
or mailed
Humphreys Med Co 01 John Street
New York
Irom Full nlrpi mills A branch runs
enthral a AVadswortlv Sov To th
smith the Villon Pfieiae < i hulldlnj down
in Welser from the Northern raelrte The
directors sro O II Iroetnr Henry It
Twomhley Rohm Olhson anil WUIInm It
C Wilson The real parties In IntereM
besides Lord Thurlow and Mr Troetor ore
presumnhly the Rockefellers snd J T Hill
besides KnKlljh capitalists I < otil Thnrlnvj
lias been west two years ensag d In the
For the Central Extension Between Bur
net and Lampasas
Burnet Texas March 1 St A West
cott rlpht of way spent of the Houston
ami Texut Central Railroad company who
has been engaged In seeming ihc right ot
way ami terminal grounds on the extonMoo
of the abort road from here to Mmprtsnn
Informed Thn lrut correspondent that all
he right of way from Hurnet to lmupaws
had been secured While many of tho fit
nger Van Yleek of tho Southern Pacific at VteiirTnVo iiK ViV jln fcprtimt tlijy did not
Sm Antonio and durlUK the run to Houston
tho tuo officials talkod over business mat
ters Mr Kruttschultt did uot leave tho
train here but continued on to New Or
leans where ho will today meet President
Hnrrlinin It was not known last night
upon what day Mr llnrrlman will reach
Houston but It will probably bo Tuesday
+ +
ill ho In this cltj nnd It Is stated tlJt
lupoid pioYldlnR for n new riilroul cor
jiuiatlon will be rcJdv for his Signature It
Is midcl stood thnt tile pmpone of the pro
pcueil toiporallon Is to rcrund fCn < XK0
of Southern IMclitc securities nnd slnipllfy
the uiethods ol bookkcpplnp The Southern
Prtclll has tluee tllstlnct conipuilcs opcrlt
Ing the main lino ittvtoii ban Francisco
nnd Vl rito In iidillllou to n number of
branch toads They ar the Southern Pa
Hie rallroid ot California tho Southern
Pacific of Arizona nnd the Southern Pacific
of Now Mexico These companies aro
met god into the new corporation
By tho Southern Pacific Western Imml
gration Aocncy
In reply to a request from Tho Tost fo
Infoimatlon concerning the new
pinrters of tho Southern Pacific In Chicago tho morning of April 27 reaching
ud n description of tho much talked of WW on tho ° > hf on
0 0
Mr G
window exhibit ot Texas products
M McKluucy general Western Immigra
tion agent writes as follows
We hnvo a very finely located ground
floor office ot No LlVS Clark street ono
door north of the Grand Pacillc hotel We
have a large plate glass show wlndov
tnctefully tilinmud with tho products of
To give you an Idea of this display we
hate cotton and Its byproducts ilco and
Its bjpioducts ugetaulcs inliioials clc
all ot which cattic from Texas In thj
center of this display wo huo u shoat i
rice vclilch was lalsd on thn plantation of
John Llnderholin of Chp < ervlllc TcxW
labeled Ulce the Golden Sheaf This
tlCe runs twentyeight sacks to tho ncie
Surrounding this wo have the other prod
nets all labeled fiom the point from which
picture of n thieshlng machine nt worki
showing numerous sacks of rice nround the
machine labeled tho Long Tom of the
Southern Puelflc
On ono side of tho picture we have
hen the Long Tom of the Honr Army
was In Action It Dealt Out Death and Do
rtriietlon on the other silo we have Li
beled a placard When tho Long Tom of
the Southern Pacific Is In Action It Deals I
Out Peace and Plenty to the World
To gle you nu Idea of this picture It 14
an clargcmcnt of n photograph and Is four
feet high nnd six feet long and will say
further that when Mr Morfo was here and
caw this beautiful picture he had two ie
piodmed ono of them with j beaullftil
ebonv fiame nnd a metal Inscription ha
kPnt to Secretary WINon of the department
of agrluilluic at Washington D C Tho
other I belloie adorns his office walls In
Houston Texas 1
rurthrr we have an exhibit Inside of
sugar nd Its byproducts and other prod
nets of Texas which Is very liiteicnllng
Our window exhibit attracts so much at
tention that the sidewalk In front of our
office Is congested with people and I think
It would be conservative to say that this
little exhibit lu Itself since lanunry 1 10W
I expect to be In Houston on the Oth I
m Indebted to the earnest efforts ot Mr
Morse Prof Attwater and Mr John How
aid of Houston In helping me to get this
little exhibit together and will sav that
nnvthlng sent to me from Texas will be
given a prominent place In our display
and It only means dollars of Northern cap
ital to those who will send mo anything
that I can use
Is to Be Built at Once by English
Chicago March 1 What amounts to a
new transcontinental railway Is to be con
structed at once The Paclflc terminal Is
Eureka Cal and SOO miles of steel will
lead thence eastward into Idaho to con
nect with the Northern PnclQc and Great
receive nn much for thrlr InnA as hoy
tlioulil they are sitlntlrd Mr Westcott
has made many fileuda herr >
to Be Built from Trinity to
Austin Texas March 1 A railroad char
ter was filed today with the secietary of
The following Associated Press message ato under tho name of the Trinity Cor
fiom San Pranelseo tells of a lropoicJ jlgan and Northwestern to run from liln
merger of the three Western companies ot ty to CorilB n n dlutnnco of thirty nine
the Southern Pacific miles Tho Capital stock Is fixed nt flOO
San Francisco Miroli 1 Irc dent r II fW with thi ptluclpal liusln s otTlec at
llrnlmnt of the Southern Pacltle will Mon Carmoua Ulrertorss riora aud W W
of Womens Clubs
Cameron J W MoWllllalus W T
League W W Sclcy D V Palrchlld of
Waco H n Ives of Orovcton Thomis
Waters P 0 Mpseomh of Carmona and
W H Wllsou ot Fort Worth
New Southern Pacific Service
Commencing March 0 out of Denlson and
March 10 out of Now Orleans through
buffet Pullman sleepers will be operated
by tho Southern Pacific aud the Houston
nnd Texas Central on the Louisiana and
Texas limited This new through line Is in
l espouse to the demand for through sen lee
from the Southeast Into North and Centiiil
TVxns and Is only another testimonial to
the constantly Incieasing traffic Into tho big
State The SunsetCeutral Hues nli > o ox
ptct to put on through free chair cars New
Oilcans to Fort Worth In the near future
i J Southern will ate n t
ope pe
western olal t0 j s Angeles lpavlng New Orleaus In
Los An
Erie Grants Increased Pay
New York March 1 As a result of a
conference of the Brotherhood ot Hallway
Trainmen and Order ot Uullway Conduc
tors and l ile offl IaH says a Port Jcrvls
N Y dispatch to tho neiald tho Krle
has granted on Increase In pay over Us
entire tvytom from New York to Chicago
and 4 mileage basin known ns stnndird
pa > and Is to go Into effect March 1 Tor
promotions tho oldest qualltlcd emploje
will be aclectcd
Santa Fe Granted Concessions
Kansas City Mo March 1 The Atch
pointed cashier
Trainmen and the fight thnt began wltlt
the S anta To will It Is bcllocd bo carried
to other rybtems
Bishop to Be President
New York March 1 P A Bishop for
fifteen years purchasing agent of the New
Hsen road has retired to accept tho
vice presidency of the West VIrelnIa Cen
tral and Pittsburg railroad which recently
his been reorganized to build 300 mll s
of new road nnd open up a large tcrrltoy
between Wheeling and 1lttsburg
Changes on the Texas Central
An official circular has been Issued glvlns
notice or the election of Mr II N Ma
racho as secretary ot tho Texns Ceutral
Hnllrond company taking tho position mado
vacant by the resignation ot Mr IUchnrd
ha Mhe s of lntc K
Hearne and Brazos Valley Rumor
Ilearne Texas March 1 Vice President
and General Manager P A Got man of tho
Hearne and Brazos Valley railway Is In
Hearno today on hnslnoss connected with
his road Mr Gorman and others mide a
trip from Stoue City to Bicnham recently
Inspecting tho country and It Is rumo cd
that this line will be extended to the above
named city
Notes and Personals
Charles Kocnlg clerk to Colonel Morse
left lsst night for New Oileans to visit rel
Assistant General freight Agent Booth of
the International and Great Northern Is out
on tho road
J C Lewis traveling passenger agent of
Northern and Into Nevada to connect wlA V10 lron Mountain Is In tho city from
tho Union Pacific
Imm gration Agent Dixon of the Houston
This i n j t
announcement the BecordI rald nflft aflfl West Toxag leaves tonight for
says was mado at the Auditorium hotel BUieveport
yesterday by Lord Thurlow of Uuglandauil S F B Morse of the Southern Paclflc
Gcorgo II Proctor of New York who left WCIlt to Port Arthur yesterday and will re
last night for tho West to choose the dual turn today
route of tho railway over tbo mo nitalns
fcRfuVoWn S 0 < > n confirmation class 4 p m Mon
being 5000 feet against tho Cnlon PaclUcs > Ladles Parish association 4 p in
Today at Episcopal and First
Presbyterian Churches
Chjlst Church Corner Texas avenue nnd
Finnlti sttect new Henry IJ Ave rector
Third Sunday of Lent Holy communion
720 a m holy communion aud sermon 11
o > ni rvensong 730 p mj Sunday school
day teaeheis meeting 4 p mJ Lonuh ter >
Wees dally nt fe a m and 5 p m
Clements Memorial Corner Bingham
snd Sablno streets Holy communion 11 a
m evensong 730 p tn Sunday school
030 a m
St Johns Chapel Corner Leeland and
Vclasco streets Suuday school 030 a m
First Presbyterian Church Corner Malnt
street and McKlnney avenue Rev William
Hayne Leavcll D D minister Rev C
T Caldwell associate minister Sunday
school at 030 a m E W Taylor super
intendent John 15 Wllley and EJgar Wat
kins associate superintendents Miss Fan
nie G Vlncqnt supcrlntendant primary de
partment Public worship at 11 a m nnd
7i4 i p ni At tbo morning hour Dr
Ieavell will preach on llie Valluy of
Shadows Tho night service will consist
ot the regular monthly strrlco of song
Btolen from Annie Crawford at the bead
of Main stitet Houston Texas ono sorrel
marc tiVj years old twelve bands nigii
bnuded II IJ ou tho hip sore on buck
shoit mane aud long tall S3 rewntd
Strayed or stolen from Ed Williams cor
ner of Main and Congress streets nons
top Texas ono black snd whit cow
branded IV horse shoai slss ops light
brown cow same brand alio on Ugnt
brown cow bo brand long horn 73 re
Stolen from B 3 Bwtaso BngsrUnO
ffaxxs one UfUt tax bus fcrandod C
Despondency Languor Backache Bilious
ness Nervousness Headache Heart
burn Dyspepsia and Irritability
Are Caused by Sluggish Liver
with four marks on the left thigh paces
under sndille brand looks like hub and
spok < s S10 rcwaid for horse and Jto ro
they crinfo along the line of the Southern lson Topckn and Santa Pe railway lins r7l7or conVlctTon of thief 11 uder >
Pacific In tho background wo have a largo granted Its conductors and tralnmeut Im son sherla
portant concessions according to n H
Clark and Patrick Morrlbscy chiefs re
spectively of the Order of Itallwav Con
ductors and tho Brotherhood of ltnllway
To Be Rendered This Evening at tho
First Presbyterian Church
Tho regular monthly song service of the
First Piesbyterlan church will take place
this evening at 745 oclock
Tho regular quartette consisting of Sirs
E A Pedon Mrs Baltls Allen Mrs C l
Oliver and Mrj II It Cates will be as
sisted by Mlsa Nellie Coxon the violin
The fololwlng Is the musical portion of
tho service
organ prelude >
Doxelogy >
Quartette The Roseate Hues of Early
Dawn Bruce Ejtean
Quartette Thou Lovely Source ot True
Delight adapted Etkelbert Nevln
Otterlory organ Andante Cantablle
fouitti organ symphonji Charles Maile
Soprano solo with violin obligate The
Christians Lullabv IS Godsrd
Mrs U A Pcdsn and Miss dot
Duct centralto and bass Tho Lord Is
Mv Light Dudley Buck
Mrs Baltls Alien and Mr H R Gates
Quartette Hark Hark My Suul
Hairy Rowe Shelley By request
Tragic Death of Albert P
Mr Albert P Wilson aged 27 a brake
man on the Houston and Texas Central
met a terrible death yesterday In tho yards
of the company nt Honipstead He wns
one of the crew of tho local freight coming
from Hearne to Houston There were somo
cars to be sidetracked at Hempstead and
ho thiew tho switch tint was to let them
on the siding As he did so his foot was
caught In the frog and try us he might lie
could not extilcnte btmsolf and the cars
came down on him and ciushed out his
life One car and the forward wheels of
another passed over hlnv It was stated
that death was luslauuncous
The remains were biought lo Houston
his home lost night ou thn regular pas
senger train on the Central und weio taken
In charge by UndorUkors Wall v Ktuhe
nnd prepired for builal Mr Wllhon re
sided at iT Stanley plare He lenvos a wlto
nnd child father mother und several
biothers and sisters He wns a member ot
Texas Star Lodge No 281 llrotherhood ot
Hallway Trainmen Th < funeral will be
hold this afternoon at 4 oclock under the
nusplces of the brotherhood and the mem
I era are requested to meet nt Cnlon Iabor
hall at 2 p in Tho Interment will be made
lu Germnii cemotery
Mrs Clara Hughes Took Her Own Life
Mrs Clara Hughes aged So committed
suicide yesterday by hanging Tho ded
was committed In thn county Jail where
Mrs Hughes was held for safe keeping
pending transportation to the asylum She
had been adjudged Insano bv a Jury In
Judge Vnsmcrs court on Thursday Sho
was contlnod alone In a cell ou tho second
It VrtlNC Any one can dsteralne
e 1 suffering from torpid liver Ii your
i i ddl h co or Does It pass In small
noes it cause palu while passlttgl
you feel hen > y and depressed Have <
pains In your side nnd hack Do fou
c up with ii bad tnste In your moutlil
you feel a fullncs after eating If
have anv of these symptoms your
Is diseased and It Is caused by be
n ed condition of your klducys Get
> < > Ho of Warners Safe Cure at once
delays are dangerous
Violent Cathartics Aro Danoerous
Is n common ml take to resort to pow
purgathes vhlcli exhaust the system
lcive It in a voilkeued condlt on
Warners Safe Sure
wutNrirs sui cvrtn stuwiatp
the jiioh of the iler nnd at the
taiip time tones tip the system It
Is pure1v vegetable contains ii i
urmlnl diug and Is positive In lis
action It does nlut constipate It Is
u n ost valuable aud cffeotlvo tonic
It Is a stimulant to digestion put
ttug the pntleit In the very best
r i iptlvo stnte for the work of the
rctoier It prepares the tlssili
sooth llillnmniatlon and lrrltnllon
slluiulates the enfrebled ergtns uid
heals at the same time It ImLds
up tho body gives It strength and restores the encrgv bit U or has been wasting
under Mie baneful suffering of diseased llor aud kidneys
Cured Kidneys and Liver Disease After Ten Years Suffering
Charles It Corcoran ot Ptelibnrg Mass tells liK experience In the following un
solicited letter For ten jeais I suffered with lhlnev and ti trouble and nftr
trying tbo best physicians here and In o her places I went to tho Missmluisett
liiiiernl Hospital anil found im reller f ww then so bad that I had to have injee
lions of opium to icllevc mo of the pain I could uot sleep nights or work days I
lost tweut > tlo pounds Words can not doseilba my feeling I saw Warners i afn
Care ndveitlement and asked a ptnslclMi about It Ho said It would do me no gool
ami left me nloie ot his own rueillelno whMi I did not take hut took Wat tiers Sifc
Cure nnd six botlles cured me 1 hive legalned mv twenty the pounds and feel as
well as I ever did I can nut say too much In praUo of Warners SJfo Cuio for
llcr and kidney diseases
WAUNCItS SAKE CUKH Is now put tin In two regular sires snd sold by ill
druggists or direct atGoo nnd Soo o Gottlo
dKfls than om ctat a nosn
Itefiifo substitutes Truro Is noi lust ns good as Warners Safe Cure It has
cured all forms of liver illsea dnrpig t c lnft tlilttj vcars II Is now prescribed by
n l doctors and used In the l > adlng honpitJls as tho only absoluto cure for all forms
of dl onso of the liver kidney and bladder Tho oue groat fact that stands out Is
that Warners Sato Cure cures >
To convince everv sufferer from dlsei es of the liver kidney bladder and blood
that Warners Safe Cure will run thPin u trial bottle will bu sent absoluelv fret
to any ono who will write Warners Safe Cure Co ltochostor N Y and mention
having seen this liberal offer In The Houston Post The genuineness of this offer H
fully guaianteeil Mr doctor will send medical booklet containing symptoms an
d treatment of each disease and many convincing testimonial freeto any one who
will write
floor of tbo prison In th womens apart
ment Not lidng iolcnt Mm was net close
ly watched nnd but little attention was
paid her She ate dinner about noon and
when one of the Jnllors cii v > y tho cell
nt 2 oclock ho lound her hanging fiom the
grating of tbo cell She bad tied n hand
kerchief lightly ftiound her throat and to
this handkerchief had luotted one of her
stockings She thcu stepnod upon n box
and tied the other end of the stockTng to
the crms bar of the cell The box wns
kicked away and sho slowly strangled The
body was still warm when found and physi
cians were summoned and efforts made to
icstorc respiration but without effect
Mrs Hughs resided with her fatherIn
law at Webster She leaves a husbauit
wlio Is In Tucson At Irons and four HUie
children who aro with their grandfather
at Webster
Justice Matthews held an Inquest and
rrndeied n verdict that deceased came In
her death through strangulation by mean
of her own bauds
Hurt by n Falling Building
Moxla Texas March 1 Yesterday after
neon lato nn old frame building used by
Wootcn Bros for a blacksmith shop fell
down and Mr William Kohl who wns
working at tho forge was caught und r
the nieckago and had his leg broken Mr
Tim Wootcn escaped with a few scratches
as did also Will Price n negro who wns
repairing the roof
To Physician and Patient Allko
Dr Redmond a specialist In the study
and treatment of pltcs and rectal diseases
recently statsd that tho Pyramid Pile Cure
the new discovery for the cure of piles was
tho most remarkable remedy be had over
seen or tried In ono respect nnd that was
the Instant icllcf experienced In nil cates
no matter how severe from tho moment
the remedy was applied this was the more
surprising to blui because bo hJd caie
fully analyzed the piepirntlon nnd notrne
of opium cocaine or similar poison could
bo detected
Phvslclons look with great favor upon
the Pyramid Pile Cure because It Is rap
Idlv taking the place of surgical opreit
tlnns nuil because It Is so simple so easily
applied aud contains no mineral or other
poisons so commonly used In pllo cures
Ir IMorbrook teports lhat tho Pyramid
Pile Cure not only cures trie varloiiK forpis
of Piles but n < er falls to give Immelliite
relief on the flirt application no matter
how sc > cre the pain or dhcorafort may
People who have mffered from piles for
years aie often astonished at the Instant
icllcf experienced from tho ilist nppllca
ton Another Important odvantage l die
uict that nr one can use the remedv with
out detention from business or lucrfcrcnce
with dully occupation
Mr J W Kftlllns of Swrct Springs
Mo writes I consider the Pvrnmld Pllo
Cure without an equal It cured inn In 1chs
than SO dns I waited 15 davs or more
o bn sure 1 was fully cured before writing
yon I can now ay 1 nm cured aud I shall
recommend the Pjrarobl Pllo Curo nt every
possible opportunity because It deserves It
The popularltv of th remedy Is such
that all drugglxts now sell It nnd Its nalos
exceed those of all lmllar remedies com
Piano to Have an Oil Mill
Tlano Texas Tehruary 28 Local capi
talists met In this city today and orgnnls ft
a company to build an oil mill to cost
M5C0i Much of the stock has already
been subseilbed nnd ttie project will cer
tainly bo u sncceis
And many other painful and serious
ailments from which most mothers
suffer can be avoided by the use of
Molhtrt Friend This great remedy
is a Godsend to women carrying
them through their most critical
ordeal with safety and no pain
No woman who uses JtlOtuers Friend need fear the suffering
and danger incident to birth for it robs the ordeal of its horror
and insures safety to life of mother and child and leaves her in
a condition more favorable to speedy recovery The child is
also healthy strong and
good natured Our book K M
Motherhood 13 worth
its weight in gold to every
woman and will be sent free in plain
envelope by addressing application to
Bradfleld Regulator C Atlanta G
SffiJjfot i > M
Q k
rrtronlrs Its est Denver Wlchl
B inK houses snd in LncoI Ues
8 dining cars and
I you will be well Moines and nil
I ed the North Is the
t everu lium
Colds Dyspepsia of what
ever form quickly cured
toy taking DBFrVS Malt
A tablespoonul In class ol
water threo times a day
All druggists nd grocers
Benuro of JaaltaUoiio
Arrests discharges from tho urinary
organs iti eltner hex In 48 hours
It Is superior to C opaibn Cubob or In
Jectlcs and fie from nil bad 6mell or
other inuonvenleiv es
camtai Minv cortUlnd In jm ll
SANTALMIDY opsu1dwilchr r
the rumr in tbek letters without which
nnnf r
Queen and Crescent Route
New Orleans to New York Cincinnati
snd J > t Louli Itavlnc New Orletni
dxlly 730 p m
New Orlesn to CinctnnJtl daily leivtnj
New Orleans CMO a m
on Cincinnati and New York lines
QEO II 5VITII Q P A New Orleans La
Dlnlne Car Service
mo mii immnm u > wtmrj
Taka the Old Reliable
For Balveston
Wo offer tho best service of any
line Our schedule Is made to suit I
the people j
1 The only road thct run parlor car
without extra chsroe
See schedule for departure of trains 1
j t i >
rtB salismoi n > fifttiriiitssfcrrli1rTflirr
There is no article in your
house that gives as much
satisfaction as a firstclass
The Charter Oak Stove
has a record of oVer 50 years
fer as the best stove on the
market Each and every
one guaranteed and the guar
a n t e e means something
The value of a guarantee is
not in what is said but in who
says it We say it and the
Charter Oak people back us
Charter Oaks re not as cheap as some other stoves but quality Is remembered
lone after price Is forcotten
816 Koyal Charter Oak Stove lPJO 817 Benton Charter Oak Stove 1800
8lS 2250 S19 2200
820 2J00 S21 2JO0
Plenty of others for 8J0 tooo 1250 and 1500
Write for cuts and prices of all kinds
F Worth and Stefuni 900
On Sale March 91I1 loth 1902
On Sate Tuesday of Each Week N
Through Sleeping Car Service to St Louis Denver Port J
Worth Dallas Austin and Waco
W L SAUCIER City Passenger and Ticket Agent
0 Send ten cents to S F U Morse Houston Texas for a copy of
Southern Pacific Rice Cook Boole two liutulrcd N
i i si i ut itSt t i i iiii iTiuiitxtk a < s iii u < s v
The Royal Road to
OEiioago Kmm
lousto East mi West Texas I
VKvi ihm ma
to ffiMiS
Cures a Cough or Cold at onco
Conquers Croup Grippe tnd Consumption
PRfll A Ilrsittlful Cjilrtirtflr rnt free Men
Uon this paper ACMeyerCoBtUlmoreM4
il CI
One Way Tourist Tickets to
San Francisco Los Angeles
AH Points in California via
Call and Set
c r tv t A
Waco and Return 740
On Sole Moroh 1 and 3
Leave Houston
7 omBieJSu m > 9o yro >
Leave QalVostct
1400 rnu 080 p ifii7i4J
Clialr Cml Fa TNi
i V f 1
1 1
5 fc i
i Otbe
I l
If J

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