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The Houston daily post. (Houston, Tex.) 1886-1903, February 28, 1903, NON-MAILABLE EDITION--CITY AND TRAIN, Image 10

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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< ss
h T < c n p
Grand Central Ocpot
Lr JSo I 100am Ar Xo
l No 3U lgoi Ar No 4
Lv No B 080 pm Ar N0 0
MY No T T00am Ar No
t rj7 o R R
Grand Cctilnl Depot
Lr Si 0 8 80 am Ar No 5
Lv No 4H tilSatn Ar No U
Grand Central Depot
TrNo 3 1080 nm Ar No 2
820am Ar
750pm Ar
Sunday only
TV flmlnm Ar
itfr lMpni Ar
lailai Tluublc
C40 ptn
1 m > p m
1000 p m
715 p m
LTrNo S 72 < p ni At No MS
AC 10 680u m Ar No U12 05aUi
O H S A Ry
Grand Cent Depot
rjVv No 710 5nm Ar No 8 < 00 pm
tz Ko ttJ225 am At No 10 420 am
000 a
Xjv No 5 160pm Ar No 1 > >
liV No 7 S00 in Ar No C 70 pm
Nos 0 and 7 feundaya only
Grand Central Depot
TYNo I5110rf0ttin Ax No 182 CjJ6 pm
i v No 1031205 am Ar No 151 050 am
S A A P Ry
Grand Central Depot
Xiv No 1 l 10ntu At N 2
Iw No 810ltipm At No 1
i Grand Central Depot
Main Line
St Iouls Limited
815 pm Ar
Kansas City EiprciW
700am Ar
Galveston Train
700 nm Ar
Cj in pm
TUB am
810 am
040 pm
320 pm
fl JJO pm
W pm
S o am
All ties trains lexeopt St ioola
Limited leave the Snata Vt Cou
Kreaa Ave Depot 10 minute latex
than the above
I H E A wTt R R
17 No S 700am Ar No 4 780ptn
ij > No 1 74rptu Ar No 2 n3Pm
All trains leave Grand Central Depot
1 K 4 T Depot Fifth Ward
Tv J 30am Ar i 8
Lv 740pm Ar t Kjam
Par Galveston Trains sec G 11
i qTn R R
vDepot foot of Congress Ave
Houston and Waco Trains
1100 am Ar 1230 pm
St Lonls Trains
300 pm Ar 480 am
HWim Ax 880pm
Columbia Tap
730am Ar 413pm
Dally Kxpopt Sunday
XW 8 0 am snnday oDlyAr 240 pm
Xr T G N Dpot 8OOfljn
Lv > t K T Depot 9 0ftum
Lr I a N Dopjt BlOam
av Gtand Centrnl D pot443 pm
Lv I G N Depot 4Mpm
Tt r Central Depot1 Bo p in
Lv I G N Depot iifxipin
Lv Orand Central Depot f > 0 pm
G X Depot ftlOpm
Galveston trnlns arrive 510 am 102o
265 pm 7LVpm and 9JOpmJ on
undays only
Sundays only
In Ihe Heart of
210 Rooms
Jf CO room with prl
ite balUs 40 light
sample rooms
American Plan
American Plan 2 and 250 Day
European Plan Room 100 Day
Klectrle LIrMs Steam Heat l iasonfter
anu Baggage Elevuior Call and Return
Uells In all rouins Newly and Kluely lur
nlshtd iiver > UiliiR Modem
W A MA11N Manaper
formerly of Capitol Hotel Humtou Texiin
ffhe Srill
iah and cnfoetiomrn
501 Main Street
M 2lcrvet Jr Proprietor
err sohlitz
The Heer that nude Jlllwnnkec famous
Travelino Tcxans
Will and The Post on sale at tho following
plu e
SSStatloDor Denver Colo
A SwIIh Denver Colo
H J Mollo New Orleans La
The Ge uer Book Btore N < v Orbaus L
St Charles Hotel New OrleauH I
Mctrupolttan Hotel Wnaulnstoi D C
Itl llnuae Wnfihlnitoii D C
Urentanoa Union fcqnuie Now York City
1almcr House tbleajo 111
I C lloylnc Hot Hprlnsa Ark
C H Werner Hot tjprlngs Ark
Cooper Wvatt Hot 8piln Ark
lManterx Hotel St Inuls Mo
Union station St Lout Mo
Illtsburx Coal Beroenwl lump nothluK
Tmter Thats all We have the e al the
arts the money to take care of your In
terests Give us your order Mellaril Coel e
Co old plume 41 uew SI
Fosters Local Foreoasta
Weather changes noted below will occur
ivtiiln twMhtyXOur hours of S p in of dates
tHSbrflary 2T Coolw
etoruary 28 Cold w vo
Wrtb MoPhcrton A6cid ntnllvt Killed
llonliaia Texas EVhruary 27 Yesterday
RfterutKanhlle out uuuUuk n ar tulp ten
Wiles north went of here Weob SlcrUerson
ISA necldeutally killed He s t hli un
llowai tii a Hump aid nliwi he atlvmpted
to iilk > lf up th hammer struck the stump
uud tne KUii ww iluelirued tUe lnad Uk
ln fcor lu 1U abdomen rnnistug upviard
Ills < rnincth Tvas turn to pleettk p he
lived < mly shorf nine
Gideumb Sciipture Inyolec
J > flitt > lir Teias Feliritury iI The Invoice
Ar til GMeuuih 4 Heripinro stoek oiOOUIitu
lu t TtJX > Vtis Klveli out by Ueeelvejr AV11
Wti acafUSt UuWltleu of SLiCOO
Tu InTolee of the O K lloore Jewelry
it < k us l > en out i > y Assl uee Carroll
iUons the value to lie 2781
Tlieje are Imitations of OXIDINB hut
liime of thm eonipnre lth the uenulne
XVHVls eures chiiu Vvn and all Jla
The Imitations FAIL
Freman C VV Woav r Killed
J > nl ou Tumid February 27 C W
viiivmv aKaty llrenuiii was killed last
Utgiit lir tfc6 West jnids Flrouimi Woivcr
IMS caught Uotttwvn Hie engine and tti
tiAln nud badly injured lloth of his o s
mil right firm wore broken ami manged
He died two bouts after the accident
on every
tVir box 25c
ur6 adoWJnXinoDayCr tn2 pay
o ati
Issued by Railroad Commission as
Result of Recent Hearing
Demurrage Chargee Regulated Manner
of Delivery Preecribed Froe Tlmo At
lewanoe Provision for Complaints
Austin Texas Kehruary 27 The rail
road commission today Issued the follow
ltf car service rules
It Is ordered liy the railroad commission
of Texas that Mio retire jioumpaiii s of
Texas shall observe the following rules and
regulation to govern In the matter of car
service or demurrage
Hula I Cars Subject to Rules
Section 1 All carload freight AH freight
taking n carload rate and all freight In
cars whether full car ion da or not taking
truck delivery will be subject to car serv
ice rules
Rec 2 Exemptions rurs loaded with
live atoek thmtiKh consignment not held
for orders nivl eouipanv material aie not
subject to car service ruled
ltulo It Kiee Time Allowed
Section 1 On all commodities for load
ing or uuloadlnx fmlyetght 18 hourB
two days free time will lie allowed exeept
as hereinafter provide
Sec 2 lu calculating time Sundays and
legal uollduys are eii ined If notice la
served and car placed before 12 oclock
noon free time beglni nt noon If placed
aftr 12 oclock iio n free time begins at 8
oelock a ui folkmhij
Hole lit Notices
Section 1 Notice of tho arrival of eara
must be served upon consignees or their
URents lu wrltlniir without delny such
sotlee to be reeardetl as operative only
from the time at nhlch cars are placed In
position for unloading upon the tracks of
the company carrying the property Tho
method for KlvlnR Kuch notice shall be by
delivering ho notice lu writing In person
or by leuliiK th same at hli place of
business If lie does business In the town
O city In which the railroad Is located or
by depositing the notice In tho postofflcc
or null town or city when the consignee
or his agent resides without the town
Wee a A telephone notice j not a legal
notice and if u > e < t to expedite business
must be followed by the written notice as
above provided
Bee 8 When ears are set prior to no
tice free tlmo shall be counted only from
time of servlei of notice
Kule IV Charges
Section L At the expiration of the free
time allowed a charge for car service
trackage or storage of one 1 dollar per
ear per day or fraction thereof shall be
made and collected
Sec 2 When cars an1 tineks aro both
owned by flu same private party no charge
will be made
Hee 3 licit electric logging tram and
other railroads bundling cure for them
selves or other parties shall be charged
tilth all eats dellvrccj o them from tho
time placed upon lntci minge tracks uutll
returned thereto ullouuuce being made
for the time necessary to perform the
switching Mrvlee not to etieed twenty
four i2li hours In addition to fortyeight
48 hours for loading or unloading
ttule V Deliveries
Section 1 Cars containing freight to l > a
delivered on carload delivering tracks or
priiato ldlngij shall be placed on the
tmikt designated within twentyfour 21
hours ifter arrival
Hoc 2 Stuuld tho carrier fall to place
such eaii on such srdlngs for unloading
within twentyfour hours after arrival on
act omit of hunching or blockading of cilrs
tie n tbc corifiU nee shall hme additional
fiee tunc of live fii hours for eneli twenty
fiiir liirs In excess of twentyfour houri
thut su < u curs are held out from such
s ItcU or siding
Bee 3 Delivery will not be made on
specially delgnated yards or tracks ex
cept when practicable to do so When
such delivery can not be made on account
of such tracks being fully occupied or for
arty other reason bejond the control of
the carrier delivery shall be made at the
nearest uvliable point
Si c 4 Cai h for unloading shall be con
sidered placed when such cars are held
awaiting orders from eoslgnors or con
signees or for the inyment of freight
Sec r > Tho delivery of cars to prlvnte
track hnll bo considered to have been
made either when nucIi enrs have been
placed on the tracks ileslgnnted or It
such track or tracks be full of loaded cars
or unrelenseil empties when the road of
fering the cars would have made delivery
had the condition of such track or liucUa
See 0 Cars for loading shall be consid
ered placed n hen such cars are placed or
when held upon orders of shippers
Sec 7 Cars deti lul d for any reason for
which shlppeiB or onslgnees aro respousl
ble shall bo subject to ear service rules
Sec 8 Cars will uot be subject to or
ders for loading either by the owners of
the property contained therein oi n < S
other shippers until they are empty
Itule VI Gulf lorts
Cars containing freight consigned to gulf
ports u111 be subject to the allotted free
time unless the freight Is for export or
coastwise movement nud terminal agent
Is so advised within forty eight els hours
uftcr airlial when the maximum fiee time
provided for the commodity may be al
iened from date of arrival of all sneh earn
Thereafter regular ear sen lee rules vv 111
apply the railroads reserving the right to
unload thecars at any time they may ee
Itule VII Weather
In ease of stormy weather where the
property would tin damaged by handling
agents will extend the free fiuie so as to
allow the full fortyeight ISi hours froe
tlmo of suitable weather in which to load
or unload th < cars Hut If tho parties
ueglcet or tall to avail thcmsalvrs nf tho
first fortvelKht 48 hours of sultabln
weather theV will not be allowed addition
al free time by rensou of such neglect
Itule VIII Collections
Section 1 It Is ihe duty of tho ngeut to
demand payment of car service on nil curs
before deUveilng them when same bus ac
crued between notice of arrival and or
dering It Is also the duty of the agent
when he tins any doubt about car service
being paid to demand one t dollar car
service at the eud of the free time allowed
for unloading or loading ears anil If pay
ment of said car service Is refused to de
cline to deliver the cur or allow the lading
to he takeu from i either by sealing or
locking the far or by placing It where It Is
not accessible to consignee or shipper
Sec 2 If a car Is ordered to a private
track for a party who has declined to pay
previous bills agents will refuae to switch
said ear to said track until car service duo
or ivhlch may accrue on said ear 1 paid or
Sec 3 In cases where consignors rufuse
to pay ear Bervlee charges that have ac
crned while eawure beingheld for loading
agcuM may refuse to Issue bills of Jailing
or ship the goods untl our nerileo chalgea
are pAld or authorised hilled out as ad
vanced charges uud inset ted In Mil of
Sec 1 When freight 8 transferred car
service charges will continue on the car
or i nra Into which transfer is made
llnl IX BVclght la Ilond
Car loaded with rrlght In bond will be
allowed fortyeight 4s hours free time
for iinloadtug uftcr release by United
States customs of fleer
Kule X Free Time Allowance Und r Car
Service Hides
Coal ami coke Seventytwo 72 hours
for unloading after notice
Cotton Seventytwo 72 hours at in
terlor compresses for compressing in
Cotton One hiindrul und tViwti 1201
hours at gulf portx
cid piiilnits Tii huudrid and
foil 12Mil bonis nl milf ports
Grain for expoit No time limit
Ore from M < xli o at III laso One HUM
dred ml Mi mi il 0 In i
Oli from I i i < l l > t LI laio
flevi i ii two Tii I U
Lei 1 s Hi s h 1 > > Vo
lOll lllld otlm < i liliiodllles fnl i
port oi dill ill One hundlii
ulld slxtvelght Imii mid to upplv
onli on wlistf ilellviii nt gulf potts
ltlee products loi < poit tno hulnlni
ftnd forty 210 hours nt miir ports
All other commodities Fortyeight Is
hours ftom noon or s n ir tfter notice
Itule Nl Complnlnts Rte
Alt complilnls whlih inny nilse from non
conformity to any ofthese rules or from
neglecl ot Indiscretion In enforcing same
and nil doubtful and complicated eases In
volving any uncertainty as to the prober
meaning and application of these rules
luuy be refeired to the rnllroad commls
Tlils order shall take effect March 20
Apprehension that Thore May Have Been
a Hitch
Now York February Si Tlie lack of of
ficial confirmation of any one of the various
reports concerning the SI Loula mm San
Francisco railroad caused apprehension to
day that there had been a hitch In tho ne
gotiations for the sale of the pvoperty Of
Uclals of the St Louis and Ssn Frunclsei
declined to discuss the companys affairs
and all Imiulries concerning the reported
salo Were referred to the Hock Island com
pany but no Information was Obtalnnbl
from that piarter At tho office of J V
Morgan Co It was said that no official
stitemient on the subject had been pre
Another Rock Island Rumor
Special to The lost
Now York February 27 It Is reported In
Wall street today that tho Hock Island Is
negotiating for thu purchase of the Wabash
The report can nut be confirmed at this
time but it Is believed > by many wellin
formed people No official announcement
has yet been made of the consolidation of
the Hock Island aud Frisco but there Is ao
doubt it is as telegraphed last night
Making General Inspection of Southern
Pacific Lines in Texas
G F Hlchardson superintendent of
transportation of the entire Southern Vu
clflc systems both Atluntlo und Fiioltlc
and George IT Kllnk auditor of the Pa
cific system of the the same company
were visitors to Houston yesterday Those
gentlemen wero iu Ualvcstou on Thursday
aud reaching Houston yesterday morning
spent tbc entire day In consultation with
Vice lresldeut Markham Manager Van
Vleck uud Auditor Segtr aud other officials
ot the Atantlu system of tho Southern
llicltlc loiupany
To a lost teportcr Mr Hlchnrdsun stated
that his purpose In vlsltug Texus was to
muko a gjieral ieupcctlou of the coin
pans Ius Ho wiih partlculiirly desirous
of investigating for himself the present
sysnm of trmisfeiH ot iiHsctigers for Nuw
Orleans at the Mississippi river and ex
pressed hlms If us much ptenscd with the
present ineihod employe at Avimdnlc anl
that It was fur supeiJoi to the old ferri
system tormerly In vogue Mr Hlchardson
Was greatly Impressed with the fncilttles
of thr company nt Galveston Mr UkoaiM
bou aid thlt there seemed to be great
prosperity throughout the South and that
the conditions generally wcie most favor
Mr Hlchardson and Mr Kllnk continued
their Journey westward leaving Houston
last night In the private car San Jose
Route Is a
Matter of Much Discussion
at Present
Beaumont Texas February 27 The en
try of the International and Great Northern
railway to the city continues to be the most
discussed of all the street topics There
wero really no new actual developments to
day but both the afternoon papers con
tained a good deal of matter pertaining to
tho coiinill meeting yesterday and the after
math of It
ie gentleman today stated tlut on a
train yesterday he heard two officials of tt <
International discussing the matter aud
that lie was flrtul convinced that the rond
lias madi1 up its mind to go slxjulles to thu
north or south of Itciiunmni uuliss they
are vilven Fannin or Howie streets So far
there has been but little objection to the
roads going down Fannin street but that
if u be due to the fad that It bus not yet
been seriously eousldcrcd wlUie the Howie
stiiet Idea bus been open all ihe time The
city ei jiiii will flrohnbl pass on this mat
ter Tuesday and if they get togetln r nt all
on Cut date tliev will be more than likely
to leiMuveuo on Wednesday the day fallow
ing aud pass the bill on Its third and final
reading Tho Tuesday resdng will he the
second time The council operate under
similar rulea lu the passu u ot ordlntmci4
to the State legislature
Manager Van Vleck Says No Truth in
Statement Concerning Trainmen
Manager W G Aan Vleck of the South
ern Iacldu company stated to n Fost ra
jiorter last night that there wus no truth
whatever lu tho statement published In an
afternoon paper to the effect that ho had
refused to accede to the demands of the
grievance committees lepresentlng Ihe Or
der of Hallway Conductors and thu Ilrother
liuod of Hallway Trainmen
Mr Van Vleck said that there have been
so many grievances of this kind under con
sideration by lilwi that he md been unable
to reach this particular one us jet but
that tho mutter would be taken up by him
nnd that within n tiw day miother con
ference Mitt the committees from these
oingnluntioiiH will be had Mutuigei Van
Vleci fuithei stated that he anticipated uu
tiouble whatever with the men nnd that
the matter would be adjusted lu n maimer
that would be entirely satisfactory tu both
VVork cm the FNtontion is to Ua
1oit Worth Texas February 27From
wlint was learned here It is likely the
Frisco will exteud from llrndy to San An
tonio during the conilug summer GffleitilA
here claim to know very little about tho
plans of the Frisco lu this voimwtlou but
It vvus nscurtalned today that the railroad
graders who have been vmrttux On the
Hrowovsoo < lItradv ej cjjslou und who have
btitt temporarlli tiatWeiTcd to Oklahoma
have beeu notlued to lie lu readiness to
resuiui woil on the San Anioelu exteiisluu
within the ueit it > diys
New I and G N Folder
The new International und Great North
em railroad folder lately Issued shows the
various extensions recently constructed and
iwojccted liy timt road The piopined route
from WnxalHichle to Dallas is shown as are
the line from Houstou to Ie mnoat froui
W H 1 alrtield aud Trom Columbia to
Hay Itjr thu latter being the short Hue
from Houston to that point alio Fort
vvorth extenslou Is u > wii us completed nnd
f > NavmtotasM dl oiivlll line also as nu
Aoant Resigns at Greenville
Greemllle Texas Februury 27 Mr j
11 Dooley hak teslgned as city ticket agent
for the Cotton Holt und expects to lo
ihecked out by March 1 He came horo
four years ago succeeding John SI Adams
and ih these four years of service Mr
Dooley has proved himself a worthy and
competent tVpresentatlvo of tho Cotton
Meeting of Freight Men
T It Goodwyn chairman has called n
metlug of thr representatives of the vari
ous Texas lines to be held In Dallas on
V Incsdiiy March 4 nt 10 oclock a in
TMs meeting Is for tho puipote of rm
been 1 iorldetiblc nuiiibr of ah in
made by the bun an aiil then is i
iileount of noik involved III levlsug tin
tariff In conformity thereto
Has Been Enjoined by the Boxar County
iui Antonio TMtaK Iebnmiy 87An np
jilluitwn was madu before Judge t I
Camp of to Fortyfifth district court to
dny by the San Antonio and Gnlf Shore
Hallway company property nutter au exe
cution to satisfy a Judgment of foreclosure
of 1180000 with mortgage bond with In
terest obtained lit tne district court
Wilson comity by John T Hrovvn Sillie
cant flllig a J500U bond a tenpotart In
Junction wao grnnled
The San Antonio nnd Gulf Uatlioitd com
piii came Into tossesslon of the projierty
by virtue of a reculiershlp sale November
2H 1SUU all luttaudlug claims as It Is ul
leeed having been adjudicated lu the re
ceivership and settled out of the piocvcda
of thu sale
June 4 1112 against thu old conipuu > to
foieclose certain list mortgage lmnds The
ban Antonio an A iulf lull road company
v as not made a pint according to ihe alle
gations and hud no notice It Is alleged
Bast Shore line fiom Jacksonville to
To Pass Through Houston
Dr W SevvniO V tilb piesldeiit of u half
n dozen different railroads and otherwise
largely Interested in various Vnuderbllt
enterprises will pa < s through Houston
shortly en route to the 1iicltle coast Dr
Webb and his party aro traveling >
special trnlu of private cars
Rook Island Aopointment
A circular has been received here an
nouncing the ippointment of C J War
rick as tra line freight agent of the Choc
taw Oklahoma and Gnlf railroad with
headquarters at Oklahoma O T This ap
pointment was effective February 11
Sunset the montly magazine published by
th pussenger department of the Southern
1iicltlc company at San Francisco for Feb
ruary Is our It Is a handsome publication
und la blighter and better than ever be
fore It la a most Interesting magazine and
rellect great credit upon Its managers
On Inspection Tour
Manager Jeff N Miller of the Houston
and Texas Central railroad left yesterday
morning for North Texas where he will
spend several days inspecting the lines of
the company Sir Miller was accompanied
by Trainmaster L > lllsboe
Notes and Personals
E H CushliiK engineei of maintenance of
way of thu Southern laciflc company is In
Hay City
J A Glraud traveling freight agent of
tJie Frisco system left yesterday morning
for a business tilp
R F Adams chief clerk to the gonoril
pvisenger ugent of the Santa Fo route wus
In the city yesterdaj afternoon
J S HllMliey utsbitunt general freight
agent of the Santa Fe route at Galveston
was a tailor to Houston yesterday
W 8 Hemdoh claim ngeut of the Mis
souri Kansas and Tevas lallroad with
headquarters in Houston U In Sauitliv Ule
W F McClure general freight aud pas
seuger iigmt ot the Giilveatou Hoiuion uud
HeJiderson railroad was lu the city jes
terdaj afternoon
A New Effectual and Convenient Curo
for Catarrh
Of Catarrh remedies there 1 no end but
of cMturrh cures there has alivn > s been a
groat scarcllj There are many remedies to
relieve but very few that really cure
Tlio old practice of suufBng salt water
throuirh the no e would often relieve and
tho waBhes douches K > wders and euhaleis
In common um are verj little If nuy bei
ter than thu old fashioned halt vvaur
The use of Inhalers and the application
of salves washes and powders to the nose
and throat ro cure catarrh Is no nunc
leasoiiahle than to rub the back to cure
kidney discing Catarrh Is Just as much a
blood dlseusi as kidney trouble or rheuma
tlsm and It inn not be cured b > li ul
ireutment any more Ihun they can be
To cure catarrh wheihei la the head
tilro < it or xlonuich uu Internal antiseptic
treutmeut Is necessary to drlie the catarrh
al poison out of the blood uud system and
the new catarrh cure is designed on this
plan and the remarkable success of Stuarts
Catarrh Tablets Is because being used in
teriuilly It drives out eatairhal infection
through actlou upon stouiuch liver aud
boiv els
William Zimmerman of St Joseph relates
an cxporleuce with catarrh which is of
value to mllllous ot cutarrh stiffcrers t er >
where Ho says I glevted a slight
nasal catarrh until It gradually extcnicd
to my throat and bronchial tubes and final
ly even my stomach and liver became ef
fected but an I was able to keep up aad
do a days work I let It run uloug uutll
my hearing began to fall mo nnd then I re
alised that I roust jet rid of catarrh or
low my position as 1 was a clerk and my
hearing waB absolutely necessary
Some of my friends recommended an In
haler uuother a catarrh salve but they
wero no good In my case nor was any
thing else until I heard of Stuarts Ctxtarib
Tablets and bought a package at my drug
tore They benefited me from tho start
and In less than four months 1 was com
pletely cured of catarrh although I had
suffered nearly all my llfo from It
They nro pleasaut to otko and so much
more louvenlent to use than other catarrh
temedles that 1 feel I can not say enough
lu favor of Stuarts latarrh Tablets
liy keeping tho Iver artlvo the system Ii
cleansed ot Impurities aud Is enabled to
ward off dUeaurs
E irJ1 fUrVVS < l m ± m < lf ta OXIUINK Is tho beit Mvcr and Malarial i
outhvvestetn bureau
freight There huvoToulc told Ask your druggtat
Y L8 1003
Who Enjoy tho Choicest Products
of the Worlds Commerce
KiiowIciIkc of Vvliut Is Host More Iut
porlnnt Than Wettttli With
out It
It muat ha apparent to every ono that
Qualities of the highest order aro uecos
enable the besl of the products of
ir5 ri r u rj SMS51St t tta = an9nty
to universal acceptance However loudly
heralded they may not hope tor worldwide
preeminence unless they moot with the
general approval not ot Individuals only
but of tho many who have the happy
faculty of seleotlng enjoying and learn
ing the real worth of the choicest prud
ucts Their commendation consequently
Thet Wilson county suit was lustltutid ijCCOmea Important to others since ti
meet tho requirements of tho well In
formed of all countrlca the method of
manufacture must be of the most per
fect order nnd the combination the most
that out of tho StttlOuCU worth of liond i ricnt of Its kind r
oilgliinlly dellioied by the old company to
or food uroducl3 c
not proouns
the Farmers Loan and Trust eouipniiv as
trustee only 230000 worth vVere eier ne daily applicable to mea
foliated and made valid charges against
he property but Ihit the rest of the bonds
by some unknown means got Into the pos
session of the plnlutifTs lu the Wilson
comity iase and lu truth were not claims
against the Han Antonio nud Gulf Shoie
propel ty
The Southern Secures Control ot Mag
ler8 Property
New York February 23 The Tribune
pilots the following stoiy under date of
Columbia S C
It was reported here today that the
Sei thorn railway had purchased the Klorldn
The above Is trua
only but Is eape
medicinal ugents and
after nearly a quarter of a century ot
6towth md geneial uso tho excellent
remedy Syrup of Figs Is everywhere
accepted throughout tho world aa the
best of family luxatlvos Its quality la
due not only to tho excellence of tho
combination of the laxative and carmin
ative prlelples ot plants known to act
most beneficially on the system and pre
sented in tho form of a pleasant and io
freshlng liquid but also to tht method
of manufacture of the Callfoml i Fis
Sjrup Co which ensures that unifoiml
ty and purity issentlat In a temtdy in
tended for family use Ask any physi
cian who Is well informed and he will
answer at once that it is an excellent
Miami A Southern official acknowledged laxative If at all eminent In his pro
the puicliase He could not say whether
tho Flagler Hotels and Steamship company
had been Included lu the deal but thought
It likely that the entire Flagler Florida
properties had passed Into the hands ot the
The deal Is considered of great Import
ance to the Southern system and a victory
over rival systems which wcie striving to
get this connection to the soutliennost
point lu Florida
The Flagler road was necessary to com
mand rapid transit to Cuba There are
about 400 miles ot road lu the Southerns
purchase there being scleral branches
from the JoeksotivlllejMlaml road
General Wages Increase
New Orleans February 27 A general In
cieiine In wages has been granted Jhe
engineers of the New Orleans and North
eastern the Vlcksbmg Sbrevcport nnd
lacllle nnd the Alabama ahd Great South
ern The iulso will go Into effect March
1 and Is the result of meetings that have
been in prom ess In New Orleans The
engineers get a 1 5 and 0 per cent in
Lumbermens Rats
On account ot the State lumbermens con
vention wihleh will be held at Galveston
on Vpril 14 to 17 the railroads entering
i hue ilty fcave made rate of one fare plus
10 r < Mr tint for the round trip An eu
Jojullo entertainment will be provided by
the Galveston people and there will no
doubt be a large crowd present on this oc
fession and has made a special stuOj of
laxatives and their effects upon the s >
tern ho will tell you that it is the best
of family laxatives because It Is sim
plo and wholesome and cleanses nnd
sweetens tho system cffe < tunlly when
a laxative Is needed without any un
pleasant atcrcffccts Kvery wellin
formed druggist of reputable standing
knows that Syrup of Figs Is an excel
lent luxativo and is glad to sell It at
tho regular price of fifty cents per bot
tle because It gives general satisfac
tion but one should remember that In
order to get the beneficial effects of
Syrup of Figs it Is necessary to buy tho
genuine which Is sold in original pack
uses only the namo of the remedy
Syrup of Figs and also the full name ot
the Company California Flq Syrup Co
printed on the front of every package
ww Wi H WTr 1 l fcrtU 7 IT H
The Short and Quick Route
To All Point in Southeast
Kansas City Chicago Louis
ville Cincinnati New York
Gen Vjis jnt ticket enl
March 1st and 2nd
Kate 865
Limit March 6th
March 4th and 5th
Rate gM
Limit March 8th
City Ticket Office 20 Nam
Doth Thanhs 224
Pullman Sleepers Chair
Cars Dining Cars en route
W D IAWSON City Ticket Ajcnl
H O M 13 S E K E R S
< COLONIST r 1 >
spzD ratl t o v ahtomia
commencing Febt 5 T urstCar Lomiections
Must comlortable route grandest scenery Write
EnggBiesrs Founders
Geo W Ghilds
t le A cnt ton
Ave Ikmstvi 1 tx
jattnrjtswjijiissu yjsjiy j
5 > teim EnRlnes Shaftinu
HanRersPullBvs Sprockets
Wheels Chains Etc Etc
Headquarters tor Mill Giat
mi of ill kirds and sizes
SttamP erPlants cjiuplste
W rast Pearl Street
Geo S Westerfield
L D Phone 125
Queen and Orescent Route
Through Pullman Palace Sleeping
Cars to
GEo ssron An Trains
Gpf New Oneans
C F Woods T P a Houston
utUtTeTLli rlcultr < Insurance
Btatlstlcs and History State of Texas
Toi Al w 1 ftuTcSTfeT
this is to certify That the
fe urfjS
i li Comau > huds n CcrtlncVto of In
Boa izx AK r
tea Uajr aa Uue writ
1 303 304
Bins Building HoustSn lenvs
p m
Recommended bu
lanu Millions
The Wellinformed
Throughout the World
Manufactured bn
S v xVanclsco Cal
Louisville Ky Now York N Y
and return
Tickets on sale Mitch
4 and 5 long limit vii
The Katy
flyer Route
Best Dlnins Service on Eaith
Call and see write or
Barnes 700
C P T A 21 i Main St
wlmimut wsmsTsrrsfy p iws
jr woMwajof
Galveston trains leave Grand Ctjri
Dipot nt t t3 p m I and tt N f VM
0 15 a ta a a l
Street Depot at 0 a in
p ni
Depot at
leaies Gtnnd Central
od on all above traiis SntjJ
Sunday scrvlflWj
Note chaugo in
vine Cincinnati l mu m1l M
York tad ai
Philadelphia New g
the Noith and Northeast
vice and fastest time oilrfM S
For rates maps V ° w MOOT V
T r A nnitftaUi
ml Salveston
Sunday Schedule
700 am M
Leave Houston
in t50pm
Leave Galveston
515pm 630 pm

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