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mwm true whig,
. -
V.. P.. MESS1E AND GEO, B. 131:0 WN,
M . It . IlrKtMVIE t O .
K. P. JMilNTY, Editor,
H. E. WALKER, Assist at Editor.
IAXMd -D"yTru Whig.
.. SM Vlo advaBCe
' 7 with II distinct! understood that no paper will
to discontinued ttnttl ail iminga are paid, except at the
option of the publisher.
tS" Letters, on lusinesa with Ibit office, to ensure attea.
ttou, mtiaf, in all cane, be directed to B. K. HcKniii Co
nil day noinnd Arcs, it, isss.
The Majority Rm-Tl.e Unim and
Amerienn arguw mobt uti-angely and abnurdlv,
that Llie mnioritv rule of the Aroejican party
is in cotflict with the right of the majority of
the unole j.eO''le of the btate, corjntj, or 3is
trir t, to decide who rhall hold office that he
cause a majority of thtjarty may he a minority
of the who'e people, yet the party, U-ing a
tnnjority, hy oheyit.g a frmjoritj nomination iu
its own ranks, and thus electing its candidate,
may defeat the conttitutional right of the ma
jority of the whole people to decide who t-hall
hold office. VThat egregious fallacy. First
the voter has a right to r- uhject his vote to the
condition vt a majority nomination his vote
is his property, and lie has a right to dispose
of it as he pleases. lie votes at the polls as
one of the constitutional majority whenever
be votes for the successful candidate there
alone the Constitution recognizes his vote, and
does not go behind the record to enquire into
Lis right to vote for or against a majority
nominee. That right is sacredly guaranteed to
him it is indefeasible and incontestable. Se
condlythe Union' argument would apply as
well to every Whig or Democratic majority
nomination ever made and its practical en
forcement would have prevented Andrew
Johnson froia being first nominated lor gov
ernor two years ago; for it cannot be denied
with any plausibility, that th preferences for
lion. Andrew Ewing over him as then indi
cated hy delegates to the Democratic State
Convention, united with like preference of
outsiders amor.g the whole people, would have
made Mr. Ewing the chosen favorite over hira
by an overwhelming majority.
That they exacted a tvto-thirdt majority,
or that Governor Johnsou received it after
Mr. Ewinc's name was withdrawn, does not
ia effect, alter the case, because two-thirds of
the democracy da not ooustilute majority of
the jeople of 1 eunefsee. I ity the L nion can
not avoid stultifying itself, and coudemnini
its own party organisation.
Coberctio.h. In our list of members elect
to the Ltgislatnre, as published yesterday
morning, by mistake, Alfred P. Hall, Sena
tor elect from Beuton, Humphreys, Terry,
Decatur and llendcrton, was put down as anti,
instead of American. Mr. Hall was a member
of the last Seuate, and is one of Sam's ablest
representatives in the Western District.
Sentiments of the Press
From a lengthy and able editorial in the
Memphis Enquirer, upon "the deep disquiet of
the country, we extract the following para
graphs. American read and ponder them :
Tin late horiible affair at Louisville is a lesion to
be deeply studied; an J no time is wore appropriate
for Umt study than to-day. In a time of profound
peace our laud has been drenched in blood; and the
native-bom citizen feels an emotion which mere
words can never poitrat, when be is told that by
the hand of foreigners, American blood has been
freely and wantonly ehed on American noil. We
shall be told that "all this is the result of Know
N'othingism." At the street corners it will be pro
claimed by email beer politicians that "if you had
let the foreigners alone this would not have hap
pened." There ia one conducive, overwhelming
answer to all this despicable toidving to "foreign
er, nl it it this UNTIL FOREIGNERS CAME
lTntU their "advent," ire heard nothing vf ballot boxrt
Uig broken, or bloodshed at Ua pdtt. Aye, more
than this ce hear f no riot uhere there are no
Foreigner, liemeiuoer this, native-born citizen I
Think ot it, speak of it among yourselves and to
vour neighbors, your wives and your children Mai
'ysftrre there art no fore'gner there are no election
riot! It is holy trulii, and a proud, patriotic
answer to the demsgogup, who, forgetting, or hav-
inz never felt fiat noble enthusiasm which should
thrill his bosom for being a native born citizen, can
find any p,orJ proclaiming, that "Americana and
rot Foreigners were w oiame. uui upun sucn
1ca', jaundiced patriotism t It Is but upou par
with the nutional pride of the man who if so vilely
tase so utterly voi 1 of all love of country, as to
avow' that he " feels uo better for being boru an
Ann rican ! H
The "American party will be charged with a
dvire to distort the p.-ace of the country. It is a
vile tlander upon the Americau character; for, at
the election i ioU at Louiav'ule, Ameriean volunteer
eompanie were called out to quell them, and THtt
dip IT. This fact alone, is worth volumes of such
slander as will soon flow from all quarters opposed
to "Americanism." Bt the end is not yet." This
U but the "ekirmish of the vanguard." The war is
only begun. The claim set up by the mas of our
foreign population is neither abandoned nor abated.
They know that their strength consists In the court
wLi-h demagogues pay them, "that thrift may fol
low lawuing;" and tbey do not intend to yield any
advantage which such political abasement pUccs
within their grasp. We say to our countrymen,
the fight is coming. Already the deop toued thun
tier Is heard in the distance. The black stoim is
gathering force, and "Americans" lutwt breast it as
patriots who love the land of their birth, and who
wi'l not suffer Its temples of liberty to be denecrated
by the Goth aud Vandals of the present day. We
cUira nothing but our right. Our war is ever and
only on t!m 2.feueie. Jhreand here only, are the
home of our childhood the graves of our aires
the uiounUin and stream which make beautiful and
boly all that belongs to our "native land." Tbee
and a thouaud other like recollections should make
doubly dear to us the principles which we cherish;
and while dwelling upon thrir value, let us aUo re
member that "Kota did not full tU the rW AW
of the Fortignrr teal laid upon her templet und krr
from the KoesvlUc Wllf .
"Americans Kever Surrender .
This should be the motto of the American party
in Tennesse, and throughout the Union, as we have
no donbt it la. Our prowpecU are daily brightening,
although we havo beva hard pressed la Tennee.
We had the party In power in the Stat, the force
of the Federal Government, and the Foreign ele
meut, all to ruu egaitmt. Some few have gone out
from us, but these will soou be replaced by four
time their uurabrr. When we have all local intjr
cut set aside, candidate and their numerous fi iecda
and relatives out of the way, aud the Rreat iMie
ef the day fairly before us, upon the Presidential
question, we are bound to eucceed. Tennesaee
will go for the American party by an overwhelming
majority. The rrult of die lata election fully jus
tifies us In )m statement. Let not the friend of
our cause, and our glorious principles, be Li the
lean discouraged. The people are with us, and
they will yet uuiu s at the ballot boi. Such i
our faith, and our raACTica shall accord with our
belief We are now enluted, aud we mean to fight
in tide great battle till victory perches upon our
uudard iu November, !&.
The LonlivLUe Eiots More Fworn Proof ot their
foreign 0iili.
The Lonisvllle Journal of Tuesday publishes
some twenty additional affidavits and certifi
cates, proving that the late terrible riots in
that city originated with the foreign popula
tion. We quote a few of them below, in ref
erence to the disturbances in the 6rst ward
Laving already given a synopsis of similar
proof in reference to tho-e in the eighth
watd :
Jo. D. Sehsge being sworn sutcs: I was ap
pointed by the Mavor a police man for the second
ward poll. I was sheriff at the polls. While at
the second ward polls about two o'clock, news was
brought there that the foreigners up town were iu
arms. Ed. Williams and Alex. Cross, night-watchmen
in the second ward, urged me to go with them.
I have been all the season wot king on public con
tracts on street, some CO or 70 loreign laborers,
mohtly Irish. Williams and Crocs asked me to eo
with them, because they believed I would have
considerable influence with the foreigners.
I went with Cross and Williams; when we
reached the corner of Shelby and Green street,
we discovered a bady of Germans, about 75,
armed with guns, congregated at the corner of"
Campbell and Green. J bade the crowd that ac
companied us to remain behind, and I would go to
the Germans and U.k to them. The Americans
remained kt the corner ot Shelby atrcet, ricept
Willianis aud Cross and myself. We went toward
Campbell ctreet. Willu.ns and myself were about
ten feet in advance of Cros. When we came
within some seventy fi-et of the Germans, I raised
my hands and begged them, "for God'a sake, to
go home nd put away their pun-t." j said thx
several times; while my hands were rab-ed and I
was exhorting them to go home, aome on in th
crowd of German cried cit to hxt; a pun wa
raised aud I received the correct in my face, neck
and breast: I reeled eint a fence and wa tben
shot in the back and lr Srti 12 or IS tun
were fired at that tw V i:'tm was wumdei in
the head and leg dii f,iv . Th Ameri
cans then rushed ; W"! and the peneral
melee commenced. I i.-ii . unarmed, and
I did not see anv fir arw wkv(C American
at that time. This w the N-.na-.-c the Ji:3
cultles at that point. The German were ettcrd
and pursued in every dirriiio. What hrpoud
Afterwards I am uuable to stale.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, a notary
public, this 6th day of Aug., 1S&S.
L. A. wniTELET,
Notary Public.
We were present at the time of the attack upon
Selvage and Williams, and corroborate the above
Aleiindcr C. Cross states thnt on Monday the
6th inst,. the day of election in Louisville, he was
at the Second ward polls, when a boy, say 12 or 14
year old, about two o'clock, P. M. came to him and
complained that he had been badly treated by a
large number of foreigners on Green street, above
Shelby. He said that he had started to water his
horse, but had been driven off by them. Mr. Ed
ward ll.'.ams was present at the time the boy
came to una, and they concluded to see Mr. Sel
vage 03 was acting as siiena at trie second war
polls, and get the benefit of his advice before they
took any step. They saw Mr. Selvage, and it wag
agreed upon that he tdiould go along. VY e went to
the place pointed out to us by the boy. When we got
to a point at Green street where it is intersected by
Campbell street, four or five squares from the place
of voting, they discovered a large number of for
cigners, some with munkets somo with pistols
some with bowieknives, some with rakes, and others
with scythes, which they nourished over their
heads. When we got within from 60 100 feet from
the front of the crowd, Mr. Selvage raised his handi
in a supplicaliug position, aud begged the crowd
to desist from any hostile action. W hue Selvnge
waa thus engaged, affiant saw a man pointing his
gun toward Selvage. AffUnt spoke loudlv to Sel
vago, telling him to "look out." Lie supposed
Selvage had not seen his danger. About the mo
ment he spoke to him the man shot, the first gun
lie beard or being shot on that day. Selvage was
thot in the face, and on the breast, and as he staggered
be turned his back on the crowd and was shot i n
the hack, the shotjtaking effect almost all over him
He bled profanely. He states that at the time
Selvage was shot Edward Williams was standing
within two or three feet of bim. Williams turned
rapidly around with the intent as witness supposed
to cau-h Selvage as be fell This action turned
Williams around from the crowd, and as he turned
another gun was shot and the contents of the gun
were lodged all over his back. lie then drew bis
pistol and Will ams drew his pistol, and they all
(Selvage without arms) started toward them. They
started off in a hurry some up Green and some
along Campbell. They ( the foreigners) would stop
and then fire. Selvage s son coming about the
time when S. was shot, was also wounded by sever
al phots. Fuither be says that when approaching
the crowd of Dutch and Irish, they saw a one horse
wagon with two or three men in it quietly passing
dowu Green street, when on getingnear by and in
the roidt-t of the crowd, they were stoned and bea
ten by nearly all of the Dutch crowd.
After the facts above stated had transpired, a
party of Americans, hearing and seeing the firing,
came running up in pursuit, and the firing and
fi-hting became general in the neighborhood.
Many t-hoti being fired from the doors and windows
along the streets of this neighborhood at the Amer
icans, as they tan through the streets in pursuit of
different parties of foreigners.
The foregoing statement having been written in
our prepuce, has aloo been carefully read to us,
and we concur in the statement of facts, having
bteu eye-witnesses of them.
Wm. II. Richardson states on osth That on
Monday, Aug. 6th, (election day) about 2J o'clock,
p. ra , I whs quietly walking out Shelby street, josl
couth of Madiron, when a man (not an American)
from the second lot east of Shelby street, discharg
ed a double barrelled shot gun, taking fleet in my
leg and breaking the leg of Mr. Latta who was with
iue. There was st the time, no disturbance on the
street. We then got into a hack and started down
Madison fctreet with some other persons who I did
not know. We discovered a large crowd of Ger
mans and Irish, armed with double barrelled guns
and revolvers, at the corner of Clay aud Uadiaon
street, and they commenced firing on the hack.
Mr. Lutu and the gentlemen with us laid down in
the bottom of the hick ; I being too tall to shield
nijself iu that way, got out and ran with the hack
between me and the mob, and was shot in the lee,
the shot pacing under the horses and the hack;
w hen we got opposite the crowd we had to pass
between them and a cart on the opposite side of
the street; an Iruhnian from behind the cart shot
me, the ball passing through the calf of my right
leg. I then found I was losing strength, and opened
trie hack door and threw myself in the back whilst
the horses were running. My legs bung out, and
iu that coudition I was shot in tUe legs under the
I have in both legs 115 shot and I bullet wound,
and one shot in ray right hand.
Subscribed and sworn to. August 8, 1S55.
John Yogi state: About
o'clock oa the 6th
of August, w hile I was standing on
the corner of
iay ana Uadiaon streets, I
saw a bacK roiuz up
I was etroiielv induced bv several Amer
icans and several Germans to fire upon the Ameri
cana who were la tbe hack. I did so, firing both
barrels of a loaJed hot gun ; it waa loaded with
mall shoe After firing I a attacked and wounded
bjaa American pariv; I cannot tell who tbey
were I acknowUJ.. tut v 9U ,0
wrould not have ahot but by the over persuasion of
the Americans and Germaus who ur-d , tothe
dreadful deed. JOHN V0GT
George W. Durge. Uing ,woen, s.T that on
Vondav, Augest 6, ls; 5, about V o'clock, a. to., I
was quietlv walking up Main street, when at the
corner of Hancock, by niyeelf, an Iruhwasj threw a
brick at me aud then ran out Uaacoxk atrevt to
ward klaxkt, and I followej hua ; when fetwea
JrfJrnson aud Green Streets ihre Irukmea came
out of a house, and oac of then said, "there go
a watchman after one of our countrymen;" an J
another spoke and said, Mlet's kill him;" and the
threw came up to ma. I being totally noarmed,
knocked the three down with my fist, then almnstt
immediately 1 1 more anen came up and one stuck
it . ; I . . t 1 . J .
we iuiiuhi; luey inen caogut me ana one cu
me on tie Lead with a knife. 1 auo heard one I
thetn say ."murder bim, he's a watchman." They
overpowered me, cutting my band and kicking me
on the neck after I was down. I was senseless for
three hours, and I wag doubtless left on the ground
fur dead. I was perfectly sober all the morning.
Subscribed and sworn to before me Aug. 9, '53.
O. tl. STRATT0N, N. P.
In this connection the Journal remarks:
In the first ward riots, there s-e somo remarka
ble features deserving particular notice. There
were some tuxnty or tumly fie American thot and
wounded by German and Irish brfort any violence
wa offered to the foreigners. The Germans and
Iri.-h were all armed, and they commenced the st
uck upon the Americans almost simultaneously at
the Drewerj upon Green street, and upon lampheJl,
' . .i - oi i ft i- - f u ti I M A
jiay, cueioy,- tianroca, oreen, jiarsuau, auu
i.-on streets. The Germans were found congrega
ted in a large body at the intersection of Campbell
and Green streets, armed to the teeth, before there
was the slightest indication of a difficulty in that
t onion of the citv. When the Germans were
urged by the police oftiuer to go quietly home
and put away their guns, their only answer was a
volley of bullets, aud, even when the Americans
had pacd the houses of Germans without attempt
ing to offer any violence whatever, the dastardly
Germans opened their gates and discharged their
guns at the Americans, wounding children who
were following the crowd. The -Americans were
thot vow and crippled and maimed by bullets and
buck shot fired from guns in the handi of Germans
and Itfchmen, while the foreigners, who wcie in
turn attacked by the Americans, were (with, we
believe, only one exception) beaten with sticks and
Ths American Party in Memphis.
Never have we known more enthusiasm, better
rheer, or more hopeful auttcip.itious to animate a
party, than now inspire the American party ci this
city. They can see nothing in the recent elections
to dispirit them; they can see no cause for despair
or despondency. On the contrary, thej result in
this Suite has filled them with an ardor that will
iueur the most overwhelming overthow of all op
position hereafter, whilst the riot in Louisville has
determined them more than ever to fight upon no
other platform until everywhere in this broad laud
We cau tell our friends abroad, that here in Mem
phis there exists the most perfect harmony, induced
by a settled determination never to abandon the
cause until its main purposes shall have been ac
complished. Tn the bright leiieon of Sam
There' no luch word aa fail n
We understaad that in a short time the order
here will issue an address to their brethren in the
Western District, and if we mistake not, the oppo
sition will be enabled to judge from it how philo
sophically they regard the recent elections. Mem'
phis Wltig.
A Paragraph wb wish Corrr.D bt oca Ex
changes. Some of the anti American organs
continue to reiterate the false and absurd statement
that if a full vote bad been polled in this city Col.
Preston and the anti American ticket would have
received a majority. - We have exposed the entire
falsity of this statement heretofore and now refute
it again. The largest vote ever cast in this city
was considerably less than 6,000. The American
party at the last election polled 3.074 votes for
Morehead and 3.008 for Maishill, excluding the
vote of Portland, bring more titan majority of any
vote ever polled in thU city. After 2 o'clock in
the afternoon hardly any votes were given by eith
er party, but up to this the majority for the Amer
ican party was steadily increasing, and there can be
no doubt that if there had been no disturbance the
vote of that party would have risen to at least S,-
5CJ or 3,600 votes; and by no possibility could the
anti American vote have exceeded 2.500 votes.
The attempt of the anti-American organs hereto
fore to magnifir a minority of at least one thousand
votes into a majority is tooimpudenr and bare! iced
for toleration. If the ballot box had been carried to
every legal voter in LouUville on Monday laM the
tnajortty vould hart been at lean one tljomnnd vole.
If none but votes of native born citizens had been
counted the the vote would have been as 6 or 7 to
1. Of the 2,500 votes we have estimated for the
auti Americans in this city fully three fourths are
foreigners. Lou. Jour.
WANTED fs.OOu to IKi.ono to Invert Id a wbolesal ba
io(, already establixhed.
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wise. Apply by letter t Box 4.'4, Post OSoe, Nanhville,
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Popular Tote of Tennessee. Official.
' '
' i " i
. t
n. 8 S -a g
Cbuntiee. H, S K 4 w
Anderfon,...01 S8T 643 8T 773
Bledsoe 464 S9 4t9 4"4
Blount r 1146 784 lni
Bradley 54T 778 Ml 1085 614
Campbell.... 813 I5t 85 445 N'T
Carter BS5 139 T21 2'Jt 771
Claiborne... M8 M9 629- 7i7 ftO
Cocke 743 196 6ti7
Grainger... 658 477 9iS "67 (""O
Greene .... 7S0 13nt 9'i3 191.1 t-9
Hawkins.... 779 Mt llsO (-87
Hamilton... 774 649 796 972 9C6
Hancock... 241 &3S HI b-ii i
Jeff-on...ll68 So7 1396 ft!9 1697
Johnson.... 845 98 89-2 134 (H
Knox 1363 063 2279 770 2T.60
McMlna.... 796 666 799 965 9'"
Migs 141 44J 119 T)61 97
Marion 458 S9J 476 857 f54
Monroe 8 647 7:i9 9) 8 1
Morgan S40 22S i'H 8t (n
Polk 7J 479 J49 5'.'7 8S3
Rhea &0 87 i70 853 nil
Koane 820 679 912 71 ISOi
Sevier ....6x1 80 M4 133 96t
8cott......l99 ' , 127 1--6- 18i ial
Sullivan.... 260 1114 861 14i7 6'l
Waahiugton. 665 633 967 1U69 647
19,-99 19,763 OO.OuO
Bedford.... 1390 1306 1859 1257 (W
Cannon..,.. 453 7'.'7 44,5 8")3 459
Coffee 25 723 '274 824 0 0
Davidson. ..2617 2i68 8.VJ7 1963 3IH2
DcKalb 059 C89 ti'J 61D Mil
Dickson.... 823 6'7 857 743 8S9
Kentres.... 153 411 166 604 19
Franklin.... 830 1143 8: 6 1224 J 94
Giles 13ia 1447- 13)1 1469 18.2
l.undy,... 44 827 69 874 23
Hardin 643 S3 671 827 TOO
Hickman... 241 639 263 612 0-0
Humphreys. 263 471 841 6l 8'4
Jackson. ...1170 6i3 H 64 995 COO
Lawrence .. &47 fS3 621 141 bi
Lewi 43 6 . 1-3 34
Lincoln 0 2297 617 2322 4J
Maury.... M24 1799 12:8 17U 1411
Montgomery 1260 993 13"9 1004 lN'i
MarahaU ... 666 1340 671 12S2 79
Macon 617 874 65) ml f4
Overton.... 845 1)39 481 12a 291
Robertson. .1013 769 1188 761 12.'6
Rutherford 1495 1313 1407 v43 148.)
Smith 1743 62i) 846 1572
Stewart .... bit 725 479 718 6
Sumner 825 1563 86 1425 730
Van Buren. Iu7 165 HO 2 5 IK
Warren.... 844 ' 922 43 1W3 4n3
Wavn 666 890 7"9 430 00
White 949 619 974 634 979
Williamson. 15 768 15i2 710 1621
Wilson 2243 923 2241 2i0
' J3
O ,
- I
r t'OO
423 000
14'i3 '
U-ii ,
OO.tWO ;
(KM) '
01 K)
Mil) ,
W)0 j
0' 0
bis '
2va ;
1791 i
6SI !
1H10 ;
4.'t :
1529 '
f-04 '
12 9
644 '
1150 I
26,930 80,550 00,000
Jknton..... 840 4S5 8.3 405
CarroU 14!'S 649 1469 66-)
Decatur.... 400 815 409 25
Dyer fri8 411 476 878
Fayette. ...lood Io34 loll 1006
Gibson 1570 6'lt 1514 1024
Hardeman.. 717 lo24 651 li'J5
Henderson.. 11 93 611 13ol 693
Henry 899 1116 8'.l 14J6
Haywood... 790 782 726 7-5
Lauderdale. &10 277. 819 25J
McNairy... 921 673 1016 94
Madison... 1426 619 1261 7l'5
Obion. 431 644 647 792
Perry 825 814 8-7 821
Shelby 1624 1628 1513 14-5
Tipton 857 665 2-4 627
Weakley... 7o8 1149 783 1279
69.802 67,123 14,932 11,103
Scott's maj 1,679
475 4" !
1567 ft !
853 4i9 j
4i 433
0000 Ol'IM)
1618 1214
619 1123
001 n (0
OoO 0'i0 !
IM'O C' i
915 1 057;
144-1 7SH I
4o7 67S j
K.O 4" j
1S81 1447
0 0 000 ;
01 '0 OOOH I
00,100 lO.'lOO
l ast Tennese. . ..
.19 "99
MiJdi Tenneaaee.
. .26,940
Johnson's majority.. 2,261
fW" The very great dem md lor Mr. Fimmoss' Brasilian
Pebble Spectacle ha induced him to prolong his stay in
this City until Saturday, September 1 t. Ihose in want of
these celebrated Ola-sea should call without d-lar.
WITH a rash ctpitalol from 6500 to llO'tf In a lucra
tive, gu'eel bulnew, whose tiin would ber. q iir.d
only from 9 A M. io5 P M. To a -ntleraan of good .!
dres a handsome inoome may be realised. O-wl security
given for amount Invested. If preferred a liberal salary
will h guaranteed.
(W Adlrva,sta.Ingwher an Interview may be had, to
S 'll lIKKN'tR, Postl ffl.-e.
N. B. Person not having the above amount of Cash
need not apply. augl7 It
THE new and sp'endid liuht water A II
teamboat H. L. CUHB L. Nob
Twraa, Master, will leave for the abovtsssTil iriii f asT?flV
port ou HATUtD V i8ih, at l o'cloe A.M. For ireiglit
or passage apply oa board or to
auglJ 2t J. it. TEATMAX, Agent
'I'ni copartnership heretofore existing between the rub.
1 acriner, under the s'yle of Barms A Cucrch, was
dissolved on the Tth inst., by mutual content. All accnunts
due the lata firm ar tn be paid to J. Kamage who will pay
all claim agatuit ths firm.
auglT a. S. CHUitCU.
XW Having sold to my partner, Mr. JNO. RAM AGE, alt
my interest n th late firm of Ramav A Church, I nio-t
cordial y ree ramend him to my friends and the public, as :
very way worthy of their conn lence and patronage, and ,
earnestly solicit for him a continuance of their custom, I
heretofore so liberally bestowed upon it. O. I
R. 8. CUCRCII. !
nsvlng bought the interest of Mr. R 8. CUCRCII
I sh dl continue the Boot and rhe business at the old stand,
43 College street, WHOLKSALK ANl KKI'll,, and shall
shortly receive from the Eistrrn ma-kets larg additions tj
brt present stock; to nak room for which I l!l cell a por
tion of the atock oa hand at very low price,
from Uon. Car Johnsonl
Nasivillb, Aug. 12 1V3.
Diab Si: I hav for seversl wei-itt use I a pair ot your
Brasiiban Pebi.l Spectacle and h v no hesitation In stat
log thit I consider tbem much aupeiior to an oiherever
n.sed bv me, and have taken pleasure, in recommending th
IU of tbaui to my friend, in pri feren to any nther.
lUspecUully, jour obedieut servant,
i. H. BumoBS, Nashville.
Cbiob aD Ambricab Orrica,
. . Maahvrlie, Aug. 13, IS65. f
I have been using g'asae for some four or Ave years, and
during that time I have tried a number rf dlfftrcnt descrip
tion and manufacture, soma of which I th 'upht very good;
bat a few day since I obtained a pair of Mr. femmoni'
brasl.liaa Pebble Sptetades, have given them a prity lair
triad, and 1 hav no he-itaiion Inlaying that tdey ure for
superior to anything that 1 have ever tried In thit line
O. C. TOiiBaTT.
From Hush Erwln, Esq.
Mr. J. II. SnrvMs-Dear glr: Th Bratll!aa TtWi Class-
that I purchased vf you about two week since, hav
r roved fully equal tostti vsai ( si resporUog tlteir gnod qual
lie. They are ma. b superior to any I have ever u-d, and
I would earnestly ad via all wht ar competed U e 8t
taclas to call at yoar ottic be J procure a pair without de
lay. I would Dot b without them for m-r than Ave time what
thev cost. Baipcctfoliy youra,
. HtUU tRWIM. '
Mr. ScxMOBa' Glass can be obulnsd at hi 0!Fc,
svef W. T. Berry Co1 Bookstor, until Septrsnlr lt,
anl at no other place. augl7 i
Iltl.UAL. AOVAM'CLS mad In CASH oa Slilp-
rrenta to
M'NT'tlMFRT, Ala.
LADIIS Flo Cnroeoa Kid Slipper;
LadM fin French Lasting SI ppers;
" KngHah -Atlases
super Kid Bsaxs; inst received by
KAMAtiK a tunxnT,
aog9 4i CvUVgwMrwet.
Uniyersity of Nashville.
THE Ccoatoa f ths Ctleg, which consist of two term
commencing reepecuvely ea the loth September and
2Sth January, eatiDr rthoat intrrroptloo from th b
gtnniBguthw dnssi oa lb ll'Jt June, 1S56. At pt-rt
tier ar wva Prw'esswrs hi the Coilrgc on other will b
added. Tn ir of lUidlei, ta every drpartmest. Is aa
thorough fat tclt kMki and tasehing as that ef any Colleg
ia wr country. Th dlsciptin is strict, yrt parental and
maintained by dj aad nigbL Mental, M ral and Phyncal
CaHarw, tooaomy and Discipline ar the especial ob,cu of
Criarfbr Tattton. Boardlsg, Waiting, Fuel, B-rvaa',
Bttcodancw, aso of Anwa, Kaoat Farultarti, Towels, Hea
ding tch Clct la supply Lb iscswsry wiaakt)lOrr ,
terat of M week. Surseon' fee and Mertfc-fnc (5 r ,
lra. Enginevring. BliWra Lanewagra, ltk-ketlnf aivl
Fencing, eark l per teraa. Staaietii aVmrdngwilb fneada
ar rec.v4 oo pdal arrangaSBewas wit Chanrelkar 'V ;
Farwfy, aad chargrw f 37 fit) ye Uns f-r Tuition, Fuot, ua ,
Of rutu ILsieaiS HOC Arsaa. rar MMiroHsrs aitoxeaw
Chanc kr of th Loivorslty, or
B. t JuHheON,
JytT4w . fcttportotoodoot of Lb IaaMitato.
"not i c c.
SH. LAOVU A CTL. sav cot Agcats km , win
farakt lb ppa tt teaaaai with all thai sttSerwait
aindaaf Wt.NB sand by sa. at sv DannBati &
prieaa. Akva, tbo Calaaba farapo Cstuegw ae plant .a g ,
Can aswl saw taSB. JS. LoNajWukTM.
ssartt Ctswaaatt.Obio.
State Senators Elected.
From the counties of Johnon, Carter, Washington and
Sullivan, Furra, Amer., gain.
Hawkins, Hancock and Jeueron, B. F McFiJ.an, Amr.
Greene, Cocke, Sevier and Blount, A J. Flitch la, Amr.
Claiborne, Grainger, Anderson and Campbell, lirrcs,
Knog and Roan, 8. R Rodgers, Amr.
Morgan. Scott, Fentrew and Overton , Jomi B"wls, anti.
Meigs, McMinn Polk and Monroe, D. W. Balliw, ami
l-hf, Lledsoe, Bradley, Hamilton and Marion, Joux M.
Havaos, anti.
White, J.ickon and Macon, Six. Tck.iit, Amr.
Smith and fumner, J. W. HsiD, anti.
Wilson and Ot Kalb, W. B. SroskS, Amr.
Rutherford ank MiMamson, R 4. KlXIS, Amr.
Bedford and Mar-hall, Thomi Diaa, anti.
Warren, Cannon, Coffee, Urumly aud Van Burrn, J. U.
Fbkio, anti.
Franklin and Lincoln. Jo. W. Caarira. anti.
Giles, Laurence ar.d Wayne, Baows, a' tl.
Maury, Lewis, link man and Dickson, W.U. WarrntoBas,
Davidson, A. W. JuuaroH, Amr.
Kberton, Montgomery aud Stewart, Col. E. 3. CniaTSiM,
Benton, Humphreys, Perry, Decatur and Henderson,
Hall, Amr.
Hardin, McNairy and Hardeman.
H-nry, Weakley aud O 'ioD.J. D. C. Amis, anti.
Gib-on. Carroll'and Dyer. B. 8. Alles, Amr.
Mailison, Haywood, Lauderdale and Tipton, Iaaac M.
Stiel, Amr.
ayette and Shelby, C. 8. Pilhoe. Amr.
Honse of Representative.
Sullivan, Mif-tilNOTix, anti.
Waxlnngton, HaBJs, o;l.
Greene, Bctias, auti
llaatius, Ball, anti., gain.
Torke, Ca JH-BfXL, Arur.
Jrff.-r?on, J. M Ieh Amr.
Grainfr, . CarmI'-'Bakl, Amr.
Claib rne, CLorn, Whig.
K'lox, Mcwics W bits. At r.
Mount, CoLBrax, Amr., gain.
Monrt e, Kcpd, Amr.
Roan, Wklckkr, tinr.
McMinn, J. C. Carlocs, anti., gala.
trdley, l.lCHfY, auti., gaiu.
Hamiitun, Bckch, anti.
M irion, J. EagrsKLr, auti.
Frank in, Nkwmas, auti.
Canncn, K. J. V. -OD anti.
Warren. TboxaS Mabrv, sott.
White, Thomam .-NxDOKANi, Amr.
O erton, hlqci nii
J.tckMin, (ins na aati., gain.
Smith, Wood, Amr.
DeKalb, M. M. Uiukn, Amr.
Suinurr, P. tt. Doaaia R. ant!.
Rutherford, J. M. I ox fun, Amr.
I'edford, W. I i-nLR, Amr.
Lincoln, Bao, anti.
Mar? h tl,
liamson, E C. Coog, Amr.
KotuTtson, K. A Fort, Amr
M'-ngimiery, M. D. Davis, Amr.
ftrwart, H'XVH, an'l.
Dicks n, W J. Mathi .ant'.
Illi-kniaii, M MiTKsmtS, antU
Maury, F C. Pcnnisutu, aati.
Gilt-, A. Wukinsi, ami.
Lawreur1, G. II. Nuns, anti.
W yne, W. W I'oouj, Airr.
Ha din,
Henderson, Oai iowat.WIi's;.
Carrol, Pfbrt WilM, Anir.
Henry, W. K. Travw, anti.
Weakly, N. V. Cavi.t, anti.
Maduu.n, ITabviv Browx. Atir.
MeN'aii-y, Smith, anti.
Urd,-man. R H ras, anti.
Favvtte, W. B I'ortch, Amr.
lliywuo', Thomas, Amr.
Wilson, Jon K. (ucv;ind R. TT. TTTtO, Amrs.
David n,N. 8 I'sovj mill L. M. Tmipi, a mm.
Shalli.v.G M. Babtlitt anil (1. L. Iiolmes, Amr.
Carter an. I Johnson, TirrH, Anir.
Grvuc, Uawkina, ll.incock and Jrtfcrson, Kiiirr,
an'i.. gain.
Knox and Sevier, R II. Armstroo. Amr.
Att'lerjon and Campbell, w allacs, Amr.
S-ott. M rirun an I FentreM, MtTT, anti.
Polk. McMinn and MpIit-i. J. B Crs , nti.
Khea II1o'I-m and I'amil on, N. M. I'ors anti.
Grunrly.t'iiffeeand V.m liun-n, A. Nouihcc:t, anti.
Snii'h, Summer and Macon, W H. DkH ita, Amr.
Pavi'liion, ltobert,in and M nt(rnmery. IUrmarCox, Amr
Rulhfiford aril Ke:fo'd, P. B. lihTSOLDS, Amr.
I I ,c n ar-lia!l and (.!'-&, CnWOKM, anti.
Will am on, M:ury and Lewis, A. M. Uwsir, Amr.
Benton and Humphreys, GiLDKfcT. anti.
Ptsrrv and Dcaiur, PaVatt, anil., giin.
Cnrroll, Gib-on, .Madison ami Henry, J B. A loss, Amr.
Dver and Laulerdl", Fiklpfb ant; g-un.
lipton, ehelby and Fayettu. tan. T. Taylor, Amr.
A Card.
TTr, the nnerslgned. having exarn'red with at'ent'on,
v thn rontru-tinri and nD-ration of CHILD'S GRAIN
SFPARaTOK, and witnessed i'h surprise nd pl-aure Its
j thorough actl n in cleansing the fuiiirst Wheat of chrat,
I cockle, dirt ami pariicula' ly frMCT wh'rh is remove I fr m
I the wheat without breaking he bull or soiling the gra:n, are
, impressed thnt this Machine Is mot n-esarv for the ue of
our garment and Md!rs to prepare the wheat a oercliant.
able condition fr the ho e nd foreign markrt, and to
enable our lurmt-rs to coir pet with those of the North and
K t in raii"i tig ai.d ?'ling grain.
We, the uiid-rigncd, tlierrfore fee'lng th importance of
ob a ning an Imprured ar'M-le . f wl tt in th condi'ion aa
des-ribeil, are pren i red to offer 10 pt-r sent above the mar
ket pr ce for all heat cleaned th ough Child's drain Sepa
aoglC 11 R. C. KAN tT.
J. A. Mo LI-"T KR A CO
Casli fur Theat.
THE-nb-r. Iber will pay CASH for wheat at the highest
market price.
J03. NASH,
au1, dlw No. 81 College street.
Poll II I It I'. A negro man 26 years of age forth'
balHi.ce or th year. Abo a be y and giil 9 n '8 year
of aire
Orneral Agent No. 17 Deader k-k st.
IntVEan evellent Seamnres, WVh-r, and Irnnerfor
ale. Any peisnn wishing o lav can be sat filed as to
q-mlitlctlon and charcter. None need spply eai-epi thn
wi.-h ng to buy to kten In thecmnty. AIo, . verl other
nrgrues. Burl RF.FJ W. 1'OP.TEU.
Wheat! Wheat!
1TTE will psy CASH for Wheat de ivered In Nvhville.
II Sacks turuiahed. Call and see Os ber ire ou II
aurlS-tf J. A R. Y BATMAN.
rpHOSEwhoexpwt lo attend the next term of th Fro
X Sch ola, commencing on Mondav, the 81 of September
next, will please attend at the High Scbool, the boys on
Monday, T"-.liy and Wednesday, the 2lh 8 1 at and 21
inst.. Irom 8 to 1 1 in the f renown, and from 8 to 6 in the
after-no n, and the rirls on Thur-alav, Friday and Saturday,
th- 231 2 i h and 23 h ins'., during the sauut hours, to re
ceive ihei' ticket ot admsioa.
Thla nntl-e applies 'o those who attended th last term a
wrll at to those who did not. J. F PEARL,
aug!9 dlw Supennieodent.
Ho! for Kingston fprlngs!
riSIE nderi(rned hav mad.- an arrange- ,Vr a, -1
ment withMr Jumes J. Hak-r, to run yh-fw-tA
a six pa sentrer omnibus lo the fprit g three
times per week, rare ech wiy, two dollars. Office at th
Sewane H"U-e. where s. at mav be secured.
The onmit.us will h ave Nashville pitrut'ia lf at 8 o'clock,
A. M , Tue-davs, Tlinrsd y, aud Ha'ardaya.
Returning will leave the Springs punrtwilly at lame
hour, en Uurda s. Wednes.la.ys and grid ys.
Careful dr vers, goud bor , con fortaMe cmnlbusea and
a delighful pUie of reso.t ar thus offered lothe public.
pains will be parrd to make the trip pita; act, and a so
journ at KlngiloB A-'reeAUlr.
Je21-2ia O E. J. A J KRFIPER.
' R. C. McNAIRY 6l CO.
HAVE this dy received per Fxprrss, oo'y six dsysoul
trim New k ck, a beautify I lot of
French-worked Collars, Sl-eves and Chemiaettr;
Mourning Collars and Sleevet, in great variety;
J-k -net and Swis T.g'on and Inscitings;
W bile F-mbruiJered Muslin Robe.;
Beautif il ( veoilig Hrrsars, new t!rs;
Plain, Checked an t F'gured Nainsooks;
Plain and Striprd India Dimities;
Squall Red and White Fans;
Sldi nrfld llrl lal Fsns:
nn Mus!in De Lainea and Perage, for Traveling rr
. Pocket Han Jkeicl.tefs. N g'lt t ai. GI' Ve Boxes, and
Bianv ni - bale thin s tan ttxlioua to mentioa, all of wluuh
we will sell at the lowe-t possibl prices.
We f htll receive during th coming week on of th larg
est stocks of Fnglish and AnrV-an Carpets everbrougnt lo
UiismaikfU tl. J4c.tA.itii ui
1j28 Coileg street.
TyTcc Tprings.
THIS dchahtful Summer Retreat is now cp-a ov se
the recrptionof vis tcrs. The It. .use has under- ;
goo a thorough reapair, and tl.e roost ampi "
raoawments havw been Bade fnr th aecnwjnvsiatua
of tlio who dratro to avail themselves af a tiait to this
welt known watering pla.-.
It will be 'he constant aim and endeavor of th Proprietor
to pleat al who visit him, aud to preserve aad snaintaia
th high reputation amrersa'iy accorded to llaa Spnog,
by all their former patrons. Pledg ng hirose'f to antinog
aaaiduily In th discharge ef U the dutw devorvisg oa
hint aa l-vpiir lr, BaeotiadcntJj hope to rorwiv la libral
patrtMco iret'I xvcutx to ana by ai trie sua anu
th pubiMi general 'r.
A rail supply of le U oa hand and ready for h teaaoa.
HVtarpl WM. ItOBklll PrtrtrUr.
pOTTO" OS ltrilf;S.-V bales msperiov So.
L I IS Oaoburga,juatrecive4 sad tee ' bf
COFVKi:.-8v bag prtm Rr CusTeax
SI bas idd Gov. Java Cut,
4 " Lagnyra dt;
In oon aad Bsr aahs low by
711 1 K I : Y .-100 brrl P s's BUgwolU Whlakey;
f 6u tents tM Kaawrv and By d-K
14 do RablnacMi eowuty woobio dasUUod ;
Ia store aad lor aJ by '
r A X O I. r S 'J) boa CaaaUaai;
L U SusajBstr htooid wo ?
aul StTMOCa, FtNNl)s A CO.
f 1'sll U'ittltlNTN-lcll
IS pay Cah so all por-
jt-4 bob having Load Warvaat to pM C
a. aaixow B,Go. Agt,
Ska. II Dvadertck at.
the niGiiT on the lefti
TOON, NELSON CO. have Just received several nrw works.
One of th nun-.her Is
"The lTew Korel npoa ruhionalala Ie:igiott.,, .
"IU portraits are life-like, it sketchirgi graph-, Its pte
tnres powerful, and aim noble." "A'irttUM," ev. AVcAo
lu JIurray, D D. J14
2& All About the War ! -423T
The Mory of the Campaign:
A Comp'ete Nirrative of the War In Roswia, written in
a Tent in the Crimea, by MaJ. E. Bruce Hamley, author
ft "Lady L-e Widowhood.'
Thi work Is recommended to the reder attention by
by the followinx considerations: "1. Th author Is an ac
comp h-h-1 rffier of the British army. 1. He is nn en
gaged la th war, and his bsMi from the first. 8. He has
aire idy established a brilliant reputation as an author. 4.
This Narrative of the War waa written on the spot. 8. It j
contains t complete account of the war from the beginning.
6. It en'ighteni tbe reader on many points which oilier ae- '
counts hav left obscuri .
tS9 Ibe above, with many other new hooks, can be had !
vi sw.s, .sc.ijr.v.s V
Jyl 44 Tninn street.
laluable Tuedlogiul Aiorks.
W. T. BKHIIT A CO. havo recently received
1 The Life and Epistles of St. Paul, by the Sev. W. J. I
tonybeareand Rev.J.S. Ilowon. S Vol.
2 Ilippolytus and His Aire: or the Bi g nnings and Pros-
pects or cnristianity, by the t nevaiier unnsen. s vo:.
8 David-ion's Introduction to the New Testament. 8 vo's.
4 Jeremy Taylor's Who: Works, with his Life ami a Cri leal
Elimination of his Writings, by Bishop Heber. Iu vols.
8 liarre'.t's Synopsis of Cnt cisma on DiScult and Disputed
Passaof the Old Testament. S vols.
6 Kev Thomas Boston's Complete Works, with his Life, Ac.
edited by McMil'an. 11 vols (scarce.)
T Morning t xercises at Cripplepate, St. Gllr acd South-
wark, forming a Complete Body of D vinity, by a I th
distintruished Puritan Divines, edited by Niwls. 8 vols.
8 Ri. hurd Baxter's Works, with Life, and Essay on his
Genius and Wr tings, by Henry Roger. A vol.
Memoir3 of the Life and Wri ings of Dr. Chalmers, by
his snn tn-'aw, Dr. l!nni. 4 vols , half cal'.
10 Chilliugwortl.'j R. liiun of PiotestanU : A Safe Way to
Salvation. 1 vl.
11 Hietoiy of Latin Chris-ianlty. including that of th
Popes to the Pontificate of N.colas V, by M.lman.
8 vols.
12 Lawson's Bihl Cy.-Uirlia, containing the Biography,
Geography and Natural llittory of th Holy Sci ipt ure.
8 vols.
18 Geneste's ParallLl Histories of Jadah and Israel. 3 vol.
14 Flhliop Home's roraidete Works. 3 vols.
15 Ecclesia tical Greek Historians; embracing Fuehius'
Constantine and ixclrsiaalic .1 History, tocrates' HUto
ry, Sox imi-n's N irrative, Theodoret's loclesiaaitcal His
tory, and Evag lus' History. 8 v. Is.
18 Ha'dwicL'a History of th Articles uf religion. 1 vol.
IT IufiJelity; its Aspects Causes and Agoncies, by Rev.
Tl nmas Pearson. 1 vol
13 Arrlibi.-hop Potter' Diaouurse on Church Government
19 The Venerable Bede's Complete Works, In the original
Latin, accoiupanie I hy a New Fniclutu Translation of
the Historical Works, li vo l, ca f.
80 Robert 8uth's Sermon, Preached upon several occa
sions. 3 v Vs., calf.
21 Rubei l Hal 'a Complete W .iks. 8v d.s.
S3 Writings of Artninius, translated from the Latin. 8 Vols.
23 Wi rks of Bi-hop Huge, 8vils.
24 Wa l's Hi-lory of lufant Batis-ri. 4 vo's.
25 Hurler's Compendium of Krcl -aiastieal History. 8 vo'l.
26 Stephens' Ho-tory of the Church of -collaad. 4 vols.
2T Doddridge's Family Expositor. 6 vols
2S Blair's Sermons, with his Life, Ac. 4 vols.
23 Robinson's Scrinture Charterers. 4 v tl?.
80 Kadie's CuuimenUry on the Kpit.e to the EhsiaDi.
1 vol.
81 Nean ler's Ch i;ch nistory. 5 vols,
82 Mason's Spiritual Treasury. 1 vol.
83 MassilionVs Sermons, with hi Life, Ac. 1 vol.
84 Greek Harmony of the Gospsd, l-y Stroul. 1 Vol.
U Life and Works of Thomas Aruold, D. D. 8 vol , halt
88 talmet'd DIctioniry f the Uo!y Bible. 1 vol.
W. T. BEItT A CO. have just received
C. Abbott, wi:h nnps and illustrations. 2 vol.
LE CCRE MANQUE, or Social and Religious Cu -torn la
France, Ly l ug-t.e de Courcilloa. j.-2-i
si:i:i' HI.POHIK.
L. T. Sb. Vol. 1 now ready and for sale by
m.2 W. T. BERRT A CO.
From th Kev. Dr. J T Edgar.
Nashviix, A "gust 4, 1S53.
Ma. Srwn ! Dear Sir : Ifavlnv used for some time past.
a i-iiir rf y. u-nealy Invented Braa linn I'rbhle Spectacle,
I feel no lesitat'on in testify ir.g to their Uerlrit.v over
ar.y glasses heretofore known lo mo-. Inatiiiti n to their
un. q i.illr.l pur ty of surface thev Imj art fnra their peculiar
me. l.nul'iu a visual ra and comfort to th rye, preserv
ing it alike Irom sen e r pan or uneasiness to the eye,
bew-v.r long at any one time t!ey Day be oel.
Very pecituil, your friend, J. T. EDOAR.
Froo- Wm U. Harw, E-q ,
Nashville, Angus' W3.
Ma. Srwi'SH tfer havlnv ued a pairrf vour "Braxl
II an Petit, e SpeciHC e." I have no he-l'ancy in statin and
taa treasure in so doing, laat they ar sut erlor to any I
hav ever Used. Respect fully. Jr.,
From B. Tt. Harris, Ef ,
I asre with W. II llatratts E-q., in the alv certificate
and take ple.tu:V it re-"CO umen.linif a I persona who ar in
want of superior -p.-cia.-les to puirhase f Mr. fem mod's as
I consider theu sopertor to any 1 ha er u-cd.
Frcm A. W. Hunt, Af. D.
Vsas. i, Anrustt,
"The tnnver T se sonr gla sea the moie fully m I eon
viueed of their suiierjority over ail others I hav vr used."
From Rev. J hn W. Ogden.
Whits Hall, August 8, t:33.
Mr J. n. rwn!. Desr Sir. 1 have ued a pair of
yur inipr. ved pje-iac'es, for h ut two weeks, aud find
them superior to any I have ever tried, and I have reeunt
men-ted sevrrsl c,f m frend local' and try them, and th-y
are much pleaed wi"h lhm. Inrvrfrlt tiredwbie rd
lng or Wi I1 i'.a with then l.-r hoar together.
Iimra vers, sitK-erelv, JOHN W. fr.DEX.
JsT" Mr. Cemm-s smay he consulted at bis il over
W. T Beny'a li.s k ftore, on th t.iuare. aog IS if
To these who pay taxes to pay interest oa ths
BoaJs of Davidson and Snmner Coanties.
PRINTED rerei,.u will be furni-he I to Collectors, show,
tug on their face that each bolder of receipts to th
arm ant of t wilt he entitle.! to one share of sbs-k In th
LouisviHe and Nahlde Railroad Co. No receipt win bo
ace pt.d as ev,.leo of ach ptymrnt to enti'le the holder
to tck ext-pt th m kii'!i ai u the printed firm prraeilo
ed by the Company an I furni hed in -he ot lector. Th.
receipts are trati-frr.LIe by an et4 Urseoicnt uf th name la
hn on stirnalar of the tax pa. e.
auglu l.u n JOHN L. lik.LV, Prea'lL. AX R. R.
'TO avoid unp!etant d IE -ulties I wi:l on'y py nrh ae
X ee.tiU iu future as 1 eon ract wrs-lr, , r i.j my r-ler.
augll kSi W. puKTkK.
Grayson Springs, Ey.
rjiBW ?prlngi are sima'ed in Orsyson eouo'v, ("f
L Kr.. 14 miks north of th M.i-nrooth av. f- Jj;.s
fnfrlliuj ia great abundant very varvnj of sw pir &A
stater.; pore white, ic I. b aca aod salt !phur aud saa,ae
sla, Ac; ihe.iralivqualiitc tl ho.h ar itasOAalei
at any other wateriuf place.
Any persons dealnng to visa vjrav-oa. auu ior.
W ' MarA
maUoa, w- reler them to luLJ no auu w
ine neisr Nuhviiie. Tenn.
Our place is ext-vly lasprwvod. which wiUffrdso
oommodsUoo f .r iv pauwoa. aod wr wiablihwul will
too i id as good aa al any o.hwr wauMtjg fimn ia tho Wset.
C'onveya .ces can b had at Mammoth Car fcir our place,
and tb road irvi4 la a very good oouoiry ro.; vary
paassh e for earrisge.
tff Ijo.idif es Jay 11, pr vst ft 10; per saoath
acg d5w AL P.lLAKRjsON.
ri ai
LsV C41iUl.i: hoso.J. Dos l ACe's
1 h.rJ trrr1 tamMr Tallow CaasiU-a la s. re aod tue
al by
IkAjI w tsUsVDON A CO.
sii' utt: 1 1 ni ii-xd iwn r.u fswiif riosi
m . m. - - - - - '
s . . 1 w I . n.l a.. Ml h.ae h,tw e. .K ' mm
igamot, py
a 14
11 li j hi is in,
OfDslo PlaatesV Bank. HtWs. sw
PtRMNK ds4raa of wsa-ribing tar stoet ta Iks" M-anl
iHivat Crnvewry,' raa bow hav aa i.rtwity e do
hig s,byeJ4iig ra Li au-sv A Cascwarr. tv. .
Tutsw.ora huu. allay Mill, who caa gi ay soAsr
waUub 4ss rrL II at it-cu3 taut loese waa waA sossi.
aerlttw w.U da ta iaoaas dlAtaiV. ao oaiv m Aisuted aaaasaat of !
loa-k M to I Jt 0 d Ot.
'tlMl (S
VLARIt varP'y of ftrm Power and Thrasher. Oair.
e gersns. 8Vrw w 4 Los-he. ia diater. giro
wetrk, Pnswrb Cik. Ucwwiv orrvwa, kVawb rrwa,
CUaspa, rvat koia Aagwi, A, JM rvawvod im toe si by
aprtt Wo. CoO awroat, Kaaavtilo.
Coramission 3IercLants,
llvjrre A rs'illhorf,
tST W'ill attend tc the sa'e of COTTON. FLOt'R
f.RAI.N. A.,oro her Pr.-ltye.
Agen Psltnetto Line N-w Tjrk Farketa.
S. 13 Sottlhrrn Wharf,
Cliarlcston, S. O.,
Commbion .Merchants,
fOZ tUt 3tLE OF
fl'eslcrn and Soalhcrn Froiluce.
k. w. b.i or,
autr. tri m
f )
J03 T. Dlt.L.
Conniiksiofl AicrcLanLs
Loni?3villo, Kv.
j rp(I Rorc.U r,ce,,. ,rWer, r ,r Pork B-.e.,n
j X co, Produi-e aud M -rrh mdise to the Eat
l.ard. T.-bao
the v.riou, lranf..ortat,.,n , ; . t'-,'"n
g7 fpeci it a ention eiven t r.. .
and to the purchase and sale of l ce. '
M heat ! M hr.it !
Y A T E f-20,00l BC.stiKi.3 wnf,T Th.
I I highest market price mdl be aid in CAd by "
"e"-1""-' N o. t0 College
Wlieat! niieat!
X wanted delivtr.a i- at . ur H'arehuu-e bv the l:n
for which we will pa 15 cents per Lu-hrl ot . ibs.
. ' 8s ' W. . t.ttKiiu.f A CO.
pnn tl).-, iis vsis ss. . .
AWTKl) imnedi'.telv at tliehighe.st csh Drl,-e Bar.
'urnished if Jai.e.!. u h
. ... ui.rvr 1
No 3 College sir. t
Wheat! Wheat!
UrAXTEIl lni,rs, h.,l,eU Wh-at. delivere.1 at Wb
ville f which lha l.nrbo.t m .r.. ., . 7
i,. ...v ........ , ......... , r.epai
. u q i snil'T nirni-e. to . r.ler
-1 tr
ilimvil . HKKSIi.N,
No I an t 4 Kroa'd st.
(ASH roil WHEAT.
I 'F are pre, red tn pay tl.e II I O II F ST MAXIt
l:KI.Vr;" " orn, the",
ville City Mill-, i.nd ..'e.ire ..11 the heat t.r .
j-ll-wtrwtf u f cn
C'Zr; l' r6"odc.ea
Jv 4
1 D. D. L1CKET.
FL0"R! FL0UX!!
?T quan'ity f Kn ur, no .1 bi
HO si br. in Is and "lid eooner.
age can be suld de.iser.
il st urn ware hou-e.
D. D UlCKtr,
No. 3 College street.
Land for Sale.
I orri.K ir s.ie
le (:mi i-E.KN HCNPKEO ACrE3S
ronth ( nlu'Tihia Cential Tun toke T
f'o n Coiun Ma an I four Itom ML I'uu.
lioa , seven n ilea
am, neing a i. irt. T in. trsct on w Lh I re.i.1-
1 his Lan.l is tnjl il not sneiior loan? iu Maury ennntv.
It hi well watered, (the celebrated 0, vers .nrig helri, on
the p irt otlere I tor sa'e) we l tin bored and well improved.
Theieari- on the premls s itne beaiinfiil build. n aiie
fronting the Tun pike and the rontenit..,ted Kail Koad. It
will b- di I le-l to su t imr- hasers nr sol.i in a body.
For further i,if,,nn..iinn , ply tomcat Asl.woud P. OOce,
Maurv cnuny,Te unease,
stll tf If. IV J POLK.
Na hvnie In ion and Louisville J urn. U a. cpv.
A i t ii . rni a ti i; c v .
TH E subscriber, havinr the Agency of tl e following Mill
Mitrbelville Milla, Spem-er's Mills, (tilver Spring M ilia,
form Mills, fiH-hviile t ity Miliilof which ar jusUr
celebiate.1 for their suoertor brnils will keep enn-tanrey
on hand a supply ol Irrsh I let nr. Ail Flour of th
above bra nils told bv me, wl! he wanaited. Also, agent
for the sale of writ ,'lral from the above M His. City
dea'ers and ronsumera will Bnd it to their Interest to call
and examine m- stork.
' ssbitrres I hve n-w In stnre a large qusntltv of
Virginia ao.l Trnnes.ee lOBACCO, which 1 am iff.rmgto
tbe trade at ona-.ua! low rice.
tfl full aaeoritueut ol tries h (;rrerir en hand
aad lor sal cheap. H. C HANDY,
Ko. 60 College street,
Jyll dim n door Irom Broad.
J. 3. McGUIRZ,
MAC01T, OA.,
YVVfT.L give prompt a tentioo to all Ka.insnaen'rustedt
v v his rare. It will io a general Colie ting Rusineas.-
AH demands pot in his hands will meet with prompt atten
tion. REFERENCES Cl. A. T. McTarra. Thoroasville, Ca.,
J. J. Auu, M icoo, tia. aiarj-m
A. . camiBTOv. i. . alxxabdib.
a. it. rnriKHTox v co.,
rxorairrosts or vaa
Verandah Livery Stables,
T Ol'I.D info m th putilic li st they hav la-
kra the Livery -t.l.ie M1 I berry tisrl hn-
mrdi trty is th-rrarol the Verandah Hotel, audi
w II keep on baud lingvtca aod ll. r-es. sobiecl tl e w.nurf
the Community al large. We are de:ei mined tn hav H new
and Huggtea of the be qtiaiitv, nd bein saifetleU that aj
wi'l be plead, we ak ash.re of p'iMie Dal.onave.
H H ses boarded on tbe Usual terms. elt 13ia
F TONS A CO. repevtrut!v infsm ther patrons, and thw
1 pu' lie in geaeral, that hry hav just received a 'ry
large and wed a sorted sp ek of line and choice imported
(Ignrs, To burro anil l.lquwro.
Among the Smoking Tobacco will be found th celebrated1
Pocahontas and t ana ter brautls. V, bav also a (reals
supply of our well known
Choi ra aad Diarrhe'i Medicated Brandy,
Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps,
wh'rh, with lha laree stork of oih go 1i alsrars on hanl.
wdl give to niirca-tiiUMii belUir inducement, to mak theiv
pur. n. sea of ui, o :r motto being, "m til Pn fl s and Ljuick
tw." LViiMs A CO.,
J-13 13 Celar street.
Let them rare aad exclaim they wilt pa it.
And derU'e we no I'rins at.a.l get aiUr,
We give lhen, bv way nf rrptv,
A shout of dertston and Ung'iter;
t t a I who las' i ' hmtti t,
Podeiicir us aa.l exquisit. flu l it.
That 0 v-r conl 1 tyrannv gia
Th right to restrict nr aot -ell It.
'i'lIFqia'ity f 'he.. AROMATIC C H I ISA M
A C 11 N A P Vi ia srt well known that thev do aot nevsj
th pufflog that it appear others On UUJ 1 all that lo
required to e-'ivi ee a irs-.n of their sui erair qualitr.-e
boid whuicsaiw aad r.tati bj. lb susa propneior, f
Jy'S li Cedar aueot.
diiiu:nd Mtiricr."
Orr ca Naswvoxb Ga I hnrr rrirri'V I
J!y a-b, 1 vA. f
VDfTTnywr) of v per cent for th l-t atx wwnth
wa. th diy dstartl, parabie to lha floes holders of
th Na-hsnie (isl Lg'it Companv, on rlesvand a"er tho
lO-h last JtS. U. KIMDKICK.
Jytl dlw
Fornitarf! Furnitnre!!
COTTAGE BED.-TE tfH 10 w ew DowbJa and srogSa
iV Cuttag KsWawaJa, ( Lhod aud kr sa'e jy
Irfnch pot corrtat bkhstiadh. im ivk!
Frrach P Jt Cola.s ckst Wads fial-hed aad ht sa by
lyxl J. W. VlcCOMU.
LOTNIEt Cottag Lonage,f d: atvloa. wow '
ftalatwd sas As oat ky J. W. MeCOMBS.
ALL GOOD WORK, aad cheaper haa ov offrrod ta
tb swkst. J. W. Mec'OWBd.
iyll Covnor of Cherry aod Church trwta
'4l.i.-K. -Jol rwivw str exyr.sa, a upp!y.
V Bool
1 sjeilaxw, ovwry siyl aa I iim.
1. ft. McGILL.
'rfK Tli:w Resw'vssl U day aa ajswrtmewsl;
l Sk.b Kerk rws, on. Black aod Panev eosor. A aso
choio as f Uk aaid Lura, aad Cambrw Ti, for sal .y
J. 11 McOILL,
LaUoo' aad G-nt eswen'. Fwraiah Bg S'or,
aagd Curwov ol Squar aad CoUege si.
KAOAnxrj roa aitoust.
BAB.PER-3. PUTNAM'S, OODETfl, mU0!l1 aad
Faaaai- toy aad Girts Magasicoa, hav bee reeotvod by
aswl TO"N, XfJS A CO.
" - - HttakiB;
Mt-ao Black aad Brooaed Kid H:pprs-,
Cbikl1 Astra, Fibo krontcd and Fancy e4r4 Soota
aaddaltora. Jam rocsuvad by UUAti A CLIXCU.
aogt AJ CUg strvoA.
er to .Ve n
. call oeiore setlir K elsewhere. I ike wise we st art be nr.
pared to esrhang- Flour for Wheat on s, ch term, a-apt
JSil- v' ,J'3r ... ,J "i'i'Sicn
I L W'" P'T V'r nt ',ov market
puce for W heat clean u thrur.i,

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