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- -"
rrr 8. H. PARVIN, newepxprr and advertising agent,
C ocinnati,! aulhoriced to receive and receipt lor lubserip.
ti m and advertising for the True Whig.
V. It. pALiraa. New.paper ai.d Adverti.ing Agent,
Brown . Iron bail ling, Philadelphia, U our onlj auihoriwd
Agent in that city.
Leave Nashville at 7 A.M. anl GX P. M.
Arrive at Nashville 1 A. M. and hi P. M.
The Mails for the Knxtern and houthem Citie close at 4
P. M. anil for Waj Offices at 8 o'clock, Y M.
jySl 8. R. ANDHU80N, P. M.
WKDXESOAY moitM.. OCT. 24.
w' are authorlr-d U anncunos the name of JOHN
McINTOH as a candidate f.r he cilice of fctate Treasurer.
Tiie river was till receding yesterdity tve
ijisig, with on!- about twenty-two indies on
IIareth Slioaln.
Tlie A. L. Data departed for Paducah yes-
te 'd i" evening.
. r,
1 lie toret Low was sold yesterday at Tadu-
call at Sheriff's bale, to Messrs. Mills ii Ean,
who intend putting her in the Tennessee river
. . .
and St, Loum trade. The Tennessee Utile, tin-
3er the cjiiuuau.l of Capt. J. V. Thkooi, and
Forent Iione, wit!, Hen Eoan on the upper deck,
1 111
will f.rrni a regular line iu the new and grow-1
injr trade. Long may tliey vave.
The Cuba, in consequence f cninc ntcosa'y
repairs, did not leave yesterday, but will cer
tainly blip from her inniiura this morning at
10 oV.iiwk. A. C. Matiiknay one of the dev
est of steamboat captain- commands, and
H'YD 'resides over the financial department.
Anticipating that there will he no begnrly ac
count of empty brth this trip. We learn Peleg
Davidson and lien Eg hi have secured state
rooms for I'adticah. "
l-$f Among the ttrnncers at the Capitol
yesterday we were ''Rel to see our old and
valued friend " Puleg" Iaviiso.v, who oocii
ied the. dek on tlie ill-i'a'ed Lexington when
bli " tMk a bust." Pi leg'B coniiteiiaiK-e -hoiif
brill utntly yeMerday, and we learn the oltiee
of t!ie new steamer City of Cairo is to be il
luminated by him.
Mkai.tii of Memphis. Private teh graphic
depa!che received lie re ycster!uy from olli
cere of the Howard Association, antiounre the
disappearance of the epidemic, and the return
of health and confidi-nee among the citizens of
A U ie Iti.ovN I'r! An explosion ot
ji'iwK-r occurred on MoiiiIhv night between
eit;!it and nine o'clock, in a building on the
c 'Hier of Cherry and (jay htreet.s, occupied by
a (ierinau nameil Andrew Herman a a miscel
laneous or family gncery. It a;OHrn that
a brother of llerm itl had mid some powder,
a si null portion of which fell upon the counter.
A sisier was alter wards in the More wiih a
ligb.ed candle, a spark from w hich fell upon
the powder on the counter causing it to ex
plode. She then placed the caudle in a hole
in a keg near by, uot observing that it contain
ed powder, and the candle disappeared, ignited
the powder and producing an explosion which
blew the building to pieces and scattered the
articles in it in every direction. Fortunately
ti' ersoii was killed, and but one injured, al
though one or two families lived in the build
The powder seems to have been handled
very carelessly, anu Imcl lliere ieen more in
tt keg, the explosion might have been a very
fatal one. We believe there is a city ordinance
forbidJiog the keeping of powder except in
tin canister properly permed, and it ought to
be ei'torced for the protect iou of life and pro
perty. Commercial Affairs.
Nkw Yokk Siock am Mom.y Market. The N.
Y. Journal of Commerci ot Thursday afternoon, the
Ib'lli, ayf:
The uewlian pro ltiCP'l no perceptible effect upon
our market, a !i I h ui h fiiiaut i.illy it is qiiie impor
taut. Tlie ltiipivin-ioii a'i ui p-m-rul, that wlmt
evcr may take place lroml, our own prosperity is
pecure. The letters, anil ai tieulailv tlioae. from
tlie most reliable house iu hoiidon, Hp. uk ot th
tirciiilstufl's uiurkel in the United Kingdom an not
likclv to show any permanent advance, and riprcss
a n. licl tnaltne i.igneni pn.v- imt'i me i.eai mi , i(l ri.Mr.i l(( Nii,,i.,l and State polity, which I
months, will tie this side the 1st ot January. j ,,,. llt tWn Q ,,,, ,,UI1,.jf allj woull, nuw
Tlie X. Y. Evening 7 W, of the witne date, :.): it it wen.- neci-K.-arv, reiterate and enJor.se ll.t-ui art
Honey appear in increased abundance on the ! ;'U"d a':d correct. They w. ro my vie and eeii-etrt-rt
to day, even for call loan, but tlie don and ' ''"' ' n, they are inino now, and I have been
for these is not no active. There is, tiowcver, more i
mercantile paper oQered tor discount, ai the maiu-
rin; oi bills payaitle is at liauJ tor large amounts.
The X. Y. Comiiu-rctui reports a eule ol Tciiuessce ,
mi, ... i.
eiles of 18V0, at Ort.
I.avd Warrants. The tdlowinR quotation
... .
of hand W arrants we copy from the ftock ami I
exchange report of Messrs. Chubb Drothcrs, j
of Washington City, as publ'itdied iu the Wash
ington -Star, of the IStli :
f I is
l r:i
l v:k
4S 00
ft 15
1 15
1 U
1 14
48 00
K.o acre warrmnU, per acre
80 lo
120 da
' do
40 I da
V laartr
0. remark ss follow: Since our lat i
weekly quotation, warraiiU have advanced from 1 y lias oeietoiore pa-se.l wuiiiar oruea. ; ana 11
to 2 ceuis per sere. The demand continued uoaha- j iU, rt I confidently belieTH, a it ha done on for
ted and the 120 sere certificates now meet with er occa-iuri, rise from the present contest purer
resdv sale at sti advance of 2 ceuts per aero ovrr ' ""d Wronger than at any former period of our coun
tae prices of 11 H-k lO I';ioit. The p. oj-le have beard the uru-le
. llntt bus lieen going 011; the? have bean aroused
Cotfta. The l.alnmore I atru.t, of Jnd.iy after-, , . ,.ISC f at iAII,.r lhut Umiun.i and
noon, the 10th, .aj : j threatens our iimiituiioiis ; they r iu their uduht
When we left the rcAVe nurket last ws k it was corning up to the rcvus, and wi'd save the counti y
Bteady nd holders firm. Since llien, trauMetiono ""d preserve the Constitution from a practical vio
have been, comparatively, very moderate, without, v.'-1'1" ol some of its rnost esM ntUI provUious. lie
however, any r-pecial change iu price. Sale iu th . icracy ki.ors, und it is to be exptcli d, too, that
pact seven days will reach in all alout 6,6to hagt every l .n, i tr .t t, and uiiderl-iLug lhat ias ten
Rio at lojsloj to lie for damaged and oj-rted; deticy to impiove ai d to elevate the treat rnsss of
good to prime, 1H11J; choice, 12al2i5. S- me the p onle. ts nat.ir illy in. llm d to excilS the id will
lot were old on private terms. The Mock ol La- ""d opposition f t!.ose in pocpiori of considera
gusra and Java is very lij;ht. We quote former hie ettt ,t learning, wca'ih, ai d power, or those ho
Bominal at lljslic , slid the latter U i il ic. The contend lor an.luo a lvantteii err th -ir fellow men.
market flowed with holders firm for all kind. Sunk I- ' buportant, therefore, alay to ber in miml,
f Rio at nrcsetil on hand w ill reach aUut 22.IX-0 l!lt whatever tends .ubruiitialtv to benebt the
ba". The iiiaikel Ut day Dim. a saso 01 z.oou
bag, Atuaxoii's caigi, on private tei 111-, ulfo 7oiJ
bags Kio St 1 11 1 i -; 10t .lauraged at loj.-, and
hi lo at K'ic. and K prime at 1 1 ie. The ua-
tJ .f rl, week e.ill hat from JCiv. .
At New York, oil the 1Mb, Sa'es of Joo ;
niade at llalljC l
Ceo. L. Audcrson,
Vrarchousc & icininiioa .Mfrrbniif
C'ollon. Crn, ! llnrou
IMrd, FenlUera sad I lur,
And all manner of Pr-idar and Mfriiaalwr, and will atUnJ
to ecemng ana rorwaraiag eiiiuuuiK,
Ch advanced oa I'roJut ta Mor "
BR'.CK WARU10LK, KuWI fils Rsoi r ft.,
oeta-ulm AUOtrSTA, C.
Tcksday. Oct 28.
Mr. Head, from the joint committee appointed to
,nake prepar,tioilli forlic i)aUguralion of Govemor
j01IlS0t reported the arrangement which had been
, ma Je The repQrt Wa8 r(.aJ ajd C0QCurrcd m
! Mr. Steele introduced a resolution inairucting the
' committee on Ways and ileana to asceruiu what
steps were neceissary to piovide for the payment of
certain Stat bonds.
The rcpoit of Mr. Sheid, of the committee on the
Penitentiary, iu oppohiutin to the bill providing fur
s c haie in the mode of electing the Keeper of tLe
renitentiary was taken up, and
Mr. IJaliew moved that it be epreaj at length on
the journal.
A debate Lroe on this motion, several Sens'ora
particiDatinc: and U fore it waa pnnclnded. a reeeaa
waa uken to attend the inaucuration.
, When the Senators returned to their chamber
i Mr. Johnson took the fW wa nroceedim?
to comment upon an article ill the Union and Amer
ican, when the speaker (Mr. Alibis in the chair,
temporarily,) decided that he was out of order.
Alier come remarks by Messrs. Stokes, Hall,
Caldwell and Ilavron, Mr. Jonnon, bv leave of the
, I - n
Seiiate, resumed, and concluded hib commeuts.
I 11 i-.! 1 1 1 ... .1 1. . a a t.
1 su, vaiui-u anu cujkcs oritur oppoou me
t n otion, r- garUing it as an uusafe precedent to pread
. a miuorily report on the journal wheu the majority
, 'M,rt U;1 I10' K1'" "ed there, and calculated
to encumOer the journal wiih mattar which bad no
j legitimate right to be there.
j The debate was further continued by Messrs. Hall,
! &U' ud Juru.7: . . . u .
1 hi 1 11. nil una ihi-ii lni.1 on the table, and
ihe Senate adiourued.
Mr. Atkins relumed the bill to establish a court
of common law West of K'd Fort Lake, iu 0uou
county, with an amendment in lieu, which was
adopted, and referred to the Judiciary Committee.
The bill to inciease the compensation of Jurors
wiih the amendment proposed yerlerdav by Messrs.
Smokes and LI all a.-t uken up and indefinitely post
poned. The bill to secure to the widow her dower iu cer
tain cases, passed third reading.
The bill 10 reduce the number of Director in the
lb ant hi s of the Union li o.k; passed third reading.
A coin in u ilea 'ion from Mr. Ueries, Superintend
ent ol Weights and MeaVeies, rransmilted by the
tiuvci nor, was read und retemd to the Committee
on Ways and Mean.
Jlont UilU on Firnt Reutliity. A bill to incor
poiate the Methodist Church at Cartel's Mation
Camp (Iround; passed.
A bilitoamcud llie fjeneral Internal Improvement
Law ol lasl toion; psed.
A bill to incorporate the Ciislean Society of ihe
Uaptist Female College at Iii o nsville: pas-ed and
was icteiTi'd to the Committee on Incorporations.
A lj.il to change the name of &anipsou Stewart;
A till amend the act making an appropriation
to clean the oYifi from tin) mouth of Foiked Deer
liiv.r; passed a'id was rclerred to the Committee ou
Int rtial 1 :npi ovi inents.
A bul to incorporai.0 tiie Vaehviile Acaiicmv of
Music und Fine Alts; passed and was rcb rred to
the t'oiiiiiiiitec on Incorporations.
A bill contend g addnional power on the Mobile
and Ohio Koai!ruad Company to bono' money;
passed and was referred to the Internal Improve
ment Commit tee.
A biil to amend ti e lnw refill. ;tin Bean's Stit'on
Turnjiike Koad; pa-sed and was ich Tied to the
Committee on Public Koa ls.
A bill to incorporate l.n Grunge Female College
pass.-d and relet red to the Committee ou Incoipor
alions. The Senate then adjourned to 10 A. M. to mor
Ti tMi.iv, Oct. eo.
Mr Ilatton moved to take up the resolution of
Mr. Siiodgrass, as amended, which was under con-f-i'leration
when the House adjourned yeeterday, and
the motion prevailed.
The question then before the House, wa, "Shall
the main question tie pui?"
Mr. Cavitt demanded the ayes and noes, which
resulted, ayes 113, noes HQ- o the House refused to
put the main question, und the resolution was re-
joe ted.
Mr. Snodrass moved to take up the resolution of
Mr. Calloway, provi'linjj for the election of a Comp
troller 011 Thursday, 'iohiv.J the SOth of Novem
ber,. and the moiion prevailed.
Mr. Hatron offered a resolution in lieu, proposing
a coverifion of the two house on Friday the 2tilh
ins!., to elect a Treasurer, Comptroller and Secretary
of State.
Mr. Hobo moved to adjourn to 10 o'clock to-morrow
morning lost, ayes.'l, noes Mi.
Mr. Newman moved to adjourn to D4 o'clock to
morrow rnorninc, i nd the ayes and noes being de
manded, he withdrew his motion
The II ise then took a recess to receive the Sen
ate for the purpose of attending to the inauguration
of the Governor elect. Iu u few minutes tiovcrnor
Johni-on as escorted to the Speaker's chair by Mr.
Speaker Cheatham of the Senate, and Mr. Speaker
Diowri of the House. After prayer by the Uev. Mr.
Hjyless, Gov. Johnson arose and delivered the fol
lowii g rtd'll ess :
lirntlnnfH of thr eir'i, of lltf
HoitMf of ll irisai'ativit, and Ftl'oiP Cituelis ;
II is not my purpose ou the present occasion to
make an uddress to you. Two years no I preterit
i d in the tin in of iiuluau.ural addres til V views
' ":'ur"'1" ' n u.-i-ihhi anu txpt iiei.ee,
The Icadii g and tundaiuelilal principles ot IlfiuoC
racy were then la d down, coiictitiitnig as thev do
. , , , .i . r 3
-n. , j . j, , . , 1 , t, hell-existing in the nature of m:in,
M1J w j; et ase to ei-l only with mar's total antiihi-
r',u "'. They were taught anj pre.
fiwii by the tounder of our holy rt,ligioii, and liitr
huV0 f,,!,,. advoeauw noU.njr u hi pre-
cepU aiid rtatnple are respected and received by
the ciriiiZ' d world, as beini; of Ibvine origin.
The IleiiKM-ratic Party ol the Nation is now pass
ing through a severe and trying ordeal, contending
with an eneinv that cornea as a thiel in the niht,
cautious und auhtile in iu approcti, noiseless in its
lootsiips, and siitt in it progre.-d : in it transitory
pause ci'r(j!i an intljeuco upon the morals, re
liion aitd politics of the country a withering and
deadly in its eft'ecLs as the potanous enimimi of
t e t'pa tree is upon all auiuiid life. But Deuioo-
com inoti people,
liliiy Ly tlie p
nil tie e ncrallv viewed with hos
udo ari-tiHracv of the countrv.
Jlenee venuii.e t'i.i j-tisnitv and In-nrociaCT. toth
Oiiuiale !,, and have mainly Ik-cii snpporod tv,
" " I un.t.le origin, rticumstatires, snj vitu-
ons, h,.m lio-e puti.-d up With undue ea!th,
-"Uied leari.i: p-iaer, rank, and authority, pen-
er'l f role-n to Utppie lor their low Lirlb, ;ovr
nd Ignorance.
l.tery tl.iui; l.ii.h l a a t nderirv to promote
, .!,. i-i. it, .,.,1 I'. - :.
-'eoru.me wi.i, the iniere,-. j fe.r.i.por
the m iss ol the p.-cpU. W t in ir, therefore, look
t nit, ,. it ,j, ,r , iu vr Uuf M. f,itt
j jane snd n ilow f.-ctitif:, at;d for whatctcr imports
a ruimuwi pari ir the promoiioii of ju-Uce, human-
tyf riw-pvrily and LppiuesS, to luankh.4 itt fener-
Virtue biiJ iuteiliiMic, talent and genuine learn
ii'j:, boiiest mdiifttry, economv snd real merit, rotu
bilied wilh a Jo-ar' i lore kind ot Iii'eTer
trLII) liOX VICKfj
tW A gocl stock of CASTINGS, aDd a complete assortment
alway- iu tlore.
....... 1 1
clime, tongue or conuilion, consiuuie me ouiy atio tuat me journal snow iuo uuui jiij v..
tot-nev that can ever command aud receive the re- jjourcment rejected, ayes 83, noes S6.
! epect aud admiration of the American people. An Mr. Xiion called tor a division of the question,
aristocracy like this has my profound respect, and but the Speaker decided that it was not divisible.
' no other has. It is principles and sentiment like f Mr. Donelson moved to adjourn to 3 o'clock
these which enable the patriot aDd philanthropist to lost.
exclaim in sincerity and truth that ll world ii my Mr. Cowden moved to adjourn to 4 o'clock, and
home, and thai every lioneiU man it my brother. demanded the ayes and noes, which resulted ayes
' Iu assuming the heavy responsibilities of a second 32, noes 37; so the motion was rejected.
Gubernatorial term, I must be permitted to state, The question was then upon putting the main
! lUat 1 have, or feel that I have, performed every question, and it prevailed.
! duty which has beeu imposed ou me by the law of The main question was then put, and it carried,
the Constitution, with strict fideliry ; and do now 'so the resolution proposing a convention of the two
I enter upon the second term, as I did two years ago' houses on Fridav the 26ih inst., to elect a Treasu
i upon the first, with a fixed and uualterable deter- urer, Comptroller, and Secretary of State, was
! ruination to discharge every duty growing out of adopted.
i my official station, with punctuality and t-trict jus j Mr. Uatton moved to reconsider the vote adopt
I tice to all. It is with no ordinary pleasure lhat I inz the resolution.
i avail myself of this occasion to teuder one timet Mr. Newman moved to adjourn to l o'clock,
more, to the sovereign people of the State my uu- : which motion was rejected.
feigned gratitude for this aiiditionftl evidence ol their ; Mr. Galbrcath moved to lay Mr. Hatton's motion
confidence in me as a man and as a public servant. to reconsider on the table, which motion failed
I will add, iu conclusion, that the people ha"e never ayes 31, noes 35.
d. serted me, and God being wilting, I will never The motion to reconsider was then rejected aye,
, desert them. " 27, noes 36.
j The oath of office was then administered, and a The House then (at near 2 o'clock,) adjourned to
benediction pronounced by the Rev. Mr. Ferguson, 1 o'clock to-morrow morning.
; when the Senate retired. I " mmm
! The House then resumed it session. Pure I)rU'S and Cliemitals.
1 Mr. Nixon said it was customary, after an inaugu-
ration, to adjourn 16 the next dav, as a matter of! A "ROE Invoice or IUKr, CTiemicali, Paint. Oils. Dre
J, , 11 .1 1 frti.fts. Instrument. Perfumery, Facev Good.-, Brushes,
courtesy to the tjovernor, arid he, therefore, moved Ac- jut revived and fur sale at a small advance upon Kabt-
' that the House adjuurn to 10 o'clock to"iuorrow era cost, by A. ST.tETCH,
morning. 1 he aes and noes being demanoed, Mr. j Wholesale and ReWll DtorriM,
v 1 1 1 . i, . , .... ,.,..11 ,1 1 Corner College and L'aionsw., NaslivUle, Tena.
Nuou remaiked that tie dia not ollen tiouble the . ,. ....
II -ii .. 1... -...j - :n:. ... : English r infc Colctncum lUsit Spatulas. .
House Willi SUCH lll'iiiniia lie a niiuu luiruidlll
, in the Hail and work until 10 o'clock to night, if it
was the wish of meiuUers not to ailjourn, and be
; wilhd.ew his motion.
Mr. Cavitt renewed the motion to adjourn, and
' upon the ayes aud noe being demaiideJ, withdrew
1 1 ii ..,r,.t
hls mo ioiV ,.
.Mr. Cavitt moved a cull of the House. The roll
was called, and eome tour or five members were
,i i . i- . , . .
Mr. Ihuna moved to ai journ to 10 o clock to-
morrow morning, and called lor the ayes aud noes;
aud tin- motion was lost ayes 31, noes 35.
Mr. Dunniugtoii moved that the ubscut members
be sent tor.
Mr. H ilton said his Sid ? of the houae had no oh-
jeciioii to Bending lor the absent members, but was
oppored to U-pemiiu thu bu-iiicBS ol tlie House
iiniil the ab-entees could be bunted up aud rather -
.. r o
-'U . ... .
Jir, IUIIUIIIIOII wiuiiiiew uis iiioiiun, unii I
! M. Nixou renewed the motion. He thought it,
, ,4..r tl,r the K.,.r ,,n,!., 4.1. .1
lie sent for, and hoped ths memhcia ou the Oppo-i
site side weie willing to rant that courtesy. llis
bide of the House were willing to grant such cour-,
tesies to their opponents ihcy hud had it iu their
power to pass meat-mes through the House, but
had forooroe to do so through courtesy to the opposi
tion, who did not appeur willing or r-jady lor action.
He hoped, therefore, members ou tUe opposite side
of the House would exieud to tliem the COUl teay
they asked.
.. . 1 . i i .... ..:n..ji! .
air. i,ooncy saia lie couio io.c. rim anu listen
to the imputations ot Mr. NlXOU. His side of the
iinputaliolis of
House had extended every courtesy to the Gover
nor, snd liny now had a courtesy to extend to their
coiiatilueuls it was, to aiieud to the duties they
were sent there to pel form There were State
ollieers to elect, aud why wate the time and money
ot the people by fuiliug to make these elections? A
liuiuher of cuudldates were here, highly respectable
! ,...,.il..,.,ti .f i.i.ih i.irtioslliew 14., ..,,,.,..,
I r r - , i
I and desired ihu matter settled at an early day '
I someihiug was due to them in this respect. The
' absent uiemhers hi.d due notice that the matter :
1 cmliraced in the resolution uow Lefoie the House
4 would be pressed to a coturnm ition, aud it was '
I their duty to be in thur seats. It was not for party
I puiposi-s that his side of the House wished this
! matter settled, bul iu the discharge of their duly to
I their con.- liiuenu and their duty to the Mato as 1
i l. i,i I
t Mr. Uatton said gentlemen on the other side of
' the House ought to be curt-fill how they assumed to
; lecture others ou mutters 01 courtesy. Lie concid-
jtrel that the members on his side of the House
weie above acts of discourtesy to the G vernor or
1 i 1 1... iTi.it! il u.r uu tlm iitli.'V si. ! T liv m V l!..ll
sui h conduct legitimate, but his side ot the Hou.se
' did not they were actuated by bi! er motives,
and he disclaimed any thing of the kind,
j Mr. Ihiniiington called Mr. Halloo to order,
j The Speaker decided that Mr. Hattou was not
1 out of order.
j i'r. Ilatton resumed. It was customary toad ourn
I over when a member, or when a great man died,
but us neither had happened, and as, according to
i the address they had just heard, the Hemocralic
j party was a young pant rising lo power, and, there-
fore, not dead, he thought there was no waul of
, courtesy iu rcliisiug to adjourn over. And, niore
! over, it was the opinion of iov. Johnson, whom
the other si le of tin House seemed to delight iu
i honoring an opinion which he expressed publicly
as well as privately lhat members ol Lcirislative
bodies should spend no time in idleness which should
properly be devoted to ihe iutercsU of their cou
btitoeuts and of the State.
Mr. Han is hoped the Democracy would not
make any more "laciious 1110110118" to adjourn, and
declared that the lectures from gentlemen ou the
other side of the House "had fallen, lika the fires
of Heaven, among a set of rebels."
The Speaker culled Mr. Harris to order.
Mr. Siovall moved to adjourn to S o'clock rejec
ted, ayes 21, noes
Mr. Nixon disclaimed lecturing the members on
the other side of the House. He declared lhut his
hide of the House did not wi-h to "rUve oil" the
elections, bul it did not suit tliem to go into the
election of Secretary of State, Treasurer and Comp
troller, at th same time.
Mr. Siovall moved 10 adjourn lo 2 o'clock -rrjec-
. ted, ayes lioes o'J.
I Mr. Nixon's iuuUuh to tend for the ahaentcea was
' then adopted, and the Hoor Keeper despatched on
j "the w.ld hunt."
I Mr. Caviti moved to take a recess uutil the ab
I rrnlees arrived lo-t.
! Mr. Delict, moved to lay Mr. Huron's amend
, ineni or resoletion in lieu of ihe original, ou the
table, and the motion was rejected ay SO, noes
' sa.
j Mr. Huntiitigion moved to amend the resolution
I by striking oui Ticasurer aud Comptroller, leaving
i only the Secretaiy of Suio to oi elected. The
i motion laib-d ayes 114, noes i,
I Mr. Ncwmau ofhred a resolution in lieu, propo
aiuga convention of ihe to Hou.es on Vednety,
j Ihe i4th insL, to elect a Treaauter, CMiipUo4ie'r,
j Secretary of Stale, and 1'ubLu 1'inu.cr, which was
j rejected.
1 Mr. II it'ot.'s nnn t. Jmei.t was then adopted, and
the ijuesiiou bti'it; t.pon the adoption of the rreO
1 bitio.i as amended,
j Mr. Cavitt proposed to amend the resolution by
j adding a proviso that the House will not go into the
1 election ot Stats o.ricers tinlil all thi absctl 1111 111-
Iters aie iu their teals, aud the uiucndiucnt a ro-
! jecw 1.
j Mr. Looorv denuiided the previous question, tnd
tlie call was tustaitied
Vlr. t'owdcti moved L) adjourn to .1 o'clock lot. '
ilr. Hullen moved to acjouru to t , ftVlut a lost, J
ajm Si, noes' j
Mr. Newman moved to adjourn to 10 o'lkxk to j
luorroa niortiirig, and the Uiolioli Wa4 n-jreled avc j
'i'i, noca titl. j
Mr. towdfB 0iovej to eJjourn lo o'clock, and1
cjlled for the ate and noes), aud the n.otiou wj
rtjs.ttted SfM ti, THs i 37. ;
Vlr. It jllen mo.clt'j itdj Him ti 1 oMotk, end
u u
of Hiilmaa
41.. u- : 1 i. .L . 1 . OD1 V1nt
i 4 4 r...(l Ii..!!.,, fltl,.,.a
Fine Turkey Opium,
-' . e s i
Surgeorig' do.
Jlliiuieopathic Vials anil Corks
, cure iMtrate biiver,
T'h'lsph' ric Acid,
Oxsie Silver,
: " Copper,
' ProtoCarb. Iron,
Per. Chloride Iron,
Lact ate "
oluh e Citrate Iron,
i .''JT',. w
I'i ule Pota-h,
, Precip. Ext. Bark,
VaierieaateoV Quinine,
! Iodide "
tMiiKlasu Aiilie-ive I'lasler,
1 ,,Qle r' a Liver O'h
East Imiia Castor Oil,
j Wedgwood Sloruirs,
Sjriniio of Hum.rWd kinds
Apotiecaiic' lie a lei and
Gaily Pot with Covers, (all
j bices,)
Jled Pans. ( liffrent styles,)
Levchri and Leech Glascea,
Fine IU.ee Macoboy hnutf,
j Honey Dew Scotch "
jBermuda Arrow Root,
Turned Wood Pul Boxes,
.Canary Seed,
Pure White Wax,
Pratt's Artificial Nipples,
Nipple fliields and liotUef,
.Chamois rkina,
Bath llrieks,
Refined Salt Petre,
Kresh OrM Cyenre Pepper,
, Genuine Carole Soap,
Kreh Table Oil,
;Henry' Mayneia,
,tork Soles, Ac, Ac.
ocis ,
100.000 COIMF.S MH.Il!!
or about the 24th of October.
Firt Ai'pliration of Stenn
Lite of J.il n Fi'ch - Enirravinfr of hit firnt boat.
Life f tioliert Fulior. Kngiaviug of lii first American Boat
on Ihe llu.l.ton River
Koiier t Kaiton aud Livingston! first Ohio River Boat Cor
rect Likeness Full Pai titularj. '
Lat robe's F;rt llo it.
Firjit Struhi-nvillH H.ii4l..
Fist expliou on tlie We't.-rn Waters, from an Fye-W'tnesa.
f Slaps of the Western Wutcrs ; Towns, Cities and distances
I laid down correcllv.
ij3t , f ;tramhf.t txoloons since 1S12: Names of Killetl
and Wounded : List of steamboats now ttoat.
Correct views of I'itLsburir, Wheeling, ' ineinnati, Louisville,
S'.. Ixju b and New Orleans, in IbOi ; Sketch of each place;
poi.ulntlon, buines, Ac, Ac.
Fast Time f lloals on the Ohio Mid Mississippi Rivers.
List i f Steamboat otlieers on the Western Waters,
Tlie New Steamboat Law With Comments Life Iloata.
Disasters on the Lakri Names of loA, Killed and Wounded.
Ihe iiurlt Water in isin, is:t2, 1SI.
''l'lt,'r Plantations on Mississippi River.
ilioportan' Cniled States Supreme Court Steamboat Decisions.
Three hundred pajtes, wi- h one hundred enirravinir'; hand-
somely bound tiy remittinir Osa OotLiH, (post paid,) jou
will receive a copy or the atxive work.
OruVrs fruin the trade solicited, and stents wanted La ev
ery town and city to canvass for the work.
Address JS. T LLOYD A CO.,
oct 'i iim - Post Office Buildings, Cincinnati, 0.
To Country Merchants and Planters.
1200" CRISES
Avnoi.i:.si,r. ami hi:tail.
'fl TTT T) fT) T? T) f iVT f HC
J it . IX J JJlJlX X. OVJli lljvr.
14 oi.i.i:;k sr., .-vamivii.i.i:.
K ars rerelvfnir our entire Pall itoek of (leatlemens',
lauties'. Misses', Chlbtreos', Ni ftro Brofans, sole ieath-
esiPr iraTsunu rmnas, valises, tarpei
J 1 liJl'.nifs. hovs' Cloth Cam. PiantatiuuCiS I
1. 11. f i,;..h
slJUJilrle in ten days. Our stock is larire" Vis-
ill is) com- W S, 1
mi. I has been selected expressly tor the Fall and Winter
trade, and embraces nil of the best stylos of Philadelphia
anu ew Knirlanu lanur.icturera.
S?tr" I'LANTKRS snd MERCHANTS will find It to their
interest to call and examine our stock; we are determined to
offer (ioods at low prices. We he ronstantK on hand a
laJire stuck of the best DOC'BLK SOLKO HROGAN3 for
i'litoutiau use, which we will fell low by tlie case or sinlv
Genu Calf Water Proof and Stitched Foots;
" Iiw quartered Calf and Patent Shoes;
Mens' Calf and Kip lYfrifeif Roots;
" Calf and H p BroRaut;
Metalic Rubber biioi-
Poys' Calf aud Kip Boots; Youths' Calf and Kip Boots;
Ladies' super Plain and Tiped Lasting baiters;
' heeled (iaiteia;
u W lute Kid Oaitere;
u Kid and Goat Welt Boot;
Ludies LasliUK Gaiters t'l.O.
Also, a (UU aaaorliucnt of Mmaes and Clilldre ns" Bootees
and (iaiters. C. W. ROBtRTWiN A CO,
ein-jj- 8m No. 14 Colleae street.
l:iO.OMY linilllUT.
Camphor Wash Mixture,
Patented July 11, 1851, and which received the
Premium at the Nashville Fair In October
last- Warranted to contain cothicg ia
the leatt injurious to Clothes; alao
a Great Paia Killer.
rilflT and. r-iKiied, havio repiulry been sofeife! to
X make cons,pnnnl ef the Patent Camphor W uh Mix
tare, ti concluded to sell no more coan'y rigt ts In this
Stxte, ha will in future have Die tsipruved Can-phor Wash
Mixture put up and dutnoored throughout this Mate (ex
w-ept IB the counUes where the rijrhts have been disponed of)
and in the Hate rf Alabama. And that tie may be enable!
more r.Trciualiy to snake this arrangement, he pr. pose to
iiiTnIe the patent lor lnncee and Alabama Into I.OtH
shares, one fourth to be retained, aad the reauiindct; 7x)
hares will 1 u&ured 4or sale A person remittinf; ten
dollar will have one share in the Pstetit, to run fourteen
years from July 11, IsM, and will be at the same Uroe In
vesting also eve dollars to be nsed la the purchase of t.s
ftifrtdietus, advertising and the necessmry cxpenditura of
tte. means lo prrpsrw and distribute the Mixture fur sale.
Cuns'irnnK'nts will be made to shareholders, (wbo may re
quest it,l and to no other persons, to the amount of their
remittance. And thry wiU be allqssxpd a ccmiraisak n of 83
per rent on their salts, aud also their proportion of the
imiflu at large.
Annual rxl.iblt of sale will be toade, and d.vidende of the
pre-ats remitted to each shareholder. No debts snil be mn
tra tr nor wiU the Ci ropsxy be raiponnblr lor aaj M oa
bumKi will be conducted upon the rash system.
Any of those who have purchased patanl lor eonnUea in
thi- Mute, ran have the priTUrf of exchanging their righ'a
f- r share at the prions tbey have paid. Tli-s xehange wiU
be ma-lr at the er of the Patent.
It is desirable to have at Irast one r scr active ahara.
holders in each count i lo die 8'atee named, ttubacrtptions
ftr shares wni be rlowil by the 1st Frpteo ber DeiL An4
cor.KiBmenrs of tk MixUirw W be loarhr very soon there
ar.er. ( trt fl !rs wa d la stiarelioWars, who wdl request
t! e Aurnry, If they dire It.
Tlie un ler-'imed will act Aftit antil the sharrhoUera
elect th'ge dim-ton to serve one year, wbo will sare lb
Dssiirnt nt ent.l their lixTrt-orl hU be lcct4.
.Ssn H-r in Mob le, Montgomery, TmiiM, Hunts
v.lle. i'.:i.,.lrf-a and Tascwnt-la, that wi I r"M-b this tatre
, ATl'1 ottrr ..ariuaiciiu to the asauantef tea dolUn, ana
send one ivi r. aiU lecciv en sbare. A I trrsa,
C. W. CaoZlrR, faun'ee,
Jrt-i ka ixnlte, Tenn.
liitli; (. t r
lilltKVlAei sV I.LLIH.
TT. are Agrou lor arlllng tlua celcbratcj Mi. I, ta4 wfl
V I e-n-iantly have on La4 a sapplv of etau a.' :lt ll r
s.ti-1, . a, fot , at -.ru'a-taiei ir.i rs.
A ':, llovev's rV
. C-C'ers c I i,r ?':.
KlUlvtl t I i U
Nsw York, Oct 22, P. M.
Cotton market quiet salea 4000 bales.
Niw Orlha.ns, Oct. 22.
Cotton Prices easier but not quotably lower.
Sales 8000 bales. Freights on cottou to Liverpool,
J pennv.
St. Locis, Oct 22.
The Kansas Frfiesoilers are getting up documents
by which to contest Whitfield's seat. Reeder's rote
will hardly exceed 3000. The election passed off
Delegates to form a Constitution and apply for
admission, have been chosen. Iieeder will bear
the petition to Washington.
Locisvillk, Oct. 23.
River falling with four feet five iachea water in
the canal.
Cincinnati, Oct. 23.
Flour firm at 7 90. Lard Prime in kegs 12$.
Whisky 331a3l!i. Sugar Low fair and good fair
GJiVJ. Molasies E3c. Coffee Fair demand at
PlTTSECRO, Oct. 23.
River Four feet and one inch water ia the chan
nel. New York, Oct. 23.
Stocks are low which cause quite a panic. Flour
firm. Corn Rates improving. Wheat firm. Mess
pork declined, sold at (22 87. Lard improving.
Discovery of the Age.
rr'HIS remarkable preparation contains no alcoholic stim--l
ulent, no essential oil, nor one unhealthy drug. It does
not color the hair, but acts upon the secretions and secre
tive organs, so as to supply the former with the necessary
col -ring matter, and upon the latter, so as to completely
restore their impaired or lost functions. All this the propri
etor has a right to say, for it ha done all this for him. At
the age of thirty-seven he was as gray as the man of sev
enty, and hia hair nearly all fallen off; but he now has an i
rbundant crop, aud no person would ever imavine that he
ever bad a gray hair; aud his hair is as soft and pliable as
though it had bt n recent')- oiled. This is not an isolated
cave; it has dune the same tor many olLers, as ihe following
cerlittcaiea abundantly prove.
Ft. PCL,Jan. l.liW.
Prcf. 0. J. Wood PearPir: Unsolicited I send you this
certificate. After being nearly bald for a long time, and
having tried all the h.nr renturatives extant, and having no
faith in any, I was indure-t, on hearing of yours, to give it a
trial. I p!iu-ed myself in the hands of a barber and hud
my head rubbed with u nood stilt bri'sli, and the Restorative
then applied and well rubbed in till the scalp was all a glow.
This 1 repeated every morning, and in three aeexs the
i vung hair appeared, aad g.ew mpidly from Angust last np
to the present time, a'id is now blaelc, thick and strong '
soft and pleasant to the Uiuch, whereas before it was harsh
aud wiry, what little there was of .t, and that little was dm- j
appearing very rapidly. I still use your UrsU;rative about
twice a week, and shall soon hare a (rood aud perfect crop .
of hnir. Now I have re id uf ttie.ie things and who baa
notf but have never hitherto seen any case in which any
person's hair was reaMy benefitted by the aid of the hair
tonics, Ac, of the day; and it really gives me p'.essnre to
record the result of iny experience. I have recommended j
your preparation to others, and it already has a large and
general -ale throughout thn Territory. 1 lie people here saw
its effects and have confidence In It. All who have used it
here will coincide with i.ie in what I have whiten. The
supply you sent e as the wholeHle- seeuts of the Territory
is already exhausn-d, an. I daily hi'iuii its are made for It.
You deseivo credit f .r yur drovtry. I, fur one, return
you my thanks for the benefit it lias done me, for I certainly
ad despaind long, long ago of ever eflccting any such rs
ult. I congratulate you that your fortune (an J a large one)
U already made.
Yours, hastily, J. W. BOND.
Cari vi r, 111 , June 27, ISM.
I have us'-d Pr .if. 0. J. Wood'n Hair rc-lorauve, and have
a icired ita wonderful effect. My hair was becoming, aa t
thought, prematurely gray hut by the Uie of his Restora
tive it has resumed us oiiginaj color, and I have no doubt
permanently mi. hlONLY liKEEE,
Ex-Senator United Mates.
IJooiriu, Jan. 12, 1 S.W.
Prof. Wood-Dear Fir: Having made trial ol your Hair
Retoratlve, H fives me pleasure to ray that iu effect has
been excellent in removing irtl.unmaliorj, dnnilrulf and a
constant tendency to itching, with which I have beeu troub
led fr m childhood, and has also restored my hair, which
was becoming gray, toils original rolor. I have used no
other article with an thing like the same pleasure and profit.
Yuuis, truly, J. K. UKAliO.
114 Market st., Pt. Louis, Mo., March 8, ISM.
Iear Sir : I am doing an extensive travel in the Western
and Southwestern States, as General Agent for Adams
American Liniment, and would he glad it you would favor
me wiih a consignment of Proi. Wood's Hair Restorative, as
I feel assured mat I can introduce It in many places where
it is not known, as my own head is a living testimony of its
valuable properties, in restoring hair to its natural color.
I am forty years old, and my hair was almost white, but af
ter using three half-pint bottles, my hai r is as beautiful au
burn as it was at eighteen, and much iiu proved in appear
ance, and I would n"t be without a bottle, on hand lor the
price of ten. I should be glad to attend to any matter that
is connected with the Hair Restorative. I have been for
thirteen years engaged iu ihe s.une business, and will be
glad to he ir frcm you soon. My address is Paris, Tenn.
Very respectfully, WM. Ii. UR00.ME.
tlf Prepared and sold at 114 Market sfreet, between
till and olli, t. l-.uis. Mo., ami Kid Hroadway, New York.
For sale in Nashville, lit Manufacturer's pnees, by
Also, for sI, Prof. Wood's Oriental Sanative Liniment
and Vegetable Life Pills, warranted better than any other,
or the money iu all cases rrfo.tidod. e circular fur all ne
cessary information with agents.
augl dtrwawly
Metropolitan Store!
i: L K ti A IV T
w. a. & j. o. McClelland
ARK openinr the largest and most elrgant stock of FALL
AND WINTER liOjlrts ever offered by tlrfin, aud at
prices that cannot fail to satisfy the most fastidious, w e par
ticularly isk the atlantioii of Cash Buyers to onr Mock, as
are delerniiued to otter great inducements to tills cIsjS
ol buyers.
Elejrant Ph-urn-ed Silks:
PI. in Moire Antiques;
" Mnped do;
H lute do, plain and damask; '
I.t Iln.-i4.le filks;
" Plaid r'ilks, rich and cheap;
Fitra super black t-iiis, Kxgle brands;
Rich Kiured, Plain and Watered Miks in Black;
Kxtra super 'de Lyons Velvets, for cloaks A dresses
kicb French M.de Lines,
" Paid Vaienclas;
French Men n, all qualities, extra cheap;
Plain WikiI De Lanes, "
llicii Piald Row Milks.
Loprin's beet Winter Bombasines;
pjper Ll.ick Tamise ktha;
Fxtra huper BUck Merinos;
Superfine Biack CHshmeres;
M. de Lanes:
Tlrst Kl iek Alpaceaa, all sjualities:
buffer Mourning tsnks, (uo lustre;)
iliack lliiuts, I'r in is, Uinfhaias, Ac, Ac.
' CLOAKS, SHAWLS, 4c , sVo.
Rich Vr vet Cloaks;
" M.are Antue Tamas;
ric;ant CluUh Cloaks, la H colors;
Cheap t Wks. in great variety;
i legant Lung Shaws, (in all Colors and black-,)
O-nts' Traveling abaws;
Rich gcarla;
Lie an i ruaa Kl.swU.
Our st -k of M-niery and Gloves is entire y avicpielc, for
Lad OS, Misses, 1'hiklreo, (icnls and boys.
A coraplew assortment of Lamtie Wvmm and Marino Under
wear, br l.adiee, tieni and Childrra.
4enu' Linrn IWsom fhirta an 1 Cullars.
Our FUvk of ?tsp'.e Goods is very large and rompfeW,
Itrat-ing everything compatible with food ttste and enniibrt,
ar.d very cbeap. Sius Inline, Wool and Union Damasks
with Tnromlngs to nn.-li ! Curtain a l at vs"-vlow p' lees
at the MEliiOrouu.N etuat, 61 and M Coliega it
oct i ,
co in n i sh i o rv ?i iz ii c ii a n t
Etaaza Esgflea and Boilsrs, Xafltisiata' Tools,
Belting, e., c.
ji.iJii riCTrar.as' aiiticlesi
S: T I1bM., ewYrk.
V. B-AgesiU tur Ois "WiXiDRrrf A IttACU. ISO
Ksdud-e Aes-ncT to Xf York f.r "LOWELL MA.
CHIN K UO P" mewl stV Tisaa. (.octa dsta
TllIS snsgn'.f.seftt styla ol Maalcl is faM Uktsf the place
JL of all other dec i. eons, both oa account at Ha Mpa
Or beao'y, rtcbuesa, duralxiny, and panic u'.arly Its rtiep
BM. W in tbeir euai is oalV abflut hs'f that of the real
arbla, Uwy lo4e.l cacswsi lbs forsser la beauty, have a
wipenor iotr, are less liable to suit, air much easier !
cpt eiean, ssm tar ereee-1 tnrl)'t in duraWuty, aa4 an, at I
be saxue tiax, less) liable 10 break. i
Tha Bndersifned ara a;rn' firf ilia manttfiCtBrers, Wal- j
.aew, Uibow a l , Lnti-sv::., Ky , and aill furtita.. tbeia -
ta U sir patrucs, and il-e pub'ic generally, with grave, suss
t sv pieews, and every Ibinj eouiptete; an t will rj-r
, sud J:"vpntuag up. HlUT s UlX,
. '-t LXr inl Taiware wnit factarevs.
1 n-,iv-: .j . M )UrM rnt,
"W TI T fO
TUE New Light Eraccht Passenger
and Freight Steamer ALBKR
TISE. MiLTi'S Aikis Master, having
been recently built fcr the Cumberland river trade, will run
during the lo v water season as above, and to all interme
diate landings. Orders Uft with her agents foi freiipiu or
passengers, will meet prompt attention.
A. HAMILTON, Market street, or
11. 11. HAit.iI.-0N, Agents,
oct22 6m Frost St., opposite i. B. Landing.
TrTK T ight Draught Ftearoer M0N- A Sf It ,
TICEU.0, O. W Cocch, Master, tSt.WJ
wi I run as above until Januarv next, adn a't,r, i, T TTi
after which she will ply regularly between this port and
WAIT."BORO, and all intermediate landings. Orders left
with her agents for passage or freight, will meet with prompt
attention. H. H. HARKI50N, . ,
oct'.-2-6n A. HAMILTON, fAKnts-
THR Ppiemlid Psfnger Steamer 4
DI.A l.ni 4.E.T Iff, U. O 4 W ,
Master, This steamer is Dt beinn i
finuthed at Loui-ville. and will be here bv the 1st of No? em
ber, and run in the shove trade all the season. Her fine ac
commodations for passengers, combined with her light
draught, make her one of Uie bust adapt.! beats w ttm
Cumberland river trade. A. HAMILTON
ocui 6m Agent.
DURING the ensuing season, the A u. , mi
commodious light dranga steam- I""-Cjrrt--'"
er, MAGNOLIA, R. a. Pci'Ddkm, Mas- asirioirr. i iisslll.
ter, will run regularly as above, and to all intermediate
landings. Being exceedingly light, (IT inches tiraught) wiih
superior accommodations for passengers, and cupnbia of
malting qaick trips, solicits public patronage.
3f Orders left with eilher of the undersigned for freight
either way will meet prompt attention.
. H. hakkion,
ociiz am a. UAMlLJUS, )
THE new steamer UUMIiOLDT A TTTX m
fWl tons burthen, Capt. Wm. vC?-C"
8TRiim, John D. Taylor, Cierk. f -.!4 v-lT.Kr-ij,
This steamer t now finished st Cincinuat;, aud ready u
take her place in the trde.
The Humboldt is entirely a new boat of the first c'ass and
built expressly for the Nashville and New Orleans t.sde
her light draught (drawing only 'iS inches watr wid mahle
ber to come wnn a loid when others can only come iiht.
Wa solicit for her a share of pub'ic patronxge
JOHNSON, WKAVtii 0" . AS'.
oct92 ra A. L. DAVId, L". S. MaU Packet OBlce.
A ?l i: lilCA,
Yr n.L ran the ensuing soasou be- A
i.rtu too auoe piins. ine
America has been docked aud thor-
vuniy repaireo mis ihu, ami we nave no neitatifi in say
ing tliat she i-, in respect to strength, equal t any boat in
the trade. Her calou has beeu th-jroiwtiiy ovor' auUd, and
the traveling cenim mitv mar r -ly on tiiis bit for as much
comfort as any boat in the trad. Csp". Johnson's loug ex
perience in ill-trade with' ut any SOi l'lrllt, is sutticiellt to
prove his superior (kdl. His iuteution to passe . ges is with
out fault. For freight or passage app'y to tne Capta.a oa
board, or JUUN.S JN, WKAVEH A l'o..
No. ii Market si , or to
A. 1: T)AV l.-s,
octlT Cm C. S. Mail Packet Oitice. Agents.
TIIK Fine P;.senger .-steamboat Jf '
N ASll VII.I.K, C.ipt. Tho.s. Uki.l- fr7 . ii 1
sxvmta, will leave l u.lncah for tiie r"
ab"Ve p t on funds v, th- 4'h of Nov niiier.
The regular p. ket "Cuia" will leave here rn Friday, the
2d day of November, sit': lie..h' and passtnge's fjr the
ahville. A MAH.T'N, .
octlT td J. A. MjAUJoTKK A CO.. ( ASenU-
JaKsMitXEa, Master.
J. N. t'naaiTT. Master.
VI "HE alwYe steamers will run regularly in t.e Pt. l-onisi
X and Nashville trwle oaring the season. Their acrmii
modations fur passengers are equal to any steamboats on
the Cumberland river, ami their respective ollieers will d
all in their power to add to the coruiort of peule trtvcjuig
with them. A.HAMILTON,
octll-Stn Agent.
New Steamer "hCOTLANT,"-; "TTmmrt . t
1 l.'il ton burthen Captain H. L. (srrfYssJ
DisargSH. This steamer, now t-irs;T- rti'iiT'ii - r TUTTIs
built at Loui-v l.e, will be fiuisbod by t ie pnh Novemlier,
when she will take her p ace iu the trasl as a regular packet
The Scotland is an entirely new boat of tlie flrst rl.tw,
and built exclu-ively (or the Nashville and New Orleans
trade her light drsft enabling her to come with a load a hen
others can come ouly light. We solicit for her a share of
public patronage. A. HAMILTON, )
JOHN.-.ON, ItUKNE CO., ( taU
rvT" We want to hire 20 Vtgrort as deck hands and
firemen for the above boat. octlis-m
flUE New Mht Draught Pteamer, "fl -i
P. K. BSSSLIY, " r jtTSA.
V- illleave N:ifhville every other Tuewl.y, at 4 oVIoek, P.M.,
IKcnttnue in tradeduring season. A. HAMILTON,
oct3 m Agent.
DAILY l.l!Vi: IMt KI.T.
For failUilaDd, Padacali, IouijvilI aad fit Louis.
CONNECTING at Psducah with LounviUe aad IU. Louis L.
d. Mad Boats.
sri:.m.ii .tM.i
Leaves Naaliville MoDdsyt and Thursdays, at 10 o'clock, A.M.
STr.Mi:u i in
Leaves N'ashvi!l onTnesilays and Fridays at Id o'clock, A. VI.
sri: irij.it ictx K en v
leaves Nashville on Weduelays and i-alurdays, at 10
o'clock, A. M.
The above hoats are of light drvight andhsve p"od accora
mod itioDS for passengers, and ill run regiil-.r!y in the Cum.
berland Kiver Trle. Onset them leaves Nsshv'e evry
day, escspt tsundsy, at lo o'clock, A.M. A. HAMILTON,
4 ocia 6su Agent.
for 7Ieru.pl.isv, .Hew Orleani St. I.oitia,
aad I siitlaTlMe,
rm splendid new psseng-r steamers C1T i OF IlfNTS
VILLE, Csauia, slaster, leaves Nashville every Mon
day at o'elick, p. ni.
J.O. CLINE, Jia. Davis, Master, leaves Nashville vsry
Weilorwlay at 6 o'clock, p. m.
JOHN rlMPtsON, Jsca Dsvra, Master, leave Nasbvilla
every Friday st o'clock, p. ai
Connecting at Paducah witi lis daily Louiill and ?t.
Louts I niul futes Mail Boats, ana at Memphis with tha
splendid New Orleans steamers Bulletin, H. H. W. HiU, Geo.
Collier and Ingomar.
Ths acomim. stations of th'S Una cannot be surpassed, and
pasngera will nd II by far tte speediest iccaus of travel
cither North or Bouth.
For frriglit or passas;s apply to
A. I. l'o.-, 11 t4C
Which dw highest price In CASH w ll be pud.
tt Cm-nor slarket and Cluxcb streets.
To Wholesale Grocers.
w. i!i:iTrDiTif
0FFFR9 FOR IALF. st l..s T'ar Mannfwtary, No. IS
College .ireet, FirTf KS IICNDKaU stoXtS TuilAC-
Ik.wirig choice brsiids:
V bv-ses N FCTAE L1AF, oa.lnmp.
do IXL do
151 aa pami of Tin rorrn. k do
KM da O. si. LAsbYK fl N CtKX, do
Ssi do JOHN KAMHLPU, 8 da
p-l d. tl. MOB'iAl. S do
g'U d JOHN LoN.4, t 4j
l.n) da KSoW S TliiNO. k
l a d J. C. UuiVS IHC,
n tf
JSO. S. ti W. 0. KRIEU,
IvasUTllIrt Tcpb.
OFFICE N. t3 Clierry Street. P
ion si i:.
t llanwAS and I
et M(LBSrsre.
Tv rtS
V Lot fronts li fret on McLsrsaeirs slreei, sti.l ras "7 3
S'k 1'4 feel. TU HouM is a tws Story aiiea. ar;- SO s
contains 3 rms, a bfcl ao-ere and below, wub k'Uben cnt
ooe, Ac. Th-s pc-pertr ts located in the are. r t rVjod tf
C .N-j.hva. ad N jta- wsiarw Hiirwa4 IMH. H alw
c joveaiacl t tbe lutu psiwo of lb c. and caa bo
t.a4 B,i0 fKsl Uiaav. wr iiuther IfuVroeiK.n. swt U
B. A. I LLci w s
J'9l Aj'tSJsITlts-lsfwsi
9 i
la srot :c or
r f "UIS, Tuesc!ri.v vf ning. 0. 1. 1 ;h, and te-nmrvow fTJL
L errr.'n- nt"7 --'clcs-i, we 'hall "S.-r th fines' J
tot of UOi l WATCH1-:? ever oSered iu tl.is raariet.sJA
connrijin7 3ft tsi Id WatrbiS f n the most celerirst-s-J
makers; English Lever, Anchor Lever, and Lopine
Watcl es in open snd bu-.tire r:-s sr.ni- extra Cue liunis
va Wats-be, sui-abit f rLvii.': also Gold Gar J. Vest
sud K.-b Chiirs, (.cl I RreiAt Pins, Lar ni 'ug-r Ken.
Bracelets. L.-vkets, lv.;-:l.. Pens ar. Peri l's ic, &?
t ile po-it ve. vitiicut iere, heir t e t. '"f a dealer
declining be-in. s. Eveijr ar-e!e war' au" J a? r.-pr ff nteJ,
or no sale, tienil-jc.rn wi-b ng ti In-pect the stocs, cr
make pup'hvta a; r. vj.:c :o, are inn td to eT-iT!insj d
nr.gtl.ed.iy. tf'.vj. F. SHIELDS,
N Pol ilcri:srp,
OCt'.ll ti 0-n- PI e..r- -It.
RANAAVAYon Mon-tiv Piiht, tf iUt Irre?., w'-" fn tha
employment af Mr. Otartea K II. M irm, . f t'.is Hty,
TWOM-UliO ikN. cr.rreslJIM ant AI.CKItr. They arw
abs-ut twenty li-'e years of sge; of dark evm p'exion-. fc l
with t:,em a new s;.it of clothes, niado of irreen casinelt,
and new silk hats. JIM is avut five feet ei.'i't inchrs
Ugh; weighs about Ijh ib; well formed, high forehead, and
pleasing courlensnoe; neiik. quick when spr-Wen t--; wis
r:iKad in W iljiisii-son county by Thomas Petwsv. ALRF.&?
is about l feet I inches hit;h; weighs about ITS !b; roonil
face, goo'l countenance, with smad round eyes; ss-ciks
rattier slow !i 'n sjirken to; ri.t'ier sn l.umb'e looking n
gro; was n.isd by Col. Thomas Williams, of MortmerT,
Ai. I wili '.-iv- ite si:-ve reward if liiey are takes aud
secu-vd so n ut 1 get tl.eiu. vrTMV
H .Ta. T-rirAi x n. Kiii'surN
Jri 't nc ic.: l.n-.-e s;?r..lT of II or, T-k;!i, ClclSca
and N.vl Bru-.'as. plan! aJ ti.iaiU tCkS. F"r !.; bv.
octii J H. McXiluL.
IJtHlTt n)XII".S An eli. it is."rt.-nertor Porta
lonics, Ui-; iivle;. Kec-ivcd aud f.r a!e. AUo,
a supply of o;us yl i-u.et B-e ks. J. U. M.olIlX.
RAZOItJ A. ! vrillS J.i,e rvi-:iv."l' ich.-ko
!- t.f !tM s-ngeaiid ia setts, made by W s:tnrcim.
I KuJtiS, i rai.s, and W a.ie V P-.rrh-r. A "o, utj asjort-
! men; of K-jt K..i-r c.i ", 5. i' jX iaie lo I y
I ee lit J. II. Veil ILL.
Jujt rcc-ivej a
yy varlet ' cf la :V hell I uckitig Combs.
Also, UU1M,
Bi.C i'o and II irr Tuckl-g C. a.l.s.
j-hsti, Ivory, I'lj ar.d liuin. i:
r.r-e i.mc:i coeii ci
e veii a: .l lo" sale by
J 11. VciULL,
Ladc.-s.' a:cl Gen'Ieincn's Fstrni-tiiin lore.
Cor::er Ci iice ai and tf'iuare.
supri."ri."T c? r::icnr tasiff.
srpitiN'T'-Nns'VT"? oinrf, f
N .-HMLt sA CnATTroi ha Rn S'lsn, V P, 1'3 J
ON and aft-T S 1 1'P.I'AY, '-i-tb int., Cmin ,.r..l Hour
over the .N.i-kviiir s:id ChaiUtRoog Kailroa i 1U to
char.red at ratcj as below :
fita'iors to friattancog.
L 3
-mf V O as
Frni Nsstir '.i', L3-r-:.: a c I
10 .-u. y els. 6 cis. Ijeta,
i 44 Mo. tre- t-o-.o'. t!.r;
) ' and K' sieevi".-
3 " S
a " Aa "
" Eeili tv W!'-. V.i-t-' fo.e!-
J bvv1'a;. N r--..: ly.... 3 " Z
i TttUahoT, I:-t'.!:s .rii.s,
! Deeher.l an.l Ci ..:i . ' 6
I Tantan n, Aadeirett a ua
J rltter.!l 8 " o
j " Erwic-r'-r; SI -i:ii!i,;.iid an J
s Wh:ie' d- 5 " A
S3 '
" 80!
" S3'
it ej i
Ft2tic:nt.o Naslivill.
rr-ai Chs:'-'..- i-c-r. Piieiliin.'ua.!,
am! W!n"-si,... 11 ' J " 6" 43
" Pr-diiej-or". S-i-vi-r.!'-, An-
I lie- ..!' und Tu'lt.ll 11 ..... 9 " i u 6 " )
" Civwsn, ln!.nl. -:" V-i
! Hi.rmr-kS'1 t. .:.i!...i.i. . 5 " 7 " 3" ii -
j Nornianov, W .irtr.u e eiu-l-
t byv-ieaiei fi-i-l.uia.c.... " 1 " 3 " 80"
j " r.'ti-erv ,l!e, hristiana and
1 Mt.Tf e--i.oro " 6 4 m J5
" Fiiirem-e, Mtcyrun and 1j-
Verg-ie 0 i " 8 ?f
Hour st (-. i hive rnrs ti Vi shi'i-'d in lots of seventy
J f.vc barren S'i-1 spwa-tfs, ar .n tiire, wt-en in less iUanti-
five c. ':l Lvr l-a rei tv ! a.l iel. Flour In sacss will
be Iraii-t'-.i tr.l on thi inic t.i'Uis, s"0 lbs to be ruted axul
chsetl as o-iss barrl. 11. I. ANirKusoN,
o-tl'J rnrrintend'-nt,
r) !l '.. .'sS.S-f c.4.-ts Hock Ur( i.-:')s, r.-ei -ed to-day
' ly JOHN R1K,
' tl 4'J C'-liere street.
ee N-jTicnvia! o te o? little faits.
T Till: PH:l ir,
a in if i.k i.sr.-.s;:cr:oN ist.
Ilnl i rt t:..t ti.e S-.c-;.. 1 by sv l Cif f ot.
CAV K I'i'M'l Y i r..f !'. sre 11 same srticssas hoaa
ks.'ii l-:l!i-r 'v "i! - I.iai.i iu PcM.-.e; and lor the bell
ed o! those ii.t-i.'-l. d w II b'eir my s'-rrt.i.n Willi
4 ue Hundred Illr.
rc 2 1. 1'itf su ii. l'e li e didereneetn price. Tb arti
cle f ir b!ci y 'i j ; f.:. -,-u u ,.i.i-s I wiil sell lor ten.
Tin -e for l,.ch vxtt have "'lit! be, I w.Jls, :1 f.r thr-e. In
ai c,eis w ti.- suUg la-ue ui oe tl.e sanie ouhlity ef iitas-e9v
tlis I'laMly ot I'.c.a. -iii, aud Wvckir.-in-l ii. niper-.cr.
rtc. hd. ricA.- j toiuc il.tt I tvli IVr cajti. tpt price
j-st.fv. J. f l.o-A 1 K.
t.2 41 Cniou St.
'T r ricp.red to pay Ibe K I ( If F fJT MARKET
It PMt V. It Mural siisil nrvi. at the Nash
ville City iViiiis, and desire . I the Whe.it Urowertn gve Bf
a ca'l before n-V: g elseahere. Likewise we sbs'l be pre
pare! to ex. -hai.gu i'iour jr nhrat on such terms a w ill
be si'.-iVto'y. ti. HAMMOND A CO.
1'" V II. We v. ;!! p.-y 1) j.r cent above the market
(lice fcr Wl.cat I'l.ii.' a .uriUuti
jell watrwtl O. IT. A CO.
!njf;itoi s iviTr.D.
JWl.sir r f,y n-j e,r tight good smooth young Negroes,
fi em lo t s:i. A..--. two good Is Tellers u Bd a Brisk
K'rrt W. PoRTikL
Tiia IU IiiJtiran-9 Corrr?.ry of UssXlcri.
ChirU-reJ IS19 .
C A ? 'i CAPITAL f Nst.fs.
T!i-'. A ALEiAM III, tec'y TI4U. K. BflACK, Preat.
E'.ato ilalual F. M. I n sumacs Co. cf Pa.
L.Vl'il Ai
A. J. C:LLETT,S.v'i J. P. kLTHLRFC? D.Pres't
Nw Voik Li.'o liifiraxica Cernptsy.
PLINY s'Skr-MA.N, Actuary. .MURftlS FS.tMlUN.PreS!
Fire, Varli.e, I'l'and li .U and I.JfV ri'. s fsken at erpiitabU
rale. H- JocM'U NAoll.AeaU
Ao. 23 IMibttc. Nqunre.
i- tiii: u u r..sox.
Fur Capes, Talmas, ituC3, Tictcrinei and CtA,
Cariiage EoLca, Joatfj, Einuiia
ar.i Fur TrixauLij.
LAn::' wi'l bear Iu m-nd that the 1 1 t mi
f. 1 :srg ai-i 'inriil of LALlf' AMt: - -
ti .v.Vj Ml-.-J-'S FV.L", sre now r-iv'y f"C :"
lant i rxUuiiiu i.- tlso Fur impi.riu".! of .
x. j. aitAc'iiC).
ocil '
No. v4 Pui 1 ilc csroare.
m VV AI TOIN fTTI.F OF 11015-
J PK!" HAT Fi'K l.Msnow resiv t
s?" f.r Insiwctioo at to. x-J ruooo e
PHi!r-. Tl who w s.'i ail elrgaut r -r"w ': j
rm..-il II4T sre invi'ed rj c.ll iUid leave i
their orders early Those wtu left th.ir 6s 1 ssv
orders dur'ng til week, will And their H's read fcF
deliver? to-dy. A. J. FS4NflCO.
o-i.o No. 'AJ Pubue suar.
These are enUn-ly r.vw sryi-s of g'wis wwr'.by Ihe 1
lion of all who desire lotueUiiu laiy ia the Hal Hi".
113 A. J. FaANCLaCO.
C .M'N! UFM! C A !!!!
IICtN'f AND fcrVr C10T1I AND PLr?H-f
CAPfl of every rtesrrrrticn sr.d q'i ii, l'i'
received and ihw rearfv at the FAMUON ABLE
HAT KMPUKILM.N0.4U Patc Siiaarw.
oct'.i A. J. FRASCXaCX
13 Soutlieru Wharf,
Cliarlcston, O- O.,
Ccnimbioa Merfiiaat?,
Western and Southern Trcdccc.
E. w. BAtor, (
aia'T ul es
JO. T. T1T L.
. r OTI.IM "b to lurrbi-w F ITY LAND WAR
W K.1NI3. .Mflikh I B.J p -.y U - 1. 4!- nuiiil prwa
- La. ialii'A c,
lisol. Ai.t - If fcewdertrk ft.
tlojcc A i U tkisrr,
pgr- .2 'ten.l v tt.s s; f CTT0N, FtCCJt.
I. SikIN, Ae., olh row"'.
. 4ss-' !'4.uitto Lias New ik r4u.
S(('. 1 U.wv'a
rtt-cslvln;,: siHaibUg rul Cs mUalan
Steatar, Alata-s a.
AS llirrt sod C xi-.r-ct-as Vl'"-V-n !

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