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It i
Capitol Prize a0000
SUNDAY July 14 lSSIh
Whole Tickets 200
Half Tickets 100
Quarter Tickets 50
171 Treuiont HI
Join H Mam
Tenders his thanks to the people of
CuAS count Tor pat respccU and pat
ronage and is Mill in the llcUl and
offers his services as jjnntynr ami
uinu IriillL All timers iDnnirrciing
left with ONeal A Son or Ctsi County
tion olfifo Mill recehr prnnipt atten
Olio Tn ltii > c Wi tii
One Siriii AVsiicon
witlt polo and nlmfin double and
singro harness
Also one hot of Batchers Tools
Will sell supcratc or altogether at
a hargain Apply to
At Ifunoi t 1orilN Stable
Juno 25 1889
Valuable Farm for Sale
We have for sale a Farm of
350 < aCJ3FLESS
A Two niilc4 from Kellyille im
mediately on the Un t
i Lino ICailroad
100 Acres Uiuler Fence GO
In Cultivation
15 Acres of Fine Orchard
wellwatered comfortable houses etc
Ono fruit crop will pay for the pluce
and tuoro is not n bettor place for ego
table jrowlng and dairy buaiuo in
tbo county Apply to
Fob 20 Sp
ab criU lor tUo JiuiLcccte
33st T3Xisl3ocl laa 13QS
VOL 22
oj ± 5 jbaj jbj jbgs orar
This company was this dajorganized under llie above name and style
with largo capital for the purpose of furnishing the
public with all kinds of
UnaertaKers Goods
And cvcrylliingelse in this line of business on tlio
> A tXx < 3 Xioxvost 3Ez t < 2f
We ivill cany n large and eompleto stock at all times and guar
antee to give better bargains than ever jbeforc offered in Eastern Texas
Store and Warehouse 51 and 56 A ntin Street
jSl 3F
Jefferson June 17th 1889
zmil3T Grocer
crs jPEi sonsr TEXAS
Hcturniufj thank lor past liberal patroiiugo abks its coiilinuincc and jiiar
anteessatiluctiou by keeping nothing bnt the best and hclliugat living i > rices
0AH goods delivered fno anywhere in the city limits Jan 15 89
ttorrxxey ztt XiCftAT
scrrnasns texak
O01co with Pchluter figures in the
National Hotel building Vale street
j F
Attorney txt Xiirovr
Will practice ia the District and Inferior Courts
of the state PromUiiig btnet attention to all
buiiincM entrusted to inc I respectfully solicit
JeflerHou Tfiai
Will practice in both State and Fed
eral Courts of Texas
Special attention given to collections
Ofllco on Vale street
3 O Hives
Jefferson Texas
Will buy and sell lands and other property
perfe t titles pay taxesetc
foe satS3
Eleven bead ot fine work
Cattle in good condition Will be
sold loir Apply to
At Peoples Shoe Store
June 11th JU
The Bathhouse at the
Is now open and prepared to funiblied baths at
all hours Everything neat and v ell arranged
Oct llth 8 Proprietor
For Consumption Afttima nronrlillls Uyspop
sia Catarrli Hay Fever Headache Debility
nheumnttem Neuralgia and all Chronic and
The Compound Oxygen Treatment Dr
Starker t laen No 15 9 Arch St Philadel
jihia have been uslnjr for the last seventeen
years Is a scientific adjustmentof the elements
of Ox gen and Nitrogen magnetized and the
rompouud is so condensed and made portable
that it is bent all over the world
Drs Staekev Tales hft e the liberty to re
fer to the folloivhiB named wellknown persons
who have tried their Treatment
HoruWau D Keller Member of Congress
Kev Victor L Conrad Editor Lutheran Ob
ser Pblla
ltev Charles W Cushlng D D Rochester
Hon Win Pcnn Nixon Editor InterOcean
Chicago lit
W 1L Worthlngton Editor New South Bir
mingham Ala
Judge II r Vrooman Quenemo Kan
Mrs 2Jary ALhermore Melrose Massa
Judge i S Voorhces Hew York City
Mr E 1 Knight PhlLulelphiii
Mr Frank Sldclall Jlerchant Philadelphia
Hon W W bchu lcr Euston Pa
Edward L Wilson lvi3 Broadway N Y Ed
Phllk Photo
Fidelia M Lyon Wulmea Hawaii Eandnlch
Alexander Ititchie Inverness Scotland
Mrs Manuel V Ortega Fresuillo Zacatecas
Mrs Emma Cooper Utllla Spanish Honduras
J Cobb ExVice Consul Casablanca Moroc
coM V Ashbrook Red Bluff CaL
James Moore Supt Police Blandford Dorset
sbire Knslaud
Jacob Ward Bowral New South Wales
And thonsandstif others in ecry part of the
United Stales
Compound Oxygen its Mode of Action and
is the title pt a neu broelmrc of two
hundred pngest
ralen uhleJi c es to all Inq
published by Drs StarLey
inquirer full in forma
ationusui this reiufrkable curative agent and
a record of e eral hundred fcurpriMng cures In
a wide range of chronic ea es manj of them
after biitigabandoned Iodic by other physi
cians Will be mailed free to any address on
application Head thcbrnehurel
KolS23AriSt PlUadclpiia Pa
ilclTeisiin Texiis
I C HILL Proprietor
This well known Xur ery
is now prepared to Jill or
ders to aiiyrxtent I orany
tliiiig in the line of
Flowers Fruits Shrubs
ISiiIUs Etc
And guavanloos satisfac
tion Prices lower than
can he loitml elsewhere
Send for Catalogue heiore
Board of Pharmacy
Notice is lieivliy given that tlio
linard of lluirinauuctical Examiners
will meet at
Jefferson on Tuesday July 16 I3S9
All druggists desiring to register will
be requested to beud m their applica
tions in writing as required by law by
the 10th day of July to JI L > IIU1P
Atlanta Texas accompanied by the
Tegular fee of 5AV
junl2lni lresideut
TIFi IirAT Picture Pramcsofall kinds
i All the IWgcra Groci Canhs and Cabi
net sties of lramcs choice Etchings and
Engravings from one or the largest and lxt
t lcctc1 sujeks In the Country EtubUkhcd ML
rCaulogur on receipt ofaUmp
Judge said a dudo who was a
witness in a New York court that
fellah knocked mo down with his
ungloved fist sah and I want him
punished for his importinenco sah
I am used to being struck with a
kid glove
A Charleston druggist advertised
that the milk of a coeanut jvould
removo freckles and 4000 of the
nuts ivero gold at retail in two days
to womon folks Ho got a com
mission on all sales The frock
less still abide
Bad luck is simply a man with
his hands in his pockets and a pipe
in his mouth looking on to see
how it is coming out Good luck
is a man of pluck with his sleeves
rolled up and working to make it
come out all right
A French count when brought
into court by eightytwo diileront
creditorsacknowledged that bo was
somewhat financially erabarrassod
but ho wanted a little moro time to
conclude a marriage with an Amer
ican girl It was granted
A South Carolina convict who
made a break and knew that the
dogs would take his trail used two
pounds of strong snuff to sprinkle
in his tracks and the dogs lot go
and returned in disgust A dog
nose when hos got enough
A civil enigincer who has heon
inspecting tho water powers of
Massachusetts says there are no
less than thirteen dams in that
State liable to give way at any
hour and cause great loss of life
and destruction to property
We will likely get biscuit cheap
next year Kentucky will have
12000000 bushols ofwlieat Cali
fornia 70000000 Oregon 20000
000 Washington 12000000 tho
two Dakotus G0000000 other
Stales correspondingly large
It has been frequently stated that
steam is driving sailing vessels off
the seas It appears that about
onehalf tho tonnage of tho world
is in vessels propelled by wind
and even in England 45 per cent
of the tonnage is in sailing vessels
> m
A correspondent of tho Binning
ham AgoHerald has suggested that
the remains of Mrs Sevier which
have rented in a little graveyard
near Eussellvillo Ala sinco 183G
should also bo removed and rein
terrcd in the same grave with those
of her husband Gov John Sovier
in Xnoxville
It has been calculated that tho
railroads of the world are worth
nearly 60000000000 S300000
000000 or about onetonlh of tho
wealth of the civilized nations or
more than a quarter of their in
vested capital At this rate all the
ready money in the world would
buy only about onethird of them
There are a few exceptions to
all rules but tho following has
about as few as any When you
hear one man speak of another as
a crank put it down that the talk
er is a fool and that tho man call
ed a crank is cntiroly too deep for
him That is generally what is
the matter Democrat Exponent
Tho Democrats of Virginia hold
a Stato Convention to nominate
candidates for Governor and other
Stato officers August 14 Tho basis
of representation is fixed on such
a broad scale that tho convention
will compriso nearly 1500 dele
gates and will resemble a mass
meeting rather than a convention
of delegates
Mrs Hayes and tho wife of the
late Gen E 11 S Canby also a
woman of fine qualities died with
in a few hours of one another It
was Gen Canby who after long
and faithful service was treacher
ously killed by Crpt Jacks band
of 3Iodoes in April 1870 while
conferring on neutral ground in re
gard to a treaty of peace
The statistics of immigration
seem to induce some fall oilin the
tide of immigration which is pour
ing in upon our shores from all
parts of the world Eor tho ten
months ending the 1st of May last
tho number of immigrants from
foreign countries to American ports
was J1S317 asagaiiist 372901 for
tho corresponding term of the prev
ious year or a reduction of 51584
A tobacco chower will spit 200
times average per day and each
discharge will weigh ono eighth of
an ounce He spits 1 14 pounds
per day 45 pounds per month 540
pounds per year If he weighs 180
pounds he will spit himself away
in four montlu and will expector
ate his weight threo times per
3ear or in an allotcd spaeo of hu
man lifo 210 times Likely ho
would not live that long Ex
An editor very olton neglects to
mention a meritorius onterpriso bo
causo of tho annoyance incidental
to the ten thousand efforts to se
cure his aid and cooporation for
the advancement of purely person
al interests And these applicants
rarely ever think to inclose a two
cont stamp for a reply or oven a
onoccnt stamp to prepay tho
postage on a copy of his very
valuablo paper which they wish
sent TaylorCounty Nnws
jh 7
But suddenly away along the
down lino she saw a round red
light creeping apparently neater
and nearor Iler heart leapt at the
sight To tho uttermost bitterest
end tlio way was clear Tho final
word had gone forth tho final
revolution was made to her
Slio placed her hands under the
mans shoulders and by an offort
of strength desporale and far boy
ond what might have been expect
ed from her frame dragged him
over tho few feet of roadway
which lay between him and tho
metals Hto groane d onco or twice
but remained sonsoless and mo
tionless as sho placed him right in
the track of the coming train
The red light was close close
at hand hut tlio man lay still and
rocked nothing of it Tho woman
having accomplished her ghastly
work wound her black shawl
tightly around her head then fell
upon her knees waited and livod
an ago in overy moment
Sho heard through the mufiling
tho rush sho felt on her hands the
wind of the metal monster as it
swept by but she heard or felt no
more Sho rose and shuddered
convulsively tlionwithont a glance
to soo what her hand wrought
stepped over the lino down the
steep embankment and was lost in
tho night She had done whatsho
believed to bo hor appointed task
No longer would Maurice Ilervey
stand between Beatrice and happi
ness The poor wretch was almost cnt
in two Tho wheels which had
crushed the lifo out of him wero
thoso of an engine on its way to
pick up tracks on a siding somo
way down tlio lino Tlio drivor
felt tho slight obstruction and hav
ing marked tho spot where it oc
curred upon his return stopped
tho train and knew what had
caused that momentary jolt know
that a manjS life had in that sec
ond passed away
Tho body was picked up placed
in a truck and taken to tho Mun
ich statioti and thence to tho placo
appointed for tho reception of the
bodies of unknown men who met
with a sudden or a violent death
If by any chance Beatrice who
certainly had froublo enough to
make hor wakeful had risen with
the dawn of tho morning which
followed tho tragedy and looked
out of her casement she would
havo seen a sight which would
have caused her much surprise
Sho would have soen Sarah Miller
whom she believed to bo in Eng
land standing on tho oposite side
of tho street utter despair and an
guish written in overy lineament
gazing at her mistresss window
like ono bidding tho object tho
dearest on earth an eternal fare
well eternal becauso even tho
consoling hopo of a meeting in
some futuro stato is absent But
Beatrice who in the earlier part
of tho night had boon awako for
hours with her sorrow slept on
until the sun was high Perhaps
it was well for her she did so
Tho poor selfappointed instru
ment lor working tho Divino Will
had after sho left tho scene of her
dark work wandorod about tho
outskirts of Munich aimlessty and
hopelessly Had it been broad
daylight and had there been per
sons to see her an occasional sti
fled moan and wringing of tho
hands woulIhavo boon all that
showed the ngony of mind sho en
dured But it was not as might
be supposed tho agony of remorse
It was tho agony at tho thought
of tho further sacrifico which such
sense as still was hers told hor sho
must make in order that the de
sired and predestined results might
follow the act of tho night
Sho was mad and she was not
mad On what may bo called tho
religious side of tho question her
mind as may bo guessed from her
deeds was gone past redemption
It may bo that this had been her
true stato for years ovory since
she had accepted as true tho inex
orable logic of creed which she
had partly boon taught partly
framed for herself The firo may
have been burning for years giv
ing now and again trainsicnt
flashes and only waiting for cer
tain circumstances to fan it to a
consuming flame The fierce burst
was now over but tho fire would
burn and not again bo hidden until
it had devoured life as well as
Sho had killed murdered this
man in all but c ld blood Apart
from tho horror attondant on tho
actual oxecution of tho crimo a
horror which began to haunt her
and bo ovor with hor ho felt no
poignant misery no maddening
regret In her wild disjointed way
sho lamented not tho mans death
but tho fnct sho had been chosen
to bring it about Sho lamented
it oven as Judas might havo la
mented tho hard fato which inor
der that prophecy should bo ful
filled singled him out and decroed
that ho should betray his Master
And if it
iintm that pr vid ncc
saves and slays who shall say that
tho womans mad reasoning was
unsound Are not faith and logic
mortal foes who shall only be re
conciled when tho lion lies down
with tho lamb
Ou the other side matorial side
Sarah Miller was as yet sano or
nearly so Sho could look forward
plan and even carry out And
the anguish which racked hor mind
was the homocoming of the truth
that her act must parther and her
mistress forever Hero was the
crowning sacrifico Here was per
haps tho earthly punishment
Novoragain to gazo into that dear
face novor again to hear that loved
voieo novor again to bo near hor
to minister to her wants to aid
her scheme for hor and if needs
bo sin for hor ITover to seo hor
in happiness which had boon so
dearly bought Hero was tho sac
rifico It must bo made and she
must find strength to make it and
skill to insure its being of use
To see her mistress to meet
hor oven onco more would bo to
ruin all Sho must never know
whoso hand it was bore her free
dom She would never suspect
that her servant had been tho
means of cutting tho knot which
it seemed no earthly power could
undo Ah no earthly power could
have undone it
So when at last the morning
broke gray and the trees and
other objects loomed phantom
like and unreal through tho mist
Sarah Miller planned and schemed
seoking the way to insure what she
had so dearly bought All hor
thoughts reached one end Sho
must fly far far from the spot
Beatrico must never hear of her
again novor know that she loft
London If hor proximity to tho
dead man became known tho truth
might be guessed and all bo at
onco lost
Yot before sho went she must
seo tho houso in which hor darling
lived She must stoop and kiss
tho doorstep on which those loved
feet had trodden Sho must waft
her one passionato and unheoded
farewell then leave tho place and
bo as ono dead
She struggled against tho desiro
but it overcamo her With tho
first streaks of daylight sho enter
ed tho sleeping city and utterly
worn out stood beforo her mis
tresss window and for a while
watched it as ono might watch the
last fading ray of a sun which has
sunk never again to rise and light
en tho darkness which shall be
At an early hour of the morning
tho street was silent and deserted
Thero was no ono to notico tbo
strangelooking creaturo who stood
and with wild despair in her eyes
forover gazed on ono spot Her
look for the time was such that no
ono not even tho one most pre
occupied with his own concerns
could havo passed hor without feel
ing their curiosity raisod as to why
sho was lingering thero and what
gavo hor that appearance of diro
After somo minutes spent in this
manner tho woman crossed tho
road Hor limbs dragged aftor
hor and made ber Exhausted stato
apjiarent Sho leant hor head
against tho door of the houso which
held her mistress ahd sobbed con
vulsively A dizzy feeling came
ovor her and sho felt that sho was
upon the point of fainting and
falling senseless on tho doorstep
By a supremo effort sho roused
herself and shook oft tho incipient
stupor If onco she sank down
her weary limbs might refuse
to do hor bidding Sho might lie
there until her presence was dis
coved and that discovery ruined
all No if sho were to sink and
perhaps die lot it ho as far away
from Beatrico as hor waning
strength could carry her Swoot
as it would bo to breathe her last
within reach of her mistress oven
such poor comfort could not bo
vouchsafed to her
It speaks volumes for thciron
strength of hor will insomuch that
it struggled with and overcame
not only tho womans physical
fatigue but also the craving for
ono glimpse of Beatrice which
chained her to the spot Sho tore
horself away and without once
looking back and forced her tired
limbs to bear hor to a considerable
distance Hero sho found a quiet
doorstep on which sho sat unmo
lested sat and fought against her
exhauston until such time as sho
would bo ablo to procure food
It was not long bofore slowly
little by little unit by unit the
city began to awako Horo and
thoro tho shutters went down from
a shop and at last the weary wo
man saw all but facing hor a
bakers window Sho onterod tho
shop bought some bread and beg
ged a glass of water Not for her
own sako but for tho sako of an
other she was called upon to eat
and drink
Sho ato her bread and then
soniowhat strengthened again ho
gan her pilgrimage Sho crjpt
through the streets until she reach
ed tho railway station Hero sho
ascertained at what timo tho next
train for the west would start
She had a long timo to wait
Sho hid herself in ono corner of
the waitingroom and sat liko a
statue But her brain was burn
ing and her pulse throbbing A
strange sound a fierce rushing
Xxaeioi = > 63adout ± xx XX Tli ± riss i > ToTXtI l in KTotlilaas
wheels seemed turning and turn
ing in her head and if for a mo
ment sho dared to close her hot
and weary oyes sho saw through
tho darkness a light a liorcc light
rod liko blood and drawing nearor
and nearor
But in spito of all this sho was
ablo to tako hor seat in tho train
able to exult that she had found
tho strength to bear her so far able
to pray that her strength might
last until sho onco more stood in
London Then all would bo sate
No matter what became of her
then Tho work was finished what
did tho futuro of tho tool matter
Tho train loft JImiich and as it
steamed out of tlio lino station 1
tho woman veiled her face with
her black shawl In spite of her
conviction that sho had but exo
cuted a proordained task she dared
not look upon the spot where sho
had knelt on tho provious night
Miles and miles passed beforo she
removed tho sombre covering from
her while worn face As tho train
hurried on tho wheels within hot
brain whirled faster and faster tho
rushing sound grow stronger and
tho ficrco red light shono redder
fiercer and nearer
Save for such inquiries as tho
oxigency of the journoy forced her
to make and such speech as was
necessary to procure tho food and
drink which naturo absolutely de
manded tho woman spoko no word
during that long journey back
Except that now ami again she
pressed them to hor brow in a
vain endeavor to stop tho wheels
which whirled in her brain her
thin hands wero forever clasped
beneath her dark shawl She sat
and stared into vacancy How
could sho close her eyes when do
ing so at onco brought the red
light before them
Por all sho knew that journoy
might have lasted months or years
Periods of time meant nothing to
her now Eternity not Time lay
beforo hor
Tho long journoy by land tho
shorter jonrncy by lea passed liko
a protracted yet incoherent dream
All she know or cared to know
was that she was speeding on to
London At last the sound of
English voices tho sight of Eng
lish faces told her she had reached
tho last stage of tho journey
Then sho roused horself and made
her final preparations
She searched her pocket and
tore into small bits every piece of
paper it contained so that no writ
ten word could be left to give clue
to her identity Last of all she
drow from an cvelope a photo
graph of Beatrice She gized at
it long and passionately and then
with a deep sigh tore it across and
across and throw tho pieces to tho
winds She dared not even keep
this poor relic of her darling
London at last Sarah Millor
stopped from the train and onco
moro stood on tho platform which
she had quitted Tather more than
threo days before It was now
past threo oclock in tho morning
Whither should sho turn Sho
stood hesitating and bewildered
Thero was ono thing more which
sho had sottlcd to do What was
it Oh thoso wheels those wheels
will they never stop Sho pressed
her fingers to her temples and
strove to recall what resolution
had slipped from her mind
Ah now ho remembered what
it was Her money sho must get
rid of that Sho had no further
need of money now that she had
reached tho final goal In her
pocket wero both German and
English coins Sho collected them
and creeping slealthily to the box
which stands awaiting contribu
tions for somo doubtless very de
serving charity she dropped in
ovory coin that was upon her per
son This done sho believed there
was nothing left which could in
any way show who she w s or
whence sho came
She passed out under tho arch
way solitary darkrobed figure
with a head bent aa in grief She
passed from tho ghastly white
glare of electric lamps into tho all
but deserted Strand Sho walked
somo way up tho Strand then
without any definite aim turned to
tho right and by anil by found her
solf on tho embankment
Still she wandered on until sho
reached Waterloo Bridge She
went halfway across it then stop
ped short and gazed over the para
pet into the river But no thought
of selfdestruction had entered into
her head although the led light
was still before her eyes the wild
rush still sounding in her ears and
thoso fearful iron wheels in hot
brain circling more rapidly than
ever Io tho rivor had but for
hor tho attraction which a smooth
calm peaceful stream has for all
who are in deep distress So sho
looked and looked oven craned
ovor tho parapet to peor into its
sombre placed depths
At that moment a blinding light
flashed upon her eyes and a hahd
grasped her shoulder Now none
of that nonsense said a sharp
voice the voice of a policeman
who had seen her dark form against
tho stonework of tho bridge The
woman turned her face to his and
tho anguish writton upon it per
suaded tho constable that ho had
arrived just in tho nick of time
Kiver airs bad at night for
such as you he said in a kinder
lBO fox Airnvm
NO 3
What the Future Promises One of Those
Tho Columbus 6a Enquirer
argues that our Southern cotton
has increased iu value an averago
of threefold by being spun and
wovon Supposing that tho South
ern cotton crop is worth in the
raw staple 8300000000 would be
worth S1000000000 to 31200000
000 when made into the var
ious fabrics for which it is usod
But while perhaps the 300000
000 are disbursed among tho South
ern people tho other 700000000
or 90000000 all go to Northern
and foreign laborers and manufac
turers In liko manner Southern
erildo pir iron is sent orth to bo
manufactured and tho Southern
hides and wool aro sent away to bo
made into various fabrics and
brought hack for consumption
Tints it ii that the Southorn peo
ple aro tho hewers of wood and the
drawers of water Tor the rost of
the world We have tho richest
stores of raw material on tho planet
but wo only give it tho rough work
sufficient to lit it for the various
olaborato processes of manufacture
by strangers Every tarn of a
wheel or additional manipulation
expended onour raw material in
creases its value by so much but
apparentlywo aro contented to get
a small price for our rude share of
the labor and permit strangers to
reap tho benefit of the doubled and
trebled values which are communi
cated in tho proccssess of manufac
ture We will learn these things
ono of those days for which we aro
always hoping
The grand jury of Bexar county
who have just reported the results
of their labors for tho June term
complained in emphatic terms of
tho laxity of the shoriff constables
and polico officers in allowing so
many crimes to go unpunished and
their disinclination to testify be
fore grand jury Judge Noonan
commenting on tho report said
that he had experienced tho same
difficulty in courts and that tho
officers seemed to be oblivious of
ovorythtng except what pay they
drow Ho also remarked that un
der the recent enactment of the
legislature the matter wouldhave
to bo altoredand tho officers oithor
resign or be in jail the greater part
of tho timo Dallas TimesHerald
Is there ajsane man ia the world
who would carry his lovo for hu
manity to such an extent as to take
the bread away from his mother
and sister wife and children in
order to give it to the poor among
the African tribes And yet the
freo trado Democrats maintain that
it is the duty of tli o people of tho
United States to close up their own
minc3 and shut up their own fac
tories to let tho American laborer
go idle and to lot his poor family
starve in order to give employment
to the pauper labor of Europe to
tho dirty and misorablo workmen
of China and to tho oppressed and
hungry peons of Mexico Hous
ton Tribune
Milk not a Beverage
It is a mistake to look upon milk
as a beverage It is a liquid food
and though it quenches thirst at
the moment it makes it more in
tense after it has been somo time
in the stomach and its digestion
has commenced Healthy infants
who receive a sufficiency of milk
often cry for long periods to the
bewilderment and distress of moth
ers and nurses simply becauses
they aro thirsty and in many cases
whore indigestion is caused by
weakness or insufficiency of tho
gastric juice the child would bo
greatly benefited by a drink of wa
ter Hospital
A Way of Escape
Why do you keep a cat dea
con I thought you hated the an
imal I do but I got this one as
a home missionary in the interest
of truth Everything that is broken
about tho houso is laid to the cat
and so long as I had none it pained
me to the heart every time tho as
sertion was made Now I havo a
faint hope that about onco in a hun
dred times somebody is accidental
ly tolling the truth about it
Both of Them Confused
They were travoling in a Fifth
Avenue stage and tho din was al
most deafening
This hustle makes my head
aehe she said
Probably observed ho if you
wero to wear a smaller one
Sir she indignantly cried I
mean tho noiso confutes me
I beg your pardon stammered
ho I am confused too Sunday
This is a Lie
Fifteen years ago a Missouri boy
left his homo and started out to be
come tho president of the United
States He got as far as Cincin
nati The boy is now a man and
ho ii one of tho best shoemakers
in the Ohio State prison Life
Lyons Neb claims the cham
pion wolf hunter in the person of
L D Higley who in three weeks
killed sixtysix of the animals The
bounty on their scalps amounted
to S2115
Bill Nye thinks a newspaper pull
is something that makes men teel
im l i t j mvh t get it
r 4V ft
r gag MBkw iM
sForH >
AM > oitltllVAI
Iiittle Louisiana lottery
TTJESDAY July 16 4889
171 Treiuout St
Laws Passed by the TwentyFirst Legis
lature of the State of Texas
S S B No 42 An Act to amend Ar
ticle 3122a of the Eeviscil Civil Stati
ntes of tho State ot Texas in relation
to landlords anil tenants as amended
by tho Sixteenth Legislature page
128 approved April 221873
Bo it enacted by the legislsturo
of the Stato of Toxas That Arlielo
3122a of the Eovised Civil Statutes
of tho Stato of Texas bo so a mon
ded as hereafter to read as follows
Article 3122a All persons leas
sing or renting any Tosi leneostore
house or otlier buildings shall
have a preference tien upon all tho
property of tha tenant in suchresi
dencc store houso or othor build
ing for tho payment of the rents
due and that may become due
Provided The lieu for ronts to
beeomo due shall not continue or
be enforced for a longer period
than tho current contract year it
being intended by term curront
contract year to cmbraco a period
of twelvo months rccdoning from
tho beginning of the lease orroutal
contract whether the same be in
the first or any other year of such
lease or rental contract Such lien
shall continue and be in forco so
long as tho tenant shall occupy
tho rented premises and for one
month thereafter hut this article
shall not be construed as in any
manner repealing or affecting any
act oxompting property from forced
sale Provided That the provis
ions of this act shall not apply to
nor in any manner affect any ex
isting contracts for rent nor to
any action or suit now pending up
on any such contract
Approved March 2S 1SS0
S H Bs Nos 215 unit 279 An Act to
prescribe the placo and time of sale
ol all real estate hereafter to be sold
undor power conferred by auy deed
ot trust or other contract lieu
Section 1 Bo t enacted by tho
Legislature of tho States of Texaa
That all sales of real estate which
may hereafter bo made in this state
under powers conlbrrcd by any
doed of trust or other contract lien
shall he made in tho county in
which such real estat o is situated
notice shall bo given as now re
quired fn judicial sales and such
sales shall be made at public ven
due between tho hours of 10 oclock
a m and 4 oclock p m of tho first
Tuesday in any month Provided
That when such real estate is situ
ated in an unorganized county
such sale shall be mado in tho
county to which such Unorganized
county is attached for judicial pur
poses and where sucli real cstato
is situated in two or more counties
tho sale may bo mado in any coun
ty > vhereany part of thereat estate
is situated after notice as required
in judicial sales has been given in
every count3 in which any part of
such real estate is situated
Approved March 211889
Savings Banks In the South
A most hopeful sign of the times
is tho growth of tho Savings bank
system in the South Until 188G
Maryland was tho only Southern
State which had a bank that was
oxclusivoly a savings institution
In 1887 North Carolina Georgia
and Louisiana theso four Statoa re
porting over 23000 depositors and
nearly SG000000 in deposits Each
year adds ncjw States to tho list
and it will lojok back with amaze
ment upon tho timo when tho in
stitution was unknown throughout
that portion qf the country Both
as a sign of the development of
thrift and as a promoter of the
habit the rise of the savings bank
systom in the South is heartily to
be welcomed New York Even
ing Post
A Change of Programme
Simon Joblots stood in Peters
saloon at 1130 oclock on Tuosday
night having imbibed numerous
draughts of tho samo Becom
ing hilarious ho shouted Well
dance all night till tho broad day
light and go home with tlio girls
ia the nioimng Just then a tall
thin woman with a highpitch voice
entered the door seized Simon by
tho car and concluded tho ditty
with Youll not dance all night
till tho broail daylight but youll
go homo with your wifo this even
ing Judge
Mistah Jones I hyah yohs been
hubin trubble
In what way
Why dat yoh wilo done run
crway wif Pete Jenkins
Oh yes
You has my sympathy
Much obligod
Im glad tor note dat you doan
tako it to haht
No I aint had timo to think
about it much
What yoh bin doin
Bin sympatbizin with Peto
Jonkins Merchant Traveler
Politeness Varies
When a distinguished citizen en
ters your home you do not ak him
to take a seat on tho floor but
if he should visit Congress or tho
Legislature it is considered just
the thing to do Boston Post
yiiiiRftniikcr ii first salary waa
3i2i > a wtfK
i t in i r >

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