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Tin ZE zrooiT
GLiOL Toe iSeena
Jkt oULz Store
Announcement Fees
The fojlowhiff are our rates for announcing
candidates posltltcly caskvin advance oth
erwise no announcement will be made
Confrcssiiinal M0O
Senatorial v SS
Judicial =
County 4
City Ill U1
For State Senator
For Floater Keproontie
For District Jt ge
jor District Attorney
For Coun tv Judge
For Tax Assesscr
TYie persimmons are ripening
The mercury still lingers in the
L Iv
The fleecy staple comes in slow
Dt lilies Pain 1111s Od cent a dose
Cotton is going
about Sc to day
up the price is
A storm wave is due so keep
your eye skyeward
Some of our best men are com
ing over for free silver
The main topics of conversation
is politics and dry weather
Hoods nils assist digestion 25 cents
The sweet potato ciop will be
cut very short if we dout get rain
Sew moon Monday aud it will
surely bring a change in the
We are having Indian summer
days the suu looks like a ball of
fire when it rises and sets
Monthly rains enrvd by Dr Miles Pln Pills
The dust isbecoming terrible it
s nothing but a fine gray powder
vhich penetrates everything
Commissioners court meets on
Monday the 1ith for the purpose
olappointing election managers
t > X Zmnc Itaek can bo vuretl with
c omitted to extend congratu
lations to Mr and Mrs Steve Cam
poncvo last week on the arrival of
a swiet little boy who came to
gladden their hearts and home on
Mr J S Grubbs one of Marion
counties bjst tnen and also a
staunch friend if the Juirs drop
pecTrrt6 r s this week to setup
his subscription a he cant do
without hit home paper Such
kindness is always appreciated
Will help you
in business
Mr R Ballauf was in Marshall
A Levy has returned from a
visit to Tyler
Mrs Albert Ney of Marshall is
visiting Mrs Geo Kintenmacher
J5TH Doribino imn rcTnTne d
from Mena Ark and reports ev
ery thing nn a big boom
jp and Mrs Will Jakobs are
rjX > icing over the arrival of a
sweet little girl on Thursda noon
Mr and Mrs L G Braden and
children returned Monday from a
weeks visit to the county and are
looking well from their trip
Miss Lollie Meyer after spend
ing vacation of several month at
home leaves to day to reenter the
Sherman Institute at Sherman
Miss Nan Basye now of Dallas
is here on a visit much to the de
light of her man friends She is
the guest of that delightful little
lady Miss Mamie Fiedler
Mrs B A Kelly of the milli
nery firm of Kelly and Wallace
leaves to day for St Louis to pur
chase a beautiful stock of goods
and also to learn all the latest styles
in trimming for this season
Misses Lizzie and Anna Weber
after a most pleasant visit to their
aunt Mri Niedermier left for
Marshall Tuesday where they will
remain a few days before returning
to their home at Jackson Miss
Mr D Wirtsbaugh of the Lodi
Lumber Co Lodi moved his fam
ily to Jefferson this week for the
Sec Laundry
in this issue
notice of E Crisp
TsTT0 K pjmjmpTTT pp yy sop s y
o2sr XjXj
Dry Goods
And Gents Furnishing
in the City
bv ANY
To The Farmers and Merchants of
Marion and Adjacent Counties
We learn with much surprise
and regret that reports of a nature
calculated to prevent those wishing
to do SO frntpm rUi ii i5u 0t
WujittfliJ i i her jishere
tofore are being circulated tiharg
es have been made that a combi
nation of bupers near the close of
last season was formed for the pur
pose of depressing the prices es
pecially of cotton The object and
purpose for which the Jefferson
Commercial Club was organized is
for the purpose of protecting the
interest of the city and no better
way ctn this be done than by pro
tecting the interest of those who
may favor us with their patronage
You are kindly informed that the
antitrust law of thib state posi
tively and emphatically prohibits
two or more persons combining for
the purpose of depressing prices of
any commodity This Club stands
rtady to see the law enforced
whenever any such combination is
formed by any party or parties
and sufficient evidence is obtain
able to convict Complaints of
short weights when made to the
Club will be thoroughly investi
gated by a committee appointed
for that purpose It is the pur
pose of the Club to see that no in
justice is done any one
Jefferson Commercial Club
J H Culberson for County Judge
In this issue of the Jimplecute
will be found the announcement of
i J S James H Culberson as can
purpose of getting the benefit of our
didate for the office of
good schools Thej are I County
ing the Park place on Vale street
Our worthy postmaster Lev
Perry enyjoed the pleasures of a
camp fish on the lake this week
in the company of Hence Bene
field Louie Webster and Marvin
Singleton who went down Tuesday
with a tent and a weeks Eupply of
eatables We have been promised
a string of fish and will report
next week if weget them
T X DlcK LocKctt for Tax Assessor
We have the pleasure to an
nounce Mr T N Lockett as a can
didate for Tax Assessor of Marion
county Mr Lockett has always
been identified with the best in
terest of the county and town and
all know him to be honest and
faithful in all undertakings and he
is two well known to require con
mendations from us He is fami
liar with the work of the office
which joined with ability and in
tegrity well shows his entire fitness
for the position and if elected
which he will be if his friends vote
tor him will make a capable and
elh cent assessor
Candidates Cards
The Jimp will print candidates
cards at 2octs a 100 Call and
gt some before the supply gives
We guess the clans will all
here today to discuss politics
Judge subject to the will of the
people at the ensuing November
election Mr Culberson needs no
introduction in Marion county nor
does his ability as a lawyer and
eminent fitness for the business to
which he aspires require any com
ments at our hands but will say
if elected no man willcarry to the
discharge of this duties greater ad
vantages incident to a mined trained
in logic as well as law We take
pleasure in tendering his claims to
the earnest consideration of the
For the Church
The Ladies Aid Society will have
a donation party for the benefit
of the M E Church on
eve at the residence of Mrs Mur
phy Terrys The donations will
bo made in money to be used for
the church All members are earn
estly requested to attend
To The Voters of Marion County
I am in the field for the office
of Tax Assessor and solicit the
votes of all who can consistently
vote for me I promise to do my
whole duty if elected and take
pleasure in serving you
T N Dick Lockett
Xotico is hereby given that any per
son found trespassing on the picperty
known as the lVckery place t o miles
east of town nill be prosecuted to the
full extent of the law
J M DeWaee
Julv Jfh 90
The muchtalked o longlooked
for Leap year dance was given on
the evening of last FIday August
2Sth 1S96 at the resilence of Mr
and Mrs Ed Meyer
Reciprocation was the order of
the day and those who had been
thoughtful in the pasj were re
warded by solicitous Inxiety for
dances by the fair srx iidividually
At about 10 oclock he reversal
of the usual order of thjjgs began
The music was divire soft low
sweet soulinspiringnnd the de
votees of the divine irt seemed to
be were such n thhg possible
more graceful and aid attractive
than ever
The floral decoratons were su
perb such rare and chinty flowers
such tasty decoratbg such ex
quisite arranging and but why
dwell upon its graurVur words are
at their bestbat feeble but doub
ly feeble are they ir a description
of this afiair de season In
comparable magnificent
Those upon wheini grace was
showered in being allowed to at
tend were
Anuie Meyer and AV Sims
Miss Fannie ClaiborneI jgj g
Maude Sims and Ccl Kd Thomas
Bessie Hughes anil Iicv A McKay
Annie Mae Her and II Harper
Mabel Kogers and II Spellings
Alba Foster and Terry Mason
Carrie Uower and Clyde Northern
At about onethirty the partici
pants departed bearing with them
sweet rememberanceg
J Ii Mulz for Tax Assessor
We give in the proper columns
the announcement of J L Louis
Stutz for the office of Tax Asses
sor of Marion county at the ensu
ing November election Louis
Stutz is no stranger to the votes of
this county he is a native Jeffer
sonian being born and raised in
our midst and is the son of one of
Jeffersons pioneer merchants Mr
Stutz deserves your support as he
is an honest upriglit gentleman
and has ever shown himself to be
worthy of the office he aspires to
and fully posessing the required
ability will discharge his duties
creditably alike to all In sub
mitting his claims to the considera
tion of bP r
Wb trust tfiey will remember him
Sf Marys Convent
Directed by the Sisters of DItIuc
The course of study embraces a
thorough English Education Short
band typewriting and the Arts
receive special attention Classes
will be resumed Mondav Sept 7
For terms and further
lars apply to
Sister Superior
The Jimplecute arises to ask
the cotton buyers and mer
chants if they intend to sit with
folded hand and let a great part of
the cotton of Marion county be
taken to Vivian La and Atlanta
Tex as the are said to give bettor
price than Jefferson though there
are reports to the contrary Why
not deny such reports as false and
prove that that the highest
market price is paid here for
cotton We should not let those
little towns out bid us and secure
our cotton trade Arouse before
two late
The Atlanta Laundry is now in
full blast and is evidently doing
th best and cheapest Laundry in
Texas Send your Laundry to it
and be convinced
E CRISP Proprietor
Methodist pulpit Sept 6 1896
Subject 11 a m Present assur
ance its conditions and its fruits
The joy of realized hope
Text 1st John iii 2
8 p m A question that must
be answered What it involves
now and then
Text 2nd Kings iv IG fifth
Preaching at the Baptist church
to morrow at 11 oclock a m and
730 p m
Some predict rain before to mor
row and we trust it may come true
Highest Honors Worlds
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder Free
from Ammonia Alum or any ether adulterant
E I Literary Work Auir 2S
The League was called to order by
Mrs Ridley and after the voluntary
Ill sing the praite of Jesus she read
selections from the third and fourth di
isions of Proverbs which were appro
priate to the last degree Because he
first loved me was then sung and the
sentiment of this beautiful chorus piece
put the minds of the devotional in a
proper attitude to follow the devout
prayer offered by Miss Carrie Moseley
The Oth 10th and 11th of September
being the date of the Marshall District
League conference at Hallville it was
best not to defer the election of dele
gates only one however was elected
Kd McDonald another will be elected
perhaps at the next meeting of the
A special committee consisting of D
M Smith Miss Carrie Moseley and
Mrs Hale were appointed lo report
concerning the Hemphill quartett
Mrs Ridley began her catechetical
exercises on a special League lesson
and on account of many thinking that
the lesson was to have been called for
at a future date the same was referred
back to the League Only Jesus was
then sung and Mr Ed McDonald an
nounced readings by Misses Maggie
Harper and Eugenia Echols Miss Har
pers reading under the caption of Dif
fiiculties as Helpers imparted lessons
in the most forcible manner No re
ceptive mind could have heard these
lessons without regarding difficulties
in our pursuits as offering the most
friendly aids to all of achievements and
of being in themseh es necessary to the
developement of our noblest powers
If everybody was rich the balance of
the mankind would starve
The head and the heart by Miss
Eugenia Echols struck a key note on
the subject of the culture in harmony
with which every measure of lifes mu
sic must be in perfect harmony if life
is to rise to designed ctadard and each
one must accomplish the work for him
self and herself no conditions whatever
can exhonerate any from the universal
law to that law the wisest and the
simplest must bow Praise is due these
young ladies for their prompt and effi
cient response to the call of duty to
themselves and to the League
Miss Maggie Harpers uniform and
efficient leadership in the music serves
the League at all times
Bro Smith called the League to close
by repeating a doxology in concert
If you want good goods and
cheap goods go to
J H Rowell
You will always find him at his
post ready to wait on you politely
He has new goods coming in all
the time keeps them fresh and
clean He buys for cash and dis
counts his bills and sells his goods
at hard time prices he will al
low no one to undersell him Be
sure to send him an order or go
and examine his stock and prices
before you buy elsewhere Free
delivery in the city
si rnjrtnat is attracting much
attention just now is the mineral
spring on Mr J H Culbersons
land near town It was discovered
by some wood choppers who dug
it out for drinking purposes and
tbey spoke of it to other who no
ticed the good effect the wattrhad
and Dr Stall cup analized it and
pronounced the water to be strong
ly imparled with iron magnesia
and sulphur The water is very
beneficial for dyspepsia and other
stomach troubles It is situated
above the raliroad bridge across
the river about half mile from the
bridge and has been fixed up very
nicely It is visited daily by a
great many people from the city
who use the water exclusively for
P Eldridge has one of the larg
est and best selected stock of dry
goods notions shoes and groce
ries ever brought to Jefferson
which he proposes to sell as cheap
as any house Seeing is believe
ing so go and see for yourself He
buys goods as close as anyone and
will sell them the same way If
bargains are what you are after go
and see him and you will be
The sad news of the untimely
death of John H Morgan which
occurred at Waco on the 15th ult
was received with deep regret by
his many friends here at his old
home He was the youngest son
fMr W J F Morgan an old cit
izen of this place but now of Waco
The sympathy of the entire com
munity goes out to the grief strick
en father wife and relatives in
thia their time of sorrow and be
Just Arrived
Mr A Itipinski has just arrived
from New York and the Eastern
markets and wishes to announce
to his customers and the public
generally that despite the money
depression he has purchased one of
the finest and largest stock of goods
than ever before and has secured
many great bargains which will be
announced as soon as the goodB
arrive Watch and wait for them
Premature baldness may be preven
ted and the hair made to grow on heads
already bald by the use of Halls Veg
etable Hair Renewer
It usually takes till December
to get your crop gathered but we
hear that some farmers had their
crop gathered before the 1st of
September as the drought cut it so
Think It Over
Have you ever heard of medicinewith
such a record of cures as Hoods Sarsap
arilla Dont you know that Hoods
Sarsaparilla the Onelrue Blood Puri
fier has proved over and over again
that it has power to cure even after all
other remedies fail If you Lave im
pure blood you may take Hoods Sr
saparilla with the utmost confidence
that jt will do you good
Every business man should have
it in his office it is an invaluable
companion The RandMcNnlly j t
Rail wav Guide
1896 School term will be eight
months Tuition free for the term
to all pupils within Scholastic age
8 to 17 years old living in school
districUNn wT rf
are assigned to said school by the
trustees A limited number of
pupils over and under Scholastic
age will be received and be charged
tuition per month which mist he
paid monthly towit
Primary Department 100 per month
Intermediate 150
High School Course 200
Judge J A Armistead Superintendent
CL Turner M A Principal
Mrs E W Vinson 1st Assistant
Miss Alice Emrnert 2nd
Mrs C L Turner 3rd
Miss Bonnie Wallace 4th
Miss C R Preston 5th
Messrs AVm Clark Genio Rains Geo
Kistenmacher Sr P M Riley and A
A Fort Mesdames J R Adams T N
Lockett D M Smith Jas Sullivan and
Miss D C Rosenthal
B J Benefield President
G AV Grubbs
W B Sims Secretary and Treasurer
Office of the Comptboller 1
of iUE Currency J
Washington D C June 241896
Notice is hereby given to all persons
who may have claims against The Na
tional Bank of Jefferson Jefferson
Texas that the same must be presented
to Thomas J Rogers Receiver with the
legal proof thereof within three months
from this date or tbey may be disal
Comptoller of the Currency
Roili Iloshanah
Monday evening at 6 oclock be
gins the observation of the Jewish
New Year which will be celebrated
by religious services the utter su
spension of all business and as a
genaral holiday on Tuesday The
Jimplecute tenders to them the
compliments of the season of the
5657 anniversary of the Jewish
Calendar with best wishai for a
year of prosperity and happiness
The Populist of Marion county
are hereby reminded that our
County Convention will meet on
September the 12th at 10 oclock
sharp Come and do your part
one and all
By order of the chairman
A D Tuixis
Jefferson Texas August 20 06
The Austin street market certain
ly deserves credit for the nice line
of meats that it furnishes to custo
mers it is so tender and fat
ACT 1x3 > nnz3
To tbs Editor I have an absolute
remedy for Consumption By its timely use
thousands cf hopeless cases have been already
permanently cured So proofpositive am I
of Itspowertiiit I consider it my duty to
send too bottles frtf to those of your readers
who hive ConsumpSpnTbroat Bronchial or
Lunf Trouble if they will write ootSelr
express and postofP e address Sincerely
SJOCn rist2fewToii
large variety
TO3 Bt Qf
and other RUGS
m 1 H
Ru lpinsKL
The fall term of Jefferson Graded
School begins Monday Sept 28th
KellTTille Eprrortli League
The above named League was organ
ized last Sunday eve at Kellyville with
the following officers
President Miss Mary Loomis 1st V
P J D Shackleford 2nd VP Miss H
Clyde Loomis 3rd VP and ei > Jo
fTuTLur xoomis Jr Secty Pallas
Kelly Treas Miss Laura Biggs Music
director Miss Delia Shackleford Li
brarian Mrs Kittie Loomis
The personel of the League in its lay
ity as well as in its officials will meas
ure up to the highest standard and w
may expect to hear much of its work
both at home and in Jefferson as Dr
Ridley informs us that he will endeav
or to get the Jefferson and Kellyville
Leagues to organize a union for the
purpose of interchanging exercises
There is no doubt but that this result
will be immediately procured and will
immure to the mutual benefit of all
concerned Let the work go on
It May Do as Much for Ton
Mr Fred Miller of Irving III writes
that he had a Severe Kidney trouble
for many years with severe pains in his
back and also that his bladder was af
fected He tried many so called Kidney
cures but without any good result
About a year ago he began the use of
Electric Bitters and found relief at once
Electric Bitters is especially adapted to
cure all Kidney and Liver troubles and
often gives almost instant relief One
trial will prove our statement Price
50c and 100 At J F Crows Drug
DHVl tVny MnaVKerrePUimra
We learn that Jake Rhodes of
Grand Saline has purchased the
WideAwake plant at this place and
will next week begin the publica
tion of a populist paper here
Winsboro Messenger
Heart Trouble Quickly Cured
A Convincing Testimonial
Misa Eixa Kctktz
For J9 years I suffered from heart trou
ble During that tine I iras treated bj
five different physicians All of them
claimed that I oTuZd not be curtd I was
greatly troubled with shortness of breath
palpitation and pain In the side It 1 be
came cicltodf or exerted myself In the least
the pain In my side became Tery severe At
times It seemed as though nadla vers thoot
ino Virouoh my tide Sometime In the month
of Korember last I commenced taking
and since then I have improved steadily
I can now sleep on my left side something I
had never been able to do before I can
walk without being fatigued and am In
much tilttr health Oum ever txforc 1 would
recommend all sufferers from heart troublo
to try Dr Miles InTaluable remedy without
MS Wright St Milwaukee Wis
Dr lilies Heart Cnro Is sold on a positrra
ccarantee that the first bottle will benefit
All druggists sell It at O 6 bottles forts or
It will be sent prepaid on receipt of price
07 the Or Mllw Medical Co Flfchirt Ind
fl slta
Dr Miles Heart Cure
There is a great dealp s Jtnn
ber bpjng yeand mi our an

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