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'ilFrom the Kovemlcr numler of Ok Literary and Dramatic
. kl Society's J(a$aziif.) j.
j . "
- -'Ho! toiler of the moody bwwJ " -, . ,
Ho! youth of downcast ? cL . ... agmju. - J
if Why slioulds't thou talk ofsinkninoSvt
-JUi- -rii..- Wro flint hitler sigh? .1 J
f -'Gomecoin thy thoughts ia hojjbrignUmpu'ld,
"A"nd light that cheek so pale M-
'For youth's! like thee, so youtiand'boia,
There's no such wenrd as Gil 1 .1 ' ' " ,J
Art pressed in love? Let beauty dYpwn ; .
Turn thou tosurer game ; . '
Turn to the virtuous deed's rcuo wn. "
.. r r-x:-m - ' -
- -iiiuunoi a, ucaiuicss name., . flp-r..
Turn to the works of gjdlike men
. , Hoistup a daringsail; . f
And ifthoustumblcst.try ilgaitil "
There's no such word as fail.! p
The Spanish voyager crosst-dthe, sea ,
To sesk another world ; "f " "
And sickening in despondency,
llis weary sails he furlod. f
But, taking heart, he wended orij '"
Till land-birds filled the jjalef ' ' "
Columbus saw his work wait done
There's no such word as l'aiPl
'Thousands who rose from want and gloom "
Are now in grandeur laidlj " .
'With storied marbles o'erlhefr tombs,
In many a minster's shado; - . " .
"Whilst noble youths, with bunded heads "
Think, as the brow the- veil,
And learn the glories o' the. dead .
There's no such word as fail ! . - -.
. , ' ' .
And thou, oh, youth of moody look
Cheer up thy sinkiugheari ! -v
Try a new leaf in life's worn book,
Con o'er a better part. "
A mocking devil bids thee fear,- " '
But turn and cry all hail! -And
shout into his aching car "
There's no such word as fail !
Nell' Bly, Nelly Bly, bring the broom along,
Sweep the kitchen clean my lult, we'll have a little song.
Poke the wood, my lady lub, and make dc fire burn,
And while I take my banjo down just give the mush a
Heigh Nelly, ho Nolly, listen love to mo,
. I'll sing for you, I'll play for you the sweefest.mclody.
Nelly Bly has a voice like the turtle dove,
I hear it in the meadow and I hear it in the grove.
. .Nelly Bly has a heart warm as a cup of tea,
. Bigger than a sweet potatoc down in Tennessee.
.Heigh Nelly, &c.
"Nelly Bly shuts her eye "when she goes fo sleep.
JAnd when she wakes up again dat eye-ball 'gins to peep.
Nelly Bly lifts her footand den she puts it down,
And when it lights dars music dar in dat part ob de
Heigh Nelly, &c.
Nell Bly, Nelly BIy,aievcr, never sigh
Never bring de tear drop fo de corner ob your eye,
For de pie am made ob punkins and de mush am made ob
There's corn and punkins plenty, love, lying in the b.irn.
Heigh Nelly, &c.
ssy - i ..,,.. .
' ""The Banner thinks that Clayton lias, by the pub
lication of Mailing's letter, put an extinguisher
upon the Senators who arraigned him in the Sen
ate Uojhcjday ujion the charge of duplicity. We
publish below a statemenlparti6fvhichvc copied
ou yesterday, which will probably jrtve the Barlner
a better view of the matter. We forbear any far
ther comment'on this suoject uutU we Jiave all the
facts in an authenticated shape.
The annexed statoment we find telegraphed to
lio YYirlr Times '
v. w - ...
r . . . . . . . i - A ji.-it . i
lie insists that, when tnc ircacy was ociuii: uienenarc, il
wns nniwisedunlvon the irround that it was tooccnei-al in ifi
ifirm And lhatalthouirh it was understood that the tie-itv
swept Great Britain from Central America, yet there was
Tvwsihilitv that she mierht construe it to give her a foothold.
Lxhatwas the ground of Douglas's opposition, who persisted
in voting against ir. uiayion was .quoieu as authority Lai
no such construction was possible. The treatv was ratified
with that understanding. It came back from England with
instructions to secure the construction excepting: Honduras.
While this proposition for construction was pending between
the negotiators, Clayton called on Kingpcrsonally and asked
whether he should return it to the Senate. King teplied,
f 'Dismiss it. The Senate never mil ratify it If sent back
iiie whole treaty will be rejected." Clayton assured him he
would dismiss if, and King supposed it had been dismissed,
until the correspondence came m last week.
It will be remembered tliat England, under a very old
treaty with Spain, had a right to cut logwood at Honduras
and the dependent islands. When Cass called oil King last
Thursday inorniug he misunderstood King's statement.
King diet write the letter to Clayton which Clayton publishes,
i ' " j a. i it. i t!i iV .
Trul or tiie Parties Gokcerked ix tueiHexry'
Clat Steamboat - Dis-ster. The Cincinnati Ga
zette says, that," at length, 'the parties: accused of a
guilty connection with this terrible catastrophe, by
which nearly one hundred lives were, loston.the
2Torth river, last summer, are to be brought to trial. -
The case was set down for Tuesday of this week.
' Louisiana Election. As far as ascertained the
democratie-majgrity forGovernor is 1,010. The
Senatostands 11 democratsfo-Swhigs, and the
House 35 democrats to 17 whigs.
Bad Business. A young lawyer named La wson,
of IfewYork, has been sentenced to twenty years
imprisonment at Wethersfield, Connecticut, for forg
ing pension certificates In that State.
The first choice of a seat at Catherine Hayes'
third concert in San Francisco was.bid ofFat $1,100,
by-Empire Engine Company No. 1, and was occu
pied by the foreman of the company. The second
choice was knocked down to California-Engine
Company for 25.
The Cincinnati Times says that "Fanny Pern"
is Mrs. Eldridge, of Boston. She. is a widow lady,
and the sister of N. P. Willis. This may be relied
on as correct
Stato oftheBankof Tannessea and Branches on 1st Jan
uary, 1853,. i
I Discounted Notes.... ;i;665,17a Si Jj
Domestic Bills. ; ,'.1,774,349 69 M
.Boston, Monday, Jan. 10, 1S53. The funeral ser-
vices ot ttie-sqn ot lieneral rieree tookr" place tnis
rhorning.at the residence of Mn Aiken. iiirAnd-
of the citizens of Andover, and quite a number of I Bdkand Notes m.Smt-,
the family relatives. of Gen. Piercefrom this city. 1- led;r'r"'
. The remains were inclosed in a rosewood coffin, h afeBond3 Discounted
lined with white satin and ornamented avIUi silver 1 Common SchooLLand Bonds.
studs. The corpse looked very natural, the face I Kcal Estate
wearing a pleasant expression. The head was sur- rDnefrom Banks. .-. r.-.sv.
rounded with a wreath of laurel and white roses Branch Balances
rit. i i - t - il . , : . i
wiiu ui lu ieavc oi wmcn pariiauv concealeu a scar
on the forehead. On the lid of the coffin were two
773992 12
102 603 57
47J140 00
lOfi o
' j
(I 03 i,D,13t U
" ' 201,S63 60
456,571 82
16o,596 5S
9,61S 25
The Caloric Power. As nollced in our tele
graphic dispatches yesterday, the second trial of the
caloric ship was regarded as eminently successful.
The Tew York Express, in referring to the first
trial, sums up as follows a few of the advantages
Avhich caloric will be found to have over steam.
Should the caloric ship ej:periment be finally
stamped with complete success:
"1. The. caloric engine burns about one tenth as
much fuel as a steam engine; hence a caloric ship
of the largest size, may circumnavigate iJie globe
without stopping to take in coal; hence, not a sail
will be seen on the ocean in fifty years after the
success of the new principal is certain; hence ma
chinery will be applied to a thousand arts which
now require manual labor; hence, the possibility of
that long desired machine plough; and hence the
coming of that good time when arduous manual
toil will absolutely cease under the sun.
2. The cost of the .caloric engine is about the
same as the steam engine, minus the cost of the
3. Only one-fourth as many engine men will be
required on board a caloric hip as are necessary
for a steamer.
4. Uo smoke whatever will issue from a caloric
furnace when anthracite coal is used, and conse
quently no huge unsightly smoke pipe will be ne
cessary, and the rigging will be as clean as that of
a sailing ship.
5. There can be no bursting or collapsing of
ooiiers, ior tne simple reason mat tnere win oe no
boilers to burst. 4The worst accident that can hap-
A- ' . "... .
pen to a eaionc engine is ior il io stop; nor is
watchfulness imperatively required, as in no case
can a dangerous accident occur.
0. Owing to the extreme simplicity of the caloric
engine me wear ana -tear win oe very slight, and
the duration of the engine proportionably long."
ly understood that the treaty did not include British Hon
duras. While Mr. King deuies positively that he ever un
derstood the treaty to admit any such rights of Giat Bri
tain in Honduras as she claims, he insists that his letter to
and conversation with Mr. Clayton referred only to this com
mercial claim to cut logwood. This, of course, all occurred
after the Senate had ratified the treaty. In confirmation of
his statement, .Mr. King refers to thacl03ing paragraph of the
same letter, viz: "Frankness becomes our government, but
you should be careful not to use any expression which would
-seem to recognize the right ,of England to any portion of
Honduras." llr. Kinir asks what this latter clause could have
.referred toA if he understood that the British claim to Hon
duras was conceded. It was this he said, the Senate perfect
ly understood, that there was no reference made in that con
nection to fhe British colony. Mr. King denounces Clayton
bitterly, and charges wrong intentions upon him. To show
that Clayton took the same view of the treaty, Mr. King re
fers to the former's letter of thcTth May, 1850, to Mr. Squier,
charge to Nicaragua, w hich declares that after exchange of
ratifications of the treaty, Great Britain would have no au
thority ot any kind in Central America.
Mr. King's friends admit that Mr. Clayton, when the trea
ty was ratified, honestly believed that it excluded Great Bri
tain; but they charge that when be negotiated the additional
article of construction, he dishonestly kept it from the Sen
ate, for fear he would lose the treaty in which lie. took so
much interest, that he laid a trap for King, in his letter of
July 4th, in which King replied as above indicated. Such
is the explanation which Senator Mason will probably
ina&c uu uenaii ui Jving.
The 'New York Tribune puts on record, with
evident satisfaction, the following facts relating. to
slavery in .New York. The law of 1841, upon which
the vote is given, is the one under which theLem
mon slaves were set free. This law was passed, it
will be noticed, by whig votes. In the Senate,
not ope democrat voted for it The entire affir
mative vote was whig, while the negative votes,
with but a single exception, were cast by demo
crats. These facts go to prove, what we have all
along asserted, and what southern whigs have now
scarcely the face to controvert, namely, that the de
mocratic party north and south, is the only natiorfal
party, and the one to which alone the south must
look for fair play and the observance of her rights.
Wherever the subject of slavery is legislated upon
at the north, the whig party will be found voting
against the interests and rights of the south, and the
democratic party to sustain them:
The work of eradicating slavery from the State
of Sew York was commenced in 1795 by John
Jay, powerfully urged lorward by Daniel D. Tomp
kins, and finally completed in 1841 under William
H. Seward. The last vestige of that Great wron"
namely, the law which gave pennission to slave
holders to hold their slaves in this State for nine
months was repealed by the legislature of that
year, as follows:
This bill came up on its final passage in the Sen
ate on the 24th of May, 1841. After ineffectual and
repeated motions to adjourn, to postpone, &c, the
bill passed Ayes 11, JNocs 8, as follows:
Ayes Messrs. A. B. Dickinson, Abram Dixon,
James Gr. Hopkins, Laurens Hull, Friend Humph
rey, Martin Lee, Wm. A. Moseley, R-. C. Nicholas,
Elijah Rhodes, Gulian C. Yerplanck, Samuel Works
11 (all whigs.)
JSToes Messrs. Robert Dcnniston, Sumner Fly,
Hy. A. Foster, John Hunter, Daniel Johnson,
John B. Scott, Avery Skinner, John W. Taylor 8
(all dems. but the lasL)
Absent Messrs. Gabriel Furman, Minthorne
Tompkins, II. A. Zivinqston, A. C. Paige, Erastus
Root, IL W. Strong, Bethucl Peck, Joseph Clark,
Alvah Hunt, Nehemiah Plait, John Maynard. M.
H. Sibley, Henry IIawkinslZ(yfhaS jn Italic
The vote on its final passage in the Assembly
was taken the next day, and resulted iu Ayes, 50;
2Taysf49 Among the Ayes we find Henry G.
caton, beth C. Hawley, Geo. A. Simmons,
Speculation. Two gentlemen purchased the
other day, 300 acres of land near Newark, !N". J.,
for $150,000. In a few days after they sold .out
one-tenth of the, land, in lots, for what the whole
cost them. They expect to make two million of
dollars by the speculation.
M. DeMakcoleta, the Nicaraguan Minister, who
has been dismissed by our Government, has written
a letter to the editor of the Courier desEtats Unis,
in which he says: "I have done nothing but fol
low the instructions of my Government to the very
j letter, and that with all possible respect; one day,
my correspondence will be published, and justice
will be done."
Virginia Legislature. The house of delegates
has passed a bill authorizing the citizens of Marshall
to subscribe to the Marietta and Cincinnati Rail
road; and a bill incorporating a company to con
struct a railroad from some convenient point on the
Manassas Gap Railroad to the Ohio river, at or
near Letart Falls in West Columbia in the county of
The New Hampshire Test. The lower branch
of the New Hampshire Legislature has concurred,
by a large majority, in the Senate's resolution dep
recatory of the religious test in the constitution of
that State. It is not improbable that the people of
the Granite State will, within a year or two, efface
this foul and only blot from their escutcheon.
Mr. Badger's Nomination to the Vacancy in the
U. S. Supreme Court. The Louisville Journal
learns by a letter from .Washington, that, a few
hours after Mr. Badger's nomination by President
Fillmore to the vacancy on the bftnch of the Su
preme Court, a Democratic Senatorial caucus, at
which twenty-three Senators were present, decided,
by a vote of twenty-two to one, to lay the nomina
tion on the table; so that Gen. Pierce will have
the privilege of making a nomination to suit him
self. Pennsylvania. Gov. Bigler sent his message to
the legislature on the oth inst. He is highly grati
fied at the result of the presidential election. There
is a surplus of 071,000 in the treasury over ex
penditures the past year. The receipts for the next
year are estimated at $4,G2G,500, and the expenses
at $4,02S,670. The state debt is $40,000,000; the
prcttilyv.rpught wreaths of laurel and white roses,
ana a silver plate-bearing tlieinscription
Benjamin Pierce-
Died Jan. G, 1853. Aged 11 years and 9 montlts.
Rey.vMr. Parker, of Concord,' at whose church
Mr. Pierce and his wife are regular attendants, of
ficiated the services consisting of an address, pray
er and singing.
At 1A. o'clock the remains were conveyed to Con-
cord in a special train for burial.
Gen. Pierce is recovering rapidly-from his lame
ness, and will jsoon regain his usual health.
Mrs. Pierce's mind lias been restored to a degree
of calmness and resignation which enabled her to
attend the services this morning, and which in
spires the most encouraging hopes of her friends.
She will remain with her sister, Mrs. Aiken, until
her health is sufficiently restored" to enable her to
return to New Hampshire.
Benj.Kitteridge,of Pelham, N. IL, who was' ta
ken to the Andover Poor-House after the accident
will probably die of his injuries. '
E. B. Bailey, of Dunbarton, N.H., who Is atLaw
reflce, will also probably die of his injuries.
.Concord, Monday, Jan. 10 P. M. The fu
neral cortege of young Benjamin Pierce has thismo
ment passed on its way to the old North Church
Cemetery, where his remains will be deposited.
The procession was simple and unostentatious.
In front was the hearse, on runners, flanked by
four boys on either side, sixteen years of age, . as
pall bearers; then followed four coaches on wheel-',
and six large sleighs, containing relatives, friends
and-neighbors of General Pierce, and from a dozen
to twenty of young Pierce's playmates and com
panions. . General Pierce rode in the first coach. Mrs. P.
did not come on with the remains of her child.
110,503 65
-13.S17 87-
133,321 52
1,457 69
a. .
Suspense Account
Approp'n lo Improv't oFKivcrs
Expense Account
protest A cedtint.. . "...
Notes on other Banks !Sa35t)iiiigi f
1-uuasiu inuisit 401366 61
Gold und Silver 53,SS9 28 710,140 54
Capital Stock .- v . . . .
Treasurer of Tennessee
" of Ivstitu'n for the Blind
Trustee of McMinn county
Common School Land District's
I iternal Improvement Fund. .
O m s tS Com'n School Funl
Int. Improvement Divided ....
Exchange AcrountJ ; . .
Discounts Received
Interest Account
I Damages
Profit and Loss
State Kcvdhue Certificates
Certificates of Deposit
Individual Depositors
,17,509 10
; " . . 2,SG$,072 47
23,030 05
1,338 04
' SIo '14 "
381,446 SG 353,434 40
06,213 55 . '
5,2515; 00 53,172 S7
4r5G-70 . t
4,-670 03 - . -
" 5,407 64 ' - .
58,956 55 139,494 36
Shocking Atfir. A man named John Wil
liams, living some ten or twelve miles from La
Grange, in Tippah Co., Miss., murdered his wife a
few days since by kicks and repeated blows with
his fist. Williams was in a drunken spree, which
was the chief cause, as was thought, that k d him
to the commission of the brutal deed. The unfor
tunate victim was encienie. Williams endeavored
to make his escape, but he was pursued and taken,
and is now safely lodged in the jail at Biplev to
await the demands of justice. Memphis Express.
Died. In this city on the morning of the 13th
inst., Mrs. Boxana Watkins, wife of Mr. Ab. Wat
kins, foreman in this office, aged 22 3'ears. Chat
tanooga Advertiser.
Cheap Postage anu Advertising. A striking in
stance of the inducement which cheap postage af-
iurus ior extensive correspondence, ana the free
circulation through the mails to ali parts of the
country of business circulars, advertisements L'c.
office, during the year 1S52, a total of $7,021 22 for
postage, probably the largest amount expended in
that way by any one house in this city. Their
ppstage bills, for the last three mouths of. the year,
(the time in which the new law modifying the
rates on printed matter has been in operation)
were as follows : Oetober, 107 67; November,
G79 89; December, $$03 01, indicating a gradual
increase under that law. Thus it is evident that
since this reduction of the rates on printed matter
Messrs. E. & Bro. are induced more largely than
ever to circulate through the mails the newspapers
&c., in which their advertisements appear. As this
Circulation as above 2,326,079
L(S3 on hands of B'k & Branches 107,445
432,755 91
2,28,97a 00
6,173,509 10
Actual circulation .
R. ANDERSON, Cashier.
James M. Condit and wife, Mary A. 1 t ... n,.1(.
William' P. Harry and others.
motion and it appearing to tne undersigned, Cleric
and Master, that Wm. P. Harvv is a non-resident of
the State of Tennessee. It is thercforeordcred that an order
of publication be made fortliree succesivcc weeks, in the
Nashville Union, a paper published in the city of Nashville,
requiring the said Wm. P. Uarvy fo appeer at the court
house in the town of Carthage, on the second Monday in
February nest, then and there to plead, answer or demur to
Complainants Bill and in default thereof, s-aid Bill will be
taken for confessed and set for hearing-, tv-parte as to him.
jan 17 ;3v A.MOOUE, C. & M.
rpHE PROPRIETOR of uVs establishment
,1 heirs leave to inform the public and his old
ia jjic-sL-uLeu in me exiraoruinary lanje postage-bill
ot Alessrs. l'igerton cc Bro., exchange broker?, .0
this city. They have paid to the Baltimore Post
customers, that he still carries on the Coach ami .Bug
gy business 111 all its various branches, viz: Coach PuintiRfr,
Wood "Work, Trimminr. Blacks nithing, Harness Malsinfr,
anil Finishing. All work sold beme is made at the Clark
Street Manufactory and warrentcJ.
I now have on hand, and for sale, Family Carriages,
Rockaways, Barouches, Trotting Buggies, Sulkies, and
School Omnibuses. In my work all of the newest fashions
and latest siyles are introduced and warranted.
All Orders for new work attended to with promptness
and despatch having- good workmen in my employ.
Iteptiiring done with promptness and "despatch, and
my customers may rely on getting their work when prom
ised. IRA A STOUT,
junl7 friwly Clark Street, Nashville, Teun.
j Hp WELLS, Agent forthcs.ile of laNnaETii's Seeks,-
JL at Nashville, has justreceivod Lai'ijesiipplieg.- jan!7
WANTED at the South Nashville Furniture Factory! of
100,000 feet of 14 inch Walnut Plank wide;
50,000 do do do do do;
50,(X)0 do 2 do do do do;
100,000 do Walnut Scantling, 8 feet long, 4, 5 k 6 in. sq'rc:
100,0)0 doCheiry do do do;
100,000 do 1 inch Cherry Plank wide;
50,000 do do do - do;
00,000 cto'J do -do do;
Senator,) Erastus D. Culver, (whigs,) with Paul
Grout J. It. O'Sullivan, Sol. Townsend. Alem.O
Among the Nays, Mich eal Hoffman, Edmund J7
Pnrfnr. David R. Flnvod .Tnnpa Wm AfrAfin-vir
ington correspondence of the Cleveland (O.) Plgip J (now Senator,) Levi S. Chatfield! (all dems.)
"-among, uie iiuscut or not voung, iirpnaxau
W We clip the following from the Washing-
last year was 1,890,811 42, and the expenses for
the same period were 1,029,341 23. The gover
nor thinks the fishery dispute with England had an
unfavorable effect on the negotiation lor the 0
000,000 loan of the state for completing some works
of internal improvement,
Egf" Amos Lawrence, who recently died in Bos
ton, was one of the most liberal philanthropist of
this or any other country. It is estimated that he
gave away to charitable objects at least half a mil
lion of dollars. A post-mortem examination showed
that his brain was one ot the largest on record. It
was two ounces heavier than Mr. Webster's, which
was vast in its magnitude.
Two men ol Mobile have returned flush. As
sociated with several others they expended 18,000
erecting works at a bar for turning the channel of a
certain river in California. After finishin"-them
Alvah Worden, W. H. Van Schoonhoven, (now in the space of thirteen days and eight nights, the
company took out about 80,000, without having
gone over more than a third of their claims. The
first day they procured 71 pounds of clear dust, ahd
assessed real and personal estate is 497,039,049, is a thing which ibis likely shrewd.men would not
and the population of the state is 2,311,780. The .be SulIty or. unless they experienced a correspond-
governor recommends that a law be passed prohib- f S " an , ge m" T'nef otl,crs nmY Judc
,1 1 i c 1 , . lor themselves of the value of the example. Inad-
iting the issue of bank notes of a lower denomina- dition, it would appear from all this, that had not
tion than 5. The income from the public works the postage rates been reduced, the bills of Messrs.
E. & Bro. would not have been so lanre thus p-.
cmplifying the sound utility of the principle of
cheap postage. Baltimore Sun.
4 T
The Right'of Search ix Practical Siiapk.-
stated vesterdav the renort that the
of this port, had been boarded and searched bv thu
officers ofa British sloop. The following addition
al particulars have been lurnished to us by Capt.
Stellor: He was sailincratthe time, with a liHif.
breeze, inside Stone Key, making in for Cardenas;
the flag of the United States was flying at his mast
head. An officer and six mea from the West, n
British sloop of war, boarded him. He gave an ac
count of his vessel, where ho was from, and where
going to; but this did not satisfy, and they proceed
ed to search his hold. Finding nothing there, the
officer then demanded his papers, and after exam
ining these, he and his men left the schooner.
Capt. Stellor does hot complain" of anvill treatment
or rudeness from them, but thinks thev have, most
positively, asserted the right to search United States
vessels in American waters. Charleston Standard.
Jan. 0.
50,000 do Ash, ranging from to 5 in thick wide plank;
AIk, Poplar of all sizes used for Cabinet purposes, for
which dim will be paid on delivcrv.
Also, 25 or30good CABINETMAKERS wanted, to whom
fair prices will be given in cash. Also, 1 or 2 good UP
HOLSTERS. None but good workmen need apply.
Goods at Wholesale
I "iVrORGASr & CO. are now receiving and openinga
! iuL large an 1 an unusually attractive stock of SPRING
uouub, embracing .1 much larger vanetv, and richer styles
of FANCY GOODS than they have ever" heretofore had it
in their cower to offer to the " retail trad a. fcYolmn- rnnfi.
dent of their ability to give entire satisfaction,, thev solicit an
inspection of their stock and an examination of their prices
by those desircm of purchasing. junl4 trw6w
The Gazette is out again in the attempt to vindi
cate the-epeated newspapernoticcs of Uncle Tom's
Gabin. The thing is perfectly clear to our mind,
and we are not verdant enough to waste paper in
trying to make it plain to our neighbor. His inabil
ity to comprehend may be, and certainly is, his mis
fortune, but it just as certainly is not our fault
We do not set up to correct natural deficiencies.
Some years since there was passed a law of Con
gress forbidding the transmission through the mails
of incendiary and insurrectionary documents. Vn
cle Tom's Cabin certainly comes within the plain
proyisjons of this law. And if it be wrong to af
ford mail facilities for its circulation, it surely is
wrong for an editor to stimulate public curiosity to
see it and thus produce the demand lor iL It is to
answer to say that its statements are exaggerated
and false. Falsehoods Save bea believed before
now. Every principle ofSo&Uieni police condemns
its circulation among us. Our neighbor says thac
Uncle Tom's Cabin is harmless. just. ns the Spirit of
the.Press is. This may be wit, but it certainly is
noanswer to the arraignment we prefer against
those papers which aid in giving reputation to a
mischievous work. Cassius Clay's abolition paper
in Lexington Avas full of falsehoods, but the people
suppressed it and their course has been sustained.
The True Whig has an article in reference to the
number of democrats whose names have been sug
gested for Governor. The best thing in the article
is the quotation it makes from the Spirit. The fact
is, the democratic party has more material to make
Governors out of than, the whig, and of course Ike
sensible men the democrats intend to examine it all
before selecting.
The Banner is out with startling captions. Our
neighbor has waked" up. He has round a Mare's
Nest He has discovered the Eureka. He talks of
Gitn Powder Plots, and "duplicity" ofdenocratc '
Senators. We really get alarmed for our neigi bor
sometimes. He should not break Out so bad, or;o
often. The public mind is prettv ouk:t now. .11 tl
he should not startle it with Gun Powder Plots.
Oratiox ox-tiie Ltfk ..b Skrvioks op Daxiel
Webster, bv Hon'. B. H. Ewixg. We have re
ceived a copy of this address. It is a thorough and
eloquent analysis of the subject it treats, and worth'
the reputation of its author. Of comse, there are
many opinions expressed in it, with reference to
which persons difthriug in political sentiment from
Mr. Webster and Mr. Ewing, would not endorse.
Col. B. F. Cheatham. We had the pleasure of
meeting on Sunday, this gentleman, who is on a
visit to his relatives in tlfecity. Capt Frank
Cheatham (for it was as such we first knew him)
has here hosts of friends who will be glad to shake
hands with the friend and rt!ier soklier of other
days, who ever was a deserved favorite with all
who knew him.
Dax Trigg On Broad Street, has a krge sup
' ply of groceries which he is selling unusually low.
We advise our country-friends to give him a call.
They will be pleased both as to prices, and the
quality of theartieles purchased from him.
Hunt aud Baird's Ballet a.vd- Pantomime
TnouPE. On to-morrow night this troupe will ex
hibit at the Adelphi. The press of die oities,
in- which they have given exhibitions, x$e&z in the
most flattering terms of their performances.
M'lle. Lamee is described as a tkmieuse of the
most superior kind. The Louisville Times predicts
for her a brilliant career, and tliat she will rival
Ellsler and Taglioni. We are satisfied, from tlie no
tices Are see of this troupe, that it is entitled to the
patronage of our citizens, and hope they Avill turn
out and give them a crowded house.
Dealer, dated the Cth instanL
llev. Orrin Fowler's successor in the 'United
States House of Representative is a Quaker. He
has arrived upon the ground, caparisoned in the
regular stylo of his sect, with an old-fashioned drab
broad-brim and a single-breasted shad-belly. He
presented himself at the speaker's seat, took the
oath with his hat on, and caused some little ex
citement by his odd appearance. The honest phiz
and steady moral deportment of the Quaker, are
rare qualities in Congress. The name of the hon
orable gentleman is Little; his father was formerly'
: i 1. 1 , . J
an uiuuui m uiu uuvy, uuu was engageu m several
battles during the last war. His son. who now re
presents the district of Daniel Webster, was at that
time ayoung "blood" of the "first water," and foucht
witn nis latuer JiKe a nero. avt a later nenou ho
doffed the habiliments of Avar, became a peace
man. and an exemnlary member of the sor:itr nf ' """""
Friends. Thou artaA-orthy man, friend Little, all of whom arc for the present thrown out of em-
1 T . til "11 1 . . I
Lo.orais, Win. B. faclay, Conrad Swackliamer.
IPm Diflr fix flpms hnh'tho lnof.T'
J -y
Fire i.vXouisville. On Saturday afternoon, the
extensive Steam Cotton Factory of Messrs. Schu
rug fe Co., at Louisvilee, caught fire, supoosed from
the friction of the machinery in the packing room.
The main building, says the Times, in the rear and
Aving adjoining, Avere entirely destroyed, Avith all
the A-aluable machinery. The front building Avas
greatlyjnjured, and a small part of the machinery
saved. The amount of factory property destroyed,
is estimated at over $30,000, upon which an insu
rance of only S 17,000 was effected. At the time of
fire, about 75 hands AA-ere at work in the building
Hox. Baillie Peytos. A rumor on the street
yesterday, reports thisgentleman,.rainister to Chili,
on several days afterwards 40, 50, and 60 pounds', -as having married in that country, a very AA'ealthy
AlaAvimnosimra nenaltv of S5D nnn nr English lady.
person circulating bills under $5. of any bank of the
Statepwill go into operation on the 14th inst, in
A lrtl-r. T i- "id nf Y" flrtAPPO Htf Vim 1 ,
uiuaiua. J.u io uuu iui conviction to Nashville, Jan. 17
describe the bill proot tliat on its lace at purports- Cotton The market was quite active tc-daj-, though as
to be issued by the authority ot any other State or usual bnwonihyrsthere was not much offering from wagons.
county, or by any bank or corporation out of thp &aies 01 anout iuo bales at 7&3 40,
and I trust thee will turn many a A-anton belliger
ent in Congress from the error of his Avays into the
pashs of virtue and peace. May thy shadoAr never
groAV less.
.Yalue of Poultry Manure. It is lamentable.
and disgusting even, to see what a waste is froinsr
uu'iu una country oi me ricnesi ana most valuable
manure ever known. We are importing shipload
after shipload of guano, (sea bird manure) Avhile
hundreds of tons of poultry manure Avliich is as
serted to be equal in Aalue is suffered to go to
Avaste, in the United States. Each farmers poultry
yard produces so little, that it is suffered to go to
Avaste, and thus the country loses over a million
dollars annually.
Mow io save it. IlaAing learned the value of
poultry manure, Ave suppose now, our readers Avould
like to knoAv Avhat is the best method to save it
First, builda poultry house, if it be no more
than a rough scaffolding of poles or slabs upon
crotches, forming: a double pitch roof AA'ith end
boards in Avinter, to keep out tee AA'ind and driving
EST The Madona left Louisville for this port yes
terday. A.Bridal Chamber. A nW hotel in NeAv York,
called the St Nicholas, Avas opened on Thursday.
The Herald, in its description of it, gives the folloAV
ing account of the bridal chamber :
Upon opening the door of this room the effect
produced is almost overpoweringy" The bed stands
in the centre of the floor, upon a broad cushion of
State, is sufiiceut Avithout further proof.
A Constable on a Throne. The present Emoe-
ror of France Avas, a feAv years ago, an English con
stable. During the Chartist moA'ements, in 1848,
M. Louis Bonaparte found himself at London. Not
having; a sous in his pocket, he was, of course, "in
faA-or of all the great questions of the day" that
promised to pay anytmng. ana reaay to join m get
ting up a revolution, or putting down one, iust as
. - i . ii iL mil.
tlie wma mignt mow. ua iuu jluui oi -aprii, Ii54c5.
Avhen a unartisc insurrection Avas apprenended,
Louis probably foreseeing it Avould come to nothing-.
applied for the office of constable, and Avas SAvorn
in as a "special." He AA'as put upon duty in the
streets of London, and assisted in keeping the po
pulace in order.
The New York Mirror says that "the story
that Mrs. Thorn, formerly of this city, had been ar
rested at Lima, for stabbing a man named Giroux,
is a gross fabrication. Letters have been received
in this City, stating that Marsilla, a newspaper Avri-
ter, for Avhom Giroux is said to have been mistaken,
Nothing new in Tobacco or "Qr6ceries?it
River falling 6 feet on the shoals.
Arrivals. 1G, Embassy, Memphis; U.S.Mail, Pittsburg;
17, Mustang, Paducah.
Departed. 16, II. R. W. Hill, New Orleans; 17, Luella,
Paducah; Mustang, do; Embassy, Memphis.
Ballete and Pantomime Company!!
VTUAa give a grand performance, at the Adelphi Thca
V V trc on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Januarv 19.
mi.. i A.i i . r , i
iiiu uuuvu uuumeu vuuipauy is composeu ot nearly
twenty PERFORMEits, selected Irom the different cities
throughout the United States.
ST or particulars, see small bills.
EST Performance to commence at 7Xo'cloclc
jggT Parquette and Boxes, 50. Galleries 25 cents.
issenger packet 2
James Miller, Master, will leave for the
TTOR ST. LOUIS. The fast and
Jj splendid passenger packet ALEONIA,
. . n i w.. 1 j . . j o'- j. uou io
Storms. Under this, place Parallel roots! nnd thfl Ar.vorr.fi with thn rinhflsf. Rniin "Rrnsla mi,a
. . . I J I Wv .... .M,..
TTifltiHi'Oin rhfk nirrhf II ..11 j i. j ? . I . r. - i .
v.. "'", u an urop uown into a nar
row toav beneath. Here place a light loam about
a foot deep rather Avider and longer than the roost,
and give it a sprinkling of Plaster of Paris an inch
thick When this is covered with manure an inch
deep, give it a layer of loam four inches deep, and
another sprinkling of an inch of plaster and so
continue. In the spring, mix all Avell together
keep it free from the rain, and use it at the'rate of
onepint to a hill of corn, or a corresponding quan
tity for cucumbers, squashes, pumpkins, melbns,
peas, onions, straAvberries, or any other fruit, veget-
1 r.A Ai4- rt-nA Ka. Kn.fln CI ' 1. J 1 1 , ' a 1. .. P J i r . . I 1 J . ? 1 rl t tt . - i-r-r m AW ."I "
aoiunuu luuiKiuu iicauuuaiuoiueuiuuiiiisiieagoia. account in question jusu uuiuie tne uepariure Ot tne I ooaruono jumo -a. nAJiiiiiUJN, Agent.
jsromeacn post tne drapery ot white satin, lined
Avith Brussels lace, tapers upward and doAvinvard
toward the lofty ceiling, Avliere the four curtains
are united by a square canopy of burnished gold.
From each corner of thiscanop' a gilt ormula scroll
springs out, sustaining a glass chandelier. Each
chandelier will display twenty lights. The bed is
A-essel, to injure him at home. The 'stabbing in a "VTOTICE. NASHVILLE MANUFACTURING CO.
r1nnnr.rr.ns mnnnnr nnrl .nrrpst.' nro nnW nmr.nlKni, An election for seven Directors to manage the affairs
1 1 . T 7 . 1
aoie, or grain, requiring ncn manure, and our
word for it, you AA'ill haAre a crop of a superior quality.-
--'Thus you Avill'become one out of the many
wno.iB ucsuuujsgtu uuucuo xuciseu j,aua assise in
sheets are of muslin trimmed Avith lace. The cur
tains are looped at intervals and confined around the
bedposts Avith broad rosettes of white satin, to
AA'hich heavy tassels of silken cord are suspended.
The room is covered with a carpet of tlie richest
velvet Axminster. The toilet and room furniture
is in perfect keeping "Avith the bed and drapery;
there is one arm-chair covered with brocade gold
cloth, manufactured expressly jbr the purpose, and
scarcely seen before in America. The value of this
cloth is from $45 to S50 per yard. The Avails of
the room are covered Avith over one thousand
yards of fluted Avhite satin of great value, Ayhilsta
pier glass and mantel mirror, of extraordinary lus
tre, light up the fairy bower. A dressingroom, par
lor, aud bath-room complete this suite. The Avm-
savlng more than a million of dollars annually to J dov-harigings.are of satin brocade" damask, inter
the.country. American Agriculturalist;' - .woven with threads of eold. - -
- .'.'ksJ... A -S- , X. -.v-:2'' ,- I '
dangerous manner and arrest' are only embellish
ments, to make the story more palatable."
Unprofitable Boarder. A physician relates -the
case ofa boy, only tAvelve years old, who from a
feeling of inanition, had so strong a craving that he
could gnaw his oaati flesh Ahen not supplied with
food; vjicn aAvake he Avas constantly eating. The
food giA'en him consisted of bread, meat, beer, milk,
Avater, butter, cheese, sugar, treacle, and pudding,
pies, fruits, broths, potatoes, and of these, he swal
loAved, in six successive days, three hundred and
eighty-four, pounds eight ounces avoirdupoise, being
sixty-four pounds a day on the average.
Marriage of a Poetess. The Memphis Express,
of the 13th, says :
"Miss Jj. Yirginia Smith, a well knoAvn poetess of
this city, Aras married last evening. The fortunate
Bridegroom was John H. French, Esq.,- of McMinn
ville. The happy couple left for New Orleans last
evening. We hope the fair bride .will not, tin mat
rimony, forget the gift of song; MissElizaibgan
was among-the bridesmaids." '" rifL"!r3r
of the above Company will be held at the office of the Com
pany, on "Water street, on Wednesday the second day of
February next, between the hours of 9 and 4 o'clock.
jan to iu J. TUUMl'SUN, Agent.
FOR NEW ORLEANS That splen- jma k
did steamer "AMERICA" Avill arrive (i&farfssSn
hereon Tuesday the 18th inst, and will have gi&3
immediate dispatch for the above and all intenSnnrT?
For freight or passage, apply to
J UHi SON & WEAVER, Market st.
jan!7 or A. L. DAVIS, Sligo Office.
THE undersigned will give a reward of Fifty Dollars i(
taken out of the Stato of Tennessee, and Twenty-five
dollars if taken in the State, and delivered to him, or con
fined in jail so ho gets him. His neero man KTRPlTttitf
who ranaway the last of December. Sf enhen is nhnnt rJ
4 or 5 inches in height, of copper complexion, about 28
years old, when he left was wearing a drab over coat black
pants and black hat. He was raised near Jefferson in Ruth
erford county, and is acquainted in Nashville, and is sup
posed to he in the vicinity of one or the other places.
Any information in relation to said negrocan be commu
nicated to Maj. X. TV. Childress, near Murfreesboro', Ten
nessee, or, A. J. Duncan, Nashville. GEO. W. GARTH.
lan 14 2w CourtlaridAla..;
AliUittVMWVIV 1. M J i . ;
ON THURSDAY the 20th instant, I will sell in front of
my store :
ugar; Coffee; Molasses;
Spun Cotton; Glassware, assorted;
"H indow Glass; 50 bag Iowa Onions;
Copperas, and sundry other articles in the Grocery
line. janl4 SAM. SEAY.
rels of their superior rectified Whiskv, just received.
Call and try it. jania STRATTON," SM ITII & CO.
WE have removed our stock of Variety Goods to the
house on the west side of the Square, on the corner
of Deaderick street, where we have now on hand a large
assortment of English, French and American Fancy Goods,
suitable for furnishing country stores; also Combs, Brushes,
Spool and Patent Thread, Cutlery, Hosiery, Glovcf, Hand
kerchiefs, Port Monies, Pins. Needles and steel croods. Guns.
nnd Pistol, Stationery, Clocks, Gold and Gilt Jewelry; also
Looking-glasses, Violins, Violin Strings, Fancy Soaps, Per
fumery, Ac, and many other articles too numerous to men-
uou, io wmcn we inviie me auenuon ot country merciiants
and the citv- trade generally, as we Anil sell at small profits
io any iavonng us wiiu lueir custom.
jan!5 Corner of Deaderick st and Square.
J. B. Roberts, Esq. This gentteman. arrived in
our city yesterday. He is, Ave are pleased to learn.
to fill an-engagement at the Adelphi some time
Theatre to bb opened. We understand that
Messrs. Charles and Ash, of the Memphis theatre,
Avill open the Adelphi on Monday night next.
They will bring up Avith them the- Memphis com
pany. Mr. and Miss Logan will be Avith them for
the first Iavo or three weeks, after which J. B.
Roberts, so deservedly popular yi4h our. play-going
citizens, Avill fill an engagement
Auction Sale. The attention of the trade is
called to the Auction Sale of And. J. Duncan
Avhich commences this morning.
5FWe are indebted to the Embassy for Mem
phis papers.
James Dixox, Pres. Hesht L. Millee, Sec'y.
Capital and Surplus $300,000.
Insurance on lives of white persons on the joint stock
and niutual plan.
Also. Insurance on the lives of Negroes, on reasonable
terms. S. H. LOOM IS,
ianlo 6m Acent.
. - - o
I'LL US I RATED NEWS, No. 2. The second No.
X of this magnincent lllustrated-news" paper has beenSrein
. i : -. .. r 1 i -rr.f . ...
uunuu. ouuiipuuua aa-i.eu uuu single copies iorsaie by
janl7 F. 1IAGAN, Agents.
n i vi?n.L ciri.il r . . '
1 i I I ,-'1i,0 xl11 a -wouy s iresn uysters;
-i. W o dois urusnea ougur;
25 bbls best Cider Vinegar
20 bxs W. R. Raisins, fresh;
25 boxes Cheese;
25 bbls Molasses;
50 dozen Brooms;
25 bags Coffee;
25 boxes Tallow Candles; "
Also Teas, Maf dies, Bed Cords, Roe Herring, Mackerel,
&c, &c , which will be sold cheap for Cash or Barter.
5 bbls Pulverized Sutrar:
-I .I. 1 TTV r . i . '
luu uaga rineaan;
20 half boxes W. R, Raisins;
10 boxes Codfish;
25 boxes Dried Herring;
3 tierces Fresh Rice;
25 dozen Buckets, painted;
25 boxes Star Candles.
D Y A. J. D VN G AN,
Tuesday and Wednesday, January 18.., and 19.., 1853. !
ON Tuesday and Wednesday, lsth and 19th January,
I will sell without reserve a verv lartr stnpt nf
erv larm
ly New and Desirable Goods, embracing u great variety of
English Goods (of this Fall's Importation) and of American
uooas, an oi mo latest ana nanusomest styles. Among them
will be found "Wool-dyed Black and other Cloths, Cassirneres,
Erminetts, Imperial CIoths.Reavcrteens. heavr. hlanlr. hln
and Oxford mixed, brown and Cadctt Satinetto, Steubenvillc
and Eastern Jeans, Cashmere and Satin Vestings; French
Sluices of new ahd beautiful stvles. fancv PrinLs. hlnrTr nnri
second Mourning Prints, ruby and orange Prints, Cashmeres
and Mouslin dc Laines, black Silks, superior Silk Handker
chiefs, Patent Thread, Silk and Twist, black and colored
7" .,.i.v. ... l l r: i n i tt . .- . - T.
xj.iiiiu a-iiuui, muiuu, uuu v-uauuitre ncsc allj jaall Hose
Kid, Silk and Woolen Gloves, Irish Linens, (of direct impor
tations) of superior quality, Lamb's-wool and Merino Shirts
and Drawers; large slock of "Wrappings, and general Trim
mings; Spool Threads, Buttons,. Needles, Pins, &c; colored
Cambrics, Paddings, scarlet, white and orange Flannels, Al
naccas. English and French Merino, bleaclieil nnfl hrnu-n
Drill, 3-1, 7-8, 4-iand5-4; bleached and brown Domestic,
fl-l ll T-R .r.fln f SrvurUnrtl nr,A Wnl,m mnn,.l
&c, ic,
ALSO. 50 Oases Boots, shoes and Brogans, now in
store, comprising Men's Kip, Calf and Seal Boots, thick
Boots, Kip and thick Brogans; ladies', Misses' and Boys'
stock is large, comprising the greatest variety, and Avell
worth the attention of country and city buyers,
JSpTerms will be made accommodating.
" Feb'y- 15" and 16, May. 17; 1,3 and 19.
March.15,16 and 17, June ,14,,15 and 16.- v
A: J; D-
Y. T. BERRY & CO. have recently rcceiA-cd
Sage; author of "Men and Women of the ISth Centu
ry," with beautifully engraved portraits of Voltaire and
Madame del'arabere 2 vok. 12mo, cloth.
Wm T. IJ. & Co. have also recently receiAed
Historical and Secref 31emoirsof the Empress Josephine, by
MHe.M. A. Le-Normane, translated from tho Fiench by
J acob M. Howard, Esq., 2 vols.
Memoirs of the Court of 3Iarie Antoinette, Quqeii of France,
by Madame CampanfrouthaTmril Eon don edition,
with a Biographical Introduction, by M. De Lamartiue,
s., new ediffon, 2 vols.
Memoirs of tho Life of Anne Boyeyn, Queen of Henry VIII.
By Miss Benjer.
Memoirs of the the Life of Mary Quoen of Scots, with Anec
dotes of the Court of HenrjII. during her Residence in
France. janl7
IV. T. BERRY & Co. have just received
OF A SOUTHERN MATRON By . 3Irs. Caroline
Oilman, Revised Edition with Engravings.
In the recollections ofa Southern Matron maybe seen the
Southern side of the Uncle Tom Cabin question, although
not written in reply to that work.
W T. B. & Co. have also just received
POEMS, by "Mattie."
THE DAYS OF BRUCE. By Grace Aguilar. .
HOME SCENES. By Grace Aguilar. " janlT
TT. T. BERRY & CO. have just received
THE EMPIRE, 8 vols Svo.
new edition revised-and corrected, with. 00 Wood
cut illustrations.
upwards of 100 Dlustrations.
janr " 1 '
"ct!trA: . ' - .. iiiMiiiiiiiiiinmi.iii i -rimiirr"-r r - - iinin T " -p '- " zIm

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