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J. tares, Nocturnal Emmissious, t'"1' outhfuI ex
disTrcssing complaints usually ooasoqueirt uponjou
cesses and indulgences. f (n9Pa?e3, Dr. Mor-
In preparing a specific for this cu r present
ri3luUeij.euded much time and ellicieut
to the unfortunate rer-iZi is a factwell established,
medicine. That 1 has ? 0,Ues sold,
as thew lias been iSSl to 'crc, .
Or the mr and 50 hasglVCn eBtae lS"
fiction. . medicine for Broken Constitu-
lionY it XX 2 b-insext.ren.elj palatable uud mild,
...nlf 1 "dive and permanent m its cilccts.
V.ir that Uisire'o m""i""- .
... til. it j VI;t.j flis nt(.i!ii is smfnimi
J.-IJ. I58HRV, asiiviue, ioinglove, fowling ureeu, jv.
ilecte m. i
' DR. W. H. MORRIS. ,
IN VEX TOR of the far-nncJ MORRJ,S REMEDY, can be
oonsnlted by letter, by nio.e whoqiuuot make it con
venient to consult liim personally. Persons alllicted with
Syphilis orGonorhca, or with any of the distressing and
unpleasant consequences attending an injudicious use of
powerful medicines, can, by describing their desease in
writing and Inclosing the reasonable sum of Three Dollars,
have advice and medicines sent with full directions for use.
Medicines pleasant and convenient, requiring no restrictions
or hindrance from business.
Also, Scrofula, Cancers, Ulcers, Tetter and Ringworm,
removed and permanently cured. W. II. MORttlS,
deciG 3iu. " Cincinnati, Ohio.
Grocer, Commission, Bec'eiving & Forwarding Merchant,
dec, 80 Broad Street, NAsaviLLE. Tkn.v.
TRIGG, has opened his large and commo-
" r. vr 1 Inner nn Hro:nl Street, be-
. UIUU9 m.i i.v... - ,
. ....," indTnUUimniis of almost UI1V Kind
and Quantity on reasonable terms. He will also attend to
Kecoivin"- and Forwarding. Having one of the largestand
most convenint house in ihc city, located at an intermediate
point between the upper River Landing and Railroad De-
A CANS Holt & Mottly's fresh Oysters;
boxes Cheese:
lo boxes Codfish:
25bbU Molasses;
50 do2.en Bnioms;
V.t Ikiit CnfTee:
25 boxes Diied Herring;
tierces i?reu nice;
25 dozen Buckets, painted;
ri -i ii
i!5 boxes Tallow Ondles;
i ooxes iauo vhuiub,
a i.. fr.tlw.j Unit f!nnl Rim Heirintr. iluckercl.
2. boxes oiar uanuies.
&c, Ac , which will be sold cheap for Cash or Bai ter.
W. II.GOItDOK, fc K- "WAK.
For the sale of Merchandise, generally, a
"t UG Alt. 160 hhds. prime new Sugar for sale by
tna W. 11? GORDON & CO.
7r cu i.t." .juAi.i.iu tiriinn niw lfilsft'i. forsalc bv
rpOHACCO. 10 Boxes Keen tt' Co., Stouy Mill's To-
JL bicco;
,50 Boxes Keen &. Co., Suncurcil Tobacco;
ISO do Stubblufiuld o;
150 do Boaz ;
r. S S'"''3 . GOIlSoS i CO.
IGAJW' S Ca-cs JiUsTresMareas Regalia Cigai-s;
R crses La "National
5 a Jenny Lind
f di AVandering Jew
2 do Spotted Cathedral
y uo ija nei
3 do Monte Cristo
.r0,000 Days Melee
For sale by jan3
&LASSWARE 200 Boxes 1'mt t lasKs;
100 Boxes Quart do;
jan350 d M0m& & CO.
jpUST received per hteamers GLOBE and AMERICA
150 hhds prime and strictly 30 bbls Syrup,
choice Sugar, "0 lA " !, n.
50 bbls stip'r crushed and 200 bags Rio Coflec,
powdered lo, -10 " I-iguirado,
100 bbls choice Molasses, ." "Java do,
SO " Sugar house do, for sale low, by
jec if, L. II. LANIER.
HJUORS. 100 bbls Tenn. 1). D. stilled Whisky,
50 bbls Old Monongahala Whisky,
1 l.-T. .1-. it Alii T?'rt An
50 " Old Reserve do,
2 Pipes Holland Gin,
20 Indian bbls S. Wine,
SO bblsN. E.Rum,
30 bbls S. Wine,
"ii lirs. Brand v Chcmes.
10) Pipes old Cogllrandy,
10 bbls oldMiidcira Wine,
100 bbls A. M. Brandy,
80 bbls A. M. Gin,
10 bbls Old Port Wine.
An hnvAS ninn?t Wine.
10 bxs. assorted Cordials,
15 gal. Old French Brandy,
J7- v mm ltlllli
in .store and for sale by dec!5 L. H. LANIER.
ri i i.v nxt r ms inn bids Best Flour.
O 100 kegs of Nails, 1000 bbls No. 1 Salt,
20 tons assortetl iron,
30 dozen Painted Buckets.
"OnosLsof Tubs.
20 nests bushel measures
200 bags Shot, assorted,
f0 boxes Cuba Sixes Cigars,
50 bags Raco Ginger,
50 boxes ! )ned Ilerrings,
5O0olbs bar Lead,
100 assorted Domijoitns,
50 dozBodcords, Lines,
25 bugs Pepper,
1 cask Mauder,
20 bxs Buckwheat Flour,
5 bbls Allum,
30 bbls ;No 8 Mackcnil,
20 bbls S. S. Almonds,
10 boxes Stoughtons bitters,
5 bills Brimstone,
100 Plows,
50 kits No 1 nnd2Mackcral,
10 bbls Iirge Pecans,
300 bxs Tobacco, uss'd brands,
25 bbls English Soda
in f!rnim's best Indieo:
3 ticree tresli luce,
50 lx)xcs Fresh Teas,
Together with many other
low, by
articlos, which will be sold
Markot St.
-TSXC1IANGJ3 ! EXCU ANGU ! W'c aro check
jQj ing ou New YorK, and Pluludelphia in any amount, in
sums to suit, at )4 per cent, premium.
novlT. - ' PEARL x, CO
GROCERIES, &c, &c.
' " T1? 1nT imvi in stnri! .
'V 240 hogsheads prime Sugar, now crop:
w200 bags pnine nio uonee, uo uo;
35 do do Laguyra do do do;
- 10 do do Java" do;
100 bbls Loaf, Crushed and Powdcrod Sugar;
25 boxes Boston double reQncd do.
300 bbls .fc hf bbls Molasses, 100 half bbls Lyrup;
300 barrels Hour, best brands;
300 kegs Nails, assorted, best brands;
200 boxes Glass Ware, assorted,
100 do Tobacco, assorted brands;
50,000 Fine Cigars, do do:
220 boxes and half-boxes Raisins and figs;
20 bbls S S Almonds and Pecans;
10 ticices Rice; 20 ceroons Indigo very best;
1 cask Dutch Madder; 1O0 V bbls snp. Carb.Soda;
25 bbls Linseed Oil; 25 bbls Coperas;
10 do Alum; l'J do Brimstone,
23 bags Pepper, Spice and Ginger;
? 100 dozen Painted Buckets and Tubs;
riOp reams Wrapping Paper;
1000 bbls Kanawha Salt; 500 bags fine aud coarse Salt;
. S60bsrrel3 Ohio and St.Ix)uis Whisky;
100 do Tennessee do;
50 do Old Double Distilled do;
'lQ9 do Brandy, and Gin;
-50 do Malaga, Port and Madcria Wine; ' ,
' 19 pipes Cognac Brandy, best brands;
' 1 do Holland Gin; 1 Bipe Jamaica Rum;
25 bbls Irish Whisky; 25 bbls Rye Whisky;
25 do Bourbon do;
50 boxes Fancy Cordials and Wine?;
With numerous other articles in the Grocery Line, which
we offer at very reduced prices for cash or barter.
Matting.Drugget, Giroudoles, Solar Lamps, Mantle and
other Clocks, Pier Glasses, and all kinds of Looking
- 1 r-
THE subscriber has m Store, and is constantly
-receiving a large supply of the above articles,
COVCreu Willi a superior aiuusuiireucu jLivgaieiie; jiuae-
wood Chamber Setts, Mahogany do; a large assortment of
Mahogany and Rosewood Centre Tables; Dressing Bureaus;
Wardrobes; French Bedsteads; Etagere Sideboards; Mahoga
ny and Rosewood Chairs, and a complete assortment of com
mon Furniture, to wit: Bedsteads; Bureaus; Dining, Break
fast and Desert Tables; Withstands; Work Tables; Ward
robes; Lounges; Candle Stands; Sofas, &c. &c; Windsor
aud Cane Scat Chairs of all kinds. Tanstry Brussels, Three
Fly, Ingrain and Two Ply Carpetting, Rugs, &c Floor and
Table Oil Cloth, of all kinds, from one yard to eight yards
wide, which the public arc respectfully invited to examine.
All of which will be sold low for cash, or on time for approved
I have personally selected every article, and thewokrmau.
ship and finish of all work sold by-me will be warranted to
be as represented. A. PATTERSON,
'". College street, near Church St., Nashville, Tenn.
decT 8ni
i' S0.0Q0 Cigars, 50 Boxes iL R. Raisins;
CO Boxes Mpccatoni, 25 " Layer do;
15 Caska-Lond'n Port'r 25 boxes do;
5 Barrels Oranges 25 " do;
Just received to-day by nor27 R. & J. NIXON
J No. 51, Coiaeob Street.
SCHOOL, Law, Medical Religious and Mscelkuieous
Itooks Also, Blank Books and Stationery, at lowest
PIS:Comtry Merchants, and School Teachers supplied on
iht favorable terms. Nashville, Tenn., fob. 2.
XOYS SHIRTS.--Just received another supply of
J3 Shirts for Boys, andfor saleby &
. ... r p i. i, i . 1 1 . i,
farmed fiuur aiu . t.ww -
!n,Mlv' and should be usd by all who arc thus alllicted.
lowby aug lb
-100 hhds Prime Sugar, in store and for sale
COFFEE 250 bags Prime Rio Cofiee, In store and for
auglS Broadway.
TP'JLOTR 500 bbls-'Flour, various brands, just received
j, - .
SAIjT 1000 bbls Kanawha Salt;
500 bags Coarse do;
300 do Fine do;
In store and.for sale b: nn
a0gl3 iJj
TROX AND CASTINGSr-S tons Napier's Hammered
X Iron; 2i tons Rolletl do; 15 tons assorted Castings for
sunasually low, to close, &
anglS- 1Ji2aLa?!
Lj RIOP. CHEWING TOBACCO. As principal agents
for the -ale of the above justly celebrated Tobacco in Nash
ville, we arc and will wnti,0AlYcS:
augl8 Broadway.
S" UND RIES Loaf crusbed, clarified and powdered Su
gars; Pyppe. AUstice, Indigo; Letter, Cap and Writing
Pap?; Star and TalloW Candle Bar Soap ai.5 various other
articles, all of which will "ggfeft co
IRESII ARRIVALS. 200 bbls superior new wheat
Mour. just received, and for sale low to close, by
-4 f B oxes fresh Western Reserve Cheese, per steamer.
I or sale unusually low to close
nov 20 Broadway.
: :
O r f Barrels Louisville Hydraulic Cement m store,
and for sale by
nov 20
K Tons Mouilla Cordage, various sizes just received by
O nov 20 STRATTON, SMITH & Co.
Druggist and Apothecanr
Njrths'uU of the J'aMic Square, 3 doors West of de
SanhviUe Inn.
"vholesalo and Retail Dealer in
Powder, Oils. Dve Stuffs,
Faxcy Akticles, Shot, Aaiixishes,
Glass; Glassware, Lead,
Drugs, Medicines, Chcmieals, &c.
NishviUt, Fdrunry 1, 1353.
WET aud unpleasant under foot, and to avoid Pleuri
sy, Pneumonia, Coughs, Colds and Afiectionsof the
the Lungs, the justlv celebrated FRENCH CORK SOLES,
should be worn, of which the subscriber has received a large
supply of Ladies, Jlisses,auu uenucmen s sizes. r"u
npEETJI, Nail, Hat, Hair, Broom, Scrub, Tanners
JL Blacking and Scouring, Paint, Varnish, Marking, Art
ists, Shaviii", Clothes, Stcucil, Camels and Badger Hair,
Sweeping, White Wash, Popes Eye, (for cleaning windows)
and Graining and Blending BRUSHES, on hand and lor
sale by
North side of the Public Square, 3 doors West of the Nash
ville Inn. J'35.
t -
"f A A GROSS Charles I'atridge's Round Wood Box
JL U U Matches, just received by
i)or, 'J II. G. SCOVEL
1-)ERFUI1ERY in great variety, kept consUinilyou
hand and for sale by jan25 H. G. SCOVEL.
-M It. ASS SEEDS Orchard Grass. Timothy, Herd's
T Gi-ass. Clover and Blue Gross Seeds, on baud and for
sale dv lano uuw ,
OUININE (Sulphate) Sulphate Morphine, Phosphat
Lime, Collodian, Carb, Potasi, Lunar Caustic, Oil
Cedar just received and (or sale by
jul. 05 H. G. SCOVEL.
rpRUSSES. Nero Abdominal Supporters, audShouIder
X Braces, in great variety-for sale by
a-MIE PROPRIETOR of this establishment C&ZJL
bcgi leave to inform the public and his old frfofaO
customers, that he still carries on Ihc Coach and Jlug
gy business in all its various branches, viz: Coach Painting,
Wood Work, Trimming, Blacksiuilhing, Harness Making,
and Finishing. All worK som uy me is maueai iue oiarh.
Street Manufactory and warranted.
I now have on hand, and for sale, Family Carriages,
Rockaways, Barouches, Trotting Buggies, Sulkies, and
School Omnibuses. In my work all of the newest fashions
and latest siyles are introduced and warranted.
All Orders for new work attended to with promptness
and despatch having good workmen in my employ.
Repairing done with promptness and despatch, and
my customers may rely on getting their work when prom
ised. IRA A. STOU1,
jail 17 Iriwly Clark Street, Nashville, Tenn.
The cry is still they come! "Who comes"?
WHY the customers come to bo sure, could they'
do otherwise, aud when they see the large and
i..,,t.;,... cU nf llrr-t. Iisliintiiitilt' Ttpa.il i" Made
Clothin", just -irriving from the Lastern Markets, to enume
rate winch would puzzle Demosthenes.
LIKEWISE a tmo assortment of Gent's furnishing arti
cles, consisting of Fine Shirts, Under Shirts Drawers, Cra
vats, Handkerchiefs, Hats, Caps, Trunks, Valises, Ac., Ac,
All of which will be sold at unusually low prices for
cash. L. POWERS.
Tennessee Clothing Dejot, Market street, opposite Union
N. B. Not to bo sold or undersold by any man or combi
nation of men. - L. P.
On Market Street, a few doors from Wells' Drug Store.
IS just in receipt, and have on hand a superior lot of Gen
tlemen's mid Youth's CLOTHING, which is oHl-red for
saleon terms that will be perfectly satisfactory. This es
tablishment is determined to furnish every article requi
site to adom the outer man and make him an object of ad
miration to his friends, and give him a passport amongst the
"bon ton." In addition to the above is kept on hand the
latest style of Hats and Caps, with a large assortment of
Trunks,vVahses, Ac. jun20.
: t - AND.- J. DUNCAN,
Nashville, Tennessee.-
TTTHOLESALE Dry Goods. Boots and Shoes, Hats, Caps,-
V V Umbrellas, Domestic manufactures aud merchandise
generally, will give prompt and undivided attention to all
business entrusted to his care.
Asn. J. Duncan has in store a large stock of ribbon bound
Bed Blankets, Birth and Cradle Blankets, heavy white Mack
inaw Blanket.-, Blanket Coating, Beaver, Pilot and Felting
Cloths, Georgia Kerseys and Linseys, Cloths, Cossimeres
and Sattinctts, Flannels, Ac
Fashionable Angola and Kossuth Hals, Boots, Shoes, &c,
Ac. Also, A large lot of Oznaburgs, Drillings, Brown
Muslins, and a general stock of goods, which I will sell very
low to close consignments.
jan. AND. J. DUNCAN.
Commission and Forwarding Merchants,
Aud dealers in Foreigu aud Domestic Liquors.
Market street, Nashville.
I HAVE this d&y associated with me in the Grocery Busi
ness my Brother, L. A. Lanier under the above style. I
hope all those indebted to me will call and settle their notes
and accpuuts without further delay. B. LANIER,
sop's n w ao
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Boots and Shoes,
WE arc again in receipt of a large assorted stoak of
Roots, Shoes, and Brognns, direct from the
manufactory; Ladies' Misses nnd Children's fine Gaiters,
Boots, ExcellOrs, Slippers and Paris Ties of every descrip
tion; Gents' superior Calf Water-Proof D. S. Boots, super
fmo Calf Stitched aud Pump Sole Dress Boots; Walking
Shoes, Oxford Ties, Patent Leather and Congress Cloth Gai
ters; Bovs'nnd Youths Boots, Shoes and Brogans; Over Shoes
for Men, Women and Children, and Cork Soles, Ac, Ac
We ask merchants ana planters m examine our siock, iy e
give bargains tor cash. RAMAGE & CUURCIL
dcc2 w
BROGANS Home made Brogans, and No. 1 Eastern
Brogans; mud and kip Boots, just received and for sale
lr.w for caslu dec2 w RAMAGE & CHURCH.
Ci 1 AAA TOE WARD .I will pay theabove reward
5) X U U U to any person or jMjrsons, as n premium
nbove the market prjee, for one thousand Land Warrants,
of the denominations of 1J!0, 80 and 40 acres. I will pur
chase single warrants of cither denomination.
Room over Oak Hall, east side Public Square, 2d door
south ul City J'ici. Nashville. octl4 m27.
Comer of Summer and Meaderkb Streets, JNashville, Tenn
D. R. DANIELS, Proprietoh.
HAVING taken charge of the large and commo-dic-us
house above, formerly occupid by Mr. II.
Bridges, I will endeavor to give entire satisfaction to
the boardingand .traveling public Persons from the coun
try on visits or business in the city will find my house com
fortable and conveniently situated. My intention is to keep
a house for the accommodation of private boarders in the ci
ty. I hope to merit the patronage of the public generally.
My prices will be very moderate. D. R.DANIELS.
HISKY I WIHSKY ! '! 20 barrels Rowles
fine Robertson county Whisky, just received and for
ale by janl3 STRATTON, SJI1TH & CO.
PRESERVES, 'PICKXES, &c.-AVc havenow on
hand a large supply of Preserves, Jellies, Picklns; Sauce,
A-c. jan25 R. & J. NIXON.
Entered according to Act of Congress, in the j-ear 1S51, by
J. S. HOUGHTON, M. D., in the Clerk's. Office of the
Listrict Court lor the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. .
PREPARED from Rennet, or the Fourth Stomach of the
Ox, alter the directions of Baron Licbig, the great 1 hy
siological Chemist, by J."S. Houghton, M. D., Philadelphia,
Penn. ,
This is a truly wonderful remedy for Indigestion, umep
sia, Jaundice, LiVer Complaint, Consumption and Debility,
curing after Nature's own method, by Nature's own Agent,
the Gastric Juice
Half atea-spoonful of Pepsin, infused in water, will digest
or dissolve five pounds of roast beef in about two hours, out
of the stomach. .
Pepsin is the chief element or digesting principle ot the
Gastric Juice-the solvent of the food, the purifying, pre
serving and stimulating agent of the stomach and intestines.
It is extracted from the digestive stomach of the Ox thus
formingau artificial digestive fluid precisely like the natural
GastricTuice in its chemical powers, and fiirnishmga com
plete and perfect substitute for it By the aid of this prepa
.i...:.., r,." ovil of Tndifestion and Dyspepsia are
I removed juitas they would be by a healthy stomach It is
! doing wonders for dyspeptics, during cases of Debility, Ema
i ciation, Nervous Decline and Dyspeptic Consumption, sup
I posed to boon the verge of the grave The scientific on
1 deuce uion which it is based is m the highest degree curious
! and remarkable. T ..... . ..ij
Scientific Evidence. Baron Licbig, in Ins ca ebrated
I work on Animal Chemistry, says: "An Artificial D gestive
Fluid, analagous to tne uasinc juice, m.iy picpau ...u
i the mucous Tnembrane of the stomacli of the Ox, m which
1 various articles-of food, as meat and eggs, will be softened
clianged and digested, just m tnesame umuuw u. .
be in ttiennmau sionmcu. , ..
I)r Preira, in his famous treatise on "Food and Diet
published by Fowler & Wells, New York , pJge 25, states
the same -Teat fact, and describes the method of pwparatiou.
There arelew higher authorities than Dr. 1'nera
Dr Combe, in his valuable writings on the "Physiology
of Digestion," observes that "a diminution of the due quan
Je u. r.,t iiiinn w si Tirnniinent and nll-Tirpvnilinn
caiie of Dyspepsia:" and he states that "a distinguished
'r ...,i:t,i 5n Ttntnn. who was scverplv nfTliflod
proiessor ol n.-uiv,nv ... , -,.
wiUi this complaint, finding every thing else to fad, hjo sip
course lO llie uasmii ..".v, , , , r ,, 1
..j.oIj w,inh Tiinved comnlctcly successful."
Dr. uraiiam, auwior m V" ' p-'""
Diet " says': " It is a remarkable fact m Physiology, that the
.: . .il .r II.. r.mm.o irirl'S nn lVw(nl,ln
Ktomaclis of animals, macerated in waier, nmmnioiiie iuuu
n r ,i:-.l,.'nn- i-iii-iniis nrtitMes of foml. nnd of o.f-
fecting a-kind of artificial digestion of them in no wise dif
ferent from the natural digestive process'
Dr Simon's "Teat work, the " uiemisiry oi jian,' (lice
Blanchard, PhiTadelphia, 1840, pp. 321-2,) says: "The dis
covcry ot l epsm iornis u nun ui.i m "' hiiuiuuuioiij
di"e4ion. From recent experiments we know that food
.i;ecniro.t ocmnidlv in nn artilicial diirestivc Hunt, prcparea
from Pepsin, as it is in the natural Gastric Juice itself.''
Professor Dunglison, of the Jefferson College, Philadelphia,
in his great work on Human Physiology, devotes more than
fifty pages to an examination of this subject. His experi
ments with Dr. Beaumont, on the Gastric Juice obtained
rMn. 41. K..nr liiitnin ctrt,rn..li niif" finm nnnnak nvi vrll
UUUI 111C 11.111 tiuimiu ........ j - . - - - - '
known. " Jp all cases," he says, " digestion occurred as per
fectly in the artificial as in the natural digestion."
Dr. John W. Draper, Professor of Chemistry in the Col
Wr. of thp. University of New York, in his "Text Book of
Chemistry," page 3S0, says: "It has been a question whether
artificial digestiou could be performed but it is now univer
sally admitted that it may be."
Dr. Carpenter's standard work on Physiology, which is in
the library of every physician, and is used as a text-book in
all the colleges, is full of evidence similar to the above, re
specting the remarkable digestive power of Pepsin, and the
fact that it may be readily separated from the stomach of the
calf or ox, and used for experiments in artificial digestion, or
as a remedy for diseases of the stomach, and deficient secre
tion of the" Gastric Juice.
All modem works ou Chemistry, Maf ci ia Medica and Phy
siology, and all good Medical Dictionaries, describe the char
acter and properties of Pepsin, and state many interesting
details respecting it.
The fact that an Artificial Digestive Fluid, or Gastric Juice,
perfectly resembling the natural lluid, maybe readily pre
pared, does not admit of question. The only wonder is, that
it has not before been applied to the cure of Indigestion aud
Dyspepsia so naturally does such a use suggest itself to the
As a Dvspepsin Curer, Dr. Houghton's Pepsin has
produced the most marvellous effects, in cases of Debility,
Emaciation, Nervous Decline, and Dyspeptic Consumption.
It is impossible to give the details of cases in the limits of
this advertisement ; but authenticated certificates have been
given of more than two hundred remarkable cures, in Phil
adelphia, New York and Boston alone. These were nearly all
desperate cases, and the cures were not only rapid and won
derful, but permanent.
It is a great nervous antidote, and particularly useful for
tendency to Bilious Disorder, Liver Complaint, Fever and
A"-ue,or badly ti-eated Fever and Ague, and the evil eflects
ofQuinino and Mercury and other drugs upon the digestive
organs, aflera long sickness. Also, for excess m eating, and
the too free use of ardent spirits. It almost reconciles health
with intemperance:
Old Stomach Complaints. There is no form of
Old Stomach Complaints which it does not seem to reach and
remove at once. No matter how bad it may lie, it gives in
stant relief! A single dose removes all the unpleasant symp
toms ; and it only needs to be repeated for a short time to
make these good cflech permanent. Purity of blood and
vigor of Iwdy follow at once It is particularly excellent in
cases of Nausea, Vomiting, Cramps, Soreness of the Pit of
the Stomach, Distress after Eating, Low, Cold State of the
Blood, Heaviness, Lowness of Spirits, Despondency, Ema
ciation, Weakness, Tendency to Insanity, Suicide, Ac
Dr. Houghton's Pepsin is sold by nearly all the
dealers in line drugs and popular medicines throughout the
United States. It is prepared in powder and in fluid form,
and in prescription vials for the use of physicians.
Private Circulars for the use of physicians, may be
obtained of Dr. J. S. Houghton, or his agents, describing
the whole process of preparation, and giving the authorities
upon which the claims of this new remedy are based. Asit
is not a secret remedy, na objection can be raised against its
use by physicians in respectable standing and regular prac
tice " Price One Dou.au per Bottle.
Pepsin in Powder sent by mail free of postage. For
convenience of sending to all parts of the country, tiic Di
gestive Matter of Pepsin is put up in the form of Powder,
with directions to be dissolved in water by the patient. These
Powders contain just the same matter as the Bottles, aud
will be sent bv mail, free of postage, for O.ve Dollak sent
(postpaid) to D'r. J. S. HOUGHTON, M. 1)., Pliiladelphia,
Please Observe This ! Every Bottle of the Genuine
Pepsin bears the written signature .of J. S. HOUGHTON,
Sold by all Druggists and Dealers in Medicines. 1
Wholesale ana itetau agents, lor ss asuvine,
MunFJiEESBOito Binford & McDcnnott; Fuankli.v
E. G. Clouston; Clauksville Thomas A Warfield; Puiis
ki W. T. Plummer, Dr. W. Battc A Bro.
jy 10'52 dt rw 12m
Within one mile of the Square of Nanhcille.
r i m .iT i. . i?
X WILLsell'iny Tract of Land, lying immediately on i
on the
X nvcr, one mile from the bquare ot Nashville known as
the Nashville Race Course containing about 300 acres.
The land is of the very best river bottom soil, well adapted
to the production of all kinds of agricultural produce, and
commands a beautiful view of the city and river.
For fanning purposes "it cannot be surpassed by any land
in the State. Itcoutainsa fair proportion of timber, and
the balance well suited for cultivation. Upon the premises
is a good, comfortable, frame dwelling house and all neces
sary out houses, good barns, corn houses, stables, Ac. Up
on the premises is, and has been for the last twenty years,
an established race course, now in good order, with all nec
essary improvements, fine observatory stands, large, com
modious dming rooms, gaming rooms, Ac; indeed, every,
convenience at all necessary or desirable as a race course
and for that particular purpose, commands more advantage
than any other place in Tennessee
If not sold it will bo rented for the ensuing year, 1853; on
accommodating terms. Apply to the subscriber, in Wil
liamson county, Tenn., or to Thomas G. Pointer, Nashville
Tenn. octl4 wtf LYSANDER McGVAOCK.
ON the West fork of Stone's river, in Rutherford county.
Tennessee, containing 640 acres. The land is of very
superior quality, yielding heavy crops of cotton, well adapt
ed to grass and grain of all kinds is within three miles of
the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad, near a good tur
pike has good spring and stock water in abundance a
comfortable weather-boarded dwelling with good out-houses,
all new cotton gin and press and all other improvements
needed on a farm. The subscriber wishing to go South this
winter, will sell it on very favorablo terms if immediate ap
plication is made to him, or in his absence to" Major John W
Childress, nearMurfrecsboio'.
PRICES. Having added two large Tooms to their estab
lishment, and blended the stock of Greenfield, Curry A Co
with theirs, making it the largest and best stryck ercr oflered
in this market, ana as they are determined to sell, great bar
gains" can be had for cash, or good notes drawing interest
novl W. & T. H. GREENFIELD & CO
j-j splendid assortment of IMain and Fashionable Fur
niturc at their Depot on Market street, Thomas' g
gggfenew building, (between Union Hall and the fcup
Square,) which they offer at prices to suit purchasers, l
both at whole sale and retail. They intend to give satislac
tion to purchasers work warranted.
Call and examine their stock. Orders for Work attended
to with despatch. R. H. GROOMS, Pres't.
W. L. Naxce. Sec'y sept-n
AILS. 2000 Kegs Shoenbcrger s Nails, all sizsjor
sale by jan3 W. H. GORDON & CO.
w i
-id H
-8 S -a:
iS 5 5-
a - - -
1-1 5 'r?- 01 -
c u 5 f ti -
-r:G rf3 SS o
es S
Q 3
21 ; 1
"5 2 - c S S y B
H oo-a53lc,5gc5g5c';5
CO s
) I K
Ill 2
. ;
5 "S 5 Tr, S
DELIVERED in all the principal Cities in the United
States free of postage, and forwarded by mail, un
der the provisions of the late Post-Oflice Law, at merely
nominal rates.
Although these works are distiuguiehed by the political
shades above indicated, yet but a small jwirtiou of their con
tents is devoted to, political subjects. It is their literary
cliaracter which gives them their chief value, and in that
they stand confessedly far above all other journals of their
clas. JHachcootl, still under the fatherly care of Christo
pher North, maintains its ancient celebrity, and is, at this
time, unusually attractive, from the serial" works of Bulwer
and otherliterary notables, written for that niagaiine, and
first appearing in its columns both in G rent Britain and in
the United States. Such woiks as "The Caxtons" and "Mv
Ncw Novel," (both by Bulwer.) "The Green Hand," "Katie
Stewart," and other serials, of which numerous rival editions
are issued by the leading publishers in this country, have to
be reprinted by those publishers from the pagesof Black
wood, after it "has been issued by Messrs. Scott A Co., so
that Subscribers to the Reprint of that Magazine1 may al
ways rely on baring the earliest leading of these fascinating
Payments to le made in all cases in advance. Honey cur
rent in the State where issued will be received at par.
Clubbing. A discount of twenty-fire percent, from
the above prices will be allowed to Clubs ordering four or
more copies of any one or more of the above works. Thus:
Four copies of Blackwood, or of one Review, will bo sent to
one address for 9; four copies of the four Review and
Blackwood for $30; aud soou.
Reduced Postage. The following table will show
the great reduction which has been made on these Periodi
cals since 184-1, and the very trifling rates now charged.
For any one of the four Reviews.... $3 Q0 per annum.
For any two
5 00
7 00
8 00
3 00
H 00
For any three "
For all four of the
For Blackwood's Magazine
For Blackwood and three Reviews.
For Blackwood and the four 10 00
Per annum.
Prior to 1845, the postage on Blackwood was $2 49;-
on a single iteview
ou Blackwood
on a Review
1 12
From 1845 to 1851,
1 30
In 1S51-52 (average rafe) on Blackwood
" ' " on a Review
The present postage on Blackwood is
" on a Review
(5 'lie rates arc now uniform fur all distances icithin the
United Slates.) '
At these rates surely no objection should be made to re
ceiving the works bv mail, and thus ensuring their speedy,
safe and regular delivery.
Remittances and communications should be always
addressed, post-paid, to the Publisher,
70 Fulton Street, (Entrance 51 Gold street,)
New York.
N. B. L. S. A Co. have recently published, and have
nowforsale, the "FARMER'S GUIDE," by Henry Ste
phens, of Edinburgh, and Prof. Norton of Yale College, New
Haven, complete in 2 vols., royal octavo, containing 1C00
Eages, 14 steel and 600 wood engravings. Price, in muslin
hiding, in paper covers, for the mail, $5.
C"' 7iis writ is not the old "Book of the Farm.1' lately
itESL-sciTATEn undthrvicii vjjonihe market.
Jannary 1, 1853.
THE subscriber offers 'the sale of his right, as the sole
Agent, of Welch's Magnificent Portraits of "Washing
ton" and "Jackson," for the State of Tennessee.
The subscriber has, also, the Agency for the- salc of the
Same works for the State of Virginia and fiUttictof CUimi
Ifia, and owing to the extensive patronage they have received
in the said State, and the constantly increasing demands for
them, renders it impossible for him to presecuie the sale of
the works in Tennessee, lie is, therefore, desirous of dispos
ing of his 7ennciee Agency for a very liberal consideration
to any active man, who, with a small capital desirous to pro
secute a pleasant, respectable and lucrative business.
The Agency will be disposed of to any such person for the
sum of Two Hundred Dollars.
Thesubscriber has cleared since July last, past, the sum of
Eight Hundred Dollars, independent of traveling expenses.
For the great merit of these splendid productions" of fine
art, the subscriber respectfully refers to the proprietors of
tliis journal, and those of every journal published in the State
of Virginia.
An immediate application is uecessary that as little further
delay as possible mayccur in the prosecution of the sale of
the works in this State. Addtess R.KING,
feb5 Gt 13U Main street, Richmond, Ya.
Wholesale and Retail Grocer, Dealer in Foreign and
Domestic Liquors, Receiving1, Forwarding and
Opposite Sewance House, College st, No 23.
fcb2 ,
ITUiESII ARRIVALS. 25 bbls St. Louis Flour, best
. - brand; - ' ; j. '.
' ' 5 bbls St. Louis Golden Syrnp;
10 kegs Nails: . 50 kits No 1 nnd 2 Mackerel; :
80 dozen Buckets; " ' 20 nests Tubs; ,
10 bxs Loaf Sucrar. Nol: 10 bills Loaf Sugar; ' I
10 bbls Powdered Sugar; 1,000 Sugar Cured Beef canv'd;
10 dozen Zink Washboards; 1.-,.,'t
100 boxes X and V boxes Star Candles;
50 bbls Ohio Irish Potatoes;
50 bags B. W. Flour; 25 bbls Sugar House Molasses;
80 bbls Cider Vinegar;
800 lbs Fine Teas in Metalic Sacks;
100 " " " " Chests;
200 bbls Kanawha Salt; 100 sacks fine Salt ;
50 bbls and half bbls Molasses.
In'store and for sale low for cosh by
feb2 " R. F.BELL.
O UNDRIES. 50 kegs assorted size Nails;
O 50 kits No 1 and 2 Mackerel; 80 nest Wash
Also many others articles in the grocery line which will be
sold low for cash. R. F. BELL, College St,
feb2 No. 23, Opposite Sewance House.
LIQUORS. 5 half pipes United V. and P. II. Brandy;
10 casks fine Port and Madeira Wine;
2 pipes Superior Holland Gin;
8"0 bbls old distilled Tenn Whisky .very fine;
1 but superior Irish Whisky, fine article;
1 " " Scotch "
10 bbls Old Bourbon "
20 bbls New York Brandy; 10 bbls New York Gin;
20 dozen Demijohns, assorted sizes.
For sale by R. F. BELL, College St,
feb2 No. 23, opposite Sewance House.
WfE have just received a large anil fine as-
Valises, consisting of Sole, Bag and Kha3V;i3.1;
valises, consisting ot aoie, uag ana jvniaaajr: jT. Hi
Leather Traveling Trunks and Valises, also of Saxony, Brus
sells, Wilton and common Carpet Bags, which we will sell at
low prices. P.. S. HOLL1NS & CO.,
janl'J "Jorner ot uouege ana union sts., isasiiviiie.
OT1CE. As I have engaged to devote my whole
time to Mr. Gossett's School, my private Classes will
be discontinued Man 261 A. KOCSISS.
THE next Session of my School will commence MON
DAY, 7th Feb. All the English branches, and the
Latin and Greek Languages will be as heretofore under my
charge. In the department of Mathematics I shall have the
valuable assistance of Jlr. KOCSISS, whose high qualifica
tions are not unknown in this community. Drawing and
Penmanship will be taught as SCIENCES, under his direc
tion. He will likewise teach the MODERN LANGUAGES.
the German, French, Italian, and Spanish. It is believed
that superior advantages for the acquisition of a thorough
education cannot be found in the State, and a liberal share
of patronage is "respectfully solicited,
N. IS. As my benoot is under a most thorough Classifi
cation, new Scholars would do well to enter this or next
week; and no additional charge will bo made should any
wish to do so. .jan27 lm HENRY GOSSETT.
LADIES' FINE SHOES. Wo are again in receipt
p of a large assortment of Ladies' superior Walking and
Dress Slippers, Buskins, Excelsiors, Boots and Gaiters.
Missns' Goat. Welt and Kid Roots nn1 Rlinnora:
f Gents' Dress, Lasting, Tressand P-LCSiters, kid tops.
Boys' aud Youths' D. S. and PumnBo3hj.i
Ladies' super, white Kid and Satin Sliftpers and Gaiters.
T -ir n-f I V-lTITTTmT
,,No. 42, College st.
ATJCTEl? ?tTt AT) '
vears ago by DR. K INKELIN. The oldest, surest and
best hand to cure all forms of secret diseases of the skinr
and solitary habits of youth, is DR-KINKEL1N, N. W. cor
ner of Third and Union streets, between Spruce and Pine,
one and ahalf squares from the Exchange, Philadelphia.
Take Particular Notice There is a habit which
boys teach each other at the academy or college a habit in
dulged in when by theniaelves, in solitude, growiug up with
he boy to manhood, and which, if not abandoned in due
time, not only begets serious obstacles to matrimonial hap
piness, but gives nse to a series of protract oil, insidious and
devastating afiectious. Few of those who indulge in this
pernicious practice are aware of the consequences, until they
had the nervous system is shattered, feel strange and un
accountable feelings vague fears in the mind. The Individ
ual becomes feeble, he is unable to labor with accustomed
vigor, pr to apply his mind to study; his step is tardy and
weak, he is dull and irresolute, the countenance is downcast
the eyes without natural lustre, skamefacedness UnpiKirenL
These are symptoms irAich should atchktvtAe attention (4
th we similtirly tttHu'ted. s
If the victim be conscious of the cause of his decav and
having relinquished the odious practice, he suffers under
those terrible nocturnal emissions, which weaken and shame
him, producing mental and physical prostration. If he
emancipate himself before the practua has done its worst
and enter matrimony, his marriage is unfruitful, and his
senses tell him that tfiis is caused by his early follies.
Too many think they- will hug the secret to their own
hearts, and cure .themselves. Alas! how ollmis this a fatal
delusion, nnd how many a promising youth, who might have
been an ornament to society, has faded from the earth!
Young 3Ien! Let no fabe modesty deter you from
making your'cose known to one who, from education and re-sjwctibilitj-,
con alone befriend you. He who places himself
under DR. KINKELIN'S treatment, may religiously confide,
his honor as a gentleman, and in whose bosom will be
orever locked the secret of the. patient.
Country Invalids. Finding it inconvenient to make
persona! application, can, by stating their case explicitly, to
gether with nil their symptoms, ("per letter post paid,))iave
forwarded to them a chest, containing Dr. K.'s medicines,"
appropriated accordingly, and'Lecured at home.
Strictures of the urethra, weakness and constitutional de
bility, promptly cured, and full vigor resiored. All hitters
A remittance of 25 cents in a letter, postpaid, adj
dressed to Dr. Kinkelin, Philadelphia, will secure nis book
on the,Socret Infirmities of Youth. june7 wly
JAUNDICE, Dyspepsia, Chronic or Nervous Debilitv, Dis
eases of the Kidneys, and all diseases arising from a
disordered Liver or Stomach, such as Constipation, Inward
Piles, Fullness, or Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stom
ach, Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust for Food, Fullness or Weight
in the S,toiuacli, Sour Eructalious, Sinking or Fluttering at
the Pif of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Hurried and
Diflicidt Breathing, Fluttering at the heart, Choking or Suf
focating, Sensations when in a lying posture, Dimness of
Vision, Dots or Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain
in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the
Skin and Eves, Puin "in the Side. Back, Chest, Limbs ete.
Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in the Flesh, Constant Im
aginings of Evil and Great Depression of Spirits, can be ef
fectually cured by
Dr. Ilooflaiul's Celebrated German Hitters,
Prepared by Dk. C. M. JACKSON, at the German Medicine
Store, 1:J0 Arch street, Philadelphia.
Their jiowcr over the above diseases is not excelled, if
equaled, by any other preparation in the United States, as
the cures attest", in many cases after skillful physicians had
These Bitters arc worthy the attention of invalids, pos
sessing great virtues in the rectification of diseases oi the
liver and lesser glands, exercising the most searching pow
ers in weakness and affections ot the digestive organs, they
are, withal, safe, certain and pleasant.
From the-"Boston Bee."
The editor said, Dec. 22d:
Dk. Hooflaxd's CELintUATim Gkkman Bitters, for fbe cure
of Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Chronic or Ner
vous Debility, is deservedly one of tne most popular medi
cines of the day. These Bitters have been used by thou
sands, and a friend at our elbow says he has himself re
ceived an effectual and permanent cure of liver complaint
from the use of this reined. We arc convinced thntpn the
use of these bitters, the patient constantly gains Mrength
and vigor a fact worthy of great consideration. They are
pleasant in taste and smell, and can be used by persons with
the most delicate stomachs with safety, under any circum
stances. We arc speaking from experience, and to the af
flicted we advise their use.
"Scott's Weekly," one of the best literary papers pub
ished, said, Aug. 29th:
"Dr. Hoofland's German Bitters manufactured by Dr.
Jackson, are now recommended by !-oine of the most prom
inent members of the faculty, as an article of much efficacy
in cases of Female weakness". As such is the case, wc would
advise all mothers to obtain a bottle, and thus save them
selves much sickness. Persons cf debilitated constitution
will find these bitters advantageous to their health, as we
know from experience the salutary effect they have on weak
systems." 1
More Evidence. The Hon. C. D. Hineline, Mayor of
the city of Camden, N. J., fays:
"Hooflaxd's .Geiuian Bitteus. We have seen many flat
tering notices uf this medicine, and the s-ource from which
the came induced U3 to make inquiry resjecting its merits.
From inquiry we were persuaded to use it, mid must say
that wc, tbuud it specific in its action upon diseases of the
liver and digestive organs, and the influence it exerts upon
nervous prostration is really siuprising. It calms and
strengthens 'the nerves, making sleep refreshing.
"It this medicine was more generally used, we are satis- "
tied there would be less sickness, ns from this stomach, liver
and nervous system the great majority of real and imagina
ry diseases emanate. Have them in a healthy condition,
and you am bid defiance to epidemics generally. This extra
ordinary medicine wc would advise our friends who are at'
all indisposed, to give a trial: it will recommend itwilf. It
should, in fact, be in even family. No other medicine can
produce such evidences of merit."
Evidence upon evidence has been received (like the fore
going,) from all sections of the Union, the lost three years,
and the stongest testimony in its favor, is, that thoie is'more
of it used iu the practice of the regular physicians of Phila
dclphia, than nil other nostrums combined a fact that can
casrly be established, and fully proving that a scientific prep
aration will meet with their quiet approval when prescdent
even in tins form.
That this medicine will cure liver complaint and dyspept
sia, no one can doubt after using it as directed. It acts spe
cifically upon the stomach and liver: it is preferable to calo
mel in aUbiliousdimui: the effect is immediate. They can
be administered to female or infant with safety and reliable
benefit at any time.
They have the writtei. signature of C. M. JACKSON up
on the -wrapper, and his name blown in the bottle without
which they are muriuus.
For sale, wholesale and retail, at the GERMAN MEDI
CINE STORE, No. 12U Arch street, one door below Sixth,
Philadelphia; and by respectable dealers generally through
out the country.
PRICES REDUCED", To enable all classes of invalids to
enjoy theadrimtiigeof their great restorative powers.
l;ic uuuic a veins.
Also for sale by W. W. BERRY,
Druggists, Nashville, Tenn.
And by Druggist everywhere.
Wholesalg Agents for Kentucky and Tennessee,
sutcliffe, McAllister &. co.,
jime.i cowly. Louisville, Ky.
Green Hill, Teun., January 19, 1852.
Dr. Arnold Dear Sir I consider it but an act of jus
tice to yourself and the community, to state to you the very
great benefit I h:lvc received from the use of your Union
Pills. Having been for quita a number of years, greatly
troubled with dispepsia, and constipation of the bowels; at
times alarming me greatly, I used every other remedy, al
most that I ever read or head of for the disease, all without
the least beneficial effect. 1 had almost come to the belief,
that it wjs useless to tiy any more; as I labored under
great debility, and my stomach was greatly injured by tak
ing the different Fills, medicine, tc; but on hearing my
neighbors speak so frequently of the beneficial effects of
your Union Pills, I concluded to give them a trial, and
bought a fifty cents vial, and commenced their use. From
the first dose of one Pill I was satisfied it was the medicine
for me. I have not yet used quite one vial, and can now say
to you with the utmost pleasure, that I have not for the last
ten years felt as well, or enjoyed such good health, as I have
since commencing the use ot your Fills. I would take no
sum for the good these Pills have done me, and almost every
branch of my family have used them with the same happy
effect. At times some of the negroes have had symptoms
of fever at the first complaint I have given them one or
two Pills, and never had to repeat the dose but once, which
effected a cure. Your other medicines used by my family,
have had the most happy effect. I sliall always keep a sup
ply of your Pills on hand, and I think that no one, laboring
as I have under great debility and dyspepsia, with all thei
evil consequences, but what would, after a use of your med
idines, join me in saying the same of them.
Rcsiectfully W W MASTERSON-
For Sale at the Drug Stores of ZIMERMAN, T.WELLS,
BEING the solo owner of House's Celebrated Medicines,
consisting of Indian Tonic, Pile Ointment, Tetter Cer
ate and Pills, now in the hands of local agents in the State of
Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and Virginia. I offer
to sell the same extremely low to Agents or others who wish
to purchase. I have also a large quantity of said medicines,
together with Gray's invaluable Ointment, on hand and will
sell them at wholesale or retail at lower rates than they huxn
evei been sold in this market. A largo discount will be al
lowed to those who buy to sell again. M. BOURNE,
june 7 wtf Opposite True Whig Office
Nashville, June 2, 1851.
This is to certify that M Bourne is my authorized Agent
to sell and put out on commission Gray's Invaluable Oint
ment, in the State of Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and
North Carolina. No Ointment is genuine unless it bears the
written signature of Win F Gray upon the outside label of
the box; and all who wish the genuine must see that it is
written before they buy, as there are base imitations out.
Beware of an article purporting to bo put up by W W Gray,
of Raleigh, N C, which is a base counterfeit " The name ot
W W Gray is engraved, as will be seen by close inspection.
TherefoTe,Jn order to avoid imposition get the ointment put
upbyhe undersigned. WM F GRAY.
TRAbTEIJilNG TRUNKSyOf Sole Leather; Rus
set&nd Black Iron J naned Leather-Trunks,, Valeces,,
CajpetBirnS and School Baieacls constantly on hand lit the
lowest mi)?nshv occs-W RAMAGE & CHURCH.
mHE subscriber reSTwifnltr
X ces to the citizens of Nash'ville, and
tho public generally, that he has located
nermanently in. this city, and that he will
devote his attention to the alleviation of
human suffering, by curing Rhcu-
matism, Gouf, Neuralgia, Coughs, Can
cers, Piles, Sore Eyes, Scrofula, Diseases
of the kin, Diarrhoea, and Gravel, Fe-
1 - . rr- T T .
uiaies suiienng wuu ineguuniucs, ucrn
vousness ana deuilitiy, can De perma
nently cured.
Disease of a peculiar character Iguar-1
antee to remove in a few days radically,
witnout ouensive or deleterious .Medi
cines. Patients would save much time
and money, to say nothing of anxiety of
mind, by giving him a call.
Invalids from any section of the country, by addressing a
letter;" stating the symptoms and enclosing a fee, can nar
advice and medicines sent to them with full directions.
The subscriber wishes it distinctly understood that tlio
above cures ate effected without the "use of Mercury, as tjie
cure is entirely dependent on the use of roots, according tor
the Indian practice. ,
Th aiilwontw l-pons nn Infirmary on the comer oi
Vine and Demunibrane streets; large and comfortable n .ms ,
well ventillated, and in a very retired part ot the city 1 '
any wish to be under his immediate and personal care ana
direction, they can come in, and no pains will be spared
to render them comfortable and. to eflect a speedy cure.
For particulars, see my ciiculars cf certificates.
Indian Botanic Doctor, Office on Market street, tWrd door
from the Square, East side Sign of the Indian.
Nashville. May 1, l'l.
To the Editors or the Nashville Union: Gentlemen, By
publishing the following you will much oblige me and coufe
a favor on sufferiug Immunity. It is but justice to the pub
lie that the virtues of Mitcliell s Indian Rheumatic Extract
should be made familiarly known oeverv one. and jr.rt-cu-iarly
to those afflicted with that painful disease calfed Rheu
matism. I have been suffering with that disease for tlx." last
two years. 1 have applied to numerous physicians, also tried
various remedies, recommended to cure St, but only fuimd
lemporarv relief and almost in despair of ever getting cn
tirclv cured; but hearing of Mitchell's Indian Rheumatic
Extract, for sometime, I was not willing to try it, as 1 have
spent so much moncv. and all to no purjiosc ; but r.oticng
a card in your paper "of Dr. Mitchell's arrival here, I sent fur
him, when he called on ice aud assiued me he would effect
a cure; also satisfied me by certificates from highly respet ta
ble persons in Louisville, some of whom are personally known
to me, that got well bv the use of his Extract, whkli induced
me to gr-e it a trial; and I take pleasure in staling, that idler
the use of two bottles 1 am entirely relieved. Belie it g it a
duty incumbent upon me to recommend in the strongest terms
a medicine which I believe has no equal in the cure of this
distressing disease. ,
Yours, respectfully, D. MclNTOU.
Public Square, 3d door from the New Lrulge.
Encr-FiELD, (near Nashville,) May
Dr. J. Mitchell: Dear Sir, 1 take pleasure in stating to
vou, aud for the benefit of the public, that my biothcr, (a
lad of fifteen vears,-! who has been afilicted with the Rheu
matism, for some time, in one of his knees and back, and
having tried various remedies, all of which lwd heretofcie
proved useless, 1 was almost m despair that he everwc.uld
be anvthing but a cripple for the rest of his life, as the !r,.Jcr
of Aw knee icrre drawn. But hearing that Mr. Mclntesh, an
old resident of Nashville, had been cured by the use of your
Extract, induced, me to try it for my brother, and to my gieat
astonishment, by the use" of one bottle he has regained the
use of his limbs) and is entirely free of all pain. 1, thei efm e,
feel in duty bound, after having tested a medicine which
must be of so much u.e to tlmse alllicted with this ra-r.-ful
diseiue, to, vmolicited, publicly recommend it as a cer
tain cure.
Respectfully, yours, O. 1). WALLING.
N. B. Persons" wishing to confer with n'.e, chu do so
by calling at my residence, Spring street, Edgefield, Teim
Davidson CocNTr, Tenn., July P, 1-vl.
Dr. J.Mitchell: Pear Sir, I feel it my duty to acknowl
edge a the afilicted, the benefit I have received horn your
Indian Rheumatic Extracts. 1 have been suffering with
Rheumatism in my hips for some time. I was under tl e
treatment of a physician considered a good one, who told n e
one bottle ot your KAtract lias given me geai reiiei. i con
sider it a very valuable remedy for what it is recommended,
particularly for Rheumatism.
Yours, respectfully, D. BRINKLEY.
Nashville, Tenn., July 81, l'l.
To the Editors of the Union: Deeming it my duty to the
public and especially to those afilicted with KheHinatism.tltat
1 have been relieved bv Mitchell's Indian Rheumatic Extract.
I have beeu alliicted for a number of years, ami applied o n
number of physicians for relief, but in vain. I ul-o tried
dilferent remedies recommended fur Rheumatism, bttf P uud
them all to be humbugs. Hearing of Dr. MitcMl's Indian
Rlieumatic Extract, 1 called on the Doctor, and he assured
me I could be cured. Having spent so much money and
found no relief, I concluded to be humbugged no more. I
told the Doctor I would give him a certain sum if he w ould
efTect a cure. -The Doctor took my cafe and furnished ire
with medicines: I followed his diiections; and I am now
' happy to state, after the use of two bottles of his extract, and
two of his blood purifying remedy, I am entirely relieved.
As an act of justice to Dr. Jlitchelf, I fake this me"t':d of re
commending it to those who are similarly afilicted, as a cer
tain remedy for Rheumatism.
Yours, respectfully, JO. L. RYAN.
August 4.
Lincoln CouNTT,'Tenn., May 2, 1S,2.
To all afllicfcd with Rheumatism, the most jwinful and
annoying of diseases in the w hole catalogue of human suf
fering, f would say, apply o Dr. Mitchell, or his .gcids, ft r
some of his invaluable Indian Rheumatic Extract; am' I
venture to assert you will not be humbugged hut find rehif
from your sufferings. There is a great aversion to Patent
Mcdiiinci by the public generally, as they have been so of
ten deceived; but this invaluable remedy is worthy a Itial,
and has, so far, proved effectual whenever tried". I will
give a brief statement of mv case, that those who have been
long afilicted may not yet despond while Dr. Mitchell sur
vives. Having been afilicted with the worst of maladies for more
than six years, being confined to my room a great portion of
the time, and unable to lie by day or night my joints stif
fened, my muscles partially ossified, and much emaciated
as to seem more like an inhabitant of another world than
this. Having tried every Physician of any note of whc in I
could hear, all proved "unsuccessful. I had eutireh des
paired of recovery, expecting to spend (not enjoy) the life of
me mvaiiu, wueu i cuauceu lusceauuccuuui oi luewonuc -ful
cures effected by Dr. Mitchell's Indian Rheumatic I x
tract, I resolved to give it a fair trial, as I had all other I hy
siciaus who tried my case, notwithstanding it was a jafent
medicine, in which" I could exercise no very strong faith:
when to my great surprise and satisfaction, before usirg it
more than the short space of one month, it has beeu so tar
arrested in its ravages upon my system that I can almost ven
ture to assert, though ot long standing, that it is entirely ex
pelled from its strong hold, though apparently so well li rt -tied.
Less than one month is a short time to loufean enemy
which has been solely engaged in erecting fortifications fiir
near seven years, I can yav to the afflicted try for your
selves if you wish to be in the vigor and full bloom of heal; h
again. Yours tnilv,
' ,F M. HURLEY .
Commission 31 c r cjh nut,
TTTILL receive censignments of COTTON, CORN, BA -VV
CON, OATS, BUTTER, FEATHERS; Ac His bu -siness
in Auci:sta, will be continued as heretofore under
his direction.
i Refers to Hon. John P. Kino, President, Georgia Rail
road Company. H. W. Conner, Esq., President, South Ca
rolina Railroad Company.
P. S. Major Arsistkad Wall is my General Agent in
Tennessee and North Alabama. declG 2mdw
WNTED at the South Nashville Furniture Factory, of
100,000 feet of VX inch Walnut Plank wide;
50,000 do do do do do;
60,000 do 2 do do do do;
100,000 do Walnut Scantling, 8 feet long, 4, 5 & C in. sq're;
100,000 do Cherry do do do;
100,000 do inch Cherry Plank wide;
50,000 do do do do;
50,000 do 2 do do do;
50,0C0 do Ash, ranging from t too in thick wide plank;
Also, Poplar of all sizes used for Cabinet purposes, for
which Cash, will be paid on delivery.
Also, 25 or 30 good CABINET MAKERS wanted, to whom
fair prices will be given in cash. Also, 1 or 2 good UP
HOLSTERS. None but good workmen need apply.
jan!7 "
WE have a new stock of RAZORS, from the celebmted
makers "Wade li Butcher," of assorted paterns; al
so'Wostenhohn's and Rogers & Son's Razors, all of which
we guarantee to the purchaser.
I?RSIIE ARRIVAIi. Just received a large supply
- of
Quinine, Alcohol,
Lard Oil, Surgical Instruments,
Window Glass, ic, ic; and for sale low whol6sa!o
and retail by J. M. ZIMMERMAN,
nov 23 Sign of Lion and Mortar, Market street,
General Commission Merchants, Chattanooga, Tenn.
W ILL pay particular attention to sales of Bacon, Lard
and other articles of Western produce.
As they have a large and personal acquaintance, and di
rect correspondence at most of tho important towns in Geor
gia, and part of South Carolina and North Alabama, they
will be enabled to dispose readily of the above meutioncil
articles in season, and respectfully solicit consignments.
Reference to
V. K. Stsvenson, Esq., 1
' Morgan & Co., V Nashville.
A. J. Duncan, )
BaADLsr, Wilson & Co., Euntsville, Ala.
' janl7 6m
DR. DAVID W. YAJfDELIi , offers his profes
sional services to tho citizens of Davidson. county.
Residence on tho Gallatin Turnpike, four miles and -a half
jrom Nashville, ntth place formerly owned by thelafuJo
Blah Williams, Esq. fuov2 ditf.J
fix m

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