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The foHoiring sweet song was sung at the
late Burns Festival in 2sTcw York :
Take back the ring, dear Jamie,
The riwryou ga'od to mo,
And a the vows you made yestreen
Beneath the birkin tree ; V
Rut gic we back my heart again
HWI hactogie ; .V .:".
Gin ye'll no wait a Siting timo, .
"7c canna nMttry me." '
I promised to my daddic I
Afore lie slipped awn, ' .
I ne'er wad leave tuv mamuiiu.. ,
Wltate'crsud her befa' ;
I'll faithful keep my promise, -For
a' that ye can gie,
So Jamie if ye wiuna wait,
.i." "'e nun marry me." '
I canna leave my mainmic, - ,
She's been sae kind to me,
Sin e'er I was a bainoe,
A wee thing on her knee ; -
2no mair she'll catnc iny gowden Jtair,
Nor busk me sinwul and bniw,
She's auld and frail,. her e'en are dim,
And sune will close ou a'.
A miinna leave my mumroic, .
Her journey is nuc lung, .
Her lieid is bending to the mools
Where it mun shortly gang ;
"Were I an heiress to a crown
I'd a' Ls honors tine,
To watch her steps in helpless age,
As 9 in youth watched mine.
c The Shn'ati; of thk United States. The person
al and political notices of the United Statos Sena
tors, now in session at Washington, which we gave
in the Herald of 3'esterday, will doubtless attract
mticli attention. The first point of observation with
regard to this body is, the amount of talent existing
among the members, compared with the Senate of
other days. It may be safely asserted, wetlnnk,
that the character of the Senate is not deteriorating.
If there are none to be found in the present Senate
to supply the places of Webster, Clay, Calhoun, and
Benton, it will be found that the average amount
of talent is kept up in the whole number, and that
Ihe proportion of really inferior men is small among
the Senators. On running over the personal no
tices which we have given, it is curious to observe
the course of political training most of the Senators
have undergone, in their respective States, by pub
lic services of various kinds, before they have been
considered qualified for election to the Senate.
These services have been executive, legislative, ju
dicial, or military, according to circumstances.
The leading men as debaters in the Senate, as at
present organized, leaving the free soilcrs out of the
question, will doubtless he Cass, Hunter, Mason,
Soule, Atherton, Butler, Douglas, Busk and Hous
ton, on the democratic side with Clayton, Everett,
Pearee, Dixon, Jones, Badger, Truman"Smith and
Geyer, on that of the whig. Gen. Cass and Gen.
Dodge sire the two oldest men in the Senate, being
over seventy years of age. Most of the others have
been born during the present century, and the aver
age ages of the forty-live Senators whose years are
known is about fifty.
With regard to nativity, the old Slates still pre
serve the preponderance in furnishing national le
gislators, no less than thirty-nine out of forty-nine
Senators whose birthplaces arc known having been
born in the old thirtetn Stales, viz: In the New
England States 14, in New York 4, Pennsylvania
2, Maryland 4, Delaware 2, Virginia 5, North Caro
lina 2, South Carolina 4 and Georgia 2. Of the
others, there were born in Tennessee 2. Indiana 2,
Ohio 1, Missouri 1, Ireland 1, France 1, West In
dies 2. Ethuologically considered, the fifty-six Sen
ators, (there being six vacaticics.) may be classed
as follows : Of Anglo-Saxon origin 39, Scotch 5,
"Welsh G, Irish 1, French 3, Spanish 1, German 1
Total 50.
One of the most striking points in the list of Sen
ators, is the vast preponderance of gentlemen of
the legal profession. A foreigner, in looking at the
occupations in private life of the executive and le
gislative branches of our government, might well
suppose that the constitution provided that lawyers
should always have the prel erence, on the same
principle that the charter of the Mechanics' Bank,
of this city, provides that a majority of the Board of
Directors shall be mechanics. No less than forty
one of the United Slates Senators are, or have been
lawyers, leaving fifteen for all other occupations.
Of these last, the medical profession have two; the
mechanics, two; the military, the planters, and re
tired gentlemen, the remainder the merchants not
having one of their own number to represent them.
Truly, the legal profession is the favored class with
the people of this country X. Y. Herald.
Sinculak Phenomenon. A severe snow storm
accompanied by lightning occurred in a part of
Maine ou the 13th tilt A correspondent of the
Gardiner (Ma) Fountain, writing from Bass Har
bor, Mt. Desert, describes the storm, as it appeared
there, as awful and sublime. A thunder cloud
passed over the place, which, for terrific appear
ance, exceeded anything ever witncscdHherc.
The correspondent adds:
The lightning was of a purple color, and some
times appeared like b.dls of fire, coming in through
windows and doors, and down the chimneys, while
the houses trembled and shook to their very found
ations. Mrs. E. llolden was near a window, winding up
a clock; a ball of fire came in through the window
and struck her hand, which benumbed her hand
and aim. She theu,.with all in the house, retreat
ed into the entry. Another flash succeeded, and,
in the room from which they had retired, resem
bled a volume of fire, whirling round and produ
cing a crackling noise. A similar appearance of
iire was seen, and crackling noises were heard in a
large number of the houses. Some who heard the
noise say that it sounded like breaking glass.
Capt. Maurice Rich had his light extinguished,
and his wife was injured, lie got his wife on to a
bed, and found a match; at that instant another
flash came and ignited the match, and threw him
several feet backwards. John L. Manin received
so severe a shock that he could not speak for a long
A great many persons were slightly injured.
Some were struck in the feet, some in the eye;
"while others were electrized, some powerfully and
some lightly. But what was very singular, not a
person was killed or seriously injured, or a building
damaged; but a cluster of trees, within a few rods
of two dwelling houses, were not thus fortunate.
iuu uum came aown nmnno- thnm tn.
thorn out bv the
earth, and throwing all in every direction. Some
were left hanging by their roots from the tops of
the adjacent trees, roots up and tops down.
The lightning, after entering the cartli to the
depth of several feet, and for a space some eiht or
ten feet in diameter, divided iuto four different di
rections. One course which it took led through
" -J w A iJlUUCO (U1U
the open land, making a chasm to the depth of sev
eral feet, and continued its march unobstructed by
the solid frozen ground, or any other substance to
the distance of 370 feet; lifting, overturning, and
throwing out. junks of frozen earth, some of which
were 10 or 11 feet long, by 4 feet wide, and hurl
ing at a distance rocks, stones, and roots. The pow
er here displayed was truly awful, and had it fal
len on a building, it would have thrown it, with its
inmates, into ten thousand fragments.
I understand tnat in Southwest Harbor and
Northeast Harbor (in this island) several vessels
had their masts rent in pieces; one had some plauk
torn from her, and one man was knocked down, but
not killed.
Boston, March 9. The New England Baptist
convention assembled to-day. The Rev. A. C.
Caswell, of Rhode Island, was chosen President
and Hon. Isaac Davis, of Massachusetts, Vice Pres
ident A committee was appointed to consider the ex
pediency of forming a Baptist historical society.
A report was received from each of the New
England States respecting the condition of the
Baptist Colleges and Academies. -
TnE "Wholesale Tkade. The facilities opening
up for communication with Nashville from the sur
rounding country, are beginning to make this place
the great point of travel and trade. Already does
the wholesale trade begin to assume an importance
as to almost rival in amount of business done Louis
ville, Cincinnati and some cities on the seaboard.
Within two vears this department of trade has in
creased fifty per cent, andis steadily and rapidly ad
vancing. ' This is not strange nor improbable. Our
merchants make direct importations from Europe
and the American manufactories. Their house rents
and clerk's hire, together -with the accommodations
afforded tliem for the cheap transportation of their
heavy stooks of "oods through the various avenues
J of transit, enable them to compete successfully with
oar more northern neighbors. In purchasing from
this market the country merchant saves time, in
surance on his goods, and the various annoyances
incident to getting his goods to market. Besides
these advantages the dealer from the country gets
his articles much cheaper, and by encouraging
home trade helps to build up a department of com
merce which .will be eventually to his advantage.
The more our jobbers are patronized the more will
it be in their power to sell goods at a less profit.
Our trade is now large and prosperous. Prices
ruling comparatively low in consequence ot our
most extensive dealers having made their selections
in advance of the eastern jobbers, and in view to
the large advance in prices of dry goods. About
1st of January we learn that returning retail dealers
from the Atlantic cities reserved a portion of
their purchases to be made in Nashville having
been unable to do any better in those markets than
can be done here. So long as our extensive and en
terprising jobbing houses continue to demonstrate
their capacity to compete with the eastern jobbers
in styles, quantity and prices, this will be an attrac
tive market We advise merchants to give this
market an examination before going elsewhere ' to
make their purchases.
Territory of Washington. A new territory
with this designation was created, and provisions
made for its organization, by an act of Congress ap
proved on the 2nd instant It comprises that part
of Oregon which lies north of the middle of the
main channel of Columbia river, to where itcrosses
the forty-sixth degree of latitude, and thence along
said degree of latitude, to the top of the Rocky
Mountains. The land occupied by missionary sta
tions, not exceeding six hundred and forty acres to
each, together with the improvements, is expressly
reserved and confirmed to the missionary societies
respectively which established the same. Stations
that were so occupied prior to the passage of the
act organizing the territory of Oregon are also con
firmed to the societies which established them, even
though they have since been abandoned.
Henderson and Nashville Railroad. There
can now be no doubt, says the Henderson (Ivy.)
Banner, of the early commencement of this great
work. We are grcally pleased to see that the ar
duous labors of the able President of the Company,
Col. E. II. IIorKiNS, have not been fruitless. In
the week .past he has been speaking and laboring
in Henderson, and considerable additional stock
has been subscribed, which fact gives us hopes that
Henderson will not long remain behind her sister
counties in the cnterprizc.
The English papers hardly know what, to
make of Ericssons engine and the big ship.
One says it is a "stupendous experiment, une
qualled in point of audacity in the history of me
chanics! '
W In England, a Mr. Edwin Bates has invent
ed a railway break that will stop a train going
at twenty miles speed, within a distance of eighteen
The Governor has appointed Levi Tyler,
Esq., Director of the Bank of Kentucky, on the part
of the State, vice James Guthrie, resigned.
Washington, March 9. The American Telegraph
convention met pursuant to adjournment The
committee on resolutions reported on the following
points, which were adopted in detail by the. con
vention :
1. AH words in the body of the message should
be counted as proper names, such' as the names of
persons, steamers, cities, and shall be counted
as many words as thero arc capitals used. .
3. A better mean3 was recommended to secure
answers to messages sent, and to give, priority to
messages of inquiry between offices on business.
-,3. A reciprocity rule for refunding lost mes
sages. 4. To protect the tel6graphrom..,abnc by un
worthy and unqualified operatives.. - '
(There were a great many other resolutions,
which we omit, as'they are not all interesting to -the
public. Reporter.)
The convention called in a body and paid their
respects to the President of the United States.
They were courteously received..
. The members composing the convention repre
sent over four-fifths of the telegraph of America.
They agreed to hold annual meetingsin Wash
ington hereafter.
Mobile, March G. The Black Warrior arrived at
Havana on the 3d. Mr. King's health had slightly
The El Dorado, from Asninwall. arrived at Ha
vana on the 2d.
The Providence bark Corsair arrived from Mo- "'
zambique, bringing Uaptown papers of Jan. 4th.
The mail of the 4th contains an account of a se
vere fight, in which six thousand Basu tor horsemen
were routed by about one thousand British.
The chief, Morbest, had agreed to deliver ten
thousand head of cattle and one thousand horses as
a fine for depredations he had committed. He fail
ed to comply with the engagements, and the gov
ernor advanced into his territory to seize the cattle.
Basu tors defended their property, and, although the
British at one time captured thirty thousand, the
Basutor horsemen were overthrown, and the next
day the chief sued for peace. The conflict lasted
from morning until night The British los3 was 38
killed and 15 wounded. The loss on the other side
was much greater.
3 Cincinnati is becoming one of the most dis
orderly places in the Union. Last Sunday seems
to have been a general festival of fisticuffs, free
fights, firemen's riots and all manner of ungodliness.
The following account from the 2vonparid of Tues
day, is a specimen :
Another Riot. Sunday afternoon, as several of
No. 8 Fire Company were drinking in a coffee
house on the corner of Twelfth and Vine streets
they were attacked by a party of No. 5 Fire Com
pany. Stones and clubs flew thick and fast, striking
and injuring several on each side. Those of the
Eights then drew their revolvers and commenced
firing upon the Fives, shooting two of the company
one a boy, in the arm, aud the other in tha side.
The Eights then retreated down Twelfth street to
Western Row, chased by the Fives, both compa
nies firing pistols and hurling stones and clubs at
every step. The arrival of a posse of police under
the direction of Capt Couch and Marshal Uufiin
dispersed the rioters. Several balls entered the
dwelling houses on Twelfth street, but fortunately
no one was injured.
Washington, March 9. It is rumored that Mr.
Buchanan has received the appointment of Minister
;to the court of St' James. -
At a meeting of a portion of the democracy of Lawrence
county, held in Lawrenceburg, on the 2nd Monday in Feb.,
1853, the following persons were appointed delegates to re
present the county in the State, Congressional, and Senato
rial Conventions :
District Xo. 1 W G Richardson, J W Stewart, G B Da
vis, Henry Riddle.
2 "Win Comer, Esq., J W Ilolcombe, Samuel Ellison, g
3 Aaron Comer, D J White, Jfiram F Appleton,
4 Wm Cox, Wm Calahan, N P iTardin.
5 T D Davenport, John White, Booker Bailey.
C R J Kelly, Charles J Ilerrin, Wade II McCroy.
7 Henry Flippo, Thomas Kelly, Wm Gollaher.
S Lee M Bentley, W T Xeale,.G U Xbron, Wm Chaflin.
9 Wm Pullcn, D W May, Philip Goales.
10 LMino Pentley, J Alderson, II 11 3Ioore. .
11 D C Craig, A Conley, Robert Kennedy.
12 T T Christian, Samuel Long, John Vbrhcis.
13 Robert Voss. H K Burleson, John Craig.
The meeting passed resolutions instructing their delegates
to support the Hon. Bahclay Mautix as theirfirst choice for
Governor and Hon. Axwunr Jouxso.vas their second choice,
and in favor of supporting the candidate of the democratic
convention, if their favorite should not be nominated. "
These proceedings were ordered to be published in tho
Mshviue LidontaidFulatki Democrat.
At a meeting of a large portion of tiic Democracy of Hick
man county, on the 7th of March, the following preamble
and resolutions were adopted : m
Preamble: We, a part of the democracy of Hickman
county, in convention assembled, being anxious for the ad
vancement of the salutary principles of the party, and unison
and harmony in its ranks, agree to conform to the follotv
ing resolutions, and 'rill endeavor to carry out their require
RtMlzed, Tiiat, in the opinion of this convention, it is ex'
pedient to appoint delegates to attend the State Convention
to nominate a candidate to run on the democratic ticket for
Je'3vMj, That Akdsew Joilvso.v, of East Tennessee, is
the choice of this convention; but, in the event he cannot
be nominated, our delegates are empowered and required
to go for any conservative democrat that will give satisfac
tion and cause harmony in the party.
Jisvlcc!, That the following gentlemen be appointed. del
egates to attend said convention, viz:
District Xo. 1 S W Whitfield, S B Moore and J D Easly
2 A Dai-den, R Bratten, and Wm Walker.
3 Jo Weemn, Wm Leeper, and A II Nicks.
4 J A Biswell, John Reaves, and J A Olivor.
5 J P Hardwick, J K McMinn, and J D Lyell.
C-J Humble, Win Wilson, and W i Easly.
7 A C Dcshazo, L H Ncwlee, and Wm Gravatt
8 Wm Philips, Wm Nicks, and J L Spencer.
9 J Lancaster, J:unes McCollam, and J A James.
10 J Downing, Win Whitwell, and Isaac Depriest.
11 J F Adkinson, Westly Malory, and .Miles Patton.
12 L Whitesides, J 11 Plummer. and W P Wcathcrly.
13 V F Bile, J R Charter, nud Joseph Reaves.
Jissohed, That any one of the afore named gentlemen
may vote the votes of their county, in said convention, the
same as though all were present; and in the event none are
present, any good democrat is hereby authorized to vo.e the
llexokcd. That, in the opinion of this convention, it is ex
pedient and right for the counties composing this Congres
sional district, to meet in convention and select a candidate
to run on theleniccratic ticket for Congress.
llwlrtil, That the delegates aforenamed are requested to
leam the voice of their rtopectivo districts, and vote accord
ingly, eithcr?r3 or by p-mnj, as the case may be in the
conrention, when they may be assembled.
liesolced, That each county in this Senatorial district,
should make some expression in regard to a candidate for
the Senate, and they are hereby invited'to meet the afore
named delegates from Hickman county, for such purpose.
litsolvetl, That Centrevillc is the most convenient place
for holding" said convention, and that the other counties in
Senatorial district are requested to meet here.
. lleiolml, That a committee of correspondence be appoint
ed, consistingof three persons, to correspond with other
counties, in all matters relating to the interests of the demo
cratic party.
-. J'eiolced , That Jack Williams, Esq., Dr. S. B. Moore,
and Pleasant Walker be constituted such committee.
liasolccJ, That we will support any candidate that may
bc selected by any of said conventions as cheerfully as
though our personal choice were nominated ; bat, in no in
stance, will we suppoit a man, or men, forced upon us by
collusion, and we hereby disclaim any such attempts as be
ing deleterious to the interest and principles of the party
Jiesolrui, That these resolutions be published in Crane's
'AuiMsce Democrat,' 77 Central Lanccrut, Democratic
JleraH, and JSlnshnUe tTnion and American.
The meeting was addressed by Jack. Williams, Esq., Jo.
Wcems, and R. J Payne of Columbia and adjourned sine
die. Y.J.HARVEL, Chm'n.
Jo. Weems, Sec'y.
Ata meeting of the democratic parly of Uemy County,
held at the .Court House in Paris, on Monday, the 7th of
March, Col. W. 11 Travis was called to the Chair, and R.
W Rains' icqucsted to .act as Secretary. The chairman ex
plained the -object oftbe meetingina brief and pertinent
The usual formality of a preamble and resolutions having
been dispensed with, on motion, the Chairman nominated
Ihe following gentleman as delegates to attend the Conven
tion, which', will in a few weeks assemble at Nashville, to
nominate a. candidate for Goveinor.
1st. District Gen. J. D. C.Atkins, and Aaion Moise,
Esq. 2nd Disirict, Col.. Caldwclland John W. Hams. 3d
District, J. J. Coyk.aml James Crowden. 4th District. S.
CiLove.and Sep Ray. - OtIrDistrict, T. P. Jernigan and Dr.
Looney. Cth District, John Clendenen and W..C. Couzens.
7th District, Col., Win. fetrandaudthc Chairman, atthesug-
gestion of the meeting, bth District, Col Phil Iron and W.
J Ilaync. jth District, P G Haynes and Thos Copeland.
10th District, And Allen and Dr R S Npwlin. 11th District,
N Carter and J W Johnson. 12th District, Levi Killeeicw
and Sol Fuller. 13th District, Col R D Caldwell and James
A Bond. 14th District, J A Bruce, E:q:, and David Brad
ly. lr.th District, John II Williams aud J BTowncy. ICth
District, W S Blackemore unit Owen H Edwards. 17th
District, John N Jackson and E C Lock. ISth District, R
Slratten and A J Wilson, lylh District, James. Williams
and Wm Greer. 2oth District, John Chillcutand LD
On motion, the meeting unanimously ratified the appoint
ments of the Chair.
Aaron Moise, Esq., then otTercd the following resolution,
which was adopted by themcetirg:
Resolved, While we will support with enthusiasm, any
ofthe distinguished gentlemen, whose names have been
suggested in connection with the Gubernatorial chair, that
our Jirst choice for that high position is our able representa
tive, the Hon Isiiam G Hakius, and in view of his availability,
and his long and distinguished services to the democratic
party, we cordially recommend him to our political breth
ren throughout the State, as one who will proudly and gal
lantly bear aloft the consecrated banner of democracy, should
it be committed to his hands.
Gen. Atkins then offered the following Resolution, which
was unanimously adopted :
Jiesolced, Under the benign auspices of his administration,
that this meeting has full confidence in the ability and wis
dom of Gen Pierce, and that they lookforward to the resto
ration of the good old days of Jackson and Polk.
On motion, it was resolved that the proceedings of this
meeting be published in the Daris Constitution, JVasJicille
Union and American. On motion the Memphis Jltjpress
antlAjypeal, are requested to copy the above resolutions.
The meeting then adjourned. W. E. TRAVIS, Ch'n.
R. W. Raises, Sec'y.
Delegates to Nashville. On Monday night la3t a dem
ocratic meeting was held at the court-house in Harrison for
the purpose of selecting delegates to attend a State Conven
tion to bs held at Nashville in April next
Col. Montgomery having been called to the chair, the ob
ject of the meeting was explained, and the following gentle
men appointed as such delegates, viz : H S Abrahams, John
L Hopkins, Esq., A D Taylor, of Chattanooga; J D Floyd, of
Harrisou j Lewis Shepherd, Peter Parkerson, E G Boyd, G
W Hagler, Thomas Coulter, M P Light, G W Gardenhire
WmSnow, of the county.
On motion, the democratic editors of Chattanooga were ad
dedto the above list. Chattanooga Adv., of 10th but.
On the 10th inst, by Dr.- Goodlett, Mr. D. P.
Lanier to Miss Kvnoy E. Frazier both of David
son county, Tenn.
"Washington, March 4, 1853. Nothing can ex
ceed the nigh gratification of all Union men here, at
the strong and manly language of General Pierce in
suppport of the Constitution, the Compromise and
State rights.
It is remarkable that the snowstorm -which com
menced this morning was nearly suspended during
the inauguration ceremonies, but, immediately af
ter, was renewed with increased violence.
Yesterday the scene in the capitol till midnight
wasawfuL The rush, the crush, and the confusion '
jitWn.bqth houses and outside caunot be described
by words. Towards the small hours of morning,
.the crpwd thinned dut considerably, and both
houses diminished to a few scattering members till
the votes were called, when the sleepers on the so- !
fas, and in the side rooms were drummed up. ,
There as a fine chance, however, for the Galphins, !
for neither house appeared to know what it was do
ing, while the lobby members were wide awake. I
President Fillmore was in the capitol signing bills
till after midnight. The city, all night, was in an !
uproar. Lands of music, rcekets, artillery and j
wandering strangers with carpet bogs were "to be 1
seen at every turn. The city this-morning swarmed i
like a beehive.
England. AVe have already mentioned
Cuba to
the fact
that the British ship of the line Cumberland recently
visited Havana, with a formal demand upon Gen
1 Canedo for satisfaction and apology lor the outrages
committed lately upon the persons pf British sub
jects in the Island ot Cuba, and for the insults to the
British Government in the persons of H. B. M.
Consul General, and the commander of,the ship-of-war
Vestal; and also for the late connivance on the
part of the Spanish officers in the slave-trading
operations in Cuba. The Xew Orleans Picuyune
Gen. Canedo assured the British commander that
it had never been his intention to insnltthe officers
of the British Government, or to reflect upon their
conduct in any way; and that immediate examina
tion should be made into the claims of British sub
jects, and ample reparation should be made Jbr any
injury that might have resulted to them through
unjust proceedings.
The Picuyune also states it was rumored in Ha
vana that a British Commissioner was on his way
there to demand the immediate manumission of
every African that had been imported into that
island since 1S21, in contravention of the terms of
the treaty with 1'lnglaud. This rumor was causing
great consternation in Havana, as it was supposed
it would manumit three-fourths of the slaves in, the
. The British Admiral had sent orders to Bermuda
for so. ne more English ships-of-war to proceed to
Havana, and the permanent English naval force
there was to be largely increased. An effort is to
be made to stop the slave trade by direct intimida
tion of the principal authorities of the Island.
A. O. P. Nicholson. A correspondent of the
Nashville Union is in favor of the nomination of
iNasnvuie union is in lavor oi tne nomination ol
this distinguished gentleman, by the democracy of
Tennessee, as a candidate for Governor at the an-
proaching election. The name of Mr. Nicholson
wouiu uii iiiwm oi buuuguim tne nuur oi oatlle.
Ao man has a stronger hold upon the affections of
would be a tower of strength in the huur of battle
the democracy of the State. They admire him for
his talents, esteem him for his virtues, and love him
for his social qualities. He is a public man with
out reproach, a politician without stain, and a States
man without selfishness. We have not, however,
looked upon him as being in the canvass, and the
first choice of our people has. been given in favor of
another eminent citizen of Maury. Tennessee JJem
ocrat. Washington Items. Washington, March 4.
The address of Gen. Pierce to-day, is the subject of
conversation among all parties at the hotels to
night. Every body is delighted with it except the
Barnburners. Even the whigs praise it. Gen.
Cass says . it i3 a good old fogy speech, and Judge
Douglass says it is of the Young America school.
It would seem that Gen. Pierce's observations on
foreign relations are not only not an empty flourish,
but have a deep import. He recently received a
telegraph message, from a reliable source, in refer
ence to the Black Warrior affair. So you need not
be surprised to hear soon that he will take an im
portant step, in reference to the Cuban affairs. The
President intends to manage the foreign reiations
It is curious that Fillmore and Pierce not only
changed places to da3 in a political sense, but ex
changed quarters Mr. Fillmore taking the rooms
LhatjUen. Pierce left at Willard's.
It is considered a courteous act on the part of
Mr. Fillmore to have written Gen. Pierce to try
to accompany him in the procession to the capitol.
New York Herald.
Washington, March D, M. The superior officers
of the army at present in the city waited upon the
Secretary of War in full uniform this morning,
agreeable to usage. Mr. Davis received and ac
companied them to tho Executive mansioi, and
presented them to the President.
The officers of the navy in full dress also called ;
upon Secretary Dobbin, who accompanied them to '
the Presidential mansion.
After exchanging compliments and congratula- j
tions. the officers, "joined by the chiefs of. the bu- !
reaus, repaired to ex-President Fillmore's rooms j
at U lllard s Hotel, and took a friendly leave of him.
The President has nominated and the Senate has
confirmed, Silas li. Hobbie First Assistant Post- '
master General, and restored Chas. Fames, late as- I
sistant editor of the Union, to Assistant Secretary j
of State. Willis A. Gorman, late member of Coni 1
gress from Indiana, has been appointed Commis-
sioner oi tne lieneral Land Ufhce,
BoSTON.-March 9. JLad Suffolk has arrived
from Capetown -with dates tolhcMOth of January.
Sllft rpnnrts tlmh tlifT"nftir tvnr n-nc nnt .nnAnrl on1
- 1 u ..u - ....1. 1. ... . . , ..VV, UUU I
eu tnat white men are among them planing anddi-
recting their movements.
A comet was discovered this evening at Cam
bridge observatory, situated five decrees south of
the star Rigel.
Married. In this place, on the 10th inst, by the
Rev. Mr. Baker. Mr.. Robert Eaves to Miss Jane
Beaslt all of this city.
The Glorious Success which has attended the Musical
Levees of
KUXKELTj'S nigutingale troupe.
HAS induced them to continue during tho week produ
ERAS, Ac., Ac.
jf hm turther particulars see small bills.
Seats can be secured by applying at the office lw-
tween the hours of 11 and ft o'clock.
V-W Admission, Dress Circle and Parouettc SO rents
Gallery 25 cents.
Doors open quarter before 7; curtain rises Quarter bpforo
ST" AH the new and beautiful sonars adapted to thoPJ-
nno, sung by the Nightingales, are for sale at West's Music
Store, No. 14, Union street. They embrace nil the latest
and most popularsongs. JOHN T. FORD
'"aril Agent.
A election for a President and twelve Directors to man
XX. age the affairs of the Rroad Street Bridge Company
for the ensuing year will be held at the office of the Nash
ville Insurance Company, on Saturday. Anril 2d. nt in
clock A. M. S. M. SCOTT.
marclilt. Secretary.
En. i.Aititi&i l ixcspectlully announces
that he has purchased from Messrs. A. 15. k
U. v. Kulir.KTaUN a select and complete assort- T
from their latest importations, expressly for retailing' nnri
will continue the business at their stand, No. 16, three doors
from Nichol's corner, public square.
He solicits the customers of the Messrs. Robertson's, and
his friends and the public generally to give him a call) wth
the assurance, on his part, of his best exertion to give'satis
faction to all, who may be disposed to patronize him
marcnii im a. n. GARRETT.
N. B. Mr. Milton CocKiur.. will continue at mr ptnh.
lishment and will be happy to Bee and serve his friends.
-TVTOTICE. We;havc sold to MR. E. B. GARRETT our
! rot'i ill n rr stnpl.- rf Tinite QltnAcar. rr T , .
. o ------ uuuu aim iiuiiivs, nnu given
him our stand, No. 1C, south side of the Square. The stock
is select, full and superior, having been made to order for our
regular Snrins sales. We. in taking Imvo nf tho w.to;i tr
fcr a short time avail ourselves of an opportunity to think the
jjuujii; iur aiougauu imerai patronage, and rccowmendour
successor as worthy the confidence of our customers! and the
public. "Fair Dealing" will be his sfandingmotto;.
marchli lm A. B. & C. W. ROBERTSON.
it was feared it would last for years. MsttlectHrn Cld&
; Nashville, March 14.
' Conex The market on Saturday; was without change.
About 100 bales sold at QaS -10. Our quotations are the
. same as yesterday :
Inferior .6
Ordinary . 7
t JliUuling S10
Good Middling
Nothing doing in Tobacco.
AnKrvED 11', Navigator, Pittsburg; Toledo, No. 2,.Padu
cah; Odd Fellow, do.
Departed 11, City of Huntsvilie, Memphis; 12, Odd Fel
low, Paducah.
River falling slowly.
THE fine steamer STATESMAN, H. G.
McCojias, master, will leave as above.
and all intermediate ports oh 1 oesnav,
the 15th, at 4 o'clock, r. si. For freight or passage, applv on
board, or to JOHNSON & SMITH, ( . a
marehU H. T. YEATMAN, J ent3-
, 0: Dry Gooir,Eoots, Shoes, Hats and Hardware, etc.
v 1 AV rTT7T7nAV wruvpantv i irnrmcniv
; J March 22d, 28d, 24th. My stock at this sale will be
; fo'Td 1? ojnbrec?i ? greater variety tlian ever before otTered
r BlueCiaths, Plain and Fancy Cashmeres. Black and Fanev
batinetts, i weeds, Jeuns, Drap L Etes, Queens Cloths, Cot
tonados, Check and Fancv Linings, Plain and Figured Dress
Silks, Satin d'Clienes, Alpaca, Silk Figured and Plain Rar
eges, Alborines Grenadines, Solid Colored Bareges. Printed
j ican Lawns, liayaitere Dresses, British ami American Prints,
i Plain and Figured Satins. Figured Silt Velvets and Em-
I broidered Vet-tings, Napkins, Irih Linens, Linen Lustre,
: Bleached and Brovn Domestic. Bleached aud Brown Dtil
lings, 6-t Sheetings, Table Liuen, Cambrics, Apron Checks,
Cap ifets, Silk Liuings, Cotton Handkerchiefs, Cotton Iice
j and Eilgings Bine's, white and mixed Cotton Hoe and Half
j Hose, Embroidered Curtains, Silk Mantillas, Bonnet Silks,
j Linuu and Cotton Thread-, Pins, Needles, Hooks and Eyes,
i Tapes. CtMiibs, Pocket aud Table Cutlery, Thimbles, Guns,
j Pistol, Fiddles, Silk Angola Wool and Palm Hats, Bonnets,
uoow, snoes, eiceic. marcni i
April, fl 7 10, 'M A 21 r August, 2 k 3 11, IS k 25
Mav, Zk .1 31, 23 2A S0 Sept. (5 & 7 9, lo, 22 k 2l
Juiie.7 k a 21 , 2 2, A 30 Oct. 4 k . 6 A IS - 20 k 27
July, ft k 7 -1 V & 21-2.)A 27 Nov. 1 & 2-r8 k 10 17A 20
March Rhlbs, 1353.
William Hclliman rs. Eason P. Clark,
N motion, and it appearing to thoclerkand master, thr.i
I V l.uou 1 . uwnc i. a nou-resiiiem oi iius aiuie : ii is
: thereupon ordered, thutan order of publication be made hi
the Nashville" Union for three successive weeks, requiring
the.said Eason P. Clark to appear at the Court House in the
town of Carthuge, Smith county, Tennessee, on the second
Monday in August next, then rid there to plead, answeror
demur to complaint's bill, and in default thereof, said bill
will be taken lor coufesaed aud set for hearing w parte.
inarch 14.-w.lw A. MUORK, C. Af.
Makiu Rl-les, IS 53.
, ss motion, and it appearing to the clerk and master, that
W ! Sulivan, Blackston Snhvan, Thosmas C. March-
1 bank., and wife, Jo-ephine, are iion-re.i(ic.n(s of this Stale:
It is thereupon onfeieif, that an order of publication be made
for three sueccssh-c weeks in the Nashville Union, reouiiinir
ihem lo apprar at the Court House in the ton-u of Cartlu-gJ,
' Smith ceuuty, Tennessee, on the second Monday in August
next, then and there to plead, answer, or demur to com
plainants original mil and buioi revivor, in delimit thereof,
said bills will be taken for confessed and set for hearing ex
parte as to them, Ac. A
nmrchl4 wSw
Furniture Uiantilitcturer and Dealer,
'OULD respectfully inform his friends and the
public generally Hint ho is prepared to furnish
them with cverv article of furniture from a common to
the tmcst article kept m this city. IIis manufacturing is not
surpasred bv any one in the South in point of material and
workmanship to test which he asks your patronage. He
has also a good assortment of imported furniture, all of which
is offered at extremely low prices for cash his motto being
short prod's to make quick sales.
uruercu wors, repairing ami vamisnmgoiu iur-
niture, done at the shortest notice, and upon very i
reasonable terms with despatch. I am also pre- 2&3
pared to fill all orders for matrasses, the common shuck kept
constantly on hand. Being the only one in the city having
a right to manufacture O'Neal's Atmospheric Leaver Churn,
it being unequalled by any, 1 would just say that a supply
can always be found at my rooms on College street.
Umlcrtakins'. All orders for Coffins can be
I filled in very short notice, as I keep everv descrip-
I ion always in readiness, which will be furnished at lower
rates than usual in this city. Having good hearses, gontle
horses, and a careful driver, with my personal attention in
this department of my business, I hope to merit your favors.
Orders can be left at my sale room on College street, No. 20,
wheremyself or clerk can always he found, both night and
day, to attend to such orders. Thankful for past favors, I
hope by strict attention to business to merita continuance of
the same. J. II. CURHEY,
marehl2 No. 25, Collegestreet.
npHK thorough bred Jack, MARINGO MAM- gv
JL MOTH, direct from Kentucky, will make
his first season in Tcnneseo at Caney Spring in
Mar.hall cotmiy, five miles below the fishing ford in Duck
River, at thirty-live dollars insurance and fifty cents groom
fee. Jennets sent from a distance will be pastured gratis,
and grain fed, if roquiicii, at fifty cents ptr week. He is
full fifteen hands two and a half inches high, good honest
measure, umiMially large bone, and heavy; black, with
mealy nose. He has the form, size, color and blood to re
commend him bichly to those who wish to improve their
stock. We consider htm the nmsfer Jack of Tennessee.
For further particulars see hand bills,
inarch 11 im KNIGHT k WILSON.
Druggist ami Apothecary,
Xorth aide of the PMie Square, dovrs West of the
Xahvw4 Inn.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
PAirrrs, Bhusiibs, PBiirrasitr,
Powoer, Oiks, Dve Srcrre,
Fancv Aimcixs, Shot, Yauxishbs,
Glass; Glassware, Lead.
Drugs, Ulcdicines, Chemicals, &c.
Xddvils, Mureh 11, 1.
CR'S INK Winter, Sprinsr, Sum-
Ncws,pf the best quality, for sale by
march! 1
RESH GARDEN SEKDS, from Landreth, Rislcv and
the Shakers, for sale by
GRVSS SEEDS, in variety, for sole by
inarch 11 H. G. SCOVEL.
LYONS KATHAYION, for the Hair this article is pop
ular in New York city, as an admiralle prejKiration,
and an effectual remedy for baldness and fulling offof the
hair, causing it to grow luxuriimtly, rendering it soft; glos
sv, beautiful and preventing its turning grey, for sale by
'march 11 H. G. SCOYEL.
1 J sia, Gont, Rheumatism, Cramp, Cnolera Morbus, Cholic,
kc, kc, which is one of the best preparations of the day a
trial will convince the incredulous, for sale by
march 11 II. G. SCOYEL.
a ALVANISM Christie's Belts, Bracelets, Fluid, Rings
and Plasters, for sale by the only agent in Nashville,
marchll H. G. SCOYEL-
CO, for sale Wholesale and Retail bv
marchll "11. G. SCONEL.
"O IFLEP0 WDER Connecticutand Tennessee Rifle Pow
X der, warranted best quality, for sale by
marchll H. G. SCOYEL.
"TTINTER STRAINED SPERM OIL, suitable for fine
V t machinery for sale by II G. SCOYEL.
"VfEATS FOOT. Refined Tanner's, Lard, Linseed and
IN Castor Oils, for sale by II. G. SCOVEL.
SMITH'S SUGAR COATED PILLS, just received and
for sale by marll H. G. SCOVEL.
rpEAS Black, Voung Hyson; Imperial, Gunpowder, and
JL. Extra Carious Black" Tea. These Teas aie of good
quality and have given satisfaction, for sale bv
marchll 11. (. SCOVEL.
For a Short Season Only Connnenshi j oa Saturday
Evening, March 12th.
CONSISTING of sixty Magnificent Scenes, with figures of
life-size, illustrative of tho Pilgrims Progruss. Ma
king the most magificent moving mirror ever presented to
the American public.
This sublime work was painted by the eminent Ameri
can Artists, Huntington, May, Kile, Darlcy, Crapscy and
Prof. Diegan, and is acknowledged by leading journals, by
artists, and by eminent judges to bo a superior work of art.
The cost of this gorgeous painting, which embraces sixty
scenes from the "Gtorioun old Dream," was 10,000, aud has
been viewed by more than 4y0,000 persons in the principal
cities of the Union.
Appropriate music, with discriptive lecture, accompanies
tho paiutiuc." f
Card, of Admission, C-o cents Children half price. Doors
opon at 6y o'clock, tho mirror will move at 7 o, precisely.
Exhibition on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, at .3
fSiClock. Doors open at 2. Liberal arraagfimeuts can be.
" ir"I A. HART, PrreJrictor, s
raario J- GREENWOOD, ilansffer,
ami 1'atnteU Jaconets, lanbroMtered Lawns, Barred Muslins,
.T.-n.-N. Swiss Mllll MliJiiw T'Tmi-t ami tmnnmnl':
hams. Barege d'Laines, Chintz d'Laincs. British and Ameiv
WASiiiNCToy. March 12. The trial of Dr. Gard
nercommenced in the criminal court to-day.
PrrrsBDEG, March 12 The river is stationary, with S feet
i inches water in the channel.
Cincinnati, March 12. The river has fallen six inches
Flour, 2,000 bbls sold at 8 65a8 75; wbiky dull at 19; noth
ing doing in provisions.
New Yoek, March 12. Flonr 3000 bbls State 4 5S; mess
pork 15; lard heavy; cotton 700 beles sold, duH; other arti
cles unchanged.
Louisville, March 12. The river is faffing stewly with
-8 feet water in the canal.
Vt. T. ISERIvY & CO. have just received
NOVELS, in 12 vols. This beautiful reprint is aw cam-
pWfcj VUUU4lllill'
Brido of Lammerraoor,
Synod of Montrose,
Fortunes of Nigel,
Heart of Midlothian,
PevrHof the Peak,
Quen tin Durwood,
St. Roman's Well,
Red Gauntlet,
Fair .Maid of Perth,
Anne of Geirstein,
Count Rohort of Pare;
Castle Daigeros,
Guy Mannering-,
The Pirate,
The Abbot,
The Mono? try,
Kenilwartli, .
The Antiquary,
Rob Roy, .
Old Mortality,
The BetrotheJ,-
Tiie Talisman,
tin .,11 T...l.-., T-.T
uronicies ot uuwugate.
All .111 iutt; 1
W. T. B. & Co. hnvc also recently received
VELS, 12vols with over 2iX) wood sod steel egra vines.
12 vols., calf.
M. T. TJJ3RRY & CO., have jut recoivod
vior. In Four Volumes.
Y. T. li. &. Co. have also just received
Whrfon's American Crimiul Law.
Bouvier's Law Dictionary, new edition.
Daniel's Chancery Pleadings and Practice.
Williums on Executors, 2v.
Jarman on Wills, 2v.
Smith's Loading Case, new edition.
American Leading Cases, by Hare anil Walkce.
Loadinfr Cases in Ennitr hv TT,i
?P- .,,AV1,itI- JIan, ISoS, we will oflerat
Public feale:
20U Hogsheads Louisiana Sugar;
2.0 Barrels prime new Vf.i!vo--
100 Packages Lojfaml Crushed Sugar;
Poxes .Manufactured Tobacco, all ra,
" " 100.000 Regalia and Priiif?npi i'l-iim'
I r
I grades;.
200 Boxes Week k Co.'s Star Candtes-
100 " Dovle k Co.'s Tallow
f.00 Kegs Shoenbeigur's Nails, all siws;
3o0 doz Heaver Ruckcls;
T-00 Boxes Uhtaswateassortod ;
100 Barrels Green Copperas ;
5o0 " Superfine Hour;
100 barrels extra Whisky;
100 do Rectified do;
100 Bales Cotton Vans assorted Nos.
With various other articles.
The goods will beput up in our usual quantities, with
liberal privileges.
Terms of S.vlk. All sums under $200, Cash. All sums
oyer ?2tH, four mouths for approved emtorsed notes pava
ble in one of the city Banks. "
" W. II . GORDON k CO.
N MONDAY MORNING, 14th March, im, we will of-
'u ui. Hucuvii hi iroui oi our store
50 hhds prime New Orleans Stiir; "
200 bugs Rio Coffee;
50 bbls prime Molasses;
2fi packages Loaf and Crushed Sugar; '
f.O dozen Painted Buckets and Tubs;
loO reams Wrapping Paper;
100 boxes fresh M It Raisins;
50 drums Smyrna Figs; ' "
SO barrels Baltimore Oysters;
60 boxes freh Iinperinl Ten; ' t '
CO boxes Star Candle; ' "
hi no l allow UniKlies:
lU bun els A linn-
5 tierces Freh Rice; . . U .
i barrels Fresh Clover Seed.
2" bales Cotton Yarns, bct bmmte;
200 barrels Ohio and St. Louis Whisky;
2o do Old Tennessee do; " '
fx) do do I). D. Whisky, various brands;
50 packages American Brandy and Gin;
10 barrels New Knkml Rum";
20 do Malaga aiid Port Wine;
25 do Vinegar;
Together with Indigo, Madder, Brimstone, Copperas, Ci
gars, Iilacking, Starch, kc
Saletocommeuceatlo o'clock, precisely.
niorc'- MORRIS (St, BTR ATTON.
JLJL Printed Linen Cambric;
Beautiful Challie Borages;
" Berage DcLainos;
Parisian Slepa?;
Corded Shirts;
Hair Skirls;
Ginss do:
Snsh Ribbon;
IIotit do;
Neck do;fr"
" 8r;
BlMChmtiHy Veils;
RrWn " "
Blue "
l noted LieiiiKOs;
Neat Cheek Silks;
' Fig'd Fancv Silks;
Plain and Kg'dChall vs.
India Hurd Cord Twills;
Nainsook Muslins;
Rich Printed .Muslins;
'Rwlssistig'd- ""do;
Super Col'd Beragcs;
lilac!c Gio Do RIioui;
" GroDeZuici.
Emb'd Mus. Collars;
Emb'd UudorSIuevos;
Flowing " "
I.H08 " "
Bi'k Ice 14 Voite;
Frencir "
Sewing Silk Mitte, .
Dotted Swiss Muslin;
Emb'd Linen Cum. Hdkfs;
Lace trim'd do;
Dressing Brushes;
Tooth do;
Nail do;
" Cam. do
Paris trim'd Val. Collars;
i'omtcu Ijicc "
Cambric Trimmings;
Swiss Trimmings.
Camb. and'Silk Mouncings;
Jaconet aru awiss .Muslins;
Pointed do:
Shell Twist Combs;
Fine Tooth Comb;
Dressing Combs;
Work Boxes, Baskets, kc
Napkins, New ork .Mills Domestic,
Undressed, Englih Long Cloth,
Richardson s Irish Linen, Pillow case Domestic,
i'liiow case
Linen Toweling?,
Scotch Crash,
Russia Diaper,
f?n 1 .1 tlfilnlltnft liont iitcr-
do Best Red Tickings;
Apron Checks,
Cotton Plaids for house sorv'ts,
Bro. ami Bleached Drillings,
Cotton Dinners.
Uirds bye do
ALSO, an excellent assortment of English, French and
American 1'rints, Boautiful Plaids, uinghams. Also, an ad
ditional assortmentment of those justly celebrated Patent
Shoulder Scam Shirfs. Also, Cloths, Cassimeres, Vesti.:gs;
Cravats, Linen Collars, Linen Cam. Hdkfs, Kid ani Silk
Gloves. JOHN K.HUME,
marchlO No. 57, College st.
Oil IlIErfll'IIIS The U. S. MAIL
PACKET, EMBASSY, will leave Nash
ville for Memphis, on Monday, at 6 o'clock.
P. JL For freight or passage, apply at th
the U S. jrail.Ofilce.
march 12
Hardware and Cutlery, Iron and Castings,
Xo. 71, Market St., near Rroad Stan of the MM Sate. J
"TTTOULD invite the atlention of Jlcrhaut, Car-
t T penters, blacksmiths, ranners, and tins Trad
ing comrnumtv generally, to tueir large and well se
lected stock ot
Pocket and Table Knives,
Spoons and Candlesticks,
Padlocks and Scissors,
Anvils and Vices.
Angers and Chisels,
Mill-X Cut and Hand Saws,
Chains and Hoes,
1 lies, Braces aud Kits,
Double and Single Shot Guns, Grass Rope. Ac., kc
Together with all articles usually kept in Hardware houses,
which we offer on accommodating terms.
JUST received, 15 dozen W. k B. "Old Army" Razors; t
12 dozen W. k B. Hollow Ground Razors;
"Genuine Barbor
Old Bachelor "
Patent Frame Back "
No. 71 Market streai.
!marcUl2 lm
W no lioston fcoap;
2," bags Pepjer ami Ginger;
25 casks Sun. Garb. So!u?

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