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" 1 III llll II I I n I I i
ui j- m ju tj m in.juuimjJLM.PWgBM
Andrew J. They, Editor.
Tliv.rsilny, OcioVcr 28, ISSii.
Per President,
rRAIV3ir.i?i I'lERCE,
cf Kew Hampshire.
Tor Yice-Presidest
cf Alabama.
TE:o FranRISsi Fierce Is.
jnfTtctbcr the people shall confirm the
notion of the convention which nominated me
or not, ih all be satisfied, for I KNOW the office
will be conferred upon a man ("FRANK.
PIERCE deserving; your CONFIDENCE and
SUPPORT." GeiC ScoiCs speech at Washington,
June 21, 1852.
I NEVER KNEW." Gen. Scott to Col. Gorman.
igenccr, Whig organ at Washington Ci'y.
"I bear testimony to the statesmanlike abili
ty, and the voile, ceverous, brave and gallant
character of FRANKLIN PIERCE, of New
Hampshire." Letter from the brave General Har
ney. "By Fkaxklix Piepce: The compromise mea
cures o1850 and the Xew Hampshire Democracy
upon the former the latter have fixed the seal
of their emphatic approbation: Xo north, no
ronth, no east, no vent under the constitution : but
a sacred maintenance of tie common bond and true
devotion to the common brotherhood."
I accept the nomination upon the platform adop
ted by the convention, not because this is expected
f me est a candidate, but because the principles it
unbraces command the ajprobation cf my j'udg
i.ient. Frank Fierce.
I believe such an institution one of deadly
I osti!,ty to the hef interests of the country, danger-
t:s to ourrepuhlican institutions and the liberties
of the peojde. Puree on a Xational Banl:
Who General Scolt Is.
TER." Scott in 1841.
The above sentiment is Gen. Scott's. We
have seen it iu his own handwriting, over his
own signature. Ei. Pexxsylyaxiax.
Gen. Sc-'tl's Instructions to his Recruiting Officers
curing the Helicon Yfar.
Ile-ry Clay's Opinion cf Xililitary Hon.
Ft ttcr that trar. I'es'i'i nc? and famine should
ivrrv r.vrr the l.-nd. THAN THAT A MILITARY
Gen. Scott ca Katv.ralizE.tioa.
"We are liberal cr.ounh to open the o'oor.to thS,
children of foreigners irho may be born here, with
out allow. ng their fathers to come iieiie to
it the Lend of
as plain Mr.
"If I ever, as Gkni:i:al Scott,
the armies of the United States,
Scott, deprived of my commission, or as Presi
dent Sc;:t, if it should please the people to ele
vate me to tlmt hi; h statif.n, IF 1 EVER DO
Letter of Scott to II. A. Upton, Esq., of Louis
iana. "We much question Gen. Scott's f'ualifica
tions for the position to which some of his ad
mirers would elevate him. The exigencies of
the times require abler hands and wider views,
and more of a statesman." American Whig Re
vie u; 1SG1.
ju "In the character cf Gen. Scott there is much,
el very much to commend and admire. But the
mischief if, there is a weakness in all he says or
act does about the Presidency. Immediately alter
8b-' the campaign of 1810, Lc wrote a gratuitous
ten viittcr making himself a candidate, hi which all
interrxs of unwise things were said, to 'return and
inthecgue' his friends, if he should be a candi
.T -ite. And since that time, with a fatuity that
l C f VZCS 011 11)611 tliut gct bewildered in gazing up
electfl iC House,' he has been suffering his
LmUcn to dim the glories achieved by his sword "
the AL',any Ending Journal, (Whig,) 6.7, March,
. "As a loyal Whig, who has never proved un
elec'nthful to my party, myself and my Southern
'age. "ends will be required to fall amicably
res-into line, end constitute the rear guard cf Mr.
eleSewarcs column, and give him our voice to swell
te" "-j"ii;nit c.Miiiiinon. ten; pernaps i may
try. iut my opinion is, tnat my utmost efforts
to shout will resolve itself into a croan of des-
will not. Put that
. u. II iuj
On next Tuesday, the 2nd day of November,
the Presidential contest will be decided. It be
comes you as citizens of this Republic to exer
cise your right of suffrage, and through the Ballot-Box
to place your scnl of c&iideiination a
gainst the wrong and in favor ofiheT.igut.
For the first time in the history of our country
have we a candidate for the Presidency, (Gen.
Scott,) taking the field in person, and within a
few weeks of the election traversing the Union
urging his military services and thus appealing
to the military enthusiasm of the people for sup
port. Such conduct merits and must receive the
disapprobation of the people. The Whigs have
nominated the Commander of the Army, still
retaining his sword iu hand, and hope to take
possession of the Government. Democrats, up
on you devolves tliG responsibility of defeating
the schemes of that party which is patriotic in
peace and always against the country in war.
The immortal Washington solemnly resigned
his sword to Congress, at Annapolis, and retired
to Mount Vernon, before he allowed a sugges
tion of his name for civil office. Gen. Jackson,
although long out of the army, retired even
from the Senate of the United States to the Her
mitage on his announcement as a candidate for
the Presielcncy. Gen. Harrison, thirty years
out of military duty, never ventured among the
people to plead military services as a qualifica
tion for office. Gen. Taylor did not make a dis
play of himself and his warlike exploits ; and
although he held his commission he held his
peace. Gen. Scott is the first person who ever
aspired to the Presidency who has ever entered
in person this sort of recruiting service. The
design is to make the high places in the Repub
lic, prizes to be won by the blood, not by the
votes of the citizens ; bringing us back to the
elays of Sylla, Marius, and the Triumvirates of
the ancient Roman Republic, and tending to
crush the liberties of the American People. If
Gen. Scott is successful a new element will be
introduced iuto the political struggles of this
happy country. Military Leaders in person with
their forces will take the field on both sides as,
in the contentions at ancient Rome for the Con
sulship, in the degenerate days of the Common
wealth. It is against such a calamity that the
American Democracy are now called upon
to vote so as to avoid. And it should be the
duty and pride of evory democrat to joyfully has
ten to the polls and rebuke this attempt of the
whig party to make the civil power second to
the military. It is upon you, patriotic Demo
crats, to resist the pretorian bands which Gen.
Scott's mission through the States of Pennsyl
vania, Ohio and New York, was intended to ral
ly to the polls. Your votes, on next Tuesday,
will do this effectually, and when the issue is
Zl- p-M" trh A e
and at the conclusion of h:.3 remarks three cid-
fashioned cheers were given for Viinrard. K
Thomas A. Maguire, Esq., of Johnstown, then)
addressed the crowd tor a short time, in an cx-li
cellent manner. He was followed by Col T. L.fc)
tt.. t Ai i- . 1- r;
"-jvi, ui umiDcu u, w uu luutiu aji excecuingiy
Ueatli oflSon. Kaniel Webster.
"He above the rest
In shape and gesture proudly eminent
ctood like a tower.
Hon. Daniel Webster
"Whig Polc-Ralsln".
The Whigs of Ebensburg raised two m'
Saturday evening, across the street from ti
Etel of Mnj. Thompson, to the house of V
kchinsoti Jlr nr.l ' "It-
x. secretary of State, 8UWtj .
"ective and admirable speech. Mr. J. C. O
ydied at his-residence
-gsetts, on Sunday mornm
, t Marsbfield, Massachu-f fS -ently purchased iPLila(,
tin-, at 22 minutes before the Lls S and bjtUem J
. . -i i r t rented to the wings. A meetincr wa v...i i F 6
A large and enthusiastic meeting of lie de
mocracy assembled in Ebensburg, to-day, Thurs
day, Oct. 28. The democrats of the Borough
had made all needful preparation. On Wednes
day night three fine poles, each 93 feet long,
were raised iu the Diamond, between the iouses
of Gen. McDonald anuVtle3 J. Lloyd anl the
Exchange Hotel, and from them the twiarge
and splendid flags made by the ladies of Ebens
burg were suspended across the street ; one
flag being GO by IS feet with the motto of PERCE,
KING and the UNION upon it ; the othr, 27
by 17. feet, having the inscription riPlCE,
KING and 20,000 ! upon it. StreamlS
feet in length, float from the top of the pole8
and add greatly to their beauty. A magniiceut
arch was erected between the Sentinel oiaci and
store of F. Kittell, surmounted by two fine Jags
and having attached to it a broad banner with
WELCOME ! upon it. A large flag, 2-3 bj 13
feet, was suspended across' the street from the
house of M. M. O'Neill and Stephen Lloyi to
that of Wax. Mills, with ihis inscription upm it
PIERCE, KING and tie' UNION ! Eetreen
the house of Joshua Parish, and that of lark
Edwards there was a large lag, 10 by 13 Feet,
floating with the motto of'pjEllCE and KING
upon it ! Two poles, each- about CO fee; iu
length, with banners upoa .them were raisd
one in front of the house of Hon. P. Noon, the
other in front of that of J. C. O'Neill. A num
ber of flags and banners hung from the houses
of the democrats in the Borough. A platform
for the accommodation of the officers and spesk
ers, was erected on the pavement in the Dia
mond. The town presented a beautiful appear
ance from the street, and at the distance of se
ven miles the flags and streamers could be setn
proudly floating to the breeze.
In the afternoon the delegations from Ilolli
daysburg, Summit, Loretto, and Johnstown bor
oughs, and Washington, Surameihill, Jackson,
Carroll, Susquehanna, Allegheny, Clearfield and
I'Tiite townships, came in, accompanied by
bands of music, and bearing aloft beautiful ban
ners and flags, with appropriate mottoes and
inscriptions upon them. In the Clearfield and
Allegheny wagons was the "township prize bau-
1X1 11 . Ill I'.llflllllll Ilil'Il 31 I li IrPHCO'l ThA ifnTl-i 1 ...
. ' V 7 . . . iJ o cl(,ck surrounded ly Ins incnusaiiui.umn.j ., n w v i . w:"-ti
in a speech replete with humor, and was followBy Lis lleath a cnlamity Las falIcn upon the NV" tl ' Z r r F
edby Mr. ilk Johnston, of Hollidaysburg TLb.,
"the old soldier" who'merelv stated that he had !:..:. u. , auA 0,i' aoJ luite larS. 'S 24 bv 1 I. .
" T L11J 1 llIilM. I 111! 1 1M HU1 LIS J L lllV v
looii in r,n?in-ril "V IT t Imitt rt-., o t...,.,,..
n,.n or.i i' :i.i ti. A ftus iair givers
" ... iiu o iiusiiuuij. memory holds a place within the mint! ot anft , , . ,
i tt , . a Diur. Jti u'i'i in mrtfrTii
wings ana democrats, praise nun as a rcspcctedJAn,crican c:tizcn. cs loi- as eminent public s-T-a " . . ' "as raist'J onTLun.
citizen, brave soldier and talented man, and that jTices are entitled to our admiration and patriot-' . "ont f tLe wsUeuce of x
they were going to vote for huu almost unan&m to our L;HlCst rearJt the name and fame ott ,?CC u.ie west end of tow,,, . "
usly. DAXIEL w;teb liT0 in the hcart3 of u& oufi wings of tins borough. R is a
The chairman of the committee then reportcelcountrymcn. As a pul)lic Freaker he was un-on'
the following resolntions which were unani .t?SUrpassed, and perha ps unequalled by any man?, AUCSU-y CT cnir'S a very nice pole, HOf..
mously adopted, alter which Mr. llerrick ol,.r a Rtnn,mnn b1011 WU3 r'u:"-u me vh
Yes, as long"?:4o . , gfacr;,,
Q A pole, at feet in length.
lay eveni
ner," and a tail hickory pole, as an emblem of
.so great it becomes you, as you love your coun- the sterling democracy of these gallant town
try, to be early at the polls and assist in advau- ships. The Ilollidaysburg delegation had a Lan
cing the Democratic cause, and to aid in the el-j ner with a correct likeness of Frank. Pierce
evaticn of the civilian and statesman Fuaxklin j naiuted udou it. and a larze banner with two
) A, A. I J
Pierce, to the cmet Magistracy of the Repub
lic ' "
Look at the opinions and principles of Gen.
Scott, and the principles of the whig party
whose nominee he is, and contract them with
those of Frank. Pieuce, and of the party which
nominated him, and we are assured your ver
dict will be in favor of the latter. Against the
firm and beautifully-consistent democracy of
Fkaxklix Pierce not a single word can be said.
He has proven himself an attached lover of the
Union, a defender of the Constitution, a cham
pion for civil and Religious Liberty, an unwa
vering Democrat and a sincere Patriot, whether
you examine his conduct in the Legislature of
his native State, as a Representative iu Congress'
as United States Senator, or as a member of the
Reform Convention to amend the Constitution of
New Hampshire. Anil for such a man, in con
nection with the pure and able statesman, Wm.
R. King, you can voto with a hearty good-will ;
conscious that in doing so you will contribute to
the advancement of the greatness of the Nation
and materially aid in the prosperity of the Union.
pair. I cannot do
down in vour note book.'
member cf Congress from Tennessee.
"Scott cn no more carry Kentucky, than he
can command the powers of Heaven." Hum
phrey Jfanhall, V'hig, tcho has received from
President FiUvicre the appointment of Commission
er to China, since uttering the above sentiment.
If I had had a vote on that occasion, it u oidd
l av Ion yiren in furor of the land distribution
bill, the BANKRUPT BILL, and the second bill,
for creating rr f.seal rorporation having long been
under a conviction that in peace, as in v-ar, some
thing rjVeicnt in the nature cf a BANK OF THE
PROPER, but I N D ! S PENS ABLE to the success
Jul. operations of the treasury, as well cs to warn
of the tranfs of our cemmnree end currenct; Gen
Scott's Circular of Oct. 20, 1811, in ichkh he was
uiludtng to the hard cider extra session.
Scott is a vain, conceited coxcomb of a
iuent, he v.oi i.u teak the skuu; iwkty intu
tattei.s in I.E..S than six .MoxTus. Horace
Grcely in. IS.S.
Th. Fric'erlizl Election takes place oa the
First Tuesday cf ire vernier, teinr the 2nd
day of the Sleuth.
- --- -.
CrOnc tiny last week a sr n of Mr. Michael
Bolan, near the Summit, aged o years, fell off
irte and broke his arm and leg. Wc are
iet:d to iet-.ni the sufferer is doi.'.j- well.
When Gen. Taylor was a candidate for Presi
dent, the honest and unsuspecting old man
wrote that if elected he would proscribe no man
on account of his political opinions, but that hon
esty and capacity would be the guarantees to
favor. Many democrats, deluded by such false
promic, were induced to vote fcr the old man
"with the brown coat," and he was elected, lie
chose as counsellors a cabinet of whlgs, who de
generated into Ga?pbiu swindlers, and was
the pledge made good ? By no means. The
democracy were made to believe one thing and
taught another. Thus h is it ever been with the
deception practised by the whig party. Be dem
ocrats, therefore, and when the candidate of the
whig party solicits the vote of the foreigner by
alluding to that "rich Irish brogue," or "sweet
German accent," and loves them so well now,
turn to his letter of 1844, when he was "fired
with indignation" against all foreigners, and
you will little wonder why "that brogue" and
"German accent" had no charms for him then.
Then he was not a candidate, now he Is for
your votes. Rebuke, by your ballots, such hy
pocrisy, and show that here in this, the land of
your adoption, you cannot be appealed to as
foreigners, for here every man is an American
cither Lj birth or by adoption.
Democrats of Cambria, on Tuesdav. the 2nd dnu
of November, and vote against the whig parry
and its nominees. Be not dazzled bv militarv
greatness. Vote against the whig party that is
uunuaiiy expending more money iu a time of
peace, than the Democrats did annually during
iuc continuance ot the Mexican war. Read the
opinions of Gen. Scott at the head of this pa
per, and then can you vote for him and thereby
snnction the odious docu-ine of Nativeism and
the unjust measures A National Bank and
Bankrupt Act. Place the seal of your disap
probation againt such a man with such opinions.
Go to the polls, determined to redeem your
country from the power of the Galnhin Aboli
tion wing party, and let the hosannas of your
brethren in the Union come as sweet music to
to your ears, after the Old Keystone State has
g.ven a majority of 25,000 lor the Patriots and
Roosters perched upon its top crowing ovAt
October majority of 2.&,!Z03 I and various
other splendid banners and flags. The Johns
town delegation had a large number of flags
and transparencies. The eutrance of the differ
ent delegations into town, and their passage
through the streets, was the signal for cheer af
ter cheer, loud enough to make tke welkin ring;
while from the windows and porticoes o the
houses the fair six waved their white handker
chiefs.' JJ'heu the crowd assemble 1 in the Dl..-
moud numerous cheers were given for the dem
ocratic candidates, the recent State victory and
the ladies who made the flags.
The Committee of arrangements, Messrs. M.
M cCague, Bm. Mills, Jr., and Jno. A. Blair
about half past two o'clock announced the or
ganization of the meeting by the appointment of
the following officers :
President J AMES MYERS.
Vice Presidents Hon. T. Ives, Col. E. Shaffer
Col. P. Shiels, Col. Jno. McGough, Capts. B
M'Dermit, 1F.F. M'Farlaud, R. S. Alexand-r,E.
Plummer, II. P. Blanchard, James Burk, Law-
Ilollidaysburg addressed the meeting in excell
ent style.
Whereas the Democracy of Cambria county in
the exercise of their pric eless privilege of ex
pressing their approval ot" principles, and exis
ts m front r
(.residence of D. JI. Roberts r,,, ;. .,
i ' - i- "i me
His Lectures 1Ju,'l;
speeches, Legal opinions, Diplomatic corrcspon-n , , i-'-c the
, - - , -,i . RscmLlage.
dence and Constitutional expositions, wid Leg
Bmonuments of his greatness. His history, hisV
Scholar and Lawyer, his fame was, and will ev-S ... . J'3T
er continue to be, world-wide.
a'l C'VjT',.
. i.i liiuii ui:ii:iii3 jl uia 111 c.iiiiir.a. ilia iiisiui j , uii a a . rt -b ill EEC v-tv
ting exponents ol principle, have assembled in g . . c , 11,1 J - a CI lVlTn
iu;. uicc-ini iu iL-ut;v u piui inc- itiiar oi iueii ; " - - i rj -
common Democratic faith, their fealty and adhe-gparties, constitute part and parcel of the nation 3 Democrats of Cambria ! Es-Govcrnor J
rence to its tenets ; their belief in the measure; ai hit0ry and national glory of the Republic stou, Horace Greely, (J0v ,.u-,r? "r ""
and their confidence in the men of that partvtJ,.. , . . , , . . W,nui. vu, iri.r,-,, n- ' ,rj Jruman
i .... . v-.-.i fillis loss is a national loss and cannot Le recair-6-v"i'th, litz Henry (larreu an J tk.ii... c.
wnicii Knows "iio oiui, no douiu, no i.asi, n('H n - .. . .i.iu,u.s
West, under the Constituti o but a sacred main-Red- e look in vain for one. to fiU Lis place. 8cus, a sti oi mos-eiespcrate political canu-tp..
tenance of the common bond, and true devotiorGThc mighty and giant-like intellect of Webstei r!1Ilct in New York afew davs a-o .....i ... , , ,
to the common brotberhced, and wiiercas tlnHWas Leyond compiirison, and iu this particular? " raising $3OO,O0O, for the nurousi. f n
.loir i u v-.li-Ti'- of Trlion noniAf-rnr-v.iUu iir.nT.l3 K I V'vau ui iu
' .i ,it i.,.-v ... 1 fc'ie "stood like a tower above the rest." Au tempa
pinrr to laiv the rnVi.i t .1. - . .
Jitsotveit, inat our conlulence 111 the trutn oi&o1-"' IU" 1uu.11, uu a auon oi 1 rttmti: "'-j di. mcv ua oui we are invVncibV
the doctrines, and nationality of the measurc-feniourn ; but may we not well say:
ot our xarty is strengthened, by tune, and that?
we will again rally in their support, lhat th.
ures through the triumph: mt election of oui
Resolved, That we hear aly approve of the
UShaine onyou, yon political stock jobber., tli
" '"-j niiii ni jigiiatiuii fit vji
iiir. i:--,o . ..i i.:.. i.: .1 i
ll'U "I JilUIJ , HUU JJiS CJJ-ilKJJl1 UU51 R " -' - ! i lull m V'JVlf
TI.... .... , A" 1 : . .1 , .. 1 1 1- !... 1 . t - H . . . 1 r. ., ...
honesty, capability, and pal riotism of our can-R TOU1Df9 . purn ou irom tucw in disgust, Te
didates is undoubted and that we look fbrwarelM n creatures who would attempt to rurelinse
it ---..
to the election on Tuesday next as a day when M Daniel Webtter was born in Salisbury, N. II
we shall witness tne re-asee adency ot our meas-H ranuarv 10 170. an,i ,vns rdnrnto.-! t Dnrt.PJcfeateJ abolition clmnv t..n , .,.
7 ' - a 1 '
Back to vour hifliiir.T.1. . 1.
j a j-..n,v3) iure:r
ic, we tell you tais-'-v
cannot buy American Freemen
standard bearers Franklin Pierce and William li.R"ul" age 01 ou ne vns eicc-fc""" y -mei.cau rreen.en with
- 1 SI r - t. . 1. "I . 1 .1 11 f r . .
King. 10 congress irem jew Hampshire, and was-S-"J-u- x.ir. cewaru s late nussioa to LV'.h
r , r r Vf lliefcl Khimself. In 1S1G, he removed to Boston, and
didate for the Prcsidencv, and that his past lilej ,
afterwards re-elected, and soon distinguisheoR'S easily explained.
is a sufficient guarantee f r the future. As the
disciple cf Jefferson, the friend and supporters ic-24, be was re-elected
- ' W-4
was elected to Coucress from that citv. In
In 1S2G, he was cho-
3-eellng lu JToIiii.toivn.
The Democracy of Johnstown and viciui'T
lad a glorious meeting on Saturday nidit a-'
-T I 'UiffcVlTl filli ( lilt- W. lirif l .LKlI-iini' f IT TI'r.--i I' V. W 4- I 1 VAX "
constitution and the Uircn- he comes beforeHvrJ 1 JCwere audrts.ed ly Robert W ilhams, Ls.p, of II
1 uu ' ..,.l.c-ra- lle wai secretary of State nu.icr Gen.R;idav.sbiir.r. (' T.. r r.A r t 1. ..
account of the purit;.- and soundness of his pol-g liarni0n' -"r- T-"Jtr r.J Mr. Fillmore. Wherjj others. The crowd was estimated ut &.'
itical faith. lie has nut only been the bold ad-tbe Baltimore Convention nominutei Gen. Scott. S ons. A torch light procession widi tra.
U.1V win v, , vuv uoo .ilvvi m c illLJlUJS Ul JIT. C I IS ICT WCTe SO lillllV (
war against proscription civil and religious, ii.S,,,,,, tlf .f .t . B 1 . loWK u:icc' Aue wmS3 aUeml
the fundamental law of his own state; and thejj' 1 , -'- uu m;1 demonstration on the same evening, Lut wo-
allcgation that his course in the New Hampshire J1 adency, and formed electoral pickets in lifciully failed. The democvats of Johnstown h,ve
convention is op en to any just exceptionfenumber of States. This caused trouble in thJi(etn hard laborers in the caue since the c n
on the ground of his manifesting anygcamp, and the attempt was mnde bv Mr "r.-i H . 4-
religious intokrai.ee is false and utterly unfoun R ..' f, , r ' 1 V ? , ,7 ;'I-UJg,ncncc! 1 the camj.a.gn, and their al.ru
ded" and furtherr lore, we can point to our cnn-H"U'U 'I' ,L Senate to read Mr. Y ebtcrBi1JlVe been productive of much benefit to th.
didate as a statesman without ambition, and a.-SKJt ot tl)C Kh, WW, wLlle the whig journal.-Wparty. They are deterrned to persevere u-ifl
aEAVB oxvr.KK, wiio, wnen me cianoiig lou.im ua-.r ucuunciauoiisoi the man wh lhc cheering news of Victory resound. tliron-L-blast
of war souneled across the land, left the g was always considered the trrcatest 'exponent of t-..: c
M - ' rl- Ul- mv C'lllUU.
wing principles. Mr. Webster calmly looked! -
on and did not uiscountennr.ce ti c use of hisS Fatal Accident.
On baturday n:ght, 2d inst., nbout 11 0'-
endcarments of home and bared his bosom tc
the enemies of his country.
Resolved, That in William R. King our candi
date for the Vice Presidency we have a distin
guished and time honored statesman who ha.
served his country and the Democracy in vari
ous high positions of trust and confidence both
at home and abroad his past life gives assur
ance of future usefulness and honor.
States which was wisely framed for the purpose
carry ing out all its guarantees to every section!!,., 1
c J lithe dav" previous
ofthcbnion. H J 1
Resolved, That we will firmly adhere to theBwi,lKraw11 frc'ra 1
-that the further
' - 1 1
iiiievy wnicn na.-B
welfare rf thc
1 lie
1 rz
can ot
:iame for the I'rtsidency, but was ee ntei.t t- H
. , ..I. f . 1 ...
'stand the fire." He knew that the Aboiitioi fr'' "s u sei 01 "Chs, cont.unmg a numUr
igitator. of the North had nominated Gen jf Ptrsun3 L;lJ bee" -ttcud the Demo-
-cott, and he was .letermir.ed to do hit share ii,Bratlc mcct:,,S 5n Johnstown, was retumin-to
i T, 41. . . .. 1 ...1 l.
Jefeatirjr the election of the candidal nf , KJU5U"' ,uan lse.v v,ereaoout one n.i.e
ity so dgerous to the Union. Honor, forevcr'5,'Ve vis,duct ou th Vorti,Zc
of establishing "a more perfect Union," and "tcB , . , ' . . " K.his county. Loth fed 'AT a truck ur.on the tra.v
r secure the blessings of liLertv" te unboni gene-HL"e crowning glory ct ins ii.e; attachment to tu a , 1
rations, is only to be sustained by auhernig te'MLuion dictated it, and he died as a man who5
a strict construction of its letter, and faithfulh H-'would rather be ri-ht. than he Pre si.lont '"3 iiVS' ""UK- U1UU1 111 a y im
h-.een sitting el.wu on taj car until amomciit i-
G:ore, when both jumped up, an-J in cl.i.-ji:
'would rather be right, than be PrcsMen
to his ueata his name wa.-
:he contest, and judging from. . , , . . '
the tone of the u ebster press, the tnrec fourth .-3 , , . , ,
,. r. , ... . . fj ner, overbalanced and fell between the cars.
if his friends will vote for Feaxk. Pieuce; oi J, . .
llOI'l ?.!r. 1 . :i eliort tirnf smw ivrntu in .In,l t, li r J
liuaniy 01 ine comprcn
agitation of the subject
heretofore piomoted no
kT.ovo nor tho c.nis of eniiL!;f ;pat:on.
productive of nothing but evil. It has been ad-STarI,1v' as follows :
justed by Congress, and with that adjustment.si'rom his boyhood i and he is now my neighbor.
it should be permitted to rest. E.md j have n0 hesitation in saying that althouirh
Resolved, That we are determined to preserve gsve j:fffcP on mfiny constitutional ouestions, yet
-ti.-.i.t .,-1,; C..i ,i.:i. S'ie is a sound and reliable Democrat."
liiUvs Ul LiiVJ u.i il iiij. uiui 111. iiiv iii.ii
1- 1 - i .1 ..i 1 . 1
ine lime nas come wnen an end snouia e;e put
to the system cf grand, corruption, cxtrava-J
trance, and peculation of the present Federal ad
ministration, and that the Galphins and Gardi-jj
ncr's should be driven from power.
Resolved, That we heartily congratulate the I
Pole Raisings.
The Young Democracy cf Ebensburg ralseu
another pole on Saturday afternoon last, at the
School House, 81 feet inheight, having a stream-
Democracy of the county on their brilliant vie-jjj-'r and banuer on it, the inscription ou the lat-
tory at the late election, that tnc-y have ry then ter beiiig
conduct silenced the malignant slanders oi" theirg rvmv e.
opponents, and evinced a devotion to the sun-Q ULRCL, KEG, THE LNION vrv MCT0R.'-
port of principle, worthy cf themselves and the 9 Two lanre Roosters are painted unon the bnn-
...1,1 c.i ii,r.,r snafniii ti . . . ir.siCiiness
' p:,cr nntl are represented as crowing over the rc-3,
' ' I 1 1 o f Tra 1 11 ir o Trroi 1 o tn t 1 n .
aiecu,ri. ii...- ... .v ,...Kv... .w- ..1.-- riirent State vietorv nm it " (K!0 m-i .-.i-.t,- AC
.....j ... . .j . - 1
........ .
, T , . . i ngjust started alter leaving on some p.issou-
"I have known Mr. PieeciR .. . . ...
H.ers. .Vir. littic was Oorn 111 this county, ana
was aged about 2G years. Mr. Burns furnierly
UresiJcd in Northumberland county and has re-si-
led here several years. He-leaves a young wife
and child to mourn his unexpected death. I' t!i
gentlemen were employed as Police on the Cen
tral Railroad. Their sudden de-ath produce- a
leep sensation iu tL caunty and in the ncigli
'lorhood a heavy gloom pervades the co-icnan-wCS
of all.
raiuras bestcwed upon the Democracy of Cam-cj
:er the pole was raised three cheers were givei
Glad: to hear it
That our member elect to the Legislature,
fhonias Collins, Esq., is rapidly recovering from
His many warm und attached friend.-,
iiere and elsewhere, will be rejoiced to liert..'
he is almost well.
mti. irTTtit li'. .t.. Q f.Tl... f 1-V-.-.1 .I..:.. 1 11...:. 1 nnil...n ....''rsM
w WLC, rr 111. KJitlllVl., Ull. lll.il J--11 JJ 1. IllUl UV tlit.il U1VL111C11 111 1 l.'L.J. 11 V 11 t Ult UlillV, itlll.l(- - O fcfl
1 . . ... . 1- Tl'- , 1 . . . -1 .. ... . .- n
lFm. Glass, Jacob Luther John Singer, Scbas- with our party once more united will marcn t. K-or xieice and i..ng, wnen ine Juniors repaired g Lambria county nt the late e:Ci.fn
y, Patrick Branilf, James Dawson, An- tbe polls on Tuesday next to give an mcreascdo the house of John Dougherty, Esq., where le-fcT33 ciajority for Ilqdcins for Can-d
lurgoon, George Rutlege, John Giilan, ' l-nade and cakes were freely partaken o,-'
-ongecker and Jos. Craig, Esqrs. Resolved. That we return our heartfelt thank. 3 V10 ?int 13 flr"use.J " tLe l,e:,fcts cf tLe ri-gAIleghenjr should cave iu to Cumbria after that.
tion Fry
drew Bur
A. R. Lougecker and Jos. Craig, Esqrs
Secretaries M. Ilasson, John S. Buchanan,
T. L. ncyer, Francis Bearer, Jas. D. Hamilton,
Jamet M. Rifi'el and Roger Shiels, Esq.
On motion the following persons were ap
pointed a committee to draft resolutions expres"
sive of the sentiments of the meeting : Dr
JUm. A. Smith, James Carroll, Thos. A. Ma
guire W. W. Harris, John B. Hoover, John
McCoy, James Bell, Peter Dougherty and Ed
ward Delahunt, Esqrs.
P C. Shannon, F'sq., of Pittsburg, the recent
candidate of the Democracy of that district for
Congress, being present by invitation, was call
eel upon to address the meeting, which lie did
in an abl and eloquent manner. His speech
was regarded by all as a masterly production
and brought forth loud und long-continued
plaudits from the crowd. He did not appeal t
the passions of his hearers, but to their intelli"
gence and understandings as freemen in a free
land, and fully demonstrated that the princi
ples professeel Ly the whig party arc against
the interests of the people, and, if carried out,
would reeuit in the dismemberment and dissolu
tion of tbe Union. A more finished, elegant,
convincing and instructive speech wc never lis
tened to, and the distinguished speaker can be
well assured that its effect will be most good
here, while its author will long occupy a place
within cur memories. During the delivery of
his remarks he was warmly applauded, and nt
the close three almost deafening cheers were
given for Shannon,.
S. C. Wingard, Esq., of Ebensburg next ad
dressed the meeting, and in a lengthy, able and
powerful address, elucidateel the principles of
the Democratic party, and exposed the frauds
of the Galphiu whigs and the evil tendency of
their principles. lie was repeatedly cheered
Resolved. That we return our heartfelt thanks . , . . . .
i..,i:..D ri-onJ.nrr f.-v liro-o !.m'3suS eicmocracv, and 11 IS l.Hl.CSl v hopcdtJiatrf
to the ladies ot Loenshurg li t. large. .nt.g . 1 ;4 Xhe Lnd;e3 of pjl0nslrir ivhn made the two
handsome flags made by them for this occasion.Sd.e miscreant who cut down the former F'ol-H,. an.j m!X(rnic1Cifnt flas fr the Democrat,
and animated by their patriotism, and cheermggwill be charitable enough to let the present or.e it.Sorve rreat 'credit and most excellent husband
Their kiudness
Uxiox, and the crowd started for their homes.
It was a glorious day for Cambria and her in
domitable Democracy, all of whom intend to do
their duty at the polls on Tuesday next.
t or their skiUtui worKmansuin.
Pis !inriri-M!itd and is enshrined in the lu-arts of
cvm1 h- will nrri?n on into tin contest fefl'mc
.. ..... r -,- - - r II
iKcnnnl tlmt. a. triuiiiTphaiit victory will once fj
. fi n.. c.t i i. -.1. i inr
more crown our cuoiis. j j -v every Ebensburg democrat. Tlie flags arc era-
Three heart-stirring cheers were given forjjfeet in lcnSt" was raised on "Tow Hill," in front Sucmatic of one fact that the Democrats arc ia
riEiiCE and Kixg, and the meeting adjournedof tbe residence of Mr. Andrew Lewis, one of Sfavor of protection to "Home Industry."
i-i n K Ethe best of democrats and a brave soldier in theg . .v t t i n w,?-
until after night. a EfT At the Democratic Pole Raising""
. , ii- fcrecent war with Mexico. Attached to the pole?nesjnv evenin"- soeeebe were made by Me.
In the evening the Democrats, marched iW. . . , kuf-s y : .p v;,.. ... , V, . t.
. . r;s a streamer and two banners, cn one of wb'cbVnuth, Rhey, Devine, O Nend and Murnn
procession carrying transparencies, and were.g inscriLcJ in hirrQ eUers Bmeeting was an excellent one. The p'cs were
loudly cheered, a number of the transparencies ' PIERCE VNd'kING Rnicely raised and rather " take the .shine " off
were admirably "got up," and one of them rep-fa ' " Y " " anv in the county. Scott h-idi the coluiaii ye?,
resented Gen. Scott fishing for the votes of thJTlie Ebcnsburi? KanJ was attendance and en-6iu only one State as far a W.rd froia- -e-i-
citizens who have "the Irish brogue," but he'liveJ the sccne witU clioice music- Thc "Littlefi- u '
was making poor headway. Fire-balls wcrtRGun," taken by the "Cambria Guards" at thejj gy-At Sevres, in France, on thc 7th of Octo
throwu through the streets and produced a finGarita le 1!elen' was Beveral times fired off amidl,er, Louis Napoleon, was- publicly Pr a"ueJ
effect The meeting re-organized and sPeecheslth cheem cf the crowd. Three cheers wcixt;prorf and was to enter Pans in triumph
were made by A. J. Rhey and Col P. Shiels, olfe for "EROE and KING ; three for Dem-tLe 1Cth-
Loretto. The remarks of Col. Shiels were quitef crat5c principles and three for Mr. Lewis and j cgGoT. Bigler has appointed Thursd
, . . Bthe pole. The crowd then formed in processiouS25th of November, as a day of thanksgiving an-
earncst and appropriate, and he was rapturous-g11"- V1V" 111,:ilu"ul 1 " 1 ?nt.avor. ; ti,;, c(,t
1 r 1 1 H..-..1 .,.i, ..i i,u i.no;,.. Kprayer in this atate.
, 1 1 1 ri'l - . . . 1. I " . Jl -i.LUU. Ill ILL V. 11 VI 1111UUL.U lUHH, VU1.V11UL1 b U1U11-1,-
l nTti'.innilpfi. The meetinn" then aehourncuM ' fi .
. . . . T i- - i i ,Hent parts for Pieuce and Kixo. When opposite
with nine cheers for Pierce, Kino and theM 1 , , .
tue j-iscnange liotei, o. . ingaru, j-sep, Deing
called upon, addressed the assemblage iu an ex
cellent manner : after which three cheers were
J BaThe Boston Pilot, in speaking of tLe
present electioneering contest, says
l "The great effort of the campaign has been
,to make adopted citizens believe a lie about
L, 1 .....
iliven for Pierce and King, three for CambiiagGeneral Pierce, and, upon the strength oi
lie, to wiu their votes. The Catholic p
f the natural adviser of adopted citizens in
fcmatters, promptly met the falsehood, anc
! i i f, v.: i rri. ..am, .1 - tn win thpir vntis. I he IvatilOllc vCi?fc
county, anu inree 101 ..li.jj-iu. "o.ic u-. 1" 7- i"7.i in these
. , . , i i Ithe natural adviser of adopted citizens in tnes
mocracy ot .DensDurg win uo meir uuty ihe r.-omntiv met the falsehood, and bur -
r.i .,ti,- Tli miners whica
Hr ik, Lviv .i iiuiiii..-. r-i
Appoiutment by the Governor.
-T-l Cl.Talu I'm T nrnttn -, Vir. ol.T !Krolls
1 their trround in eies-
camp to nis ,xceiiency, uov. igier, witn iney lo"- "f - . ----- -
rantPor ueu, cow,. RRW1RR WAWM
T,. oolf inrr riiir fviond Kliifla no niil iht f.nv 11,u X ..uvu W " Ti ... - 1 t nfficeS I V
bv ..w0 . . , , tees. ii Bee'1113 Liiui. i kih r
.... ... . . W3 1 . . .. 1 .. I , . . T - Tr. T?M11 TT 1' L III U I I r..t A ,1 I'
has conferred the appointment upon a true, tried! viociui3 iUU . a.
ers uroe vu, - - .
other equally vile sheet, foldcj
wees. 11 seems inai m wicrm Kv. .
itoralV fcar -m ery many tie Catholia papers are step-
nrd hard-working Democrat, a much rcspectedTickets ate in circulation having the names ofied, their wrappers broken off the Kow
citizen and esteemed man. The appointment George II. Martin auudonii wayton omitted '--V'' Vhen the whole is re-mailed or
was wanted and came unasked .for; and thegThe true ticket has beeu sent to the various td t0 Bubscribci.. So that PPJ
receiver will prove himself to be, as he alwaysloroughs and townships and is correct. tLat contaius a denunciation of the ltob"1,s?
. . fl., i .,, , i. ...1...1-5 i. i.- imt rcrv sneech wnipptu '
has been, an ciucieut uiu aim supporter oi ines-j1 u"-u " -t... .....j - - -
, . lb,m. . Krrro,f fiml sill Will be weiL AUiaa.
-.-rtn c-.rui mp:isuiL3 ui liiv ivuiumiuc n;iri. mi"n- -

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