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serious Fires In Constantinople.
gg, A correspondent of the St. Louis In
telligencer, writing from Constantinople, under
date0f Aug. Hth, says:
"Fire I fire! fire!" We hear hut little else
0W in Constantinople but the cry of fire. It
really see m sometimes as though this whole ci
ty must soon be reduced to ashes. To give you
gome faint idi-- f the amount of suffering from
il is evil, I will briefly recapitulate rhe doings of
single week. Wednesday night a fire decla
red itself in the city proper, iu a quarter called
the "Fruit Bazaar." It continued burning for
f Te Lours steadily, having consumed at least
three hundred and eighty-four stores and shops
containing fruit, oil, tobacco, salt, &c. &c.
gome dwelling houses, also, were burned, and
me cuard house and one police office. During
the same night ten houses were burnt at Yemi
Keni, on the Bosphorus.
On Thursday afternoon a fire caught in Pera
the residence of the Europeans. It began in
fl painter's shop, and could not be subdued until
it had consumed one hundred dwellings and one
hundred and fifty stores and shops. Ono guard
house was also destroyed, rand the celebrate
lervishe"s establishment, which every travelled
risits to see the Dervishe's whirl. The same
night were two other destructive fires ; one at
Scutari, where twenty houses were reduced to
smoke and ashes, and the other nt Hass Keni,
which continued for five hours, Jand consumed
hbaut four hundred house and shops.
On Friday a single house (a large one) was
liurntinthe quarter called Sultan Mehemet.
Tffo other fires broke out on Saturday, in Gala
t i, hut were soon extinguished.
On Monday, Sultan Ahmed, one of the most
beautiful quarters of the capital, was visited by
h most destructive conflagration. Four hun
dred large Turkish houses the residences of
gentlemen of fortune were consumed within a
lew hours. Two mosques also became a prey to
the flames.
On Wednesday, to close up the week's work,
the insasiate element seized hold of the Arme
nian quarter of Psamatia, and did not cease its
nvnges until at least eighteen hundred houses
were destroyed, and four thousand families,
nvft of them miserably poor, were turned into
the street.
-What'' you will ask, "is the meaning of al
this ." I answer that the oldest inhabitants
here sny that this is the season for fires. All
the largest and most devastating conflagrations
that have ever been known in Constantinople
have taken place in August and September.
The reason of this fact is, that the houses are
the driest, and the winds are strongest. The
least spark will kindle into a flame, and when
once a fire breaks out, it is difficult to extin
ih it.
There is no doubt that evil minded persons
!?o avail tueniseives 01 mese circumstances,
an-1, for plunder, give themselves to incendiar
ism. Several, here, have lately been caught in
Acrv act. and I hope will be punished as
tiev desere.
The Destruction of Pomptll not Iuslan
t a lie on x.
Pompeii was not completely buried by a sin
p eruption. Eight successive layers have been
traced above its ruins. In the intervals
the inhabitants must have returned to
(ecu re their more valuable property. Sir Wil
liam Oell mentions that a skeleton of a Pompe-
iaa was fouud, "who apparently for the sake of
''0 cuius, a small plate, and a saucepan of silver
liatl remained iu his house till the street was al
ready half filled with volcanic matter." The
position of the skeleton indicated that he had
jerished apparently in the act of escaping from
liis window. (Xther instances of like character
are no less striking. The skeletons of Roman
e ntries were found, in more than one instance,
nt their posts, furnishing a remarkable proof of
il'e stern military discipline of Imperial Rome.
lit skelctou of a priest was found in one of the
r .' ais of the Temple of Isis. Near his remains
y tm axe, with which, he had been tryiug to
l'U'uk through the door.
Tlie Chinese In California,
ff2,,A letter from San Francisco says:
"A number of Chinese mechanics and Iabor
f"! are now engaged on Parrott's splendid buil
iirg on the corner of California and Montgome
r." streets. They appear to be a very steady
5 !er and industrious set apparently very
"W, but sure. They calculate with great ex
'tness and nicety, and turn out tbeir work
tanJsomely. They are at present building a
'tueer kind of scaffold for the masons. It is
'tade out of small poles and bamboos, which
re fastened together by small withes. It is
strong and substantial, and less liable to give
ay than those generally erected by our me.
cl anics. The building on which they are enga
pelwill, when completed, be the most magnifi
nt structure in California. This structure is
intended for Page, Bacon & Co's Banking
It is curious to see the Chinese work. In.
(tead of hoisting by tackle the large blocks of
Panite, as with us in Eastern cities, they sim
ply fasten ropes around the block, and having
secured them to bamboo poles, eight big strap"
P1DS China men take the block upon their slioul"
ers and march up the staging to the second
lt0I7, and place it on the spot desired.
t 5lanv of these blocks weigh three hundred to
Te hundred pounds each. There is a perfect
uilding mania existing here at present. First
Ci&sa proof buildings continue to go up like
ttagic, all over the city. Bricks are now cheap
r than lumber, and the high rents ruling in-'
ce Multitudes to invest their surplus monies
a s
tores, the surest investment to be made.
An insane Jew died at the Bo I ;on House
"Wastry last week, at 30years of age. This,
Traveller, is the first Jew that ever be.
c&a a public charge in the city of Boston
llin the memory of one of our oldeest city of
returns of Cambria county ; next
A few years ago a stove was unknown in Tur
key. Now they are found in a majority of the
cafes in Constantinople, and in the dwelling
houses of the rich. They are mostly either
American models, many of them being manu
factured by pupils of. the seminary at Blrbeek.
They are now finding their way fur into the in
terior. A short time since a letter was put into
the hands of a missionary, for him to forward,
winch was addressed to "B , at the coffee
shop which has a stove, Sivas."
Duke of Wellington's Successor. The
new Commander-in-Chief, successor to the Duke
of Wellington, has been nominated, Lord Har
dinge being the party selected. His age is 67.
He was already a lieutenant-general, and en
joys a pension for wounds at Waterloo, and also
a pension of $25,000 a year for the battles of
the Sutlej, at which he commanded when he was
Governor-General of India. Many years ago
he was Secretary at War, (as Sir Henry Har-
dinge,) and subsequently he was chief secreta
ry for Ireland.
Thousands of parents who use Vermifuge
composed of Castor oil, Calomel, &c, are not
aware, that while they appear to benefit the pa
tient, they are actually laying the foundations
for a series of diseases, such as salivation, loss
of sight, weakness of limbs, &c.
In another column will be found the adver
tisement of Hobensack's Medicines, to which
we ask the attention of all directly interested
in their own as well as their Children's health.
In Liver Complaints and all disorders arising
from those of a billious type, should make use
of the only genuine medicine, Hobensack's Li
ver Pills.
gg"Benot decieved" but ask for Hobensacks'
Wrorm Syrup and Liver Pills, and observe that
each has the signature of the Proprietor, J. N.
Ilobensack, as none else are genuine.
Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods
THE Subscribers have just received from the
eastern cities, and are now offering for sale,
the largest and best selected stock of Goods
ever shown in this or the adjoining couuties, the
stock consists in part of Dry Goods, such as
French, English, aud American, cloths, cassi
mers, Satinets, Tweeds, pilot cloths, satin, Va
lencia and other vestings, alipacas, mous-de-lains,
bombazines, and ladies dress goods of
every description; shawls, handkerchiefs, scraps,
cravats, tibbets, ribons, gloves and hosiery of
all kinds, tabie linen drapers, crash, red, white
and yellow flannels, linsey, canton flannel, blan
kets and coverlets, 'hickory shirting, Irish linen,
and white goods of every description ; laces,
edgings, insertings, &c, &c. Hats, caps, Bon
nets, boots and shoes, hardware, queensware,
glassware, nails, flour and salt ; fish, and iron.
Also a splendid assortment of groceries, drugs,
paints and dye stuffs. All of which we offer
at lower prices than goods have ever been sold
in the country. All kinds of country produce,
lumber, railroad ties, rags, flaxseed, &c, &c,
taken in exchange.
We will wholesale any of the above splendid
selection of goods, to country merchants at city
prices, putting only on a nominal figure for to
cover freight.
Section 104, November 4, 1852. fc
List of Causes
ET down for trial at a Court of Common Pleas
to be held at Ebensburg in and for the coun
ty of Cambria on the first Monday of December
Ream et al
vs. Litzinger,
" Dillon,
Newman et al
" Crura
" Dillon
" Crura
" Smay
" Robinson et al
" Glass
' Brawley et al
" Plitt
" Boyle
Crum et al
Fronheiser's use
Potts et al
R. L. JOHNSTON, Proth'y.
Prothonotary's Office, 1
Ebensburg, Nov. 4, 1852. j
To the Iublic.
LL Freight delivered at Summit from and after
Monday next Nov. 8th, by Penua. Rail Road
will be received and Forwarded free of Commis
Freight to be paid before goods are taken
Tickets will be sold here, to all stations East
as far as Dillerville, and West to Tittsburg.
IV. W. IVORV, Agent.
Summit Nov. 4 1852 Gt.
Adams & Co.'s Express.
If". JF. Ivory & Co.. aarents will forward nil
packages of coods or money, daily excent Sun
day, to all the principal cities in the Union and
all the towns on the Rail Road between Philada.
and Pittsburg. Drafts collected from California.
Drafts sold on Ireland, England or Scotland,
from XI upwards. Money for drafts must be
Nov. 4. 1852.
DR. L. M. SCHMUCKER, of Hollidaysburg,
will be at Rhey's Hotel in Ebensburcr. from
the 20th to the SUth of each month. He. will
perform all operations required for the preser
vation of the teeth, and will restore the loss of
natural teeth by inserting artificial teeth, of the
best quality, from a single to a full set.
All operations will be laithfully attended to,
and the charge moderate.
Jbbensburg. iSeptember 30, 1 852 50-tf.
The Union ! Xow and Forever ! !
SPETERSBERGER, being in Philadelphia
at present, is sending home daily, by Ex
press and otherwise, a full and fashionable stock,
of all descriptions of goods, to which they call
the attention of buyers, being confident of
pleasing all, who favor them with their custom.
Purchasers will therefore do well to call and
examine their assortment, before buying else
Summitville, Sept. 30, 1850 50-tf.
Pamphlet Lawt.
THE Acts of the general assembly of Pennsyl
vania passed at the session of 1852, have
been received at the Prothonotary's office and
are ready for delivery to those entitled to re
ceive them. R. L, JOHNSTON, Prothonotary.
October 7, 1852.
OOL, Butter, and all kinds of Grain,
taken in exchange for goods at
J. Moore's store.
Kegs aescrted nails for 6ale.s8t.the 6tore
of. GEO., J. HQDGEIijS.
Ezckiel Hughes,
Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.
II bALtu m staple and fancy dry goods gro-
1 ceries, wholesale and retail fish ; hardware
and cUttlery ; guns, nails, bar-iron, sheet-iron
sheet-zinc, stoves of all kinds, stove-pipes and
shset-iron ware, tin ware, copper and brass
kettles, tic, &c.
Grain, wool, butter and other country produce
bought and sold.
A dealer in white pine, poplar, ash and cherry
lumber ; lumber always bought, and a large
quantity constantly on hand for sale.
Cash always paid for lumber cut to order or
8ucli as suits the present demand of the market.
A large lot of new goods as embraced in the
above list just received and more opening for
sale at tne lowest market price.
September 23, 1S52 19-tf.
Will be opened this week at the brick store
of J. Moore, in Ebensburg, a general assort
ment ot cloths, cassimeres, satmetts, tweeus,
and a great variety of summer goods,
Together with any quantity of prints, delaines,
lawns, cashmeres, ginghams, lustres and other
dress goods.
and good assortment of hardware, queensware,
saddlery, clothing, stationary, drugs, &c, &c,
Persons wanting boots and shoes, hats and
caps, or ready made clothing, will find it to their
advantage to call at the
Ilrlck Store.
Tha subscriber, thankful for past favors, ear
nestly requests his customers, and the public
generally to at least call and examine his stock;
and if he cannot suit every person in quality
and price it is not his fault. Produce and lum
ber of all kinds taken in exchange for goods;
and he also takes CASH when offered.
Ebensburg, April 23, 1851.
James Dougherty, at
Reinhold, Dash. & Co.,
Wholesale and retail dealers in Tobacco, Snuff
and Cigars, warehouse at the South west corner
of Third and Race streets, Philadelphia, lately
occupied by Dudwig, Kneedler & Co., keep con
stantly on hand a large and well selected stock
of the most celebrated brands of
Domestic cigars, and Snuff, which they offer for
sale on as favorable terms as any house in the
city. Orders promptly attended to.
September 23, 1852 49-ly.
cx;li's patent cider, mill..
Ebensburg, cambria county, Pa,,
HAS seeured the right to manufacture the a
bove machine for Cambria county, and will
take pleasure iu showing Farmers, and others,
who may call at his Threshing Machine shop,
in Ebensburg, the great qualities of this profit
able and improved cider mill. Farmers have
heretofore labored under great difficulty in ma
king their Cider, but with the use of this Ma
chine they will save time, labor, and expense,
and make more Cider than by any other process.
It is not only the lest machine of the kind in ex
istence, but it is the most profitable that a man
can have on his farm. The following are some
of the advantages of this machine :
first It makes more Cider than any other
press, with a given quantity of apples, in a giv
en time, and with much less labor and expense.
Second It makes cleaner and sweeter Cider
than other machines.
Third You can make your Cider as you want
it, aud when you want it and iu quantities
from one gallon to six or twenty barrels.
Fourth With it you cau press your Currants,
Cherries, Berries, Cheese, Butter, Lard and Tal
low. Fifth With it you can save ONE FOURTH of
your time in making Apple Butter.
Sixth By its use you can at all times have
FRESH and SWEET Cider.
The price of the Cider Mill, with right to use
the same on any farm, is $30.
The size of this Machine is about 3 by 3 feet,
and weight about 150 pounds. It may readily
be taken to the cellar, door-yard, kitchen, barn
floor, or orchard, as may be most convenient.
September 30, 1852 50-Gt.
Kew Chair Manufactory.
The citizens of Ebensburg and vicinity are
nformed that the very place to purchase
of the best manufacture aud most elegant finish,
and at lower prices than at any other establish
ment in the county, is at it j "w chair manu
factory, in the shop formerly occupied by David
Todd, deceased. "
executed in the best manne and. latest style.
Ebensburg, Nov. 27, 1851. Cm.
The two Eig Dcors if you want Cheap Goods !
As the subscribers have just received and are
now offering to the public, a large and exten
sive assortment of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Queensware,
BONNETS, and in fact all such articles as are
usually kept in a country store.
They feel confident that their prices are as
low as any in the place, and therefore solicit a
share of the patronage of the public.
Lumber, Grain, Wool, Hides, and all kinds of
country produce taken in exchange for goods.
Call and examine our stock before purchasing
Thankful for past favors, invite their old cus
tiniers to call and see the stock of Murray,
Zahm.& Co., and they will be dealt with as
; July 10, 1851.
Cheap Grocery.
The subscriber would respectfully inform his
friends that he has received at the eign of the
Grocery Store, a general assotment of Groceriea
and Confectionaries, consisting in part of Flour,
Bacon, Fish, Cheese, Vinegar, Rio and Java Cof-
iee, uranges, Lemons, Raisins, Prunes, Dates,
Citron, Currants, Preserves. P. Sauce. Catstm.
Lemon Syrup, Crackers, a fine lot of Sugars and
Table Salt, also a superior lot of Segars.
He invites all to give him a call as he will sell
low for Lash.
. J. B. CRAIG.
Ebensburg, March 12th, 1852.
rX(( Barrels of Salt for Bale by wholesale or
fJUU retail by IVORY & CO.
Summit, Oct. 7, 1852.
FLOUR ..and Bacon always on hand, and we
have just received 20 barrels bst whiskey
for tale on commission. " IVORY & CO.
Just Received,
At Lis Store one door
east of the Sentinel of
fice, a superior assort
ment of Gold and Sil
ver watches and fine jew
elry. Gold Lever watches full
iewelled. S::t.VOO
Silver Lever watches full jewelled, 10,00
Silver Cylinder Escapements 12 00
Silver Quartiers c 00
Also a fine atsortment of eight day and thir
ty hour clocks.
N. B. Clocks, Watches, and Jewelry repaired
at shortest notice, and warranted.
April 29, 1852.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
Office in the Court House, up stairs.
January 1, 1851. ly
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg1, Pa
Office, opposite J. Thompson's Hotel. All
business in the several Courts of Blair, Indiana,
and Cambria counties entrusted to his care, will
be promptly attended to.
January 1, 1851. ly
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg", Pa.
Will practice in the several Courts of Cam
bria, Blair and Huntingdon counties. Germans
can receive advice in their own language. Office,
on main street two doors east of the Exchange
May 8, 1851 ly.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
Will practice in the several Courts of Cambria,
Indiana, and Westmoreland counties. Office a
few doors East of Carmon's Hotel.
Jan. 15, 1851. ly.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburer, Pa.
Office at his residence at the west end of the
Borough, immediately below the "Foundry."
January 15, lbo2.
Attorney at Law, Hollidaysburg, Pa.
"Will attend the several Courts of Cambria
county, as heretofore. Office one door west of
Wm. McFarland's cabinet wareroom.
January 1, 1851. ly
Attorney at Law, Johnstown, Pa.
Office on Main street, two doors east of the
Echo Office.
March 13, 1851. ly
Attorney at Law, Johnstown. (
January 30, 1851 ly.
Attorneys at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.,
If AVE formed a partnership for the practice of
Jl law in the county of Cambria.
All professional business entrusted to their
care will be promptly attended to.
Office on Centre street, adjoining the dwelling
of E. Hutchinson, Jr.
Ebensburg, July 29, 1852 41-ly.
David T. Storm,
Notary Public, Scrivener and Conveyancer,
J ILL also attend to his duties as Justice. Le
gal instuments of writing, such as deeds, a-
greements, Foreign Power of Attorney, &c,
drawn up accurately. Collections entrusted to
his care will receive strict attention.
May 13, 1852 30-tf.
Justice of the Peace, Ebensburg, Fa.,
Will attend promptly to all collections entrus
ted to his care Office, adjoining his dwelling.
Decern. 24, 1851. 11-tf.
Exchange Hotel.
HoUiday6burg, Blair Co., Pa.
The proprietor assures the public that no exer
tions will be wanting on his part to render his
house home-like to those who call with him, and
solicits a share of public patronage.
April 29, 1852.
ILL kinds of Lumber taken in exchange for
Furniture, at the Ware Rooms of
Hollidaysburg, April 29, 1852.
Carrolltown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.
The undersigned is prepared to accommodate
in the best kind of style all who way favor
him with a call, and hopes by strict attention to
business to merit and receive a share of public
patronage.: HENRY SCANLAN.
may 20, 1852.-31-tf
Fashionable Barber and Hair Dresser.
One door south of J. M'Donald's dwelling and
nearly opposite Rhey's Hotel.
Ebensburg, May 1, 1851.-ly.
N. B. Shampooing done, and razors honed in
a superior manner.
Salt ! Salt ! !
1 Superior article of Sack and Barrel Salt for
sale by DAVIS & LLOYD.
Ebensburg, June 17, 1852.
F I R E !
Lycoming Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Tersons wishing to insure property in this
company against loss by fire, can apply to the
subscriber. C. H. I1EYER, Agent.
Nov. 27, 1851. ly.
George Rhey. Levi Matthews. William Ebbs
Merchants, Dealers in all kinds of Produce and
Pittsburg Manufactures, No. 77 and 79 Water
Pittsburgh, Pa.
April 3, 1851. Cm
Ranted by J. MOORE cash in exchange
tor goods, or otnerwise.
40 Barrels Conemaugh Salt for sale by
J. Moore.
A general assortment of BOOKS, such as are
used in our common schools, for 6ale by
The Subscriber having leased the Public
House, formerly known as the American House,
No. 18 S. Sixth Street, between Market and
Chesnut Streets, has changed the name of the
same to
Begs leave to inform his friends and the Pub
lic, that this house has undergone a thorough
remodelling, repairing, repainting and repaper
ing, from attic to basement. An entire new out
fit of furnitnre, bedding, &c, &c, has been pro
cured from the most celebrated Manufactures in
this city.
From the central location, and its close prox
imity to the Railroad Depots, Steamboats Land
ings, Places of Amusement, Fashionable Thor
oughfares and Public Squares, it offers induce
ments to the Merchant visiting the city on busi
ness, or the Traveler seeking pleasure. To fam
ilies and females visiting the city, every facility
will be offered, and every comfort regarded to
make their visit agreeable and pleasant.
A share of the public patronage respectfully
Superintendent. Proprietor.
October 21, 1852 52-Cm.
Harrisburg, Pa.
MA J. JOHN BRADY, Proprietor.
April 10, 1851. ly
Chestnut street, between 7th and 8th streets,
Philadelphia, Pa.
A. F. GLASS, Proprietor.
April 10. 1851. ly
J. B. Miles, at
Importers and dealers in Foreign and Domestit
HARDWARE and CUTLERY, Ho. 124 North
Third Street, above Race,
April 24th 1851. ly
"Wholesale dealer in HATS and CAPS, N.
172 Market Street,
Philadelphia, Pa.
April 10, 1851. ly
Wholesale dealers in Hardware, Cutlery, Nails,
$c, No. 203 Market Street, above 5th,
rmiaaeipnia, ra.
April 10, 1851. ly
Successors to Rodneys,
Wholesale dealers in Boots and Shoes, Bonnet
and Straw Goodf, No 17, North 6d fctreet,
Philadelphia, Pa.
April 10, 1851. ly
"Wholesale Tobacco, Snuff, and Segar Manufac
tory, No. 173, North Third Street, three doors
above me,
jrnuaaeipma, r&.
April 24, 1851. ly
r in Wines and Liauors, which
..V.WW.V "
. . -1-1 A- I...
thev are prepared to iurnisn cneap iu uiciiuamo
and hotel keepers, m arenouse -uo huikioi.
July 1st, 1851. ly
Una removed his office to No. 14 South Sev
enth street, above Chestnut.
jrniiAaeiua, fa.
April 26, 1852. 7-20tf
Wholesale dealer in Queensware, Ckinaware,
Glassware, $c, No. 245 Market Street,
X niladeipnia, fa.
April 10, 1851. ly
W. J. Eealsh, at
135 Market Street,
Dealers in Hosiery, Gloves, Combs, Brushes
Looking-glasses, &c. 19-ly.
155 Market Street, N. E. Corner of 4th,
Manufacturer and "Wholesale Dealer in all of the
various new kinds and styles silk, fur, brush,
wool, Panama, straw and chip Hats: silk, straw,
k,.o;,i mid bice lionnels: artificial flowers, furs.
&c, which will be sold cheaper than the cheap.
est. cd. o, ;-iy-
Wholesale dealers in Boots, Shoes, Bonnets,
and Palm Leaf Hats, No. 13G North Third Street
(opposite the Eagle Hotel,)
Philadelphia, Pa.
February 20, 1852. ly
Justice of the Peace, and Scrivener, Summit, Pa
Will attend promptly to collections, or other
business entrusted to him. Legal instruments
of writing, drawn with accuracy and dispatch.
January l, 1851.
John Parker. James H. Parker
Wholesale Grocers, dealers in Flour and Bacon,
Foreign Wines and Brandies, Old Monongahela
and Rectified Whiskey.
No. 5, Commercial Row, Liberty Street,
Pittsburg, Pa.
March, ll, 1852. ly.
Just Received,
SILK, Hair Lace, and Pedal Bonnets, rearl
and Pedal Flats, Pearl and Palm Leaf Hats,
and for sale by DAVIS & LLOYD.
Ebensburg, June 17, 1852.
ILL persons having claims against the Alleghe
ny Portage Rail Road are reminded that on
the first day of December next a report will be
made to the Canal Commissioners and through
the Board to the Legislature at its next session
setting forth the outstanding debts of said Road.
Thereupon it is important to the claim holders
that their bills be presented to the undersigned
for examination and approval prior to the above
date, that such claims may be entered in a book
prepared for the purpose.
AH debts contracted by my predecessors must
be certified by the officer contracting the debt
to insure attention. F. R. WTEST,
Superintendent and Supervisor.
Superindent Office, V
HoUidaysburg, Oct. 28, '52
lass, Oils, Paints and Drag of all kinds
at J. Moors s.
Engraved (by permission) from Stuart's only ori
ginal portrait, in the Athcneum, Boston.
This superb picture, Engraved under the su
perintendence of Thomas Sully, Esq., the emi
uent and highly gifted artist, is the only correct
likeness of Washington ever publUhed. It has
been characterised as the greatest work of art
ever produced in this country. As to its fideli
ty, we refer to the letters of the adopted boo of
Washington, George Washington Park Custis,
who says, it is a faithful representation of the
celebrated original," and to Chief Justice Ta
ney of the Supreme Court of the United States,
who says, "As a work of art its excellence and
beauty must strike every one who sees it : sn
it is no less happy in its likeness to the Father
of his country. It was my god fortune to nave
seen him in the days of my boyhood, and ins
whole appearace is yet 6trongly impressed ou
my memory. The portrait you have issued ap
pears to me to be an exact likeness, representing
perfectly the expression as well as the form and
features of the face." And says Senator Cass,
it is a life-like rrjtresentation of the great original.
President Fillmore says, 'the work appears to
me to have been admirably executed and eini
inently worthy of the patronage of the public."
Says Marchant the eminent portrait painter, and
the pupil of Stuart, "your print to my mind is
more remarkable than any other I have seen,
for presenting the whole individuality of the ori
ginal portrait, together with the noble and dig
nified repose of air and manner, which all who
ever saw him considered a marked characteris
tic of the illustrious man it commemorates."
For the areat merits of this picture tee would re
fer every lover of Washington to the portrait itself,
to be seen at the office of this paper, ana. to me let
ters of the following Artists, Statesmen, Jurists
and Scholars accompanying it.
ARTISTS. Marchant and Elliott, of New
York; Neagle, ltothermel, and Lambdin, of
Philadelphia ; Chester Harding, of Boston ;
Charles Fraser, of Charleston, S. C; and to
the adopted son of Washington, Hon. Geo. "W.
P. Custis, himself an artist. Statesmen. His
Excellency Millard Fillmore, Major Geu. Win
field Scott, Hon. George M. Dallas, Hon. Wil
liam R. King, Hon. Daniel Webster, Hon. Linn
Boyd, Hon. Lewis Cass, Hon. Wm. A. Graham,
Hon. John P. Kennedy, Hon, R. C. Wiuthrop,
LL. D. Jurists. Hon. Roger B. Taney, Hon.
John Duer, Hon. John McLean, Hon. Rufus
Choate. Scholars. Charles Folsom, Esq., the
well known Librarian of the Boston Atheueum,
who says, "I would rather own it than any
painted copy I have ever seen ;" E. P. Whipple,
Richard Hildreth, Hon. Edward Everett, LL. D.
Jared Sparks, LL.D., WiUiam H. Prescott, LL.D.,
Washington Irving, Ralph Emerson, Esq.,
Prof. T. C. Uphani, J. T. Headley, Fitz Green
Halleck, H. Longfellow, Wm. Gillmore
Simms ; and from Europe, Lord Talfourd, T. B.
Macauley, Sir Archibald Alison, Lord Mayor of
London, &c. &c. &c. The Press, throughout the
entire Union, have with one voice proclaimed
the merits of this superb engraving.
To enable all to possess this valuable treasure,
it is sold at the price of 5 per copy.
Published by GEORGE W. GUILDS,
N. W. corner of Fifth and Arch streets, Phila.
Sole Agent for Western Pennsylvania.
This Portrait can only be obtained from Mr.
Hudson, or from his duly authorized agents.
Arrangements have beeu made with the Post
Office Department, by which copies of the Por
trait can be sent to any point, per mail, in per
fect order.
JBgyPersons by remitting five Dollars to J.
W. Hudson, Pittsburg, Pa., will have a copy of
the Portrait sent them free of Postage.
WSiMagnificent Gilt Frames, got up express
ly for these Portraits, furnished at the low price
of $5.00 each.
Engraved by T. B. Welch, E., after the original
portrait painted by J. !sul!y, Esq.
This Portrait will be a match for the Wash
ington, and is in every respect as well got Up.
Price $.00 per copy. Address as abovo.
October 21, 1852 62-tf.
Wliolcsale Slioe Store
II. ClflLDS & CO.,
No. 133 Wood St., Pittsburg, Pa.
IRE now receiving their extensive fall stock of
upwards of 2000 cases Men and Boys La
dies, Misses and Childrens, BOOTS and SHOES,
Mexican, Kossuth, fur and wool HATS of every
variety adapted to the season.
Also, Men, Boys and Childrens silk plush and
Cloth CAPS, of latest styles and fashions.
Their stock having been selected with great
care as to quality and sizes, purchased direct
from the manufacturers, principally for cash, at
the lowest prices, enables them to compete suc
cessfully with New York, Philadelphia and Bal
timore markets.
Country merchants purchasing in Tittsburg
or on their way east, will find it to their interest
to call and examine their stock before purcha
sing elsewhere.
They have also just received 2000 sides Trime
New York sole leather. All of which will be
sold at the lowest prices.
Pittsburg, September 16, 1852.
i. a. EVAX3,
J. 1. Ilt'GHKS,
Nov: is tiie time to buy clieap Clothing. .
Evans & Huglics.
THE firm of Evans & Hughes, have just re
ceived from Philadelphia aud New York, a
large assortment of
which can't be beat for style and finish in wes
tern Pennsylvania. Among which may be enu
merated, Beaver, Felt, and blanket over coats
sattinets, cassitnere and cloth pantaloons of
all sizes and qualities, vestings of all kinds, to
gether with boys clothing, also, hats, caps, um
brellas, &c, &c.
We have on hand a good assortment of cloths
cassimeres and vestings, which we are prepardo
to make up in a workmanlike manner.
The goods have been selected w ith the great
est care, and on the lowest cash terms vf Inch,
will enable us to sell lower thin the lowest.
Ebensburg, October 21, 1852 52-tf.
Administrator's Notice.
IETTERS of administration on the festal f
J Rees Roberts, late of Cambria township,,
deceased, having been cranted to the subscri
ber by the Register of Cambria oountr. all tbose
wno are indebted to said estate fare requested
to make payment immediately and those having
claims will present them duly authenticated for
settlement. D. H. RQBJERTS, adar.
October 21, 1852 52-6L
Large lot of made-up-clothing, boots and
shoes, cloth and plush caps for sale by
Summit Oct. 7, 1852
)1NE lumber, joint and lap shingles at 07t
lumber yardof J. Moors. -

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