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Andrew J. Rhey, Editor.
TlmriMly XoTtmberll, 1852.
Tlie Foi(-Offiee In Pittsburg
We notice in several of the Pittsburgh pnpers
that the name of Lieut.. Robert Anderson, is
mentioned in connection with the appointment
of Postmaster of thiit city, under the adminis
tration of President Pierce. An' intimate ac
quaintance with the gentleman named renders
it an agreeable duty for us to bear our humble
testimony in his favor as a man admirably qual
ified in every respect for the station of irre
proachable integrity, sterling business qualinca
tions and unswerving democracy. His long ex
the Pittsburir Office, where he was
ever faithful and honest, makes him familiar with
the business, and gives to all "assurance doub
ly sure," that, if appointed, the duties of his
office would be attended to ably and satisfacto
ry The 1Vllg Party and Gen. Pierce.
Daniel Webster, a short time before his death,
railed his confidential friend, Peter Harvey,
Esq., of Boston, to him, and asked him whether
Rufus Choatc intended supporting Scott. Mr.
Harvey answered, "I do not know, but think
not." "Well," said the lamented Webster,
Choate has youth ard talents, and tell him for
me not to mar his future prospects by taking a
tep in support of Scott and tell him, as my dy
ing message to him, that after the 2d day of No
Tcmber next, the whig party, as a national par
ty, will exist only in history." The name of the
highly respectable gentleman who vouches for
the truth of the above, can be given.
The utter prostration, and indeed anmlala.
tion, of the whig party at the Presidential clecl
tion, shows conclusively that Mr. Webster
no "false prophet." The discordant and uis-1
mcmbercd fragments of the whig party may,
possibly, in the course of a few years attempt to
nnite, and may succeed in uniting not however,
on national ground, but on sectional. Before
the late election there was no brotherhood exis
ting between the Northern and Southern whigs,
and the defeat of Gen. Scott has widened the
breach. Before a re-union can take place in
the whig ranks, the leaders of the whig party
in the Northern States, Seward, Johnston, Vin
ton and Grcely must become followers. So
long as they continue to hold their present pos
itions the Fillmore, Webster and Clay whigs of
the South, and many even in the North, cannot
and will not join with them. Their principles
re disliked, and their designs against the con
stitution have, through the late election, met
with a withering rebuke and overwhelming de
nunciation. Gen. Scott still occupies his posi
tion as the "Greatest Captain of the Age," and
every Democrat is ready and willing and proud
to acknowledge his greatness as a military
chieftain, and although he stands unscathed and
bears with resignation the onslaught of the De
mocracy, the party that nominated him is shorn
of its strength and its principles and profess-;
ions condemned by the popular voice. The De
mocracy defeated Gen. Scott not, on personal or
malicious grounds, but on principle they did
not war against him but against the principles
of the whig party whose nominee he was. In
this they have discharged a solemn and impera
tive duty, and we hope that the day has gone
by when a merely military man can be elected
to a high office through the gratitude or affection
of the people, when nominated by a party
the principles and tendency of which, we as
Democrats believe, to be dangerous and des
tructive. Franklin Pierce defeated his opponent by a
large majority of the popular vote. Not that
be is a greater man in all things than Gen. Scott,
but simply because the majority of the Ameri
can People believed the principles of the Demo
cratic Party to be best conducive to the hnppi
ness and welfare of the country. True, tha
previous to his nomination, he was not as gene
rally well known as Gen. Scott, but when the
record of his life was examined, it presented to
the gaze of all a beautiful consistency, and an
attachment and continual faithfulness to the
Constitution and to the tenets of Democracy,
that reflected honor upon him and gained him
the esteem of all. It exhibited no flaw, no wan
derings from the beaten track, no sectionalism ;
but a true and unflinching devotion to "the
faith that is within him." And he will make a
President of whom the Nation may justly feel
proud, and in whose administration the people
may confidently rely and feel safe, satisfied that
his actions will tend to have "the blessings of
government, like the gentla dews of Heaven,
fall equally upon ALL."
As a specimen of the feelings of the
party towards Gen. Pierce, we extract the fol
lowing article from the New York Times, a lea
ding whig paper, written since the election:
General Pierce is a man of character, of
pood abilities, and of fair experience in public
life. He has never figured conspicuously in the
prominent positions he has occupied, though
this may be due quite as much to circumstances
as to himself. That he has manly susceptibili
ties, and the ability to gire them prompt and fit
ting expressions, his speech at Concord on the
death of Mr. Webster fully proves. His course
la the Senate would indicate him as belonging
to that school of Strict Constructionists, which
Searches the Constitution for prohibitions, rath
er than for the powers and means of advancing
the general good ; and we presume that he will
act upon its principles in the administration of
public auiiirs.
SiST-The ancient Scandinavians used the an
Mrs of stagi for drinking cups. This i evi
dMtly th oriui of the pbrai 'UkInr a horn!1"
A Chang.
V C. Shannon, Esq., has retired from the ed
itorial chair of the Pittsburg Daily Union and
13 succeeded by Thomas J. Keenan, Esq., and
our old friend, John Hastings, Esq. In Mr.
Sbapnon the editorial corps loses one of its
most brilliant writers the democratic party one
of its ablest and most effectual advocates.
Messrs. Keenan and Hastings have the ability
and practice to make the Union one of the best
papers in the country, and are fully competent
to sustain the already high character of the pa
per. Their efforts will make the paper a valu
able and entertaining one and be of great ad
vantage to the party. We desire them unbound
ed and long-continued success.
Pennsylvania Election.
We have but few additional figures respecting
the vote of this State, and deem it unnecessary
to publish a detailing table. The probable res
ult in the State may be approximately stated as
follows :
Majorities in 44 counties 32,257
Deni. C. Comm'r's mnj ; in re
maining counties 5,264
Totals C7,S21
Pierce's probable majority 20,099.
General Order, Xo. 1.
Head Qt artees, "I
White House, Washington, D. C.
To Maj. Gen. Winfcld Scott, Commanding the
1Yhig Army in the United States:
You will take up your line of march, with the
whole Whig force under your command, on the
3d of November, 1852, and establish your head
quarters on the banks or near the head of Salt
Franklin Pierce.
William R. King, Ad'jt. Gen.
Cambria County. Official.
The following are the Official returns of the
election in this county.
Conemaugh tp,
Pierce. Scott. Hale.
1C3 117
29 41
75 171 7
173 20(J 1
111 35
121 89
110 35
59 01 2
CO 72
170 127 3
21 15
75 133
23 97
5S 2
461 112
41 C2
2035 1461 15
Conemaugh bor,
- ;"1"'
' c- i.:n
j OUUIMlt l IJ1W,
l ashington,
rierce's majority,
We are glad to see that the Hon. Edward Ev
erett has accepted the appointment of Secretary
of State vacated by the death of Mr. Webster.
Mr Everett is well known throughout the Uni
ted States as a diplomatist and statesman. As j
a scholar, he has nowhere his superior. Mr.
Everett has traveled through the greater partcf
Europe, and enjoyed the friendship of some of
the greatest statesmen there. He long conduc
ted the editorial department of the North Amer
ican Review. The tone he imparted to it, com
manded the respect of critics and scholars, both
in this country and Europe. His contributions
to that periodical have given him a name, and
secured for him an enviable reputation. Mr. j
Everett was also, for a long time a professor in
Cambridge College. Ha was elected to Con
gress in 1824, and for five successive terms was
re-elected by overwhelming majorities. While
in Congress he labored zealously for the interest
of his constituents. For the period of ten years
he was a member of the Committee of Foreign
Affairs, and most of that time as Chairman.
While in this capacity he drew up many reports
which were marked for their information and
statesmanship. On all the Committees on which
he served, he generally drew up the most able
reports. He was emphatically a working man.
Amid all his Congressional and political engage
ments, his pen has always been employed in the
cause of liberation. As a writer and speaker,
no one surpasses him in grace and richness of
style. In the spring of 1835, Mr. Everett left
Congress, having declined a re-election. In the
fall of 135, he was elected Governor of Massa
chusetts, to supply the vacancy caused by the
election of Governor Davis to the United States
cenai.e. tie was aiso re-c;ecieu in lOutniim oi
As a finished scholar, a man of genius, and a
true republican, Mr. Everett may be regarded
with pride. We congratulate the Admiuistra
tion on such a happy choice. Pittsburg Union
On Yv'ednesday evening, .November 10th, the
Democrats of Ebensburg ami vicinity celebrated
the recent victory in fine manner.
A huge bonfire, in the field of Judge Noon
north of the town, was fired at night and burned
brightly and beautifully for hours, lighting up
the mountains for miles around and presenting
one of the most magnificent sights we over be
held. A display of rockets and fire-works after
wards took place in the centre of the village,
and a supper at the Exchange Hotel terminated
the festivities of the evening. A band of mu
sic was in attendance and at intervals performed
appropriate airs. The greatest good-feeling
prevailed, and at a late hour the company de
parted for their homes. When the occasion a
gain offers the unswerving Democracy of Ebens
burg, and of Cambria, will be found at the polls
eager to defend and advocate those glorious and
undying principles which have 60 often led them
o Victoet.
The Plank Road. On Monday last we took
a ride over the Ebensburg and Jefferson Plank
Ttoad, and are much pleased with its construe
tion. The entire road from Jefferson to the
turnpike, 1 miles west of Ebensburg, is graded
and the planks are laid down on all of it except
1 miles, which the contractor expects to have
done in the course of four weeks. Then, there
will be an excellent road to Jefferson, coanecting
with tbo Centrnt tnd Porta; Eailroads..
jfgThat road between Chagrcs and Panama
imi't be a very interesting one. Some portions
if it nre so narrow that a fat man. in underta
king to make the passage week before hist, got
so jammed between rocks on each side, that the
mule -walked from under him, and loft him sus
pended in the air. Whether ho is there yet. the
last steamer did not inform us. We suppose,
however, that he is, for Lis friends inform us
that he was net only too heavy to fly, Imt what
is more too weak to extricate L 3m ('.
BsThc price of railroad iron in England has
gone up from i?21 to $-'ol per ton. This adds,
under our ad valcrum tariff, 5G per ton to the
duty, thus increasing the protection on our
B&.A gentleman, with a glass eye was about , Health has generally prevailed. The tumult of
to exercise the right of suffrage in one of our! internal strife hi.s not been heard. Unexam
wards this morning, when lie was accosted by a ' Pletl prosperity las attended the peaceful pur
political opponent with, "I say mister, what arc fruit of our citizens. "Seed time and harvest
vou doins here? you can't vote, you're not a-! lve returned." Our garners have been filled
ural cys'dl" The joke was taken in good part,
and created general merriment. Pitts. Chroni
cle. About two weeks since Mr. Webster sent
to Boston for a large lantern, to be placed on
the boat, which lay at anchor on the pon, visi
ble from the chamber where he lay. iTe gave
orders that this lantern should be lit every night
as long as he lived.
JSSG P. R. James, Esq., has consented th
deliver the funeral oration on the life, character
and public services of the late Duke of Welling
ton, before the British residents of Boston and
their invited guests at the Melodeon, on Wed
nesday evening, the 10th inst.
B "Louis Bonaparte," says Victor Hugo,
"is a man of middle height, cold, pale, slow in
his movements, having the air of a person not
quite awake, lie has published, as we men
tioned before, a tolerable treatise on artillery,
and is thought to be acquained with the manoeu
vreing of cannon. He is a pood horseman. He
speaks drawlinply, with a slight German accent
d" 1- -I tl "
His histrionic abilities wer
. .", . .
lias a thick mustache!
Eglinton tournament. He
covering his smile, like that of the Duke d'Ar
f i-ii c nrnl i tf7iil oi-A lit?l tliaf r f't urlxic TV
V- n- L v mi -
ji t:i rt
. ,, , , . . ,
, ...... ,
gar, comn.ou-piace personage puerne, ineatncat
and vain.
Thoniss Francis Meager has accepted the
post of Lieut. Colonel of the Irish llegiment!
known as the "Long Island Irish Volunteer
Companies of Brooklyn Williamsburg.New York,
5i2'PoETBY. How beautiful is it when the
silver moon smiles on the sleeping earth, and the
southern breeze ,rich as an angel's breath, floats
like the incense of roses upon the peaceful night
to see a fat rat u'ash through a muddy gutter.
A Hix.E Man of War. The English are bu
sily employed in introducing screw prnpellors
into their men-of-war; and so-' as their navy
is concerned, are determine jgnlwaTS ready
for action
Ihc hrst-cJ:iss (.g eTJne of battle
ship Windsor Castle, a thrt ,-r, originally
constructed for a battery otTT hundred and
twenty guns, was a short time since, cut asun
der amid-ships, and lengthened twenty-three
feet, to furnish a suitable space for the accom
modation of screw propelling machines. She
has just been launched, and her name is chane-
ed to that of the "Duke of Wellington." She
measures nearly 40u0 tons, and mounts 140
guns. With her steam facilities, she is proba
bly the most formidable as well as the largest
man-of-war afloat. The largest ship in the
French navy is the screw-propeller "Napoleon."
What are the Yankees doing?
Mr. W. S. O'Brien. The Dublin Freeman
publishes the following extract of a let ter from
Mr. O'Brien, in which that gentleman s 9ys :
"I am in good health, but my existence here
is 'weary, flat, stale and unprofitable barren
in regard of present enjoyment, still moi-e bar-
ren in regard of hope for the future. Nev erthe-
less, I endure life with unrepining patience,
content to wuit for such changes in my destiny
a It o rii'i-ift-m a a C ftvr.n tv' n ru 1 tin u- ill y.f" C ii 1
may evolve."
BI,We learn from the Albany Hegister that
the consecration of the great Bom an Catholic
Church in that city, is at length definitely fi:sed
for Sunday, November 21st. Archbishop Hu
ghes will perform the con.-ecr.ition ceremony.
Archbishop Purcell, of Cincinnati, is topr:ich
the sermon; and in the cvning there will 'e
another sermon by Archbishop Hughes. .'
large number of the Archbishops and Bishop s
will be present on the occasion.
Life in New York. The Tribune chronicles
among the current events of the metropolis dur
ing the last four weeks, four murders, two sup
posed murders, six attempts to kill, nine stab
bing cases, three cases of shooting, and twenty
seven of assault.
2?" We find the following telegraph despatch
in the New York Express. It. is strongly expres
sive of a "fire in the rear:"
What Gen. Scott Thinks.
Washington, Nov. 3.
General Scott attributes his defeat firstly,
to 'he New York Herald; secondly to the defec
tion for Mr. Webster; and lastly, to the luke
varmnes of Mr. Fillmore and his friends.
Tketty Good. The Philadelphia Sun, the or
gan of the Native American party, says :
" Broom and Coatks. Our candidates only
fall behind Gen. Scott two Sti tes and some eigh
teen Electoral votes. This result, achieved when
they were nominated less than a week before the
election, shows ' that with six months prepara
tion, Lkoom might have sicut the country, and
Coates covered the body politic with the honor
of an American victory."
Pennsylvania Uailkoad. About the loth or
20th of November, the staging near Greensburg
will be done away with, and a continuous rail
road communication between Philadelphia and
Pittsburg be accomplished.
Gen. Pilkce's Cabinet. Seme papers are
alreudy speculating as to who will constitute
Gen. Pierce's Cabinet. One of them says there
is no doubt of lion. James Bcchanax being ap
pointed. Secretary of State, and tliat Hon. Linn
Boyd, of Kentucky, and Gov. Cobb, of Georgia,
jwill'be two of tha Secretaries.
Thanksgiving iiiPcnuiylTania.
By the following proclamation from Governor
Bigler, it will be seen that Thursday, the 25th
of November next, has been appointed aa a day
of Thanksgiving and Prayer, throughout our
Commonwealth :
Pennsylvania, ss,
In the name and hy the authority of the Com
monwealth of Pennsylvania, William Bigler.
Governor of the said Commonwealth.
Fellow Citizens: The Almighty and merciful
God has continued Ilis guardianship over our
Commonwealth during the year that is past.
Except in a single community, which claims our
sympathies, "the pestilence that walketh in
darkness, and the destruction that wasteth at
noonday," have not had His leave to smite.
with the finest of the wheat. Our cup of blcts
ings has overflowed. The educational institu
tions of our Commonwealth are growing in the
' affections of the people, developing the youthful
mind, and elevating our national character.
General intelligence and morality are on the ad
vance. Our holy religion, through" its own in
stitutions, continues to exert its sacred intlu-
fence on the public mind to administer its eon
' eolations to the contrite and the pure, and in
spire them with the hopes of immortality,
As a nation, we nre at peace with all the
world, and eminently prosperous. The free in-
stitutions of our government Lave been strength
ened bv the trials oi the past, and a brighter
i .
f 0 T - - - - o
rrreiiT ami irtu 11. w e unr ilil our Lfieaii:L:a. u i
I Him our thanks are due.
Under this solemn conviction, and in confor
mity with the wishes of many good citizens, I
William Bigler, Governor of the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania, do hertby appoint Thursday,
the tweuty-fifth day of November nest, as a day
! of general Thanksgiving and Prayer throughout
the State, and earnestly beseech the citizens of
I the Commonwealth, of all classes, that setting seeri oi me passengers injured. One lady nam
I t.sidv all -worldly business on that day, they u- 1J PridjH Pody.rxUtnn Columbian County, Ohio
' nite in offering thanks to Almightly God for U.s
j oiessmjrs, anu luvoke me continuance oi ji.3
i ? i. i . .1? ir.
uivcu umier my nana Jiim tut? ureal oi me
State, at Harrisburg, this twenty-fifth day of
October, in the year of our Lord, one thous-
and eight hundred and fift--two, and of the
Commonwealth the seventy-seventh.
By the Governor,
Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth.
The Romance of Trade.
Lundy Foote, the celebrated snuff manufactu
rer of Dublin, originally kept a small tobacco
nist's shop at Limerick, Ireland. One night his
house, which was uninsured, was burnt to the
ground. As he contemplated the smoking ruins
on the following morning, in a state bordering
n despair, some of the poor neighbors, groping
among the embers for what they could find,
stumbled ution several canisters of unconsumed
i . i i . tv ...i : i i i .., r i
but naif baked snuff, winch thev tried, ana tound
. e i .i i i , i i .i
so grateful to their noses, that they loaded their
I waistcoat rockets with the spoil.
Lundy Foot, roused from his stupor, at length .
jimitated their example, and took a pinch of his
own property, when he was inst.ntly struck by
the superior pungency and flavor it had acquir
ed from the great heat to which it had been ex
posed. Treasuring up this valuable hint, he
took another house, in a place called the Black
Yard, and preparing a large oven for the pur
pose, set diligently about the manufacture of
that high-dried commodity, which soon became
known as "Black Yard Snuff," a. term subse
quently corrupted info the more familiar word
Lundy Foot, making his customers pay liber
ally through the nose for one of the most "dis-
j tinguished" kinds of snuff in the world, soon
'raised the price of his production, took a large
house in the city of Dublin, and was often heard
a ..... nT n Voti Jc.tti 4 . una ,trr
as I supposed, utterly ruined." HunCs Mer
chant's Magazine.
Arrival of t lie Africa.
New Yof.k, Nov. 4.
The steamship Africa, from Livirpool, with
tates to the 23d of October, arrived this mor-
The news possesses but little of general inter
The preparations for the funeral ceren onics
of the Duke of Wellington oLtinue on the most
extensive scale.
Lord Derby has been installed as Chancellor
of the Oxford University.
The accounts from Paris state the most-inter-
esting topic of discussion in political circles to
be the succession of Louis Napoleon. All, how
ev er, that is rumored or affirmed upon the sub
ject is mere conjecture.
.n Imperial Guard of 10,000 men will, it is
aid, be formed from select battalions of the ar
my soon after the imperial election.
yi. Moriot, Arch Bishop of Tours, and late
Bishop of Orleans, has been elevated to the dig
nity of Cardinal.
The French Naval force in the Levant is, for
the future, to be composed entirely of 6teaui
It is generally believed that the coronation ot
Louis Napoleon will not take plac& before May.
Tlic project of erecting Algeria into a Yic
Royalty is much talked of in Paris, and is om
of those questions upon which the President h
partvcularly tenacious.
Prince Lucien Murat is again spoken of as
the future Viceroy.
The Chronicle says it is reported that the Tur
kish Envoy at Paris has been recalled, and thiit
th exce8ivo demands made by Franco tipon
. -r-
Hank's rate of discount, .and several new finan
cial measures of importance.
How Rissia ani Prissia i:egari the Em
pire. The restoration of the Empire of Louis
Napoleon is now discussed by the Prussian jour
nals with less freedom than a few weeks ago,
when the anti-Bonapartism of the Krcutz Z:i-
tung had not drawn upon it the reprehension of
the ministry.
It is noticed however, that 'ount
Ilatzfield, the Prussian minisrer to the French
government, who is now in Berlin, is not about
to return immediately to his post, and the in
ference is drawn that Prussia will hold herself
entirely aloof from the important events which
I 1 i
. r .
I to concur with
Prussia in its
ibscutatiyu from
tLe interior affairs of France.
Stage Accidents nutl Loit of Life I
On Wednesday the 27th u!t after our paper was
; Put tu pri'ss, as the stages werepass'ng through
i town with passengers from the noon train of Cars
from Pittsburgh, one of the stages was upset, in
consequence of furious driving and comin
contact with a strong four horse wnijr.n, and
, . . .
Wis Sl severely injured that she d'ed on Mondav
morniiiir. The. Dr.
M' Master, of Now ATIt-iuv.
j Indiana, was severely cut in the heal am.
cut in the heal and bled
tingh'.s wound dre-ed
lisjourney. Mrs Ilodjers.
j I 1,1
i .
i """"1;
t was able to proceed on 1
had an infant child with her, ami was on her way
ti ( ...mbria county to vis.t an agf 1 father. The
I upsetting occurrel
in front of G. T. Il.-un.soy's
j Temperance Hotel, where she was t::keii,and ev
i0ry thing that medical siiiil coiil-I d was)
jne for ier ,y Lrs. King and Arters. but with
j out avail she lingered in pre-it
igon y until
Monday morning, when death j ut tn end to her
She leaves a husband and ten S'na'l cl:il Irei;.
one about two months old to nm.ini a kind an 1
affectionate mother. Mrs. . appenre I to be a
lady of an humble station in life, but possessing
astron-mind. It may be some c. nsob.tio,, to
, , . . , ... ,
her bereaved fnenus to know. to.;t from the
Sr.'t she deemed horse'f fat. illy injured aid wa
much etigajred In prayer for herself, and funilv
e - r
The fervency of her pr.i vers and her
no doubt in
minus oi tnose who were privncgou to visit ami
convo,e vith ,,er ,,,:,t her vu'1 V-
was a member of the Catholic Chinch, and the
Iiev. Mr. Pollard, visited her frequently, and
administered to her the consolations of llel'gion
A Telegraphic dispatch was sent to her husband,
and he arrived in town ou Saturday, and re-
.jmaincd with ber until she expired. The la?t
words vhe utterrcd was a prayer for her "Dear,
dear children." On Tuesday morning her be"
reaved husband, started with her corpse to his
residence in Ohio, for interment. The infant
was taktifin charge by a lady of Greensburg,
who accompanied it to Ohio.
Thus has a husband been bereft of a devoted
wife and ten small children of an affectionate
mother, whose place can never be supplied by
the recklessness of a drunken driver. He has
been arrested and committed to Jail to take his
trial. Grctnxlurg Argus.
The Vote of Concord, N. II. A telegraphic
dispatch from Concord, the residence of General
Pierce, states that his vote in that city was 012
instead of 012, as previously reported. It is a
majority of S'jD over Gen. Scott, and a gain of
207 since last March, and the largest vote ever
given to any man in that town.
Col. Isaac Wayne, only son of Major General
Anthony Wayne, died at Chester county, Pa.,
last week, in his cSd year. He has been State
Senator, and candidate for Governor in this
csr ioisxixcs.-53a
Thousands of parents who use Vermifuge
composed of Castor oil. Calomel, &c. are not
aware, that while fliey appear to benefit the pa
tient, they are actually laying the foundations
for a series of diseases, such ns salivation, loss
of sijiht. weakness of limbs, &c.
In another column will be found the adver
tisement of Hobensack's Medicines, to which
we ask the attention of all directly interested
n their own ns well as their Children s health.
In Liver Complaints and all disorders arisinjrij
from those of a billiou type, should make use;
of the only genuine medicine, Hobensack's Li
vef Pills.
ifff" Henot dfdrred." but ask for lloher.s cks'
Worm Syrup and Liver Pills, and observe thnt
each has the signature ot the Proprietor, J.
llobensack, as none else arc genuine
IETTERS of administration on the estate of
J Ji.s.'ph Ph tt, Jr., late of Susquehanna town
ship, Cambria county, deceased, having been
granted to the undersigned by the Register of
said county, hereby notifies all persons having
laims against tliH said estate to present them
roperly authenticated for settlement, and those
tide ited tu make p..yi..ents without delay. j
Susquehanna Township,
November 1 1, 18-"-. j
I Large lot of mude-uD-clothing, l oots and
shoes, cloth and plush caps for sale by
Summit Oct. 7, 1863-
Turkey have caused the Porte to resort to Rus
sian influence for aid.
The Paris papers are principally filled with
addresses from various places calling upon the
Prince President to proclaim the Empire.
The ministers now employ the term 'excellence
in their official communications with each other.
The Four and a half Per Cents closed at
OOof.CGc, and the Three Per Cents at 81f.40c.
The convocation of the Senate for the 4th of
November excites little or no interest.
The Pays newspaper will shortly change its
title to that of ''Journal d V Empire."
Medals nre being hawked about bearing the
rffigics of the President as "Xapoleun III Em
yirnr of the Fnnch."
The Custom returns for September amount to
1 1,081.884 francs, being an increase of 512,
805 francs over the same month in 1851.
There have been rumors lately current in Pa-
ris of an alleged approaching reduction in the
Cambria Courtly, n$.
The Commonwealth cf Pennsylrari,
Sheriff of Cambria county. Greeting "
Whereas James Ilagans heretofore ;,
c-unty Court of Common Pleas of i
Cambria, to wit ; on the ninth d,y cfT
ber. Anno Domini, one thusarJ eiH. x'
and fifty, before the honoraUe"tlie j ' , , UudM
constituting the same Court at FUri"3
the consideration of the same Court ?
against Alice Moran and George P,',600
luius., of John Moran. dee'd., of th m'
ty, as well certain debt of fifty t'reed r
seventy-five cents lawful monoy of a.r.ti
States, as also eighty one and a w,
like money, which to the said James II "
our same Court were adjudged for hi - V1 ails
which he sustained by occasion of thl ,i l"'
of that debt, with interest on the deh f 'Utit
twelfth day of Septembei on ti. . ,m
hundred and forty-nine whereof tl,M eifi:
Moran and George Bur
rzoon udn.;..:...
aforesaid were convict, as of record andl"
ceedings in our said court, before our J l
Ehetiaburg, remaining, m iifeS,lv ., "'j'' "
Nevertheless execution of the Jud' ?
said as vet remains to 1 m..,i . .", 1
uation oV the said James Hagiii, wi' ) i,,sia'
jceive l. and whereas the said A. Mur., ,C r
Burg.,on have been dischar-eVtrom't) t Gt'
administration of the estate of t'ie 1
M.ran, and Letters of A dmiaNtr. rin
uon on said est ito have l.een rr ,nf I . t, "
McManan.v. and because r,;i) 1 utrl
thss things which are rilit h
re rijMif in .
be d ne. we c unnianl wni. t'l it ,i "310'J!i
j l" aI res ail i'..tr:CJi .iL-U,
to the nf res .i I Patrick .'L-.Mol lmr , ;'"ra
v"dow and heirs of th? sti l J.,'," tj ,,J
ceased, that they be an 1 appear b f
gesat t:e,iO,urg. at our c.mtv ll Z V Ul'
mo.. Pi.-,s. th-re to be held. 0"tl, Tft M
lay in December next, to show ir ftnT tlli "J T
themselves they know or have t sav wllv ti" '
aforesaid James Ilag ins, cseeuti,,,; 'f r ,ut
and damages aforesaid, onglit not tj have ac-V
ding to the f..rm and effect of the. aid recoverT
if to him it shall seem expedient. And W
vo l then and there this writ.
Witness, the Honorable George TayW pre.;
dent of our snme court at Ebensburg, tli'ise
day of September, in the year of ouV Lorl
thousand eight hundred and fiftv-two.
r r r . .....
November 11, 1S52. '
roth ii.
( :imli lu Count 3 , ss.
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania tj tl(
Sheriff of said county. Greeting:
ve command you that without anv othe
troui us. of the Joljwinsr describe 1
I.ioJ.l: ..
and 1 t of t;round of Patrick Fit.jit,hnu
to wit. all that certain one and a La tS
!'., l- i.,.;i.i;..o. t .- .i .. i , v
. ...... ...... .... .-iiu.iht in me i .rougti ct Sum-
j T1,,:.t V ' . ( "",,rl1 eounty, on a , of groun-1
1 aojouiiiijr iot oi -.. liaam Mo'jaughnv
J, r, ' " -'iv.-iaugimy oa ti..
east, and ttie ground belonging to the (Vr,
j ,;lim.c., west frnthir n th,: j.;,.
! !'": 1, said bus!. linir containing in fruit e.'jh'c-a
leer, !. in uer.th fourteen feet; and the h ,,
:eioe of ground uppurtenced to s.-.i J bull JiiI.
.a your bailiwick vou cau-f to b. iut-;... i ..u ...ti
J :, cert-iin debt of Eighteen "dollars un d s.'tfr
-.nts. I.t wlul money of the United Statei. which
j iK'nnis Coi.nahat. late in our Court of Coinra. B
i . ir.-.s ioi i county nioresaid. Jiy the coniJer
a ion of the s-iid Court. rfi.r,!Jt? .u-
j s.i .1 P.ifi :ck Fitzgibbons to bo levied Tl t'ie sr l
! " 11 l! ; a:,' hit of ground, siiso ti;e iiifru:
t hereon fro;
the s;xth day of September. A D
l, .-Hid egiit dolus and eighty-five cert
f ss. wl.ijh accrued then on. a cor lii," ti the
C.rai and eff c: of .vi ;K-: f :.s inl.'v f ti..
j Cohimioii we lrh of I'e ins -!v;i
mi i in vu,-h e..ss
r ':1 1 ' provided. And have you thos? r.i
i'u J' "e rJa-Ii:v-t Lb.-ns'.ur- ,.t our
,IC "'"-v ' ""ft nt Comm. n Peis. tiere to be U
t!l,. .s x h (J.1V 0f December nevt to renkr
junto the said Dennis Connahan for his debt m-
t-rest and costs a'orcsaid, and have you tLea
there this writ.
Witness the Honorable George Taylor, Presi
dent T our said Court at Ebensbuig the ei?L:a
lay of September in the year of our Lord on
thousand eight hundred and fiftvtwo.
II. L. .lOHNSTOX, Proth'y.
November 11, 1852.
Ul of Causes
Si:T down for trial at a Court of Common Plcnt
to be held at Ebensburg in nnd for the coun
ty of Cambria on the first Monday of December
Ream et al
Cruni et hi
Fronheiscr's us
Potts et al
s. Litzir-ger,
" Dillon,
Newman et l
" Cruni
" Crura
" Smay
" Ilobinsoa et 1
" Glass
" Brawley et tl
" Plitt
" Bo vie
vs. M'Gtiire et l
Barclay et al
Watts et all
44 Ballew etal
Commonwealth for use
" Conway
" Russell
" Frouk et al
" Dillon
" Carroll ct al
" Sr.me
" Bell & Co
" Gates
" Scanlan
R. L. JOHNSTON. Proth'y.
Dillon for use
Bailey's A dm
Scdlemvcr et al
St Clair
Prothonotary's Office.
Ebensburg, Nov. 4, 18o2. f
Crusader and Cambrian cayy.
the night of the 2lth October, u't. sm
person or persons stole from the si " "f
thp subscriber in Clearfield township. Canibnrv
count , four crowbars, one saw-set and wrench,
one iron square, an 1 also broke the mill-saw.
I hereby offer a reward of S-0 to any person
who will give such information as may lea l to
the detection and conviction of the thief or
thieves. JAMES BOSS.
HEREBY notify all persons not to enter en
I ,,. premises after dark, except they be pns-
sing on the highway, ns I am determined to keep
watch and will deal very summarily with snj
person or persons found prowling about my
premises in the nipht. J. ROSS.
November 11, 1852 3-Ct
Crusader copy.
I LL persons interested nre hereby notified that
.1 the following accounts have been filed nnJ
passed in the Office of the Register of Cambria
county ; and will be offered for confirmation and
allowance at an Orphan's court to be held in and
for said county on the first Monday in Decem
ber next, viz : ,
The account of John McCoy Executor of the
" ... . . - tv. fr, da-
last will and testament oi i umva.
ceased. .... jT..vrr
The account of Lyaia arner j -Administrators
of the estate of Jacob arner,
dtTehe account of William Robert., Admini.tr
tor of Joha GtdJOHNSTON.-

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